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Twitch (formerly named and still located at is a website that, like its former sister site, is used as a platform for livestreaming video broadcasts over the web. However, it is focused on Video Games and eSports rather than the more general audience focus of Despite only being around since June 2011, it became so popular that it eclipsed its sister site in terms of monthly viewership, becoming one of the top 500 most-visited sites on the web (according to Alexa). This caused its parent company to rename itself Twitch Interactive and later decide to shut down on August 5, 2014.

Despite several rumors that the company would be purchased by Google, Twitch instead was purchased by Amazon for $970 million in 2014. In September 2016, Amazon began including Twitch Prime with Amazon Prime.


Twitch has begun expanding into sports, with a channel for Impact Wrestling, presentation of pre-season games for the Australian National Basketball League, and a channel for the National Women's Hockey League, which begins airing games live on Twitch in October 2019.

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