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The Loop Continues To Spin.

The Phobos Saga is a name given to Hyper RPG's Horror Themed Tabletop Universe. It was created by Zac Eubank, and is hosted on the Twitch and Youtube Pages of Hyper RPG.

It all started with the series named Ten Candles, which used the Ten Candles Tabletop System. It was an anthology series where weird and horrible things happen in a crazy and nightmarish world. The series consisted of 36 episodes within 11 Volumes, and originally premiered March 6th 2018 and ended November 12th 2018.

Before The Completion of Ten Candles, it was decided a spin off was to be created, using a new Tabletop System called Kids on Bikes. The Kids on Bikes Playtest was initially a one shot to learn how to use the new system, but then became a full fledged series of its own, lasting ten episodes. Its run went from November 19th 2018 to February 18th 2019.


After the completion of the Kids on Bikes Playtest, The spinoff started, named Kollok 1991. It takes place in an alternate universe to Ten Candles, and in the early 90s. It was in this series when it was revealed that Ten Candles, The Kids on Bikes Playtest, and Kollok 1991 all take place in an infinite spanning Multiverse. It is currently in progress, and started March 4th 2019.

The entire Saga can be found on Youtube

Kollok 1991 premieres on Mondays 6PM PDT on Twitch


Shows set in The Phobos Saga

Tropes found in all of these shows:

  • Anyone Can Die: One bad roll can end it all, even in the first episode of a series/volume.
  • All Deaths Final: If the character dies, they and their player, are gone for the rest of the series/volume.
  • Audience Participation: The series runs on audience donations. There are incentives and rewards to help or hinder the players in each game, and these donations have changed the story in major ways on many occasions.
  • Black Comedy:
  • Canon Welding: Are You Afraid of the Dark? takes place in the Multiverse.
  • Call-Back: "Close The Loop," "The Loop Continues To Spin," "You Find Yourself Back At The Start"
  • Cliffhanger: More often than not.
  • Continuity Creep: Even before the reveal of a multiverse. Lucas from the Kids on Bikes Playtest and Billy from Kollok 1991 are the same person.
  • Downer Ending: None of these stories end happily.
  • Evil, Inc.: Synchroneity is a constant throughout The Phobos Saga.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: The characters from both Kollok 1991 and the Kids on Bikes Playtest were passing acquaintances at best before the craziness started. Afterwards they had an unshakable bond.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: More often than not, The Phobos Saga teams are in four:
    • In Ten Candles, except for a small amount of episodes, the team was usually Mike Ginn, Markeia Mc.Carty, Kate Elliot, and a guest star.
    • In the Kids on Bikes Playtest, it was Lucas Eubank, Malika Eubank, Bert Jennings, and Milynn Sarley.
    • In Kollok 1991, It's Meghan Camarena, Shelby Grace, Lucas Eubank, and Andre Meadows.
  • Lighter and Softer: Still very dark, but Kollok 1991 isn't as nightmarish as Ten Candles, and the Kids on Bikes Playtest is the lightest and softest of the three, though also very dark.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Even when the players win, it's more of being saved from an even worst ending.
  • The Multiverse

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