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Masters of the Metaverse is an interactive Web Video series produced by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and previously with Hyper RPG. It follows a tabletop roleplaying game based on a modified version of the Tri-Stat dX system. In the game, each player represents two characters. The first is their pilot, and the second is their avatar, but the players have access to the knowledge and skills possessed by both of these characters. The players can spend "meta-points" in order to move back and forth on the player/avatar spectrum, thus making it easier to access one particular set of skills while making it more difficult to access the other.

During the break after the second season, the series was joined by Sparkle Sister Stories, a series set in the Magical Space Princess Metaverse but with avatars without pilots, and Project: Metaverse, a four episode arc that leads into the third season that follows a new team of pilots who were recruited to test a upcoming virtual reality game.


Has a dedicated fan wiki [1] here.

Tropes in this series:

  • Audience Participation: Viewers in the chat room can purchase a number things ranging from meta-points which let the players use various abilities to hacking something completely new into the players meta-reality.
  • Body Surf: The entire premise of the show revolves around the player characters jumping into the bodies of different characters across the multiverse.
  • Evil, Inc.: The unnamed corporation responsible for creating the metapods and blackmailing the metapilots into working for them.
  • Magical Girl Warrior: The avatars in the Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5 metaverse are all magical space princesses tasked with protecting the universe... Except for Chadwick, who is a Magical Space Prince.
  • Off the Rails: Nearly every episode the GM comes in with a plan, and nearly every episode that plan is almost immediately knocked off the rails by either the players or audience.
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  • Our Zombies Are Different: Only aggressive when they can get their arms into "Thriller position", do not turn everyone they bite, and are attracted to wine must. Used as slave labor.
  • Transformation Sequence: Like all good magical girl series, to access their battle form and armour, Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5 must call out their power source and transform together, as a full round action during which they are unable to be harmed. The same rules apply for opponents doing the same.