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"Goat time!"
THIS is The Attack!
The Attack is an irreverent tri-weekly Variety Show airing live on Twitch. Hosted by Alex Corea it focuses on Internet culture, Twitch streams, and just plain weirdness. It was created and originally co-hosted by Kevin Pereira, as a Spiritual Successor to G4's Attack of the Show!. Pereira decided to step back from being the host, being replaced by Evanne Friedmann, who would in turn be replaced with Erin Steeby until her departure from the show in late 2017.

Regular segments include:

  • The Pile: Alex and Erin watch and riff on strange Internet videos of the week, occasionally ending in bizarre sketches.
  • Hot and Streamy/Stream of the Week: Alex and Erin highlight a Twitch streamer through a specifically funny clip.
  • Attack On: Reviews, discussion, or sketches based on video games or video game culture.
  • TPOTSWIC note : A Q&A segment where the hosts take questions from the Twitch chat.
  • Techamendations: Reviews and discussion of gizmos and gadgets.

During Summer of 2017, edited-down versions of the show were aired on Disney XD as part of their D|XP block, cutting out some of the more risque content and subscriber shout-outs. In March of 2018, The Attack on Twitch ended its run.


The Attack contains examples of:

  • Butt-Monkey: Alex Corea most generally has this in his Attack resume...
  • The Cameo: During its two year existence, they manage to have Greg Grunberg, Zack Pearlman, Sara Underwood, KEVIN SMITH, and VIN DIESEL just to name a few.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Dynfeld, the disembodied Seinfeld-impersonating dinosaur, who is also a hardcore Republican.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Occasionally, all manner of bizarre creatures will make their way on-set through the door behind Alex. The hosts will often act like their presence is completely normal, despite how strange their appearance may be. For example, neither of them bat an eye at an axe-wielding, dancing Easter Bunny in Episode 258.
  • Viewers Like You: The show is supported directly by subscribers on Twitch, with specific subs called out at some point every stream. In addition, it's supported by donors through Patreon, some of which are featured on a "Wall of Shame", occasionally shown on the video monitors and after the stream.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Right here.
  • You Have to Have Jews: Yaniv Fituchi, the Israeli Vice President of Attack Media.

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