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Alex T. Corea (born November 16, 1994) is an American actor, presenter, producer, and writer who is best known as the host of The Attack since its inception in 2015 until its closure in 2018. He is also known for working under the banner of Attack Media on a variety of its shows such as Front Page, Lets Do It On The Table and occasional Lets Plays on the Attack Twitch channel. He also appeared on the Game Grumps YouTube Red series Good Game as a broadcaster for an esports tournament. As of spring of 2018, he and along with some of the fellow Attack alum Joey Thimian, Coral Frederick, Nick Limon as well as Brooklyn Allan teamed up together to create a show in similar vein to The Attack called 'Cybergarbage'.


Notable Roles:

  • The Attack (2015 - 2018) host
  • Front Page (2016 - present) occasional host
  • Mostly Harmless (2016) himself
  • Good Game (2017) Esports broadcaster
  • Cybergarbage (2018 -) host

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