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This index is for the live-action variety of web series. For the purposes of this index, a Web Video Series is a work with several defining traits:

  • It is created for and first released on the web rather than broadcast. This can be on any video hosting service or a website. It may later get picked up for streaming or broadcast after its online release.
  • It is a series, having a narrative or theme with multiple installments or episodes that uses Series Tropes and is a distinct work. Since a web series isn't structured around network requirements (like act breaks for commercials), each part can be of any duration from minutes to hours.
  • It is made with original, live-action footage. "Original" means it was filmed/recorded for use in this series and not in another, though the narrative can be derivative or a fan work. "Live-action", simply put, isn't animated.
  • It isn't a standalone video, such as a single skit or film; isn't a channel or website collecting separate/unconnected videos or hosting multiple shows; and it isn't just a re-edit of existing footage from another work (such as a Gag Dub, Gag Sub, or The Abridged Series).

As for the page:

  • The page is: a work page for a specific web video series in the WebVideo/ namespace.
  • The page isn't: for a channel that contains a web series amongst other videos, a website hosting a web series, a creator who happens to have made a web series, or a series created for a big-budget streaming service like Netflix or Hulu (see Series/ for those). It isn't in another namespace (like Web Animation, or Let's Play). It has to be about the series itself.

For specific kinds of web video series, see:

  • Alternate Reality Game (ARG): Some ARGs are in the form of a web video series with interactive content, but not all ARGs are web video series. An ARG is a game that presents its fictional storyline as if it's part of reality.
  • Video Review Show: A series with one or more hosts who reviews other works, possibly including additional content like a Mid-Review Sketch Show about the works. May overlap with Analysis Channel.
  • Vlog Series: A fictional series styled as if it's a vlog by one or more characters.

Web video series with pages on this site:

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