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LilyPichu is a rather personable Gamer Girl that spends her time mostly playing League of Legends, though she also had her shares of playing other games. She also does some humor videos featuring Puella Magi Madoka Magica, makes shortened narration videos for League champs, some anime series, Overwatch heroes (TL;DR lore series), plays piano, and is involved in the fan-dubbing of Katawa Shoujo fan-project "Katawa Seiyuu". Also, she likes to pepper her videos with some simple but cute scribbles/drawings on her own.


She's somewhat (in)famous for her adorably Moe voice that could melt the hardiest of men (that's apparently completely natural, to her embarrassment). In addition to that, she's acknowledged by the North American community as one of the best Lux players in League of Legends (she's also her favorite).

She was in a relationship with famed former pro-player and creator/CEO of Counter Logic Gaming, HotshotGG, but they broke up in mid-2017 and was described by her as a "friendly break up" according to a reply on Afterwards, she joined the group Offline TV along with other internet gaming personas (including well-known Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft content maker Disguised Toast), hanging out and playing together.


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