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  • Moment of Awesome: Overlapping with heartwarming, Lily's fame as a Lux player and a League YouTuber has garnered her such a noticeable fanbase that for her birthday at 2016, Carrie Keranen, the official VA of Lux, personally recorded a happy birthday message for Lily.
  • Heartwarming Moments: In the Boosted Lily video, after a month not playing League, Lily returned to play with her boyfriend, HotshotGG, and noticeably tilts a lot. But regardless, Hotshot didn't even care and kept saying he had fun playing with her (with Lily shooting back with "I just like laning with you."). Eventually, Lily votes to surrender, but Hotshot immediately replies afterwards, enough for Lily to pick up her pace and win their game. Regardless of how off-key their teamwork is, it really solidified their friendship:
    Hotshot: You're still a winner in my book.
    Lily: That's a book no one reads ;_;
    Hotshot: I actually thought it was good.
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  • Magnificent Bastard: Lily's cutesy voice and look (and early shyness) hides a very sharp mind that's not just unleashed in playing League, but during times like playing Mafia along with Offline TV. After being eliminated earlier in the first game, come the second game, Lily proceeded to outwit everyone (even betraying fellow mafia Chris Chan) to eventually win the Mafia game herself.
  • Memetic Mutation: Though not on the overblown one, those who don't believe her Moe voice is natural tend to think or portray Lily as "A Scary Black Man With Pink Dress And Faking His Voice". Lily occasionally goes along with the joke, and she's approved of several fanarts and even cosplays of "Black Dude Lily".
  • Moe: We can't stress this enough, and not only that, when she finally appears on-camera without shying away, she's also very adorable. Of course, her detractors would usually say Cute, but Cacophonic. Or a "6-foot Black Dude".
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  • Most Wonderful Sound: Her voice! Especially when she goes "Hiya!" as she casts an ability.
  • Tear Jerker: A very early video, "So Happy", brings a disturbing implication that Lily's having serious internal struggles beneath her cute, cheery, and trolling exterior. The fact that she occasionally and offhandedly mentioned a history of suffering from depression on her early social media really doesn't help matters.
    • She went into a bit more detail in her "Draw My Life" video. In it, she casually mentions her bout with depression during high school and how she often got into fights with her parents who were overly-concerned with her grades, and how she almost failed high school for not meeting the attendance policy. The fact she specifies earlier in the video how her parents are "awesome people" makes her past state especially disconcerting.
  • The Woobie: Lily doesn't seem to like drawing attention to it, but some occasional posts show signs of a crappy history and emotional struggles. Additionally, sections of her "Draw My Life" video, particularly her struggles in high school, were... rather depressingly relatable.


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