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From left to right: Billy Baker (Lucas Eubank), Skye Hawkins (Meghan Camarena), GM Zac Eubank, Mickey Jones (Shelby Graces), and Marcus Bennett (Andre Meadows).

Welcome to Kollok, a beautiful little town in Washington State. Surrounded on all sides by mountain peaks and forest, mild weather all year round, Kollok is a veritable paradise.

At least, that’s what the locals would tell you.

Like any small town, Kollok has its questions. What exactly does Synchroneity Tech do behind closed doors? Why is almost everyone in town missing their left index finger? And last but not least, who is Rachel Jewell?

On March 4th, 1991, Rachel existed. She was an ordinary teen girl who had a life, family, friends, plans for the future. Then somehow, overnight, she didn’t. And only five people in the town of Kollok remembered. Armed with her diary as the only proof they have that the Rachel they knew was even real, her boyfriend Marcus, best friend Skye, co-worker Mickey, the boy she tutored Billy, and ex-boyfriend Sammy, set out to uncover the mystery of their friend’s disappearance. But can Rachel be found? Or will digging deeper serve only to expose a few more mysteries that would prefer to stay buried?


Kollok 1991 is the third series in The Phobos Saga. Before the completion of Ten Candles, it was decided a spin off of Ten Candles: The Town would be made a series. After finishing Ten Candles, and learning how to use the Kids on Bikes System with the Kids on Bikes Playtest, Kollok 1991 premiered March 4th 2019. Due to the events of Ten Candles, Kollok 1991 takes place in an alternate universe to Ten Candles, and it was revealed that Kollok 1991, Ten Candles, and the Kids on Bikes Playtest, all take place in an infinite spanning Multiverse.

The series is currently in progress:

Kollok 1991 premieres on Mondays 6PM PDT on Twitch

Encore Episodes air the following Sunday, 12PM PDT. The Playlist of all Encore Episodes can be found on Youtube


Tropes for Kollok 1991:

  • Arc Symbol: An upside down U with two dots in the middle. It’s not quite certain yet what it means, but it’s appeared in some pretty crucial places, and apparently being exposed to it has some strange effects...
  • Creepy Monotone: Agent Bucket spoke in a rather robotic, emotionless tone of voice, not helped in the slightest when he had his vocal chords clawed out by Jayna’s cats and was forced to use a voice modulator that made his voice sound mechanical and distorted.
  • Driven to Suicide:
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Several cases:
    • The inciting incident is Rachel Jewell’s disappearance, after which no one except for the main four and her ex-boyfriend Sammy Reilly remember her.
    • Mickey’s father has no memory of the jobs Synchroneity sends him on after they’re complete.
    • Skye, Marcus, Mickey, and Billy have their own memories of Rachel erased as a price for dealing with a mysterious character known only as the Shoveller in episode 3.
    • The entire town of Kollok save the main four, Tibby, and Agent Bucket as well as some of the higher ups at Synchroneity have their memories of the past five days erased at the end of episode 9 thanks to Billy’s powers.
  • Men in Black: Agent Bucket and his FBI pals.
  • Missing Mom: Mickey’s mother walked out some time before the series began. she eventually comes back but Mickey doesn't get to talk to her much and eventually makes Billy wipe her from her mother's memory
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Billy erases the town’s memory, solving the problem of people thinking they were dead but also undoing most of the progress made in the town over the last five days.
  • Power at a Price: Everything has a price in Kollok. Everything. every time Billy uses his powers at least one universe dies, Mickey is in a wheelchair from using her powers too often, and Em Pegg's power are driving her insane.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Due to the guilt of her actions, and trying to save the Kollok Radar, Jayna Grace slashed her wrists in an attempt to convince the cats to eat her instead.
  • Sanity Slippage: Em Pegg's time stopping powers means she spends months by herself, she's started playing house with Skye.
  • Something Completely Different: Kollok 1990, A One-Shot within the monthly fundraiser to keep Hyper RPG's doors open. 100% canon, and plays nothing like anything else in The Phobos Saga.
  • Spinoff: Kollok 1990, a one-shot that took place a few months prior to the first episode of Kollok 1991.
  • Talking to Himself: Lucas plays 4 different alternate versions of Billy at once in episode 9.
  • Town with a Dark Secret: Kollok.
  • Unreliable Narrator: The character Zac plays as the GM is stated to be this.

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