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Woolie Versus is the Youtube channel of Woolie Madden of former Two Best Friends Play fame. The channel features a mix of normal Let's Plays, streams (Twitch), and pre-planned content. His most recurring show is the "Get Into Fighting Games" stream where Woolie and his guests play a fighting game, often with someone who is a veteran of its competitive scene, going through the ins and outs of the mechanics in the process. Three of Woolie's frequent guests and collaborators are Minh (aka Soushin, and known to TBFP fans as "Billy"), fellow fighting game commentator Reggie, and his fiancee Steph (also known as Punchmom).

Let's Plays featured on the channel:


This channel provides examples of:

  • Butt-Monkey: Reggie during most fighting game streams, as he gets schooled really hard by the expert guest star. During the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stream, he agrees to rename his file if Z can beat him without losing a single stock, and proceeds to lose so badly that Woolie concludes that "his soul was taken". If that wasn't enough, Reggie then gets humiliated online against several of the viewers.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: Minh tends to be really out of synch with Woolie when it comes to humor; if Woolie is trying to set up a joke, chances are Minh will sandbag the attempt by giving the obvious punchline way too early.
  • Establishing Series Moment: The very first video uploaded to Woolie's channel is the aptly-titled "Let's Start This Thing Off Right".
  • Get Out!: At the end of The Legend of the Mystical Ninja Woolie tells Super Eyepatch Wolf to get out of his home and go back to Ireland.
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  • Passive-Aggressive Kombat: Woolie and Eyepatch Wolf start their playthrough of Mystical Ninja already subtly sniping at each other, and it escalates as the game hits the Difficulty Spike, culminating in Woolie just yelling after Eyepatch Wolf admits he cheated through the last levels.
    Eyepatch Wolf: I'm all for like friendly competition, but when one person is acting like such a fucking asshole that it's ruining the entire Let's Play, it's time to steer back a bit. And I'm not saying you, I'm not even saying you.
    Woolie: I mean quite frankly, when someone comes from another country and think they can play hockey in the land of hockey and somehow triumph... it's quite... the hubris is quite amazing. To play God in the home of church.
    [Later after multiple game overs]
    Woolie: TOP FIVE UH!.

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