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Unsportsmanlike Gloating

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"Yes! We have defeated you for all time! You will never rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation!... Well, that was fun."

Most games end with a winner and a loser. Everyone likes to win and no one likes to lose, so there's a code of conduct (written or unwritten) that says both parties need to be gracious about the outcome. Losers shouldn't rant and rave; winners shouldn't dance and gloat. It's just unsportsmanlike (even if it doesn't involve sports) to defeat someone and then pile on the humiliation afterward.

This character has never read the code of conduct. Whether she's being subtly rude about it, or outright shouting "Loser! Loser! Nya, nya, nya!", Alice sees no need to be a gracious winner. She won, so why shouldn't she enjoy the moment? Who cares if her defeated foes think she's an utter Jerkass? They're probably just jealous anyway. (She rarely plays the same opponent twice.)

Often seen when The Rival is a Smug Snake, Jerk Jock or an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy (or some combination of the three).

Note that this is not just wanting to crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of their women. This is strictly for when Alice wins and proceeds to be insufferable about it. Although doing those things just after you win does count. Needless to say, this is a very bad habit to get into in Real Life. People can and have been disqualified from contests and tournaments for taunting and humiliating their opponents. Not to mention it'll pretty much guarantee that your friends will never want to play anything with you anymore. In team sports, it can mean you losing your respect among your teammates, or worse, getting kicked off the team altogether. Moreover, gloating and making insulting remarks after a victory may end up being Fisticuff-Provoking Comments if your opponent lacks self-control.

A Sister Trope to Sore Loser, and they are often the same character because the more gloating and ungracious a character is in victory, the more sulky and ungracious they'll be in defeat. Ironically, Unsportsmanlike Gloating can also make a Sore Loser (if they're different people in question) look sympathetic In-Universe and out.

Compare Evil Gloating, Cherry Tapping, Second Place Is for Losers, Taunt Button, Kick Them While They Are Down. Contrast Graceful Loser.

See also Curb-Stomp Battle.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Azumanga Daioh, Yukari does this after the first two of the three Sports Fest games, interrupting fellow teacher and friend Nyamo's attempts to cheer up her class by pointing her finger at them and dancing about while mockingly chanting "Loser Team" after seeing that they aren't too saddened by the loss. Said students aren't sure how to respond to the English teacher's childish behavior, while Yukari's own class stares at her antics from across the field, embarrassed and ashamed.
  • In Black Clover, right after Asta cuts his heart in half, the Word Soul Magic devil is mocked by Asta's devil for his defeat, condescendingly addressing him as his senior. When the Word Soul Magic devil asks him who he is, Asta's devil deems the question irrelevant and rubs it in his face how he lost in spite of his power and schemes, before bidding him farewell with a "see you around, loser" as the Word Soul Magic devil's body disintegrates.
  • Dragon Ball Z: During the Buu Saga, Vegeta wastes no time rubbing in Goku's face that Trunks beat Goten in the World Martial Arts Tournament.
  • In Fairy Tail, Flare Corona mocks Lucy mercilessly after she wins their match in the magic tournament. Even worse than usual since the only reason Flare won was that one of her teammates interfered from the sidelines to depower Lucy right when she had Flare on the ropes. Flare doesn't get off completely scot-free though — in a later chapter, one of her other teammates beats her up for being so weak that she needed help to win.
  • Full Metal Panic!:
  • In Gundam Build Fighters Try, Yomi of Team G-Master engages in some snotty gloating towards Kaoruko (AKA Gyanko) after G-Master beats Team Song Dynasty Vase. Yomi's teammate Sudou tells her to knock it off, and when she continues her other teammate Akira Suga slaps her and chews her out, saying it's wrong to mock an opponent who fought to the best of their ability. (Note that this sequence is an Homage to a similar scene from Mobile Suit Gundam, with Akira taking the place of his Expy material Sleggar Law.)note 
  • Iron Wok Jan: At one point Jan follows a defeated opponent out to the street to taunt him some more as the fellow looked insufficiently crushed.
  • Pokémon:
  • Seto Kaiba from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! was basically infamous for this.
    • Pretty much every villain was like this, from Bandit Keith to Pegasus to Marik. Even Yami Yugi skirted the line a couple of times.

    Comic Books 
  • In Marvel's Laff-A-Lympics story "The Miraculous Moon Meet", an alien named Moon Man Murray kidnaps some of the members of each team and challenges them to a series of athletic contests for the fate of the Earth. Murray hedges his bets with belts he gives to the athletes which negate their gravity. Every time Murray wins an event, he rubs it in the teams' collective faces.
  • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman: Wondy gets called out on this after she streaks past some teenage girls on a run and then gloats about her skills.

    Fan Works 
  • When Draco's Braxus manages to defeat Harry's Ludwig in Harry Potter: Pokémon Master, Draco begins to gloat, because he thinks he has won.
  • Kara of Rokyn: After beating Kara in a wrestling match for the first time, Jara delights in mocking her rival in public.
    Jara: This belt is now in the hands of its rightful owner. It never really belonged to that—to her. I have made her suffer in equal combat, and I have beaten her. She was never my equal, and never will be. From here on, the title belongs to a true woman, a real woman, a superior woman to this cringing mess beneath us all... it belongs to Jasmine. And it always will, till the day I willingly pass it on! It will NEVER return to the hands of Kara Zor-El!
  • In Snakeskins, Slytherins are guilty of doing this after Gryffindor loses dramatically after Feliciano breaks Albus' broom while trying to save the kids on the Death Arc.
  • Cinderella And Prince Charming: After Jaune beats Ironwood in a fight, Jaune can't stop talking about it. This leads to the others mentioning their own impressive accomplishments. Jaune is soon overshadowed, but he's still grinning like an idiot.
  • Ash and Serena's Atomic Odyssey has Sayaka, a Pokémon Coordinator who becomes a rival to Serena and quickly makes it clear how high she thinks of herself. She tends to refer to her opponents as "peasants" and never wastes an opportunity to rub her victories in their faces.
  • Pokemon Gold (Fanmade): Whitney is neither polite nor graceful to the trainers she defeats. She's visibly struggling not to laugh as her Miltank curb-stomps Silver's team, she drinks the tears of a crying bug catcher, and she mocks Gold for losing to her so many times that he ran out of money.

    Films — Animated 
  • Cars: Chick Hicks, after winning the Piston Cup by deliberately causing an accident for the car who'd been beating him for years. If the dirty race hadn't cost him the Dinoco sponsorship already, then the gloating certainly put him over the top.
  • Invoked on Chicken Little:
    Announcer: This excitement isn't just about the fun of baseball. It's not about the prize. It's about the gloating, the rubbing their noses in it, the nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-we-beat-you taunting, if you will, that comes with the winning.
  • In Coco, it wasn't enough for Ernesto to murder Hector and steal the credit for his songs. He also felt the need to include a scene depicting the exact way that he killed Hector in one of his movies, casting himself as the hero who realizes he was poisoned, for no other reason but to gloat. He even named the film ''The Way Home'', when all Héctor wanted was to go back to his family.
    • He also stole Hector's beloved guitar and used it his entire career, seemingly out of pure spite.
  • Downplayed in The Lion King. After Simba and Nala get into an argument over which of them deserves credit for the two of them successfully ditching Zazu, they wrestle and Nala easily pins Simba. She then chuckles happily at him while holding him down and playfully teases him "pinned ya" with a bright smile, showing it is all just in good fun. But after Simba shows to be a Sore Loser, telling her to get off him and pushes her off of him, she turns away with a smug satisfied smile on her face, feeling proud of herself for her victory against him. Then, when Simba tries to get back at her right away by tackling her while she isn't looking, she once again manages to pin him and while smirking down at him taunts "pinned ya again" in a much more smug and superior tone than her previous playful one. This is despite being Simba's best friend and him being the prince of the Pride Lands at the time. Though somewhat justified as Simba also started both of their brief fights and the argument that started it all, and the two of them were only cubs at the time. It is averted later in the film when Simba finally manages to pin Nala as adults, and she is a Graceful Loser who accept her loss, even though it was a complete accident, and rewards Simba with a surprise lick on the cheek.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Big Fat Liar has an over-the-top example with Marty Wolf when he almost wins:
    Marty Wolf: Yeah, I stole your story, whoop-de-doodle-do! Ya happy now? I STOLE JASON SHEPARD'S PAPER AND TURNED IT INTO BIG FAT LIAR! Do you know who's listening? Nobody. And they never will. So for the last time, give it up. Because I will never-ever-never-ever-ever-ever-ever-infinity tell the truth!
  • Good Will Hunting has Will do this as an awesome moment after getting Skylar's number, as the guy he beat is a bit of a jerk. Has led to an Ascended Meme:
    Will:: How do you like them apples?
  • In Django Unchained, Calvin Candie is described by Dr. Schultz as being "an abysmal winner". It is Candie's insistence on gloating and rubbing his victory in Schultz's face that causes Schultz to shoot him.
  • Duel of Fists: Cannon, the "undefeatable" champion boxer, enjoys dealing crippling injuries to weaker opponents, and gleefully taunts and laughs at them in the aftermath for no reason other than rubbing his victory in.
  • This Is the End: Happens towards the end when James Franco chooses to sacrifice himself so Seth and Jay could escape from Danny and his band of cannibals, knowing he'll be raptured. It y starts to work until he makes the mistake of flipping off and calling Danny's group every vulgar thing in the book, resulting in his rapture being canceled and his death. Then Seth and Jay discuss how a "sore winner" is hard to redeem.

  • Shelby of the H.I.V.E. Series does this at every opportunity. Otto, as well, to a lesser extent.
  • A The Berenstain Bears book dealing with being a bad winner.
    • Even earlier, "No Girls Allowed" had Sister displaying this trope as a minor plot point and the reason the boys set up their boys-only club. Mama gently calls her out on it while Sister is ranting about how unfair the boys are being and while Sister still goes through with her plan, she has the grace to look sheepish.
  • Discworld:
    • Esme Weatherwax insists on not killing her opponents since it's no real victory if you can't rub it in their faces. It's a witch thing, but possibly more a Weatherwax thing, as lampshaded when she's the only one of the three witches to instantly realize why Lady Lilith didn't kill them. As demonstrated by Greebo, it's also a cat thing. There is also no such thing as a "friendly contest" with Granny Weatherwax; when one of the other witches tells Lettice Earwig that they've never needed a trophy for the Witch Trials because "everyone just knows who won", Nanny Ogg sardonically notes that this is very true indeed.
    • Among the Gods, Fate tends to be this; he's been accused at least once of being "a sore winner". (He's also capable of being a sore loser, as shown when Cohen the Barbarian uses an unconventional method of winning at dice.)
  • A Shark Out of Water: After a soccer match results in an upset victory for the visiting team, their supporters indulge in enough of this to set off a riot. The ensuing security crackdown delays the book's murderer just enough that the police don't have to deal with extradition hearings, they can grab him before he leaves the country.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Nirvana in Fire: Mei Changsu uncharacteristically indulges in a little gloating the last time he sees Xia Jiang in prison.
    Xia Jiang: You're just here to gloat this time, aren't you?
    Mei Changsu: Yes. I've seen you play all your best cards and end up back in prison anyway. It makes me happy.
  • Cheers: Woody starts doing this after winning a bar bet until Sam tells him he might wanna stop while he's still alive. Then the barflies start complaining about Woody not rubbing their faces in it as he keeps winning. Then Rebecca wins and is even less gracious about her victory.
  • In Perfect Strangers, Larry talked about how Mr. Gorply would rub the bowling trophies he won in Larry's face. Balky tells Larry to be a good sport when he finally wins but then agrees to let Larry have one phone call about it.
  • In Sabrina the Teenage Witch, her cousin chanted "I won! I won!" whenever she won some board game or card game.
  • The King of Queens: Arthur Spooner has been shown to be much like this, which had — strong effects on his daughter.
  • Hot Shot: In this Chinese drama series, one of the more famous and well-known scenes from the series consists of a music video-like part where the main characters taunt the opposing basketball team after their win. They're shown to dance their own choreographed victory taunting dance to Nese's "Superman" (which, in and of itself, is pretty much a song dedicated to Unsportsmanlike Gloating).
  • Top Gear
    • Jeremy Clarkson is quite prone to this, Large Ham that he is.
    • His co-presenter Richard Hammond can be just as bad. A particularly egregious example appears in the Top Gear vs. D Motor crossover challenge.
  • Regina is prone to this on The Steve Harvey Show and always says, "BAM! In your FACE!" whenever she wins something, no matter how big or small, and especially if it's against Steve.
  • In The Pilot of Kickin' It, Milton had his yellow belt taken away shortly after he was awarded it for this reason.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Sheldon Cooper is established as a rather unpleasant winner.
      (Series 3 Episode 6 "The Cornhusker Vortex"): "And without rules, the competition has no meaning. And without meaning, the following would be an empty gesture. (Sings) I have your kite. I have your kite."
    • Stephen Hawking engages in this after beating Sheldon in Words With Friends.
      "What do Sheldon Cooper and a black hole have in common? They both suck. Ha ha ha ha ha. Neener neener."
    • Bernadette acts in this manner when she beats Penny in Fortnite — she's a Sore Loser when Howard beats her.
  • Amy Santiago is quite guilty of this on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, whenever she seems to have an advantage in any competition of any sort.
    • Terry also gleefully rubs it in the faces of Fire Marshal Boone and the Fire Department when the Nine-Nine trounce them (yet again) in a football game in one Cold Open.
      Boone: You don't have to dance every time!
      Terry: Yeah, but I choose to dance, every time!
  • Friends: In "TOW the Football", Joey and Chandler compete for the attention of an attractive Dutch woman hanging out in the park. She eventually decides she prefers Chandler but he blows it by rubbing it in Joey's face in a highly obnoxious way. The woman finds it so off-putting she decides to ditch both of them and go home alone.
    Margha: I'm sorry, Joey, that is my chose.
    Chandler: You hear that! That is her chose, mister "I'll let you have her"! I win! You suck! I rule all! A mini-wave in celebration of me!! (does the wave)
    Margha: I'm now thinking I would like to change my answer to, no one.
    Chandler: What?
    Margha: I now find you shallow and, um, a dork. All right, bye. (she leaves)

  • "So Excellent" by Kylie Mole (a regular character on Australian sketch comedy show The Comedy Company) is about Kylie fantasizing about being a famous pop star. Near the end of the song, she exclaims "Eat your heart out, Whitney! Move over, Madonna!", and then launches into a rant about how jealous her enemy at school is going to be of her popularity and fame, how she's going to have to dump her boyfriend because he's not cool enough, and how she's not going to share any of her money with anyone, especially not her parents, since they don't give her enough pocket money.
  • "Sports Song" by "Weird Al" Yankovic uses the traditional "fight song"-type marching band to deliver a version that goes just a bit too far. Particularly the "We're great, And you suck" refrain in the middle.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • This is of course a standard heel move to generate heat. It can be something simple like excessive celebrating after a victory that involved a lot of shenanigans, to more elaborate ploys, like King Kong Bundy making the ref do a five count instead of the usual three, or Harley Race in his "King" Harley Race phase making his opponents bow to him.
  • A specific kind of gloating that both Heels and Faces do after winning a Loser Leaves Town match is to start singing the chorus to Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye", which started after Marc Mero did it after temporarily forcing his wife Sable to leave the WWF.
  • The day after CM Punk ran off with the WWE Title in his hometown of Chicago, one hour before his contract expired, he tweeted a picture of the his refrigerator.
  • Daniel Bryan, upon winning the world heavyweight championship, began enthusiastically chanting "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes" nonstop and walked out of the arena posing with the belt while he did so. In his proceeding appearances, he was still chanting celebratory "YES"es and when he ambushed Sheamus and put him in the Lebell Lock, the "Yes!" chant started up again. This happened again when Team Hell No won the world tag team championships, only in this case Daniel Bryan was gloating to his forced partner Kane.
  • Kimberly dancing on the Orpheum bar at SHINE 6.
  • "My client, Brock Lesnar, conquered The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania!" This would bite both Heyman and Lesnar in the ass one year and a half later when 'Taker decided to cost Lesnar his chance to regain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, just because they wouldn't shut up about it.

    Video Games 
  • World of Warcraft allows and even encourages players to use emotes such as /laugh, /pity, and /hug on the bodies of their recently-deceased enemies. The Forsaken can even eat the corpse. Corpsecamping the opponent can be considered a more extreme version of this, making sure that the enemy stays down. You can also teabag dead enemies, as mentioned below.
    • Droppable banners were recently added to the game, which grant a buff to nearby players... or can be dropped on corpses to humiliate them. There even exists the Banner of Ownership, which shoves a banner with a mocking thumbs-down emblem into the corpse of an enemy.
  • Many FPS games (though other types can have it as well) have this in the form of teabagging. Someone scores a kill on you and they celebrate by going to your corpse and keep squatting down on your face. It isn't enough that they killed you, they also have to violate you as well. Hilarity Ensues if the teabagger gets killed while not paying attention and gets teabagged himself.
  • In the Punch-Out!! games, several of Little Mac's opponents will laugh evilly when they beat him. Overall Soda Popinski is probably the worst, doing so every time he even knocks you down, but Great Tiger and Aran Ryan in the Wii version really take the cake: Great Tiger deliberately conjures up extra illusions of himself so more of him can laugh at you, while Aran Ryan actually hovers over Little Mac and hurls insults while he struggles to stand:
    You probably got cheeseburgers in those gloves, have ya Mac?!
  • In Fire Emblem Fates, specifically the Conquest path where the main character sides with their adopted family over the one they were born to, this happens in Chapter 11. Nohrian Princess and very possessive big sister Camilla takes a moment to rub it in for her counterpart, Hoshidan Princess Hinoka, about how the main character chose her as their "true" sister over their actual sibling and that they don't need anyone else in that role but her.
  • Sonic Colors
    Sonic: (gloating over a defeated boss) Wow, sometimes I even impress myself! For a second there I wasn't sure I was going to pull it off... Oh, who am I kidding, we both knew how this would end.
    Tails: Uh, are you talking to the broken robot who can't hear you?
    Sonic: ...Maybe. That's between me and the robot.
  • Everybody in the Street Fighter games do this, using their victory quote to gloat over their fallen and often visibly injured opponent.
  • Since the Taunt Button was implemented in Fighting Games, most of them do not permit taunting after a round is finished to avoid this behavior (in-game, of course). Notable exceptions include Street Fighter III, and the Guilty Gear series. In Guilty Gear, however, taunting the opponent when a round is over will give him a full super meter the next round.
    • Even before the taunt button most fighting game characters do a victory animation and/or voice-over after each win. While most of them just celebrate their victory, particularly villainous or anti-heroic fighters may insult the defeated opponent. Expect an Evil Laugh or very encouraging dialogue like "Weak!", "Too easy." or "Is that all you've got?"
  • After a match in League of Legends there is a very good chance at least one of the members of the winning team will say something like "gg easy" or "bg too easy" while one of the members of the losing team will answer "bg noob team". In a recent patch, Riot reduced the time delay between meeting the win condition and the game ending, exactly to cut down on the amount of trash talking.
    • Scratch just League of Legends. Due to the nature of MOBA games, most MOBA games can count, if they enable All-Chat (and abuse them), such as Dota 2 or having a post-game chat (aside from League, there's also Smite). Heroes of the Storm prevents this by putting All-Chat to be disabled by default, and having no post-game chat.
    • Barring all-chat gloating, there is another way to do this in a MOBA: Fountain camping. Imagine that you're so sure of victory and so ahead of the enemy that rather than finishing the game immediately, you prolong the game by camping near the enemy fountain, killing them as they respawn or scaring them from ever getting out of the fountain with your sheer power, letting your own minions do all the work of chipping the core's HP. The intention is to get off the loser team's tears and helplessness as you flex your superiority. However, there are also often stories that the gloaters got too cocky, and after one slip up where they died, that's all the loser team needed to charge to their base and snatch victory, usually then they started taunting back at the Unsportsmanlike Gloating attitude..
  • Expect this to happen on the Playstation Network or X-Box Live with certain gamers, especially if they win a measly round after losing multiple times to the same player.
  • In Shufflepuck Café, Biff laughs "HA! HA! HA!" when he scores a point.
  • Wario and Waluigi in the Super Mario Bros. series. For example, one of Waluigi's celebrations in Mario Strikers has him take the ball (which is made of metal) and say "Want the ball? HERE!" before he throws it at a member of the other team and starts dancing around.
  • Aquapazza, Ma-ryan is all about this, complete with an annoying Noblewoman's Laugh.
  • Team Fortress 2 encourages it in the brief period after the match ends: The losing team loses the ability to attack and goes into "surrender" poses, while the winning team gets charged up with guaranteed Critical Hits. Cue celebratory slaughter of the defeated team.
  • In Dark Souls II "Crown of the Sunken King", Black Phantom Jester Thomas will mock you if he manages to kill you. No other Black Phantom does this.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum, antagonistic duelists will do this if you lose to them. The worst is probably Weevil, though Yami warns him that his words will come back to haunt him.
  • In Pokémon X and Y, Malva does this if she actually manages to defeat the player.
  • Overwatch had a rash of players chatting "gg ez" after winning a game, which Blizzard countered by having the comment automatically replaced with a phrase suggesting the player's lack of self-confidence and\or need for validation.
  • Hearthstone has a limited communication system with strangers, restricting you to one of six emotes by your hero. Use of this system veers toward this trope if a player spams it before going for the kill. Not helping matters is the subtly condescending voice acting each hero has with their lines (The "Sorry" emote was removed because it was the most easily interpreted as condescending). Other forms of this trope involve showing off as much as the player can do before closing in for the kill, including wiping the rest of the board. Such practices are known as BM (Bad Manners).
  • Splatoon:
    • Squidbaggingnote  (rapidly switching from squid to humanoid form after a kill) is highly frowned upon... in PvP. It's rare for a PvE Salmon Run match not to end with a squid party (i.e., everyone on your team squidbagging in celebration).
    • Callie engages in this after winning the "Naughty vs. Nice" Splatfest in the first game, as does Marie after winning the Early Bird vs Night Owl splatfest.
    • Given Meme Acknowledgment in the second game's Octo Expansion campaign: Agent 3 will occasionally indulge in a bit of squidbagging, which makes their brutal difficulty that much worse.
    • Whenever Pearl wins a Splatfest, she accentuates her victory by rapping about her side being better than Marina's. Marina tried to let it slide for a while, but after losing three in a row, it's clear she had enough.
      Marina: (interrupting Pearl's rapping) OMG. SHUT UP ALREADY, PEARL!
    • Marina has unused dialogue for the "Salsa vs Guacamole" Splatfest where, if Team Guacamole won, she would have bragged about her winning streak and cockily state that she'll win the next one as well, meaning all the idols have done this at some point.
    • Shiver herself became notable for this after having won only the first two splatfests of the third game, boasting about it on the announcement of the third. Frye is less than amused how full of herself Shiver got so soon.
  • In Max: An Autistic Journey, after Max finishes his homework, he plays with his older brother and stepsiblings. If he wins a race against his stepbrother Charles (which isn't all that hard), he ends up gloating until Charles gets upset and runs to Stef, Max's father.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Incineroar does this after connecting with a powerful attack. It's appropriate since it's based on a wrestling heel.
  • BattleTech: Finishing the "Extracurricular Activities" Flashpoint (wherein you hunt down the son of a political rival of your employer and humiliate him by killing his unit) ends with your employer mentions he's got to practice one of these for next time he meets his rival, adding that "the art of the gloat takes practice, and I intend to expose the bastard to a masterclass in ridicule".
  • In Fortnite:, at least the Battle Royale portion, the numerous emotes are used to rub in getting a kill or a Victory. Such emotes include "Take the L" where the player showboats with an L in their hand while distorted music plays, "Laugh It Up" where the player laughs loudly like a donkey. Even the several dances like the Floss or the Hype dance can make players upset when it's used against them.
  • Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics points out that some traditions allow winners of mancala to mock the loser as much as they want. The loser isn't allowed to get mad or say anything.
  • Bug Fables: After returning from Snakemouth Den with the artifact, Vi gleefully rubs it in Eetl's face, since he had been so opposed to her going. Kabbu and Leif even lampshade it.
  • WarioWare series:
    • WarioWare Gold:
      • If you fail his games, Wario Deluxe give this response. Not so much for the others reacting to your failures, with them giving you a What the Hell, Hero? response.
        Wario Deluxe: Ha! Rookie!
        Wario Deluxe: Aw, giving up!? (If you fail three microgames in a row.)
        Wario Deluxe: Aw, too bad! (If your failure leaves you with one life left provided you cleared the previous microgame or the one before it.)
        Wario Deluxe: Done so soon? (Game-over line.)
      • If you fail his Microgames, 18-Volt also ends up on the receiving end (saying, "Whatcha doing?") as 13-Amp performs her triumphant pose.
    • WarioWare: Get It Together!: If you fail his microgames, the Wario Bug will wave his hands to taunt the player and even cause you to hallucinate for the animation just to rub it in your face.
  • In Chapter 2 of Deltarune, if you lose to Queen in her final boss fight, she'll teabag you repeatedly before letting out a Noblewoman's Laugh at your face.
  • Magical Tetris Challenge: When Donald wins a match, he points and laughs in a very exaggerated, mocking way.

    Web Animation 
  • A dark example of this trope comes into play in Power Star when the boos see it fit to give Mario a momentary amount of time to regain consciousness just so he can look around at the damage he caused while he was under their Demonic Possession, which includes the lifeless bodies of Peach and Luigi. This arrogance becomes the ghosts' downfall, as Mario takes the opportunity to pierce a katana through his stomach in order to prevent the boos from causing an apocalypse.


    Web Original 
  • The "Bronze Medal" meme is a hilarious spoof on the trope. It begins with an athlete receiving a medal on a podium and wildly celebrating his victory, from kissing the woman who gave him the medal to Flipping the Bird at the audience with both hands and blasting celebratory champagne... before the last panel pans out with a Reveal Shot that said athlete was actually in third place.
  • As part of his general campaign to rub his disrespect for the evil Kua-Toa in their scaly faces, Little One of Tales From My D&D Campaign sets up some impromptu art displays using the corpses of Kua scouting parties he surprised on a raid into trout-occupied territory. The first group he simply impales on stakes, for the second he cuts their heads off, impales the bodies upside-down, and then sticks the head on top (i.e., the Kua have their heads up their behinds).
  • Jayuzumi has this as a staple of his show, taunting opponents via soundboard when he wins.
  • This tends to happen a lot whenever Hat Films play Trials or Garry's Mod (plus its various game types). Cries of "GFY", "suck a fat one" and "EAT SHIT" are rather common. Mostly Played for Laughs.
  • Given how competitive the players are, there's a lot of this going on in Mario Party TV, alongside the Sore Loser trope. One of Holms's more memorable moments of this even made it into a season intro.
    "Fuck ALL of you guys! Should've gone over to the other [minigame] and fucked ME over!"

    Western Animation 
  • Azula in the Beach Episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    • Sokka, Suki, and Toph engage in a little gloating at the end of the Grand Finale.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Marge objects after Bart wins a big soapbox car race and both he and Homer engage in this, even with Nelson being decidedly gracious in defeat. Bart defends his actions:
      Bart: But Mom, I never won anything. And I'll probably never win again.
    • The first half of the episode Homer And Ned's Hail Mary Pass is about this trope: Homer does a ridiculous and over the top showboating dance after winning a carnival game, which gets recorded and uploaded to the internet, becoming a viral sensation. This causes many professional athletes to seek Homer in order to teach them how to showboat like that.
  • South Park
    • Eric Cartman embodies this trope. In fact, Kyle got him once by deciding not to be annoyed he lost and humbly acknowledging Cartman's victory. Cartman was furious.
      • Not only that, he seems to care more about the gloating rather than the reward itself. In "Christian Rock Hard" he was furious about the bet's Exact Words biting him on the ass, not caring about how successful his band had become.
    • That jerk professional skier who challenged Stan to a ski race in the episode "Asspen" despite being many years older than Stan and being super-experienced (whereas Stan was just learning). Stan knew he was going to lose, he acknowledged that he'd lose, and he participated only so when he lost the other guy would leave him alone. That didn't stop the other guy from rubbing it in Stan's face. Of course, this was a parody of underdog sports movies.
    • From "Scott Tenorman Must Die"
      Cartman: "Yes! Yesss!! Oh, let me taste your tears, Scott! Mm, your tears are so yummy and sweet."
      Cartman: "Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah! I made you eat your parents! Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah!"
    • And in addition to that, there's also Randy Marsh during the Pinewood Derby. He pretty much gloats and mocks the rival's father, who later suicides.
    • In "Breast Cancer Show Ever" Cartman repeatedly humiliates Wendy. When she challenges him to a fight, he goes to pathetic lengths to keep that from happening. After getting her to promise not to fight him (by lying to her parents) he continues to gloat and humiliate her, which leads to his epic brutal beatdown at the hands of a girl.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants
    • In the episode "Driven to Tears," Patrick takes Mrs. Puff's driving test after SpongeBob fails it yet again, believing it to be rigged... and passes with a perfect score on his first attempt. From there, the entire episode consists of Patrick rubbing his new license and car in SpongeBob's face every possible chance he gets, declaring himself a "driving genius".
    • "Skill Crane" had Squidward becoming obsessed with winning a prize from a crane machine. Once he gets one, however, he starts gloating like crazy.
      Skill Crane: You lose! [Kid sighs]
      Squidward: You didn't win the prize?
      Kid: No.
      Squidward: You know what that means?
      Kid: No, what?
      Squidward: It means... you have no skills and you're a loser! [laughs] I'm a winner, see my prize! You're a loser who sits and cries! [laughs; then kid kicks him in the shin] Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
    • Mr. Krabs does this whenever Plankton fails to get the Krabby Patty formula just to rub his face in it.
  • Gravity Falls: Grunkle Stan seems to like to do this.
    • Also, in the episode "Little Dipper', the reason why Mabel teases Dipper about being shorter than her is that he always rubs it in Mabel's face whenever she loses to him.
  • In the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, Michelangelo will often do this after beating his brothers at something. He even uses this with a combination of Break Them by Talking on Raphael when he was paired against him in the Battle Nexus Arc, and given Raphael's Hair-Trigger Temper, you can guess if it worked.
    • In the 2012 version, Raphael is usually Always Second Best to Leo. However, if Raph manages to get a win over Leo, he will take great pleasure in rubbing it in Leo's face. Even if it's for the majority of an episode!
  • Mertle from Lilo & Stitch: The Series just loves to do this after she wins.
  • King of the Hill
    • Hank's old high school rivals won the state championship decades ago due to Hank breaking his ankle, and every day on the anniversary of their win, find every member of the old team (Hank especially) and gloat. To the point of barging into their home while eating dinner. Decades later.
    • That same game was the reason why Hank himself is against this trope. When he scored a touchdown, he did a goofy victory dance which re-watching the footage as an adult ashamed him. He told Bobby that his ankle breaking, which cost the game, was "God punishing [him] for showboating".
    • Another episode has Bobby and Peggy betting on mundane things. What are they betting on? Bragging rights, specifically the kind that let you act like a total jerk. Later they move to reverse bragging rights, meaning you need to shower the winner with praise.
  • On Arthur D.W. beats her brother at checkers and starts singing and dancing about "I was checker champ and Arthur checker chump!" — for an entire year.
  • Bugs Bunny has an unfortunate habit of stooping to this level on occasion, which sometimes comes back to bite him in the tail, such as in Bully for Bugs when it turns out Toro isn't quite as defeated as Bugs thinks.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has, in one episode via flashback, Big Macintosh loses a turkey call contest for the first time in six years... to Pinkie Pie, no less. When this revelation is made, cue Pinkie Pie bouncing by and bragging about her victory, appearing solely to gloat-
    Pinkie Pie: Lost his voice, and the title! [Bounces off, making more turkey calls as she leaves]
    • Season 6 episode "Buckball Season" had Applejack have Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Snails (yes, really) sub for them in a game against her cousin, Braeburn. After Ponyville wins in a very close game, Braeburn and his team congratulate Ponyville on their win. Dash naturally soils this a bit by claiming "[Ponyville] whooped the hooves off them!". Again, it was a close game and both Pinkie and Fluttershy admitted that Breaburn's team was very good and really pushed them to their limits.
  • AJ in The Fairly Oddparents partakes in this in the episode "Smarty Pants," openly bragging about his straight As and seizing virtually every opportunity to rub them in Timmy's face. Timmy later turns this around after obtaining Nigh Omniscience via his Fairy Godparents, and rubs his own victories into AJ's face, causing the latter to become furious with envy. Then finally, at the end of the episode, this comes back to bite AJ once again when he wins a trophy... and promptly spikes it into the ground in a show of gloating, breaking it.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: In the episode "Game Over," every time Dee Dee beats Dexter at video games, she relentlessly rubs it in his face, dancing around the room and chanting "I won!"... and yet, she has the audacity to call him a Sore Loser when he tells her he doesn't want to play games with her anymore.
    • The episode "Game for a Game" has Dee Dee ask Dexter to play board games with her during a rainy day, and after she beats him at their first attempt and boasts that he can beat Dexter at any game, Dexter designs his own games. Not only does he stack the deck heavily in favor for himself, but he also acts like a douche about beating Dee Dee in games she really had no chance of winning.
  • Not only is Quagmire a sore loser on Family Guy, but he's also a very poor winner. He's extremely competitive and hurls abuse at his opponents if he wins and his own teammates if they lose.
  • Kaeloo: If Mr. Cat ever wins anything, the first thing he does is yell "I WON!" and make fun of the loser(s) of the game. An example is in Episode 85 where he wins a debate against Kaeloo (by cheating), and his response is to jump up from the table, throw a mallet at Kaeloo, and run around yelling about how he won.
  • The Loud House: Lynn, as seen in the episode "Lynner Take All", is the undisputed queen of this trope. The plot has the rest of the Loud siblings team up to try to beat her at a board game, simply because they're that sick of her excessive gloating whenever she wins such as writing "loser" on her sisters' foreheads (and shaving it on Lincoln's head) and making confetti out of their homework.
  • Rocket Power: Whenever Otto Rocket wins something, no matter who you are, even if you're his best friends, he will rub his victory in their face. This is due to him believing he's better at sports than anyone else and always believe he should be the center of the fame. Of course, if he ever loses at something, he usually doesn't take it well. If he feels like he is losing at something, he will go far to cheat in order to get his way. Fortunately, his cheating always comes back to bite him.
  • A case of this caused Jingles Morgan's Start of Darkness in Bravestarr. In a duel against fellow lawman Salaman Bliss, Morgan lost badly and got knocked into the mud outside the ring. Bliss, not content with his victory, started laughing his ass off and mocking Morgan... until Morgan, in a fit of rage over being humiliated like that, pulled his pistol and shot Bliss dead. Morgan ended up on the run for murder and became the very sort of selfish criminal he once fought.

    Real Life 
  • Part of the long-time "unwritten rules" of baseball, especially at the major league level, is refraining from celebration after a home run or big strikeout as it's seen as unsportsmanlike. It's not technically against the rules, but the unwritten rules are self-policing, meaning the next time you get up after you do that, you "accidentally" catch a 95-mile-per-hour fastball in the earhole. More players have become open about it as celebrations at the plate after big home runs have increased, and there's an ongoing debate as to whether it should be that way or not in the lens of the game. MLB players from outside the United States have seen this among differing cultures; what's seen as "poor sportsmanship" to more traditional fans is "how you should act" for players from Latin America or South Korea. This picked up after Jose Bautista's bat-flip following him smashing a critical 3-run homer in the deciding Game 5 of the 2015 ALDS sparked so much anger and emotion between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers that when the Jays visited Texas the following May, Rangers pitcher Matt Bush hit Bautista with a pitch, then when Bautista made a hard slide that broke up a double play Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor took exception to that and punched Bautista square in the jaw, sparking a bench-clearing brawl.
    • Which is ironic, since one of the most celebrated home runs of all time is Babe Ruth taunting the Cubs bench as he rounded the bases following his famous Called Shot in the 1932 World Series after enduring a lot of taunting and abuse from them and the fans at Wrigley Field.
  • The National Football League had set increasingly larger penalties through the 1990s and 2000s for players who engage in 'excessive celebration', to the point where some had taken to jokingly call it the No Fun League. Some of these are for player safety - for instance, a player is never allowed to remove his helmet if he's anywhere on the play field no matter what's going on, even if he just scored a touchdown. However, taunting carries a penalty because it's seen as just bad form.
    • During a game between the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, Terrell Owens ran to the center of the Cowboys' field, standing in the middle of the team's star logo, drawing a penalty. He attempted to do the same thing later in the game, only get to get clobbered by Cowboys safety George Teague for it — which also drew a penalty.
    • Randy Moss once pretended to pull down his pants and moon the Green Bay Packers fans when he played for the Minnesota Vikings. He's remembered less for that than Joe Buck is remembered for calling it a "disgusting act."
    • Golden Tate of the Seattle Seahawks is rather well remembered for tauntingly waving goodbye at a St. Louis Rams defender when he ran to the end zone. It drew a flag, and most Rams fans won't let him forget it.
    • In 2016, the league made it mandatory to eject players who draw two taunting penalties in one game. Likely in response to this, the league scaled back a lot of the restrictions on touchdown celebrations the following year, allowing (for instance) group celebrations once again. Referees will still throw the flag for things that seem intended to put down the other team.
  • In British football, this is the inevitable result of one team or the other winning a derby match - and during the height of the English hooliganism epidemic, it could lead to extreme violence.
    • Ken Bates, chairman of Chelsea and then Leeds United, was infamous for this. Perhaps the most glaring instance was on the last day of the 2007-08 season when he openly gloated that Leeds's victory over Gillingham — which relegated the latter club — was payback for Gillingham being one of the few clubs who voted for Leeds to be expelled outright from the Football League for breaching the league's financial rules, instead of just being given the hefty points deduction they eventually got.
  • This ping-pong match video starts with the score 10-0. Upon winning, the blue player launches into a minute-long singing, dancing, swaggering taunt of his opponent, culminating with getting in his face and saying "How does it feel to lose?" Subverted when the camera pans back to the judges' table to show that the score is now 10-1.
  • A spectacular example of an Unsportsmanlike Gloating backfire occurred during a 1996 World Cup cricket match between the defending champions Pakistan, and the home team India. Pakistani batsman Aamir Sohail looked to be in excellent form and was vivisecting the Indian bowlers. After smashing local favorite bowler Venkatesh Prasad for four runs, Sohail gloated by pointing to a section of the field's boundary and boasting that the next ball bowled to him will be hit there. Prasad retorted by bowling an unplayable delivery that knocked out the wicket stumps behind Sohail, thereby getting him "out clean bowled".
  • In the 2017 Junior League World Series softball tournament, Atlee defeated host Kirkland 1-0 in the semifinal round, and proceeded to gloat about the shutout win on social media by posting a picture of the team flipping off the camera with the words "watch out host". The Little League was not amused by Atlee's stunt, and disqualified them from the tournament for unsportsmanlike conduct, giving their spot in the final round to Kirkland instead.
  • American Football in Europe is played to NCAA (College) rules, which - College being about educating young people - are rather heavy on the "no gloating" part. However, referees in the national leagues vary widely in their enforcement and many players grew up watching over-the-top celebrations from the NFL that they naturally want to emulate. In the 2014 final of the European Championship, this all went to a head. Germany and Austria were pretty evenly matched and the game went to overtime, but all through the game, the refs would harshly penalize every hint of celebration after a big play. Germany ultimately caught wise, Austria didn't. Guess who won?
  • With regards to pinball playing, there's an interesting reversal between casual versus professional play regarding a situation in which a player has the lead with one ball still to play, and their opponent having used all three. Obviously, this means that the player has won. In the professional circuit, to actually play the third and final ball is seen as disrespectful, as the player runs up the score on his opponent, so the proper etiquette is to spring the ball, but let it drop without intentionally grabbing any points. However, among casual players, it is seen as gloating/taunting to not play the ball, since it shows you didn't need all three balls to beat one's opponent, so among casual players, regardless of how large the lead is, the winning player will still attempt to play.
  • Among serious chess players even the media-spanning "announcing Check and Mate when someone's made a winning move" is considered Unsportsmanlike Gloating since it implies your opponent is too stupid to realize they've lost. Which makes this chess player's gloating and mocking of his opponent (the previous champion) even more egregious, so much that the judges disqualify him for foul behavior, forcing him to forfeit the prize. When he throws a tantrum about that, security throws him out of the tournament entirely and bans him for life. When he sues over that, he gets banned from every chess tournament in Ohio. The previous champion, on the other hand, turned down the victory-by-disqualification, saying that "it would be better to not have a champion this year than to have one that didn’t earn it."
  • A variant happened after the Mexico-Germany game at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where Mexico won 1-0 — their players celebrated the normal way, while their fans burned the German flag to ashes.
  • Soccer WM 2014: "So gehen die Gauchos..." The German Nationalelf made no friends in Germany with that song. (The Argentinians took virtually no offense.)
  • Madison Cawthorn, North Carolina's 11th congressional district representative, won the November 2020 general election against Democratic nominee Moe Davis. Madison's response on Twitter? "Cry more, lib."

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