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Unisex Tropes

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These are tropes that have a gender-specific name but can involve either one.

There may be some overlap with Always Male and Always Female. Contrary to what the "Always" suggests, the tropes on those two pages tend toward being gender-exclusive, but are not necessarily completely exclusive.

Again, the trope title must have something that makes it look like it's about just one gender.

Note that using Pothole markup to replace a trope's name with a more fitting one in a trope list is considered a Sink Hole and not allowed. Many of these tropes have opposite-gender or gender-neutral versions of their name as redirects, so feel free to use them instead (or see Creating New Redirects if you want to ask a mod to make one that doesn't already exist).

Compare Non-Indicative Name, Never Trust a Title.

Contrast Double Standard.

Not to be confused with Gender-Blending Tropes, Gender-Inverted Trope (as both of these pages deal with toying around with gender tropes, not just trope names).


Alternative Title(s): Unisex Trope