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Animal Is the New Man

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Taylor: Man preceded you here. You owe him your science, your language, whatever knowledge you have.
Dr. Zaius: Then answer me this — if man was superior, why didn't he survive?

In the distant future (or at least 20 Minutes into the Future), humanity has declined, and animals (whether all of them, or a few certain kinds) become the new dominant species.

Here, the humans might be extinct and animals now roam the world freely; there might be scenes of them living on manmade living places if any of them existed at all. Alternatively, there might be only a few humans left, either scattered away or confined to a single location. They may have regressed (whether just culturally or outright becoming animals themselves) so that they can't form a modern-like society anymore; they're no longer the dominant species.

Sometimes, the animals might have become Funny Animals or Beast Men (which one it is depends on whether the work leans more to the comedic side and uses this trope to justify a World of Funny Animals setting or whether it leans more to the drama side and uses this trope to speculate a hypothetical future for social commentary). There may or may not be an in-universe "evolution" happening to them; here they have quite literally become the new "man". Furthering in this direction, the humanoid animals may even see the humans (if there are any) as "animals", either as a Human Pet, human cattle, etc.


Plots involving this setting might be about how animals live now that they're the dominant species, or they may focus on the few humans who tried to survive in the "new world" full of animals.

A Sub-Trope of Humanity's Wake and Humans Are Not the Dominant Species.

Might be the justification for a World of Funny Animals. Cockroaches Will Rule the Earth is a subtrope.

See also Uplifted Animal, which is how the animals become smarter.



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    Comic Books 

    Comic Strips 
  • In My Cage, humans are long extinct and the world is populated by civilized anthropomorphic animals of various species. Although the characters are aware humans once existed, the strip's focus on workplace humour means the reason for their extinction never comes up.

    Films — Animation 
  • Rock & Rule occurs on an Earth where humanity eradicated itself, leaving the dogs, cats and rats to ascend mastery of the world. It seems they can now interbreed, as none of the characters seem to fit neatly into canine, feline or murine physiology.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • All Tomorrows: While focusing mostly on Human Subspecies, one race noted descended from a type of lizard formerly kept as livestock which eventually became sapient, while the humans which farmed them eventually become completely bestial and themselves became livestock to the lizards. While the Saurosapients descended from completely non-human ancestors, they were considered human for all intents and purposes.
  • Baaa, a picture book by David Macaulay, has sheep gain sentience and take over the world after mankind dies out. Their society quickly develops a lot of the same problems that drove human society extinct, with overpopulation, poverty, and a severe food shortage. Fortunately, the sheep leaders develop a new food product called "Baaa" that conveniently solves all three of those problems at once... Eventually, this drives the sheep extinct as well.
  • City has two replacements for humanity, dogs and ants.
  • "No Connection", by Isaac Asimov, takes place on an Earth where humanity went extinct. America is populated by a peaceful bear-descended race. The story ends with them expecting a conflict with ape-descended aggressors from Eurasia.
  • "Null P", by William Tenn, sees dogs take over the Earth. Humans still exist, but they have given up civilization and it isn't even clear if they are sapient. They are adopted as pets by the dogs and later go effectively extinct.
  • George Orwell's Animal Farm has a localized version of this, where the livestock overthrow the human owners of Manor Farm and establish a society where the animals are in charge. It becomes a Literal Metaphor by the end, where the pigs, the leaders of the revolution who by that point have sold out their ideals in favor of maintaining an iron grip on power, have become virtually indistinguishable from humans. Orwell intended it as a Roman à Clef satire of the trajectory of the Russian Revolution, with the pigs' leader Napoleon serving as a direct analogue to Josef Stalin.
  • Save the Human, a book by David Wood and Tony Husband, depicts a future in which humans nearly became extinct as a result of their wars and pollution. Now the animals are in charge, and some keep humans as pets... or to perform experiments on.
  • Weg der Erde (Path Of the Earth) by Reinhard Köhrer, describes how a rag-tag group of terrestrial sentients travel forwards in time, starting with a human female, later joined by on of the intelligent lizards and then evolved insects, to stop their time machine in the age of humanoid birds, billion years hence. The human and the lizard find some closure, it’s implied that the insect will lay eggs and thus two intelligent species will inhabit earth.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Red Dwarf, while Lister was in stasis a radiation leak killed every other human on board the Red Dwarf and his cat's descendants evolved into a civilization of sapient humanoids in the cargo hold who worshiped him as a god. By the time Lister wakes up three million years later, the cats have fought a holy war over the color of his hat and left the ship, leaving behind a few infirm or idiotic who gradually died off until there was only one left on board.
  • Saturday Night Live had a series of sketches called "Bear City" in which a meteor strikes an American city, driving the human population underground and allowing the bears to rise up and fill the roles formerly filled by humans. The sketches are notable in that the humor is driven entirely through action as the bears cannot talk.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Mr. Meaty: In "Suburb of the Apes", Josh and Parker attempt to travel two months into the future to get a new game console. They accidentally end up in the 27th century, where a race of baboons have taken over the planet, the mall is an overgrown ruin and the only signs of humanity besides the duo are the skeletons littering the place.

  • The Dave Hollins: Space Cadet sketches on Son of Cliché that inspired Red Dwarf had Dave return to Earth to find that fruit flies were the dominant species on Earth over beetles and P.E. teachers.

    Tabletop Games 
  • After the Bomb: A nuclear or biological war (depending on the edition) kills off most of the human race but mutates a wide range of other animals to human-level intelligence.
  • Hc Svnt Dracones features the corporate colonies on Mars mass-producing human-animal hybrids called "Vectors" to repopulate the solar system after the Earth is destroyed by a nuclear war. In the successive centuries baseline humanity gradually goes extinct.
  • Pugmire is set in a pseudo-medieval kingdom populated by uplifted dogs after humanity's mysterious disappearance.
  • At least some areas of Gamma World are like this, with Uplifted Animal factions dominating society and humans (mutant or otherwise) either degenerated to primitivism or absent altogether.

    Video Games 
  • Inherit the Earth is a seemingly medieval world populated by sentient bipedal animals whose ancestors were uplifted by humanity before a plague wiped them out.
  • Killer Instinct: In Riptor's ending in the original game, the genetic experiments Ultratech used to create Riptor end up dooming humanity and ushering in a second era of the dinosaurs.
  • Paladog: After humanity is destroyed for its wickedness, animals take over to replace them.
  • Portal 2: One public service announcement (made with the knowledge that test subjects like Chell may have been in stasis long enough for civilization to have collapsed) warns about a potential "animal king" ruling the earth that humans could not reason with. Said animal king is represented by a giant Turret with leopard skin textures and a crown lording over tiny humans in a UN-esque amphitheater.
  • Splatoon takes place in a world where various sea creatures (primarily squids) have become the dominant species on Earth due to rising sea levels having led to the death of humanity thousands of years prior.
  • Tokyo Jungle is set in a world in which there are no humans, the city of Tokyo is falling into disrepair without any maintenance, and a new ecosystem is forming in its ruins where multiple species of herbivores and carnivores compete for survival. The cause of this is eventually revealed to be humans from an apocalyptic future attempting to transplant themselves back to the 21st century with time travel, creating a Time Paradox which causes all present-day humans to vanish.
  • Utawarerumono: It's implied that the surface was made uninhabitable for a time and the surviving humans fled into sterile underground shelters. However, generations underground decayed their immune systems and when the surface had recovered, they could no longer return to it. The half-human hybrids populating the planet actually descend from a vast series of genetic experimentation projects that were undertaken in a hidden underground lab, apparently as part of a project to reclaim the uninhabitable Earth above. The only remaining humans are Hakuowlo and the Tatari, who were transformed into their current forms by the aforementioned Hakuowlo as punishment for dissecting his wife and child.

    Web Comics 
  • Blade of Toshubi is set on a future Earth where a nano-virus was used in World War IV to rid the Earth's surface of humans — the virus is also believed to have caused the mutation of animals to a sentient, humanoid form. The reader finds out that not all humans died when World War IV changed the world — there are four arks of humans in orbit waiting for the nano-virus to reach safe levels to return.
  • Forest Hill takes place in a distant future resembling the 1990's. Humans disappeared in the distant past and took much of their technology with them — various religions have formed around the expectation that humanity will return.
  • In Our Shadow takes place 50,000 years after a hyper-advanced human civilization apparently wiped itself out and left their hyper-advanced technology all over the globe, including caches of weapons under stasis fields with only a few intelligence tests locking them up. In the interceding millennia many species of animal that had grasping appendages evolved rapidly in response to the variety of artifacts left behind by humanity, developing sapience even. It is later revealed in the stinger of Book 1 that a human ship has been circling the solar system for millennia, and is now coming back after detecting the flare used by Bray.
  • In Jack (David Hopkins), the world used to belong to humanity. That was until Jack killed them all, giving rise to the furry race.
  • Tamberlane takes place in a world where Funny Animals overthrew/replaced humanity centuries ago. The protagonist is a human child who finds herself in a world that has completely forgotten what humans looked like and that they weren't just myths.
  • Unity takes place on a massive Generation Ship where the humans who originally crewed it seem to have gone extinct while the fauna evolved sapience in various ways. The main character is distantly descended from the platypus.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: In "The Last Bat On Earth", Batman chases Gorilla Grodd to Kamandi's future (see above in comics), with Grodd's plotting to conquer the other evolved animals with both his new Gorilla army and Twenty-First Century technology.
  • Futurama: Earth undergoes such a change in dominant species in the future in "The Late Philip J. Fry". Several times over, as a matter of fact — after the apes take over, birds displace them, then cows displace the birds and then some sort of slug creatures displace the cows, as Fry realizes when seeing a series of ruined Statues of Liberty each modeled after a former dominant species.
    Fry: No... they did it! They blew it up! And then the apes blew up their society, too! How could this happen? And then the birds took over and ruined their society! And then cows! And then... well, I don't know? Some kind of slug, maybe? NOOOOOOO!
  • Peace on Earth takes place After the End, where animals have become intelligent and taken over the world after humans killed each other down to the last man in an apocalyptic global war. A 1955 remake (Good Will to Men) would change the exact cause to nuclear war.
  • Rick and Morty: In "Lawnmower Dog", Rick creates a device that makes the family dog, Snuffles, intelligent. Unfortunately, Snuffles becomes too intelligent and ends up making every dog in the world smart and they take over the Earth. Good thing Rick and Morty saved the day... For now, at least.
  • Word of God says that if Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) had lasted a third season, we would have found out that Moebius was a future Earth where aliens had wiped out humanity. A side effect of their gene-bombs would have accidentally uplifted the animals to becoming intelligent humanoids. This explanation was used in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics).