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Sucks at Dancing

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"I was dancing, not having a seizure!"
"Like anybody can tell the difference!"
George: Have you ever seen Elaine dance?
Jerry: [Completely stops what he's doing and looks at George with horror] ...Elaine danced?
George: It was more like a full-body dry heave set to music.
Seinfeld, "The Little Kicks"

There's always that one person on the dance floor at a club/party/etc. that thinks they're on par with the likes of Michael Jackson, James Brown, or even Fred Astaire when it comes to dancing, but in reality, they couldn't stay on rhythm to a nursery rhyme if they tried. Oftentimes, this results in said person bumping into objects/people, if not knocking them down outright, stepping on toes, and all around making an idiot of themselves. Such a person will either get mocked for their dancing, or piss off the other dancers for being The Klutz. In extreme cases, the offending "dancer" will actually hurt themselves and others, or get physically ejected from the dance floor, if not the venue itself.

You've probably seen countless characters with this trait before. Hell, you might even know someone in real life (celebrity or otherwise) who fits this trope. Sucks At Dancing is a sister trope to I Can't Dance, with the obvious difference being that the character in question legitimately thinks they're a good dancer, instead of reluctantly acknowledging their lack of dance skills. Like I Can't Dance, expect a lot of lampshading, jeering, property damage and/or bodily harm to occur.

A variant of this invokes deliberate Stylistic Suck, where the character isn't that bad at dancing, but deliberately hams it up to make themselves seem worse than they really are. Bonus points if they can actually cut up a rug or two when not trying to make themselves look bad.

Another variant used in shows and movies featuring a cast of primarily Black characters is to either make the Token White character as bad a dancer as possible, or have the other characters assume that he can't dance, only to be spectacularly proven wrong.

If the bad dancer in question is also a singer, it can go hand in hand with Dreadful Musician and Hollywood Tone-Deaf. A complete opposite to the Dancing Royalty. Contrast You Said You Couldn't Dance.


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  • There was a toothpaste commercial claiming to give "teeth so white they can't dance".

    Anime & Manga 
  • Rave Master: Haru's idea of dancing involves lots of goofy awkward poses that he claims are specialties of Garage Island. Musica isn't much better.

    Comic Strips 
  • Zits:
    • Jeremy is so bad at dancing that his girlfriend Sara advises him to "dance like everyone is watching". This was later used as the title of one of the collections. Another time, his friend Hector said his dance moves looked like he was "milking a kangaroo".
    • This trait seems to run in the family, as Jeremy's mother is equally bad, if not worse than her son. As shown in the page image, her dancing is so ridiculous, people called the EMTs because they thought she was having a seizure.
  • In one strip in Peanuts it's shown that while Charlie Brown is a passable dancer he can't stick to one style, and constantly mixes them up. Doing a tango when he was supposed to do a waltz, doing a waltz when he was supposed to do a foxtrot, etc. It finally got to the point where he somehow managed to combine the three styles into one saying his dance instructor "Said that was the first time she saw a tango-foxtrot-waltz!"

    Fan Works 
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Celestia, according to her sister, as noted in chapter 7 of the second sequel, Diplomacy Through Schooling. And Twilight learned her own poor dancing style from Celestia.
  • In Foxy Lady, Xander is bad enough that the first time Harmony saw him dance, she thought he was having a seizure and called an ambulance before accidentally stabbing him in the face with a pen (she was trying to put it in his mouth so he wouldn't bite off his tongue).
  • A Moon and World Apart: In chapter 19, Twilight admits this to be the case for her, just as in show canon. Moondancer (who is not this trope) apparently tried to teach her, but as Twilight says, "it didn't go so well". And according to her, Luna's even worse. Sunset, meanwhile, says that Celestia is the same, and not even the nobles will try to suck up to her by complimenting it.
  • RealityCheck's Nyxverse: In Nightmare Night and Nyx, one of the Royal Sisters — shown as Luna, but later implied to be a disguised Celestia — dances just as wildly as Twilight does in canon.

    Film — Animation 
  • Frozen (2013): The Duke of Weselton has a unique dance style that includes kicking his legs sideways, jumping around his partner like a peacock, crushing her toes and flopping his Dodgy Toupee.
  • According to The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning, Aquata dances like a "spastic piece of kelp". This is at odds with previous comics that presented her as a good dancer due to ballet lessons. The film ignores the previous extended The Little Mermaid media in many ways (for example, Attina is the oldest sister in the third film but extended material previously put emphasis on Aquata as being the heir).

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Cher in Clueless cites Josh's bad dancing as one of the reasons he’s undateable. At the party attended by Cher, Christian, and Tai, Josh’s lack of moves are illustrated by his jumping and moshing around on the dance floor.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral upholds the tradition of energetic but laughably terrible dancing at wedding receptions. At the first wedding, the happy couple, Angus and Laura, take to the floor for the first dance (to Elton John's "Crocodile Rock"), and while Laura is decent, Angus looks like he's never even heard music before; at one point, he jumps with both feet in random directions, not even remotely in time with the music. Similarly awful (but enthusiastic) performances are turned in by several of the guests, including Tom, Scarlett, and Gareth, whose partner, Matthew, drily comments to Charles that when he first saw Gareth dance, he "feared lives would be lost".
  • The titular character from My Young Auntie couldn't dance even if her life depends on it, with her tango scene with her partner in the banquet looking more like a "human ragdoll" while she desperately tries keeping with the other dancing couples.
  • Subverted in True Lies. When Helen Tasker is ordered by a weapons dealer (actually her husband Harry) to dance for him, she at first starts swinging her arms in a rather dorky fashion; Harry then clarifies that she needs to dance sexy (and this is with an audio recording, too, so his script to the voice-over artist accounted for his wife making this mistake). Helen then becomes quite good at it.

  • In Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie, the protagonist dances with a man who can't dance, but manages to save her toes by being a rather good dancer herself. Other women commiserate with her as the man is a known "danger".
  • In Gangsta Granny Ben can't ballroom dance so he makes up his own dance, which everyone hates.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel: Cordelia asks Angel to dance at a party in "She". Cue Angel having an Imagine Spot of himself dancing like a goof; upon cutting back to reality, he says, "I don't dance." Wesley is implied to be an actual case — check out the credits scene in "She", and the Deleted Scene in "Waiting in the Wings" where Wesley has a fantasy he's ballet dancing with Fred.
  • Austin & Ally: In "Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing", Ally is nominated for the "Miami Music Future Five". She wants to make a dance video for the contest, but it turns out she's a terrible dancer. Ally's friends try to make her drop the idea, but when she sees herself on a tape dancing, she thinks she has improved a lot, prompting her to post the video on the internet. Not even the dislikes and hate comments make her give up, but with a little help from Austin, she ends up winning the contest with a video where everybody dances like her on a catchy tune.
  • Subverted on The Big Bang Theory when the girls take Sheldon out ballroom dancing, under the assumption that he'll be an awkward mess. To their surprise, he's quite good at it, thanks to the cotillion classes he was forced to take as a kid.
  • Any time Stephen Fry attempts to dance in A Bit of Fry and Laurie. It's truly painful to behold his attempts to "dancercise" or imitate Michael Jackson's moves—there is absolutely no sense of rhythm whatsoever.
  • On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Amy is an absolutely terrible dancer and ignores anyone who tells her so. This gets a great twist when she gets into a fight at a club with her brother (who is literally better at most everything) and challenges him to a dance-off. Jake tries to warn her this is a bad idea...but to his shock, Amy's brother is actually worse at dancing than she is.
  • Chappelle's Show: Dave Chappelle set out to disprove the claim that white people couldn't dance in a season 2 episode with singer/guitarist John Mayer. Dave deduces that while most white people can't dance to hip-hop and R&B, they definitely know how to bust a move if they hear rock music. Dave and John later attempt their experiment at a black and Latino barbershop, with predictable results, until Dave brings out The Roots drummer Questlove, and a Latino pianist to get the place jumping.
  • Cheers: The episode "Dance, Diane, Dance" is all about this. Diane is convinced she could've been a great ballet dancer and takes a course with a renowned ballet dancer. Her review and a tape of her performance is delivered to the bar, and is so bad everyone laughs the instant they see it. Her review is similarly blunt; Diane cannot dance. Things go wrong when Sam and Frasier touch it up to spare Diane humiliation (thought they both leave her poor flexibility rating as-is), and she becomes convinced she could be world class now.
  • Doctor Who: "The Big Bang" reveals that the Eleventh Doctor cannot dance at all well, tearing up the floor at Amy and Rory's wedding reception with a truly awful dance affectionately dubbed "the Drunken Giraffe" by fans.
  • In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Baron Helmut Zemo's dancing skills at a party in Madripoor are... less than dignified, with him just moving side-to-side while shaking his arms. It instantly became subject to Memetic Mutation, even to the point where the official Marvel YouTube account released a one-hour loop of him dancing.
  • Played with in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:
    • Will Smith is an unbelievably bad dancer in-universe, often getting disapproving or violent reactions from onlookers. Several notable reactions have included:
      • Getting booed and pelted with trash onstage by a crowd.
      • Getting tossed out of a club by security.
      • And getting silently dissed by Don Cornelius during the Soul Train line.
      • The season six episode "Viva Lost Wages" nearly averted this. In an effort to get the money back they lost from gambling in Las Vegas, Will and Carlton enter a dance contest doing a goofy dance routine, but they both remain perfectly on rhythm during most of it. It all goes to hell at the end when they try to one-up their opponents with a complex dance routine and Will loses his grip on Carlton, sending him flying into a wall.
    • Carlton himself, on the other hand, is a subversion, as he's capable of busting out moves worthy of Michael Jackson himself on certain occasions (an allusion to the Pepsi commercials Alfonso Ribero did in the mid-80s with Michael) and even his infamous "Carlton Dance" is quite polished. This was shown best when he and Will did it together, and the latter's attempt wasn't quite as smooth as Carlton's.
  • Good Omens (2019): According to God while angels (with the exception of Aziraphale) don't dance, demons can but are universally terrible at it. Not that this stops them from trying anyway. At one point the audience sees a clip of Crowley, Hastur and Ligur attempting to dance during the 70's. It's even worse than you can imagine.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "The Gang Buys a Boat" When Dee shows off her P. Diddy boat dance and Mac says she looks "like one of those inflatable dancing things at the used car lot." Although she dismisses his opinion at first, she later accepts it, but only after challenging an inflatable tube man to a dance-off and "learning some amazing moves."
  • In Little Lunch, Debra-Jo is firmly convinced that she is very good at ballet. She really isn't.
  • David Brent, self-deluded office manager in The Office (UK), with his cringe-inducing memorable attempt at sexy dance moves at an office party, which boil down to spasmodic and random arm movements, grunting, and gyrating.
  • Michael Scott, the delusional manager in the American version of The Office (US), is also completely unaware of how bizarre his dance moves are in second season episode "Booze Cruise," calling himself "the boss of dancing." Reactions range from embarrassment (Phyllis) to deadpan (Darryl) to dumbfounded amusement (Jim).
  • The Seinfeld episode "The Little Kicks" shows that Elaine is a terrible dancer, kicking her legs sideways and jabbing her thumbs over her shoulders.note  The thing is, she's completely oblivious to it, and everyone else is too afraid to confront her about it. Except, of course, for Kramer, whose total obliviousness and indifference of social norms just has him straight-up tell her "You stink!" as soon as he sees her dance for the first time, and Jerry cannot force himself to disagree.
    Elaine: Jerry, do I stink?!
    Jerry: ...All right! You're beyond stink!
    Elaine: But I really enjoy dancing.
    Jerry: And that's not helping either.
  • Swarm: Dre gets a job as an exotic dancer, an odd choice for someone who basically humps the floor and barely puts any effort behind her pole dancing moves. Combined with her melancholic song choices and apathetic attitude toward customers, she earns very little. She gets better.

  • Bobby Brown was often considered New Edition's worst dancer in their early days. Once he went solo, Bobby stepped up his game big time and became one of the hottest dancers of the New Jack Swing era. Johnny Gill, who joined New Edition in 1987, unfortunately took Bobby's place as the worst dancer of the group to this very day.
  • The Gregory Brothers song "DJ Play My Song (No, Leave Me Alone)" has the DJ criticize the singer's dancing.
  • "Dance Like an Idiot" by Lemon Demon is an affectionate ode to terrible, awkward dancers everywhere.
    Put your hands on your knees and hobble to the right
    Then do a three-sixty with your eyes shut tight
    While you're dizzy, get busy and pretend you're a mime
    Then make whiny noises and clap five times

    Hold out your arms, start running in place
    Try to do the moonwalk and fall on your face
    Get up and stomp around like a big fat lummox
    Then jump out the window with your hands on your buttocks!
  • LL Cool J's "You Can't Dance" is a Take That! at people who think they can dance, but instead make themselves look just plain silly.

    Pro Wrestling 

  • My Two Left Feet is a play about a middle-aged accountant who decides that she wants to become a ballerina, and offers up her accounting expertise to a struggling ballet school in exchange for lessons. Naturally, while she is a brilliant accountant, she turns out to be a terrible dancer, and the point of the play is that she must accept that she can't dance but that she can still become involved in ballet by helping the school manage its debts.

    Video Games 
  • Deep Rock Galactic: While he has his biases, Mission Control definitely finds the dwarves' dancing to be fairly terrible whenever they turn the jukebox on, and will call them out. In objective terms, other than an unfortunate tendency to Floss and never matching the right dance to the right music, they're not too bad.
  • In Disco Elysium you can encounter the Anodic Dance Kids, a group of experimental rave musicians. For all their talent in creating and mixing music, their leader Andre is a terrible dancer, with just the one move, a sort of hopping running man. You can teach him your own moves, if you're up to it.
  • I Was a Teenage Exocolonist: If you ask Dys out to dance with you on your 17th birthday party, he shuffles around with you awkwardly. He doesn't know where to put his hands on you, and he still manages to step on your feet even while focusing on his.
  • The alternative choreography for Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" in Just Dance is intentionally bad. It stars a nerdy character who can't dance well, but they still have fun anyway.
  • Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the original Mass Effect trilogy, is The Ace who is good at pretty much everything except dancing, which is gleefully brought up by other characters at every opportunity. It is also somewhat of a Development Gag, since Shepard's dancing animations in the first game had been pretty low-quality, and the devs decided to keep it that way in the sequels just for laughs, despite throwing in some cool dancing moves for other characters, such as the Techno Turian in Mass Effect 2. Amusingly, Shepard is actually capable of busting out some good dance moves during Samara's loyalty mission, and if Femshep romances Garrus, he can actually pull her into an impressive tango in the Citadel DLC in the third game.
    • In the same vein, the Ryder siblings of Mass Effect: Andromeda are just as terrible at dancing as Shepard.
    • And they're not the only ones. Ryder's teammate Vetra can tango, but according to her, that's it. One incident from her past had Vetra pretending to be a table dancer on Omega, which ended badly. As in "three-day bar brawl kicking off when Vetra tripped over her own feet, landing on a volus and damaging his breathing apparatus" bad.
  • For its anniversary event, Overwatch released a series of dance emotes for the whole cast. Turns out everyone is a pretty good dancer...and then there's Soldier:76, whose awkward dad dance has to be seen to be believed.


    Western Animation 
  • Amphibia: Downplayed with Hop Pop. He is competent enough after a Training Montage, but his freestyling is completely erratic, enough to horrify everyone watching except Sylvia Sundew, who loves his moves and dances just as horrifically as he does.
    Anne: [averting her eyes] "Why?! WHY?!"
  • Donkey Kong Country: The episode "Orangutango" shows DK to be a very stilted and awkward dancer while Klump is about goofy, erratic movements. It ends with the two agreeing to some dancing lessons.
  • Hilariously subverted in a Garfield and Friends TV special when Garfield's owner Jon heads out to the dance floor. Jon does a surprisingly epic dance... But unfortunately he's doing disco in the early 90's and gets ridiculed by everybody else in the club.
    Jon: Boy, you learn a dance, and then zango! 14 years later they change it!
    Garfield: Go figure.
  • Molly of Denali: By his own admission, Oscar is not good at jigging. Thus, he prefers to play the fiddle at town gatherings rather than jig.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Twilight Sparkle shows off her very... interesting dance moves in "Sweet and Elite". It weirds out the other party guests. In musical numbers, she dances quite well, but it seems that in canon, she's a subpar dancer. She does the same dance moves (on all fours) in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, despite being in human form.
    • Also, if the ending of "A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2" is anything to go by, Twilight might have given some tips about the "modern" dancing to Princess Luna.
  • In The Smurfs (1981) episode "Smurfette's Dancing Shoes", Smurfette tries to prove that she's a natural at dancing, only to find herself falling to the ground a few times, making her fellow Smurfs laugh at her attempts.
  • Total Drama:
    • The Killer Bass go through each of their team members' talents to pick something good for the talent show in "Not Quite Famous". Katie and Sadie perform a dance together and while they have some impressive moves in their repertoire, such as Sadie doing a full split and both clicking their heels, their performance is an uncoordinated, poorly timed, and childish mess of movement. The Killer Bass do not nominate them for the challenge.
    • Leshawna believes herself to be a great dancer and therefore nominates herself for the tie-breaker dancing contest in "Beach Blanket Bogus". The Screaming Gaffers immediately regret going along as Leshawna begins to shake it in a horribly inelegant way, winning only because Trent sabotages himself. In "Broadway, Baby!", she energetically follows along with DJ's tapdancing, only to be told by Lindsay to stop "for the love of dancing". In "Slap Slap Revolution", Alejandro realizes that the constant choreographic criticism Leshawna gets makes her sensitive to choreographic compliments, which he uses to gain her trust. And in "Aftermath II: Revenge of the Telethon", Leshawna takes charge of the fundraiser with a catchy song because that's what the hosts want, while she wants to dance but is told no. However, when Bridgette and Harold join in as backup dancers, Leshawna gives it a go too to everyone's horror. The hosts get the idea to extort money from the viewers by promising that Leshawna will stop dancing only if they get at least 100000. They get 134524.
  • Larry says Bob can't dance in the VeggieTales Silly Song "Dance of the Cucumber", irking Bob to no end, though the interruption of the Asparaguses prevents Bob from taking his anger out on Larry until Larry insults him again by saying he can't sing.
  • We Bare Bears: In "Dance Lessons", Panda teams up with Lucy to enter a dance contest and win Lucy a new truck for her grocery business. Unfortunately, Lucy turns out to be a terrible dancer.
  • Popeye is set up by Bluto to be "the world's greatest samba dancer" in "We're On Our Way to Rio" as a means to embarrass him. That's because Popeye sucks at dancing and he knows it. But when he finds out Bluto was behind the set up, a quick can of spinach (17 points) makes him a samba whiz.



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