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Despite the contrary, The Pantheon isn't a endless white void filled only with Temples, and actually hosts many landmarks and places. It can get… confusing. This list has been made to help those looking for a certain location. Places in the Pantheon which are based on or identical to places in their fictional home universes can be found in Dominions.

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    Pantheon-Original Locations 

77th Police Precinct

  • Location: House of Justice
  • The official police headquarters of the Pantheon. Made up of the most upstanding cops and detectives that ever existed. It's practically a beacon of justice, give or take a corrupt cop or two.
  • They commonly work with the 501st Legion from the House of Defense.

The Ashfields

  • Location: Sub-House of Fire & Heat
  • A literal scorched earth around a volcano is what you’ll find here illuminated only by the various sources of heat in this very house. It is one of, if not the hottest place in the Pantheon, and its reputation as such is rightly deserved. So hot are these ash covered lands that water and ice cannot exist here, period.

Blackstar Junkyard

  • Location: Main House
  • A dumping ground for the Gods. Expect to find broken down machines and unfinished magic. You might even find cursed gold!

The Combat Dojo

  • Location: House of Combat!
  • Test your might. A place for Blood Knights to unleash their love for combat, or just a place for light training. Equipped with multiple dome arenas that are able to simulate any location the users want, it's also stocked with weapons of all kinds from all over the Multiverse. There are combat droids for those who'd prefer not to fight living beings, and like the arenas, they have the ability to change their appearance to match the user's preference.

The Cyberverse

  • Location: House of Technology
  • The Pantheon's own digital world. The entire world can only be accessed through special chambers in the House of Technology, though those who are digital themselves can enter it through any tech port. The gaming servers and virtual worlds can be accessed in the House of Gaming, though the virtualization process takes significantly longer.
  • Most of the Pantheon's "basic" computers also have a special browser program that allows users to "enter" the Cyberverse with a custom avatar, usually a game character they play for ascended deities who have such characters.
  • Known "locales" in the Cyberverse include:

Demon's Avenue

  • Location: House of Crime
  • The main street of the House of Crime in which you can obtain any illegal item you desire.

Elysium Academy

  • Location: House of School
  • A place for celestial beings to continue their pursuit of higher learning.

Gigatron Mall

  • Location: House of Commerce
  • A gigantic mall, rumored to be the size of a small town. It has everything from movie theaters, clothing stores, restaurants and etc.
  • Every now and then a large flea market is held outside its doors which serve as a gateway to some of the most bizarre things sold by Pantheonic denizens.

Graveyard's Crypt

  • Location: House of Undead
  • A graveyard that is home to all the wandering spirits, ghosts, and wraiths of the Pantheon. There's also roaming zombies who rise out of their graves to bust some moves. There's also a portal to the demon realms, but it's only open during Halloween.

Infected Wasteland

  • A part of the House of Nature that was contaminated by radioactive waste dumped by Mr. Burns. All the flora and fauna were mutated into strange and dangerous.

Interdimensional Time Displacement Museum of the Multiverse

Katz's Kradle

  • Location: Subhouse of Lustful Behavior
  • A place of entertainment to see some scantily clad dancers of every flavor of the rainbow.
  • Note, this isn't a place to experience the pleasure of the flesh. Only looking, no touching. The sole exception is with Anarchy Panty. But that's her business.

Janus Checkpoints

  • Barriers surrounding the Pantheon. All gods pitching for their ascension have to go through the Checkpoints where they have their papers approved by the Inspector and his many unnamed followers, assuming they weren’t directly taken to the Court of the Gods… or if they fought their way in. Or circumvented the whole thing entirely. Petitions have been made to toughen up security.
  • Papers, please.

St. Mary Auguste Hospital

  • Location: House of Health and Diseases
  • A highly advanced hospital with the state-of-the-art medical equipment and high quality medicines under the supervision of the House Guardians. Due to the many ways someone can be injured in the Pantheon, expect to end up here at some point in the future.

Merveilleux Morpho Atelier

  • Location: House of Craft
  • The ever-shifting studio in the House of Craft where artisans from all over come to hone their skills in the various arts. Tasteful and not so.
  • Its abbreviation should not be mistaken for Mixed Martial Arts.

Mook Maker Factory

  • Location: House of Villains.
  • A semi-autonomous factory that manufactures all types of mooks to be use by the various villains of the Pantheon.
  • There’s big mooks, little mooks, mecha mooks, flying mooks, fire mooks, mooks that steal your stuff! Even mooks that rose from the dead! Plus mook kings, commanders, garden-variety mooks, sneaky mooks, vehicles for mooks, and much, much more!

Oghma Library

  • Location: House of Knowledge
  • When you're in need of information ranging from the important to the mundane, this endless library that's labyrinthine in nature is just what you need. From several volumes on astrology to a collection of trashy romance novels the only hurdle preventing one from getting the book is finding it.
  • May have secret rooms where the really good books are hidden.
  • Despite the name, there's no connection to Hermaeus Mora's Daedric Artifact: The Oghma Infinium beyond being yet another book, albeit a Tome of Eldritch Lore.

Olympus Sports Arena

  • Location: House of Sports
  • House all sorts of sports from basketball, football, racecar, boxing, bloodsports, and tankery.
  • Can change its landscape to fit the sports.

Pantheon National Bank

  • Location: House of Commerce
  • The official bank for the Pantheon. Holds all form of currencies that can be exchanged for one another.

Paradiso Beach and Hotel Resort

The Pits

  • Location: House of Toxicity
  • If the Death World jungle of this House somehow wasn’t awful enough, then take a stroll around the acid bath lakes and you’ll potentially find some holes in the ground. If the air outside are full of poison, then inside lies a cavern that is somehow worse in that the air is suffocating. If that wasn’t bad enough, the caves are very labyrinthian and the only form of liquid inside is the aforementioned acid. Whether it is dripping from the ceiling or its running underground water, this is a place that should be treated with respect.
  • The Pits are said to be inhabited by strange, exoskeletal creatures that appear to be “calcified”, possibly from the waters that run there. Whether or not they are sentient is another topic for another day.

Rockhalla Music Center

  • Location: House of Music
  • The Pantheon's official place for musicians to show their stuff.
  • Despite being called a center, it's not an actual building. Sometimes. It can actually change its appearance to anything it wants.

Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary

  • Location: House of Beast
  • A large swath of land that houses nearly every known animal in the multiverse. Even those who have gone extinct.
  • The official name of the Bestiary.

The Vault

  • Location: Main House
  • Home of known weapons and other artifacts. For more info, please head over to the Treasury.

The Warzone

  • Location: The House of War
  • A massive mishmash of environments meant exclusively for large-scale conflicts to take place. From cities, to caves, to deserts, to tundras, to hills, and even entire oceans, in addition to being an all encompassing battleground, it's also a weapons testing ground.

The Watch Tower

  • Location: Main House
  • The headquarters of the Pantheonic Time Police, this unit works separately from the 77th, and the only place related to the House of Time and Space where a deity from the House is guaranteed to be present, as one of their rules dictates that one of the main four employees (Chronoa, Chronormu, Sailor Pluto and Future Trunks) must be manning the building at any one time to prevent break-ins.

    Food Establishments 

Bacchus' Bar and Grill

  • Location: House of Alcohol
  • Owned by Bacchus himself, it's a bar where people can enjoy good food and good drinks. Expect some bar fighting during the rowdier days.

Harth Stonebrew's Inn

  • Location: House of Gaming Genres
  • One of the most peaceful places in the Pantheon, you're guaranteed to have a good time as you play a game of Hearthstone. Even the vilest of folks behave themselves while in here.

Pan-Dimensional Vending

  • Location: Chefs & Establishments
  • Technically speaking, it's just a room where SCP-261 the vending machine is stored, but the stuff it dispenses draws a lot of interest. There's also a portal from the sub-House of Machinery.

Other House of Food Establishments

Eateries not in the House of Food

    Adventuring Dungeons 

For those who want to fight monsters for cash and EXP. Not all dungeons are necessarily indoor places.

Coral Highlands

  • Location: Other Dominions
  • Residing far above the Rotten Vale, the Coral Highlands are nothing short of breathtaking. Looking like something that belongs undersea, the land gives way to incredibly fantastic flora and fauna courtesy of the bioenergy from dying monsters from down below being blown upwards by wind currents. Pretty as it may be, however, it's still crawling with wildlife that are quite formidable. Be especially wary of the Apex Predator Legiana, Odogarons and Deviljhos that occasionally wander up the highlands, and the equine Elder Dragon Kirin.

The Darkest Estate

  • Location: sub-House of Extrovert Flaws
  • Owned by the Ancestor, the Darkest Estate itself is a testament to his choice in pouring all of his family fortune on uncovering the secrets the lie below as it's noticeably in a state of disrepair. The surrounding area is filled with monsters and Eldritch Abominations galore. Also in it is the Darkest Dungeon, a place so terrifying that most who venture in it once never revisit it.

The Keeper's Dungeon

  • Location: Game Design
  • The Keeper's dungeon is not only full of deadly traps, it is also populated by a large variety of monsters and creatures, as vile and evil as they can get. There're even adventurers he's managed to convert to his will through torture. There're also imps, but they're harmless and just wants to dig in peace. Unless you're getting close to the Keeper's heart.
  • Although he prefer to not get his hands dirty and let his hilarious traps kill heroes for him, The Keeper is also a powerful spellcaster and can and will cast his spells ANYWHERE in his dungeon (at the cost of gold or mana).

King Togwoggle's Catacombs

  • Location: House of Speech
  • There are stories of fabled catacombs that contain unimaginable treasures as well as untold horrors deep within the clutches of the caverns. These Catacombs are inhabited by Kobolds. Anyone can dare enter the Catacombs of the Kobolds and try their best in collecting high amounts of treasure. However, the Catacombs are no friendly place, the place is infested by traps, beasts, monsters, demons and other untold eldritch horrors that may drive anyone insane. Not to mention, the Kobolds themselves will try to steal your earnings once you are done collecting or when you die.
    • Concerning the latter, it would seem at first that Togwoggle and his Kobolds are uncharacteristically friendly to adventurers. Truth is, that's part of their master plan. They let the adventurers clean up all the horrors of the lower levels of the Catacombs and then steal the treasure they couldn't retrieve themselves and split it, the King usually taking the best stuff.

Yomi's Dungeon

  • Location: House of Couples Relationships
  • Unlike most dungeons filled with monsters, this one has them full of Cute Monster Girls. Careful, though: while in this dungeon, you run the risk of Clothing Damage (more than usual). Thankfully, the entrance runs a shop and inn, as well as repair services.

    Hard Ware Shops 

By hard ware, this mainly includes weapons, gadgetry, armor, and all other non-consumables.

Rockbell Automail

  • Location: House of Technological Experts
  • Sells: Prosthetic Limbs, Repair Services, anything else Winry's followers can fix up

The Gates of Hell

  • Location: Sub-house of Workmanship
  • Sells: Demon Weapons (after you hand over certain special songs in which he'll use to lure demons to make weapons out of), Accessories, Consumables, Treasures, A One-On-One Challenge Against Rodin Himself (clearing it makes that free)
  • Doubles as a bar. Non-halo money is accepted and will be converted to its equivalent.

Vulcan's Forge

  • Location: Sub-house of Workmanship
  • Sells: Weapons, Armor

Kite-Man's Temple

Sonohara Hall

Tenten's Temple

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

  • Location: Twins
  • Sells: Magical prank/defense tools, and more

Aperture Science Facilities

Phil Swift's Temple


Big Mountain Research and Development Center

  • Location: House of Time Placement
  • Home to the Think Tank, it is a scientific graveyard of Old World misery where experiments are conducted often with extreme prejudice. For Science!, of course. Though under observation by some Pantheonic authorities in an attempt to filter out the amoral practices, some still get by with disastrous results. Though visibly a crater, it used to be a mountain before one experiment blew the top off. Please refer to it as Big Mountain or the Big MT for short, and never the Big Empty.

『  』's Temple

  • Location: Sub-House of Outlooks on Job
  • The NEET siblings Sora and Shiro reside here most of the time. What makes this place special is the rules of Disboard that are magically enforced within its bounds. In it, games are wagers if both agree, rules ensure getting caught cheating is penalized, and no acts of violence or violation of rights can take place in it.
  • Stephanie Dora's temple also has the same protection as this one, but she isn't as avid (or as skilled) at gaming as 『  』.

The Infested’s Temple

  • Location: House of Obscene Actions
  • While there are various ships and bases in the Pantheon that have succumbed to the Technocyte Plague’s influence, the main spread (that being the signature black, grey, and red tumors) of the Meat Moss started in the House of Slaughter with but a single seedbed. It’s a lost cause to purge, and there are rumors of new Infested forms made from taking over some of the Alliance member’s Mooks.

A Red Rocket Truck Stop

  • Location: House of Canines
  • A pre-War truck stop set up to be a fairly comfortable and protective settlement by the Sole Survivor. But really, the main attraction here is the amount of dogs roaming around, mostly of the Post Apocalyptic kind. If you like dogs, then come on by! They’re all pretty friendly and adorable. Don’t cause any trouble if you can, lest a Pariah Dog starts to follow you… and you don’t want that.

Pantheon Blitzball Stadium

  • Location: House of Sports
  • Tidus had this set up after his ascension to the Pantheon in order to spread recognition of it. He's also been teaching many a curious deity about Spira's favorite pastime. Shortly after it was finally finished, Tidus noticed many gods and goddesses using it as a standard pool. Exasperated, he exclaimed "That's not what it's there for!" and quickly explained what Blitzball was. Enrollment for the Pantheon's first Blitzball teams thus began, and to ensure there were enough members for teams, Tidus has included heralds for enrollment.

Anaheim Electronics Pantheonic Headquarters

  • Location: GUAG Gundam Corps Headquarters (connected to main hangar), secondary facility in the sub-house of Military Technology
  • Serving as the in-house mechanical support to the Robot War Division, this massive technological complex was erected initially as a manufacturing centre for new mobile suits, and has churned out most of the GUAG's mobile weapons materiel and equipment. The building is connected to the Corps' massive mobile suit hangar and thus has access to all but their most destructive suits, and have upgraded most of their obsolete ones, such as adding modern beam weaponry to Mikazuki Augus' ASW-G-08 Barbatos Lupus Rex. The complex provides the main source of employment for any non-pilot Gundam deities. A secondary facility serving all sides is in the Military Technology sub-house.



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