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The Pteranodon family are honorary members of this hall.

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Intermediate Gods

Anjanath, The Deified Draconic Dinosaur (Anjanaff, Fulgur Anjanath, Fierce Jaw Wyvern / Thunder Jaw Wyvern, Relentless Ruffian, Stompasaurus, Firesaurs Flex)
Fulgur Anjanath
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild Icon.
  • Theme Song: Savage of the Ancient Forest
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Neutral when Angered)
  • Portfolio: Tyrannosaur-based Brute Wyvern with Some Features of Vultures Added In, Fire Elemental (Lightning-Based with the Fulgur Variant), Hits as Hard as it is Fast, Super-Persistent Predator if Enraged, Among the First Monster to Pose a Serious Challenge to Hunters but gets Easily Trounced by other Apex Monsters, Is Made More Powerful in Further Appearances
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Dragons, Monsters, Fire/Electricity, Tenacity, Bosses
  • High Priest: Tyrannomon
  • Rivals: Rathalos and Rathian, Diablos, Tigrex, Rexy, Spinosaurus, Owen's Raptor Pack, Carnotaurus, Speckles, Gwangi, Tyranitar, Salamence
  • Enemies: The Gang of Seven, The Sharptooth, One Eye, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Rampardos, Pokemon Hunter J
  • Fears: Fatalis, Deviljho
  • Opposes: The Monster Hunters, The Dragon Hunters, The Dovahkiin, Geralt, Rajang, King Kong
  • Opposed By: Loana, The Ice Age Gang, The Pteranodon Family
  • Interests: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Harry, The Dark Elves, Kroq-Gar
  • Tolerates: Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Jack Trenrec, Hannah Dundee, Hall of Birds
  • Brute Wyverns are a flightless type of wyverns, well-known for their largely similar appearance to large theropod dinosaurs and possessing strong physicality, defenses, and tenacity anytime they're fighting or are in a hunt. Anjanath, a type that resembles the Tyrannosaurus, may not be the most unique or powerful of the Brute Wyverns, but they have been seen as one of the most notable and distinguishable of its kind thanks to just that, but also for its colorful and avian-like appearance as well as being among the most determined and tenacious of the Brute Wyverns, with perhaps only the Deviljho matching that regard. The Wyvern is largely a solitary animal in the wild and inspires fear towards its prey and other predatory competitors, but despite this, rarely gets to be apex predator due to its ecological needs and expectations being largely similar to that of Rathalos, who Anjanath has since developed a strong rivalry against and mostly comes off a second-fiddle to the Flying Wyvern whenever they fight for territorial and feeding disputes. Even so, Anjanath still maintains its reputation as a powerful creature whose strength and tenacity would prove a worthy challenge for hunters aiming to tackle stronger wyverns and Elder Dragons, and the Fierce Jaw Wyvern itself has seen its better days, with a variant, the Fulgur Anjanath, being able to challenge and even dominate other competitors it's normal version would struggle against and maintaining its place as an apex predator more consistently as a result.
  • The first sightings of an Anjanath in the Pantheon were rather tame and mundane in comparison to most monsters. Rather, one was discovered by a group of wildlife explorers who were exploring the House of Beasts and Fauna to check on and look after any animals they could find in a designated habitat, which just so happened to be a dense woodland forest. One of the explorers mistook the Anjanath for a Tyrannosaurus, that is until it suddenly flared up its wings and nostrils and blasted a strong breath of fire out of frustration. The explorers were shocked by the sight of what they thought was a fire-breathing dinosaur, but with their interest further piqued, they followed the Anjanath, carefully doing their best to not alert it of their presence. This led them to a large tree tunnel where the Brute Wyvern grunted and simply laid down to rest, followed by the explorers taking notes and some photos before taking off, feeling that disturbing the Anjanath would be the last thing they would do. Since then, Anjanath has become well-known as a fearsome predator in woodland and scrub habitats around the Pantheon and has a reputation as being among the more powerful carnivores to challenge, something that it does enjoy... unless there's a Rathalos, Rathian, or an equivalent to uproot that.
  • Although its ascension into the Pantheon was surprisingly not so eventful, Anjanath is still, for all intents, a formidable predator wandering in forests and deserts who likes to see itself as an apex predator. Its tyrannosaur-like appearance is notable enough to alert most people about what they're exactly looking at or dealing with, which helps with its reputation. Even then, the Brute Wyvern faces more annoyance over the fact that despite being in new grounds, it still has to deal with Rathalos and Rathian over territorial disputes, and losing most fights. Anjanath deals with this by attacking smaller animals as a form of stress relieving, which ultimately ended up making it a rather unpopular beast from whatever populace it stumbles across. Even worse, the Pantheon has given way to more rivals and competitors, though Anjanath has seen a bit of luck in besting other beasts, especially when its Fulgur variant is able to fight a Tigrex to a draw. Beyond that, Anjanath sometimes also visits the Hall of Fire and Heat and enjoys the place's volcanic activity as well as any warm caves where it takes comforting rests, while a Fulgur Anjanath would do the same thing regarding the Hall of Electricity.
  • The Gang of Seven has encountered Anjanath on a few occasions, including a time when it battled a Rathalos and lost, followed by the Brute Wyvern noticing the young dinosaurs shortly after and attacking them out of rage. The septet were able to fend for themselves pretty well and even tripped the Anjanath with a well-timed jump from a log. Even so, they were taken aback by the Brute Wyvern spouting blasts of fire from its mouth, which terrified the gang as they felt it would risk burning down the forests. Thankfully, they were able to escape thanks to a Carnotaurus pair noticing their potential hunting field being threatened and seeing Anjanath as an out-of-control rival that needed to be driven off. It's not the first time an Anjanath has attacked a group of forest residents or baby dinosaurs, but the Gang of Seven does remain the first notable instance of an Anjanath attacking something out of petty grievance.
  • As much as the Gang of Seven don't like the Anjanath for attacking them for very disproportionate reasons, even predatory dinosaurs dislike Anjanath, either because they think the Fierce Jaw Wyvern lets itself get irate and attack others to feel better about itself, or because Anjanath is simply annoying. Even Sharptooth and One Eye, two of the most notorious tyrannosaurs in the Pantheon couldn't get along with the Brute Wyvern, and that was only because they decided to step into an Anjanath's territory and make a kill. The Brute Wyvern, irritated by the commotion the tyrannosaurs caused, was quick to fight them, with all participants inflicting a number of scars and gushing blood at each other before the Monster Hunters were called in to quell the fighting by knocking them out asleep and sending them off to separate locations to wake up in. The Anjanath is mostly impersonal, choosing to just look after its hunting field while Sharptooth and One Eye are more than willing to restart their fight out of misplaced pride and to present their superiority against a new rival.
  • While usually very antsy and territorial, Anjanath is aware that it doesn't stand a chance against certain monsters like the Deviljho and Rajang and wisely decides to just stay out of their way He also very quickly developed this opinion towards King Kong the first time the Brute Wyvern came across the giant ape, and that was when Kong was fighting against the Sharptooth and One Eye, defeating the two tyrannosaurs with little effort before noticing Anjanath and roaring at the smaller monster. The Fierce Jaw Wyvern simply decided to leave the scene, though it did come to dislike Kong due to the fact that being in the giant ape's presence humiliates Anjanath to a degree. A Fulgur Anjanath did fight against Kong at some point and even held its ground, despite being defeated and being forced to retreat after sustaining enough injuries. As for Kong, he's indifferent towards Anjanath, if rather annoying as at least it recognizes him as someone who shouldn't be disturbed but still doesn't want the tyrannosaur-like beast near his territory or Domain.
  • Given its status as a Wyvern, Anjanath did catch the attention of the Dovahkiin, who saw it as a potential prey to see if he can absorb its soul. Despite the two having a grueling fight, the Dragon Hunters were forced to intercept and knock out the Anjanath to sleep before confronting the Dovahkiin about the matter, having to explain that killing the Brute Wyvern would not really release its soul, not helped by the fact that it's not a dragon from the Dovahkiin's world, much less Tamriel. Regardless, the Dovahkiin still insists on hunting the Anjanath as, while it may not absorb the beast's soul, at least its remains could be used to fashion weapons and equipment that he could wear, much to the Dragon Hunter's annoyance. On another note, the Dragon Hunters have become another recurring foe for Anjanath as they do attend its hunting grounds to make sure it isn't acting too angry and antagonizing others in cases the Monster Hunters are dealing with other, bigger threats.
  • Strangely enough, it pays a number of visits to the Hall of Birds and doesn't attempt to antagonize anyone there, although some birds do recoil in fear out of not wanting to annoy the Anjanath. The Brute Wyvern simply likes to law down and relax, even allowing smaller birds to attend and perch over its skull and back. Additionally, some birds, particularly corvids, would approach and take pecks at Anjanath's jaws and teeth, and the Fierce Jaw Wyvern would only react with a restrained growl. As it turns out, the birds are feasting on small parasitic beings that make their way to Anjanath's jaws anytime it feasts on something, and latching onto it results in a particularly disgusting odor for the beast. This symbiotic behavior is perhaps the closest Anjanath has to a genuine ally as the smaller birds that feed on these parasites indirectly clean the wyvern's hygiene and physical health whilst providing sustenance for themselves. Anjanath could try to do this anywhere it wants but prefers the Hall of Birds because it's a place where it couldn't be disturbed and could easily relax while being cleaned up to a degree.
  • It does generate a level of interest from others, mainly because it's a unique creature in the eyes of dragon and dinosaur enthusiasts as well as those who would like to look after animals. Alan Grant and John Hammond have shared a desire to look into Anjanath further, the former to study and fully understand how such an animal lived and what exact preferences it has regarding prey, habitat, and habits, and the latter wanting to keep it safe in a conserved space, though he's been struggling to pitch an idea of such to the Monster Hunters, given their busy schedule and Hammond not being sure about trusting a guild of hunters, however well-intentioned they may be. On the other hand, Ian Malcolm was amused by the idea of a "fire-breathing dinosaur" and speculated the idea of where creatures began to use fire as a natural source of fuel and sustenance in an evolutionary lineage. Still given his own experiences with dinosaurs, Malcolm would rather not get close to the Fierce Jaw Wyvern and is happy to get ideas from Grant regarding the matter.
  • Despite its reputation, Anjanath does have a select few deities who do care and look after him, even if they tend to keep their distance and rarely come in contact, so as to not anger the Fierce Jaw Wyvern for intruding in its personal space. Steve Irwin was pretty impressed by Anjanath's admittedly funky appearance and breathing fire and electricity, depending on the species, and took lengths to keep himself safe and secure when dealing with the tyrannosaur-like beast. He even helped to tend to an injured member with a team of veterinarians, which allowed the Anjanath to come to tolerate Irwin's presence. It also had a few "conversations" with Eliza Thornberry and while she finds Anjanath's tendencies to be annoying, she does provide some ideas to help placate the beast with some recommended activities and locations to take rests. Finally, Jack Tenrec likes to keep an eye out on the Brute Wyvern, much like he does with other dinosaurs and similar creatures and even helped Anjanath out when it was suddenly attacked by Hunter J in a tough fight at one point. Not that Hannah Dundee would want to do such, but her feelings for Jack influence her to participate in helping them out. Even if a few other creatures swooped in to ward off Hunter J if mainly because her own actions were causing the environment to be endangered and help Jack and the Anjanath in driving her out, they still would rather keep away from the Fierce Jaw Wyvern. Jack has still remained dedicated to what he does and appreciates Anjanath in spite of its rough nature. Though he does his best to keep his pet Allosaurus, Hermes, separated as he doesn't want his dinosaur companion to get tangled against a larger creature who would certainly be disturbed by the presence of another predator.

Rampardos, God of Headbutting Pachycephalosaurids (The Headbutt Pokémon, Rampald)

    Raptor Pack 
The Raptor Pack note , Quartet Goddesses of Trained Dinosaurs (The Jurassic World Velociraptor Pack, Blue's pack)
L - R: Charlie, Delta, Blue, and Echo.
  • Intermediate Goddesses as a Pack (Lesser Goddesses Individually)
  • Symbol: The Raptor's Second Toe Claw
  • Theme: "Chasing the Dragons"
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Good when following orders from someone trained)
  • Portfolio: Archetypal Raptor Representation in Media, "Velociraptor", Sister Pack, Intelligent Dinosaurs, Aggression Index: Very High, Raised and Trained (But still prone to acting by themselves), Each Raptor has a Distinctive Color, Briefly became the Indominus's Pack, But regained loyalty to Owen and died defending him
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Raptors, Domesticated Animals, Hunters, Siblings
  • Herald: Owen Grady (Their Alpha)
  • Allies: Rexie, Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Dinobot, Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, Yoshi, Tommy Oliver, Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Power Rangers, Rexxar, Iwashiro Tesshou, Tony Tony Chopper, Baby T, Good-Aligned Pokémon Trainers, Talon (see The Draconians below), Vol'jin
  • Complicated Relationships: The Gang of Seven, Diego Brando, Dr. Gregory House
  • Enemies: Indominus Rex, Mesogog, Riptor, Pokémon Hunter J, The Sharptooth, Deviljho, Glavenus
  • Opposed by: Zul'jin
  • Velociraptor Antirrhopus is arguably the most feared dinosaur in InGen's list, thanks to their intelligence and superb abilities and hunting tactics as dinosaurs. Even worse, some raptors came off as deranged and unnaturally aggressive for a dinosaur, especially the ones bred in Jurassic Park. Their sociopathy came from poor treatment and neglect, and this ultimately caused Jurassic Park to fail. In contrast, a new pack of raptors bred for Jurassic World were trained and cared for by Owen Grady to come across as sociable and functional as animals. It paid off... until the 2015 incident when the raptors were released to combat the Indominus rex. The Indominus was defeated, but Blue remained the only surviving Velociraptor in the pack; Charlie was killed by an InGen worker whereas Delta and Echo died fighting against the Indominus. Three years later, following the destruction of Isla Nublar and an attempt on dinosaurs being sold on the Black Market, Blue would find herself on mainland sights.
  • Blue was overjoyed when she darted towards the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, mainly due to having Owen as a herald and finding suitable grounds for living and hunting, but also because she was reunited with the pack in which she was born and raised with. Delta, Echo and Charlie. The ascension meant that the four of them were together at last.
  • The Raptor Pack quickly became of the most noted and successful deities in the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, mainly thanks to their intelligence and teamwork being able to take down larger dinosaurs if given the chance. Its how they earned their rank of Intermediate Goddesses. Even if they are solo, they are still deadly as Lesser Goddesses.
  • Blue and Rexie, while not exactly friends, are surprisingly cordial with one another, given that the two of them had to work together to bring down the Indominus Rex. Delta, Echo and Charlie return that sentiment to the Tyrannosaur, who sees the raptors as rather accepting in regards to letting someone into her territory. Baby T however came off as a very friendly and approachable figure for the raptors. Despite being a Vegetarian Carnivore, the raptors seek to teach Baby T on how to hunt, something which Owen would have to ask Crash Bandicoot for.
  • They may listen to Owen Grady every once in a while, but they maintain enough independence and control over their actions that they could suddenly reject orders. Owen has to make sure the raptors are sufficiently fed and feeling amicable enough to suddenly not turn against him or anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon them. That aside, the raptors still look up to Owen as a father figure.
  • The raptors took a surprise liking towards Peter Quill. Given that Quill and Owen look and sound like each other, its not hard to see why. Quill is currently trying to get the raptors to appreciate music, to little success.
  • The Gang of Seven are not too comfortable whenever The Raptor Pack are around. The latter seem impersonal towards the former, though Chomper and Ruby have established a nice friendship with them. Blue seems to like Littlefoot for his leadership skills and love for his friends and family, something which she tries to focus on regarding her sisters. While Littlefoot is scared of the pack, he reciprocates Blue's respect and doesn't bear any ill will. Luckily, Owen's presence has made the Pack and Gang's communication more approachable and friendly. The Raptor Pack also found an unusual friend in Yoshi, whom also was trained and displayed some degree of playfulness that left the pack curious. Yoshi and the raptors would often race in friendly competition (And for the record, Yoshi races in both foot and by kart).
  • The Pack have a weird relationship with Diego Brando. The raptors see Diego as a formidable dinosaur via his stand, though Diego's solitary nature makes him difficult to approach. Diego is pleased to see a pack of raptors in the pantheon, and a raptor that isn't Riptor for once. They would occasionally meet and hunt if possible, though they would have some form of friendly competition.
  • They would often talk to Eliza Thornberry. Turns out, Echo is jealous of Blue as Pack Leader and Charlie is rambunctious and irritating at times. All that aside, they treasure each other regardless. The Pack sees Eliza as good company. Steve Irwin has also hung out with the Raptors, the latter treating him with just as much respect as they do Owen. Rexxar is another individual that has earned the Raptor's trust and respect, with the Orc often leading them to hunts and expeditions, Owen not too far behind.
  • Following an ordeal where Blue had to be saved by a veterinarian, she has developed a degree of respect towards doctors and nurses. She has bonded with Iwashiro Tesshou and Tony Tony Chopper for their compassion and care towards animals and their dedication as doctors. Dr. Gregory House is a more complicated case. House tends to come off as condescending and rude, but his incredible knowledge and experience in medicine still gets Blue's respect. Blue has made it clear he doesn't want any of the three doctors as lunch, in case any one of the raptors gets into a serious medical condition.
  • The Raptors witnessed Trainers among the likes of Ash Ketchum and were impressed by their tactics and bonds regarding Pokémon. While several Pokémon are afraid of the Raptor Pack, they don't seem too interested in hunting them, unless really hungry. Pokémon Trainers in general are intrigued by the Raptor's sociability communication, helped by Owen's company. That said, the Raptor Pack did save a group of Pokémon from Hunter J (Mostly on Owen's orders and J reminding Delta of Hoskins), further earning the trainers' respect.
  • They really don't want to be reminded by the time they were lulled into becoming pack hunters for the Indominus. Thanks to their horrific death, Delta is deathly afraid of going anywhere near fire and Charlie stays away from anyone who looks military personnel. Owen tries to help the two overcome this problem, but progress has been slow.
  • Deviljho and Glavenus have been two residents of the Pantheon that the Pack has had difficulty competing against. It doesn't help in that Deviljho's invasive nature means the pack's hunting session gets ruined or that Glavenus's fighting style and intellect is too much for them to handle. Luckily, Dinobot was able to provide assistance and aid in combating against the two. The fact that Dinobot also transforms into a Velociraptor helped in the pack developing a friend in need via Dinobot, and the latter finally finding a raptor pack that he can feel home at.
  • The raptors encountered Mesogog, whom was attempting to experiment on bringing back the Age of Dinosaurs, albeit in a twisted fashion. This earned him an intense ire of the predators, which was only worsened by Mesogog taking an interest in the raptors for his research. As a result, the raptor pack formed an alliance with the Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder led by Dr. Tommy Oliver Power Rangers to combat against him.
    • The Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder rangers have a small rivalry on who gets to ride the raptors, which Owen has to assure that riding isn't an option, seeing as the raptors still display a sense of aggression and control over their actions.
  • The raptors had another chance encounter against the Indominus Rex, and decided to simply bail out and wait for assistance under the form of Rexie, Power Rangers or Dinobot. This is further escalated by the Indominus forming a trio consisting of herself, Riptor and Sharptooth. Knowing that a powerhouse trio like these would easily overpower them, the raptors always look for assistance via close allies to help them out.
  • It turns out that Blue has a highly evolved mental development not seen in any raptors. As a result, she can come across as very emotive compared to other dinosaurs. Thanks to this and her position as pack leader, she was able to form allies and communicate effectively with Pantheon residents. However, as Blue and her pack are Velociraptors, they will kill to ensure their survival. Owen does his best to look after them in that aspect, making sure the raptors are happy and living out their preferred lifestyle.
  • Unsurprisingly, Talon of the Draconians feels a kinship with the raptor pack, and so aids them whenever they need it, treating them almost as if they were a part of his tribe. Blue and the others, for their part, are a bit confused about the thought of a raptor Talon's size; the closest thing they'd experienced to that was the Indominus Rex, who is only part raptor.
  • As Azerothian trolls, Vol'jin and Zul'jin have an affinity for raptors; many such trolls have ridden raptors into battle, or kept them as pets. Due to this affinity, Vol'jin managed to find friends in Blue and her pack. Zul'jin, however, resents them for working for "de high 'n mighty hu-mons".

Rexy, The Apotheosized Tyrannosaurus (T. rex, Tyrannosaurus rex, Tyrant King of Lizards, Rexie, A Motherfucking T-Rex, Roberta)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Jurassic Park logo
  • Theme Music: Welcome to Jurassic Park
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Queen of the Dinosaurs, an Aggression Index of "High", Lightning Bruiser, Tyrant King Of Lizards, Mascot for the Park, Action Anti-Heroine, Never Mess with Granny, Last Second Rescues, Destructive Savior, Inspires Fear and Awe Towards Others, Often Killing Off Antagonists or Unlikable Figures, Non-Malicious Monster, Signature Victorious Roars
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Predation, Attractions, Fear, Roars, Regality
  • Superior: Steven Spielberg
  • Heralds: The Tyrannosaur Buck and Doe, Big Eatie, Little Eatie
  • Allies: Owen's Raptor Pack (particularly with Blue), Speckles, The Dinobots (especially Grimlock), Dinobot (Beast Wars), Anguirus, Jason Lee Scott, Connor McKnight, Daigo Kiryu, The Nostalgia Critic, Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee
  • Admired/Respected By: John Hammond, Alan Grant, Harry
  • Toleratesnote : Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, Isuzu Sento
  • Rivals: Godzilla (somewhat friendly), The Carnotaurs, Little Das, King Kong, Gwangi, Rathalos and Rathian, Glavenus, Tigrex, Pack-Hunting Monsters (particularly Velociprey, Jaggi, and Maccao), Raptor Red
  • Enemies: Indominus Rex, Spinosaurus, One Eye, Deviljho, Rajang, Riptor, Sharptooth, Hunter J, Saxton Halenote , Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker
  • Opposed By: The Brontosaurus, Bron, Alpha, Buck, Blaze, Big Al, The Ice Age Gang
  • Avoided By: Neweyes's Dinosaurs, Loana, Kaban, Serval
  • Wary Of: Mario, Cappy, The Monster Hunters
  • Complicated Relationship: The Gang of Sevennote 
  • Rexy was a female Tyrannosaurus born on Isla Sorna in 1988 via genetic engineering and cloning by InGen. She was looked after in captivity by InGen workers for a few years before she grew into an adult, after which she was scheduled to be transported to Isla Nublar to be the star attraction for a theme park called Jurassic Park. Unfortunately, due to the sinister schemes concocted by rival company Biosyn to steal dinosaur embryos, the power went off during an inspection tour, Rexy broke out of her exhibit before confronting and attacking a truck, signifying the downfall of the park. From there, the Tyrannosaurus proceeded to become the apex predator of the island, though she would unwittingly aid the surviving visitors by killing a Velociraptor pair in the Visitor Center. She reigned the island for a couple of years before she was recaptured by InGen security to be transported to another exhibit, the T. rex Kingdom for a new theme park, Jurassic World, continuing to be a star attraction for a mass audience. Though she was initially uninvolved in Jurassic World's downfall, Rexy was released by Claire Dearing and Lowery Cruthers, with Claire leading her to the Indominus Rex. Despite almost dying, Rexy managed to prevail in this grueling fight thanks to a Velociraptor named Blue and once again became the dominant predator of Isla Nublar.
    • Three years after being set free again, Rexy and the other dinosaurs were under threat by an active Mt. Sibo. She was rescued by Owen Grady, Claire, the Dinosaur Protection Group, and the crew of the Arcadia, though the crew of the Arcadia, led by Eli Mills and fronted by Ken Wheatley intended for Rexy and the captured dinosaurs to be sold off in auctions consisting of amoral rich people who wanted to keep and use them for their own ends. She would be freed from captivity and roam the wilderness of Oregon and California before getting captured by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and being placed in a sanctuary built by Biosyn to thrive in. Regardless, the sanctuary failed thanks to CEO Lewis Dodgson's impulsiveness, causing the dinosaurs to go out free again. In the midst of this, Rexy battles a rival Giganotosaurus, winning thanks to the effort of a Therizinosaurus and continuing to live her life as an apex predator, free from being constantly searched and supervised by others and being a park attraction. That, and she meets a Tyrannosaurus pair in the abandoned sanctuary, finally meeting members of her own kind after decades.
  • Unlike most dinosaurs, any accounts of how and when Rexy ascended into the Pantheon remain a mystery. That said, what is acknowledged is that there are reports of early sightings and encounters of the Tyrannosaurus, such as one where she was sleeping under a tree shade, drinking from a gentle river stream, and letting out a loud roar towards a group of people whom she felt were trespassing in her territory. Outside of more primordial beings like Godzilla, Rexy is one of the first dinosaurs in the Pantheon to be recognized and was one of the first deities acknowledged by and inducted into the House of Beasts and Fauna. Of course, she wasn't there for a formal induction, instead just trotting through a forest doing a small exercise. She did eventually reach her domain, which was a mix of her natural habitat and her T. rex Kingdom exhibit, and felt cozy sleeping there as well as bringing fresh kills there so she could eat without interruption. Many have noted that for such a grand and majestic animal, Rexy doesn't care too much about the Pantheon and would rather lead a normal, predatory life. And as far as her story has shown, it's best to let her lead her own way of life.
  • Rexy is one of the most famous and beloved dinosaurs in the Pantheon, which obviously comes in the territory of being a Tyrannosaurus and one of the most famed exhibitions for two theme parks. That said, while well-respected, Rexy is a predator, and would likely register most animals as prey, so everyone knows it's best to simply keep their distance from her. While an extremely dangerous predator, she only hunts when necessary and would rather roar viciously toward intruders than pursue them for a pointless meal, so she's thankfully not too much of a threat. And finally, she's one of the older and more powerful dinosaurs, having decades of experience as well as being capable of fighting all sorts of animals if she has to. Of course, having the most powerful bite out of any terrestrial animal makes you a force to be reckoned with, plus she's actually quite intelligent for a dinosaur, so it's best not to mess around or antagonize her.
  • Most individuals and creatures who know of Rexy tend to back away from her, unwilling to tick her off or have her register them as prey. She personally doesn't mind too much, so long as they don't interfere with her business, and she allows visitors in her domain on a number of occasions, mainly because that's how she gets her prey. While aggressive and territorial against other predators, Rexy does display a sense of respect towards some of them, provided they don't intrude on her and they understand Rexy's space and needs in return. It is how she and Blue are on tolerable terms as they worked together on defeating the Indominus, though the tyrannosaur is not above roaring at the raptor to get out of her grounds if she comes over unannounced. Blue simply keeps her distance from Rexy as while they can be allies against a mutual foe, it's best not to anger her and ruin her privacy. Otherwise, Blue and the Raptor Pack provide some degree of symbiosis regarding their life in the Pantheon; the smaller raptors get to hunt prey more proportional to their size while the larger tyrannosaur goes after larger animals to satiate her own dietary needs. That way, both parties don't have to aggressively compete against each other for now.
  • As feared as she may be, Rexy is, at the very least, an animal and not a monster. The same can't be said for another Tyrannosaurus named One Eye, who had gained notoriety for being a sadist who killed other dinosaurs for pleasure and had been prowling the Pantheon to continue on with his intent of terrorizing others. He decided on stepping foot on Rexy's ground, wanting to challenge the other tyrannosaur to prove himself the superior predator. Needless to say, One Eye got more than what he bargained for and despite putting up a vicious fight, he was overwhelmed by Rexy's size, aggression, and tenacity to the point where One Eye felt threatened for life and decided to leave as quickly as possible, his pride in tatters and being humiliated by getting beaten. Those who had learned of the fight noted how One Eye had become more aggressive and irate from his loss and wanted to find a way to get back at his loss. Unlike Speckles, who was younger and lived his whole life fearing One Eye, Rexy was old, experienced, and didn't have any trauma of any sort, and One Eye couldn't really capitalize on a proper advantage against a rival Tyrannosaurus who doesn't like her grounds getting invaded. Regardless, most took Rexy's side and claimed her as a better fighter as a way to undermine One Eye, a fact that he's very sore about.
    • And speaking of One Eye, Rexy ended up having a chance encounter with Speckles at one point. The Tarbosaurus was initially tense about having to meet another Tyrannosaurus, much less fight against one, but Rexy simply didn't mind his presence and allowed him to travel toward where he wanted to go. That said, Rexy did notice that Speckles was traveling with a child, his son, to be exact, and figured that fighting a parent wouldn't really bode well for her. They properly met during a second invasion from One Eye, where Rexy saved Speckles from being mauled and they worked together to drive One Eye out again. While this occurred in Rexy's territory, the elderly Tyrannosaurus still allowed Speckles to carry on and respected him for helping her ward off a nuisance of hers. Speckles has since seen Rexy as a decent figure to stumble towards as both predators are capable of respecting and even getting along, with Rexy even allowing Speckles Junior to turn up in her territory a couple of times, despite his father's worries. Even so, the two tyrannosaurs maintain a relatively amicable relationship with each other and would consider helping each other out against a mutual enemy.
  • Befitting of her status as an apex predator, Rexy is feared by nearly anyone that tends to stumble across her, with Neweyes's Dinosaurs making a run for it upon any encounter, clearly afraid of the fact that Rexy would see them as prey. Rex, a Tyrannosaurus himself doesn't like to be reminded of his past primal and aggressive self before Neweyes reprogrammed him into a more benevolent being, giving him an introspective view on why he feels uncomfortable about her. Loana mainly just avoids the Tyrannosaurus by instinct and sometimes tries to be on the lookout for her for the sake of her and her lover's tribes. Dinosaurs like Alpha, Buck, and Blaze are very aware that Rexy would see them as prey, and although Alpha could fight back with the help of her herd, Buck and Blaze are a lot more frightened to come across the tyrannosaur and are reliant on their herd for safety Finally, the Ice Age Gang act similarly, though Buck claims that he could take her on, given that he's dealt with Rudy, an oversized and aggressive Baryonyx several times. Sid wishes Moamma was in the Pantheon, if mainly so he could have someone who could defend him and the herd from Rexy, although given that they inhabit different biomes, Rexy doesn't care about the gang and is content with where she lives.
  • Since her arrival in the Pantheon, she's had to deal with a number of new rivals, with some not really posing much of a threat to her whereas others proved to offer legitimate competition against her. Rexy has dealt with smaller pack hunters like the Velociprey, Jaggi and Maccao, who were essentially raptors in a way. While they are aware they are no match against a Tyrannosaurus, they do often scurry into her territory to scavenge fresh kills and make cawing sounds in the night, much to Rexy's annoyance. Raptor Red was more formidable, if mainly because pack loyalty was a major factor in the Utahraptor having a rivalry of sorts as they are capable of taking down larger prey and being quite resourceful in their needs, though they would rather distance themselves from Rexy, knowing that a direct fight would not end well for the raptors. Still, raptors aren't a big point of concern for Rexy as she simply sees most of them as annoying competition and is willing to allow them to enter her grounds so long as they are confined to food sources of their own size. As a result, there are some raptors living in Rexy's domain, albeit by confining themselves in thick forests so as to not directly involve themselves with the Tyrannosaurus.
    • For larger fantastical beasts, there was also Glavenus, a Carnotaurus-like Brute Wyvern who gave Rexy a considerable headache when they first met. Even then, they have a more traditional rivalry, which is shared with Rathalos and Rathian, two territorial Flying Wyverns who've tried to colonize Rexy's domain a couple of times, resulting in some violent skirmishes Remarkably, Rexy manages to hold her own against the draconic duo and could even win a fight if fighting against one of them, though she does back away when facing off against both, and the same thing could be said against Tigrex, who manages to provide a tougher challenge for the Tyrannosaurus. Still, these are traditional rivalries, which cannot be said with something like Deviljho and Rajang, two beasts who are more violent and territorial than what Rexy usually deals with, and it's only through an alliance of convenience that she could fight back. Oddly enough, despite King Kong being far larger than her, Rexy and him have a normal rivalry as Kong prefers to keep to himself despite his territoriality and Rexy knows better than to mess with a kaiju ape who is more than capable of snapping a tyrannosaur's neck and jaw with his bare hands.
  • When it came to larger competition, Rexy found herself challenged by a Carnotaurus pair at times. Normally, a Carnotaurus doesn't seem like much of a challenge for Rexy as she's defeated a number of them with little effort, but this pair was closer to her size and were more powerful and tough. Rexy was able to take on one of the carnotaurs, but dealing with both at the same time proved to be too troublesome for her worth, and opted to leave without risking further injuries for her. They still compete against each other, with Rexy realizing that she would have to be smart about dealing with a pair who are around her size. A Daspletosaurus family also caught notice of Rexy and while larger in numbers, Rexy still proved more formidable, able to effortlessly drive the sisters away and defeat the mother without much problem. The youngest, Little Das, has been afraid to stumble across Rexy since, though he does take his family's defeat as a lesson to improve his worth as a hunter and to better defend himself in addition to hunting his prey. Still, considering this is Rexy, Little Das seeks to put as much distance as he could in the hopes of not angering the Tyrannosaurus enough to become prey himself.
    • While Spinosaurus is considered the arch-rival predator to Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus is a close second, with Gwangi having battled Rexy and other tyrannosaurs on a number of occasions. Interestingly, despite being slightly smaller, Gwangi is more ill-tempered and confrontational, attacking Rexy for simply being in sight and the Allosaurus not appreciating the idea of contenders, even if they're encountered outside his territory. As a result, Rexy sees him as a more annoying sort of rival that she happens to take seriously in comparison to InGen's Spinosaurus, One Eye, and the Indominus, whom she sees with unnatural caution. On another note, she's taken notice of Big Al, a more traditional and well-adjusted Allosaurus in his sub-adult years, but doesn't think much of him as he's proven to not really be a threat to her while Big Al himself tends to steer clear of Rexy, knowing that crossing paths against her is a bad idea, as proven by his failed attempt at impressing a female Allosaurus. Apparently, according to those who understand animals, Rexy's thoughts on Big Al are nothing short of being comically pitiful...
  • She has a rather… interesting relationship with the Gang of Seven. Given their own experience of having to deal with what they call "Sharpteeth", the gang try to put as much distance as they could from the Tyrannosaurus, figuring that as a predator, she would not hesitate on chasing after juvenile dinosaurs for food if she has to, and they're not exactly wrong about this. That said, Rexy personally doesn't have much to say about the kids and actually allows them into her domain as she doesn't see them as food, given that they're too small and likely wouldn't sate her hunger. Still, it allowed the group's residential T. rex, Chomper and her babysitter Ruby to somehow befriend and get on good graces with the larger theropod, much to the remaining group's shock. And interestingly enough, the Gang of Seven has seen Rexy as an unexpected aid of sorts, given that they've lured a number of their own threats to the tyrannosaur's domain where Rexy proceeded to either terrify or beat down her intruder. While they're not exactly allies, the gang, in their own way, have been thankful for Rexy in the sense that she can save the day when possible, even if she isn't benevolent about it.
    • Thanks to the Gang of Seven, Rexy attracted the attention and concern of Bron, the father of the group's leader, Littlefoot. Unlike the gang, Rexy saw Bron as potential prey and attacked him, only to be intimidated by a herd of Longnecks who angrily bellowed at her, forcing the tyrannosaur to grumble and retreat, knowing that fighting against a group of sauropods was pointless and would be asking too much. Despite this, Bron doesn't hate Rexy, knowing that as a predator, she's doing what she needs to in order to survive another day and he imparted that wisdom onto Littlefoot as a way to dissuade him from hating Rexy too. The Sharptooth also ended up encountering Rexy, mainly because of the gang and because of him having an alliance with One Eye. The two have battled, with each tyrannosaur coming to dislike the other immensely as Rexy proved to be too persistent to give up and Sharptooth constantly wanted to attack Rexy under a self-entitled desire to be seen as the more superior tyrannosaur. Despite this, Rexy's low opinion of the rival Tyrannosaurus sees her painting him in a more pathetic light, as described by those who can translate her thoughts. It's said that Sharptooth doesn't take these comments well, which no one feels bad about...
      Rexy: "I defeated raptors, fought a T-Rex/Catfish/Frog/Raptor hybrid with a little help, and survived to the end of the day. You were defeated by 5 children when they dropped a rock on you! You're not worth my time."
  • While she doesn't hate humans, Rexy does see them as annoying intruders if they ever stumble across her grounds unannounced and is not above devouring anyone unfortunate enough to be chomped by her jaws. At the same time, Rexy doesn't thrive on killing humans either and is just as willing to let them leave once they're out of her territory. Still, she did receive some visitors who had to pacify and earn her permission to enter her domain, with Eliza Thornberry and Steve Irwin being among those who approached Rexy at some point and managed to get away without much fuss. Steve came to admire the tyrannosaur's ferocious nature and the scope of her size and appearance, whilst also making sure she is looked after and documented. Eliza has been able to communicate with Rexy and has seen that she's a grumpy and temperamental figure who would appreciate finding company with her own species, which she does with the Tyrannosaur Buck and Doe, and with Speckles to a lesser extent. Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee have also come to look after Rexy in a more daring fashion, even saving her from an attack by Hunter J. As a result, the couple is given a lot more tolerance on Rexy's part despite them having an Allosaurus as a pet. Much like Steve, Jack appreciates Rexy as a majestic animal in her own way, though Hannah's teases about how she could gobble them up at any moment has caused some humorous tension between the two.
    • Oddly enough, she's developed an affinity for a select few humans, who coincidentally happened to be associated with Tyrannosaurus and are suited heroes who are part of a team in opposing evil. Jason Lee Scott and Connor McKnight were surprised to encounter an actual T. rex, with Rexy being the first one they encountered. Strangely, Rexy acted amicably toward them and the presence of their much larger zords didn't really faze Rexy much but instead allowed them to say in her domain, provided they remained stationary and didn't cause much havoc. Since then, Jason and Connor sometimes visit Rexy's domain and like to spend their time training and looking after the place whilst Rexy tolerates their presence. It helped that when a Deviljho showed up and was giving Rexy a hard time, Jason and Connor provided aid for the Tyrannosaurus and managed to drive Deviljho away with a lot of difficulties, earning Rexy's respect. Daigo Kiryu, another suited hero with a tyrannosaur motif has the strange ability to communicate with Rexy with the help of his Zyudenryu, Gabutyra, even if he doesn't possess telepathy. Given Daigo's compassionate nature and even being willing to help Rexy out in any trouble she faces, so long as it doesn't involve hunting, the two unusually get along quite well.
  • As a theme park attraction, Rexy came to catch the attention of Isuzu Sento, a soldier and security staff member of a theme park, the Amagi Brilliant Park. Despite her lack of social skills, Rexy's animalistic nature meant that Isuzu could interact with her however way she wanted to, and despite Rexy's antsy nature, Isuzu doesn't see it as a threat. Although she saw Jurassic Park and Jurassic World as interesting concepts and has a critical viewpoint on John Hammond, Rexy is simply an animal and it would be better off if she was looked after. While territorial, Rexy can tolerate Isuzu's presence as so far, she doesn't annoy the tyrannosaur and knows when to give her privacy. On the other hand, Kaban and Serval, who were travelers of a theme park called Japari Park, while enjoying the idea of a theme park with dinosaurs, are more hesitant of going near any predatory dinosaurs, let alone Rexy, and believe they're better off keeping their distance, thinking that they'd be just as much of a threat as the Ceruleans.
  • If there's one human that Rexy dislikes, it's Saxton Hale, as he wants to kill the Tyrannosaurus and use that to boost his credentials as an awesome big-game hunter. The amount of times Rexy has had to deal with Hale has annoyed her to the point where he's the one human she goes out of her way to devour in spite of her natural instincts. Despite Rexy being the beast in this conflict, Hale wasn't exactly well-received by many for his attempts to kill Rexy, especially by those who already admired her like Steve Irwin, Harry, and Jack Tenrec, with Harry calling Hale a "bad, bad man", Steve asking Hale to just stay away from the House of Beasts and Fauna, and Jack to outright fight back in Rexy's defense. On the other hand, Hale's repeated attempts in hunting Rexy ended up with him developing a sense of respect towards her, which only makes him even more determined to hunt down the Tyrannosaurus while Rexy and anyone who already dislikes Hale couldn't care less. Either way, the feud continues.
    • On an incredibly bizarre occasion, Rexy came across Mario who was trotting across to meet up with his dinosaur steed, Yoshi. While she didn't care much for the Mushroom Kingdom hero, she didn't expect Mario to bring along Cappy and forcibly inhabit her body in order to create a clearing for Mario to safely cross over. Needless to say, Rexy was not happy about Mario and Cappy's actions, with Mario being very apologetic about the situation since. That said, Rexy did figure out that Mario would be worth too much trouble if she tried to chase him, so she tends to avoid him, and not because she is afraid as many would like to speculate. She also tends to avoid coming into contact with the Monster Hunters, though it's mainly due to them annoying her so much whenever they go out finding monsters to, well, hunt, and they covertly look at Rexy with the intent of studying her, underestimating her superhuman scent. Even so, the Monster Hunters don't hunt Rexy either due to them having a working relationship with several figures like Dr. Grant and Hammond and they would likely not want to ruin that.

Spinosaurus, Impious Patron of Vicious Crocodilian Dinosaurs (Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, Spine Lizard, Spine Lizard of Egypt, Superpredator)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Its Skeletal Silhouette
  • Theme: heard here
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Super-Persistent Predator Larger than the Tyrannosaurus, Looks Nothing like an Actual Spinosaurus (Deliberately made that way by InGen), Giant Swimmer, Highly Aggressive by Dinosaur Standards, Unnaturally Malevolent, Intimidating Roar, More Monster than Animal, Utterly Relentless and Resilient, Actually an Early Prototype for Hybrid Dinosaurs, Essentially a Predecessor to the Indominus, A Polarizing Addition to the Jurassic Park Franchise that made it more Popular in modern Dinosaur Depictions, Died sometime after the Events of Jurassic Park III
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Genetics, Inaccuracy, Predators, Persistence
  • Allies: The Sharptooth, Riptor, Gwangi, Indominus rex, Professor Hojo, Cell, Mesogog, Albert Wesker, Shere Khan, Sabor, Odio, Rau Le Creuset
  • Rivals: Deviljho, Glavenus, Lagiacrus
  • Enemies: The Gang of Seven, Rexie, Raptor Pack, Dino and Hoppy, The Meg, Speckles, Big Al, Yoshi, The Monster Hunters, Aquaman, Ariel, Melody, Bambi, Fluttershy, Crash Bandicoot, Baby T, Dinobot, Liopleurodon, Diego Brando, Mowgli, Tarzan, San, Tommy Oliver, King Kong
  • Opposed By: The Nostalgia Critic
  • Amuses: Black Manta
  • The dinosaurs of Isla Sorna are vast and diverse, but almost none of them are as mysterious and vicious as the Spinosaurus. A large theropod from Cretaceous North Africa, larger than the Tyrannosaurus rex and Giganotosaurus, it was the largest land predator that ever lived. But the specimen created by InGen and hunted down a rescue party is still an incredibly enigmatic animal. For one, it was a dinosaur that was never on InGen's list. Secondly, its unrestrained brutality and aggression was eerily similar to that of the Isla Sorna Velociraptors. Lastly, the Spinosaurus really didn't look like an actual one. If anything else, the Spinosaurus created by InGen and the actual animal that lived millions of years ago would might as well be a different species altogether.
  • It first made its presence in the Pantheon known when residents noticed a protruding spine from a lake, revealed to be the dinosaur's sail. Unfortunately, the Spinosaurus is known for its temperamental and territorial behavior and any attempts to quell it down have been slow. Now in a new Prehistoric Land overlooked by "Gods", itself included, the Spinosaurus now lumbers around, seeking out new lands and waters for prey and territory.
  • Initially an unpopular and obscure animal for the general public during the pre-Dinosaur Renaissance era, it has now since become one of the more popular dinosaurs in recent times. Whenever someone tries to name a predator that is larger than the Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus is one of the first guesses. The specimen created by InGen is the reason why the animal is so popular in modern times.
  • One of the most unfettered and aggressive animals in the House of Beasts and Fauna, the Spinosaurus is greatly feared by most animals and even predators are wary about the dinosaur. It usually lives on its own and minds its own business, but simply entering its territory is enough for the Spinosaurus to notice one's attention. Its terrifying roar can match that of a tyrannosaur's and its deceptively fast for its size. And it doesn't just limit itself to land; it would also spend much of its time in shallow waters. As if underwater denizens don't have enough to dread what is preying on them.
  • The Spinosaurus is best known for a rather infamous fight it had against a tyrannosaur and winning easily. Keep in mind, it killed the King of the Dinosaurs without much difficulty. Whether people enjoyed it or were extremely pissed off, its still a conversation that has become the stuff of controversy and debates. The chances of a rematch in the Pantheon are slim, as no matter if Rexy and the Spinosaurus make clear they hate each other, they prefer to keep a distance.
  • The Gang of Seven are terrified of the Spinosaurus, and for a very good reason. They have tried to take it on after the Spinosaurus arrived at the Great Valley, but the Spinosaurus was able to plow through what the child dinosaurs were throwing at him; boulders, vine entanglement and even quicksand. Whatever got in its way, the Spinosaurus was just pissed off and attacked the Gang of Seven with unrelenting fury. A timely intervention from Rexie and Speckles was able to repel it from time, but even the tyrannosaurus and tarbosaurus were pitted in a fierce battle. Ultimately, Rexxar was forced to step in and lure the Spinosaurus away for the Great Valley's safety.
    • That said, the Spinosaurus faces heavy opposition. Speckles actively avoids fighting against it, not because he's weaker than the Spinosaurus, but because he doesn't want his family to be seen as potential prey should the Spinosaur find out. Dino and Hoppy are frightened by the mere presence of the dinosaur and Big Al knows better than to deal with an animal that can easily take down a tyrannosaur. Yoshi, however, is willing to fight against it if it means preventing damage and chaos in the House of Beasts. Further opposition comes from non-dinosaurian beings like Bambi, Nature Preservers and Tommy Oliver who occasionally clash against the Spinosaurus time and again.
    • Frequents being under shallow waters, but is also not afraid to take its time in oceanic depths. This has been a problem for Ariel and Melody as the Spinosaurus will munch up any aquatic life it manages to snap upon and its territorial and brutal nature makes it a hard animal to suppress. As someone who tends to subjugate aquatic animals, Aquaman has difficulty trying to confront the Spinosaurus. This amused Black Manta as he saw the Spinosaurus as a Troll animal of sorts towards the King of Atlantis. The Meg is a more confrontational issue, with the Megalodon often having a bit of a fight against the Spinosaurus.
    • Its very nature and its intimidating personality has gotten the attention of the Monster Hunters. They've been trying to capture it, in an attempt to learn why the Spinosaurus from Isla Sorna is different from the real specimen. Its a tough progress, considering the Spinosaurus isn't going to respond without a grueling battle.
    • Dinobot and King Kong are two beings who are able to drive away the Spinosaurus without much damage. The dinosaur feels frustrated by the fact that it keeps losing to these two and is currently trying to find a way to get back at it. The fact that the Spinosaurus has aligned itself with Riptor and Sharptooth has strengthened Dinobot's animosity towards the dinosaur. And the Spinosaurus would have to ally itself with other like-minded dinosaurs if it really means taking on Kong.
  • It finds company under Sharptooth and Riptor, much to the dismay and horror of the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts. The Spinosaurus shares many things in common with the two, mainly their deranged and bloodthirsty demeanour and their abnormally sadistic nature for an animal. The Spinosaurus also communicates well with Gwangi, the four of them often taking their time to terrorize the House of Beasts. However, while Riptor and Gwangi are fairly animalistic enough, the Spinosaurus seems to be driven by perpetual unnatural rage. This is however, second to Sharptooth, who's easily the most sadistic and deranged out of the four.
    • For similar reasons, the Spinosaurus tolerates Shere Khan and Sabor. The three of them would often hang out and the Spinosaurus would even grant a degree of allowance in its own territory. For reasons unknown, Odio has reached out to the Spinosaurus, in surprising success. Odio feels as if he can empathize with the Spinosaurus, though he hasn't given out his reasons as to why he was willing to befriend it.
  • Finds rivals under Glavenus. They would often fight for food and territory, with occasional wins and losses for all of them. As someone who often takes watery visits, the Spinosaurus also challenges Lagiacrus, though the dinosaur is more built for a terrestrial lifestyle, Lagiacrus wins more often than not. No such rivalry is greater than that of Deviljho during which both engage in a brutal battle that left much of the environment of their battlefield in rubble. While Deviljho takes more wins, the Spinosaurus will respond with a lot of grievous injuries in return.
  • The Spinosaurus caught the attention of Mesogog who has since been keeping track of the dinosaur for his own gains. The Spinosaurus doesn't have much to think of Mesogog, but is willing to go along with what the scientist is planning, presumably if it means it could have more territory to. There's additional interest from Professor Hojo and Albert Wesker, who think the Spinosaurus will be a great asset in their research and for providing an offensive force. On the contrary, Cell sees the Spinosaurus as a ravenous creature to admire, citing its temperamental behavior and for causing a great deal of carnage in its environment and its inhabitants.
  • There is, ultimately, a reason why the Spinosaurus is different from the real animal; it was an experimental attempt to create hybrid dinosaurs, hence why the Spinosaurus became such an unhinged and temperamental animal to begin with. While it wasn't a full-on success, the Spinosaurus still remained a dinosaur greatly feared and dangerous. In the end, the Spinosaurus would become a prelude to a future experiment for Jurassic World; the Indominus Rex.
    • Eventually, the Spinosaurus and the Indominus did indeed meet up and struck a partnership, despite a rather rocky first encounter. The two of them were subjected to being abused by scientists which led to the two dinosaurs developing a sense of sociopathy. This caught the attention of Rau Le Creuset, who was responsible for the ascension of the Indominus. He gladly allowed the Spinosaurus to be of his company and feels because it was put into a similar treatment like the Indominus, the Spinosaurus should be displayed as a result of how humans are ruinous.
  • A lot of people are happy about the Spinosaurus now being a mainstream dinosaur, but this one still evokes a divided response. The Nostalgia Critic is on the hating end of the spectrum, thinking it killing a tyrannosaur is an insult to the latter, and often comparing the Spinosaurus to Daffy Duck much to the Spinosaurus's annoyance and many feel the same way. Some people are rather fond of the Spinosaurus and think of it as a badass dinosaur. There's not much to state on a third option.

Lesser Gods

    The Brontosaurus 
The Brontosaurus, God of Living Dinosaurs
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A footprint
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Living Dinosaurs, Lost World, Bring It Back Alive, Non-Malicious Monster, Gentle Giant Sauropod Until Provoked, Giant Equals Invincible
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Sauropods, Lost Worlds, Survival, Capture, Kaiju, Rampages
  • High Priest: Dinosaurio "Anacleto" Roberto
  • Followers: Baby and his Parents, The Artic Oasis Dinosaurs
  • Allies: Steve Irwin, Fluttershy, King Kong, Rampardos, The Gang of Seven, Bix
  • Enemies: The Meg, The Raptor Pack, Rexie, Rodan, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, The Carnotaurus, Sharptooth, One-Eye, Speckles, Liopleurodon, King Ghidorah, Glavenus, Deviljho, Pokémon Hunter J
  • Admiration from: Harry and his Dinosaurs, Alan Grant, John Hammond, Vector
  • Deep in the jungles of South America exists a hidden land called the Lost World, this wonderful jungle place was home to the last dinosaurs on Earth, they lived hidden away from the modern world's knowledge until an expedition saw their world exposed to humans, after various adventures from the group, a Brontosaurus was captured and brought to the mainland to be shown as an attraction at London. Scared and confused, the dinosaur escaped and rampaged on the place before it fell into the waters of the London Bridge, where it swam away safely back home.
  • When looking for candidates to fit the trope of those brought alive from their homes to civilizaton, Kong came to mind but he already held two tropes to represent, so the Court looked far back and found the infamous case of the Brontosaurus, whose rampage inspired Kong's own movie later. After the decision was made to ascend this one sauropod, it was brought over by being tranquilized and shipped to the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts after the Court of Gods recreated its natural habitat to prevent it from going berserk again. Once in it, the Brontosaurus seemed to gain a higher degree of awareness, if only enough for it to communicate its needs and make allies and enemies.
  • For starters, it took well to the Beast Handlers, as long as they kept it content with a normal environment, Steve Irwin was pleased to have another dinosaur which to help tame and keep safe, especially knowing about its status as a survivor of the long-gone non-avian dinosaurs. It has quite proven to be a really un-problematic dinosaur, usually leaving others be when not suffering transgressions. It also enjoys the company of Fluttershy, as the pegasus' tenderness and care for wildlife made her a nice companion on many ocassions.
  • Those who admired dinosaurs had a bit of curiosity about it, especially due to complications relating to it having once been believed to be an Apatosaurus, but nowadays it's pretty much its own genus. Among these was Harry, happy to see another living and mostly non-violent dinosaur, as were Alan Grant and John Hammond, who also admire dinosaurs and in the former's case, was happy to see another "real" dinosaur, rather than a genetic creation.
  • Vector was interested in knowing about the Brontosaurus, given that it came from a world of surviving dinosaurs, she explored its temple and was pleased to find it roaming there and doing its regular routine. After observing it for a few more hours she went back to her temple to write about her observations and regularly goes back to keep watch on it.
  • It's wary of predatory dinosaurs and other beasts roaming the various Houses of the Pantheon, the most notable examples being:
    • The Sharptooth, as the predatory T-Rex is quite a persistent predator and therefore isn't one to give up on a hunt, especially if it's a sauropod, as the Gang of Seven were quick to warn the Brontosaurus about. It is more than ready to fight the T-Rex should it come into its temple and has been much more careful when roaming the Houses of the Pantheon.
    • The Deviljho, as it is a fearsome predator easily capable of killing and eating him, Brontosaurus does its best job to stray clear of its path and will flee at the sight of it roaming nearby. Opting to find a safe place to hide in until the Devourer of Worlds loses track of it. Another Brute Wyvern it remains wary of is the Glavenus, as the carnotaurus-like monster has a preference for sauropods and thus might see the Brontosaurus as a preferable prey to hunt.
    • As it is an incredibly sadistic T-Rex, One-Eye is another predator it remains very alert about, as he will go out of his way to torment his prey before eating them or simply killing them for his amusement. Though the Brontosaurus has enough strength to match it, One-Eye's higher intellect means that the Brontosaurus is usually the one who has to escape their fights to survive. It also has not much appreciation for Speckles, as the Tarbosaurus is another potential predator, and while he is only following his nature, Brontosaurus too is doing so by defending itself, though there is nothing personal at stake since both creatures respect each other's territory and will even team up in the rare scenario that they meet a deadlier foe than either.
    • As a creature who has killed sauropods before, Indominus Rex is yet another predator it fears, especially thanks to its camouflaging abilities and being extremely durable for dinosaur standards; as such the Brontosaurus will usually seek help from the Houses' guardians to remain safe from the super-predator, it will even reluctantly team up with normal predatory dinosaurs (such as Speckles, Rexy and Blue) to drive it off. For similar reasons, it also remains wary of the Indoraptor, though usually requires no help to fight it off in the scenario that the hybrid attacks it. Yet another hybrid it also remains wary of is the Spinosaurus, as the massive creature is a fierce and strong predator similar to the Indominus, and thus poses a threat to its life.
    • It remains fearful of the waters around the Halls of Prehistoric Beasts and Aquatic Life, as it is aware of the presence of 2 of the largest predators in the place: The Megalodon and the Liopleurodon. The Brontosaurus does its best to stay away from the shore of the waters they frequent and will usually turn tail and run whenever it manages to detect their presence, especially since they may try to ambush it while it swims in the waters.
  • As a dinosaur, it also remains very wary of King Ghidorah, knowing about the fact that in one universe it was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs all on its own, as well as its desire to bring ruin to Earth, including its habitat. It also remains wary of the gigantic Rodan, as the pterosaur Kaiju can easily prey on the Brontosaurus, though Godzilla tries to keep Rodan from doing so, making him a lesser threat.
  • It is friends with other herbivorous dinosaurs, such as the Gang of Seven, especially Littlefoot who was happy to see another sauropod in the Pantheon. It also enjoys the company of Bix, as the intelligent dinosaur was quick to communicate its intent of friendship and how he was not a threat to the Brontosaurus. It'll usually stay close to them whenever not secluding itself in its temple, for companionship purposes.
  • As he was also taken to civilization to be used as a living attraction, King Kong became another of the Brontosaurus' allies. That Kong was a good help against deadlier threats such as the Sharptooth, Indominus Rex and Glavenus really helped the great ape's reputation with the Brontosaurus which has lead to both getting well along and remaining close allies. For proximity reasons, it also ended up allying with the ape, Joe Young.

    The Draconians 
The Draconians, Deities of Justified Dinosaur Extinction
L - R: Talon, Sauron, Chaos, Armadon, Diablo, Blizzard, Vertigo
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Urth itself (Earth with the continents shifted into the shape of a T-Rex skull breathing a gout of flame)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignments:
  • Portfolio: Apocalypse How, Animalistic Abomination, Breath Weapon (except for Talon and Armadon), Digitized Sprites, Stop Motion, Dinosaurs Are Dragons (the reptilian beasts), Extinctions (so named in Primal Rage II), Gorn, I'm a Humanitarian (except, canonically, for Blizzard and Armadon), Jerkass Gods (to some degree), Kaiju, Names to Run Away from Really Fast, Fighting Dinosaur and Ape Gods, Now That's Using Your Teeth!, Rule of Cool, Stock Dinosaurs (except for the apes and Vertigo), Stripped to the Bone (certain Extinctions), To Serve Man (see I'm a Humanitarian), Voluntary Shapeshifting (in Primal Rage II), What Measure Is a Human? (inverted with Talon and Blizzard in the novels)
  • Domains:
    • Blizzard: Ice, Primates, Good, Wisdom, Nobility
    • Armadon: Nature, Lightning, Earth, Meditation, Telepathy
    • Sauron: Hunger, Thirst, Eternity, Thunder/Sound
    • Talon: Family, Survival, Protection, Harmony, Speed
    • Diablo: Evil, Fire, Destruction, Torment
    • Chaos: Decay, Primates, Nausea, Power, Evolution
    • Vertigo: Madness, Serpents, Hypnosis, Magic, the Moon
  • Heralds: Their respective avatars, as well as Slashfang and his avatar
  • Followers: The dinosaurs that Beerus killed
  • Allies: King Kong (Blizzard and Chaos), Sub-Zero, Elsa, Korra (Blizzard), Riptor, the Raptor Pack, Vol'jin, Zul'jin (Talon), Rexie (Sauron and Diablo), Dhalsim, most nature deities (Armadon), Alduin (Diablo), Arael and other Mind Rape deities (Vertigo), Deviljho (albeit from a distance) (Sauron)
  • Enemies: King Kong (Sauron and Diablo), the House of Undead and Phasmata, necromancers and other undead commanders (all), each other (more specifically, the Virtuous Beasts vs. the Destructive Beasts), good-aligned fire-users, Dovahkiin (Diablo), the Chaos Gods (Blizzard, Armadon, and especially Chaos), The Enclave (Armadon), King Ghidorah (Blizzard and Armadon), The Night's King (all, but especially Blizzard and Sauron in particular), other evil ice-powered deities (Blizzard)
  • Rivals: Neutral and evil fire-users (Diablo)
  • Mixed Feelings about: The OTHER Diablo (for THIS Diablo only), Indominus Rex (Talon), human-hating nature deities, Anguirus, Godzilla (most incarnations) (Armadon)
  • Odd Friendship: The ''Rampage'' Wrecking Crew
  • Curious about: Rajang (Blizzard and Chaos)
  • Annoyed by: Moral guardians (Chaos; see below)
  • Unknown Relationship: The OTHER Sauron (for THIS Sauron only)
  • Before there were humans, gods walked the Earth. They embodied the essences of Hunger, Survival, Life, Death, Insanity, Decay, Good, and Evil. They fought countless battles up through the Mesozoic Wars. Then Balsafas, an archmage from a parallel dimension, anticipated the threat that Earth's gods posed. He was not powerful enough to kill the gods, so instead he banished one to a rocky tomb within the Moon. This disrupted the fragile balance between the gods; pandemonium ensued, and a great explosion threw clouds of volcanic dust into the atmosphere. The dinosaurs died out, and the surviving gods went into suspended animation.
    • Millennia later, a huge meteor struck the Earth. Its destructive force wiped out civilization, rearranged the continents, and freed the imprisoned gods. After these gods had gained whatever amount of followers each of them was satisfied with, a battle for the newly-named Urth ensued.
      • Some time later, a deity from another pantheon made a proposition for all seven of them. This proposition was more followers, albeit on other worlds and on one condition: all seven of them had to share this seat. Normally, the Virtuous Beasts and the Destructive Beasts would recoil from the idea of working together, but they were fresh off a victory against a common enemy — a skeletal dragon named Necrosan (or was it Necronus? There has been some debate about the name of this creature.) — and so, at the time, were more open to the idea, even if it was over a rather unflattering trope (many of them didn't think the extinction event so justified). Thus, the Draconians — the Virtuous Beasts and the Destructive Beasts — now rule over the trope known as "The Dinosaurs Had It Coming".
      • Of course, they knew this time of peace wouldn't last, and so split their vast temple in half in preparation for that day when they'd begin fighting again. On one side live the Virtuous Beasts — Blizzard, Armadon, Talon, and Sauron. On the other, the Destructive Beasts — Diablo, Chaos, and Vertigo. It's quite easy to identify which section belongs to which god. Blizzard's area is covered in snow and ice, resembling the Himalayas; Armadon's has a small pedestal for his meditation, surrounded by caves big enough for humans to live in; Talon's is a green field where his people, his raptor tribe, farm humans and live in relative peace; Sauron's is a sandy beach, but the sands are soaked in the blood and gore of his kills (including his own human followers!); Diablo's is a hellish-looking, molten place that wouldn't look out of place inside or near a volcano; Chaos's is the hollowed-out remains of a skyscraper, and in some places one can plainly see the remains of his more beastly form's...bodily refuse; and Vertigo's is a mind-bending, Stonehenge-like area that could drive one completely insane if they stayed there too long. The two factions' areas are separated by a large fissure in the ground.
  • Having fought an evil skeletal dragon before, they were immediately on alert when they learned of Sindragosa. Even the Destructive Beasts are leery of her, and it's one of the few times you'll see beasts both Virtuous and Destructive fighting together.
  • Another one of the few times they'll work together is in the face of necromancers. They've had enough of zombie-makers like Necrosan for one eternity, thank you. Even the more evil among the Destructive Beasts are against sentencing humans to such a fate as undeath.
  • Blizzard and Chaos feel a sort of kinship with fellow giant ape King Kong, even though Chaos is normally a human. It helps that they, too, have fought their fair share of dinosaurs.
    • They are also curious about Rajang, who resembles a cross between an ape and a bull. But Rajang keeps to himself, living a nomadic lifestyle, and so neither ape has had a chance to speak with the monster.
    • Sauron and Diablo don't get along with King Kong so well; they seem to remind Kong of some of the dinosaurs he fought, and it doesn't help that 1.) Diablo is a wicked being in general, and 2.) Sauron eating humans reminds Kong too much of what would have happened if he was too late to save Ann from that T-Rex (or V-Rex, depending on the timeline).
  • Blizzard learned of a human who could also manipulate ice and use it for combat that has a chance of ending gorily: Sub-Zero. He also noticed a parallel between two rivalries: that of Scorpion and Sub-Zero versus that of himself and Diablo, elemental attacks and all. The main difference, however, is that while neither Scorpion nor Sub-Zero is good or evil, per se, Blizzard is the God of Good back on Urth and Diablo is Urth's equivalent of Satan.
    • Other ice-wielding humans he gets along with are Korra and Elsa, and their kind hearts certainly help.
  • As a human, Chaos is actually quite handsome. He's quite popular with the more lustful members (mostly the female ones) of the House of Love and Affection. His beast form, on the flipside, is one of the filthiest beings in the pantheon. Even so, he turned his nose up at Nurgl of the Chaos Gods offering that the man-turned-ape join his "family".
    • In fact, while Blizzard and Armadon don't view the Chaos Gods favorably at all, Chaos is even more resentful of them. Evidently, he dislikes that he shares the name "Chaos" with them.
    • Another group of people he doesn't get along with are moral guardians, the more bold, foolish, or insane of whom barked at him for his method of fighting, especially one of his finishing moves — or Extinctions — the Golden Shower. Chaos doesn't know how they know of this — he doesn't recognize any of the humans among them — but he's quite annoyed by their scolding. Fortunately, his followers usually chase them away.
  • Talon is unsure what to make of Indominus Rex. On the one hand, he can smell the raptor blood in her veins, which is always a plus in his book. On the other, she never hunted for survival; it was for sport. A waste of good meat, in Talon's opinion, and thus it spits in the face of the aspect he embodies: survival. Mixed as his feelings are, they're mostly bitter for this reason.
    • Riptor, on the other hand, is definitely an ally. Having once been her high priest, Talon was glad to meet her in person, and is willing to fight alongside her. Despite being a Virtuous Beast, after all, his loyalty lies with his own kind, not with humans.
    • Unsurprisingly, Talon feels a kinship with the Jurassic World raptor pack, and so aids them whenever they need it, treating them almost as if they were a part of his tribe. Blue and the others, for their part, are a bit confused about the thought of a raptor Talon's size; the closest thing they'd experienced to that was the Indominus Rex, who is only part raptor.
    • As Azerothian trolls, Vol'jin and Zul'jin have an affinity for raptors; many such trolls have ridden raptors into battle, or kept them as pets. Due to this affinity, both trolls managed to find respect from Talon for their tribes treating raptors so well.
  • Sauron was quite surprised to learn of a wicked being with the same name as him. Beyond that, he doesn't seem concerned with the Dark Lord. That may change if Lord Sauron ever tries to impede God of Hunger Sauron's eating...
    • He does seem to feel a kinship with Deviljho of the House of Food, knowing what it feels like to be cursed with endless hunger, but he knows the Brute Wyvern could — and would — try to feast on him, so he keeps his distance.
    • When Sauron isn't feeding on his own followers, he is fed the most vile and remorseless of those criminals on death row. This decision was made by the Court of the Gods to aid in keeping his immortality fueled without him needing to feed on the more innocent denizens of the Pantheon. Sauron is satisfied.
  • Unlike God Sauron's reaction to Lord Sauron, Diablo has mixed feelings about the demon prince who shares his name. He's certain he and the Prime Evil would get along quite well if it weren't for the fact that the latter and his forces had raised the dead multiple times in the world of Sanctuary. Again, to the Draconians, even Diablo, undeath is a no-no.
    • He also sees fire-users in the pantheon — such as Scorpion (whom, he has noted, bears similarities to himself), Kyo, Iori, Jean Grey, Hope Summers, and Natsu — as either enemies or competition (depending on alignment), because he believes that his fire should burn the hottest, and will gladly prove that it does. Of course, there's nothing wrong with making it stronger, which he believes he can do by consuming — or attempting to consume — good-aligned fire-wielders.
    • Diablo initially considered Alduin an embarrassment to evil reptiles for being afraid of, and losing to, something as comparatively small as the Dovahkiin, but when Diablo tried to consume the Dragonborn, he saw first-hand why Alduin was scared of them: "FUS-RO-DAH!" Diablo swore he'd get revenge, and he and Alduin have been plotting the Dovahkiin's downfall ever since.
  • Sauron and especially Diablo have developed varying levels of interest in Rexie. Sauron is more passive, being more occupied with filling his stomach, but Diablo sees potential in Rexie as a mate so that, in the (unlikely, in his eyes) event that Diablo should die permanently, he'd have a legacy other than his human followers/slaves/playthings. Rexie, on the other hand, doesn't seem all that interested in Diablo. Still, she appreciates any help they offer in combat.
  • Armadon gets along quite well with deities who support or represent nature, such as Swamp Thing and the Spring Sprite. However, he has mixed feelings about those nature deities that wish to eradicate humanity, such as Viridi and Poison Ivy; he understands where they're coming from, but he knows humans aren't all bad. His followers are proof of that.
    • He can also be seen meditating with Dhalsim from time to time. The two have even learned new meditation techniques from each other.
    • Being a dinosaur covered in lots of spikes and horns, Armadon feels a kinship with Anguirus, and appreciates that Godzilla (in most of his incarnations) seems to fight for Earth whenever it's threatened. He is a bit concerned about all the radiation coming off the both of them, however; radiation poisoning isn't good for the environment, to say the least.
      • However, he and Blizzard share Godzilla's and Anguirus's strong dislike of King Ghidorah, and have agreed to aid them should they choose to fight the alien dragon again. It certainly wouldn't be the first alien dragon they opposed.
    • One group Armadon actually hates is the Enclave, who were responsible for the nuclear Fallout in America in their timeline. Again, radiation is an environmental hazard. What further angers Armadon is that this selfish group of humans deny they did anything wrong and blame their enemies for supposedly firing first. "Even if that is true," Armadon said the first time he heard their excuse, "your petty war was never worth destroying nature over, least of all on such an enormous scale."
      • There's a bit of sadness mixed in with that anger, because when not on duty, the humans that work for the Enclave are just that: humans. Armadon shakes his head sadly whenever he remembers this; such potential for tending to nature, all lost to the horrors of nuclear war.
  • Vertigo feels at home in the House of Madness and Insanity, and so visits it often.
    • She once witnessed Arael's Mind Rape technique in action, and was duly impressed. She has considered the "angel" an ally ever since. She has also allied with other "mind-rapists". This, of course, doesn't sit well with the Virtuous Beasts. Or Chaos.
  • While the Night's King is considered an enemy to all of the Draconians due to being a necromancer — raising undead armies — Blizzard and Sauron especially both have it in for him. Blizzard sees the demon as being among those who stain the good name of those with ice-based powers. Sauron feels taunted, since the undead wights can't fill his stomach, which means they don't aid his immortality.
  • While — unlike the Draconians — the Rampage wrecking crew prefers to beat up buildings instead of each other, these enormous and destructive beasts have found common ground and like to spar with each other in their downtime.

Riptor, Goddess of Raptors (The Dino Warrior with A Killer Instinct)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Ultratech Logo
  • Theme Songs: Rumble, Hatchery 09
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Raptors, Acid Spits That Kill Her Opponents, Beta Test Baddies, Eating Her Opponents With a Funny Effect, Female Revelations.
  • Domains: Beasts, Combat, Savagery
  • Followers: Dromaeosaurids, especially the Velociraptors of Jurassic Park
  • Allies: Fulgore, Spinal, Sadira, Mechagodzilla (mainly the Showa version), Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, Gwangi, Talon (of the Draconians), Zul'jin
  • Rivals: Balrog
  • Enemies: T. J. Combo, and by extension, Dudley, Bonk, Chun-Li, Anguirus, Jago, Black Orchid, Hisako, Yoshi, Littlefoot, Grimlock, Rexie, the Raptor Pack, Vol'jin
  • She was originally the co-holder for Raptor Attack alongside Talon. However, the Court of the Gods noticed that she was far more vicious than Talon was, thus she ended up being the sole holder for that trope.
    • At least, that's what the Court said when asked. There had been rumors that Riptor suddenly attacked Talon and ate him. For a long time, no one knew Talon's exact fate other than the fact that he was no longer in the Pantheon.
    • It turned out out Talon did survive the attack, and as a compensation, was given a place as her High Priest.
      • Later, however, Talon and the rest of the Draconians ascended to the pantheon. He and Riptor are allies to this day.
  • Riptor was created by Ultratech through mixing human and reptile DNA. She is vicious, to say the least, but that was Ultratech's goal anyways: to see just how ruthless she is during battles.
  • Riptor once tried to tenderize Yoshi and have him for a snack. Everything went smoothly up until Yoshi spat her own acid back in her face.
  • Believe it or not, Riptor is confirmed to be female. This has shocked many Deities.
  • As she is involved with Ultratech, this has put her on Hisako's shitlist.
  • Besides Yoshi, other good-aligned dinosaurs such as Littlefoot and Anguirus don't like her. Anguirus has been seen fighting against her whenever the raptor is disturbing him. It says something about Riptor's ferocity that Anguirus, a Kaiju, has trouble with her.
  • There was a point in time where Bonk mistook her for a dinosaur from his homeworld and tried to befriend her. It did not end well.
  • Prior to the new tournament, she was originally killed by an unascended T.J. Combo. This has caused her to make enemies out of the various boxers in the Pantheon such as Dudley and Little Mac. She has a strong rivalry towards Balrog since he reminds her of T.J before the latter sought redemption.
  • She is shown to get along well with Sharptooth, by virtue of the two being very aggressive dinosaurs.
    • Also gets along with Indominus Rex, due to the fact that the two were created for the purpose of being Living Weapons, and thus see one another as kindred spirits, forming a Power Trio with Sharptooth. The fact that she and Sharptooth are of the same species that led to I. Rex's demise doesn't seem to bother the latter.
      • The trio gets along well with Gwangi. Although he is not a member of their trio he allows them to take up residence within his valley.
  • Managed to hear about animals with robotic and cybernetic traits. She is shown to get along well with Showa!Mechagodzilla due to being agressive and psychotic.
    • However, she has a strong dislike towards Grimlock and he hates her equally. The two have been fighting each other often.
  • As Azerothian trolls, Vol'jin and Zul'jin have an affinity for raptors; many such trolls have ridden raptors into battle, or kept them as pets. Despite this affinity, Riptor was so aggressive that any hope Vol'jin might have had to connect with her was squashed. Zul'jin, on the other hand, respects her fighting prowess and ferocity.


    The Gang of Seven 
The Gang of SevenMembers, The Deified Group of Dinosaur Media (Loving Littlefoot, Sweet but Strong-Willed Cera, Devoted Ducky, Panicky Petrie, Gentle Giant Spike, Eager Chomper, Responsible Ruby)
L - R: Spike, Ducky, Cera, Littlefoot, Petrie, Ruby, and Chomper.

    Neweyes' Dinosaurs 
Neweyes' Dinosaurs, Gods of Dumb Dinos (Elsa: Pteri; Dweeb: Jorbl)
L - R: Elsa, Woog, Rex and Dweeb
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A box of Brain Grain
  • Theme Songs: "Roll Back the Rock (to the Dawn of Time)" (cover by Rex)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dinosaurs who were given sapience, but are still rather simple and childlike, brought to the present through the wishes of many children to see them
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Children
  • Heralds: Captain Neweyes, Vorb, Louie, Cecilia, Stubbs the Clown
  • Allies: Harry, The Gang of Seven, Bix, Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano, John Hammond, Vector, Speckles
  • Enemies: Professor Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker, The Dead Moon Circus, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, One Eye
  • Complicated Relations: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Pantheonic Time Police
  • This is, simply put, a dinosaur’s story… Well, three dinosaurs and one pterosaur to be more precise. Millions of years ago, these simple-minded animals roamed the Mesozoic landscape, roaring and stomping and eating to their heart’s content. But all that changed when a human inventor named Captain Neweyes captured and fed them Brain-Grain cereal, granting them heightened intelligence. As a result, Rex the Tyrannosaurus, Woog the Triceratops, Dweeb the Parasaurolophus, and Elsa the Pteranodon, gained sentience and the ability to talk. It was for a purpose; Neweyes wanted to give the children of the 20th century the chance to see dinosaurs in the flesh, and transported the prehistoric quartet to 1993 New York City, instructing them to travel to the Museum of Natural History.note  Along the way, they befriended two children. Louie, a runaway looking to join the circus, and Cecilia, who is spending Thanksgiving alone due to her neglectful parents. The kids tried to help the dinos get to the museum, but ended up encountering Neweye’s nefarious brother, Professor Screweyes, who turned them into monkeys using his “Brain-Drain” pills, before forcing the dinosaurs to do the same in exchange for their freedom. Reverted back into savage brutes, the dinosaurs - and pterosaur - were put into Screweye’s circus, but Rex managed to break his chains and threatened to kill the professor but was stopped by Louie. Through the power of love, the gang returned to their tamer, relatively smarter selves, and eventually made it to the Museum of Natural Historynote , where they amaze and wow children of all ages.
  • The young dinosaur fan Harry had become fascinated with these four's story. He shared it with all his friends and wished fervently that they would be picked for the Pantheon sometime so he could meet them. His wishes were caught by Neweyes, who contacted the Pantheon about the matter and offered to bring the dinosaurs to them if they wanted. Given the large popularity dinosaurs enjoy among children and how safe the four were to interact with (especially considering the Pantheon is full of the more dangerous sort), Neweyes' offer was accepted. The dinosaurs were rather happy to be able to make more children happy, with Harry in particular being over the moon that his wish had been granted. Their temple links to New York City's Museum of Natural History, so they do not disappoint their fans back home.
  • Harry hastened to teach them all there was to know about the Pantheon (that he knows of in his young age, anyway), starting by taking them to meet the Gang of Seven, another pack of good dinosaurs of many different species. Although Littlefoot and co. were initially alarmed to see a T-Rex among many other large dinosaurs, Harry was quick to convince them that the four really meant no harm. Rex and co. corroborated this, voicing their regret for all the savagery they had committed when they were wild. The Gang of Seven decided to believe them since Harry vouched for them, which led to them exchanging the tales of their adventures. Rex came to understand the Gang's initial fear a little better as they told him about how they were predated on by Sharptooth, who Rex thought was just like the old him. The two groups wound up becoming good friends in the end.
    • Bix is another good and civilized dinosaur that the four managed to get along with. Bix is a lot more intelligent than they are, though, and they don't entirely understand the gravity of her work as an ambassador, but she seems to think they are good examples of what dinosaurs should strive to be and that they would do alright in Dinotopia. The four's complete abandonment and active rejection of their old brutal ways certainly meets up with Dinotopia's code of pacifism.
    • Somewhere between the two extremes is Speckles the Tarbosaurus. Yes, he can be brutal and he takes lives and all that, but that's because he's carnivorous and needs to do it to survive. The four dinosaurs felt sad for him as they learned of his tragic backstory of losing his entire family to a truly monstrous and sadistic Tyrannosaurus, One Eye. Despite Rex being the same species, Speckles realizes he is morally the complete opposite of One Eye, and the same goes for his companions, so they're on good terms.
  • Their adventures accompanying two runaways throughout a big city caught the attention of Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano, themselves formerly young runaways in Tokyo. Hodaka and Hina went to talk about them about Louie and Cecilia, whom the dinosaurs explained were now on much better terms with their parents. It was rather saddening for them to discover that Hodaka's relationship was less than stellar, both before and after running away, as they were outright abusive to him and he wanted to get away as soon as possible. Hina's mother was dead and the father unaccounted for resulting in her having to run away from authorities to not be separated from her little brother. They are now of age and independent though, so they're better now, but the dinosaurs tried to cheer them up all the same. Hodaka and Hina have a pretty high opinion of them since they sacrificed themselves to stop Louie and Cecilia from falling into Screweyes' hands.
  • On the topic of Screweyes, the dinosaurs were warned by Neweyes upon ascension that they might run into similar sorts as him. That proved true soon enough when Woog inserted a golden token into a jester skull without much thought as to whether it was a good idea, trapping them in Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker's carnival of horrors. Ludwig saw that it was dinosaurs that had come to his carnival and thought they would be a splendid addition to it, if only they were more savage. Anyway, the dinosaurs thought he was all too much like Screweyes, if not worse, and were only concerned with getting out, which they managed eventually. Ludwig hasn't given up on the idea of making them part of his carnival, though, even after learning it ended badly for Screweyes. The dinosaurs also have a bad opinion of the Dead Moon Circus, perhaps even more so after hearing of their methods to target people with beautiful dreams, as they were confronted with some of its creatures in Ludwig's carnival.
  • Being dinosaurs, they are obviously a subject of interest to the people associated with Jurassic Park. Dr. Hammond thinks it's amazing that they are completely tame dinosaurs who allow children to play with them to their hearts' content, and that Neweyes is a genius for inventing Brain Grain, which could be the key to making a potential dinosaur park viable. Grant and Malcolm, on the other hand, think the whole thing goes against what's natural and consider Neweyes to have been wrong to rip the four out of their time and alter their brains, all so they could become playmates to children. They don't trust that the four are completely safe, either, since Screweyes managed to bring their savage nature back, however briefly. On their part, the four claim to be happy the way they are now and that they far prefer being civilized than savage.
    • In regards to the actual dinosaurs of Jurassic Park/World, the four try not to interact with them, or even encounter them, if they can help it. They are not civilized like the four are, after all, and would most likely try to attack the four for whatever reason. Ironically, a lot of these savage dinosaurs tend to be startlingly cunning, with special mention to Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, whose intelligence only seems to exacerbate their wickedness. In a fight, the four would simply be out of most uncivilized dinosaurs' league, to say nothing of enhanced ones like the Indos (especially as Brain Grain has also softened the four's more threatening features, making them less useful in a fight, another thing Grant and Malcolm take issue with), but on occasions where an aggressive dinosaur goes on a rampage, they will do their best to keep vulnerable deities safe, generally by sheltering them in their temple.
  • An unexpected fan of the four dinosaurs turned out to be the war robot Vector. Despite her occupation and famously surly demeanor, she is actually very interested in dinosaurs and was excited (probably not visibly) that four that were friendly and intelligent enough to hang out with had ascended. The four dinosaurs seem to be just as eager to entertain Vector as they do children, especially as she has become one of their regular visitors. And perhaps because they'd like to see her frown turn upside down.
  • The Pantheonic Time Police does not seem to be amused by Neweyes tampering with time, considering the placement of the four dinosaurs millions of years into the future to have been an incredibly foolhardy move (it did result in panic in the streets of New York). That it was all for granting the wishes of children to see dinosaurs strikes them as remarkably irresponsible. Neweyes sticks to his conviction that what he did was a good thing, since his purpose is only to grant children their deepest, most earnest desires. This all leads to the two factions having a strained relationship, though the four dinosaurs themselves generally take no part in this.

    Scar (March of the Dinosaurs
Scar, God of Herd-Travelling Ornithopods
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An Edmontosaurus skull
  • Theme Song: Opening Sequence
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Herd-Travelling Edmontosaurus, Intimidating Name for a Docile Herbivore, Good Scars, Evil Scars, Named After the Injury, Trekking Through the Cold Winter of Alaska, Accurately Portrayed for its Time, Herbivores Are Friendly
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Herds, Socialization, Migration, Winter, Survival, Companionship
  • Allies: The Gang of Seven, Woog, Dweeb, Brontosaurus, Bix, Harry, Bron Buck, Blaze, Alpha, Pteranodon Family, Alan Grant, John Hammond, Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, The Ice Age Herd, Bambi, Rutt, Tuke, Babar, King Kong
  • Opposes: Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Rexy, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Anjanath, Gwangi, Little Das, White Tip, Pod, Raptor Red, Sharptooth, One Eye, Deviljho, Glavenus, Rathalos, Rathian, Tigrex, Zinogre, Dag, Shere Khan, Teostra, Lunastra, Scar, Zira, King Ghidorah
  • Wary Of: Speckles, Monoblos, Diablos
  • The world of dinosaurs was a tough and perilous one, despite the majestic and awe-inspiring scope and the fields of Alaska during the Late Cretaceous were no different, for they depleted vegetation drastically and were unforgivingly cold, snowy, and windy during winter times, especially for dinosaurs who migrated to find new homes, nesting grounds, and food for themselves. Such was the case of Scar, a young Edmontosaurus who was forced to partake in a long migration to the warmer regions of Alberta with his herd after the winter deprived them of their needs. As Scar was dependent on his herd’s safety and support and was a juvenile, he was unprepared for the many terrors and dangers he would stumble across and would nearly lose his life on multiple occasions, especially as he ended up separated from his herd for a majority of the trip. But through some unexpected aid and a stroke of luck, Scar would eventually make it to Alberta and reunite with his herd, proving himself successful in his journey and becoming more mature because of it.
  • It was a normal day in what was the wilderness of Late Cretaceous Alberta, during which Scar was peacefully eating leaves with the rest of the Edmontosaurus herd and alongside them were an accompanying group of Pachyrhinosaurus who also managed to coexist with the larger hadrosaurs out of defense and dependency. As summer was on the horizon, the two dinosaur species were preparing for their second annual migration north to Alaska. Only this time, their trip would take an unexpected turn when the combined herd were suddenly fought in the way of a wormhole. Although they tried to outrun it, the wormhole was quicker and caught up with the dinosaurs. To them, what happened was most unexpected, for they somehow ended up in a lush green field and making eye contact towards animals they had never seen in their time, particularly gazelles. Scar and the herd realized that they were in uncharted lands and, although uncertain of their circumstances, still carried on with their migration. Unbeknownst to him and the dinosaurs, they were in a land of deities and the Edmontosaurus himself was unaware that he was now a deified representative of his kind. Now what happens to Scar in the Pantheon is up to his experiences and newfound trials.
  • As a comparatively normal herd animal, Scar is someone who doesn't particularly mind all the fantastical stuff in the Pantheon, at least at first glance, though given the new lands he's been browsing and wandering here, he was quick to register what was new to him and what was familiar. Naturally, dinosaurs and marine reptiles came off as a mix to him as while many looked similar there were just as many that looked incredibly different to the ones he had seen and interacted with. Hadrosaurs were not widely represented within the divine realms and Scar himself was the only representative of his species with the other four ascended hadrosaurs, Ducky and Dweeb, being a Saurolophus and Parasaurolophus respectively, and Buck and Blaze being Maiasaura siblings. While Scar was a bit taken back by what he thought was eccentric behaviour from the former two, he, fortunately, got along with the lambeosaurines thanks to their kindness and willingness to accept the Edmontosaurus as a friend and fellow "swimmer" as Ducky likes to call it. Scar still finds some of their antics weird, but he does enjoy their company, so long as they don't get themselves in too much trouble. With Buck and Blaze, Scar is happy to travel alongside them to different herding, feeding, and nesting grounds, despite being of different species and sticking close to keep themselves safe from being attacked.
  • On the subject of plant-eating dinosaurs, Scar was familiar with ceratopsians and thyreophorans given he knew an Edmontonia back in Alaska as well as a Pachyrhinosaurus that travelled alongside his herd during their migration to Alberta, so despite his naivety, he guessed out that they can be bit tough to deal with due to their suffering needs. As a result, he expected Cera to be temperamental given her upbringing and it helped that his friendship with Ducky allowed Scar to tolerate the brash Triceratops as much as he could. Woog proved to be quite awkward given he was vastly different from Cera in personality and, oddly enough, his extremely excitable and childlike nature intimidated Scar more than the usual territorial and aloof nature of a typical Triceratops as Scar wasn't too familiar with such eccentricities to begin with. Finally, despite her ability to show human-like sapience, Bix was the closest Scar had to a genuine ceratopsian friend as she resorted to acting like an actual animal and showing immediate kindness to the Edmontosaurus on their first encounter. She also saw that Scar would fit quite well in Dinotopia, should he ever visit it. Overall, Scar gets along with all three ceratopsians, even if it takes a while to get properly accustomed to Cera and Woog’s antics.
  • Sauropods initially turned out to be a memorable experience as the Pantheon provided Scar with the opportunity to be acquainted with them. Naturally, he would find easy company with them as much like hadrosaurs, they were primarily herd animals who traveled in large groups. As a result, the Edmontosaurus quickly saw himself getting along with Littlefoot and Bron, a parent-child Apatosaurus duo who’ve faced their challenges regarding migrations and predators, making the three of them feel as if they have something in common. Despite the hadrosaur’s more primitive thoughts, Littlefoot and Bron understood his situation pretty well as well as making sure he’s taken care of in the Great Valley should he come to attend. He also found companionship with a rather territorial Brontosaurus who generally didn’t mind Scar’s presence, even if the Edmontosaurus was initially intimidated by the sauropod’s size. Gradually, Scar realized that at least being in Bron and the brontosaur’s presence made him feel safe as the two were not afraid to wrestle against any passing carnivores and hunters, though he is aware that he can’t rely on them all the time, not to mention him growing into an adult would mean he would have to fend for himself and not just with a herd. Regardless, Littlefoot and Bron have asserted that Scar is always welcome to be in their company and the Brontosaurus has no problems with Scar being around him so long as the Edmontosaurus doesn’t bother him too much.
  • The presence of theropods was to be expected in the Pantheon, but Scar was still caught off-guard by the sight of many of them as they looked quite reminiscent of the Gorgosaurus from Alaska and the Albertosauru’ pack he encountered during his migration. The predators Scar had to deal with most were Little Das and his family pack mainly due to his friendship with Buck and Blaze, though Big Al and the Spinosaurus were particularly memorable due to their distinctive appearance and being Scar’s first time dealing with a carnosaur and spinosaur respectively. It didn't help that the Spinosaurus almost killed Scar when the young hadrosaur once tried to cross a river to reach his herd during a migratory journey. Raptors like Red also proved quite troublesome, though it was Tyrannosaurus that terrified Scar most as he had the misfortune of encountering One-Eye as his first experience with said species, who had no problems in slaughtering the Edmontosaurus and his friends just for fun. As a result, Scar keeps away from other T. rexes like Sharptooth and Rexy, which is justified as hadrosaurs tend to be among the Tyrant Lizard King’s favoured prey and even related animals like Speckles the Tarbosaurus were to be treated with caution despite his more "heroic" reputation compared to other tyrannosaurs.
    • Strangely, there was a Tyrannosaurus that ended up on good terms with Scar, namely Buddy, if mainly because he's personally met with talking hadrosaurs during his travels as a rail enthusiast alongside his adopted Pteranodon family. It started simply enough with Buddy approaching the young Edmontosaurus and giving him a "hi", prompting the hadrosaur to show some curiosity towards the little, excitable theropod. It took a while before Scar determined that Buddy didn't mean any harm and easily tolerated his and his family's presence, much to Buddy's satisfaction. He and his family personally wanted to see Scar and his herd's migrations in the Pantheon and have kept track of the number of times he's done so, though Buddy was a bit intimidated by the sheer scope of those travels as well as the potential dangers Scar and his companions had to face, even if he and his family admitted to gaining a lot of respect for the hadrosaur's resilience and determination in sticking with his herd and proving himself a capable survivor.
  • As an animal that is content with a lifestyle in the wilds, Scar keeps somewhat minimal contact with humans and urban society, even if dinosaurs and, by extension, his species are a popular topic for many. Outside of natural predators, Scar has one of the most amiable relations to the outside world as many would see him as an average animal and most poachers seem to prioritize more "exotic" and "powerful" animals than a simple hadrosaur. The most that Scar gets regarding any attention from ascended humans in the Pantheon happen to be dinosaur enthusiasts, with Alan Grant and Ross Geller being intrigued to hear and sometimes encounter him given their profession as palaeontologists alongside John Hammond making efforts to have him classified as a protected animal by law. Jack Tenrec is similarly eager to look after the Edmontosaurus as he sees protecting prehistoric animals as a job, especially when he and Hannah Dundee protected Scar twice, once from Gwangi and again against a group of poachers. Finally, Harry sees excitement in having to look at a real hadrosaur if he can, but given his natural needs and lifestyle, the little boy is content in letting him be, even if the desire to see the Edmontosaurus one day remains.
  • Given the nature of the Pantheon, Scar would become acclimated to dealing with animals of the Cenozoic age, and in comparison to many other dinosaurs, his migratory nature meant that he would see himself encountering many different creatures, such as gazelles, buffalos, elephants, and big cats. An odd friendship was formed between him and Bambi as despite their several differences, both were placid animals and Bambi could see that he and Scar were quite similar as kids; being left alone to fend for themselves in a competitive and dangerous land, even if Scar is still a juvenile. It seemed that ungulates were the easiest for the dinosaur to get along with as they shared the social quirk of being herd animals and being passive for the most part, with Rutt and Tuke easily becoming well-acquainted with Scar, though elephants like Babar were just as accepting of the Edmontosaurus and Scar himself can’t help but be reminded of ceratopsians when meeting elephants due to their stocky built and horn-like tusks. Regardless, there were many predatory mammals as well, such as Zinogre, Shere Khan, and Dag whom the dinosaur takes great caution. While Dag is a bit scrawny and hence not too much of a threat unless he's in a gang, the former two are just as ferocious and have no qualms hunting big game on their own.
  • Unfortunately, the creatures that Scar is most afraid of on the Pantheon aren't tyrannosaurs or even a particular dinosaur, but rather dragons or draconic dinosaurs, depending on what's the case. Case in point, Scar was almost killed by a Rathalos, who also caused a mass panic and schism toward the hadrosaur’s herd. Fortunately, the dreaded wyvern was driven back by a group of Monster Hunters who happened to be surveying the lands the Edmontosaurus herd were patrolling and the hunters, via a working relationship with Hammond, worked to help the hadrosaurs, Scar included in being rounded back together. The event has led to Scar and his Edmontosaurus herd being very fearful of dragons and similar encounters, such as with Tigrex and even Teostra and Lunastra have vindicated their caution. On the plus side, the Monster Hunters have registered Scar and his herd as protected animals and while they don't interact often, Scar is at least placid enough with them. Other fantastical creatures like unicorns, however, were quite easy to get along with, despite the legendary ungulate’s general reputation of being reclusive beasts, but they, fortunately, saw no ill will in traversing with Scar’s herd from time to time.
    • Among more interesting experiences, Scar was initially hesitant of King Kong, given that the giant ape had a reputation for fighting against dinosaurs. This uneasiness would be softened as Kong wasn't fazed by Scar or his herd travelling in his domain and would even allow the Edmontosaurus and his herd to graze and rest there for some time. Furthermore, Kong himself was curious to learn about the herd and surprisingly found their company to be a nice break from his usual solitary lifestyle. Further helping matters is that predators who would normally prey upon Scar are either too frightened to go up against Kong or those that do come off with serious injuries, so that meant the younger dinosaur was safe in the giant ape's presence. Monoblos and Diablos were a different story, being incredibly territorial beasts who get ticked off very easily. Thankfully, Scar and his herd don't have to deal with the herbivorous Flying Wyverns nor do they discriminate against the Edmontosaurus and his herd. A Monoblos has no problem allowing them and Scar to attend their company during mass eating sessions while a regular Diablos will allow them to pass by and graze at the foliage in their territory, albeit from a distance. Regardless, Scar can't help but be reminded of a few theropods when seeing both wyverns and feels that it is best not to be around them for too long, even if both species don't have anything against the young hadrosaur.
  • Scar got his name from an injury he sustained from an attack during his juvenile days. Most interestingly, the name “Scar” is generally a title given to ravenous and dreaded predators, something the Edmontosaurus is obviously the furthest thing from. Several dinosaurs happened to share scars and lifelong bruises, such as One Eye and Sharptooth, and both simply see Scar as prey to kill, but the one that takes the most umbrage is a black-maned lion with the same name, feeling that a docile animal sharing the same name as him feels embarrassing and insulting to him. The lion once tried to work together with his mate, Zira, to bring down the young Edmontosaurus and grumbled that he would have sent out Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed to do the job had it not been for “their”note  betrayal of them. Unfortunately, even a young hadrosaur proved to be larger and more durable than both lions had expected and Scar almost killed Zira when he panicked and came close to trampling her with his forelegs. The two lions were moderately injured and realized that they’d be done for before retreating hastily and out of frustration. Although the experience was a little harrowing, Scar did gain a little confidence in that he was getting stronger and more capable of defending himself, so Scar and Zira’s attack has remained an important event for the Edmontosaurus.


    Cindy Cimolestes 
Cindy Cimolestes, Matron Saint of Meek Mesozoic Mammals

  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her pawprint
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Meek Mesozoic Mammal, Nervous Wreck, usually stands on two legs but runs on all fours, has more detailed fur than the other mammals, faints when Cassie Castorocauda names one of her babies after her
  • Domains: Mammals, timidness
  • Herald: Her aunt Selma
  • Followers: The zwim, the lemur tribe, Tickles
  • Allies: Pteranodon family (especially Tiny), Princess Luna, Fluttershy, the Herd (especially Crash and Eddie), the Gang of Seven, the Hedgehog in the Fog, Mrs. Brisby, the Hedgies, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde
  • Fears: All large land animals (especially Sharptooth), the Dinobots, Dag
  • Enemies: P.T. Boomer, Dawn Bellweather
  • Even a Sugar Bowl version of the Mesozoic is a dangerous place for a mammal. Cindy — a possum-like eutherian from the Late Cretaceous — used to live in Cimolestes Center with her family, but moved to Pteranodon Terrace for unknown reasons. Unfortunately, her first home was eaten by Larry Lambeosaurus, so she had to move into a new tree hollow... which just so happened to be Tiny's "tiny place", where she goes when she needs some alone time. Cindy was terrified of the Pteranodon siblings at first, but Tiny assured her that they only eat fish, and the four of them helped Cindy find an even smaller hollow to live in.
  • During one of the Pteranodon family's many visits to the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts, Buddy noticed that all of its members were reptiles. If their travels on the Dinosaur Train had taught them anything, it's that there's much more to the Mesozoic than that, so Buddy and Tiny went to the Court of the Gods (with their parents' permission) to vouch for their friend Cindy to be ascended into the representative for Mesozoic mammals. Cindy was so surprised that she dramatically fainted, so Tiny had to carry Cindy to her new temple, which is a tree hollow in a quiet forest.
  • The Gang of Seven are the only members of the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts who Cindy willingly spends time with. Most of them are herbivores, they're too small to crush her by accident, and they assured her that Chomper only eats bugs. She gets along the best with Ducky, who's very nice and around the same size as her, and Petrie, who reminds her of Tiny. One day, the sound of thundering footsteps echoed throughout the hall. Cindy was terrified and tried to hide, but the Gang told her to stay still and calm down; Rexy was just out hunting, and they're all too small to make a filling meal for her. However, they warned her about Sharptooth, a far more aggressive Tyrannosaurus who'll pursue anything when he's starving.
  • When Cindy first visited the adjacent Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, the first members she met were the Herd, and they blew her mind. She never imagined that the world would one day be ruled by mammals! Unfortunately, she's worried that the mammoths might accidentally step on her, so she mainly hangs out with the similarly-sized Crash and Eddie. In turn, the other members of the Herd respect her for being one of their forebears.
  • Cindy gets along with several of the Pantheon's modern mammals, too:
    • She reminds Princess Luna of her pet possum Tiberius, and they find something oddly familiar about each other. Fluttershy once stared down a non-sapient feline who was trying to eat Cindy, and since then they've been close friends. In turn, Fluttershy asked Cindy about the Mesozoic, so Cindy introduced her to the Pteranodon family. She promptly cooed over how adorable Buddy was; he reminded her of a baby dragon.
    • The Hedgies are also small forest-dwellers who survive in a world ruled by larger predators. They've given Cindy a few lessons on how to be more sneaky and pragmatic. She particularly gets along with the timid and similar-looking Heather.
    • Cindy is kindred spirits with Mrs. Brisby and Hedgehog, who are also small and faced their fears. However, she has to remind other gods that she's not a member of the Hall of Rabbits and Rodents whenever she visits the former. Before joining the Pantheon, Cindy didn't even know what a rodent was, because they weren't invented until the Palaeocene.
  • Since Cindy avoids conflict, she doesn't have many enemies... but she fears a lot of gods instead. She doesn't like the sound of the Dinobots, who see small creatures as "vermin" and nearly killed the Pteranodon family due to a misunderstanding. She'd change her mind if only she knew they hate those who use their strength to hurt others the most... Such as Dag, who preys on small and defenceless animals just because he can.
  • Cindy only has two outright enemies. While she's only ridden the Dinosaur Train a couple of times and isn't an avid railfan, her association with the Pteranodon family earns her the ire of P.T. Boomer. But more significantly, she used to be allies with Dawn Bellweather, who seemed so kind at first, talking about prey mammals need to look out for each other because life is hard enough for them. One day, Cindy was chatting with Tiny in her temple, when Bellweather showed up uninvited. Bellweather was furious when she noticed Tiny, and demanded that Cindy stop associating with predators at once. While Tiny flew away, startled, Cindy realised this was a huge red flag and told Bellweather that the Pteranodon family are her friends. Later, after Bellweather had left, Judy and Nick arrived to tell Cindy that back in their world, Bellweather was arrested for drugging predators into acting aggressive.

    Dino & Hoppy 
Dino & Hoppy, Holy Representatives of Fictional Dinosaurs Species (Snorkasaurus, Hoppasaurus)
From top to bottom: Hoppy and Dino.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their Collars and a Giant Bone
  • Theme: The Flintstones Theme (shared with Fred Flintstone)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Portfolio: Fictional Dinosaur Species, Fond of Children
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Pets, Domestication, Dogs and Kangaroos (In a Metaphorical Sense)
  • Allies: Fred Flinstone, The Gang of Seven (Especially Littlefoot), Yoshi, Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, Monster Hunters, Crash Bandicoot, Baby T, The Good-Aligned Residents of the House of Childhood and Adolescence and the Hall of Offsprings
  • Odd Relationship: Rexie
  • Enemies: Deviljho, Indominus rex, Sharptooth, Gwangi, Riptor, Big Al, Glavenus, Pokémon Hunter J, Cruella de Vil, Rusty, Balrog
  • Uneasy around: CM Punk (Hoppy only)
  • The pet companion of Fred Flintstone, Dino seems to act much like a dog, and tends to obsess over giant bones, a typical dog favorite. He often comes off as clueless and dumb, though he does sometimes display ounces of awareness and common sense. He is apparently a Snorkasaurus, living in the Stone Ages. Hoppy is a Hoppasaurus, a kangaroo-like dinosaur and the pet of the Rubbles. He also takes an interest in boxing. As the Rubbles are acting heralds of Fred, Hoppy takes vising hours with them, but for now, is in the company of Fred and Dino.
  • Dino simply wandered into the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, waddling around, accompanied by Hoppy, whereupon after seeing his owner, Fred, he immediately rushed up to him, tackled him to the floor and licked him, like any attached dog would. Fred found the arrival surprising and he was caught off-guard, but regardless welcomed Dino and Hoppy to tag alongside him.
  • They soon encountered the Gang of Seven, who took an immediate liking to his dog-like antics. Dino in particular seems to favor Littlefoot the most due to their similar appearance (Littlefood is a sauropod. Dino is a prosauropod, an ancestor to the sauropod line). Hoppy gets along with everyone equally in contrast.
  • They also founds friends in the form of Eliza Thornberry and Steve Irwin. The two like to hang out with them, with Eliza talking to them and telling them what is best for their needs and Steve nurturing and teaching them tricks.
  • Met an infant Tyrannosaurus rex going by Baby T. The three of them get along very well, and as a result, Fred and Crash Bandicoot have become close acquaintances, willing to help each other if a situation arises.
  • Surprisingly became friends with the Monster Hunters. The hunters found Dino and Hoppy endearing and often hang out. The hunters are thinking about finding Snorkasaurs and Hoppasaurs to adopt for themselves.
  • Their fondness with children made them visitors in the House of Childhood and Adolescence and the Hall of Offsprings. The good-aligned members rather enjoy their company due to their differing traits and considering dinosaurs and dogs are favorites for children, it makes Dino and Hoppy popular residents. So far, the duo feel more at home and are more comfortable here, more so than the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts.
  • Considering he tends to act more like a dog than, well, a dinosaur, Dino found company in the Hall of Canines where he quickly became accustomed to the numerous dogs in the Hall. He has a great time with Odie and Iggy in particular; the three of them tend to goof and run around doing whatever they want to do. Fred is willing to supervise and see his companion have fun. Pluto and Clifford also showed affection to Dino during a surprise visit.
    • Xion was initially curious about Dino, considering he was a different kind of animal wandering in the Hall of Canines. She soon befriended and played with the dinosaur, due to Dino's dog-like personality and antics. Fred had to teach Xion about what was a dinosaur after the session.
  • Thanks to his interest in boxing, Hoppy became a frequent guest in the House of Sports. Despite challenging a lot of the residents there, he quickly became friends with Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Ippo Makunouchi and T.J. Combo. They would often spar with one another for friendly competitiveness.
  • Dwelling in the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, Dino and Hoppy try to stick together, considering the Hall is packed with dangerous beasts around. Gwangi and Riptor are constant threats that they do best to avoid, though assistance from the Gang of Seven really helps. The Sharptooth, Big Al and Glavenus being constant visitors only raises the stakes. The two beasts they are most terrified of is Deviljho and Indominus rex due to the former's insatiable hunger, and destructive force and the latter's bloodthirsty and sadistic pleasure for hunting and killing.
    • Rexie has been a rather weird experience for them. She terrifies Dino and Hoppy immensely, but unlike the other predators around, she doesn't act malicious nor cause rampages for the hell of it. Rexie on the other hand sees the two as ambient creatures who happen to reside in the same Hall as her. She is content on letting them come to her territory, knowing that they don't pose a threat. Even then, it doesn't resolve Dino and Hoppy's fears of her.
  • They were targeted by Pokémon Hunter J, hoping that she could make money out of it. Unfortunately, Rexie interrupted. This was probably the one time Dino and Hoppy appreciated a predator in response.
  • Dino has grown a distaste for Cruella de Vil due to her mistreatment and disregard for dogs, and Dino wishes he could teach her a lesson. Hoppy's boxing match against Balrog left him with a very sour thought about boxer, due to his underhanded tactics in fighting. Rusty once tried to capture Dino and Hoppy (mistaking them for Pokémon), only for the two to see Rusty's recklessness and lack of respect in taking care of his Pokémon and be appalled. Fred wound up chasing him out of the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts.
  • For some odd reason, Hoppy just has an utter dislike for the Straight-Edge wrestler CM Punk. Fred theorized that this is probably because of Punk's caveman ancestor, CM Punkrock, insulting him in the past.

    Harry and his Dinosaurs 
Harry and Friends note , Septet Representatives of Kids Who Love Dinosaurs
Clockwise from the bucket via the top: Pterence, Patsy, Taury, Trike, Steggy and Sid. Right; Harry.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A bucket with a dinosaur insignia
  • Theme Song: Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Children, Imagination, Fun, Wonder
  • Heralds: Harry's Family (his Mother, Sam [his sister] and Nana [his grandmother]), Charley and her Friends (Princess, Scorch and Nancy)
  • High Priests: Dan and Trek Henderson, Dana Jain
  • Allies: The Gang of Seven, Dr Alan Grant, Speckles, Dino, Hoppy, Rampardos, Yoshi, Mario, Anne-Marie, Eliza Thornberry, John Hammond, Punky Brewster, Maisie, Peppa Pig, Rex, Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Power Rangers, Tommy Oliver, Eiji/Kamen Rider OOO, Gomora, Litranote 
  • On Good Terms With: Rexie, Grimlock (regarding Taury), The Raptor Pack, The Dinobots
  • Fan Of: Godzilla, The Carnotaurs
  • Friendly Rivalry: Calvin and Hobbes
  • Opposes: The Sharptooth, One Eye, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Riptor, Gwangi, Spinosaurus, Pokemon Hunter J, Mesogog, Deviljho
  • Dinosaurs and children. There's something about the former that's just incredibly enticing to people, especially for youngsters. It could be that, while real, their reputation is as mythical as, say, a dragon's. Dinosaurs looking like them and the fact that they were real animals unlike any that we had ever seen before only adds to the appeal. As like any other kid with the same interest, there's a little boy named Harry. He carries around a bucket with six dinosaur toys and usually plays with him. There is a catch, however; Harry enters an alternate world named DinoWorld which he frequents. And anytime he does, the dinosaur toys he carries around mysteriously come to life with their own mind, thoughts and traits. It is in DinoWorld where the seven of them have their fair share of fun and adventures.
  • Harry's first day in the Pantheon came about when he decided to take his dinosaur toys/friends to DinoWorld yet again. Instead of the usual, Harry ended up in a completely different world, one where actual dinosaurs roamed around as if they still ruled the land. The little boy was amazed to see the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts and still had company as his toy dinosaur friends still sprung to life. Still, it was rather perilous, especially after an encounter with Riptor had the seven frightened. Thankfully, the fact that Riptor entered Rexie's territory was a saving point as the 'Tyrannosaurus rex' suddenly emerges and drove the engineered raptor put of her territory. She didn't pay attention to Harry who had fled off to the outskirts of the Hall and was just beginning his adventures in the Pantheon.
  • Harry is a rather very eager and playful boy, the kind of mindset that makes him easily approachable and well-liked in the Pantheon. Many have noted how he's more than willing to invite anyone to his adventures in the Pantheon, though they did warn the boy and his dinosaurs not to overestimate their range and expectations, especially given that while the Pantheon may look huge and promising (and it is), there is a lot of danger prowling around, and for someone as little as Harry, that's something a lot of protective deities take very seriously.
  • Harry has seats situated in both the Halls of Child Archetypes and Prehistoric Beasts, which greatly benefitted the kids in the former as that meant that they could get to see live dinosaurs a lot quicker and easier than they originally did. Of course, this also meant that safety protocols have to be administered to keep the children safe and for a rampaging dinosaur to not suddenly break its way into the House of Childhood and Adolescence and wreak havoc. To the dismay of Darth Vader, a 501st Legion squadron was enlisted to be on the lookout of the barriers and are doing the best they can to maintain control. Of course, the majority being Stormtroopers, they aren't so confident, what with their generally (and comically) poor reception at keeping things in check. Harry personally finds these occasions rather humorous and is not above wanting to invite a Stormtrooper or two into his playtime experiences, much to their chagrin.
  • To nobody's surprise, Harry very quickly became close friends with the Gang of Seven. It also helped that Harry squeed in delight when he saw a group of actual dinosaurs with his own eyes. Introducing them to his dinosaur toys, they all take their time interacting and messing with one another. Their friendship was such that Littlefoot convinced his elders to make Harry and his Dinosaurs honorary residents of the Great Valley.
    • Regarding the dinosaurs themselves, Taury seems to be endeared by Chomper and Ruby. The two tyrannosaurs often try to talk about how menacing and scary they can try to be. Ruby insists that Taury should try to make more effort in looking after himself and the others, given he's the "King of the Dinosaurs" out of Harry's toys. Patsy easily gets along with Littlefoot for obvious reasons and the latter is willing to impart some wisdom and lessons to the former. Trike and Cera are rather vitriolic, given that Trike is a Nice Guy and Cera is temperamental and bossy albeit she can be caring and considerate.
  • Due to a mysterious and unknown cosmic force in the Pantheon, the dinosaur toys in Harry's bucket are sentient, to begin with, and virtually everyone knows about it. One thing is for certain that Harry doesn't think they're in DinoWorld as that world is a lot more fantasy-based and primordial, compared to the chaotically mish-mashed aesthetics of different cultures and genres spliced around the Pantheon. The dinosaurs personally find this cool and would like for Harry to carry them around for a grand exploration.
    • Additionally, Harry also met other dinosaurs like the Rampardos, Dino and Hoppy, all of whom didn't mind his presence and even allowed Harry to play with them for a while. Dino and Hoppy were eager to give the kid and his dinosaurs rides every now and then, though Hoppy also desires them to have a boxing match at times. Harry's dinosaurs, particularly Taury took notice on that and tried to make themselves makeshift boxing gloves. As for Rampardos itself, it will often provide some kind of fun with its headbutts, though Harry is careful to realize that it shouldn't be bothered all too much before it suddenly starts attacking.
  • Being an avid reader, Sid sometimes urges Harry to take him to the House of Knowledge after realizing how big their library must be and is eager to get his hands filled up with books. Whenever Harry does attend, the other dinosaurs, sans Sid, find the place to be pretty boring and often scurry off trying to find a different activity. Sid spends hours sitting at a desk reading whatever interests him whereas Harry would be off either in the playing department of the library or reading a book meant to be for his intellectual age.
  • If there are any dinosaurs that Harry and his pals stay clear out of, it's most definitely Sharptooth and One Eye, the former due to its near-relentless nature and savagery and the latter for being so uncharacteristically vile even other carnivorous dinosaurs don't want to be near its presence. Whenever the seven of them do spot the two, Harry wastes no time trying to hide and keep himself and his dinosaurs safe. That, and probably wishing for another dinosaur to show up to tell Sharptooth and One Eye who's boss.
  • When it comes to the larger carnivores, Harry tends to be rather nervous about them. Understandable, given that he's a child and is in no way prepared to face off against such animals. Which was made all the more surprising when Rexie would take a small liking towards Taury and even allow him to enter her territory. Ditto for Harry and the other dinosaurs, though mainly because they're Taury's friends and they don't pose a threat anyway, but Harry assures that Rexie is still a predator and must be careful. Similarly, Grimlock also likes Taury and would like to teach him on how to be badass, given that in spite of Taury's cowardice, he's willing to stand up for himself and his friends.
    • While Harry does find the Dinobots to be cool, he is somewhat let down by their overly boisterous and aggressive nature, especially Slug. Trike himself felt a bit terrified by the damage that Slug causes. The Dinobots, on the other hand, are actually pretty protective towards Harry, given that he loves dinosaurs and they're dinosaurs themselves. Woe betides to anyone who bullies the boy and his friends and family, let alone harming them, for the Dinobots do not like bullies. It sort of helps in that Grimlock is friends with Taury, Patsy and Sludge are the biggest and the "softie" of the group and that Snarl and Steggy and Swoop and Pterence, beyond being the same species find some likability to them; the Dinobots in that they're fun and cute like kids and the toy dinosaurs in that the Dinobots look badass and are willing to be friends for the moment.
  • Another boy that Harry came across was Calvin, who, like him, also had an imaginary animal (or in his case, a tiger) that came to life in his mindset, called Hobbes. The two have butted heads against one another, namely, thanks to the two's very competitive attitude, though Calvin does sometimes come off as being a jerk. Still, he did like that Harry was another kid like him, having a Companion Cube bought to life and is willing to play some sports with him should they have spare time. Still, Harry and his dinosaurs tend to be careful around Calvin and Hobbes's presence, though Harry doesn't consider them bad people.
  • Being an enthusiastic child meant that Dr Grant took a very swift liking towards Harry, especially considering that not only did he love dinosaurs, but even has miniature versions as friends and could talk, which puzzled Dr Grant. Harry had to tell Dr Grant that they're basically toys bought to life due to his imagination and jumping into DinoWorld to convince him that they're not really much when it comes to studying their paleobiology. The dinosaurs themselves, especially Sid like the palaeontologist's presence due to what they perceive him as a dinosaur expert.
  • In contrast to most of their kind, Harry's dinosaurs are actually very fond of more commercialized food, like sweets and pastry, and as a result, Harry often takes them to the House of Food whenever the dinosaurs would like to have dinner. Unfortunately, it was also there where Harry would come to learn of the infamous Deviljho. While he did see the Brute Wyvern as cool-looking, his thoughts toon changed when it suddenly attacked the boy and his dinosaurs.