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Greater Gods

    The Alien Baltans 
The Alien Baltans, Deified Race of the Doppelgänger Spin Technique (Alien Baltan, Baltan Seijin, Space Ninja, Alien Baltan II, Alien Baltan III, Alien Baltan IV/Jr., Alien Baltan V, Alien Baltan VI, Mecha Baltan, Fighting Bem, Powered Alien Baltan, Psycho Alien Baltan, Basical/Neo Baltan, Shirubyi, Dark Baltan, Tiny Baltan, Baltan Battler・Barel, Cyber Baltan, Revenge of Baltan, King Baltan, Zetton Alien Baltan, Emperor Baltan)
The Original Alien Baltan
Powered Baltan 
Dark Baltan 
Tiny Baltan 
  • Rank varies between Intermediate Deities and Greater Deities (Most of their kind), Intermediate Goddess (Tiny Baltan), Greater Gods (Original, Powered, Basical and Dark Baltan), Potential Overdeity as Zetton Alien Baltan or Revenge of Baltan
  • Symbol: A silhouette of the original Baltan
  • Theme Music: this track, Alien Baltan Theme - Ultraman (Super Famicom)
  • Alignment: Most of the species is Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Aliens, Invasion, Illusion
  • Heralds:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Under watch by: The God Emperor of Mankind (Basical, Tiny Baltan and Dark Baltan)
  • Romantic Rival: Shigeru Jo/Kamen Rider Stronger (Original Baltan only)
  • Oppose: Star Dream, The Aparoids, The evil-aligned deities of the House of Toxicity, Lord Dominator, Majin Buu (All of them with the exception of the Powered Baltans)
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Diamond Authority
  • Rivals: The Combine, The Daleks, The Harvesters, The Martians, Zarkon (Powered Baltans only)
  • Interested in: The House of Insects
  • In 1966, a race of aliens invaded Earth, they were the Baltans, arthropod-like creatures who could change their size; fleeing their homeworld after nuclear warfare rendered it inhospitable, the Baltans soon discovered Earth while trying to find resources to repair their ship and turned their temporary stop into a colonization plan. However, their invasion was thwarted by Ultraman who killed the Baltan leading the invasion and destroyed his spacecraft, forcing the rest to flee. This wasn't the end of the Baltans as they continuously came back to antagonize not only the original Ultraman but also many of his successors, such as Jack, Cosmos and Max, however, some of these Baltans were far more heroic in nature and others were outright friendly to humans and Ultras.
  • The ascension of the Baltans was marked by Powered Baltan leading a large amount of his kind to attack various Houses at once, with their size-shifting powers and their special technique, the Doppelgänger Spin, which they were masters of, they proved to be a rather big threat to the Pantheon. But luckily Ultraman and his fellow Ultramen, alongside heroic Baltans like Tiny Baltan, all came together to repel the invasion efforts and sent the Baltans into retreat to their Temple.
  • Exclusive to the original Alien Baltan:
    • He followed Powered Baltan in his attacks on the Pantheon, but wisely retreated once things went downhill for them, ever since he's not tried to stir up trouble, even if he's secretly aiding the Toku Demonic Legion.
    • He's vowed to destroy Shin Hayata/Ultraman as a whole in revenge for his defeat in 1966. This grudge has extended towards all the other Ultramen.
    • He's been noted by other deities to have forgotten about his original purpose of only invading Earth for the sake of his kind in favor of getting revenge on Ultraman, many deities in the House of Vengeance have tried to help him overcome his grudge and get back on track towards helping the Baltan survive.
    • Surprisingly enough, he once dated, and still has feelings for, Yuriko Misaki/Electro-Wave Human Tackle, upon learning she resided in the House of Speech, specifically in Stronger's temple as his herald, he tried and visit her to get back together with her, much to Stronger's jealously who challenged him to a fight. Their fight ended up devastating everything in their path, including any Houses caught in the crossfire, until their allies forcefully separated and pacified them before taking measures to ensure they don't cross paths again.
  • Exclusive to Basical:
    • He's a rather complex figure in the Pantheon, he did try to conquer Earth and exterminate humanity. But it was an act out of desperation to keep the Baltan children safe and because a human military general constantly tried to have him killed, even when he was willing to surrender.
    • One of the few deities willing to fully forgive him is Bryan Millis, mainly because Millis knows what is like to take desperate and morally questionable measures to ensure the safety of one's children.
  • Exclusive to Tiny Baltan:
    • She has tried to make as much allies as she can to ensure peace between Baltans and other species, one of her first friends was Steven Universe, as she could understand his attempts at establishing peace across the Universe, given how much it resonated with her efforts to ensure the Baltans wouldn't enter a war with humanity, likewise her being a pacifist who only uses her powers for good has resonated well with Steven.
    • She managed to fully convince Basical to drop his grudge with humanity, and even helped him see the error of his ways, while also defending him from those who want to judge him for his past actions.
    • She has also made good friends with the Magical Girls and good witches of the Pantheon due to her way of utilizing her powers in her human form being similar to the way Magical Girls and Witches perform spells and attacks, as well as her overall friendliness towards humanity.
    • Along with other friendlier Baltans such as Dark and Basical, the God Emperor of Mankind has put her under watch, as while she's an alien and her kind have tried to invade Earth and destroy humanity, they usually do so out of necessity and desperation rather than malice, and she's one of the few Baltans without any ill will towards humanity.
  • Exclusive to Dark Baltan:
    • He's a rather controversial figure to most deities on the Pantheon, given his attempted genocide on humanity, though some are rather forgiving about it since he genuinely believed it to be a justified act and has regretted it ever since. Among his closest allies are Anakin Skywalker, Ben Solo and Lotor who all know too well what is like to go off the deep end.
  • Exclusive to the Powered Baltans:
    • They've allied with fellow galactic conquerors like Emperor Palpatine, Thanos and even Ultraman Belial. Although it's more of a case of Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with the latter, and neither one sees the other as anything more than a temporal ally.
    • Their leader, Psycho Alien Baltan has been the one in charge of allying them with the Demonic Legion and other Toku villains such as Ultraman Belial, he plans on providing assistance to the alliance through their Powered Monsters, Dorako and Zetton, as well as trying to recruit as many Baltans into the Toku Demonic Legion as he can.
  • Most of their kind openly oppose beings who destroy planets, particularly nasty ones such as Lord Dominator, Evolt, King Ghidorah, Majin Buu and all their allies. They also consider Marvin the Martian, who is overtly fond of Erath-Shattering Kabooms, an enemy.
    • Because in most versions their planet was rendered inhospitable by nuclear warfare and pollution, they also oppose all evil-aligned pollution deities and even the Original Baltan is willing to team up with the Ultramen for that purpose.
    • That said, the Powered Baltans don't care much for other planets and are more interested in expanding their Empire, which has led them not to oppose said deities as much as other members of their species, even being willing to work with some of the planet-killing deities of the Pantheon.
  • Several deities have become interested in learning the secret to the Baltan's signature abilities, and have attempted to talk with Tiny Baltan for that purpose. She will not tell, however and merely dismisses would-be learners by saying that the Doppelgänger Spin is an innate ability of her species and can't be learned by non-Baltans in the traditional way.
  • Basical, Dark and Tiny have all gotten interested in fellow alien race deities, though they've made good friends with the likes of the Formics and Chozo, they've ran afoul of the evil/monstrous alien races such as the Harvesters and the Daleks. Out of them, only the Powered Baltans are willing to ally with the evil races, seeing them as welcome help in their conquest of the Universe, but for now are rivals to them.
    • Another unexpected ally they made in the Pantheon was Rose Quartz, though she was mainly friends with Tiny Baltan who was glad to hear about the particular Baltans' attempts at establishing peace and assisting humanity instead of destroying them, even if she feels a little conflicted towards the Baltans' past, due to them being somewhat similar to the Diamond Authority's conquest and destruction of planets, that said, she has at least been more understandable of it, knowing the Baltans were taking desperate measures for their survival.
  • Wall•E and EVE have become some of their race's greatest allies, mainly because the duo come from an Earth that was rendered inhospitable for hundreds of years and can sympathize with the Baltan's situations, though they don't approve of the actions of some of their members.
  • They've gotten some interest in the deities of the House of Insects, their size-shifting abilities facilitate communications with fellow arthropod deities as well as being able to visit in large amounts without taking up all the space.
  • One member of their kind once tried to pass off as Ultraman to infiltrate the GUAG Toku Division. Needless to say, it didn't work out in his favor and he quickly retreated without a fight once he was told he wasn't fooling anyone.
  • They're not overtly fond of the Diamond Authority, mainly because their past actions reminds them of how they rendered their homeworld inhospitable and how much lives they must have destroyed before their redemptions, that said, it's still debated among their kind whether or not to become allies with the Diamonds to this day, with Tiny Baltan hoping to convince the other major Baltans of taking her side.
  • They've been known to be very fond of Guillermo del Toro, with the Original Baltan even visiting him to celebrate the release of Pacific Rim and going as far as giving him a big Bear Hug, he is also known as Guillermo's best alien friend in the Pantheon and is one of the few humans the original Baltan has no real prejudice towards.

Intermediate Gods

Gene, the God who can Punch Enemies Across Rooms (The God Hand, The Comic Kenshiro)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The God Hand in his right arm punching an image of a skull split in half down the forehead
  • Theme Music: God Hand (English, Japanese, Instrumental), Gene's Rock-A-Bye, Broncobuster (when his God Hand is activated)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (but he has his moments of Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Blessed with Suck, Twinkles in the Sky, Badass Longcoat, Laugh Track, Bragging Theme Tune along with Creative Closing Credits
  • Domains: Violence, Destruction, Coolness
  • Herald: Olivia
  • Allies
  • Enemies: Azel, the entire Hall of Demons (except for Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, who he simply dislikes)
  • Rival: Bruce Lee
  • Worthy Opponent: Alexander the Great
  • Respects: Kenshiro, Nero (Devil May Cry)
  • Opposes: Alexander Anderson, Vergil
  • Gene is a 23-year-old dusty rambler who really likes beating people up, and firmly believes that he has a "macho" exterior. However, he earnestly has a strong sense of justice and upon witnessing a young woman being attacked by a gang of demons, immediately ran in to save her. Things didn't go quite as planned, and Gene ended up getting his own right arm hacked off. The woman, named Olivia, showed her gratitude by replacing it with one of the legendary God Hands, making Gene fully capable of going toe-to-toe with powerful demons. In return, he's now obligated to rescue those under the yoke of demonkind, thanks to Olivia's gleeful threats to take the God Hand back with her trusty friend Mr. Hatchet!
  • Said to have been around as one of the followers of Kenshiro, Gene presumably ascended to godhood because of his status as the God Hand. People have noticed several of his moves being a bit too similar to that of his master Kenshiro's, but Gene simply passes it off as an effect of the God Hand itself. This causes others to theorize that Kenshiro might be the titular "God" whose power blessed the golden arms, if not the one who originally defeated Angra himself.
  • However, some would say the true reason for his ascension is his infamous self-aggrandizing theme (linked above), which became viral at a time when the Pantheon needed a touch of catchy bulletproof braggadocio to come from a good place. Some people are trying to create their own self-bragging themes in order to match his and often ask to Kamina for help, since his hot-bloodness can inspire anyone to do anything. The song is cited as a primary example of his dramatic flair and smart-ass wit, many considering him similar to another demon-hunting Capcom hero in the half-demon Dante because of this.
    • Upon meeting Dante in person, both deemed one another pretty fun to spar and snark with, made more exciting with a touch of annoying challenge. Gene admits he would prefer that Dante's swords and guns never be pointed anywhere near him, while the crimson man is put off by his dirty street-brawler fighting style, namely his willingness to pick up anything off the ground as a weapon and go for low blows. Thankfully, Olivia did her research on the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda so he didn't have any explaining to do about being friendly with a demon.
  • Either way, after his ascension, he decided to find Bruce Lee in order to have some fun. Much like with the demons who tried to capture Olivia that fateful day, it didn't end too well. Unlike those demons, Bruce Lee didn't chop off his arm, instead opting for simply dodging his every move and embarrassing him with two counterattacks.
  • Also ran into Alexander the Great after hearing mooks' chatter about how "I'm Alexander the Great!" and "You're not Alexander!". After a brief exchange of blows, Iskandar sees Gene as a worthy opponent and promises to introduce him to another divine punching specialist, Saint Martha. This also caught the attention of Ryu, the legendary Street Fighter. As a result, it didn't take long for the two to recognize each other within the House of Combat and proceed to test each other out. Now the two are regular training partners.
  • Gene undeniably has a good heart underneath his slick macho exterior; however, he really just itches to kick demon ass, even holding back the power of his God Hand by wearing a Deistic Brace just so the fights don't get too easy. Because of this he's been banned from the Hall of Demons, only being allowed in without a fight if he's targeting a demon that has someone captive in their temple. The only members of that subhouse who he won't attack are the Aensland sisters, though he's not very comfortable around them either, as Morrigan's seductive personality reminds him too much of a hyperactive nympho he once destroyed.
    • Father Anderson tried to enlist him as a member of his clergy in taking out demons. Initially he accepted working with Anderson, only to see how batshit insane Anderson was when the priest tried to take out Nightcrawler, refusing to believe that the blue-skinned German was not a demon but a devout Catholic mutant. Gene helped Kurt turn back Anderson's assault, earning the misfit's thanks. Olivia wanted to hack his arm off thinking Gene had betrayed a friend to assist a demon, but then Shadowcat and Wolverine showed up to vouch for Kurt's goodness.
  • Also respects Dante's nephew Nero, who's been said to take after him, being a rebellious demon-killer with an inhumnan arm who spends some time being subject to members of an ancient order. He counts Nero lucky that that Kyrie girl is nowhere near as batty and controlling as Olivia, though. His opinion of Vergil, Nero's father and Dante's brother, is not as favorable. That guy let darkness dwell in his soul a little too much, much like Azel, making him a prime candidate for the resurrection of Angra. Gene was proven right but in a different way, and thankfully Vergil is getting better.
  • Eventually caught the attention of Buffy Summers, who invited him to join the Night Hand hunter squad as a fill-in for Dante while the Son of Sparda was out cleaning up Hell with his brother. He accepted in earnest, relishing the chance to kick demon and monster ass. Having shared Olivia's uneasiness about Blade, the Vampire Slayer was able to assure both the God Hand and his handler that the Daywalker is a good guy. Maya and Mana find him reliable but a bit of a hotshot, The Hunter largely ignores him, and Lina reminds him too much of Olivia except smaller and more cranky. Weirdly enough, Blade is the one he gets along with best.
  • If you manage to have him dead to rights, never let him get into a Levitating Lotus Position. He'll heal up faster than you're able to charge a flashy kill shot. Generally speaking, many are probably wondering how it is that god power keeps his pimp hand strong yet some hatchet-wielding beach bunny can boss him around. His self-bragging theme tune above has the answer to that.
  • The God Hand was initially extremely weary of Yuri Volte Hyuga, the man reputed as "Godslayer" who is said to not only wield demonic powers, but to have already beaten down another being bearing the name "God Hand" once before. However, upon meeting, both men seemingly saw enough of themselves in one another to come to an understanding after trading more snarky quips than they did blows (thankfully). The two wandering demon-punchers now share a bizarre, bash-brothers frienemy-ship on the rare occassions that their paths cross.

Glavenus, God of Tail Attacks (Dinovaldo; Glavenus: The Cutting Wyvern, Ben; Hellblade Glavenus: Burning Blade, Black Knight of Ferocious Flames)
Hellblade Glavenus 
Acidic Glavenus 
  • Intermediate God; Greater God (as Hellblade Glavenus)
  • Symbol: Their Hunter Icons
  • Theme Music: Scorching Blade (Glavenus) Resolve Flaring in the Heart (Hellblade Glavenus, shared with all Deviants)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lightning Bruiser (Though a Glass Cannon compared to other Brute Wyverns), Dinosaurs Are Dragons, Bladed tail spinning attacks, Smartest Brute Wyvern in the series and it shows, Breathing fire & creating explosions, Part of the Fated Four as The Leader, Flagship Monster
  • Size: 2234.75cm - 3174.36cm (Glavenus) 2727.22cm - 3380.61cm (Hellblade Glavenus)
  • Domains: Wyverns, Blades, Fire, Theropods, Intellect, Aggression
  • Herald: Mizutsune
  • Allies: Sharptooth
  • Subject of Interest by: Plague Knight, Mona, the Explosives Sub-House
  • Rivals: Deviljho, Nergigante Zinogre, Brachydios, other top predators, wielders of Hot Blades and/or large bladed weapons like Nero and Sol Badguy (even if one-sided), Indominus Rex
  • Enemies: The Gang of Seven (Littlefoot, Chomper, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike and Ruby), Rexie, Grimlock, Sundowner, the Corpus, Those wanting to weaponize it, really anyone within its vicinity, the Kraken
  • Opposed by: The Monster Hunters
  • Opposes: The Halls of Water and Moisture and Ice and Cold (former only for Glavenus, both for Hellblade)
  • It's no secret that the world of Monster Hunter holds many, many dangerous creatures. Whether you refer to the catastrophically powerful Elder Dragons such as the Fatalis' or other monsters like the erratic Rajang or the fired up Varusaburosu. Glavenus is certainly no different. Besides looking very similar to the Carnotaurus, the most eye catching thing about it is the giant bladed tail, something you really don't want to be the end of especially when it's heated up. That much is made clear when it made a Rathian turn tail and run.
  • The Glavenus is noted to be a pretty smart monster contrary to what it appears to be. This is often exemplified by doing more complex actions like using its own mouth as a whetstone. Plus, it's weak to the Dragon Element, and that is influenced by how smart something is. It's the other factor as to why Glavenus is one of the most dangerous among its fellow Brute Wyverns, seeing as it's one of the few that doesn't rely on charging excessively. The others would be Brachydios and Deviljho.
  • Unlike most monsters, it has a more broader range of habitats within the House of Nature. It prefers hot environments and as such can be often seen roaming the great deserts of Metal and Minerals, the dense warmer parts of the forest of Plants, or the volcanic parts of Fire and Heat though it doesn't dare go to Water and Moisture due to its own weakness to water. Outside of Nature, it too roams the House of Beasts and Fauna. To those who frequent those three Houses you'd better watch yourself around them, the Glavenus is a very aggressive monster and a good sign to back off is when it's roaring at you whilst dragging its tail on the ground. It often has to compete with other predatory creatures for dominance and has no qualms with fighting whoever stands in its way.
    • In the same vein as other predators, it seems to consider those who wield similar choices in weaponry as competitors. Other swordsmen are challenged as well, but often tries to pick a fight against those types when it can, like Nero and Sol Badguy for example. It doesn't always win those encounters, but it learns from each and every one of them seeing as though it's starting to apply them in future battles.
  • Although the plans to utilize the Deviljho against Indominus Rex hasn't changed, nor did the talk of who would win, there are some deities who would like to see a fight between her and Glavenus. Well, it didn't take long for that to happen as when it tried to attack Littlefoot since it reminded the theropod of Larinoth (its favorite food), Rexie managed to intervene and lure it to the direction of I. Rex. It didn't take long for the two theropods to go at it with the Cutting Wyvern coming out on top. Littlefoot's friends weren't all too happy at Glavenus, I. Rex even less so. Although, there are rumors that I. Rex wants to have the theropod on her side, given the similarities besides the obvious.
  • About the only allies it could muster within the Pantheon in spite of its general disposition is Tyrantrum and Sharptooth, though it might have to do with encountering it on a not as aggressive state. While the former probably came out of attempting to hunt down its enemies, the former originates from their dragon-like traits in spite of being, well, dinosaurs.
  • Some deities report seeing Glavenus that's not only larger but also sports black and red coloring. What they saw was not the same deified one, but its Deviant: The Hellblade Glavenus. Having survived previous encounters from hunters, the Burning Blade has adapted by causing a lot more explosions than its normal counterpart. Its rather telling when the Monster Hunters need special permission to hunt this thing. With it running loose in the Pantheon, there's a good chance it'll a lot more tricks from its battles thus adding to its danger.
    • That being said, Plague Knight and Mona really like the thing because of all the explosions it creates. They, along with many members in the House of Explosives, want to include this thing along with the Brachydios in a movie directed by Michael Bay. It'd be "the bomb", don'cha think? (We're sorry...) The movie would be dynamite, but don't think of it as being bombastic, alright? "You thought your movie is gonna be good, wait till you sea mine!" says one denizen... okay, that's enough.
  • Is a potential monster able to be raised and bonded with in another adventure, although no such attempts at stealing eggs were made. Though there were attempts at trying to mechanize it for their own purposes, those who tried just got cut down. That hasn't stopped people from thinking of the potential that comes from it. Sundowner and the Corpus is looking forward to amplifying its tail into a HF Blade, which combined with its estimated temperature of a whopping 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for the normal monster... let's not think about that any further.
  • The only god it legitimately sees as an enemy when putting aside its behavioral traits is the Kraken. The reason being is that, in its home universe, the only known monster that feeds on it is Nakarkos, a giant cuttlefish Elder Dragon that wears the bones of the monsters it fed upon long ago, even using the abilities associated with them when they were alive. Granted, the Kraken isn't nearly as morbid and neither have any reason to be near each other, it hates it regardless. Davy Jones being able to summon it doesn't help.

    Jotaro Kujo 
Jotaro Kujo, God of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and Spiritual Combat (The Third JoJo, Jotaro Cujoh, Heritage for the Future, Dr. Kujo)
Jotaro Kujo (age 18) in Stardust Crusaders
Jotaro Kujo (age 28) in Diamond is Unbreakable 
Jotaro Kujo (age 30-ish) in Golden Wind 
Jotaro Kujo (age 40) in Stone Ocean 

    Ken Masters 
Ken Masters, God of Moveset Clones and Master of the Shoryuken (Roaring Inferno, Crimson Warrior, The Fire-Breathing Fist, The Original Echo Fighter, Framed Champion, Undying Dragon, Blazing Heart, Weight of the World)
Ken's classic design
Ken in Street Fighter V 
Ken in Street Fighter 6 

    Master Asia 
Master Asia, God of the Facepalm of Doom (Touhoufuhai, The Undefeated Of The East, Shuuji Kurosu)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His giant head, with the writing ''Super Asia'' behind it; alternatively, the Master Gundam
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hot-Blooded, Cool Old Guys, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Rule of Cool, Broken Pedestal
  • Domains: War, Teaching, Martial Arts, Old Age
  • High Priest: Galuf
  • Allies: Iroh, Yoda, Gen, Gandalf
  • Foolish Disciple: Domon Kasshu
  • Odd Friendship With: Lordgenome
  • Interested in: Sekai Kamiki (Domon's Disciple)
  • His realm is (and has always been) named The School of the Undefeated of The East. All followers are required to do the motto dance with Master Asia at least once: "The School of The Undefeated of The East! The Winds of the Kings! Zenshin! Keiretsu! Tenpa Kyouran!", followed by an epic Fisbump while shouting at the top of their lungs: "LOOK! THE EAST IS BURNING RED!!!" Needless to say, he has only few, but WORTHY followers.
    • Among his former students was Domon, whom he eventually taught the Facepalm of Doom. Domon faced off against him for the said title twice: the first encounter ended in a draw, resulting to both of them holding on to the title; the second was after Asia got affected by a Pantheon-wide revamp, thus prompting him to battle his student once more. His recent victory was well-earned, as Domon went all out to make sure either of them earned that right for the title.
  • Is very proud of his trusted steed, Fuun Saiki. And he's not bitter that his horse is not the God of Awesome Horses.
  • Has been kept under close supervision in case any lingering remnants of the Devil Gundam remain. These observations have levied when the Pantheon felt sure he was clean.
  • There has been gossip and a betting pool questioning if Whitebead would take the throne from Master Asia. Newgate himself has shown no interest, but Master Asia has gone on record that he would relish such a challenge.
  • Was reported to have trained Heero in the ways of the Undefeated of the East, though this new student has never demonstrated his techniques publically.

    Ryu (Street Fighter
Ryu, God of Hurricane Kicks and Co-God of of the Kamehame Hadoken (The Wandering World Warrior, Tireless Wanderer, Ryu Hoshi, Ryu Takegami, Hot Ryu, Eternal Wanderer/Challenger, Evil Ryu/Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryū, Ryu Ranger, Crimson Hawk Ranger, Reticent Preacher, Master of the Fist, The Pursuit of Perfection)
Ryu's classic design
Ryu in Street Fighter 6 
Evil Ryu 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God by using either the Satsui no Hadou or the Power of Nothingess)
  • Symbol: HADO-KEN! with a stylized outline of the "SF" initials inside
  • Theme Music: Ryu Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil as Evil Ryu)
  • Portfolio: Constantly Seeking Challenge, The Desire to be the Best, Walking the Earth, Spirited Competitor, Nice Guy, Original Example of Staple Fighting Skills (Composed by the Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku), Celibacy, Chance of Losing Control to the Satsui no Hadou, His V-Trigger: Denjin Renki
  • Domain: Combat, Travel, Philosophy, Martial Arts
  • Follower: Masaru Takahara
  • Mentor: Gouken
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Akuma, Remy, Demitri Maximoff, Morrigan Aensland, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Asura, Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Jin Kazama, Tien Shinhan
  • Fire-Forged Friends with: Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Scott Summers/Cyclops, James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
  • Enemies:
  • The lead character of the Street Fighter franchise, co-mascot of Capcom itself along with Mega Man, and the Fighting Game character. Ryu is a stoic Japanese martial artist who wanders the globe seeking the meaning of being a "true warrior". He can be recognized by his sleeveless white karate gi and a red or white hachimaki depending on the time. He trained alongside his friendly rival Ken Masters under their mutual master Gouken and was a finalist in the first Street Fighter tournament.
    • Originally he was reported to have won the tournament, but it was later revealed that he lost, having been on the receiving end of an absolute beatdown from Sagat. As Sagat went to help Ryu up, Ryu's anger at losing temporarily awakened the Surge of Murderous Intent, and he rose and scarred Sagat with a Metsu Shoryuken. Ryu regained control of himself and the Satsui no Hadou lay dormant until his encounter with his master's nemesis Akuma prior to the second tournament awoke that evil power within him, although it was eventually sealed away by Gouken using the Power of Nothingness.
  • The three fighting skills he is an expert of, two of which he currently rules over, are legendary to many, with so many clones to 'emulate' the style whilst adding their own flair: Hadoken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku. People often point out that Ryu stands out somewhat due to himself and others having their own touches to differentiate; others who know him more closely state he sticks to honing his fundamentals 24/7, hence his higher focus on technique than actual style.
    • As for the question of whether he stole Goku's Kamehameha, or if Goku stole his Hadoken, he has publicly stated that neither is the case. Both of them learned the move from masters who were inspired by the same principles behind the Space Battleship Yamato's Wave Motion Gun, using their own ki in place of the machine's energy. He is personally surprised, though, that of all people and moves, Deadpool stole his Shoryuken out of sheer randomness.
  • When not training or paying respects at the Suzaku Castle dojo, he continues to travel the world in search of strong opponents, and is famous for nearly always being seen wandering barefoot in his gi (or sometimes wearing only underwear while doing his laundry). He's also very cheap when it comes to technology, being hard to reach even in the era of cellphones. This all creates the misconception that the heavily-muscled fighting globetrotter is somehow perpetually poor and unemployed. In reality, he occasionally takes on high paying but dangerous gigs such as being a bouncer for gang transactions, at other times sustains himself humbly as a physical day laborer or lends a hand in solving local crises, though when he's really strapped for cash he'll go out and bet on himself in street fights with local competitors. It's also been suggested he has a house in Tokyo.
    • Ultimately he accepted entry into the Pantheon based on the opportunity to meet strong foes from other worlds. Since ascending he constantly goes into the Houses of Combat, War, Weapons, and Power, seeking fair fights to perfect his skills. (Some of those involve cash prizes as well.) True to his nature, though, he has never set foot in the House of Technology, which is highly unusual, as nearly everyone has a use for tech. On reflection, this is just as well — it means that he has never competed against The Guy.
    Ryu: The fight is all.
  • Like many Japanese names, the kana of his name is also subjective to Inconsistent Spelling; there's actually a long "u" vowel in his name, making "Ryuu" a less-"lazy" way of spelling it in romaji. This applies to the techniques in his and Ken's fighting style as well. As far as namesakes go, he's definitely not to be confused with the Ryu who'd initially ascended as the God of Dragons. That Ryu, along with his blonde companion Nina, would each ultimately exist within five different persons across time, whereas the only blonde Nina that this Ryu has met personally is the assassin associated both with and against all three infamous Mishima fighters. He and Ken once stood across from Nina Williams and Kazuya during the search for Pandora's Box. That said, he gets along with the draconic hero(es) far more, with the original and Bateson incarnations occasionally allowing him to test himself against their dragon forms.
  • Ken Masters was supposed to ascend at the same time as Ryu, but ended up staying back to clear up rumors about the two being gay together (Ken is a noted family man, with his wife being the sister of Major Guile's wife) before entering the Pantheon on his own. As well as get him a cellphone to keep in touch, plus a black card to secure all the money he's earned and give him ease of access. Sakura Kasugano, who always speaks highly of him, was another person he was very happy to hear had joined the Pantheon. She and Chun-Li later pushed for Cammy White to ascend after almost mistaking someone else for her. Blanka had been around without a temple until someone found him and showed him how the Pantheon works. Long story short, Ryu would be surrounded in good time by most of the friends and allies he'd met on his travels as a World Warrior.
  • Consideration is being given to promote him to Greater God after his battle with Asura, having shown himself able to keep up with the Overdeity in combat. He later defeated Bison decisively upon first truly harnessing the Power of Nothingness with the tyrant's power at something close to its peak. Ultimately he is kept as an Intermediate God, with Greater God status being given to his enhanced power states.
  • Has at least twice embarked on adventures with many other Gods from various Capcom and Namco-affiliated worlds in order to stop the merging of said worlds, with Ken and Chun-Li both being among his comrades. On the first occasion Akuma was able to get him to succumb to the Satsui no Hado, but with Ken leading the party into battle against him and even knocking sense into him with his own Shin Shoryuken, he ultimately resisted the corruption and showed growth in his power. On the second, he and Ken amazed everyone by doing the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku to control themselves mid-flight after the capsule they were shot from broke down.
  • When they faced off in a DEATH BATTLE!, Scorpion attempted to attack Ryu from behind, but the martial artist saw it coming. Still, the fight ended with Scorpion dragging him to the Netherrealm and burning him to death with Hellfire. While he revived as soon as the battlefield was turned off, Ryu was physically sore and fevered for days. He ended up telling Ken what happened, leading to his best friend challenging Scorpion and ending up in a bad way. Thankfully Ghost Rider caught wind of it and intervened to stop Scorpion, sobering the ninja with the Penance Stare. He and Scorpion get on rather well after that, strangely enough. Scorpion's agility and supernatural powers give Ryu an exciting challenge.
  • He used to be on very good terms with Liu Kang, considering the two to be kindred spirits as serious martial arts whose quiet dedication to their skills could save the world. This was ended when in his eyes, Liu Kang not only fell from grace in Timeline X, but has also embraced villainy, which reminds him of the Satsui no Hadou. However, with yet another timeline shift resulting in Fire God Liu Kang regaining his honor, defeating the corrupt Keeper of Time, and overseeing a new Korrected Timeline, Ryu has begun trusting the Champion of Mortal Kombat once more.
  • In yet another Death Battle, Ryu fought Jin Kazama, and at first it seemed it would be a friendly match given their alliance during the merging of worlds. That is, until Jin tapped into the Devil Gene and forced Ryu into the Satsui no Hadou. The fight slowly turned to Jin's advantage, until Ryu harnessed the Power of Nothingness and obliterated his opponent, attaining victory. Relations between the two have been chilly ever since.
  • Rumors arose of him secretly training for one of Master Hand's Smash Bros. tournaments. Turns out he got picked to enter alongside the return of Lucas and Roy. Given that Nintendo were the first to give his series a home port, and he and Mario are the two most famous original bases from whom "clone characters" would arise with similar aesthetics and movesets (with Ken as well as Mario's brother Luigi being the first of said "clones"), it was only considered fitting when the invitation was finally sent to to Ryu. In the tournament, he would demonstrate his considerable skills, being the first to master the use of two Final Smash attacks within the same event, those being Shinku Hadoken and Shin Shoryuken. He was later joined on the fields of Smash by Ken, who was heralded as "The Original Echo Fighter" by the hype department, and by Guile as an "assist trophy", with the major showcasing his mastery of turtling charge-input combat.
  • Every so often, Ryu takes out a new look where he goes shirtless and grows out a beard. Many, even the males, couldn't help but stare, with the fangirls (and boys) quickly dubbing the look as "Hot Ryu". This later becomes his default appearance during his travels after both Shadaloo and The Illuminati are beaten out of power in his world, complete with a maroon kasaya tied and banded together by a gold ring to resemble the one-armed gis worn by masters Gouken and Oro.
  • Ryu also became friends with Yugi Muto and the Pharaoh. At first, the Yugis confused Ryu with their friend Katsuya Jonouchi because they shared voices, but they quickly became friends because of their competitive nature and their experiences with corrupting energies: Ryu with the Satsui no Hadou and Yami with the Seal of Orichalcos. And when he met Katsuya Jonouchi, Ryu had nothing but respect for Jonouchi's Undying Loyalty and determination, and hopes to train him for future encounters.
  • After being advised by Dhalsim following a fight with a Pillar Man-type monster, Ryu stopped trying to avoid the Satsui no Hadou and confronted it within him. By doing so, he was able to overcome the Dark Hadou's influence and tap into the Mu no Ken instead, enabling him to repel said monster, destroy the body of M. Bison, and help his friends finally defeat Shadaloo seemingly once and for all. He then sparred with Ken in order to show him what he learned, on his way to finally fully expelling the Satsui no Hadou.
    • However, the Satsui within Ryu had become strong enough to manifest itself in a "silhouette" or "shadowy" devil version of the man himself appropriately named Kagenaru Mono, or Kage for short. Hell bent on proving that Ryu was nothing without the Satsui, Kage faced down and "defeated" both Akuma and Sagat, before confronting Ryu himself. Despite seemingly overpowering him, Ryu was completely at peace, declaring that Kage had the freedom to exist or leave as his own being but denying the Shadowy One the chance to ever be part of him again. This effectively forced Kage out of existence in the Street Fighter universe... but also brought the Shadow to the Pantheon.
    • The Investigation Team approached Ryu about accepting Kage once more in order to create a Persona. However, he had to refuse this offer, pointing out that as an embodiment of the Satsui no Hadou, this was not a part or aspect of him he could accept, but a corrupting force which operated in very much the opposite way from their world's Shadows; it wanted to be accepted so it could take control. Chie Satonaka, interested in his philosophy of "communicating with one's fists", challenged him to a brief fight; as he sparred with her, it was evident he was completely at peace, not troubled or suppressing any vice as would be expected for someone rejecting their Shadow. Yu Narukami conceded that leaving Kage as his own man was the less dangerous option of the two, thanking Ryu for his time and promising to visit again on his own.
  • Went on and helped Tommy Oliver when M. Bison allied with Rita Repulsa to control an army of Power Rangers. Ryu eventually gained the power to become a Power Ranger himself, named Crimson Hawk Ryu Ranger. Doesn't go into this form often unless he's fighting alongside Tommy.
  • Also present in the House of Power as a member of the Powerhouse Trio.
"This is the path… of my destiny!"

Lesser Gods

    Akande Ogundimu/Doomfist 
Akande Ogundimu, God of Ground Punches (Doomfist III, The Successor, Terry Crews)

"Hey bitches, screw all of you!"

Bayley Pamela Rose Martinez, Goddess of Tackle Hugs (Davina Rose, Luchadora, The Huggable One, The Hugger, Pogo, Your Role Model, Karen Bayley)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A wacky inflatable tube man holding a sign that reads "Hug time!" (as a Face). Her personal edgier logo (as a Heel)
  • Theme Music: Deliverance, used to be Turn It Up in her more cheerful days
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, used to be Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorable when Kicking Ass, Optimistic Against the Odds, Power-Wrestler Who Frequently Wears Purple, The Cutie, Cuddle Bug, Befriending Those She Defeats, Most Innocent Diva in The WWE Universe, Able to Sell Her Matches with Skill, Wants to be Friends with Everyone, Incredibly Dangerous When Pushed and Ready to Kick Ass if Need Be, Turning Heel, Took a Level in Jerkass, The Bayley-to-Belly Suplex
  • Domain: Hugs, Optimism (Formerly), Cynism, Jerkassery, Wrestling, Friendship (Not Anymore)
  • Followers: Her fanbase: The Hugger Section (as a face) or Bayley's Bitches (as a heel)
  • Promoter: Vince McMahon (yes, she hugged him)
  • Allies: Homura Akemi, Seth Rollins
  • Former Allies: The Avatars of Friendship, The New Day, the Hall of Joy and Happiness, the House of Friendship and Camaraderie, Bear Hugger, Rey Mysterio, all face wrestlers
  • Rivals: AJ Lee, Paige (the latter is a Friendly Rival though), AJ Styles, Kotal Khan
  • Enemies: K.O., Seth Rollins, the House of Betrayal and Treachery, most of the House of Villainy
  • Distaff Counterpart to: Dolph Ziggler
  • Conflicting Opinion: Freddy Fazbear
  • Bayley is a wrestler who first came to prominence under the Full Sail banner of NXT. At first, one can't expect lots from such a sweet girl who wishes to hug everyone she sees...however, she is actually heralded as one of the legendary Four Horsewoman alongside Ric Flair's daughter, Charlotte, her on/off again friend Sasha Banks and "The Man" Becky Lynch. Matches with any of the four women involved tend to be among the highest caliber and are said to be so good that matches coming after them tend to be underwhelming. Despite trailing behind her fellow Horsewomen at times, Bayley became the first to ascend into the Pantheon proper because of her finishing move — which is essentially her hugging her opponent before slamming them to the mat.
  • When she made her appearance at the gates of the Pantheon accompanied by her wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men (sorry "Bayley Buddies"), there were various gods who began to sing:
    Heeeeeey, heeyyy Bayley! OOH! AAAH! I wanna knooooow… will you be my girl!
    • She had her temple surrounded by said Bayley Buddies. No one is really sure just how she managed to pull that off.
  • Would usually make her rounds by hugging everyone in sight. Some were confused, some were happy, some gleefully returned the hug. She got along well with Yui Hirasawa because of that. Many gods are worried what would happen if Bayley started giving hugs to Moe goddesses…like Mikuru Asahina, Chiyo Mihama or Yotsuba… the ending result would be everyone in a five-foot radius dissolving from the cuteness.
    • Then came the day when she met with Hello Kitty…
      • Her friendly nature naturally led her to befriend the Avatars of Friendship, which started at a party in her new temple, being introduced to Gentaro Kisaragi with his handshake (and Gentaro given a hug in return), Elena, Pinkie Pie and Steven Universe, who have now made her an honorary member of their group. Bayley was absolutely happy and has promised to join in on their daily friendship rounds. Is also an honorary member of the Cuteness Quartet since many can't stop talking on how cute she is.
  • When Bayley decided to give a hug to Rena Ryuguu, Rena surprised her by going "OMOCHIKAERI!!!!" and drag Bayley back to her temple. Many gods are now wondering what would happen if Bayley and Rena actually fought, with bets going that Bayley would win and place Rena in the Bayley-to-Belly Suplex.
  • While some wrestlers get the crowd to chant how "X is GONNA KILL YOU!", Bayley would get the honor of having the crowd chant "BAYLEY'S GONNA HUG YOU!" Many gods are just wondering how that even works. What's more surprising is that, unlike most divas, she's capable of going toe-to-toe with many of the male wrestlers.
    • And whenever she passes by the House of Love, various gods sing, "HEY!!! We want some BAYLEY!"
  • Is the Distaff Counterpart to Bear Hugger, Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio for these reasons:
    • To Bear Hugger: They're more huggers than fighters, and want nothing more than to hug everyone in sight. When Bayley met, she gave Bear Hugger a...hug, then gave one to his squirrel and bear friend. Bear Hugger was surprised to find that, unlike most divas in the Pantheon, she's gone toe-to-toe with guys and put them in her Bayley-to-Belly Suplex.
    • To Dolph Ziggler: They are masters of making their matches look good, no matter the opponent, not to mention their "never give up" attitudes. Bayley was impressed to learn of Dolph's past as part of the "Spirit Squad", while Dolph notes that Bayley's basically a better version of him from back when he was known as "Nicky". The two tend to train and practice their skills from time to time.
    • To Rey Mysterio: Where do we begin?! Underdogs, adorable ass-kickers, both of them hailing from California (Rey Mysterio from San Diego, Bayley from San José), being Faces who love children and are liked by those very same kids, are into comic books...we could go on and on, but the point is everyone basically couldn't stop cooing when Bayley and Rey hugged!
  • Taking advantage of her huggable nature, LOLRanger once asked her to hug a duo of vampire wrestlers in the House of Ambiguity...around the same time as the Cutie Mark Crusaders decided to go there. The House of Ambiguity knew this was going to be something they couldn't miss and watched as Gangrel found himself glomped by three fillies and Bayley at the same time while Luna Vachon just smirked and accepted her hug from Bayley without fuss. Gangrel honestly has no comment on the whole thing, except that the next time he saw a member of LOLRanger, he was preparing a Blood Bath on them.
    • Things calmed down after the vampires left for the House of Undead. One day, she decided to venture there and questioned where the Crusaders were. It turns out that the CMC decided to move on from Gangrel and Luna and became good friends with The New Day instead. Bayley, although saddened by this news, was at least happy that the groups left on good terms and gave them a heartfelt hug before heading off.
  • When she found Pooh, she immediately went to him and gave him a hug, to which Pooh replied back. She also has given similar hugs to Teddie and Naughty Bear, but doesn't know what to say about Freddie Fazbear—she does want to hug him after hearing his backstory, but also knows that she could easily be killed by him if not careful. That said, she is not going to be giving hugs to Springtrap, especially when she learned of that monster's backstory.
  • Upon hearing the story of Homura and Madoka's friendship, she really thinks that Homura is in need of a good hug. She once tried to give it to her, only to have many generals in the GUAC pull her out before she had a chance. She hopes that Homura and Madoka make up one day, though. She also thinks that the Incubators are in a need of a good hug...except that they don't actually understand the gesture behind it and they're currently going through a mental breakdown.
  • The glomping incident with Gangrel aside, she's had lots of fun making friends with all of the Equestrian ponies. She's given them lots of hugs and has spent time getting to know them better. Rarity has decided to make her wrestling outfits with lots of purple, Fluttershy and her spend time taking care of Fluttershy's animal friends (she even gave Discord a hug, much to his embarrassment) and she even likes to listen to Spike's tales of heroism.
  • Upon finding Cesaro in the Pantheon, they both celebrated by having him (and Sheamus, herald to Aran Ryan and Cesaro's tag team partner at the time) do her entrance. The end results had Bayley and Cesaro absolutely happy, and Sheamus absolutely not amused.
    • And she was also happy to find Seth Rollins, giving him a hug (like she always did). After hearing about Rollins redeeming himself—after selling out his fellow Shield members—she's just happy that he has a chance to be friends again with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Neither Ambrose nor Reigns are as optimistic as Bayley, but for the time being things between the Hounds of Justice are better.
      • She was absolutely ecstatic to learn that Rollins and Ambrose eventually made up and became Tag Team Champions, tackling the two in her signature hug, and even moreso when they reunited The Shield with Reigns. Unfortunately, Reigns leaving to fight leukemia and Ambrose turning Heel has made the Shield break up, probably for good this time. She did, at the very least, gave Ambrose, or Jon Moxley as he goes by now, a farewell hug before he left.
      • She jumped for joy upon finding The New Day in the Pantheon, spending time spreading the message of positivity when she's not at her temple.
  • Akuma absolutely shuddered upon finding Bayley asking to fight him, seeing the hugger just like fellow Street Fighter Elena. And just like Elena (who befriended him after they fought by glomping him), she did the same thing...but that was after she put Akuma into her Bayley-to-Belley Suplex (which is essentially a hug in wrestling form). Many gods couldn't stop laughing after that.
  • Due to her friendly nature, she is willing to give hugs to gods that others wouldn't dare to—this includes hugs to The Dog and Barney the Dinosaur. When Barney told her that she was the second wrestler to be kind to him (The first one being Randy Orton), Bayley just scratched her head as to why someone like The Legend Killer would go so far as to even be nice to the dinosaur.
  • Once again, due to her hugging nature, she found Baymax and hugged him, stating that she felt like she was hugging a warm marshmallow. She and Baymax go to the Sadness sub-house to give many of the gods some hugs. One goddess in that house, Sae Kashiwagi, who has been receiving lessons from Gentaro on becoming friendly, honestly thanked her for the hug.
    • Then there was the time she hugged Edward Scissorhands, after Edward painfully told Bayley that he couldn't hug her back in return. She didn't mind at all, and sometimes dances underneath the snow he forms from the ice sculptures he creates.
  • Her original herald back at Full Sail was her No. 1 fan, Izzy, a young girl who was always at ringside for Bayley's matches. One of the most dickish things to do is make this little girl cry. Various jerks think that it's absolutely cruel and it's a good way to press Bayley's Berserk Button. Even Sae (see above) thinks that's going a bit overboard.
  • Don't let her sweet nature and desire to hug gods fool you — she's been crowned as one of the best female wrestlers in recent memory. How so? She had two consecutive Women's Championship matches in NXT with her rival who would later turn best friend Sasha Banks which both ranked among Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Match of the Year contenders in 2015, among various other top 10 lists for Match of the Year. Mind you, this was the same year where you would expect wrestlers like John Cena, Seth Rollins, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan to be pulling out the stops. One was a match in Brooklyn that went about fifteen minutes; the other, the first ever 30-minute Iron Woman match. This girl is not to be trifled with.
    • Gods in the House of Knowledge also noted many things about the Iron Woman match: it was the first woman's Iron Match as well as the first women's match to main event a pay-per-view in the history of any WWF/E affiliated promotion. Oh, and that Match of the Year thing? It wasn't just a contender, it was PWI's match of the year, the first ever woman's match to get the coveted award. Yes, this girl who loves to state that she's a Hugger is definitely one to not underestimate.
  • There is one god that Bayley must never go into battle with, and that is Kotal Khan. Upon learning about Kotal Khan's "Tight Squeeze" fatality, she has promised herself that fighting him and giving him a hug was not worth it. Kotal Khan is indifferent to her, but at least respects the fact that she's capable of putting men in her Bayley-to-Belly Suplex.
  • Is known to get HANGRY when she's hungry, even telling gods when pissed off to Go Hug Yourself. Thus the House of Food makes sure to supply her with Snickers bars to keep her happy.
  • Likes comic books, and has once worn wrestling gear resembling Iron Man's armor. This got the interest of Tony Stark, who tried to woo her. Instead, she just hugged him and wanted to be Just Friends with him (just like with everyone else). Everyone laughed for days.
  • Upon learning about Paige's retirement from wrestling (and new position as GM), she just gave the girl a huge hug as Paige broke down in tears.
  • As of 2019, Bayley holds the distinction of being the first ever Women's Grand Slam Champion, having won every single Women's Championship in The WWE Universe and been crowned Ms. Money in the Bank. Many gods have now been wondering if she should accept Intermediate Goddess rank for this.
  • While she's good friends with Seth, many gods note that she actually has very very good chemistry with one of Seth's high priests, Prince Devitt AKA Finn Bálor. Many gods are known to ship Devitt and Bayley together even if they see each other as friends. Seth, for his part, is interested to see if Bayley can ascend Devitt in the future, preferably before AJ Styles can; despite his respect for the latter, whenever the Bullet Club boys link up together it tends to be trouble. Despite this, she and AJ have no animosity for one another.
  • Heard of the legendary Smiling Senshi, Rushuna Tendou, who was known for her patented Cooldown Hug on enemies. It was a no brainer that they became good friends, hugging each over for over a minute which made many hearts melt at the sight. Many gods state it was equivalent to Elena and Gentaro Kisaragi sharing a handshake with one another.
  • As one of the most stalwart representatives of pure goodness in all of pro wrestling, Bayley shocked everyone in the GUAG when her best friend Sasha Banks made a return in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation in an attempt to attack Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins' fiancée and current Herald. Many were anxious to see which side Bayley would take… and she sided with Sasha, beating Becky with a steel chair moments after they'd just teamed up in a tag match. When her fellow Avatars of Friendship confronted her about this, Bayley insisted in response that she's still a role model and an exemplary friend, claiming she's showing loyalty to Sasha even when it's not the popular thing to do. After her SmackDown speech on the matter, Elena tried to explain that there's a reason said decision is unpopular, but it fell on deaf ears.
  • Since then, she lost her SmackDown Women's Championship to Ric Flair's daughter and herald Charlotte, at which point she finally hit a mental and emotional breaking point. Last seen in a crumpled heap of tears that same night, she would lock herself away until she finally came out days later for her championship rematch… revealing that she'd cut off her long hair into a shoulder-length cut that would no longer fit in her traditional Alice band, then taking a hatchet job to her Bayley Buddies, who'd accompanied her entrance since her days in NXT. She won the title back and celebrated, only to offer this to every supporter and friend who'd questioned her actions of late at the time:
    Bayley: Hey bitches! Screw all of you!
    • AJ Styles and his Bullet Club heralds are of varying opinions regarding her current course of action; AJ and Devitt aren't sure that hurting the Avatars of Friendship is the brightest idea, while The OC more or less accept her taking her own initiative and BC's current New Japan ace Jay White fully approves. Similar to Jay, Dolph Ziggler, who'd already caved to his own bitterness, also thinks it's about time Bayley showed her edge. Among her developments, she's now found a kinship with Homura, giving her that hug she'd wanted to give long ago after realizing that she, too, had chosen to do whatever it took for both herself and her best friend and to hell with everyone else.
  • After awhile of hanging around Sasha, Bayley regained the cheerfulness that had defined her prior to her attack on Becky... but in a warped version, manifesting in the form of an obnoxious manipulative troll. The pair, now called the Ultimate/Golden Role Models, would go on to dominate the entire women's division of WWE, capturing both brand singles championships as well as the tag team titles. Much gloating would ensue. The Avatars of Friendship had no idea what to think. She and her friend were happy together, proving her point from when everyone questioned her initially... but they were not good people.
    • The collective state of mixed opinion was put to an end when Sasha lost both her Raw Women's Championship and the Women's Tag Team titles—at which point Bayley assaulted Banks viciously, almost trying to kill her, and obviously coldly kicked her out of her temple. Her reasoning? The simple truth that she and Sasha had been using each other for success the entire time they were friends and she wasn't going to wait for a titleless Sasha to come baring those blue-painted claws and LEGIT BOSS knuckles at her. This came back to haunt Bayley, as Sasha would be the one to end her year-long Women's Championship run inside Hell in a Cell, and when she sought consolation she found none, as the Avatars of Friendship had completely severed ties with her. Still, she remained upbeat... in her own trollish sort of way, and began hosting a talk show with one of her favorite verbal tics as a title. She and Rollins even buried the hatchet over their own previous issues.
"Ding dong, hello!"

Blanka, God of Rolling Attacks (Jimmy, The Man-Beast From Brazil, Jungle Warrior, The Warrior of the Amazon, Blanka-chan, Adventure Tour Guide, The Mysterious Jungle Sprite, Real-Life Cryptid, King of the Jungle, Fully Feral, Electrifying Instinct)
Blanka's classic design
Blanka in Street Fighter V 
Blanka in Street Fighter 6 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Blanka curled up into a ball or a Blanka-chan plushie
  • Theme Music: Blanka Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Beast Man, Psycho Electro, Confusion Fu, Anime Hair, Carpet of Virility, Green-Skinned Wild Man, Everyone Calls Him "Blanka"
  • Domains: Lightning, Chaos, Strength
  • Herald: Samantha (his mother)
  • Allies: Dan Hibiki, Sakura Kasugano, Laura Matsuda, Voldo, Faust Baldhead, Sparky, Waldenstein, Johnny Appleseed
  • Rivals: Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Mileena, Kano
  • Opposes: All masked deities (they're always hiding something)
  • The last of the original 12 Street Fighters to ascend, it was a rather uneventful affair. It turns out that he has been lurking around for years, not even knowing about how it worked in general. The others decided to get this one over with and officially let him in.
    • It was Dan who let him in on how to do it, though Dan himself didn't know he hadn't ascended yet. Still, Blanka would forgive him. It Dan that was among the first people to befriend him, and even taught him how to speak English. Blanka has tried to promote Dan's fighting dojo in return.
    • He is often joined in those adventures with Sakura, who has no qualms with befriending the being. She is also a much better sparring partner than Dan could ever be.
  • If there was one deity that was not pleased about the ascension, it was Pikachu. The Pokemon released footage of a scene where Blanka ate a Pikachu minding its own business. Animal activists quickly condemned the ascension. With that said, there was little that could be done; people have entered with far worse baggage. Usually because of the far worse baggage.
  • His ascension was expected. The shocking part that he is not the first Brazilian Street Fighter in the Pantheon. That title belongs to Laura Matsuda, a relative newcomer to the scene. What was even more surprising was that she can emit electricity like him. When he explained how he gained the ability from electric eels, she looked at him funny. Regardless, Blanka has proven to be a free spirit, so she enjoys hanging out with him.
  • His style of fighting is rather chaotic. He aims to mix opponents up with his quick movements as well as unorthodox strikes. It could be said that he gained this ability by emulating the likes of Voldo and Faust. When he is really good, it can be rage inducing to many of his opponents.
  • Has to contend with the annoying hedgehog known as Sonic. The hedgehog is far more popular, but is content with his current temple. That hasn't stopped Blanka from thinking that the blue blur would someday steal his title. It has led to several challenges against Sonic, who has soundly defeated all of them. Sonic has stated he has no plans on claiming it.
    • Meanwhile in the GUAE, Shao Khan ordered Mileena and Kano to challenge the Beast Man to a duel. Both fighters have respectable Rolling Attacks and unlike Sonic, both of them would love to dethrone Blanka for the title. This time, Blanka sent both of them with their tails between their legs. After all, there are few things that can beat well-done Charged Attacks.
  • While he has become more accepted in urban areas, he still enjoys the scenery in the House of Nature. He is always welcome there for taking care of the land.
    • While exploring the House of Nature, he managed to befriend an alien that calls itself Sparky. He was glad to find someone who accepted his mischievous nature, something that was hard to find within his subhouse.
  • Is often seen carrying a huge pile of fruit from the House of Food. His obsession with fruit has been good business for the likes of Gangplank and Johnny Appleseed. They are at least thankful Blanka is no longer stealing them.
  • Waldenstein is impressed with the amount of body hair on Blanka's body. He is also impressed with his loyalty to his friends.
  • Blanka was keen of visiting the House of Family for one reason: honoring mothers. It took years for Blanka to reunite with his mother, who still loves him despite his current look. He thanked the mothers in the Pantheon for giving him a mother so understanding of his plight.
  • Blanka would rather have you forget the idea of his name being Carlos Blanka. It's been an albatross that he and Charlie Nash have to deal with throughout their existence.
  • To boost his popularity, he's been heading off to the House of Craft to make "Blanka-chan" plushies, and he's teamed up with Sakura Kasugano to place them in crane games in the House of Gamimg. Only a few gods find them to be adorable (Rena Ryuguu, known for loving anything cute, is conflicted on its design).
  • "Ow ow! Ow Aaaaah!"

    Crash Bandicoot 
Crash Bandicoot, God of Spin Attacks (Willy the Wombat, Infernal Bandicoot, Orange Delivery Boy, Crashworth Cortex the First, The Super Marsupial, The Wonder from Down Under, The Rocket With A Pocket, Cash Banooca)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God with three Aku Aku masks)
  • Symbol: His extra life mugshot and a Wumpa Fruit
  • Theme Music
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Main Protagonist, Spins As His Main Attack, A Misfortune Magnet That Should Never Be Underestimated, Comical Spaciness, Either Completely Silent Or Speaks In Gibberish, Usually More Clever Than He Lets On, Has Humble Priorities, Happy Dance, Easily Distracted, Eats Nothing But Whumpa Fruit
  • Domains: Marsupials, Platformers, Spinning, Mutants
  • Allies:
  • On Good Terms With: Dingodile, The Tasmanian Devil
  • Enemies:
  • Friendly Enemies With: Dr. Neo Cortex, Nina Cortex (One Sided On His Part), Dr. Wily
  • Crash Bandicoot was originally the magnum opus of the nefarious Dr. Cortex, a scientist dedicated to creating an army of mutant animals to Take Over the World. Initially chosen by the doctor to be the general of his army, his hypnotic Cortex Vortex ended up rejecting Crash, resulting in the wily Bandicoot escaping. Wanting to rescue his girlfriend Tawna, he set off on a quest to thwart the doctor, singlehandedly ruining his plans in the span of a day. A few more adventures later, consisting of him being manipulated by Cortex into helping him gather Power Crystals and him going on a time traveling quest to thwart his boss, Uka Uka, cemented Crash as a hero willing to thwart anyone that tried anything funny with his world. Gathering many allies and even more enemies, Crash often finds himself in all sorts of zany adventures, fighting off other mad scientists and even aliens on occasion, at times even teaming up with Cortex to take them out. At the end of the day, Crash really seeks to do what he loves most: eating, sleeping and dancing.
  • Like his nemesis Cortex, he stumbled upon the Pantheon during yet another inter-dimensional scuffle with the doctor, appearing in the realm via a malfunctioning machine. After swiftly defeating and humiliating Cortex, Crash realized that he was in a new realm and, after wandering around for a bit, was offered a place to stay there, his exploits apparently being quite well known there. Crash, having gained a liking to the Pantheon, agreed and landed himself a seat, though unfortunately Cortex was offered and accepted the same deal. Initially, it was just the two of them, constantly battling each other while befriending the locals to assist them, though unlike Cortex, the Bandicoot was more friends with his allies. Eventually, more and more of his home universe acquaintances joined, friend and foe alike. Eventually, Crash had to get a new title after losing his last one, and so Aku Aku suggested Spin Attack, after his main method of attack.
  • So right off the bat, his relationship with his enemies is... strange, to say the least. Mostly due to him rarely taking any of them seriously, even some of the more dangerous ones like Uka-Uka or The Evil Twins. Nowhere is this more apparent than his arch-nemesis Neo Cortex, who despite Cortex hating the bandicoots guts and wanting nothing more than to give him a painful death, Crash really doesn't hold much animosity against him. Not only is he perfectly willing to team up with him and take on any mutual threat they happen to face, he genuinely seems to see him as a good friend, being completely willing to save him from whatever danger he finds himself in and being seemingly unaware about Cortex's utter hatred of him. Doesn't stop him from beating the crap outta the mad doctor whenever they fight, however. He doesn't hold much animosity against the rest of his rouges gallery either. The one major exception would be Dr. Nefarious Tropy, often a more serious and imposing antagonist towards the bandicoots, especially recently with his "reset the multiverse" stunt. Crash is notably much more focused when fighting the time doctor, and while his usual bumbling is still evident, it's more out of clumsiness than anything.
  • Speaking Of multiverses, If there's one notable friend he made across universes, it's fellow Playstation mascot Spyro. Ever since Cortex and Ripto attempted to take over both universes, forcing Crash and Spyro to team up to stop them, the two have been quick friends that'll gladly help each other given the chance. Crash in particular has been nice enough to invite Spyro to numerous events, most notably The Nitro Grand Prix alongside Hunter, though Gnasty Gnorc ended up crashing that competition to take revenge on the dragon. The two were happy to see each other in the Pantheon, having apparently ascended around the same time, and immediately introduced their allies to each other. Later on, The Skylanders ended up ascending, and Crash, whom alongside Cortex was recruited by the army to train new recruits, has repeatedly volunteered to once again train any newbies in the way of the Brawler Class (or rather, Aku Aku teaches them while Crash just demonstrates). It wasn't all pleasant friendships however: Ripto was furious upon learning Crash was here and had warned all of Spyro's enemies about underestimating the marsupial, and thus they're prepared to not hold back when faced with the Bandicoot. Hasn't stopped him from being more than happy to combat them, that said.
  • As Dr. Cortex was a Mad Scientist out for world domination, it's no wonder that Crash would end up opposing Cortex's Pantheon buddies, all fellow notorious mad doctors. Dr. Eggman, specifically his original game version, was more or less a more competent Cortex, and Dr Albert Wily was fairly affable and fair about his evil, so Crash treats them like how he'd normally act around other baddies. Dr. Nefarious and Dr. Fetus, on the other hand, were different stories entirely despite their silliness. Nefarious was a bombastic psychopath who was willing to endanger planets for his plans, and Fetus destroys entire forests and butchers their inhabitants out of hatred, and both could put up more than a fight when cornered. Not to discredit Eggman or Wily either, both have shown they can be ruthless as well. Thankfully, Crash is at least smart enough to know that help is always appreciated, and so anytime he squares off against these doctors he enlists the help of their respective nemesis's as well. It's been reported that a fight involving crash often leads to much more humiliating defeats than usual. Off the clock, Mega Man, Sonic and Ratchet and Clank all consider Crash a good, If unpredictable, ally, though if Ratchet and Rock can tell you anything from experience it's that giving Crash a gun is a horrible idea.
    • Another, more serious scientist Crash has occasionally fought is Evilutionary Biologist Mesogog, a human-dinosaur hybrid man who seeks to wipe out humanity and replace them with dinosaurs. As a friend of Cortex's, he was damn well aware of Crash's threat and decided to deal with him in the most efficient way possible: create a bunch of mutants, locate Crash's temple, [[No-Nonsense Nemesis and have them ambush and murder Crash and Aku Aku there and then. Initially, the plan was going well, as the mutants Mesogog created were much tougher than he was used to and initially had Crash more than on the ropes. That was, until Crash finally remembered he had a trump card: Jacking. He slapped Aku Aku's face on one of the biggest mutants, thereby taking control of them, and used that mutant to turn the tables, using its sheer strength to successfully fight off the other monsters, afterwards having the Jacked monster simply dropped off somewhere where it can't harm anyone. While Cortex was predictably upset that he also forgot about that ability, Mesogog simply decided to just learn how his "Jacking" works and learn how he can counteract it.
  • Surprisingly for someone like the Marsupial, he's quite experienced with Kart racing, having engaged with the sport multiple times. It all started when the alien Nirtos Oxide challenged all of Earth to a racing competition so he can rule it, resulting in Crash and friends (and enemies) joining to stop the menace. Some time after beating him, they were abducted by Emperor Velo and forced to once again participate in another karting tournament for the sake of Earth, ending with Crash winning and subsequently rejecting the chance at being a king. Finally, during a car chase with Cortex he and his friends ended up getting roped into a conspiracy involving saving the park known as Motorworld. As a result of these experiences, Crash has taken quite a liking to Kart racing, eventually leading to him hosting his own popular karting tournament, The Nitro Grand Prix, inviting both friend and foe to participate. Meanwhile, in the Pantheon, If there's a hobby Crash would participate in tat isn't eating or sleeping, its kart racing. One of the most well known kart tournament hosters, none other than Mario himself, is more than impressed with the revolutions Crash's kart races have brought to the table and has made sure to invite him to any Pantheon racing tournament he hosts. It's generally a 50/50 gamble if Crash has the attention span to actually show up, but he always appreciates the gesture.
  • One day, treasure hunter Nathan Drake was exploring some old Pantheonic ruins, having heard there might be a priceless artifact there and figuring that he has a Monday to kill, so why not. It was the usual for the thief: perilous cliffsides, unstable architecture, blow dart traps, etc. That was, until he stepped into a random room and found an orange, pants wearing marsupial and a floating mask looking around, clearly lost. While Nathan wasn't too caught off guard considering the fantastical nature of The Pantheon, he was surprised that a character from a game he played once was also here. Aku Aku explained that Crash wanted to explore "The new ruins area" and forgot to pack anything that could help them. Aku Aku, well aware of Nathan's reputation, offered to give him the treasure if he helped them get out of the temple, which Nathen decided why not and agreed. What followed was a much more absurd adventure than even he was prepared for, especially when Cortex decided that now was the best time to try and kill Crash and ambushed him halfway through the ruins. Eventually, the whole experience ended with the ruins exploding in a ball of fire, with Nathan and Crash barley able to get out on time. While understandably exhausted, Drake wasn't gonna lie and say that the adventure wasn't at least a bit of fun, and regardless appreciated the help from the Bandicoot.
  • While it may seem like Crash is a fairly active member of The Pantheon, really we're just listing the interesting bits. What he does regularly in the Pantheon, as well as in general, consist of three things: eating, sleeping and dancing. Crash really doesn't have any major goals in life and is content to just relax and goof off, and anytime he's offered anything more he's rejected it after some thought. It was this aspect that lead to him instantly befriending Rayman, the protector of The Glade Of Dreams who has a similar lazy mindset, even if he's more passionate about his job. Their friendship consists of them hanging around, talking in barley comprehensible languages and of course sleeping. Later on, the heroic puffball and Rayman's friend Kirby joined in on the laziness, being just as passionate about the simple things in life as they are despite the high stakes of his adventures. Of the three are seen together and aren't eating, sleeping or dancing, then something horrible is happening.
  • Dr. Cortex, once again having enough of Crash constantly one-upping him, decided to find himself another powerful animal to even the playing field, having forgotten that the last time he did that he just gave Crash a new ally. Recently he has heard of a creature known as The Tasmanian Devil, who Crash happens to share quite a few similarities with. Using the Cortex Vortex to hypnotize the creature, Neo planned to have him distract Crash while once again using a hypnotic ray to hypnotize the Pantheon. As soon as Taz and Crash met, the battle was indeed fierce, with Crash being cunning enough to use the environment against him while Taz simply just barged through virtually everything, eventually leading the two to get in the biggest dust cloud fight The Pantheon's ever seen. Eventually, Crash was able to get a lucky blow in and literally knock some sense into Taz, who would've continued the fight anyways if it wasnt for him being utter furious at Cortex. Crash, seeing an opportunity, offered to help Taz get revenge, and so the two raided Cortex's temple and utterly decimated it, ending with Taz eating Cortex's doomsday device whole. The two left on ultimately good terms, and so Crash was one of the few gods Taz had even a smidge of respect for.
  • To expand on the Mesogog incident earlier, Crash and Aku Aku have a special ability known as "Jacking", where Aku Aku can be thrown on the face of a big, scary monster and take control of it, often resulting in a rampage as the two destroy everything in their path. Aku Aku first taught Crash this ability when Cortex attempted to harness "Mojo Energy" to create more powerful mutants, as well as power a giant mech so that he can Take Over the World. As a result of said plan, more beefier mutants started populating Whumpa Island, resulting in Crash and Aku Aku having to use this ability quite a bit to get around. While it hasn't been used much since Cortex's NV stunt, it's only because Crash simply forgot he could use it at all, and after the Mesogog incident earlier, Crash has gleefully used more whenever faced with a bigger, scarier threat than usual.

    Roman Reigns 
Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i, God of Combat Tackle (Roman Reigns, Joe, Leakee, The Powerhouse, The Guy, The Juggernaut, The Samoan Badass, The Merchandise, Kizin, The Tribal Chief, The Head of the table)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Shield Uniform, his initial in a stylized way
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil as the Tribal Chief, formerly Neutral Good in his solo face run, used to be Lawful Good as a member of The Shield (His Kizin avatar is more Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Combat Tackle, Superman Punch, Saying Something When He Wants to Then Going on a Screaming Warpath, Wearing His Uniform From The Shield
  • Domains: Strength, Wrestling, Emotion, Mild Smugness
  • Herald: Rhyno
  • Followers: Many non-ascended Spear users like Bobby Lashley and Kaitlyn, India
  • Promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Complicated Relationship with: Seth Rollins (they've been allies and enemies and back again; currently distant), Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley
  • Allies: Wreck-it Ralph, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen (former enemy), Jason Brody, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Gen (Street Fighter)
  • Rivals: John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family, "Broken" Matt Hardy
  • Enemies: YHVH, Kane (Wrestler), Randy Orton, Hoyt Volker, Vaas Montenegro, Bambi "Buck" Hughes
  • Other Relationships: The Rock (distant cousin, but that's really never mentioned), The Usos (his other cousins)
  • On speaking terms with: Edge and Christian
  • Commonality Connection with: Goldberg
  • Opposed by: Smarks like Little Kuriboh, Seto Kaiba, Mokuba Kaiba
  • Classified Association: Nick Fury
  • Leati Joseph Anoa'i had the business of Professional Wrestling In the Blood, being born into the famous Anoa'i clan of Samoan wrestlers. As these things go, the son of warriors becoming a warrior himself as a matter of destiny is not always instantly the sought-after route, as the hardships of the life can lead the family to want their heir to seek a better option. Joe would be such a seeker, going through the world of gridiron football, first through college in the United States, then professionally in Canada. Unfortunately, this did not pan out, for reasons which will be discussed near the bottom of the page. Instead, Roman wound up making his way into the world of wrestling through Florida Championship Wrestling, a territory used as a feeder promotion to the larger WWE universe run by Vince McMahon, known by a variant of his first name, Leakee.
  • At one point while in Florida, Leakee was taken out by a mysterious attacker who sought to end said career, sidelining him for months, before he came back with a refined "boss/thoroughbred" attitude, which he carried with him to the next developmental ground of NXT. He didn't spend too long there, however, as Tyler Black approached him and Jon Moxley, offering for them to become part of a new paramilitia unit who'd be going straight to WWE itself on a cause of true competition as justice; having strangely bonded with Black and Moxley through their competitions with each other, Leakee eagerly accepted, in the process taking on the call name of Roman Reigns.
  • Immediately making an impact as protectors of CM Punk's world championship, Reigns, Seth Rollins (Black), and Dean Ambrose (Moxley) soon became The Shield, the most feared entity in WWE, taking on causes of justice against fan favorites and crowd antagonists alike and beating them down through military efficiency. Notably, The Shield could not be felled against any trio whose team coordination wasn't damn near perfect, and Reigns' explosive Spear tackle was key to closing out their battles. Hell, they managed to make their home in the House of Justice before they ever took their first loss together!
  • Later, however, Rollins betrayed the team and joined with The Authority, the very corrupt "corporate engineering" project of the McMahon family which The Shield had infiltrated, defected from, and were this close to finishing off. With The Shield disbanded instead, he's relocated to the House of Combat, keeping the Roman Reigns call name in the process.
    • His Spear is one of the most devastating moves ever in WWE history. Even Edge and Christian are surprised for this one. It's not that there haven't been more powerful applicants of the Spear, such as Goldberg and Rhyno, but that Reigns combines it with his football and warrior instincts to use it in devastating ways — such as, for example, breaking people through walls and structures as forcefully as possible to knock them out.
  • Reigns has a fanboy side, as he was awed to see Superman in the House of Heroes, so much that he pretty much jumped for joy in his attempt to do his famous Superman Punch.
  • Back when he was the powerhouse of The Shield, YHVH attempted to hire him to the GUAL. Reigns' response is no. Since then, he's on The Great Will's black list.
  • Roman unfortunately got booed after the results of Royal Rumble 2015, when The Rock, of all people, helped him to win. Reigns explained that the bad reception of the event is not because he won the match, but rather for the fact that fan favorite Daniel Bryan got eliminated prematurely by Bray Wyatt. Despite that explanation, since that time he has only rarely been cheered, and has been booed more often than not.
    • He and Bryan fought weeks later. Reigns got a clear victory and is preparing for his match against Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania 31. However, he was unsucesssful in that attempt thanks to his former Shield teammate Rollins cashing in his Money in the Bank contract and winning the Championship.
  • He and Rollins eventually patched things up after the latter was betrayed by the same forces that got the man to betray him and Ambrose. That said, the relationship is still a bit uneasy and it doesn't look like The Shield will be reforming anytime soon.
  • Shocked the entire Pantheon at the end of WrestleMania 33 where he put The Undertaker through four Spears and gave Undertaker his second loss, not to mention how Undertaker left his coat and hat behind him as he exited the ring, implying his retirement. Let's just say that Roman's unable to say anything (or even put a microphone to his mouth) without someone booing in. Matt Hardy, who has now returned to WWE, is getting ready to DELETE Roman Reigns. Reigns knows where this is going.
    • He states that it was an I Did What I Had to Do situation and that he himself wasn't happy with what needed to be done. That, and the revelation that one of his brothers (Rosey) had passed on, many gods have left him alone to grieve and come to terms with things.
  • Some months after the battle with Undertaker he had a confrontation with John Cena, and has now challenged him to a match at the PWF. Many gods have noted that Cena's words have really affected him and he has been seen in a Tranquil Fury as of late.
    • Reigns went on to defeat Cena, following which they buried the hatchet and showed each other respect. Some have seen this as proof that for all their heated words on Twitter and on the microphone, any animosity or issues they had with each other were 100% played up for show. Many, but not all, do have a problem with this, as while it is part and parcel of competitive sport to Accentuate the Negative in Trash Talk, many of the points the two raised against each other have some degree of validity to them.
  • Regardless of the above, immediately after this he got progressively needled about a Shield reunion since Seth Rollins had finally won Dean Ambrose back over and received his forgiveness to the point they won the Raw Tag Team titles together. Despite his calm insistence on remaining independent, a beating from their rivals Cesaro and Sheamus caused them to reconvene with him and bring The Shield back together.
    • Soon after, though, he contracted viral meningitis, forcing him out of battle for a short time, during which they got one-night recruits to fill in for him. Rumors go that Nick Fury may have helped with this and there might be a connection between the agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Hounds of Justice, which Fury slyly confirmed without delving too many details by calling them a "rogue element".
  • Ended up having to save Seth Rollins' life from his own Villainous housemates after Seth got involved with stopping a drug smuggling ring from making its move on the Pantheon. Along with Jason Brody, Black Widow, Hawkeye (Seth's partners in the aforementioned stop), and Kamen Rider Ryugen (who woke them up to tell them the news), Reigns and Ambrose rescued the Architect from the cartel's attempt to kidnap him. Micchy even got Seth moved out of the House of Villains into the House of Betrayal with a seat that explicitly maintained the purpose of reminding Seth that his previous treachery wasn't worth it, just like Seth wanted.
  • Ultimately, Reigns is a very… quietly controversial character. Littlekuriboh, and various "smarks", dislike him a lot, as they consider him a dull, smug prick and resent how he's able to mostly tank everyone's best shot and guarantee victory with a Spear. As such, he's banned from the House of Popularity due to how polarizing he is. However, he is popular with various Indian deities. Despite this, most can acknowledge that aside from the odd glance-worthy moment in interviews, he is fundamentally a decent, honorable person.
  • After defeating Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, he teamed up with The Shield to go to war against the team of Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler… until he had to relinquish his championship to fight leukemia, causing many of his detractors to pause, since he had never said anything about it before (despite having lived with it for eleven years, as well as it being the thing that torpedoed his football dreams).
    • While some questioned the timeline of events, especially as he did return to playing football briefly after his first bout with the disease, his explanations ultimately amount to being able to catch it early as well as having resources as a professional athlete that most people unfortunately weren't privy to. And obviously, while he tried his best, he never did quite get back in stride on the gridiron fields, leading to his transition to wrestling.
    • Has been silent over Ambrose performing a Face–Heel Turn and hopes that things will get better. Unfortunately, between Ambrose burning one of his vests, airing out constant grievances with Vince McMahon's behind-the-scenes corporate system, expressing his disillusionment with The Shield and its mission as well as his inability to fully trust Rollins over perceived slights, and even spitefully revealing the classified detail of The Shield using call names while reverting to his true name of Jon Moxley, things don't seem to be looking up. Still, Reigns is assessing the situation as best he can while still focusing on his fight with leukemia before he addresses this issue.
    • Between the fact that Mox's contract with WWE was running out soon and his own realization that life is too short to be absorbed in hate, as soon as Roman was able to come back and announce he was in remission he knew it was time to get through to the boys and bring them back together for one last ride. It took a conversation to get through to Rollins, then another week or two and a rescue later to bring Mox back on board, but he's glad to have gotten it done. When finally asked about Mox going off to All Elite Wrestling afterwards, Roman lamented that things had changed professionally but still maintained a happiness and love for his brother.
  • The Chinese assassin Gen was a bit melancholy about his leukemia announcement, feeling that a young fighter such as Roman should not have his life claimed or perpetually plagued by the same disease that has held the old man back at such a stage in his life. Upon his announcement of remission, Reigns received congratulations from Gen, and responded by taking a bow out of respect.
  • Much like with what happened in Florida, someone has been trying to end his career with backstage attacks. After weeks of investigation, it turned out to be Erick Rowan… completely uninfluenced by Bray Wyatt or his recent associate Daniel Bryan. In fact he'd outright deceived Bryan and later violently disposed of their association. Rowan and the reemergent Luke Harper simply wanted to unleash their true fury at the expense of Roman Reigns and enacted a twisted scheme for it all their own. Roman and Bryan ended up beating back The Bludgeon Brothers in the end, leading to Harper leaving The WWE Universe shortly thereafter.
    • When he learned about Harper's passing, he attended the funeral alongside the rest of the Wyatt Family. He may have had animosity for the cult, but he felt saddened at how Harper left the world too soon.
  • Was absolutely disappointed to see Rollins losing his sanity after the encounter with The Fiend and starting the Cult of the Monday Night Messiah. When he and Seth were together in the Royal Rumble match and Seth found himself cornered by several enemies, he couldn't bring himself to bail his brother-in-arms out of his own self-created troubles. Knowing that Seth was taking care of Mokuba, Reigns wasted no time to see the young boy in temple in the House of Family. Mokuba was worried because he wasn't sure how long Reigns would last before he turned Heel, but Reigns replied that he'll be there for as long as Mokuba needs him. Seto is watching him for the time being; he's not going to let a third member of The Shield betray his little brother like that.
    • And of course, Roman Reigns left WWE for several months to stay clear of a pandemic only to return and capture the Universal Championship with Paul Heyman's counsel and heel tactics. Many saw this as an act of Tempting Fate, as he had indeed become the third Shield member to betray Mokuba, and God help him with what Seto was capable of. However, a confrontation between Kaiba and some teenage vigilantes would reveal that the relationship had deteriorated well beforehand, as he had already started becoming distant and acting 'too busy' months prior to his return to TV, with Mokuba and Seto both writing him off as a result.
  • Strangely, a monstrous avatar with his voice has appeared in the Pantheon. He's known as Kizin and many gods are to be weary of the temper tantrums he throws about.
  • Many are surprised by the changes he has taken after his return from the pandemic. Mostly in joining Paul Heyman and taking on the moniker of the Tribal Chief. Reigns has made it very clear that he is the top guy in the industry. That he's the Head of the Table now and as champion any that think they're ready to take the title must be ready to fight at his level. If they aren't then he has no qualms wrecking his enemies. Examples must be made.
    • Some of his allies call into question how much they can call themselves that when they found out that no one is safe from this new direction, not even Roman's family. Just ask The Usos.
  • "I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy. I'm THE guy."
    • "This is my yard now."
    • "Acknowledge me as your Chief."

    Seth Rollins 
Seth Rollins, God of Finishing Stomps and Regretful Traitors (Tyler Black, Gixx, The Architect, The Kingslayer, Seth Freakin' Rollins, Seth Trollins, "Monday Night" Rollins, The Beast Slayer, The Monday Night Messiah, Colby Lopez)
  • Lesser God (borderline Intermediate God in "Monday Night Rollins" mode)
  • Symbol: The "SR" Initials, stylized to match with cross-hairs
  • Theme Music: The Rising, previously The Second Coming or Redesign Rebuild Reclaim
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with shades of Chaotic Neutral, as a Face; currently takes on Lawful Neutral or Neutral Evil alliances as a Heel
  • Portfolio: Regretful Traitor, The Architect, Once Sold Out to Power and Knows it Wasn't Worth It, Blackout Curb Stomp, Embracing One's Dark Side and Coming to Regret It, Really Complicated Gambits, False Friend Who it Meant Something To, Long Haired Mr. Fanservice, More Skilled Than He is Strong, Secretly Mildly Insane, The Kingslayer
  • Domains: Law, Wrestling, Betrayal, Redemption
  • Followers: Prince Devitt/Finn Bálor, Low Ki (both are trying to usurp this position, though)
  • Herald: Becky Lynch (his fiancée)
  • Promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Complicated Relationship with: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley
  • Allies: Paige, Bayley (due to her own Face–Heel Turn), Aran Ryan, Jason Brody
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: AJ Lee
  • Rivals: Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, The Undertaker, AJ Styles
  • Former Allies: YHVH, Braun Strowman {Wyatt Family}, Metatron, Charles Montgomery Burns, every Corrupt Corporate Executive in the Pantheon, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Enemies: Bray Wyatt/The Fiend, Rey Mysterio, The Demon Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Hoyt Volker, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Vaas Montenegro
  • Opposed by: Bruno Sammartino, Christian, CM Punk, John Cena, Edge, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mokuba Kaiba (was once his Big Brother Mentor), Seto Kaiba
  • Distrusted by: Eric Brooks/Blade
  • Former Classified Association: Nick Fury
  • Upon traveling from Iowa to Philadelphia, a young man called Tyler Black would take part in an infamous bloody upside-down hanging orchestrated by a pseudo-political crusade known as Age of the Fall. He remained the right-hand and project orchestrator of that crusade for awhile, before eventually defecting once his best friend went over the line and attacked his own girlfriend with a railroad spike. Continuing to wrestle and seek out change, he stepped out of Ring of Honor and signed a contract with Vince McMahon's enterprise, going down to Tampa to wrestle for Florida Championship Wrestling and later NXT at Full Sail in Orlando.
  • During his time in Florida, he was approached by someone with money, tactical gear, and a mission to infiltrate Vince's primary WWE Universe and bring it to justice; not by destroying the promotion, but by making it better and enforcing a true spirit of hungry competition worthy of the richest wrestling company there is. Instantly he realized he needed more teammates, and he knew just who to get; former gridiron footballer Roman Leakee and insane deathmatch king Jon Moxley, who he'd somehow formed a bond with through competing against one another. Recruiting them into his small army, they began using the call names of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose.
  • Their first task in raiding WWE was to protect CM Punk's world championship from an unearned challenge. Shortly thereafter, they became known as The Shield. A feared trio who overwhelm foes with military precision, creating a disjointed numbers game out of an even playing field, The Shield was almost unbeatable by any combination of WWE Superstars. By the time they finally did go down in defeat, they were already in the Pantheon residing in the House of Justice.
  • After almost two years of operation, smashing through WWE, and on the cusp of bringing down the McMahon family's latest "corrupt order" project in The Authority, Rollins shockingly betrayed both Ambrose and Reigns to join The Authority instead, which led many fans to chant "You Sold Out!". With The Shield disbanded and getting separate temples, he relocated here and in the House of Villains.
  • For the longest time he refused to accept Mitsuzane's redemption, knowing that one day, he will complete where Micchy started. This changed at a later point where he found himself teamed up with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns against a force of evil in the Pantheon, for the first time since breaking up The Shield. Though they still don't trust him at all to become a team again, he finally came to understand where Mitsuzane's coming from and bemused that he'd probably be heading on his own redemption quest after all is said and done. Since later events (see below) proved his new assessment correct, he and Micchy have bonded as allies while Takatora and Kouta are still careful around Seth, willing to give him a chance but not fully trusting him.
  • He spent a lot of time trying to get his bosses in The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, into the Pantheon. He complained so much that many gods wished he would shut up with his, as former ally CM Punk would call it, bitching and moaning and bitching and bitching…
    • Thankfully, this finally came to an end after Triple H betrayed Rollins by costing him the Universal Championship, and in his pissed-off hunt for revenge he eventually got himself shelved with an injury. He was forced to take a good look into himself as to what made him betray his former Shield members; realizing that he liked who he used to be before his treasonous acts, Seth finally dove full-on into his redemption quest, eventually defeating Triple H and ultimately putting an end to The Authority.
  • Both Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker are currently watching over him, due to Rollins being a fan of both of them, Harry specifically since Rollins has a Finishing Move he calls "Avada Kedava".
  • Many are surprised at seeing how different the "real" Seth Rollins is from the man who would sell himself out to corrupt law for power. He still has a sizeable ego about himself, but also a sense of rebellious honor and a desire to really do good through his wrestling. He's even partially repaired the wounds he left in his former Shield teammates and ultimately expressed remorse for selling out in the first place. Some wonder how this man could've ever had interest in the ways of the GUAL, while others are still watching to see what happens when the next Corrupt Corporate Executive gets into his ear.
  • Back during his time with the Authority, he was not amused when Dolph Ziggler temporarily dismantled their rule. Rollins swore that he would defeat the Show-Off once and for all. This reversed itself when Rollins fell out with his bosses whereas Dolph started trying to be yet another gatekeeper: the two still don't like each other but have effectively switched sides.
  • Since turning back face, The Shield hasn't been officially reforged and still doesn't look like it will anytime soon. Furthermore, the other wrestlers he called enemies before still have some share of antipathy towards him. Orton, Cena, and Bryan have now taken the place of the rivals, who each have at least cautiously begun to accept his reformation, but Kane and the aforementioned Ziggler still pretty much hate him completely. Likewise, Edge and Christian acknowledge his redemption but still haven't entirely forgiven Rollins for attacking Christian at least twice on The Authority's behalf leading into his retirement, let alone the second time also threatening to kill Edge with a Curb Stomp to blackmail John Cena into reinstating The Authority… and then trying to kill him even anyway even after Cena caved.
  • Despite the face turn, Seth is still cool with Aran Ryan, who he originally found entertaining for his blatant heelishness, dirty tactics, and insanely boisterous love of the fight. Oh, and Bruno Sammartino still thinks he's kind of a malcontent and thus doesn't like him very much.
  • As for former rivals accepting him now, he's fully rekindled an old unspoken bond he had with Paige, who's been on his side dating back to their days training together in Florida, but had to distance herself when he was with The Authority. He's also finally on the same page professionally with his Crossfit training partner Cesaro (although that didn't last too long).
    • And when Bayley ascended, she rushed to him and gave him a hug. Gods are wondering how the two are friends, but Bayley is just happy that he has a chance to atone and become good friends with Ambrose and Reigns again.
  • CM Punk and AJ Lee, on the other hand, remain uncertain about him; Punk had respect for him since they came from the same background, but it went downhill after Seth became a mercenary, first for Paul Heyman (whether it benefited Punk or not) and then for Triple H. They, like the Riders, are taking a cautious acceptance approach with the Architect.
  • After years of bad blood between the two, Rollins and Ambrose have buried the hatchet to become the new Tag Team Champions at Summerslam 2017 by pinning Cesaro and Sheamus. Bayley ecstatically celebrated this, but he became rivals with Cesaro again as a result. Now the two are on the radars of the WOKEN Hardy Brothers, and many gods are anticipating the feud that's to come. Shortly after this, Sheamus and Cesaro were convinced to try and go after Reigns, resulting in Rollins and Ambrose finding Reigns and reforming The Shield to take on their enemies.
    • They've had to recruit others to battle as The Shield for a short time while Reigns was down with an illness, and questions have arisen as to whether Nick Fury of the agency S.H.I.E.L.D. is involved with them. Fury has called The Shield a "rogue element", which most likely means they have some ties together but it's either classified or off-the-books and doesn't involve taking any specific orders. Could S.H.I.E.L.D. have been the ones who approached Rollins with the tac gear all that time ago?
  • Originally he maintained the seat of God of Sellouts in the House of Villains as a reminder of his actions, but the villainous gods there kept looking for a way to oust him for not returning to their evil ways. This eventually hit a boiling point when he, with help from Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Jason Brody, discovered and foiled a shipment planned by Hoyt Volker's gang to bring in a bunch of pirates and sex slaves (each of both genders) under the pretense of them being Vaas Montenergo's heralds in order to pass their services around to Tainted Love and Villainous deities for a hefty payday.
    • Days later, Hoyt had both Vaas and Buck Hughes take Seth in his sleep to make an attempt on his life after torturing him, but Jason, along with Mitsuzane, Hawkeye, Widow, Ambrose, and Reigns all saved him before too much harm could be done. Micchy then appealed to the Court of the Gods to change out his seat based on his remorse for his previous betrayal of the Shield; Captain America rushed the acceptance of this request.
  • After several years of inactivity due to Authority politics, he finally brought back the Curb Stomp. And he did it to Prince Devitt, the man who had beaten him for the first Universal Championship and was making a bid to replace him as God of Finishing Stomps, right on the cusp of reuniting professionally with his Bullet Club buddies Anderson and Gallows. Devitt has been forced to settle for being a follower of the seat, much like Low Ki, formerly of the Beat Down Clan.
    • Rollins knows plans exist to ascend Devitt from two different angles; one being Bayley, who many have noted shares great chemistry with the Prince although the two insist they're Just Friends, and the other being AJ Styles, who shares a common bond with Devitt through their connections with The Club. For his part, Seth honestly hopes the ascension goes through Bayley's end, as The Club tend to be trouble when they ride together.
  • Rollins has recently made extremely impressive waves in the wrestling ring, putting on phenomenal efforts in high-stakes matches, including one night where he defeated Roman Reigns and John Cena cleanly back-to-back in the same hour, and acquiring and defending the Intercontinental Championship in highly-touted bouts, extending the revival of the championship's prestige past the efforts of a titleholder with Villainous Valor instead of letting it die like most who dethrone such a champion. Many are placing him in the "best wrestler in the world" discussion that has routinely played host to the likes of AJ Styles. This would eventually cause them to fight at Money in the Bank 2019 over the Universal Championship, which Rollins won, causing Styles to reluctantly shake his hand. Many fans were screaming "THIS IS AWESOME!" at the bout.
  • Just when it seemed they were riding high, The Shield was seemingly destroyed in a single night. Roman Reigns announced that he was relinquishing the Universal Championship he'd just won from Brock Lesnar due to the return of his secret illness, leukemia. Rollins and Ambrose went to compete for the Tag Team Championship in honor of their friend, and won the titles at the end of the night... only for Ambrose to turn around and betray Rollins with a vile assault, shocking everyone on the one night that no one could ever accept it happening on.
    • In later weeks, Dean made it clear that he had simply hit a breaking point with the corporate politics of Vince McMahon's system, gradually combing through a mile-long list of grievances, as well as expressed that he simply did not trust the idea of The Shield, or particularly, Seth, anymore, due to his reliance on Dean's "lunatic" reputation for humor as well as never calling him when he was injured. For his part, Rollins insists that he did call Ambrose, but Dean never answered the phone. What else incensed Seth was that Dean revealed the truth about their Shield call names in a moment of utter pique, abandoning his mission identity and returning to Jon Moxley. And when they fought for the Intercontinental title, which Seth held at the time, Mox went out and beat him for it.
    • During this time, Seth once encountered Mokuba Kaiba, who Ambrose had brought into the Pantheon prior to the turn. While glad for Ambrose's good deed, Seth was also prepared for Mokuba to take Mox's side on their current schism given what he'd done to him before. Instead, Mokuba made a curious observation about the past: Seth Rollins had never abandoned his call name after turning heel on his brothers. Reigns and Ambrose hadn't either, but that was a given, as the two were still loyal to each other, but why would the traitor continue to go by Rollins instead of reverting to Tyler Black or taking on some other mission identity? In fact, even while becoming The Authority's top man and using its resources to achieve world heavyweight champion status, he continued to maintain treacherous tendencies, almost breaking the organization down from the inside. That wasn't someone loyal to The Authority through and through, that was someone looking to make up for his guilt by protecting his own power. But Ambrose? He didn't seem guilty at all about taking everything out on Seth or abandoning The Shield's mission to reclaim his own name as Moxley. Because of this Mokuba sympathized with Seth instead of Jon. Impressed at Mokuba's deduction, Seth decided to take on the role of being the kid's Big Brother Mentor as Ambrose had prior.
    • When Roman finally returned just before WrestleMania 35 and the end of Mox's WWE tenure, he convinced Seth to give Mox a second chance so they could share one last ride together. Eventually they got through to Mox after saving him from an ambush, and he agreed to ride with them as well before taking off for other territories. At the same time, Seth had earned a chance to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, and was glad to have the support of both his brothers on the way to the event despite everything. He would beat Brock for the title, leading to the aforementioned fight with Styles around the same time Mox walked away on good terms. He also became romantically involved with Becky Lynch, a rebellious trendsetter in the female wrestling world who he met through Paige, after comically bickering with her on social media over who between them was "The Man" (as in the best in the industry), taking advantage of the changes in the PWF to bring her up as his Herald.
  • Made an alliance with Braun Strowman of the Wyatt Family to fight off against AJ Styles. The two of them would do their best to get along (considering their history) but both can agree that Bray Wyatt's "Firefly Fun House" is absolutely nuts, especially after Bray's frightening dark side of The Fiend attacked them both, mainly coming after Seth to pay him back for his mistakes. This resulted in The Fiend challenging Seth for his championship inside Hell in a Cell, the diabolical construct known historically as the definitive and violent end to any conflict that requires its presence, while Bray continued to send him ominous messages through the Firefly Fun House. The battle saw Seth hit The Fiend with so many Finishing Stomps and weapon shots to his dome piece that officials stopped the match thinking Seth had killed Bray, only for The Fiend to reveal after the bell that he'd absorbed it all and dig a Mandible Claw into Seth's jaw to the point the Universal Champion was bleeding from the mouth like a B-movie horror victim. Given Rollins' defensive tendencies on social media towards both himself and WWE putting some people off as well as Bray's eerie charm causing damn near every mortal spectator to become fascinated with The Fiend like hotcakes, seeing a Hell in a Cell match called off so that Seth could retain his title without actually winning the match infuriated the fans in attendance and led many to take the side of Moxley's prior accusations that Rollins had become "corporate" again.
    • Also related to Hell in a Cell (both the match type and the event), Becky Lynch, now his fiancée, would be targeted for her title as well by the returning and reinvigorated Sasha Banks. He was disappointed to see Bayley side with Sasha and mercilessly beat Becky with a steel chair, cementing a Face–Heel Turn, though he didn't show out about it too much. Becky needed to fight her own battles, Bayley and Sasha were best friends after all, and Seth had the challenge of The Fiend to contend with at the same time. Sasha proceeded to troll Seth to the point he bit back hard on Twitter, only to then be poked even harder and deactivating his account just to stay out of this. Finally, after being bloodied at the end of the aforementioned confusing clash with The Fiend, Seth got to see Bayley fully descend into her own bitterness after the end of a Villainous Breakdown. He was found in the arms of the Avatars of Friendship — who were also shocked to find their closest ally turning evil — wondering with a tear in his eye how much longer his sins would continue crawling on his back.
  • After the Raw brand put on a disastrous performance at the 2019 Survivor Series, Seth had hit his Despair Event Horizon and began telling his entire locker room how much they sucked. Two men in particular, the ruthless Blood Knight tag team known as the Authors of Pain, were able to coax him into another dangerous alliance where he would act as their figurehead. They ultimately founded a cult movement revolving around Rollins, as he started to demand praise as the Monday Night Messiah.
    • Mokuba Kaiba just looked on in total disgust at the depth of Rollins' ego and felt horrible that he sided with him in the first place. Seto now wants Rollins dead at his feet for disappointing his brother.
    • Naturally, he still keeps his name from The Shield and thinks himself to be the virtuous leader that WWE needs. Many disagree — especially after he responded to a WWE Championship loss by gouging Rey Mysterio's eye open via the point of a steel step and then moved on to trying to forcibly convert Rey's son to his cause. Punk saw this change coming, as he warned Rollins to get off social media earlier in the year, whereas Seth's Marvel connections have pretty much written him off. Harry, Luke, and Cena are disappointed in his descent from grace. Mitsuzane swears he'll find a way to bring Rollins back to the light again, while Seth insists he's already in the light and wants Micchy to follow him.
  • Gods are wondering how Rollins even entered the Firefly Fun House in the first place, especially after Bray stated that you had to be dead to enter it. No one knows how it happened, but people are theorizing that The Fiend might've corrupted Seth to return to his old ways back with The Authority or somehow reverted him back to a former iteration of himself (seeing as eco-warrior Daniel Bryan became the bearded underdog from 2014).
    • Finds it funny that Roman Reigns returned to action after months off as a changed man before fighting The Fiend, using opportunist tactics and employing the special counsel of Paul Heyman in order to claim the Universal Championship, right in the middle of Strowman and The Fiend fighting over said title. So his response to Reigns doing what he did is actually a very approving one:
    Rollins: Roman is doing the same thing for his cause as what I'm doing for mine. What he has to do.
  • As a result of the above skirmish with the Volker gang, his other seat is now in the House of Betrayal.

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