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Greater Gods

    Senator Steven Armstrong 
Steven Armstrong, God of Combat-Capable Politicians (Senator Armstrong)
When powered up by his Nanomachines 

Intermediate Gods

    Lord Tywin Lannister 
Lord Tywin Lannister, God Of Ruthlessly Effective Bureaucrats (Warden of the West, Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport, Hand to the King, Protector of the Realm, Savior/Sacker of King's Landing, Architect of the Red Wedding)

Lesser Gods

    Mike Haggar 
Mike Haggar, God of Mayors (Haggar, Mayor of Earth, "Macho", The Mayor Elect of Whoopass)

    Prime Minister Honest 
Prime Minister Honest, God of Evil Chancellors



    Ethan Roark Senior 
Ethan Roark Senior, God of Corrupt Politicians (Senator Roark)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An electoral poster for his senatorial campaign
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Sleazy and Corrupt Politicians, Screw the Rules, I Make Them!, Ultimate Source Of Vice In Basin City, Needs Grandkids To Carry On His Legacy, Karma Houdini (for the time being), Gonk (Less So In The Movies), Sore Loser, Psychological Sadist, Til Murder Do Us Part, Diabolical Mastermind
  • Domains: Sleaze, Corruption, Covering Up, Lies, Criminality, Legacy
  • Herald: His older brother, Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark
  • Allies: Ethan Roark Junior (his son), Kevin (by proxy of his brother), Prime Minister Honest, Judge Claude Frollo, Wild Hunt, Diavolo and his crew, Manny Pardo, Nikolai Bulygin
  • Headbutting Villains with: The Brave Companions
  • Enemies: JOHN HARTIGAN, Marv, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (yes, that still includes Goro Akechi), every good and/or honest member of the House of Justice (particularly those who are cops, Sirius Black and Chris Hansen), Oberyn Martell, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Night Raid, Giorno Giovanna and his Passione, Light Yagami and his allies, Senator Steve Armstrong, James T Kirk, Optimus Prime, Jean-Luc Picard, Commander Shepard (Paragon)
  • Wary of: Sheev Palpatine, Isaac Wescott
  • Ethan Roark Senior is the politically minded member of the corrupt Roark family, having its hands in Basin City since the Gold Rush. Rich, corrupt and sleazy, the senator is effectively in control of the city, better known as Sin City. It's a place where corruption is king, honesty is lethal and power comes from lying. And as senator, he'd have it be that way forever so long as he and his family can benefit from it.
  • He and his family are free to engage in any vice he wishes, and nobody's going to testify against them and live. Well, at least in Basin City. Upon his ascension he's been warned that the Trope Pantheon is not Sin City, and he can't just threaten and bribe every cop and politician to get what he wants. Roark countered that while it may be true, there's enough corrupt people in the pantheon that he can still benefit from. He's more here to bolster his power in Sin City anyway.
  • Naturally despised by every good and honest member of the House of Justice, a concept that is borderline non-existent in his city. He can't bully them like he could back home, and Roark intends to change that. Many in his own house walk on eggshells around him. There is one cop he gets on with-Nikolai Bulygin, who brutally enforces "justice" or more accurately making up whatever rules he can just because he's powerful. He's happy to help Senator Roark in putting the "lawless bugs" (read:honest cops and those that get in his way) in their supposed place.
  • The father of Ethan Roark Junior, and the main reason why the Yellow Bastard was able to get away with his activities. Less him caring for the guy, but more out of principle. He was the one who reconstructed his genitals because he wanted grandchildren. He wanted him to be the first Roark to be president, but realizes his personality is completely unsuited. He'd try to have another child, but since he killed his wife with a bat that's not going to happen.
  • Despised by Oberyn Martell for letting his psychopath of a son have free reign to rape and kill little girls, as it reminds him of how Tywin permitted Gregor Clegane to commit his atrocities on the Martell family and allowed him to get away from his depravity. Chris Hansen has declared him an enemy as well due to how he aids his monstrous son.
  • Gets along with Prime Minister Honest. They're the source of corruption and decadence in their respective settings, and are just as sleazy and corrupt as each other. Also they have a complete psychopath of a son who's sadism causes more problems than solutions. Key difference is that Roark is more dignified and competent. He has Wild Hunt on loan to do his dirty work. Sometimes hires the Brave Companions, but at arm's length because of their Stupid Evil tendencies.
    • Though skilled at keeping his city as sinful as it is, Roark knows he's out of his league compared to Palpatine or Isaac Wescott. He couldn't get a Roark as president, much less compare to their ambition
  • Has ties to organized crime, more so because he needs that criminal element to help him out in the pantheon and to darken the setting he's found himself in so he can better benefit. Given the company that is his family a lot of the organized crime gods replied "maybe if you clean up your act a bit and disown your monster of a son, we'll talk". Giorno Giovanna and his crew declared them enemies as they took control of the mafia to end the kind of corruption Sin City sees.
  • Though the current Passione is his enemies, Diavolo is perfectly happy to work with Senator Roark if it means he can make a lot of money off his drugs through shipping to Basin City, and Diavolo can help keep Giorno's gang away from Basin City. He's perfectly willing to cover up Frollo given he's a depraved priest just like his own brother, and Manny Pardo has he could have use for a murderous cop.
  • Concerned with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, since he is exactly the kind of rotten adult they're trying to change the heart of. Goro Akechi takes the most contempt to him because Senator Roark reminds him of his horribly corrupt and sociopathic father Masayoshi Shido, not to mention Roark's attitude towards his own illegitimate son Johnny. Or being beaten in a card game.
  • Despite his own villainy, Light Yagami despises Roark for being the very corrupt authority figure that must be purged from his vision of a perfect world. Senator Armstrong sees him as the kind of miserable slog that gets in the way of an America where people can fight and die for what they believe in, and is frustrated by the sleazy senator sharing the same sub-house as him.

    Mayor of Townsville 
The Mayor of Townsville, God of Incompetent Mayors (Barney)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A jar of pickles with clear fingerprints
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid
  • Portfolio: The Ditz, Mayor Pain, Almighty Mayor And Always Will Be, Lethally Stupid, Took a Level in Dumbass But Not Without His Smart Moments, Loves Pickles, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Nice Hat (Don't Take Or Else), Manchild, Everyone Calls Him Mayor, High-Class Glass
  • Domains: Pickles, Townsville, Incompetence, Leadership
  • High Priest: Mayor Joe Quimby
  • Followers: Mr Heartland, Mayor Shelbourne, Mayor Clancy, Mayor Scuttlebutt
  • Allies: The Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium, Ice King, Prismo, Billy, Stocking Anarchy, Roscoe P Coltrane, Cornelius Oswald Fudge
  • Enemies: Mojo Jojo, HIM, Princess Morbucks, Archibald Snatcher, The Brainspawn
  • Opposes: The House of Crime
  • Opposed by: The more intelligent and capable members of his house
  • Herald: His secretary, Sara Bellum.
  • The Mayor (real name Barney) is the conspicuous and seemingly permanent mayor of Townsville. Despite his role as mayor, he's not that good at it and constantly calls for the Powerpuff Girls' help. Childish and idiotic, it's for the best that his secretary is competent enough to balance him out.
  • Despite his incompetence, the Mayor of Townsville has managed to keep his position in spite of everything. He did end up being replaced once by Fuzzy Lumpkins, however won back his position in a wrestling match with Fuzzy. Not a fighter, but if you try to take his hat your ass is grass. He considers Archibald Snatcher a grave enemy because he would do anything, no matter how evil, to have a hat denoting position and authority.
  • Dreams of being a buff and intelligent mayor, in a city made of pickles and everyone having his face. While the latter two are pipe dreams, the former is why he joined Leadership as he wants to be a better mayor. It hasn't gone so far, and most of his house don't care for him. Cornelius Oswald Fudge does seem to sympathize with his plight given his own incompetence in leadership.
  • Really likes pickles, and always has a jar of them around. Often he'll call for the Powerpuff Girls to open it when he can't, though to prevent the girls being interrupted during important crimefighting the Grand United Alliance of Good has made sure any jar he gets is easy to get off, with a jar opening machine if he somehow messes that up. He met with Prismo and befriended him due to loving his pickles. Prismo has ignored any pickle-based wish though since it would be a waste.
  • Asides from pickles, he also likes bananas and candy. He has a jar of candies, which once offered the girls one every time they saved the day. This caused them to hold the Jerkass Ball and ended up apologizing, though this ended with them all stuffed from more candy. He also likes turkish delights, which Princess Morbucks once took his position for a whole bunch of them. Likes to have sweets with Stocking Anarchy.
  • Usually calling the Powerpuff Girls over his phone, and has many telephones in his position. He also has a wife, but they don't get along much given he's more interested in his secretary and would've traded her for a priceless, one of a kind porcelain poodle. Those involved with communication in the pantheon get rather annoyed by calling for even minuscule problems.
  • Tired of relying in the Powerpuff Girls, he once tried to be a hero in his own right. It backfired due to treating even the smallest transgressions as worthy of a boxing glove, forcing the girls to save the city from him. The House of Justice has told him not to get involved, though Roscoe P Coltrane understands where he's coming from due to his own Lawful Stupid nature.
  • Like Billy he's really stupid, and seems to get along with him for that reason. He's not totally lacking in intelligence however, like the time he solved Him's riddle "what is boiling and freezing at the same time". Still really stupid though, given when the Robbing Leech, who's capable of sucking important information from people, couldn't get anything from him. The Brainspawn are somewhat concerned he was immune to their stupefaction rays because they couldn't make him any stupider.
  • He sounds like Spongebob and the Ice King. He seems to get along with the latter.


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