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Intermediate Gods

    Axl (Mega Man
Axl, God of Heroes With 'X'-Shaped Scars (Prototype)

Bardock, God of Rugged Scars (Burdock, The Masked Saiyan, (formerly) Time Breaker Bardock, Brian)
As a Super Saiyan 
As The Masked Saiyan 
In canon flashbacks 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as a Super Saiyan the Masked Saiyan, or as a Super Saiyan 3, borderline Overdeity as a Super Saiyan 4)
  • Symbol: His red headband
  • Theme Song: Solid State Scouter, Change Your Destiny!, Dragon Cry, Courage, Bardock Falls, Resisting a Doomed Future, Battle Against the Fate of Annihilation, Mind Space
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (originally Chaotic Evil), erring to True Neutral in Chronoa's presence
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil Villain Protagonist, Ended Up Part Of The Manga, Softened Up In Other Material, Doomed by Canon, Generation Xerox, Loves To Fight, Sees The Future But Cannot Change It, Byronic Hero, Noble Demon, Time Travel Adventures, Looks Just Like Goku But With A Rugged Scar, Draco in Leather Pants, Ensemble Dark Horse
  • Herald: Gine (his wife), Toma, Selypa, Panbukin, Toteppo, Leek, Taro (his elite squad)
  • Domains: Warriors, Rebellion, Adaptations, War, Conquest, Psychic Powers
  • Allies: Kakarot/Son Goku (his younger son), Chronoa, Future Trunks, Sun Wukong, Locus, Cassandra, Absol, Agent Texas
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Vegeta, most of Kakarot's friends
  • On speaking terms with: Bob and George
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cooler
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: SCP-990
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis with: Jor-El (long story)
  • Avoids: The House of Prophecy
  • Additional relationship with: Son Chi-Chi (his daughter-in-law), Son Gohan (his grandson)
  • Respects: Diana of Themiscyra/Wonder Woman
  • Bardock was the biological father of Raditz and Kakarot, and one of the Saiyans who lived during their service under King Cold and eventually Frieza. Though a low-class, his battle experience led him to gain a power rivalling the elites. He would suspect and later realize with the aid of psychic visions he gained that Frieza intended to destroy the Saiyan race, and though his attempt to defy this fate failed, he died with the knowledge one day his son would challenge the tyrant. Though introduced for a special, he proved popular enough to become part of the manga continuity and show up in many spin-offs, even stronger than before.
  • Looks just like his second son, and his son's second son, but has a Rugged Scar from his experience in combat. Broly mistook him for Kakarot and tried to kill him for his troubles. By extension he looks almost exactly like Turles, and both could be considered Kakarot's Evil Counterpart (more anti-heroic on Bardock's end). Bardock has stated Turles isn't his son, and as far as he knows they aren't related. Though they were on bad terms because Turles is his son's enemy, they got along better because Turles genuinely respects Bardock. They share Frieza as an enemy, and both defied the class system put on them. Bardock agreed they would work better as a team, but will not hesitate to kill him if he attacks his son or grandson again.
  • Often portrayed as more of a reluctant villain, given his Byronic Hero status, being Doomed by Canon and opposing Frieza. He's still a Saiyan soldier who comfortably accepted his life as a Space Pirate, only opposing Frieza because it was that or die. However he is relatively laid back by Saiyan standards and the only non-royal Saiyan to be Happily Married. Just don't expect him to put as much consideration into non-Saiyans as he does Saiyans. The Grand United Alliance of Good has offered him a position in the GUAG Token Evil Teammates because of his opposition to Frieza.
  • No, he is not "a brilliant scientist" and didn't invent the artificial moon Vegeta IV used. He certainly wasn't an average fighter at the end, either, though Vegeta, who called him 'an average fighter', probably thought he was. He finds the idea of him being a scientist laughable and wants to know where Vegeta got that conclusion from. He doesn't like being compared to Jor-El for this reason, something Jor-El agrees on because the corruption of power Saiyan culture and Frieza bring is what he wanted to avoid when sending Kal-El to Earth. Aside from sending their infant sons off to Earth so they don't die with the home planet, they have nothing in common.
  • Before Bardock could see Kakarot, he confronted Raditz and gave him a talking to. While he may be a Space Pirate, he is no coward and Raditz brings shame upon both his family and the Saiyan race for being a Dirty Coward who'd kill his brother and nephew because he thinks they're weak — he sent Kakarot away to protect him from Frieza, not kill the Earthlings. Raditz was even more pissed off, angrily chewing out his father for not giving him any context or telling him that he believed Frieza planned to kill their race. Both ended up apologizing towards each other, and decided that for now they need to patch things up with the family. Raditz hasn't bothered Kakarot since, and Bardock is trying to teach his son to be less cowardly.
  • Was cursed by the Kanassan whose race he killed to see the future, but be unable to stop his race's death. These useless-ass psychic powers did at least give him the comfort of knowing Kakarot would one day defeat Frieza. This curse leads him to sympathize with both Cassandra and Absol. He stays out of the House of Prophecy because of this, particularly SCP-990.
  • It's not entirely clear due to the somewhat variable state of canon in Dragon Ball, but he was apparently sent back in time to an ancient Planet Vegeta back when it was called Plant and ruled by its native Plantians. He ended up becoming a Super Saiyan and killed the tyrant Lord Chilled, who warned his family of the Super Saiyan. Chilled was Frieza's ancestor, so in a sense Bardock engineered his own misfortune. Ever since then he's despised time travel, and convoluted, stupid plots involving it. A hatred Bob and George can completely understand.
    • Said variable state of canon also makes it unclear how far the visions actually went, or whether he ever did travel to Planet Meat after learning his usual Land-Shark Crew teammates had gone on a mission there. Either way, the mission concluded during Frieza's order for all Saiyans to go back to Planet Vegeta, the team were killed by Dodoria and his men, and Bardock somehow got a hold of Tora's bloody armband and briefly used it as a headband before losing it in his final struggle.
  • Bardock's hatred of time travel was furthered due to Towa and Mira manipulating wormholes to kidnap him, brainwashing him as the Masked Saiyan and making him work for the Time Breakers. He's proven trouble for the Time Patrol, due to being far stronger in this form because of Towa's dark magic, able to go Super Saiyan THREE. No matter what their alignment, he hates those who brainwash.
  • His time-travelling ventures have led him to become a herald of Chronoa, Supreme Kai of Time. He's helping out her and Future Trunks, given they've helped him with breaking free from the Time Breakers. He's unaware that Chronoa has a crush on him, and as Trunks points out he's already married. He is thinking of possibly bringing his wife Gine back through time travel, then possibly doing the same for Leek, Tora, and the others if this is successful, but Chronoa won't let that happen because it would further destabilize the timeline. Snarkier gods think she just wants a better chance at being with him. Bardock has shown his sympathies towards Agent Texas as like he against Frieza, Texas was doomed to fail.
  • Has a healthy respect for Wonder Woman because of her determination in battle, finding it similar to the fighting spirit of Saiyans. She's apparently not sure how to take it given the contrast between the Saiyan Army and Kakarot and Prince Vegeta's families on Earth.
  • Recent events have given Bardock a lot to be angry about. In the unaltered main timeline, Zamasu stole his son's body, murdered him and his family, and committed mass genocide across the multiverse in the name of "justice". He was irate to learn that Zamasu still exists as one half of the Zamasu in the Pantheon. Zamasu in turn hates him for being the father of Goku, being a mortal and having broken the time travel taboo.
  • When Paragus ascended to the Pantheon and allied with both Raditz and Turles, Bardock felt the need to step in and confront the colonel to figure out his goals. It turns out Paragus wanted to assemble an ambitious crew of Saiyan soldiers that could grow strong enough to help him rein in the canon timeline version of his son, Broly, in order to defeat both Vegeta and the non-serial version of Broly, feeling that it would be too dangerous to do on his own with his usual tactics. Surprisingly, Bardock agreed with this proposal. While the Prince had become a friend to his son and he himself was allied with a version of Vegeta's boy Trunks, Bardock was still interested in seeing the "royal brat" humbled in some form and could relate to Paragus' desire to reunite with his son. What ultimately won him over, though, was the assembly of a strong Saiyan crew; not only would the soldiers be back in a familiar social setting, this showed that Paragus actually thought his plans through.
    • After being told that Nappa had rejected Paragus' initial offer of pure revenge against Vegeta, Bardock went to the general and talked him into rejoining for the sake of their Saiyan comrades, while also getting him to admit that seeing the Prince humbled would be fun, despite not desiring his death. The two then finally convened with the other Saiyan soldiers to decide on what type of organization they would be. It didn't take long for them to decide on becoming a mercenary platoon, as they could get into fights, become stronger, and still get paid. For the most part it doesn't matter who they get tasked to protect or destroy, though they will reject anyone who tries to give them weak targets or conscript them full time as Cold and Frieza did, putting imperial interests at a distinct disadvantage, and Bardock has made it clear that Kakarot and the Dragon Team are not to be targeted aside from Vegeta.

Lesser Gods

Ashitaka, God of Eternal Scars (Prince Ashitaka (formerly) Last Prince of the Emishi, Bearer of Nago's Curse)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The silhouette of the red elk Yakul. Alternatively, the crystal dagger surrounded by black worms.
  • Theme Song: The Legend of Ashitaka
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Exile, Archer, The Ace, Gained Supernatural Strength via Curse, Last of the Emishi princes, In love with San, One-Man Army, Has Permanent Scars on cheek and hand, Empowered Badass Normal, The Wise Prince, Tranquil Fury, All-Loving Hero, Marked by the curse, Believes violence isn't the answer, Important Haircut, Embarked on The Hero's Journey
  • Domains: Leadership, Good, Royalty, Combat, Friendship, Nature, Balance
  • High Priest: Shuna
  • Allies: San (his love interest), Moro, Aang, Amaterasu, Korra, Viridi, Aragorn, Most of the archery-based gods (including Katniss Everdeen, Clinton Barton/Hawkeye, and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow), Talim, Iroh, Most of the Pokémon deities, (especially Xerneas, Arceus), N, Pocahontas, Tarzan, House Stark but closest to Jon Snow &, Bran Stark
  • On Good Terms with: The good-aligned gods in the House of Royalty, Kiki, No Face, Chihiro Ogino, Totoro, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Zuko, Caesar
  • Enemies: The entire Grand United Alliance of Evil, Ghetsis Harmonia, Amon, Tywin Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Hexxus, CARNAGE, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Yuuki Terumi, Yami, King Ghidorah
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lady Eboshi, Okkoto, Battra, Deoxys, Venom, BrainScratchCommentaries
  • Opposes: The House of War, The House of Hatred, Stannis Baratheon & Melisandre
  • Fascinated by: House of Time and Space
  • Pities: Jon Connington
  • It was a quiet day in the Pantheon when Viridi took notice of the wolf princess San, sitting alone beneath a large tree in the House of Nature looking depressed. The reason for San's gloom became clearer after the two talk for a bit. While there were many gods in the Pantheon that she got along with, the wolf princess was missing someone else. A person from her world. A few days later, Viridi called for San's presence in the House of Royalty. When San arrived she discovered the reason for being summoned, and for a moment she stood in silence. There, standing beside the Goddess of Plants was a young man with a scar on his left cheek and a soft smile on his face. Then the two rushed into each other's arms, holding each other close with tears in their eyes. That was the day Ashitaka ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Ashitaka was originally the prince of the Emishi people, until one day when his village was attacked by the corrupted boar god, Nago. Though he was able to defeat the beast, Nago left behind a terrible curse that would eventually kill Ashitaka unless he found a cure. After being exiled from his clan, he traveled to the west, eventually coming across a mining settlement called Tataraba/Iron Town, which was in the midst of a war with the gods of the nearby forest. It was in that forest that he met the Princess Mononoke San, and together they managed to bring an end to the conflict between the forest and Tataraba... though it came at a steep price.
  • While the curse placed upon Ashitaka was lifted, in its place is a large scar on the palm of his hand. Many have asked why the Forest Spirit didn't just remove it altogether. The exiled prince simply replies, "It's a reminder. A way of showing what it cost to remove the curse."
  • Although he is considered an exile, Ashitaka was given a warm welcome to the House of Royalty. Most of the good-aligned gods are on good terms with him, among them was Aragorn. The King of Gondor took note of the prince's combat skills, and has a deep respect for him, after learning of his previous fight with a dark power.
  • Due to his skills with the bow and arrow, Ashitaka gets along well with other archers in the Pantheon. He has even been asked by Green Arrow to be a part of the archery club which includes Robin Hood, Hawkeye, Katniss Everdeen and the Emerald Archer himself. The verdict is still out if Ashitaka will join but he has considered it.
  • Often visits the House of Nature with his red elk Yakul to explore the many environments found within. Occasionally, he's accompanied by other gods on these journeys, most being Nature Preservers. Both Avatar Aang and Tarzan have traveled with Ashitaka on one occasion, all three sharing their stories and learning from each other of their worlds.
  • For some reason, he is on good terms with Chihiro, No-Face, the Kusakabe sisters, Totoro, and Kiki. The latter of which caught Ashitaka by surprise, having never seen a human flying before.
    Kiki: Don't worry. You'll get used to seeing a lot of strange things around here.
  • Ashitaka is good friends with Talim, as the two are among the last of their kind. He also gets along well with Iroh, the two sharing both tea and stories from their homeworlds. Iroh's nephew Zuko is on good terms with the exiled prince, with the two challenging each other in a friendly sparring match every now and again.
  • The ascended deities from Westeros have different feelings on Ashitaka's ascension. For the most part, the prince finds the nobles squabbling for the Iron Throne to be pointless and feels they should cooperate to survive the coming winter. But his words have fallen on near deaf ears... Almost. The only house to listen to his pleads was House Stark, who have become close allies. Arguably he's the closest to Jon Snow, due to him helping San in a past situation, but more often than not Ashitaka speaks to Bran about the Children of the Forest, initially comparing them to the Kodama. It had started when he came to visit the Godswood in Lord Eddard's temple with Bran and spoke about his thoughts.
    Ashitaka: What kind of Kodama live in a tree like this?
    Bran: None. Only the children. They live on in the Weirwood, even after death has taken their flesh.
    • Though there is a feeling of respect for Jaime and Tyrion, the same cannot be said for Cersei Lannister. She distrusts the young prince due to being an exile, and for siding with the Stark. The feeling is mutual, as Ashitaka finds that everything negative about Lady Eboshi had manifested into Cersei, and taken up to eleven. She intends on sending Gregor Clegane after the prince.
    • The only thing he can respect in Stannis is that the man is just and fair. However, Ashitaka cannot forgive the king nor Melisandre for burning the Godswood at Storm's End to appease the Lord of Light.
  • Much like San, Ashitaka found himself getting along with the Pokémon deities Xerneas and Arceus. The former especially since it reminded him of the Great Forest Spirit's daytime appearance. He shows a great amount of respect to Amaterasu as well and is often seen speaking with her in her human form. Occasionally he'll watch over Chibiterasu with San while Amaterasu is busy with her own duties.
    • Speaking of Amaterasu, her old enemy Yami wasn't too keen on the prince's ascension, especially since he had a good track record of fighting demons. The feeling is shared by both King Ghidorah, whom Ashitaka once mistook for the dragon Yamata no Orochi and Hexxus, due to his toxic nature.
  • Despite getting along with many in the Pantheon, there are a few gods in the pantheon that Ashitaka distrusts. He strongly dislikes Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder due to the pair destroying the environment for their own monetary gain.
    • He is hostile to both Venom and Carnage, as both symbiotes reminded Ashitaka of the worm tendrils that came out of cursed gods. Venom less so but it doesn't help that Carnage tried tempting him with the powers of the Symbiot. The prince didn't buy it. Is quite wary of Deoxys as well, due to its arm tentacles and celestial origin.
    • While not as extreme of an opinion as San, Ashitaka still does not tolerate Ghetsis Harmonia. His treatment of his own son N sickens Ashitaka to the core, and it takes all of his concentration and patience not to drive his sword through the Team Plasma leader's heart.
  • Pities Rhaegar Targaryen's herald Jon Connington due to suffering from Greyscale, similar to how Ashitaka once suffered from his own curse. It also brought back memories of Lady Eboshi's former lepers.
  • There was one time where the House of Fashion used him as a model. The results are best to be seen.
  • One place that Ashitaka is fascinated by is the House of Time and Space. There he discovered, much to his surprise, there were alternate universes of his world, some continuing after the destruction of the forest. A couple of examples include;
  • A lot of the ladies in the Pantheon find Ashitaka to be attractive, but he's politely told them he's been taken. He says it because he doesn't want San losing her mind.
  • During the holidays, he and San sat in on BrainScratchCommentaries doing a live commentary of their story at the House of Theatre. Understandably, both were thoroughly confused.

    Geralt of Rivia 
Geralt of Rivia, The God Covered with Scars (White Wolf, Whitelocks, Gwynbleidd, Butcher of Blaviken, Sword of Destiny, Ravix of Fourhorn, King-Slayer, White One, Vatt'ghern, Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde, Recipient of the Order of Vitis Vinifera, Monster Slayer – Deadly in Combat, Hater of Portals, The Witcher)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Wolf School Witcher’s Medallion
  • Theme Song: Geralt of Rivia, Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (In-Universe)
  • Alignment: Pretends to be True Neutral. His real alignment jumps all over the place, though he’s more often Good than anything else.
  • Portfolio: An accomplished swordsman with magic capabilities and enhanced physical abilities, dry as a desert, Covered with Scars and yet still getting laid like a champion, unusual eyes, much smarter than one would expect with knowledge of monsters, alchemy and the like, lapsing into big words on occasion, no pigment in his hair, being surprisingly heroic despite his profession and being rather bitter about it, Dark Shepherd
  • Domains: Monster Hunting, Swordsmanship, Tracking
  • High Priest: The Nameless One
  • Allies: Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (his adopted daughter), Triss Merigold, Yennefer (his primary love interests), Monster Hunters, Dante Sparda, Team RWBY, Team JNPR, The Doctor, Eddard "Ned" Stark, Aloy
  • Rival: Heishiro Mitsurugi
  • Friendly Rival: Eric Brooks/Blade
  • Enemies: Eredin Bréacc Glas, Gregor Clegane, Arthas Menethil, Lord Tywin Lannister
  • Odd Friendship: Tyrion Lannister, The Hunter
  • He hunts monsters, yes. He doesn’t, however, hunt creatures that he himself doesn’t view as such. This includes relatively harmless beings that people accused of the weirdest of things, and sentient creatures that prove that they wish no ill will. Terumi’s well-paid request to kill Rachel has fallen on deaf ears because of this and earned the former’s ire. Geralt merely shrugged and said that The Witcher Code disallows him doing such things. Just mind you, there is no such thing as The Witcher Code.
  • Many were surprised the amount of scars he got all over his body and more that enough earned him his God title. Geralt was facepalming and laughing his ass (as much as he could, anyway) from the fact that of all things he could be a god of it had to be his scars.
  • He hates portals. REALY HATES portals. In fact, he first came to the Pantheon was via portal and was not amused. Though he'll take them when necessary, don't expect him to get used to them.
  • A morally conflicted individual, Geralt wants no part in the Pantheon's political conflicts. He’s here to do his job as a witcher first and foremost. Naturally, he often gets roped in whatever happens at the moment, much to his chagrin.
  • Has an odd knack for naming every equine "Roach". Apparently, every single of his steeds have been called Roach, even those that weren’t his; he just keeps calling them like that. Due to Rarity’s outrage on being essentially called a bug, Geralt decided to actually go ahead and learn their actual names.
  • Somehow finds himself in The House of Love a lot. Panty in particular seems to be fond of him. Geralt bitterly states that the main reason for these attractions is probably because of his genetic oddness and that he’s just "a breath of fresh air". Not that he minds.
    • He seems to have a particular thing for sorceresses, though. Might have something to do with the fact that his mortal love — and the other one too — each happened to be one.
    • Following their ascension, Triss and Yennefer's clashing over him began to heat up to an extreme. When they later told him that they both decided to settle the matter by sharing him, he was very happy. The only catch is that he must stay out of the House of Love and remain loyal to the both of them. Geralt has no problem with that.
  • His medallion is able to detect magic, and does so more violently the more of it is around. As such, Geralt’s been advised to steer clear of House of Magic in case it explodes his head or something. Due to generally not being too fond of mages — despite the point above — he was more than happy to oblige.
  • Many in the Pantheon know of his adventures thanks to Dandelion's ballads (now turned into books). Of the many questions Geralt has, one of the most important was "How does he know about the parts he was never there for?"
  • He gained many titles in the Continent, and now in the Pantheon he gained even more, such as "The European Jedi" for his fencing abilities and sign powers similar to theirs, and "The Medieval Batman" for his preparations before a battle.
  • In the House of Food he decided to join in a game called "I've never".
  • One time, a mob was about to kill a woman for crimes she didn't commit. Geralt gave them a speech so epic that it became the first sentence you read in the Dark Shepherd trope.
  • He was the champion in Dice poker, Arm Wrestling, and now the new game from the Continent called Gwent. So he decided to go to the House of Gaming to see if he can become a champion in other games.
    • Geralt tried to play Soccer. Sadly, he was not that good.
  • The House of Time And Space found out that Geralt's later life has become muddled. No one knows which choices he made at that time, and unlike Commander Shepard where it's like he has a Split Personality disorder, every choice Geralt makes is completely IN character of him, so going back to the books won't help anyone find the right line of choices he made.
  • The House of Family went apeshit when they found out Geralt once threw a baby in an oven. The Heroic Protectors of Family want to give him a big bit down and The Child Abuse Supporters (except Anakin disguised as Vader) want to give him a big thumbs up, but thankfully it was all but a big deception to trick a demon so they can save the baby's father. Geralt wants nothing but to drink so that he can forget.
  • Cats hate witchers, that's a fact and no one knows why. Every feline god can't explain their sudden disgust of Geralt when they meet him.
    • One time, Geralt went to Rarity's boutique to fix his shredded clothes he got from a Monster contract, her cat Opalescence went mad and started to shred everything. Geralt calmed it down with the Axii sign but the damage was done.
  • In Dandelion's latest ballad we found out that Geralt attended the Oxenfurt Academy as a guest student, although he didn't study for the degree, but for skill and knowledge. He even taught there as a teacher.
  • Geralt had experience with some Weeping Angels, but for some reason they don't attack him. This got the attention from The Doctor and he wanted Geralt to accompany him in his adventures (with some coin of course) to see and study him for the cause as to why they don't attack him.
    • They bonded surprisingly well, and Geralt asked him to be Ciri's mentor and to teach her the responsibility of hopping between worlds and time travel. He agreed for Ciri to be his companion in his adventures.
  • Eddard Stark is a very special breed of ruler for Geralt in the fact that he keeps his word and is honorable. Eddard in return thinks Geralt is very honorable for a monster sellsword. They are both very protective of their children and both earned each other's respect as father figures.
    • When Ned told the story of Gregor Clegane, Geralt first thought that he was beast in human form. But no; Gregor Clegane is that evil a human being, a true monster that Geralt may kill him the moment they meet.
    • The story of Lord Tywin Lannister doesn't suit him well for what he did. Him being an abusive dad to his children and that he acts and sound like Emperor Emhyr Var Emreis. Geralt thinks that him dying by a crossbow-bolt by his own son is well-deserved karma.
  • Formed a kinship with the Monster Hunters due to their professions. They've even extended an invitation to join them on a hunt sometime, an offer that Geralt seems to have accepted.
  • Holds a significant amount of respect towards fellow hunter Aloy, as they share a similar curiosity towards the creatures (or in Aloy's case, machines) they hunt, and have a similar mentality towards how best to deal with the unruly ones. They've even shared a rare moment of congratulations between them, and go on hunts together in the Pantheon on occasion.
    • If there aren't any monsters in the Pantheon to hunt together, the duo occasionally head to Astera to join the Monster Hunters on a quest there, it has also been seen that he takes a reluctant approach with the likes of Pukei-Pukei, mainly because of one that he saved and in turn helped him defeat a Leshen that had entered the Hunters' world.
  • As of late, a popular ballad about the brooding Wolf has become a smash hit within the House of Music and other fellow medieval deities, many breaking out into song whenever they see him pass. Some observers have even noted Geralt tends to give a small smile, at least when they can get the lyrics out without drunkenly slurring.

    Gray Fox 
Frank Jaeger, God of Death-Foreshadowing Disfigurement (Perfect Soldier, Null, Gray Fox, Grey Fox, Frankie, The Cyborg Ninja, Your #1 Fan, Frank Hunter, Deepthroat, Ninja Gayden)
Without cybernetics 

Sagat, God of Muay Thai and Achey Scars (Emperor of Muay Thai, The King, 'Victor' Sagat, Our Lord and Savior of Projectile Zoning)
Sagat's classic design
Sagat in Street Fighter V 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His scarred chest
  • Theme Songs: Sagat Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Muay Thai, Eyepatch of Power, Achey Scars, Worthy Opponent, Ruthlessness Mixed With Nobility, Realizing One's Scumbaggery and Atoning For It, Kid-Friendly, Tiger Blow/Uppercut
  • Domains: Sports, Combat, Fighting, Honor
  • Herald: Willa Maiu (his pet tiger)
  • Followers: Joe Higashi, Bruce Irvin, Brad Burns
  • Allies: Dhalsim, Ryu (a Friendly Rival), Ken Masters, Dan Hibiki, Zangief, Sol Badguy, The Ministry of Atonement, Charles Xavier, Coco
  • Worthy Opponent: Date Masamune, King (Art of Fighting/KOF), Ryo Sakazaki
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Vega, Balrog, F.A.N.G
  • Odd Friendship: Tigress of the Furious Five
  • Was once counted as Bison's henchman, a stigma that Sagat may not be able to cleanse completely (due to some things, like cornflakes, believe it or not). However, he's set to spend the rest of his existence cleaning up for that act after cutting ties with Shadaloo, thus his resolve got him chosen, on recommendation of Sol.
    • His title as King of Muay Thai is now a ceremonial title; there just weren't enough followers of his sport to maintain his power. Instead, he claimed a new title to compensate. His scar, the one that Ryu gave him so many years ago, was what secured his placement in the Pantheon. Count that as yet another ironic way of thanks from the karate master.
  • He's also close to Zangief this way, being those who suffer villainous portrayal until some Retcon saved their roles. He is currently taking M. Bison´s seat in the Bad Guy Anon as part of his progression.
  • His relations with Dan has been…tumultuous to say the least. He first fought Dan many moons ago as a revenge ploy for the death of his father. It came to a complete surprise that he lost the fight. Satisfied, Dan spared his life and mended relationships. Sagat won't comment on how he lost, but many speculate that the King of Muay Thai threw the fight to help Dan get over his father's death.
  • Has often come to the Combat house to spar with his best rival Ryu. For some reason, Sagat usually declines invitation to come to the Combat House. Instead, he thinks within the Sports house, he could also teach mortals about Muay Thai for good self-defense.
  • Sagat wants to be especially sure that his former student Adon never gets anywhere near the Pantheon. Sagat greatly despises Adon and holds him as one of his greatest failures, and while he doesn´t really see him as a threat, Sagat knows that Adon would easily become influenced by the acts of the more malevolent entities of the Pantheon such as Yuuki or the Joker, and could easily cross the moral line just to achieve his desire of being worshiped as a god.
    • Unfortunately, enough of his followers defected to Adon's side to bring about his ascension. Adon immediately challenged the old man in response, intent on reclaiming the title of God of Muay Thai. The match ended how it last did, with Sagat wiping the floor with the arrogant fool before tossing him out of his temple. It's unlikely to deter his former student from making future challenges.
  • Rumor has it that his ascension may be due to an ever-growing internet movement, which had progressed to "Put_Sagat_In_Pantheon".
  • Sagat has learned that, in an alternate Street Fighter universe created by Masahiko Nagahira, Sagat never accepted the offer to join Shadaloo in the first place, his former student Adon took his place in the organization, and he learned his lesson much earlier. This discovery has improved Sagat´s reputation slightly, and caused Sagat to develop a whole new level of contempt for the then-non-ascended Adon.
  • He never thought that he could find cases of redemption that were far more dire than his. That was the case when he formally signed up to join the Way of the Dawn to help bring it to operations. The other deities were glad to have his fighting skills added to the roster. The group serves as inspiration to continue with his atonement.
  • Admits that Date handles the eyepatch just as well as him, and is also a good enough opponent to fight him to a draw.
  • Was once challenged by a French woman with short hair. The former bodyguard turned bar owner has heard of his skills and wished to compare his Muay Thai with her own. Sagat agreed to her terms and the fight was on. While she lost the fight, she didn't take the loss seriously, instead inviting him to the House of Food for a drink.
  • It is said that Sagat uses the ferocity of the tiger in many of his moves. It was only recently that he managed to take on an actual tiger in the Pantheon. After a brief spar with Tigress, the two discussed their fight over tea. The reserved fighters saw a lot in common, including their struggles to contain their rages.
    • A few deities have suggested to Sagat to follow fighting a tiger with a bout against RoboCop for some reason.
  • Sagat is very much a harsh, warrior-minded man. This contrasts him heavily with the pacifistic super-yogi Dhalsim. However, the two men both share a keen sense of justice, so much so that when children from both their locales were kidnapped in conjunction with the issue of Pandora's Box, they promptly teamed up to join the hunt for the Box in hopes of getting answers.
  • Paid a visit to the Kyokugenryu School to see the star champion Ryo. Sagat had heard that this school of karate had five forms of study. He wanted Ryo to fight him using the Tiger (Kou-Ou). Eager to promote the school, Ryo accepted. Afterwards, the two promised to spar some more. When asked about his former pupil King, Sagat shrugged his shoulders, telling him the bouncer already talked about their situation in length.
  • Has great respect towards Coco for rejecting M. Bison's offer to join Shadaloo as a temporary stand-in for F.A.N.G, his replacement in the crime organization's Four Heavenly Kings. Sometime after F.A.N.G ascended to the Pantheon, Sagat heard some gossip about the thin poison man wanting to come after The King because he left Shadaloo.
  • A startling new revelation has come about in that he's potentially able to use the Satsui no Hado, but has been able to suppress it through sheer force of will alone. Gods are keeping an eye on him for this reason.
  • Can also be seen in the House of Combat.


    Harvey Dent/Two-Face 
Harvey Dent, The Two-Faced God of Deciding Lives With Chance (Harvey, Two-Face, Big Bad Harv, Apollo, The Judge, Gotham's White Knight)
Harvey pre-scarred, portrayed by Aaron Eckhart 

Zira, Goddess of Ear Notches
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Ear Notch
  • Theme Music: My Lullaby; Lions Over All
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Contrasting Sequel Antagonist, Dark Action Girl, Avenging the Villain, Faux Affably Evil, Misplaced Retribution, Ax-Crazy, Lean and Mean, Mood-Swinger
  • Domains: Lioness, Vengeance
  • Herald: Nuka (her son).
  • High Priest: Don Karnage
  • Allies: Scar, Claudandus, Shere Khan, Sabor
  • Enemies: Simba, Timon & Pumbaa, Aslan, good-aligned royalty
  • Mixed Relations: Lady Macbeth
  • Scar has never been what one would consider to be an effective leader of the Pride Lands after taking the spot for himself, but it hasn’t prevented him from having others who hold plenty of respect towards him. Zira falls in that category of admirers and ever since Scar got eaten to death by hyenas, she has been plotting revenge against Simba for apparently causing Scar’s downfall. She is part of the Outlanders, a group of outcasts in the Pride Lands and attempted to use Kovu to take what she believes was rightfully Scar’s. When that failed (and eventually leading to the rest of the Outlanders to side with Simba near the end of her scheme), Zira tried and failed to murder Simba, only to fall to her death in raging waters. No one knows why Zira has a notch on her ear, but it helps with her image of being an unhinged, vengeful lioness.
  • One night in the Pantheon, some rough waters hit a river and with it, a seemingly unconscious lioness. Just as someone was about to examine the body, Zira growled rather tiredly, scaring off the person who was about to look at her. A few seconds later, Zira realized that she was still alive and took a bit of time to walk around the landscape at night. She then overheard a conversation related to Simba and quickly realized that not only was Simba still around, but it meant that Scar was alive. It became clear to her that she was going to finish what she had started and with her being in an unfamiliar location, it meant looking for additional friends to take down Simba and foes that stand in her way.
  • While it’s not explicitly stated that she and Scar were married, many tend to assume that this was the case. All things considered, Zira and Scar are very close friends and he’s rather pleased to know that there is someone who is willing to support his plans. Zira is usually the one that comes up with the plans to help herself and Scar gain more power, with Scar generally stepping in whenever Zira’s plans don’t work out. Although they still haven’t gotten the power and leadership they desire, both remain determined to get payback on Simba and his friends.
  • Despite The Hyenas directly killing Scar, Zira still remains adamant in getting revenge on Simba for thwarting Scar’s ambitions. Regardless, she has some disdain towards hyenas and in turn, a number of hyenas in the Pride Lands don’t like her. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed weren’t fully aware of who Zira was at first, but after hearing about her ties to Scar (who the trio turned against), their dislike of her became rather pronounced and Zira isn’t above engaging the trio in a fight if they feel like attacking her.
  • At the behest of Scar, Zira decided to meet Claudandus, who was familiar with Scar and is working with him. Zira was willing to say to him that she considers lions to be superior to all animals and Claudandus took it that she believes that all felines are superior. Zira responded that only those who follow her beliefs are better than all others, which went over with Claudandus’ goals of making felines the dominant species all-around very well. She’s willing to work with Claudandus’ project if it means letting lions become dominant all around the Pantheon, despite never meeting any humans beforehand to understand the full extent of his ambitions.
    • On the subject of other dangerous felines, she found out about Shere Khan and Sabor, a pair of other felines whom Scar is working with and she generally got along with them. Shere Khan’s strength and viciousness was something that Zira approved of and although she hasn’t been able to really talk to Sabor, she sees potential in the leopard. In the grand scheme of things, Scar leads over these felines, with Zira being his most devout supporter and Shere Khan and Sabor serving as strong attackers against their enemies.
  • If there’s one other lion that Zira hates alongside Simba, it would be Aslan. Since Aslan opposed Scar on the grounds of forcefully usurping the Pride Lands from Mufasa much like how Aslan was forced to give up Narnia in the hands of The White Witch, Zira believed that anyone who opposes Scar deserves to be eliminated. That said, she really can’t engage in a direct fight against Aslan given how powerful he is, so all she can do is figure out some sort of plan that would let her have an advantage when the time for the two to fight does happen.
  • As someone who’s devoted to an ambitious, but villainous figure, she ended up finding Lady Macbeth, who happened to care about her husband and supported his goals. Despite this, Lady Macbeth ended up seeing plenty of disturbing visions and had to deal with guilt, something that culminated in her committing suicide. Zira on the other hand, didn’t appear to harbor much, if any, regrets on what she was trying to do (especially since her plan was more for herself than the Outlanders in general) and remained driven to her goals even after drowning in water. The fact that Lady Macbeth had to deal with guilt was something that didn’t sit well with Zira and the lioness believes that Lady Macbeth should have been more proactive in trying to support her husband and his desire for power. On her end, Lady Macbeth saw in Zira a possibly darker version of herself in terms of personality.
  • Zira’s persistent drive for revenge has unsettled a few heroic deities who have had to deal with revenge and later setting it aside when vengeance accomplished nothing. They find Zira to be frustrating to deal with given how she was so focused on her own goals and blinded by revenge that she alienated her own allies. She’s nothing more than convinced that some people just don’t want her and Scar to become leaders of the Pride Lands with what they’re saying and is determined to prove them wrong, especially those aforementioned deities.
  • While looking for those who are willing to support her and Scar, Zira came across a section of the Pantheon dedicated to highlighting significant royal figures. It was there she learned about a number of royal figures, both good and evil, those who took position of king or queen fairly, and those who took the title by force and became self-serving tyrants. Zira couldn’t care less about actual benevolent royalty and she isn’t willing to talk about the other corrupt royal figures. All she’s focused on is ensuring that she and Scar are able to be powerful and respected (the latter basically being impossible given her selfishness) rulers and if they can’t take over the Pride Lands, they will find another land of animals to rule over.