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Greater Gods

Susano'o, God of Arrogant Righteousness (Susanoo, Susano-o, Susano, The Storm God, The Powerful Storm of Summer, Takehaya-Susano'o-no-Mikoto, Kumano-Ketsumiko-no-Kami, God of the Summer Storm, Susan, Kamu Susano-o, Aogami, The Fallen God)
Within the Battleground of the Gods 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His sword, the Totsuka-no-Tsurugi
  • Theme Songs: The Storm God, The Legend
  • Alignment: True Neutral (though he can be Lawful and Chaotic at times), Lawful Good as Aogami.
  • Portfolio: Physical God, Believes He's the Only One to Stop Orochi, Purposely Overpowered, Smug Super, Controls the Wind, Controls Thunder and Lightning, Controls the Rain, The Kusanagi, Acted Immaturely in His Youth, Harsh God, Has Nicer Moments, His Rivalry with Amaterasu, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Storms, Order, Slaying, Immortality, Jerks, Rage, Self-Righteousness
  • Followers: The Mystic Army
  • Allies: Zeus, Gwyn, Kyo Kusanagi, Deus, Odin, Raiden (Mortal Kombat), Knight Gundam, Yasuo, Hakumen, Jin Kisaragi, Igor, Yosuke Hanamura, Yusuke Kitagawa
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Amaterasu, Sasuke Uchiha, The Night Raid, Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Ayane, Liu Bei, Zheng Fei, and Guan Yu, Sophitia Alexandra, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Hattori Hanzo, Diao Chan, Achilles, Sima Yi, Sun Ce, Dian Wei, Sima Shi, Xiahou Dun, Jeanne d'Arc, any human in The Pantheon
  • Distrusts: Nine-Tailed Foxes, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Enemies: Orochi, Yuuki Terumi, Fortinbras, Iori Yagami, Yami, King Ghidorah, Sun Wukong, Diana
  • Impatient, rude, overbearing, quick to enrage, an egotist, and with a lack of faith in humanity, Susano'o is often seen as a very harsh and uncaring God. Despite this, he is known for fighting for humanity against monsters such as Orochi, though it has caused him to believe that humans cannot fight these creatures. Though he has matured after fighting Orochi, he has since returned, and seeing that the Pantheon cannot defeat any version of this monster has made him take it upon himself to slay any version that appears. He still has a violent temper that causes storms from time to time.
  • Appeared in the Pantheon with his mystic army demanding that he have his place here. Many were not pleased but due to the need to fight Orochi and his growing influence, they have decided to let him have a temple for now.
  • Calling what he has against Amaterasu a "rivalry" is underselling it as it was what caused him to be ordered out of Heaven for a time. This rivalry was born due to before leaving he tried to have a decent goodbye with her that ended in him destroying her rice fields, hurling a flayed pony at her loom, and killing one of her attendants. He is baffled at the form she has chosen now.
    • Though they still don't see eye to eye he decided to help her against Yami as long as she helps him against Orochi.
    • He was happy to learn that she regained her original form but was absolutely furious when he learned what caused her to assume that form, they may not be on the best of terms but she is still his sister, he vowed revenge on both Terumi and Diana for what they have done.
  • Unnerves Sasuke Uchiha due to him sounding like his father.
  • He does not respect humanity; he feels as though they cannot be called on to fight the Horrors that await them, he decided to take charge in fighting these creatures. He is quick to dismiss any human that gets in his way.
    • The only human he's given respect to is Kyo Kusanagi as he served well in fighting Orochi and in his eyes done his clan justice, this does not extend to Iori Yagami as he sees him and his clan as traitors.
  • He is incredibly powerful, most Gods fear him and his power is comparable to Orochi's strongest form which was damaging both time and space, He has fought entire armies made up of from The Warring States, The Three Kingdoms, warriors from various dimensions and other Gods all at once which only resulted in him changing his mind on what humanity can do for a short time and not much else.
  • Makes it clear to any Nine-Tailed Foxes that while he acknowledges that they are not from his universe and thus not allied with Orochi like Da Ji or Tamano, he will not hesitate to strike them down if he believes they are in any sort of collusion with the serpent.
  • Keeps his eye on Ragna as his connection to the Black Beast could make him as much of a threat as Orochi and he will be the one to destroy him if it starts to become a problem.
  • Is actively hunting after every version of Orochi and each version paused in his presence, though not afraid they recognize who he is and are ready to finish what they started with him a long time ago. Susano'o is happy to finally finish them off though he is slightly annoyed that they won’t have a drink with him before they fight.
  • The House of Prophecy believes that he will become part of a battle between the Gods. At first, he didn't care as to him it would achieve very little until he learned that his sister would be there first and he refused to let her get all the glory. Besides, he may have fun fighting the other deities seeing if they truly are worthy of their domains. He eventually did after witnessing the feats of a certain tornado slinging Samurai named Yasuo and used him as a basis of his style over there. He's also... surprisingly calmer there, but truth is, he's just hiding his tempestuous temper in check.
    • Likewise, he has heard that one of those humans he met in one of his battles against Orochi, Guan Yu, actually had his own "ascension", so he'd also like to test his strength since the last time they met. This also goes to fellow "mystics", namely Sun Wukong, Nezha, and Nu Wa.
  • At first was impress at Knight Gundam for destroying his version of Orochi, but was disappointed that he never seemed to do the same with the other versions, however, he would gladly call on his aid if the need arises, though he thinks he won't need it.
  • Has a deep hatred for those that would dare use his name, to him it is considered to be blasphemous and at worst that they're ruining his good name. Yuuki Terumi, Hakumen, Susanoo of the Night Raid, Sasuke Uchiha, and Jin Kisaragi (due to his connection to Hakumen) are already on his bad side due to this and he has given them a stern warning never to utter their usage of his name around him.
    • This eventually subsided when he realized one thing... Terumi's using his name as his real identity. Refusing to accept that such a monster can be him, and how he's reflecting every bit of his unsavory past that he got over after slaying Orochi (as well as his calmness during his journey throughout the Battleground of the Gods), Susano'o "intervened" the eventual battle by restoring Hakumen's soul and allowing Ragna the Bloodedge to eventually get the upper hand against Terumi, declaring that if he has to pick someone to represent him between Jin Kisaragi and Terumi, he'd rather pick the former. Even at the cost of a serious weakening in the Battleground of the Gods. With this, his opinions for Hakumen and Jin got a little better, and he'll always keep an eye against Terumi even more.
  • Because of his views on humanity and his work, he became a little surprised when his power became invoked by a human, that of Yosuke Hanamura, namely through something called a Persona. Unsurprisingly, Susano'o got offended by this and proceeded to "test" Yosuke in a battle. He caught him off-guard when he was alone. The battle was initially pretty one-sided as Yosuke was just barely able to counter with Jiraiya. Then Susano'o chastised him over his failures regarding Saki. Cue Yosuke getting mad. Yosuke began to talk back on the downsides of the storm god... before realizing that's why they're the same. Yosuke changed and became better for his friends and Susano'o redeemed himself to his sister. In fact, no sooner he said that Yukiko came to assist Yosuke, accompanied by Amaterasu herself. Susano'o sheathed his sword and acknowledged Yosuke as worthy of invoking his power.
  • After the ensuing battle with Terumi and his heart-to-heart battle with Yosuke, Susano'o has been paying visits to the Velvet Room and befriended its guardian, Igor. Beyond further tempering his anger, he also grew further attached to Yosuke. However, he then became surprised when yet another human invoked his power, that of Yusuke Kitagawa, another Persona user. He challenged to conflict and noted Yusuke's own differences and similarity in temperament while also noted the artist's allies had their own godly allies in Mercury and Sun Wukong.

Intermediate Gods

    Boa Hancock 
Boa Hancock, Goddess of Screwing Rules Through Beauty (Pirate Empress, Queen of the Amazon Lily, Pirate Warlord Hancock)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Kuja Pirates flag
  • Theme Music
  • Alignment: True Neutral by default, Chaotic Good when around Luffy
  • Portfolio: Being Hot and Knowing It, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Sexy Like a Snake, Being a Bitch With a Pitiful Childhood, Lady of War, Kick Chick, 6'3" Tall, Fighting Dancer, Badass Queen, Not Trusting Men Except for Luffy Who She is Madly In Love With
  • Domains: Piracy, Feminism, Beauty
  • Heralds: Her sisters, Sandersonia and Marigold, the Kuja warriors
  • High Priestess: Kyogoku Maria
  • Allies: Monkey D. Luffy, Esdeath, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Homura Akemi, Medea, Squigly, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Isabela of Rivain
  • On good terms with: Jinbei
  • Rival: Chun-Li
  • Friendly Rival to: Cleopatra VII
  • Unknown Rival to: Nico Robin, Nami
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (f.k.a Admiral Akainu), Sir Crocodile while Croc sees her as an enemy.
  • Enemies: Donquixote Doflamingo, Blackbeard (especially as Marshall D. Teach),Eneru, Prime Minister Honest, Wild Hunt, everyone else who would dare to harm Luffy, Risky Boots, slavers.
  • Respected by: Aphrodite
  • Supported by: Oberyn Martell
  • Pities: Bloody Marie, Painwheel, Sakura Matou, Peacock, The Vortigaunts, The Prinnies
  • How did Boa Hancock ascend to the Pantheon? She felt like walking through the gates one day, and everyone was too enchanted by her beauty to stop her.
  • Luffy, who was ecstatic to see Hancock again, welcomed her with one his hugs. The woman in question practically squealed in delight as she received affections from her object of affections. Meanwhile, half of the Pantheon are wondering how Luffy was able to land such a hot babe.
  • She prefers to bath alone, meaning that she won't even allow other women in her presence when she's nude. This is due to marking brained on her back, identifying her as a former slave. Usually she'd turn those who saw it into stone, but has since refrained from doing that... maybe.
    • It's also because of her past that she finds sympathy for those who were former slaves themselves, such as Marie, Painwheel, Peacock and Sakura, and those who were victimized by said slavers, like Squigly. She's more then willing to help make the Medici family pay for what they did, though she is keeping a critical eye on Marie stating that if the Skullgirl goes too far she will have to "put her foot down". She doesn't like how Marie views Filia as an enemy, despite the latter being nowhere near as cruel as the Medici's, either.
  • While she doesn't seem to have any opinion on the other men of the Straw Hat Crew, she does make a personal notice on Nami and Robin, viewing them as her rivals for Luffy. The moment she ran into them, she did her "looking down on you so much that it gets reversed and she starts looking up" stance and declares that she will never lose to them. Then she walked away, leaving both women utterly confused at what just happened.
  • Standing at 6'3", the same height as Samus Aran, this makes her one of the tallest human deities in the Pantheon only adding to her beauty and fear among the other deities.
  • It turned out Aphrodite was sympathetic towards Hancock as she wasn't able to consummate her Single-Target Sexuality with Luffy because he's asexual. Overall, they'd be good friends. But Aphrodite takes issue with the pirate claiming to be the most beautiful woman, however, she doesn't force this claim, lest she incurs Hancock's wrath.
    • Much in the same way Cleopatra butts heads with Hancock over beauty finding her obsession with Luffy rather strange, but she understands why her heart sways this way for the Strawhat Pirates' leader.
  • Usagi was surprised when Hancock had paid her a visit since ordinarily she would be giving off warnings to any female deities about staying away from Luffy. Instead, she was interested in learning about her relationship with Tuxedo Mask as she hoped one day like with Sailor Moon she would become Luffy's bride.
  • As one of the most beautiful pirates in the world, she knows that all kinds of people are fond of her but some were actually attracted to her, such as Isabela of Rivain and the Prince of Dorne, Oberyn Martell. While flattered by these two admitting how much they found her breathtaking, the female warlord was more hostile to Oberyn due to his gender and not wanting to break Luffy's heart by getting seen with another man.
  • Despite hating both Honest and Wild Hunt for their treatment of women and slaves, she genuinely respects General Esdeath and supports her love of Tatsumi. In a way, Hancock could understand the pain of loving someone who is fighting on the opposite side of a war and why Esdeath feels so conflicted on him.
  • Hancock was happily invited to the Straw Hat's latest party with the ascension of their newest crewmate, none other than her fellow former warlord Jinbei. The two greeted each other amicably.
  • Hancock has been tightening her defenses with the revelation that the Marines have disbanded the Shichibukai program and thus her and the other Warlords are now pursued by the Marines.
  • "Whether I kick a kitten... Tear off your ears... Even slaughter innocent people... The world will never cease to forgive my actions! Why, you ask? Why, it is because I am beautiful!"

    Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm 
Kuroto Dan, God of God Complexes (Kamen Rider Genm, The Black Ex-Aid, The Game Master, Dangerous Zombie, "Kazuma Kenzaki"/Imitation Blade, Totema Genm, New Kuroto Dan, Bugster!Kuroto, Kuroto Dan Shin, The Almighty God, Kuroto Damn, Kuronami Nintendan, Dan the Man, Kayaba Ver. 2, Anti Sugou Enoshima, MonoGenm, Super High-School Level Game Master, Super High-School Level X, Genocider Dan, The Walking Dan, Danny Boy, The Meme Master, King Kuroto Dan, Another OOO, HumaGear!Kuroto, KAMI/FUMETSTU DA!)
Kamen Rider Genm Action Gamer Level 0 (Proto Origin) 
Zombie Gamer Level X 
God Maximum Gamer 
Musou Gamer 

  • Intermediate God, Greater God as either God Maximum Gamer Level Billion or Musou Gamer
  • Symbol: A purple-colored Ex-Aid emblem along with his Rider Gashats
  • Theme Song: "Wish in the Dark", "Believer" in God Maximum Gamer Level Billion
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, temporarily becomes Chaotic Neutral leaning towards Good during the Kamen Rider Chronicle crisis, eventually becomes Neutral Good in his last moments after regaining sanity
  • Portfolio: Having a God Complex, Being the first big threat the Riders has to deal with, Ambition Is Evil, Manipulative Bastard, Killer Game Master, Hidden Agenda Villain, "I am God! And my ambitions are immortal!", Being revived as a Bugster, Hazy-Feel Turn, Having a good excuse of his actions due to his motivation of saving his sick mother, Momma's Boy, Even Evil Has Standards, Boxed Crook, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Returning to his old villainous ways, "I'll clear this even if it means using continues!"
  • Domains: Video Games, Manipulation, Chaos, Death Games, Godhood, Sociopathy, Anti-Heroism
  • Allies: Shiro Kanzaki, Akihiko Kayaba, Monaca Towa, Kurei, Jeanne d'Arc Alter, Saber Alter
  • Complicated Relations With: All Toku heroes (especially Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid), Amanda Waller
  • Rivals: Seto Kaiba, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse)
  • Enemies: Shocker, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Tenjuro Banno, Junko Enoshima, Nobuyuki Sugou, Tsumugi Shirogane, Ragyo Kiryuin, the Trollkaiger, Sark, CLU 2, Nurgle, Typhus, Thrax, Master Control Program, Gleeman Vox, Yoshikage Kira, Light Yagami
  • Opposes: The Black Organization (especially Tequila)
  • Foil to: Embryo
  • Kuroto Dan is the 2nd CEO of the gaming company Genm Corp. who provided the Gamer Drivers and the Rider Gashats to the Cyber Rescue team of Seito University Hospital to combat the Bugsters, video game-themed monsters born from a Millennium Bug. In reality, he is also a narcissistic sociopath who orchestrated the Zero Day, a tragic event from which the Bugster Virus sprang, that causes alot of deaths among those unfortunates who got infected. He manipulates both the CR and the Bugsters in order to complete the "ultimate game" Kamen Rider Chronicle, where ordinary people must fight the Bugsters or else, and getting a Game Over means they die for real. On top of that, he has a massive God Complex and an ego the size of the Pantheon, due to his genius intellect in regards of creating his video games and gadgets, to the point of seeing others as a bunch of lowly sinners. Even after his revival and switching sides temporarily, he still referred to himself as a god as he refused to repent for all the crimes he commit just to achieve godhood.
  • When he ascended proper, a purple-colored pipe with the word "Continue" on it has appeared out of nowhere. It is from this pipe that he first appeared, with glee on his face. The first thing he did in the pantheon: he introduced himself with the words "I am Kuroto Dan, KAMI DA!".
  • Although he is a Toku villain, he refused to join Shocker, as he doesn't like to provide his inventions to the terrorist organization, since this is part of his Berserk Button, and he don't want to associate with them, especially the likes of Ryoma Sengoku, Tenjuro Banno, and their Trollkaiger allies, knowing that they will use the things he made for far more nefarious purposes. Because of this, he ended up becoming their enemy as he is now on the run from them ever since.
    • Due to this event, he ended up befriending another former villain by the name of Monaca Towa, who was also being opposed by Shocker for giving up villainy. The former leader of Warriors of Hope seems to like the video games he made, as Monaca would like to play them at some time.
  • While he aligned himself with the Cyber Rescue team just to deal with bigger threats, such as his father, who transformed into Kamen Rider Cronus, Kuroto's relations with Emu and his allies are still rocky, considering he was the first big threat they dealt with. Although he would team up with them if their on the same page in regards of dealing with the same enemies, Emu still resolve to stop him if he tries to cause any trouble again.
  • Believe it or not, he may be an aspiring Killer Game Master, but he still loves his mother, as his desire to complete Kamen Rider Chronicle all by himself is the reason why he wanted to revive his mother as a Bugster, so that she could live without the reliance of Doctors.
    • This reason made him an alliance with Kurei because of their high respect on their mothers despite of their depravity while he ended up making enemies with alot of Killer Game Masters in the process.
    • The only exception of that rule is Ragyo Kiryuin because he knows what kind of parent she is, and wants nothing to do with HER brand of depravity.
  • Absolutely can't stand Nobuyuki Sugou, most likely how he reminded of himself during his early career as a villain. However, the main reason why he hates Sugou's guts is because of the latter's crimes in regards of his attempted rape towards a certain girl named Asuna, which Kuroto does not particularly appreciate. He also detests the likes of Light Yagami and Yoshikage Kira: while they reminded him of himself, the extent of their villainous actions cross even HIS lines.
  • Has gained a rivalry with Seto Kaiba, as both are egotistic CEOs of their respective corporation specialized in games. Kaiba became annoyed with Kuroto upon finding out his past of being neglected by his father, but he would never condone Kuroto's actions because Kaiba's motivations to give children a place to have fun, which clashes with Kuroto's superiority. While Kaiba is aware of Kuroto's status as a Kamen Rider, he made a point to challenge the Genm Corp. CEO in a Duel Monsters card game to see who will prevail among the two of them. Kuroto eagerly accepted, saying that, when it's time to duel, he would be ready.
  • He also made a rivalry with the egotistic servant Gilgamesh since both of them only care about themselves and themselves only. In fact, he can actually stand toe-to-toe against the King of Heroes with his God Maximum Gamer power-wise and everybody starts placing bets on who would win in this legendary clash of egos.
  • At one point, Kuroto was a High Priest to Junko Enoshima after the despair freak herself was thrilled by his actions of giving despair to his victims. However, he ended up stepping down in his position after he pulled a Hazy-Feel Turn and quit hope-crushing, causing Junko to severe ties with him as she is enraged by losing an apprentice figure once again.
    • Speaking of Junko's apprentices, his opinion towards Tsumugi Shirogane is nothing but contempt, considering that she is in the same league as Junko.
  • Due to his Rider form being a dark counterpart to The Hero, Kuroto is often seen being associates with Jeanne Alter and Saber Alter, as he act himself as a buffer between the two all thanks to their opposite personalities.
  • Although he isn't a doctor much like Emu and despite being the instigator of the Bugster Virus during his villainous streak, he became enemies with the likes of Nurgle, Typhus and Thrax. After all, their works make the Bugster Virus look like the common cold.
  • Has found a kindred spirit towards Shiro Kanzaki, since both created their respective Rider Systems not just due to their ulterior motives, but rather due to them trying to save someone dear to them.
  • Amanda Waller has been keep an eye on him since she gained an interest of using him and his abilities for her own gain. It doesn't take long for him to have a grudge on her considering he had a bad expererience of being a Boxed Crook back then.
  • Due to his God Complex, Kuroto is often seen as the antithesis to Embryo since the latter doesn't think himself of being a god. Despite this, he doesn't like Embryo due to the way he treats women, which, as Kuroto states, reminds of the Lovelica Bugster if he were a thousand times worse.
  • Ever since he regained his sanity before his final death, people have questioned his right to godhood, especially since he joined the GUAG. The Court of the Gods ruled that for now, he would remain because he is still mostly known for his God Complex. Moreover, he seems to have regained his God Complex behaviour in a certain timeline where he attempts to become a king due to the time alterations caused the Time Jackers.
  • "I am Kamen Rider Genm. KAMI DA!"

Buddy Pine, God of Glory-Seeking Villains (Syndrome, Incrediboy, (Baby)Sitter)
Click here  for when he was young

Trakeena, Goddess of Ungratefulness (Tracy, General Trakeena (by the GUAE)
Evolved Trakeena 
Third Form 
  • Lesser Goddess intially, Intermediate Goddess in her Evolved Form and Mutated Form, borderline Greater in her Third Form.
  • Symbol: Her father’s spaceship the Scorpion Stinger.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil as fused with Deviot.
  • Portfolio: A Beautiful Bug, Bratty Teenage Daughter (At First), Scorpius' Daughter, Rather Vain About Her Looks, From A Spoiled Brat To A Hive Queen, Transforms In The Cocoon, Wants The Galaxy Rangers Dead For Killing Scorpius
  • Domains: Aliens, Cybernetics, Insects, Terrorism
  • Followers: Loly and Melony
  • Allies: Enter, The Ginyu Force, Mesegog, Frieza, Boros, Queen Sectonia, SHOCKER
  • Enemies: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Dr. Thomas Oliver, Saitama, Jean-Luc Picard, XCOM.
  • Rivals: Sarah Kerrigan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Psycho Rangers
  • Having grown tired of being stuck underneath those whom she considered less deserving of ascending into the Pantheon, she decided to make her claim for power as the one true queen of evil in the universe. Much to the horror of those in the Toku Base Trakeena has made her comeback party.
  • Quickly gaining powerful allies with Enter, Frieza, Boros, and Mesegog, she marched her attack against the various rangers or sentai teams in the Pantheon's houses. While some found her beautiful, the majority found her attitude and overall vile nature as an insect too disgusting, which only managed to piss her off.
  • While the Psycho Rangers agreed on hunting down rangers, the former "hired" rangers made it clear only they would take down the rangers while Trakeena let them believe that knowing their personalities made them easy to manipulate. However, she did wanted to take down the Galaxy Rangers by her own hands.
  • Sarah had found the daughter of Scorpius to be no different from a rich, spoiled rotten Terran rather than being the leader of a hive of alien insects; the irony being that she herself was also a Terran at one point.
    • The same was said for the Borg Queen in the Galaxy Ranger's most fearsome in her attempt to gain control over the Pantheon finding her to be another species to assimilate.
  • Trakeena was shocked to see a bald-headed man observe her for a couple of seconds before asking her if she was related to a certain mosquito girl he once squashed back in his early days as a superhero.
  • Being an employed member of SHOCKER, the various amounts of Stingwingers and monsters under her control are provided to this organization that helps fund Trakeena's campaign to regain her throne as the one true queen of evil.
  • Despite wanting to confront her old nemesis Leo again, she ran into Tommy Oliver and Jason who knew about the fact she survived the Zordon Wave that was meant to eradicate most of the evil in the universe. While she managed to last for some time, even she couldn't hold up against two legendary rangers being forced into retreat.
  • In a form of irony Amy Miller, the actress who played Trakeena, is married to Reggie Rolle, who played Damon, the Green Galaxy Ranger. Don't tell her this however lest she decides to destroy you.

Lesser Gods

Skrain G. Dukat, God of Desiring Praise For Decency (Gul Dukat, Emissary of the Pah-Wraiths, Anjohl Tennan)


    Father Elijah 
Father Elijah, God of Obsessive Control (Elder Elijah, Elijah)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An Explosive Leash beeping rapidly. Alternatively his Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon, Advanced LAER, and Holorifle side by side.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with Lawful Evil goals
  • Portfolio: Believing human nature is... unreliable, Utterly despicable, Very Pragmatic & Determined, Excellent in planning but terrible as a military tactician, Evil Cripple, Misanthrope Supreme, Gadgeteer Genius, Faux Affably Evil, Greed, Caring about Veronica, his protégée, The Sociopath, Bad Boss, Karmic Death, Ain't Too Proud to Beg
  • Domains: Control Freaks, Technology, Advancement, Mavericks, Greed, Hypocrisy
  • Aloof Allies to:
  • Source of Interest for: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Enemies: The Courier, Arthur Maxson, The Sole Survivor, Liberty Prime, the Enclave, Dogmeats, the House of Technology, The Think Tank, Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos especially GUAC Forbidden Scholars, the Reformed GUAL, The Ghost Kamen Riders, the Grand United Alliance of Machines, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, the Investigation Team, S.E.E.S./Shadow Operatives, ADVENT, the Grineer, the Eliksni, the Corpus, Apollyon, Felix, Nuka-World Raiders, the Tenno, the Guardians, Sombra, SCP-2578-D, Night Raid, Akame, victims of genocide and enslavement
  • Feared by: Nunnally Lamperouge.
  • For a while, there has been nothing but trouble stirring in the Houses. There were reports of a string of thefts on various gods' Houses, particularly their technology. Many organizations were struck ranging from the merchant cult Corpus, the tyrannical Enclave, to even the alien occupants the ADVENT Coalition. Always, security was broken through flawlessly. When footage of the thief surfaced the House of Justice slowed it down to reveal a man in Brotherhood Scribe robes. While the House questioned Arthur Maxson regarding his men, the Enclave preparing their attack on Prydwyn, and the Courier speculations on who it is, reports of the House of Technology blasted through the news. The scribe's identity would have to wait for now.
    • A wave of Infested had hit the House of Technology. The cleaners who were supposed to control the Technocyte seedbeds were found dead and thus were unable to stop them from spreading. In addition, large crates full of Infested tissue were also found on the scene, which were planted there to help accelerate the spread. Thankfully, members from the GUAG responded to the attack quickly and thus damage wasn't as severe as when the Infested first ascended. While the denizens scouted the damage, amidst the chaos certain deities passing by or otherwise went missing.
      • When the deities awoke from their slumber they found themselves greeted bythe voice of an old man who explained to them their current situation. They are going to help him infiltrate the Pantheon's Vault of Treasures alongside a few robots he brought along for added manpower. Refuse, and he'll torture them all until they comply, unable to kill them due to the fact that Death Is Cheap around here, and he can't have them ratting him out.
      Father Elijah: "Are you listening? Good. From now on, when I talk, listen - and follow my instructions."
      • So they follow through with his plans, every instruction verbatim, and it started out smoothly until the Courier intercepted some of the collared deities. When they tried to tell them of their situation, the collars were set off and the old man made a break for it. While the authorities continued the manhunt... until he took refuge in the Tyrannical side of the GUAL, who quickly vouched for his ascension. It turned out Elijah surfaced around the time the Sierra Madre was made a Dominion as it was the place where he died at. Though confused, he decided to lay low and study his surroundings, building up a stockpile of stolen technology from various factions here. The Court of Gods then asked him to tell his story, to gauge what he should ascend for.
  • When the Brotherhood of Steel was formed, it was in their mission to preserve any technology left After the End and thus preserve what was left of civilization. Though some chapters variably deviate from what Elder Roger Maxson had planned, the "storing technology" part remained consistent. Such an ideal wasn't enough for a scribe named Elijah, who would eventually rise up the ranks and become Elder of the West Coast Brotherhood and go through with his beliefs on how the Brotherhood should act. When it came to technology, he believed was necessary to also improve upon it even if they delve into unethical territories. When travelling East in a losing war with the New California Republic, his chapter arrived at HELIOS ONE and constantly insisted that they stay there despite everyone's protests and how terrible a strategic move it actually is. He didn't listen, only expecting those below him to follow through on what he expected like machines. Even as the NCR flood them 15 to 1, he still said he needed time to activate ARCHIMEDES I and refused. He never did manage to do so, and was forced to abandon both his chapter and HELIOS ONE, gone without a trace. But certainly not dead.
    • His wandering in the wastes eventually lead him to Big MT, the home of the Think Tank, "a scientific graveyard of Old World misery". He soon met a courier with an old world flag on his back who told him of a place known as the Sierra Madre Casino, with the intent to send him to "a special kind of hell". Elijah started preparing to go into the gas-filled hellhole when he realized both the Think Tank's forces and Brotherhood assassins were out to get him. But despite the odds, he manage to evade them both and escape through hacking Dr. 8's voice module to activate the train system and go right through.
      • Elijah marveled at all the technology in the Sierra Madre, tech that he could use to take over the Mojave Wasteland by killing off a great portion of the populace and how he could enslave the survivors to be under his rule. Given that it's filled with a corrosive and toxic gas, the former occupants turned Ghost People, murderous and invulnerable holograms, and plain old hard-to-crack security, he couldn't do this alone. So he resorted to luring people into the godforsaken place, promises of gold and riches, serving as Cannon Fodder who all too often ended up turning on each other, his chances of success and escape being thrown away again and again and again. It was only until he met the Courier that he get very close in cracking open the Vault as they had followed through exactly how he had planned it, but he would only be met with his end. With that said, Elijah has more than earned his place as the God of Obsessive Control.
    Father Elijah: "I'll kill them until it's only me, me alone... in a quiet world. In a world that's nothing like what happened at HELIOS One."
  • One of his first acts as a deity was to construct a much more elaborate base of operations in the House he stays that, although he wasn't so willing to let the others scattered in the Pantheon go to waste either, nor his stolen tech as he still keeps it all for further improvements. He also decided to take his gear back, including a copy of the Holorifle he gave to the Courier. To ensure that even if he somehow gets removed of his titles, he had his High Priest be Jyggalag, Daedric Prince of Order to screw over the rest of the Pantheon. It didn't seem to occur to him that Jyggalag was last seen escaping to Oblivion to rebuild his power, meaning he wouldn't be that big of a threat to the Pantheon as he thought. Not that it matters to Hermaeus Mora, given he and the rest of the Daedric Princes specifically depowered him to stop being a problem. For now he sticks to obscurity in the Pantheon, bidding his time. He's sure to make use of Elijah in the future.
  • Absolutely despises the Courier for killing him after he got so close to creating the quiet world he wanted. There was some debate how he met his end at their hands. It was either he went down fighting or was locked in the vault to die a slow asphyxiating death, the Vault never letting go. Given with his comments on the Courier, some lean on the conclusion it was the latter. A trip to the House of Prophecy gave him another outcome where he could of ruled alongside the Courier as they've decided to help him thanks to their mutual hatred for the NCR (should they go down that route). That doesn't matter to him anymore, all he wants is to fulfill that Dying Curse he promised them back in the Sierra Madre.
    Father Elijah: "You. I know you can hear me. When you die, Courier... I'll be waiting. Your grave's going look just like this vault. When you die... I'll be waiting here... at the Sierra Madre. Waiting."
    • The only person here who managed to be enough of a problem for him to hate them second only to the Courier would be Elder Arthur Maxson. To him, Elijah embodies the dangerous nature of unrestricted advancements of technology alongside ambition, more so since he was a former Brotherhood member that just turned against the dogma. Elijah only scoffed at Maxson's blind faith to the Brotherhood's ideals, and won't hesitate to erase him and his Chapter from the Pantheon when he gets the chance. Maxson proved to be a consistent threat to the former Brotherhood Elder's plans.
  • His biblical namesake was a prophet that had the ability to rain down wrath from heaven, much like how the former Elder wanted to do with HELIOS and ARCHIMEDES I. Of course, the Prophet Elijah was a Friend to All Living Things while the other is clearly not. One could also look at his tale alludes to Icarus, considering ARCHIMEDES I, the Security Holograms, and his Holorifle were all related to light. The fact that it's an Icarus Allusion hasn't gone unnoticed back in his universe hasn't gone unnoticed either, considering one of the people he's enslaved actually stated it.
  • On paper, letting Father Elijah join the GUAL was a straightforward decision. His opinions on free will and the lengths he's willing to go to creating a nation devoid of it is good enough of a reason to let him in. In practice...well, it's not as great. For one, he's very paranoid about some factor going to become his downfall which was made worse by the Courier tricking him. He isn't so accepting to the GUAL given the destruction of Purgatorium along with the reformers side taking over as much as he wants to believe otherwise with their help for his ascension. And for as much as he rants on and on how "human nature being against us" due to the many betrayals he witnessed in the Sierra Madre for Greed, he's not so saintly in that aspect either, and is just as guilty of materialism as those he's enslaved. Greed doesn't always refer to monetary wealth, after all. In short, things are much more shaky than what was initially planned. If he's working with the GUAL, it'd usuallby be with the Cybermen. Not too chatty, just the way he likes it, though he's aware they might turn him into their Cyberplanner.
    Father Elijah: "I have time, time to be careful...I'm not taking anymore chances, not after everything I've been through."
    • Though an Aloof Ally, this didn't stop many from becoming Elijah's enemies due to his affiliations. First came the Reformed GUAL, who were quick to jot down any and all information from their more tyrannical half. Next came the GUAC on principle of conflicting moralities, no real surprise there. Then there was the Ghost Kamen Riders, who oppose his negative views on free will. He's also enemies with the GUAM as despite his help he believes machines were designed to obey humanity as they are meant obey him. His "enslavement" of robots during the heist he tried to pull also hurt his image to them. Given that they deal with scumbags like Elijah often, the entirety of Night Raid plan on assassinating him, SCP-2578-D labeled him as a tyrant to be bombarded, and the Phantom Thieves have placed him on their radar to steal his heart when the time comes.
      • For the most part, Elijah has an equal amount of hatred against those who dare defy him. It's only those who meddle with things that he believes they aren't deserving of is what sets him off big time. It's why that the GUAC's Lab division and the Phantom Thieves make him very angry, claiming them as "children playing with a bomb". While he's working to steal any and all secrets the former has cracked, he's also "partnered" with Yaldabaoth on how to take back the Metaverse and further rectify any compliance issues in the future. After doing a bit of his own research on cognitive science, he boldly said this to the Phantom Thieves.
      Father Elijah: "Have you heard of a city of gold and ghosts, buried beneath a blood-red cloud? The legends, the curses, a bright shining monument that lures thieves like you to their doom. My palace... I believe I need to see you in HELIOS and the Sierra Madre to continue further. I, or rather my other self, await you... It will be your prison, ending with my hand around your necks."
  • Those who were present for the GUAL's Reformation and the instigated conflicts, sometimes compare him and Apollyon. While it would come off as completely out of the blue and at times nonsensical, picture this: Two aged Badass Normals wandering the world learning as much as they could to further their own agendas, not quite allies to the Alliances here, and very manipulative and ultimately getting what they wanted in the end. Apollyon instigated war between the Chosen, Warborn, and the Legion while ultimately proving her philosophy right even as she died though it's implied they all ended the war earlier than expected. Elijah, meanwhile, eventually got into the Sierra Madre Vault, something that took him years to do (although it ended up becoming his tomb). Contrasting that, Apollyon is a battle-hardened knight that, while has used modern technology to instigate war, is ultimately stuck in a sort of Medieval Stasis. Elijah meanwhile is just a Brotherhood Scribe, but is one that is no stranger to improving upon every technology he finds if only to establish a nation of order. Some await the day they cross paths to see who would win.
    • Turns out it didn't take long for them to get at each other's throats. During one of Elijah's attempts to re-break into the Sierra Madre, he captured some Nuka-World Raiders to use them as cannon-fodder for his schemes. At the same time, Felix along with his band of space pirates and other thugs were present to do the exact same thing. Apollyon got her troops to smuggle their respective weapons and fire upon the other side, not only tipping off the fact that there were other thieves here but they sure as hell weren't goingto share. Firefight ensues, and Elijah left the place gaining only more enemies, no further than other attempts.
  • Elijah makes frequent trips to the House of Health and Diseases due to various health issues in his time in the wastes. Nothing important to note, all he has to deal with is being a heavy drinker, a frequent smoker, his mentats addiction that causes migraines, osteoarthritis, and his old age... Even for someone devoid of morals like him, the fact he managed to do what he did is nothing short of impressive. If anyone else had the conditions he did, they wouldn't even of died that far away from HELIOS I.
  • Anyone who had to deal with Omnicidal Maniacs is sure to oppose Elijah. The Guaridans were quick to trash one of his bases first off, given they dealt with entire alien species that were this (one of which had it weaved into their philosophy). Even if he has a vendetta against the Eliksni for being scavengers, they aren't letting a maniac like him roam free especially with the tech he has and dread to think what he'd do with something like SIVA. The Shadow Operatives and the Investigation Team are also enemies with him, not helped by the fact that he tried to take control of Labrys with an Ascaris he stole from the Corpus. When he ended up calling forth Shadow Labrys and found out the Ascaris did little to help, he decided to cut his losses and activated the failsafe. Thankfully, the two groups managed to contact the Tenno who proceeded to help them find Elijah in order to retrieve the detonator.
    Father Elijah: "Should of implanted it on her sister instead. 'Creating a weapon that feels', hmph. Deserved what they had coming to them with 'innovations' like that."
  • Before he was revealed to the Pantheon, Sombra broke into one of the bases Elijah was staying at. Unexpectedly, Elijah managed to sense something was wrong and activate security before locking himself in one of the rooms but Sombra managed to hack his Pip-Boy before he entered and ended up locking him in. Getting a chance to meet this mysterious man, Sombra explained to Elijah that she'll keep his anonymity if he gives her information on some of the factions he stole from. Elijah complied, although he was quite pissed at her for not only making comply with her demands but also putting him in a similar situation the Courier did. Satisfied, Sombra teleported away and opened the doors... only to slam them shut in Elijah's face before opening them again. Now that he's revealed, neither have any reason to keep up the deal.
    Father Elijah: "Maybe that fool who designed the Gala Event wasn't so idiotic as I thought. I could use security like that and prevent people like her from entering ever again."
  • Elijah's opinion on the Helghast was similar to that of the Enclave's and Maxson's. While not quite as extreme, it was clear he dismissed them as just mutants, not really different from the Master's Unity made worse by the fact they aren't that different from the Enclave even as an ex-BoS Elder. Then one day he did research on the Helghast's greatest enemies, the ISA, and found out they weren't all that different from the NCR he detested. Unbeknownst to many, Elijah offered them his aid in exterminating the ISA. Though his partnership with them is stronger than the others he made in the Pantheon, it's kept under wraps due to how unpopular he is with the Helghast's other allies the Corpus.
  • For as much as he is an irredeemable and dangerously pragmatic individual with zero qualms about things like mass murders, there was someone he actually cared about; his protégée, Veronica Santangelo. When her parents died he acted as a sort of grandfatherly figure to her, influencing her the idea to go against the Brotherhood's beliefs like he had and even taught her how to be Gadgeteer Genius even if he couldn't get her to his skill level. Even as he prepared to go into the Sierra Madre, he cared enough to send a last message should he fail. Thankfully, Veronica's actually a good person who wanted best for her family as she believes the ideas they cling to will only kill them off eventually (which she's right about by the way). Considering she serves as one of many Heralds for the Courier, some deities asked what she thought of him now. Veronica sadly remarked that the Elijah she knew was dead.
    Veronica: "In the end, there was just him and his vision. Nothing and no-one else."
    • Elijah, meanwhile, is just thankful and proud that she lived through HELIOS I. In regards to her being a companion of the Courier, questioning him only led to another hate-filled rant against the Courier with nothing said on Veronica. While his opinions on her now remain sealed, we do not recommend doing any harm against her regardless. Likely, he'll collar you, and force you into the Sierra Madre. He doesn't expect you to crack it, but he sure as hell expects you to suffer like he did.
  • "Wipe the slate clean."

    Joffrey Baratheon 
Joffrey Baratheon, The First of His Name, God of Royal Brats (Joffrey the Illborn, the Young Usurper, Aerys the Third, Joffrey Hill, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Lord of Storm's End, King Justin Bieber)

    Sandor Clegane 
Sandor Clegane, God of Admitting To One's Crimes (The Hound, Dog, The Gravedigger, Colonel Sandor)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The sigil of House Clegane; Three dogs on a yellow field, Alternatively his Hound helm
  • Theme: Gravedigger
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Known as the Hound, Anti-Villain, Acknowledges his own crimes, Much faster than his size lets on, Noble Demon, Knight in Sour Armor, Professional Killer, note , The Alcoholic, Despises his brother Gregor who gave him his scars, The Cynic, Deathly afraid of fire, Does not like being called a knight, Left for dead by Arya Stark, Has his title and helm stolen by Rorge, Came to care for Arya, Killed his brother by throwing them both into the flames below the Red Keep
  • Domains: Warfare, Crime, Cynicism
  • Allies: Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Guts, Scar, Erik/The Phantom Of The Opera, Colonel Sanders
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Eddard Stark, Robb Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Roy Mustang, Zuko, King Arthur Pendragon, Aragorn, Sir Lancelot, Saint Martha and Saint George, Link, Belle and The Beast
  • Enemies: GREGOR CLEGANE (his brother), Joffrey Baratheon, Tywin Lannister, The Brave Companions, The Night's King, Solf J. Kimblee, Gaston, Prince Scar, Ozai
  • Fears: The House of Fire and Heat, Melisandre
  • Opposes: Samus Aran, Fa Mulan, Chun-Li, Motoko Kusanagi, Tomoe Gozen
  • Opposed By: Foghorn Leghorn, Chanticleer, The Chocobos,
  • Sandor Clegane, also known simply as "The Hound", is considered one of the most powerful and dangerous swordsman in all the Seven Kingdoms. But despite originally serving as King Joffrey's bodyguard, Sandor's life is more than just black and white. when he was six-seven years old, Sandor played with a wooden toy knight that had belonged to his brother. Unfortunately for him, his brother just so happened to be Gregor Clegane, "The Mountain that Rides", and when he, who was five years older and serving as a six-foot tall squire, found out, Gregor grabbed his younger brother and shoved his face into a brazier, holding Sandor there screaming as the burning coals turned his left side into a charred and cooked ruin. Their father tried to cover it up, claiming Sandor's bedding caught fire, but the damage was done. Sandor came to be a ruthless killer, a warrior feared and despised throughout the realm and, as mentioned earlier, a loyal bodyguard to the young Joffrey Baratheon. Things quickly changed during the Battle of The Blackwater, where his fear of fire got the better of him, forcing The Hound to desert the Lannisters and ride north. From there, he traversed the Riverlands in search of a purpose... which eventually led him to Arya Stark. After attempting, and failing, to ransom the young Stark off to her family, Sandor was brutally wounded in a battle and left for dead by Arya, despite him asking for the gift of mercy. He was saved by Brother Ray, who gave Sandor a new purpose in life, which eventually led Sandor to join the Brotherhood Without Banners, aid Jon Snow in fighting and defeating the Night's King, and finally, confronting his brother in King's Landing, and ending their long-standing feud once and for all.
    • After plunging into the fire, Sandor awoken and found himself in what appeared to be Winterfell's great hall. There, sitting at the high table were two men the Hound had not seen in years. Lord Eddard Stark and his son, Robb Stark. At first, Sandor was confused, thinking he may have gone to one of the Seven Hells as punishment for his crimes, crimes he himself admitted to, but Eddard was quick to correct the swordsman, revealing that they were not in the Seven Hells, but rather a realm known as the Pantheon, where many other beings could be found. It was then that the Lord of Winterfell offered a place for Sandor to stay while in the Pantheon, along with a title. Sandor asked why Eddard was doing all this, considering the last time they were in the same place, Ned was about to be executed on false charges. The reason why? Eddard was not only thankful for Sandor aiding the North against the Night's King army, but also for keeping his daughters, Sansa and Arya, safe and alive, and for that, Clegane was welcomed into the Pantheon.
  • Eddard and Robb weren't the only Starks in the Pantheon. As it turned out, not only was Jon Snow present, whom he fought alongside during The Long Night but Arya as well. The hound has had a complicated relationship with the young assassin to be, what with her initially hating Sandor for murdering her butcher boy friend Micah, who he slayed on King Joffrey's orders. After travelling together, the pair began to form a begrudging respect for one another, though she still had him on her kill list. He later developed a fatherly bond with her, even getting her to quit her desire for revenge out of fear she would go down the same path as him. Then came the surprise. Turns out it was Arya who vouched for Sandor's ascension in the first place. While he initially was confused, he finally acknowledge how far she had grown and is, in his own way, proud.
  • To say Sandor was not happy to learn that Gregor was in the Pantheon would be a grotesque understatement. He was furious beyond belief, even attempting to march straight to his brother's temple in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. He was stopped though after running into a black swordsman named Guts, who was on his way to rescue Casca... from Gregor's temple as well. The two quickly joined forces, thrashed the Mountain and got Casca out of there. After that, the two became allies and drinking buddies, though Sandor takes most of the drinks. Whenever Guts is off dealing with either the Godhand or Griffith, he actually entrusts Sandor with protecting Casca from any threats that may come knocking, and commitment the Westerosi takes with stride.
  • Sandor quickly became acquainted with the Scarred Ishvalan, both having been anti-villains who later undertook redemption arcs to aid in defeating threats far beyond their initial scope of revenge. Clegane sometimes comes to Ishval to help rebuild, and while in the Pantheon, he has come into conflict with the Crimson Alchemist, Solf J. Kimblee, the man responsible for giving the Ishvalan his trademark scar.
    • He also found company with the Phantom of the Opera, Erik, due to their shared facial disfigurations and cynical, tragic natures. Sandor though isn't much for theatre, but he will sometimes come to a performance or two. If only to keep an eye on the Lannisters.
  • Thought he may act like a knight, the one thing you should not call Sandor is Ser. He looks down upon knighthood, viewing them as simply thugs with shinier armour, weapons and a horse, and treats their chivalry and honour as hypocrisy. It may also be because his brother, a notorious brute himself, was knighted by Rheagar Targaryen, whose wife and children Gregor would murder years later. As a result, he shows disdain to most of the Pantheon's knights, despite having to work alongside them from time to time. King Arthur and his fellow Knights of the Round Table have proven that they weren't clean of their sins, but even that wasn't enough to satisfy the Hound. They've tried to be lenient with him though, but they still occasionally slip up and earn a Death Glare from the Hound. The same applies to Link, who despite his mute nature, has expressed distrust for Clegane. The Hound doesn't care for the "elf-boy's" opinions, only that he helps out with dire situations.
  • Following the Battle of the Blackwater, Sandor does not want to associate himself with the Lannisters, with the sole exception being Tyrion, and even that one is begrudging. Lord Tywin and King Joffrey tried to win back his support, only to be met with a quick and blunt, "Fuck the King." It didn't sit well with the young king, who ordered for Sandor's execution.
  • Sandor, while a brutal warrior, is deathly afraid of fire, thanks in part to his brother burning his face long ago. He fears it so much that he won't even let people cauterize his wounds to prevent infection. It was also the reason he deserted the Lannisters during the Battle on the Blackwater in the first place. It's also why he keeps well and truly far away from the House of Fire and Heat, not wanting to see what they are all capable of. The good-aligned members though have called out Sandor's behaviour, citing her was still able to overcome his fear and win a duel against Beric Dondarrion, despite him wielding a flaming sword... not to mention him joining the Brotherhood Without Banners and following them north.
    Sandor: "It's my fucking luck that I end up with a band of fire worshippers."
    • Despite aiding the Brotherhood and befriending its Red Priest, Thoros of Myr, Sandor wants nothing to do with Melisandre, given her obsession with burning people alive.
  • While he may still be afraid of fire, Sandor has been seen working alongside Fire Lord Zuko, a young ruler who also received a severe burn scar thanks to a family member; his father Ozai, that is. The pair have been speaking with each other, along with Colonel Roy Mustang, to try to keep the Phoenix King in check... while not running him through with Sandor's sword. That last part is the hardest in Clegane's mind.
    • He also came to oppose the lion prince Scar, whose murder of Mufasa reminded Sandor of how his brother murdered his father and younger sister. The lion doesn't really care much for the Hound, but he doesn't want to end up being impaled by the human's sword. Sandor also came to oppose Gaston, another Disney villain renowned for his arrogance and muscles, even forming a begrudging alliance with Belle and the Beast to keep him and his angry mob away from their temple. After all, Sandor may consider himself a thug, but he has shown to be more honourable than most of the knights back in Westeros.
  • Sandor has had a few close shaves with death, the closest in fact was brought about by a chance encounter with a woman named Brienne of Tarth, who fought the Clegane following a severe misunderstanding. While he did survive, he still considered the battle a humiliating affair, one the entire Pantheon would never let him forget. The fight also resulted in him opposing most of the Pantheon's resident warrior women, some of whom weren't exactly big fans of him anyway. While he's had to lock swords with Fa Mulan and Tomoe Gozen, while avoiding Motoko Kusanagi's martial arts, it was the bounty hunter Samus Aran who gave Sandor the hardest time. Not because of her vastly superior technology, but because to the Hound, Samus resembled a younger, more attractive Brienne, which set him off more than anything. She quickly thrashed his ass upon first meeting and after that, he's been waiting for a rematch.
  • It turns out one of the Hound's favourite foods is chicken, enjoying it on a rather ridiculous level. He would even fight other soldiers over it from time to time. As such, he unintentionally earned the ire of the Pantheon's local birds, most notably the local Chocobo flocks, the singing Chanticleer, and Foghorn Leghorn. Sandor doesn't care much for their opinions, though he does find Foghorn to be an obnoxious, loud-mouthed schnook worthy of a serving plate drenched in a nice orange sauce. On the flip side, he's begun to show great interest in how people in other worlds make and prepare chicken, even going so far as to visit Colonel Sanders' temple to try out his Kentucky Fried Chicken. After the first few servings, he was surprised and delighted. Still, he wasn't happy about having his face being plastered on the Colonel's buckets for advertising.
  • Rumours run rampant that while Sandor survived his encounter with Brienne of Tarth, in the original timeline, he was left for dead by Arya following a tavern fight. No one was quite sure what happened to him after that; the Lannisters believed he was terrorizing the Riverlands, though that was actually the outlaw Rorge wearing the Hound's trademark helmet. Others claim he survived and was taken in by the Elder Brother of a septry on the Quiet Isle, where began work as a gravedigger. Sandor doesn't care much for these rumours, only that people don't bother him about it. That being said on rare occasions, one might catch a glimpse of a large man tending to the graves in the House of Death and Postmortem, his face concealed to all the world.
  • Yes, he is well aware of Cleganebowl. He partook in Cleganebowl. The less he can hear about it, the better it is for his sanity.
  • "A Knight's a sword with a horse. The rest, the vows and the sacred oils and The Lady's Favours, they're silk ribbons tied 'round the sword. Maybe the Sword's prettier with ribbons hanging of it, but it'll kill you just as dead. Well, bugger your ribbons, and shove your swords up your arses. I'm the same as you. The only difference is, I don't lie about what I am. So, kill me, but don't call me a murderer while you stand there telling each other your shit don't stink. You hear me?"


    Eliza and Neil Reagan 
Eliza and Neil Reagan, Deities of Evil Rich Folk
Neil and Eliza
  • Quasideities by themselves, Demigods together
  • Symbol: The Leagan/Reagan Family Emblem
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Jerkasses With Money, Hate Sink, Ambiguously Brown, For the Evulz, Spoiled Brats, Smugness, Sociopaths Since Childhood, Cheating Karma... But Not Always
  • Domains: Money, Suffering, Vice, Cruelty, Hubris, Family
  • Allies: Lady Tremaine, Gaston, Princess Morbucks, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, The Dazzlings, Jerid Messa, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork/Allies of Convenience: Monokuma and his Mastermind
  • Rivals: The Ashleys
  • Enemies: Candice White, Kotonoha Katsura, Nena Trinity, Seto Kaiba, Kamille Bidan, Cinderella, Ange, Sunset Shimmer, Karen Minazuki/Cure Aqua, Pacifica Northwest, Nagi Sanzen'in, Yomi, every Bully Hunter (but especially Jimmy Hopkins and Makoto Itou), every Ojous (including Chikane Himemiya, Umi Ryuuzaki, Lili Rochefort, Charlotte LaBouff, Yurika Kirishima, Karin Kanzuki), Tetsuya Tsurugi and every Country Mouse ever
  • Opposed by: Setsuko Ohara, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Light Yagami
  • In her mortal life, Eliza lived a life of great richness, with the source of joy in making another girl named Candice White (otherwise known as Candy) suffer. As she did not commit a completely serious crime and pleaded that she'll be good in the afterlife, she was allowed into the gates of Pantheon... but she was banned from ascending after her actions against Candy stroke many deities' nerves one too many times. She was allowed to come back after Masato Kusaka's ascension proved that you can be hated for being a jerk well. The fact that she exemplifies very well how a Rich Bitch lives and acts doesn't hurt neither.
  • Speaking of Kusaka, he seems to be somewhat fond of them. Especially of Neil, who reminded the Kamen Rider of himself by how he shot his last chance at redemption by delivering a Scarpia Ultimatum to Candy, establishing himself as a total jerk.
    • Eliza still loves to laugh behind his back at how there are some people (even though they are misguided) who ship her brother with Candy, but you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who likes the thought of Kusaka being with Mari at all.
    • However, this "friendship" might become strained if Kusaka finds out they are working with Sengoku. Though Neil has tried to convince the very few in the know that he's only being dragged int this by his sister, (which is true).
  • Pacifica Northwest was astonished to see them ascend, because she believes them to be what she could have become had certain events not happened.
  • Amusingly, Monokuma is still interested in her, maybe with plans to drag her into a 'High School of Mutual Murder' as 'Super High School Level Class Bitch' with bets that she'll be the first to kill someone... and then be executed For the Evulz. Some believe that he was the one who bailed Eliza.
  • They get along awfully well with Lady Tremaine. She reminds them of their mother and Tremaine likes having kids like them. Considering she lost her grasp on her daughters, this didn't surprise anyone.
    • Especially since Eliza and Neil were the "unofficial" stepsiblings of Candy. Of course, Ella didn't like to find this out and the twins hate her since they find her to be similar to Candy.
  • Neil also gets along with another Disney villain: Gaston. He understands what it feels like being rejected by the girl he "deserves".
  • Not particularly liked at all by any of the Bully Hunters of the Pantheon for obvious reasons, but Jimmy Hopkins and Makoto Itou in particular hate their guts. Jimmy on principle and Makoto just is repulsed at how she treated Kotonoha earlier on.
  • They really like to tease and annoy Karen Minazuki, stating that she's "Forever Alone despite being rich". As you can guess, this does not always end well for them.
    • They have also bothered Ange because she lost her kingdom. There is no prize for the one who guesses what happened next. She also dislikes that they are allied with that racist Kusaka.
    • They also tease Sunset Shimmer a lot, especially Eliza, who thinks the pony-turned-human is an idiot for believing that she can atone for her actions. This brought the attention of the Dazzlings and as such, they can often be found working together.
    • Eliza also earned the hatred of Tetsuya Tsurugi despite the fact that he isn't rich, not only because she dared pollute the voice of his friend Jun Honoo, her mistreatment to orphans like Candy apparently hits too close to home for a suffering orphan like Tetsuya. Needless to say, Eliza is very wary around him, considering Tetsuya's highly-lauded and well-known skill in combat.
  • Seto Kaiba is disgusted at them. DISGUSTED. Not only because he is an orphan and they look down on them, but also because he hates their bullying and abuse of their money, because only he can screw the rules with money!
    • Yomi also hates them and thinks that they are the embodiment of the worst kind upper class people, the ones who really are heartless bastards who don't deserve their fortune.
  • Melkor is interested in making them fundraisers for the GUAE now that they were set free. They don't seem to care that much, as long as people suffer.
    • There is another GUAE member interested in them, Ryoma Sengoku, who thinks that they would make fine users of the Sengoku Drivers with a few years of the proper training.
  • Eliza was NOT happy to see Candy finally ascend. Neil was more than pleased in the other hand...