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This house encompasses the various non-human bipedal races, occasionally humanoid as well, found in various Fantasy/Medieval/Science Fiction settings. Elves, orcs, trolls (Not this kind of troll), you name it. More exotic demons can be found here as well, if they are closely related to some species.

Take your racism somewhere else. No, seriously, we mean it.

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    The Genie (Aladdin
The Genie, God of Genies and Anachronistic Pop Culture References (Ascended Cosmic Comic)
Click here  for his live action portrayal.

Hoopa, God of Strange Genies (The Mischief Pokémon, The Djinn Pokémon)
Hoopa Confined
Hoopa Unbound 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Hoopa Unbound)
  • Symbol: The Prison Bottle
  • Theme Song: "Every Side Of Me"
  • Alignment:
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Magician
  • Moves: Psychic, Trick, Hyperspace Hole, Hyperspace Fury
  • Portfolio: Cute Badassery, The Trickster, Genies, Rings, Glass Cannon, Impossible Thievery, Third-Person Pokémon, Unable to Teleport Itself, Until Freed through The Power of Friendship
  • Dominions: Rings, Portals, Stealing, Genies, Forms
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Aoi Asahina, The Genie, Ventus, Lugia, Latias and Latios, Raiden, Jak, Sakura Matou
  • Enemies: Wario, Vanitas, Mesogog, Dark Link, Jafar, Anub'arak
  • Conflicting Opinions from: Kyogre, Groudon, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Kyurem
  • Unknown Relation with: Diancie
  • One day, multiple portals in the Pantheon started appearing, all of which leading to the temples of multiple legendary Pokémon. The culprit was later found out to be Hoopa, and upon them finding it, Hoopa proceeded to get rid of said portals.
  • Hoopa can relate to Genie, as both of them are mystical beings that were used for horrible actions.
  • Upon learning about Hoopa, Wario proceeded to try to capture Hoopa. Hoopa's response? Take all of Wario's treasure and send the entirety of Wario's temple into the House of Earth and Metal.
  • Hoopa can often be seen hanging around Aoi due to their love of donuts.
  • Most gods are trying to prevent the Prison Bottle from being used, as it would result in Hoopa Unbound summoning a legion of Legendary Pokémon from different universes to attack everything for three days. Though, it has been proven that Hoopa Unbound can be helpful if someone manages to befriend it as Hoopa Confined, just as long as it's ego doesn't overtake it.
  • Hoopa is on good terms with Ventus because of how both had their darkness taken out of them and forming identities of their own. For this reason, Hoopa sees Vanitas as what Shadow Hoopa could've become had it not possessed Ash and lead to Hoopa Confined trying to reason with it's dark side.
    • Hoopa is also on good terms with other deities who have to deal with their enemies within. The list includes Sakura Matou, Raiden, and Jak.
  • The other Legendary Pokémon have made various comments about Hoopa. Lugia, Latias, and Latios are on good terms with the Mischief Pokémon, while Kyogre, Groudon, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Kyurem have high suspicions after Shadow Hoopa summoned and controlled them.
  • Hoopa is implied to be the reason behind the recent sighting of rings in Hoenn. This was confirmed by Ruby when it uses it's rings to kidnap Sapphire, and was manipulated by both Team Magma and Team Aqua. Neither it or Diancie, who teamed up with Ruby, have made any comments so far.
  • Hoopa's weakness to Dark-type moves while Confined keeps it from going near the Darkness and Shadow section of the House of Nature, or the Ghosts section of the House of Otherness. It has no problems with either house as Hoopa Unbound, but refuses to go near the Insects section of the House of Beasts, nor near any Fairy-type Pokémon.
  • "Were you surprised? Hoopa is in the Pantheon!"

Jafar, The God Who Became a Genie (Your Rottenness, Oh Mighty Evil One, Sultan Vile Betrayer, Señor Psychopath, Dr. Sheffield)
Sorcerer Jafar
Genie Jafar
Click here  for his live-action portrayal.

Jeannie, God of Bottled Genies
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her bottle
  • Theme Song: "I Dream of Jeannie"
  • Alignment: True Neutral with good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Ditzy Genius, Iconic Outfit, Innocent Fanservice Girl, Magical Gesture, Magical Girlfriend, Mundane Wish
  • Domains: Charm, Wishes, Travel, Time and Space
  • Herald: Anthony Nelson
  • Allies: The Genie, Hoopa, Jasmine, Leonardo da Vinci, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Timmy Turner, Tinker Bell, The LOL Rangers, Sabrina Spellman, Belldandy, Shantae
  • Rival: Mai Shiranui
  • Enemies: Jafar, Calypso, Trollkaiger, Libby Chessler, The Ashleys
  • Opposed by: Cersei Lanninster
  • Uneasy Relationship: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather
  • A lone Jeannie appeared in the House of Fantastic Races, happily greeting the folks there. She was met with Genie, who introduced her to the Pantheon. Interested, she brought her friend Anthony Nelson as well as their entire House into the Pantheon to settle down, much to his dismay.
  • While she was happy to find a more friendly genie, she knew there were also more malevolent ones if the Pantheon. Namely, Jafar and Calypso have eyed the newcomer carefully, both waiting for an opportunity to capture her. Though in the later case, she admits she bends the rules more than she should. But at least she does it for a good cause.
  • Her herald and current husband, Captain Anthony Nelson couldn't have ever imagined ending up in such a crazy world. Nevertheless, he has adjusted to this new place, mainly residing in the Houses of War and Leadership.
  • Is rather famous for leaving her midriff bare (even more so now that she doesn't have to worry about exposing her belly button anymore). Not surprisingly, it brought her close to Genie ally Jasmine going in many adventures with her.
  • Claims to have met Leonardo di Vinci in the past. That has since been disputed since she claimed she was stuck inside her bottle for 2000 years.
  • Was welcomed by Lucy and Ricky Ricardo who helped the genie move to her temple. Secretly, Lucy hopes to gain some favors with Jeannie to gain some wishes to Ricky's objections. Still, the friendship with the two women are genuine, especially with the amount of trouble they give their men.
  • Was sought after by the recently reinstated Timmy Turner. The boy wanted to learn how to be more careful with his wishes. Jeannie agree to the task. After all, she has made a living managing to subvert wishes all the time. She does admit Timmy is more mature about his wishes than she realized. The kid is at least grateful the latest genie is nicer than the one he has to deal with.
  • While some deities criticise her for staying around as a housewife, others claim that she has done so under her own choosing. Jeannie even stated the title "Master" is merely a ceremonial title to Anthony. Cersei has led the charge to refute that claim, calling herself the only woman in the Pantheon who freed herself of the patriarch. The two would argue their case for hours at time.
  • The three Goddesses of Fairly Godmothers have given her a hard time for subverting many of her master's wishes. Ironically, that helped her make quick friends with the mischievous Tinker Bell, performing pranks on other deities.
  • One of her first interactions was with Trollkaiger, offering one wish for the group. Terumi eagerly wished for killer spiders to invade the LOL Rangers. What he didn't mention was those spiders turned out to be friendly, and were more than happy to wreck havok on Trollkaiger's base. For that, Jeannie pledged allegiance to the LOL Rangers Terumi and co. swore vengeance and seek retaliation.
  • Doesn't like Libby too much. Much of that is due to her wicked sister, who worships the Alpha Bitch. Things get even worse when the Ashleys granted her sister a posse of her own. Thankfully, Sabrina was more than happy to help her deal with the women.
  • Is quite modest about her beauty, even when she manages to make many heads roll with her mere presence. Many deities of the 60s often saw her as the Ms. Fanservice of the time. It made her rivals with Mai, though it's more friendly than perceived.
  • Was greeted by Belldandy, God of Magical Girlfriends. The celestial had suspected her origins linked her to the genie and was elated with her ascension.
  • Kindly declined the idea of any relationship with Shantae, the half-genie. Still, Shantae hoped to teach Jeannie how to bellydance with her. It's likely that Shantae hopes to team up with Jeannie and Jasmine for a bellydancing show.

Shenron, God of Literal Genies (Shenlong, the Eternal Dragon)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The seven Earth Dragon Balls.
  • Theme Songs: "Call Out The Dragon", "Theme of Shenron", "The Dragon Theme"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (True Neutral on the clock)
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Genie, Though One Who Sticks By Parameters And Exact Words, Dragons Are Divine, Make a Wish, Having Rules And Conditions To His Wishes, Life Tied To His Creator, Deadpan Snarker, Won't Stick Around If You Waste Your Time, Can't Grant The Same Wish Twice, Reality Warper, Not So Stoic
  • Domains: Dragons, Wishes, Resurrections, Exact Words, Magic, Summoning
  • Heralds: Dende (life tied to), the other wishing dragons (Porunga, Ultimate Shenron, and his Super Prototype, Super Shenron)
  • Sought after by: Immortality Seekers in general, Argus Filch
  • Allies: Son Goku, Piccolo and their allies, Prismo, Genie, Rayquaza, Io, Bahamut, Hoopa, Jeannie, Shantae
  • On good terms with: Jorgen Von Strangle, Spyro the Dragon, benevolent dragons as a whole
  • Enemies: Nekron, Dhuum, Lord Tirek, Acnologia, the Dovahkiin, The Lich, The Night's King, The Head Pixie, Calypso, Desiree, Erazor Djinn, Jafar
  • Opposes: Frieza and his allies, Dragon Ball villains in general, Smaug, Asmodeus, Thief, those that waste his time.
  • Opposed by: Bowser
  • Fears: Beerus
  • Respects: Abadar
  • After a year of their usage, you can gather the seven Dragon Balls for a wish. This summons Shenron, the Eternal Dragon who the titular Dragon Balls are named after. He'll grant any wish within his power, though will fill it to the letter. For example, wish back someone who died and they come back where they died. He is nice enough to warn you about logistical problems, at least.
  • Shenron can't affect those stronger than its creator, which usually has killing them in consideration. He also can't make the same wish twice. Wishes come with rules, and he doesn't care for those like Asmodeus or Thief who try to find blatant loopholes. Of course, Thief thinks Shenron won't give him enough riches, but does want to see if there's a limit. He only granted one wish at first, but now grants three. However a big wish like resurrecting a lot of people counts as two.
  • A Benevolent Genie, he'll grant your wish no matter what but point out his flaws as a Literal Genie, and if the wish is flawed. Yes, even villains. Shenron may not like Frieza, but he did let his men revive him. However he does have a clear contempt for Acnologia because of his mad hate-on for other dragons. Or The Dovahkiin because of how he hunts dragons, including him.
  • Shenron doesn't like how Asmodeus exploits loopholes and is a general Satanic Archetype, however, he does respect Abadar for sticking to the rules and being an honest deity. In the Pantheon, he gets to do more between wishes, and he spends a lot of that time chilling with the benevolent dragons in the Pantheon. He gets along with Rayquaza especially, as they're both giant green Eastern dragons. However, he finds Smaug tiresome in his avarice.
  • Usually sought out by those seeking immortality or bringing people back from the dead. The Forms of Immortality sub-house debate on how complete the Complete Immortality he gives is, and Zamasu wonders if it would give the same effect that Super Shenron did for him. The Back from the Dead is much less common in the Pantheon because Death Is Cheap, though. While he can't bring back someone who already died or died because of natural causes, if someone was revived without Shenron he could still restore them. He can bring back an individual if they were dead for more than a year, but not multiple people and they'll be at the exact state they were the moment before their death.
  • Dhuum absolutely despises Shenron and all his wish-granting dragon kind, since they're the reason why Death Is Cheap in the Dragon Ball multiverse. When asked what he'd wish for, Dhuum said "I'd wish to know Namekian and go to Namek. Then wish on Porunga to find a stronger wish-granting dragon. Keep doing that until I find Super Shenron and wish that it's impossible to come Back from the Dead in any universe". Bowser doesn't like Shenron either, but it's more annoyance because when he made the wish "I wish Peach loved me" Shenron said that it was beyond his power. When asked why, Shenron explained:
    Shenron: "When Peach was brainwashed to marry you, it created the Chaos Heart. If reality itself doesn't like the idea of you two together, I clearly don't have the power to help you".
  • Nekron hates Shenron for the same reason, which led Shenron to say 'rich coming from the entity who permitted heroes to resurrect for the sake of sleeper agents. I would expect an entity of death to be more principled than I'. Nekron also hates Shenron because he can't wish for the death of The Life Entity so he can kill the DC Universe as a whole, because The Entity is stronger than Shenron or his creator and thus can't be affected. However someone's death could be wished for if they are weaker than Shenron's creator. It's not known how many people could be affected, and most don't want this to happen.
  • Beerus proved himself to be The Dreaded by how the normally unflappable Shenron was scared of him. Shenron also fears and is apprehensive towards the Lich, since he murdered Prismo when he was vulnerable. Much like King Piccolo, Shenron figures the Lich would kill him after granting his wish, and then kill Dende and the look-out for good measure so nobody can bring him back. Shenron is currently wondering if "resurrecting him into a living being" and thus making him vulnerable wouldn't count under the "can't affect those stronger than his creator" clause.
  • The Night's King is one of those who considers killing Shenron to be one his priority. This isn't just to get rid of a potential Spanner in the Works, though-like Viserion he wants to reanimate Shenron as a wight, making the Night's King the only one who can get wishes out of Shenron. Some of his wishes that he knows he can accomplish are mass necromancy, conversion of humans to White Walkers, and to eliminate being a Keystone Army so the White Walkers can't be made extinct by killing him.
  • Not a fan of any Jackass Genie in the Pantheon, particularly Jafar since he became such through scheming on his own end and is exceptionally cunning so he'd probably use Shenron as a stepping stone to becoming nigh-omnipotent. Doesn't like the Head Pixie either because he tried to force troublesome and drudgery-inducing bureaucratic new rules onto Shenron.
  • The other benevolent genies he likes, though. He finds Hoopa's means of getting things through portal hoops a good means of making the jobs of wishmasters like himself easier. Shantae was a bit spooked at first since she's not used to genies being giant dragons. Jorgen, despite his poor views towards genies, has nothing against Shenron since he follows the laws and is nothing like the Jackass Genie stereotype. He is a bit apprehensive since these limitations are significantly less than that of fairies, though Shenron pointed out that they can grant wishes far more regularly than him.
  • Word of advice-it is unwise to be rude to a dragon. Or waste his time. Shenron has advised the pantheon that if they have a wish, they should write it down before hand so they don't dawdle figuring out what they want or how to word it. Also, never let Lord Tirek near him, as he should never get his hands on something as powerful as wishing magic. Even one with limitations like Shenron.
  • According to one source, over-use of Shenron leads to evil dragons who's malevolence is inversely proportional to the wish that spawned them. Shenron has said that isn't how it happens, at least in the main continuity. The Earth Dragon Balls have been put in the Treasury to ensure Shenron can't be abused or overused.


    Arthur Curry/Orin/Aquaman 
Arthur Curry, God of Humanoid Merfolk (Aquaman, Orin, AQUAMAN, A.C., Water Man, Sea Man, Ocean Man (all from SpongeBob)

    The Gill-man 
The Gill-man, God of Fish People (The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Devonian man, “Man-fish”)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A webbed hand with sharp claws at the tip of each finger.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Artistic License – Biology, "The missing link" between man and fish, Fish People, It Can Think
  • Domains: Monsters, Amphibious Creatures
  • Followers: The Sirens, Mirelurk Kings
  • Allies: The Hunter Gamma Variants, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster
  • Rivals: Red Gyarados, Lagiacrus
  • Enemies: The Ancestor, The Hunter, XCOM, Plesioth, Zamtrios
  • Object of Interest for: Mesogog, Albert Wesker, Hermaeus Mora
  • Irritated by: Spongebob Squarepants, Ash Ketchum
  • Evil Counterpart to: The Asset
  • Deep in a lagoon located somewhere in the Amazonian rainforest lives the Gill-man. A creature dating back in the Devonian period, he is the last of his species — a mixture of amphibian and man. Though he spends most of his time underwater, he's capable of walking upright on land. When his habitat in the Amazon is disturbed, he attacks those who try to capture it.
  • The existence of a humanoid fish creature fascinates the House of Science, who sent out several of its members to capture it for study. Unfortunately, after they caught the Creature and trapped him in a cage, he was able to break out of it and terrorize the people who took part of the mission, only to retreat after the scientists fired bullets towards him.
  • Others such as Mesogog and Albert Wesker were also interested in the Creature for more nefarious reasons. As does Hermaeus Mora, who finds him to be similar to the Deadra that serve him and is interested in using them to manipulate the Creature for his own goals.
  • The Ancestor has a grudge towards the monster given that in the past (when he was still a dick), he made some deals with them, such as selling a woman who fancied him to slavery. The Pelagic, as they are called, now infest the Cove and attack anyone trespassing and they cause trouble. XCOM isn’t fond of the creature as well, seeing how the organization has fought against similarly named creatures who serve as Mooks for aliens.
  • He is also enemies with the Hunter given that he has dealt with fish-like monsters before, and is still just as efficient as disposing of them.
  • Somehow, footage of the Gill-Man was recovered and used for a music video. The creature was confused with how someone would use him for that and baffled that everyone thought the footage was fake.
  • Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to have a problem with the Hunter Gamma variants given their similar amphibious nature. Though he seems to compete with other aquatic creatures such as Lagiacrus and Red Gyarados. Doesn’t like Plesioth and Zamtrios since they’re known to devour amphibious creatures.
  • Living primarily in the dark depths of the sea, the Gill-Man reacts adversely to bright light. As such, he tends to avoid the subhouse of Light and Brightness. Also has a knack for kidnapping women, likely because he must have wanted a mate as he’s the last of his kind.
  • Sometimes, he can be seen with other well-known Hollywood monsters, such as Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster. He was also one of several monsters summoned by the vampire to find a mystical amulet and bring about The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Oddly enough, both Spongebob and Ash Ketchum have made several attempts to befriend him and encourage his better qualities, much to the creature's annoyance. Sometimes, Aquaman would come in to calm the Gill-man down whenever the latter attempts to wreak havoc.
  • He seems to have a Good Counterpart in the form of the Asset. It’s no surprise that some deities believe that the two monsters are related, especially considering their similarities to each other. For the Gill-man, he saw Elisa as a potential mate, which led to him attempting to snatch her. The Asset didn’t take that well, and the two amphibious creatures engaged in a showdown, which ended with the Gill-man retreating. Since then, the Asset has been keeping an eye on the Gill-man in case he goes after Elisa again.

Ponyo, Goddess of Unconventional Mermaids (Brunhilde)
Click here to see her fish form 
  • Quasideity (used to be Intermediate before losing her magic)
  • Symbol: Her fish form
  • Theme Song: "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cheerful Child, Genki Girl, Loves ham, Cloudcuckoolander, Partial Transformation, Can turn human by drinking human blood, Handy Feet, No Social Skills, Third-Person Person, Becomes a human and loses her magic
  • Domains: Magic, Sea, Fishes, Escaping, Transformation
  • Heralds: Sousuke (her human friend), Lisa & Koichi (Sousuke's parents and her guardians), Fujimoto and Granmamare (her parents), and all her siblings.
  • Allies: Ariel, Prince Eric, Melody, King Triton, Yotsuba Koiwai, Mei and Satsuki Kusakabe, Cream the Rabbit, Totoro, Catbus, Kiki, Nostalgia Critic, Moana
  • Opposes: Lady Tremaine, Mother Gothel, Ursula
  • Born Brunhilde, Ponyo is the daughter of a once-human man named Fujimoto and a sea goddess named Granmamare who was imprisoned in her home because of her father's hatred of humanity towards their lack of care on the ocean life. Escaping from her father, she met a human boy named Sousuke and after drinking his blood, she can turn into a human just after she was captured by her father. Returning to Sousuke after completing her human transformation and causing a tsunamand, the former's mother, Lisa, returned to the senior center to take care of them, in which the following morning, the entire town was flooded with the ocean and a moon was about to hit the Earth. In their journey to find Lisa, Ponyo turns back into her fish form because of overuse of her magic and were taken by Fujimoto and Sousuke was put into a test to see if he will accept Ponyo wholeheartedly so that she could remain with him as a human (if not, she'll turn into a sea foam), which means that she has to lose her powers. After Sousuke declared that he'll be with Ponyo and the latter wants to remain by staying as a human forever, the test was fulfilled and the world was restored to order.
  • After Ariel transferred in a different temple, the Court of Gods have decided to nominate Ponyo because despite the fact she completely loses her magic and fish forms, she more or less qualifies for being a daughter of a sea goddess who manages to be a fish with some sort of resemblance of a mermaid and displaying magic (such as healing Sousuke's wound which caused her to become human, causing a tsunami, powering up a generator, making a toy boat larger, causing the ocean to flood the entire town and making the moon about to hit the Earth). The first thing she did after ascending and making Sousuke and his parents as her heralds:
    Ponyo: HAAAAMMMM!!!!
  • Hearing about the former holder, she decided to visit Ariel. She gets along with her as they both disobey their fathers to explore the human world and want to remain human to stay with a human that became important to their life. Because Eric saves Ariel from Ursula and accepts her for who she is, she gets along with him and their daughter Melody. She’s even with King Triton after hearing that he felt remorse for his overprotectiveness towards Ariel and overcomes his prejudice towards humans. Thanks to their warnings of Ursula, she became enemies with her and tries to stay away from her as much as possible.
  • Due to the fact she escaped from her home because she is imprisoned, she doesn’t like parents that try to isolate their children such as Lady Tremaine and Mother Gothel. And considering that their reasons of treating their own children like that are much worse than her father, who was justified in that humans ruin the oceans and their actions can be much worse than that, she has more reason to hate them.
  • Her cheerfulness and outgoing nature causes her to forge a friendship with Yotsuba Koiwai. Hearing about her former isolation and lack of human interaction, Yotsuba wants her to interact with the rest of the humans to improve her social skills and to gain more friends. Ever since then, the two can be seen playing with each other and Yotsuba trying to get Ponyo make more friends.
  • Through her friendship with Yotsuba, she becomes friends with Cream and her Chao, Cheese. Ponyo is fascinated when Cream displayed her abilities to fly with her ears and is awed at her Chao’s cuteness. Hearing about the stories of Cream’s adventures causes her to idolize the adventurer and wanting to discover the rest of the world that she is still trying to understand. After hearing about the existence of Chao, she wants to play with them and is even thinking of getting one on her own.
  • She also became friends with Mei and Satsuki Kusakabe through Yotsuba. Having been exposed to the nature of the forest spirits, the sisters are taking Ponyo's existence very easily and Mei decided to introduce her and Sousuke to Totoro and Catbus. The two took a liking to the spirits with Ponyo wanting to use Totoro as a cussion and Sousuke wanting to have a experience what it feels like to ride in Catbus.
  • One day, she stumbled upon into Kiki's temple after seeing her flying with her broomstick caught her interest. Kiki immediately took a liking to her and after explaining to her about her delivery service, Ponyo has been asking her to deliver her all kinds of ham if she doesn't want to go to the House of Food. She also wants to fly on Kiki's broomstick, however, considering she's not a witch, it is unlikely for her to do so.
  • Nostalgia Critc loves the movie Ponyo debuted in, and while he thinks there are some problems with it, he personally had a lot of enjoyment with it and made an exaggerated screaming of the word, ham, to get her attention, which is how Ponyo and Sousuke quickly befriended him in the first place and couldn’t handle how cute Ponyo is upon meeting him. He doesn’t want to make an another mention of how the Howl's Moving Castle is better than her movie out of fear of being attacked by her fans.
  • One day, while she and Sousuke are playing at the beach, she met Moana, a sailor who once went on an adventure to defeat Te Ka from her terror. Ponyo and Sousuke are fascinated upon meeting a sentimental ocean that travels with Moana and wanted to play with it. After some playtime, they asked Moana if they could travel the ocean with her as Ponyo loses her powers and Sousuke’s father is too busy with his job as a captain. Moana personally accepts it if she ever had free time with them, before teaching them about the safety regulations of travelling in the ocean.

    Sea Angels 
Sea Angels, Deities of Non-Fish Seafolk
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A red crystal heart and two floating orbs
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sea Slug Monster Girl, Support Party Member, Ice Magic With Water Skills to Boot, Using Orbs as Weapons, Shrinking Violet, Opening The Top Of Their Head To Reveal A Giant Maw, Nightmare Face, Magic Music
  • Domains: Sea Creatures, Water, Ice, Demons, Mouths
  • Followers: Evil Manta, Oct, The Decapodians, The Barraki
  • Main Superiors: Laharl, Killia
  • Allies: Flonne, Prinnies, Archers, Aquaman, Jinbei
  • Sea Angels are demons who came to be due of polluted waters what mutated the small creatures into what they are now. They are generally shy creatures, who only come to surface to eat.
  • While Sea Angels look benign, that is only when they are not eating. When they want to eat, well, they don't use their regular mouth to eat. Fortunately in a relative sense, Sea Angels don't need to eat a foe whole, and can just absorb health from them.
  • While they have severe weakness to fire (odd for a sea creature), they don't actually consider it being that much of a problem. That is because they have some water skills in their disposal. And while in their world it would be considered Ice damage, they can more reliably use them against fire users.
    • Aside of Sea Angel's ice and water magic (which include giant floods and aqua cutters), they are mainly an "utility mage". Their skills focus on buffing their allies, but focusing on unconventional stats like movement, jump height, critical rate, EXP gain and so on. They also can boost stats passively through "songs".
  • Since Sea Angels were born from pollution, they quite don't get what's Ika Musume's deal with humans, and aren't really interested in her invasion..
  • Sort of annoyed how The Villager keeps on calling them Sea Butterflies. Those are the things they prey on, or at least used to.
  • They seem to have a strange fascination with Durathror. Apparently they want to "fuse" with her.
  • While most Sea Angels have a really petite appearance, there seems to be chance for them to grow a more mature body. Only known "mature" Sea Angel seems to be Rainier of Krichevskoy Group. Though she isn't really part of the group of Sea Angels what reside in the Pantheon.
  • Since they are technically sea slugs, they are not necessarily all girls, though more research needs to be done on their sexuality.
  • The Sea Angels have another protector of sorts in Jinbei. They are quite intrigued with him while Jinbei finds them pretty adorable and he does assist in feeding them food.


Thrall, God of 'Cultured' Orcs (Son of Durotan and Draka, Go'el, Warchief of the Horde, Lord of the Clans, The World Shaman, Green Jesus, Disruptor, The Shaman and variants of "X" Shaman, Deathseer)
Thrall, Deathseer 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The emblem of the Horde
  • Theme Song: "Power of The Horde"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Weapon of Choice: Doomhammer
  • Portfolio: Good, Civilized Orcs, Brawn And Brains, Proud Warrior Races, Messianic Archetype, Rebellious Gladiator, Hordes that act more like Alliances
  • Domain: Orcs, War, Leadership
  • Allies: Grom Hellscream, Vol'jin, Sylvanas Windrunner, Baine Bloodhoof, Uesugi Kenshin, Tassadar, Madoka Kaname, Lost Vikings, Nozdormu, The Nephalems, Jaina Proudmore, Harth Stonebrew, Jim Raynor
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Varian Wrynn
  • Complicated Relationship with: Illidan Stormrage
  • Enemies: Gul'dan, Ragnaros the Firelord, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Garrosh Hellscream, Arthas Menethil, Anub'arak, YHVH, Deathwing, Nefarian, The Old Gods, Adria, Sauron
  • With so many Orcs being labelled Always Chaotic Evil, Thrall has done his best to round them up and teach them how to be honorable, cultured creatures. He has been successful... mostly.
  • Thrall will occasionally help if there is a War, but has refused a place in the War Pantheon.
  • "We don't do silly things just because someone says "FOR THE HORDE!!!"... or "LEEEROOOOOYYY!!! JEEENNKIIINNSSS!!!" for that matter."
  • Recently, he has been shown to express disappointment towards his so-called 'successor' Garrosh. And even more so when he realized that Garrosh went out of control and even caused an Enemy Mine between Horde and Alliance to take him down.
    • This, however, is viewed by the Pantheon that Thrall is the God of Orcs (well, aside of Ghazghkull, that is), even if there are new subtitles.
    • This culminates with him joining in taking down Garrosh and succeeded, and also had a showdown with Ghazghkull and won. But when asked to lead the Horde again, Thrall instead ascended Vol'jin and chose him as the successor, while returning to his normal seat
  • Is one of the masterminds behind decreasing the grip on Quan Chi's enslavement. It turns out it was a 'testing' for Thrall in order for a plan of his to seek potential Gods and Goddesses from Azeroth when they're at the peak of their examples, before tons of derailments was done.
  • Not fond of the "Green Jesus" nickname at all. He's well aware that he's far too flawed to be sharing a name-title with someone like Him. That, and he's aware that it's a term his distractors coined on the shorthand to call him "Incorruptibly pure to the point of being boring".
  • Eventually, in the earlier time of a battleground between Blizzard deities, Thrall managed to not only get Rylai to help, but also Sarah Kerrigan and Zeratul to ascend Jaina taken from the time before she descended into madness. This proves his mission successful, Thrall being glad that his friend is back in her old peaceful self, and properly gives credits to the others who helped him, maybe that'll be a good note to say that if he really is 'Green Jesus', he could've done it himself, but nope.
    • Thrall has once again donned his warchief armor and took to the field himself, and once again, shows his commitment to the Horde, he can afford it in the Pantheon.
  • He's also very glad that his old buddy Grom has ascended. The first thing Thrall did was to apologize that he failed to keep his son in line. Grom just assured him that just like what Thrall said, Garrosh chose his own destiny.
  • Thrall was not happy to hear that the Warlock responsible for the mistakes his kind suffered, Gul'dan, had ascended in the pantheon. To the Shaman surprise, Gul'dan is now much more powerful than how he was in the past, thanks to his cursed Skull who still retains its powers. He is preparing for the worst the Warlock is planning to do with the Pantheon.
    • And to his shock, even Garrosh makes it back to the Pantheon and has an urge to settle his vengeance over what he put through. Thrall thought that his failure is probably complete now. However, there is a silver lining on this: If the problem is about Gul'dan, even Garrosh is willing to call a truce to get rid of Gul'dan, but gets back to antagonism when the problem is solved even temporarily.
  • After his stint of recovering the normal!Jaina, Thrall was approached by Raiden and was asked if he could work on something similar to the Kombatants under his tutelage, who were now revenant slaves. After hearing his side of story, with a tap on the shoulder and a reassuring smile, this is what Thrall had to say: "Let's work it out."
  • "For Doomhammer!"

    Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka 
Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, God of 'Savage' Orcs (Da Profit of da WAAAAAGH!, Da Beast o' Armageddon, Da hand of Gork an Mork)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Power Klaw
  • Theme Song: "Dawn of War"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Porfolio: Bloodthirsty, Barbaric Orcs (and Orks), War for Fun and Profit, Proud Warrior Race Guy, Large and in Charge, Evil Overlord, Rock Beats Laser, Authority Grants Asskicking, Asskicking Leads to Leadership
  • Domains: Orcs, War, Leadership, Destruction, Chaos, Strength
  • Followers: Grimgor IronHide (Currently trying to overthrow Ghazghkull as the Champion of Mork by Rekilling Hellpit. Time will only tell when he gets to the end. Spoiler, he did) "‘ 'an as made it ‘da top an' iz ready ta krump some gits"
  • Allies: Garrosh Hellscream, Sauron
  • Enemies: Any git dat ain't orky enuff (speshally dat runt Thrall, those Chaos boyz, dat Dark Eldar pansie and dem Imperial humies), Kuroko Shirai (The first humie who can match him in a headbutt contest)
  • On account of a great many orcs and orks choosing not to follow Thrall's example, Warboss Ghazghkull recently arrived at the head of his WAAAAAGH! to provide suitable leadership for properly orky orcs.
  • Cordially hates Commissar Yarrick, his favorite enemy.
  • Is actually impressed by Garrosh Hellscream, and hoped he'd embrace his bloodlust and just fight under his banner, not Thrall's. He succeeded. Unfortunately, even his support wasn't enough to stop Thrall in defeating Garrosh. Even Ghazgkull lost in a showdown between Thrall during this takedown. For his parth, Ghazghkull eagerly awaits a rematch, and intends to show Thrall a traditionally Orky good time.
    • But Ghazgkull wasn't satisfied with such defeat, so, showing some of the brutal cunning that made him the Boss, he devised a plan that eventually led to the return of Garrosh. Since then, they've rekindled their alliance, and swore to one day get revenge on Thrall.
  • With the recent tribes of the Prinnies, he has noticed that they make great "bana wavas", cheap replacements for lost Gretchins, nice improvised 'splosives and plentiful food for his squigs. Due to this, the prinnies do everything they can in order to avoid him, even seeking help from Etna of all people.
  • Enthusiastically joined in the Headbutting Contest between Hanamichi Sakuragi, Stephanie Dola and Kuroko Shirai; he knocks out Hanamichi and Stephanie in short order, and to his delight he and Kuroko are still pounding into each other's skulls after three days. "First Humie since old One Eye Yarrik to give me this good a fight", he muses with genuine respect.

Oozes (Slimes)

    The Blob 
The Blob, Representative of Blob Monsters
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Song: Beware of the Blob
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Bad, Blob Monster (obviously), Came from the Sky, Grey Goo, Immune to Bullets, Completely absorbs its victims, flesh, cloth and bones, Non-Malicious Monster, Starfish Aliens, Can be stopped with cold
  • Domains: Aliens, Blobs, Consumption
  • Rivals: Hedorah
  • Enemies: Any and all living organisms, All ice-related deities (particularly Ice King), Ditto, Kirby
  • Evil Counterpart to: Zac
  • Avoids: the Hall of Ice and Cold
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation, Agents K and J
  • Somewhere in a quiet American town, a meteorite which contains an alien lifeform crashed from the sky. This alien Blob is an indestructible, ravenous, blood-colored mass that engulfs and dissolves its victims. It grows larger with every victim it consumes. Bullets, electricity, and fire have no effect on the Blob, and the man-eating goo seems unstoppable.
  • It was yet another peaceful night in the Pantheon until a small meteorite landed in a the woods. One of the people who have witnessed the meteorite was the Ice King, who proceeded to poke it with a stick, revealing a strange red goopy object within the space rock. Just when that thing was dissolving part of his muumuu, the Ice King froze it with his powers and left it behind without telling anyone. By then, the ice melt, allowing the Blob to attack again by devouring several people that it came across. However, the presence of highly advanced technology and magic give the Pantheon’s residents more options to subdue the Blob’s rampage.
  • Given the House that it resides in, it is preserved in one of the House’s freezers, which is probably the closest it can have to a temple. The SCP Foundation watches over this alien and warns others who happen to be near it not to open the freezer or bring any heating device near it since it can thaw enough to free the Blob. Because of its inability to tolerate cold temperatures, it avoids any ice-related deity, especially those who reside in the subhouse of Ice and Cold.
  • No one knows where this life form came from, but many can agree that it’s an alien that came from outer space. However, some sources suggest that it’s a government experiment in biological warfare and that it’s smarter and more dangerous than it appears to be.
  • Can be seen as an evil counterpart to Zac given that both of them are Blob Monsters. Zac has a problem with the Blob’s habit of devouring innocent people and would stop at nothing to take down the monster.
  • Hedorah is another monster the the Blob clashed with as he’s another blob that arrived from space. Any devastation usually caused by either monster tends to be worse whenever the two monsters cross paths.
  • Apparently, when Homer Simpson had an encounter with another meteorite alien, he ate it and gained its insatiable hunger and blobish appearance. There have been attempts to keep Homer as far away from the thing as possible to prevent this from happening in the Pantheon.
  • One time, the Blob ran into Kirby who tried to eat it up because he thought it was a massive pile of red gelatin. The result? Let’s just say that things wouldn’t go well for the Blob…
  • As with other aliens, it has been a target of Agents K and J, who have been tasked with containing the Blob. It would be constantly trying to escape the Agents, but K & J don't have any special animosity towards it.

Hedorah, God of Muck Monsters (Hedoro, The Smog Monster, Neo Hedorah)

    The Slime Family 

Some slimes draw near! Command?

The Slime Family, Deified Collective of Adorable Slime Enemies

A tiny fraction of the many varieties of Slime

  • Quasideities with many variations that range from Demigods to Lesser Gods, very few bordering on Intermediate
  • Symbol: A regular blue Slime individual
  • Theme Song: Dragon Quest - Battle Theme and all its other variations, but some go by Boingburg instead
  • Alignment: Can vary greatly, but generally they're Chaotic Neutral (the Slimes from Slimenia are True Neutral leaning on Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Cute Slime Mooks, Mascot Mooks Of Their Franchise, Blob Monster, The Weakest Enemies In Their Series Overall, But Having Many Variations That Are Harder To Defeat, Not Necessarily Always An Enemy
  • Domains: Slimes, Enemies, Cuteness, Mascots
  • Followers: The Punis, The Porings, The Dogoos, The Puyo
  • Allies: Rusty, Mimic, and Cube, Rimuru Tempest, Beatrix LeBeau, The Angry Birds, Gooey, SCP-999, Suu, The Human Child, The Goombas, The Waddle Dees, Chansey and Audino
  • On working terms with: Bowser, King Dedede
  • On bad terms with: Perry the Platypus, Arle Nadja
  • Enemies: The Dragon Quest Protagonistsnote , many an adventurer or adventuring party that merely see them as EXP sources, The Blob, Hedorah, Yasuo
  • One of, if not the most prolific and famed Mooks in its game, let alone Eastern RPGs, these adorable little slimes, while not exactly the biggest threat one could run into, their tenacity has kept them out and about in the series for decades. Becoming a staple enemy of its games, the Slime's influence has extended to have many variations to make for more interesting encounters, and with so many around, some have even chose to take the Slimes around as tamable monsters. Their popularity has even earned a series in their own name, as the protagonists of said spinoffs. Friendly, heroic, or not, these simple teardrop shaped entities had established great influence on the series, and even outside media is undeniable.
  • Even before the Slimes were ascended, they were always bouncing around in the Pantheon ever since other deities originating from the same series had ascended. It was mainly the regular blue Slime, however, given how common they were, and difficult to remove completely, the slimes freely festered in the Pantheon. The Main House would soon have a group of King Slimes, all created by many slimes amalgating together, intending to visit to get a request in. The gods higher up learned that the Slimes wanted to ascend for real, and given that their cute design was so influential, there was little dissent in the idea of giving the Slimes the Cute Slime Mook trope. The moment that occurred, slimes started to pop out everywhere in the Pantheon, and not just the normal blue slimes. All of the Slime's variants and counterparts began to spawn throughout the House of Gaming, as a result of the slimes getting their entire family ascended into the Pantheon, until they got a vast archipelago to themselves to make their home.
    • Their famous appearance wasn't planned to be so by their games' creators, who intended them to look more like the traditional appearance of monster blobs you'd see in tabletops, older computer games, and such. However, the artist behind the Slimes' design, Akira Toriyama, decided otherwise and gave them the iconic shape and cute face that brought about the Slimes' legacy. Since the Slimes ultimately owe it all up to Toriyama's decision for their ascension, the man is one of the few humans that all the Slimes show either respect or friendliness towards by default.
  • The varied landscapes of their "temple" that represents the lands belonging to the ascended Slimes is representative of the many varities of the Slime that adventurers can run into, some with better or newer stats and abilities, including the earlier appearing types of slimes, notably:
    • She-slimes, which actually have no different a ratio of males to females compared to other varieties, despite what their name suggests, akin to ladybugs, for example. What you can expect from these Palette Swaps is them being significantly stronger than their normal blue varieties, and probably not what a novice adventurer should try and fight early on. There are also the spotted variants known as mottle slimes, who have their own she-slime variants, among other varieties. A few deities have had the desire to not only tame them but treat as something like a pet spotted dog, for some reason.
    • Bubble slimes are more similar to your usual Blob Monster, but keeping the cute face. These slimes and their variants are known for their Status Infliction Attack, which would be the ideal introduction for visitors that haven't been familiar with other deified enemies that do the same. There are newer and muckier variants appearing that are capable of growing mushrooms, truffles, and other fungi, so they can be found in the House of Nature or bringing life to desolate areas.
    • Healslimes, floating slimes with tentacles akin to jellyfish, doing what their name would suggest. Healing spells are the only things they really know, and their dedication to healing other slime comrades and allied entities is even greater than their self-conversation instincts, proving them to be dedicated healers of their kind. Do beware of another variation of slime that resembles them, known as the Man O' War, but instead of healing, is aggressive and attacks enemy adventurers with paralysis and other stinging attacks.
    • Shell slimes and sea slimes are coastal variants of slimes that have used their shells as a form of defense, and slip away when things are looking bleak for them. Seaslimes in particular can be found when sailing through the seas, as well as icy variants known as Slimecicles. Sailors are recommended to keep an eye out for these variants not because they're dangerous, but because their presence indicates that an iceberg is near.
    • Drake slimes and dragons are true to form, slimes with a shape that takes a bit from dragons, though they aren't necessarily dragons. They still act as if they're dragons, and a decent starting point for those aspiring to tame a dragon. From what tamers have noticed, they have some allergy to blood, so their flame breath is more worrisome than the possibility of getting bitten by them. While not similar to them, Dark slimes and their variants are more likely to go after others' blood, being similar to the vampire-like Drackies in their world.
  • And there are still more variations that aren't listed above, with bulb slimes and their variants recently popping out of farmers' fields from time to time as well, the Pantheon has acknowledged the possibility of more types of the Slime developing as they stay in the Pantheon. While their allies and curious onlookers of nature are interested in what new kinds of slime will appear next, others worry of the new surprises they can bring. Given the much more varied environments within the Pantheon and how they can adapt themselves to suit it over time, like with Rubble slimes appearing in the more urban areas, many are on the watch for new varieties.
  • It's obvious that these slimes like going in groups, to the point that they'll even call in reinforcement slimes to do so. Should enough accumulate, they can undergo slimification, where eight slimes can amalgamate- wait, sorry, amalgoomate, into a King Slime, a much bigger threat than the sum of their parts. Thankfully, not every slime variation can do the same, though the metal slimes can. Or if there aren't enough slimes, they can simply form a slime stack. While there currently haven't been any meetings between many King Slimes, let alone a group of at least eight at once, there's the question of what happens when eight King Slimes hypothetically decide to goonite into one even bigger slime to top even the regular King varieties. Perhaps it's for everyone's own good that they won't know the answer, nor that the King Slimes lack interest in finding that out.
    • As much as these slimes like grouping together, they don't like to be near Arle Nadja and her associated friends and foes in the Pantheon, due to how they've ended up caught up in their games. Not as players, but as game pieces, thrown in with other Puyo. From what they've described their experiences, it's been rather traumatizing for them, while Arle and her friends are more annoyed that they end up dropping into their games by unknown methods.
  • Of all the sub-families in the Slime Family, the metal slimes have earned their own family classification, due to their reputation for being really hard to kill, as a result of only taking Scratch Damage from physical attacks, high evasion, immunity to magic, and tendency to flee. And that's not considering the Gem Slime variants that can cast Magic Blast. However, many adventurers still target them due to the loads of experience points they gain when killing a Metal Slime (or for Gem Slimes, riches). This especially applies to Metal King Slimes that predictably give even more EXP, or rarely some Metal Slime themed equipment. Since one of the most reliable ways of taking out a Metal Slime is with critical attacks, Yasuo, who can utilize them to his advantage better, and those with really strong physical attacks like say, Matt can bypass those pesky defenses, so such characters gain the most ire from them. The Metal Slimes have even gotten along with Chansey and Audino out of sympathy for being targeted for the sake of EXP grinding.
    • One of the most desired targets that adventurers try to go after is the Platinum King Jewel, the Metal Slime of the Metal Slime family, and that's saying a lot. While the most rewarding out of all of them, so far it has eluded defeat against everyone pursuing it. It's not only due to its high stats in everything, on top of what makes the Metal Slimes so hard to kill, but it can blind everyone with one usage of Dazzle, nullifying even those who can use critical hits or sheer power to their advantage. And the absurdly powerful deities that could consistently take it out logically have no reason to go after it, anyway.
  • Another peculiar variant of the Slime are the Slime Knights, slimes that are steeds for dwarfed humanoid knights with a sword and a shield depicting a slime, indicating their loyalty to slimekind. Having been ascended along with their mounted slime brethren, many wonder about how their culture and symbiotic relationship with their slimes work, or if they're even human. From observations, some have hypothesized that their bonds are so strong that if one of them is killed, the other dies with them. Metal Slime Knights are the exception with the knight just dying and the slime itself fleeing to live another day, which is why they don't give too much EXP either. Some believe that it's the slime that gives orders to the knight despite being the steed. These feisty duos have their own stronger variants, mainly the Slionhearts, the kingly counterparts of the Slime Knights that can put up a valiant fight. Some of these Slime Knights have gotten into fights with Shovel Knight, perhaps due to fate, but one Slime Knight named Goowain, who had fought along aside heroes before, befriended the knight after a duel.
    Goowain: It is a fine thing indeed to have companions on the road of life!
  • While they're mainly enemies of the ascended Dragon Quest heroes out of principle, the fact that none of the bigger villains from the series have appeared in the Pantheon means that their exact loyalty is not very clear. Many who seek more Mooks to add their ranks and don't discriminate too much are willing to enlist them, though they're not really the most powerful minions the Pantheon has to offer. Not all slimes will oppose heroes, however, with some having been known for even joining said heroes in their quests. It's pretty easy to tell if a Slime is willing to be friendly, if they tell you themselves "I'm not a bad Slime!" Some of these friendlier slimes managed to have a peaceful encounter with Frisk and now roam around with their friends as well, though rumors of their other more violent "paths" have startled them a little. There are even those who are willing to tame Slimes and make them fight for their trainers as well, akin to Pokemon trainers.
    • Due to the Slimes' friendship with the Goombas and Waddle Dees, hanging out or getting into stacking contests, both Bowser and King Dedede have decided to take advantage of the situation, enrolling some of the Slimes to their own numbers. As a result, the two kings have to manage relations with them, including their more goo-dy goo-dy brethren lest the Slime Family all turn on them. Additionally, Bowser has introduced Dedede to a game that he and the Slimes occasionally play together. Dedede's not adverse to a friendly competition of economics and properties, but he's baffled at the fact that the Slimes play pretty well at it, and more so about how they use controllers shaped like themselves to do it. Bowser simply shrugged at Dedede's second remark.
  • With some slimes having joined the ranks of the heroes that normally fight them, they're not unfamiliar to some of their own being adventurers. They learned about Cube from the Rusty trio and had a pleasant meeting with the three, with a few of the Slimes assisting the adventurers at times. From there, Rimuru Tempest learned about their ascension and immediately went out of his way to gain their alliance. The Slimes ended up taking the invitation to the Jura Tempest Federation well, seeing nothing but benefit in joining a force ran by a fellow slime. A few slimes were intrigued by Rimuru's shapeshifting abilities, but for the most part, many a slime believe "that we don't need to be a gooman to be good and jolly (slurp)".
  • Being a caretaker of her own kinds of slimes, Beatrix LeBeau was excited to see the members of the Slime Family in person. While unfamiliar to their ways and mannerisms, she figured out how to make feel welcome along with the plort-producing slimes she takes care of as her occupation demands. While the Dragon Quest slimes do occasionally fight over food sometimes, they consider Beatrix's slimes to be friends as well. As Beatrix's generosity became to grow on the Slimes, some of them attempted to ask Beatrix using their knowledge of human tongue to visit the Far, Far Range. Deeming it of little harm, she agreed to take a group of slime tourists there. The slimes ended up enjoying the vacation for the most part, but the Tarr outbreaks scared them off from making it a permanent residence for them. Beatrix also observed their interactions with plorts, which ended up making the slimes that ate them gain some magic powers based on the eaten plorts, though she warned them not to eat multiple types since it could risk turning them into something like the Tarr, which the Slimes heeded.
  • Looking forward to more slimes to meet with, they ran into SCP-999, who the Slimes all mistook for a She-slime at first, but after a few weeks, they realized that SCP-999 was just of a different sort. They don't mind hanging out with the orange blob however, and SCP-999 hopes to make more of the Slime Family more friendly toward humanity in general as they interact. Similarly, Gooey was also mistaken for a regular blue Slime, but the long tongue surprised and got the Slimes to recognize Gooey as their own individual, though they still keep him around as a friend, despite his potential origin. They also learned about Suu, a Slime Girl who also has an Interspecies Romance with a human, which weirded out much of the Slimes, but they decided not to judge her on it and left her interests be. The Blob and Hedorah were more of the kind of slimes they didn't want to get near, despising Hedorah for not only wrecking their environments and homes, but devouring the Rubble Slimes among them. The Blob also has no care for what it eats, so the Slimes were nothing more to it than more matter to consume and absorb, making it a dreaded slime that they will either run away or blast magic at, if the latter is a viable choice for the stronger slimes.
  • While hard to find amongst the Slimes' domain, determined explorers can run into a slime-populated island known as Slimenia. One of its most bustling villages, Boingburg, is home to one of Slimenia's most interesting Slime citizens, Rocket, who has saved his fellow Slimes many times from the Plob, a large gang of Platypunk and their monster associates who antagonize the Slimes for their own varying reasons. While friendly to fellow visiting monsters, humans are not allowed on the island, especially not adventurers since they don't want them causing harm to innocent slimes, excluding their listed allies. Should one threaten their slime-ciety, the invaders will find themselves in big trouble with not only Rocket but a gigantic tank he can operate, known as the Schleiman Tank, which can fire all sorts of ammo at the enemy, included scavenged ammo from their enemies or even the slimes running the tank, Rocket himself included, which likely explains their friendship with the Angry Birds. Many mooks and members of the Hall of Enemies have attempted to raid Slimenia in the past, but they've been quashed and ended up becoming harmless citizens of Slimenia. Excluding the human enemies, who have the lucky fate of becoming ammo launched at other invaders.
    • The Slimes in general, but especially in Slimenia, don't seem to like Perry the Platypus too much, due to mistaking Perry for being one of the Plob. His secret agent hat doesn't help Perry's reputation at all, so Perry ends up being chased away by Slimes eager to bounce into him in encounters. He has attempted to use the fact that he lacks a Platypunk tail to show that he's not one of the Plob. Unfortunately, some rascals and pranksters like to stick said tails on Perry, which only convince the Slimes that he's one of the Plob even more, forcing Perry to flee from the Slimes before he becomes cannon ammo.

Trolls (Not that kind)

Vol'jin, God of Fantasy Trolls (Chief of the Darkspear Tribe, Shadow Hunter, Vol'jian, Warchief, Loa of Kings)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Darkspear Tribe Emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, with shades of Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fantasy Culture Trolls, Shadow & Voodoo Magic, Leading A Horde, Troll Accent, Javelin Thrower, Care For His Men, Trolls Are Not Evil
  • Domains: Trolls, War, Leadership
  • Followers: Rhasta, Huskar
  • Allies: Thrall, Sylvanas Windrunner, Baine Bloodhoof, Lol Ranger, Nozdormu, the Raptor Pack, Talon of the Draconians
  • Enemies: The Trollkaigers, Jah'Rakal, Garrosh Hellscream, Gul'dan, Mordremoth, Zul'jin, Riptor
  • Odd Friendship: Niko Bellic
  • Rose to the Pantheon after helping defeat Garrosh Hellscream, and to everyone's surprise, Thrall appointed him as the Horde Warchief. Vol'jin thinks he's not worthy, but he'll do his best.
    • When he learned that Garrosh has returned and insulted how trolls aren't supposed to sit on the Warchief's seat, Vol'jin fearlessly claimed that he be ready fo' another sho'down and the seat was relinquished on Thrall's behalf and he won't hand dat over that easily. In his own words: "Who be da Warchief now?"
    • For the record, maybe he be no Troll, but Gul'dan also be pretty high on da shit list. If the damage is that high towards the Orc race, things would go bad if he 'as ever to expand his evil towards da Trolls.
  • A lot of his followers occasionally switches words in his praise into "Vengeance for Vol'jin!"
  • A lot also takes note of his funnily weird accent. Vol'jin's reply is usually "Whaddaya mean what kind of accent is dis? 'Tis a Troll accent! I swear, ja makin' me crazy."
  • As he realized that the term 'Trolls' has been ruined with 'people who makes other suffer just for lulz and reaction', Vol'jin has an enmity to Bernkastel, Terumi and the rest of Trollkaiger. He says that "Dey be disgracin' de good name of trolls!"
    • He does however find the LOL Rangers endlessly hilarious.
  • Due to just how different every kind of troll is, it is not easy to be their god. If they don't lack the brains to be able to worship him (like the ones in Middle Earth), they will outright refuse to do so in order to gather power for themselves (like the ones in Runeterra). Even in the realm of Azeroth, only the Darkspears are worshippers of Vol'jin while most of the other tribes of trolls are mortal enemies.
  • He along with Thrall be joinin da Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • He was horrified to learn that in one timeline, he had allied with the Lich King against some of his fellow trolls! He hopes to one day lure that version of himself (and the other trolls that had sided with the Scourge) over to the Sentinel.
  • Is rather confused by the Alternian Trolls in the House of Love, and especially by their four romances. The twelve trolls are equally bewildered by Vol'jin; to quote Karkat, "THE FUCK? IS THAT WHAT TROLLS IN OTHER WORLDS AND TIMESTREAMS LOOK LIKE?" However, they have agreed with the God of Fantasy Trolls to call Matespritship, Moirallegiance, Auspistice, and Kismessisitude the Alternian-Beforan Romances.
  • The deities hailing from Middle-Earth were wary at first when they heard there was a God of Fantasy Trolls, but when they realized what Vol'jin was like (i.e. nothing like the Trolls of Middle-Earth), they calmed down. Vol'jin is disappointed in three particular trolls from that world: Bert, Tom, and Bill, who had tried to eat Bilbo and some of his friends.
  • At first he thought it would be good news when he heard that another troll, Jah'Rakal had accended. Sadly it turned out that the new god was seriously racist towards jungle trolls, including the Darkspear Tribe.
  • When he heard Vol'jin's accent, Niko Bellic thought his friend Little Jacob had ascended into the pantheon, and was thus surprised to instead find Vol'jin. The troll, on his part, has no idea what a Jamaican is, but became good friends afterwards.
  • As an Azerothian troll, Vol'jin has an affinity for raptors; many such trolls have ridden raptors into battle, or kept them as pets. Due to this affinity, Vol'jin managed to find friends in Blue and her pack, as well as respect from Talon of the Draconians for his tribe treating raptors so well. However, Riptor was so aggressive that any hope Vol'jin might have had to connect with her was squashed.
  • Vol'jin is currently absent on his throne, when some say it may be something about his mortal shell getting destroyed in the Broken Shore, he gave the message to not trust what actually happened in the naked eye, including his assignment of entrusting the Horde to Sylvanas. His believers think that he may have ulterior motives and trusted in him. Some think that he had to confront an old dark-kin, the Forest Troll Zul'jin, to strengthen his throne.
  • "Da spirits be restless"


    Bigby Wolf 
Bigby Wolf, The Big Bad Wolf (Gaffer Wolf, Sheriff Bigby)
Bigby's werewolf form 
Bigby's final form 
  • Intermediate God, Greater God (In Full Wolf Form)
  • Symbol: A cigarette carton labeled Huff N' Puff.
  • Theme Songs: "The Sheriff" (normal theme), "The Big Bad Wolf" (when forced to fight)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Chaotic Evil in the past.
  • Portfolio: Trying to make up for all the people he killed, What his true form looks like, What he used to eat, Badass Abnormal, Deadpan Snarker, Actually a Wolf-Human, Tries not to be but it happens, Can look like this when angry enough
  • Domains: Atoning, Protecting, Love, Wolves, Fables
  • Allies: Snow White (both), Belle and Beast, Ariel, Jasmine, Aladdin, Sora, Alice (Both of Them), Skulduggery Pleasant
  • Enemies: Bloody Mary, The Evil Queen, Jafar, Maleficent, Xehanort, Gaston
  • Complicated Relationship with: Pinocchio
  • Opposed by: Jiminy Cricket
  • If there is a Big Bad Wolf in any legend or Fable then it is most likely him that did those deeds along with much more death and destruction. Though since then he has tried to be a better person and make up for those crimes.
  • Since then he has become a sort of Sheriff for anything Fable/Fairytale related as he has done such a job before and does his best to keep the peace between these figures.
  • Would like people to know that what they see is not his true form and that it is a form he took to be around his wife, his true form is a large wolf the size of an elephant that has the power to blow gale-force winds.
  • When he discovered Snow White was in The Pantheon he at first was happy, but then discovered that she was not how he remembered her, despite that even now he does what he can to protect her and is attempting to kill Xehanort so that he cannot use her in his plans. He will know when he tries to as Bigby always knows where she is and how she's feeling at any given moment.
    • Eventually, he arranged for the ascension of the Snow White he knew, and she soon arrived, with her and his kids in tow, genuinely touched by her husband's gesture in reuniting them once again.
  • He also has called Ariel "Nerissa" at times though this is due to past events and his times with another little Mermaid.
  • Often seen at The House of Food in Moe's Bar for the occasional smoke and drink, all of it helps to keep The Wolf at bay if injured or angry enough.
  • Has a complicated relationship with Pinocchio. While the wolf felt protective of him due to the fact that one of his alternative versions is one of Fablestown residents, Pinocchio is extremely wary of Bibgy due to how the wolf constantly sneers and keeps a watchful eyes whenever the marionette father Gepetto walks into the room as his universe version of Geppetto is The Adversery. Not help the matter is that when hearing about his ascension, Bigby was blinded by rage over being driven away by his homeland and nearly destroyed their house when he turned into his wolf form to attack Geppetto, earning him Jiminy Cricket's ire in the process.

    Fenrir Greyback 
Fenrir Greyback, God of Werewolf Theme Naming

    Genn Greymane 
King Genn Greymane, God of Worgen (Graymane, King of Gilneas, Lord of the Worgen, Genn. Motherfucking. Greymane.)
Left: Greymane in his Human Form. Right: Greymane in his Worgen form
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A handcannon and a Blade. Alternatively, the symbol of Gilneas
  • Theme Song: "Gilneas"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Formerly Lawful Neutral with Jerkass leanings)
  • Portfolio: Alliterative Name, Trying to make up for not helping the alliance, The King Of Gilneas and the strongest fighter, Badass Cape, Broken after the invasion of the forsaken to Gilneas and the death of his son, Cool Old Guy, Getting Stronger after receiving the Worgen curse, Having a huge hatred against Orcs, Good is Not Nice, Grumpy Old Man, Having a very prophetic name, Actually having a grey mane, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Wielding a sword and gun, Being a complete Jerk until the death of his son and making amends with the Alliance
  • Domains: Royalty, Worgen, Extremism, Guns
  • High Priest: Banehallow the Lycan
  • Allies: Varian Wrynn (Bordering on Fire-Forged Friends), Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Valkenhaym R. Hellsing, Bigby Wolf, Fenrich, Usalia, Jon Talbain and Felicia, T'Challa/Black Panther, The Hunter, Lady Maria, San
  • Rivals: Cervantes De Leon, Gangplank
  • Enemies: Sylvanas Windrunner, Arthas Menethil, Kel'thuzad, Anub'arak, Fenrir, Garrosh Hellscream, Diablo
  • Conflicting Opinion: Uther Lightbringer, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Thrall
  • Good Counterpart to: Warwick
  • Under the watch of: Ysera
  • King Genn Greymane is the rules of the alliance Kingdom of Gilneas, a place famed for being borded by a giant wall. As a result of the invasion of the scourge, Greymane commanded a wizard to summon the worgen to guard the gates, which didn't end well for the Gilneans, as they were struck by the Worgen curse and even Greymane ended up transforming. Let's say that Greymane has been through a lot and during the invasion of the forsaken, he lost his son to Sylvanas Windrunner. Thanks to Night Elves, the surviving Gilneans have been able to relocate in Darnassus and Greymane is grateful to Archdruid Malfurion for such kind deed.
  • Greymane's ascension was an odd one, since he had no intention of being here in the first place. It was thanls to Varian Wrynn that he was conviced to pay a visit. While initially lacking a clear place to stay, he was given a place after Valkenhayn decided to give him one his titles, essentially allowing the Worgen to stay.
  • Despises Warwick, as he represent what would have happened to him if he got lost in his feral form. Warwick just loves to taunt Greymane into embracing his Worgen form and join the fun that usually ends in a confrontation between the lycans. Despite all the hardships, Greymane refuses to let his savagery get the best of him.
  • When he met Fenrich, they were in a rocky start as he thought that the Werewolf was a really big dick, even for him. However, they actually got to know each other better and both actually have some semblance of respect for each other. Greymane is worried since he sees a lot of his old self in Fenrich.
    • He also tends to call him Fenfen just to annoy him. He is one of the few people that seems to get away with it.
  • Ever since he met the little Usalia, Greymane became super protective of her. For once, her story of losing her hometown of Toto Bunny to an army of undead is very similar to what happened in Gilneas, right down to losing an important family member in battle (Usalia's parents and Greymane's son Liam respectively).
    • He also is training her to control her wererabbit state, as he also understand the weight of having a cursed transformation like that. After all, he is reminded of his own daughter when he looks at her.
  • Having Gilneas overrun by the forsaken is not an easy thing that Greymane is able to deal with and he is trying his hardest to get his homeland back, to the point of swallowing his own Pride and asking Varian Wrynn for help. For this reason, he befriended Wakanda's leader T'Challa, who faced a similar situation.
  • In another timeline, he became a Ringmaster of a circus, while being the lion Himself!
  • He surprisingly gets along with The Hunter and Lady Maria, as they hail from a place that is very similar to Gilneas. They both had their doubts at first given his Worgen nature but nonetheless became friends in the end.
  • His main fighting style consist of wielding a gun (Of Gilnean industry of course, and of the highest caliber) and a Blade. That caught the attention of the pirates Cervantes de Leon and Gangplank, who quicly became rivals with the old man.
    • Though people have been curious as to why he even bother to carry a sword to begin with, since he can easily transform if the confrontotion gets too close. One common theory is that Greymane only will use his Worgen form as a last resort option but the King himself has a better answer to that.
    Greymane: Of course the sword is just for show! I have a gun, you fools!
    • And no, don't ask where the sword goes when he transforms, just....don't.
  • He also gets along with another fellow werewolf in the form of Jon Talbain. To the surprise of Talbain, he seems to get along with Felicia really good as well. After all, she is a really nice person and Greymane doesn't mind her that much.
    Greymane: Honestly, I'm more of a cat person.
  • As a worgen, he has been under the watchful eye of the nature aspect Ysera, as she fears that his people might go feral and attack everybody. Greymane has promised that he will keep his people from losing themeselves.
  • Ever since he arrived to the Nexus, Greymane has had time to relax in there. However, he has a few opinions on certain people from there:
    • He has butted heads with Thrall a few times, for the fact that he let Sylvanas run rampant and invade Gilneas. Even though the Shaman is not in command of the Horde anymore, he still blames him for the fall of Gilneas.
    • He is utterly disgusted at Kael'thas actions at trying to summon the Burning Legion into Azeroth, claiming that he did that for his people. While he isn't the one who should complain about that, given how he exiled his people in Gilneas, he says that he would never go that far to kill his own people
    • While he is in good terms with the Paladin, he doesn't have a high opinion on Uther blaming him for his pupil descent into darkness. Uther does agree in what Greymane but the Paladin reminds him that he hasn't done wonderful things either to help out.
    Greymane: You were a hero for the Alliance...but not for Gilneas
    Greymane: Am I to understand that they are bovine humanoids? Cow people? Well that's just preposterous!
  • When he heard of Sylvanas being ascended in the pantheon, he almost ended up going on a rampage in his Worgen form. He wants justice for the people that she masacred, especially for the death of his son Liam. Sylvanas doesn't pay attention to the old man but she is very careful about him.
    • It also doesn't help that the Lich King himself is here as well. Greymane has woved to himself that he would personally slain Arthas and take down the Scourge for good, as a form of atonement to his late friend King Terenas.
    • As of late, Greymane saw himself entering a long debate after ruining Sylvanas' collection of Val'kyr for pure vengeance on not just Greymane, but also Varian at the Broken Shore, the reappearance of Varian in the Nexus only soothed him a tiny bit. Several people called him out for letting himself consumed with vengeance when there's a lot of Manipulative Bastard like the Burning Legion around and he should have buried that hatchet long ago if he wanted Azeroth to existence. Greymane retorted with how much longer they're going to keep Sylvanas a Karma Houdini or actually hurting the efforts to combat the Burning Legion together and sometimes, personal happiness and justice deserve a chance to shine than constantly obeying the 'greater good' like a mindless drone. With that, the Pantheon actually agreed to place a strict control on Sylvanas, but in exchange, Greymane is told to control his urge for vengeance, for a change.
  • Before his ascension, Greymane has taken interest to the fallen house of Ambry, in which their prince Banehallow has been cursed of lycanthropy and the rest of the family devastated by a mad king. Greymane has taken in the Lycan as his High Priest and together, they have been planning to strike back against said mad king, as even Greymane was not amused at said king's high avarice.
  • "Gilneas will rise again!"

    Larry Talbot/The Wolf Man 
Lawrence Stewart Talbot, Cursed God of Wolf Men (Larry, The Wolf Man, Mr. Talbot)
Larry (left) and his wolf man form (right).
  • Demigod. Lesser as the wolf man.
  • Symbol: A cane with a silver wolf head with a pentagram
  • Theme Song: "The Wolf Man"
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Chaotic Evil as the wolf man.
  • Portfolio: Doomed Protagonist, Stalker with a Crush, Tragic Monster, The Charmer
  • Domains: Curses, Beasts, Tragedy, Werewolves
  • High Priest: Tony Rivers
  • Allies: Bruce Banner, Jon Talbain, Greymane, Remus Lupin, Belle and the Beast
  • Enemies: Count Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Godzilla (?), Hircine, Vincent Godfrey, B.B. Hood, Fenrir Greyback
  • Opposed by: Hoss Delgado
  • Complicated Relations with: The Belmont family
  • Larry Talbot was a practical man returning to his homeland at Llyanwelly to reconcile with his father. Everything seemed to be going well, until he got bitten in the chest by a wolf. As it turned out, that was the local werewolf, and now Larry carried that curse. Since then, he has been struggling with the beast within as he looks to lift the curse.
  • Reports of a werewolf attack have spread in a local village in the Pantheon with some people initially assuming that the attacker is an animal. This led the Pantheonic Police to investigate. Upon looking at the attacker’s footprints, it is revealed that he is the Wolf Man, who was spotted and captured by the cops who were armed with shotguns that shoot silver bullets. Once the Wolf Man reverted to his human form, they were debates on what to do with him. However, they come to the conclusion that as one of the most recognizable werewolves in fiction, he was chosen to represent Wolf Man.
  • Unfortunately for Larry, he is still suffering from lycanthropy and will transform into the beast. Luckily, well, as lucky as he can get, the transformation is very infrequent and far apart. He can also take solace that even if he does transform, there are plenty of people who could take care of him. As in life, he is trying to find a cure for him infliction.
  • As far as his interactions with other werewolves go, he seems to get along with Remus John Lupin, whom he sympathizes with for how much he’s had to rein in his instincts and causes his wolf form to be hairless and emaciated. Sometimes, Lupin supplies Larry with Wolfsbane potion to help him out. He is also on good terms with both John Talbain and Greymane. However, he doesn’t like Fenrir Greyback for turning Lupin into a werewolf and seeking to convert as many as he can.
  • As a progenitor of lycanthropy in his world, Hircine views the condition as a blessing, a reflection on his philosophy. Werewolves when they pass away are even sent to his realm to hunt in the afterlife forever. As such he is unable to comprehend that people like Larry don't like being a monster and is for this very reason offended that he is trying to cure it instead of embracing that other side of himself.
  • His relationship with the Belmont family is rather complicated. On one hand, the clan opposes him given his wolf transformation. However, they seem to have pity on him knowing that Larry despises his curse. That can’t be said with Vincent Godfrey, who would rather put him down as he is known to despise any lycanthrope in the Pantheon. Talbot doesn’t like him because of this. He also has to look out for B.B. Hood as she views him as a potential target.
  • Hoss Delgado also opposes him in the same way that he opposes all other monsters given his complete inability to recognize that not every monster he comes across is evil. The only thing stopping them from being enemies is the fact that because Larry has no control over his infrequent transformations Hoss prioritizes other, more actively dangerous threats. And even then, that decision came to be after attacking Larry a couple times beforehand.
  • Has made friends with Dr. Bruce Banner after learning of the Hulk and how their situation are very similar. While he has heard of Hulk's rampage, he also learned that it's heroic and more sympathetic. Larry bemoans that there is no way that his wolf self can ever be considered a hero.
  • There has been rumors going around that the wolf man fought against Godzilla in a situation very similar to Frankenstein's Monster and Baragon. However, few believe in these rumors and that if Godzilla really fought the wolf man, it might have been just a radiated wolf.
  • He has clashed with Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula back in his mortal world. Of course, the relationship hasn’t changed much now that all three of them are in the Pantheon.
  • Surprisingly enough, he seems to be well-acquainted with Belle and the Beast. The Beast finds himself relating to Larry given that he was also a human who was cursed to be a hairy monster. Belle also felt sorry for what happened to Larry and is willing to help him out, even if she was initially frightened by his werewolf form.
  • "Even a man who is pure in heart
    And says his prayers by night
    May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
    And the autumn moon is bright."

    Robyn Goodfellowe and Mebh Óg MacTíre 
Robyn Goodfellowe and Mebh Óg MacTíre, Goddesses of Heroic Werewolves
L-R: Mebh and Robyn
As wolves 
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: A circle of wolves, with two wolf pawprints overlapping with two human handprints in the middle
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Wonderful Werewolf, Our Werewolves Are Different, Tomboy and Girly Girl, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure
  • Domains: Wolves, Freedom, Nature
  • Heralds: Bill Goodfellowe (Robyn's father), Moll MacTíre (Mebh's mother), Merlyn (Robyn's pet falcon) and a large pack of wolves (together they are informally known as Moll's pack)
  • Followers: Alfie, Tommy Dawkins
  • Allies: San, Ashitaka, Moro-no-Kimi, The Starks, Aisling, Ben and Saoirse, Kipo Oak, Hana and the Wolf-Man
  • Enemies: Lady Eboshi, Fenrir Greyback
  • Pity: Remus Lupin, Larry Talbot
  • Interested parties: Hircine
  • Truce with: Chirin
  • In 1650 Ireland, English hunter Bill Goodfellowe arrived in the town of Kilkenny to hunt wolves in the nearby woods, at the orders of the Lord Protector who ruled over the area with an iron fist. Bill's daughter Robyn, wanting to help him rather than stay in town and work in the scullery, ventured out into the woods to prove herself. She wound up coming face to face with a strange wolf that bit her arm. Following it to its den, she discovered the wolf was really a human girl about her age, Mebh Óg MacTíre. Robyn befriended Mebh and learned she was one of the last Wolfwalkers, a tribe of humans whose spirits leave their bodies and physically manifest as wolves whenever they fall asleep. Returning to Kilkenny, Robyn discovered a day later that she had become a Wolfwalker herself as a result of Mebh's bite, putting her in great danger of being killed by her father or any of the town's wolf-hating population. Robyn also discovered the Lord Protector had Mebh's mother Moll in a cage. Robyn freed her, but then Moll was critically wounded, leading to a battle between the wolves and the Lord Protector's men as Mebh attempted to heal Moll. Bill became a Wolfwalker himself after having sustained a bite from Moll earlier and overpowered the Lord Protector, who then committed suicide after seeing he was defeated. After helping heal Moll, Robyn and Bill joined the pack and they all left to find a place where they could live in peace.
  • As the pack traveled in search of a new home, Robyn and Mebh often turned into wolves and went off on their own to explore and have adventures, as children will. They stumbled upon a lush forest, the likes of which they hadn't seen in a while in Ireland and which contained many strange creatures they had never seen ever. While investigating their strange new surroundings, they caught a scent that was unmistakably wolf, yet also human and overall just a bit different, making Robyn and Mebh believe there was another Wolfwalker nearby. They enthusiastically followed the scent until they suddenly came face to face with its bearer, a girl somewhat older then them and wielding a spear who snarled at them, clearly trying to warn them off her territory. San, for that was her, was pacified by Robyn and Mebh's demonstrations of submission and understood that they wanted to show her something, so she followed them. Robyn and Mebh returned to their bodies, showing San they were human as well and telling her about the Wolfwalkers and their theory that San might be one too. San clarified she was not and was just adopted by wolf deities, which was a little disappointing but still interesting to Robyn and Mebh. At length, San sympathized with them and the rest of the pack after hearing they were driven off their home by humans, so she told them to come with her and she could arrange for a good place for them to live.
  • Moll's pack thus found a permanent and relatively secure home in a forested part of the Pantheon, and to really set things in stone, Robyn and Mebh were nominated as deities for their story. Given they revere their parents and Moll is pack leader, Robyn and Mebh naturally wondered why not them, which an unbothered Moll mused was simply the way things worked in the Pantheon, a very different dimension from the one they came from. Moll and Bill probably just feel relieved the pack has found a home at all and pleased that they actually have quite a few allies who would help them against those who would massacre or dislocate them. One of them is of course San's mother Moro-no-Kimi, who showed a lot of interest in the Wolfwalkers after her daughter told her about them. Moro's particularly close to Moll, as they're matriarchs of their respective packs. San's boyfriend Ashitaka has also showed interest in the pack, even if he connects more to the human side, generally being seen with Bill and encouraging Robyn to keep practicing with her crossbow as it may still come in handy for things her wolf form can't accomplish.
  • The Wolfwalkers have reasons of their own to despise Lady Eboshi, as she parallels the Lord Protector's methods in some ways, mainly in her plans to destroy forests for her town's prosperity. Eboshi has little respect for the natural world and the creatures that live in it, even daring to scoff at literal gods, so it's not surprising that she's not particularly impressed with the Wolfwalkers. Mebh wants nothing more than to bite her face off, while Moll believes there's more reason to fear Eboshi since she's far more charismatic and resourceful than the Lord Protector. Meanwhile, Robyn has mixed feelings about Eboshi; having suffered through the strictly enforced gender roles of her time period, she's interested in how Eboshi, a woman, managed to become leader of a whole town and allowed equal opportunities for both men and women, and feels like she can't be all that bad. She keeps these thoughts to herself for the most part, as she still wants to protect the pack above all.
  • They have no love for the stifling medieval society they came from and as Wolfwalkers they are very much living in the margins, but they do get along well with the House of Stark from the backwards hellhole that is Westeros. It's probably because the Starks have a closer-to-earth attitude that appeals to the Wolfwalkers. They have also been besieged from all sides by enemies to the point where they were scattered and nearly became extinct, which would be something like the Wolfwalkers' worst nightmare if it happened to their pack. And of course, there's the Starks' strong connection to wolves, not only because they drew the animal on their banners, but because many of them have cared for actual wolves and are capable of warging, a power broadly similar to Wolfwalking. Overall, Robyn and Mebh are closest to Jon Snow and Arya, in no small part because both of them ended up choosing a wilder lifestyle than the more aristocratic one originally reserved for them. Somewhat like Robyn herself.
  • Are generally open and friendly to other wolves and werewolves residing in the Pantheon, provided they respond in kind. This leads to somewhat complex situations with Remus Lupin and Larry Talbot for having no control whatsoever over their savage and brutal wolf forms. Still, they are generally nice people who dread the damage they can cause and the Wolfwalkers feel terribly sorry for them. The sheer variety of different sorts of werewolves makes Mebh's mind spin, but she's pretty certain (with Robyn feeling much the same) that she hates Fenrir Grayback for intentionally turning Remus into a werewolf against his will, and for being just about the most monstrous werewolf she's ever seen.
    • Given Fenrir is highly favored by Hircine, the Wolfwalkers don't have much reason to like the Daedric Prince even if he also considers them to be under his protection due to his domain over lycanthropy. As far as the Wolfwalkers are concerned, he can keep his protection, the pack does fine on its own, as it always has. Hircine doesn't seem bothered by this and still prizes them, especially as Robyn and Mebh show proper appreciation for their gift in his eyes.
    • More positive is the Wolfwalkers' relationship with Hana and the Wolf-Man, with them showing particular appreciation for Hana given how accepting she was of her boyfriend being a wolf, not to mention their children who she raised lovingly despite how difficult things could be. Robyn and Mebh remind Hana of her son Ame who ultimately chose to live as a wolf instead of as a human; seeing how loving and supportive their pack is, Hana hopes Ame found a similar pack for himself.
    • They've also come to discover there are different sorts of wereanimals around. Mebh for some reason can't help but get competitive with them for some reaosn or another, wanting to prove the Wolfwalkers are the best werebeasts. However Robyn's cooler head tends to prevail, leading them to become friends with werebeasts like Kipo Oak, who can turn into a jaguar. Despite the difference in species, Robyn and Mebh can relate to Kipo's story of facing discrimination and hatred for her status and Robyn in particular admires her for becoming a peacemaker between mutants and humanity. She is rather sad that such a thing will probably never come to pass where she comes from (from being in the Pantheon, she knows that wolves become extinct in Ireland in 1786, making peace between the species a virtual impossibility).
  • One of Robyn and Mebh's adventures in the Pantheon brought them to a mysterious forest that Mebh theorized must have a fairy guarding it. Robyn was wary of angering it if that were the case, but Mebh led the way into the forest regardless. After some time of nothing happening, they were about to turn back when they noticed a white wolf right behind them, scaring the wits out of them. The wolf then turned into a fairy, Aisling. After satisfying her curiosity as to what their business in her forest was, Aisling came to sympathize with them as fellow mystical Irish beings misunderstood by common humans and forced into hiding. Aisling has a rather strong desire to support the Wolfwalkers because of this, not least because she runs her own wolf pack and so has a strong affinity for the animals. Robyn, Mebh, and the rest of their pack are welcome to seek refuge in her forest anytime, and the two girls often make casual visits just to play with Aisling.
  • Robyn and Mebh once got chased by an Old English Sheepdog when they were walking by the ocean and Mebh ended up spraining a leg. It was a little girl that called the dog off and, to the Wolfwalkers' surprise, tried tending to Mebh. That was how they met Saoirse and her brother Ben, who was rather panicked at the sight of two wolves, but managed to reason that Saoirse must be able to communicate with them somehow. While the siblings are for the most part regular humans, Saoirse is half-selkie and was almost forced to leave Ben and their father behind, until she gave up her powers. In some ways, Saoirse took the opposite path that Robyn did, as Robyn ended up embracing her otherness, but she sees why Saoirse wouldn't want to leave all she knew behind (though it makes Robyn feel a bit guilty she was willing to leave her father behind to become a Wolfwalker and she counts herself lucky he shares her lifestyle). Though the two pairs of children may live in different worlds, being in the Pantheon allowed them to become friends and they all play together often, often with Aisling in the mix too (though Mebh still can't quite get along with the dog, Cú).
  • Ran into Chirin upon hearing a distress howl from their wolves. Mebh summed up Chirin as some kind of evil demon goat, to which Chirin angrily corrected her that he was a ram, but he may well take some of the wolves to hell or die trying. Mebh was raring to fight him while Robyn cringed and tried to stop Mebh. Bill arriving in his wolf form gave Chirin slight pause because of his sheer size, but he was still willing to fight, claiming a wolf killed his mother and anyway their wolves had attacked him first, so he was merely defending himself. Hearing this, Bill suggested that they all stand down and they wouldn't try to hunt Chirin ever again as he was clearly too much for them to handle, while Robyn timidly said she was sorry about his mother, she had lost hers too and it hurt. Mebh was unusually quiet as well, likely remembering she nearly lost her own mother as well. After some tense moments, Chirin silently turned his back on them and left. Despite the ambiguity of Chirin's departure, no further tensions between him and the pack have been heard of. Robyn remains fascinated with Chirin after hearing more of his tragic story: being raised by the wolf that killed his mother and becoming somewhat half-wolf himself and a pariah in his flock. She'd like to approach him on friendly terms, but also reasonably fears he wouldn't welcome it.