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Costumes and Equipment

Formerly part of the House of Personal Appearance, the House of Costumes is a big wardrobe with hundreds of clothing for every deity in the Pantheon.

There are mirrors, but fortunately are present only in their changers. It should be noted that the members of the House of Crime are not allowed to enter due to their tendency of stealing clothes.

Many Deities are obsessed with buying new outfits, so much that members of the House of Commerce authorized this House as a shopping mall.


Notwithstanding the split, as mentioned above, this house still maintains its close proximity with the House of Personal Appearance.

As Jasmine and Cinderella are Princesses of Heart, security is very tight, so any attempts to capture them or use them to recreate the χ-blade will result in a temporary ban from the House. Repeated offenders will receive a full ban from the House.

For reasons unknown, people who wear a costume during Halloween and are present in this House will become their costumes.

Due to the large amount of deities, this house has been split into the following divisions:

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The Costume Managers

    Cammy White 
"Target acquired…beginning mission!"

Cammy White, Goddess of Costumes That Barely Cover One's Backside (Killer Bee, Techniques of Incomparable Precision)

    Kakashi Hatake 
Kakashi Hatake God of Badass Transplants and Multilayer Facades (The Copy Ninja, Kakashi of the Sharingan, Sixth Hokage, Rokudaime Hokage)
Click here to see him in The Last 
Click here to see him as the Sixth Hokage 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God after Obito gave him the Mangekyo Sharingan)
  • Symbol: The Henohenomoheji, his masked face Super-Deformed
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with shades of Chaotic Good given his creed.
  • Porfolio: Becoming more awesome after receiving a friend's Sharingan, Copying opponents moves, Wearing multiple masks, Prioritizing team safety over mission success
  • Domains: Literature, Comrades
  • Allies: Naruto, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Rock Lee, Shikamaru, Sasuke (sort of), Natsu Dragneel, Gildarts
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Gai, Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Enemies: Orochimaru, Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, anyone who would betray their friends, Jerid Messa, Kars
  • Opposes: Any Necromancers
  • On Good Terms with: Obito Uchiha
  • He was a once a follower of Jiraiya, of course many people of the pantheon felt this wasn't right considering someone of his stature.
  • He could have ascended earlier but, he got lost on the road of life.
  • Gai was overjoyed to hear of his ascension and now that can continue their rivalry.
  • He absolutely hates Necromancers (except Eucliwood) and won't hesitate to run them through with his Raikiri.
  • He gets along well with Natsu as he too prioritizes his comrades over everything and the latter states that his voice sounds similar to Gildarts.
  • A major mystery surrounding Kakashi, the object of a great deal of conjecture amongst the Pantheon, is what the hell he looks like under the mask. Naruto has revealed that Kakashi wears a secondary mask under the primary one, providing further fuel to the fire. The (very, very) few who've seen his face have refused to provide details, though hints suggest he is uncommonly handsome and that the mask may in fact be a way for him to avoid unnecessary/unwanted attention• .
  • Despite his seemingly-goofy nature and a Deity Title that doesn't exactly sound threatening, Kakashi is respected amongst many combat-oriented Good deities and treated with wariness or fear by many evil ones. He has years of combat experience, a vast arsenal of techniques, an uncommonly high power level, and is adept at using Awesomeness by Analysis in combat, with or without his Sharingan. Speaking of which, while he briefly lost his Sharingan during the battle against Madara & Kaguya, he has since not only regained it, but it has been enchanted to never lose its sight and to drastically cut down on the chakra cost of activation and usage of Mangekyo techniques, akin to the properties of an Eternal MS. This has only made him an even greater threat on the battlefield.
  • Found it a bit odd when his fellow colleague Asuma Sarutobi jokingly stated that in the Ultimate Ninja/Narutimate Hero games, Kakashi, via his swallow motif, has a move with the same name as Asuma's Hien (Flying Swallow) technique. It didn't help that he passed that same swallow motif onto Sasuke's younger-self in the first Storm game.
    • He's also been getting odd looks from Sasaki Kojirou and his "assassin" version in particular; while there have been many references to the famed-Ganryuu swordsman's signature Tsubame Gaeshi (Swallow Return) technique, both of them didn't like it when Kakashi also stole the name of someone else's technique beforehand. Fellow "flying swallow" motif sharer Lu Xun has been warned of them alongside Kakashi beforehand, and he too might get some of Asuma's flak.

    Kaori Kanzaki 
Kaori Kanzaki, Goddess of Fashionable Asymmetry (Salvare000 - Be the salvation of those who cannot be saved. The Breaker of God, Saint Of The Far East, Fallen Angel Ero Maid)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when she utters her Magic name)
  • Symbol: Her Nodachi, the Shichiten Shichitou
  • Theme Song: Salvia Farinacea
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fashionable Asymmetry, Graceful Combat, Bare Your Midriff, Attacking with Wires, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, wielding a BFS
  • Domains: Magic, Swords, Fanservice
  • High Priest: Shima Sakon
  • Allies: Touma Kamijou, Index, Erza Scarlet, Signum, Akeno Himejima, Pyrrha Nikos, Shigure Kosaka, Hinagiku Katsura, Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada
  • Opposed by: Death The Kid (HER CLOTHES AREN'T SYMMETRICAL)
  • She joined the Pantheon after hearing about it from Touma And hopes that she can get close to him.
  • With her ascension it's implied that Touma could join the Chick Magnet Quartet.
  • She doesn't see eye-to-eye with Death The Kid who is constantly trying to "fix" her clothes and she is annoyed by his attempts while because she need her clothes like that for balance
  • She has been cordially invited to join Signum, Erza, and Pyrrha's sparring circle because they are impressed by her swordmanship. She doesn't go often due to her being a 'Saint-lvl' fighter, but she was happy to see that the other girls were strong enough to withstand and even counter some of her maneuvers. Still, she doesn't even think of uttering her Magic name during these friendly spars.
  • She holds Himura Kenshin in the highest regard, both for his pacifist views and his undeniable strength, and secretly hopes that one day she may be allowed to learn from him.
  • She once cosplayed as a sexy maid heroine and she still regrets it as Touma occasionally calls her the Fallen Angel Ero Maid to tease her.
  • Issei occasionally confuses her for Akeno due to their similar appearances - they even sound the same. She doesn't let it bother her too much unless Issei tries to touch her which usually ends up with her using Nanasen wires being directed at his groin.
    • Akeno has teased Issei, Touma, and Kaori by occasionally dressing up as the Saintess just to get a rise out of her. Kaori's far from thrilled when she learned about it and tries to keep Touma away from the seductress when possible. Despite this, Akeno is firmly on Kaori' side and roots for Kaori and Touma to hook up - as his mistress of course.
  • She also steers clear of the House of Technology - for her own sake as well as theirs. She doesn't like technology and in return, it doesn't like her either.
    • One day, her "friend"note  stopped working. She was nearly distraught until Touma fixed it for her, much to her relief. She was at a loss as to how to repay him, then a water pipe broke, soaking them both. Many who heard the story are unanimous in declaring that Touma was well-rewarded for his 'misfortune'.
  • She was shocked to hear of Amakusa's ascension to the Pantheon, as he is the patron saint of her former church, and immediately went to meet him. While she was somewhat disappointed to learn of his less-than-ideal acts, she still chose to follow him upon seeing the good man still there. She has made it clear she won't hesitate to challenge him should he fall prey to his desires or a certain 'Ambrosia' again for her loved ones' sakes, however.

Rarity, Goddess of Fashion Designers (Marshmallow, Radiance, Diamante Elegante)

Ambiguous Ranks

    SCP- 035 
SCP-035, God of Killer Masks (Possessive Mask, possibly Black Lord of Alagadda, Wearer of the Anguished Mask)
SCP-035 without any secretions
  • Rank: Keter. Power fluctuates depending on its Host. (Pantheon's host is Demigod level)
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Decays anything it touches into demonic gunk, Cool Mask, Covered in Gunge, Takes control of whomever wears it, Evil Mask, Mask of Power, Kills anyone who wears it unless they have powerful enough regenerative abilities, Being only a container for evil
  • Domains: Corruption, Masks, Decay, Persuasiveness, Demons
  • Banned from: The House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Interested in: Anyone who can resist its corrosive effects and be placed under its control. Also, Metron
  • Allies: Phazon, Zinyak, Johan Liebert, Pazuzu
  • Rivals: Majora, Jack of Blades, Uka Uka (friendly with Jack)
  • Enemies: Aku Aku, Hata no Kokoro, Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask, Father Kerras and Father Merrin, Faust, Nabu/Doctor Fate, the Forms of Immortality sub-house
  • Opposed by: Jervis Tetch
  • SCP-035 is a malevolent mask capable of possessing anyone who wears it, having escaped containment during a breach initiated by SCP-106 and latching onto a unsuspecting Foundation personnel. Having managed to escape and wander about the Pantheon, the mask kept changing locations secretly and many decayed bodies were found overtime, all with a black corrosive element flowing from the corpses. Eventually it was caught after it latest host perished and was unable to find another in time, being discovered by the Court of Gods and immediately recontained by the Foundation. Having noted of the highly dangerous nature of the mask, it was given the position of Murderous Mask.
  • Given that once latched it can mentally manipulate its host to do whatever it likes, SCP-035 is usually given a new host and made to stay far away for anyone higher than lesser. Recurring to D-Class in containment was something the Court of Gods was very unhappy to allow but they also tend to grab any evil doer that needs punishment (since death rarely sticks) and so when they are caught, they are thrown into SCP-035's temple, provided they are irredeemably evil.
  • Some believe that SCP-035 is best suited contained in the House of Toxicity due to its secretions, however it was advised against since many there could resist its corrosive effects, making them ideal hosts. One figures that the mask tried to take over was the Lich, who proved Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth and SCP-035 fell off. The Possessive Mask would rather not mention what he experienced.
  • Due to resembling a comedy mask, SCP-035 tried to sneak itself into the House of Theater to find a new host. 035 was quickly identified and relocated back to its containment/temple, so it couldn't hijack anyone there. It later showed interest in Metron, due to the potential of the Mobius Chair's knowledge merged with its own ambitions.
  • Seeks those who can resist or are immune to its corrosive nature, so it may have a permanent host. Because of this, it wants in on the Forms of Immortality, and they want it out. Heroic masks and mask users like Aku Aku and Hata no Kokoru want no part of him either.
  • SCP-035 has tried to take control of those under control of Jervis Tetch's hats, but the rival mind control got in the way of its control, annoying SCP-035. 035 is quite interested in the House of Mind Control in hopes of controlling more people than just it's host, or somehow overcoming the corrosion.
  • For an evil mask, SCP-035 is polite and charismatic, always looking to manipulate people to escape containment. He was most amused by Johan Liebert for how he uses charm and skill to manipulate and emotionally destroy others, though knows he isn't someone who it shouldn't try to take as a host. It admires the Wicked Cultured behavior of Zinyak as well.
  • Seems to be a demon of some sorts. About the only house where SCP-035 is on its best behavior is the House of Demons, and has become friends with Pazuzu. Faust was warned deities not in the know that the Possessive Mask cannot be trusted. The exorcists are looking to purge the demon from the mask.
  • Aware of many other sentient masks in the pantheon. SCP-035 was most annoyed that it couldn't attach himself to Stanley Ipkiss or Doctor Fate, since they already had masks on and 035 wanted the masks' power for itself. It competes for power with the other evil masks, however has a fondness with Jack of Blades due to the demonic-like force inhabiting the mask reminding the Possessive Mask of itself.

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