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Costumes, Textiles, and Equipment

The House of Costumes was initially a Hall extension for the fellow House of Personal Appearance, but over time, it has continually increased in size until it eventually split off to form its own House dedicated to all sorts of wearable material and garbs. Due to its origin, it maintains a close relationship with the House of Personal Appearance, where the two Houses neighbor one another and, of course, they are more than willing to collaborate and help each other in providing a cultural community to attract their target audiences as well as establishing a business district to help in providing a marketable stance that can benefit others and to further promote the House in showcasing clothing lines and stores.

This House is very well known for having a bustling business market, which is situated in a large building department known as the Vêtements Palace Illimiténote  that houses numerous top-branded companies and stores dedicated to clothing and dress-ups. Due to the nature of the department, this House has a strong business partnership with the Houses of Commerce and Jobs and Profession, who have invested a good deal to help promote the House of Costumes as well as provide a budget in the industrialization and development of many of the clothes that are to be displayed and sold in the many stores that occupy the department.

The department also has a separate building venue installed in the northwestern wing of the main building, where special events and activities in the House are usually planned and commemorated. Of all these, two yearly events have remained the most popular and have become synonymous with maintaining the House's cultural values and identity; the first of these is the Salle du Grand Angenote  where modeling is usually showcased and presented to the greater Pantheon via telecasts and streaming. As this is the House of Costume's main form of displaying Fanservice, it's maintained high popularity and appeal, though over-sexualization has been an issue that the event organizers have been consistently dealing with and aim to make things less controversial, though modeling competitions might make things difficult. The second event is the Gala de la Modenote  where business meetings and discussions are held, though rich individuals and socialites are frequently invited as a measure of goodwill and promotion. While mostly private, the galas have their own set of entertainment regarding clothing, up to, and including, their own mini modeling showcases, introducing and promoting exclusive brand clothing, and an occasional party.

The House of Costumes has endured and maintained a very large popularity, mainly in part due to not only how it provides a near-limitless supply and variety of clothing, but also for how flexible it is when it comes to other festivities. It's become a yearly tradition to theme and decorate the House based on seasonal and celebratory events, with Halloween and Christmas being the most prominent. Expect a legion of horror-themed cosplayers to be stalking the departments left-and-right, complete with spooky buildings, as well as sudden large appearances of Christmas Elves and bustling Christmas music dominating the building around those times. Audience perspectives have been mixed; some find it quite endearing, others see it as annoying and tiresome.

On a more humorous note, some have wondered where armor is kept, though many have speculated that there is an underground labyrinth that houses them either just beneath the department or somewhere else in the House where a business dedicated to promoting and selling armory is done. That said, it is actually much easier to find armor in other stores outside the House of Costumes, though there are some that are located in the House itself. And of course, outside the Vêtements Palace Illimité, there are smaller departments, buildings, and even carts filled with clothing businesses that are usually lined up in large streets and avenues. It should also be noted that while mainly centered on clothing, there are stores that sell other products, such as food, toys, and gaming, if mainly to keep the House a bit more vibrant as well as provide passersby and visitors with something else to satisfy with other than just clothing.

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The Clothing Trendsetters

Castiel, God of Overcoat-Wearing Angels (Jimmy Novak is his vessel, Cas, Clarence, Asstiel, Feathers, Halo)
  • Intermediate God (Was an Overdeity briefly)
  • Symbol: His longcoat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with neutral tendencies (Lawful Neutral when an Overdeity)
  • Portfolio: Breakout Character, Uses Jimmy Novak's body as a vessel, Angelic Beauty, The Atoner, Beware the Nice Ones, No Social Skills, Perma-Stubble, Limited Wardrobe, Unkempt Beauty, Cannot Tell a Lie, Friend to All Living Things,
  • Domains: Light, Healing, Travel, Repose, Good
  • Allies: The Winchesters, Bobby Singer, Chuck Shurley, John Constantine, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Archangel Michael, Rosemary Woodhouse, Father Damian Kerras and Father Lankester Merrin, The Fonz
  • Enemies: Lucifer, The Princes of Hell, YHVH, Lucifer (SMT), Mephisto
  • Odd Friendship: George Bailey, Bob Belcher
  • Odd Relationship: Crowley, Gabriel
  • Not so different from: Klaus Wulfenbach
  • Once thought to be around for only a few episodes, the angel Castiel quickly became one of the most prominent characters of his world. Even when many of the Winchester's allies have perished, the angel has endured everything in order to help them out. The Fonz himself was present to usher in his ascension.
    • He only made it into the Pantheon under the request of John Constantine. He even managed to take some of his followers for a start. That does mean that Cas now owns the Hellblazer a favor, one of many that do.
    • It should be noted that much of the reason for his ascension is because of the sheer massive amount of popularity among his followers. He has firmly put himself as the One True Threesome with Sam and Dean. The pairing has said to have singlehandedly kept the show running for so long. None of the three have said whether they will actually do it to keep the fanbase from getting too upset.
  • Castiel is an angel but can only maintain a physical form through possessing a human host, much like demons in his world. Only this time Jimmy Novak voluntarily gets possessed. Turns out Jimmy had a much higher pitched voice as a human. Trollkaiger had a field day mocking Cas over it.
    • The possession isn't completely absolute. The angel seemed to have inherited a desire for burgers, even though Castiel doesn't really need to eat. This became a huge boon for Bob Belcher's business because he knows Cas will eat a whole lot of burgers and can pay for it.
  • Once had the power of God himself... for all of one episode before utterly failing at it. He would rather not be reminded of that time.
    • Klaus thought otherwise. As someone who thought he was justified in his actions, he hopes that Cas would revert to his omnipotent form. With enough experience, he believes Cas won't make the same mistakes the first time. The angel retorted by saying there won't be a "next time" as he will never let that happen again.
    • He did have an interesting conversation with Bruce Nolan about it. The regular human knew that taking over said powers was a lot harder than it looks. Neither would say who had it worse, but they bonded well over the experience.
    • His constant ability to screw up his abilities has caught the interest if Mephisto. A known manipulator of pure souls, he hopes to steer Castiel away from the GUAG into his own domain. Cas has thus far resisted temptation. He's dealt with enough corruption with Dean, Lucifer and others on his world.
  • Is in the unenviable position of being courted by BOTH sides of the Law-Chaos side. YHWH once disguised himself as God and tried to indoctrinate him into serving the Absolute Lawmaker. It may have worked if he had done it in an earlier time. Cas now knows better than to blindly follow orders. He firmly rebuffed the offer before moving on. Lucifer tried a more lenient approach, taking him to his temple and showering him with gifts before asking for some favors. That didn't go well either, as he did not want to be under the control of Lucifer as he had been before.
    • Was surprised to find the God in the Pantheon. He was more friendly towards that deity, though he hasn't promised full devotion just yet. Cas was just surprised at how laid back this deity was.
  • If you ever need someone to sling insults at your foes... Castiel is not that person. At all. His crowning achievement was calling the Archangel himself "assbutt."
    • This made his eventual meeting with Archangel Michael to be an awkward affair. Thankfully, this version understood the situation, even thanking him for preventing the Apocalypse. He did make sure to watch over Castiel, given his penchant to making stupid mistakes.
  • He may be an angel, but he's far from what one would expect of a Guardian Angel. That and Cas has made so many mistakes he's considering to get himself a guardian angel. Even then, George Bailey has faith that he can continue to do good.
  • With that said, he did promise to watch over Rosemary after the incident with her child.
  • Knows a thing or two about exorcising demons from people and does so on lesser beings on a regular basis. The Gods of Exorcism have seen him as a huge help in dealing with possessions. Cas hopes that they can produce enough followers to deal with the many demons in his own world.
  • People have yet to live down Castiel's ineffectual 'assbutt' insult. Even the LOL Rangers can't help but snicker whenever they hear the word.

    Frank Castle/The Punisher 
Frank Castle, God of Chest Insignias (The Punisher, Francis David Castiglione [his birth name], Franken-Castle, Frank Rook, Charles Fort, Francias Stronghold, Johnny Tower, Big Nothing, Mr. Smith, James Maxwell, Captain America, Frank Tower, The Monster That Stops Monsters, Skull Dude, The Baddest Motherfucker on the Planet)
As the Leader of the Hand 
In the War Machine Armor 

Rarity, Goddess of Quirky Fashion Designers (Marshmallow, Radiance, Diamante Elegante)
Rarity in the Distant Finale 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Cutie Mark (three diamonds)
  • Theme Songs: "Becoming Popular" (The Pony Everypony Should Know) and "Generosity"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Eccentric Fashion Designer for art's sake, getting into fights despite it, loving her sweet cat Opal, doing stuff for others first, having an obsession with cleanliness, Attention Whore With A Heart of Gold, Self-Made Mare, Feels Good Doing Good, Makes elaborate dresses encrusted in gems, Dramatic over minor things, Girly Bruiser, realizes her own mistakes without others pointing it out, occasional Skewed Priorities, benevolent Social Climber
  • Domain: Fashion, Gems, Generosity
  • Heralds: Opalescence, her Persian cat (Opal for short), Sassy Saddles (manager of the Canterlot Branch, Canterlot Carousel), Coco Pommel (head of the Manehatttan Branch, Rarity For You), Sandbar and Yona (inheritors of Carousel Boutique in the future?)
  • Followers: Bronies, Topaz, Jacobim Mugata, Madame Sharn, Matilda King
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Gangrel and Luna Vachon
  • Enemies: Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Lord Tirek, Grogar, BROKEN Matt Hardy, Junko Enoshima, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime
  • Opposed by: The Houyhnhnms
  • Rarity began creating costumes in her days as a filly, though her perfectionism made her think of her dresses as inferior despite the opinions of her teacher and classmates. One day, her horn led her to a rock filled with gemstones which finally made her satisfied with her costumes. From then on, Rarity worked hard on creating only the best and most luxurious of garments, befriending Twilight Sparkle when she first moved to Ponyville. She represents the element of generosity.
  • Having been among the first deities to arrive here in its early days, the rush to ascend the Mane Six in response to Discord's presence (back when he was still evil) shafted her with the tropes All-Natural Gem Polish and Gem-Encrusted. While gems are what she works with, it's not what defines her. What does define her though—in terms of tropes at least—is her career as a fashion designer. As such, she has moved once more, this time in the House of Costumes. And as a House guardian, too; a privilege among the Mane Six shared by Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.
    • She was horrified by the greed in her original residence in the House of Commerce (and has left it), with the possible exception of Jem and Charlotte LaBouff. As such, she spends most of her time in her new home, or in the House of Personal Appearance. She provides clothes to those who are both deserving and are in greatest need (or pay her well, usually in favors owed, or truly exotic fabrics and other materials) throughout the Pantheon. It helps that her temple is a copy of her home/store Carousel Boutique.
  • Uryu Ishida once challenged her to a sewing contest, and Rarity was quite surprised that she lost by a huge margin, since she had never realized that the contest was being judged on technical skill and difficulty, rather than the attractiveness of the results. Both parties readily agreed that neither had any ability or desire to challenge the other in their own facet of the sewing arts.
  • Still "Just Friends" with Spike, much to his chagrin. And despite some efforts by shippers in the House of Love to hook them up (or hook her up with Applejack or any other friend of hers), she has not changed her stance, though she's come to treat him like a little brother.
  • Would like to remind everyone that she is "not whining" but "complaining." Whatever you do, do NOT give her the chance to whine as she will reply, "But I thought you wanted whining!"
    • Amazingly, she actually found that someone in the House of Combat also copied this tactic. Said God? John Cena. There was a bit of silence when she heard what he sounded like. Three seconds later, she was rolling on the floor laughing and quickly asking if she could design some new shirts for him in purple.
      • It turns out, Rarity is actually a huge wrestling fan and even has her own wrestling name called "Diamante Elegante" and was capable of easily defeating two wrestlers all by herself. It does make her reactions to her sister and the other Crusaders being friends with two vampire wrestlers — later the New Day — to be more hilarious now.
  • Compared to other unicorns, who usually rely on their magic to do the heavy lifting, on top of wresting, Rarity is quite capable hoof-to-hoof, and is exceptionally strong for her race (still pales in comparison to her other physical-oriented friends), being able to drag large carts of gems with ease, and carry a rock twice her size on her back. By the end of the series, she's become a Jack of All Trades in terms of combat with a few extra laser blast and barrier spells.
    • In terms of telekinesis, while her lifting limit pales compared to Twilight, not even the Spirit of Magic can telekinetically manipulate multiple small objects with as much precision as Rarity does, mostly for dressmaking supplies.
  • Befitting the Element of Generosity, Rarity is really good at reading most people (that thing with Prince Blueblood was more of a willing blindness before she was eventually pushed too far by him), and shows a much more profound ability to catch on when she is being callous or inconsiderate to someone by herself, compared to her friends who usually need to be handed An Aesop after their actions have already spiralled out of control.
    • This is justified in that her job as a fashion designer requires her to both be observant of minute details and form a quick and accurate judgment of someone's personality.
  • For your own good, never speak of Tom the Boulder in her presence or of her initial "infatuation" for him.
  • Has politely suggested that the Princesses might wish to wear a tad more clothing whenever they are actually IN the House of Beasts and Fauna, so that nobody gets confused about their intelligence levels.
  • Is usually seen designing clothes in her own shop, the Carousel Boutique. Other times, she's trying to make sure her little sister isn't getting into trouble. Again.
    • However, upon learning of Sweetie Belle obtaining her cutie mark, Rarity was shown bursting into tears on how her sister has grown up.
    • Samurai Jack often visits her shop to have her mend or replace his clothes, and she seems to enjoy listening to whatever story he has for how it happened this time.
    • As of late, just as she now has at least two additional branches of her Boutique in Canterlot and Manehattan, Rairty hopes to expand her franchise in the Pantheon as well, each hosted by certain followers of hers. Her time in the Pantheon has given her experiences with several body types. Pony, little dragon, human, it matters not; if someone can wear clothing, she can make clothes for them, and if she can't, she can learn how until she can.
    • Eventually, after helping ascend Millie Collins, she thought it was necessary to establish an official organization in the name of fashion. It was decreed in a joint effort by the Houses of Costumes, Commerce, and Profession to create a Pantheonic fashion industry (named Dressed for Divinity), where fashion deities can come together to recreate trends of old, or start completely new ones, and show them for the world to see.
  • Gets along well with Charlotte LaBouf, who shares her ideals of finding a prince charming of her own and consoled Rarity over the Grand Galloping Gala incident with Prince Blueblood. Rarity has also helped design dresses for Charlotte, who in turn has also given away many of the dresses to girls so that "we all can be princesses".
  • She has a very dark secret. She wears FALSE EYELASHES!
  • Befriended the zombie-girl Squigly over their mutual friendship with Spike, similar personalities, tastes, and love of baths. Rarity has even gone so far as to make new combat-capable dresses for Squigly to wear, stating that, even undead, a lady needs to look her best at all times, especially in battle.
  • Was given her ultimate task by GUAG; recreating Senketsu with required Life Fibers. Even though they were used to make combat clothing in its own universe, it was still a difficult task for Rarity because of the unknown material. But after weeks of trial and error, Rarity was able to bring Senketsu back to life. She also made him Better Than New with the ability to change his form to any other clothing. She also added some gems on his scarf.
  • Her brony fans have been petitioning her to fight Shen Gaoren for some inane reason. She sees no reason to entertain this notion.
  • Months after Nightmare Moon first ascended to the Pantheon, an unknown deity managed to remove her from Princess Luna completely… only for it to be plunged into Rarity, turning her into Nightmare's second coming. A fierce skirmish between Nightmare and her allies against Luna, Celestia, the remainder of the Mane Six, Spike, and all of their friends (including some gods whose followers were Equestrians), which eventually became a skirmish between forces in the Grand United Alliances of Good and Evil. Eventually, the Nightmare was purged, and Rarity was saved.
  • One day, a young doe named Velvet approached Rarity while she was at work in her boutique and begrudgingly asked for a round in combat. After an unspecified prodding of a Berserk Button, the two engaged in combat, with Rarity forced to use her sewing supplies and gems in conjunction with her own martial arts to counter Velvet's ice magic. Rarity has since refused to go into further detail regarding the aftermath, other than that it was like fighting a "dark mirror" version of herself.
  • Somehow, she can play a few moments with a intense metal guitar solo on an acoustic guitar. The House of Music is baffled by this feat.

The Ominous Garbs

    Albert Wesker 
Seven minutes... seven minutes is all I can spare to read my profile.

Albert Wesker, God of Sinister Shades (Wesker, Practical Al, Specimen no. 013)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sunglasses with a red eye glowing behind them
  • Theme Music: Mercenaries theme (Remake version, Mayhem Mode), Wind of Madness, or its MVC3 remix, his menu theme and chase theme from Dead by Daylight
  • Alignment: Neutral or Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Chessmaster, A God Am I, Genius Bruiser, Sunglasses at Night, The Social Darwinist, Large Ham, Impaling People Through The Chest With His Bare Hands, Being Associated With Eggs For Some Reason
  • Domains: Hubris, Power, Planning, Betrayal, Charisma
  • Followers: Ubik, Scourge the Hedgehog, Hernan "Shades" Alvarez, Megumi Kitaniji
  • Additional Relationships: Jake Muller (illegitimate son), Alex Wesker (his 'sister')
  • Allies: William Birkin, HUNK, Relius Clover, Caleb Goldman, Mesogog, Shiro Tagachi, Edward Richtofen, Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Charles zi Brittania, Senator Armstrong, Thrax, The Combine
  • Rivals: Erik Lensherr/Magneto, Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Victor von Doom
  • Enemies:
  • Supported by: Nurgle
  • What can be said about Albert Wesker? He is the man who is behind almost all of the events concerning his franchise as part of his plan to Take Over the World by weeding out all of its weaklings. He almost won but was foiled by his old archnemesis Chris Redfield and finished off by eating rockets near an active volcano. That didn't stop Wesker: his death brought him a bigger purpose, to take over the Pantheon and rule alongside the strongest people he can find.
    • Both he and Charles zi Britannia held positions related to the Evilutionary Imperative, a complication which led to Wesker having to move. Although the position he was assigned afterward didn't really have to do with his motivations, he nevertheless doesn't mind. After all, his dark shades are a very iconic part of him.
  • Wesker's first villainous act was to betray and manipulate his S.T.A.R.S. teammates, acting as The Mole for Umbrella Corporation until he was supposedly killed by the T-Tyrant. It's no secret that he would rather see Chris and Jill dead; in fact, he actually went to confront them one more time, but he wasn't able to quite finish them all since the GUAG had their back. Wesker promised that he will return and crush them like the bugs they are, especially Chris.
  • Turns out he has a son, although an illegitimate one named Jake Muller. Although he doesn't have a strong opinion about daddy Albert, mostly because he just abandoned him and his mother at a very early age, of course so caught up in his "take over the world" scheme that he didn't even care. Both eventually met, but they quickly came to blows after Wesker showed no signs of sympathy for Jake and was only interested in the C-Virus he carried within. They had to be separated and Jake swears that he will take down his father for good.
    • The meeting with his 'sister' Alex went much better than his encounter with Jake, mostly because their goals are very similar, even if Alex also has her own ambitions. Turns out that the Weskers were Not Blood Siblings, but rather test subjects of Project W, an eugenics project masterminded by Lord Ozwell Spencer with the intention of creating a race of advanced human beings. Surely enough, he did, even if Albert and Alex, the two lone survivors, turned to have ambitions of their own that went against Umbrella's wishes.
  • Wesker's goal in the Pantheon mostly aims to one thing, and that is gathering all types of biological weapons and viruses and using their power to take over the Pantheon and then the world. His research over the various viruses attracted the interest of others who shared his goals of evolution like Edward Richtofen, Dr. Octopus, Dr. Neo Cortex and Mesogod, all of which Wesker made special partnerships with.
  • Has formed a friendly rivalry of sorts with Spider-Man, after the Galactus incident. He is the only hero who doesn't seem to be worth killing, mostly because Wesker is actually very interested in researching Spidey's powers to see if he can weaponize it.
    • He also has a fierce rivalry with Magneto, mostly because he stole a sample from him, and while Erik recognizes Wesker as a strong foe, he doesn't consider him a true mutant, saying that his strength was only achieved by artificial means. They have come to blows many times because of that.
  • Endorses the product "Old Uroboros" as "The Man Your Man Could Kill Like".
  • Wesker is a big believer of Might Makes Right, this being one of the big motivations of why he wants to "cleanse the world" with Uroboros. He has a few supporters like Charles as aforementioned and Senator Armstrong. Wesker even offered both the gift of Uroboros but they refused, preferring to stay with their regular powers powers, though they are still willing to go along and support Wesker's plan.
  • Even though he actually is a god now, Wesker is still not satisfied, and now seeks to become something greater than an Overdeity so that he may rule over the Pantheon as "the only god".
    • Ultimately, however, Wesker would betray and backstab Relius, in tandem with Revolver Ocelot, as both of them proposed to Melkor about tossing Relius aside, leaving the puppeteer severely depowered. Wesker only smirks in return; that's one more obstacle for the sole perfection throne removed.
  • Due to his work on diseases, Nurgle has become quite fond of him, even thinking of maybe turning him into a Daemon Prince.
  • While the two worked together during the merging of two worlds, his relationship to Dr. Doom is tenuous at best, particularly after the time they spent as roommates.
  • There was one incident that occurred in GUAE where after successfully creating a B.O.W. made of Technocyte Infested, it escaped and Wesker wasn't able to retrieve it. He wanted to make up for this when he heard about Hayden Tenno's Technocyte Virus and partnered with Richtofen to capture him. Both almost succeeded but the Tenno managed to fend them off before they could capture Hayden, leaving Wesker furious. He's still planning to somehow locate the missing B.O.W. in the future.
    • There was also another incident where Wesker descended from the Pantheon and discovered the Arms Virus, a mysterious pathogen that bestows powers to the women who contract it. He once mixed it with the T-virus to form the T-Valkyrie Virus, a virus that could infect both men and women and turn them into Extars and Liberators, while humans who rejected it turned into the twisted half-Arm mutants called Draugr. Whatever he has sought to achieve with this apparently failed, but rumor has it that he hasn't gotten rid of it entirely: indeed, during the Ragnarok Incident, T-Valkyrie made a triumphant comeback, creating both male Liberators and Draugr to further complicate an already-chaotic mess. Additionally, a BSAA hack into his files revealed a chilling phrase: Project ARM/URO-Jormungandr.
  • "The right to be a God… That right is now mine."

Lockdown, God of Creepy Souvenirs
Animated version
Click here  to see the film version

    Malekith (Warhammer
Malekith, God of Wearing Armor Every Day (Malekith The Witch-King of Naggaroth, The Dark King, The Phoenix King, Malegor, Eternity King of All Elves)
Malekith during The Sundering and prior to entering the Flame of Asuryan 
  • Greater God (Borderline-Overdeity upon becoming the Eternity King)
  • Symbol: The Symbol of the Druchii
  • Theme Song: Wrath of Khaine
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Chaotic Good prior to The Sundering, Lawful Neutral during The End Times)
  • Portfolio: Lord of the Dark Elves of Naggaroth, The Strongest of his Race, The Main Threat of the Elves, One of his World's Three Greatest Evils, Was Horrifically Burned by the Flame of Asuryan Driving him Insane and Having him Concealed in the Armor of Midnight to Keep him Alive, His Burns have Never Healed, Scary Impractical Armor, Broken Ace, Deeply Respects his Father and loved his Dead Wife, Blood Knight, Shows Honor and Responsibility, Mounts the Black Dragon Sulekh, Was Once a Hero, Magic Knight, Often Wears a Mask Modeled after his Scowl, Driven by Rage, Engineered the War between Elves and Dwarves, Might have Slept with his Mother, Mastery in Magic
  • Domains: Elves, Power, Tyranny, Conquest, Darkness, Family, Entitlement, Conflict
  • Heralds: The Dark Elves of Naggaroth, but especially Kouran Darkhand, Shadowblade, Hellebron, Lokhir Fellheart
  • Allies: Malus Darkblade, Maul, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, David Hyde/Black Manta, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, Rain, Esdeath, Azula, The Overlords
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Darkseid, Sundowner
  • Rivals: Sauron, Lolth, Asdrubael Vect, Malekith the Accursed, Arthas Menethil, Griffith, Ganondorf, Tai Lung, Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Arch-Enemies and Worthy Opponents: Tyrion and Teclis
  • Enemies:
  • Anti-Heroic Counterpart: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Opposes: Melkor, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Zamasu, Alduin, Saruman, Joffrey Baratheon, Ramsay Bolton
  • Respected By: En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Lord Recluse
  • Interests: Rathalos, Rathian, Anjanath, Nergigante, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor
  • Pities: Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze, Odio/Oersted, Kalibak
  • Complicated Relationship: Morathi (his mother)
  • Malekith was the son of the first Phoenix King of Ulthuan, Aenarion, and his second wife, Morathi, and having been born into royalty was initially destined to great expectations. However, despite his close relationship with and admiration for him, Malekith's father died in an attempt to stave off the Forces of Chaos in his youth, leaving him without his main inspiration's presence to guide him. Regardless, he would go on to become a renowned warrior and leader for his race with a particular talent in combat, the winds of magic, and diplomacy and affirmed that he would become the Phoenix King and honor his father's legacy, journeying across the world to learn more about it, befriending the dwarfs, and increasing his power and authority in the hopes that he will remain a beloved figure for his people. However, fate would not be in his favor, as the throne was instead given to Bel Shannar, an event that Malekith did not take kindly to, in spite of presenting himself as being accepting of such. With Morathi as his main counselor, Malekith took to taking her advice and teachings to prepare himself for a coup against his new leader, but despite his power, he was easily poisoned by his mother's deceit and manipulations, causing him to become more brutal and disregarding about his actions. This all came to a head when after years of planning, Malekith stormed the throne with the help of his followers and killed Bel Shannar and incriminating the Cult of Excess to take the blame, but when he stepped into the Flame of Ulthuan to solidify his place as the Phoenix King, Malekith instead came out screaming in agony as the fire consumed and ravaged his body irreparably, forcing him to be escorted and put in intensive care under his mother, who placed him under a magical suit of armor to keep him alive and functioning. After recovering and making another set of plans, Malekith proceeded to initiate a civil war in Ulthuan, intending to take the Phoenix Throne by force and although he lost the battle, everlasting damage was done to the nation, with Ulthuan's population becoming disillusioned, broken, exhausted, and the continent being shattered past its glory days. In defeat, Malekith took Morathi and his remaining followers to the far west, docking on the New World, and decided to create a new nation in Naggaroth with himself as its undisputed leader. From here on out, Malekith became the Witch-King of Naggaroth and the leader of the Dark Elves, being a cold and rage-filled tyrant who affirms absolute control over a society of sadistic, hedonistic savages and define himself as the eternal enemy of the High Elves he once served.
    • Malekith would battle against the High Elves for thousands of years, using whatever methods possible to destabilize Ulthuan's armies in his attempt to become the Phoenix King. At one point, he made plans to have his elves masquerade as a High Elven caravan to attack the dwarfs which would lead to the War of Vengeance/Beard, whose aftermath greatly crippled the kingdoms and powers of the High Elves and Dwarfs, yet the Witch-King would still press on with his battles, ultimately finding a worthy arch-foe in twins and descendants of Aenarion in the form of Tyrion and Teclis. However, once the Forces of Chaos were nearing their ultimate victory, Malekith made a startling discovery that he was meant to be Aenarion's chosen successor as the Phoenix King all along and, in response was made the Eternity King of the Elves, was given an arranged marriage with the High Elven Everqueen, Alarielle, and was made the Incarnate of Uglu, representing the shadows, darkness, and illusions. This did not sit well with the other Elves, especially when Teclis became a supposed traitor and Tyrion claimed the Sword of Khaine to oppose Malekith regardless of the weapon's corrupting influence, beginning another Elven Civil War, though both parties had to ally with each other and with the remaining free factions in opposing Chaos, though not without Malekith entirely abandoning Naggaroth. Unfortunately, Malekith's reign as the Eternity King was short-lived; though he saved Alarielle from being crushed, he was crushed by boulders and was forced to witness the world's final moments. For a brief moment after Tyrion and Alarielle were consumed by a world-ending vortex, Malekith became the last living Elf who spent his final moments pondering about the mistakes he made and the tragedies he endured in his life whilst hearing mysterious laughter before he too was consumed by the rift.
  • As fate would have it, the End Times would not entirely conclude Malekith's story, for he would instead find himself in a wholly different and unfamiliar world. In the beginning, Malekith would travel alone, intending to simply learn about where he was and what had happened to the world he resided in. Needless to say, he was saddened and furious when he heard Chaos had the ultimate victory, yet he also felt despondent that he believed he was the sole elf who made it to a new world, that is until he heard about the arrival of Tyrion and Teclis, news that actually excited him, despite the two of them being sworn enemies. Gradually, Malekith would discover more elves, both from his former world and from other distant lands as well as learn more about the Pantheon enough to quickly make plans to familiarize himself with new locales and beings as well as consider the possibility of new alliances. Restoring the Dark Elves into his services, Malekith returned to being an adversary of Ulthuan, yet also realized that he would be having more enemies and allies than he expected, a consequence that the now-restored Witch-King sees as a good opportunity to reaffirm his position as a feared warrior-king and one of the most dreaded tyrants in the Pantheon.
  • Malekith is one of the most powerful kings and elves in the Pantheon and a being who commands a great deal of authority and respect from his peers. Despite his crippled physical state, the Armor of Midnight grants him incredible resilience as an indestructible garb that protects him from all sorts of physical and magical attacks, in addition to providing Malekith enough sustenance to keep him alive. Wielding the Supreme Spellshield, this greatshield allows Malekith to absorb whatever magic is cast on him and consequently cast magic back on the caster and The Destroyer, a giant sword that could sap away magic, absorb knowledge from unknowing wizards, and prove strong enough to destroy even the strongest defenses in a few blows. However, Malekith's greatest tool is the Circlet of Iron, an empowering artifact that furthered his already potent magical powers and talent, making Malekith one of the most powerful sorcerers in his world, rivaling the might of other wizards like Teclis and Mazdamundi. His leadership is one where one's worth is proven by their strength, accomplishments, loyalty, determination, and ferocity, and though Malekith is not above inflicting cruel punishment and torture towards those who bring failure, he is also very welcoming and rewarding to those who earn his respect, a testament to his Darwinistic rule and beliefs. These made Malekith immensely feared in the Pantheon, something that he had expected, though he was a bit surprised to see that there were some who respected his might and command and the Witch-King saw that as a good opportunity to establish working relationships.
  • While not the only Dark Elf in the Pantheon, Malekith is among the most influential and powerful ones and with that, a reputation that he feels prideful for, even at the cost of opposition from many due to his many crimes and actions including treachery, war, murder, slavery, and deceit. Among his elven enemies are people from various worlds like Legolas, Tyrande Whispering, and Kameo, who quickly came to dislike Malekith for his reputation, and though he would rather have them as allies for his ends, he similarly welcomes them to fight him if they want to. He's also made rivals with Asdrubael Vect, but unlike his heroic enemies where the Witch-King has some measure of martial respect, Malekith is a lot more wary about the Dark Eldar as his sadism and deceptive acts are not too different from Morathi's, not to mention Asdrubael is more than eager to attack and wipe out whatever competition he has in order to affirm his influence. There's also another Malekith who goes by the title of "the Accursed", who took curiosity and humor to another evil elf having the same name as him. Both have differing goals and motivations, but share a love for battle and proving their combat superiority, and while rivals, the Witch-King sees the Accursed as a Worthy Opponent whom he could clash his blades against and still offer some compliments for giving him a challenge. Even so, compared to his elven rivals, the Witch-King surprisingly comes off as more sympathetic than them, though almost everyone would affirm that this still does not finish the severity and consequences of his past actions by any bit.
  • A supremacist for his kind, Malekith champions the elves above all other races and is more than happy to show dominance and subjugation should anyone dare to challenge him. Despite this, he's also much more considerate when it comes to viewing other races, provided they earn his (admittedly very twisted form of) respect and he'll acknowledge the worth of a good fighter, be it a human, undead, another type of elf, or even an extraterrestrial. After all, he was a foreign diplomat for Ulthuan and befriended the dwarfs of the mountains back in his heroic days. Despite being enemies with them, he finds Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn to be good challengers to him and knows that Gandalf might pose a threat, given his own experiences with Teclis, and Middle-earth has piqued his I treat to an extent, hoping to establish a Dark Elf territory there to expand his influence and power. This Villainous Respect is not expressed towards the Hobbits, however, as Malekith sees Frodo and Sam as a waste of his time, even if the duo are willing to oppose him. Aside from races, Malekith also has an interest in legendary creatures, especially dragons, as they are a representation of power, regality, and dominance and he personally rides a hyper-aggressive black dragon, Seraphon into battle, and in addition to the Hall of Draconic Beings, Malekith would also be open to having dinosaurs from the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts as secondary mounts for him in case dragons are unavailable. Despite the constant enmities he's developed and being an elven supremacist, the Witch-King has a morbid sense of honor he carries, will commend someone of a different kind of they match his martial standards and expectations, and will openly announce his respect if he can, regardless of if he has to kill his opponents for the sake of his ambitions.
  • While Malekith's massive power, drive for battle, and sly deception and trickery would be seen as a sign of respect in the eyes of Khorne and Tzeentch, the Witch-King makes it clear that he despises the Chaos Gods and would do anything he could to wipe them out from existence. As they were responsible for his father's death, they destroyed his world and denied him the proper chance of ever leading a unified elven kingdom, Malekith hates them more so than he does Tyrion and Teclis and this time, he's not above a tense alliance with them as well as anybody opposing the Chaos Gods. Interestingly, the quartet have also played responsibility for corrupting another galaxy, one that the Witch-King figured was a lot more similar to his old realms than he imagined. He became enemies with Eldrad Ulthran, but their stances differed; Malekith saw him as a warrior capable of matching his wits and his sorcery very potent, reminding the Witch-King of Teclis and someone he would be willing to showcase his power towards. On the other hand, Eldrad views Malekith more contemptuously as the Dark Elves and their societal norms and beliefs are not too different from their extraterrestrial counterparts, the Dark Eldar, although the Witch-King makes it clear that he has no intention of allying with Vect.
    • As the Dark Elves have a history of terrorizing humanity, Malekith found himself being opposed by the Imperium of Man and while there were some similarities to be seen between the God-Emperor of Mankind and Sigmar, the former's pro-humanity stance was extreme to the point of outright oppression against anyone whom he saw as a threat to his species and was willing to invite violence and genocide, a fact that surprised and intrigued Malekith. Furthermore, the God-Emperor being a father-figure with a failed son was a little similar to Aenarion not having done enough for his son before his own death, except the damage left behind by Horus Lupercal would yield more devastating resultsnote . Despite this similarity, this is barely acknowledged as the Emperor is dead-set on eliminating Malekith and the Witch-King feels that their militant indoctrination is rather potent and effective in motivating others. He pities the God-Emperor for killing his son and knows that he's an opponent he would want to keep an eye on mainly because of the threat he poses, but also because the tech he uses and provides for the Imperium and Primarchs may prove useful for his own army. That aside, Malekith does ponder the idea of encountering Horus at some point and makes sure to be wary and ready for the moment they finally meet.
  • While Evil Overlords are a common villainous leader archetype to be stumbled upon, Malekith is a peculiar one in that despite what and who he leads and what he's done, he's convinced himself as someone who can "save" the world and this is something many other overlords like him are a little flabbergasted and humored by. With the way Malekith looks and how sadistic and hedonistic the Dark Elves tend to be, he may as well act as a force of evil, but the Witch-King still feels committed to his beliefs and stance. It's why most overlords end up being rivals to him, with Arthas Menethil, a figure quite similar to him in more ways than one, being one of the more overt ones. Malekith compares the goals and motivations of the Lich King to be comparable to that of Nagash, an omnicidal lich that even the Witch-King despises and cites that this is the reason why they can't come to a proper alliance and why they would end up clashing blades anytime they meet. Ganondorf is a more complex one as, much like other evil rulers, he finds Malekith's belief as a unifying hero to be laughable but otherwise commends him for the ruthlessness, authority, and power he holds and Malekith similarly finds the Gerudo king to be a powerful and skilled man, an equal to Malekith's strength and authority. Both may be tyrants, but where Ganondorf would rather pollute his land with monsters, Malekith would oversee other races, but everyone else is skeptical about his claim to look after them, given his openness to enslaving outside races.
    • Sauron is the one tyrant who would express the most interest in Malekith as a rival due to his nature as an elf, and the Dark Lord of Mordor has a personal enmity against that kind in particular. Though, unlike Voldemort, whom he found dismissive and underwhelming since their first encounter, Malekith was someone Sauron knew would be a legitimate challenge and chose to confront him to prove his superiority. Malekith accepted the offer, and the two clashed in a brutal bout that leveled the environment around bringing each other to a stalemate, both worn and bruised. The battle ended in a stalemate as Darkseid would personally warp the Lord of the Rings back to his domain. Since then, Malekith's interest in Middle-earth deepened and sought to learn more about the One Ring and Sauron. Both respected each other's skill of planning and deceit and rivals whom they needed to feel the need to succeed against, but Sauron sees Malekith's growing influence as a threat to his power while Malekith doesn't intend the Dark Lord of Mordor to impede his ambitions and sees to either claim or destroy the One Ring if it means defeating his adversary.
    • Next to Sauron, Lolth was the most apparent rival Malekith would contend against in the Pantheon, and unlike the Lord of the Rings, there was much less respect between the two of them. The two of them were evil Dark Elves who led an army of sadistic savages and are widely reviled for their cruelty, but where Malekith would at least respect any opponent for their martial skill regardless of his own superiority, Lolth is an extreme misandrist, and the idea of a male Dark Elven king irritates her to no end, causing the Spider Queen to immediately declare conflict against the Witch-King. Since then, the two have battled several times, with neither gaining any advantage and always ending their fights in a draw. And with repeated encounters, Lolth being a terrible mother made Malekith dislike her even more; while he doesn't care much about Eilistraee and Vhaeraun all too muchnote , Lolth seems to be like Morathi if she became supreme leader of the elves, got too absorbed by her newfound power and authority and suddenly started hating men, hence the Witch-King believes Lolth is a terrible leader who is better off dead while she wants to kill Malekith to take over Naggaroth for herself.
    • Interestingly, Malekith openly dislikes the greater evils of the Pantheon, despite his own malicious nature and being an evil tyrant. He wanted to become a hero, and he was a genuine one at first, but those times are long gone, and he hates it when someone reminds him of it because he knows it's true and couldn't go back to those days, as much as he wants to. He hates beings like Melkor not just because he's a being Aenarion would have opposed, but also because his desire to destroy the Pantheon and reshape it in his view is an affront to Malekith's position and he knows that the Dark Lord is quite selective on who he wants in his allegiances and that Melkor would rather not fight in the frontlines, which Malekith saw as an insult to his belief of martial prowess. Divine deities like Alduin and Zamasu are also not in favor of the Witch-King as the Dragon God's narcissistic desire to rule clashes with Malekith's desire and his pride would not allow him to work with what he sees as a tyrant wannabe and even with his twisted psyche, Malekith is nowhere near as delusional or self-warped as the Fallen Kai and thinks Zamasu is too much of a detriment to even consider talking to, which nobody could disagree with as the Fallen Kai hates almost literally everybody in the Pantheon. However, he was once confronted and defeated by Darkseid, who wanted to challenge Malekith's might as well as rope him in with a desire for more power and maybe take on Melkor together. The Witch-King was forced to obey and make an alliance with the Lord of Tyranny, an event that did not entertain him in the slightest and though Malekith may work with Darkseid on some occasions if they have a mutual goal to gain, the Dark Elf will make his disdain towards the New God apparent. That, and the idea of working with Archaon, the man who destroyed his world and took away his chances of being the Eternity King is a huge source of anguish and rage for Malekith, something Darkseid knows, and takes insulting amusement on.
    • Malekith advocates slavery, a belief that nearly everybody would take a stance against and cite it as a reason why the Witch-King needs to be stopped. Unlike most slavers, Malekith doesn't actually have any personal interest in the subject and, if anything, finds other slavers like Benjamin Cameron, Calvin Candie, Stephen, The Slavers, and the Aryan Brotherhood to be far too indulgent in getting off from this and thus, wasting their time and effort. To Malekith, slavery is an act of necessity and the most effective way to get the Dark Elves to get themselves to work and develop everyday items, weapons, infrastructure, crops, and resources to keep Naggaroth's economy and social standing afloat, intending to make his race's sadistic nature to do something productive for once. While it doesn't excuse his actions, and he knows it, Malekith affirms that if he has to keep his nation stable, he'll do whatever it takes, and the fact that the Dark Elves are already universally feared and opposed means he could barely find anyone to properly cooperate with him. Among those opposing the Witch-King for his role in slavery is a strange hero named Naofumi, who hosts a duo of girls, Raphtalia and Flio, who may be owned by Naofumi, but he does everything he could to love, respect, and care for them. The trio finds Malekith's actions deplorable, but the Witch-King simply sees them as foes, although he finds Naofumi's company rather bizarre, believing that if he's so close to them, why couldn't he just marry Raphtalia as she doesn't have to confine herself to Naofumi forever.
    • While one of his main objectives is to conquer Ulthuan and become the Phoenix King, his ultimate goal is an extension of such; to unite all the Elves into a single unified kingdom where he gets to represent his race. He did succeed and proved that he was genuine about wanting what is best for his race, but despite his hidden virtues and undeterred valor, his selfishness, entitlement, and brutality are neither forgiven nor forgotten, even back in the End Times. Amusingly, while one may be reminded of someone like Sauron given Malekith is an Evil Overlord, his beliefs, in his own state of mind, as well as unifying a kingdom, are akin to that of Aragorn, and the king of Gondor personally finds that troubling and disturbing. Malekith finds the comparison amusing and assumes the king of Gondor might impress him more than an average human warrior would, but would lash out at Aragorn if he dares to either question his motives or stand in his way for them. On a similar note, Alm and Celica, the newer rulers of Valentia who were able to unite the nations of Rigel and Zofia, found Malekith to be a demented and terrifying king whose personal beliefs and his nation's indulgence in hedonism was a more violent and depraved version of what Mila and Duma preached. In a way, Malekith was a darker version of Alm and Celica, himself being a skilled and exceptional warrior, sorcerer, and negotiator who chose to use his gifts for violent, self-serving ends, which furthered the couple's desire to pose and halt the Witch-King's ambitions while Malekith simply only admits to having an interest on the duo due to their prophecy and thus, curious to see what Alm and Celica are capable of.
  • When it came to allies, Malekith didn't find much to connect with as most whom he would be interested in tend to place more of their faith in either Melkor, Darkseid, Molag Bal, or Nekron, all of whom the Witch-King would rather place distance from. Eventually, he did find some success, though Malekith figured that they would be more interested in being repaid and/or furthering their own ambitions, which is something the Elven tyrant was accepting of. He found Deathstroke and Black Manta to be capable assassins and warriors and was impressed by their feats and abilities, going as far as to give them high-profile targets so as to keep himself as a constant task offerer, which they've come to tolerate. He's also gained an alliance with Maul and Bi-Han, promising them more power and opportunity should they come to earn his respect. Although Malekith is known to brutally punish and torture his subordinates for any failures and mess-ups, he's similarly very rewarding and praiseworthy to those who impress him and prove their worth, even rarely being affectionate towards his closest followers. Maul and Noob Saibot were formidable enough to win that approval and while they seek to become stronger and fulfill their ambitions of taking over the Sith Order and Lin Kuei for themselves, Malekith is aware and would provide aid for their goals, aiming to keep an eye out for his new allies and making sure that they don't grow too strong to suddenly challenge his authority.
  • His past as a former hero is not given as much notice or acknowledgment, but the Witch-King does retain small fragments of his previous self, namely upholding a sense of honor, commitment, and loyalty (even if twisted) as well as familial and romantic love. His turn to villainy was due to a combination of envy, entitlement, and being manipulated by Morathi, who wanted to make her own ends meet and would order the death of Malekith's wife, Allisara, to further her son's despair and fall to darkness. He's got a few things in common with Oersted because of this and the Witch-King would quickly notice that. The two didn't get along too well, mainly because Malekith didn't advocate for total destruction and Oersted wasn't fond of what the Dark Elves liked to partake in, not to mention Oersted would find proper redemption later on, but they did agree that they were more similar than he'd like. If anything, Malekith was more sympathetic than outright contemptuous, considering his betrayal by Streibough and Princess Alethea, and the Witch-King conceded that had he gone through a similar ordeal with his dwarfen friend, Snorri Whitebeard, he would have fallen to darkness much quicker. He's also found similarities with Arthas Menethil as both were princes who were very talented, wanted to prove their worth as a future king, and fell into evil due to uncontrollable circumstances, but any alliance was met with deaf ears as while Malekith sought to conquer, Arthas would rather destroy the world after giving himself up to nihilism, much like Archaon, but the two would acknowledge one another as capable rivals.
    • Despite his cruelty and the reputation he's carved, Malekith really doesn't have a bright opinion about how his life turned out and, if anything, he's not happy about being the Witch-King at all. He knows that this is Morathi's fault, but he's not above blaming himself on occasion, as self-entitled as he can be, and feels that he's committed enough atrocities that he never really could return to the past self he once was. Some cite him as an "Elven Darth Vader" because of how similar their fall from grace and general reputation isnote , but the Witch-King is still distinct enough from Anakin Skywalker as where Malekith lorded an empire, Vader served as a frontline general, being second to an emperor that he served and unlike the former Sith Lord, Malekith kept his ambition intact. Both of them express amusement about their similarities and Malekith even muses on how Anakin is a "twin" of sorts, but the former's use of slavery was something the latter was going to take offense at regardless of Malekith's reasons, considering Anakin's own past as a slave. The only thing they could truly agree on what that Palpatine was a menace that needed to be stopped, though Malekith's reasons are based on how he reminds him too much of Morathi and sees him as a threat to his power. He and Anakin would fight with one another on some occasions, but Malekith is quick to see him as a Worthy Opponent and enjoys his battles against the former Sith Lord. On another note, while very different, the Witch-King could relate to Mr. Freeze due to his desire to be reunited with his wife, Nora, and while they haven't met, Malekith intends to recruit Victor into his services, feeling he could be an excellent subordinate and having someone with once-similar motivations and a strong feeling of hate could help the Witch-King to establish a good master-follower relationship with Victor Fries.
  • His ultimate ambition centers on the fact that he was rejected by the Flame of Ulthuan and still desired to become the Phoenix King to the point where he would continue to fight for it, only to find out, millennia later that he was The Chosen One all along. It's a long and complicated story, and while it confirms that his desire to protect the Elves was genuine, he's still a power-hungry, vicious, and selfish man who still needs to be stopped. On the topic of prophecies, Malekith was interested in Link and Princess Zelda due to their destinies of being the holders of the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom respectively as well as the former's reputation for being a legendary hero. Link and Zelda were quick to compare him to Ganondorf, who held the Triforce of Power and was similarly defined by his cruelty and ambition, a fact that the Witch-King found to be rather flattering. Despite their enmity, Malekith finds Link to be one of the more noteworthy opponents, genuinely praising his tenacity and swordsmanship, and looks forward to any future fights against the hero of Hyrule. This sentiment does not translate to Ren Amaki, Motoyasu Kitamura, and Itsuki Kawasumi, a trio of heroes who were considered divinely chosen, only to repeatedly showcase that they were incompetent, reckless, and generally unimpressive with their actions and although they've since strived to better themselves, Malekith sees them as disappointing and balks at the idea that they were considered heroes, though this doesn't stop the Three Heroes from opposing him. Finally, the Witch-King developed a one-sided rivalry with Tai Lung, a snow leopard who was once stated to be the Dragon Warrior, only to be rejected due to his innate darkness and while he would eventually claim the Dragon Scroll, he would understand nothing of his, rendering his goals moot. Malekith becoming the Phoenix King and fulfilling his goals only made Tai Lung more infuriated that someone else got what he wanted and sought to confront Malekith and defeat him in combat to prove himself a better Dragon Warrior than Po. The Witch-King, on the other hand, would rather have Tai Lung as a subordinate given their relatability, so he feels more disappointed and annoyed about having to deal with the snow leopard in combat due to Tai Lung's pride.
    • A deceitful manipulator who was able to successfully kickstart a war that destabilized the High Elven and Dwarfen forces to such an extent that they would never fully recover from their conflict, Malekith is more than capable of mentally playing others like a fiddle and sabotaging them to his advantages, traits that he shares with his mother. However, his relationship with his mother is an incredibly complicated one, and he personally has a distaste for those who corrupt their followers into becoming just like them, which could seem rather hypocritical coming from an overlord like him who advocates darwinism towards his society. Regardless, Malekith strongly dislikes Emperor Palpatine, citing him as a madman and an abomination who would rather bathe in his own cruelty and insanity than anything else. The Witch-King may not get along with Darth Vader but can see why he became the way he is, and Palpatine having a similar mindset to Morathi when it comes to treating everything as a personal playtoy and putting too much enjoyment in making others suffer furthers Malekith's disdain for the Sith Master. He's more impartial to Melkor, but Malekith has made it clear he doesn't see the Dark Lord in much of a positive light either; he's a brute whose too absorbed into his sadistic habits that he cowers upon meeting a legitimate threat doesn't win much respect for one who believes in a "might makes right" belief. Melkor personally wanted Malekith as a top henchman for his own forces but failed to realize the Witch-King has other priorities and quickly saw that Melkor's ambitions of wanting to absorb all of existence into himself were effectively going against his own plans.
  • The House of Family and Relatives are not really fond of Malekith, even if Malus Darkblade has a personal seat there, but the Witch-King has a bit of history regarding familial matters and makes it clear he has some value over the concept. As far as the Witch-King is concerned, upholding the memories of your ancestor is important and virtuous and despite what his actions show, he still holds strongly to the belief. His arch-enemies are distant relatives descended down from one of his siblings, but Malekith affirms that Tyrion and Teclis do possess enough skill, influence, and power to at least warrant some twisted sort of respect for the brothers, even if he feels that hatred is what empowers him, which naturally extends to them. That, and he didn't start off as a bad seed, as despite his villainy, his familial history is rather complicated.
    • If there's a person that Malekith admired more than anyone else, it's his father, Aenarion. His fondest memories were simple ones like riding a horse for the first time, gazing out on the seas, watching dragons fly, and especially talking to his father. He became an elven hero out of inspiration Aenarion and even after his turn to malice and ruling the Dark Elves, Malekith mainly wanted to uphold the legacy that his father created and wished to be a strong warrior and savior just like him. It's why he even has a semblance of respect for the Hall of Fathers and, to a lesser degree, the Hall of Mothers in the first place; he understands and values familial love, but his brutality isn't winning any approvals from other people who admired their parents for being heroes. However, this led to the Witch-King taking great pity on Kalibak as his respect and desire for approval from Darkseid isn't so different from what Malekith wanted. If Kalibak was more competent, he could probably be a capable brute in his services, but Malekith is aware that his love for his father is a fruitless one.
    • On the other hand, Malekith finds great annoyance over parents who are willing to exploit and use their children for their self-serving ends. He knows that most Dark Elven parents would use their children as chess pawns if necessary and left with no option, but being reminded of his own mother is a way to greatly anger him. As a result, he has no respect for the Child Abuse Supporters, outright calling them petty, pathetic, and lacking in basic dignity even as villains, with special hatred going out to Fire Lord Ozai, who, in turn, took irritation at how Malekith is called a Phoenix King. Malekith found Ozai not just to be despicable, but also an embarrassment, as the two fought and Malekith won by way of displaying greater combat skill and being able to resist and deflect Ozai's Firebending long enough to brutalize him. What really made Ozai hate Malekith is how the Witch-King stated that Zuko was a better leader than him despite him being a benevolent man who didn't seek violence nor strength as a defining philosophy, though the Witch-King said that as his assertion to describe how underwhelming Ozai was. And while Zuko wouldn't like Malekith at all due to the Dark Elves being more cruel and bloodthirsty than Ozai's supporters ever would, the Witch-King makes it clear he respects Zuko more than his father for at least adhering to familial standards.
  • Instigating warfare between two other nations proved a very devious move and a frightening success and these made Malekith feared by many who were traumatized by or opposed to wars in general, though none more so than other elves and dwarfs. Many, such as Suzu Houjou, Scar, Seita, Setsuko, Violet Evergarden, Joe Bonham, John Rambo, and Sophie Zawistowski are all who have seen the actions and consequences of war first-hand and are terrified and disgusted at what Malekith had some and advocated. Their concerns do not deter the Witch-King in any way, for he feels that war is a necessity to his plans and that it would be an eternally recurring matter, given his age by the thousands. There are those who agree that Malekith's statement on war being an inevitable occurence is true, but they still would point out how he only kick-started a civil war for his own means and indoctrinated his kind to believe in war as a virtue and especially how he practically broke his promise with Snorri to keep the Elven-Dwarfen friendship strong and ongoing. The last one is actually something Malekith has some feelings for shame and guilt at as Snorri was his Best Friend, but no one, even other Dark Elves, dares to mention this in front of him due to Malekith's vicious responses to anything that he feels internally emotional about.
    • Malekith is aware that he is not the only warmongering elf in the Pantheon, though his main concern is if there are any warmongers in general who could consider an alliance with him, which has increasingly proven to be difficult due to the Dark Elves' reputation. He's got a measure of degree for Alexander the Great and Sun Tzu for being more capable than he expected from humans, the former being very good at boosting morale as well as being a skilled fighter and strategist and the latter for being one of the most complex tacticians whose teachings can apply to more than just combat. Other warmongers like Ramsay Bolton, Joffrey Baratheon, and Saruman, while as villainous as him, do not elicit any worthy acknowledgment from the Witch-King, he instead sees them as incompetent and amateur due to them overindulging in their sadism for the former two and being far too overconfident in his ambitions for the latter, not to mention all three of them would eventually die off due to one too many mistakes and overestimating their opposition. Many would accuse Malekith of being the same, but he's retorted that years of experience and a genuine interest in combat, politics, and mind games have had him learning from his mistakes on a number of occasions and makes a point to avert his mistakes as well as punish any of his followers who repeat theirs. Additionally, while he has no qualms about gruesomely killing Joffrey and Ramsay if they ever met, he has no interest in that as he feels it would be insulting for him to confront such a foe he would consider too pathetic to stand up to him and while Saruman might pose a challenge, even if being defeated by Gandalf with ease is of any indication, then the Witch-King might prove himself the superior sorcerer then.
  • Once a Warrior Prince, Malekith has fond nostalgic memories of his days in Ulthuan, even if he could no longer go back to them. It is perhaps because of this that he even has some semblance of interest in a warrior like Marth and would sometimes see him as a good fighter, but also feels that the Prince of Altea is a bit underwhelming when he uses too much reliance on friends like Caeda and the Whitewings a bit too much in his adventures. Along with being a dark overlord with terrifying ambitions, Marth finds umbrage in how Malekith corrupts and uses dragons as his mount and realized his manipulative tendencies were a little akin to those of Gharnef, and while the Witch-King can and would use deceit, those are for long-term goals; Marth and Altea are foes that he would rather battle and assert dominance against, and if Marth brings out all of his friends and allies, then that's all the better for Malekith to demonstrate his powers. Another more unscrupulous figure was the Edenian known as Rain, whose powers impressed Malekith enough to even convince him into an alliance with the promise that he would help him become a ruler of Edenia. That said, Rain's own ambitions cause him to feel that he intends to gain more power to eventually usurp Malekith and get the Dark Elves to serve him, but the Witch-King is aware of this and intends on letting Rain carry on with his ambitions whilst keeping a close eye as he sees him as a useful ally for now, though would gladly punish him should Rain ever fall out of line.
  • In addition to being a brutal king, Malekith enjoys a good fight and it's one of the holdover traits he has from his past when he was a hero for Ulthuan. He would visit the Halls of Fighting and Combat and Military and Warfare, open to see who would come up to challenge him. While many would assume, and correct, that Malekith is mainly doing this to satiate a personal hobby of his, he's also convinced himself that he intends to best an opponent as a way for them to pledge loyalty and servitude to him. A need for battle is one thing he shares with Wulfrik, but his serving the Chaos Gods is exactly why they're opposed to one another, and the same thing could be said for Blood Dragon vampires like Abhorash and Luthor Harkon who personally don't want to get involved with the Dark Elves's ambitions. So far, there have been a few beings that Malekith fought and was impressed by, such as The Doomslayer, Kenpachi Zarakii, Madara Uchiha, Ares, Wonder Woman, and even Son Goku, even if he's lost some of them, but even with the promise of fighting the Chaos Gods together, any chances of an alliance was moot, though he's come to tolerate that. Though perhaps, with enough encounters, Malekith may find an ally at some point, after all, the Dark Elves are very persistent about their objectives.
  • A master of both martial combat and the arts of sorcery, Malekith is one of the very few who can fight on even grounds against the greatest of knights and the most formidable of sorcerers and magicians. Such is the case that the combined might of King Arthur and Merlin have some trouble in dealing with the Witch-King and if it wasn't for his unhealed burns still being susceptible to being harmed via clever magical tricks, their fights would have been harder for the Arthurian duo. Yet still, Malekith respects the two of them as warriors and is glad to test the Destroyer against Excalibur whenever he clashes blades with Arthur. His equipment being designed to combat and negate magic makes him a very feared figure in the House of Magic and Sorcery and many, including Magic Knights, Magical Girls, powerful magical creatures, and even many of the most skilled magicians have either been defeated or were able to barely manage a stalemate the Witch-King during combat. To Malekith, he felt a bit disappointed that most of the House residents don't match up to him and simply wanted to find a good opponent to either entertain himself and even find some diplomatic grounds to establish, furthering his struggles in finding any genuine allies to be acquainted with.
    • As the ruler of Naggaroth, Malekith plays responsibility for its education system, based in an all-girls magical academy named the Seven Covenant of Sorceresses. In keeping with the Dark Elves's Might Makes Right philosophy, students are expected to be academically and magically gifted, powerful, and adaptable and they will play every trick in the book to get ahead of their peers. In fact, many students are killed before they ever graduate and those who do graduate are enlisted as sorceresses for war, though they'll use their feats as a way to flaunt their own superiority and hedonism. The very system that Malekith has enlisted is horrifying for many and has seen extreme opposition from institutes such as Hogwarts and Luna Nova Magical Academy who couldn't comprehend the idea of a study system that is encouraging killing fellow students, with Harry Potter and Akko Kagari personally hating Malekith and Morathi for they see as senselessly killing others while intellectuals and teachers like Diana Cavendish, Ursula Callistis, and Albums Dumbledore can't seem to grasp their mind on how fatalities can allow the Dark Elves to become stronger and unified, as they would proclaim it as. Malekith personally doesn't care much about their criticisms and openly dismisses Harry, Akko, and Diana as simpler enemies for him whereas Ursula and Dumbledore seem more promising to him, as likened by the former's time as one of the great witches of her academy and the latter for being one of the most powerful wizards and magical leaders for his time. That, and Malekith would be open to acquiring the Shiny Rod and the Elder Wand as trophies to assert his dominance, though he doesn't get why it has to be Akko, of all people, who would claim possession of the former.
    • A social darwinist, Malekith respects might and power and, while prone to getting angered and driven to madness if his goals are slighted, does enjoy a good fight, even making sure to give them some praise, especially if he kills them. By extension, the Dark Elves have fashioned their societal norms and beliefs to this philosophy of strength commanding authority and Malekith is their leader because he is the most powerful Dark Elf of Naggaroth. This earned him the respect of fellow-minded beings, most notably Lord Recluse, who thinks Malekith has been pretty successful and his ruthlessness is well-earned and established, even if he also finds his self-serving beliefs of being a savior a bit embarrassing, and the mutant Apocalypse, who thinks Malekith deserves his position as a king and supports his belief of why he should become the Phoenix King as he thinks power is the ultimate path to securing peace and stability, or at least that's what Apocalypse's twisted mind thinks. The Witch-King also found a genuine ally in General Esdeath, whose sadistic, and bloodhungry nature was not so different from an average Dark Elf's and Malekith won her respect by simply being a powerful and assertive warrior and leader, much like Esdeath. In the event Malekith is either not interested or unavailable to challenge someone, he'll give Esdeath his blessing to do it in his place, knowing that she wouldn't pass by an opportunity to fight a Worthy Opponent. That said, while Esdeath does see Malekith and Darkseid as a far better leaders to place her services in than Honest, she's conflicted on who to prefer between the Witch-King's openness to allowing her to carry on in her interests or the Lord of Tyranny's invitation for greater power and authority and introducing newer tastes of cruelty for Esdeath to express.
"I am Malekith! Son of Aenarion, the daemons’ bane. Hear my name and know me, the rightful king of the elves!"

Ambiguous Ranks

    SCP- 035 
SCP-035, God of Killer Masks (Possessive Mask, possibly Black Lord of Alagadda, Wearer of the Anguished Mask)
A depiction of SCP-035 without its ever-present secretions.
  • Rank: Keter. Power fluctuates depending on its Host. (Pantheon's host is Demigod level)
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Decays anything it touches into demonic gunk, Cool Mask, Covered in Gunge, Takes control of whomever wears it, Evil Mask, Mask of Power, Kills anyone who wears it unless they have powerful enough regenerative abilities, Being only a container for evil
  • Domains: Corruption, Masks, Decay, Persuasiveness, Demons
  • Banned from: The House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Interested in: Anyone who can resist its corrosive effects and be placed under its control. Also, Metron
  • Allies: Phazon, Zinyak, Johan Liebert, Pazuzu
  • Rivals: Majora, Jack of Blades, Uka Uka (friendly with Jack)
  • Enemies: Aku Aku, Hata no Kokoro, Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask, Father Kerras and Father Merrin, Faust, Nabu/Doctor Fate, the Forms of Immortality sub-house
  • Opposed by: Jervis Tetch
  • SCP-035 is a malevolent mask capable of possessing anyone who wears it, having escaped containment during a breach initiated by SCP-106 and latching onto a unsuspecting Foundation personnel. Having managed to escape and wander about the Pantheon, the mask kept changing locations secretly and many decayed bodies were found overtime, all with a black corrosive element flowing from the corpses. Eventually it was caught after it latest host perished and was unable to find another in time, being discovered by the Court of Gods and immediately recontained by the Foundation. Having noted of the highly dangerous nature of the mask, it was given the position of Murderous Mask.
  • Given that once latched it can mentally manipulate its host to do whatever it likes, SCP-035 is usually given a new host and made to stay far away for anyone higher than lesser. Recurring to D-Class in containment was something the Court of Gods was very unhappy to allow but they also tend to grab any evil doer that needs punishment (since death rarely sticks) and so when they are caught, they are thrown into SCP-035's temple, provided they are irredeemably evil.
  • Some believe that SCP-035 is best suited contained in the House of Toxicity due to its secretions, however it was advised against since many there could resist its corrosive effects, making them ideal hosts. One figures that the mask tried to take over was the Lich, who proved Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth and SCP-035 fell off. The Possessive Mask would rather not mention what he experienced.
  • Due to resembling a comedy mask, SCP-035 tried to sneak itself into the House of Theater to find a new host. 035 was quickly identified and relocated back to its containment/temple, so it couldn't hijack anyone there. It later showed interest in Metron, due to the potential of the Mobius Chair's knowledge merged with its own ambitions.
  • Seeks those who can resist or are immune to its corrosive nature, so it may have a permanent host. Because of this, it wants in on the Forms of Immortality, and they want it out. Heroic masks and mask users like Aku Aku and Hata no Kokoru want no part of him either.
  • SCP-035 has tried to take control of those under control of Jervis Tetch's hats, but the rival mind control got in the way of its control, annoying SCP-035. 035 is quite interested in the House of Mind Control in hopes of controlling more people than just it's host, or somehow overcoming the corrosion.
  • For an evil mask, SCP-035 is polite and charismatic, always looking to manipulate people to escape containment. He was most amused by Johan Liebert for how he uses charm and skill to manipulate and emotionally destroy others, though knows he isn't someone who it shouldn't try to take as a host. It admires the Wicked Cultured behavior of Zinyak as well.
  • Seems to be a demon of some sorts. About the only house where SCP-035 is on its best behavior is the House of Demons, and has become friends with Pazuzu. Faust was warned deities not in the know that the Possessive Mask cannot be trusted. The exorcists are looking to purge the demon from the mask.
  • Aware of many other sentient masks in the pantheon. SCP-035 was most annoyed that it couldn't attach himself to Stanley Ipkiss or Doctor Fate, since they already had masks on and 035 wanted the masks' power for itself. It competes for power with the other evil masks, however has a fondness with Jack of Blades due to the demonic-like force inhabiting the mask reminding the Possessive Mask of itself.

    Notable Clothing Brands and Retail Chains Established in the Pantheon 
Listed below is a (comparative) list of clothing brands and retail chains that can be found in the Pantheon. While their presence is well known in the House of Costumes, they can also be found in other parts of the Pantheon, depending on their success and appeal towards specific deities and their professions. It should also be noted that this is a list that only showcases a small amount of what is actually established, the actual list is far bigger and the list of brands is increasingly growing over time.