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Greater Gods

Roboking, God of Replacements, Councillor for the Grand United Alliance of Machines

    Terra (Kingdom Hearts
Terra, God of Vengeance Against Their Mentor (Lingering Will/Sentiment, Terra-Xehanort, Seeker of Darkness, Guardian, Dark Figure, The One Behind)
The Lingering Will
Massive Spoiler
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His keyblade, Earthshaker (Chaos Ripper as Terra-Xehanort)
  • Theme Songs: "Terra", "Destiny's Union" when with Ventus and Aqua (Terra); Rage Awakened (The Lingering Will); "Dismiss" (Data Battle arrangement), "Dawn of Hope" (Terra-Xehanort)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, though gullible enough that his actions appear Lawful Evil at times (Chaotic Evil as Terra-Xehanort)
  • Keyblade(s): Earthshaker, Chaos Ripper, Ends Of The Earth
  • Portfolio: Rage Against the Mentor, Incapability of Realizing that Someone is Evil, Dark Is Not Evil, Dishing Out Dirt, Unwitting Pawn, Victim of Grand Theft Me, Waging a Battle in the Center of the Mind, Being One of Kingdom Hearts' Most Difficult Secret Bosses, Human of a Different World, Team Dads
  • Domains: Earth, Darkness, Good
  • Allies: Aqua, Ventus, Sora, Rikunote  (extra points for getting tricked by two of the same villains as Terra himself), Mickey Mouse, Darth Vadernote , Luke Skywalker, Jaden Yuki, Gardevoir (Team Charm), Sailor Mercury, Absol, Jak, Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Sakura Matou, Liezerota, Luke Fon Fabre, Fighter McWarrior
  • Rivals: Naoki Kashima/the Demi-fiend
  • Enemies: Xehanort's Incarnations, Vanitas, Larxene, Count Veger, Number 96: Black Mist, Bernkastel, the Incubators, YHVH, Orochimaru, Satan, Count Olaf
  • Feared by: Konata Izumi
  • There has been talk among the Court of the Gods about Terra's title of Horrible Judge of Character in consideration that he isn't anywhere near as gullible as everyone thinks he is (it's actually due to severe exaggeration by the fan base). The list with the villains he interacted with are as follows.
    • Maleficent: She actually did help him, by giving him information about Xehanort and pointing him towards somewhere. Sure, it wasn't the most accurate information, but how was Terra supposed to know that? Besides, the moment she mentioned the Keyblade and said anything suspicious he got on guard almost immediately. Taking Aurora's heart was out of his control.
    • The Evil Queen: Terra didn't even trust her, he never had any intention of giving her Snow White's heart, because based on her words it was clear she wasn't.... Nice.
    • Lady Tremaine: Did not trust her at all. Sensed that she was evil from the start.
    • Hades: Terra was mistrustful of Hades the moment he laid eyes on him. Maybe it was the blue fire, blue skin, and black clothes, or his nonchalant talk of darkness, but Terra wasn't actually fooled by Hades at all. Terra was just fighting, nothing bad happened until Zack got involved, and that didn't have anything to do with Terra.
    • Doctor Jumba: In Terra's defense, Jumba is a really petty "villain", Terra himself was also unjustly incarcerated, and Stitch was a swell experiment so there was nothing to worry about at all.
    • Captain Hook: We know how Terra is with figures of authority, Hook was disrespectful but he wasn't suspicious. Not to mention that he really wasn't doing anything suspicious; he found that box of treasure fair and square! Peter Pan was also attempting to steal the box from him without any explanation as to why.
    • Master Xehanort: We already talked about him, but he's the easiest to explain honestly. Eraqus trusted him, he told Terra everything he wanted to say, Figure of authority, Eraqus trusted him, really placed himself in positions that were really convenient, and Eraqus, mister light is absolute, didn't think there was anything wrong with him. In different circumstances, Ventus and Aqua would have trusted Xehanort too, if he actually, you know, tried to talk to either of them at all. Which he didn't.
  • The Court eventually settled on Rage Against the Mentor due to such things occuring twice. Once against Eraqus via serious Poor Communication Kills and again against Xehanort
  • He's been spending more time with Riku, however, as well as Jaden Yuki, Sailor Mercury, and Absol the first due to being rather fascinated by Jaden's powers as The Supreme King, the second at [[{{Magic and Sorcery Usagi Tsukino's]] request, and the last because she's partnered with Riku.
    • Since then, he's become rather fond of Mercury, as she reminds him a bit of Aqua. Upon learning that she had one time fallen to darkness due to being brainwashed by Nephrite, he confronted Nephrite, blasting him with Ultima Cannon. Considering Nephrite also got a taste of Riku's Dark Aura, it's safe to say Nephrite won't be bothering her for at least a while. Jak has even stated that he'd help take care of Nephrite with his Dark Eco Bomb should the latter attack again.
  • For a period of time before his deification, he was a follower of Master Xehanort, but their relationship didn't turn out well for him. He's claimed to have wizened up, but Xehanort still manages to get Terra to do favors for him, though nothing too bad has come of it so far. If Terra's actually that Genre Blind, or if Xehanort's just that good of a Manipulative Bastard is hard to tell.
    • For whatever reason, he was extremely wary upon learning of Vanitas' ascension, and it's rumored he's trying to get Ventus ascended.
  • Terra is banned from Haven City by Count Veger because of his bad judgment and his use of Darkness. However, Ashelin considers the ban to be pointless, considering others with similar backgrounds, Riku included, are also banned by Veger following Jak's exile.
  • Terra is considered a suspect in the theft of Princess Aurora's heart when she picked her finger and fell into a coma, since he was seen near the castle by the guards before they succumbed to a sleep spell. However, more evidence shows that the real culprit was Master Xehanort, who only made Terra think he stole Aurora's heart to further manipulate him.
  • Has an awkward friendship with Luke Skywalker, who Terra met through the latter's father, Darth Vader. The reason Terra is a little uneasy around Luke is because his voice reminds him of Master Eraqus, whose death he still feels guilty about indirectly causing. Luke has tried to reassure Terra that it's not a problem. After all, Vader did much worse in his time and was still redeemed in the end. The fact that Terra didn't jump off the slippery slope under almost the same situation where Anakin did is something to his credit.
  • Terra was banned by Cosmos and the rest of the G.U.A.G. from participating during the Friendship Asylum incident. It was bad enough that Riku got corrupted during this time, and Terra would have been even more vulnerable. Terra wasn't happy about sitting out, but he still helped Aqua from the sidelines, and he's glad that his successor is now recovering.
  • Was almost speechless hearing that Ventus finally ascended, in the same house as him, no less! Though he's confused on why a Gardevoir is sometimes hanging out with him. Absol had to explain through Telepathy to Terra about the Pokémon Partnerships to settle his confusion.
  • Many gamers in the pantheon are flat out scared of Terra. This is for two reasons: His reputation for being the most difficult main story boss in the entire Kingdom Hearts series, requiring a very specific form of attack to beat him, and most of all, being one of the most difficult bosses in gaming history. This includes people like Konata Izumi.
    • This reputation, however, has drawn the attention of the Demi-Fiend, who wants to clash with Lingering Will.
  • Beware when Terra's hair is white, for that is a sign of him becoming Terra-Xehanort.
  • The House of Prophecy has a dread prophecy about him. One regarding Terra being one of the 13 Seekers of Darkness in the Second Keyblade War.
    • It happened and Terra was finally freed and restored to his original self that day. Many of his friends and allies were ecstatic of his return.
  • Can also be found in Anger.
  • "One day... I... will... set... this... right. One day... I will set... this right... I will return to this land... and protect... my friends!"

    Ultraman Zero 
Ultraman Zero, God of Surpassing Predecessors (Shin Moroboshi, Zero, The Son of Seven, Televi-Kun's Super Slugger Form, Televin-Kun's Keeper Form, Ultimate Zero, Strong-Corona Zero, Luna-Miracle Zero, Zero Darkness, Shining Zero, Zero Beyond, Shining Ultimate Zero)
His base form
Ultimate Zero
Shining Zero
Ultimate Shining Zero
Zero Beyond
Ultraman Saga
His three human hosts (From left to right: Run, Nozomu Taiga and Leito Igaguri)
As Shin Moroboshi (His three possible designs)
  • Greater God (in his base form and as Shining Ultimate Zero, who would be Overdeity level if it wasn't for power drain); borderline Overdeity (as Ultimate Zero or Zero Beyond); Overdeity (as Ultraman Saga, Shining Zero or Zero Beyond Galaxy Glitter). Lesser God when taking human form or merged with a human host and untransformed.
  • Symbol: The Ultra Zero Eye NEO
  • Theme Songs: Zero No Theme, Susume! Ultraman Zero, Heroes (shared with Ultraman Geed)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Chaotic Neutral; Chaotic Evil as Zero Darkness
  • Portfolio: Superior Successor, Descended from a family of heroic Ultras, Henshin Hero, Chest Blaster, My Hero, Zero, Has Visited Various Alternates Universes, Hot-Blooded, Was trained by Ultraman Leo who was trained by Ultraseven, Badass Cape, Wields a pair of Eye Sluggers as weapons, Training from Hell, Heroic Red and Blue Colors, Flash Step, Can combine his Eye Sluggers into one single blade, Gets demoted to Deuteragonist in later series, Worf Had the Flu, Hates being called foolish, Symbiotic Possession, Uses the Ultra Zero Eye NEO to transform, Light Is Good, Spin-Offspring, "You're 20,000 years too early to beat me!", Light Is Good
  • Domains: Henshin, Giants, Heroes, Legacies, Offspring, Light
  • Heralds: Run (his first human host), The People from Another Space World, The Ultimate Force Zero (Mirror Knight, Jean-Bot, Glen Fire, Jean-Nine, Moroboshi), Nozomu Taiga (His second human host), Leito Igaguri (His third human host) and his family, Ultraman Z (his apprentice, sort of)
  • Allies: Most Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Ultraseven (his father), Ultraman King, Ultraman Leo (his mentor), Rei, Ultraman Mebius, Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed, Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb and good-aligned Kamen Rider deities), all ascended Cures and the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, all good-aligned Ben 10 Deities, Simon, Ahsoka Tano, The Steven Universe Deities (Except the Diamond Authority), Ash Ketchum, Mothra, Gamera, Godzilla, Superman, Orion, Statesman, Zero, Eddie Brock/Venom, Viewtiful Joe, All good-aligned My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic deities, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Gamera, Undyne, Darkwing Duck, Lelouch vi Britannia, The Wonderful 101, Link, Zuko, Megamind, Gru, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Kouji Kabuto, Sam Flynn, Luke Skywalker, Goku, The Iron Giant, Amuro Ray, Ryoma Nagare, Guillermo del Toro, The Dimensional Counterparts, The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Hot Rod.
  • Friendly Rival: Mothra Leo, Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Battra, The Diamond Authority
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Villains (Especially Ultraman Belial (his sworn nemesis), Lord Drakkon, Shocker, Hyper Zetton and The Powered Baltans), All Evil Aligned Kaiju, especially King Ghidorah, Spacegodzilla and Gigan, All evil-aligned Light users (Particularly Lucemon and The Light of Destruction), Alduin, Metallix, Darkseid, Mongul, Megatron, The Lich, Phazon, Destoroyah, The Zabi Family, Emperor Zarkon, Red Skull, Sauron, Big Brother, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, The Vex, Majin Buu, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Child Abuse Supporters, Alduin, Lord Tirek, Count Dooku, Charles Zi Britannia, The Overlords, The Aparoids, Marvin the Martian, Norman Osborn, Malware, Cronos, Zamasu, Monokuma and his Mastermind, SKYNET, Rau Le Creuscet, Gihren Zabi
  • Annoys: Azmuth
  • Respects: Dark Pit, The King of Cosmos, Eru Illuvatar,The One Above All, Princess Celestia and Luna, Madoka Kaname, Iroh, Rose Quartz
  • Feared By: The Incubators, Megaguirus, Hedorah, Orga
  • Pities: Lotor, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Conflicting Opinion: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Kaito Kumon, Bowser
  • Once upon a time, in the planet known as the Land of Light, a young Ultra with great power but with a dark ambition for power attempted to steal the Plasma Spark, which was the planet's lifeforce to further increase his strength. He was stopped by Ultraseven and arrested by the Space Garrison who then had him exiled to a distant planet from his home... But Seven made sure this young warrior be disciplined and appointed his student, Ultraman Leo, for the task of training the young warrior and for him to learn humilty and values of justice. In this planet he trained fiercely and harshly, but he wouldn't show his true worth as an Ultra Warrior until he saved the life of a small Pigmon he befriended, which showed he had began to care for more than just power for power's sake, having redeemed himself from his past sins he discovered Seven was his father and only tried to protect him from ending like the fallen Ultra, Belial. With his newfound knowledge of his legacy and learning of his father's distress when Belial attacked, he set off to fight the fallen Ultra eventually winning and defeating him, but this was merely the beginning of their eternal enmity.
  • His accomplishments of defeating Belial on his own in their first battle and destroying Belial's 100 Monster Army, as well as becoming a mentor to several Ultras, allowed him to be qualified for ascension into the Pantheon. Upon arriving he quickly met up with his fellow Ultras, who introduced him to the GUAG Toku Division where he joined in as one of it's main commanders, also becoming the Ultra Faction's Co-Leader of sorts alongside the original Ultraman/Shin Hayata (though he takes a more laidback approach to this role).
  • When brought into the Pantheon, it was made sure he'll ascend with his full might restored, in order to prevent him from being too weak to fight against the more powerful evil deities of the Pantheon or his nemesis, Belial. This only prompted Belial to take actions and initiate a counter plan in case that Zero proves too powerful for him to handle. Similarly Zero has remained on guard in case Belial pays a visit to him, being unwilling to let Belial defeat him again.
  • He is generally fond of working with other Hot-Blooded heroes, even if he can butt heads with them due to his own attitude. That said, he has no problem working or bonding with pacifist heroes such as Steven Universe and The Iron Giant, thanks to the time he spent with the similarly pacifist Ultraman Cosmos.
    • His power and attitude earned him Ryoma Nagare's eternal respect, the two team up from time to time to take on any evil Pantheon deities that are up to cause trouble in the Pantheon. Nagare himself has some interests in Zero's many tales of his multiversal adventures and the many enemies and perils he's faced throughout his many years of fighting.
  • He is notable for having a total of 3 possible human hosts, which one he merges up with depends on the situation and availability, while Leito tends to be the least used one due to family duties, he is by far the one who's bonded with him the most. Leito himself has become more confident and willing to fight alongside Zero, too, which helps them a lot when push comes to shove and the need for action comes.
    • However, should Zero find himself unable to use a human host he can instead assume a human form named Shin Moroboshi (In honor of both his father's human form and the original Ultraman's human host), he tends to have 3 different designs for it and there's no real way to tell how he'll look before the transformation. Like with his human hosts, he transforms using the Ultra Zero Eye NEO. He's very careful when transformed into a human, because if his Transformation Trinket is damaged he'll be stuck in human form until it's repaired.
  • If there is one unanswered big question that various deities want to know about is the identity of his mother. Some have theorized it was a blue Ultrawoman from the Land of Light, given Zero's red and blue scheme, although others have suspected Anne Yuri, a human woman that Zero's father fell in love with in his first visit to Earth (And married in alternate timelines), to be Zero's mother. Zero himself has no idea, but doubts that Anne could be his mother, given his own age, although some Gods do propose that perhaps time-travel or the way time works in space was involved. Whatever the answer is, perhaps no one will ever know.
  • Due to his own past and redemption from his lust for power, he greatly respects those who strayed from the path of evil or power-hungriness, either on their own or through help from friends, among the most respected of this lot is Megamind, who was able to not only stray from evil but eventually prove himself a hero. He also respects Dark Pit for not allowing his nature as an intended Evil Doppelgänger define his motivations, even if Pittoo isn't too eager to be straight-up allies with him.
    • Likewise, he also respects Rose Quartz greatly for being able to realize on her own the damage that the Diamond Authority's actions were doing to lifeforms across her Universe and directly taking action to stop that.
  • He also respects Big Good figures in the Pantheon due to his experiences with Ultraman King in his adventures. Even the trickster mentors like Celestia have it, as he understands why they'd leave the task of solving problems to less powerful beings and only interfere when necessary.
  • To say he wasn't happy to see that Ultraman Belial had long since ascended before he did would be an understatement, he's made sure to warn people of what Belial can do if left unchecked and is thoroughly unnerved by what Belial could accomplish with the resources and allies at hand in the Pantheon. To this day he continuously trains to be able to fight against Belial should the latter become Atrocious again, as well as hoping to have more Ultramen ascended to get as much support as possible against his nemesis.
  • Due to his experiences with Leito's family, he is friends with all Good Parents in the Pantheon, likewise he hates all Abusive Parents in the Pantheon due to Belial's treatment of Geed, if there is one way to make Leito fully confident to assist Zero, is through being an abusive parents. For their part, few of the Abusive Parents are willing to try their hand at fighting Zero, thanks to the Ultra's massive power and mostly stray clear of his path.
  • He hangs out a lot around the good-aligned Kamen Rider deities, mainly due to one of his finishing moves being a Rider Kick-like attack, which he learned from Leo. An example being Kadoya Tsukasa/Kamen Rider Decade who, like Zero, travels through dimensions solving problems across the Multiverse and are acknowledged as some of the most powerful Toku heroes of all time, as well as serving as mentors to many of their successors, not to mention temporarily going down the path of darkness. The two quickly became friends and somewhat started a rivalry with one another, which has caused both Sougo Tokiwa and Riku Asakura to try to claim each of their mentors is better than the other, much to both Zero's and Decade's amusement.
    • He does not have appreciation for all the heroes, however, and tends to have conflicted views on the likes of heroes like Kaito Kumon, whose extremist solution, even if somewhat well-founded, he did not approve of. That said, his redemption has eased Zero's views on him, helped by Kouta and Mai also helped Zero not judge Kaito for his past actions.
  • He pities those who lost themselves in the dark side lusting for power. Mainly Sasuke Uchiha and Lotor, with him being willing to try and help them overcome this lust for power, not wanting them to potentially become like Belial, who's lust for power consumed him completely.
    • His opinion towards Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Ben Solo/Kylo Ren is complicated, mainly because the two got lost for a long time in their quests for power, although they've redeemed themselves, he's still unwilling to fully treat them as good people. Given how much suffering they caused to others and the billions of lives each took while on the Dark Side. Both of them don't hold it against him, understanding why he feels the way he does towards them.
  • Although firmly on the side of good, he does not tend to obey laws and orders and generally wanders the Multiverse with the Ultimate Force Zero to fight off threats while ignoring most authority as he wants to, Azmuth has been severely annoyed by Zero's attitude, being a reminder of how Ben 10, his pseudo-disciple, usually acts. Zero does not return the feeling, but doesn't have much to say about Azmuth otherwise.
  • He is quite wary around the Diamond Authority, despite his good relationships with the rest of the Steven Universe deities, mostly because of all the destruction and death they caused. Though he is far more lenient than he is with Anakin or Ben Solo, since he knows they're trying to directly mend their mistakes and have been succesful so far, that said he has made it clear to them that should they ever turn on the Grand United Alliance of Good he'll make sure to take them all down, even if the other Steven Universe deities disagree with him.
  • He once met Kyubey before ascending. Learning of the Incubator's actions of luring girls to their Doom under the guise of making them Magical Girls, earned Zero's hatred, prompting him to choke a plush of Kyubey since he didn't get the chance to do it to the real deal. Once he crossed paths with the Incubators (Kyubey included) post-ascension, he wasted no time in fighting and beating the weasel deities to a pulp and forcing them into retreat. Ever since, Kyubey and the other Incubators are very wary of Zero and avoid him at all costs.
    • On the same Magical Girl boat, he greatly respects Madoka Kaname for being able to put a stop to Kyubey's Magical Girl system and her imposing a new order of the Universe.
  • His resolve to break his limits and become stronger has made him good friends with Goku and the other Dragon Ball deities. Though Zero wishes Goku was a bit of a better father to his sons, although it's rather minor and the two enjoy sparring with one another.
  • He is friends with all good-aligned kaiju in the Pantheon, thanks to his experiences with the Reionics human, Rei and his trusty kaiju, Gomora and Litra. He mostly prefers allying himself with the likes of Mothra, but does not have any problem teaming up with the less outright heroic ones such as Godzilla and King Kong.
    • As is to be expected, all evil-aligned kaijus hate and fear him. Ghidorah and Gigan rallied Spacegodzilla, Hedorah and Destoroyah to take on Zero with a sneak attack, the battle ended in Zero's favor, who destroyed both leading kaiju with the Ultimate Aegis and forced their small group into retreat.
  • He's also rather fond of the Pokemon of the Pantheon, and also of Ash Ketchum, whose mon-commanding abilities remind him of Rei's Reionics' power, he also appreciates Ash's All-Loving Hero and Friend to All Living Things nature, he's vowed to protect Ash from any threats he may face in the Pantheon that the trainer can't overcome on his own.
  • Due to his experiences with evil AIs and Robots such as Gilbaris, he isn't fond of the evil robots of the Pantheon, particularly those such as Ezekyle and SKYNET, that some of them are allied with Belial has put them high on Zero's enemies list.
  • Suprisingly enough, he has an official Twitter account, it's unknown at what point he made it. That said, he's not been active lately and mostly prefers to wander the Multiverse in search of places to help out rather than spend time on social media platforms.
  • Due to Belial's actions, he hates anyone who rebelled against their kind for selfish reasons, pride or due to a twisted sense of justice. Out of these examples stand out Lucemon, who seeks "order" through the subjugation of all living beings; Malware, who went as far as murdering members of his own race and corrupted himself, not unlike Belial; and Megatron, who even devastated his own home planet due to starting a war. As such he's vowed to make sure they and all their allies are brought down one day for good.
  • Belial's near-successful destruction of the Universe also makes him detest all omnicidal maniacs in the Pantheon. The Grand United Alliance of Destruction is the faction he hates and opposes the most, even more so than the Grand United Alliance of Evil (That Belial is one of their members only further adds to it).
  • When he's in Shining Zero form he's shown the ability to reverse time, which he used to revive the then-recently deceased Force Zero, this has made him gain some admiration from Shiro Kanzaki who tried the same thing albeit without the successful result Zero had. Zero doesn't have much appreciation for Kanzaki due to his actions in the Rider War, but at least has no interest in pursuing him as he has bigger problems to think about in the Pantheon. This ability has also made him enemies with the evil time-manipulators of the Pantheon.
  • Since light is sacred to all Ultras, Zero hates all evil Light users, viewing them as monsters who insult everything that the good-aligned Light users stand for, particular stand-outs are Lucemon, and the Light of Destruction whom both use their light to bring ruin and destruction and subjugate those they consider beneath them.
    • On the other hand, good light-users and light-based beings are among his personal favorite allies, among them are the Crystal Gems, whose work to save Earth he greatly respects, especially their willingness to stand up to the Gem Empire of Homeworld, and Steven's pacifism which reminds him of Ultraman Cosmos' own pacifist ways.
  • He's developed a rivalry of sorts with Mothra Leo, with the two being rather similar as they are Superior Successors to their parents and use light-based attacks. That said, it's a friendly rivalry and the two hold no ill will with each other, they also make a terrific team against most villains of the Pantheon.
  • All Good-aligned Deities in the Pantheon, especially Zero's allies, have made sure to provide him with the means of preventing anyone, but especially Ultraman Belial, from possessing him, as when he's corrupted by Darkness he turns into the all-mighty but highly chaotic and evil Zero Darkness, also the last time that happened to him he only managed to escape the situation thanks to obtaining his Shining Form, which may not be able to be repeated directly in the Pantheon.
  • He wasn't happy to see the ascension of the Zettons, much less that of Hyper Zetton. Zero has been making sure that he and his fellow Ultras can be ready for a possible assault of the Zettons, as now that the evil forces of the Ultra Multiverse are entering the Pantheon, they'll need to make sure to be at their best condition and prepared for the worst that may come.
  • My name is Zero, Ultraman Zero, the son of Seven!.

Intermediate Gods

    Abin Sur 
In brightest day, in blackest night,

no evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil's might,

Beware my power—Green Lantern's light!

Abin Sur, God of Passing the Torch on His Death
Click here for him as a White Lantern

    Ahsoka Tano 
Ahsoka Tano, Goddess of the Master-Apprentice Chain (Snips, Little Soka, Ashla, Fulcrum, The Apprentice, Lady Tano, Space Aunt, Ahsoka the White)
Rebels (32 years old), Clone Wars (16 years old)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her face markings
  • Theme Song: Anakin talks to Ahsoka
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (As long as the Empire rules the galaxy. Once the empire falls and the republic returns to power, then she'll be somewhere between Lawful Good and Neutral Good.)
  • Portfolio: Saving her master as many times as he saves her, Growing kinder as she ages, Fighting in Reverse Grip, Giving people nicknames and growing out of it, Leaving the Jedi Order after they abandoned her, Giving information to various Rebel groups and coming back with more experience
  • Domains: Students, Rebellion, Knowledge, Mentors
  • Followers: Wakui Tsubasa, Penny Ngwenya, Evvy, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Shao Jun
  • Allies: Padmé Amidala, Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sora, Korra, Anakin Skywalker (cover as Darth Vader), Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, The Doctor, Terry McGinnis/Batman V, Revan, Meetra Surik
  • Enemies: Emperor Palpatine, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Darth Maul,Darth Plagueis, General Grievous, Emir Wat Tambor, Count Dooku, Director Orson Callan Krennic, Grand Moff Tarkin, Boba Fett, Darth Vader (her master, but only to keep his cover)
  • There was a great disturbance in the Pantheon, as if millions of people went silent and then they suddenly went screaming with joy.
  • March second was the date that made the Gods discuss about ascending her to the Pantheon.
    • She on the other hand wishes for them to stop talking about that date.
  • Formerly a member of the Jedi Order, Ahsoka left after the Jedi council abandoned her to be executed for a crime she did not commit. Now fifteen years later "Fulcrum" as her code name fights with the rebellion to stop the Empire and bring back the Republic.
  • When she discovered that her reformed Anakin is in the Panteon as Darth Vader; him being the only person she could trust after the betrayal of the Council went to his House and put a holographic device so they could talk.
  • Obi-Wan and Yoda are still asking for forgiveness, for abandoning her, but she's still not certain if she should. However she still considers them as friends and Ahsoka will join them for fighting injustice.
    • Luke heard what happened and assured her that his new Jedi Order will never do that to her or anyone in it.
  • Has made a return in March second aiding the Rebels, the same date that she left the Order years ago.
  • The day that she came back on the same day she left made the fanbase scream of joy, to the point that they were thinking of naming the date March 2nd "Ahsoka Lives Day". She's desperately trying to calm down the fanbase and convince them not to name that date.
    • She failed but what they gave her made her smile.
  • Ahsoka was surprised that her voice actress opened a clothing store called "Her Universe".
    • Padme will certainly use the store.
  • She's rather embarrassed about her younger years where she gave some people nicknames and she's glad that she grew out it. She called Anakin "Skyguy" ONCE but that did not stop him from calling her "Snips" even after three years of being together.
  • She went to the House of Time and Temporality and House of Knowledge to ask them why her adult self looks different than her vision self in Mortis, but sadly there was no answer.
    • Some say that The Son made a "what if" future of herself and he was not creative enough to change her clothes and lightsabers, her body on the other hand they had no idea.
  • She met Sora once when both were training in the House of Weapons with other blade masters. They bonded quickly over each other's stories of failed graduations (which were actually caused by other people). Ahsoka admires how his optimism shines through the event (even after almost being turned into another Xehanort), finding it to be the kind of hope and cheerfulness her rebels need.
  • Ahsoka and Korra also talk together about how they've matured over the years. Korra does find it kind of funny that she gets along well with a high ranking member of a rebellion when the last one she knew was an enemy that tried to take away her bending.
  • Inadvertently made friends with Ruby Rose after she began gushing over her white lightsabers, which she thought looked cooler than the others. Through her she met the other members of Team RWBY.
    • Yang simply went with 'a friend of Ruby is a friend of mine'. She actually witnessed one of her 'hair rampages', and has said that it was even scarier than any encounter she had with Grievous or Ventress.
    • She somewhat relates to Blake since a large group of her people were kidnapped and forced into slavery by the Separatists.
    • Weiss took the longest to get used to her since her experience with a certain 'rebellion' resulted in the death of some of her loved ones. Though after some talks with her, she came to the conclusion that this was far from the same case, especially when hearing of the Empire's cruelties.
  • Met The Doctor sometime after she left the Order. She apparently went on a few adventures with him, but strained the friendship when she decided to join the rebellion. They have reconciled since then and are still good friends, but she understands that he will in no way partake in the war.

    Darth Bane & Darth Zannah 
Darth Bane and Darth Zannah, Divine Overlords of the Rule of Two (Bane: Dessel [original name], Sepp Omek | Zannah: "Rain")
Darth Bane
Bane in his Orbalisk Armor
Bane's Canon Iteration
Darth Zannah
  • Intermediate Gods (Bane can reach Greater God when at his Full Potential + wearing his Orbalisk Armor)
  • Symbol: The Symbol of the Order of the Sith Lords
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Establishing the Rule of Two, Villain Protagonists, Were Molded by Tragedy, From Nobody to Nightmare, Greater-Scope Villain
  • Domains: The Dark Side, Mentalism, Evil, Master and Apprentice, Prophecy, Establishments, Legacy
  • Herald: Darth Cognus (Zannah's apprentice)
  • Allies: Darkseid, Sauron, Lord Recluse, Apocalypse, Alduin, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos), Vanitas, Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, Junko Enoshima, Esdeath, Shao Kahn
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ramsay Bolton, Tira
  • Enemies: The Jedi Order and the Galactic Empire (Notable Examples include Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Galen Marek, Cal Kestis, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious), Princess Leia Organa, Maul, Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Starfleet Command, The Green and Blue Lanterns and the Sapphire Star Corps, Son Goku, Vegeta, Alice Liddell, Haruka Kotoura, Madoka Kaname, John Crichton, Luigi, The Tenno
  • Opposes: Darth Nihilus
  • Allegiance: GUAE Dystopia Harbingers
  • Worthy Opponent: Darth Revan (one-sided on Bane's part mainly because Revan was a source of inspiration for the Rule of Two)
  • Interested In: Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil
    • The reason they're not aligned is because of Darth Sidious's high leadership within the Alliance.
  • The Sith Order was one of the greatest threats the galaxy had ever known, and the most confrontational and recurring enemies to the Jedi Order, waging war against one another for hundreds of years. However, beyond their fear and enmity to their enemies lay an even greater problem; in-fighting and betrayal in a bid for more power, a curse to the Sith that meant that they would be spending just as much time fighting against each other as much as they would be fighting the Jedi. Such was noticed by an individual named Dessel, a member of the Sith Order who was incredibly potent and talented with the Force. Due to this in-fighting, Dessel came to the conclusion that the Sith were flawed and would never win against the Jedi. To solve this issue, the Sith needed a restart. Constructing a thought bomb, with the knowledge and archives he received from past Sith Lords, Dessel killed every single member of the Sith Order. Prior to this, he took a little girl under his apprenticeship, determined to teach her the ways of the Sith. Rechristening themselves as Darth Bane and Darth Zannah, the two established the Rule of Two to abide by the fact that only two Sith Lords may exist at one point, a master who possesses power, and an apprentice who craves it.
    • During his time as a Sith Lord, Bane led several notable victories against the Jedi and many of his other enemies, and despite his ruthlessness, was an effective and capable teacher to Zannah. He also installed several spy networks across the galaxy and proved himself to be a masterful planner just as much as a brutal, yet skilled and tactical fighter. Eventually, Bane was killed by Zannah in a tradition he set up to ensure that the Apprentice is capable of surpassing his master. Bane's influence and legacy enforced that the Rule of Two continued onward, eventually culminating with Darth Sidious, who managed to complete Bane's long-awaited goal of exterminating the Jedi Order... despite violating Bane's rule of not having more than two apprentices at the same time.
  • Even after their mortal coil had been shed, it took a rather long time for Bane and Zannah to fully materialize in the Pantheon. Upon reuniting with one another, Bane darkly commended Zannah for killing him but seeing as both of them have reappeared in their peak condition, it seemed Bane was yet again the master, much to Zannah chagrin. Zannah opened up on her she was killed by her own apprentice, Darth Cognus, mirroring her and Bane's final match. Regardless, their return meant that there is much to do in the Pantheon.
  • Bane and Zannah were pleased to see that the Jedi Order was destroyed in part due to their influence on the Sith following their time. However, the moment he became more familiar with Darth Sidious, Bane became very disgruntled. While Palpatine did replace his apprentices, Bane didn't like the fact that he kept more than one at the same time, which meant violating the set principles that he set up. Zannah, on the other hand, was not exactly miffed by such violation, if anything, Sidious found her sadism to be rather pleasing to watch. That said, Bane comes first, so that meant Sidious was her enemy. Bane also came to hate Darth Vader for employing the Inquisitorius, which he personally saw as "cheap and undertrained alternatives" compared to an actual Sith Apprentice.
    • Speaking of the current Sith, Bane hates the fact that Vader still clings onto the Darth title and feels that he is besmirching the title by being in the alliance of Good and holds similar sentiments towards Count Dooku for not living up to the expectations of being a Sith Lord. He's a bit more laid back about Maul, though he still views him with scathing regard as a pathetic failure for a Sith and a doomed rebel. Zannah, on the other hand, sees Maul as competition and would want to fight against him. Bane, for all his critical views on his enemies, wouldn't mind taking Maul in as an apprentice if he gets to kill Zannah.
  • Darth Bane is completely merciless, though he doesn't display acts of violent insanity, being self-centred or needless evil actions, all of which are common in Sith Lords, whether they had sympathetic qualities or not. Instead, he focuses directly on his goals and takes as many countermeasures as possible to ensure success. He is a man who is sharpened by pragmatism, plans meticulously and among the most potent and skilled users of The Dark Side in the galaxy.
    • Part of Bane's extremely high fear factor also comes with his gear, the most notable of which is his Orbalisk armour, which were made from parasites known as Orbalisks, which was specifically designed for combat against lightsaber-wielders. While the Orbalisk armour does deter Bane from using stealth, the amount of endurance granted ensures that lightsaber blows deal little-to-no damage on the Dark Lord. Furthermore, Bane's strength and agility all gain a significant boost alongside a potent Healing Factor to allow him to continue fighting even if he gets injured. The added strength helped in that the Or a list armour was powered by the Dark Side of the Force, which Bane was incredibly talented and powerful in.
  • Darth Zannah, on the other hand, plays more like a traditional Sith Lord, though with Bane's tutelage, she does display very serious signs of pragmatism and awareness of her goal. Unlike Bane, however, Zannah delights in being a Sadist torturing her opponents and captives excessively if it means extracting information and breaking their spirits. Palpatine was rather impressed by the depths of mental and physical harm Zannah would inflict, but can't do anything about her for the time being due to being Bane's apprentice.
  • Both were immediately interested in the Grand United Alliance of Evil and expressed a desire to join it.; However, they soon realized that doing so would also make them complacent to Sidious's orders and Bane obviously going to allow this to happen. The Grand United Alliance of Destruction had nothing to offer regarding Bane and Zannah's true goal and Darth Nihilus was what could be considered Bane's Sith Opposite. This led them to Darkseid, who, as an enemy to the GUAE, felt that he was the best opposition he could join in regards to opposing Sidious. The two accepted the Lord of Apokolips's invitation to become a part of the GUAE Dystopia Harbingers; Bane being one of it's leading figures and Zannah enlisting herself as one of the Furies and taking a small-time job in the Mines of Torment.
  • Bane is the Sith'ari; there was a prophecy that the Sith would be destroyed by someone within the organization, yet by doing so would make them stronger than ever. He killed every single member of his order shortly after taking Zannah under his wing, and the resulting years were the Sith building up their power with his new rule. It eventually paid off, even though Bane and Zannah died several years before the Jedi Council was eradicated.
    • Bane's prophetic position is a complete counter to Luke Skywalker in a lot of ways beyond simply being The Chosen One. Luke, however, is disgusted by the similarities he and Bane share, with the Sith Lord finding the situation rather humourous especially the fact that they sound pretty similar. They've battled very occasionally, with Bane admitting that Luke may as well be his greatest enemy outside Sidious.
    • Bane also came to see himself as an antithesis to Madoka Kaname due to her being seen as a renowned Hope Bringer throughout the Pantheon. As Madoka wished to save all Magical Girls from being turned to witches, Bane destroyed the Sith from within to assure future victory and strength. After the Great Upheaval which saw Madoka become severely weakened, Bane has since been plotting an opportunity to prevent Madoka from gaining her god-like powers again. That way, using the despair of others for not having someone to protect and provide miracles for also means Bane and Zannah could assert total control.
  • They were surprised to hear the presence of Revan, especially Bane as Revan's legacy and actions as a Sith Lord were instrumental in the development and concept of the Rule of Two, given that Revan himself kept only one apprentice; Darth Malak. Revan is one of the only beings that elicits any sort of respect from Bane, though Revan simply sees the two as foes and is disgusted by Bane's decisions to enforce the Sith concept.
  • Zannah's position in the Furies has been of good service, with her gaining a good ally in Esdeath, who sees her as a very noteworthy fighter, especially given the fact that Zannah killed Bane. She also finds herself in good graces with Junko Enoshima due to their shared habits of inflicting pain, though Junko is driven to indulge and have fun with it whereas Zannah is more practical and seeks to extort information, though Zannah may express as much glee and fun as Junko herself does.
    • Due to her affinity for torture and inducing fear, she's found herself in good company with Dr. Jonathan Crane, who was very interested to see how one was able to use the Force to create one's worst nightmares. He's wanting to ask if Bane and Zannah could help him in a case study on how the Force works, but he's biding his time for now.
    • However, Ramsay Bolton and Tira seem to be more difficult to work with. With Ramsay, it's because, while he's smart and calculating, he wastes his time on hunting the defenceless and laying his victims when he couldn't fight back against a capable fighter. Tira, despite being a dangerous fighter, is mentally unpredictable and often prioritizes brutalizing her victims over being pragmatic and focused on a greater task. Still, Zannah would prefer working with Tira as she can hold her own; Ramsay is a Dirty Coward the moment a situation goes against him.
  • Being an intergalactic threat, Bane and Zannah are opposed by Starfleet Command and the Lantern Corps, especially the Green and Blue Lantern and Sapphire Star Corps. It doesn't help that the two of them are allied with Darkseid, who has proven time and again to be capable of holding a universe on his thumb with nothing but pure malice and had come close to destroying the Multiverse once. Though it's only natural that the Jedi Order is the most vehemently opposed, given the eternal duel against Jedi and Sith.
  • Haruka Kotoura is outright afraid of the Sith duo. This is mainly directed towards Zannah however, given her ability to exploit and mentally recreate one's fear using the Force. Given how dreaded they are and how driven they are towards their goals, Haruka usually panics and whimpers in fear whenever they're near her presence, especially considering what Zannah would do if she suddenly found her useful. As of now, both Sith Lords haven't confronted Haruka yet, with Bane not finding anything practical in torturing her and Zannah being more focused on other targets. Still, given Haruka has been through, it's practically a miracle that the two haven't gotten to targeting her yet.
  • The Tenno were considered by Bane and Zannah o be formidable foes due to their abilities being rather similar to the Force. Unlike most of the Jedi however, the Tenno were not afraid to use lethal force if it meant protecting innocents and preventing further damage. The Sith Lords have made their point to find a way to neutralise the Tenno by any means necessary.
  • Bane is held on high regard by Lord Recluse who praises him for planning out his work and for accomplishing what very little Sith Lords were able to do. Bane and Lord Recluse hence serve as some of the Harbinger's more intellectual members, able to send out different sorts of intel collectors across the Pantheon and relay it back to them and Darkseid.
  • Darth Bane's ultimate goal is to destroy the Pantheonic Jedi Order and overthrow Emperor Palpatine to assert his own vision of the Sith Order with Zannah. He's made it especially clear that nothing is going to stop him from achieving his goals, even if it means jeopardizing Darkseid or even his apprentice Zannah. While Zannah is aware of this, she goes along with Bane's goal anyway, given that she's come to believe the Rule of Two really is the best pathway for the Sith's success.
"Power is a means to an end. It is not an end in itself"
Darth Bane
"This is the way of our Order. An individual may die, but the Sith are eternal."
Darth Zannah

    Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 
"I will change the patient's fate!"

Emu Hojo, God of Following in Their Rescuer's Footsteps (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, The Pink Genm, Genius Gamer M, The Intern, Mighty Action X, Patient Zero, Super High-School Level Pediatrician, Super High-School Level Genius Gamer, Super High-School Level Invincible)
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Muteki Gamer
  • Theme Song: "Excite", "B.A.T.T.L.E.G.A.M.E.", "Let's Try Together" in Double Action Gamer Level XX, "Time of Victory" in Muteki Gamer, "Life Is Beautiful" in Mighty Creator VRX
  • Intermediate God, Greater God in Muteki Gamer. Overdeity in Mighty Novel X.
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider Ex-Aid symbol and his Mighty Action X Gashat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Fighting with Game Knowledge, Hospital Intern, King of Games, The Klutz, The Strategist, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, First Game Syndrome Infectee, Combat Medic, Good Is Not Dumb, "I'll Change The Patient's Fate with My Own Hands!"
  • Domains: Heroes, Gaming, Platform Games, Doctors, Healing, Cyberpunk, Social Skills
  • Herald: Parado/Kamen Rider Para-DX
  • Allies: Entire Toku Heroes (especially Poppy Pipopapo, Hiiro Kagami, Taiga Hanaya, and Kiriya Kujo)
  • Enemies: Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus, SHOCKER, Takeshi Asakura, CLU 2, Nurgle, Typhus, Thrax, Master Control Program, Sark, Nobuyuki Sugou, Love Machine, Junko Enoshima, Professor Hojo, Dr. William Birkin, Fabius Bile, Altair, Arfoire
  • Pities: Litchi Faye-Ling
  • Oppose: The Medic
  • Emu Hojo has a strong passion of being a doctor who helps his patients', not only physically, but also to bring back their smiles. This was a desire borned after being saved as a child by a doctor.
  • Has been looking into both the Houses of Science, Health and Diseases, and Machinery and Technology for a way to speed up the process of bringing back those who lost their lives in Bugster virus and in Kamen Rider Chronicle.
  • Even if he is a Kamen Rider, Emu considers himself a doctor first. He will do everything in his power to save a patient. Even if that patient is a rotten person.
    • Emu also oppose ever taking a human life. As a doctor, it's their job to save lives and not taken them. If if those people might be the most despicable beings who do deserve to die.
  • Once heard about the exploits of Love Machine, a computer virus that rampage the digital world in his pursuit of fun. Emu didn't find anything fun with what Love Machine did since it endangered many lives. The virus' action reminded Emu of Parado's own violent way of having fun.
  • Met up with Hana Song, a fellow gamer and hero. He remarks how Hana reminds him of fellow Nico Saiba; a bit bratty but with a good heart nevertheless. Hana also wants to play Emu in a game once she heard he was a genius gamer back in his world.
    • Speaking of gamers, he also likes to hang out with fellow gamers in his free time, including both iterations of Chiaki Nanami. The three bonded each other as both are knowledgeable when it comes to playing video games.
  • Even if Emu is a Nice Guy, the one thing that can make Emu truly mad is if a person devalues a person's life. Whether they don't see that person as nothing but a product that can be discontinued or killing people without hesitation and feeling nothing.
  • Since his Mighty Action X form is base around platforming games, he naturally became friends with video game characters of those genre like the Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. He is also happy he could be friends with Pac-Man after fighting a virus infected version of the pallet eater.
  • Was disturbed at the philosophy of the Chaos God Nurgle. While Emu is a person who values life and help those who suffer from illness, Nurgle is a God who loves life and wants to spread his disease out of love for his children. The diseased God became very interested in Emu and has dedicated in showing him his form of love and embrace his way.
  • Was caught in the crossfire of Gleeman Vox's plan of capturing video game characters and transforming them into figures to use for his new brand of deadly games. During the adventure, he became friends with Miku Hatsune. He remarks that the Vocaloid reminds him of Poppy. Emu was also able to gained a Gashat version of Sonic the Hedgehog to transformed into a Sonic form that has Super-Speed.
  • Has been taken literally under the wing by Angela Ziegler, a doctor who admires Emu's devotion to life. Emu was honored to be guided by someone like Mercy who devoted her life in wanting to help others.
  • Gained a sort of internship with Dr. McCoy who offered Emu chance to work with him. Emu admire McCoy's dedication to his patients to the point he would break rules to save them.
  • Has denied any relationship with one Professor Hojo despite sharing the same last name. He was sickened when he heard the many inhuman experiments Prof. Hojo have conducted in his pursuit of science like his attempt to breed Aerith and Red and injecting the Jenova cells in his wife and son.
  • Emu has been very hesitant to work with Dr. Dala who shown interest in his program to revived the people who fell from game illness. Even though Emu recognized her as an incredible Doctor, her questionable moral code makes it uncertain if she could be helpful.
  • As one who uses the power of video games to fight, it is only common sense that he and the other Doctor Riders have strong relations with the Four Goddesses of Gamindustri, who themselves embody the consoles that those games are played on. Personally, Emu gets along best with Neptune. He DOES try his best to make sure Neptune isn't falling into any of her bad habits anytime soon while he's around...even if his and Parado's videogame marathoning with Neptune doesn't exactly help.
  • "I'll clear this with No Continues!"

    Enter (Go-Busters
Enter, God of the Dragon Ascendants (Enter Unite, Dark Buster)
Enter Unite
Dark Buster
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Vaglass Emblem with the word bubbled "Tres Bien!"
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Avatars, Hard Light, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Paper-Thin Disguise, The Chess Master, Cool Shades, Combat Tentacles, Dragon Ascendant, Crazy-Prepared, Villains who Doesn't Care for his Comrades Whatsoever, The Perfectionist, Causing Human Suffering for the Sake of Evil, Troll, Empowered by Hatred, Purely Evil Characters With Unexpected Popularity
  • Followers: The Cigarette Smoking Man/Carl Geuhard Busch, Arkillo, Ramirez
  • Domains: Villainy, Avatars, Depravity, Despair, Perfection
  • Heralds: Escape
  • Allies: Shocker, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Sark, Albedo Paziolla, Ex-, Trakeena
  • Rivals: Agent Smith, Ultron, Cell
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially the Super Sentai and Power Rangers, particularly the Go-Busters), Neo, the GUAG White Hats (especially Tron, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, and all good-aligned Digimon deities), Makoto Naegi, Madoka Kaname, Satellizer el Bridget, Barry Allen/The Flash, Ruby Rose, Fresh Pretty Cures (especially Miki Aono/Cure Berry)
  • Disappointed Towards: Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King, Monaca Towa
  • Enter has managed to ascend in the pantheon the moment he finally took over the Vaglass organization after "his Majesty" Messiah was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Go-Busters. His position in the pantheon also proves that he is far more dangerous foe and a competent fighter than the Vaglass's leader due to his cunning tactics that could work to succeed in his missions. The first word that he said upon his arrival in the pantheon was "Ca va, Trope Pantheons".
  • Enter has quickly joins the evil organization Shocker the moment he became aware of their presence as he also started to provide all of the Vaglass equipment, the Buglars henchmen, and its Metaloids to the organization for their world domination. While the Great Leader is impressed with his action, he was also under the watchful eye of the Great Leader as well due to his own agendas.
  • He has successfully joined the Evulz Sentai Trollkaiger as the team's new Sixth Ranger due his close ties with the group. There, his designation will be "Troll Buster", giving the spy theme of his enemies.
  • He also became allies with Sark after he was impressed with his cunning presence before Sark gives him an offer to join the Malware Program as a means to strengthen their cause.
    • His opinion on Nobuyuki Sugou seems to be shared with Sark after he was disappointed with his idiocy that leads to his downfall.
  • Has made a lucrative alliance with Albedo after he was impressed with Enter's ambition towards Godhood, he also do the same thing with Perfectio, Monokuma, Junko Enoshima, and Ex, since they were also impressed with his ambitions of bringing despair towards the human race in his conquest.
    • This reason has made him enemies with numerous Hope Bringers like Madoka and Naegi as well, this intrigues him even more after he found that they're forming a group of Hope Bringers and he joined with other despair-loving deities in a plan to dismantle the group.
    • He became disappointed with Monaca Towa after she backed out from the hope/despair conflict. Her joining with the Itazura Griefers has just made him enraged even more as he swears to her that he will crush her by any means.
  • He has made rivals with Agent Smith because of their shared traits of being AIs created by another AI before they became a bigger threat towards their respective enemies. The two of them clashes often as they prove that they can go toe-to-toe due to their equal strength.
    • He also gained rivalries with both Cell and Ultron after the two of them were intrigued with his desire for perfection, Enter clashes with them often since he also perceives them as a bigger threat while he also became intrigued with their powers which he might apply this traits to him so that he can empower himself even further.
    • On the other hand, he also drew an ire on the Fresh Pretty Cures since his traits reminded them too much of their enemy Moebius, Miki Aono also declares him as one of her enemies since she was furious of his twisted desire for perfection.
  • While he normally battles the Go-Busters, he also fights every single Toku heroes especially with the likes of Super Sentai and Power Rangers. He also cannot forget his encounters with the Gokaigers as well since his plans of helping the remnants of the Zangyack were foiled by the combined efforts of the Go-Busters and the Gokaigers.
  • He also became enemies with the likes of Satellizer el Bridget, Ruby Rose, The Flash, and Shinnosuke Tomari, while he made a remark of them being no different to his mortal enemy Hiromu due to their coloring aesthetics and Super-Speed powers.
  • It also seems that Neo and members of the White Hats such as Tron, Kirito and Asuna, and all good-aligned Digimon deities declared war against him as well, giving the fact that his nature as a malevolent A.I. bent on world domination made him a formidable foe towards every good-aligned virtual deities.

Rey, Goddess of the Mentor's New Hope, (Kira, Rey of Sunshine, MaRey Sue, Blu Rey, Eyebrows, Swiss, Wait, Thunder, Shooting Line, FireWire, Ray Iraq, Rey Skywalker née Palpatine)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her personally crafted yellow lightsaber.
  • Theme Music: Rey's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Mentor's New Hope, Seemingly a child of "nobodies", which is technically true because her father renounced his lineage to Palpatine, Nice Girl, but not without her limits, Fish out of Water, Horrible Judge of Character, Revealed to be the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine and shedding the family name because of it, Hope Bringer
  • Domains: Family, Jedi, Destiny
  • Heralds: Poe Dameron, and BB-8
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Count Dooku, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress
  • Complicated Relationships: Revan
  • Enemies:
  • Special Relationships: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Ben Solo, The Ones
  • Rey was originally a scavenger living on Jakku before she met BB-8 and Finn and joining the Resistance in their fight against the First Order, while also receiving the aid of Han Solo and Chewbacca. An encounter with the First Order's strongest warrior, Kylo Ren, reveals she is Force-Sensitive, causing her to take on Anakin and Luke's former lightsaber and use it to defeat Kylo after she witnesses him kill Han Solo and put in Finn in a coma. After finally getting to meet the famous Luke Skywalker to request his training, she is shocked to see that Luke has become a recluse and refuses to take part in the war due to blaming himself for Ben Solo's turn to the Dark Side, causing the latter to become Kylo Ren as he slaughters the other young Jedi in training. After speaking to Ben through their Force Bond as he forces her to accept that her parents were "nobodies" who abandoned her on Jakku and aren't coming back, Rey tries to save him from the Dark Side after the two come to understand each other. While Kylo does save her from his master, Snoke, Kylo refuses to turn back to the Light and usurps leadership of the First Order, forcing Rey to leave him as she helps the other members of the Resistance escape while Luke (having a change of heart after talking with Yoda) keeps Kylo Ren and the First Order at bay, sacrificing his life in the process. Rey decides to carry on Luke's legacy after taking the original ancient-scriptures of the Jedi's Spiritual and Warrior Traditions.
    • One year later, however, things start to take a turn for the worse when the thought-to-be dead Palpatine makes his return and offers to Kylo Ren the Final Order, a fleet consisting of countless Star Destroyers each bearing a Planet Killer. Rey and her companions try to find a map to Exegol, a planet where Palpatine's base of operations is located. While clashing with Kylo Ren on the way, latter reveals to Rey something that Palpatine told him: Rey is Palpatine's granddaughter. Her parents being nobodies? It is technically true because her father disowned Palpatine as his father, trying to live a safe and happy life with his wife and daughter before being forced to Rey on Jakku for her safety. Though unwilling to believe it at first, Rey still tries to continue to her search for the map to Exegol, but a final clash with Kylo Ren causes her to briefly give into her rage and fatally wound him, much to her horror. Rey exiles her out of fear of her power, but Luke's Force Ghost is able to help come to terms with her past and decide her own future. Travelling to Exegol, Rey confronts Palpatine, but is having initial difficulty fighting him, especially when he reveals that he will possess her if she strikes him down in rage and hatred. But with the help of the reformed Ben Solo, the spirits of the Jedi, and the entire galaxy coming to the aid of the Resistance, Rey is able to destroy Palpatine, though at the cost of her life. Ben revives her with the Force, sacrificing his life in the process, but not before Ben and Rey share a kiss. Rey goes to Taitooine to bury Luke and Leia's lightsabers and takes on the Skywalker family name as she works to bring back the Jedi Order.
  • Formerly the herald of Luke, the Court of the Gods reviewed Rey's case after she defeated Palpatine, and were quite impressed by how she had become Luke's successor in becoming the galaxy's new source of hope, as well as rekindling Luke's faith in the Jedi. The Court of the Gods send a messenger with an invitation to the Pantheon, and when told that Luke, Leia, Han, and all of their friends are in the Pantheon, Rey accepted the invitation and became the Goddess of Mentor's New Hope. A happy reunion ensues between her and her Family of Choice, and while Rey's friends, Finn, Poe, and BB-8 couldn't ascend just yet, Rey is willing to wait for them as long as it takes.
    • She also got a big surprise to see Ben Solo in the Pantheon, and is also quite happy to see him again after their last interaction in the mortal world as allies. While Ben's standing in the Pantheon is complicated at the moment, Rey knows he's changed for the better and is willing to support his case. Some gods have wondered if Rey and Ben are a couple after their kiss in the mortal world, though they aren't saying anything about it.
    • Luke, Han, and Leia all served as parental figures and good mentors to Rey, which led to her see them as her family. She highly trusts and respects them, and they in turn are happy how Rey was able to overcome her own personal trials.
    • Not long after, Rey would meet the other Jedi in the Pantheon, including the likes of Yoda, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka Tano, and Anakin Skywalker, all of whom were there to support her in the fight against Palpatine. The former Jedi show great appreciation to her for helping to restore the order and putting a stop to Palpatine from bringing danger back to the galaxy. Anakin is also quite grateful for Rey helping his grandson return to the light and saving him from his dark path.
    • Rey also met the likes of the Exile, Revan, Cal Kestis, and Galen Marek, each of whom had a differing relationship with her:
      • Meetra Surik, aka the Exile, had the Dark and Troubled Past of being an exiled and disgraced Jedi Knight before she eventually returned and rebuild the Jedi Order. Meetra is very sympathetic towards Rey, and in turn she is also grateful to her for restoring the Jedi Order after it was almost destroyed two times. Rey also greatly respects her in turn and is also secretly giddy to meet the founder of the previous generation of the Jedi.
      • Revan's relationship with Rey is complicated to say the least, since on one hand, he was a former Sith. But on the other hand, Rey is also shocked to learn how the Jedi from his time period wiped his memories to make him turn to their side. All the same, Revan does respect Rey for her moral character and strength, as well as restoring balance to the galaxy.
      • Cal Kestis shows respect to Rey for helping to bring back the Jedi Order, and also how they've been hunted down by the enemy for so long. Cal doesn't mind at all that Rey is a granddaughter of the man who almost brought extinction onto the Jedi Order.
      • Galen Marek was raised by Darth Vader to hunt down other Jedi before he eventually became one himself and helped found the Rebel Alliance. He shows great respect for Rey for her actions, but he also shows sympathy towards Rey for her backstory and has offered to teach her to control her power if she still fears the Dark Side.
  • However, just as Rey found friends, she also met foes both old and new. Among them, Rey could react in horror at the discovery that Palpatine is in the Pantheon as well, despite destroying him in the mortal world. Palpatine could only laugh at his granddaughter's distress, while also plotting to drain her and Ben to reclaim his full power once more.
    • Rey also met other foes from her universe as well, each one earning a different opinion from her:
      • Quite disgusted with Jabba the Hutt for his atrotious table manners. Rey is also shown to be quite angry with what he did to Han and Leia, as well as trying to feed her surrogate family to the Sarlaac.
      • Has nothing but contempt for both Tarkin and Krennic for their role in constructing and using the Death Star, especially since it served as a prototype for the Starkiller base and Final Order fleet. Hearing of how casual they're willing to destroy lives also disgusts her.
      • Rey does feel pity for Maul after hearing just what he went through under Palpatine's thumb, but still won't hesistate to fight him to save lives. Maul in turn hates Rey for being his former master's granddaughter, and wants to destroy her to eliminate Palpatine's bloodline.
      • Darth Nihilius and Tenebrae have earned Rey's fear for being the most dangerous and powerful Dark Side users she's ever faced. Possibly even more so than Palpatine. Of course, she won't let this get in the way of stopping them.
  • Rey would soon come across the Ones, the very embodiment of the Force itself. Rey finds herself becoming quick friends with the Daughter, who congragulates her on fulfilling her destiny and shows sympathy towards her earlier plight. The Son, on the other hand, wishes to corrupt her and convince her to make full use of her power as Palpatine's daughter, so as to have another ally. The Father, on the other hand is neutral on the matter, but does show respect for Rey's strength and bringing order to the galaxy.
  • Ultraman Zero and Steven Universe both had to live up to a certain legacy of someone, while struggling with their darker sides, something that Rey can relate to all too well. Though unlike them, Rey was able to just barely avoid succumbing to darkness fully, and even then it took a My God, What Have I Done? moment to do so. Ultraman Zero sympathizes with Rey over having the blood of Palpatine in her veins, while Steven also had to struggle with his mother's choices even before he discovered she was Pink Diamond.
    • Riku Asakura formed a deep friendship with Rey since they both had similar backstories of having villainous blood in their veins, but chose to be heroes instead. Though Rey discovered her heritage late in life, Riku discovered his when his personal story began. The two tend to hang out and talk with each other over their emotional journey and how they grew as people.
  • Fellow Hope Bringers came to befriend Rey, and are even impressed how she manages to restore the hope of Luke Skywalker when he had become jaded. Makoto Naegi and Naruto Uzumaki were able to get through to Kyosuke Munakata and Obito Uchiha, both of were good people gone bad, so they were the ones who grew the closest to Rey. Rey comes to sympathize with Madoka Kaname after one of her closest friends became a self-proclaimed demon and fated to fight Madoka. Rey does hope one day Homura Akemi will see the light.
  • Rey has a strong dislike of tyrants, considering her experience with Snoke and Palpatine. Whether they are Dark Lords like Sauron, powerful overlords like Darkseid, or even evil members of a family like Ultraman Belial, Rey has vowed to put an end to their reign of terror.

    Touta Konoe 
Touta Konoe, God of Contrasting Sequel Main Characters (UQ Holder #7, The Incompetent [by Kirie])
  • Intermediate God (though he can reach Greater God with Magia Erebea activated)
  • Symbol: The Gravity Sword surrounded by Hula Hoops
  • Theme Music: Happy Material (UQ Holder ver.) (shared with his UQ Holder teammates), Shinken Shoubu
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Unconventional Vampirism, Immortality, Impressive healing, Artificial Human, Supreme Chef, Defeat Means Friendship, Un-Sorcerer initially, Losing his shirt, Stripping people as one of his abilities, Naïve Newcomer, Bratty Half-Pint with a Heart of Gold, Cute Bruiser, Instant Expert, One of the Kids, All-Loving Hero, Vampiric Ladies Man
  • Domains: Immortality, Magic, Swordsmanship, Combat
  • Heralds: Evangeline A.K. McDowell/Yukihime, Kirie Sakurame, Kuromaru Tokisaka, Karin Yuuki
  • Followers: Chloe Frazer, Jane, Miguel O'Hara
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Karin Yuuki (one-sided on her part)
  • Enemies: The Mage of the Beginning, Vaas Montenegro, Melkor, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Hoyt Volker, Amon, Quan Chi, Zobek, Shinnok, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Dracula, Baby
  • Originally ascended alongside Avatar Korra due to the fact he's practically the polar opposite of his predecessor. Touta and Korra became good friends while sharing the same trope seat and remained so after Korra obtained a new seat all her own in a different house — twice — and moved out of his seat the second time.
  • Touta was surprised to see Negi and others in their younger forms in the Pantheon. One particular twist that caught him off guard was finding out that Negi was part of the Chick Magnet Quartet. Another was just how much Konoka and Setsuna look like Honoka and Isana, to the point he actually thought they were the Konoe girls from his time.
  • Evangeline/Yukihime is happy to know that he ascended, seeing as he is her only admitted soft spot. Touta is currently trying to get Yukihime to acknowledge him more. Some think it's because he has a crush on her. He initially denied it but later admitted it himself. He then decided to propose to her right in the open much to her embarrassment.
  • Touta was a little disgruntled to hear that he was actually some type of mixed clone of Negi and Asuna. He has made friends with other artifical humans such as Luke (another clone of someone else) and Sophie.
    • That said, he has volunteered to help the Quartet and their fellow Relationship Enhancers save Negi from the Mage of the Beginning, the very being he was created to kill, after having not only encountered possessed!Negi firsthand but also received Yukihime's hold notice regarding his crush on her.
  • He's currently training in the House of Combat in order to improve his skills, his Healing Factor and more importantly master the Magia Erebrea and Magic Cancel inside him. He uses multiple hula hoops in order to control his magic. Most of it is facilitated or commissioned by Yukihime, but on a few occasions his training has coincided with that of his then-seat partner Korra.
    • Aside from Yukihime and Korra, some of the people he's trained with include Asuka, Mana, Luke, Sophie, Naruto, Jotaro, and shortly after the latter's ascension, Blade. Many of them either have friends in the House of Combat or go there often to keep themselves in practice.
  • He's happy to hear how many of his friends have ascended and make sure he was the first to greet them even though Karin attacked him first in jealousy because he ascended before her when Yukihime also ascended, then again after hearing about his proposal to Yukihime.
  • Touta gets along pretty good with many of the younger kid deities, playing with them whenever he has the time.
  • It's rumored that he's been hanging around Issei as he can now perform his own version of Dress Break.
  • Shares Korra's dislike of Amon, who regards his mixture of light and dark powers as "an abomination" and ominously considers his difficulty with said powers "a step towards justice". He and Korra have already warned Evangeline not to let the Equalist leader steal any of her crosses.
  • Considers Kamina's hypermasculine optimism and badass boasting to be hilarious and often gets involved as well just for kicks whenever they meet. He and Simon are pretty cool with each other as well, with the Digger even offering occasional advice on his romantic issues with Yukihime. Except his romantic desire and his desire to be recognized by Yukihime weren't one and the same. When he came to realize this and instead got together with Kirie, Simon was pressed for comment and only offered a grin of recognition.
  • Chick magnets are also Buck Hughes magnets, so it comes as no surprise Touta has heard of Bambi and his usual employers through Negi and Issei. He had the misfortune of seeing Buck, Hoyt, and Vaas at work from afar, and can't stand them anymore than his friends can.
  • Quan Chi and Shinnok have tried to come after him to steal his Magia Erebea abilities, and Count Dracula has tried to hunt him down in order to convert him to his side as a powerful fellow-daywalking ally. Fortunately, he's gotten consistent allies against both of these threats, with help from Rachel Alucard, Johnny Cage, and Asuna in the case of the evil sorcerer and fallen Elder God and Arcueid Brunestud and the Shiki duo when dealing with the King of Vampires. He could possibly take them himself using his Magia Erebea, but has taken the hint that each side's plans are most likely counting on that power and is grateful to have allies who've caught onto the same thing.
  • Ryoma Sengoku wants to try to take him and figure out how he got made so he can possibly clone him as a loyal minion, or worse, clone his abilities into himself. Upon discovering this, Yukihime has sworn to never let Sengoku touch a hair on Touta's head. He's also warned his other clone friends that Sengoku might be interested in them as well.
  • After seeing Baby ascend to the Pantheon and hearing about the Tuffle parasite's exploits, Touta fully opposes Baby due to both his similarities to and differences from the Mage, making him quite easily a worse villain although perhaps not a greater threat. This and his overall cheerful and gung-ho attitude toward challenges has earned him the favor of Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta even went so far as to name Touta as one of the ones he thinks would've made great Saiyans, earning him a place with a team called the Honorary Forces of Sadala.
  • Brought the UQ Holder crew to a party for Korra's change of seat. At the party, interaction between Illyasviel von Einzbern, Hercules, and Greed the Avaricious led to Edward Elric figuring out that Hercules and Illya's infamous black giant Berserker were one and the same. After Illya and Herc quickly explained the concept of Servants and the Holy Grail War, Touta (along with Korra) instantly decided, much to the chagrin of their companions, that they wanted to spar with Hercules in his Mad Enhancement state in the future.

Lesser Gods

    Beck (TRON: Uprising
Beck, the God who Takes Up the Mantle (The Next Tron, the Renegade)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An Identity Disk with a stylized "T" in the middle
  • Theme Music: Lightbike Battle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Stoic, Badass Biker, Legacy Character, Highly-Visible Ninja, Le Parkour, Stealth Expert, The Cowl, Deadpan Snarker, Fragile Speedster, Nerves of Steel, Weak, but Skilled, Doomed Moral Victor
  • Domains: Revolution, Cyberspace, Parkour
  • Allies: Tron (his mentor), Kevin Flynn, Sora, Riku, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Otacon, Radical Ed, Bentley Turtle, Alucard (Lords of Shadow)
  • Enemies: Master Control Program, Sark, Clu, Penelope Mouse, Courtney Gears, Vanitas
  • Ascended to the Pantheon as it was in need of another god who represents a legacy trope. Although his revolution didn't seem to get anywhere, something that views as his greatest failure, he took the mantle.
  • Tron is quite happy to see his ward appear as they had much catching up to do. He was also able to tell that Beck is guilty about the flopped revolution. Tron assured Beck that he did all that he could and shouldn't expect to much of it, as well as the fact that everything managed to turn out alright in the end, albeit in a bittersweet way.
  • Beck was rather devastated to hear what Dyson did to Tron while he was in the Pantheon, but is glad to hear that, due to being banished, he won't do anything again. At least as long as Courtney Gears is under the watchful eyes of the Court of the Gods.
  • Met with Sora, one of his mentor's oldest allies and friends, and heard how he help Tron protect the system from the Master Control Program. In fact, he was rather surprised to see that Tron made some unique friends and allies. Beck was also not happy to here that Clu was also in the Pantheon, even more so after learning that he made Tron his slave at one point and intends to do so again.
  • Is often lurking around cyberspace in the shadows, spying on potental threats and making sure that his friends are safe. This is how he discovered a disturbing plot shown below...
  • Is the first to discover that Vanitas is after Sailor Moon to forge the X-Blade, him targeting Madoka being a distraction as her hatred of Lucifer gives her heart enough taint to keep her from being used instead. After letting Tron know this, he explains that making a full scale alert would cause Vanitas to take precautions. The best thing to do was to let Sailor Moon's fellow sensei know one by one. And just in case, they enlisted Alucard, the former Trevor Belmont, for help.
  • Being the protégé to Tron, Beck is often seen helping the Hacking Quintet out, whether insuring the hacking games are success or busting them out of jail if the Master Control Program or Clu catches them. He even symphonizes with Bentley over how his ex-girlfriend, Penelope, is working for Clu.
  • Is ready to defend the weak at anyime. After all, he's Tron.

    Copy X 
Copy X, God of Problematic Successors (Master X, The Perfect Copy, Copy X Mark II)
Click here for his angelic form.


    02 Digidestined 
The 2002 DigidestinedMembers, Holy Team of Successor Protagonists (Daisuke: Davis; Ken: Digimon Kaiser/Emperor; Miyako: Yolei; Iori: Cody)
L-R: Ken, Daisuke, Miyako, Iori (top row); Wormmon, V-mon, Hawkmon, Armadimon (bottom row)
  • Demideities (most of their Digimon can go up to Greater rank and reach Overdeity level as Imperialdramon and its forms)
  • Symbol: The Digimentals
  • Theme Song: "Target~Akai Shougeki~"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Ken is formerly Neutral Evil; Iori is more Lawful)
  • Portfolio: Leading a normal life while saving both worlds, Fusion Dance, Lighter and Softer
  • Domains: Good, Sequels, Mons, Data, Fusion
    • Daisuke: Courage, Friendship, Miracles, Leadership, Dragons
    • Ken: Kindness, Redemption, Insects
    • Miyako: Love, Purity, Computers, Intelligence, Birds
    • Iori: Knowledge, Sincerity, Honor, Morality, Mammals
  • Heralds: V-mon, Wormmon, Hawkmon, Armadimon
  • Allies: Good Digimon deities, GUAG White Hats, The Mane Cast, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sora, Santa Claus
  • Enemies: Evil Digimon deities, Enter, Master Control Program, Sark, Love Machine, Team Rocket, Ghetsis Harmonia, Pokémon Hunter J, Zonda and the Seven (esp. Teseo)
  • Truce with: Sombra
  • Rival: Nao Midorikawa (Daisuke)
  • Three years after the eight Digidestined went on their adventure, a new crisis arised in the Digital World; a boy calling himself the Digimon Kaiser was going around enslaving Digimon and building Dark Towers that prevented evolution. Three new Digivices were granted to hotheaded soccer player Daisuke, energetic, tech-savvy Miyako and the young but mature Iori, who met their fated Digimon partners capable of an ancient evolution known as Armor Evolution that could counter the Dark Towers' power and fight the Kaiser. Thus the original Digidestined, with the exception of Takeru and Hikari, had to step aside to let the new generation save the Digital World. Taichi even passed his goggles on to Daisuke, in addition to the Crests passing on to the new team members in the form of the Digimentals, the catalysts of Armor Evolution.
    • The Digimon Kaiser turned out to also be a Digidestined: Ken Ichijouji, a brilliant but misanthropic boy who treated the Digital World as a game where he could do anything he wanted, not understanding that it was all real. Eventually the heroes stopped him, and after learning some lessons as a result of his partner Wormmon dying in the process, he decided to atone and eventually became part of the team.
  • Three years after their adventures, Daisuke and co. discovered a new plot threatening the two worlds, but were beaten nearly to the point of death by Alphamon. At that point, Enter took advantage of the fact that Ken was a High Priest by kidnapping and corrupting him into becoming the Digimon Kaiser again. Omegamon summoned the other three to save their friend. It was a difficult enterprise due to their confidence falling to rock bottom after their defeat and the fact that they didn't have their friends to Jogress with, but with the help of Omegamon and many other sympathetic deities, plus some creative use of Armor Evolution, they managed to rescue Ken and defeat Enter. The Main House then decided it was as good a time as any to make them proper deities.
  • Given that Milleniumon was the first Digimon Ken opposed (his first digital adventure ended with him helping Ryo defeat it) and one of the reasons why he became the Kaiser, due to it implanting a Dark Seed in Ken, it goes without saying that he was not happy to hear that the Digimon was already in the Pantheon. The fact that Millenniumon was born out of the Kimeramon that Ken created as the Kaiser was a deep shock to him, and made him regret his past actions even more, thinking that it's the punishment he deserves. Daisuke, Miyako and Iori followed suit in opposing it, for being the cause of their comrade's distress and wanting to destroy everything... Or at least, they would have if it hadn't turn out that Milleniumon had found a partner for itself in the Pantheon, in the form of a peppy Playful Hacker known as Radical Ed. None of the kids could believe their eyes, but Ed assured them that Milleniumon was her friend and asked them not to delete it as long as it was under her control. While the Digidestined don't trust Milleniumon one bit and told it they'd take it down if it tried anything funny, they've decided to trust Ed after hearing of her reputation. In fact, they hang out with her pretty often at Miyako's insistence as she's fascinated with her abilities with computers.
  • While they have a truce with Millenniumon, the foursome are as determined as ever to stop any threats in the Digital World, be they homicidal viruses or megalomaniac computers, and work together with fellow Tamers and the White Hats in putting a stop to them.
  • In their temple there are replicas of all their bedrooms (Takeru and Hikari also have theirs for whenever they feel like staying) and the Odaiba Elementary School's computer lab that serves as their usual entry to the Digital World. Other Digimon and the White Hats can easily communicate with them through it.
  • Daisuke defeated Ken and then insisted more than anyone else in becoming closer to him after he proved he was reforming. Nanoha and Fate have noticed certain similarities to themselves, as Nanoha also needed to defeat Fate before the latter turned to her side. Also, Fate can relate to Ken's struggle to replace his dead older sibling.
  • They dedicate some of their free time to club activities at the Academy. Daisuke and Ken are in the soccer club (Daisuke being all raring to go since Taichi-senpai is the captain there), Iori joined the kendo club and Miyako is in the computer club.
    • Daisuke has developed a rivalry with the girls' team headed by Nao and Rin. It all started when the teams' schedules for using the field clashed and Daisuke wanted to decide it through a game. The girls won and Daisuke has been annoyed at that ever since, antagonizing Rin whenever they see each other, while Nao tries to pacify them. Ken thinks it doesn't really matter and is far friendlier with the girls.
  • They have become friends with Ash Ketchum in spite of their followers being rivals, though it doesn't stop them from competing in a light-hearted manner at times.
    • One time they got ambushed by Team Rocket, who tried to steal V-mon for their boss. He was eventually freed, evolved to XV-mon and sent the team blasting off again with his X-Laser but Daisuke and co. weren't exactly happy about the whole thing, and they wonder if they'll have to worry about criminals wanting to steal their Digimon. Also they find Jessie and James a bit too similar to Arukenimon and Mummymon.
    • Their fear was confirmed by the presence of the likes of Ghetsis and Pokemon Hunter J. They find it unforgivable that they'd use mons as tools to achieve their selfish goals, be it world domination or wealth. Ghetsis and J, however, have looked into Digimon and find that they may be more difficult to handle than Pokemon, so they'll remain focused on the former for now.
  • Given their actions during the Digimon world crisis, they have not only the support of a lot of deities from the countries they protected, but they have a permanent spot in Santa Claus' nice list given the whole thing took place during Christmastime, and if it weren't for their intervention Christmas might have been ruined in many parts of the world.
  • Although their adult lives have been controversial for seemingly random career paths that don't appear to match with their characters, the Cutie Mark Crusaders admire and support them for successfully pursuing their dream jobs. The Digidestined also became friends with the Mane Cast by association, with each member having their own best friend within that group.
  • Daisuke:
    • Daisuke has been made aware that he used to be the one who the title Hopeless Suitor referred to after his ascension. He prefers his position with his friends and doesn't like it when people remind him how he didn't get Hikari to like him. Though that doesn't stop Miyako from taunting him about it sometimes.
    • Determined to become stronger so he won't disappoint Taichi again, he gained the sympathy of Arokh and Rynn, who decided to become mentors to him and V-mon, and hope they'll improve their dragon-and-rider dynamic for future battles.
    • Daisuke sometimes spends time at the House of Food learning to be the best ramen cook, since that's his dream job. Naruto, a fan of ramen, thinks that's a great dream and has offered to taste-test Daisuke's cooking, so the two have a business partnership of sorts.
    • Out of the Mane Cast Daisuke gets along best with Rainbow Dash, as they're both unwaveringly loyal to their friends and yet competitive and boisterous. They might butt heads sometimes due to that second quality (like one time Daisuke argued Lighdramon was faster than Rainbow Dash), but in they end they respect each other's abilities.
    • He was in charge of New York during the Digimon world crisis, which got him the gratitude and friendship of the personification of America himself. Given they're both excitable and kinda dim leaders, they get along quite well. The Avengers are also kicking themselves wondering what the hell they were doing while the Digimon invasion was happening, but they're glad Daisuke was around.
  • Ken:
    • Originally Ken was to ascend for And You Thought It Was a Game, but plans changed and he ascended with his friends instead. His trope was handed over to David Lightman, a teen hacker who thought he was playing computer games and instead nearly started a nuclear world war, which he managed to avert. In his brief stint as his High Priest, Ken became acquainted with David's regrets over the event and determination to help to avoid similar situations in the Pantheon. Ken fully relates to his feelings and respects him.
    • Ken's brilliant older brother Osamu died in a car accident, which Ken believes is his fault because he wished for it out of jealousy. So he strove to be like Osamu to please his parents. As it happens, Switch of the Sket-Dan has an almost identical backstory. Eventually both were able to overcome these issues with the support of their friends. Obviously they have a lot to talk about.
    • Ken and Judai have become very good friends since both of them ended up becoming Evil Overlords through some bad decisions. It was a rather unfortunate coincidence but it has helped them bond together. Other people who regret their actions (everyone at the Ministry of Atonement, for example) have also given Ken their support.
      • In addition, Koichi Kimura is probably the Digidestined Ken has most in common with as Koichi also had a stint at being evil before atoning. Koichi would like it if the darkness-fearing Ken could learn that not all that's dark is evil.
    • With Ken's Crest being that of Kindness, he attracted the attention of another representative of that virtue: Fluttershy. One troll told her of the time he literally kicked a puppy, so his first encounter with her… wasn't pretty. But after explaining, the pegasus also showed her very forgiving nature, sympathized with Ken's long and painful path to kindness, and knows that he's certainly learned his lesson.
    • He protected ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico during the world crisis, and Speedy Gonzalez is thus grateful to him for protecting his country's heritage. Surprisingly, so is the notorious hacker Sombra, who cuts the Digidestined some slack as a sort of thanks.
    • Wants to be a police inspector, presumably out of a desire to do justice by others after spending so much time being evil as the Kaiser. He spends time at the House of Justice learning about it and has taken a particular shine to Ryotaro Dojima, who returns the sentiment even if he fears that Ken's desire to atone might make him too obsessive about certain cases like Ryotaro was. He'll do his best to make the boy aware of the risks.
    • Whenever Ken and Wormmon train at the House of Insects they tend to run into Sig, who likes to follow them around to observe Wormmon or Stingmon battling against other insects, which always makes him go fanboy mode in his stoic way. Ken was weirded out by the boy at first, though he was never rude and eventually got used to Sig, even developing an odd kind of friendship.
  • Miyako:
    • Created a peculiar friendship with the Angry Birds when they confused Hawkmon for one of their own and drafted him into helping protect their eggs. Despite everything, Miyako and Hawkmon roll with it and think of it as practice for future battles. They've also garnered the interest of Anivia, who serves as something of a mentor to them.
    • She helped out in Russia during the world crisis, for which she's earned the friendship of Zangief and Zarya, who thought it was amusing yet clever how she dealt with the language barrier by using Russian food names as signals. Since Miyako was denied real Russian food when she went there, the two Russians were happy to throw on a feast for her and her friends, much to her delight.
    • Miyako's hyper personality means she gets along well with the similarly-tempered Pinkie Pie. With her skill at using music programs, Miyako's always finding new ways of livening up Pinkie's parties.
    • Despite her tech-savvy, Miyako's real dream is to be a Yamato Nadeshiko and a housewife. The White Hats are trying to encourage her to still apply her talent by working from home, as they really don't want to lose her abilities. Miyako thinks that wouldn't be a bad idea, but in the meanwhile she's looking up to Hinata Hyuuga as her role model after hearing of how devoted to her family she is. Hinata thinks it best to advise Miyako not to become something she's not.
    • Gets along well with Fuuka and Ami due to being the computer experts in their respective teams. It's a bit ironic as Fuuka and Ami are shy while Miyako is the very opposite, but the two blue-haired girls always feel energized when they're around the Digidestined.
  • Iori:
    • He appreciates the company of Mr. Miyagi, as the old karate teacher reminds him of his grandfather. Sure, grandpa was goofier, but he and Miyagi have the same penchant for proverbial wisdom. In his visits to Miyagi, Iori's also become friends with his pupil Daniel, and the two may be seen training together sometimes.
    • Iori relates the most to Applejack out of the Mane Cast, as both of them have a strong sense of honor and will not budge on their beliefs easily. On the other hand, both of them have also had to learn that it's necessary to be flexible at times for the greater good. They've decided to tell each other the lessons they learn on that front to see if they can learn anything new from each other.
    • During the world crisis he went to the Land Downunder to stop some water-dwelling Digimon from rampaging. As the Great Coral Reef was at risk during the battle and Iori did his best to preserve it, Steve Irwin is forever grateful that he protected such an important habitat for Australian sea life.
    • Iori wants to be a defense attorney, which likely has some relation to how his father was a police officer killed in the line of duty. After learning of the boy's history, Sae Niijima has expressed interest in mentoring him, as she herself is a defense attorney whose father died in the same circumstances, which had been a sore spot for her for a long time.
    • As a practitioner of Kendo, he eventually found a sparring partner in Suguha.

Rango, God of Becoming the Boast
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Mr. Timms, his plastic fish
  • Theme Music: Rango Theme Song, Rango Suite, Walk Don’t Rango
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: From Zero to Hero, Line-of-Sight Name, Civilized Animal, Lovable Lizard, Guile Hero, Large Ham, Beware the Silly Ones
  • Domains: Lizards, Heroism, Expectations
  • Heralds: The Mariachi Owls, The Citizens of Dirt
  • Allies: The Man with no Name, Lucky Luke, Chocobo, Team Chaotix, Bart & Waco Kid, Usopp, Quick Draw McGraw, Mr. Satan, Flik
  • Enemies: Rattlesnake Jake, Yosemite Sam, Hopper
  • Foil to: Captain Qwark
  • Avoids: Chameleos
  • A roadside accident results in a chameleon being separated from his owners and going on a journey that leads him to a town named Dirt. Taking up the name of Rango, the chameleon projects the image of a tough drifter and sheriff despite not acting like one, but word of his supposed feats spread across Dirt after a hawk that’s been terrorizing the town is killed. This has the unfortunate side effect of bringing the feared gunslinger Rattlesnake Jake out of hiding, serving as an enforcer for Dirt mayor Tortoise John, and forcing Rango out of town after the chameleon’s lies are exposed. It takes a talk with the Spirit of the West and seeing a water pipeline in Las Vegas that John is taking advantage of for Rango to return to Dirt and set things right. Rango’s determination comes through in a rematch with Jake, which earns him Jake’s respect after John’s plans are exposed and with that, Rango is hailed as a hero of Dirt who lived up to his claims that weren’t as fake as previously believed.
  • The town of Dirt was thriving more than ever thanks to the return of their water, but rumors spread throughout town of a far off place that the best of the best visit and it’s even been alleged that it may be where Rattlesnake Jake is residing after turning against Tortoise John. Outlaws that exist past where the Vegas water pipeline have tried taking Dirt’s water for themselves and when Rango thwarted one of their attempts, he noticed some items that were unfamiliar to him or the rest of Dirt. Rango examined the items, which were stated to have come from a Pantheon, and later rescued a messenger that was taken hostage by the outlaws. The messenger had tried to give Rango a message about the Pantheon and how Dirt was part of it, but the outlaws attacked under the pretense that they would be given some sort of leadership role through the letter the messenger was delivering. As for Jake, his whereabouts are still unknown, but Rango was accepted being part of the Pantheon regardless and he’ll know that another confrontation with Jake will happen at some point, especially since the snake will have made himself more formidable since his last meeting with Rango.
  • When Rango was at his lowest after being driven out of Dirt, he had a talk with The Spirit of the West, a figure who resembled an older version of The Man with No Name. Rango’s trek across the Pantheon would eventually lead him to meet this famed Western hero directly and the chameleon couldn’t help but believe that he had seen The Man with No Name in that dream prior to this. While the gunslinger apparently didn’t recognize Rango when they first met, he was aware from others that the chameleon knew how to use his wits when things got dire and found Rango to be a strange, but capable fellow following their meeting. Rango was more than thrilled to meet The Man with No Name in person, though he has a feeling that it won’t be the last time that he’ll encounter that kind of person again, whether in real life or as The Spirit of the West if Rango is in a troublesome spot.
  • There were many Western heroes in addition to The Man with No Name that got Rango’s attention ranging from equally eccentric ones like Lucky Luke who Rango wasted no time striking an alliance with and plenty of more serious-minded heroes. While some of the more serious ones found the idea of a chameleon being a sheriff strange in the same way that The Man with No Name initially saw Rango, they don’t have a problem with him otherwise if he’s keeping Western towns safe. One oddball sheriff that Rango took a liking towards was Bart, an African-American man who was appointed sheriff and had to work his way to earning the trust of the residents of Rock Ridge with the help of a gunslinger known as Jim the Waco Kid. Bart’s highly unorthodox methods of keeping the town safe, which included recruiting help in constructing a replica of Rock Ridge, was something that fascinated Rango in addition to seeing a contrast between the chameleon claiming to be something that he only lived up to in the end and Bart working to overcome prejudice and be a beloved sheriff. Given that Rango is a chameleon and that Dirt is smaller in size compared to other Western settings like Rock Ridge, Bart has suggested that Rango take advantage of his unique traits in fighting off bigger troublemakers similar to how Bart pulled off his feats, advice that Rango took to heart.
  • Despite having a streak of idiocy and things not going the way he expected it to be, Quick Draw Mcgraw became a trusted partner for Rango to work with in protecting various Western towns from danger. In doing so, some of the chameleon’s quirks have carried over to Quick Draw, but it hasn’t done much to curb the horse’s tendency to make dumb mistakes. Rango has also been caught up in the escapades of Quick Draw’s alter ego El Kabong and while a flamboyant vigilante is interesting material for a tall tale about Rango’s supposed feats, he really doesn’t want to get whacked by Kabong’s guitar since the injuries he’ll get will likely be a lot worse than a concussion that most of the human enemies get from such a whacking. Rango’s travels with Quick Draw has also occasional rematches against Jake if the latter is causing problems for a particular town, with the gun-toting snake finding Quick Draw to be a persistently annoying idiot.
  • While Jake has continued to give Rango a challenge whenever they meet, there’s been a multitude of other baddies that have given Rango a hard time whether they’re terrorizing Dirt or taking their crimes elsewhere. Yosemite Sam isn’t a villain that can be considered threatening, but he’s still enough of a problem that Rango has taken him on whenever the bandit threatens to take something from Dirt for himself. Sam has taken up a lot of other occupations such as piracy and airplane pilot, prompting Rango to make up plenty of tall tales about how he stopped a formidable foe from using every single job occupation he’s done all at once from stealing valuable resources. Sam has dismissed the chameleon’s stories as nonsense, and he is just as annoyed at how people believe that there may be some truth to Rango’s wild stories about him or some of the chameleon’s other enemies.
  • Usopp was someone who Rango saw as a kindred spirit when it came to making outrageous claims about themselves that ended up being true in unusual ways. While Rango had to work his way into earning the genuine trust of the town of Dirt, Usopp was part of a strong group of friends known as the Straw Hat Pirates and has engaged in many crazy adventures that would normally be seen as a crazy story entities like Rango would make up. Usopp ended up being a great inspiration for Rango to not only to make up wild stories about his feats, but to really be the hero that he is within his stories and the same holds true in regards to Rango interacting with Mr. Satan. The latter was a regular person in a world inhabited by insanely powerful individuals, and Mr. Satan making use of himself despite such a massive power gap has given Rango more motivation to make the most of living in the Pantheon and being impressive despite the possibility of having to contend with powerful entities that Rango had very little chance of surviving against.
    • While Rango can get along with similarly friendly entities that lived up to their lies, there were a few that he had some problems with. While Captain Qwark has regularly boasted about being a famed space hero (and has actually acted like one when things get truly dangerous), he’s also a coward and is arrogant about his status as a hero that Rango isn’t sure how much more it would take before Qwark stops getting hung up about himself. While there is a chance that Qwark can change for the better, Rango learned that there were some who acted out their lie so much that there was no possibility to improve as was the case for Walter White. Granted, Walter was involved with the morally dubious occupation as drug dealer to try and support his family, but it didn’t change the fact that if a good person ends up so engrossed in acting evil, it can lead to a lot of damage (which is what happened to Walter) and Rango doesn’t want any involvement with entities like Walter White when it comes to such corruptive deception.
  • Rather than using horses like a typical Western hero, Rango and his posse rode across the Wild West using roadrunners. That there were additional birds that functioned as steeds surprised Rango and it resulted in a trek that led him to a place where Chocobos thrived. He discovered that there were many different kinds of Chocobos and his efforts to tame a Chocobo to be used as a secondary steed for when he is up against more dangerous enemies ended up working out despite a few difficulties trying to initially get on one. As for an actual roadrunner, Rango ended up encountering one in the desert being pursued by Wile E. Coyote and the chameleon found it amusing how fast the Road Runner is. Rango would end up having additional encounters with the Road Runner and the Coyote whenever he is pursuing some kind of enemy, with the Coyote’s mishaps sometimes working to Rango’s advantage whenever the chameleon is in trouble.
  • While he has the support of the town of Dirt, Rango decided to traverse the Pantheon in the hopes of finding another chameleon to help him with some of his missions. While such a task would lead to some trouble and Rango getting attacked by a massive Elder Dragon known as Chameleos, he would eventually find the base for Team Chaotix. The struggling detective agency had a chameleon named Espio as one of their members and his ninja skills got Rango’s attention. Whenever Rango needs someone that has both the brains and brawn to solve some sort of problem when his wits aren’t enough, Chaotix has become someone he can consistently rely on. It’s not without a few mishaps every now and then, including a bad encounter with Chameleos at one point and Chaotix not believing the tall tales Rango made about him being a permanent fourth member of the team (according to Vector, Rango is more of a regular client than a full-time member).
  • Mayor Tortoise John presented himself as a friendly fellow and was the one who originally appointed Rango as sheriff of Dirt, but Rango later discovered how corrupt of a mayor John really was thanks to the tortoise manipulating the water supply in order to get a bigger and more modern piece of land. Thanks to his experiences against John, Rango has a distrust towards corrupt leaders as the chameleon doesn’t want to be used as a tool for people that act similarly to John when it comes to projecting the image of an affable leader against having a more corrupt goal behind their public image. When it comes to dealing with baddies that threatened any important supplies that innocents need for their well-being, Rango heard about how Flik recruited some circus bugs to fight against Hopper, a psychopathic grasshopper that would take the ants’ food during winter and threatened violence against them if he didn’t have such food. Flik, an inventor with some awkwardness, needed some warrior bugs in the battle against Hopper and his grasshopper gang and while the bugs in question ended up working for a circus, he was able to get creative in order to bring about the end of Hopper. Flik saw some similarities in having to make the circus bugs live up to being warriors and save the ant colony from Hopper in how Rango needed to be the hero he claimed to be and save Dirt from John’s scheme and the ant was more than willing to help Rango in his adventures, especially if Hopper decides to terrorize the chameleon.

    Yui (Angel Beats!
Yui, Goddess of Contrasting Replacement Characters
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Girls Dead Monster logo
  • Theme Song: Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui Version)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Is a Direct Contrast to her Predecessor Iwasawa, Incredibly Hyperactive and Full of Energy, Was a Fan of Girls Dead Monster before being Appointed as the Lead, Cute Little Fangs, Girlish Pigtails, Pink Hair and Eyes, Idiot Hair, Tsundere, Lady Swears-a-Lot, Was Paralyzed from the Waist Down in her Mortal Life Which Inspired her to do a Lot of Things that She really Wanted to Do, Cerebus Retcon
  • Domains: Music, Hyperactivity, Replacements, Love, Disability
  • Heralds: The Other Members of Girls Dead Monster, Hideki Hinata
  • Allies: Yuzuru Otonashi, Kanade Tachibana, Yuri Nakamura, Rei, Hisao Nakai, The Katawa Girls (especially Emi Ibarazaki), Ibuki Mioda, Aoi Tategami, Yuu Haruna, Fuuka Akitsuki, Muse, Linkin Park, Tomoya Ozaki
  • Rivals: Houkago Tea Time, Eddie Rigs, Tomoyo Sakagami
  • Enemies: Mayhem, Big Brother, O'Brien
  • On Good Terms With: The Matrons of Mercy, Most of the Medical Conditions Sub-House
  • To compensate for living out their lives in an afterlife high school until they are able to move on from past trauma and regrets, a quartet of girls decided to form a rock band together to provide music and entertainment for the other students. Then, band frontwoman Masami Iwasawa was able to depart from the afterlife after performing one last song and coming to terms with her past. Hence, a new frontwoman was to take place. Enter Yui, a big fan of the band who eagerly accepted and stuck to Girls Dead Monster up until her own departure.
    • Yui's existence in the afterlife came from her angst and insecurity of being hit by a car, causing her to be paralyzed from the waist down. On her bed, she would take to watching shows and activities which she would have loved to do, but never got the opportunity for it due to her physical condition. This insecurity remained intact after she died, which became the reason for how Yui ended up with the other SSS members and Girls Dead Monster.
  • Eventually, what was able to finally convince Yui to move on from the afterlife was when she stated that her biggest desire was to be married and that this was reciprocated by Hideki Hinata, who stated that he will be there to make her wish come true when they've both ascended at some point. This allowed Yui to come to grips with her condition and desires and hence, disappeared from the afterlife.
    • As an additional bonus, Yui's destination wasn't what she was expecting it to be. While she would return to life with what appears to be Earth, she was surprised to see that where she ended up in was far more fantastical and bombastic than she could have imagined. Or at least, that was Yui's initial impression towards the Pantheon. Her first priority was to see to herself and was delighted to see that she was able to move around freely without a hint of paralysis. Though she's a bit stingy about the fact that she's still in her afterlife school uniform.
  • Yui is among the more excitable residents in the Pantheon, and it's not such an idle feat. She is energetic about just on any physical activities she could get her hands on and will often try to take a role in them, even if she hasn't asked about it. She's often seen visiting the House of Sports where she practices baseball and wrestling. And given the wide variety of sports and physical activities, the Pantheon has to offer, Yui couldn't be any happier about it.
  • Her ascension meant that she would be bringing along the other members of Girls Dead Monster as her heralds. They took every opportunity to regroup and continue on with the band, although the lack of Iwasawa's presence still lingered throughout their minds. Yui is determined to make sure that her predecessor finds a way to ascend so that they could finally make a proper reunion. That said, it's not rare to see Yui's band talk about Iwasawa and plans of writing lyrics based off her.
  • Evidently enough, Yui and Girls Dead Monster would mark their presence in the House of Musicality for obvious reasons. They proved popular enough to be headlining a sizable tour, though they've only chosen to have the Houses of Love and Affection, Sports and Characterization as part of their setlists. They do have plans to extend their tour, but they felt it'd be best if they start small.
    • They have a rivalry with Houkago Tea Time, mainly due to the two of them being Rock bands with a strong influence from Pop, though Girls Dead Monster is more boisterous and energetic while Houkago Tea Time prefers to be more reserved and cheerful. There's nothing of animosity going on between the two with both bands being comfortable. Oddly enough, both bands have a frontwoman named Yui, which came off surprising for the two. Still, when Yui Hirasawa found out about what the other Yui went through, she immediately tried to give her a cuddly hug, feeling really bad about it and wanting to see if they could be friends outside of music, to which she said she didn't mind.
  • Her competitive nature lead her to meet up with Tomoyo Sakagami in the House of Sports. Both of them, while not immediately hostile, do not tolerate each other all too much either; Yui wants to prove her physical superiority towards Tomoyo, given that she's good in just about anything she partakes in while Tomoyo herself can't help but get annoyed at Yui's prattle on how she's going to "beat her" in whatever sports they participate him. This doesn't stop Tomoyo from feeling sympathetic towards Yui regardless and would like to help her out like how her friend Tomoya did with her and his own friends.
  • Despite her past experience, she doesn't visit the House of Health and Diseases all too much, if mainly because she tends to be too caught up by her own interests. She does appreciate the effort and works the Matrons of Mercy tend to put in and the fact that she can find a few people who can relate to her in regards to disability and not being able to pursue what they would have loved doing in the past.
  • She sympathized with Rei after learning about how she was bedridden with cancer and passed away, not being able to do much with her life. In a sense, Yui realized that Rei may have had it worse than her as she was abandoned by her parents whereas Yui at least had a mother and Hideki to provide her support and morale. Rei is one of the few people where Yui drops her boisterous act and becomes tender in nature, relating her life to hers and often tries to cheer her up in some way.
    • There is also Emi Ibarazaki, who, like Yui, was physically disabled from the knees after being involved in a car accident, though Emi had them amputated and replaced with prosthetics and was able to continue on moving, unlike Yui, whose condition remained permanent. Yui found Emi inspiring as she's energetic and feisty, albeit in a different fashion and they'll enjoy each other's company regarding moving on from trauma and sports.
  • While Yui's physical disability was debilitating in its own, it should be noted that it did little to deter her determination to live a happy life. Learning about the aforementioned Tomoya's situation made Yui a little despondent, if mainly because a physical injury that he sustained (from his father, no less after trying to deal with the death of his mother) would bear a psychological effect as well as broke any chances of Tomoya being able to play basketball professionally. Conversely, it did make Yui admire the man more, given that he went out of his way to help his friends from achieving their goals and even getting his own life sorted out at the same time. Tomoya reciprocates by sympathizing with Yui's past and finding her attitude sometimes endearing, considering that it reminds Tomoya of two of his friends, namely Kyou and Fuuko Ibuki and Kyou Fujibayashi.
  • Became fast friends with Yuu Haruna after hearing of his attempts of trying to prove his worth of being a bassist and a member of a band. This similarly extended towards Fuuka Akitsuki, who served as Yuu's inspiration. Yui was shocked and saddened to learn of Fuuka's sudden death, which was caused by a collision from a truck, so she quickly took to trying to befriend her, given that Yui herself was a victim to an automobile accident that rendered her paralyzed in her mortal life. They've made plans for a duet, though Yui and Fuuka's differing priorities regarding their own bands and personal lives are taking precedence first for the moment.
  • Even with her tough attitude, even Yui finds herself disturbed by Mayhem. She doesn't have any personal problems with Necrobutcher and Dead, even if the latter is incredibly creepy and the fact that the former at least tries to provide some kind of mental and emotional help for Dead. Euronymous and Hellhammer, not so much, as even discounting their blatantly open declaration of being evil, they're still complete jerks to even be around with. Yui makes a point to never associate either her or Girls Dead Monster with Mayhem, due to their overtly nihilistic and Satanic overtones being an incredibly alienating aspect and the general controversy surrounding the band.
    • Yui is also openly afraid of Big Brother. It stems from the fact that many of the afterlife high school students were subjected to Shadows that rendered them into "NPC's". Big Brother's aims of psychologically breaking a prisoner's mentality and their free will was rather uncanny compared to the shadows, except Big Brother was worse in the sense that it and all of its followers did this willingly for the sake of power or just to make a point about torturing those that dare to resist Big Brother. Unsurprisingly, Yuri herself is also strongly opposed to Big Brother for its and this is one of those rare moments where Yui becomes serious and concerned whenever Big Brother and O'Brien becomes the topic of focus.
"Even Death can't cure idiocy!"