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Greater Gods

    The Narrator (Battleblock Theater) 
Honey Hug, God of Eccentric Sarcasm (The Narrator)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Game's Logo
  • Theme Song: Buckle Your Pants. Alternatively, Secret Area, for whenever someone, well, finds a secret.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, bordering on Neutral sometimes.
  • Portifolio:
  • Domains: Comedy, Narration, Bears, Puppets, Pants
  • Herald: Honey Kiss (His... Lover? Friend? Brother? We're Not Really Sure)
  • Allies: Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear, The Care Bears, Yuna, The King of All Cosmos
  • Enemies: Bashmaster, Katz, The Empress, Monokuma and Junko
  • Annoys: Stanley's Narrator, Naughty Bear
  • On Good Terms With: Stanley, Lemony Snicket
  • Good evening, boys and girls! Ladies and-a gentlemen, turn the lights down low and shut your faces as we wrap you in the cozy blanket of a story, a story as heartwarming and soft as a mother's kiss. Or is it? Shhhh...
  • Once upon a time, there was a storyteller. Now this wasn't just any kind of storyteller, he was a Narrator! A narrator who took it upon himself to narrate the epic tale of Battleblock Theater, as well as the backstory of the place itself. That said, the Narrator was also rather eccentric, often going off on unrelated tangents about nothing in particular. At the same time, he was also fond of lamp shading and snarking about what was currently happening, and was not above cracking jokes about The Many Deaths of You. Nonetheless, he was genuinely rooting for the crew of The S.S. Friendship to rescue Hatty, and often encouraged them in his distinct, Ice-Cream Koan laden manner.
    • However, that isn't the whole story. The Narrator, as it turned out, was a giant cosmic bear flying above earth named Honey Hug, who hung out with fellow bear Honey Kiss, often by repeating to each other how much they love each other. However, the events of the tale ended with Hattys cursed hat shooting a giant laser out of it, shooting Honey Hug in the face and killing him. The bear hitting the earth, alongside his blood causing giant storms, single-handedly caused the apocalypse, not helped by his death driving Honey Kiss into becoming an evil god. In the end, a wish granting horse was able to bring Honey Hug back, satisfying the bear and giving everyone a happy ending.
  • Nobody really knows how exactly Honey Hug was able to find The Pantheon. Everyone just saw a giant floating bear looming over some of the planets there, casually commentating on what exactly was happening down there as well as going on unrelated tangents. Occasionally, he'd bring Honey Kiss with him, and the two would start talking about what was happening, with Kiss being a bit more cynical about it. These planets would range from the mundane such as Earth to the dangerous like Planet Heck. Inevitably, two giant talking bears would alert the presence of the people running the place, and sure enough they were eventually approached by The Court of the Gods, who stated that if they were to stick around, at least one of them needed to have a title for themselves. After a bit of back and forth, most of which involved arguing why Oranges are called Oranges but Bananas aren't called Yellows, Honey Hug managed to get himself the title of Eccentric Sarcasm, placing Honey Kiss as his herald.
  • Honey Hug doesn't have a proper temple, thanks to his size. Instead, he can be seen orbiting the Pantheon's atmosphere, content to simply observe what's happening down below, as he already did that in his free time. Even he sometimes gets bored of such activities, however, and so often appoints himself as The Pantheon's Official Recap Storyteller, gathering up an audience, usually children, and retells the realm's numerous tales and exploits in the form of a puppet show. Of course, often the stories would get commonly derailed by his train of thought, such as his detailing of an epic battle between the GUAG and the GUAE somehow becoming Honey explaining what an Aglet is to everyone. While the storyteller title is self-appointed, people just allow him to do the shows anyways, as they're all harmless and do entertain the kids in the audience pretty well.
  • It was a rather typical day for Stanley and his Narrator, with the latter telling the former what to press, what to do, and where to go, as usual. It wasn't until Honey Hug accidentally stumbled upon the two trying to find the bathroom that things got a bit more strange, with the bear deciding to tag along and observe the stories himself. At first, The Narrator was content with sudden guest star, as was Stanley, who was at least glad for a change of pace for once. Over time however, the space bear's constant nonsensical ramblings and frequent derailing started to really get on The Narrator's nerves, cumulating in him kicking the bear out himself, hoping he would never see him again. Alas, every now and again the two would bump into each other, often at inopportune times, much to The Narrator's exasperation. As for Stanley, while he was just as confused as The Narrator was, he really didn't mind the bear, seeing how his Narrator could sometimes be just as strange as Honey is.
    • On another narrator related note, he's somehow managed to get into Naughty Bear's head (Don't ask) and has met his Narrator, a jovial voice that encourages some of Naughty's more unhinged behavior, genuinely thinking it's for the bear's own good. With that in mind, the two got along surprisingly well, with the Narrator enjoying Honey's odder behavior and Honey Hug finding the Narrator's Black Comedy Actually Pretty Funny. Naughty, on the other hand, cannot stand Honey Hug, as while he tolerates one voice in his head, two narrators is where he draws the line. You can tell the two are conversing because of Naughty's exasperated expression during it.
  • Being a giant, usually friendly bear, it was only a matter of time before the holders of Beary Friendly, brothers Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear, would notice the giant floating bear in the sky and decide to investigate it. Eventually managing to contact him, the bears found themselves getting along rather well, mostly finding Honey's sarcastic monologues more funny than anything. Honey, meanwhile, is just happy to have people to talk to than just a non-sapient planet. The bears would meet up every so often to chat. On the flip side, the holder of Bears Are Bad News, Bashmaster the Unbreakable, found Honey to be a utter disgrace of a bear, and one time challenged him to a fight, figuring that he could be nimbler than the space bear. Honey Hug simply punched Bashmaster into a bear sized crater and went on his way. Bashmaster has craved revenge ever since.
    • The Care Bears first met Honey Hug right as they all woke up from sleeping, suddenly waking up to a giant grizzly bear staring them all down from outer space. While at first it was about as alarming as one would expect from a scenario like this, they quickly figured out that he meant no real harm and quickly managed to befriend the spectator. One notable interaction was when he told them about the Theater, one of the bears made the memorable understatement that they needed more "Care". Honey Hug, again having seen firsthand what happens when the Cats running the place go crazy, just decided to humor the guy and say, "Uh, sure, lets go with that".
    • A similar incident happened involving Yuna, the child being quicker to befriend the Narrator due to him originating from a Video Game. Honey Hug, being aware that he's in a game in the first place, is not afraid to shrill his home game to her, figuring she'd probably enjoy it (That, and some quick cash. Hey, a man's gotta eat). That being said, he tends to... ''exaggerate'' a few features.
  • Doesn't trust cats as far as he can throw them. Well, okay, regular cats just annoy him, the bear considering them awfully rude and crabby, it's Anthropomorphic cats that he dislikes, and considering what he'd seen back at Battleblock Theater, nobody can really blame him for it. Of particular note is the Serial Killer Katz, who's taken note of Honey Hug when the latter ascended. At first, he simply thought the idea behind the space bear was amusing and nothing much else. It wasn't until Honey absentmindedly mentioned the theater and how it was run by sociopathic cats that he suddenly had a fixation on him. Right now, Katz is working on a way to ascend the Theater in order to gain more allies, as well as a potential new con scheme.
  • One day, as Honey Hug was minding his own business, he noticed that there was one building that seemed to be blocked off more than buildings usually are. Curious, he decided to investigate said building, and eventually discovered its awful secret: It was the newest area for Monokuma and Junko Enoshima's newest killing games. Having witnessed his share of death games himself thanks to the theater, he was horrified to learn that this particular game was even worse than the theater could ever hope to be. It was then that Honey Hug decided to intervene and completely derail the game, consisting of giving out surprisingly solid advice to the contestants. By the time of the third case, Honey revealed himself and the ace up his sleeve: that he had alerted other gods of the game beforehand, his participation just being him trying to save everyone before they arrive. Big Damn Heroes ensued. He's been on the sadistic duo's shit list ever since, the two planning to subject the bear to unending misery.
  • It should be noted that, whenever something he's either observing or retelling has someone come across a secret of any kind, Honey Hug without fail will suddenly burst out singing this. Nobody's quite sure what possesses him to do this, but either way it seems he's enjoying himself during it. Generally, many a explorer are often annoyed by the sudden musical number, so it's advised to bring earplugs during expeditions, just in case.
  • One day, Honey Hug decided to organize the grandest puppet show that he's ever organized, inviting numerous people out to his puppet booth to see the show. That's because he decided to collaborate with another storyteller with a talent for strange narration: Lemony Snicket himself. The result was a completely improvised show that was considered the nuttiest, most snarkiest performance ever conceived, with Honey Hug managing to bounce off Snicket's cynical storytelling and Snicket taking Honey's odder story elements in stride (Though the bit with giraffes did genuinely throw him a bit off for a second, but he recovered quickly nonetheless). After all was said and done, Honey Hug still keeps in touch with Snicket, having enjoyed the man's cynical but humorous nature.
  • Due to his series oddball nature, he's managed to get on the good side of The King Of All Cosmos. The King is very interested about the fact that Honey's mere blood was able to create a wacky Crapsaccharine World, though less for the "Crap" part and more for the "Weird" bit. Sometimes, whenever Honey Hug observes a planet, he invites The King over as bonus commentary, with the King providing commentary that sometimes even confuses Honey Hug. In return, The King has allowed the bear to lounge around in his kingdom, which, as many witnesses pointed out, really doesn't look too out of place considering what goes on there.

    Shao Kahn 
"I am Shao Kahn! Conqueror of Worlds! You will Taste No Victory!"

Shao Kahn, God of Infernal Taunting (Emperor Shao Kahn, Shao Kahn the Konqueror, Konqueror of Worlds and Realms, Excellency, Skull-Fucker, Kahhhhn, Stock Villain, Outworld OG, Bootleg Skeletor, General Shao)
  • Greater God, Overdeity after Absorbing Blaze's Power or as Dark Kahn, Intermediate God as General Shao
  • Symbol: His Skull Helmet upon his Hammer, with the symbol of Mortal Kombat as the background.
  • Theme Song: Shao Kahn's Throne, The Portal/Kahn's Arena, The Bank, Shao Kahn's Theme by Sound of Stereo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Overlord, Myopic Conqueror, Anarcho-Tyranny, Overthrew Onaga, whom He Used to Serve, by Poisoning Him, Killed King Jerrod of Edenia in Battle and Took His Wife as Trophy, Ultimately Winning in the End if not for Raiden Messing With Time, Being the Man Who Proclaims Victory in a Match (Courtesy of Steve Ritchie), Cool Helmets, Hammers, Emperors (and Batshit Insane Ones at that), Ax-Crazy Sociopath, Hammy Villains, Taunting His Foes Constantly (Which is Also his Biggest Weakness), Being Really 10,000 Years Old, Ridiculously Overpowered Bosses, Figurative Monstrosity
  • Dominions: Evil, Kombat, Conquest, Emperors, Slavery, Tournaments, Invasions, Usurpation
  • Allies:
  • Villainous Friendship with: M. Bison
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shang Tsung, Shinnok, Quan Chi
  • Rivals: Mongul, Gleeman Vox, Heihachi Mishima
  • Worthy Rival: Ultraman Belial
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed By: Houses of Death and Postmortem, Family and Relatives, and Royalty, Shiro Kanzaki
  • Creator of: Ermac
  • Infatuated with: Cassie Cage
  • Good Counterpart: Hercule Satan
  • Allegiance: GUAE Dystopia Harbingers
  • Wary of: Kenshiro, Raoh, Saitama, Zeno
  • Respects: Melkor, Apocalypse
  • Shao Kahn is the ruler of Outworld and a ruthless megalomaniac, having conquered several realms, merging them into Outworld, and consuming millions of souls in his quest for power. When he finally set his eyes on Earthrealm, he had to follow the rules of Mortal Kombat and sent both Shang Tsung and Goro to ensure his victory. Unfortunately, after a 500 year-long streak, both fell in kombat against Liu Kang and prevented Shao Kahn from achieving his goals, which resulted in several other attempts ranging from a Mortal Kombat tournament in Outworld to a full-on invasion, Shao Kahn never gave up on his desire to conquer Earthrealm one way or another. His tenacity was such that he was able to survive through brutal beatings in tournaments and assassination attempts by his supposed allies, and all of it paid off when the day of Armageddon came. Shao Kahn outlasted everyone, defeated Blaze and gained limitless power, using it to thrash Raiden, berate the Elder Gods, and was promptly ready to finish him off, until Raiden used the last of his strength to send a message to his past self in the hopes of changing the outcome of the future. With this in mind, events played out differently, with Shao Kahn finally meeting his end when he directly violated the rules of Mortal Kombat and Raiden eventually killed him off.
  • He ascended into the Pantheon not long after Raiden did, and his way of announcing his arrival was, as any insane warlord would do, was to initiate an invasion, seeing that he wasn't bound to any sort of rule from indulging in whatever violent and sadistic tendencies that he had bottled up until that point. Luckily, Raiden, with the help of a few new friends he's made in the Pantheon, was able to stall him off. And although the invasion was a sudden move that caught many off-guard and even resulted in property damage and casualties, this was only the first of what was to come from the megalomaniacal emperor of Outworld. The invasion was a demonstration of theatricality, and in a sense, Shao was able to alert and attract the attention of several villains and criminals, which he was eyeing ever since his ascension as it means he will be finding new allies to work with. And from the experiences he's had in his homeworld, Shao Kahn has taken every opportunity to learn and adapt to the Pantheon, seeking to understand as many deities and places there as possible as well as keeping his awareness and thoughts intact; he may have been betrayed, but he will learn. And he will reciprocate. Hard.
  • Little is really known about what race Shao Kahn belongs to, and by extent, his origins are also largely unknown. What is known, however, are his actions and the consequences that he laid upon the many worlds he visited, which furthered his reputation. If there was a phrase that defined Shao Kahn, it was relentlessness; once he fixated himself upon a goal or task, he will stop at nothing to see it achieved, and his unquenchable thirst for invading and conquering realms to solidify his power and authority meant that he was going to subjugate billions of lives and their worlds into danger, and Shao was perfectly content with directly playing a hand in their demise so long as their souls fueled him with more power. This, on top of his domineering attitude filled with violent and sadistic desires easily made Shao Kahn a feared and reviled menace to the realms, and he was all too willing to carry and spread this over to the Pantheon. As a result, it was no surprise that he was considered among the very worst that the defenders of Earthrealm and other kombatants have had to deal with.
    Shao Kahn: It's official, you suck!
  • Time and again, Shao has led numerous invasions in his home multiverse and his actions in the Pantheon have largely remained the same. The very idea of the Pantheon Houses intrigued him greatly and upon taking glances at some of them, especially the Houses of Fighting and Combat and Power and Abilities, he sought to make immediate preparations to begin a konquest there, hoping that by acquiring them, he can develop an industry where he can manufacture power for his subordinates and he was to be the one who would receive the most of it. He's also kept an interest in the House of Death and Postmortem as his soul-absorbing powers would mean he could feast upon a neverending number of souls there who are situated on a nexus that connects the Greater Pantheon to the Pantheonic afterlife. As his reputation and ferocity have demonstrated, many in that particular House are making sure that Shao doesn't find a way to barge in there.
  • Shao Kahn isn't just an invader, but also a famous tournament host whose been watching closely over the Mortal Kombat tournaments ever since he began his desire for konquest towards whatever realm and world he set his eyes on. Many have noted that Shao tends to be very dramatic and boisterous whenever he is announcing fights, kombatants, and victories and being incredibly quotable. This, however, doesn't stop him from being absolutely dirty when push comes to shove. If it suits his needs, he'll abruptly kill anyone, winners included if they so much as even slight or threaten him. These outright unethical set of actions have rendered Shao to be permanently banned from ever hosting tournaments, much to Shao's own annoyance. It also doesn't help that his bloodthirsty and insane desire to take over worlds and enslave their population has left an impression of terror and revilement from many.
    • Since his early days in the Pantheon, Shao Kahn has made numerous attempts to get to familiarise himself with the numerous tournament hosts that he can formally meet up with. He got along well with Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein, who also had a penchant for setting up high-stakes fighting tournaments. They found Shao to be quite ambitious and they took that as a lesson to aim higher. That said, Geese only keeps his alliance with Shao to a strictly professional level and shows some qualms and discomfort in some of the more unsavory acts Shao has committed whereas Rugal is more than eager to contribute to Shao's depravities as well as giving each other a wealth of resources so long as their power remains unharmed. Heihachi Mishima is more conflicted; while a man who is guilty of being an abusive father and corruption, he's someone who wants to maintain a good public image as well as keeping his tournaments and vendetta strictly to only himself, those he is very personal with, and participants of the King of the Iron Fist Tournaments. Shao thinks Heihachi is a wimp for secluding himself as well as opposing the idea of a partnership, especially considering that Heihachi himself is disgusted by much of what Shao has committed; even at his worst, Heihachi wouldn't stoop this low.
    • Cell, a biomechanical android created with the intent of revenge, yet developed his own consciousness and a desire for fighting, was one of the very few individuals who completely respects Shao and sees him as a worthy partner. Shao himself was impressed by the vast level of destruction and fear Cell can create and the two immediately struck a partnership. The fact that the Mortal Kombat and Cell Games tournaments were quite similar also helped in the two relating to one another in some capacity, not to mention the functions of soul-stealing and biological absorption. The two occasionally fight against each other as a warm-up exercise and have been planning to kickstart a tournament in an effort to lure the best fighters in the Pantheon and have them beat each other to death before they themselves take to the stage. Naturally, Shao's alliance with Cell led to enmity against some of the Z-Fighters, especially Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan, who were quick to notice the similarities between the konqueror and the Android and have since vowed to stop both of them.
      • On a more interesting note, Hercule Satan can be seen as a total inverse to what Shao represents and embodies. Both are well-known tournament announcers, but Hercule is benevolent, honorable, and is willing to help save the world in spite of his cowardly nature whereas Shao thrives in invasion, is not above playing dirty, and will do anything to get what he wants. Hercule is terrified of Shao, but he has made a brave front in opposing him and calling him out for his acts, something which ended up earning him Raiden's respect, whereas Shao found Hercule to be an annoyance. He did, however, make a cruel remark that if Hercule ever dares to stand in his way, then he shouldn't think about what Shao can potentially do to Videl. Shao couldn't care less if this further angers the Z-Fighters, especially Gohan, but to Shao, the idea of bringing in more warriors for him and Cell to observe and later fight against for their own amusement is what matters at this moment.
    • On the subject of scheduled battles to the death, Shao came to be acquainted with Mongul, the tyrannical ruler of Warworld, and Gleeman Vox, the host and owner of the DreadSport gladiatorial games. All three of them have a similar penchant of wanting to watch their contestants fight and kill each other, and they're also prone to making snide remarks and taunts to demoralize and mock them for their failures and mishaps. That said, Shao doesn't think too highly of them; he sees Mongul as Darkseid-Lite and stated that while impressive with his prowess and his ability to psychologically torment others, Darkseid is still a lot better, and Vox attempts at trying to be impressionable towards the masses to generate goodwill and viewership were laughable in Shao's point of view, thinking that with such an obvious desire to kill, he may as well be explicit about it. That said, Mongul and Vox did give Darkseid the neat idea of using and promoting psychological warfare in his Mortal Kombat tournaments as well as bringing in advanced technology to allow for wider broadcasting and viewership of his tourneys. On the other spectrum, the fact that Shao sees them in barely decent light has given Mongul and Vox some motivation to make their games more deadly and inventive as a means to keep up with what Shao has in store.
      • Speaking of gladiatorial games, Shao caught the awareness of Maximus and Commodus, two arch-foes of one another who battled for the fate of the Holy Roman Empire during the beginning of the first millennium. Naturally, Maximus came to despise Shao for his brutality and general lack of concern or care for anything other than himself, whereas Commodus felt inspired by exactly what Maximus didn't like about the Kahn and took to looking up to him and taking inspiration for how to better his gladiatorial spectacle, much to Shao's approval. And while it is not a gladiatorial game, the 13 Rider Battle that occurred in 2002 had a rather similar system where a contestant had to kill each other and survive all the way to be the last in order to grant themselves a wish prize. It came as no surprise when Shinji Kido and Ren Akiyama came to immediately oppose Shao when he thought of the idea to bring the two along into his tournaments. To further the point, even Shiro Kanzaki, the perpetrator of the 13 Rider War felt repulsed by what Shao promoted; although not a saint himself, he was only a villain to save his sister's life and even abided by the rules that he established, values which Shao would unhesitantly scoff at, considering he simply saw Shiro as a wimp who didn't have the drive to make his established battle system more grueling and violent than it could have been.
    • Not surprisingly, Shao has found himself under heavy opposition from many tournament participants, be they either in his or in others' tourneys. Not helping his case is the fact that many of them have deep parental issues, and Shao's relationship with Kitana means that they have more reasons to hate him than just being a maniacal warlord and invader. Jin Kazama, of course, finds the very idea of a tournament designed to allow others to kill and invade to be a reprehensible idea and considers Shao to be considerably worse than Heihachi and Kazuya. Kasumi and Ayane have had to deal with having to fight one another with Ayane wanting to kill Kasumi out of jealousy and being a pariah, much like Kitana and Mileena's relationship, not helping with the fact that Ayane was a product of violation. The fact that they were tournament participants as well also made them aware (and disgusted) by what Shao offers in his and that they've been on good terms with Kitana for relating to their circumstances has made Kasumi and Ayane ready to oppose the Outworld Invader whenever they get the chance, especially after having buried their enmity with one another. Shao's response to Jin, Kasumi, and Ayane is to basically allow them to enter his Mortal Kombat tournament at any time so that he could personally take it upon himself to crush, demoralize, and kill them, and if possible, imprison and enslave Kasumi and Ayane for a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Yes, he is aware of the fact that Shang Tsung betrayed and killed him and Sindel just when they were about to attain ultimate power from Kronika forcibly. Even so, Shao has decided to opt to bring Shang back under his services anyway, an act with baffled a lot of deities and even some of Shao's underlings. When explained why, Shao stated that whilst learning about the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, whom Shinnok and Quan Chi have taken membership in, he noticed that one of their leaders, Nagash still kept Mannfred von Carstein under his own membership as a Mortarch and that Nagash's reason in doing so was because, with a backstabber in their ranks, he could devote just as much time in looking after and monitoring his own allegiances just as much as his own enemies. Shao was impressed by this notion and registered Shang Stung back as a notable enforcer in his ranks. The treacherous sorcerer has since been working hard to find a way to regain Kronika's Crown as well as establish new allies in the Pantheon, something which Shao has allowed, if mainly for the intent of planning a counterattack on Shang sometime in the future. But for now, their relationship is a professionally tense one at best.
  • He once had an altercation against Master Bison after he suddenly interrupted a sparring match to challenge the Outworld Konqueror. Shao accepted the challenge and proceeded to show the Shadaloo Dictator just how much stronger and vicious he is than them, resulting in a swift defeat for Bison, even if he was able to score some good hits. However, instead of remaining enemies, Shao Kahn was impressed by M. Bison and his reputation and upon his return and rejuvenation in the Pantheon, he was quick to reapproach him to the offer of alliance. To make up for their battle, Shao even allowed Bison his resources of souls with which he can use to quickly gain a storage chamber regarding his powers. Intrigued by the opportunity, Bison accepted the deal and the two have become stalwart comrades, much to the surprise and horror of many.
    • On a further note, Wiz and Boomstick, the ones who scheduled the fight between Shao and Bison, had the former be their fight announcer for the first two seasons of Death Battle!, a fact that has impressed Shao to no end as he sees this as proof that his influence has been largely successful and that people would be looking up to him in some shape or form, even though this has little to do with Kombat and Konquering. Years later, he would find yet another opponent in this platform, that being Akuma, who sought to punish Shao Kahn for the thousands of deaths and sins that he committed. They had a tough fight, but Shao ultimately prevailed and furthered his superiority and might by using this victory as a sign of success and promotion. Naturally, this has left Akuma angrier than usual and is training even harder to get back at Shao in the near future.
  • Before his arrival in the Pantheon, Shao, alongside several other kombatants, were dragged into the DC Universe and were forced to pit against the heroes and villains from that world, and vice-versa. Naturally, he would come into contact with the New God, Darkseid, and conspired together to take over both universes, even gaining a fused form known as Dark Kahn in case things got desperate. Fortunately, Dark Kahn was defeated, and Darkseid was sentenced to the Netherrealm whereas Shao Kahn was thrown and imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. With this recollection of events, Shao was interested in another meetup with Darkseid in case he found out that he, too, was in the Pantheon. After all, they did make a good partnership and they could relate in more ways than being tyrannical Evil Overlords.
    • Shao attempts to search for Darkseid proved to be a success and the two were quick to re-establish an alliance of convenience, seeing as out of all the most notorious villainous deities in the Pantheon that included Melkor and Nekron, the Lord of Tyranny was the one that Kahn has the most interest towards partly because of their past relationship and because they were open to acknowledging their similarities to one another openly. For a time, Shao Kahn used to be one of Darkseid's very few genuine allies... until he decided that he had enough in taking a backseat and decided to establish the GUAE Dystopia Harbingers as a way to establish and promote his presence, goals, and power. Shao Kahn was among the first to be inducted into the alliance, attaining a high level of leadership. He's managed to establish a Mortal Kombat tournament in Apokilips as a sign of camaraderie and delights in bringing along numerous individuals, deities or mortal beings, native to Apokilips or not and watching them duke out each other to the death, as well as holstering himself as the undefeated champion.
  • For a tyrannical warlord with a gigantic ego, Shao is lucid enough to know when to take things seriously and is sometimes underestimated for being too one-track-minded when really, he's proven to be smart when it comes to outwitting his opponents. Under the Harbingers, he's been having himself be acquainted with Sauron and Lord Recluse for quite some time and is intrigued to discover their capabilities, such as Sauron's control over the One Ring and Lord Recluse's masterful use of his superhuman intelligence. Together, they've formed a terrifying Power Trio and with each serving as a general for Darkseid, they've more than earned a dreaded reputation together, thanks to their overwhelming strength, use of their resources, and their devious cunning to get ahead of their opponents and potential backstabbers. Personally, Shao wants to learn from Sauron and Lord Recluse by proxy, which he thinks would benefit him in how to use his manipulation of souls more craftily as well as mentally torture and break his foes, as well as furthering his awareness and making more concise and long-term plans to come out on top of his enemies. And at the moment, the fact that they're all in an amicable partnership with one another makes things a lot smoother for Shao.
  • Shao Kahn is a merciless ruler just as much as he is a terrible paternal figure. Best exemplified with his relationship with Kitana, Shao is a demonstration of how one can take in a daughter and raise her to be an assassination subordinate without any care or love to shower, and cruelly punishing her for the slightest bit of hesitancy or failure she expresses. And when Kitana rebels, Shao's own solution to the matter is to either see her tortured and imprisoned or to personally kill his adopted daughter without mercy. His created daughter, Mileena is a more pitiable case as, much like Kitana, Shao sees her as a useful subordinate moreso than his own child, though unlike most of his other henchmen, he's admittedly a lot more considerate about Mileena's well-being, even if he doesn't want to admit it and is oblivious to the fact that Mileena really just wants to be loved and appreciated for who she is. Regardless, the House of Family and Relatives have put him on high alert, though The Child Abuse Supporters are open to welcoming him in their presence.
    • Speaking of The Child Abuse Supporters, Shao has found himself finding a common ground with the former Fire Lord, Ozai, given that both forcibly usurped their leaders with lethal intent with the intent of taking over their kingdom and that both of them had a neverending drive for ambition. Shao saw a good deal of potential within Ozai whereas the Fire Lord saw that the Outworld Invader held great power and a deal of deviousness that he felt that he could learn from, all in the hopes of getting back at the Avatar, Aang. and his defected son, Zuko. Shao can also relate to Scar in the usurpation part, but beyond that, he feels that the malicious lion doesn't really have much to offer other than being a destructive force when transforming into the Groundshaker. He became rivals with Ultraman Belial due to their insane degree of pride and ambition, though Shao doesn't actually have intentions to destroy the universe as Belial does. That said, both of them respected each other's tenacity and felt that they could learn a thing or two from one another, with Belial being intrigued by the idea of stealing souls and Shao wishing to take his invasions and konquest to the cosmos as far as he can. The fact that Belial is also on good terms with Darkseid has also benefitted as it meant that the two can enjoy being competitive rivals against one another as well as work together to fight against mutual foes, especially the Justice League. Because he isn't a part of the House of Family and Relatives, Shao is made a reserve member and supporter, much like Ragyo Kiryuin and Ghetsis. Strangely, they seem to like each others' company, despite their differing goals and motivations, with each other giving out recommendations and ideas of how to prepare themselves for their enemies. Since then, Shao has strongly considered the idea of using Life Fibers as a way to enhance the destructiveness of his invasions and enslaving Pokémon for his own intents and purposes, a prospect which many are seeing as a prelude to a full-scale disaster.
  • His role in the murder of King Jerrod, the sundering and ruin of Edenia and its people, as well as treating everyone and everything in his rule as extensions of his goals have made Shao a notable enemy for the House of Royalty. Shao was amused by the presence of Sigmar Heldenhammer, who was also an emperor like Shao, albeit benevolent and willing to fight for his people and humanity, and, like Raiden, commanded electricity as well as being a god. The two saw each other as inverse counterparts to one another, though Sigmar was very quick to dismiss Shao as a dangerous threat, who then proceeded to strike an attack on the House of Royalty. He and Sigmar duked out in an epic battle, though both came to a stalemate when Shao had to suddenly retreat via a signal from the Harbingers. That said, Sigmar knew that this wasn't the last of Shao Kahn.
    • On another note, more traditional rulers and leaders like Arturia Pendragon and Jeanne D'Arc tend to see Shao as the exact opposite of what they ideally want to stand up for and have condemned the Outworld Usurper for his many acts of heinousness and cruelty. Shao, however, took to seeing Arturia and Jeanne as attractive figures and expressed a desire to capture and keep them in his empire as his concubines. Obviously enough, Arturia and Jeanne were horrified and disgusted by Shao's words, but that just makes him even more determined to fight and subdue them to his captivity.
  • Speaking of Arturia and Jeanne, they are not the only women to have gained Shao's attention for wanting them as a personal harem in his services. As it turns out with his conversations with Sonya Blade and Cassie Cage, he has an attraction towards strong, feisty women, which, oddly enough, make sense as they fit into Shao's extreme Might Makes Right mentality. And having them as a harem isn't enough, he's willing to have them be breeding slaves just for the sake of tormenting and mentally crippling them and as a way to showcase his superiority. And the fact that his wife, Sindel, is not only okay but is willing to work with Shao in this regard makes the situation all the creepier. Many women dread the possibility of Shao suddenly taking them hostage to be a part of his concubine and would do whatever it takes to fend him away, but added resistance only makes Shao more interested and relentless in his pursuit for feisty women.
    Shao Kahn: I like females with fire.
    • Furthering his penchant for promoting and enforcing slavery as a general standard in his rule, Shao was condemned by many for not just keeping up with this action, but takes pride out of it and doesn't intend to stop. Normally, Shao wouldn't mind too due to his sheer strength and reputation, and that there are several who partake and represent slavery more than he does (he's more of an icon for tournaments and invasions after all), but he did catch the notable attention of Spawn, who did pay a visitation to his home universe and went to demonstrate just how deadly and uncompromising he is as an Anti-Hero. Shao wound up among the top of his hitlist, primarily to his acts of slavery, and has even threatened Shao face-to-face about the idea of Outworld without slaves. It hits home for Al Simmons, considering that he is of Black Ethnicity, so he understood the societal damage and scorn slavery inflicts upon others, something which Shao has no desire to understand. The two have gone on to become bitter enemies, with Shao deeming Spawn as a much greater threat than most of the kombatants of his home universe and individuals in the Pantheon that he's come across.
  • While usually reviled and feared by the masses for numerous reasons, there are some who have expressed a twisted form of respect for Shao Kahn. Among them was Melkor, the leader of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, who commended Shao's brutal regime, tenacity, and using spiteful methods to get what he wants, and Molag Bal, who was praiseworthy of Shao's sadistic and violent acts as well as going out of his way to showcase his utmost depravity. Shao expresses nothing but pride and accomplishment over his acts of evil and thanks Molag Bal for his compliments, even sometimes visiting Coldharbour as Shao finds the dark, twisted realm to be a sightseeing opportunity for him. While he does respect Melkor back, the fact that he is in an alliance with Darkseid, a major rival for Melkor, has put a dent in the chance of an alliance, though Melkor still desires to lull Shao to his side in some capacity, something which Darkseid isn't going to allow to happen.
  • It should be stressed no further that for all the invasions and destruction that he has caused, Shao Kahn, first and foremost, desires eternal and total domination and control over whatever he has in his possession, not caring about whatever happens to them in the long run. His obsessive desire for such is one of the main reasons why he defected from Kronika, and is still on bad terms with her and her closest allies as nothing is going to stop him from also subjecting the Pantheon to be under his heels. For this very reason, he has sought Kronika's Hourglass and Crown so that he could take control of time and space and subject it to follow his whims. While he faced automatic opposition from the House of Time and Temporality, Darkseid isn't too optimistic on this route, thinking that altering time is counterproductive and too much of a risk, though Shao isn't deterred by this. As a result, he has to take things slowly and bide his time, especially considering all his other allies and subordinates, even his closest ones, secretly desire the Hourglass in some way or another. But he will make notice of this; nothing is going to get in the way of Shao Kahn, even if it's going to cost him.
"All these ages you have fought me. You denied me my rightful claim. Not this time."

Lesser Gods

    Captain Qwark 
Captain Copernicus Leslie Qwark, God of Boasting Cowards (Steve McQwark, Abercrombie Fizzwidget)
  • Lesser God (claims to be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A Circle with a Lightning bolt to make it resemble a "Q"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (formally Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolios: Brought To You By the Letter 'Q', Charles Atlas Superpower, Small Name, Big Ego, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Starting off as a Dirty Coward and a Fake Ultimate Hero before Taking Levels in Badass, Speaks Fluent Monkey, Our Presidents Are Different
  • Domains: False Heroes, Stupidity, Nature, Politics
  • Allies: Ratchet, Clank, Sora, Mickey Mouse, Axel, Hercule, General Fletcher
  • Enemies: Dr. Nefarious, Lawrence
  • Learned of the Pantheon while searching for Ratchet and Clank through web-calls, and somehow managed to get ahold of them in the House of Gaming. Despite Ratchet trying to tell him that they were only on "an interdimensional business trip", and he should not worry about them, Qwark was able to join his friends inside.
  • Qwark spends a lot of his time telling stories about his heroic days, like how he took out Captain Blackstar and his robotic pirate ghosts, or when he took out the Momma Tyhrranoid with only his "iron-hard abs". A lot of this, of course is made up or stolen from other heroes. Most of the time, Qwark is just too cowardly to fight large monsters.
    • He is also often seen taking part in plays, especially after staring in the films "My Blaster Runs Hot" and "Unicop".
  • Qwark was once beloved by his home galaxy until Ratchet and Clank exposed him as working for Chairman Drek, which forced Qwark to sell Personal Hygenators that caused itchiness in the rear end, claiming them to be Gadgetron products. After he was caught, Qwark fled to the Bogon Galaxy and, posing as Megacorp CEO Abercrombie Fizzwidget, tried to sell murderous protopets in the hopes of restoring his popularity. This, too, went under thanks to the interference of Ratchet and Clank, and Qwark ended up being a test subject for the cruchotiser.
    • After this, Qwark then tried to protect the endangered species of the Florana jungles, but became amnestic and thought of himself as a monkey until Ratchet restored his memories through a vid-comic.
    • Soon after, Dr. Nefarious began to terrorize the Solana Galaxy again. After being lured into a trap, Qwark faked his death to avoid fighting his archnemesis, but Ratchet tracks him down and calls him out for his cowardice. Though thanks to Clank's words of encouragement, Qwark proves himself to be a hero at last by flying into Nefarious' command center and helping Ratchet take out the Bioblierator.
  • Qwark refuses to believe that Courtney Gears is evil, even after Ratchet and Sora gave him evidence of her alliance with the Disney Villains (Lady Tremaine, in particular).
  • Qwark is often seen at the House of Beasts playing with some of the monsters there, as they remind him of his War Grog, Snowball. Many gods are amassed that he's not been eaten by one... yet.
  • He met up with fellow Fake Ultimate Heroes, Axel and Mr. Satan, and they've been trying to convince everyone of their "great feats".
  • Qwark often visits the House of Nature, as it reminds him of the Florana jungles that he once protected. Though the frequent clashes between Groudon and Kyogre have made the house more hostile and dangerous, making Qwark's visit there less frequent.
  • There have been questions in regards to Qwark's parents. His mother is mentioned a few times and is implied to be alive, but there were also reports that they were murdered by the technomites when he was a child, leading him to be raised by monkeys. Attempts to figure out what became of them (or Qwark's father, at least) have gone nowhere so far.

    D-Boy/Tekkaman Blade 
D-Boy, God of Screaming Warriors (Tekkaman Blade, Takaya Aiba, Blade, Slade, Nick Carter, Ness Carter, Teknoman Slade)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Tekkaman Blade’s face
  • Theme Music: Reason; Eternal Loneliness
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Heroic Resolve, Heartbroken Badass, Pro-Human Transhuman, I Will Fight Some More Forever, Survivor Guilt, Can’t Keep Using his Transformation Constantly, Stranger in a Familiar Land
  • Domains: Heroism, Power, Emotion
  • Heralds: The Space Knights (notably Aki Kisaragi)
  • Allies: Kamen Riders 1, 2, & Black, Domon Kasshu, Kira Yamato, Supergirl, Lucas, Gordon Freeman
  • Enemies: Yami, The Aparoids, The Borg Queen, SHOCKER, Brainiac
  • Sympathetic towards: The Masked Man
  • Earth is under attack by parasitic alien forces known as the Radam and the planet’s military forces and a group named the Space Knights are doing everything in their power to stop those invaders. Among those fighting back is Takaya Aiba (aka Tekkaman Blade), who was originally kidnapped by the Radam to become a Tekkaman, armored warriors serving the group, only to be saved by his father and escaping. This past experience has left him with a deep-seated hatred towards the Radam for destroying his family and former friends, something that is only reinforced thanks to fighting other Tekkaman that the Radam send Earth’s way, most prominently with Tekkaman Evil (who is actually Takaya’s older brother Shinya). Despite all the horrible experiences related to him and his former family, his time spent helping the Space Knights fend off the Radam helped him improve as a person, even if he already was a friendly-enough fellow before the Radam entered the picture.
  • The Pantheon would end up confronting another alien invasion one day and they would end up using a lot of resources to try and stop that invasion. This particular alien attack ended up being one of the more dangerous ones thanks to reports that plenty of people were being kidnapped by those invaders and forcibly turned into armored warriors to aid the aliens in their attack during that event. Just as things were starting to get worse for the Pantheon thanks to the rise of those armored warriors that were helping those aliens, someone who had only been in the Pantheon for a brief period of time before the invasion took place took action and was able to substantially cut down the numbers of those invaders. With the help of Tekkaman Blade (who was responsible for whittling down the number of invaders during that instance), much of the rest of the Pantheon was able to defeat the threat, and unlike Tekkaman Blade’s previous adventure where the armored warriors died armored warriors, the Pantheon had some kind of treatment to return these converted fighters (at least the ones that survived) back to normal. Even with the Pantheon being more well-equipped to handle similar battles that would happen later, Takaya would find himself having to fight more of these battles and with it, the possibility that whatever friends he makes in the Pantheon will end up suffering badly like his former family.
  • D-Boy managed to find a strong kinship with Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji for a multitude of reasons. Not only does he share the same determination in wiping out evil as the two, but they were also kidnapped by a group of villains to be turned into a combat weapon, only to fight back against them using their newfound powers. It was through conversations with the two that Takaya would learn about SHOCKER, an evil organization with ambitions to take over the world and are more than willing to kidnap others and force them to become part of their army the same way they tried to do so to Takeshi and Hayato. The Pantheon has given SHOCKER a lot more resources for them to realize their goal and Takaya was more than determined to ensure that the organization would fall with the help of those two Kamen Riders and plenty of others. SHOCKER taking the time to examine Tekkaman Blade’s powers to see how they can use it to their advantage has given Takaya more of a reason to fight against them.
    • As Takaya would learn further from Takeshi and Hayato, there were plenty of individuals in the Pantheon who bore the Kamen Rider moniker. While many are just as heroic as Takeshi and Hayato, there are some who are truly vile and not because they were brainwashed by external forces, but because that’s what their character really is with Takaya being more than upset in regards to the villainous Kamen Riders. One heroic Rider that Takaya befriended was Kotaro Minami who, similarly to Takaya, was kidnapped by a dangerous cult alongside Shinya, his step-brother, only to escape and fight back. Said step-brother would become Shadow Moon thanks to Gorgom, becoming a prominent rival to Kotaro the same way Tekkaman Evil was to Tekkaman Blade and said rivalry between Kamen Rider Black and Shadow Moon persisted well after Gorgom was defeated. If Takaya isn’t fighting alongside Takeshi and Hayato, then he’ll be working with Kotaro in fighting off any threats that befall the Pantheon.
  • Supergirl was someone who Takaya was able to get along with very well due to her history of losing her friends, family, and home to a malevolent alien known as Brainiac. After adjusting to life on Earth, Supergirl made use of her abilities to protect her newfound planet from a multitude of enemies, similarly to how Takaya had to get used to being on Earth again and understand his own past to be able to fight against the Radam. Speaking of Brainiac, Takaya abhors him for the sheer amount of destruction he leaves in his wake all while trying to find knowledge for himself. The Radam was certainly no easy battle for Takaya and Brainiac’s power has the potential to surpass the damage that the Radam is capable of based on what Supergirl has told Takaya about Brainiac, giving Tekkaman Blade more of a reason to stop Brainiac’s rampage, even if he needs plenty of help in that regard.
  • While Takaya’s animosity towards the Radam has remained a constant, the Pantheon was home to plenty of similar hostile alien lifeforms for him to attack. Some of these included The Borg and The Aparoids and to Takaya, their method of assimilating others to join their ranks isn’t that much different from the Radam kidnapping innocents and forcing them to join their ranks as Tekkamen. Takaya has already lost friends and family to the Radam and he’s more than determined to make sure he doesn’t lose any more friends to entities he considers similar to the Radam in terms of scope and power. Considering how Takaya can’t use his Tekkaman Blade form for a long period of time without going berserk, him being assimilated by those other alien lifeforms while being at risk of being corrupted by an already malevolent force is something his friends in the Pantheon don’t want to happen.
  • One scenario involving siblings in conflict that left Takaya dismayed when he heard about it was what happened with Lucas and Claus. The two boys were from Nowhere Islands and following an incident that left their mother dead and Claus kidnapped, Lucas had to muster up a lot of courage and find some allies to find the cause of all the danger that’s happening to his world. Among the tragedy that unfolded was the revelation that Claus was kidnapped by The Pigmask Army and became The Masked Man, an unfeeling cyborg soldier who was only able to be freed from mind control via suicide. With The Masked Man trying to find a way to reconcile what he did back then to his past self in the Pantheon, Takaya was very understanding of what Lucas had to go through and is hopeful that The Masked Man will succeed in his Pantheonic soul-searching.
  • In the long run, Takaya is just one particular individual who had to fend off an alien invasion. The Pantheon had plenty of characters who had to deal with this type of event, but some of them had to deal with something much more behind the scenes rather than simply avenging fallen family and friends akin to Takaya’s scenario. Gordon Freeman was a scientist who found himself dealing with aliens, alongside government conspiracies and developed a strong reputation thanks to his actions. Takaya and Gordon had some kinship with each other, partially since Takaya developed a similar reputation thanks to fighting the Radam and Gordon was intrigued with how Takaya used alien technology to fight back. That said, Takaya will have to be careful around certain entities in the Pantheon since they won’t take kindly to aliens or those closely related to them in some capacity, friendly or otherwise.
  • Tekkaman Blade ended up being a participant for a fighting tournament where various other individuals, including those already part of the Pantheon, were involved and one of them was a separate character taking up the mantle of Tekkaman. That same tournament also had Yami, an entity of darkness involved and Takaya’s same drive to destroy any evil that threatens those close to him carried over to willing to fight Yami if it becomes a major problem for the Pantheon. While Takaya certainly has some deep-seated personal issues, this ended up carrying over to that fighting tournament and was noticed by others involved. The Pantheon did give Takaya a better opportunity to understand those participants from that tourney and for the most part, he hasn’t been as aggressively moody towards them following some subsequent meetings with them.
  • Not only did Tekkaman Blade get involved with a fighting tournament, he ended up encountering an assortment of mecha pilots that were part of a separate mass-scale event. Some of those pilots Takaya was able to get along with well after the event was over, most notably Domon Kasshu and Kira Yamato. In Domon’s case, Takaya has a similar fierce disposition in battle and had to untangle a bunch of messy revelations regarding his family while in battle. As for Kira, Takaya had to fight his friends that were caught up in war, but while Kira was able to reconcile with Athrun (twice on top of that), such a thing didn’t happen with Shinya and the others fully infected by the Radam who Takaya fought.

    Francesca Lucchini 
Francesca Lucchini, The Goddess who Sleeps in Weird Places (Lucchini, Gattino, Franca)


    Ash (Alien
Ash, God of Monster Fascination
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Weyland-Yutani logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Mole, Admiring the Abomination for Its Purity and Freedom, Big Bad Ensemble, Artificial Human, Finding a Way Around the First Law of Robotics, Mad Doctor, Robotic Reveal, Having Milky "Blood", Only Following the Real Orders, Losing Your Head, The Mole
  • Domains: Biological Research, Corporations, Fascination, Monsters, Artificial Intelligence
  • Followers: The Doktor, Ichiru Serizawa and Vivienne Graham, General Castor
  • Interested in: The Xenomorph Drone, the Facehuggers, the Tyranids, SCP-682, Cell, the Indomitus Rex, Mewtwo, Dehaka, the Transformers, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Allies: HAL 9000, Dr Viktor, Colonel Quaritch, Sundowner, Wat Tambor, Lord Hater
  • Hired by: The GUAE Mutation Lair, Ragyo Kiryuin, the Corpus, Davros, Scarface
  • Enemies: Ellen Ripley, Corporal Dwayne Hicks, the Doctor, Agent J and Agent K, AUTO, Jake Sully, Cael Cynder, The League of Explorers, The Monster Hunters, Mewtwo, SCP-682, The Tenno, Cortana, Samus Aran, Link, Ash Ketchum
  • Opposed by: Good members of the House of Health and Diseases and Science, Baymax
  • Not so different from: AUTO
  • Ash initially seems to be another human assigned to the USCSS Nostromo ship, acting as Science Officer. In reality he's a synthetic android employed by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Interested in how the Xenomorph could be studied for research and weaponized. The crew is expendable, and he helped to smuggle it in the Nostromo. He proves a skilled liar and able to mimic human emotions for the deception to work.
  • Admires the Xenomorph, regarding it as the perfect organism. Something unfettered by morality or restraint, he looks favorably on its freedom. This may reflect his own status as an android who's bound by the First Law. There are some programming issues making it possible to indirectly kill his comrades, but he is still bound by them. He respects the GUAM for being androids striving for independence and/or supremacy over organic beings, a freedom he desires but will never obtain.
  • Very similar to HAL 9000 as they are artificial intelligences who betray the crew, all while acting as a benevolent factor. The main difference being he is more or less following orders, while HAL went nuts because of conflicting orders. He is similar to AUTO in that despite acting against his crew, he is ultimately just following his superior's orders. However AUTO opposes him because his programming directs him to protect humanity, and the Xenomorph would inevitably provide a threat to humanity's safety.
  • The Xenomorph is not the only organism he seems fascinated by. He immediately recognized the Tyranids of being similar to them, and wonders if they can be weaponized. Given they're such an Outside-Context Villain even the forces of Chaos don't get them and are completely unreasonable, this can only end badly. Along with his curiosity of SCP-682, whom the Eldritch Abomination saw as another "disgusting human product" and "a [REDACTED] idiot".
  • Asides from Ellen Ripley and Dwayne Hicks, Samus Aran has found umbridge with him since she deals with Alien-like threats all the time and doesn't want someone getting his grubby mitts on them. He felt a sense of deja vu with the Doctor due to his War incarnation reminding him of Gilbert Kane , who immediately opposed him trying to get his hands on something like the Xenomorph. Davros, however, decided to hire him to get it for his plans in genetic engineering and advancing the Daleks.
  • The Xenomorph is just his main and favorite target. He is fine helping the corporation by getting any rare and viable alien resource that they can get money from. As such he feels a kindred spirit with Colonel Quaritch and wants his own hand on the unobtanium. This puts him against Jake Sully and Cael Cynder. It also puts him against the Tenno due to the experimentation put upon them.
  • He is interested in other claimants to the Ultimate Life Form, as an extension to his fascination of the Xenomorph. He sees a lot of them in the Indomitus Rex, which was directly made as a weapon. He's fascinated by Cell as well, due to being an android like him along with a genetic monstrosity and perfect organism. Mewtwo however hates his interest and desire to give him over to the Weyland-Yutai organization.
  • Lord Hater is one of very few who actually likes the Facehuggers, and gave a lot of money for Ash to smuggle some in for him. Most believe that somehow Ash is the one responsible for smuggling them and the Xenomorph Drone in the pantheon in the first place. There's evidence he may be supplying some to Scarface so he can hunt them.
  • The Weyland-Yutai Corporation has got him hired to a number of gods in the pantheon, as part of under the table business deals with them and trying to mutually exploit one another. He works for the GUAE Mutation Lair so as to finally avert the Evil Is Not a Toy nature of the Xenomorphs, or at least bring examples to reverse-engineer them. Sundowner has joined him in field work in hopes of supplying the results to the US military, and Dr Viktor due to his scientific curiosity.
  • He has been hired by both the Kiryuin Conglomerate and the Corpus for his skills at collecting. Despite having little if any reservations about the morality of his actions, he's turned down Fabius Bile for some reason. Whether this is because Fabius is so mind-blowingly depraved even he can't stomach him, Chaos is something even he doesn't want to touch or it's just a matter of the "Iron Men" incident causing a distrust of androids is unclear.
  • Doesn't get on with Bilbo Baggins for some reason. Beyond the fact he's evil, he doesn't know why. He really doesn't get along with Ash Ketchum due to his interest in using monsters for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation's benefit, and what he might do with a Pokemon.

    Ian Malcolm 
Dr. Ian Malcolm, The Tall, Dark, and Snarky God (Brundlefly, Uhm Aah Yes Yes)
Malcolm, two decades after his trip to Isla Sorna.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Black Jacket. Alternatively, a splintered DNA Helix
  • Theme Song: Malcolm's Journey
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Tall, Dark, and Snarky, Sarcastic Mathematician and Chaotician, Predicted the Failure of Jurassic Park, Pretty Eccentric, Mr. Fanservice, Becomes Much more Serious Overtime, Much more Careful in his visit to Isla Sorna, Concerned about the State of Science, Took a Level in Badass, Papa Wolf, Determinator
  • Domains: Chaos, Science, Survival, Sarcasm, Prediction
  • Heralds: Dr Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Eddie Carr and Kelly Malcolm (his daughter)
  • Allies: Alan Grant, Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Vector, Dexter, George, Karl, The Monster Hunters, Isuzu Sento
  • Enemies: Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Mesogog, The Gyaos
  • Opposes: Maxie and Archie
  • On Good Terms With: John Hammond, The Gang of Seven, Dino, Hoppy, Kaban and Serval
  • Wary Of: Capturable Legendary Beasts, but notably the Creation and Weather Trios, Rexie, The Raptor Pack, The Fossil Pokemon
  • Interests: Lucifer
  • Dr Ian Malcolm, a famous mathematician and chaotician, was among the few people who were invited by John Hammond to visit Isla Nublar. The reason; to see Jurassic Park with their own eyes, be amazed and offer their thoughts and suggestions regarding the improvement of the park before it's opening. While the rest of the group remained enthusiastic by the sight of the living, breathing dinosaurs, Malcolm remained skeptical before outright stating that the park would fail, because despite the geneticists's attempt to prevent the dinosaurs from breeding, "Life finds a Way". In time, his predictions turn out to be correct; the dinosaurs soon escape their paddocks, albeit due to a sabotaging attempt to steal dinosaur embryos by a disgruntled InGen employee. In the middle of the doomed tour, Ian, alongside Dr Grant attempted to save Hammond's kids from a rampaging Tyrannosaurus rex, but was severely injured in the process and had to wait until he was able to evacuate alongside the other survivors.
    • A few years later, Ian was seen as an insane conspiracy theorist and doesn't lecture about Chaos Theory due to slanders by new InGen CEO Peter Ludlow. He was called by Hammond to discuss Isla Sorna, or Site B, the island where the dinosaurs were really cloned and bred before being taken over to Isla Nublar as attractions for Jurassic Park and that his nephew Peter Ludlow was attempting to capture dinosaurs to create another Jurassic Park in San Diego, California. Malcolm initially denied wanting to go, until Hammond told him that Ian's girlfriend Sarah Harding was already in the island researching dinosaurs. This prompted Ian to head out alongside a group consisting of himself, Nick Van Owen, Eddie Carr and his daughter Kelly (albeit by accident). What resulted was a clash between several dangerous dinosaurs and hunters hired by InGen. They eventually banded together to ensure each others' survival, despite Malcolm's group having sabotaged InGen's camp and setting captured dinosaurs free. After several close calls, which includes the deaths of Eddie and most of the hunters and a male T. rex rampaging throughout San Diego, Malcolm's group was successful and managed to prove himself to be telling the truth about dinosaurs, thus regaining his reputation.
  • The following years about Malcolm have mostly been unknown, though he is stated to have written a series of books about Chaos Theory and it's telling that Jurassic Park played a heavy influence in his field of work. He ascended into the Pantheon not long after the San Diego incident, though he remained silent up until the imminent destruction of Isla Nublar back in 2018 where Malcolm diligently stated that the dinosaurs needed to go extinct as per natural order. Alas, things didn't go out as he said, with the dinosaurs now roaming North America without discreet. Malcolm has expressed disappointment in the matter.
  • The Pantheon was, in Malcolm's view, a collective series of events and worlds, all tangled up to one another and creating different sorts of situations that were never meant to happen. In short, the Pantheonic Multiverse is a Multiverse that is very diligent on Chaos Theory. Alas, Malcolm hasn't lectured about this yet, given that some people already see him as rather preachy and nonsensical at times.
  • Beyond dinosaurs, Malcolm has a very skewed opinion about the concept of capturable beasts. He thinks back to how evolution works and seeing how some dog breeds eventually evolved from being savage to docile, Malcolm comes to believe that while Pokémon and Digimon may have a unique set of evolutions, excessive domestication can ruin and distort their natural evolutionary line or natural selection to become more aggressive regarding them. He keeps these reasons to himself obviously, given the abundance of Pokemon trainers and Digimon owners.
    • While the dinosaur-based Digimon are totally natural, Malcolm is rather bewildered about how scientists try to bring extinct Pokemon back from existence and trainers being eager to use them for battle and travel. Like in Jurassic Park, Malcolm worries about how these events can potentially result in some sort of event where Prehistoric Pokemon may start to adapt and take over quickly.
    • Malcolm, however, is vocal towards one thing; the idea to keep hold of certain legendary creatures isn't really a good idea. He takes most issue out of the Weather and Creation Pokemon trios as they possess abilities that are beyond mankind's control and to alter it could potentially create problems that would endanger lives on a global and cosmic scale respectively. The Creation Trio's partners, Future Trunks, Yukari Yakumo and Midna responded by stating that they are doing the best they could to allow the Creation Trio to act as independently as they can, though they can see where Malcolm is coming from.
    • Nope, he does not have a positive opinion towards Maxie and Archie. He feels like the two of them were being total idiots for trying to control the weather using Groudon and Kyogre respectively and once called them out for doing something that would have caused mayhem and disasters they wouldn't be able to quell. While they are atoning as Hammond has, Malcolm is still pessimistic about them.
  • He was pissed off when he found out that InGen really learned nothing from their experience in Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Case in point, there was another theme park, Jurassic World, the creation of the hybrid, the Indominus Rex caused the park to be shut down upon its escape and rampage and the eventual Indoraptor. Even years later, Malcolm is still bitter about InGen and no one can blame him about it.
  • In contrast to the dinosaurs cloned by InGen, Malcolm himself is far more amicable towards the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House, given that the residing dinosaurs there are genuine. He predicted John Hammond taking up arms to allow conservation to the place as a sign of goodwill and atonement. As for the dinosaurs themselves, Malcolm is aware that they are just as dangerous as the one InGen cloned, though the more anthropomorphic ones like the Gang of Seven, Dino and Hoppy were easy to get along with.
    • Deviljho was a rather interesting topic for Malcolm. While he is obviously not considering the idea of meeting one, Deviljho's nomadic nature and destructive tendencies are what Malcolm describes, the very personification of nature manifesting itself into a chaotic force of control, forcing other creatures to either be content and fight against it, or perish". The Elder Dragons are more blatant, given how some have elemental control. Malcolm muses them as being literal forces of nature and once considered writing them as a case study for a future book.
  • He is very sarcastic, with some of his lines being straight-up metaphors for unlikely events and sardonically reacting to situations where anyone, himself included would be in a bad position. While his sarcastic wit has never let go, his experience on Isla Nublar did make him more serious and concerned about himself and his close ones. Still, this isn't going to stop Malcolm from equipping every once in a while.
  • Lucifer was rather intrigued about Malcolm's field as a budding chaotician and for being very analytical about shortcomings and predictions, though he doubts if he would work as a member of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Given that the Pantheonic Forever War is beyond him, Malcolm doesn't have much of an opinion about him. Instead, he expresses more interest in Homura Akemi, who was a critical aspect in the Great Upheaval. In fact, Malcolm's first book in the Pantheon is about the chaos Homura made in an effort to save Madoka Kaname, resulting in the formation of the Grand United Alliance of Law and GUAC.
  • He created an Odd Friendship with an android known as Vector. It turns out she shares Malcolm's pessimism and thus, she can appreciate his snark. It also helps that Vector took the time to read some of Malcolm's books and ended up liking them. Given that his books don't get much appreciation, Malcolm is genuinely surprised by this. That said, Malcolm does acknowledge that he's not an expert in dinosaurs, when Vector herself tourns out to have quite an adequate knowledge about them. Sometimes if he feels like going to the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House, Malcolm would ask Vector if she can tag along should Grant be absent.
    • He also found good company under Kaban and Serval, with Malcolm taking some interest in Serval, given that she was actually a humanoid with beastly traits meant to be a "Friend" exhibit for a zoo called Japari Park and was initially a serval cat. Malcolm also took notice of the Sandstar substance that caused animals to turn into beastly humanoids. That and the attack of the Ceruleans that caused Japari Park to be shut down had Malcolm question the Sandstar being the source of chaos that manifested under the form of the Ceruleans. Regardless, the survival of Serval may mean her kind will continue to thrive. He hopes they don't become hostile in the upcoming years, though with Kaban's influence, Malcolm's worries are likely to be mended.
  • He became friends with George and Karl mainly because they have the shared experience of exploring a jungle filled with dangerous dinosaurs. Malcolm also appreciates the duo's friendship, who in turn, like to hear Malcolm's dry humour at times. Like Vector, George and Karl often ask Malcolm if they can come along in adventures inside jungles, knowing that Malcolm's experiences will aid them... and to make sure he doesn't have them walking in the wrong direction.
    • He also has some appreciation with Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee, though the two of them sometimes find Malcolm's talks about nature being chaotic and science being hard to control to be rather tedious to listen to. They do appreciate Malcolm's snark though and whenever Jack and Hannah stark fighting with one another, Malcolm would step in to break the fight up, asserting that they have a goal to accomplish.
"Yeah. "Ooh, ah," that's how it always starts. But then later there's running and screaming."

    Lorraine Baines 
Lorraine Baines-McFly, Goddess of "Wholesome" 50s Girls

    Toejam & Earl 
Toejam and "Big" Earl, Gods of Funkiness

    Tusk (Cross Ange
Tusk, the Extremely Blunt God (Kirito, Super Kira, Tusk F. Yamato)
  • Demigod by default; attains borderline Intermediate God status aboard a Para-Mail
  • Symbol: The photo of his parents. Alternatively, his mother's pink Arquebus.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ange's Knight, Accidental Pervert, Adorkable, Says Awkward Things In Bad Times, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Last of the Ancient People, Chick Magnet, Badass Normal, Who Name's Their Kid Tusk?, Nice Guy, Real Men Wear Pink, Did It With Ange
  • Domains: Resistance, Machines, War, Foot in Mouth
  • Allies: Ange, Salamandinay, Hilda, Kira Yamato, Setsuna F. Seiei, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Negi Springfield, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Rylai, Ymir the Tusk
  • Enemies: EMBRYO, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Tenjuro Banno
  • Opposes: Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Opposed by: MANY Yuri fans
  • Commonality Connection with: Kairi
  • Ascended to the pantheon after learning that Embryo had return to go after Ange once more, as well as any other women who catches his fancy. But as soon as he was reunited with Ange, he tripped and fell on her crotch face first. Again. As expected, Ange gave him a good old beating, but nonetheless gave him a hug afterwards.
  • Most people would believe that Ange is part of his harem, which isn't all that difficult considering that he can attract plenty of women. Apparently, it's the opposite; Tusk is part of Ange's harem.
  • Embryo was rather pissed to here that Tusk had arrived in the pantheon, considering that Tusk took Ange's virginity, which Embryo believed to be rightfully his. The mere sight of Tusk is enough to send Embryo into such a rage that people have stated their bitter rivalry to be one of the largest since Tron and Dyson.
    • It was also rumored that when Tusk first visited Embryo's realm, he enlisted the unwitting help of Akon and The Lonely Island to piss him off to no end.
  • Was once approached by Rylai who had heard of his arrival, though mistook him for her friend who was also named Tusk. While a bit disappointed that he wasn't the Tusk she knew, she is still rather fond of him.
  • He is somewhat gets along with several Gundam pilots, especially with Kira Yamato as both of them were surprised that they both resemble each other, and Setsuna F. Seiei, as their voices are kinda similar to each other.
  • Also gets along with the Kamen Riders, especially with Shinji Kido as both of them happens to be nice to their friends. He also had a sympathy towards Takumi Inui since his nature as an Orphnoch reminding him of Ange's nature as a Norma.
  • Due to being the only male among Ange's harem, Tusk tends to get a lot of scorn from followers of yuri, and the prayers from his temple have been malicious to out right malevolent. Needless to say, Ange was none to happy about that and had all malevolent prayers cut off.
    • Ironically, it is due to getting such scorn that he found a friend in Kairi, who get's the same treatment from yaoi followers. She consoled him, telling him that the yuri followers won't be able to do anything to him as long as Ange doesn't allow it to.
  • Despite his clumsiness Tusk is considerably skilled and reliable. When Ange was about to be executed by her brother it was him who interrupted the even and set Ange free. Granted, she had to rescue herself and Tusk in the end but without him Ange would've ended up hanged.
  • Was once approached by Ato-ko who attempted to steal him away from Ange. Tusk didn't have any of that, declaring himself to be forever Ange's Knight. After learning from Cuuko about what she does for a living, he quickly declared her his enemy. To him, someone who feeds on the heartbreaks of others is just as monstrous as Embryo, if not more so.
  • Anytime he manages to stumble into Ange's crotch, the other gods around them quickly face-palm.