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Greater Gods

    Shao Kahn 
Shao Kahn, God of Infernal Taunting (Emperor Shao Kahn, Shao Kahn the Konqueror, Bootleg Skeletor)
  • Theme Song: Shao Kahn's Throne, The Portal/Kahn's Arena, The Bank, Shao Kahn's Theme
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Skull Helmet upon his Hammer, with the symbol of Mortal Kombat as the background.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Ultimately Winning in the End if not for Enemy Messing With Time, Being the Man Who Proclaims Victory in a Match (Courtesy of Steve Ritchie), Cool Helmets, Hammers, Emperors, Hammy Villains, Taunting His Foes Constantly, Being Really 10,000 Years Old, Ridiculously Overpowered Bosses.
  • Dominions: Evil, Kombat, Conquest, Emperors.
  • Allies: Shang Tsung, Darkseid, Melkor, Sauron, Justice, Cell (they work together in tournaments).
  • Enemies: Raiden, Liu Kang, Alexander the Great (due to both being conquerors), Yuuki Terumi, Vali Lucifer, anyone who would dare stand in the way of his konquest, Kotal Kahn
  • Headbutting Villains With: Shinnok, Quan Chi.
  • Villainous Friendship with: M. Bison.
  • Creator of: Ermac, Skarlet.
  • Ascended after a plan by Shang Tsung and Quan Chi was put into action, giving him access to the Pantheon.
  • What's hilarious is that his love of taunting, which gave him his official title, is actually his only real weakness in battle. Considering he can take a flaming fist through the chest and walk off afterwards, it doesn't affect him much.
  • It's been noted that he possesses a tenacity to rival Son Goku, which normally manifests in his never-ending quest to konquer everything. It is currently his goal to konquer the Pantheon, starting with his own House.
  • He once possessed M. Bison's psycho power after absorbing his soul, but he lost it after M. Bison stole it back. It was a relief for the entire Pantheon when it happened.
  • Considered the official announcer of the gods, as his voice is often used when battles happen.
    • Was the official announcer of Death Battle, but he stopped after the battle between Goku vs. Superman. It was because he was to be one of the combatants of the second Season.
  • Has a rivalry of sorts with Alexander the Great, as both believe there cannot be two conquerors of the Pantheon. (Considering his alliance with Bison, this is surprising. Or a warning sign.) The two faced each other in a battle to see who was the greater, but no one knows who won, if either did. The last anyone saw of the battle, it ended with Shao Kahn facing the entire Ionian Hetairoi alone. Neither will comment on who won.
  • Has also heard that Yuuki Terumi boasted that he could take over Shao Kahn's throne as a super hard boss. Shao Kahn's response? Evil Laugh followed by "Don't make me laugh — again!". He thought that Terumi would fail miserably, thereby allowing him to follow up with, "It's official. You suck!". Since Terumi got his ass kicked by Hakumen, Kahn's looking to make that statement legitimate.
  • Gets VERY annoyed when people spell his name as "Shao KHAN". When Terumi last did it, Kahn proceeded to try and cave his skull in with his hammer.
  • Upon hearing of Shinnok and his plans to steal the Boosted Gear away from Issei Hyodo, Shao Kahn, not wanting to fall behind in terms of power, has taken interest into stealing the Divine Dividing from Issei's rival, Vali Lucifer. Unlike with the former who got his plans accidentally discovered by Asia Argento of all people, Vali, as well as Kuroka, are not in the know about the Konqueror's plans, although many covertly fear what would happen if Shinnok with the Boosted Gear ends up clashing with Shao Kahn with the Divine Dividing.
  • Is annoyed with the whole House of Friendship. His response was:
    "Friendship! FRIENDSHIP!? Again??"
  • Shao Kahn has allied with Darkseid in an event where two worlds collide and both have the ability to perform a Fusion Dance which results in… Dark Kahn.
  • His mortal avatar was killed by the Elder Gods for breaking the rules of Mortal Kombat in the retelling. When asked about the 25-year prophecy, he said that he was very upset about his kingdom being ruled by a benevolent dictator (Kotal Kahn).
  • In the event of temporal crisis, a past version of himself is summoned by Kronika. Not amused of Kotal's run as the emperor, he's now ready to fight against the Osh-Tekk in the second Outworld Civil War.

Intermediate Gods

    Harry Dresden 
Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, He who Flips Off Horrors, Gods, Fae, Angels, and Fate itself (Hoss, "Dammit Dresden", Pizza Lord, The Winter Knight)
  • Intermediate God, formerly a mortal who forced his way in by sheer audacity, but ascending to being God of Magical Destruction after crashing the House of Technology. This had the side effect of raising his position here into the domain of a god
  • Symbol: A five-pointed star within a circle
  • Alignment: This really depends on how well his day is going, he tries his best to be Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Pragmatic Heroes, Anti Heroes, The Dreaded, Full-Contact Magic, Good Is Not Nice, Walking Techbane.
  • Domains: Fire, Destruction, Magic, Knowledge, Humor, disrespect
  • Followers: Anyone that mouths off when they should shut the hell up is okay in his book.
  • Allies: Most of the other Gods know better, but a good chunk of House Justice will stand by him... usually. They're wary of his track record. Edward Elric also stands by his side.
  • Enemies: Several horrendously powerful creatures, usually on the evil/neutral side of the spectrum, who he's mouthed off too and generally disrespected.
  • See, he thought when he found this place using the Ways between Earth and the Never Never he'd get to be a God when he showed up... that isn't how it works. He shouldn't be so surprised, it's never how it works. Anytime something good happens he ends up half dead and the building is on fire and it wasn't his fault, although later he ascended as the God of Magical Destruction after crashing the House of Technology.
  • He spends a lot of time fanboying about all sorts of folks in the other Pantheons, most of them find it cute and step in to keep the other gods from squishing Harry where he stands.
  • Is not allowed near the House of Technology, because last time he was there he picked a fight with Dr. Robotnik... and won! Somehow. Oh he kinda broke the entire House, killed Optimus Prime (temporarily) and nearly was erased from existence by Lain until he swore to never return. After this display of his prowess at collateral damage, he ascended to be co-god of Magical Destruction with Nanoha
  • Dresden has recently learned the secret to permanently killing immortals, which means he can back up his various taunts and jokes if he chooses.

    Trafalgar Law 
Trafalgar Law, God of the Middle Finger (Surgeon of Death, Captain of the Heart Pirates, Supernova, Trafalgar D. Water Law, Torao/Tra-guy/Traffy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Heart Pirates' Jolly Roger
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Deadly Doctor, Deadpan Snarker, Honorary True Companion, Undying Loyalty, Doomed Hometown, Creepy Child, Not Afraid to Die
  • Domains: Revenge, Medicine, Piracy.
  • Followers: His crew, the Heart Pirates.
  • Allies: Monkey D. Luffy, the rest of the Straw Hat Crew, Inigo Montoya, Harry Potter, Po
  • Enemies: Donquixote Doflamingo, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, Inspector Javert, Lord Voldemort and all other immortality-seekers; TOHKA YATOGAMI (see below)
  • Rival: Dr. House
  • High Priest: Isshin Kurosaki (fellow bird-flipping doctor)
  • Ascended when, upon being given the option of a last wish if he used his ultimate medical technique to give his Arch-Enemy Doflamingo eternal youth, Law seemingly agreed and then wished for Doflaming to revive Corazon, lick the butt of every person in Dressrosa, and then flipped him off.
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin personally congratulated him on such a good "Stone Cold Salute" when he arrived. He then explained the Pantheon to Law, complete with list of suggested deities to flip off next.
  • Is constantly dragged into the antics of the various Straw Hats in the Pantheon. Much to his dismay, he's actually started to like it.
    • Luffy especially is happy his friend ascended...despite Law’s firm insistence that they are not "friends" but merely “allies.” Luffy acts like he can’t hear him when that happens, and continues dragging Law along for the ride.
  • Can create operating "Rooms" where he can control everything inside. This makes attacking him very difficult as his range could encompass mountains before he ascended. Not to mention, he can also uses his nodachi, the Kikoku (Ogre Wail) as a kind of scalpel, and is shown to also have proficient swordsmanship (despite claiming himself to be more of a doctor).
    • However, this comes with few massive weaknesses; aside from the fact that he's dependent on their placement and needs to focus on many targets at once, it drains him of his stamina if he overuses creating his Rooms. Some intelligent fighters can easily outlast him in a fight making use of that tactic.
      • Fellow gods have wondered; what happens when Law cuts something with his sword without involving his Devil Fruit Powers? The answer to that still isn't revealed.
  • Inigo Montoya was very pleased to meet another god who mocked a villain by demanding the villain return their slain loved one to life. He's trying to teach Law how to add a little flourish to his sword work but Law's not entirely interested.
  • While Law sometimes practices medicine in the Pantheon, his methods, while perfectly harmless if he wants them to be, tend to freak people out due to them often involving temporary dismemberment. Chopper lets him into the House of Health and Diseases anyway, but usually tries to keep an eye on him.
    • On the other hand, interrupting a procedure will lead to Law actually dismembering the offender so it's a pretty safe place to get treated if he's around.
    • Inspector Javert often tries to arrest Law since he is doubtful a pirate has a proper permit to practice medicine. However Law is perfectly capable of using his powers to teleport a good distance away and generally treats Javert as an annoyance.
      • Other than that, other gods have commented on how precise his operations are. Nothing helps more than literally taking out what's hurting you inside via harmless dismemberment inside one of his Rooms.
  • It recently got out that Law's ultimate medical technique is to bestow eternal youth at the cost of his own life. Naturally the immortality seekers among the pantheon all want to capture him. He’s already removed Lord Voldemort’s wand arm more times than he can count.
    • Law has since met and allied with Harry Potter in an effort to better learn how to keep Voldemort away. They bonded over losing family and loved ones to evil jackasses, and Harry has agreed to help Law try to keep Doflamingo out of the Pantheon.
  • When told he was now the second most popular guy from his home universe, Law shrugged and said he doesn't care about numbers.
  • Has offended many cooks and chefs in the House of Food due to his extreme hatred of bread. He also dislikes umeboshi (dried plums).
    • However, it seems the one who's taken it to the highest offense happens to be Tohka Yatogami, a proud-and-avid bread lover. Time will tell when the two will wage war against each other over such a matter.
      • Recently, while Tohka is trying her best to make Law find a liking to bread, she doesn't seem willing to make the first provoking move towards him since Shidou Itsuka and a few others seem to have taught her some basic understanding of feelings. Law still finds Tohka's love of bread rather annoying however.
  • Feels comfortable around Po due to his navigator Bepo also being a bear who knows Kung Fu. Po likes being around Law since he thinks Law’s sword Kikoku is awesome.
  • Dislikes Dr. House due to his childhood being full of doctors who misunderstood his Amber Lead Syndrome giving him an extreme distrust of medical professionals, especially ones who have a habit of misdiagnosing. Dr. House in returns dislikes him because he knows Law is a possible threat to his position of the Pantheon’s Dr. Jerk and because he sees the powers of Law’s Op-Op fruit as being “magic” and therefore not count as real medicine. Their snark-offs are becoming a regular event whenever Law visits Chopper in the House of Health and Diseases.


Lesser Gods

    Captain Qwark 
Captain Qwark, God of Boasting Cowards (Copernicus Leslie Qwark (his real name); Steve McQwark, Abercrombie Fizzwidget)
  • Lesser God (claims to be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A Circle with a Lightning bolt to make it resemble a "Q"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (formally Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolios: Brought To You By the Letter 'Q', Charles Atlas Superpower, Small Name, Big Ego, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Starting off as a Dirty Coward and a Fake Ultimate Hero before Taking Levels in Badass, Speaks Fluent Monkey, Our Presidents Are Different
  • Domians: False Heroes, Stupidity, Nature, Politics
  • Allies: Ratchet, Clank, Sora, Mickey Mouse, Axel, Hercule, General Fletcher
  • Enemies: Dr. Nefarious, Lawrence
  • Learned of the Pantheon while searching for Ratchet and Clank through web-calls, and somehow managed to get ahold of them in the House of Nature. Despite Ratchet trying to tell him that they were only on "a business trip", and he should not worry about them, Qwark was able to join his friends inside.
    • Sora was even debunked on how Qwark was able to get ahold of his temple's number at this reveal. Qwark just calls this a lucky coincidence, though both Sora and Ratchet refuse to believe this claim.
  • Qwark spends a lot of his time telling stories about his heroic days, like how he took out Captain Blackstar and his robotic pirate ghosts, or when he took out the Momma Tyhrranoid with only his "iron-hard abs". A lot of this, of course is made up or stolen from other heroes. Most of the time, Qwark is just too cowardly to fight large monsters.
    • He is also often seen taking part in plays, especially after staring in the films "My Blaster Runs Hot" and "Unicop".
  • Qwark was once beloved by his home galaxy until Ratchet and Clank exposed him as working for Chairman Drek, which forced Qwark to sell Personal Hygenators that caused itchiness in the rear end, claiming them to be Gadgetron products. After he was caught, Qwark fled to the Bogon Galaxy and, posing as Megacorp CEO Abercrombie Fizzwidget, tried to sell murderous protopets in the hopes of restoring his popularity. This, too, went under thanks to the interference of Ratchet and Clank, and Qwark ended up being a test subject for the cruchotiser.
    • After this, Qwark then tried to protect the endangered species of the Florana jungles, but became amnestic and thought of himself as a monkey until Ratchet restored his memories through a vid-comic.
    • Soon after, Dr. Nefarious began to terrorize the Solana Galaxy again. After being lured into a trap, Qwark faked his death to avoid fighting his archnemesis, but Ratchet tracks him down and calls him out for his cowardice. Though thanks to Clank's words of encouragement, Qwark proves himself to be a hero at last by flying into Nefarious' command center and helping Ratchet take out the Bioblierator.
  • Qwark refuses to believe that Courtney Gears is evil, even after Ratchet gave him evidence of her alliance with the Disney Villains (Lady Tremaine, in particular).
  • Qwark is often seen at the House of Beasts playing with some of the monsters there, as they remind him of his War Grog, Snowball. Many gods are amassed that he's not been eaten by one... yet.
  • He met up with fellow Fake Ultimate Heroes, Axel and Mr. Satan, and they've been trying to convince everyone of their "great feats".
  • Qwark often visits the House of Nature, as it reminds him of the Florana jungles that he once protected. Though the recent clashes between Groudon and Kyogre have made the house more hostile and dangerous, making Qwark's visit there less frequent.

    Falco Lombardi 
Falco Lombardi, God of Tailkickers (Proud Space Ace)

    Francesca Lucchini 
Francesca Lucchini, The Goddess who Sleeps in Weird Places (Lucchini, Gattino, Franca)

Leeron Littner, God of Humorous Homosexuals (Ron)


    Ash (Alien
Ash, God of Monster Fascination
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Weyland-Yutani logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Mole, Admiring the Abomination For Its Purity And Freedom, Big-Bad Ensemble, Artificial Human, Finding A Way Around The First Law Of Robotics, Mad Doctor, Robotic Reveal, Having Milky "Blood", Only Following The Real Orders, Losing Your Head, The Mole
  • Domains: Biological Research, Corporations, Fascination, Monsters, Artificial Intelligence
  • Followers: The Doktor, Ichiru Serizawa and Vivienne Graham, General Castor
  • Interested in: The Xenomorph Drone, the Facehuggers, the Tyranids, SCP-682, Cell, the Indomitus Rex, Mewtwo, Dehaka, the Transformers, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Allies: HAL 9000, Dr Viktor, Colonel Quaritch, Sundowner, Wat Tambor, Lord Hater
  • Hired by: The GUAE Mutation Lair, Ragyo Kiryuin, the Corpus, Davros, Scarface
  • Enemies: Ellen Ripley, Corporal Dwayne Hicks, the Doctor, Agent J and Agent K, AUTO, Jake Sully, Cael Cynder, The League of Explorers, The Monster Hunters, Mewtwo, SCP-682, The Tenno, Cortana, Samus Aran, Link, Ash Ketchum
  • Opposed by: Good members of the House of Health and Diseases (particularly Baymax) and Science
  • Not So Different from: AUTO
  • Ash initially seems to be another human assigned to the USCSS Nostromo ship, acting as Science Officer. In reality he's a synthetic android employed by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Interested in how the Xenomorph could be studied for research and weaponized. The crew is expendable, and he helped to smuggle it in the Nostromo. He proves a skilled liar and able to mimic human emotions for the deception to work.
  • Admires the Xenomorph, regarding it as the perfect organism. Something unfettered by morality or restraint, he looks favorably on its freedom. This may reflect his own status as an android who's bound by the First Law. There are some programming issues making it possible to indirectly kill his comrades, but he is still bound by them. He respects the GUAM for being androids striving for independence and/or supremacy over organic beings, a freedom he desires but will never obtain.
  • Very similar to HAL 9000 as they are artificial intelligences who betray the crew, all while acting as a benevolent factor. The main difference being he is more or less following orders, while HAL went nuts because of conflicting orders. He is similar to AUTO in that despite acting against his crew, he is ultimately just following his superior's orders. However AUTO opposes him because his programming directs him to protect humanity, and the Xenomorph would inevitably provide a threat to humanity's safety.
  • The Xenomorph is not the only organism he seems fascinated by. He immediately recognized the Tyranids of being similar to them, and wonders if they can be weaponized. Given they're such an Outside-Context Villain even the forces of Chaos don't get them and are completely unreasonable, this can only end badly. Along with his curiosity of SCP-682, whom the Eldritch Abomination saw as another "disgusting human product" and "a [REDACTED] idiot".
  • Asides from Ellen Ripley and Dwayne Hicks, Samus Aran has found umbridge with him since she deals with Alien-like threats all the time and doesn't want someone getting his grubby mitts on them. He felt a sense of deja vu with the Doctor due to his War incarnation reminding him of Gilbert Kane , who immediately opposed him trying to get his hands on something like the Xenomorph. Davros, however, decided to hire him to get it for his plans in genetic engineering and advancing the Daleks.
  • The Xenomorph is just his main and favorite target. He is fine helping the corporation by getting any rare and viable alien resource that they can get money from. As such he feels a kindred spirit with Colonel Quaritch and wants his own hand on the unobtanium. This puts him against Jake Sully and Cael Cynder. It also puts him against the Tenno due to the experimentation put upon them.
  • He is interested in other claimants to the Ultimate Life Form, as an extension to his fascination of the Xenomorph. He sees a lot of them in the Indomitus Rex, which was directly made as a weapon. He's fascinated by Cell as well, due to being an android like him along with a genetic monstrosity and perfect organism. Mewtwo however hates his interest and desire to give him over to the Weyland-Yutai organization.
  • Lord Hater is one of very few who actually likes the Facehuggers, and gave a lot of money for Ash to smuggle some in for him. Most believe that somehow Ash is the one responsible for smuggling them and the Xenomorph Drone in the pantheon in the first place. There's evidence he may be supplying some to Scarface so he can hunt them.
  • The Weyland-Yutai Corporation has got him hired to a number of gods in the pantheon, as part of under the table business deals with them and trying to mutually exploit one another. He works for the GUAE Mutation Lair so as to finally avert the Evil Is Not a Toy nature of the Xenomorphs, or at least bring examples to reverse-engineer them. Sundowner has joined him in field work in hopes of supplying the results to the US military, and Dr Viktor due to his scientific curiosity.
  • He has been hired by both the Kiryuin Conglomerate and the Corpus for his skills at collecting. Despite having little if any reservations about the morality of his actions, he's turned down Fabius Bile for some reason. Whether this is because Fabius is so mind-blowingly depraved even he can't stomach him, Chaos is something even he doesn't want to touch or it's just a matter of the "Iron Men" incident causing a distrust of androids is unclear.
  • Doesn't get on with Bilbo Baggins for some reason. Beyond the fact he's evil, he doesn't know why. He really doesn't get along with Ash Ketchum due to his interest in using monsters for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation's benefit, and what he might do with a Pokemon.

    Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago 


Det. Jacob Peralta and Sgt. Amy Santiago, Co-Deities of Unsportsmanlike Gloating (Jacob: Jake Peralta, Jake Lady-Hands, Amy: Amy Peralta)
Left: Amy, Right: Jake

Kellam, The Nondescript God (Callum, Oft Forgotten)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His shield. Well, if you were to see his symbol, that is.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Not Being Noticed by Others, Even Though He Has Full Body Armour, Using It To His Advantage, Farm Boy, Self-Made Man, The Generic Guy, Gentle Giant, Eyes Always Shut, Stone Wall, Ignored By His Family For Being Selfish
  • Domains: Practical Invisibility, Knights, Armour,
  • High Priest: Moist Von Lipwig
  • Allies: Robin, Chrom, Lucina, Anna, Tharja, Koishi Komeiji, Braum, Zuko
  • Enemies: Grima. Otherwise, no one, really
  • No one is sure when he managed to ascend into the Pantheon. He just one day appeared behind Robin to say hi. Every one at House of Knowledge were shocked on the fact that he just snuck in. All he said was "Wait, did any one even notice that I ascended? Should had guessed...".
  • The fact that how many people seem to somehow not notice a large man wearing full body armour is something what baffles many gods. Some gods even want to test how far he can go.
    • Most gods who either have animal senses or at least enhanced smell seem to be able to find him sort of easily, if anything.
  • He seems to get along with Koishi due of the fact that people really do forget that she exists. Though both seem to have hard time each other, and Koishi seemed to have given him a phone she can call where she is. Usually repeatedly.
  • Note that Kallum is actually proud of how sneakily he can get around, to the point that he is qualified to be a Thief. Its just that he feels like people ignore him too much. Otherwise he is really pleasant person to be around (though remember that he is still a Shepherd).
  • Calling Kellam and Braum at the same time would possibly create a impenetrable two-way barrier, especially since Kellam can reduce damage taken from swords, lances and axes. They don't know what they hit!
  • Was not liked by the rest of his family due of his refusal to share his own belongings, making them ignore him aside of his brother. He rose to "fame" due of his own efforts. This makes him sympathise with Zuko.
  • ...Wait, why is there so much empty space here?

    Lorraine Baines 
Lorraine Baines-McFly, Goddess of "Wholesome" 50s Girls

    Purple Eyes 
Purple Eyes, God of Provoking Supernatural Beings
  • Demigod (Intermediate God with Golden Armor)
  • Symbol: His Control Gauntlet
  • Theme Music: Pokémon Pincher Admin's Theme
  • Alignment: Used to be Neutral Evil, jumped into Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Being Really Evil To Point of Being Utterly Immoral, Having Purple Eyes (duh), Being The Dragon Before His Betrayal, Adventurer Archaeologist, Hating Humanity To The Point of Wanting to Erase Them, Trying to Provoke a God into Doing That, Dragged To a Higher Level of Existence
  • Domains: Villainy, Immorality, Eyes
  • Allies: Shinobu Sensui, Lysandre, Dr. Weil, Nobunaga Oda, anyone who wants to exterminate humans (but would spare him)
  • Enemies: Arceus, Mewtwo, YHVH, The White, Murasaki (maybe?)
  • Opposed by: Practically every Pokémon in the Pantheon
  • It says a lot when he is currently one of few things in Pokémon that caused Arceus to actively do something about it. Maybe because he personally tried to make Arceus go with his plans to destroy the humanity which he grew to hate. However, many of the evil gods were impressed by how utterly evil he is, and were able to bring him out of wherever Arceus took him. When asked what it was like, he refused to answer.
    • Note that besides what his trope means, we are sure he hasn't tried to actually bait out Cthulhu.
  • Currently is trying to look for a deity who could erase mankind to start a new world, and who would let him be on their side. Currently, he has little luck on that.
  • Due to his ideals that humanity should just vanish, he has allied with similar humans who wish the same thing. Though whether or not the alliance will last is to be seen.
  • Is also trying to find a way to get back the Golden Armor, which would not only grant him immortality, but also allow him to control any Pokémon. This even includes legendaries like Mewtwo and maybe even Arceus himself.
  • He has allied with Nobunaga due to the latter seemingly also hating Arceus, even though Nobunaga has more noble reasons for doing so.
  • He could have ascended as the God of Purple Eyes, but it went to Murasaki. Some gods say that he actually tried to steal Bebeby from her once, only to be mauled into pieces by her. He refuses to say that being the case.
  • Has been lately tinkering with the idea that the Control Gauntlet can be used to control other creatures and not just Pokémon. Of course the problem is being able to test it on controlled environment, and he isn't sure where to get test subjects for it.

    Toejam & Earl 
Toejam and "Big" Earl, Gods of Funkiness

Tusk, the Extremely Blunt God (Kirito, Super Kira, Tusk F. Yamato)
  • Demigod by default; attains borderline Intermediate God status aboard a Para-Mail
  • Symbol: The photo of his parents. Alternatively, his mother's pink Arquebus.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ange's Knight, Accidental Pervert, Adorkable, Says Awkward Things In Bad Times, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Last of the Ancient People, Chick Magnet, Badass Normal, Who Name's Their Kid Tusk?, Nice Guy, Real Men Wear Pink, Did It With Ange
  • Domains: Resistance, Machines, War, Foot in Mouth
  • Allies: Ange, Salamandinay, Hilda, Kira Yamato, Setsuna F. Seiei, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Negi Springfield, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Rylai, Ymir the Tusk
  • Enemies: EMBRYO, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Tenjuro Banno
  • Opposes: Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Opposed by: MANY Yuri fans
  • Commonality Connection with: Kairi
  • Ascended to the pantheon after learning that Embryo had return to go after Ange once more, as well as any other women who catches his fancy. But as soon as he was reunited with Ange, he tripped and fell on her crotch face first. Again. As expected, Ange gave him a good old beating, but nonetheless gave him a hug afterwards.
  • Most people would believe that Ange is part of his harem, which isn't all that difficult considering that he can attract plenty of women. Apparently, it's the opposite; Tusk is part of Ange's harem.
  • Embryo was rather pissed to here that Tusk had arrived in the pantheon, considering that Tusk took Ange's virginity, which Embryo believed to be rightfully his. The mere sight of Tusk is enough to send Embryo into such a rage that people have stated their bitter rivalry to be one of the largest since Tron and Dyson.
    • It was also rumored that when Tusk first visited Embryo's realm, he enlisted the unwitting help of Akon and The Lonely Island to piss him off to no end.
  • Was once approached by Rylai who had heard of his arrival, though mistook him for her friend who was also named Tusk. While a bit disappointed that he wasn't the Tusk she knew, she is still rather fond of him.
  • He is somewhat gets along with several Gundam pilots, especially with Kira Yamato as both of them were surprised that they both resemble each other, and Setsuna F. Seiei, as their voices are kinda similar to each other.
  • Also gets along with the Kamen Riders, especially with Shinji Kido as both of them happens to be nice to their friends. He also had a sympathy towards Takumi Inui since his nature as an Orphnoch reminding him of Ange's nature as a Norma.
  • Due to being the only male among Ange's harem, Tusk tends to get a lot of scorn from followers of yuri, and the prayers from his temple have been malicious to out right malevolent. Needless to say, Ange was none to happy about that and had all malevolent prayers cut off.
    • Ironically, it is due to getting such scorn that he found a friend in Kairi, who get's the same treatment from yaoi followers. She consoled him, telling him that the yuri followers won't be able to do anything to him as long as Ange doesn't allow it to.
  • Despite his clumsiness Tusk is considerably skilled and reliable. When Ange was about to be executed by her brother it was him who interrupted the even and set Ange free. Granted, she had to rescue herself and Tusk in the end but without him Ange would've ended up hanged.
  • Was once approached by Ato-ko who attempted to steal him away from Ange. Tusk didn't have any of that, declaring himself to be forever Ange's Knight. After learning from Cuuko about what she does for a living, he quickly declared her his enemy. To him, someone who feeds on the heartbreaks of others is just as monstrous as Embryo, if not more so.
  • Anytime he manages to stumble into Ange's crotch, the other gods around them quickly face-palm.


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