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    Ahura Mazda 
Ahura Mazda, God of Heroes Destined to Triumph (Ormazd, Bounteous Spirit, Lord of Wisdom, God, Asura, Virochana, Dainichi Nyorai, 101 other names)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Faravahar
  • Theme Song: The Portal of Ormazd
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Always Triumphant God of Good, The Good Side Of Moral Dualism, Benevolent God of Light and Order, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, The Paragon
  • Domain(s): Good, Creation, Light, Victory, Wisdom
  • Heralds: The Amesha Spenta, Atar
  • Allies: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, The Love that Moves the Stars, The Alpha and Omega, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Eru Ilúvatar, Ra, Osiris, The One Above All, The Presence, Philemon, Primus, Mata Nui, Raava, The Monitor, Ezalor, Amara, The Valar, Auriel, The Prince of Persia, Makoto Naegi, The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Freddie Mercury
  • Enemies: Angra Mainyu, Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, all who represent or embody evil, malevolent supreme beings, Dis, Apophis, Lucifer, YHVH, Nyarlathotep, Chernabog, Unicron, Teridax, Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta, Hikawa, Bandos, The Beast, Fortinbras, the Godhand, HIM, Azmodan, Mundus, Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Galeem and Dharkon, Vaatu, Darkseid, The Anti-Monitor, Chaos Knight, Merged Zamasu, Nerose Satanael, Hajun, The Light of Destruction, Satan, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, Aku, Chuck Shurley
  • Odd Friendship: George R.R. Martin
  • Pities: Angra Mainyu/Avenger
  • Opposed by: Death (Final Destination), Crow
  • Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest still active religions, and perhaps the first for its divinity to be divided by clear good and evil lines. Ahura Mazda, also known by his Persian name of Ormazd, was the God of Good, and his brother Angra Mainyu was the God of Evil. Equal in power, he is thought to be the source of all goodness and frequently uses the aid of humans in his eternal feud against his brother. However, although they are equals, the self-defeating nature of evil means he will always win in the end.
  • Ahura Mazda ascended into the pantheon shortly after the ascenscion of Angra Mainyu in order to continue opposing his brother's attempts at sowing chaos and destruction. Having already suspected his brother's involvement in the GUAG, Angra Mainyu was extremely annoyed to discover that his brother had indeed ascended. Being the source of all goodness, Ahura Mazda wondered whether or not he was the creator of Philemon. However, Philemon explained he embodies the innate goodness and creative power of Humanity. Although Ahura Mazda has criticized Philemon for his manipulative behavior and his bet with Nyarlathotep, the two nonetheless get along and work together for the good of Humanity.
  • Due to his nature as a benevolent creator deity who constantly aims to increase happiness and enforce justice, Ahura Mazda quickly managed to befriend the other benevolent supreme beings and good deities in the pantheon. However, he was rather critical of them upon discovering that many of them were directly responsible for creating their respective incarnations of Satan or an equivalent, whereas Ahura Mazda was not responsible for Angra Mainyu's existence and has never had any of his own creations turn on him. His relationship with Chuck Shurley, in particular, has become a lot more strained once he learned about how Chuck treats the universe and humanity like his Cosmic Playthings and manipulated Sam and Dean for his own amusement.
  • Ahura Mazda is one of the most dedicated members of the GUAG in their battles against the GUAE, as his nature causes him to oppose evil in any and all forms. He also opposes YHVH and Lucifer, their respective alliances and the GUAM. Although he has some difficulty in dealing with unconventional morality systems such as order/chaos/machines, he nonetheless does not approve of any evil actions taken by any of them. He also opposes Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta and Hikawa for similar reasons. The fact that Angra Mainyu is the Demonic Sponsor of Hikawa, promoting the Reason of Shijima, has resulted in Ahura Mazda keeping a particularly close eye on him.
  • Although one of his titles is the "uncreated spirit", some sects of the faith believe that he and his brother are both sons of Zurvan, the God of Time. He saw similar dualistic dynamics in Primus and Unicron, Mata Nui and Teridax, Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Galeem and Dharkon, Raava and Vaatu and the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. However, he was quite appalled to discover that Jubileus and Galeem, despite representing light, are just as malevolent as their counterparts. On the other hand, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that Chuck/God and Amara used to have such a dynamic, but the latter got over her sibling issues.
  • Although he opposes Dis and the various other Satans and their equivalents, he generally just feels pity for them, viewing them to an extent as wayward children who lash out in anger at their respective creators, which he knows will ultimately bring them nothing. However, he also regards the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid as serious threats, as they actually have decent track records in terms of competent villainy.
  • Ahura Mazda is quite wary of the Hadou Gods. He was quite surprised to learn of how they started out as humans and subsequently became gods after ascending to the Throne. However, almost all of them ended up enacting Laws that either removed free will or destroyed nearly all life in the universe. As a result, Ahura Mazda is especially wary of Nerose Satanael and Hajun.
  • Unsurprisingly, Ahura Mazda is enemies with the various demon lords and evil deities. He's particularly abhorred by Fortinbras and The Godhand, as they are evil deities without good equivalents in their respective worlds. He opposes The Godhand's system of despair and wickedness, which tries to make humanity dependent on bad things happening and not consider evil the aberration.
  • Ahura Mazda strongly respects Makoto Naegi for his unshakable optimism even when facing off against those who try to bring never-ending despair. The two both oppose Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, although the fact that Junko enjoys her own despair when faced with the fact that good will triumph over her has made their confrontations somewhat awkward. Ahura Mazda is especially appalled by Junko's suggestion that he only does good and punishes evil because he supposedly gets some kind of thrill out of it.
  • He is on good terms with the Powerpuff Girls, as they embody goodness. Similarly, he strongly opposes Aku due to him being the embodiment of evil and has formed an alliance with Samurai Jack because of their mutual goal of defeating him.
  • Ahura Mazda was quick to befriend Ezalor, as they are both benevolent light beings. He also opposes Ezalor's counterpart, the Chaos Knight, as well as Chernabog, who is a malevolent darkness being. However, Ahura Mazda also has a bit of difficulty in understanding moral grayness due to being from a school of thought that believes in moral absolutism. As a result, malevolent light beings such as the Light of Destruction and benevolent darkness beings initially caused some confusion for him. However, he does his best to adapt and gain a better understanding in order increase his effiency in recognizing and fighting evil.
  • Ahura Mazda was rather disturbed to learn that, in the SMT multiverse, he was demonized and cursed by YHVH into becoming Asura Oh, King of the Asuras, in the Hindu pantheon while also becoming Vairoxana/Danichi Nyorai in the Buddhist pantheon. In these forms, he became a staunch ally of Lucifer and Chaos while Angra Mainyu became a close ally of Law and Order. Ahura Mazda has since been wary of meeting such a fate and has since been observing the universes in which it happened to him, being especially curious as to how the nature of him and his opposite could have ended up on such sides.
  • Ahura Mazda has also found an ally in Freddie Mercury, whose Parsi descent made him knowledgeable enough about Zoroastrianism to side with Ahura Mazda and oppose Angra Mainyu.
  • Ahura Mazda quickly became enemies with Merged Zamasu, who regards his cooperation with humans to be distasteful and considers them to be unworthy of such guidance due to their propensity for evil. Recognizing that Zamasu's inability to discern moral gray areas is similar to what Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu represent, it further strengthened Ahura Mazda's resolve to better understand moral grayness in order to avoid being anything like Zamasu.
  • He is opposed by the Death of the Final Destination universe and Crow. Death is on good terms with Angra Mainyu and regards the notion of good always winning as something that could threaten his design. Ahura Mazda doesn't particularly like him either, as he finds the increasingly brutal and elaborate deaths that Death provides when killing mortals who cheated him. Crow, on the other hand, opposes him mostly out of principle, although he's not on friendly terms with Angra Mainyu either and is even ashamed of having his approval.
  • George R.R. Martin is disinterested in him and Angra Mainyu as he prefers grey morality in his writings over the Black and White Morality they represent However, it's mainly a preference in his writing style and neither of them holds anything against one another.
  • Ahura Mazda strongly pities a different person called Angra Mainyu. That version is a mere mortal turned into an effigy of all mankind's evils, in hopes of having a God of Evil to move their own sins away from themselves. However, he was glad to hear that he eventually relearned how to care for others, to the point where he sacrificed himself.

Greater Gods

Saitama, God of Comically Invincible Heroes (One Punch Man, The Caped Baldy, Sensei [by Genos], Caillou Shippuden)
Saitama in Serious Mode 
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity if he unleashes his full power (but everyone in his homeworld thinks he's a Lesser God)
  • Symbol: His red right glove curled up like a closed fist
  • Theme Songs: THE HERO !! ~Set Fire to the Furious Fist!~ or Seijaku no Apostle as default; Theme of ONE PUNCH MAN ~Seigi Shikkou~, for when things get really serious
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Megaton Punches, One Hit Kills, Heroes who find victory boring, Gaining inhuman skills through training alone, Being unknown despite his achievements, No Challenge Equals No Satisfaction, Badass Normal, Bald Head of Toughness, Nigh-Invulnerability, Blood Knights, having a very unremarkable appearance
  • Domains: Heroism, Combat, Good, Boredom
  • High Priestess: Etsuko Sarutobi
  • Allies: Genos (his disciple), Fubuki (his superior in the Hero Association), Tatsumaki (when they have to work together), Mumen Rider, Anos Voldigoad (his former High Priest), all heroes of the Pantheon, Ashi
  • Enemies: all villains in the Pantheon (especially the ones who mock heroes), Sea King
  • Worthy Opponent: Popeye, Boros, Sun Wukong, Asura, Hercules, Thor, Bruce Banner, Superman, Lobo, Knuckles the Echidna (Archie incarnation)
  • One-sided Unknown Rival: Speed-o'-Sound Sonic
  • Nobody knows when he actually ascended, he just showed up one day looking for crimes to stop.
  • His ridiculously average look and dull costume causes villains of the Pantheon to belittle and not take him seriously. They are then taken completely caught off guard when he quite easily tanks anything they throw at him. By the time they wise up, it's usually too late.
  • Thinks of heroism as a hobby. This doesn't sit well with some heroes but his heart's in the right place and if he can get the job done (albeit in a most likely gory fashion) no one's complaining.
  • Repeatedly insists that he got his strength by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers of running ''every single day with no breaks''. Nobody believes him though (save for one Kaito Kumon).
    • When he told Yang Xiao Long about his training regimen, she half considered it... until he tossed in the fact that he lost his hair by doing so. Yang's reaction was... less than positive.
  • No matter what crime he stops or how grand he does so, he never gets the recognition he deserves for it and is sometimes blamed for damage done or accused of being a fraud. He doesn't really care though.
    • That said, the Grand United Alliance of Good is more concerned with making things right than the Hero Association in his world, and Saitama is thus treated with considerably more respect and recognition there.
  • Never mock heroes or their resolve to do the right thing in his presence. Especially if said heroes regularly risk their lives for others. Seriously, it won't end well for you.
  • More than anything, Saitama wants to fight someone who won't go down in one hit and give him the fight of his life. Since this is the Pantheon, he'll probably get it sooner or later.
    • Somehow along the way, he got into a fight with Bertolt Hoover. It went just as well as you'd expect.
    • Also, Beerus decided to face off against him. Every god was surprised to find Beerus spitting blood soon afterward. Rather than go ballistic, the God of Destruction was actually moved and he's been trying to find the hero's secret since. Overtime, it's become more of a hobby than an obsession, though.
    • Nobody knows what would happen if Saitama were to fight or try to punch Accelerator, and for the sake of the Pantheon, nobody wants to find out.
    • He had an inconclusive battle with the Demi-Fiend. He pulled back a punch just as Demi-Fiend put up Tetrakarn, only for the force of the punch destroying the protective shield and sending them both flying, but left unharmed. Saitama concludes he isn't a bad guy and just asks if they could get something to eat instead, which the Demi-Fiend agrees. The two of them were last seen eating with an acquaintance of Saitama's known as Licenseless Rider.
    • Lucifer once challenged him to test his potential as a being capable of having great impact upon the pantheon with the power of his punches. Saitama accepted the battle in exchange for buying him some expensive exotic food. During the fight itself the force of a half-hearted punch from Saitama ended up hitting Lucifer's demon form so hard he turned into his Angel form, only to erupt in a shower of magnetite upon defeat. The beaten Morningstar muses that only Raidou Kuzunoha had displayed the same ability of bringing out his own light through battle. He kept his promise to offer him expensive exotic foods from the demon world, giving Saitama indigestion for a week.
    • As per usual, many deities are hoping for Saitama and Superman to go one-on-one, what with their similar powers, morals, and costumes, and also due to the fact that many are still disappointed with Supe's fights with Goku. Many are betting that Saitama stands a good chance of defeating the Man of Steel, as he only displayed a fraction of his power while obliterating world-destroying menaces. So far, the two have acknowledged and left each other alone (because they're genuine heroes and not Blood Knights), but the day may yet come when they cross fists.
      • They did fight, but not to the full extent of their powers. It was originally meant to go for one minute, but apparently Saitama broke that time limit for reasons unknown. Apparently, this was during, or more accurately after, Goku had been constantly denied his lunch, leading to a ripple effect that ended with him dying (once again) when he provoked Saitama. Superman himself was in the area at the time, where an escalation of events lead to them (for lack of a better word) fighting eachother. Needless to say, Saitama was still holding back.
    • He once ran into Dio Brando. Unlike most of his encounters, Dio didn't prove much of a challenge. No one knows how their fight ended, but most guess it was pretty one-sided.
  • Usually stops by the House of Commerce to get some bargain finds, despite being nearly broke, moreso on bargain days.
  • No one seems to faze Saitama, even those who normally strike fear in most others. Even if you unleash your full power, this is the most you'll get out of him.
  • With the inevitable arrival of Genos to the Pantheon, Saitama now is seen constantly "training" with his disciple, which mostly consist of doing the Housework or running around the Pantheon in a hilarious manner.
  • After learning he had kept someone from taking their life, Ashi came to thank him and ask for his aid. She wanted to gather some people together to keep an eye out for any of the manipulative deities who would trick someone into taking their life or others that would just of their own will. Saitama was not one for being in groups, but told her if something happened to bring them to whatever roof he was eating at.
  • Eventually, one of the strongest foes he faced, the intergalactic pirate known as Lord Boros, ascended not longer after his defeat. The first thing Boros did is confront the Caped Baldy and declare that he will train to become strong enough to defeat him. While Saitama, as usual, wasn't fazed by said declaration, he secretly looks forward to a rematch. On the other hand, many fear of the results that might happen if they eventually cross paths again. On a more humorous note, ever since Wizard and Boomstick released an episode of it, they've also made efforts so that he never crosses paths with Popeye (or at the very least never gets any reason to fight him at any level), since not only would them clashing reach much greater levels, it's not known how Saitama would actually take earnestly tasting the dirt of defeat even if he was giving it his all.
  • He got along very well with Goku when they met for real, and they were in the midst of scheduling a few hundred sparring sessions when Saitama revealed that his "hero training" was the source of his baldness. Without missing a beat, Goku cheerfully offered to teach him Super Saiyan 3 to solve his "problem." Saitama, having been presented with the Logic Bomb of regaining his hair at the cost of getting even stronger, stared off into the distance for quite some time before mumbling something about "bargain day at the supermarket" and making a hasty exit. Goku hasn't seen him since.
  • Saitama doesn't know what to make of The Tick.
  • Befriended Skullomania after learning that his motivations for becoming a hero were quite similar to his. He was also a third rate salaryman that became a hero after finding their everyday life quite boring. Yet Saitama also shares the same spark for heroism and it helped that Skullomania reminded him of his friend Licenceless Rider.

Intermediate Gods

    Asbel Lhant 
Asbel Lhant, God of Sworn Protectors Post-Failure
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A meadow of flowers with a giant tree
  • Theme song: White Wishes
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Good as a child)
  • Portfolio: Failure Knight, Kung-Fu Wizard, The Power of Friendship, Declaration of Protection, All-Loving Hero, Oblivious to Love, Dark and Troubled Past, Chronic Hero Syndrome
  • Domains: Leadership, Friendship, Combat
  • Allies: Sophie, Cheria Barnes (his wife), Malik Caesar, Pascal, Richard, Gaius, Marth, Ike, Lucina, Roy, Kazuto Kirigaya, Suzaku Kururugi, Jurai Andou
  • Enemies: Pazuzu, The Lich
  • The lord of Lhant, Asbel Lhant has devoted most of his time to protecting people so they don't experience the same sadness that he did when he thought Sophie had died 7 1/2 years ago.
  • Asbel highly advocates making the most of ones time with their parents, as they never know when they'll pass away, leaving their children filled with regret. (Unless their parents are massive dicks.)
  • Due to their shared status as lords as well as all of them using swords, Asbel is good friends with the ascended Fire Emblem lords.
  • Ever since he mellowed greatly when it come to the people he protects, Asbel become good friends with Gaius.
  • Asbel quickly became good friends with Kazuto Kirigaya not only because of their shared voice, but also because they adopted a daughter. However, he's not fond of the "waifu rejection" issues that Kazuto had to deal with, as either they remind him of himself, or that Kazuto's rep makes a bit justified as to why some don't like him.
  • He also became good friends with Suzaku Kururugi as well as he too shares a voice but Suzaku also wears mostly white and has a friend who was once really nice but became evil after obtaining a weird power.
  • A frequent visitor to Asbel's temple is Jurai Andou as he hopes to learn how to make his Dark and Dark flame even better from someone with a black flame that can hurt others.
  • If you're an evil god who loves to possess people for evil, you should stay away from Asbel as he'll be relentless in getting you to stop. Or depending on your backstory he'll try to befriend you and try to make you stop peacefully.
  • There have been several occasions where Asbel tries to do say "We are awesome!" with his party, but will usually fail because everybody's unable to coordinate.

    Yuri Hyuga 
Yuri Volte Hyuga, God of Defeating Cosmic Beings (Rude Hero, Godslayer, The Ultimate Demon, The Demon of Domremy, Urmnaf "Uru" Bort Hyuga)
Yuri in Shadow Hearts 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when using Fusion, Overdeity as Seraphic Radiance or Dark Seraphim)
  • Symbol: His pendant
  • Theme Song: Icaro ~ Song of Spirits, Deep Meditation
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Regularly punches out Demon Gods and other monstrosities, Anti-Hero, Lost his mother at a young age, Broken Ace, Uses the Darkness element, Chivalrous Pervert, Dark Is Not Evil, Grin of Audacity, Good Is Not Soft, Half-Japanese and Half-Russian/German, Idiot Hero (albeit a snarky and witty one), Ineffectual Loner, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Raven Motif, Fights with his hands, Can fuse with the souls of monsters to gain attributes of that monster's element, Utilizes various gauntlets made from a variety of metals, Blamed himself for Alice's death, Was cursed with the Holy Mistletoe that was going to destroy his soul and memories, Allowed himself to die to preserve his memories, Allowed to go back in time to save Alice
  • Domain(s): Darkness, Fusion, Heroism, Memory
  • Allies: Alice Elliot, Koudelka Iasant, Edward J. Plunkett, Father James O'Flaherty, Margarete Zelle/Mata Hari, Anastasia Romanova, Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Pinocchio, Red XIII/Nanaki, Arcueid Brunestud, Rachel Alucard, Larten Crepsley, Natsuno Yuuki, Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş/Alucard (both of them), Liam/Angel, Spike, Sorin Markov, Karin Maaka, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Solomon, Alexandra Roivas, SCP-1440
  • Enemies: Goetia, Asmodeus, Chernabog, Cthulhu, The Old Gods, Eldrazi, Giygas, the Great Ones, Nyarlathotep, All evil demons and eldritch abominations
  • Conflicting Opinion: Grigori Rasputin, Susano'o
  • Avoids: The House of Ghosts
  • Yuri was born in 1889 to Jinpachiro "Ben" Hyuga, a Japanese colonel, and Anne, a mysterious Russian woman. Yuri was raised in Katsuragi, Japan until he was three years old, whereupon his family moved to main-land China. When Yuri was ten, his father was ordered to go to on a mission. Yuri promised his father that he'd protect his mother until he came back. However, Ben would eventually die in the field unbeknownst to his family; Worse still, Ben's enemy retaliated by sending demons to possess the residents of Ben's hometown and had them eat the other villagers including their hosts' families, planning to finish off the village with the deaths of Ben's wife and son. Tragically, Anne was killed by the monsters while attempting to shield Yuri from them. Seeing the life fade from her eyes distraught and enraged him, awakening his latent Harmonixer powers and transforming him into a beast. When Yuri came to, he couldn't remember what he did in his transformed state, all he knew was that his house was covered with the torn up body parts of the monsters that killed his mother.
    • Yuri spent the following years wandering the land aimlessly, using his Harmonixer abilities to fight monsters. He sought revenge for his mother's brutal murder and information on the whereabouts of his father, whom he desperately wished to still be alive. Some unspecified time after that, he began hearing a mysterious voice (later revealed to be Koudelka) which ordered him to go to various places, kill monsters, and help the people. Unable to ignore the voice and wishing to learn what happened to his father, he went as the voice directed him. While in Central Asia, it eventually led him to boarding the Trans-Siberian Express, where he would meet and rescue Alice Elliot. The two journeyed across main-land China and later Europe, acquiring several more traveling companions along the way and having many adventures dealing with ghosts, demons, warlocks, sages, mad-alchemists, corrupt military officers and their own personal demons. After saving the planet by defeating Albert Simon and the Meta-God, Yuri and Alice boarded a train to Zurich, but the curse of the Four Masks became too much for Alice to bear and she died, resting against Yuri. After burying Alice, Yuri traveled to the sleepy village of Domremy.
    • Following the outbreak of World War I, Yuri used his Fusion powers to protect Domremy by scaring away the invading German soldiers and protecting the villagers from the ever-advancing German army. But his true adventure began after an agent from the Vatican cursed him with a sacred artifact, and he became embroiled with a sinister organisation who wished to use the war for their own ends. After defeating a sorrowful Masaji Kato and preventing him from altering the course of history, Yuri chose to beat the Mistletoe's curse by ending his life before the curse destroyed his soul. Yuri was impaled by the upheaval phenomena in Takamagahara, killing him but preserving his memories. Unexpectedly, this also sent him back to the time and place he remembered most fondly; the Manchurian railway in 1913, the fateful day before he met Alice. Yuri would go on to relive the events of his first adventure, allowing him to save Alice's soul in the process.
  • Yuri ascended into the Pantheon by following a familiar voice, who guided him to a gateway that sent him into the Pantheon. He was greeted not only by Koudelka and her friends, but also by Princess Anastasia and Margarete Zelle, two of his own friends and traveling companions. Yuri was quite happy to see Koudelka again and enjoyed meeting both Edward and Father James, as he had previously only spoken to Edward once on the phone and never had the chance to meet Father James other than visiting his grave. Although he was similarly glad to be reunited with Margarete and Anastasia, he was quite upset to learn of their respective fates only a few years after their adventures. However, the two assured him that there was nothing he could have done about it, and that they should instead be happy to be able to see each other again now that they've all ascended.
  • He quickly became friends with Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Pinocchio, and Red XIII/Nanaki, each of whom reminds him of his friends from his own world. He's very protective of Alice and Pinocchio, regularly coming to their aid when asked. He and Red managed to bond over how they had both lost their parents and ultimately found happiness with their friends.
  • His friendship with the vampiric Valentine family resulted in him getting along with the various benevolent vampires in the Pantheon, such as Arcueid Brunestud, Rachel Alucard, Larten Crepsley, Natsuno Yuuki, both versions of Castlevania's Alucard, Liam/Angel, Spike, Sorin Markov and Karin Maaka. He was rather surprised by the variety of different powers and weaknesses among all of them, as the vampires of his own world are somewhat unconventional by comparison.
  • Having regularly interacted with the famous alchemist Roger Bacon, Yuri ended up drawing the attention of Edward and Alphonse Elric, who were curious to learn about the alchemy of his world. They were quite surprised to learn of how Yuri and Roger had attempted to resurrect Alice by creating a new body for her spirit to inhabit, though the ritual ultimately failed. Bonding over their similar failed attempts to use alchemy for ressurective purposes, as well as the fact that they had also lost their respective mothers at young ages, Yuri and the Elric brothers are on very good terms and have frequently teamed up since then.
  • Yuri was surprised to once again meet King Solomon, having once fought against him after collecting all 72 crests of his Key. Solomon was pleasantly surprised to see Yuri again, and the two have since remained on friendly terms. The two most commonly team up when they need to fight against Goetia, as their respective experience with fighting against the individual demons from the Ars Goetia makes them quite formidable against the being that's an aggregate body of all of them.
  • Due to his frequent battles against eldritch beings and the inherent trauma of learning to endure fusion and channeling of spirits, Yuri has highly resistant sanity compared to most people, which resulted in him becoming fast friends with Alexandra Roivas. The two have routinely teamed up against the Pantheons various abominations, Cthulhu, The Old Gods, Eldrazi, Giygas, the Great Ones, and Nyarlathotep, among numerous others. However, whenever they'll called up for assistance in such encounters, they're always quick to point out that "resistant" doesn't mean "immune", and they still have to be careful with their sanity when dealing with such beings.
  • He's also on friendly terms with SCP-1440, as Yuri had previously been one of his followers prior to his own ascension. SCP-1440 was quite impressed to hear of how Yuri had defeated Fox Face and the Four Masks after reliving his first adventure, successfully fixing his mistakes and saving Alice. The two can occasionally be seen wandering together, as Yuri knows what it's like to be drifter and likes to help alleviate SCP-1440's loneliness.
  • Having defeated and fused with his world's Asmodeus and Czernobog, Yuri swiftly became enemies with the versions of them in the Pantheon. Although he was tempted to seek them out and fuse with them, the Court of Gods has strongly advised Yuri to avoid merging his soul with such exceptionally evil beings, as their Malice could consume Yuri and drive him crazy and make him evil, forcing others to fight him to snap him out of it. While Yuri generally agrees to not try to fuse with the most powerful demons and eldritch beings, he still occasionally to try to fuse with some of the weaker ones.
  • Yuri wasn't particularly pleased to discover that Grigori Rasputin and Susano'o were both present in the Pantheon, as he's previously fought against both of them in his world, with Rasputin having been the leader of Sapientes Gladio secret society who tried to take over Europe and Susano'o having been summoned by Kato's nihilistic spirit and taken over his body through their Soul Pact, nearly bringing the Earth to utter ruin. However, in the Pantheon, Rasputin and Susano'o are composites of all versions of themselves, some of them being benevolent or at least more neutral in nature. As such, Yuri's opinion of them largely depends on what versions he's dealing with in any given encounter.
  • Despite his high sanity, and having fought against demons, abominations and gods, Yuri has an unexplained fear of ghosts. As a result, he avoids the House of Ghosts as much as possible, as well as any ghost deities who reside elsewhere.
  • Equally oddly to his fear of ghosts, Yuri also possesses a rather powerful susceptibility to vehicular motion sickness. It is told that the mighty Godlslayer once nearly perished due to such sickness following a sailing voyage from western Europe to Japan. Yuri's enemies often ponder on how to use this quality against him, though fortunately, the idea has yet to prove fruitful.
  • Gene, The God Hand was initially extremely weary of Yuri, the man reputed as "Godslayer" who is said to not only wield demonic powers, but to have already beaten down another being bearing the name "God Hand" once before. However, upon meeting, both men seemingly saw enough of themselves in one another to come to an understanding after trading more snarky quips than blows (thankfully). The two wandering demon-punchers now share a bizarre, bash-brothers frienemy-ship on the rare occassions that their paths cross.
  • "If there really is a God, and he could grant me just one wish, I'd go back to the day we met..."

Lesser Gods

    Ender Wiggin 
Andrew Thomas "Ender" Wiggin, God of Victorious Outcasted Heroes (Speaker for the Dead, Third, Ender Bender, Ender the Xenocide, Governor Wiggin, Admiral Wiggin (GUAG Rank)
Click here  to see Ender, Age 35
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Hive Queen
  • Theme Song: Ender’s Game (Main Theme)
  • Alignment: Tried his best to be True Neutral, settled on Neutral Good with a dash of Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Child Prodigy, It Sucks to Be the Chosen One, Combat Pragmatist, The Atoner, Beware the Nice Ones
  • Domains: Strategy, Games, Outcasts, Atonement
  • Heralds: Valentine Wiggin (sister), Novinha Rebeira (wife), Bean, Petra Arkanian
  • Allies: The Fornics, Setsuna Seiei, Cosmos, Commander Shepard, Legion, Jean-Luc Picard, James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, Deep Space Nine Main Characters, Paul Atreidas, Elizabeth Malby, Mace Windu, Meruem and Komugi, Tassandar, Artanis, Honor Harrington, Lelouch vi Brittania, David Lightman, Sarah Kerrigan
  • Enemies: Thrawn, Sheev Palpatine, Wilhuff Tarkin, The Illusive Man, Harbinger, Dukat, Eric Cartman, Charles zi Britannia, Mars People, Wat Tambor, Dalek Empire, Amon, Harvesters, Khan Maykr, SCP-682, The Martian, The Tyranids
  • Opposed by: The Baltans
  • Opposes: The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • In the future, after suffering from an Alien Invasion from the Fornics several times, the people of Earth have become fearful and vengeful, culminating in the world’s superpowers all becoming essentially fascists. Amongst the more looked down members of society are the third children in the family which is what Ender is. His intelligence also made Ender a prime target for ridicule. That’s not mentioning he is descended from a former citizen of a US-sanctioned nation. Despite all of these factors holding back a normal person from having a normal life, Ender was noted by the military to have untapped potential, so he he was shipped off to a military academy in space to be trained to be a strategist against the Formics by playing computerized simulations (aka Video Games). Eventually, does manage to do what no others had: lead the destruction of the enemy though not by choice. Showing off what one can become even if society is hellbent on making them not, Ender ascended.
    • Not that he is happy about it. His destruction of the Fornics along with sacrificing so many lives unwittingly to do so caused Ender to become extremely disillusioned with Earth. Ender would eventually try spreading the truth that the Fornics, which worked well because a good chunk of his perception now is being a war criminal. Tried telling the Court of the Gods that he does not deserve deification as a result of this, but they chose to make him remain here.
    • Is relieved when seeing the Fornics are striving the Pantheon before his ascension. Obviously less in numbers by striving nonetheless. Ender initially didn’t want to meet them personally, being their destroyer and all. The Fornics more or less forced themselves on him so that they could say that humanity had every right to destroy them, and if anything, having someone as compassionate as Ender be their destructor made it all the more fitting. Ender does not agree with their reasoning, is content knowing that his ultimate sin had been mitigated if only a little bit.
  • Thanks being a masterful tactician, Ender was offered to be in the GUAG Command with the vouching of Honor Harrington and Commander Shepard. Ender was very opposed to such an idea, as after the extinction of the Formics, he never wanted to use his smarts as a tool of war. However, Cosmos came up to him personally, telling him that all the other Alliances will and are doing much worse things than the Formics. She agrees that if Ender does join, he will likely have hard decisions, however she promises that Ender will not be manipulated or faced into doing something he is morally opposed, and can be focused on defenses than actual opposition. Hearing that and knowing the stakes, Ender reluctantly took his place GUAG leader.
  • There is one person that Ender abhors the most out of his allies, and it is the ruler of the Imperium, the God-Emperor of Mankind. The culture of the Imperium is the amalgamation of everything wrong with Ender’s Earth at his time except taken to extremes: a xenophobic society where you are expected to accept horrible injustices for the sake of patriotism. He sees through all the speeches the God-Emperor makes. Sure, he concedes out of everything in his universe, he is a much better in comparison. But currently, he is not in his universe so the God-Emperor better drop his xenophobia and actually help others who aren’t human.
  • Incredible impressed of The Federation and Starfleet, stating that this is what humanity should have been: rising out of their flaws to create a unified universe open to all willing. He can see however the criticisms of Starfleet being considered “over-extending” in their actions at best, “imperialist” at worst. Ender would like pointing out after what monsters humans are capable of becoming, the formation of the Federation is a miracle in his eyes. Became friends with all Starfleet officers so that they may aid him in making sure humanity does not repeat their wars driven by greed.
  • Friends with Shepard over being able to bring so many people together thanks to the fame and respect the commander has gained over the years. Ender himself is also revered on Earth, though there were many who tried demonizing him out of fear of his influence. To the point when the League War occurred, a primary objection aside from taking over the International Fleet was who took custody over Ender. While Ender is aware that not all of Shepard’s allies see eye to eye, they are at least willing to work together to fight against an actual enemy that Ender sees is necessary to fight. Doesn’t have the highest opinion of Cerberus, being human terrorists against aliens after all. Even though Ender knows their leader was indoctrinated by the Reapers at that time, they decided to still wage their terrorism while the end of the galaxy was happening. Skewed Priorities, much?
    • Actually went out of his way in trying to understand Legion and the rest of the Geth, hoping to use the connection as a way to better relationships with other indescipherable races.
  • Regards Paul Atreidas well, even if the causality list caused by Paul far exceed Ender’s (and human causalities at that). Both see a shared regret to their actions, even if most do not hold it against them. They know that they cannot take away their sins, so it is best to move forward.
  • Generally impressed by Setsuna Seiei for managing to understand a seemingly genocidal race before anything drastic happened between them and humanity, especially since ginormous robots duking it out had the potential of spiraling the casuality list to an enormous degree.
  • Meruem once challenged Ender to a game of Gungi to see if strategic skills are to the test. After reading up on the game, Ender accepted. He beat Meruem once but by the next game, Meruem’s aggressive tactics had finally caught up to Ender. He could have won again but would not sacrifice any of his units to win. The Chimera Ant was quite disappointed he held back, and asked Komugi to show Ender how such a game is played. But Komugi manage to outshine both of them by not sacrificing units, yet playing in such a way that beat Meruem. Ender would lament that if Komugi were in his place, maybe all the sacrifices that he had unknowingly made against the Formics would never have happened.
  • Friends with David Lightman, you know... playing games that turned out not to be games in the slightest. Ender at least said to David that he is fortunate that there were no extremely dangerous consequences that occurred while he was playing. He uses David’s incident as an example of why the GUAG should not integrate gaming technology as actual military technology, citing how unethical it is and the vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
  • Hates Palpatine and the rest of his underlings, seeing them as the epitome of power-hungry tyrants who use prejudice to justify their ends. In particular, one of the few who can rival him in the strategy department is Thrawn, who gave Ender a run of his money during a battle. Both went to a standstill, with Thrawn and Ender forced to retreat their forces at the same time. Thrawn is excited to take Ender on once more, with the latter in turn dreading it.
  • Was the governor of the colony Shakespeare when he was still going through puberty before leaving there to conduct interstellar travel with his sister. So when it comes to managing and building a community. This peaked the interest of Elizabeth Malby and Mace Windu who believe that if he stays in the leadership position long enough, Ender can become one of the most active people in the GUAG. That may be true, but there were reasons why Ender left in the first place, and does not want to be seen as some sort of figurehead despite their pushing.
  • Extreme conflicted on fighting against hostile aliens who really do intend to wipe out humanity for really terrible reasons. One half tells him it is justified to fight off against these threats, the other half tells him if he goes fight against then, he would be aiding in keeping the bridge between races apart. Thanks to being on the defense, Ender does not have to seek out enemies, but will be forced to stand against his ground against those seeking to challenge him.
    • An alien race that tried to use Ender’s kindness against him are the Baltans, who pleaded to have Ender let them in, being refugees and all. Ender, knowing they are actually Invading Refugees, promised them that he’ll find a planet for them to live in. The Baltans didn’t wish to wait, so they opted to perform their invasion anyhow. Ender held them off surprisingly well with his fleet, but knows this incident would only spread more fear around his character.
  • The Tyranids see Ender as a high-priority threat, after a Noodle Incident where Ender led a defense against them and forced their retreat. Ender meanwhile, felt awful over the outcome. He has become very depressed over being The Dreaded for many hostile races.
    Ender: One day, I swear that my name will be synonymous with destroyer; deified as one of humanity’s most brilliant products... and one of humanity’s most dangerous weapons.

    Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld 
Julis-Alexia Marie Florentia Renate von Riessfeld, Goddess of Protection of Orphanages (Petalblaze Witch)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme Song: Julis' Theme (Piano Version)
  • Symbol: The Seidoukan Academy symbol
  • Portfolio: Tsundere, Action Girl, Fire in Magic Personality, Combined with Fencing, Impoverished Patrician, Royal in Love with a Middeclass Boy For His Good Character, Excellent Cook, Good with Chilren, Pink as Identification, Shaped Attacks, Modest Royalty, Royal Rapier
  • Domains: Royalty, Independence, Academics, Combat
  • Allies: Ayato Amagiri, Kirin Toudou, Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Hayate Immelman, Lisesharte Atismata, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Lois Lane, Optimus Prime, the Tenno, Mana Takamiya, Weiss Schnee, Mitsuru Kirijo, Orie Paladia, Hayato Kanzaki
  • Friendly Rival: Stella Vermillion
  • Enemies: Isaac Westcott, Lex Luthor, the Corpus, Megatron, Arcturus Mengsk, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious
  • Conflicting Opinion: Emperor Calus, Heinz Windermere
  • Born in a small European country named Lieseltania, Julis became the heir to her homeland and the fifth top-ranking student at Seidoukan Academy. Along with Ayato Amagiri, Julis succeded in winning the Asterisk Festas in favor of Seidoukan Academy. It was Ayato who recommended Julis to join in her Pantheon and her ascension proceeded without issue. Ayato felt very glad to learn of her ascension and the sentiment was returned, albeit Julis couldn't feel but feel jealous Kirin Toudou had ascended before her.
  • Her motivation to join the Pantheon, and the trope to match, was to gather enough money to save an orphanage in Lieseltania thanks to all the friends she had made there when she was a child. This obviously makes her very welcome in the House of Family and Relatives as, despite her standoffish attitude, she actually very kind and patient with children. She even earned an ally in Hayato Kanzaki, who became a bounty hunter for the same reason Julis is competing in the Festas.
  • Ever since her friend Ophelia Landlufen was horribly experimented on and turned into a depressed and fatalist magical fighter, she disapproves of intrusive genetic treatments towards children, something that earned her the loyalty of the Tenno, Mana Takamiya and Mitsuru Kirijo, who endured similar fates. This obviously got her some bad attention from the Corpus, who not only oppose the Tenno but also are business partners with the IEF.
  • As a princess, Julis became friends with Princesses Peach and Zelda, who are very protective of their kingdoms and subjects. Watching their relationships with their respective guardian heroes reminds Julis of her own relationship with Ayato, not that she would care to admit it openly, of course. She also sympathized with Lux Arcadia and Lisesharte Atismata, who have suffered greatly in their endeavors to earn the favor of their subjects.
  • Has found friends with deities with similar skills with the rapier, such as Weiss Schnee, who a lot in common with Julis in personality and background, and Orie Paladia, who has earned Julis' respect due to her determination to protect others.
  • In her quest to save Lieseltania, she became acquainted with Lois Lane, who had managed to earn an interview with her, despite Julis' reluctance towards media attention. Julis expected Lois to be as obnoxious as Eishirou Yabuki, but they actually bonded over their shared determination and the fact that Lois convinced Julis that fostering a positive reputation with Festa viewers would ultimately move public opinion towards her favor and raise awareness for Lieseltania. Needless to say, Julis and Lois have been very good friends since. Lex Luthor, Magnificent Bastard he is, is seeking to turn this to his advantage.
  • Thanks to a chance meeting between Ayato and Ikki Kurogane, Julis became acquainted with Stella Vermillion, who was similar to her in certain things. Whatever conversation the two princesses shared quickly degenerated into a fight, to which Ayato and Ikki were quick to evacuate everyone in the area and leave the two girls to their devices. The fight ended after several hours and both girls were found injured among burnt rubble and slashed marks across the area. Taking a cue from Lux Arcadia, Ayato and Ikki arranged for both girls to be on the same room in the House of Health and Diseases, hoping they would settle their differences like civilized people. They actually found some common ground and settled on becoming sparring partners and rivals in upcoming tournaments. Apparently, that was the best possible outcome.
  • Any deity that oppresses others in the name of power and wealth will immediately become Julis' enemy, such as Isaac Westcott, Megatron, Arcturus Mengsk and Darth Sidious. She initially dismissed them as stereotypical corrupt politicians, much like the IEF from her world, until she took a closer look to their actions and realized they were worse. Dismayed by such discovery, Julis steeled her resolve and trained herself to face them should a confrontation take place. Fortunately, Optimus Prime and the Autobots stand ready to assist her, having already fought Megatron countless times across the galaxy.
  • Despite her misgivings towards businessmen, she understands not all of them are greedy and evil. She has gained the support of Bruce Wayne and feels sorry that Peter Parker sacrificed his company's assets to stop HYDRA. Surprisingly, she has also befriended Hayate Immelmann for his nobility and refusal to kill, despite being a mercenary, and admits he reminds her of Yabuki.
  • Doesn't know what to make of Emperor Calus. At first, she dismissed him a simple hedonist driven only by his basest desires, until getting to know him as a benevolent ruler driven to extremes by the harsh circumstances faced by his people, not to mention he was just as fond of children as she is. Then again, he also loots planets to sustain his decadent lifestye and has as an unhealthy obession with combat, so she is not considering an ally anytime soon.
  • Faces a similar quandary in regards to Heinz Windermere. Her sympathy to him for being a child forced to lead his people in times of war and being manipulated by his dishonest chancellor is hampered with his war crimes, especially what he did to Mikumo Guynemer. For now, she is content leaving him be.

    Oberyn Martell 
Oberyn Nymeros Martell, God of Doomed Moral Victors (The Red Viper of Dorne, Prince of Dorne, The Man Who Fucked Half of Westeros - by Tyrion)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: The Sigil Of House Martell: A Blazing Sun And A Spear. Alternatively, His Spear Coated With Poison
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good mixed with Knight Templar
  • Portfolio: Arch-Enemy To Gregor Clegane And The Lannisters, Chick Magnet, Studied at The Citadel And Is An Expert On Poisons, Combat Pragmatist and Fragile Speedster, Poisoned Weapons, Called The Red Viper For A Reason, Dashing Dornish, The Expy To Inigo Montoya, Heartbroken Badass, Hot-Blooded, Master Poisoner, Famous For Screwing Half Of Westeros According To Tyrion, Is A Loving Father To His Eight Daughters, Reasonable Authority Figure, Cool Uncle, Wants The Mountain To Die Screaming Even If It Kills Him, Dies Extracting A Confession, Rebel Prince, Really Popular Yet Ultimately Minor Characters
  • Domains: Lust, Passion, Poisons, Vengeance, Spears, Family
  • Heralds: Ellaria Sand (his paramour), the Sand Snakes (his bastard daughters)
  • Interested in: The Hall of Ungulates
  • Allies
  • Odd Friendship with: Pamely Isley/Poison Ivy, Isabella Valentine
  • On good terms with: Jon Snow, King Leonidas, The Interspecies Reviewers, Black Beauty
  • On speaking terms with: Donkey, Nico di Angelo, Todd Chavez, Magellan, Kratos
  • On shaky terms with: Chiron (on his end)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Rhaegar Targaryen (the former being his brother-in-law), Eddard Stark (due to conflicting loyalties)
  • Enemies
  • Enemy Mine with: Aerys II Targaryen, Glenn Quagmire
  • Opposed By: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Johnny Cage, Chris Redfield and Jago, Geralt of Rivia, Zeus, Aegon IV Targaryen "the Unworthy" and Daemon Blackfyre (distant relatives)
  • Worthy Opponent: Grunbeld Ahlqvist
  • Annoyed by: Homophobes in general
  • Avoided by: Cain Marko/the Juggernaut
  • Undecided on: Lord Varys (depends on the identity of Young Griff)
  • The younger brother of Dorne's ruling prince Doran, Oberyn Martell is described as fierce and dangerous by many, half-mad and bloodthirsty by some and passionate by everyone. A Byronic Hero by most measures, the learned and lustful Oberyn was changed forever by Robert's Rebellion, where his nephew and niece died on Tywin's orders and one of the perpetrators, the Mountain, would rape and kill his sister Elia. When Tyrion Lannister was accused of killing King Joffrey Baratheon, he tried to prove his innocence in a Trial By Combat. Gregor Clegane would be Cersei's champion, and the Red Viper saw his chance for revenge so he stood for Tyrion. Oberyn was close to outright winning with his use of poison and nimble physique, dooming the Mountain to a slow death. However he needed the behemoth to publicly confess and expose Tywin's evil. This gave the Mountain just enough time to crush his head like a watermelon, though the Mountain's fate would make that enviable. Oberyn died, but he got what he came for more or less.
  • Oberyn Martell had met a gruesome end at the hands of Gregor Clegane during Tyrion's trial by combat. But in some cases, one's end is but a beginning in disguise. He comes to inside Daenerys' temple, where he is greeted by the aforementioned sister-in-law, who has notified him of his ascension to the Pantheon. Oberyn also apologized to Dany's herald, Tyrion Lannister, for failing to win in his trial by combat. The Imp was a good sport over it, seeing as how he managed to get Tywin in the end. Oberyn listened in satisfaction as to how Tyrion proved with a crossbow that in the end, Tywin Lannister really can't shit gold. A lot more Westerosi than he expected were waiting for him
    • He was not pleased to see Eddard Stark in the Pantheon, but as Dany pointed out, no Stark had murdered her family, of which Oberyn had grudgingly conceded that point to her. That and he was horrified over the deaths of Elia and her children. Even though he dislikes Ned Stark, even he was appalled over the Red Wedding, which resulted in the deaths of his son, wife, daughter-in-law and unborn grandchild. He admits some of this dislike is due to his close ties to Robert Baratheon, who while he would've spared Elia he still planned to off Rhaegar's children and Tywin did the dirty work.
    • Is outright pissed upon finding out that not only Tywin Lannister is in the Pantheon, but also the man who killed both Elia and himself, Gregor Clegane. Oberyn wants payback at a later date. The Mountain despises the Red Viper more than anyone else due to inflicting a gruesome end. His brother Sandor could only reply with "nice" to what the Red Viper did, though they're not what you'd call friends. Cersei has held Oberyn in contempt for the actions of his family trying to make her and her children pay, pointing to the Sand Snakes poisoning her the whole revenge against Tywin thing. Oberyn objects to this, stating his daughter wasn't harmed by the Martells in the original continuity and doing something "for Oberyn" doesn't mean he endorses that revenge. He doesn't seek revenge on innocent second parties or children.
      • The House of Death and Postmortem has posited a theory due to Tywin's funeral; because of how fast his body rotted and how badly it stank, they think Oberyn might've poisoned him and Tywin was a dead man walking when Tyrion came for him. The Prince of Dorne debunked this by saying he wish he thought about it. That said, he laughed at his funeral because it exposes the man beneath the veneer.
    • Oberyn once mistook Arthas Menethil for his late brother-in-law, Rhaegar Targaryen, due to the both of them looking the same. He's not fond of the former due to his rap sheet, and similarities to the notorious Night King that he assumed was just a northern mythological figure. And as for the latter, he has problems with. When Rhaegar ascended Oberyn punched him, yelled at his scorning of Elia and other dumb decisions, only to pick him up by saying they are still family and Rhaegar is welcome to redeem himself in his eyes.
    • Despite his issues with his brother-in-law he holds no hard feelings towards Jon Snow for being his child with Lyanna, and thinks he's a respectable man who shouldn't be held accountable for his biological father's actions. Don't expect him to visit him or his father's temple though; he's not that fond of the cold. Jon Snow thinks the Red Viper is sneaky but his heart is in the right place. Both where shocked to learn there's a universe where they're marriednote , and he admits that his father Ned is going to either laugh or be embarrassed by that timeline. The Red Viper finds the fact Ned of all people kept Jon's parentage secret rather ironic, noting that the AU "sounds like old Rickard used a monkey's paw for his southron ambitions".
    • Oberyn is also a blood relation of the Targaryens as he is descended from Daeron II's full sister Danerys Targaryen. Daeron the Good is held in fair esteem by Oberyn for living up to his name and finding peace with Dorne, and the historical king is proud to call the Red Viper a descendant of the dragon. His father Aegon the Unworthy is deeply annoyed by this as he and his preferred bastard don't like Dorne, and unlike Daeron's bloodline he can't deny the modern Martells are his descendants. Oberyn merely regards the Unworthy as a fool that earned his name, mocking him by saying the only good thing being Daeron's father would be is letting him be the heir to fix his own messes.
    • By most measures he despises Aerys II Targaryen, his sister's father-in-law. However while not liking Dorne the Mad King has promised that he will help Dorne if it means Oberyn will protect and avenge their shared family. This rare demonstration of Pragmatic Villainy from the man doesn't dissuade Oberyn's desire to eventually see Aerys supplanted by his son. However as this cry of vengeance is the only hold on sanity the Mad King has left, the prince of Dorne won't waste it on in-fighting.
    • Varys has a cordial relationship with Oberyn despite his suspicions, as for the time being his interests coincide with Oberyn's. Is Varys being genuine or just using him? Well, it depends on the true identity of Young Griff. Varys claims he's Rhaegar's son and thus Oberyn's nephew who he saved with a baby swap. However, he may be passing off Young Griff as Aegon VI for his own scheme, with common rumors being the kid's a Blackfyre descendant. The chance Varys is protecting his nephew is why Oberyn tolerates him, but he has a cruel poison in store for the eunuch should he prove a liar and thus disrespecting the Prince of Dorne's family.
  • Racially he is a "Salty" Dornish. The Dornish are known for their spicy food that most Westerosi aren't used to. Oberyn brought some dishes at a chili cook-off which Homer had come to judge; he said it was good and spicy, though he's had spicier and thinks most Westerosi just aren't used to stuff found in, say, Texas. Culturally Dorne is similar to Spain with some Welsh and Qurac traits. The Prince of Dorne hopes to learn more about Spanish culture, which has led to him taking boxing lessons under Don Flamenco. Besides their more obvious similarities, being a Dashing Hispanic is a trait of Inigo Montoya that ingratiated Oberyn to him.
  • An important distinction between Dornish culture and the rest of Westeros is their belief Gender Is No Object, and open acceptance of the LGBT group. That said, they still have a negative reputation for other reasons like being uncouth and though bastards are accepted, having them marry in high places is seen as unusual. Their use of guerilla tactics throughout history has contributed to some of the Fantastic Racism, and Oberyn's flirtatiousness has not given some gods a good impression of Dorne. Johnny Cage warned him if he eyes up his ex-wife and daughter anymore he's going to show why he has his trope, though the Red Viper believes Cage is jealous at him for another reason. Batman doesn't trust his hanging out with Poison Ivy and is a tad annoyed by his flirtatious banter with Catwoman. And Chris Redfield and Jago are annoyed by him eyeing their sisters and Chris' partner.
  • Inigo Montoya as both an ally and a worthy opponent. His daughter Tyene thinks that the Spanish master swordfighter is hot. Her sisters both know that this isn't going to end well. Polneraff also had a lot of similarities with Oberyn and Inigo. All three succeeded in their vengeance, though only Oberyn would die for it, and the three enjoy dueling with one another. Also of note; while Oberyn is on good terms with King Leonidas, he is somewhat uneasy around his wife, Queen Gorgo. Probably because of her uncanny resemblance to Cersei Lannister. Leonidas does chastise him on his performance against Gregor Clegane as while his skills with the spear are indeed formidable, that he let his desire to avenge Elia and her children, override his pragmatism, which led to his mortal demise. Kratos believes the fellow Spartan was wise to say so, as he has told Oberyn his revenge took him to some really horrible places. The Prince of Dorne is intimidated by him and his past crimes, but he's glad to see he's The Atoner.
  • The nickname of the Red Viper wasn't just the result of his skill at poisoning. He's slender, athletic, can be sneaky if need be and even his fighting style is snake-like. Oberyn was interested in the various serpents in the Trope Pantheon, particularly the likes of Miia due to being both snake and person. It was almost cliche that the Red Viper chose Serviper as his partner, hoping to train with the Pokemon in combat and poisons. Since Poison types can't be poisoned unless Salazzle's Corrosion is in effect, the other viper won't fear any potential accidents.
  • After spending time with Seviper he was amused to learn there was a literal sand snake in the world of Pokémon, that being the Silicobra line. Oberyn intends to catch eight; one for each of the (metaphorical) Sand Snakes. He has also chosen to study the different serpents within the Hall of Reptiles. Naturally he abhors Apophis, and on the flip side is impressed by the majestic deity Quetzacoatl. He considered inviting his "Lucoa" form for a threesome with his paramour, until he learned her interest in Shouta. He is also interested in learning more about the Lilith there.
  • Asides from snakes, Oberyn Martell has an interested in horses, with his steed being a stallion "black as sin". His sand steed wonders if it could compete with Black Beauty. Oberyn was impressed to learn of one equine, Donkey, somehow mating and fathering children with a dragon, and can only imagine Rhaegar either being shocked or laughing at the whole thing. Donkey would prefer not to get graphic with it, but he's otherwise cordial. He thinks the Red Viper would get along well better with Puss in Boots, a Dashing Hispanic fearless feline hero. The two enjoy fencing, and sharing stories. The Prince of Dorne was quite interested to learn Puss had literally faced Death (and we're not being metaphorical), and Oberyn wonders what he would ever say to the lupine form the Stranger.
  • He is known as "the man who fucked half of Westeros," by Tyrion. An infamous womanizer, it's said that he can talk a septa out of her robes (thus, the rumor going around that Septa Lemore is the mother of Tyene Sand). However, his attempts to woo several of the female deities has raised the ire of some of their male counterparts. Johnny Cage is one, due to Oberyn's...interest in Sonya and Cassie. The same can be said in regards to Chris Redfield and Jago in regards to their respective sisters, and in Chris' partner. And there's Geralt of Rivia. His two ladies are off-limits...although Oberyn is impressed with the fact that Triss and Yennefer are both with The Witcher. There are others, but even Oberyn has his limits.
  • Both Oberyn and his high priestess/paramour are very popular in the House of Lust's many brothels. Whenever the Red Viper shows up, it's going to be a good day. It's also how he met Kratos and Aphrodite. The two men ended up bonding over the loss of their respective families...and the fact that Zeus is a tool. Oberyn Martell may bed woman and man alike but he is a firm believer in consent and isn't a selfish lover. On the more light-hearted side of things, he had a lot of fun in the Succubus District learning snake girls were a thing. He has enjoyed learning of the larger variety of prostitutes the Interspecies Reviewers, and outside of sex he likes to talk to them about the adventures they've had.
  • He is friends with benefits to a few deities. Impressively these include literal deities like Calistria and Kyu Sugardust, who appreciate Oberyn's passion. Outside of that, Calistria has a fondness for Oberyn's desire for vengeance because she is also a goddess of Revenge, and the Prince of Dorne is all too happy to share tips for his friends with the fairy. Another fwb is Jack Harkness, an immortal with a lot of fascinating tales for the learned prince. Naturally, the first thing he asked is if he could use time travel to save his sister. Sadly, Jack was told by the Doctor that some things were fixed and could not be changed. However he comforted the Red Viper by saying he knows what it's like to lose people you love in painful ways.
  • While they get along, Jack wasn't impressed that he went to bed with someone else's paramour. Then fought a duel with the cuckolded lord and won via poison...which is where he gets "the Red Viper" nickname from. Still, say what you want about Oberyn, he's taken responsibility of all the bastard children he knows for a fact he has. One particular incident involved his eldest daughter, Obara Sand. When Oberyn came to retrieve her from her mother, an Oldtown prostitute, the Red Viper pulls a Ogami Itto and gives Obara two choices: Her mother's tears or the spear. Obara chose the latter. Mom drank herself to death shortly thereafter. He is a close ally of the Heroic Protectors of Family as the desire to protect his living family members and avenge those killed makes him virtuous in their eyes.
  • Though he claims that he dislikes the Red Viper for his dirty tactics and lack of honor, the truth is that Zeus dislikes Oberyn Martell because he is jealous of how his bastard children love and are devoted to him. Meanwhile, Zeus' progeny are more mixed in their opinion. And don't even get him started on Kratos. Oberyn Martell thinks this is rich; his kids love him because he's a good father, while Zeus is often absentee or a total dick; he should really see the resentment coming. He also doesn't like how he thinks being a god means that no means yes or doesn't admonish his wife's torment of his bastards.
  • Also spends time at the Hall of Toxicity as his area of expertise is poison. It's also one of the reasons why he has a glasshouse inside his temple, as he is busy creating and improving on various poisons. It's also through his love of poisons, that he is friends with Poison Ivy. Had it not been for the fact that Ivy was a walking bioweapon, Oberyn would have given her the Dornish what-for. As he uses poisoned weapons he is seen as a dirty fighter/dishonorable by some, though Akame doesn't judge him. He's currently researching the origins of Murasame along with allying with Night Raid in order to root out governments that'd allow the Mountain to thrive. Oberyn tried to study beforehand with Chiron, but past experiences with poison have him being mistrustful and concerned over the Prince of Dorne. He knows he's a good person, but still he has lingering trauma.
  • It's very rare but Magellan will sometimes allow Oberyn to study poisons out of a degree of respect. They have very little in common and the Prince of Dorne doesn't agree with his politics, but he's definitely impressed by the use of the Doku Doku no Mi. Studying in his Hall is why the Red Viper is on friendly terms with Salazzle and Toxie. The former was intriguing for the already mentioned Corrosion ability and Oberyn gives her treats as payment for helping him study her poisons. As for the latter, he may be ugly as sin but he's almost the exact opposite on the inside and despises people like the Mountain who carelessly kill children. His ability to Detect Evil has made Toxie a useful ally.
  • Unfortunately for Oberyn, the Hall of Toxicity is full of vile threats above his weight class. The Lich disregards the Red Viper as a threat, and the Prince of Dorne isn't proud to admit he's terrified of him. He's scared of SCP-106, but that fear of the Old Man is balanced out by sheer hatred of the monster as he is every bit as sadistic and predatory in nature as the Mountain. Closer to his weight class, there's Caesar Clown and Derek Powers. Oberyn won't deny he's intrigued by the former's powers over toxic gas, but he's more focused on hating him for among other crimes, tormenting children with experimental drugs that've ruined their life. The latter holds a flippancy to his crimes akin to Tywin and is an awful father, quite unlike Oberyn.
  • Oberyn holds no respect towards rapists due in part to the very personal crimes of the Mountain. When having to fight prolific predators he'll only save the most painful kind of poisons. The Slavers and the Roarks are naturally put off by him, with the latter planning to make the senior senator confess to his crimes in a way not even Basin City is capable of protecting. However he has only reserved manticore venom to Wyald, who is essentially the Mountain if he had demonic powers. A sneak attack led to Wyald being pricked, which he allowed laughing that no human weapon could hurt him...then he felt the poison. His Apostle physiology allowed him to survive, however it also meant he experienced the heights of the pain it causes. Wyald was left screaming in unbearable agony for weeks on end, and as of yet is too terrified to exact vengeance on the Red Viper.
  • Seeing this, Cain Marko wisely decided to never piss Oberyn Martell off. Knowing his build, he'd suffer in a similar manner to the Apostle. Glenn Quagmire decided not to piss Oberyn off, but took a more pragmatic approach. The Red Viper considered poisoning him for his sex crimes, but he explained that he actually admired Oberyn's love for his sister and desire to avenge her, as he personally killed his sister's horribly abusive boyfriend. The Prince of Dorne thinks he's scum but since Quagmire has promised to aid him in taking out his enemies he'll tolerate the guy for now. It helps that those Oberyn truly hates manage to disgust even Quagmire.
  • Oberyn went in thinking he wouldn't like Grunbeld due to where his loyalties go; he is the enforcer to Griffith, a man who's every bit as charismatic and beautiful as Rhaegar...but as every bit as ruthlessly Machiavellian as Tywin while infamous for his rape of Casca. He's not as brutal as Wyald who boasts that he would've done WORSE to Elia than the Mountain, but that is because he's not stupid...and in terms of a global impact, he's worse. Grunbeld understands this...because he suffered similar tragedy to the Red Viper; he watched his mother tortured and raped. He hates rapists. While Oberyn could point out the hypocrisy given his boss, he does recognize a Noble Demon when present and considers him more of a Worthy Opponent. A mutual disgust of the Mountain certainly helps defuse any contempt the two would have to one another.
  • He's also not a fan of homophobes and other who discriminate based on sexuality, though not on the level of vitriol he saves for rapists. He pities how Nico di Angelo was forced out of the closet. And while Oberyn is a very sexual person, he's fine with asexuals and is interested in Todd's dating app for other asexual friends of his. What he's not fine with is Dokuro and Cheems constantly trying to bonk him for the "crime" of being overly horny. The Red Viper has made a rebuttal
  • Guts and Casca are just straight up allies of the Red Viper, as asides from admiring his free, passionate spirit, fatherly instincts and battle skill, he is completely understanding of their desire to get back at their abusers and overcome their trauma. His use of a poisoned spear has proven really useful in weakening up durable Apostles for the kill. Oberyn's skill with the spear and Dornish history led him to wonder if Aloy was somehow Nymeria herself reincarnated. A warrior woman with hair like fire and can wield a spear; surely it wasn't a coincidence, he thought. Admittedly it could be, but she admires her and seeks to join her in archery practice.

    Team America 
Team Americamembers , Deified Organization of Americans That Save the Day
Left to right: Sarah, Joe, Gary, Lisa, Chris
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their logo, depicting an eagle posed against the backdrop of an American flag with a globe clenched in its beak.
  • Theme Song: America! FUCK YEAH!!!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Affectionate Parody of Blockbuster Action Movies as well as Supermarionation, Destructive Saviors, Eagleland, Heroes with Bad Publicity, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
  • Domains: AMERICA!!!, Patriotism, Puppets, Satire
  • Allies: The South Park kids, Broforce, The Basterds, America, The Soldier, Good-aligned G.I. Joe deities
  • Enemies: Wild Dog, Lelouch, Khaled Al-Asad, HYDRA, Cobra Commander, Guinea Creatures, Joffery Boraethon, Ramsay Bolton, Andrew Ryan
  • Avoids: Any ascended film actor in the Pantheon, any cat person in the pantheon (Chris), all gorilla deities (Gary)
  • Head Butting Heroes with: Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Team America: World Police is an organization that exists for the sole intention of stopping terrorists from performing evil deeds (Kim Jong-Il and a group of film actors are also other foes that they have faced). With a home base located within the structure of Mount Rushmore, the team comprises of Lisa, a young psychologist; Sarah, an alleged psychic; Joe, a typical all-American jock who is in love with Sarah; and Chris, a technological and martial arts expert who harbors a deep yet mysterious mistrust of actors. Later, a popular Broadway star named Gary was also recruited in joining the fight. The team is led by Spotswoode, a United States government agent, and the team's information is received by I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E., a highly-advanced supercomputer.
    • Before Gary joined the team, one of the group’s members was Carson, who was Lisa’s love interest. However, he was killed by a terrorist before he could propose to her.
  • Another peaceful day in the Pantheon was interrupted when a gang of terrorists had hijacked a small area and attacked several bystanders. Although several heroes could have arrived to help them, they were probably busy with other things. Suddenly, a group of vehicles decorated in American stars and stripes arrived in the scene. Team America jumped out of their vehicles and brought out their weapons to fight the terrorists. However, in the process, they ended up destroying more temples in the area than the terrorists would. Despite this, they managed to take their foes down. After the incident, the people who have witnessed the attacks aren’t sure on what to do with the team, with some of them protesting against Team America’s actions. In the end, however, the Pantheon decided that they will stay with the trope America Saves the Day. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to protect the Pantheon from dangerous threats.
  • Their temple looks like an exact replica of Mount Rushmore on the surface, but inside it is their headquarters. Usually, Spottswoode would stay in the temple to monitor the team’s activities. Given what happened to their original headquarters, several security guards have been placed in the temple to prevent any intruder from destroying the place.
  • With their ascension comes new foes to look out for. In particular, there is Wild Dog, who has a history in aiding many terrorists around the world. There’s also Lelouch, whom the team doesn’t like for fighting against an alternate history empire that includes North America. The team also frequently goes up against HYDRA as well as the Cobra Commander. Khaled al-Asad is another notable enemy in the team’s radar given that he was partly responsible for nuking and caused the death of 30.000 of U.S. Marines.
  • The team gets along pretty well with the Broforce given that they have a similar manner of Patriotic Fervor as well their tendency to cause huge amounts of collateral damage. Mr. “Jane Doe” is also interested in working with the team given that he’s also a dedicated American with a knack for utilizing explosive weapons.
  • On the other hand, Steve Rogers aka Captain America doesn’t share the same chummy relationship (despite their shared disdain towards HYDRA) as he’s not fond of their amoral tendencies.
  • They were surprised to learn that the personification of America also resides in the Pantheon. America, in his part, thinks that the team would make him look good and has taken an oblivious attitude to their penchant for accidentally destroying stuff.
  • Being creations of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, it’s inevitable that they would meet the South Park kids, who are no strangers to being involved in government shenanigans. While Stan and Kyle don’t entirely approve of their destructive actions, they at least understand that the team has been trying to defend their home country.
    • One day, Team America received reports of a group of giant guinea pigs attacking somewhere in the House of Food. Immediately, they rushed their vehicles towards the place of the attacks and tried to attack them with their arsenal, but the creatures turned out to be more dangerous than they appear. It wasn’t until Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny came to the scene playing Peruvian flutes, which led the Guinea pigs to retreat. Stan and Kyle explained to the team that besides being a threat to the planet, their leader, Guinea Pirate, posed as an American secretary of Homeland Security and devised a plan to capture all the peruvian flute bands in the world. Because of this, the team doesn't appreciate someone giving America a bad name.
  • Given their bad history with the Film Actors Guild, who opposed Team America’s violent actions, they have avoided any ascended film actor or actress in the Pantheon (though Gary sometimes visits the House of Theater to perform several of his Broadway songs, such as “Everyone Has AIDS”). While Chris himself has especially held such a grudge, he has come to believed that Gary is the finest actor that he has come across. In particular, the team has been avoiding Samuel L. Jackson given that in their home world, he served as one of the members of F.A.G.
    • Chris’ distrust towards actors stems from a memory he had when he was younger. When he was 19 years old, he was raped by an actor who was in the Cats musical. As such, he gets traumatized whenever he encounters various cat people in the Pantheon, like Ichigo Momomiya.
  • Likewise, Gary has been avoiding any gorilla deity due his memory of the day when his brother fell into the gorilla enclosure in the zoo and pummeled to death because he had blueberries in his pocket.
  • Gary believes that there are three types of people in the Pantheon: dicks, pussies, and assholes. In his words, "pussies don’t like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks, but dicks also fuck assholes that just want to shit on everything". Among such irredeemable assholes that they have learned about, they are disgusted about Joffrey and Ramsay’s actions back in their home universes, and the team is willing to go after these folks if asked.
  • Being seen as one of the worst aspects of modern America, Team America has been banned from most Dominions given their bad habit of blowing up famous landmarks (although the Pantheon could make an exception with those two Nazi bases). Among the top of that list is Rapture; Andrew Ryan considers the organization to be one of the biggest threats to the city and among the worst of America’s “parasites.”
  • Also present in Nationality Archetypes.


    Calem and Serena 
Calem and Serena, Gods of Celebrated Heroes (Calem: Calme, Xavier, Calem Xavier, d, Li'l D, X | Serena: Yvonne, Serena Yvonne, Y | Both: "Looker")
Calem (Left), Serena (Right)