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Greater Gods

    Polygon Man 
Polygon Man, God of Living Polyhedrons (Polygonal Mastermind)

Ramiel, Deity of Sinister Geometry (the 5th/6th Angel, The Angel of Thunder, Rami-chan)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Our Angels Are Different (Very, VERY Different), Sinister Geometry That Can Become Non-Euclidian, Starfish Aliens That Are Actually Earth-Born, Giant Flyer, The Needless, Light Is Not Good, Not Following Human Morality, Wave-Motion Gun, Shock and Awe
  • Domain(s): Angels, Geometry, Shapes, Lasers
  • High Priest: Miracle Matter
  • Interests: YHVH
  • Allies: Kaworu Nagisa, Arael
  • On good terms with: The Polygon Man, Deoxys
  • Enemies: All NERV deities, Keel Lorenz, Kirby, Father (FMA), The Imperium of Mankind, Lucifer(Supernatural), Alexander Anderson, SCP-682
  • When the previous deity of Sinister Geometry fell from godhood, Ramiel was quick to be accepted to take its place with its perfectly octahedron shaped body. While Ramiel usually appears as a blue octahedron, it can change its shape into a variety of other geometric shapes in response to whatever stimuli is near it or trying to affect it. For the safety of the other deities, Ramiel was given one of the largest temples of any deity since it fires a particle beam endlessly at whatever comes close. Of all the deities to possess a drill weapon, Ramiel wins the award for the most inconvenient one since it rotates extremely slowly, Ramiel becomes immobile, and Ramiel can only drill into a very small area directly below it.
  • Beyond reuniting with Adam, it and the rest of the Angels' motivations are unknown. As such, beyond the fellow angels finding allies is hard for Ramiel. However it is known to feel more comfortable in the Extraterrestrials house. Madame Vastra seems aware of the creature's ironic status of simultaneously being an alien by most metrics yet having Earth-born origins.
  • Was the former high priest of the Polygon Man, who was glad to see Ramiel ascend. While inscrutable in actions, Ramiel does have some fondness for the Polygon Man as it recognizes a being similar to itself. Deoxys feels similarly as an enigmatic, shifting alien. It even has a core of sorts like the Angels.
  • When Stella had heard Ramiel had ascended, she had just planned to drop in to say hi to a friend of hers, needless to say, Stella's blistering speed was too fast for Ramiels lasers and she declined not to go back there again.
  • Despite the appearance, it and all other angels fall under the Human Subspecies. Humanity itself is Lilin, the 18th angel. You can bet that the House of Humanoids is refusing entry for Ramiel, and they have yet to fathom how such a thing shares most of its DNA with humans. The House of Otherness Abominations was much more accepting of Ramiel by comparison.
  • When it comes to the abominations, most were accepting of Ramiel. Slender Man considers it a sort of inversion of himself, being clearly non-human yet over 99% human in DNA. SCP-682, however, was immediately triggered as the Angel was close enough to "disgusting" humans and started assaulting the creature. After having most of its mass torn off by Ramiel's Wave-Motion Gun, 682's jaws and claws became sharp enough to tear through Ramiel's AT-Field and get at its core.
  • The term "angel" is an In Name Only status, Ramiel and its ilk are more like Kaiju than anything. The House of Angels isn't initially accepting of Ramiel, but doesn't have much against it and wants to learn more about the being's intentions and motivations. YHVH is interested in how it could be utilized to His wishes, but what this entails yet is unclear.
  • As far as the Supernatural version of Lucifer is concerned, Ramiel being an angel is an abomination to the term and to angels everywhere. This is purely out of racism, only exaggerated by his disgust of humanity and learning the angels are a Human Subspecies. The SMT version of Lucifer has a neutral opinion on Ramiel beyond interest in its relationship to humanity and ambiguous motives.
  • The Imperium of Mankind is disgusted by any claims of it being related to humanity and their origins in any way, along with Ramiel not communicating and shooting first before asking questions later. So they shoot these "Angels" first and ask questions later. Alexander Anderson considers Ramiel a threat to humanity and a blasphemous insult to the term of "angel", though he knows Biblical angels are pretty strange.

Intermediate Gods

    The Borg Queen 
The Borg Queen, Goddess of Assimilation
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A grey cube on a black starry backdrop
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Viruses, Galactic Conquest, Mindless Hordes, Villain Decay, Body Horror, Ruling The Hive Mind.
  • Domain: Conquest, Uniformity, Technology, Pestilence.
  • Enemies Marked for Extermination: James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, Jean-Luc Picard, Serious Sam, General Fletcher, Alex Mercer, Majin Buu, The Doctor, The Cybermen
  • Organisms Opposing The Borg's Existance: The House of Extraterrestrials, God-Emperor of Mankind, Honor Harrington
  • Rival to The Borg's Goals: Trakeena.
  • Under The Borg's Observation: The Thing
  • Her first appearance brought terror over neighboring spaceships. When the Borg Cube loomed over the landscape, most ships fled the scene. The few ships that did fight found their weaponry useless shortly afterwards. Any ships that were deemed useful were assimilated into the collective. That has how the Borg have operated for centuries on end. The prospect of a multiverse of organizations to absorb intrigued the current leader of the group. The Borg Queen how has her sights on assimilating the entire Pantheon into a collective under her rule.
    • It's safe to say that no one from the Star Trek world was happy with their arrival. Not even Q wanted to deal with them. Most others wouldn't want the being to take the risk anyways. A Borg collective with a Q under their ranks would be deleterious for the entire pantheon.
    • Of note, Captain Picard was especially nervous with the Borg's ascension. Becoming part of the Borg would do that to a man.
  • Due to her desire to have assimilate everyone as part of her own race, neither the Alliances of Evil and Law want anything to do with her for good reasons. Melkor fears that if he gets assimilated, his status as Leader of the Alliance of Evil is stripped. He knows that someone may use the Borg Queen against him. YHVH, on the other hand, wants no one above him as the absolute ruler.
  • Is probably one of the few species that would get both the subhouse of Aliens and the God-Emperor of Mankind to team up. Neither side wants to be coerced into a single collective
  • If there's one being that knows how to beat back an alien invasion, it's Serious Sam. He was happy to assist Starfleet in dealing with the Borg.
  • Honor Harrington has been hard at work trying to find a way to defeat the Borg Cube. Her first few battles against them ended in failure, as the Cube quickly found ways to counter all of her weapons fire. She saw to it to protect ships from their impending attacks.
  • There was an alliance between the Borg Queen and the Cybermen who crossed over to their world. Many in the Pantheon feared the possibilites of what the two groups were capable of. Thankfully, the alliance did not last. The Cybermen adopted the technology of the Borg for themselves and started to take over the Delta Quadrant themselves. The Borg were forced to team up with Picard, the Doctor and their companions in order to defeat the Cybermen. The two groups battle for superority ever since. The Doctor had hoped that their encounter would make for friendlier conversations, but the Borg became obsessed with absorbing the TARDIS to gain access to time travel. No one wants to find out what the Borg would do if they succeed.
  • The House of Defense has employed General Fletcher's defense system as the main line of defense from the Borg collective. The grid is capable of adapting on the fly, countering the Borg's ability to become immune to repeated blasts. If the Borg Queen plans to subjugate the entire Pantheon under its rule, she would have to take down that AI first.
  • There is one being that the collective is interested in assimilating. There is a thing that recently ascended that has the capabilities of absorbing and then mimicking its host. In an ironic twist, it almost took the Borg Queen's position from her before opting for a different title. But it's ascension created an opportunity for her. Such a being would make infiltrating enemy territory much easier. As such, the Cube has been experimenting ways to contain the Thing without being absorbed themselves.
  • The Borg thought that they could ally themselves with a Hive Queen named Trakeena. At first, the group was annoyed with her insistence of destroying the rangers above all other enemies. But then it became apparent that she would rather assimilate them into her own hive. Negotiations broke down and the two seldomly ever team up, only if there is a foe that needs cooperation to defeat.
  • The thought of taking control of a massive army of minions was enticing for Alex Mercer. The Borg may be able to survive skirmishes with him, but the Borg Queen deemed a confrontation far too risky to attempt, as tempting the power boost would be.
  • Majin Buu also saw the Borg Queen as a nice little snack, though for Buu's case it would only be one aspect on its quest for the destruction of everything. The prospect of a Majin Buu capable of becoming immune to previous attacks compelled even the heroes to enact protects for the Borg Queen just to make sure that her abilities do not translate towards even more dangerous beings.
  • "You will be Assimilated. Resistance is futile."

    Queen Chrysalis 
Queen Chrysalis, Goddess of Impersonation (Changeling Queen, "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza")
  • There was once a time when Chrysalis had successfully infiltrated the House of Love only to be intercepted by Flonne, who, upon learning that Chrysalis feeds on the Power of Love, decides to give her a very long lecture about it. Chrysalis has since then considered whether infiltrating the House of Love was even worth the effort.
  • Recently, a number of worshippers have provided Chrysalis with love willingly. She used to be quite conflicted about this, since they see her as a tragic woobie rather than a powerful Queen. Now, she takes advantage of free power.
  • More recently, she has been sighted with a follower, a pink, extremely furry pony with intense love for everyone, including the Queen. She cannot speak, but she emits raspberries and small "Gasp" noises. It is not known what she sees in the Queen, but her love for Chrysalis is so much that Chrysalis uses her as an endless food source and/or mobile bed. They have recently moved into a house together on the outskirts of the House of Food, though what this says about their relationship is not known.
  • A recent reveal about Queen Chrysalis' origins has lead many deities to treat her with much more caution than before, especially when it was discovered that she's nearly as old as Celestia and Luna themselves.
  • Despises Ato-ko with a passion, as her couple-destroying threaten her changelings' food source. Upon learning just how Black Mage's Hadoken utilizes The Power of Love (reducing the amount of love in the universe), he has also become a bane to her existence that she wound up opposing him since she needs love to subsist (she otherwise quite approves). In fact, Black Mage is so much of a threat that she 's willing to work with Princess Cadance to stop him if it comes to fighting him.
  • Speaking of Cadance, upon finding out she had ascended, and all the good equestrian deities would be in attendance, she showed up to take revenge. This time, she brought many evil deities from the House of Hatred, who joined to help crush all the joy and happiness that would be present. While the party goers put up a surprisingly effective fight, Chrysalis had power behind her such that her victory was inevitable. Too bad for her Shining Armor, whom wasn't expected to attend being non-ascended, was able to show up thanks to the god he was High Priest to, Anthony Higgs. Empowered by their mutual love, Shining and Cadance sent Chrysalis blasting off again.
  • While it's destroyed in her home universe and its pieces salvaged for Canterlot Castle security, Chrysalis's temple and its surrounding premises contains a barrier that nullifies ALL magic that is not of the changelings. How strong is it? Even magic-using Greater Gods find their powers stripped while with in the premises, as Discord can attest to. The secret? Her throne deep inside. Technology-based deities don't have this problem, though, while for Magitek deities, it goes one way or another, depending on how much of it is 'advanced technology' and how much of it is mystical.
  • After certain events, there has been a massive decrease in changeling followers, now that they discovered a better way to feed themselves. Chrysalis has sworn to wipe out those insurgents, led by their new King Thorax, but they're nowhere to be found in the Pantheon so far, and several have taken refuge in the Houses of Love and Friendship.
    • And after the truth of her rule, where it's revealed that she's been deliberately starving her race with their forceful love-stealing method just to stay in power, that number has plummeted to a scant few; Fluffle Puff and the most dedicated/delusional of fanboys. Not a single changeling remains.
    • Also, because of what she pulled, if Discord wasn't her enemy now, the draconequus has since made it personal.
      • The non-pony God she hates the most is Spike. Why the little dragon, you ask? It was because Spike befriending Thorax that he would eventually learn that sharing love would benefit the Changelings more, thus becoming THE thing that would derail Queen Chryasli's reign once and for all. When the Changeling Queen tried to go after Spike for this, she was met with Spike's allies, who threw her back into her temple as a warning to not mess with the dragon.
  • Upon learning that one time Chrysalis kidnapped the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the Changeling Queen got a RUDE awakening from two wrestlers who proceeded to bathe her in blood. She's hated them ever since.
  • As a "cold-hearted ruler who actually doesn't have what's best for their people in mind and duping them with 'righteous' missions", someone has compared Chrysalis to Ghetsis Harmonia. That said, besides both working for the GUAE, the two don't have that much in common. Also, his lust for power, lack of love for anybody else, and his far-reaching ambitions make it too dangerous for her to even deal with him anyway.
  • Thanks to having been strong-armed by Grogar, Chrysalis is one of the few besides Mard Geer who can safely visit Tirek without much risk of getting drained. They even get along to an extent, though not without occasionally sniping on one another.

    Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist
Dante, Goddess of Stealing Younger Bodies (Dante of the Deep Forest, The Master, The Guardian, Lyra)
Click here  to see her latest body.
Click here to see Dante's original body
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Homunculi Symbol
  • Letimotif: Dante's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Taught Izumi in Alchemy, Never Existed in the Manga, Much Older Than She Appears, Twists the Truth, Left Alone to Become a Warped Woman, Can Steal Other Bodies, It's All About Me, Controls People Through Lies and Fear, Non-Action Big Bad, Believes Equivalence Is a Lie, Vain Alchemist, Possession Burnout
  • Domains: Intellect, War, Alchemy, Immortality
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Lord Voldemort, Alex Wesker, Sheev Palpatine, Zouken Matou, Orochimaru
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lust the Lascivious
  • Unknown Relationship: The Truth
  • Dante wasn't certain why Melkor had gotten some allies in the GUAE to revive her after she was devoured by one of her own homunculi, but she noticed that she was in her last body that she had transferred into before entering the Pantheon with most of the Homunculi waiting. Once serving as the herald of Father Homunculus in her aged-woman body, she would now be allowed fully entry into the Pantheon.
  • As the teacher of Izumi Curtis, she is known as one of the oldest and most powerful alchemists in Amestris. Many sorcerers and alchemists were surprised by how talented she was in keeping herself alive for over 400 years. Combined with being able to open up the doorway to the Truth, many admitted her talents surpassed many alchemists in the Pantheon. Naturally her former student was furious that she arrived into the Pantheon either to twist around some other foolish woman or even worse find a new body to steal.
  • Edward was enraged when he confronted her in another version of Amestris when she tried using a new girl's body (Rosé Thomas) to possibly have sex with Hohenheim's child. On that note, in that same other version of Amestris she'd been in a relationship with Hohenheim for several decades.
    • When Dante met Hohenheim here, she felt like he still wanted her back, even wanting her son to join them here. A furious Hohenheim informed her that he and his sons in the Pantheon were the ones from Father's timeline, not hers, but he already knew that even his other version had made it clear it was over for their relationship. The ascended Edward just finds Dante a sad excuse of a human being, whereas Hohenheim was saddened to know that another version of himself not only cooperated with someone like Dante but also would take innocent lives just to prolong his just like the Dwarf in the Flask.
    • Alphonse also couldn't stand just thinking about this alchemist, as her method of using him as a Philosopher's Stone along with causing a war to make another made him hate her deeply.
  • Father and most of the Homunculi are willing to work with Dante, but the former Dwarf in the Flask made it clear to her she is not the leader of his flock of creations. Also, despite claiming she wasn't human anymore he believed she was still inferior to him.
  • Lust was far less willing to cooperate with Dante considering how she was treated in the past by her former master. Dante knew that compared to the other homunculi she was far more difficult to work with, not counting Greed.
  • Of course, Greed was the first deity to try killing Dante as he was furious about her killing him in her world along with commenting on Lyra already having a bad odor the last time they met.
  • The aging alchemist entered a feud with others who sought out methods to obtain immortality, and Voldermort in particular wanted to learn more about her world's version of the Philosopher's Stone wanting more power for himself.
  • Upon giving out orders to Bradley along with the rest of High Command, she looked forward to causing a whole new war in the Pantheon to not only create another stone but also to see the gods and goddess wrapped in chaos and fear.
    • Not all of Dante's orders are known to anyone outside of High Command, but a few targets have been identified who she wants captured: the three law enforcement/military Street Fighters whose raid on Bradley's temple barracks exposed the details of his ascension, as well as Solidus Snake and the Honnoji Academy Elite Four for their attempt to attack the Homunculi. Bartlet, who's been opposing Bradley, now figures the team is priming to come after him. He's standing his ground.
  • Roy and Riza pointed how similar Dante was to Father, but also being quite different with her shallow nature as she was still human…to some extent. They also pointed out the fact she used the gate to send Edward, his brother, and father into what seemed like the original Earth, although no one was sure if this was the real world or another universe barring similarities to it.
  • Dante gained a bad reputation from Rin and Sakura for her body-swapping ways, and she even considered pulling this trick on Rin and Sakura due to their levels of mana. As for Illyasviel, she hates the idea of homunculi being former humans who were used and manipulated for the selfish goals of this alchemist.
  • There is another Dante in the Pantheon who despises this alchemist, particularly given the fact she created Homunculi based around the Seven Deadly Sins.
    • As far as the devil-hunter Dante Sparda was concerned this woman was just an old, ugly broad no matter if she takes a body that looks more appealing or not. She was also disappointed with Vergil's betrayal of High Command after a week of her teaching him alchemy as a herald in Father's temple, making him and his witch ally Kat further targets of hers.
  • She has co-operated with the Red Ribbon's lead scientist on perfecting his link system as a potential new way to take over someone else's body without expelling the original host soul and thus avoiding the usual decay problem with her alchemical method of swapping bodies.

    Doctor Clef 
Dr. Alto Clef, God of Glamour Failure (Agent Ukulele, Ukulele Man, claimed to be and/or is Satan, Adam, Jophiel (the Angel who cast man out of Eden and guards it), Francis Wojciechoski)
Dr Clef at a gunshop. Note that he probably doesn't look like this, the photo just can't capture his head right

    Monkey D. Luffy 
Monkey D. Luffy, God of Rubber People (Captain of the Thousand Sunny-go, previously Captain of the Going Merry-go, Straw Hat, Supernova, The Fifth Emperor, Lucy, Luffytaro)
  • Intermediate God (currently)
  • Symbol: The Straw Hat Pirates jolly roger
  • Theme: Luffy's theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Determinators, Idiot Heroes, Badass Family, Stretchy Limbs, Inability to Swim, Openly Shows How Much He Loves His Friends by Hugging, Does NOT Tolerate Bullies.
  • Domains: Rubber, Eating, Piracy, Camaraderie.
  • Followers: Elongated Man, Ristar
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Haruko Haruhara (on her end)
  • Friendly Rivalries with: Naruto Uzumaki, Popeye
  • Enemies: Mori Motonari, Basco ta Jolokia, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (f.k.a Admiral Akainu), Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, SCP-169, Risky Boots
  • Feared by: Dokuro
  • Hates people who betray their True Companions, and doing so in front of him is a surefire way to invoke a righteous ass-kicking.
  • When asked about whether or not he ever plans to usurp Jack Sparrow as the God of Pirates, Luffy stated that he isn't currently interested. "Maybe I'll consider it after I become the Pirate King, but not right now."
  • Can often be seen around the Pantheon engaging in various competitions with Naruto in an attempt to settle the age-old debate on "pirates versus ninjas". What the competitions entail varies from eating contests and sparring matches, to seeing who can de-pants the biggest number of Gods. Despite the heated rivalry, the two remain close friends.
  • Luffy also spends a lot of time adventuring around the House of Beasts, sometimes dragging a couple of his friends in the Pantheon with him. He'll attempt to tame at least one of the creatures there almost every time he visits. This is also why, like Fluttershy (and Nanoha), he has retired from his position in the Friendship Trio.
  • Has recently begun to hang out with Makoto Nanaya, due to their similar personalities and taste in friends.
  • Organized a huge party and celebration with the ascensions of both Usopp and Nami, completing the unification of the Straw Hat crew in the Pantheon. Pinkie Pie herself catered the event on behalf of him.
  • Can actually pull off a respectable Sean Connery impression
  • Went on a rampage and had to be restrained by several members of the Main House when he learned of Akainu's ascension. Has gone to great lengths to avoid him since, not out of fear but out of concern for causing damage to the Pantheon. Unfortunately, the Fleet Admiral does not return the sentiment and deliberately seeks him out, causing many other parties, outside or otherwise, to intervene in order to prevent a confrontation.
    • With Ace's ascension and the two joining with Whitebeard, this has been put to ease a bit more.
  • Upon Trafalgar Law's ascension, Luffy began to come up with new things for their pirate alliance to get up to. Law has resigned himself to getting dragged along with Luffy's antics.
  • Was invited by Toriko along with Goku to crash the Gourmet Race set up by Kirby and King Dedede. He breezed through many of the obstacles and ate large enough quantities of food to insure first place, until he came across a large pool of water close to the finish line to his dismay. After finding a way across, he ended up in second place tied with Toriko. Though, because of his standing, the King invited him to be a member of the Gourmet Racer Club. Luffy accepted and considers the members as his nakama just like his crew.
  • Haruko was told about his quest to become the King of the Pirates, and while she laughs at the idea of him emulating Atomsk, she's more than ready to steal his power when he succeeds.
  • For reasons unknown, his position in the Friendship Trio was taken over by Gentaro Kisaragi, not that he seems to mind.
  • Upon seeing Sanji and Brook threatened to be killed by Dokuro, he quickly jumped in, not caring if they started it or not. Dokruo decided to try and kill him to, but unfortunately, she didn't hear one major thing about him; HIS ENTIRE BODY IS RUBBER, rendering Excalibolg 100% useless against him. Needless to say, it was a quick Curb-Stomp Battle with Dokuro on the losing end, losing her head in the process and having to be revived by the House of Life And Death.
  • Bar none the happiest day of his life was when Ace himself ascended past his death, and considering that Luffy almost died at Akainu's hands that day (technically Aokiji's ice spear but Akainu still put the hit out), it was quite the turn-around. This was only strengthened when Ace himself saved Luffy from Aokiji and the two bested Akainu, finally causing him to relent on his pursuit on Luffy, thanks to the two now spending time with Whitebeard, who is one of the few people Akainu actually least until a better army is formed by him.
    • Upon hearing that Ace ascended, Whitebeard quickly insisted that he and Pinkie Pie help throw Ace a huge party to celebrate his ascension, one which not only all the Straw Hat Pirates attended (as well as their friends that they made here), but so did Crocodile himself to congratulate Luffy and Ace. Everyone was too joyful to deny him entry. Even when Ace fell asleep while eating, everyone couldn't help but chuckle, happily welcoming Ace back.
  • When word of what happened to Ace got out in the Pantheon, deities and their brothers, pitying the two, offered their sympathies to Luffy and Ace. The 6 most noticeable ones were Mario, Luigi (as brothers who fight against danger everyday), Sans, Papyrus (As the former understood what it was like to lose a brother [via resets] and be in constant fear of losing him, while the latter was happy that Sans showed a passion about something and wanted to support him), and Sonic and Tails (adoptive brothers, with Sonic realizing he may of been too hard on his younger brother, like Ace was in his youth). Together, they decided to create "The Brotherhood", vowing to protect each other as brothers in arms. Whitebeard also signed up happily as one of the team's 4 "parents".
    • It should be noted that if any deity wants to cause trouble for them (especially by trying to kill one of the brothers), they will retaliate, thought sometimes just mentally. Monokuma/Junko Enoshima declared that they were gonna make Luffy fall into despair by killing his brother again, where Ace mentioned that while they may just cause despair for their own fun and enjoy their own despair, Luffy felt true despair by Ace's death and his crew's separation, leaving him alone in the world, but still finding a will to live.To put is shortly... 
      • Upon hearing them poke a hole in the two's logic, the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger applauded them greatly and invited them to help them stop Monokuma's killing games. Seeing how Monokuma/Junko violated a good number of Luffy's berserk buttons, Spoilers...  he quickly accepted and Junko got a one way ticket to just around the top of his enemy list.
  • Surprisingly, Luffy and Popeye get along almost flawlessly with each other. This is because while Luffy may be a pirate, he is nowhere near as malicious as any other pirate that Popeye came across. On top of that, he is also one of the other gods that is willing to eat spinach with the sailor man (provided that it was cooked alongside meat and prepared by his chef, Sanji, but the end result was that good that Popeye agreed to the terms), further keeping them on good terms. Him expressing desire to have a friendly sparring match against Popeye after he ate spinach just cemented him as a fast friend for Popeye. They are seen practicing and eating with each other a couple times.
    • And yes, just like the other pirate gods, he wildly applauded Popeye for laying down a verbal smackdown against Sakazuki.
  • Has become friends with a similarly goofy guitarist called Yui Hirasawa, as they both openly show how much they love their friends by hugging them, regardless of gender or social appropriateness.
    • For this same reason, he also befriended Zen'o, the Top God of the Dragonball Multiverse, who is lonely from an eternity without friendship, much less hugs. The fact that Luffy sounds a lot like Goku's friend Krillin only makes the Overdeity even more fond of him.
  • Has heard that Ashi wants to get ahold of him. He doesn't know why yet.
  • Miku recently performed a remixed version of one of her songs as a tribute song from his crew to him and his friends, to tumultuous and tear-filled applause. Afterwards, Luffy thanked Miku for the song, and even asked for a reply from him to the crew. Even though Luffy was probably the most exasperating person Miku had ever worked with, the song she finally came up with was truly worth it, earning her the friendship of the entire crew.
  • The entire pantheon shook when they heard the news Luffy presented from Chapter 903: He is now consisdered the Fifth Emperor of the Sea.
  • He is impressed with Ren Amamiya's loyalty to his nakama.
  • It took a while, if only because Luffy didn’t tell anyone else that Sabo was still alive because they didn’t ask about him, but Sabo finally managed to find a spot within the Pantheon. They were also able to renew their bloodbrother oath within the Pantheon.

    Natsuru Senou 
Natsuru Senou, God/dess of Superpowered Forms With Different Genders (The Densest Material Known To Man)
His regular form and her Kämpfer form

Orochimaru, God of Body Invasions (The Giant Snake, The Great White Snake, The Snake Sannin)
Click here to see him as an Akatsuki Member 
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God when at his Prime
  • Symbol: A White Snake
  • Theme Song: His Battle Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Formerly Chaotic Good), Now Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Invading and Stealing Individual Bodies as Hosts, Amoral Scientist, Immortality Seeker and will Stop at Nothing to Achieve It, One of Konoha's Greatest Threats, The Dreaded, Was a Renowned Hero for Konoha, Former Comrades with Jiraiya and Tsunade, Former Member of Akatsuki, Evil Genius (Though he is Prone to Flopping at Times), Becomes less Prominent Overtime, Broken Ace, The Chessmaster, Snake Association, Gets Humiliated in Satisfying Ways, His Goals for Immortality were Motivated by the Death of his Parents, Decides to Side with the Allied Forces for Preservation, Actually Manages to Survive the Series (mostly) Unpunished, Actually a Good Father to Mitsuki and Log, Truly Single Parent, Wants Mitsuki to be Better than Him, Often Made Out to be a Pedophile
  • Domains: Snakes, Science, Immortality, Villainy, Invasions, Takeovers
  • Herald: Kabuto Yakushi
  • Allies: The Sound Five, Ren Gyokuen, Lilith (SMT), Orochi, Dr. Neo Cortex, Nina Cortex, Dr. Octopus, Malekith, Lord Recluse, Bowser, Ra's al Ghul
  • Rivals: Voldemort, Vandal Savage, Ryoma Sengoku, Mesogog, Professor Hojo
  • Enemies: Apophis (yes, really), Mikoto Mikasa, Aerith Gainsborough, Jason Todd, Usalia, Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Nagash, Medusa Gorgon (Former Ally/Rival)
  • Former Allegiance: Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Uneasy Relationship: All Heroic Naruto Deities, Nagato, Obito Uchiha
  • Special Relationship: Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Pitied By: The House of Family (They do Condemn his actions however)
  • Interested In: The Grineer
  • A former member of the Legendary Sannin and hero of Konohagakure, Orochimaru is one of the most feared and deadliest threats the Ninja World has dealt with. Utterly fixated on his goal to attain immortality by any means, Orochimaru delved into science and was not above malicious and morally unethical experimentation towards living beings. He soon developed the ability to hop from one body to another, eventually gaining a host, though said host would die upon being inhabited. Responsible for numerous unforgivable acts, especially the death of the Third Hokage and his former sensei, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and doing his best to maintain competition against the Akatsuki, whom he was also a former member of, Orochimaru has certainly built up quite the infamous reputation.
    • Beyond the malicious and diabolical scientist he is, Orochimaru had a rather pitiable past. He never really got to know his parents and his ultimate goal of immortality stemmed from the fact that he wanted to live long enough to encounter reincarnations of his parents. He also genuinely wanted to help Konoha and did get along with his teammates Jiraiya and Tsunade. Unfortunately, his experience in the Second Great Shinobi War left him incredibly jaded and disillusioned, until Orochimaru derailed on genuinely good intentions and steadily turned into the threat he is now.
    • Despite his renowned threat, Orochimaru was ultimately double-crossed by his newest apprentice, Sasuke Uchiha, whom he intented to have as his bodily vessel. And even after using his Cursed Seal of Heaven to return, he wound up sealed by Itachi, courtesy of his Susanoo. His legacy would he carried on to his top lieutenant, Kabuto Yakushi. He would return, although he decided to aid the Allied Shinobi Forces in winning the Fourth Great Shinobi War, wanting to preserve and continue on with his work.
    • Surprisingly enough, Orochimaru managed to get off mostly unpunished. That said, he has mellowed out considerably and he's a lot less malicious than he used to be. He's used his genetic material to create two sons, Log and Mitsuki and has proven himself to be a good parental figure to both of them, even wanting Mitsuki to create his own path in life. Despite past animosity, Orochimaru will work with Konoha and other alliances, even if it's difficult at best.
  • Was once a member of the Grand United Alliance of Evil and even held a position in the GUAE Mastermind thanks to his devious intelligence, vicious nature and general reliance. However, after several events in which he had been defeated, killed and sealed quite a number of times and getting to observe the Shinobi World's progression and change, Orochimaru has left the GUAE, much to the leadership's shock and dismay. That said, he hasn't joined any of the other major GUA's nor has he made a presence in an established group. It is said that Orochimaru is currently in hiding, though what allegiance he has made is left unclear...
    • Melkor was the being who had Orochimaru ascended in the first place, intending to capitalize on his scientific skills to bolster the GUAE, which the former Sannin accepted without any problem. But now that Orochimaru has left the GUAE rather abruptly and with little signs of where he has disappeared to, Melkor has not been happy about the situation. As compensation, Melkor now has Kaguya as his representing world's replacement, but unfortunately, Orochimaru is opposed to the Mother of Chakra, and he's finding it amusing that he's now against the GUAE.
    • That said, Orochimaru does have ties to some villains. He has won the respect of Bowser after hearing about his relationship with Mitsuki, though he does admittedly find Orochimaru's experiments to be pretty iffy on his end. In contrast, Malekith is impressed by what Orochimaru is capable of in battle and lauds his scientific mind, thinking an alliance with him would be of great asset. Orochimaru also finds some common ground with Dr. Cortex, considering both of them are Mad Scientists and have plotted to Take Over the World on numerous occasions, though Orochimaru has since fizzled out of the latter. He also found some common grounds with Lord Recluse and Ra's al Ghul, with both of them being intellectual immortals.
  • Some Pantheonic residents have noted to have seen Orochimaru around at times. His elusiveness has made him quite a popular "cryptic creature" by some of the more wackier sightseers. He personally finds it amusing.
  • Tellingly enough, Orochimaru does visit the Reptiles Sub-House due to his affinity for serpents. He gets along with most of the villainous snakes, but surprisingly enough, he's found himself opposing Apophis. Despite the former telling him to join his side, Orochimaru flatly declined and rebelled and labelled Apophis an enemy instead. That said, many believe that Orochimaru doesn't want his experiments to be wasted by an Omnicidal Maniac, hence his opposition.
    • Amusingly enough, he is terrified of insects. Orochimaru does his best to not get close to the borders of the Insects Sub-House. When asked by Rexxar, he simply stated that "bugs creep me out". Unfortunately for Orochimaru, some of the residents who hate him are planning to terrify and/or prank him in ways that involve insects.
  • Initially sworn enemies against Konoha, they're now in a very odd relationship with one another. Many still hate, or at least, oppose Orochimaru, given how he went ahead to torment the village and being responsible for the death of the Third Hokage and his own teacher. In contrast, Mitsuki is not only accepted into the village, but has grown adjusted and comfortable as well and treasuring his friends and partners, Boruto and Sarada.
    • Naruto was generous enough to allow Orochimaru back into Konoha for one occasion; to see his cloned son graduate. As shocking as it sounds, its also a surprisingly tender moment, given how Orochimaru has wanted Mitsuki to be better than him and is making good progress.
  • Back in his GUAE days, Orochimaru would often hang out with Voldemort, given how similar the two were. However, since Orochimaru's departure, their friendship has since devolved into a harsh rivalry, with Voldemort feeling betrayed that Orochimaru would ditch him so suddenly. Orochimaru on the other hand couldn't care less, but would take the time to mock and troll Voldemort for his ineffectiveness plus his flawed immortality.
  • Knowing that his defection from the GUAE has left him mostly bereft of allies, Orochimaru decided to play a hand in getting the Sound Five back to his side. The truly resurrected group were pleased to be working for Orochimaru again, but the circumstances of Orochimaru's alignment has left them baffled and confused. They initially didn't want to be in a truce against Konoha, given that they died fighting against Konoha ninja, but Orochimaru's feared reputation, plus the fact that his son Mitsuki is a resident made the Sound Five complacent and begrudgingly went with it.
    • Overtime however, Kimimaro has become more open and affable towards Konoha, given that Sasuke was able to take care of Jugo rather well, in addition to Boruto helping Jugo out at one point.
  • Of course, just because he's strayed from much of his former malicious traits doesn't mean others wouldn't still brand him as a threat. The most prominent of these is Mikoto Mikasa who's experience with clones resulted in her clashing against Orochimaru every now and then, especially considering the unethical treatment he went through with creating a being who was able to harness Wood Style. A similar sentiment also goes for Aerith Gainsborough who herself was experimented as a child and stays away from Orochimaru as much as possible. Usalia hates him for possessing necromantic powers and Jason Todd cannot stand the idea of Orochimaru going around doing experiments after all his past villainous actions and will waste no second in trying to kill him.
  • Has been intrigued by the Grineer, given that they are a Clone Army that is mass-produced without stop and seek immortality for their Twin Queens. That said, Orochimaru is wary about the hostility of the Grineer and is taking his time on how to approach them. He'd certainly like to learn from them, though he feels like his chances of forming an alliance with them are rather slim.
  • His reunion with Jiraiya was... not exactly how they'd have envisioned it. Orochimaru expected Jiraiya to start a fight against each other, and he proved himself right. After a brief scuffle, Orochimaru explained that he was no longer pursuing revenge towards Konoha plus he had already achieved the immortality that he had sought for. He also stated that he had to change, lest he had to die off, but asserted that he wasn't trying to be offensive towards his former comrade. Jiraiya understood what he was saying and told him that while he may have genuinely changed, he's still not going to be forgiving towards his past actions, to which Orochimaru agreed on. Currently, the two are on rocky terms, but Jiraiya is trying to make some effort in becoming friends with Orochimaru again, now that he's learned that he does want Mitsuki to be better than he was back in the day.
    • Similarly, he and Tsunade, while still on uneasy terms, will often work together to combat a common enemy. Although he hates to admit it, Orochimaru is happy to see that he can work with his former comrades as the Legendary Sannin at times. Jiraiya and Tsunade know this and would often tease Orochimaru about it. Jiraiya and Tsunade do want to see their former sensei, Hiruzen ascended at some point, but Orochimaru has stayed silent. Some have speculated that he's pretty hesitant in talking about it.
  • While Orochimaru is known for being a vicious, bloodthirsty and remorseless scientist (before his Character Development), lots of residents mainly know him for his rather... creepy interest in teenage boys, especially Sasuke. Its a common joke to label Orochimaru as a pedophile because of this, a fact which the former Sannin views with utter bewilderment.
People change. It's just a matter of whether they die before it happens.

    Seth (Street Fighter
"I'm impressed you made it this far... Show me your power. All of it! Don't hold back!"

Seth, God of Naked Characters Lacking Genitals (King, #15 (Call him this at your own peril), Doll Unit Zero)
Seth in Street Fighter V
Seth in Street Fighter IV 
  • Intermediate God (Power can vary depending on who he copies)
  • Symbol: The Flag of S.I.N.
  • Theme Song: Seth's theme (V's version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil in IV. Chaotic Evil in V
  • Portfolio: Big Bad of IV and the Final Boss, The lesser evil compared to Bison, Pretty pitiful all things considered, Can copy other fighters, Grey-skinned Android, Had both male and female bodies but remains genderless, Arms Dealer, Ax-Crazy, Beta Test Baddie, Came Back Wrong, Death of Personality, Ditto Fighter, Evil Is Hammy, Gains a new body in V based on Juri, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Powered by the Tandem Engine, Turned Against Their Masters, Yin Yang themed, Number 15 of his series
  • Domains: Androids, Bodies, Fighting, Mentalities, Insanity, Revenge, Evil
  • Allies: Metal Sonic, The Magician, Alex Mercer, The Corpus
  • Rivals: Mewtwo, Cell
  • Enemies:
  • Seth is the leader of S.I.N., a criminal organization that supplied Shadaloo with weapons and he himself sought to take over Shadaloo itself after M. Bison's apparent death. Having organized a World Warrior tournament in order to lure out Ryu and take over the Satsui no Hado to power his BLECE machine, Seth instead was defeated by M. Bison who turned out to be not dead at all and then he was finished off by Juri Han, a woman he himself was manipulating. Seth's conciousness however was transported to Doll Unit Zero, reawakened by Juri after someone tasked her to do so but that only resulted in Seth's suffering an existential crisis and in his madness, perceive everything as M. Bison, even though at that point he was long dead. Given how both of his bodies are essentially naked and lack both visible genitals and nipples, Seth was relocated by an unknown benefactor into the Pantheon with that title, an idea many thought it wouldn't end well at all.
  • His entry into the Pantheon wasn't exactly a peaceful one. For once, it's unclear who smuggled the Zero Doll Unit into the Pantheon with Seth's conciousness in it but many point towards Juri being the one responsible for bringing Seth into the mix. Given his rather poor state of mind, the first Seth did is search for Bison, who fortunately for him was still alive in the Pantheon halls but before the two broke into a scuffle, the authorities managed to subdue the android and deactivate him into a secure location. It didn't last, as he basically turned himself back online and gunned towards Bison again.
  • Thanks to some outside help, Seth is able to switch around his bodies, both with his original male Seth and with the Doll Unit Zero model, though the latter tends to be his default appearance. That more or less made his insane outburst less frequent, enough to realize that his default body is based on Juri, someone he isn't exactly fond of but he can manage. The biggest surprise for the Pantheon denizens as a whole is that Seth kept his manly voice in both forms and while Seth is technically genderless given his android origins, he still goes by male pronouns.
  • Has attempted to rebuild S.I.N. but his organization has been basically defunct since his death and he had to scramble what he could in order to get his plans going. One of his first courses of action was allying himself with a similar conglomerate, The Corpus. They were interested in partnering with a fellow Arms Dealer though in this case they were much more curious in how the Tandem Engine could allow them to maximise their profits with Seth unaware that they plan to use him. In fact, they were the ones that managed to build his male body back but that one isn't as practical as the Doll Unit Zero sadly. The Corpus was also very interested in mass producing the Seth clones but that plan went nowhere once Seth himself noticed and given his own issues with being a mass produced clone of Bison, he almost threatened to destroy their newfound allies but he eventually calmed down.
  • Seth has a rather nasty complex regarding his origins, as he does NOT take kindly to being referred as a number and him just one of many of Bison's spare bodies certainly bothers him. That's why he relates a lot to Mewtwo and his origins but the Pokémon has no interest on whatever criminal activity the android plans to get him involved in. Similarly, Alex Mercer and Seth do share the same overview towards their origins but Mercer is far more destructive towards his enemies and the only reason he is somewhat amicable with Seth is because his model has been proven rather hard to absorb, not to mention there is a high possibility Seth can copy Mercer's abilities or even take over should he absorve him.
  • Him and Metal Sonic have developed a rather strange but interesting partnership, dead set on destroying both of their counterparts to prove their superiority, Seth even promising to improve Metal Sonic's abilities should he let him. There was also another android who has a similar origin to Seth in the form of Cell but the bio-android found Seth beneath him only taking some minor interest in the Tandem engine and the fact that both can copy abilities. Related to that, Cell's creator is somewhat is particularly not fond of as given is ambitions and creations of other androids remind him to his own history with Bison and is amused that at least he met his ends at the hands of one of his androids.
  • Theorized that he is named after the third son of Adam and Eve, Seth isn't exactly known to have sibling issues but his relationship with Abel from his universe is rather shaky since he is believed to be one of the many Bison bodies. Seth has also come to blows with another artificial humanoid, SCP-073 or better known as Cain, who is believed to be the real deal or at least a copy and considering how dangerous and insane Seth can be, he has made an effort to contain him just like the Foundation tries to do with his brother Able.
  • Anyone that remotely reminds him of Bison usually throws him into an insane frenzy that never ends well for anyone involved. One particular day, the Nostalgic Critic designed to done his dictator costume from Kickassia when Seth happened to be strolling by and he received a beating so harsh he barely had a discernable face, only remembering a tall humanoid female screaming like a maniac and telling him "i will destroy you Bison!". A similar incident occurred with the Soldier when he wore one of his hats but he was spared the same fate as the critic since he at least managed to avoid the android's wrath.
  • He can copy and mimic the abilities of his opponents and that's one of the reasons many find him dangerous even if his mind has deteriorated considerable. Some have tried to remove the Tandem Engine from his body only to be met with a tremendous beating and their abilities being stolen. Others have tried to use it for nefarious purposes, like Shang Tsung who tried to defeat Seth and steal his Tandem Engine using his soul magic. Little did the sorcerer know that Seth lacks a soul and that saved him from Shang Tsung's machinations forcing the sorcerer to retreat and plan a workaround.
  • Ironically, Seth doesn't believe in the divine and the fact that he was chosen as a "god" baffles him. He still firmly believes that the "mystical" is nothing but made up fairytales, otherwise how is he able to copy said mystical abilities and to Seth, only him is the true embodiment of a monumental being or, in his own worse, the "universe". Yet his Tandem Engine does allow him to copy other deities' magic, driving into question if his abilities go beyond what he thought were possible or he is so delusional that he believes said "mystical" powers cannot compare to his might.
  • "My name is Seth!"

Lesser Gods

Aisling, Goddess of Morphic Resonance
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her green eyes hidden behind the leaves.
  • Theme Song: Aisling’s Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wolf Motifs, Animorphism, The Beastmaster, Breakout Character, The Fair Folk, Friend to All Living Things, Morphic Resonance, Mystical Waif (though she's more assertive), Mystical White Hair that reaches all the way to her ankles, Nature Spirit, Has “lived through many ages”, Super Strength, Last of the Tuatha De Danann
  • Domains: Faeries, Forest, Nature
  • Herald: Brendan
  • Allies: Ben and Saoirse, Oberon, Titania, and Puck, Tinkerbell, Timmy Turner, Spring Sprite, Amaterasu, San, Fluttershy, Mary Lennox, Sif, Zynogre, Lady Amalthea, Ditto, Amethyst, Totoro
  • Enemies: Denzel Crocker, Apophis, Orochi
  • Opposes: Leprechaun, Dagda
  • Aisling is a curious and spirited fairy who lives deep in the woods outside of Kells. She is reclusive, but kind, and when Brendan comes into the woods, he is attacked by wolves but saved by Aisling. They became fast friends and Aisling helps him on his mission and gives up her personal wants to get him out of tight situations.
  • Whenever she changes shape, you can tell it's her thanks to her white colouring and green eyes. She mainly turns into a wolf, but sometimes appears as a salmon or a deer. Because of this, she became allies with other shapeshifters who retain several of their recognizable traits such as Ditto and Amethyst.
  • Her name is meaningful in more than one way: not only is it an Irish girl's name meaning "dream" or "vision", it's also a kind of Irish poetry that frequently features a woman who represents Ireland itself, while calling back to its previous pagan beliefs. Aisling serves the same purpose towards Brendan.
  • Oberon, Titania, and Puck were among the first to encounter the fairy upon her arrival in the Pantheon. While she can respect them due to them being The Fair Folk (though she is a bit nicer), she especially gets along with Titania due to both of them being fairies who are tolerant to humans. She also gets along with Tinkerbell due to both of them being mischievous fairies.
    • Was initially stunned (and quite thrilled) to learn that Dagda himself had survived Crom Crauch's rampage and was in the Pantheon. This was The Good God, one of the greatest High Kings of the Tuatha De who ever reigned. Then she actually met him, and to say it ended in a Broken Pedestal is a severe understatement: Dagda had long before completely snapped.
  • While she was a bit disappointed that Brendan isn’t in the Pantheon, she was able to find another human who has experience with fairies. She can be seen visiting Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents.
    • From her encounter with Timmy, she was advised to stay away from Denzel Crocker due to his insane obsession with fairies. As such, she threatens to have her wolves sic him if he ever cross paths with her.
    • After past attempts of getting her friend Brendan ascended failing, Timmy Turner found a loophole by wishing Brendan becoming her herald. After a quick explanation, Brendan happily accepted and the two friends were happily reunited. They're rarely seen apart/
  • She doesn’t have a liking for Apophis and Orochi as they reminded her of Crom Cruach, who had wiped out her people, including her mother.
  • Upon hearing there’s another Irish fair folk in the Pantheon, she was curious to pay a visit. She ended up not liking the Leprechaun’s evil antics and has been avoiding his temple since.
  • Is often seen visiting the House of Nature. She is good friends with Fluttershy due to both of them being friends to all living things. She also likes to hang out with Mary Lennox, whom she befriended after Bonding over Missing Parents.
    • Though not a resident in that house, she also befriended the Spring Sprite as both of them are fairies/sprites who have a connection with nature.
  • Her wolf form can be seen interacting with the likes of Sif and Zynogre, who were impressed with how she was able to lead a wolf pack.
  • Ben and Saoirse initially gave her weird looks as they appeared to recognized her as one of the bus passengers that they came across. Regardless, they see her as a friend and can be seen visiting her forest. Saoirse even sees her being like a big sister.
  • Some gods couldn't help but tease how Aisling became very elated when Brendan became her herald. Aisling's attempts to insist they're friends fell short when it was discovered their supervisers originally planned to become an item, causing alot of laughs in the Pantheon and the two kids to become quite red-faced.

The Venom Symbiote, God of Symbiotic Possession (My Psycho Ex, The Symbiote, The Black Suit, Corrupter, The Spider's Dark Spirit)

    Zouken Matou 
Zouken Matou, God of Possession Burnout (originally Makiri Zolgin)


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