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Greater Gods

    Borg Collective 
We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

Borg Collective, Deified Race of Assimilators and Insistent Surrender Demanders (The Borg, Borg Hive)
Borg Queen overlooking a planetary assimilation.
Borg drones regenerating.
  • Greater Deity-level race. Once had an Overdeity-level influence until their Transwarp network was annihilated.
  • Symbol: Borg Collective's sigil
  • Theme Song: Borg Engaged, Borg Take Picard, On The Borg Ship, Captain Borg
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil who believe themselves as Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Adaptive Ability, Cybernetics Eat Your Soul, Cyborg, Bald of Evil, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Body Horror, Clingy Costume, Deflector Shields, Bee People, The Dreaded, The Unfettered, Creative Sterility, Equal-Opportunity Evil, Evil Wears Black, The Evils of Free Will, Loss of Identity, Hive Mind, Horde of Alien Locusts, Hostile Terraforming, Implacable Man, The Needless, Obliviously Evil, Scary Dogmatic Aliens, Space-Filling Empire, Technologically Advanced Foe, Wetware Body, Was Once a Man, Utopia Justifies the Means, We Have Reserves, You're Nothing Without Your Phlebotinum, Zerg Rush
  • Domains: Assimilation, Cybernetics, Enhancements
  • Allies: "All races will be assimilated."
  • Rival Races: Blorg Commonality, Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, Technocyte Infestation, Flood, The Vex, Bydo Empire, Grey Goo
  • Enemies:
  • Interests: Cooler
  • Interested in: Cell, The Sleeper, SA-X, Horde Prime
  • Respected by: YHVH
  • Respects: Ivo Robotnik
  • Pitied by: Brainiac
  • Opposed by: Kazuya Minigishi and Hibiki Kuze
  • Opposes: Venjix, SKYNET
  • Fears: Phazon, Dark Samus
  • The Borg Collective is one of the infamous examples of an invasive intelligent species. Staring out as... something, the Borg's primary goal is to reach perfection through assimilating other races and advancing through the technology they gain. For eons, the Borg built legions upon legions of armies—assimilated countless worlds, and occupy major galactic sectors. Anybody who has knowledge and capabilities they can gain from, the Borg will take them for assimilation, a Fate Worse than Death as whatever free will a person has vanished into the collective unconsciousness as they are altered to be what is typically a Borg drone. Starfleet and other powerful alien races have done their best to deflect Borg incursions multiple times, knowing that if they falter once it might be the end for the people under them. What makes the Borg so dangerous are their superior technology and their unified forces that can sacrifice any unit for victory. However, their incapability of foresight and robotic mindsets cost them dearly as several incidents that had the infamous Voyager Federation starship involved shook their foundations. Their war with the Alternate Dimension-dwelling Species 8472 with their Organic Technology wiped out enough forces to make them consider alliances. Furthermore, the Borg Collective had several of their drones realize individuality at certain points and began subverting the links that bound Borg members together, causing an internal civil war that has yet to resolve. Finally, the greatest blow to their power was the destruction of their Transwarp hub which is used to teleport Borg vessels across the galaxy within minutes by the U.S.S. Voyager. People still wonder how a single Federation research vessel had done so much damage to a seemingly invincible race when the entire Federation armada could not. Though it is not to say the Borg are extremely weakened, as they are a significant threat but most advantages they held are gone which resulted in the Borg setting their sights on the Pantheon, with the intent to bring themselves to even greater power than they were beforehand.
  • Their presence in the Pantheon was alerted when the transmission was received by Defense where the notorious Borg statement on their intentions of assimilation and the demand of surrender was heard. All Federation officers who were prepared for this eventual day, gathered nearly all forces to defend the Pantheon. Jean-Luc Picard was particularly alarmed as he was converted to a Borg beforehand, something that traumatized him greatly. As Picard was elderly, even if he had the most interactions with the Borg prior Picard was not as fit to carry out of a deflection against their attack. Honor Harrington picked up his mantle instead and led the forces against the Borg and to everyone's surprise, the Borg fleet they met went down rather easier than they thought. It was still a tense battle but not as harrowing as when the Borg first invaded Federation space. In fact, for an invasion of the Pantheon, the amount of Borg was quite small for such an undertaking. This is likely attributable to the fact Borg could not gather enough forces even if they want to. Some Borg has transported down onto the Pantheon anyhow, resulting in a zone being made that isolated the drones from the rest of the Pantheon so new technology will not be able to return to the Collective. Humorously, this special prison for them is shaped like a cube. These drones represent the Collective in the Pantheon and do not need to go outside their domain at all thanks to the little technology they have replenishing themselves. All they do is a report on Pantheon happenings to the Borg Queen who is somewhere else entirely. Many humanist protesters stage protests outside the Borg domain as their treatment is akin to a boxed-up zoo animal, but those who are aware of the Borg know that leaving them to wonder would be devastating. There are very few exceptions to Borg being able to regain individuality but that requires cutting them off from the Borg Collective leading to potentially disastrous results.
  • The Borg are met with so much hatred that even Q who can erase people from existence said never to provoke the Borg under any circumstances. Benjamin Sisko and Jake Sisko particularly dislike the Borg's presence as Jake's mother was a casualty in the Battle of Wolf 359. Even the Enterprise-A/B crew (or at least their Kelvin counterparts) had to tangle with the Borg on numerous occasions, albeit in an indirect matter so that the first true Borg encounter did not happen much earlier. When Q originally sent Picard's crew to Borg space, it was more or less a warning to them that the galaxy beyond Federation space is NOT forgiving as they thought. That is not even mentioning how the Borg had a direct influence on the First Contact scenario between humans and Vulcans through Time Travel, defining that the Borg is the greatest threat to the democracy and freedoms the Federation stands for. Although they are seen as such by Federation members, the Borg ironically have higher priority targets due to Federation knowledge and tech looking a bit dim when compared to other civilizations in the Pantheon.
  • The Borg has sought to capture the TARDIS after merging with the Cybermen to control time and space. The Borg would have tried assimilating the Cybermen but a conflict between each other would not bode well for either side and the fusion of members together was decided instead. That being said though, the Cybermen would pull the hood over the Borg due to being much more pragmatic and ambitious than their counterparts. The Cybermen would overwhelm the Borg Collective, resulting in the Borg making a new alliance with the Federation to stop the Cybermen from overtaking the universe. AS a result, if there are enemies considered mortal to the Borg aside from Species 8472, the Cybermen would take that spot. When speaking on the Time Lords though, the Borg have an extreme interest in this species and decided to initiate a time travel project to conquer planets due to it. The Doctor cringes at what happened, wishing that they would have stayed to "stop Time Lord meddling aftermaths"—something the Doctor's companions find humorous considering that is all of the Doctor's adventures in a nutshell. The Dalek Empire is disgusted that there is a race that is trying to reach perfection when the Daleks are already perfect as they say. The Borg would love to do nothing else but grab a Dalek since even one would substantially add themselves to the Collective.
  • There are some races that the Borg are unwilling to assimilate because they do not add to their "reach for perfection" that defines the Borg and would subtract from it with their presence within the Collective. Either those they reject are too primitive or too unintelligent, with the only way averting their dismissal is being biologically interesting. Fortunately for them and unfortunately for everybody else, the Pantheon is filled with technologically and biologically interesting people to assimilate and add to their "perfection". Although an ironic thing is that they were unable to assimilate anything within the Pantheon, not even at the space the representative drones are stuck in. They just try replicating things they see on the cameras system they enter, ranging from random vehicles that pass by, devices on people, or even activities that normal people wish to never have seen. They are also trying to discover the Omega Molecule within the Pantheon since they deem that the apex of perfection, and think that a certain bug-looking humanoid whose DNA they acquired (Cell rubbed his hand on their space) could be the key to doing so. Cell laughs at such robotic things being so desperate to try to attain HIS biological power.
  • The Metroid Hatchling once tried sucking life off the Borg domain, with the Borg drone regarding its activities until Samus pulled it off. To say they are intrigued by the energy-draining creature is putting it lightly, and have placed the Metroid Hatchling as a high-level priority target for them to assimilate. They also saw that Samus was made of a similar material as the Metroid Hatchling (her Fusion Suit would do this), with the Borg placing her assimilation even higher. They would bark at them whenever they pass that, "Resistance is futile" but like all the messages they make, the drones were ignored. Then they managed to spot Samus again atop their ship but on examination of her DNA composition, it was nothing the Borg have ever seen before. SA-X was scouting for Samus and left afterward, not noticing the Borg due to its narrow vision on things. The X Parasite was an even more curious species that the Borg want to add to the other races they gained, though are questioning on HOW to do so since whatever genetics the X Parasite has are something the Borg never dealt with before.
  • It becomes not surprising that YHVH calls the Borg the ultimate form of order, as their inherent strength is thinking as one instead of as a group and converting others to the same mindset. However, he would like to poke flaws at their programming for allowing several Borg drones to gain individuality at certain intervals. It was not a deliberate flaw on their end but a costly flaw nonetheless. YHVH also does not see a good reason why a Borg Queen should exist. The Borg Collective strives for one goal of perfection via assimilation and function not under the Borg Queen but the directives already do that for the Borg. It is as if they made a representative for themselves but the representative does not encapsulate their culture nor does the representative does anything. What YHVH does not realize however is that the Borg Queen having somewhat individual thought allows the Borg to react accordingly to situations where their directives are not enough to save them, thus giving longevity to the Borg. That free thought the Borg Queen holds also allows them to reject following YHVH as his ways are not the "perfect structure" that they seek.
  • The Master who has used the Cybermen for their purposes several times has an interest in using the Borg for... prosperity's sake. The Master is sure that controlling the Borg will be easier as they are not as ambitious as the Cybermen were. The Borg do not want anything to do with the Master through the Borg Queen proposes that the Master will be a great asset. The Collective will give him a false sense of security then assimilate the Time Lord, thus gaining the knowledge that can help the Borg take over the universe. Then the Master overheard all of that thanks to some sonic technology, so refuses to utilize the Cybermen anymore. The Borg Queen wishes that private conversations can be had within the Borg Collective.
  • Cooler who has robotized a planet beforehand thinks the Borg is interesting as a concept and an active culture. That said, even he knows that the Borg could be so much more... if they have someone like him being their leader. Their Borg Queen, despite being intelligent can only know so much and cannot properly react to unpredictable scenarios. Cooler on the other hand, thinks that if the Borg Collective were to link up their hive to him then designate him as the leader, they might bounce back from their current slump and much more. Hilariously, people like to point out that the flaws of the Borg hierarchy can apply to him, and he never led forces beyond a single planet (he refused to lead the Cold Force after all). The only thing that makes Cooler have a legitimate claim against the Borg Queen is his sheer power.
  • The Borg have a counterpart with the Bydo Empire, who much like Species 8472 uses Organic Technology and dwell within another dimension. This raises the Bydo's threat level to the Borg much higher than the likes of the Combine, the Grey Goo, or even the Starmen. It does not help the Bydo wants to assimilate anything they come across to but without the pickiness the Borg have. It also is apparent to the Borg that humans of Earth created them, making the Borg question how much intelligence humans hold to be capable of such a feat.
  • Lucifer despises the Borg, believing that their brand of subjugation is the ultimate form of locking away the freedoms of others. The Morningstar would extend his hand to make sure that drones who regain their individuality from the Borg Collective remain as such by locking away their consciousness in COMPs that the GUAC hold. Though it causes the Borg Collective to find their misfunctioning units as errors and disposes of them, something Lucifer does not find an issue because Borg members went through as much Body Horror as it is (even if the effects are reversible). The two young men who see how COMPs descend society to chaos are alarmed by Lucifer's actions, as that could open the possibility of the Borg gaining access to Demon Summoning technology. Lucifer cites that he is a demon, so he would know if such a thing were possible... only to hastily double check if any security openings were made.
  • All Cybertronians hate the Borg, thinking that their assimilations pervert machinery. The Autobots being the peacekeepers they are, know that the Borg are a threat to life across the universe and sworn to stop them. The Decepticons have a differing perspective, as they see the Borg creating territories as supplanting their power and consider the Borg an enemy. Not to say that Autobots or the Decepticons will try to do an Enemy Mine regarding them but they at least have one more thing in common with each other.
  • Tron almost had his data hacked by the Borg drones who remained in the Pantheon, seeing that Tron after being converted from Rinzler was a security liability even in the smallest senses. Then out of nowhere, the Master Control Program saved Tron from basically having his data assimilated. The reason for this is that the Master Control Program sees not as a fellow AI but just a cluster of Users together. Not even they are allowed to ruin the datascape. Then the Master Control Program tried to reprogram Tron for his purposes, only for Tron to escape for that fate as well.
  • Sigma dislikes the Borg immensely, as he believes Reploids must be free of any kind of subjugation whether that be from humans or an alien species. That paints Sigma as a major Hypocrite as his actions would convert Reploids to becoming Mavericks even when he is gone, essentially assimilating people from beyond the grave. X and Zero would like to indulge in pointing that fact out but see what Sigma stating are Right for the Wrong Reasons to put it lightly. They are lucky that Borg members are not as versatile as Mavericks, or else an army of such will be worst than what is already present.
  • If there is some respect the Borg has for even the smallest of persons, it would be for Ivo Robotnik of all people. When he took over Mobius, Robotnik's Unwilling Roboticisation of the Mobius animal population was ruthless—turning rebels into loyal soldiers in a heartbeat and even concocting a virus that spreads assimilation via touch. The Borg Collective as a whole was impressed on how efficient the man was but only showed disappointment that Robotnik was still consistently beaten by rebels and thought that he became much less threatening when people started calling him Eggman. For this, the Borg want to assimilate Eggman, thinking that he will give them a major boon when they learn of his techniques and knowledge. Those who rebel against Eggman may have nothing but hatred for him but do not want the guy to end up being a tool for a potentially worse threat. Eggman takes the assimilation threat as a compliment though does not want to spend the rest of his life as a cyborg, which is ironic considering Robotnik put MANY animals under that same fate to varying degrees of horror.
  • Considering that many Borg ships are in the shape of geometry (likely for efficiency reasons) and extremely large, it comes as no surprise that many resources are sunk to said ships. Steve and Alex (or just general players) were in the need of metals and other materials hard to come by, so a Borg ship would be perfect for them. It is not known how they are into one but they were able to get away with thousands of blocks worth of resources. It took accidentally breaking some essential Borg ship material to alarm the drones of their presence (Borg does not care for intruders until they pose as direct threats ready for assimilation). Though it would seem daunting of a task, Steve and Alex were able to escape with minimum damage after breaking the floor beneath them and then hiding in an alcove where the Borg cannot angle their firearms at. This incident made the Borg Queen realize that perhaps the Borg need to prepare themselves for an even longer period if two normal-looking figures can cause so much damage.
  • Though the Borg as a whole is mostly invulnerable, they are at their weakest when it comes to messing with their programming. This especially is devastating considering that Borg members share the same thoughts. Venjix and SKYNET were both vying to take control of the Borg via hacking and tried overriding them several times to serve themselves. Venjix was the first one to try to do it, only to find the alien nature of the Collective's security to be daunting. Venjix as powerful as it is was made by humans and only has familiarity with mostly human technology, so backed out when the going was surely looking tough. SKYNET was the next one in line and though faced with the same issue Venjix had, persisted with trying to hack the Collective as best it could. It was then SKYNET set off a single security alarm, almost having the entire Borg Collective reprogram it instead. The Borg see that both artificial intelligence are threats to them and instead of assimilating the two, want to dispose of them after they are done assimilating SKYNET and Venjix technology.
  • A Borg ship came upon one of the Phazon Leviathans in space and attempted to assimilate it as they always do. It did not work out as well as the Borg liked. Every drone on the ship died to be infected by Phazon, and the Phazon infected ship went on autopilot and tried to send a signal for recovery. It was then the next Borg ship came and faced the same fate, to which then another came... and another... and another... It took a bit for the Borg to realize Phazon was dangerous. They tried extracting it for themselves but Dark Samus came around and tried reclaiming for Borg ships for herself. Knowing the danger Phazon poses, the Collective decided to blow up all the ships that succumbed to Phazon and were compromised. Ironically, the Borg were the ones on the resisting end this time.
  • Humorously, Gendo Ikari also plans to assimilate all of humanity to be as one as LCL, which is basically reverting humans back to primordial soup. The Borg would come to think doing so would be a waste of a race and make humanity useless (considering they are soup after all), though they do hold interest in studying the devolved humans as such an event would render humans biologically unique. Plus, humans becoming a collective may have made it easier to assimilate their civilization's remains as there is no resistance to stop the Borg. Gendo Ikari is making sure that is Instrumentality makes the human collective at least capable of defending itself to prove that humans are stronger together in the most twisted sense.
  • Horde Prime was able to capture several Borg drones for himself after the deflection of their invasive forces. With that, Horde Prime was able to subjugate those Borg members with the chips he holds, essentially assimilating them under his will. The Borg Collective still have awareness through those drones and no matter what they do, they cannot override him. This both intrigues and frustrates the Borg that someone has better assimilation technology than they do.
  • Even the heavily machine-centric Borg are seen as meals to the Tyranids due to the drones having flesh on them, no matter how much cybernetics are put there. That said though, the Tyranids have difficulty penetrating Borg ships and also have difficulty eating whatever Borg they come across. The only Borg drones the Tyranids can eat without chocking on wires are the babies kept in nurseries, and even then they have a hard time pulling them out. The Borg consider the Tyranids to be too feral to have any value in assimilating, so they mount a full-scale extermination assault against any Tyranid within their vicinity.
  • Team Star Fox have also taken a stand against the Borg due to facing a similar threat before: the Aparoids whom control life and machines with Aparoidedation, a viral spread of their power. The Borg also have the capabilities of assimilating a planet virally with their nanoprobe virus but that process is far more gradual than what the Aparoids are capable of. Star Fox is making sure that the Borg do not meet with the Aparoids, or else either side's capabilities will heighten extremely when it comes to assimilating planets.
  • The Blorg Commonality have a particular keen interest towards making the Borg their friend. Even more so due to their similarities right down to their similar names and quotes. The Blorg has had more than one attempt of assimilating the Borg Collective to which they were able to deflect away. Their assimilation has to do more with thinking that befriending the Borg will lead them to greater heights than what they are right now, to which the Borg will agree if they were the ones assimilating instead. The Blorg has tried to do the befriending with individual drones with varying degrees of success but the Borg Collective would have the lasers point to the drones' heads before they became security risks.
    Blorg Commanility: We are Blorg. You will be befriended. Your biological and technological friendliness will be added to our own. Resistance is impolite.).
  • Anomalies are always something the Borg look forward to as anomalies may lead to them finding more ways to improve themselves. The Sleeper though is an anomaly that got on their radars almost immediately and is being heavily monitored by the stationed drones. The drones are experimenting to see if they can induce an anomaly to break them out of their current prison and then send back as much knowledge back to the Borg Collective as they could.
  • Philemon and Nyarlathotep do not want humans to become like the Borg by any means because doing so will erase humanity's collective unconsciousness due to being replaced by the Borg Collective. They will not be able to have the choice of morals, philosophies, nor actions as all they will dedicate themselves to is achieving the goals of perfection. Both of the gods do not have the highest opinion of humanity and consider them all sheep to raise but they will not allow an alien species to take free will away from people. If anything, it should be humanity's choice to remove free will from themselves or to collectively make a being fulfill that wish.
  • Brainiac holds sorrow for the Borg more than anything. He thinks that their pursuit of perfection is an impossible task that will only lead them to constant dead ends. Even with the Omega Molecule, the Borg will never understand how to utilize it or be capable of evolving past their current state that would allow such better change for themselves. Brainiac would like to say the Borg are in a loop that they cannot break out of. Do not mistake Brainiac's sympathy under goodwill though, as Brainiac looks down upon the Borg for not reaching HIS perfection, meaning that his pity is not too dissimilar to arich person feeling bad for poor people for not having the luxuries they have like clubhouses or a giant collection of shrunken civilizations. Brainiac keeps a Borg vessel within a bottle to study them and he can best compare the Borg's functions to ants.
  • Nom Anor and the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong think the Borg's entire existence is heretical to their beliefs. Due to the Yuuzhan Vong opposing mechanical technology, the idea of nanomachines and cybernetic graft onto them forcibly is horrifying. They would rather grab their blasters and shoot themselves than undergo that. Ironically, their opposition is what may be what makes the Yuuzhan Vong interesting to the Borg as their technology bases itself on genetics. That is a feat on its own and the Borg think they will be an excellent addition to their collective.
  • "You will be assimilated."

    Polygon Man 
Polygon Man, God of Living Polyhedrons (Polygonal Mastermind)

Ramiel, Deity of Sinister Geometry (the 5th/6th Angel, The Angel of Thunder, Rami-chan)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Our Angels Are Different (Very, VERY Different), Sinister Geometry That Can Become Non-Euclidian, Starfish Aliens That Are Actually Earth-Born, Giant Flyer, The Needless, Light Is Not Good, Not Following Human Morality, Wave-Motion Gun, Shock and Awe
  • Domain(s): Angels, Geometry, Shapes, Lasers
  • High Priest: Miracle Matter
  • Interests: YHVH
  • Allies: Kaworu Nagisa, Arael
  • On good terms with: The Polygon Man, Deoxys
  • Enemies: All NERV deities, Keel Lorenz, Kirby, Father (FMA), The Imperium of Mankind, Lucifer(Supernatural), Alexander Anderson, SCP-682
  • When the previous deity of Sinister Geometry fell from godhood, Ramiel was quick to be accepted to take its place with its perfectly octahedron shaped body. While Ramiel usually appears as a blue octahedron, it can change its shape into a variety of other geometric shapes in response to whatever stimuli is near it or trying to affect it. For the safety of the other deities, Ramiel was given one of the largest temples of any deity since it fires a particle beam endlessly at whatever comes close. Of all the deities to possess a drill weapon, Ramiel wins the award for the most inconvenient one since it rotates extremely slowly, Ramiel becomes immobile, and Ramiel can only drill into a very small area directly below it.
  • Beyond reuniting with Adam, it and the rest of the Angels' motivations are unknown. As such, beyond the fellow angels finding allies is hard for Ramiel. However it is known to feel more comfortable in the Extraterrestrials house. Madame Vastra seems aware of the creature's ironic status of simultaneously being an alien by most metrics yet having Earth-born origins.
  • Was the former high priest of the Polygon Man, who was glad to see Ramiel ascend. While inscrutable in actions, Ramiel does have some fondness for the Polygon Man as it recognizes a being similar to itself. Deoxys feels similarly as an enigmatic, shifting alien. It even has a core of sorts like the Angels.
  • When Stella had heard Ramiel had ascended, she had just planned to drop in to say hi to a friend of hers, needless to say, Stella's blistering speed was too fast for Ramiels lasers and she declined not to go back there again.
  • Despite the appearance, it and all other angels fall under the Human Subspecies. Humanity itself is Lilin, the 18th angel. You can bet that the House of Humanoids is refusing entry for Ramiel, and they have yet to fathom how such a thing shares most of its DNA with humans. The House of Otherness Abominations was much more accepting of Ramiel by comparison.
  • When it comes to the abominations, most were accepting of Ramiel. Slender Man considers it a sort of inversion of himself, being clearly non-human yet over 99% human in DNA. SCP-682, however, was immediately triggered as the Angel was close enough to "disgusting" humans and started assaulting the creature. After having most of its mass torn off by Ramiel's Wave-Motion Gun, 682's jaws and claws became sharp enough to tear through Ramiel's AT-Field and get at its core.
  • The term "angel" is an In Name Only status, Ramiel and its ilk are more like Kaiju than anything. The House of Angels isn't initially accepting of Ramiel, but doesn't have much against it and wants to learn more about the being's intentions and motivations. YHVH is interested in how it could be utilized to His wishes, but what this entails yet is unclear.
  • As far as the Supernatural version of Lucifer is concerned, Ramiel being an angel is an abomination to the term and to angels everywhere. This is purely out of racism, only exaggerated by his disgust of humanity and learning the angels are a Human Subspecies. The SMT version of Lucifer has a neutral opinion on Ramiel beyond interest in its relationship to humanity and ambiguous motives.
  • The Imperium of Mankind is disgusted by any claims of it being related to humanity and their origins in any way, along with Ramiel not communicating and shooting first before asking questions later. So they shoot these "Angels" first and ask questions later. Alexander Anderson considers Ramiel a threat to humanity and a blasphemous insult to the term of "angel", though he knows Biblical angels are pretty strange.

Intermediate Gods

    Queen Chrysalis 
Queen Chrysalis, Goddess of Impersonation (Changeling Queen, "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza")
  • There was once a time when Chrysalis had successfully infiltrated the House of Love only to be intercepted by Flonne, who, upon learning that Chrysalis feeds on the Power of Love, decides to give her a very long lecture about it. Chrysalis has since then considered whether infiltrating the House of Love was even worth the effort.
  • Recently, a number of worshippers have provided Chrysalis with love willingly. She used to be quite conflicted about this, since they see her as a tragic woobie rather than a powerful Queen. Now, she takes advantage of free power.
  • More recently, she has been sighted with a follower, a pink, extremely furry pony with intense love for everyone, including the Queen. She cannot speak, but she emits raspberries and small "Gasp" noises. It is not known what she sees in the Queen, but her love for Chrysalis is so much that Chrysalis uses her as an endless food source and/or mobile bed. They have recently moved into a house together on the outskirts of the House of Food, though what this says about their relationship is not known.
  • A recent reveal about Queen Chrysalis' origins has lead many deities to treat her with much more caution than before, especially when it was discovered that she's nearly as old as Celestia and Luna themselves.
  • Despises Ato-ko with a passion, as her couple-destroying threaten her changelings' food source. Upon learning just how Black Mage's Hadoken utilizes The Power of Love (reducing the amount of love in the universe), he has also become a bane to her existence that she wound up opposing him since she needs love to subsist (she otherwise quite approves). In fact, Black Mage is so much of a threat that she 's willing to work with Princess Cadance to stop him if it comes to fighting him.
  • Speaking of Cadance, upon finding out she had ascended, and all the good equestrian deities would be in attendance, she showed up to take revenge. This time, she brought many evil deities from the House of Hatred and Rancor, who joined to help crush all the joy and happiness that would be present. While the party goers put up a surprisingly effective fight, Chrysalis had power behind her such that her victory was inevitable. Too bad for her Shining Armor, whom wasn't expected to attend being non-ascended, was able to show up thanks to the god he was High Priest to, Anthony Higgs. Empowered by their mutual love, Shining and Cadance sent Chrysalis blasting off again.
  • While it's destroyed in her home universe and its pieces salvaged for Canterlot Castle security, Chrysalis's temple and its surrounding premises contains a barrier that nullifies ALL magic that is not of the changelings. How strong is it? Even magic-using Greater Gods find their powers stripped while with in the premises, as Discord can attest to. The secret? Her throne deep inside. Technology-based deities don't have this problem, though, while for Magitek deities, it goes one way or another, depending on how much of it is 'advanced technology' and how much of it is mystical.
  • After certain events, there has been a massive decrease in changeling followers, now that they discovered a better way to feed themselves. Chrysalis has sworn to wipe out those insurgents, led by their new King Thorax, but they're nowhere to be found in the Pantheon so far, and several have taken refuge in the Houses of Love and Affection and Friendship.
    • And after the truth of her rule, where it's revealed that she's been deliberately starving her race with their forceful love-stealing method just to stay in power, that number has plummeted to a scant few; Fluffle Puff and the most dedicated/delusional of fanboys. Not a single changeling remains.
    • Also, because of what she pulled, if Discord wasn't her enemy now, the draconequus has since made it personal.
      • The non-pony God she hates the most is Spike. Why the little dragon, you ask? It was because Spike befriending Thorax that he would eventually learn that sharing love would benefit the Changelings more, thus becoming THE thing that would derail Queen Chryasli's reign once and for all. When the Changeling Queen tried to go after Spike for this, she was met with Spike's allies, who threw her back into her temple as a warning to not mess with the dragon.
  • Upon learning that one time Chrysalis kidnapped the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the Changeling Queen got a RUDE awakening from two wrestlers who proceeded to bathe her in blood. She's hated them ever since.
  • As a "cold-hearted ruler who actually doesn't have what's best for their people in mind and duping them with 'righteous' missions", someone has compared Chrysalis to Ghetsis Harmonia. That said, besides both working for the GUAE, the two don't have that much in common. Also, his lust for power, lack of love for anybody else, and his far-reaching ambitions make it too dangerous for her to even deal with him anyway.
  • Thanks to having been strong-armed by Grogar, Chrysalis is one of the few besides Mard Geer who can safely visit Tirek without much risk of getting drained. They even get along to an extent, though not without occasionally sniping on one another.

    Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist
Dante, Goddess of Stealing Younger Bodies (Dante of the Deep Forest, The Master, The Guardian, Lyra)
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  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Homunculi Symbol
  • Letimotif: Dante's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Taught Izumi in Alchemy, Never Existed in the Manga, Much Older Than She Appears, Twists the Truth, Left Alone to Become a Warped Woman, Can Steal Other Bodies, It's All About Me, Controls People Through Lies and Fear, Non-Action Big Bad, Believes Equivalence Is a Lie, Vain Alchemist, Possession Burnout
  • Domains: Intellect, War, Alchemy, Immortality
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Lord Voldemort, Alex Wesker, Sheev Palpatine, Zouken Matou, Orochimaru
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lust the Lascivious
  • Unknown Relationship: The Truth
  • Dante wasn't certain why Melkor had gotten some allies in the GUAE to revive her after she was devoured by one of her own homunculi, but she noticed that she was in her last body that she had transferred into before entering the Pantheon with most of the Homunculi waiting. Once serving as the herald of Father Homunculus in her aged-woman body, she would now be allowed fully entry into the Pantheon.
  • As the teacher of Izumi Curtis, she is known as one of the oldest and most powerful alchemists in Amestris. Many sorcerers and alchemists were surprised by how talented she was in keeping herself alive for over 400 years. Combined with being able to open up the doorway to the Truth, many admitted her talents surpassed many alchemists in the Pantheon. Naturally her former student was furious that she arrived into the Pantheon either to twist around some other foolish woman or even worse find a new body to steal.
  • Edward was enraged when he confronted her in another version of Amestris when she tried using a new girl's body (Rosé Thomas) to possibly have sex with Hohenheim's child. On that note, in that same other version of Amestris she'd been in a relationship with Hohenheim for several decades.
    • When Dante met Hohenheim here, she felt like he still wanted her back, even wanting her son to join them here. A furious Hohenheim informed her that he and his sons in the Pantheon were the ones from Father's timeline, not hers, but he already knew that even his other version had made it clear it was over for their relationship. The ascended Edward just finds Dante a sad excuse of a human being, whereas Hohenheim was saddened to know that another version of himself not only cooperated with someone like Dante but also would take innocent lives just to prolong his just like the Dwarf in the Flask.
    • Alphonse also couldn't stand just thinking about this alchemist, as her method of using him as a Philosopher's Stone along with causing a war to make another made him hate her deeply.
  • Father and most of the Homunculi are willing to work with Dante, but the former Dwarf in the Flask made it clear to her she is not the leader of his flock of creations. Also, despite claiming she wasn't human anymore he believed she was still inferior to him.
  • Lust was far less willing to cooperate with Dante considering how she was treated in the past by her former master. Dante knew that compared to the other homunculi she was far more difficult to work with, not counting Greed.
  • Of course, Greed was the first deity to try killing Dante as he was furious about her killing him in her world along with commenting on Lyra already having a bad odor the last time they met.
  • The aging alchemist entered a feud with others who sought out methods to obtain immortality, and Voldermort in particular wanted to learn more about her world's version of the Philosopher's Stone wanting more power for himself.
  • Upon giving out orders to Bradley along with the rest of High Command, she looked forward to causing a whole new war in the Pantheon to not only create another stone but also to see the gods and goddess wrapped in chaos and fear.
    • Not all of Dante's orders are known to anyone outside of High Command, but a few targets have been identified who she wants captured: the three law enforcement/military Street Fighters whose raid on Bradley's temple barracks exposed the details of his ascension, as well as Solidus Snake and the Honnoji Academy Elite Four for their attempt to attack the Homunculi. Bartlet, who's been opposing Bradley, now figures the team is priming to come after him. He's standing his ground.
  • Roy and Riza pointed how similar Dante was to Father, but also being quite different with her shallow nature as she was still human…to some extent. They also pointed out the fact she used the gate to send Edward, his brother, and father into what seemed like the original Earth, although no one was sure if this was the real world or another universe barring similarities to it.
  • Dante gained a bad reputation from Rin and Sakura for her body-swapping ways, and she even considered pulling this trick on Rin and Sakura due to their levels of mana. As for Illyasviel, she hates the idea of homunculi being former humans who were used and manipulated for the selfish goals of this alchemist.
  • There is another Dante in the Pantheon who despises this alchemist, particularly given the fact she created Homunculi based around the Seven Deadly Sins.
    • As far as the devil-hunter Dante Sparda was concerned this woman was just an old, ugly broad no matter if she takes a body that looks more appealing or not. She was also disappointed with Vergil's betrayal of High Command after a week of her teaching him alchemy as a herald in Father's temple, making him and his witch ally Kat further targets of hers.
  • She has co-operated with the Red Ribbon's lead scientist on perfecting his link system as a potential new way to take over someone else's body without expelling the original host soul and thus avoiding the usual decay problem with her alchemical method of swapping bodies.

    Doctor Clef 
Dr. Alto Clef, God of Glamour Failure (Agent Ukulele, Ukulele Man, claimed to be and/or is Satan, Adam, Jophiel (the Angel who cast man out of Eden and guards it), Francis Wojciechoski)
Dr Clef at a gunshop. Note that he probably doesn't look like this, the photo just can't capture his head right

    Monkey D. Luffy 
Monkey D. Luffy, God of Rubber People (Captain of the Thousand Sunny-go, previously Captain of the Going Merry-go, Straw Hat, Supernova, The Fifth Emperor, Joy Boy, Lucy, Luffytaro)
  • Intermediate God (borderline Greater in Gear 4; Greater God in Gear 5)
  • Symbol: The Straw Hat Pirates jolly roger
  • Theme: Luffy's theme. Alternatively, Wanted! or One World
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Determinators, Idiot Heroes, Badass Family, Stretchy Limbs, Inability to Swim, Openly Shows How Much He Loves His Friends by Hugging, Does NOT Tolerate Bullies.
  • Domains: Rubber, Eating, Piracy, Camaraderie.
  • Followers: Elongated Man, Ristar
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Haruko Haruhara (on her end)
  • Friendly Rivalries with: Naruto Uzumaki, Popeye
  • Enemies: Mori Motonari, Basco ta Jolokia, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (f.k.a Admiral Akainu), Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, SCP-169, Risky Boots
  • Feared by: Dokuro
  • Hates people who betray their True Companions, and doing so in front of him is a surefire way to invoke a righteous ass-kicking.
  • When asked about whether or not he ever plans to usurp Jack Sparrow as the God of Pirates, Luffy stated that he isn't currently interested. "Maybe I'll consider it after I become the Pirate King, but not right now."
  • Can often be seen around the Pantheon engaging in various competitions with Naruto in an attempt to settle the age-old debate on "pirates versus ninjas". What the competitions entail varies from eating contests and sparring matches, to seeing who can de-pants the biggest number of Gods. Despite the heated rivalry, the two remain close friends.
  • Luffy also spends a lot of time adventuring around the House of Beasts, sometimes dragging a couple of his friends in the Pantheon with him. He'll attempt to tame at least one of the creatures there almost every time he visits. This is also why, like Fluttershy (and Nanoha), he has retired from his position in the Friendship Trio.
  • Has recently begun to hang out with Makoto Nanaya, due to their similar personalities and taste in friends.
  • Organized a huge party and celebration with the ascensions of both Usopp and Nami, completing the unification of the Straw Hat crew in the Pantheon. Pinkie Pie herself catered the event on behalf of him.
  • Can actually pull off a respectable Sean Connery impression
  • Went on a rampage and had to be restrained by several members of the Main House when he learned of Akainu's ascension. Has gone to great lengths to avoid him since, not out of fear but out of concern for causing damage to the Pantheon. Unfortunately, the Fleet Admiral does not return the sentiment and deliberately seeks him out, causing many other parties, outside or otherwise, to intervene in order to prevent a confrontation.
    • With Ace's ascension and the two joining with Whitebeard, this has been put to ease a bit more.
  • Upon Trafalgar Law's ascension, Luffy began to come up with new things for their pirate alliance to get up to. Law has resigned himself to getting dragged along with Luffy's antics.
  • Was invited by Toriko along with Goku to crash the Gourmet Race set up by Kirby and King Dedede. He breezed through many of the obstacles and ate large enough quantities of food to insure first place, until he came across a large pool of water close to the finish line to his dismay. After finding a way across, he ended up in second place tied with Toriko. Though, because of his standing, the King invited him to be a member of the Gourmet Racer Club. Luffy accepted and considers the members as his nakama just like his crew.
  • Haruko was told about his quest to become the King of the Pirates, and while she laughs at the idea of him emulating Atomsk, she's more than ready to steal his power when he succeeds.
  • For reasons unknown, his position in the Friendship Trio was taken over by Gentaro Kisaragi, not that he seems to mind.
  • Upon seeing Sanji and Brook threatened to be killed by Dokuro, he quickly jumped in, not caring if they started it or not. Dokruo decided to try and kill him to, but unfortunately, she didn't hear one major thing about him; HIS ENTIRE BODY IS RUBBER, rendering Excalibolg 100% useless against him. Needless to say, it was a quick Curb-Stomp Battle with Dokuro on the losing end, losing her head in the process and having to be revived by the House of Life And Death.
  • Bar none the happiest day of his life was when Ace himself ascended past his death, and considering that Luffy almost died at Akainu's hands that day (technically Aokiji's ice spear but Akainu still put the hit out), it was quite the turn-around. This was only strengthened when Ace himself saved Luffy from Aokiji and the two bested Akainu, finally causing him to relent on his pursuit on Luffy, thanks to the two now spending time with Whitebeard, who is one of the few people Akainu actually least until a better army is formed by him.
    • Upon hearing that Ace ascended, Whitebeard quickly insisted that he and Pinkie Pie help throw Ace a huge party to celebrate his ascension, one which not only all the Straw Hat Pirates attended (as well as their friends that they made here), but so did Crocodile himself to congratulate Luffy and Ace. Everyone was too joyful to deny him entry. Even when Ace fell asleep while eating, everyone couldn't help but chuckle, happily welcoming Ace back.
  • When word of what happened to Ace got out in the Pantheon, deities and their brothers, pitying the two, offered their sympathies to Luffy and Ace. The 6 most noticeable ones were Mario, Luigi (as brothers who fight against danger everyday), Sans, Papyrus (As the former understood what it was like to lose a brother [via resets] and be in constant fear of losing him, while the latter was happy that Sans showed a passion about something and wanted to support him), and Sonic and Tails (adoptive brothers, with Sonic realizing he may of been too hard on his younger brother, like Ace was in his youth). Together, they decided to create "The Brotherhood", vowing to protect each other as brothers in arms. Whitebeard also signed up happily as one of the team's 4 "parents".
    • It should be noted that if any deity wants to cause trouble for them (especially by trying to kill one of the brothers), they will retaliate, thought sometimes just mentally. Monokuma/Junko Enoshima declared that they were gonna make Luffy fall into despair by killing his brother again, where Ace mentioned that while they may just cause despair for their own fun and enjoy their own despair, Luffy felt true despair by Ace's death and his crew's separation, leaving him alone in the world, but still finding a will to live.To put is shortly... 
      • Upon hearing them poke a hole in the two's logic, the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger applauded them greatly and invited them to help them stop Monokuma's killing games. Seeing how Monokuma/Junko violated a good number of Luffy's berserk buttons, Spoilers...  he quickly accepted and Junko got a one way ticket to just around the top of his enemy list.
  • Surprisingly, Luffy and Popeye get along almost flawlessly with each other. This is because while Luffy may be a pirate, he is nowhere near as malicious as any other pirate that Popeye came across. On top of that, he is also one of the other gods that is willing to eat spinach with the sailor man (provided that it was cooked alongside meat and prepared by his chef, Sanji, but the end result was that good that Popeye agreed to the terms), further keeping them on good terms. Him expressing desire to have a friendly sparring match against Popeye after he ate spinach just cemented him as a fast friend for Popeye. They are seen practicing and eating with each other a couple times.
    • And yes, just like the other pirate gods, he wildly applauded Popeye for laying down a verbal smackdown against Sakazuki.
  • Has become friends with a similarly goofy guitarist called Yui Hirasawa, as they both openly show how much they love their friends by hugging them, regardless of gender or social appropriateness.
    • For this same reason, he also befriended Zen'o, the Top God of the Dragonball Multiverse, who is lonely from an eternity without friendship, much less hugs. The fact that Luffy sounds a lot like Goku's friend Krillin only makes the Overdeity even more fond of him.
  • Has heard that Ashi wants to get ahold of him. He doesn't know why yet.
  • Miku recently performed a remixed version of one of her songs as a tribute song from his crew to him and his friends, to tumultuous and tear-filled applause. Afterwards, Luffy thanked Miku for the song, and even asked for a reply from him to the crew. Even though Luffy was probably the most exasperating person Miku had ever worked with, the song she finally came up with was truly worth it, earning her the friendship of the entire crew.
  • The entire pantheon shook when they heard the news Luffy presented from Chapter 903: He is now considered the Fifth Emperor of the Sea.
  • He is impressed with Ren Amamiya's loyalty to his nakama.
  • It took a while, if only because Luffy didn’t tell anyone else that Sabo was still alive because they didn’t ask about him, but Sabo finally managed to find a spot within the Pantheon. They were also able to renew their bloodbrother oath within the Pantheon.
  • One day, the Pantheon felt a great emanation of force from Luffy's temple. So great in fact, that it drew the attention of the Main House itself. Cosmos and Melkor decided to pay a personal visit to see what was going on, and what they found inside was Luffy, laughing his ass off, having unlocked his devil fruit's true form: The Human-Human Fruit Model: Nika, and in the process, gaining tremendous power. Their reactions were both equally surprising, and total opposites to each other:
    • Cosmos, Goddess of Good...started laughing uncontrollably, nearly bending in half in both utter joy and disbelief. Nearly no one in the Pantheons has ever seen her like that. She went to Luffy to congratulate him on continuing Joy Boy's legacy. And, wiping the tears of laughter from her usually serene face, said she was looking forward to what creative uses he finds for this new, cartoony power of his. Luffy, for his part, simply grinned back at the laughing Goddess, not knowing exactly what she was so happy about but glad she wasn't as serious as she usually was.
    • Melkor, on the other hand was...less happy. Significantly less happy. Letting out a scream of fury so great nearly the entire Pantheon could hear it. He screamed at Luffy saying that Joy Boy's power may have given him an advantage for now, but he has simply painted a much larger target on his back. Luffy merely stuck out his tongue at the raging God Of Evil, telling him that if he could beat Kaido with this power, he can beat his butt just as easy.

    Natsuru Senou 
Natsuru Senou, God/dess of Superpowered Forms With Different Genders (The Densest Material Known To Man)
His regular form and her Kämpfer form

    The Queen (ICO
The Queen, Goddess of Familial Body Snatchers
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Shadows, castle
  • Theme Song: "Queen"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: A very nasty queen, abused her daughter Yorda and only cared about her as a vessel, can turn people into stone and would have murderized Ico if not for having two pillars that nullify her powers in her own throne room, takes her castle with her upon defeat
  • Domains: Royalty, Abuse, Boss Fights, Castles, Shadows, Body Theft
  • Allies: Don Quixote, The Child Abuse Supporters, The Evil Queen, Zouken Matou, Dante, The Heartless
  • Enemies: Ico and Yorda, Wander, Agro, The Colossi, FIS Receptor Children
  • Ambiguous Relations: Orochimaru, Xehanort's Incarnations
  • The castle that Ico and Yorda spent so much time trying to escape belonged to this shadowy monarch. She is ultimately responsible for Ico's imprisonment that landed him in the castle in the first place; her purpose for him, as it turned out, was for him to die and join her horde of shadow warriors, but that was not to be as he managed to escape his coffin through dumb luck. And then there were the Queen's designs regarding her daughter Yorda, whom she planned to use as a vessel to transfer her life into, as a replacement for her ageing body. And no, the Queen had no qualms about subjecting her own daughter to such an abhorrent thing. Ico decided to take Yorda with him, so the Queen sent her shadows to block their progress. Once Yorda was snatched from him, Ico found his way into the Queen's throne room and slayed her, destroying the accursed castle and fully freeing himself and Yorda.
  • Something strange was going on with the Colossi, as they were invading populated areas and destroying everything around them, and even the most peaceful members were suddenly displaying extreme hostility. Yorda heard what was going on and convinced a reluctant Wander (who only acquiesced because the Colossi were acting so wild, not even he stood a chance against them) to take her and Ico so she could attempt to pacify them. Yorda soon found that a dark force was controlling her friends, one that felt eerily like mommie dearest. Yorda ultimately managed to regain control of the Colossi and the darkness inside them floated away to coalesce somewhere else. That somewhere else turned out to be Don Quixote's temple, and the mad knight, seeing the distressed damsel begging for his help against the hoodlums that had attacked her, turned his sword on Wander and the children, demanding to know the meaning of it all. He would not believe Wander, Yorda or Ico's words about him harboring an evil queen, so Wander, who refused to fight one of his few allies, decided it was a lost cause and left with the protesting children, telling them they had to resign themselves that the Queen was here to stay (but he would make sure she couldn't get her hands on them, or the Colossi, ever again).
  • So it was that by causing a ruckus and fooling a crazed old man (whom she keeps wrapped around her little finger for the future) that the Queen came to be in the Pantheon. Given this new form of immortality she found herself with, you'd think the Queen would give up on any designs of taking over Yorda's body, given there's no real need for it to happen anymore. Whether or not that has occurred to her, it seems like she has no intentions of leaving Yorda and Ico in peace, be it because of her vexation at being defeated by them or she is just so vain that she simply needs a younger body to feel fulfilled. Thankfully for Yorda and Ico, they are no longer all on their own facing up against this enemy, as they have made a lot of friends who are more than glad to help in not letting the monstrous Queen have her way. Unfortunately for them, that goes both ways.
  • There's a persistent rumor that the Queen is in fact Mono, the girl that Wander worked so hard to save. Naturally, this severely offends Wander, who refuses to believe his beloved Mono could turn into someone so vile, and those who go up to him to insist the theory holds water are putting themselves at risk of getting stabbed for the sake of Mono's honor. The Queen herself has heard the theory and has some interest in Wander and Mono because of it, especially as Wander is also speculated to be the ancestor of the horned children that were sacrificed to her to become her shadow soldiers. Seeing Wander's devotion to Mono, the Queen believes that if Wander could ever be convinced that she is the same person as his lady, she might have a fiercely loyal warrior in her hands. Wander is so staunchly against the idea that it would require careful, long-term manipulation, though.
  • Her temple couldn't really be anything else but the massive, puzzle-laden castle she calls home, lovingly restored in the Pantheon after it fell to ruins back in her world after she was defeated. The castle is so intricate that she couldn't ask for better defense against those who would trespass with the goal of killing her, although it does also attract a good number of adventurers who are just interested in solving the puzzles than killing her. The Queen's lack of interest in killing, or even showing herself to, this last type of trespasser might pass for the one act of "kindness" she is capable of; she probably just doesn't want to bother herself with such a non-issue.
  • Has the full support of The Child Abuse Supporters behind her, particularly fellow monarch Fire Lord Ozai. They are simply aghast at how Yorda can be such an ungrateful child to the one who birthed her and how she could have failed to fulfill the purpose her progenitor had designated for her. On a similar note, there is also the Evil Queen that attempted to murder Snow White, her stepdaughter, because she could not bear that her beauty came second to that of her ward. The Queen still considers her plans for Yorda to be about more than merely preserving her beauty, but she certainly seems to sympathize with the Evil Queen for having been frustrated in her pursuits. Both of them, and the Child Abuse Supporters as well, were dreadfully unlucky to have birthed such unruly children after all.
  • Her power to commit body-snatching specifically on her offspring is at the very least of interest to other deities with similar, probably more extensive powers in the same mould. Zouken Matou would like to do research into the type of magic that allows the Queen to do that, and in the meantime seems satisfied with helping her get her hands on Yorda, if only to get her mind off the possibility of going after alternate vessels, which he is always in need of given his quick-acting Possession Burnout, and he doesn't need the competition. Given Zouken put his granddaughter Sakura through unbelievably hellish procedures for the sake of turning her into a vessel, he is clearly indifferent about what the Queen is trying to do to her own flash and blood. The Queen also gets support in her goals from Zouken's rival Dante, who for a change seems to be in agreement with the old bag of worms about cutting down on the competition for new vessels.
  • Orochimaru and Xehanort are also infamous for their schemes involving body theft, but unlike Zouken and Dante, they appear to have no intention of helping the Queen with her goals; after suffering some very decisive defeats, Orochimaru and Xehanort seem to be more or less done with being active villains and would rather lay low than bring more righteous wrath upon themselves. That doesn't mean they are not interested in her powers (for the sake of scientific curiosity, they insist) and observing how things play out for her, and they will probably never bother to get in her way unless the heroes of their respective universes ask them to.
  • Xehanort was awfully polite to the Queen when she came knocking to inquire after the nature of those creatures of darkness known as the Heartless, which remind Her Majesty of her shadow soldiers. Hearing they are formed from beings who lose their hearts, she thinks that it's a much more effective process than her own method of locking children in coffins and waiting for them to die. Not to mention the Heartless seem to have far more variety of utility and powers than the shadow warriors. With these things in mind, the Queen decided to add the creatures to her ranks, and the Heartless seem rather glad about their new dark master. Xehanort gave her the token warning not to let herself be too taken in by the darkness or the Heartless would consume her, although the Queen, who's so steeped in darkness she may as well be made of it, might just be the sort of being for whom that would never be a concern. She certainly shows more promise than Maleficent, in his opinion.
  • For the Receptor Children Maria, Kirika and Shirabe, the Queen is basically an unrepentantly evil version of Finé, an ancient Babylonian priestess who had plans to possess one of them via Genetic Memory to fulfill her long term goals. However, Finé instead chose to throw away her goals and sacrifice herself to save Shirabe. Very unlike Finé's self-sacrificial nature, he Queen has never been known to show any warm feelings for anyone whatsoever, not even her own daughter who's a mere tool to her and whom she kept confined in a small cage, and for this the Receptor Children regard her as a beast they must take down in memory of their redeemed master.

    Seth (Street Fighter
"I'm impressed you made it this far... Show me your power. All of it! Don't hold back!"

Seth, God of Naked Characters Lacking Genitals (King, #15 (Call him this at your own peril), Doll Unit Zero)
Seth in Street Fighter V
Seth in Street Fighter IV 
  • Intermediate God (Power can vary depending on who he copies)
  • Symbol: The Flag of S.I.N.
  • Theme Song: Ruler of Death (V's version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil in IV. Chaotic Evil in V
  • Portfolio: Big Bad of IV and the Final Boss, The lesser evil compared to Bison, Pretty pitiful all things considered, Can copy other fighters, Grey-skinned Android, Had both male and female bodies but remains genderless, Arms Dealer, Ax-Crazy, Beta Test Baddie, Came Back Wrong, Death of Personality, Ditto Fighter, Evil Is Hammy, Gains a new body in V based on Juri, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Powered by the Tandem Engine, Turned Against Their Masters, Yin Yang themed, Number 15 of his series
  • Domains: Androids, Bodies, Fighting, Mentalities, Insanity, Revenge, Evil
  • Allies: Metal Sonic, The Magician, Alex Mercer, The Corpus
  • Rivals: Mewtwo, Cell
  • Enemies:
  • Seth is the leader of S.I.N., a criminal organization that supplied Shadaloo with weapons and he himself sought to take over Shadaloo itself after M. Bison's apparent death. Having organized a World Warrior tournament in order to lure out Ryu and take over the Satsui no Hado to power his BLECE machine, Seth instead was defeated by M. Bison who turned out to be not dead at all and then he was finished off by Juri Han, a woman he himself was manipulating. Seth's consciousness however was transported to Doll Unit Zero, reawakened by Juri after someone tasked her to do so but that only resulted in Seth's suffering an existential crisis and in his madness, perceive everything as M. Bison, even though at that point he was long dead. Given how both of his bodies are essentially naked and lack both visible genitals and nipples, Seth was relocated by an unknown benefactor into the Pantheon with that title, an idea many thought it wouldn't end well at all.
  • His entry into the Pantheon wasn't exactly a peaceful one. For once, it's unclear who smuggled the Zero Doll Unit into the Pantheon with Seth's consciousness in it but many point towards Juri being the one responsible for bringing Seth into the mix. Given his rather poor state of mind, the first Seth did is search for Bison, who fortunately for him was still alive in the Pantheon halls but before the two broke into a scuffle, the authorities managed to subdue the android and deactivate him into a secure location. It didn't last, as he basically turned himself back online and gunned towards Bison again.
  • Thanks to some outside help, Seth is able to switch around his bodies, both with his original male Seth and with the Doll Unit Zero model, though the latter tends to be his default appearance. That more or less made his insane outburst less frequent, enough to realize that his default body is based on Juri, someone he isn't exactly fond of but he can manage. The biggest surprise for the Pantheon denizens as a whole is that Seth kept his manly voice in both forms and while Seth is technically genderless given his android origins, he still goes by male pronouns.
  • Has attempted to rebuild S.I.N. but his organization has been basically defunct since his death and he had to scramble what he could in order to get his plans going. One of his first courses of action was allying himself with a similar conglomerate, The Corpus. They were interested in partnering with a fellow Arms Dealer though in this case they were much more curious in how the Tandem Engine could allow them to maximize their profits with Seth unaware that they plan to use him. In fact, they were the ones that managed to build his male body back but that one isn't as practical as the Doll Unit Zero sadly. The Corpus was also very interested in mass producing the Seth clones but that plan went nowhere once Seth himself noticed and given his own issues with being a mass produced clone of Bison, he almost threatened to destroy their newfound allies but he eventually calmed down.
  • Seth has a rather nasty complex regarding his origins, as he does NOT take kindly to being referred as a number and him just one of many of Bison's spare bodies certainly bothers him. That's why he relates a lot to Mewtwo and his origins but the Pokémon has no interest on whatever criminal activity the android plans to get him involved in. Similarly, Alex Mercer and Seth do share the same overview towards their origins but Mercer is far more destructive towards his enemies and the only reason he is somewhat amicable with Seth is because his model has been proven rather hard to absorb, not to mention there is a high possibility Seth can copy Mercer's abilities or even take over should he absorve him.
  • Him and Metal Sonic have developed a rather strange but interesting partnership, dead set on destroying both of their counterparts to prove their superiority, Seth even promising to improve Metal Sonic's abilities should he let him. There was also another android who has a similar origin to Seth in the form of Cell but the bio-android found Seth beneath him only taking some minor interest in the Tandem engine and the fact that both can copy abilities. Related to that, Cell's creator is somewhat is particularly not fond of as given is ambitions and creations of other androids remind him to his own history with Bison and is amused that at least he met his ends at the hands of one of his androids.
  • Theorized that he is named after the third son of Adam and Eve, Seth isn't exactly known to have sibling issues but his relationship with Abel from his universe is rather shaky since he is believed to be one of the many Bison bodies. Seth has also come to blows with another artificial humanoid, SCP-073 or better known as Cain, who is believed to be the real deal or at least a copy and considering how dangerous and insane Seth can be, he has made an effort to contain him just like the Foundation tries to do with his brother Able.
  • Anyone that remotely reminds him of Bison usually throws him into an insane frenzy that never ends well for anyone involved. One particular day, the Nostalgic Critic designed to done his dictator costume from Kickassia when Seth happened to be strolling by and he received a beating so harsh he barely had a discernable face, only remembering a tall humanoid female screaming like a maniac and telling him "i will destroy you Bison!". A similar incident occurred with the Soldier when he wore one of his hats but he was spared the same fate as the critic since he at least managed to avoid the android's wrath.
  • He can copy and mimic the abilities of his opponents and that's one of the reasons many find him dangerous even if his mind has deteriorated considerable. Some have tried to remove the Tandem Engine from his body only to be met with a tremendous beating and their abilities being stolen. Others have tried to use it for nefarious purposes, like Shang Tsung who tried to defeat Seth and steal his Tandem Engine using his soul magic. Little did the sorcerer know that Seth lacks a soul and that saved him from Shang Tsung's machinations forcing the sorcerer to retreat and plan a workaround.
  • Ironically, Seth doesn't believe in the divine and the fact that he was chosen as a "god" baffles him. He still firmly believes that the "mystical" is nothing but made up fairytales, otherwise how is he able to copy said mystical abilities and to Seth, only him is the true embodiment of a monumental being or, in his own worse, the "universe". Yet his Tandem Engine does allow him to copy other deities' magic, driving into question if his abilities go beyond what he thought were possible or he is so delusional that he believes said "mystical" powers cannot compare to his might.
  • "My name is Seth!"

Lesser Gods

Aisling, Goddess of Morphic Resonance
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her green eyes hidden behind the leaves and the Book of Kells
  • Theme Song: "Aisling's Song"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wolf Motifs, Animorphism, The Beastmaster, Breakout Character, The Fair Folk, Friend to All Living Things, Morphic Resonance, Mystical Waif (though she's more assertive), Mystical White Hair, Nature Spirit, Has "lived through many ages", Super Strength, Last of the Tuatha dé Danann
  • Domains: Fairies, Nature, Transformation, Literature
  • Heralds: Brendan, Pangur Bán, her wolves
  • Allies: Ben and Saoirse, Robyn and Mebh, most of the Hall of Fairies, San, Moro-no-Kimi, Zinogre, Guy Montag
  • Enemies: Apophis, Orochi, Leprechaun, Captain Beatty
  • Opposes: Dagda, The Faun, Archaon
  • Pities: Sif
  • Aisling is a curious and spirited fairy who lives deep in the woods near the walled town of Kells in the age of Viking raids. She commands a pack of black wolves with which she chases off trespassers. One day a novice monk, Brendan, came to her forest looking for gall nuts to make ink for the Book of Kells. The reclusive but kind Aisling felt sympathy for the parentless boy, becoming fast friends with him and helping him on his mission. When Brendan had to face the evil deity Crom Cruach to obtain a magnifying lens called the Eye of Colm Cille/Columba, Aisling aided him once more by forcing the lair's entrance open, at great cost to herself. Brendan saw no more of her until one last, ambiguous encounter with her wolf form as he fled from the Vikings with the precious Book of Kells in tow.
  • Shortly after Brendan left to travel with Brother Aidan and complete the Book, Dagda, the chief of the Tuatha dé Danann which Aisling belongs to, took pity on the fairy who worked so hard to help the humans and became trapped in her wolf form as a consequence. Dagda thus personally brought Aisling with him into the Pantheon, where the abundance of magic allowed her to recover in the blink of an eye and regain her true form. She was entirely honored that the Good God Dagda had condescended to waste his time fixing her problem, though her admiration and respect for him would later take a significant blow when she realized the other things he was involved in and at length he criticized her for helping spread Christian texts. Regardless of that, Aisling's self-sacrificial efforts in helping to create a work of art as intricate as the Book of Kells were praised by the Pantheon at large and she was deified.
  • Her trusted wolves were a pretty obvious choice for Heralds, with them serving as the main line of defense for the lush, ancient and magic-infused Irish forest that serves as her temple. Eventually she realized that way she could bring Brendan in as well, and swiftly did so as soon as his work in their world was done. Many years had passed as Brendan traveled and worked on the Book, so he was a grown man by the time it was finished, but in the Pantheon he appears as the novice monk who went on adventures with Aisling. The two were thrilled to be reunited, with Brendan delighted at seeing Aisling in good health after what happened and being able to speak with her again. Brendan's appointment resulted in the Abbey of Kells getting recreated close to Aisling's forest, and a pristine copy of the Book of Kells is stored there for any visitors to admire. Any who would dare to damage the invaluable Book (or hurt Brendan, or his cat Pangur Bán, for that matter) are to be faced with Aisling's awesome wrath.
  • Aisling took note of Ben and Saoirse, children of a human father and a selkie mother. Aisling watched as they went on an adventure to try and go back home to the ocean and on the way met several magical beings, revealing that Saoirse's magic was needed to restore those that had been turned into stone so they could all go home to the faerie world. At the end of it, though Saoirse had given up her magic to stay with her family, Aisling admired their efforts and invited them into the Pantheon as a reward of sorts. Ben and Saoirse were thrilled at being able to keep a conenction to the faerie world through the Pantheon, so they accepted. They were surprised that Aisling apparently had been with them on the bus, as they didn't notice her (to be fair, she didn't really stick out among the loud costumes the other kids were wearing). Aisling visits them and plays with them on most days, also protecting them in ways that their dog Cú can't. Occasionally, she requests that Saoirse use her selkie powers (restored thanks to the Pantheon) where they are needed.
  • Whenever she changes shape, you can tell it's her thanks to her white colouring and green eyes, hence her trope being Morphic Resonance. She is mainly seen as a wolf since she is the leader of a pack, which in turn has led to friendly relations with several lupine members of the Pantheon. Robyn and Mebh, who are members of the mythical Wolfwalkers, are two such deities. They met Aisling when they decided to explore her forest as wolves, and Aisling's mischievous side got the better of her as she decided to sneak on them from behind, wanting to spook the boisterous Mebh in particular. They got to talk when things settled down, with Aisling feeling sympathy for the Wolfwalkers for just wanting to be wild and free and live in peace, without religious authoritarianism breathing down their necks. She has assured them that if anybody ever threatens them, she will send out her own wolves to help. While that doesn't happen, though, she is content to just play with Robyn and Mebh.
    • Also gets along very well with San, who despite being human, was raised by wolf deities and surrounded by many magical entities and so knows to show proper respect to nature spirits such as Aisling. Although Aisling doesn't really care to be reverred by them and just wants to play with San and her brothers Ichi and Nii. Aisling has also become well-acquainted with their imposing mother, Moro-no-Kimi, who sometimes watches magnanimously over the proceedings. Moro's warmth and a certain motherliness towards Aisling won her over in a big way; seeing that San has a family despite being abandoned by her biological parents makes Aisling long for a family of her own; she used to have one, but all were lost to Crom Cruach. Sometimes Aisling gets overwhelmed by these feelings and just wants to bury her face in Moro's fur, which the understanding matriach wolf silently allows.
    • One of her excursions outside her forest took her to the one where the Greatwolf Sif guards the grave of her master Artorias. Though Sif is fiercely protective of her charge, she was tolerant of Aisling approaching her and conversing with her. Artorias' tale is a tragic one, though Aisling feels Sif may be even more tragic due to her Undying Loyalty for a corrupted master, even being willing to fight friends of hers if they threaten Atorias' grave. This made Aisling realize Sif may not make that great an ally, though she still gives retribution to those who harass Sif unduly. Surprisingly, Aisling was apparently able to tame another large wolf, Zinogre, to the extent that specimens will heed her call and come to join her in a fight, making trifling with Aisling an even more frightening prospect.
  • Aisling's status as the last of the Tuatha dé Danann (at least as far as her world is concerned) and the loneliness that comes with that has led her to actively try to meet fellow fae who made it into the Pantheon. Overall, she cultivates good relationships with those that are not outright evil. Her favorite might possibly be Tinker Bell, as her significant mischievous streak makes her a fitting playmate for the likeminded Aisling. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather have made a fuss over her being left a lonely orphan for so long and check in to make sure she's doing all right, which somewhat annoys Aisling, though deep down she's happy since it reminds her of how a family is supposed to be.
    • On the other hand, she is disturbed, but mostly disappointed, that the Leprechaun, one of the most recognizable Irish creatures, is represented in the Pantheon by a truly murderous individual. As far as Aisling is concerned, a proper Leprechaun should be sneaky and a trickster, but not commit the odious crimes that the ascended Leprechaun does. Of course, the Leprechaun couldn't care less what Aisling thinks and only cares that all his gold is accounted for. If Aisling gets in his way, he certainly won't spare her just because she's a fellow creature of Irish myth.
  • Not unlike Dagda, the Faun looks down on Aisling for getting herself caught up in meaningless human problems, as Aisling discovered when she decided to visit him after hearing he came from a fairy world as well. This caused Aisling to get into an argument with him, with Aisling wondering if it's really that difficult for her fellow fae to understand that friends help each other regardless of species. The Faun was still not convinced and concluded that if she weren't so naive and saw the things he saw, she'd know that Humans Are Bastards. Needless to say, they are on bad terms, though it's somehow still better than with Dagda, as the Faun's apathy towards humans ironically means he doesn't plan on committing any heinous crimes against them.
  • As Crom Cruach took on the form of a snake (a very strange, angular one) and it is responsible for exterminating her people, Aisling has a bit of a problem with monstrous snakes that spread destruction, and the Pantheon just so happens to have at least two of those in Apophis and Orochi. The coincidence leaves Aisling wondering if those two and Crom Cruach are all related to each other somehow. Whatever the case, Aisling is not particularly interested in letting either of them do as they please; if Apophis in particular were to eat the Sun, that would be a terrible thing for the forests that she is supposed to protect. Sadly she was not powerful enough to face Crom Cruach and it's not looking any more likely with these new threats, though it's for cases like this that it's a good thing she befriended Zinogres.
  • Aisling may not fully understand why the Book of Kells matters, which isn't helped by the fact that she has yet to read it even after both entered the Pantheon; reading doesn't really suit her personality. But she knows it's important to Brendan at least, so the Book matters to her on that strength alone. It's because of that that she took it to heart when a certain Captain Beatty called for the Book to be apprehended and destroyed, the reason being that it's a version of the Bible, which is banned in his world. Aisling doesn't care what his reasons may be, there's no way anyone is destroying the book that she and Brendan worked so hard for. After Brendan taught her that destroying any book is a terrible thing to do (he has reason to think so; people in the Middle Ages were largely illiterate and book creation was a painstaking job), Aisling has come to adopt those views as well, which in turn has led to Guy Montag reaching out to them and giving his support in securing the Book of Kells against Beatty and his goons.
  • Frankly terrified of Archaon. She can only be thankful that the Northmen that ravaged her home were perfectly human: had it been the Everchosen and the Norscans who attacked Kells, all the wolves in all the forests in all of Ireland wouldn't have been enough to kill even one of them. Even the likes of Crom Cruach, should he had been somehow roused to fury against them, probably wouldn't have stood a chance.

    The Venom Symbiote 
The Venom Symbiote, God of Symbiotic Possession (My Psycho Ex, The Symbiote, The Black Suit, Corrupter, The Spider's Dark Spirit)

    Zouken Matou 
Zouken Matou, God of Possession Burnout (originally Makiri Zolgin)