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This is where the hierarchy of the military is located, housing everyone who holds a distinguishable rank on their respective army. They are the ones in charge of maintaining and looking over the lesser ranks of the Pantheon...with varying results depending on the person. Don't be surprised if you see anyone here wandering in the House of Leadership.

If someone is decorated for military honour or given a promotion, chances are it's here or at that house. This is one of several halls where flag officers of the Pantheon meet to discuss strategy and doctrine.

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Intermediate Gods

    Gabriel Angelos 
Gabriel Angelos, God of Captains (Captain of the Blood Ravens, 3rd Company, Savior of Tartarus, Bane of the Black Legion, Gabriel of the Hidden Heart, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens)
Angelos, during the Aurelian Crusade
Click here for his appearance after the Aurelian Crusade

  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Black Raven with a red blood drop in the center. Personally, his Daemonhammer, God-Splitter
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Space Marine, Big Good, Cyborg, Rank Scales with Asskicking, The Leader
  • Domain: Faith, Leadership, Space, War
  • Herald: High Champion Apollo Diomedes (Honor Guard Captain, Later promoted to Chaplain)
  • Followers: Non-ascendant Blood Ravens and Space Marine Captains
  • Direct Superior: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Allies: Cyrus, Marneus Calgar, Sangunius, Vulkan, Leman Russ, Madoka Kaname, Oriko Mikuni, Jim Raynor, Origami Tobiichi, Malcador the Sigillite, The Adeptus Sororitas
  • Completely Disappointed with: Indrick "SPESS MAHREENS" Boreale
  • Enemies: ELIPHAS!, The Forces of Chaos (Khorne, in particular), Abaddon the Despoiler, Ghazghkull, Nightbringer, The Deceiver, Satan, Lucifer, YHVH, Orson Krennic
  • Ascended after having battled through countless conflicts with the rest of the Blood Ravens, which included confronting the Alpha Legion at Tartarus (and taking out a Daemon Prince of Khorne sealed from an ancient relic), leading against a Tyranid invasion and a Black Legion revolt at Aurelia, and confronting his renegade Chapter Master who just ascended into another Khornate Daemon.
  • Some fear him, because he called down the Inquisition to destroy his own homeworld, Cyrene, upon discovering a taint of Chaos. However, he has regretted his home's destruction.
  • Although he cares for the well-being of his fellow Blood Ravens, he is rather disappointed with Indrick Boreale who became rather infamous for the failure in the Kaurava System, and his tendency to spread the word of The Blood Ravens in...rather weird ways.... His fellow brother, Cyrus, doesn't wish to speak about it.
  • Surprisingly eyed by the God of Courage as a plausible inheritor of the Goldion Crusher. Angelos himself felt honored upon hearing the same, but nonetheless declined the offer since he's still busy with Diomedes in cleansing his entire chapter after his predecessor fell into Khorne's sway and nearly left the Blood Ravens undermanned. And that's not even counting Boreale's ill-fated Kaurava campaign.
  • Though he owes a great deal of gratitude towards his High Champion, he's rather skeptic of his speech pattern, which loosely reminds him of Boreale.
  • Each and every time that he and his chapter fights the enemies of humanity, they always bring back hundreds of relics and various items with them after the battle. There is a reason why they are sometimes called "The Bloody Magpies" and why the enemy does everything they can in order to nail everything they have down to the ground.
  • Rumors say that Gabriel Angelos loves to throw dildos at people without warning and motivation. He has yet to say of the matter.
  • The GUAL and their psychotic command structure is a tragic reminder of an Old Shame of his. That, and orders from The Emperor is why he has joined the Rebellion faction of The Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • There has been some speculation that the Blood Ravens were originally a chapter of the Thousand Sons, followers of Magnus the Red. Neither Angelos nor Magnus have commented on the theory as of yet.

    General Grievous 
Grievous, Confederacy Representative of Frontline Military Leaders (General Grievous, Qymaen jai Sheelal, The Knight Slayer, Space General, Mechanical Monster)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mask/face, or the symbol on his cape
  • Theme Song: Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious, Clone Wars theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with some moments of Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Kaleesh warrior-turned cybernetic general, wields four arms, known as a Jedi Hunter, a highly-active general and rather wasteful on many occasions, from a warlord into a mechanical body, disrespectful towards his Droid personnel, joined the Clone Wars just for killing, wanted to learn the Force but rendered his body and flesh unable to connect to the Force
  • Domains: Cyborgs, Multi-Arms, Generals, Warlords, Military
  • Heralds: A squad of IG-100 MagnaGuards (his personal bodyguards) and the entire Confederacy Military
  • Allies: Wat Tambor (personal Confederate member), Ultron, Mistral, Goro, Sektor, Frost, Gigan
  • Respected by: Barbatos Goetia, Hircine
  • Bastard Understudy to: Sheev Palpatine
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Count Dooku
  • Rivals: Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller, Skeletron Prime, Gilgamesh, Cú Chulainn
  • Source of Interest for: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, SKYNET
  • Evil Counterpart to: RoboCop
  • Enemies:
  • Feared by: Shaggy
  • In the past days of the galaxy, the Republic ruled all, the Senate was in charge of controlling the law and all systems would comply. That all changed when a secessionist government known as the Confederate of Independent Systems came in, under the pretense of excessive corruption within the Senate and dissatisfaction on the Core Worlds. At some point, political turmoil began amongst the Republic and the CIS, culminating into the legendary Clone Wars. One of the heads of the slowly rising Confederacy was Count Dooku and among those he employed as general of the armies was General Grievous, whose presence would be a terrifying sight in the battlefields of the Clone Wars.
    • Originally a Kaleesh warlord, Grievous was the leader of Separatist Alliance's Droid Army and one of their greatest warriors, especially once he decided to let his body to be turned into a cyborg to improve his fighting abilities to match even those of the Jedi. Even though he might be a general, he spends a lot of his time doing his own kills and has practiced lightsaber combat under Dooku's experienced training, thus becoming a threat to any Jedi that encountered him. When the secrecy of the Sith started making way, the plans of Dooku and Grievous changed, and so did the tide of the war. Once the Confederacy was winning, suddenly they were losing. Dooku's death lead to Grievous taking the helm, but not even his commanding skills kept the new government afloat, and following major defeats, was finally killed and burned by his arch nemesis, Obi-Wan Kenobi, without realization that Grievous and Dooku were pawns to the new face of the Republic: the Galactic Empire.
  • Once he ascended into the Pantheon, the Confederacy did their best to make sure that Grievous would get back into shape from his barely active self he had become at the end of the war. They were mostly successful, but he does tend to cough quite a bit which for some reason they cannot solve, as it may have been a side effect for all his cybernetic enhancements. Further more, when the Sith approached him once again, he would be dragged into a new series of conflicts that slowly gained his interest, both for the Confederacy and to satiate his hunger for battle.
    • Those within the Grand United Alliance of Good have started creating countermeasures the moment Grievous was spotted within the premises, as they expect the Sith to recuperate with Grievous and the Confederacy as a sort of second front. Some may want to ask if whether or not he knows what Palpatine has done towards him near the end of the war, but if it means bringing him back to battle and killing Jedi, then it is good for him. He'll start collecting their lightsabers, and if not, probably their heads.
  • In a lot of sense, Grievous is what Anakin would become in the future. He did not expect such comparison, but upon seeing the eponymous Darth Vader, he may have seen why the comparisons were drawn, alongside Maul and Dooku as "Proto-Vaders", and in Grievous, it may have represented Vader's future with the wheezing and cybernetics as hints. Grievous is rather glad that based on how things are in the Pantheon now, he is against Darth Vader rather than with him as he still has a beef with him on the Clone Wars even though he still (somewhat) takes orders from the Sith.
  • On the topic of Jedi, there are reasons why he is one of the most feared throughout the Clone Wars. Outside of being a powerful general and a strategist, he takes pride in killing Jedi Masters and Padawan alike, large amounts of Jedi deaths during the wars were by his hand and those that do face him nearly got killed despite assistance from the Force. First-hand witness accounts were made by Ahsoka and Ventress, both of which have had numerous encounters with him, and Ventress has made it sure that Grievous has become personal thanks to one incident.
    • There is one Jedi that Grievous remembers, one that has had him on his nerves for every sight he has with him to the point of considering him as his arch-nemesis. It was Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has become the biggest thorn of Grievous' life. After facing him for the first time pre-Clone Wars era, that signified a long streak of mixed win-loss battles between the two, as Grievous' upgrades were either equal to Obi-Wan's Jedi Mastery but on some cases Obi-Wan would see victory even on the worst circumstances. Now that the two have been spotted in the Pantheon, the vendetta between the two may rise once again, as well as an exchange of greetings:
    Obi-Wan: Hello there!
    Grievous: Hello there.
    • Outside of Obi-Wan, the other Jedi has taken caution the moment Grievous reappeared. Luke Skywalker, one of the few Jedi who never experienced the Clone Wars, sought more interest in him as he is one of the few relic figures of the war, while Yoda believes that the cyborg's lust for combat is so deep that it is nearly impossible to redeem him. The two have warned other Jedi and many other heroes not to face Grievous unless they are ready. There is a reason why he is a Jedi Hunter. Then there was Mace Windu, who bespoke how Grievous' presence only means war for the Confederacy and it seems he is right, though hearing that his true intention was to kill the Jedi Order (despite not being a part of the Sith) made him more determined to kill him.
    • Hero killers alike took notice of Grievous' history and has immense respect for him. Barbatos Goetia seem to have quite a bit of respect to the cyborg as he is afterall, the Pantheon's resident Hero Killer even though many villains may even be considered for that position outside of him, Grievous included. On the cyborg's end however, he seems to dismiss his respect since he may be of little use for the Confederacy. Ultron also approached him, seeing that the duo are often notorious for killing other characters with no mercy, although on Ultron, he never had a natural body to begin with.
    • Some have not welcomed him despite sharing similar hate towards heroes and Hero Killer Stain, despite his name, has spoken vocally against Grievous and his gleeful murder of many heroes, all of which compounded by the former's lack of mercy, and he's not doing it to teach the Jedi a lesson, he's doing it for a future with no Jedi. If anything, Grievous is Stain's antithesis, a person willfully murdering anyone they see fit as a hero, more for the glory of combat than a principle.
  • While he is easily angered, one thing what angers him the most is calling him a mere droid. He is much more than that and he is ready to proof it. He is, to reiterate a warlord-cyborg and not a machine as he is capable of thinking individually. Most robotic deities will think that Grievous will join them but he only has one objective only, to destroy the Jedi Order and further compounded by the fact that his meeting with Ultron lead to one of his allies mistaking him as a robot and unintentionally inviting him to the Grand United Alliance of Machines, a move which seriously pissed him off that it nearly costed his relations with Ultron.
    • And while at it, the Grand United Alliance of Machines have kept an eye out on him, seeing his droid army to be a valuable asset. Granted, Grievous does hate the army at times of incompetence, and mistreats most of the droids, but would rather keep them under his command instead of lending them to a another alliance, especially when the Grand United Alliance of Evil have already brought him under check. Though he sometimes deploy some of his droid forces to the GUAM at times when he wants to increase his war effort though some have noticed that the droid units are sometimes missing from the delivery with fingers pointing to SKYNET, as it has taken some of his droids in the process to repossess them into Terminator units.
  • Anyone who has an idea of Grievous will probably remember his ability to wield four lightsabers with four arms, something he takes pride on for his cybernetic enhancements. Few have willfully wanted to challenge him and Goro and Mistral soon found another person to add in the "multi-armed" list. On combat, Goro found to be rather efficient in hand-to-hand combat, but when it came to weapons, (and a little bit of cheating) Grievous won by slicing off his arms one by one. Mistral on the other hand, was able to resupply her arms rather easily despite Grievous' fast responses, until all he decided to do was use a blaster and shot her on the head.
    • Some connections between Mistral and Grievous might either be coincidental or unintentional. For one, they are battle-hungry cyborgs who wield a multitude of arms. They also chose their cybernetics to enhance their fighting skills and seem to treat their minions rather unfairly. On Grievous' part, he might be considering hiring her and the rest of Desperado to help fill some shoes on the Confederacy, like the time he hired a droid bounty hunter to kill Mace Windu.
  • At one point, he was challenged by Gilgamesh in a battle once, probably because he wanted more people to fight. Reportedly both of them lost a weapon to another. Well, the weapon did make a fine addition to his collection. Then it went further, when he encountered von Twirlenkiller and Skeleton Prime. Grievous took some of Skeleton Prime's arms for his newfound collection of battle trophies while Twirlenkiller denied any chance for Grievous to gather any of his jet turbines. And when he did, he challenged him into a multi-arm fight but the jet turbines didn't really help as he simply went onto a spider position and chased him down. He got out with at least one jet turbine in his new collection.
    • He was suddenly asked for a challenge against the servant Cú Chulainn in a duel, of which insulted Grievous and decided to accept it in order to humiliate him. Even with 4 lightsabers in his possession, what was a simple easy beginning for Grievous turned into a sudden change of tide for the Lord of the Spear, as he slowly pierced through all of Grievous' arms, but not until he retreated back to his HQ. To him, this is an embarrassing defeat that reminded him of his time being captured by Darth Maul and the Mandalorians.
  • It was an honor for Daedric Prince Hircine to see the bloodlust Grievous has earned, from his apathetic care for anyone, to his relentless commanding skills. What sold both on each other was how they both cared less on politics and only mattered fighting their targets. To him, his hunt for Jedi has given him earned respect from the Prince, though the cyborg general cares less and continued his warpath.
  • There are some rumours that Grievous might not have been as bad as most people think he was. Some people claim that he was in the past a zealous fighter who became a Fallen Hero after the death of his loved one and joined the Separatist Alliance to help his people, before one "incident" where his ship exploded what forced him to be turned into a cyborg, during which he was turned into the sadistic monster he is known now. As it turned out, this was the case; or rather, it was the case. As it stands now, Grievous was always a cold-blooded killer who turned himself into a cyborg since he wanted to become the strongest warrior in the galaxy.
    • Another part of him people started noticing was his desire of the Force. If he was a warrior rivalling the Jedi, the Force is one thing he grew interest in, but gutting his flesh and skin may have proven to be a fatal mistake. He may have dreams of the Force, but the removal of his natural body may have severed any connections he may have had with the entity, rendering his attempts to be rather futile. On the other hand though, he can easily modify his body at any point so it isn't a huge loss for him.
  • Grievous was drafted into the Grand United Alliance of Evil alongside Dooku by Palpatine to serve as replacement adjutants for his turncoat apprentice Darth Vader (who soon departed the GUAE entirely). While Dooku was unhappy to serve as he no longer sought to be under the yoke of a master who forsook his survival for a new apprentice, Grievous relishes an opportunity to be part of the Pantheon's Forever War, eliminating enemies as he sees fits. He does still harbour resentment towards Palpatine for maneuvering the Separatists to self-destruct to establish his new Empire as the end goal. He was also mad at Dooku for being in on this and not informing him, but this anger dissipated much quicker. He has not forgiven him however.
    • As a wielder of 4 lightsabers, Conquest Command often wants Grievous to take frontline combat duty befitting of his new trope, as the Sith are notoriously fickle at being in combat. Sadly, Grievous has his own ideas of how to combat too, having been taught by Dooku to use psychology to his advantage. He's not some mere Jedi fighting at the front. He's a planner and an armchair general too, and thus usually attacks when he can use intimidation to his advantage or to finish off worthy opponents.
  • Cyborgs have a rather unlikeable opinion on him, believing his over-obsessive combat tendencies just puts them off, especially with perhaps his counter-opposite, RoboCop. The numerous killings and stealing of objects just to fit his collection qualify for murder and theft, and it seems Grievous' charges may be higher and counting. The comparisons for the duo stem from the fact that both were heavily injured from their human lives which lead to them being rebuilt with cybernetics. The difference comes from their intentions to be cyborgs with Alex Murphy for his injury and his willingness to continue to fight crime, while Grievous just to continue his war effort. This only lead to further hatred between the two but many guess that with the latter's experience in general, 9 times out of 10 will Grievous win with ease.
    • The God of Cyborgs however was not pleased hearing Grievous' return, believing him to be the worst case of a cyborg, both for his hunger for battle and his lack of empathy. When Grievous heard this, he gave a visit to Victor and then the rest of the Teen Titans, dealing a massive blow until all of them retreated. To him, Cyborg's message will serve as a reminder to the massive scale of the CIS military.
    • Some cyborgs however have taken a liking with him and started joining his side just to participate in fights, with Frost and Sektor among those who joined Grievous. He especially likes the latter with his unwillingness to show empathy being a key factor to considering him to join his military. And while we're at it, he has taken interest with Gigan, likely to repurpose him with Confederate military technology upgrades though some have argued that he is only interested in him for the arm-blades he has and not the alien himself.
  • Outside of Dooku, he seems to be not alone. The Confederate Wat Tambor ended up greeting him upon his re-arrival, possibly meaning that Tambor ascended while Grievous was busy someplace else. It will take time for the Confederacy to rebuild, but with the leadership of it being at a toss between him and Dooku, he might need to cut off some costs in order to operate again.
  • Rumour has spread that Grand Admiral Thrawn acquired his mask some time after his death. How legitimate this is is up for debate, given his resurrected self in the Pantheon has his mask back. Nevertheless, he plans on confronting Thrawn personally just to get it back.
  • Apparently he loves to collect lightsabers in combat, as part of his collection of lightsabers. While he has two in his possession (he actually had more lightsabers), he still considers it a collection, probably to showcase it like a battle trophy of sorts. Some took notice of it and called it his hobby.
    Obi-Wan: So uncivilized.
  • There was a time when the CIS took direct hits from other armies, key among those were armies that relish on weaponry, possibly stealing them for their own purpose. That was his experience when the Corpus invaded his base and took a few supplies, but the Corpus never reported back, instead they were greeted with Grievous showcasing every single helmet of each Corpus soldier that participated in the raid, all on his ship. A warning to any intruder or army that dared to cross paths against him.
  • There was a rumor that Shaggy was among those who have fallen against Grievous and it did not take long for the general to recognize him as Sha'a Gi, one of the Jedi he slayed from the beginning battles of the Clone Wars. While Shaggy feared for his life, Grievous can't help but feel disappointed that he had no lightsaber with him, however, his head will suffice.
  • Will refer to people as "General Kenobi" if people say "Hello there" around him (or anyting resembling a similar-sounding sentence).
  • "I'm no errand boy. And I'm not in this war for Dooku's politics! I am the leader of the most powerful droid army the galaxy has ever seen!"

    Luthor Harkon 
Luthor Harkon, Vampire God of Psychotic Admirals (Lutr, Arch-Grand Commodore, Mad Pirate King of the Vampire Coast, Mortarch of the Abyss)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Banner of The Awakened
  • Theme Song: Tattered Sails Shanty
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: An Absolutely Raving Pirate Captain, Basically a Pirate Vampire, Beware the Silly Ones, Ascended Extra, Is so Mentally Shattered his Mind Refers to Himself as "we", "us", and "my" Sporadically, Comes from the Blood Dragon Clade of Vampires, Has a Lot of Weird Thoughts from Time-to-Time, Fancies Himself as a Pirate King, Is Quite Polite and Sophisticated, Gentleman Thief, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Fights Using a Sword and a Gun, Carries an Ornate Flintock Pistol with an Underslung Blade, Master Swordsman, Screaming Warrior, Spikes of Villainy, Commands The Dread Abyssal, Is Underestimated due to his Inactivity and Insanity, Is Thousands of Years Old
  • Domains: Vampires, Piracy, Insanity, Coastlines, Leadership, Power
  • Heralds: The Vampire Coast of Lustria
  • Superior: Nagash the Undyingnote 
  • Allies: Black Manta, Blackbeard, Cervantes de Leon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Konrad von Carstein
  • Rivals: Euron Greyjoy, The Flying Dutchman, Spinal
  • Enemies: Kroq-Gar, Lord Kroak, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Settra, Morathi, Karl Franz, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner Jr., Elizabeth Swann, Guybrush Threepwood, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Nathan Drake, Buffy Summers, The Joestar Family, The Belmont Clan, Akainu, Smoker, Numbuh Five
  • Worthy Opponents: Alucard (Both the Hellsing and Castlevania Iterations), Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Vinsmoke Sanji, Lagiacrus, Daniel Fortesque
  • Opposes: Mannfred von Carstein, The Four, Chaos Gods, Archaon, Wulfrik
  • Opposed By: Abhorash, Genevieve Dieudonné, Meridia
  • Wary Of: Wario
  • Luthor Harkon was once a denizen of the state of Lahmia, that is until the rise of Vampirism via the influence of Nagash and Queen Neferata. Luthor was bitten by a vampire who descended from the great vampire Knight, Abhorash, turning him into a Blood Dragon. However, there exist no records of Luthor pledging to the Blood Dragon's code of honor and conduct, but rather, he chose to sneak into a Norscan ship boarded for Lustria. By the time it arrived, the crew was either vampirized or enslaved, now under Luthor's command, who then used them to raid and find countless treasures and conquer the shores and coasts of the southern part of the New World, creating an ever-amassing army known as the Vampire Coast. Once, he invaded the abandoned city of Huatl in an effort to find magical secrets that could enhance his powers. And when he did find it via a set of powerful glyphs, Luthor attempted to harness it, only to backfire as his soldiers vaporized upon trying to claim it and Luthor was close to dying when he tried to reach out to it. He barely survived, only for his connection to the Winds of Magic to be dampened considerably and for his mind to be shattered and warped, rendering him insane, even by vampire standards. In spite of this, Luthor maintained great control over his Vampire Coast army and influenced fear towards enemies and those who personally knew him, fighting against Lizardmen, Skaven, Elves, and Human travelers and explorers and collecting as much booty and treasury as he can, as well as finding Slann artifacts, thinking that he could use them to recover from his insanity.
    • Luthor's reputation and power were such that he branded himself as the Pirate King of the Vampire Coast by the time The End Times was looming and Nagash returned to make preparations for his new takeover of the Undead-filled Nehekhara. He joined the Great Necromancer and led many battles worldwide to some degree of success with Nagash later appointing Luthor as the Mortarch of the Abyss once Nehekhara was taken over. He was involved in defending Sylvania against the invading forces of the Chaos God, Nurgle where he was to work alongside the remaining Mortarchs, one of whom was Mannfred von Carstein. Despite a tough and valiant attempt, Luthor and Mannfred were overpowered by a resurrected Isabella von Carstein, who was infected and corrupted by Nurgle's influence. Mannfred chose to escape and abandon Luthor to his own devices, though Luthor did not give up in his battle. Despite giving everything he got and presenting a tough fight, Luthor's forces were eventually overrun by Nurgle's forces, and the vampire Pirate King was killed by Isabella.
  • Luthor's demise wouldn't assure that he would permanently be cast aside into history and obscurity. No, he would find himself awakening on what appeared to be a coast. It looked like he was familiar with it, but it felt odd to him. Nonetheless, he took to wandering around the beaches in a quiet night, finally coming across a cove, whereupon he entered it, only to discover what looked to be a giant lake. There, Luthor took a gaze at a peculiar sight under the waters, which revealed itself to be a beast known as a Lagiacrus. Despite the beast's ravenous looks, Luthor wasn't fazed one bit and engaged the monster in a tough clash, ending with Luthor killing the Lagiacus. He took to drinking the fallen beast's blood and he felt a strange sensation that felt really soothing and empowering. Feeling a rush of motivation from the fight, Luthor took to exploring the beach and the surroundings, eventually realizing that he was in the Pantheon, and it excited him to no end. Though his life came to an end, he's got a second chance and in a grander world at that. Managing to return to Lustria and regrouping his Vampire Coast army, Luthor declared his presence and return, now ready to strike fear into his world as well as the Pantheon, as well as collecting treasures, relics, and seeking a good fight like any other Blood Dragon would.
  • Despite his insanity and his rather obscure reputation in his world, Luthor is one of the most formidable vampires and among the most powerful the undead has to offer. On top of that, he is a notorious pirate who manages to amass a millennia worth of gold and treasures, though, of course, some of those rewards played a role in sapping away Luthor's sanity. Being of a peculiar mix, Luthor has found himself being a magnet for a number of Halls in the Pantheon, namely those of Vampires and Piracy for obvious reasons. Having a second chance and quickly taking the opportunity, Luthor created quite the infamy for himself, proudly boasting that he is among the strongest of the Blood Dragons and that he is more than ready to fight against anyone that dares to challenge his might. It's mainly because he wants to date his desires for a good battle, much like any other Blood Dragon, but he also wants to explore and find more gold and treasury, aware that the Pantheon is far more than just the Warhammer World.
  • Of all of the ascended Mortarchs in the Pantheon, Luthor was the most apathetic about his position and towards his peers and superiors; unlike Nagash, he wasn't in the mood to destroy all life and unlike the other Mortarchs, he didn't have any aspirations for wanting to either break away from Nagash's influence or prove themselves superior. He simply just wants to settle by the coasts and patrol them as if he owns the places and to assert that he is in control over what he deems is for himself. The only other Mortarch he has a close relationship with is Mannfred and… they are the furthest thing away from being on good terms, as Mannfred did leave Luthor behind to die from a Nurgle-corrupted Isabella. Luthor swears that one day, he will find, beat down, mutilate, and kill Mannfred as painfully as he can as his way to get back at his treachery, something which the Mortarch of Night fears. He also declined to rejoin Nagash as the Mortarch of the Abyss, and by extension, he isn't interested in the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, feeling that he is better off without having to get himself involved in the mess that is the Pantheonic Forever War. Why waste his time fighting for someone else's battles while he can just retreat to the beaches and get what he desires there alongside organizing his pirate army to search and plunder other settlements for their treasure.
  • The Pantheon was no stranger to vampires, and as a result, Luthor didn't really feel left out when he ventured around the new realm in which he was to take part. He expressed some amusement to discover that there are a series of vampires who decided to use their powers for good and treat them with respect and formality, despite his own insanity. Regarding the more vicious and malicious ones, Luthor struggles to find a sort of common ground with which they can form a partnership with and, at best, they end up being rivals with him. Count Orlok envies Luthor's ability to inspire fear and respect as well as being able to lady long enough under daylight, whereas the vampire pirate, in contrast, sees Orlok as inferior as not only was he very susceptible to numerous vampire weaknesses, but his own reputation is just him being evil and depraved, as well as projecting the stereotype that vampires are inherently evil, all of which, to Luthor, was clichés. He's a bit more complimentary towards the concept of Dracula, given his legacy and influence towards vampirekind as well as his immense powers. The original Dracula would like to have him as an ally, but the fact that he would rather be a pirate hoarding treasures and patrolling the coast like it's his own Kingdom had made this difficult. The Lord of Castlevania and the Owner of Hotel Transylvania are more impartial to him as they don't have much in common, not to mention Luthor's own seclusiveness makes any kind of relationship seem moot. That, and this Owner of Hotel Transylvania isn't interested in bringing along an insane monster who only thrives on looting and being a loon 9/10 times.
    • He has a delightful sense of fascination towards Alucard and doesn't even care if the one in question is either Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş or Vlad the Impaler simply because both of them are powerful vampires and possess the same nobility as any other Blood Dragon would, much like himself. Even when Adrian isn't really comfortable in approaching him, Luthor is open to treating him with a sense of respect and politeness, whereas, with Vlad, he finds Luthor's madness to be quite amusing and sometimes hangs around with him, if mainly because the two of them enjoy a good fight every now and then. Luthor would fight against both Alucards at times, though rather than them invading their territory or orders from Nagash, he sees them as Worthy Opponents that he could invest a lot of enjoyment towards.
  • Of course, he is sought after by the many Vampire Hunters who have established a position for themselves in the Pantheon. That said, while Luthor fights against them per usual for any malicious vampire, his nature as a Blood Dragon also registers the strange code that he must battle against those who are capable of fighting back and/or defeating him, in addition to acknowledging that the blood of someone power is more enriching and delicious than weaker victims, not to mention it makes vampires stronger. When he realized that Buffy Summers was the first nominated individual in the Pantheon, governing gods notwithstanding, Luthor expected her to be a formidable opponent as he thought that there had to be something about her that warranted getting into this new realm before anyone else. When they did fight, Luthor expressed some surprise to see that Buffy was a well-trained fighter and has vowed to kill him. While she sees Luthor as a threat, the vampire pirate, in contrast, sees her as a decent opponent to test his blades and gun against and, if lucky enough, would rather turn Buffy into a vampire rather than kill her.
    • He also faced opposition from the Belmont Clan, who have dedicated their lives and lineage to opposing the threat and malice of Dracula, his servants and kingdom, and whatever vampire may menace humanity. Given Luthor's reputation, two of them, Simon and Richter, took it upon themselves to hunt down and kill him. And when they did meet, Luthor expressed amusement from the Simon and Richter and was eager to battle them. The vampire pirate took his fights against Simon and Richter quite seriously as their whips were specifically made to smite evil, which vampires were included in, though it didn't deter Luthor from enjoying his fight regardless, seeing Simon and Richter as Worthy Opponents for giving him a notable challenge compared to the other vampire hunters he tends to encounter. Though as usual, despite his compliments, he's still seen as a dangerous enemy by the Belmonts, though Luthor doesn't mind this, having gotten accustomed to infamy since his early pirate days.
  • Luthor is one of the more notorious pirates in the Pantheon, no thanks to his ability to inspire fear in lieu of being a bloodthirsty vampire with a strong case of insanity, as well as his awesome military power and leadership skills. The Hall of Piracy tends to acknowledge this and Luthor feels more than welcome whenever he attends the place. Some pirates like Blackbeard have expressed a degree of respect for Luthor's reputation as The Dreaded and decided that it would be better to work alongside one another as a means to not further incite in-fighting between themselves and to other pirates. Luthor appreciates the gesture, though he makes it clear that he is the stronger pirate due to his vampiric physiology as well as having thousands of years of experience, traits which Blackbeard saw as an incentive for himself to become stronger and more terrifying towards his enemies.
    • He encountered a kindred spirit in Cervantes de Leon and seeing how they could benefit each other for their own ends, they've come to agree in an alliance. That said, their goals differ as Cervantes wants to seek out Soul Edge whereas Luthor only wants to find artifacts in an attempt to cure his madness, but is otherwise content with simply patrolling his coast and plundering for loot and treasures. This was a relief for the two as Luthor and Cervantes don't have opposing goals with one another and they've occasionally worked together if there was a sense of convenience to be obtained. That said, Luthor has no desire to pursue Soul Edge despite its alluring nature, due to his own insanity being the main cause of concern for him. Some have speculated, though, that Luthor may have been interested in the cursed sword, were it not for the glyphs damaging his mental psyche.
    • His response to learning about the Straw Hat Pirates was to declare them as notable pirates in his perspective and would likely not mind wanting to meet with them someday down the line. When he met Monkey D. Luffy, Luthor didn't really mind his thick-headed nature, even finding it quite funny as well as finding his overall strength and reputation rather well-earned. Luffy was generally uneasy regarding Luthor, though he was able to tell that the vampire likely wouldn't make for a good comrade due to his bloodlust and insanity. Roronoa Zoro and Sanji were much less receptive and were more than likely to attack Luthor, though Luffy reigned them in and decided that one meeting would be enough. Even after everything that's happened, Luthor has a bit of a positive view towards Luffy for being a strong individual and someone he would potentially want to fight against and even commended Zoro and Sanji after learning about their feats. That said, his moniker of "Pirate King" did rub Luffy off the wrong way as Luthor was only having that title as a way to assert superiority and pride, though to Luthor's credit, he was known to be a notably infamous vampire and pirate for more than one reason. Even so, Luthor doesn't really have much interest in the legend of the One Piece treasure, feeling that his own treasury and what he wants to search for is more than enough at the moment.
    • He has a rather traditional rivalry with Euron Greyjoy. To further highlight this fact, Euron was the former representative of Insane Admirals in the Pantheon, though Luthor personally doesn't care that he took away a position from Euron. While their insanity is generally acknowledged, Euron was generally more malicious and was eager to cause wanton destruction for his own sake, whereas Luthor takes his own insanity with a cusp of concern and piracy is basically his best occupation as well as a desire to find and fight strong opponents due to his nature as a Blood Dragon. Their competition is mainly centered on who is more feared and dangerous as Euron seeks to prove that he is the better warrior. Luthor generally doesn't care, feeling that if they really were to battle, Euron would quickly lose due to his own advantages of being a vampire as well have to have thousands of years of experience compared to Euron's tiny count of a few decades.
    • With undead ghosts, he has some competition with The Flying Dutchman and Spinal, though, beyond that, they don't really interact with each other all that much, if mainly because of Luthor's self-isolated nature, which is quite a surprise as he is really the only one out of the three who is actually evil. The Dutchman and Spinal think he can be a notorious threat if left unchecked and make a concentrated effort to monitor any actions that can be related to Luthor. Even so, Luthor only really desires to find a treasure or a magical item that can cure his insanity, though in case The Dutchman or Spinal confront him in battle, Luthor wouldn't mind and genuinely even encourage and compliment them if they impress him enough.
  • Considering the sheer number of years he has lived, which also amounts to the amount of time he's spent as a vampire and a pirate, it's no surprise to see that Luthor has accumulated a vast amount of wealth and treasures for himself. That said, he only tends to invest in these to buy or invest in naval artillery, weaponry, and military support, though there's also the fact that among the list of treasures he's amassed, some of them are less to do with wealth itself and more to do with the fact that he's searching for artifacts that may help to alleviate or even cure his debilitating madness. Unlike most of his opponents, Luthor finds treasure hunters to be annoying and more akin to insects; unlike warriors and vampire hunters, most of them are only in it to find treasures and are far weaker when pitted into a fight. Though oddly enough, he has a modicum of appreciation for Nathan Drake, despite him simply being an ordinary human; the fact that he's fought against legions of fellow thieves and military contractors, as well as armored artillery, in his search for treasures proves that he is a tough being for all his faults. That said, Nate wants nothing to do with Luthor, if mainly because he's since been retired from treasure hunting and opposes the vampire pirate for his ruthless nature and causing a ton of bloodshed under his name and goals. Luthor, on the other hand, is indifferent to what Nate says, though he has no intention of turning him into a vampire as according to the functions of magic in his own homeworld, vampirism causes one's main personality traits and desires to become more amplified, and that would be a cause of annoyance for him as Nate would likely take great obsession in going after his treasury, in addition to becoming stronger.
  • Luthor's insanity is undoubtedly terrifying… yet he still manages to be genuinely polite and approachable towards most individuals that he encounters. That said, his madness is such that he randomly shouts "we" and "us", even when he's all alone, and would occasionally ramble about things and events out of left-field. And in battle, he can immediately switch from commanding his soldiers and naval artillery with refined sophistication to blasting and slashing through enemy hordes like a raving lunatic. In general, his madness has made him one of the most feared pirates in the Pantheon due to his sheer unpredictability, and he would like to assure that he wants to keep it that way. As a pirate would uphold, the more feared they are, the better, and that means he's likely to be generating a horde of enemies whom Luthor would like to challenge. Still, it should be noted that Luthor does find his insanity to be a detriment and is doing the best he can to find something that can cure him in some capacity. He's been going around much of the Pantheon, even up to the extent where he's invaded The Great Treasury a few times just to find something that can provide the antidote to his madness. Naturally, he's come under heavy opposition, especially from those who defend and protect The Great Treasury, but unfortunately for them, Luthor's not going to stop trying.
    • The one other vampire who may be just as insane as himself is Konrad von Carstein, and the two do have come to a loose alliance, if mainly because Konrad has become a new recruit for Nagash as the Mortarch of Depravity. They will work together under the pretense that they would also further each other's goals to a degree, though neither would want to admit that they don't like each other and are only doing it out of pragmatism to uphold Nagash's ploy; as Luthor would rather keep to himself as a pirate whereas Konrad wants to kill and torture to date his bloodhungry sadism and hedonistic tendencies. And on top of that, their madness also contrasts with one another, as Luthor is sporadic and afflicted by a magical backlash whereas Konrad was a violent psychopath even before his vampirism, and his insanity has a tighter focus on what Konrad desires.
  • Luthor has faced opposition from non-pirates and undead alike, though, given his own experience, he's come to more or less expect this. One of his new enemies in the Pantheon is Aquaman, who is not happy to see how Luthor has been controlling his cost with a high degree of bloodlust and plundering others in the sea for their loot, not to mention how the vampire pirate has been considering the idea of invading Atlantis, which was told to him by Black Manta. The King of Atlantis has since vowed to prevent Luthor from not just stealing his home kingdom's treachery, but to also make sure vampirism doesn't spread to Atlantis as well. And speaking of Black Manta, Luthor was able to get into good graces with him as the vampire was very much interested in Manta's tech, and that Manta himself found the prospect of working with another fellow notorious pirate to be of pragmatic convenience for him. All things considered, they maintain a professional relationship, though Manta is only fighting with Luthor against Atlantis and has assured the vampire that only he can kill Aquaman, much to Luthor's annoyance as he wants to fight Arthur Curry due to the vampire pirate thinking of him as a worthy opponent. So far, they've managed to uphold their partnership, though it's getting clear that their interests may lead to them clashing against one another later down the line.
    • It's no surprise that he's incredibly notorious towards the Lizardmen, considering that he has stolen much of the Slann's treasury for himself, and with many of them being gold, the Lizardmen do not take very well to seeing their gold being taken away from them and will engage in violent retribution to any offenders. That, and the fact that he has battled and killed a lot of Lizardmen in his lifetime has made Luthor one of the Slann's most hated enemies, which is a compliment considering the Lizardmen's own hatred towards the Skavennote . On the other hand, Luthor does harbor some rage and anger towards the Dark Elf, Morathi, as she did deceive Luthor in one expedition and may have played a key role in Luthor becoming the insane madman that he is now. And while Morathi only has a fleeting thought about the whole thing, Luthor hasn't forgotten about it one bit and is more than willing to pay with Morathi's blood being spilled by his blade.
    • One of Luthor's most persistent enemies happens to be members, affiliates, and those fronting a World Government from a universe where pirates reigned partial dominance on the world, something which Luthor found quite pleasing as it meant that it could be the kind of world which he would glad to have a visit to. That said, the vampire pirate sees the World Government as a pesky annoyance, as most of their soldiers and military might are weak compared to what he's been commanding for thousands of years. Akainu and Smoker, two leading members, with the former being fleet admiral and the latter being a captain-turned-major, however, have proven to be exceptions to the rule and Luthor respects their military might and natural strength. This feeling is not mutual, however, as Akainu sees all pirates as a scourge that needs to be cleansed and that Luthor is no exception, whereas Smoker had more moral reasons to oppose the vampire pirate. That said, given how he has a sense of respect towards the Straw Hat Pirates for their overall strength, even Luthor, in spite of his own madness, thinks that Akainu is too much of a screw loose to deal with and treats him as a far bigger threat than most of his own enemies, especially with his extreme hatred towards piracy and insane conviction towards the World Government's laws.
"From dark place I came, and to darker places still I travel, dear heart. Wyrm-midden and filth my crib; man-flesh and dead-thing my down. To the coast of far away land I sailed, to delve in dusty place. Not for glimmer, nor spark, but for lizard-wryd parchment and age crusted name."

    Marneus Augustus Calgar 
Marneus Augustus Calgar, God of Four-Star Soldiers (Chapter Master of The Ultramarines, The Spiritual Liege, The Notorious M.A.C, The MAC Daddy, Manliest Cattleguard, Pimp Daddy Calgar, and Papa Smurf)

    Roy Mustang 
Roy Mustang, God of Colonels (The Flame Alchemist, Colonel Mustang)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A transmutation circle with a flame symbol at the top and a lizard icon at the bottom (it can be seen drawn on the back of his hand in the adjacent image)
  • Theme Song: "Again"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Colonels, Playing with Fire, alchemy, post-war trauma, inspiring his men, being desired by the ladies, magnificent bastardry, Good-Looking Privates.
  • Domains: Fire, Alchemy, War
  • Followers: Hans Landa, Sergei Smirnov
  • Heralds: Lt. Gen./Führer Grumman (superior), Chris Mustang/Madame Christmas (adoptive mother)
  • Allies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Olivier Mira Armstrong
  • Enemies: Father and the Homunculi (ESPECIALLY Envy the Jealous), Dante of the Deep Forest, Relius Clover, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Respected by: Martin Walker, The Doctor (10th)
  • Feared by: Milla Basset
  • A colonel in the military of Amestris, who first met the Elric brothers while stationed in East City. Known as the Flame Alchemist for his ability to create flames by manipulating the oxygen in the air, he's a remarkably capable commander who seeks to become the Führer so he can fix the country and spread his ideals to the people. Set on this quest (as well as scarred for life) by his role as a "Hero" of the horrific Ishval Civil War, he became the third most important protagonist behind the brothers themselves in the story of the Fullmetal Alchemist.
    • While eventually reaching the rank of General by the end of things, the most important parts of his rise up the ranks of the State Military came with him as a Colonel, during which he became an exemplar of what it means to hold such rank highly. The Court of the Gods ascended him as the God of Colonels to show him this respect. This seat had previously been held by Jade Curtiss, the Necromancer, who willingly handed the position to Mustang. Curtiss took residence in the House of Knowledge as the God of Creating Combat Clones, but later changed to the God of Celibate Eccentric Geniuses, now seated in the House of Science. The two are on good terms, even moreso after Curtiss' reading in the house brought him to a Heel Realization about his scientific arts which reminded Roy of the Elric brothers' horror at discovering the power source of a Philosopher's Stone.
    • To reconcile the rank issue, he holds the permanent rank of Colonel anywhere else but in the GUAG also holds the brevet rank of Brigadier General. He finds it a pain to change insignia whenever he makes the switch from active duty to off-duty so he usually wears his colonel outfit. The last time he wore the uniform of a one-star GUAG general he nearly got kicked out of the Pantheon for not 'representing' his title but the mistake was quickly cleared up.
  • He snarks near-constantly, even when he’s been blinded, but that isn’t fooling anyone; his raw power when he does get into a fight can be absolutely terrifying, especially when he’s good and pissed – his reputation in the GUAG Combat Division is hard-earned and well-deserved.
  • One of the Pantheon’s must trusted field commanders and strategists. Although his sarcasm and his aloof demeanor make some soldiers hesitant to approach him, those who are closest to him — especially Hawkeye — are well aware of his knack for bringing out the best in the troops under his command. Even Major Armstrong, who's not his direct subordinate, was inspired rather that intimidated when Roy trusted him with the truth about Amestris. Nick Fury appreciates this about Mustang and respects his opinion above most others outside of SHIELD for this reason.
  • Contrary to what one might believe, water won't take him down easy. As a matter of fact, its two components just feeds him more fire to use. Though rainy weather is a different matter, as it denies him the ability to create the spark needed to make fire. That and any allies of his would get burnt as well when in the rain.
  • After that business with Father and the Homunculi, Roy's particularly wary of anything that smells like a scheme. He keeps close tabs on Thrawn, and he sure as hell keeps his eyes on Kimball Kinnison.
  • Mustang's determination to right the wrongs he committed in Ishval, even knowing full well that doing so would see him imprisoned for war crimes, has earned him a great deal of respect from some of the other gods; even Martin Walker and the Tenth Doctor agree that Mustang has long since atoned for his sins, but there’s no telling him that.
  • True to his word, on the day he took his seat on the Pantheon, the order was passed down: all goddesses and female officers are henceforth required to wear… TINY MINISKIRTS!
    • …Nobody complies, though.
  • Often spars with Johnny Storm, since they both apply the same element in battle but do so very differently.
  • Finds it admirable how despite the fact that Hayate Yagami's great range and power combined with terrible aim causes her fellow troops to have to evacuate and leave her to fight solo whenever she steps on the front lines, she's still willing to do so just to help them.
  • The fact that both he and Relius Clover share the same voice is a terrible shock to him.
  • He's far more pleased at sharing this voice with Guile and Gaius, though. Given his commonalities with both men (Guile is a battle-tested respected soldier whose mission included avenging a glasses-wearing hyper-competent best friend killed by the main threat to his universe, while Gaius took over a corrupt ruling system and changed it from the inside into a righteous force to protect its people), this is not surprising.
    • Is also good with Guile's hyper-compentent best friend. With Nash ascending to the Pantheon after his second death, Mustang met the man and gave him a heads-up about Father and he agreed to stay alert regarding the Homunculus. Charlie reminds Roy of the serious sides of both Maes Hughes and Jean Havoc, especially given he sounds like the latter.
    • Before Gaius ascended, the King's partnered spirit Muzét had confused Roy for Gaius due to their voices and, after realizing the truth, offered to direct tether with him anyway. He agreed to this at first, but began to regret it when she got a bit clingy. Thankfully this died down with Gaius's ascension.
  • One day he was going over notes when he happened upon a young woman passing through who seemed to have the presence of a soldier. Curious, he stopped and engaged this girl in a conversation which quickly became a mock war strategy debate. She impressed him with her ability to keep up, until she mentioned that she got her experience from an academy, which immediately raised alarm bells because she was too good for just some academy student and got him asking questions. The answers he got were a basic introduction to the life and quest of Satsuki Kiryuin. The good colonel came away respecting Satsuki for going through a campaign similar to his own, but she also reminded him of another, older authoritative Lady of War from his own world. Also, he finds Ragyo to be utterly monstrous.
    • During one meeting with Nick Fury, Roy suddenly got cold shivers and couldn't explain why. He later learned that at precisely that moment, said lady of war, Olivier Mira Armstrong, had gained her own temple in the Pantheon.
  • Milla the Hound is afraid of him because of his "I LOVE DOGS!" speech, which praises the canine kind… because they'll take being treated like underlings without asking for a raise. Little does she get, anthropomorphic dogs who may as well be considered nature-made chimeras in his world's terms are not exactly what he's talking about…
  • Sometime after the ascensions of both the Ishvalan called Scar and Roy's confidante and would-be lover Riza Hawkeye, Riza told him about a young man she met at the house of Canines who tried to shy away from the dogs but was surprisingly good with them; later rumors of an incident between a youth and Scar turned out to be about the same young man, named Shinjiro Aragaki. After doing some research into his life story and discovering that Aragaki accidentally killed a young man's innocent parents, he met up with Shinjiro and told him not to be so hard on himself, as there were many in the Pantheon who'd done much worse than he.
  • Speaking of those who've done much worse, Envy was recently revealed within the Pantheon. Roy greeted Envy's return about the way you'd expect. He also petitioned hard in response to revive Hughes within the Pantheon, and initially was very glad for it when it finally happened… until Hughes drove Roy to drink by arriving on a ship with his daughter Elicia's face on it and gushing over pictures of his family again. Nevertheless, he introduced Hughes to allies against Father who Maes had yet to meet such as Greed, the reformed Scar, the Major General herself, and new allies in the Pantheon such as Guile and Charlie.

Lesser Gods

    Captain Phasma 
Captain Phasma, Goddess of Mook Lieutenants
Click here for an unmasked Phasma

    Damon Baird 
Damon S. Baird, Seran Saint of Repeated Promotions and Demotions (Uncle Baird [by JD Fenix], Sweet Cheeks [by Sam Byrne])
Damon, 25 years later.
  • Theme Song: Judgement
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: His signature goggles, the DB Industries logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Jerkass
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Mechanics, Engineering, War, Survival
  • Superior: Marcus Fenix
  • High Priest: Joseph Capelli (jerkass-wise)
  • Allies: Issac Clarke, Master Chief, Doom Slayer, Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, Dwayne Hicks, Ash Williams, Ellen Ripley, Jax Briggs, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Johnny Rico, Arthur Mason, Kevin Flynn, Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Tony Stark/Iron Man, Miranda Lawson
  • Opposes: Every crooked military and officer in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: SKYNET, Sektor, Lex Luthor, Bane, Leatherface, General Shepherd
  • Not To Be Confused With: Bill Goldberg
  • Marcus Fenix was the first to find out about his ascension, and was out on one of the Pantheon's many heliports to greet Delta Squad's resident mechanic/engineer (and resident jerk), Damon S. Baird, who arrived in the Pantheon via Kings Raven Helicopter.
    Marcus: Welcome to the Pantheon, Baird.
    Baird: Aw, fuck.
  • Like Marcus, Baird grew up in an aristocratic family. He had a passion for technology, with the only "happy memory" regarding his sheltered upbringing was "building things and tinkering with machines." In school, he was The Ace, passing his exams with ease and spending his spare time inventing gadgets. Originally aspiring to become an engineer, his parents gave him an ultimatum: enlist in the army or forfeit your inheritence. Baird chose the former. Unfortunate, he joined the armed forces of the Coalition of Ordered Governments on Emergence Day, in which both his parents were killed.
  • Baird had originally requested The Engineer, but seeing what Issac Clarke had went through, decided that he was more deserving of the post. Despite his attitude, Issac and Baird have a mutual respect for one another.
  • 25 years after the Locust War, Baird is the CEO of DB Industries (of whose creations make up most of the COG's forces) and is the Honorary Uncle to Marcus's son, James Dominic Fenix, alongside Cole. Due to Baird's snarky attitude and the fact that James and his friends had fought off wave after wave of Baird's creations, their relationship is rocky at best. But Baird cares for JD and said nephew has a grudging respect towards Baird.
    • During this time, he hooked up with Samantha Byrne. But she's not his wife, but rather his "special ladyfriend". Of course, given all they've been through, they are happy together, despite their banter during the Locust War. Case in point:
    Sam: Oh, Baird, that house over there. I can see it now: you, me, a couple of kids and a dog.
    Baird: Yeah, and my great big bottle of suicide pills.
    Sam: That'll save me from poisoning your dinner.
    Baird: You'll miss me one day.
    Sam: Only if somebody bumps my elbow.
    Baird: (deadpan) Ha-ha.
    • And there's this little gem:
    Baird: I suppose you want me to say I've always loved you. But I don't! I really, really don't!
  • Really hates Sektor for trying to steal his tech in order to further the creation of the Tekunin, his robo-ninja clan. Sektor is not a big fan of Baird either, as Baird's chainsaw bayonet reminds him too much of Cyrax's buzzsaw.
    • Really, really hates SKYNET for the same reason as above. Oh, and trying to turn his tech against him. For Baird, SKYNET is no better than Myrrah and the Locust Horde that tried to wipe out humanity.
  • Interested in S-F tech, which is why he is friends with Jax and his daughter, Jacqui. While the arm gauntlets is cool and all, Baird is very impressed with Jax's bionic arms. "If only I had something like this in the Locust War," Baird muses. When Jacqui joked about making a pair of chainsaw gauntlets for her, Baird merely smirks and says, "Hey, I can do that."
  • Seeing both him and Tony Stark speaking in techno-babble (as well going at it in snark-to-snark combat) is a sight to behold. While Baird is an expert engineer, he also excels in blowing shit up. While Tony's claim to fame was building his first set of armor in a cave (with a box full of scraps), all Baird had to work with was scraps. But give Baird a box of scraps, step back, and watch the magic happen.
  • Has a general distrust of military officers due to the actions of Colonel Loomis during the Battle of Halvo Bay (which resulted in him being permanently stripped of his commission) He tends to connect more with the enlisted personnel. But he does make exceptions for a couple of the Pantheon's military personnel. On one end, he's cool with Gunny Sergeant Hartman because he reminds him of Colonel Hoffman. General Shepherd, on the other hand...he wants to saw the bastard in half. Loomis was a dick, but General Shepherd blew him out the water for offing his subordinates and instigating a war.
    • And after the past antics of Chairman Prescott and First Minister Jinn, Baird has placed crooked politicians in the same category.
  • Became friends with The Doom Slayer after one incident in which Doomguy caught Baird tinkering with the BFG 9000. Baird had increased the weapon's power a hundredfold, which earned him a fist-bump from Doomguy as a result. But what Doomguy really wants is a Lancer. An assault rifle with a chainsaw for a bayonet? His reaction was priceless when Baird lent Doomguy a spare Lancer:
    The Doom Slayer: (singing) Hoy, hoy, I'm the boy. Packin' forty pounds of heavenly joy...
  • Nobody was surprised to see Baird getting along well with Bruce Banner (they're both eggheads after all), but many deities were surprised to see him getting along just as well with the Hulk. After all, with such a large gap in intellect, it's hard to imagine those two having anything in common.

    Johnny Rico 
John D. 'Johnny' Rico, Celestial Citizen of Overranked Soldiers
Colonel Rico
Rico, seen in Traitor of Mars.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Mobile Infantry Flag. Alternatively, the Death From Above tattoo
  • Theme Song: Federal Network Hymn
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A Dashing Argentinean From Buenos Aires Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life, Impaled with Extreme Prejudice (he gets better)
  • Domains: Hispanic Men, Soldiers, Lost Loves, Bug Hunts
  • Not To Be Confused With: Nick Fury (the classic one) and Big Boss
  • Heralds: Private Ace Levy of the Roughnecks and Ratzass of the Marauders
  • Followers: The Roughnecks and the Marauder Team
  • Allies:
  • Rival/Worthy Opponent: Karena 'Lupo' LesProux of The Wolfpack
  • Enemies:
  • The news have been playing almost non-stop on the Federal Network. For the people of the United Citizen Federation, it's a good reason to celebrate. Colonel Johnny Rico, legendary war hero, has ascended to the Pantheon, thanks in part to Dwayne Hicks sponsoring his ascension. And being the masters of propaganda, the Federation is milking this for all its worth.
    • Rico's ascension coincided with an Arachnid assault on the Pantheon, reminding Rico of the assault at Whiskey Outpost. It took Rico's Roughnecks and his Marauder Squad, along with the Doom Slayer (wielding his BFG 9K), The Courier and the Lone Survivor (both wielding Fat Man launchers) to repel the attack. That's not counting Doomguy getting hopped up on a Berserker Pack and gleefully chewing the scenery as he ripped the bugs apart with his hands.
  • A brief background on the United Citizen Federation: at the end of the 20th century, Earth was locked in the time of violence and horror known simply as the Disorders. Then, a group of military veterans took control and stabilized the planet. Primarily, the government is split between two groups, citizens and civilians. Civilians are not discriminated against, and have some level of equal rights. Citizens are those who served in the Federation's military and are honorably discharged. Not only does Citizens have the right to vote, but also attend university on the Federation's dime. Despite its achievements, the Federation is nothing more than a fascist dystopia.
  • Liu Kang, upon seeing Rico, had commented that Rico reminded him of "a certain actor who is an annoying buffoon." Cassie Cage, for her part is considering a mentorship under Rico.
  • Did a double-take upon seeing Barbara Gordon. When asked about this incident, Rico replied, "She reminds me of Dizzy."
  • Rico's older incarnation is a spitting image of a younger Big Boss post-Operation Snake Eater. You can only tell the difference between the two due to Rico having more scars than Jack. The similarities isn't lost on Rico.
  • Friends with Damon Baird due to both men sharing nearly the same experiences growing up; both came from wealthy families, but while Baird was ordered to join the military or lose his inheritance, Rico's civilian parents were against him joining the military. And both men lost their parents; Rico when a Bug Meteor flattened Buenos Aires, Damon when the Locust Horde kicked off Emergence Day.
  • Karena LesProux of the Wolfpack sees Rico as something of a worthy opponent "He has proven to be very hard to kill. My kind of man," she muses. "Pity. He would've been at home with the Wolfpack."
  • Enemies with General Shepherd. Rico himself was once a general (before getting himself demoted to Colonel) and while his beloved Federation isn't perfect, even he is horrified with Shepherd's actions (killing allied soldiers and starting World War III). Shepherd can't call Rico a hypocrite since Rico owned up to his government's antics.
  • Hates the Xenonorphs, since not only do they remind him of those dammed Bugs, but their acid blood damages his Marauder power armor, and those damn things are expensive to replace. But the Graboids could be a serious problem, both for the Bugs and mankind.

    Treize Khushrenada 
Treize Khushrenada, God of Refined Military Officers ("Mr. Treize")

    Zapp Brannigan 
Zapp Brannigan, God of Incompetent Generals (The Zapper)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A phallic Ray Gun
  • Alignment: True Neutral (He still hates Neutrals; he's a self-loathing Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Casanova Wannabes, Handsome Leches, Good Captains (But Bad Commanders), Red Shirts Who Didn't Die, Fake Ultimate Heroes, Large Hams, Lords Error Prone
  • Domains: War, Chaos, Lust, Trickery, Coin-asseuring
  • Followers: Klaus Glad, Visser Three, Colonel Flagg
  • Allies: The Comedian
  • Abhorrent Admirer to: Turanga Leela
  • Opposes: Any male lead in every single work falling in the Harem Genre, House of Ambiguity
  • Unknown Rivals: James Bond, the Chick Magnet Quintet
  • Leela and Fry thought they had the perfect plan to finally oust Zapp from the Pantheon. They convinced Honor Harrington to have him co-pilot her fleet to take on a Xenomorph infestation on a lone planet. While Honor wanted a more cautious approach to the situation, Zapp convinced the crew to make a full-scale invasion. Ultimately, his failure to predict the right amount of aliens as well as the Xenomorph's preparations on the planet led to a spetacular defeat. Only Zapp and Honor survived.
    • The battle left the entire House of War gobsmacked. They demanded he be repramanded and sent to trial. The punishment was to send Zapp to the Planet Express, much to the crew's chagrin. Leela sent a counter offer; he can stay in the Pantheon, but in the House of War as a reminder of his failure. The Judge agreed, noting that Zapp has managed to bed several people... including Leela. Thus he was given a new title. Zapp's opinion was understandably mixed.
  • Despite all this, Brannigan still sees himself as a masterful war combatant, when in reality he's dangerously incompetent; most of his victories were due to sending wave after wave of troops to die against the foe. Most of the House of War has nothing but contempt for him, especially when he moved there.
  • Even when he made it out of the House of Lust, his former reputation still follows him. Hates James Bond for succeeding where he's failed and considers him a personal rival (even if Bond isn't aware of it).
    • Maintains a truce with Johnny Bravo, the man who got him out of his previous title. The newcomer elicits mixed feelings for Zapp. Johnny proved to be a more likeable character, which Zapp found grating. Still, he can at least say he isn't the worst Casanova in the Pantheon anymore.
  • He is also known to be jealous of all male leads in any Harem Genre work, since they've all managed to get their own harem, something he'll never be able to get. EVER.
  • Proven to have a really bad time trying to understand neutral-aligned gods; he assumes they are no better than evil-aligned ones. In spite of this, he himself is True Neutral. The House of Ambiguity had a nice laugh at the reveal... before banning him from the area.
  • He is noted to be similar to Captain Kirk, taking ideas from him about hot alien babes. Kirk would rather not associate with Zapp due to his incompetence. This sentiment is the same for most other captains.
  • Upon hearing of the creation of the Chick Magnet Quintet, Zapp has found another rival according to him. The Quintet doesn't even bother to acknowledge that.
  • Of all of Kyu Sugardust's clients, Zapp is currently the most difficult to work with. He appreciates that she makes the effort to actively approach him, but he has trouble learning from the love fairy, and she said she's not available for dating until he successfully beds another woman.
  • Was overjoyed upon learning that Leela had ascended to the pantheon; he once managed to get Pity Sex from her, and has consistently lusted after her ever since. The cyclops has proven consistently disgusted with him, and while she successfully got someone else to take Casanova Wannabe from him, he remains in the Pantheon to harass her.


    Arthur Maxson 
Elder Arthur Maxson, God of Field Promotions (Registration MX-001E)
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: The Insignia Of The East Coast Brotherhood Of Steel. Alternatively, The Prydwen And His Weapon, Final Judgment
  • Theme Song: Honor & Steel
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (with a good dose of Knight Templar mixed in)
  • Portfolio: A Father to His Men, A Space Marine Primarch By Any Other Name, Rank Scales with Asskicking, The Chains of Commanding, Descended From The Order's Founder, Roger Maxson, Elder Of The Brotherhood Of Steel, Since Age 16, Took a Level in Badass (And Jerkass), Younger Than They Look
  • Domains: Post-Apocalypse, Family, History, Technology
  • Followers: The East Coast Brotherhood of Steel (ironically)
  • High Priests: Proctor Ingram and Proctor Quinlan
  • Allies:
  • Opposes: Any Deity That Reminds Him Of A Ghoul, Super Mutant, Or A Synth, And Evil-Aligned Scientists (and for good reason)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With The T-800 Mk.2, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Commander Shepherd, the Metroid Hatchling, Samus Aran
  • Enemies: Sektor, SKYNET, The T-800 Mark 1, the T-1000, Robert Edwin House, Yes Man
  • The announcement came from the loudspeakers of the massive airship that flew overhead in the skies of the Pantheon, flanked by numerous VB-02 Vertibirds: "We are the Brotherhood of Steel. Our intentions are peaceful. Do not interfere." For the Sole Survivor, all he/she could do is shake their head. Arthur Maxson was as subtle as a mini-nuke. Their heralds - save for Paladin Danse - had mixed reactions upon seeing the Prydwen. But it was Nick Valentine's reaction that was the most memorable among the Survivor's heralds:
    • The Sole Survivor and the Courier were the first to welcome Maxson to the Pantheon. He was in one of the Vertibirds that touched down, flanked by Brotherhood Paladins in Power Armor.
    Maxson: "Ad Victoriam, soldier."
    Sole Survivor: "Ad Victoriam, Elder."
    • Arthur Maxson's ascension means that the Brotherhood of Steel now has a serious foothold in the Pantheon. In case you don't know, the BoS is a order of techno-knights whose sole purpose is to acquire and preserve lost technology (i.e., hoard and strong-arm the stuff). Of course, the Main House has made it clear that Maxson and his Brotherhood followers are not to mess with any Deity whose domain includes technology, or to outright confiscate their tech. Oh, and not to antagonize Amadeus Cho, Bruce Banner, and Jennifer Walters, as they are not Super Mutants.
  • Arthur Maxson's history is tied to the Brotherhood of Steel. His ancestor, rogue Army officer Roger Maxson, was the founder of the Brotherhood of Steel. So no pressure. As the Male!Sole Survivor is a retired combat veteran of the Sino-American War, it's unknown if he knew Maxson's famous ancestor. Or Randall Dean Clark, for that matter.
  • One of the Courier's followers, Veronica Santangelo, is a former Brotherhood scribe who left the order under bad terms. Upon hearing her story from the Courier, Maxson offers her a place within the East Coast Brotherhood. It's unknown whether or not Veronica accepted the offer.
    • Maxson however was deeply wary of two known associates of the Courier: RobCo CEO Robert House and the AI known as Yes Man, both of whom have at their potential possession an array of highly advanced technology (or in the case of Yes Man, IS highly advanced tech) as well as making their hatred of the Brotherhood very clear.
  • Maxson's background reads like a script from an action movie...or more than likely someone trying to boost Maxson's image to cult status. The scar on his face was supposedly the end result of a confrontation with a Deathclaw, at age thirteen. According to Danse, Maxson fought and killed said Deathclaw using only a knife. Any Wastelander can tell you that fighting a Deathclaw with only a glorified pigsticker is suicide.
    • Some sources claim that following the deaths of Elder Lyons and Sarah Lyons, Maxson was appointed to the role of Elder at the age of sixteen by his superiors at Lost Hills, and that he answers to them. Maxson's lasting achievement was to bring back the Brotherhood Outcasts back into the fold, having left the Brotherhood due to opposing views, and reversing most of Owyn Lyons' decrees and laws.
  • As a god hailing from post-apocalyptic America, Maxson has made friends with fellow deities who operate in the same category, John Connor being the main one. The Brotherhood Elder and the Commander of Tech-Com struck a friendship, Connor going on record saying that if he had a couple of guys in Power Armor armed with gatling lasers, then SKYNET would've been scrap much, much sooner.
    • Damon Baird is occasionally seen hanging around the Prydwen, chatting up Proctors Ingram and Quinlan. As a techie himself, Baird is impressed with how the Brotherhood managed to build the airship. From scratch, 200+ years after the Great War. Maxson, for his part, is also impressed with Baird's tech-savvy, especially the Humongous Mecha he and Cole piloted. Baird, on his end, is impressed with the rebuilt Liberty Prime, and has offered tips to Ingram and Quinlan on how to improve the mecha's effectiveness.
  • You'd be amazed as to how much Maxson can relate to the God Emperor, mainly in part to their genocidal views regarding non-humans. So it's no surprise that Maxson and the God-Emperor are allies.
    • Captain Tidus is also allies with Maxson, the two men bonding over battle tactics, war stories, and comparing the other's Power Armor, although both men claim that their respective armor is the superior one.
  • Arthur is wary around Commander Shepherd, or rather, the company that he keeps, some of them being not human. When called out for his bigotry regarding the non-human deities, Maxson calmly states that where he came from, 99 percent of the time, the non-humans (aside from the Raiders and hostile Scavengers) are trying to kill you. While Maxson's views are not shared by the majority, he is vindicated by the Sole Survivor and The Courier.
    • Samus Aran, upon hearing of Maxson's claims, opted to put that to the test. So Maxson dropped her into the Commonwealth, armed with only her standard gear and the Baby. 24 hours later, even she had to admit that Maxson was right...although she had a blast (pun intended) in wrecking a couple of Super Mutant Behemoths and gods know what else.
  • Really, really hates SKYNET. To say that Maxson hates the genocidal supercomputer is like saying the Glowing Sea is a tad radioactive. SKYNET's actions prove exactly what Maxson was saying about dangerous technology and human ambition going unchecked. Can't deny that he's right in that aspect.
    Arthur Maxson: "Millions...perhaps even billions, died because science outpaced man's restraint! They called it a 'new frontier' and 'pushing the envelope,' completely disregarding the repercussions."

    Bask Om 
Captain Bask Om, God of State Security
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Titans emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, but pretends to be Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bad Boss, A huge fan of Corporal Punishment, Insane Captains, The Dragon, a victim of torture, possibly making him a dick, irredeemable dicks
  • Domains: War, Corruption, Military
  • Heralds: Adm. Jamitov Hymem (his superior), Adm. Gene Coliny and the rest of the Titans
  • Followers: The A-Laws
  • Allies: Jerid Messa, Millennium, Ali Al-Saachez
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The entire upper echelon of the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Enemies: Char Aznable, Amuro Ray, Bright Noa, Anavel Gato, Gihren Zabi, all other good-aligned Gundam pilots
  • His ascension led to multiple sides to form an Enemy Mine for the sake of preventing Bask Om to be a threat. Even Amuro and Char stopped fighting for their philosophies.
  • Ali found out about his ascension and decided to work for him. Bask laughed and accepted, and together they wreak havoc and make money together. Unfortunately it caused them to gain more enemies around the pantheon.
  • Bask was delighted to join the Pantheon under this moniker as he tries to justify (and the Court of Gods believe) that the Titans is THE STATE SEC, with them gassing colonies just to remove the anti-Federation propaganda, they are just protecting their government. Amuro and Char disagree about their justification, because of their intense racism against "Spacenoids" because of their Newtype abilities.
  • Char refuses to let him join the Grand United Alliance of Evil even though the man himself is a bigger evil than him, Char refuses to be on the same side as him, and could possibly defect if Bask joins the GUAE. So he joined the GUAL.
  • Anavel Gato cites Bask as a reason why the ""Feddies" shouldn't rule, and why the Zeon splinter group had their Operation Stardust foiled, as their high ranking member Cima defected to the Earth Federation's movement and exposed their plan. As expected, Bask just snickers at the statement.
    • On the other hand, he despises Gihren, and has promised to vaporize him if they come into direct contact.
  • It's unknown whether Bask has artificial eyes, or if he's blind behind his weird glasses.

    The Commander 
Commander, the Non-Entity General

    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman 
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Divine Training Instructor From Hell (Sergeant Hartman, Gunny, The Senior Drill Instructor, John Wayne)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Several ribbons he earned as a Marine.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (seen as Lawful Evil by those assigned to him)
  • Portfolio: Very Scary Drill Sergeants, Calling His Charges Names, Copious Swearing and Shouting
  • Domains: Army, Fear.
  • Followers: Good luck finding them... most of them are still hiding after his last drills.
  • Superior: Stanley Kubrick
  • Allies: Frank Castle, Sarge, Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, Damon Baird, Sgt. John Basilone, Captain Herbert Sobel, Olivier Armstrong, Kilowog, John Stewart, Demonee-ho of the Hee-Horde, Seymour Skinner, the Marine Squads of "Call of Duty" and "Medal of Honor", the Flag Raisers, Team Metal, Corporal Dwayne Hicks, Red Forman
  • Enemies: False Knight, John Rambo, Darjeeling
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Charlotte E. Yeager
  • Respected By: Glenn Matthews/The Janitor, Sousuke Sagara, Reese Wilkerson
  • Admires: Julius Caesar
  • Opposed By: Maria and Georg von Trapp, Francis Wilkerson, the Anglerfish Team, Captain Hawkeye Pierce, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
  • Fears: The Kingpin
  • Conflicting Opinions: Forrest Gump, Colonel Kilgore
  • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman embodies the image of a Drill Sergeant Nasty: a screaming, spitting and insulting senior drill at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island. Too bad his intention of moulding his recruits into killing machines backfired. One of them, Private Lawrence (aka 'Gomer Pyle') shot him dead in a mental breakdown from his training and promptly turned the gun on himself afterwards. This incident marked Hartman's ascension to a new training ground: the Pantheon.
  • His main job in the Pantheon is to train mortals that wishes to join any of the military forces that makes up the Pantheon's defensive force. Or ascended squads such as the HECU who will need further specialization to deal with the threats that the Pantheon offers.
  • His obstacle course in the mortal world was not tough enough for the Pantheon, so he added some lava pits, crocodiles, laser beams, living thornbushes and bees!
  • A bunch of Jack Frosts decided to apply to be trained by him. The sole Frost who managed to graduate did so with top honors, changed his name to Demonee-Ho, and joined the Counter-Demon Force. He credits Hartman for his success. And vocabulary.
  • His training methods might be good for military, but are not recommended for anything else. A woman called Luhy Distone tried using them on Nyarko for a month to make her a Magical Girl. It failed horribly.
  • During one of his drills, was amused to see the Toy Story crew was following him for finding his voice familiar.
  • The only deity he actually fears is The Kingpin, who reminds him of Gomer Pyle. And that's only because Rambo prefers to simply avoid Hartman, given he reminds him of both Vietnam and those Arizona sheriffs that made him destroy a whole town.
    • Regarding other Vietnam vets, Hartman at times doesn't get along with Col. Kilgore, who is against treating his own men so bad, and is not impressed with Forrest Gump, who Hartman thinks would've snapped like a twig if sent to his camp - though otherwise, he has nothing bad to say, given Forrest was a very obedient soldier who did nothing wrong while serving his country.
  • While Hartman is one of the unfriendliest people in the Pantheon, he managed to make at least two friends, The Punisher, a Marine (who used to have been on Vietnam, but now only remembers Afghanistan and Iraq) with a similarly aggressive personality; and Sarge, an equally rough sergeant with a penchant for creative insults.
  • Glenn Matthews/The Janitor claims his dad bears a resemblance to Hartman. While some deities declare this as yet another lie, others do find some merit in this, as the sergeant is one of the few gods that the Janitor respects in full. The House of Health and Diseases used this to their advantage, bringing Hartman over whenever the Janitor steps out of line.
  • Olivier Armstrong approves of the strict training that Sergeant Hartman puts his students through because it serves a similar purpose to hers, though she thinks he could use a little more discretion about when to turn down the drilling. She's yet to encounter a Gomer Pyle situation under her command and is unlikely to for a good number of reasons.
  • You'd think that for a girl military force, the Anglerfish Team would be ignored by the likes of Hartman due to their size. Wrong. The Sergeant's nasty presence has left a terrible mark on the group, so much that Miho's heart would pound harder the moment his presence is heard and her crew mates share their painful encounters with him, with his exercises considered by the rest to be too much to handle, not to mention the Sergeant's tenacity of spitting out offensive words against them.
  • Thought he could break Captain Hawkeye Pierce with his harsh prep talks. That only caused Hawkeye to become even more insubordinate to the man. Things got worse for him when more lax deities started to join in on the fun. Things finally got resolved by the Courts which called for a ceasefire. It was clear to Hartman that he would have to use a different tactic to get the surgeon to work more efficiently.

    Herbert Sobel 
"You people are at the position of attention!"

Captain Herbert Sobel, God of Jerkass Military Officers
"Hi-ho Silver!"

    Jeor Mormont 
Jeor Mormont, God of Cool Commanders

    John Basilone 
Sgt. John Basilone, Patron Saint of Rock-Hard NCOs (Manila John)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Medal of Honor, or alternatively, a M1917 Browning Machine gun
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Rank Scales with Asskicking, Killed Off for Real, Having a pair of .30 caliber machine guns on hand, Drill Sergeant Nasty, Repelling a Japanese regiment with just a machine gun, Married to another Marine, Saving more lives while sacrificing his own, Semper Fi
  • Domains: United States Armed Forces, United States Marine Corps, Sergeants
  • Allies:O'Bannon, Sgt. Hartmann, Mr. "Jane Doe", Tank Dempsey, Captain America
  • Headbutting Heroes: With all ascended IJN kanmusu, but special thanks go to: Fubuki and Akatsuki, Yuudachi, and Tenryuu, Takeo Masaki
  • Conflicted towards: Sen. Armstrong, General Shepherd
  • Interservice Rivalry: Maj. Richard Winters and Capt. Ronald Spiers, Charlotte Yeager
  • Made his way into the pantheon via a landing craft bringing him in. His first order of the day was finding other Marines located within the Pantheon.
  • It doesn't take him too long to find them. The first one to welcome him is none other than Tank Dempsey, a Marine from one of the same divisions that Basilone himself had served in. Dempsey immediately hands him a Browning M1919, complete with 500 rounds of ammunition, to use against any enemies he comes up against.
  • One of the few deities in the Pantheon to actively ally himself with Sgt. Hartmann, mainly due to the fact that their methods for training are very similar. Hartmann sees him as an ideal example of what a Marine should be.
  • While he does appreciate doing war-bond drives on behalf of Senator Armstrong, he doesn't exactly trust him completely, partly due to the shady nature of his associates.
  • General Shepherd also hopes to use Basilone as a way to get more support within the Pantheon for his schemes as well, but unlike Armstong the Sergeant outright turns down his offer, knowing full well that the General has ulterior motives...
  • Isn't exactly pleased that, even in the Pantheon, he still has to compete for resources with Army-aligned deities such as Major Winters and Captain Spiers. It leaves the veteran Marine in a situation where's forced into secretly taking boxes of weapons, food, and ammunition from them, not unlike during his time on Guadalcanal.
  • Is absolutely opposed to the IJN kanmusu, mainly for being reincarnations of the enemy that he had fought until his previous death on Iwo Jima. He wants nothing to do with them, even after receiving an explanation from American shipgirl O'Bannon that they mean no harm. At the very least, he won't intrude on their operations against the Abyssal fleet, knowing that doing so would have dire consequences.
    • Is similarly not willing to interact with Takeo Masaki for pretty much the same reasons.
  • Captain America takes an interest in him due to also being affiliated with war-bond drives and propaganda. Basilone readily accepts Rogers' offer to do war bond drives alongside him, having actually seen and read the very comics the Cap starred in during his very own war bond drives During the War.

    Richard Winters and Ronald Speirs 
Major Richard "Dick" Winters and Captain Ronald Speirs, The Captain Smooth and Sergeant Rough Duo of the Pantheon (Winters, Quaker; Speirs, Ron, Sparky)
Left: Major Winters; Right: Captain Spiers
Winters: "There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of the men I served with who never got to enjoy the world without war."

Speirs: "The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function. Without mercy, without compassion, without remorse. All war depends upon it."