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This is where the hierarchy of the military is located, housing everyone who holds a distinguishable rank on their respective army. They are the ones in charge of maintaining and looking over the lesser ranks of the pantheon...with varying results depending on the person.

Don't be surprised if you see anyone here wandering in the House of Leadership.

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Intermediate Gods

    Euron Greyjoy 
King Euron Greyjoy, Pirate God Of Tongue Trauma and Insane Admirals (Euron Crow's Eye, The Drowned God - self-proclaimed, King of the Iron Islands, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, Lord Reaper of Pyke, Commander of the Lannister Fleet, One-Eye - by Jaime Lannister)
  • Theme Song: Theme Of Euron Greyjoy 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The sigil of House Greyjoy, slightly altered - a silver kraken on a black field with a third red eye seen on its head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (emphasis on Chaotic)
  • Portfolio: "I Am The Drowned God", An Axe to Grind, Asskicking Equals Authority (and vice versa), The Berserker, Big Little Brother To Balon, Blood Knight, Brutal Honesty, The Cain To Balon's Abel, Cloudcuckoolander, The Charmer, Cultural Rebel, The Dreaded, Large Ham, Laughing Mad, Rape, Pillage, and Burn, The Resenter, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Sanity Slippage, Screaming Warrior, The Sociopath, Villainous Valour, Villain with Good Publicity 
  • Domains: Piracy, Insanity, Kinslaying, Kingslaying
  • Allies: Cersei Lannister, Vaas Montenegro, The Joker, The Kurgan, Kano
  • Opposing Pirate Deities: Jack Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth Turner, Isabela of Rivain, Monkey D. Luffy, Johnny Sfondi, May
  • Enemies:
  • Fears: Cervantes de Leon, Kenshiro, Raoh
  • Opposed by: Risky Boots.
  • Worthy Opponents: Kratos, Gregor Clegane, Isabela of Rivain, Conan Of Cimmeria
  • Morbidly Interested In: Cthulhu
  • Banned From: The House of Royalty, The House of Dragons, The House of Family, The House of Couples, The House of Treasures (including Maximum Security and The Armory), and The House of Romance, and from most of the good-aligned sorceresses
  • I don't mock the Drowned God - I am the Drowned God. From Oldtown to Qarth, when men see my sails, they pray.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after laying waste to Daenerys Targaryen's fleet, much to the delight of Cersei Lannister and the anger of Daenerys Targaryen. He was originally slated to ascend following him becoming King of the Iron Isles, but that was delayed. Fortunately, Cersei used a portion of the stolen Tyrell gold to smooth things over, allowing Euron to ascend proper.
  • The younger brother of Balon Greyjoy, Balon is a talented sailor and commander. However, things went downhill for his family when Balon rebelled against the fledgling Baratheon regime. While he had declared for his brother and was the mastermind behind the attack which destroyed Tywin Lannister's fleet at Lannisport, the Greyjoy Rebellion would end in failure, driving Euron into exile.
    • Tywin Lannister had not forgotten that little detail, and vows that "Euron Greyjoy will pay his debts" to the Lannisters. He's also not too keen seeing Euron in cahoots with his murderous, kinslaying/queenslaying daughter.
  • His ship is The Silence, which he named following him ripping out the tongues of his crew. This came after he went batshit insane during a storm whilst sailing the Jade Sea and his crew had to tie him to the mast from throwing himself overboard. When asked why he did that, Euron casually replied, "I needed the silence."
  • Euron has a morbid fascination with the most infamous of Old Gods, Cthulhu. Maybe because it shares several similarities with the Drowned God, or maybe Euron can be in its presence without going even more insane (as it such a thing can be more possible).
  • Hears that there is a Pirate King in the Pantheon. Euron's curiosity is piqued when he discovers that the Pirate King is in fact one Elizabeth Swann Turner. "My kind of woman," Euron notes upon hearing of how she fought - and got married - during the Battle of Calypso's Maelstrom. First things first: kill her husband, then usurp the title of Pirate King from Elizabeth and make her his salt wife. "I pay the iron price," Euron said.
  • Turns out that Euron has a thing for powerful women. Sure he's betrothed to Cersei, but there are other deities who are younger and more attractive than her. Emily Kaldwin is such a woman. "A fighter as well as a warrior," Euron notes. Emily, for her part, is not interested in Euron, thankfully. Corvo is not amused in the least.
    • Euron also has an unhealthy obsession with Geralt's foster daughter, Ciri Elen Riannon. A hunter of the supernatural and an Empress? And her deified cousin, the Duchess of Touissant isn't bad-looking either. This pisses Geralt off something serious.
  • Heard about Red Sonja's challenge, and decides to take her up on it. Too bad that Euron is a rapist. While not on part with Gregor Clegane, that little detail still set Sonja off. Euron was forced to retreat, lest the furious swordswoman try and geld him.
  • Euron finds himself on most of the pirate deities' shit-list. He is, however, absolutely terrified of Cervantes de Leon. Euron crossed paths with the undead pirate in the past. It nearly ended with Cervantes bisecting Euron in two while possessed by Soul Edge. Even without the cursed blade, Cervantes is a threat. Euron decided that it would be best to avoid him.
    • Also steers clear of Raoh. Anyone who rides a horse the size of an elephant and can casually backhand the head off a person's shoulders is someone that needs to be watched...especially if said offender happened to be one of his men.
  • Even before leaving King's Landing to fight with the North, Jaime Lannister despises Euron. In a time which Tyrion himself kills Gregor Clegane during his trial by combat, Jaime and Euron squared off during a battle at sea. Despite Euron's sorcery and his assortment of dirty tricks (and insults), Jaime slays him, thus earning a more favorable nickname - Crowslayer.
  • Euron sees the half-naked wenches hanging around Conan and wonders what he has that makes him irresistible to the ladies. Is it his natural charm... or something else entirely? That or the fact that the deified Cimmerian is a monster on the battlefield. Euron trembles with anticipation over who is the better fighter between the two.
  • Among the many, many Houses he's banned from, the House of Dragons top the list. The reason being is that Euron is in possession of Dragonbinder, a six-foot long dragon horn that can bring a dragon under his control. That is something even the Dovahkiin cannot allow.
  • Also has a spot in Slaughter.

    Gabriel Angelos 
Gabriel Angelos, God of Captains (Captain of the Blood Ravens, 3rd Company, Savior of Tartarus, Bane of the Black Legion, Gabriel of the Hidden Heart, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Black Raven with a red blood drop in the center. Personally, his Daemonhammer, God-Splitter
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Space Marine, Big Good, Drop the Hammer, Cyborg, Authority Equals Asskicking, The Leader
  • Domain: Faith, Leadership, Space, War
  • Direct Superior: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Allies: Cyrus, Marenus Calgar, Sangunius, Vulkan, Leman Russ, Madoka Kaname, Oriko Mikuni
  • High Champion: Apollo Diomedes (Honor Guard Captain)
  • Followers: Non-ascendant Blood Ravens and Space Marine Captains
  • Completely Disappointed with: Indrick "SPESS MAHREENS" Boreale
  • Enemies: The Forces of Chaos (Khorne, in particular), Abaddon the Despoiler, Mork and Gork, Ghazkull, Nightbringer, The Deceiver, Satan, Lucifer, YVHV, ELIPHAS!
  • Ascended after having battled through countless conflicts with the rest of the Blood Ravens, which included confronting the Alpha Legion at Tartarus (and taking out a Daemon Prince of Khorne sealed from an ancient relic), leading against a Tyranid invasion and a Black Legion revolt at Aurelia, and confronting his renegade Chapter Master who just ascended into another Khornate Daemon.
  • Some fear him, because he called down the Inquisition to destroy his own homeworld, Cyrene, upon discovering a taint of Chaos. However, he has regretted his home's destruction.
  • Although he cares for the well-being of his fellow Blood Ravens, he is rather disappointed with Indrick Boreale who became rather infamous for the failure in the Kaurava System, and his tendency to spread the word of The Blood Ravens in...rather weird ways.... His fellow brother, Cyrus, doesn't wish to speak about it.
  • Surprisingly eyed by the God of Courage as a plausible inheritor of the Goldion Crusher apart from Vita. Angelos himself felt honored upon hearing the same, but nonetheless declined the offer since he's still busy with Diomedes in cleansing his entire chapter after his predecessor fell into Khorne's sway and nearly left the Blood Ravens undermanned. And that's not even counting Boreale's ill-fated Kaurava campaign.
  • Though he owes a great deal of gratitude towards his High Champion, he's rather skeptic of his speech pattern, which loosely reminds him of Boreale.
  • Each and every time that he and his chapter fights the enemies of humanity, they always bring back hundreds of relics and various items with them after the battle. There is a reason why they are sometimes called "The Bloody Magpies" and why the enemy does everything they can in order to nail everything they have down to the ground.
  • Rumors say that Gabriel Angelos loves to throw dildos at people without warning and motivation. He has yet to say of the matter.
  • The GUAL and their psychotic command structure is a tragic reminder of an Old Shame of his. That, and orders from The Emperor is why he has joined the Rebellion faction of The Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • There has been some speculation that the Blood Ravens were originally a chapter of the Thousand Sons, followers of Magnus the Red. Neither Angelos nor Magnus have commented on the theory as of yet.

    Marneus Augustus Calgar 
Marneus Augustus Calgar, God of Four-Star Soldiers (Chapter Master of The Ultramarines, The Spiritual Liege, The Notorious M.A.C, The MAC Daddy, Manliest Cattleguard, Pimp Daddy Calgar, and Papa Smurf)

    Roy Mustang 
Roy Mustang, God of Colonels (The Flame Alchemist, Colonel Mustang)
  • Theme song: "Again" by YUI.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A transmutation circle with a flame symbol at the top and a lizard icon at the bottom (it can be seen drawn on the back of his hand in the adjacent image).
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Colonels, Playing with Fire, alchemy, post-war trauma, inspiring his men, being desired by the ladies, magnificent bastardry, Good-Looking Privates.
  • Domains: Fire, Alchemy, War
  • Followers: Jim Rhodes, Hans Landa, Sergei Smirnov
  • Allies: Riza Hawkeye (former Herald), Maes Hughes (his best friend), Edward Elric, Alex Louis Armstrong, Alphonse Elric, The Scarred Man (former enemy), Greed the Avaricious, Nick Fury, Jade Curtiss, Johnny Storm/Human Torch {Fantastic Four}, Jean Valjean, Guile, Hayate Yagami, Gaius, Muzét, Satsuki Kiryuin, Charlie Nash, Shinjiro Aragaki
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Olivier Mira Armstrong
  • Enemies: ENVY THE JEALOUS, Lust the Lascivious, Father Homunculus, Dante of the Deep Forest, Pride the Arrogant, Führer King Bradley, Gluttony the Voracious, Relius Clover, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Respected by: Martin Walker, The Tenth Doctor
  • Feared by: Milla Basset
  • A colonel in the military of Amestris, who first met the Elric brothers while stationed in East City. Known as the Flame Alchemist for his ability to create flames by manipulating the oxygen in the air, he's a remarkably capable commander who seeks to become the Führer so he can fix the country and spread his ideals to the people. Set on this quest (as well as scarred for life) by his role as a "Hero" of the horrific Ishval Civil War, he became the third most important protagonist behind the brothers themselves in the story of the Fullmetal Alchemist.
    • While eventually reaching the rank of General by the end of things, the most important parts of his rise up the ranks of the State Military came with him as a Colonel, during which he became an exemplar of what it means to hold such rank highly. The Court of the Gods ascended him as the God of Colonels to show him this respect. This seat had previously been held by Jade Curtiss, the Necromancer, who willingly handed the position to Mustang. Curtiss took residence in the House of Knowledge as the God of Creating Combat Clones, but later changed to the God of Celibate Eccentric Geniuses, now seated in the House of Science. The two are on good terms, even moreso after Curtiss' reading in the house brought him to a Heel Realization about his scientific arts which reminded Roy of the Elric brothers' horror at discovering the power source of a Philosopher's Stone.
  • He snarks near-constantly, even when he’s been blinded, but that isn’t fooling anyone; his raw power when he does get into a fight can be absolutely terrifying, especially when he’s good and pissed – his reputation in the GUAG Combat Division is hard-earned and well-deserved.
  • One of the Pantheon’s must trusted field commanders and strategists. Although his sarcasm and his aloof demeanor make some soldiers hesitant to approach him, those who are closest to him — especially Hawkeye — are well aware of his knack for bringing out the best in the troops under his command. Even Major Armstrong, who's not his direct subordinate, was inspired rather that intimidated when Roy trusted him with the truth about Amestris. Nick Fury appreciates this about Mustang and respects his opinion above most others outside of SHIELD for this reason.
  • Contrary to what one might believe, water won't take him down easy. As a matter of fact, its two components just feeds him more fire to use. Though rainy weather is a different matter, as it denies him the ability to create the spark needed to make fire. That and any allies of his would get burnt as well when in the rain.
  • After that business with Father and the Homunculi, Roy's particularly wary of anything that smells like a scheme. He keeps close tabs on Thrawn, and he sure as hell keeps his eyes on Kimball Kinnison.
  • Mustang's determination to right the wrongs he committed in Ishval, even knowing full well that doing so would see him imprisoned for war crimes, has earned him a great deal of respect from some of the other gods; even Martin Walker and the Tenth Doctor agree that Mustang has long since atoned for his sins, but there’s no telling him that.
  • True to his word, on the day he took his seat on the Pantheon, the order was passed down: all goddesses and female officers are henceforth required to wear… TINY MINISKIRTS!
    • …Nobody complies, though.
  • Often spars with Johnny Storm, since they both apply the same element in battle but do so very differently.
  • Finds it admirable how despite the fact that Hayate Yagami's great range and power combined with terrible aim causes her fellow troops to have to evacuate and leave her to fight solo whenever she steps on the front lines, she's still willing to do so just to help them.
  • The fact that both he and Relius Clover share the same voice is a terrible shock to him.
  • He's far more pleased at sharing this voice with Guile and Gaius, though. Given his commonalities with both men (Guile is a battle-tested respected soldier whose mission included avenging a glasses-wearing hyper-competent best friend killed by the main threat to his universe, while Gaius took over a corrupt ruling system and changed it from the inside into a righteous force to protect its people), this is not surprising.
    • Is also good with Guile's hyper-compentent best friend. With Nash ascending to the Pantheon after his second death, Mustang met the man and gave him a heads-up about Father and he agreed to stay alert regarding the Homunculus. Charlie reminds Roy of the serious sides of both Maes Hughes and Jean Havoc, especially given he sounds like the latter.
    • Before Gaius ascended, the King's partnered spirit Muzét had confused Roy for Gaius due to their voices and, after realizing the truth, offered to direct tether with him anyway. He agreed to this at first, but began to regret it when she got a bit clingy. Thankfully this died down with Gaius's ascension.
  • One day he was going over notes when he happened upon a young woman passing through who seemed to have the presence of a soldier. Curious, he stopped and engaged this girl in a conversation which quickly became a mock war strategy debate. She impressed him with her ability to keep up, until she mentioned that she got her experience from an academy, which immediately raised alarm bells because she was too good for just some academy student and got him asking questions. The answers he got were a basic introduction to the life and quest of Satsuki Kiryuin. The good colonel came away respecting Satsuki for going through a campaign similar to his own, but she also reminded him of another, older authoritative Lady of War from his own world. Also, he finds Ragyo to be utterly monstrous.
    • During one meeting with Nick Fury, Roy suddenly got cold shivers and couldn't explain why. He later learned that at precisely that moment, said lady of war, Olivier Mira Armstrong, had gained her own temple in the Pantheon.
  • Milla the Hound is afraid of him because of his "I LOVE DOGS!" speech, which praises the canine kind… because they'll take being treated like underlings without asking for a raise. Little does she get, anthropomorphic dogs who may as well be considered nature-made chimeras in his world's terms are not exactly what he's talking about…
  • Sometime after the ascensions of both the Ishvalan called Scar and Roy's confidante and would-be lover Riza Hawkeye, Riza told him about a young man she met at the house of Canines who tried to shy away from the dogs but was surprisingly good with them; later rumors of an incident between a youth and Scar turned out to be about the same young man, named Shinjiro Aragaki. After doing some research into his life story and discovering that Aragaki accidentally killed a young man's innocent parents, he met up with Shinjiro and told him not to be so hard on himself, as there were many in the Pantheon who'd done much worse than he.
  • Speaking of those who've done much worse, Envy was recently revealed within the Pantheon. Roy greeted Envy's return about the way you'd expect. He also petitioned hard in response to revive Hughes within the Pantheon, and initially was very glad for it when it finally happened… until Hughes drove Roy to drink by arriving on a ship with his daughter Elicia's face on it and gushing over pictures of his family again. Nevertheless, he introduced Hughes to allies against Father who Maes had yet to meet such as Greed, the reformed Scar, the Major General herself, and new allies in the Pantheon such as Guile and Charlie.

    Sun Ce 
Sun Ce (style name: Bofu), God of Young-Aged Conquest (Little Conqueror)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The flag of the Wu army, in the center of a tiger head.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hot-Blooded, Eagerness of Combat, Conquering Large Areas In Young Age, Attracting Opposites For Close Buds, Warrior Prince, Dual Tonfas
  • Domains: Conquest, Combat, War
  • Allies: Alexander the Great, Sonsaku Hakufu, Zaraki Kenpachi, Talim, Date Masamune, Litchi Faye-Ling Amane Nishiki, Makoto Nanaya
  • Rivals: Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Lu Bu
  • Enemies: CATS, Shao Kahn, a lot of evil Gods of Magic
  • Ascended on the recommendation of Alexander the Great, who, upon seeing the Three Kingdoms warlords gathering, and there's no representatives of the last kingdom, Wu. With Sun Ce's record of conquering Wu in such a young age, and his epithet, he's quickly accepted.
  • When he met his 'high school hot girl counterpart', Sonsaku Hakufu, Sun Ce was extremely surprised that he will have an uber hot descendant. But, he'll refrain from hitting her, Sun Ce is still pretty loyal to his wife Daqiao. That, and he sometimes wished his Hakufu-counterpart wasn't rushing into trouble a lot since Sun Ce at least had some level-headed approaches.
    • That being said, he's still a little miffed when he heard about Cao Cao one day trying to include his wife in his harem. He didn't live long enough to hear that back then, though Cao Cao himself is annoyed at how overblown the myth is, while Sun Ce is shrugging as he notices the warlord always slipping away at the mere mention of "The two Qiaos are here!"
    • On the other hand, when he heard about Hakufu's tales in life, Sun Ce was actually surprised on one thing. Maybe he didn't live long enough to see this guy, but one of his brother's latter officers, Gan Ning, was told to be actually a psychopathic ruthless bastard, much like what Hakufu encountered. It was actually something that was taken out of the pages of history. Regardless, Sun Ce actually gave Gan Ning a break, he was pretty sure he'd know and this whole Lovable Rogue/Pirate thing was a mean to atone for such indecent life. Gan Ning himself recalling times of what Lu Meng's mother did for him, was feeling grateful once more.
      • Regarding history, fellow gods were quite surprised in that Sun Bofu himself had some solid ways of dealing with rival warlords with some rather impressive tactics. He may hide a lot more inside of his head than one thinks...
      • In regards to Hakufu, another female counterpart of his named Xuelian/Sheren tends to be freaking him out in that she's in a homosexual relationship with that universe's version of Zhou Yu named Minglin/Meirin. Sun Ce has stated outright in that he does not roll that way for his best friend.
  • He actually had a lot of blast when visiting various Gods from BlazBlue. He's quick friends with Makoto Nanaya for their tonfa combat, nearly mistook Litchi Faye-Ling as the bodyguard of his brother Sun Quan, and once the mistake was straightened out, Sun Ce befriended her and not exactly one to condemn her for her decision. And lastly, on meeting Amane Nishiki, Sun Ce had a deja vu, not only on the similarity of their voices, he thought Amane was the second coming of his sworn brother Zhou Yu. Though Amane's not into strategy (especially the historical Sun Ce's way of thinking), Sun Ce respects him.
  • Once got into a fight with this verse's Date Masamune, who had a lot more in common with him than the one he met in his original world. Sun Ce actually had a lot of fun with this guy, seeing that this Masamune isn't one to worship Orochi. He finds it odd he also shares Xiahou Dun's voice.
  • He's not exactly one to make a lot of enemies, he usually refers them as 'rivals', 'sparring partners', etc. But he'll make exception to Shao Kahn, who he realizes as a threat of every living beings and swore to stop him at all costs. This is different from how Alexander, his 'senior', viewed Kahn.
  • Meeting his brother-in-law Liu Bei has been a bit of an awkward encounter, given Liu Bei's actions following the Battle of Fan Castle. However, after hearing both sides of the story, Ce assured him that he doesn't hold his actions against him, as Ce probably would have acted similarly upon losing one of his sworn brothers as well. That, and while Liu Bei was very infamous for how his historical-self was, the Liu Bei before him right now has changed and will change for the better.
    • Now that his ascension has put the Wu Kingdom into the Pantheon, the Three Kingdoms are now ready to resume their battle. However, the change in setting has made their fight much larger than it used to be. For this reason, Ce has been recruiting prospective warriors into his ranks, as well as trying to get more of his comrades to ascend. With any luck, he can eclipse his old title of "The Little Conqueror", or perhaps he can merely have the three kingdoms join forces for more common threats instead.
      • However, in terms of his brother-in-law relations, having two-new-sworn-brothers-in-law, his wife, and two other two siblings-in-law....his father Sun Jian is going to have a lot on his plate. Sun Ce can do nothing but rub the back of his head with little words to move the mood.
      • Also, he FORBIDS Sun Quan to go drinking with Zhang Fei; the former in historical records is a nasty drunk while the latter's only a drunk in his current + fictional portrayal; Sun Ce has been getting both Zhou Tai and Xingcai's help in trying to get rid of all the wine around them so they won't drunkenly-destroy stuff like crazy.
      • This also applies to Cao Cao's middle son, Cao Zhi, as well. Sun Ce upon realizing they have a third crazy drunkard to deal with has started working on countermeasures right away, all while swearing at the realization. Those three younger siblings in the end, are sure a lot of work.
  • It took time for him to get a little more comfortable towards the good people in the House of Magic, but he does get rather wary against them, considering the last time he got paranoid over this magician called Gan/Yu Ji caused his untimely death. But if said magician is evil, deep down he's kinda glad that he can strike without holding back (ESPECIALLY the Koihime version). And there's a whole bunch of them.
    • However, part of Sun Ce feels a little guilty in that it was possible that his more popular novel portrayal was merely prejudice towards such myths that opposed his people's trust in him.

Lesser Gods

     Damon Baird 
Damon S. Baird, Seran Saint Of Repeated Promotions and Demotions (Uncle Baird - by JD Fenix, Sweet Cheeks - by Sam Byrne)
Damon, 25 years later. 
  • Theme Song: Judgement
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: His Signature Goggles
  • Alignment: Chaotic Jerkass
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Mechanics, Engineering, War, Survival
  • Superior: Marcus Fenix
  • High Priest: Joseph Capelli (jerkass-wise)
  • Allies: Issac Clarke, Master Chief, Doomguy, Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, Ash Williams, Ellen Ripley, Jax Briggs, Gunny Hartmann, Kevin Flynn, Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • Friendly Rivalry: with Tony Stark/Iron Man, Miranda Shepherd
  • Opposes: Every crooked military and officer in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: SKYNET, Sektor, Lex Luthor, Bane, Leatherface, General Shepherd
  • Not To Be Confused With: Bill Goldberg
  • Marcus Fenix was the first to find out about his ascension, and was out on one of the Pantheon's many heliports to greet Delta Squad's resident mechanic/engineer (and resident jerk), Damon S. Baird, who arrived in the Pantheon via Kings Raven Helicopter.
    Marcus: Welcome to the Pantheon, Baird.
    Baird: Aw, fuck.
  • Like Marcus, Baird grew up in an aristocratic family. He had a passion for technology, with the only "happy memory" regarding his sheltered upbringing was "building things and tinkering with machines." In school, he was The Ace, passing his exams with ease and spending his spare time inventing gadgets. Originally aspiring to become an engineer, his parents gave him an ultimatum: enlist in the army or forfeit your inheritence. Baird chose the former. Unfortunate, he joined the armed forces of the Coalition of Ordered Governments on Emergence Day, in which both his parents were killed.
  • Baird had originally requested The Engineer, but seeing what Issac Clarke had went through, decided that he was more deserving of the post. Despite his attitude, Issac and Baird have a mutual respect for one another.
  • 25 years after the Locust War, Baird is the CEO of DB Industries (of whose creations make up most of the COG's forces) and is the Honorary Uncle to Marcus's son, James Dominic Fenix, alongside Cole. Due to Baird's snarky attitude and the fact that James and his friends had fought off wave after wave of Baird's creations, their relationship is rocky at best. But Baird cares for JD and said nephew has a grudging respect towards Baird.
    • During this time, he hooked up with Samantha Byrne. But she's not his wife, but rather his "special ladyfriend". Of course, given all they've been through, they are happy together, despite their banter during the Locust War. Case in point:
    Sam: Oh, Baird, that house over there. I can see it now: you, me, a couple of kids and a dog.
    Baird: Yeah, and my great big bottle of suicide pills.
    Sam: That'll save me from poisoning your dinner.
    Baird: You'll miss me one day.
    Sam: Only if somebody bumps my elbow.
    Baird: (deadpan) Ha-ha.
    • And there's this little gem:
    Baird: I suppose you want me to say I've always loved you. But I don't! I really, really don't!
  • Really hates Sektor for trying to steal his tech in order to further the creation of the Tekunin, his robo-ninja clan. Sektor is not a big fan of Baird either, as Baird's chainsaw bayonet reminds him too much of Cyrax's buzzsaw.
    • Really, really hates SKYNET for the same reason as above. Oh, and trying to turn his tech against him. For Baird, SKYNET is no better than Myrrah and the Locust Horde that tried to wipe out humanity.
  • Interested in S-F tech, which is why he is friends with Jax and his daughter, Jacqui. While the arm gauntlets is cool and all, Baird is very impressed with Jax's bionic arms. "If only I had something like this in the Locust War," Baird muses. When Jacqui joked about making a pair of chainsaw gauntlets for her, Baird merely smirks and says, "Hey, I can do that."
  • Seeing both him and Tony Stark speaking in techno-babble (as well going at it in snark-to-snark combat) is a sight to behold. While Baird is an expert engineer, he also excels in blowing shit up. While Tony's claim to fame was building his first set of armor in a cave (with a box full of scraps), all Baird had to work with was scraps. But give Baird a box of scraps, step back, and watch the magic happen.
  • Has a general distrust of military officers due to the actions of Colonel Loomis during the Battle of Halvo Bay (which resulted in him being permanently stripped of his commission) He tends to connect more with the enlisted personnel. But he does make exceptions for a couple of the Pantheon's military personnel. On one end, he's cool with Gunny Sergeant Hartmann because he reminds him of Colonel Hoffman. General Shepherd, on the other hand...he wants to saw the bastard in half. Loomis was a dick, but General Shepherd blew him out the water for offing his subordinates and instigating a war.
    • And after the past antics of Chairman Prescott and First Minister Jinn, Baird has placed crooked politicians in the same category.
  • Became friends with Doomguy after one incident in which Doomguy caught Baird tinkering with the BFG 9000. Baird had increased the weapon's power a hundredfold, which earned him a fist-bump from Doomguy as a result. But what Doomguy really wants is a Lancer. An assault rifle with a chainsaw for a bayonet? His reaction was priceless when Baird lent Doomguy a spare Lancer:
    Doomguy: (singing) Hoy, hoy, I'm the boy. Packin' forty pounds of heavenly joy...
  • For some strange reason, Baird isn't put off by Bruce Banner's alter ego. Maybe because that Bruce is an egghead is the reason why they're friends.

    Johnny Rico 
John D. 'Johnny' Rico, Celestial Citizen of Overranked Soldiers
Colonel Rico
Rico, seen in Traitor of Mars.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Mobile Infantry Flag. Alternatively, the Death From Above tattoo
  • Theme Song: Federal Network Hymn
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A Dashing Argentinean From Buenos Aires Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life, Impaled with Extreme Prejudice (he gets better)
  • Domains: Hispanic Men, Soldiers, Lost Loves, Bug Hunts
  • Not To Be Confused With: Nick Fury (the classic one) and Big Boss
  • Heralds: Private Ace Levy of the Roughnecks and Ratzass of the Marauders
  • Followers: The Roughnecks and the Marauder Team
  • Allies:
  • Rival/Worthy Opponent: Karena 'Lupo' LesProux of The Wolfpack
  • Enemies:
  • The news have been playing almost non-stop on the Federal Network. For the people of the United Citizen Federation, it's a good reason to celebrate. Colonel Johnny Rico, legendary war hero, has ascended to the Pantheon, thanks in part to Dwayne Hicks sponsoring his ascension. And being the masters of propaganda, the Federation is milking this for all its worth.
    • Rico's ascension coincided with an Arachnid assault on the Pantheon, reminding Rico of the assault at Whiskey Outpost. It took Rico's Roughnecks and his Marauder Squad, along with Doomguy (wielding his BFG 9K), The Courier and the Lone Survivor (both wielding Fat Man launchers) to repel the attack. That's not counting Doomguy getting hopped up on a Berserker Pack and gleefully chewing the scenery as he ripped the bugs apart with his hands.
  • A brief background on the United Citizen Federation: at the end of the 20th century, Earth was locked in the time of violence and horror known simply as the Disorders. Then, a group of military veterans took control and stabilized the planet. Primarily, the government is split between two groups, citizens and civilians. Civilians are not discriminated against, and have some level of equal rights. Citizens are those who served in the Federation's military and are honorably discharged. Not only does Citizens have the right to vote, but also attend university on the Federation's dime. Despite its achievements, the Federation is nothing more than a fascist dystopia.
  • Liu Kang, upon seeing Rico, had commented that Rico reminded him of "a certain actor who is an annoying buffoon." Cassie Cage, for her part is considering a mentorship under Rico.
  • Did a double-take upon seeing Barbara Gordon. When asked about this incident, Rico replied, "She reminds me of Dizzy."
  • Rico's older incarnation is a spitting image of a younger Big Boss post-Operation Snake Eater. You can only tell the difference between the two due to Rico having more scars than Jack. The similarities isn't lost on Rico.
  • Friends with Damon Baird due to both men sharing nearly the same experiences growing up; both came from wealthy families, but while Baird was ordered to join the military or lose his inheritance, Rico's civilian parents were against him joining the military. And both men lost their parents; Rico when a Bug Meteor flattened Buenos Aires, Damon when the Locust Horde kicked off Emergence Day.
  • Karena LesProux of the Wolfpack sees Rico as something of a worthy opponent "He has proven to be very hard to kill. My kind of man," she muses. "Pity. He would've been at home with the Wolfpack."
  • Enemies with General Shepherd. Rico himself was once a general (before getting himself demoted to Colonel) and while his beloved Federation isn't perfect, even he is horrified with Shepherd's actions (killing allied soldiers and starting World War III). Shepherd can't call Rico a hypocrite since Rico owned up to his government's antics.
  • Hates the Xenonorphs, since not only do they remind him of those dammed Bugs, but their acid blood damages his Marauder power armor, and those damn things are expensive to replace. But the Graboids could be a serious problem, both for the Bugs and mankind.

    Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke 
Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, Goddess of Cool Commanders (Ace of Spades, Fürstin)

    Mori Motonari 
Mori Motonari, God of Jackass War Commanders (Child of the Sun, Kahz, Sunday Mori, Tactful Leader)

    Motoko Kusanagi 
Motoko Kusanagi, Goddess of Female Ass-Kicking and Awesome Majors (Cash Eye, Mira Killian, Chroma, The Major)
Click here to see her Arise body 

    Muruta Azrael 
Muruta Azrael, God of Commissars (Murata Azrael)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Blue Cosmos Logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Psychopathic Manchild, Evil Is Petty, Politically Incorrect Villain, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, Lack of Empathy, Man of Wealth and Taste, Sore Loser, A Nazi by Any Other Name, Smug Snake, We Have Reserves, There Is No Kill Like Overkill, Bad Boss, The Sociopath, Villain with Good Publicity, Being an Utterly Depraved Human Being
  • Domains: Hatred, War, Insanity, Leadership
  • Herald: Captain William Sutherland, Orga Sabnak, Clotho Buer, Shani Andras
  • Allies: SHOCKER, Lord Djibril, Gihren Zabi, Nobuyuki Sugou, HYDRA
  • Enemies: All heroic Gundam deities (especially Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne, Shiro Amada, and Aila Jyrkiainen), All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially those from Kamen Rider), Viral, Guy Shishioh, Link, Veigue Lungberg, Axel the Dark Hero, Uzu Sanageyama
  • Opposed by: Prinnies, Goomba, The Minions, Ciphias Cain
  • Muruta is the head of terrorist group Blue Cosmos and his hatred of Coordinators is as strong, if not more, as the organization in general (to be fair, his hatred is more fueled by jealously than anything). Even taking that into account, he has a strong disregard towards his own subordinates (he classifies his soldiers as equipment, for one) and even created a Super Soldier program that uses drugs to power up the mooks (albeit mooks with fatal withdrawal symptoms). He also served as an onlooker to the aircraft Dominion, and made sure his plans were in effect, even if it meant fighting the ship's captain to enforce these plans.
  • The ascended members of the Imperial Guard briefly took notice after hearing that someone has decided to represent commissars. They were very upset after they found out just how heartless and evil Muruta turned out to be.
  • Shortly after ascending, he heard of SHOCKER and decided to look over the group's progress. Not long after that, the organization offered him a spot and he gladly accepted the offer. His current role is to provide the organization with various WMDs and he even created a new Super Soldier program for the organization. This lead to SHOCKER getting new henchmen that are both capable in combat and are highly insane to go with it.
    • As far as employed members of the organization are concerned, he's been hanging out quite a bit with Nobuyuki Sugou. They usually talk about mind control and how to improve it within the organization.
    • Of course, it wouldn't come as much of a surprise to see Muruta together with Gihren Zabi, given that they both share quite a few things in common (especially their interest towards WMDs).
  • Apart from Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne (who are already enemies with him to begin with), a number of other heroic Gundam deities hate him for certain reasons. Aila Jyrkiainen despises him due to his tendency to control his mooks through fear and mind control, which would remind her of her own tragic past. Shiro Amada also hates him, though it's for a completely different reason.
    • Even though they don't originate from Gundam, heroic mecha pilots Viral and Guy Shishioh both hate Muruta for the same reason that Shiro does. Shishioh has apparently come into conflict with Muruta before, so there's already some animosity between the two.
      • It's not just the mecha pilots who sound like Muruta who hate him. Even others such as Link, Uzu Sanageyama, Veigue Lungberg, and even Axel the Dark Hero all despise him for that vocal similarity. Granted, Muruta didn't seem to care much about what those non-mecha pilots think of him, considering how busy he was with his current plans, though an actual encounter between them could happen if he plans something that could really anger them, though that's on low priority for now.
  • Whenever he isn't working alongside SHOCKER, chances are he'll be lending some of his ideas over to HYDRA. He doesn't work with them as often as he does with SHOCKER, but the organization doesn't mind at all. In fact, both Muruta and HYDRA seem to share a similar philosophy when it comes to how mooks are used.
  • All of the Toku heroes have declared Muruta as an enemy, but the heroic Kamen Riders really have it out against him considering what he does. Him joining SHOCKER certainly made things much worse for the heroic Riders.
  • Many deities are well aware of Muruta's ruthless actions. Although he does attempt to put up a nice manner when dealing with others (given the publicity with some of the other villains and all that), whenever that "nice" image of him cracks, he's very much a crazy psychopath and things get ugly for anyone involved near him.
  • Even though they come from wildly differing time periods, Muruta was amused with the actions of Mori Motonari, another person involved with war who has a callous disregard for his own soldiers. Mori, given his selfishness, does not care at all for what Muruta thinks of him.
  • Mooks who have had a history of working with bad guys are in fierce opposition against Muruta, given his treatment of mooks. It's not stopping him from thinking up of ways to make his soldiers more dangerous at the expense of their sanity.
  • Muruta has a pistol with him, though he really only uses it if things go badly for him and is willing to threaten someone in doing things he wants done. Most of these incidents happen within SHOCKER, generally if the organization needs to back down from something. There were some instances where Muruta has shot some members with the gun if they didn't comply with his demands. Although the injuries are taken care of outside of battle, Muruta is very much bitter about not getting what he wants accomplished in the organization during battles.
  • With Muruta's arrival in the Pantheon, Rau Le Creuset is looking to use him as an Unwitting Pawn once more to try and destroy all of humanity in a manner similar to Rau's attempt back in their homeworld (via a long-standing war). There may be a chance that Muruta becomes aware of being used for something, though most aren't certain as to how he'll react to such (chances are, Muruta wouldn't care about it). Muruta himself said that as long as his opposition is destroyed, he'll be content.

    General Shepherd 
General Shepherd, God of Warmongering generals (Gold Eagle, Hershel von Shepherd III, Shepard, Sephard, Sheperd)

    Treize Khushrenada 
Treize Khushrenada, God of Refined Military Officers ("Mr. Treize")


    Bask Om 
Bask Om, The Captain of State Secs (Captain Bask)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Titans emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, but pretends to be Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bad Boss, A huge fan of Corporal Punishment, Insane Captains, The Dragon, a victim of torture, possibly making him a dick, irredeemable dicks
  • Domains: War, Corruption, Military
  • Heralds: Jamitov Hymem (his superior)
  • Followers: The A-Laws
  • Allies: Jerid Messa, Millennium, Ali Al-Saachez
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The entire upper echelon of the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Enemies: Char Aznable, Amuro Ray, Bright Noa, Anavel Gato, Gihren Zabi, all other good-aligned Gundam pilots
  • His ascension led to multiple sides to form an Enemy Mine for the sake of preventing Bask Om to be a threat. Even Amuro and Char stopped fighting for their philosophies.
  • Ali found out about his ascension and decided to work for him. Bask laughed and accepted, and together they wreak havoc and make money together. Unfortunately it caused them to gain more enemies around the pantheon.
  • Bask was delighted to join the Pantheon under this moniker as he tries to justify (and the Court of Gods believe) that the Titans is THE STATE SEC, with them gassing colonies just to remove the anti-Federation propaganda, they are just protecting their government. Amuro and Char disagree about their justification, because of their intense racism against "Spacenoids" because of their Newtype abilities.
  • Char refuses to let him join the Grand United Alliance of Evil even though the man himself is a bigger evil than him, Char refuses to be on the same side as him, and could possibly defect if Bask joins the GUAE. So he joined the GUAL.
  • Anavel Gato cites Bask as a reason why the ""Feddies" shouldn't rule, and why the Zeon splinter group had their Operation Stardust foiled, as their high ranking member Cima defected to the Earth Federation's movement and exposed their plan. As expected, Bask just snickers at the statement.
    • On the other hand, he despises Gihren, and has promised to vaporize him if they come into direct contact.
  • It's unknown whether Bask has artificial eyes, or if he's blind behind his weird glasses.

    The Commander 
Commander, the Non-Entity General

    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman 
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Training Instructor From Hell
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Several ribbons he earned as a Marine.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (seen as Lawful Evil by those assigned to him)
  • Portfolio: Very Scary Drill Sergeants, Calling His Charges Names, Copious Swearing and Shouting
  • Domains: Army, Fear.
  • Superior: Stanley Kubrick
  • Followers: Good luck finding them... most of them are still hiding after his last drills, Demonee-Ho.
  • Fears: The Kingpin
  • Accended after he made an entire squad of demons make pushups untill they cried.
  • His main job in the Pantheon is to train mortals that wishes to join any of the military forces that makes up the Pantheons defensive force.
  • His obstacle course in the mortal world was not tough enough for the Pantheon, so he added some lava pits, crocodiles, laser beams, living thornbushes and bees!
  • A bunch of Jack Frosts decided to apply to be trained by him. The sole Frost who managed to graduate did so with top honors, changed his name to Demonee-Ho, and joined the Counter-Demon Force. He credits Hartman for his success. And vocabulary.
  • His training methods might be good for military, but are not recommended for anything else. A woman called Luhy Distone tried using them on Nyarko for a month to make her a Magical Girl. It failed horribly.
  • During one of his drills, was amused to see the Toy Story crew was following him for finding his voice familiar.
  • The only deity he actually fears is The Kingpin, who reminds him of Gomer Pyle. And that's only because Rambo prefers to simply avoid Hartman, given he reminds him of both Vietnam and those Arizona sheriffs that made him destroy a whole town.

    John Basilone 
Sgt. John Basilone, Patron Saint of Rock-hard NCOs (Manila John)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Medal of Honor, or alternatively, a M1917 Browning Machine gun
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Killed Off for Real, Having a pair of .30 caliber machine guns on hand, Drill Sergeant Nasty, Repelling a Japanese regiment with just a machine gun, Married to another Marine, Saving more lives while sacrificing his own , Semper Fi
  • Domains: United States Armed Forces, United States Marine Corps, Sergeants
  • Allies:O'Bannon, Sgt. Hartmann, Mr. "Jane Doe", Tank Dempsey, Captain America
  • Headbutting Heroes: With all ascended IJN kanmusu, but special thanks go to: Fubuki and Akatsuki, Yuudachi, and Tenryuu, Takeo Masaki
  • Conflicted towards: Sen. Armstrong, General Shepherd
  • Interservice Rivalry: Maj. Richard Winters and Capt. Ronald Spiers, Charlotte Yeager
  • Made his way into the pantheon via a landing craft bringing him in. His first order of the day was finding other Marines located within the Pantheon.
  • It doesen't take him too long to find them. The first one to welcome him is none other than Tank Dempsey, a Marine from one of the same divisions that Basilone himself had served in. Dempsey immediately hands him a Browning M1919, complete with 500 rounds of ammunition, to use against any enemies he comes up against.
  • One of the few deities in the Pantheon to actively ally himself with Sgt. Hartmann, mainly due to the fact that their methods for training are very similar. Hartmann sees him as an ideal example of what a Marine should be.
  • While he does appreciate doing war-bond drives on behalf of Senator Armstrong, he doesen't exactly trust him completely, partly due to the shady nature of his associates.
  • General Shepherd also hopes to use Basilone as a way to get more support within the Pantheon for his schemes as well, but unlike Armstong the Sergeant outright turns down his offer, knowing full well that the General has ulterior motives...
  • Isn't exactly pleased that, even in the Pantheon, he still has to compete for resources with Army-aligned deities such as Major Winters and Captain Spiers. It leaves the veteran Marine in a situation where's forced into secretly taking boxes of weapons, food, and ammunition from them, not unlike during his time on Guadalcanal.
  • Is absolutely opposed to the IJN kanmusu, mainly for being reincarantions of the enemy that he had fought until his previous death on Iwo Jima. He wants nothing to do with them, even after receiving an explanation from American shipgirl O'Bannon that they mean no harm. At the very least, he won't intrude on their operations against the Abyssal fleet, knowing that doing so would have dire consequences.
    • Is similarly not willing to interact with Takeo Masaki for pretty much the same reasons.
  • Captain America takes an interest in him due to also being affiliated with war-bond drives and propaganda. Basilone readily accepts Rogers' offer to do war bond drives alongside him, having actually seen and read the very comics the Cap starred in during his very own war bond drives During the War.

    Richard Winters and Ronald Spiers 
Major Richard Winters and Captain Ronald Spiers, Patron Saints of Smooth Officers and Rough Commanders (Winters: Dick, Quaker) (Spiers: Ron)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their helmets with the signature logo of the 506th PIR, or alternatively the logo of the 101st Airborne Division
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: United States Army, Paratroopers, World War II
  • Allies: Captain America, Tank Dempsey and Nikolai Belinski, Mr. "Jane Doe", O'Bannon, Charlotte T. Yeager, Lynette Bishop, The Boss, Shiro Amada
  • Enemies: The Red Skull, Gihren Zabi, Anavel Gato, William "Deathshead" Strasse, Fritz Von Meyer, Edward Richtofen, Adenoid Hynkel
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Erica Hartmann, Takeo Masaki, Gertrud Barkhorn
  • Headbutting Heroes: The Medic, Bismarck
  • Oppose: Senator Armstrong, General Shepherd
  • Upon their arrival in the Pantheon via parachuting from a C-47, their first objective was to link up and devise a plan on what to first do in the Pantheon. Winters, being the commander he is, decides to try and find deities with similar objectives to their own. Spiers, on the other hand, feels that they need to wipe out any enemies they encounter as soon as they make contact with them. For the time being, Winters decides to follow Spiers' approach, due to their uncertainty.
  • The first "enemy" the duo encounter is Adolf Hitler. While both are at first alarmed that the Nazi leader himself is in the Pantheon, once they enter his bunker their expectations are quickly shot down when they find out just how "threatening" he is. Rather than simply killing him, they decide to let him be, due to Dolfy already suffering a Fate Worse than Death in his current position.
  • The first real enemy they encounter in the Pantheon is Johann Schmidt, a high-ranking Nazi party member and leader of Nazi Germany's science division, HYDRA. It's here that they realize that the Pantheon is nothing like the war that both of them had survived in the past. They're nearly captured by the Skull's minions when they're saved by Steve Rogers and an assortment of other American-aligned deities gathered by The Captain.
    • Thanks to this wake-up call, they immediately decide to team up with Steve and his allies for the time being.
  • The second Nazi-aligned enemy they encounter is as dangerous as the first, one "Deathshead" Strasse, another high-ranking Nazi officer and head of his own research division. Compared to their incident with Schmidt however, this encounter goes off much better thanks to intelligence given to them prior by Rogers. Rather than being armed with their usual Thompson or M1 Garand, they instead bring in heavy equipment to storm the Nazi officer's headquarters, in this case a bunch of explosives and other weapons supplied to them by Mr. "Jane Doe". While initially not used to how The Soldier's weapons work, they nevertheless manage to succeed in stopping Deathshead's mech from killing them in turn.
  • The third, and apparently, final, enemy in their hitlist is Fritz von Meyer, aka "Swarm". Initially, the two of them think that he's much like the Skull and Deathshead, in part due to also being a Nazi with a scientific background. While they did get the background correct, let's just say that...
    • They do manage to take the him out, but only after they receive an M2 Flamethrower and a bunch of other weapons from Tank Dempsey, who was all too willing to help them due to being fellow Americans.
  • They decide not to take out Adenoid Hynkel, in part due to both of them finding him quite amusing, not to mention the fact that they actually, at one point, watched the very movie he came from.
  • Having dealt with their biggest threats in the Pantheon, Winters and Spiers decide to settle in and enjoy the rest of the Pantheon. Winters decides to continue with his original plan. Spiers this time agrees.
  • They're not exactly comfortable upon finding out about the Axis kanmusu, in particular Bismarck. Fortunately, an American ship girl by the name of O'Bannon clears things before the two take any action against them.
    • Charlotte Yeager does the same thing just as Spiers tries to apprehend her two Karlslandian squadronmates. It takes the efforts of Winters and Yeager to finally settle things between them.
    • Spiers eventually realizes that they and the 501st are actually Not So Different, especially with regards to how their methods work.
  • General Shepherd and Senator Armstrong take an interest in both of them due to their status as war heroes. Both of them decline to team up with them, due to their shady motives.
    • With The Boss however, the two of them immediately trust her, mainly due to her role during the Normandy Invasion and as a fellow World War II veteran.
  • They both notice that Geralt of Rivia sounds a lot like their regimental chaplain, one John Maloney. They immediately brush it off as mere coincidence...

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