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Because of an overload of deities, the Hall of Characterization (back when it was a Hall in another House) had to be split further into Introvert Characterization and Extrovert Characterization.

Introvert Characterization represents anyone characterized by their interaction with their own merits, ideas, and wants.

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Intermediate Gods

    Charlotte Katakuri 
Charlotte Katakuri, God of Guilty Pleasures (One of the Sweet 3 Generals, Minister of Flour, Charlotte Dogtooth)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God upon his Devil Fruit Awakening)
  • Symbol: His scarf
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (acts Lawful Evil as a front)
  • Portfolio: Large and in Charge, The Dreaded, Being Very Different From His Mother Yet Also Sharing A Lot In Common, Only Antagonistic Because Of Family Duty, Bizarro Elements, Heart Is an Awesome Power, Butterface, Hide Your Otherness, Secret Silly Sides, Guilty Lover Of Sweets, Aloof Big Brother Except Not Really, in-universe Memetic Badass and Invincible Villain, Be Yourself
  • Domains: Family, Flour, Sweets, Seriousness, Fronts, Teeth
  • Allies: Princess Bubblegum, Sage Harpuia, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Shouto Todoroki, the KiraKira PreCures
  • On good terms with: Alice Liddell, Mr Satan, Pinkie and Maud Pie
  • Rivals: Monkey D Luffy, Patrick O'Brien
  • Enemies: Admiral Akainu and those unforgiving to pirates, The Child Abuse Supporters, Gluttony the Voracious
  • Uncertain on: The Queen of Hearts
  • Charlotte Katakuri is Totto Land's Minister of Flour, and one of Yonko Big Mom's supreme fighters. The third child of the Charlotte family, Katakuri positions himself as a serious, no-nonsense fighter to serve as a heroic figure for his family. In secret, he has a silly side and loves to gorge himself on sweets. He treats this as a guilty pleasure like he's a kid hiding dirty magazines, so as to protect his image.
  • The reason why Katakuri wears his scarf is because it hides his pelican eel-like Glasgow Grin. It had him shunned and resulted in him fending off bullies, only for the people he picked on or who picked on him committing Revenge by Proxy by scarring his sister Charlotte Brulee. Even if the Heroic Protectors of Family dislike the Charlotte family as a group, they think his desire to guard his siblings is very admirable.
  • With the Mochi Mochi no mi, he can control mochi, which is a type of Japanese rice cake (or more specifically, he can create, manipulate and control the sticky rice dough that's used to make mochi.) It's much more useful than it seems, and has a lot in common to Logia Devil Fruits (though it's a special Paramecia). He can also use jellybeans as ammo. The House of Food wishes to see more of this
  • Princess Bubblegum was impressed by his use of mochi, and has offered him an agreement; help her further improve her candy elemental powers, and she will try to make sure Candy Kingdom and Totto Land are at peace. Given his mother's cravings, this was a pragmatic arrangement. That, and Bubblegum can relate to having issues with family such as her own son, along with the need to stay serious.
  • Some of his reputation was hurt upon his loss with Luffy, but he has learned how to Be Yourself more. Still, he'd rather keep up the stoic, no-nonsense badass reputation. Even if Mr. Satan obviously didn't agree with his mother's plans, and he is intentionally keeping the Memetic Badass reputation up for both his own pride and because Earth needs a hero, he was perfectly understanding.
  • Is very comfortable around the Author and George, though not so much Bob. This is due to their presence often resulting in canonical characters become increasingly silly and comical. For Charlotte Katakuri, that's the perfect cover for him to be silly like he wants and eat sweets along with their ice cream, all while claiming "this isn't what it looks like, I'm just being affected by their silliness!"
  • Pinkie Pie is one of the gods that wants to encourage him to be completely open about his silly side and sweet loving. Katakuri relates to her, but he also relates to her sister Maud for being the serious, opposite relative. And he very much relates to Shouto Todoroki for their family issues, along with Sage Harpuia for being a noble enforcer to a bad regime.
  • There is plenty of occasions where Katakuri can visit the House of Food and gorge himself on sweets with his massive mouth. There, he gorges with Stocking Anarchy and Megumi Tadakoro. He also found himself relating to Kanji Tatsumi due to hiding a definitely non-masculine secret, and Murakumo as he totally gets why she'd mask her emotions from other people. Katakuri is a regular customer of the KiraKira PreCures' bakery.
  • Naturally he doesn't like the Child Abuse Supporters. He doesn't like Gluttony of the Homunculus either. This is due to Gluttony going on a hunger rampage in Totto Land, upon learning on all the sweets and treats. He wanted to eat all the Charlotte Family with a control over some sort of food in a misguided hope of somehow gaining their powers, and Katakuri dreaded both this and what might happen if he disrupts Big Mom's tea parties.
  • Recognizes that his mother has a lot in common with The Queen of Hearts. This makes him very unclear on how to feel about her, however he is welcoming enough to Alice to guide her away from her or his mother. Charlotte Katakuri is also aware of an odd reversal of situations between him and Plastic Man-Katakuri is a serious badass who's secretly silly, Plas is a silly man who's actually badass. They found combat between the two to be very fun.
  • Is aware he has a girl's name as his first name, but would like to remind people that it's not uncommon in One Piece for people's first name to be their family name, or surname. A more Westernized spelling with probably be "Katakuri Charlotte"

Linkle, Goddess of Missing The Obvious (The Hero Of Legend, A...Hero?, The Girl In The Green Tunic, Other Hero, Little Girl)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Memento MacGuffin, her compass
  • Theme Song: Linkle's Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Kick Chick Farm Girl, Ascended Extra via art evolution, Automatic Crossbows with endless ammo, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Hero of Another Story, Identical Stranger, Hurricane Kick, Armed Legs, Diving Kick, Hurricane Kick, Heroic Wannabe with no sense of directions, still saving the day in the end
  • Domains: Archers, Farmers, Heroes, Kicks
  • Followers: Oh she has some, they just can't find her temple to be properly identified
  • Idol and mentor: Link
  • Allies: the heroic beings of Hyrule, namely Zelda, Impa, Midna, Ruto, the Cuccos, Tingle, Lana, 9-volt and 18-volt, The Nerima Daikon Brothers, The Farmer, Applejack, Wander, Zoro, The Bard, Wyldstyle, Adol Christin, Chun-Li, Chie Satonaka, Celica A. Mercury, George and Karl, Isola of the Falcons
  • Enemies: Cia, Ganondorf, Majora, Ghirahim, Zant, The Goose
  • Conflicting Opinion: Skull Kid
  • With someone like Link, who has been known for his constant reincarnations throughout history, his legend is bound to cross several lifetimes. The story eventually passed down to a farm girl by the name of Linkle, who, alongside having a similar name, was also sporting similar garb to him. Believing that she herself IS this legendary hero reincarnated, she decided to head out to prove her worth...two big problems; firstly, the legend really didn’t include her as being a reincarnation of Link, and secondly, she can’t read a map or road sign to save her life. Regardless, she still ended up playing a critical role in saving Hyrule and became a hero in her own right, earning her a spot in the Pantheon.
  • She was due for an ascension since the first day her adventure was known. The only thing holding back till now was just not knowing where the Pantheon was. The location is already a very top secret and secure fact that only those that ascended know, and add in Linkle’s problem of having no sense of direction, and you can see where the complications rose up from. She was given a map detailing where to go, but STILL ended up getting lost. Eventually, she was able to find where to go to ascend...which was right next to her farm home, thinking it was in a really hard to know about spot. Needless to say, she earned her title, despite being bashful about it.
  • Her first order of business was tracking down the heroes from her homeworld. Link noticed Linkle walking around the Hall of Weapons, going from House to House, looking for him, and not noticing any of the signs pointing her towards Link’s temple, or even seeing Link himself. When going over to see if she needed help, Linkle was frozen in surprise when she realized who he was, before cheering in delight and lunging at him for a hug. After calming down and explaining herself and her role, Link realizes that she truly does mean well, and can do well to boot...if she can find where people need her help. As such, he decided to take her on as a student to help her learn more about how to use more weaponry like himself, but mostly how to not get lost. Linkle was just excited to get the chance to learn from the master.
    • Ended up meeting up with the princess of Hyrule, Zelda, her trusted sage, Impa, and the twilight princess, Midna, with thanks to Link guiding her to Hyrule Castle. Zelda was thankful for Linkle for her role in helping out Hyrule’s forces, with even talking with Impa about the possibility of making her a official captain to help lead some of the Hyrulian forces (once she is able to be trusted actually LEADING people, given her track record with directions), while Midna responded with a snarky reply that she was surprised that she actually managed to find the castle after all, before thanking her for her help in freeing Zelda. They are more than willing to help Link with the task of teaching her how to properly follow directions on a map and sign.
      • They weren't the only beings of Hyrule she became acquainted with. After saving Ruto and Darunia from a rampaging Volga that tried to sneak attack them, the two sages were more than happy to become allied with Linkle, seeing her as a skilled warrior and welcoming her to their temple anytime.
  • Because she really doesn't notice signs as she is too busy reading her map, she constantly keeps getting lost on her way to places, for example, Hyrule Castle, even doing missions that are on opposite sides of Hyrule Castle, while still looking for it somehow. With such legendary bad skills with directions, many wanted to see how she and Zoro would interact, hoping that they could cancel each other out, a la “two negatives make a positive”. It took search parties a week to find the two, with them shipwrecked on a distant island. They still are good friends regardless, with Linkle interested in trying to wield another crossbow in her mouth like how Zoro wields his swords. She stopped after getting splinters on her tongue.
    • Three other deities are known for their bad sense of directions, George, Karl, and Celica, have also befriended her this way, getting lost on their way and bumping into each other, and suggesting that they team up to keep each other company and help them find their way around. After wandering into several different Houses, Houses on OPPOSITE ENDS of the Pantheon, they have since decided that it would be best if they hired a navigator the next time they head out together.
  • While she may not be the hero of time the legends speak of, make no mistake, she is more than capable of handling herself. She was capable of going toe-to-toe with Skull Kid while he was powered up with Majora's Mask after all, with Skull Kid coming from a time before his Heel–Face Turn. Needless to say, the actual mask has not taken kindly to her ascension and is more than happy to team up with anyone planning on eliminating her. As for Skull Kid himself, while he did personally apologize for the incident to Linkle, with even Link himself vouching for him, the two really don't share the same room that often, if only due to how awkward Skull Kid feels about the situation.
  • In comparison to Link who is hounded by Cuccos thanks to players opting for Video Game Cruelty Potential, the flightless chickens have nothing but respect to show for her, as she is a Cucco farmer who wants only the best for them and are more than willing to follow her in battle and flock to her aid. Many of unsuspecting foes ended up getting blindsided by a Cucco stampede. Anyone that has a problem with Linkle wil be feeling the full force of their feathered fury.
  • Has been compared to the likes of Tingle of all people, for them believing that they are something other than what they really are, yet still being a force to be reckoned with in combat. While the green jumpsuit wearing wannabe fairy weirds Linkle out a bit, she still shows support for him and is more than willing to help him find his purpose in life.
    • She also serves as a compare and contrast point with the two witches, Lana and Cia. For Lana, it's because that they both greatly admire Link for his determination, with them spliting with Lana having a crush on him, as Linkle wants to BE him, sincerely believing that she is the reincarnated version of him. Likewise, for Cia, it's her mad love for him that leads her into destroying Hyrule to force him to be hers, while Linkle is instead focused on saving Hyrule. Unsurprisingly, she would rather be linked with Lana than her evil witch counterpart.
  • Of course, with her heroic deeds being quickly known, Ganondorf has definitely found himself with yet another headache, realizing that Linkle may just be another hard to remove thorn in his side, perhaps just as hard to get rid of as Link himself. Needless to say, she is more than ready to raise her crossbows to face Ganon.
  • Despite her use of crossbows, she is just as capable with using her legs for kicks, perhaps even more so with how many different kinds of kicks she can perform. She became fast friends with fellow kick chicks Chun-Li and Chie Satonaka, trading secrets and techniques for how to perform their own kicks and practicing with sparring matches. With how powerful Linkle already is, Ganondorf really isn't interested in seeing her learn how to do Chie's Galctic Punt.
  • Even if she was able to find her way without misreading signs or maps, she still can get easily sidetracked by just helping out others in need. Wander, another hero that likes to go out of his way to help others, was able to befriend Linkle by bonding over their Chronic Hero Syndrome, with Wander volunteering to take on any tasks that Linkle takes on when she is under a time crunch, like when she is on her way to help out a army.
  • As a heroine herself, it was only a matter of time till she was able to get fans herself, and that came with the Nintendo fanboys, 9-Volt and 18-Volt, more than happy to meet another Nintendo character. Despite the initial shock and their extreme Nintendo patriotism, Linkle was more than proud to know that others are hearing of her and seeing her as a true hero, even if she isn't the actual hero of time. They are more than happy to tell their own tales of Link that they know through playing games based on his lives, and the three of them spend some time out of their day to watch Link either practicing or sparring with others.
  • She can be seen in her temple tending and raising her animals, being a farmer herself. This has gotten her into the good graces of other farmers in the Pantheon, namely The Farmer, the Nerima Daikon Brothers, and most noticeably, Rolf, who seems to be a bit smitten with her. He pops into her temple from time to time, to try and help her out with her own farm chores. That said, even if Linkle thinks of him as a eccentric yet good hearted kid, the Cuccos certainly don't think that way, and are always glaring at him whenever he steps into her farm.
    • Was surprised to see a fellow Farm Girl in Isola, who she just heard of was just a fashion idol. Due to how her motto is that it's a idol's job to be a farmer, and seeing how hard working and dedicated Linkle was to the craft, she thought Linkle was just being a farmer as part of her side job of being a fashion idol, causing her to blush heavily as she tried to deny that she was a idol, only for Isola to suggest becoming a idol if she is such a good farmer. Despite not understanding her logic, she still shows approval for her and her work ethic.
  • Thanks to her role in destiny being non-existent and serving as a Spanner in the Works, she has become pretty popular around the Hall of Opposing Fate, namely with the likes of The Bard, who thought they were the hero set to save their world, only to be wrong about this belief yet still succeed, Wyldstyle, who saw someone else pick up the title of the chosen one when she thought the role belonged to her, and Adol Christin, who saved his own homeworld despite no one calling on him.

    Ren Fujii 

Ren Fujii, Guardian of the Stable Life (Zarathustra, Bastard son of Krafft, The Ephemeral Moment, Guardian of the 5th Heaven, Tenma Yato, Mugen Daiguren Jigoku)
Ren's Law 
Tenma Yato 
Click here to see The Moment 
  • Intermediate God, Greater God when under the effect of Eine Faust Finale. Becomes an Overdeity after emanating.
  • Symbol: An embellished lotus
  • Theme Song(s): Einsatz and its alternate versions
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Treasuring the Predicable Life, Bringing Time to a Halt, Chopping Off Heads, Being Made Artificially, Being Able to Kill in One Hit, Being Absurdly Fast, Having No True Control Over His Life, Being the Embodiment of His Law, Being Nigh-Impossible to Hurt, Being Un-aging, The Last Survivor of His Old World
  • Domains: Time and Space, Defense, Life, Routine
  • Heralds: Shirou Yusa, Eri Honjou, Kasumi Ayase, Rea Himuro, Marguerite Breuilh, Leonhart August & Machina
  • Allies: The Living Tribunal, Asura, Hyde Kido, Ragna the Bloodedge, Claire Bennet, Homura Akemi, Superman, Jotaro Kujo, Arthur Penhaligon
  • Rivals: Shirou Emiya
  • Enemies: Hajun, Wolfgang Schreiber, Mercurius, Nerose Satanael, Mithra, Lucifer, Yoshikage Kira, Dio Brando, The Dursleys
  • Avoids: Charles-Henri Sanson
  • A high-school student from Suwahara City content with living life as it is, treasuring the brief moments he has with his friends above all else. All this comes undone however when he ends up in an argument with his best worst friend Shirou Yusa. And unknown to Ren, it is just about to get worse as he gets dragged into a massive plot involving a group of supernatural Nazis called the Longinus Dreizehn Orden that plans to summon their leader, Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich, into our world. All while he finds out he is supposed to be someone called Zarathustra that is going to help bring it about.
  • The guillotine he wields, Bois de Justice, appears as a large curved blade protruding from his arm that is able to harness Marie's curse and is thus able to kill anyone whose neck makes contact with its blade, regardless of regeneration or immortality.
    • His main ability, his Beri'ah, Eine Faust Ouvertüre, stemming from his desire for time to stop and preserve the days he so values, allows him to accelerate his own time effectively slowing down everything around him from his perspective.
    • Under the right circumstances he can gain an alternate Beri'ah called Eine Faust Scherzo which allows him to permanently kill the living dead, stemming from a desire of the fact that the dead should stay dead.
    • Additionally, should Ren ever crave power from Mercurius or be lost to rage and despair, his craving will distort becoming a twisted and unrestrained version of his wish, Eine Faust Finale. In this state, his body will distort into a hellish mockery of his past self and will start to slow down time around him in addition to speeding up his own, all while gravity increases to unprecedented levels in the field of effect.
    • At the height of his power, he becomes able to spread his craving through the cosmos, bringing time to a halt on a conceptual level. Freezing everything in existence in a perpetual ephemeral moment, his law, Res Novae - Also Sprach Zarathustra. He also gains the ability known as Time Armor which freezes his own state in time to a single moment, effectively rendering him immune to all damage.
  • After his ascension to the Pantheon, he can often be found in the House of School almost more often than he can be found on his own. This seems to largely stem from his desire to just have his regular routine.
    • Perhaps a big reason for that is due to him feeling like he is the sole normal person in a gathering of absurdly powerful nutjobs when he ascended to the Pantheon. These are feeling that perhaps have been brought forth even more so as he was summoned by the Throne forcing him to meet his former enemies, people he has had enough of for several lifetimes.
      Ren: "I swear, what kind of fucked up karma brought this on... Not only do I have to meet these guys I never wanted to see again, but I also have to be acquainted with people who are just as annoying. And cooperate with all of them, on top of everything? This is some kind of bullying, I tell you."
  • His relationship with Mercurius is a complicated and strained one. While technically Ren's real father, his constantly scheming and controlling habits as well as being the leading cause of the whole mess that turned his life upside down has made Ren despise him, perhaps to an extent more so than even his hatred for Reinhard.
  • He was NOT happy to hear that Wolfgang, a member of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden, has ascended before him. He has made it known that he won't hesitate to kill him if he tries to go on a killing spree again.
  • His hatred and disgust for Hajun cannot be understated. His brutal murder of Ren's beloved Marie and the subsequent death and destruction he brought on through his craving brought humiliation upon Ren in ways that can be hard to describe. It all resulted in him being basically reborn as a new being called Tenma Yato, slowly being driven mad through the ages of keeping such a monstrosity in check.
  • He's not very chummy with the other Hadou Gods, Mithra and Nerose Satanael. He dislikes the former's extremely destructive self-centeredness, and the latter for removing free will from humanity, leading to eternal stagnation.
  • He is a close ally of The Living Tribunal, since, unlike other Gods of the Throne, he never ascended the Throne despite having the right to do so. Additionally, his desire for stability and permanence alongside his Law and past history with Hajun has led to him being put in a favorable position as a warden and peacekeeper.
  • Despite their apparent similarities at first glance, Ren can't stand Shirou Emiya, finding him a hopeless case stuck in the past with unrealistic ideals whose stubbornly refusing to accept and grow. To Ren, at the end of the day, the only ones you are likely to save are those close to you that you care about, all to preserve the life you live right now. That, and he just can't seem to bring himself to like the guy, for some reason.
  • After his stint of being overwhelmed by his rage and emotions under Eine Faust Finale, Ren found an unlikely mentor figure in Asura. Given that both had shared similar experiences of losing control, it should perhaps not be a surprise. To Ren, Asura ends up being a great help for helping him control himself as well as turning the rage to something constructive.
  • One guy Ren cannot stand is Lucifer, specifically the fact that he seeks to uproot the status quo, something that Ren is very defensive about. Lucifer meanwhile argues that it is a necessary evil to bring about positive change for everyone. What infuriates Ren even more is that inside, he knows that Lucifer is at least partially right given who he is up against, yet he feels he cannot allow Lucifer to have his way.
  • Has really conflicted opinions on Yoshikage Kira. On one hand, he finds Kira's nature as a serial killer hard to tolerate given that it was a string of murders that ruined his once-peaceful life, to say nothing of the slaughters carried out by his nemesis, the L.D.O. But on the other hand, he can also sympathize with him for wanting to just live a peaceful and predictable life. Further complicating his emotions regarding Kira, it was his own obsession with the peaceful life that birthed his law of eternal stagnation, something he realized could not be allowed to exist. In some ways, he kinda sees himself similar to Kira, being a pair of fools desperate to retain their comfort at the expense of the world and everyone in it.
    • He sympathizes with Claire Bennet, who just wants to live a normal life without being bothered by her powers. Claire appreciates the sentiment but feels sad that Ren couldn't return to his normal life as his destiny was out of his control. Ren told her not to angst too much about it, as he has already accepted his destiny, and knows that eternal stagnation would be bad.
    • However, the same could not be said for the Dursleys. While he understands their desire to live an ordinary life, he's disgusted that they would abuse their foster child just because he was a wizard.
  • Ren has quite a bit of sympathy for Hyde Kido, largely stemming from their shared goal of keeping their everyday life. If anything, Ren can't help but view him with a bit of envy over the fact that he doesn't let that desire consume him and be his sole driving motivation.
  • Being a Cosmic Plaything, Ren has found some support in Ragna. And while Ren hasn't had to deal with as much bad luck as Ragna, they are still able to share sentiments of not being in control of their own fates. This is further strengthened by both achieving godhood in order to save what they cared about.
  • Ren sympathizes with Homura Akemi, as she everything she does is to keep Madoka safe from Kyubey's clutches. He understands that her turning into a demon and sealing Madoka's powers came from a place of love and a desire to keep her safe and happy, and admits he would do something similar if he was in her shoes.
  • Ren thinks of Luke fon Fabre as his contrasting counterpart. Both of them are clones of other people used for specific purposes and suffer through misfortune in their journeys, but while Ren was a slave to fate, Luke's very existence defies the Score as his name isn't written down in its pages.
  • Ren respects Superman for his desire to live a normal life despite his superhero status. Superman appreciates that Ren tried to do some good despite his unfortunate circumstances.
  • Dio really gets on Ren's nerves for his petty, egotistical behavior and for using his time-stopping powers to ruin lives, coming from a desire to dominate the world instead of wanting to preserve a stable lifestyle. Because of this, he became allies with Jotaro Kujo who uses his powers more responsibly.
  • Charles Henri-Sanson is interested in Ren's Ahnenerbe, Bois de Justice, which can kill anyone through decapitation. Ren finds him creepy and off-putting and avoids him.
  • Can also be found in Cultures.
  • "If you could just get back whatever you've lost right away, wouldn't that make it worthless to begin with?"

Lesser Gods

    Charlotte E. Yeager 
Lieutenant/Captain Charlotte Elwyn Yeager, Goddess of Carefree Flyers (Shirley, Glamorous Shirley, The Queen of Speed, Boing boing)

    Lacus Clyne 
Lacus Clyne, Goddess of Silk Hiding Steel (The Songstress, Pink Princess, The White Queen, Darth Lacus)

    Marik Ishtar 
Marik Ishtar, God Of Desiring Freedom (Good Marik, Nemu, Malik Blishtar)

    Miranda Lawson 
Miranda Lawson, Goddess of Problematic "Perfect" People (Ice Queen, Cheerleader)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A torn up Insignia of Cerberus
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning to Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gorgeousness, Smartness, Efficiency, And Biotic Strength At Cost Of Inner Issues (and that's putting it lightly), Opposite-Sex Clone Specifically Designed To Be Her Father's Heir And Having Issues With Not Being The Only One Made For This, Ice Queen, Femme Fatale, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Morality Pet, Supermodel Strut, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Making Up for Past Mistakes, Big Sister Instinct, Defrosting and Becoming Extremely Friendly Over Time
  • Domain: Mentalism, War, Information
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Chuck Bartowski
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jack (though they're getting better)
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man (former employer), Harbinger, Oswell E. Spencer, Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker
  • Opposes: Abusive Parents
  • When one thinks of someone who embodies perfection, it often comes with the idea that they're completely flawless. However, such a thing is impossible, as real people have flaws no matter how perfect they seem to be at first glance
  • Enter Miranda Lawson. Genetically engineered to be "absolutely perfect" in every aspect by her father in order to continue his legacy, who lethally discarded all of her predecessors they did not meet his high standards. This resulted in her having—besides resentment for her father—low self-worth when it comes to any accomplishments (since she was specifically made to accomplish them), and only taking credit for any failures or inadequacies due to being unable to step up to the plate after being given everything she needed.
  • Her decision to quit Cerberus (whether between the events of 2 and 3, or near the end of the Suicide Mission to the Illusive Man's face) and stick with Shepard is what instigated her ascension to the Pantheon. She's also tasked with taking care of people with similar problems to hers, something she is using to atone for her time with Cerberus.
    • For the record, she didn't join them out of racism or xenophobia, but for the benefit of the human race. Of course, after seeing the measures the Illusive Man would go to for that goal, she decided that Cerberus wasn't the best choice for that after all and joined Shepard.
  • Before she met Shepard, among her missions on behalf of Cerberus was as an informant to Jacob Taylor, a former Alliance marine who would eventually become a member of Cerberus under her command and would also defect from it just like her. Their first mission together was to stop a batarian plot to sabotage peace talks at the Citadel. The next one was after Sovereign's attack, where she invited Jacob to join Cerberus, and to help her with another mission: finding Commander Shepard's body for Project Lazarus. In continuation of this mission, and eventually hiring Jacob as her lieutenant, Miranda worked together with Liara, who ultimately found Shepard and handed them over to Cerberus.
  • Seems to be relating herself with Jin Kazama a lot. Having shitty dads will do that to you. This eventually culminates with Miranda approving Jin's idea of opposing any jackass parents who abuse their children for their own gain. Learning what she could from her ex-employer, Miranda held several dossiers of potential allies for that cause that Jin led. The primary one, which they got with gusto… is Raven.
  • Attempting to harm her sister is a good way to get on her bad side, with the biotics she has, and the fact that she was pretty much designed to be perfect.
  • She also resembles Michael Jackson. Miranda however ignores this.
  • Miranda's friendship with Chuck is a strange one, as she reminded him of his friend and wife CIA Agent Sarah Walker. And much more about her (skills, appearance (being a non-blonde aside, though she could've been), and mannerisms) were further reminders of that woman he loved. And because of what had happened to Sarah in the end, mainly Mind Rape and amnesia, Chuck's also become a little more protective of her, despite her being the better fighter between the two. There's also the little issue regarding his being adamant to pacifism, even though he sometimes somehow wins the day regardless without any lives lost, thanks to his INTERSECT.
  • Despises any form of artificial control on people, given she almost did so on Shepard during the Lazarus project, and was only stopped by the Illusive Man himself.
  • As fellow creations made to serve their creators, only to rebel against them, Miranda finds commonality with the Crystal Gems, especially Pearl and Garnet.
  • Considering his obsession with creating a superior human race and being its ruler, it's no surprise that Lord Spencer would become obsessed with Miranda, as she succeeded where Albert and Alex Wesker didn't, being a perfect and superior human. Of course, Miranda doesn't return the praise, thinking of Spencer as an old and senile fool that's far worse than her father ever was.
    • Of course, given their plans for humanity, she has no love for the Weskers, either.
  • Hates Rapture as its goals (both initial and what it became) are too much like Cerberus.

    Ramona Flowers 
Ramona Victoria Flowers Has Joined Scott's Party as Player 2! New Title: Goddess of Not Being as Good as She Claims (American Ninja Delivery Girl)
Alternate costume unlocked! Live-action version! 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • New Symbol Unlocked: Her Hammerspace bag
  • Theme Song Unlocked: Another Winter, Ramona by Beck
  • Alignment Progress Bar: Chaotic Neutral trying for Neutral Good
  • Portfolio Inventory: Having a bag with Hammerspace, once having a "sexy phase", being similar to Scott and becoming his girlfriend, while criticizing Scott for lesser crimes yet still being a genuinely good person and sincerely loving Scott, using rollerblades for transportation
  • Domains Stats: Romance +8, Comic Books +6, Skaters +1, Mail +1, Cheaters +2
  • Joined Player 1's Party!: Scott Pilgrim (Title: Boyfriend)
  • Party Members: Travis Touchdown, Angel, Stitch, Finn, Jake and Co., Mona, The Courier, the Crystal Gems, Felix The Cat, Team RWBY and Co., Bill and Ted, Team Dai-Gurren, Kiki, the Joestar family, Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela and the Special Lovers Squad
  • Caution!: Bender and Hubert G. Farnsworth could cause trouble...
  • Rival Identified!: Amy Rose!
  • DANGER!: Gideon Graves, Adam Taurus, and Raynare nearby!
  • Assist Characters: John McClane, Huntress
  • Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. But that proverb doesn't stop people from doing just that and criticizing others while doing worse themselves. Ramona Flowers is the deuteragonist of Scott's story and was initially presented and perceived as having her life better put together than him and thus defining Scott's journey of becoming "worthy" for her:
    • However, it turns out that not only does she share some of the same vices as Scott does, but she could easily be considered worse than him in almost every regard. Scott spends a platonic night with Lisa, his oldest friend (preceding even Kim.) She calls him out on it while along hanging out with and even kissing her 4th ex (albeit it was said ex who cast the doubt in Ramona's head in the first place and Lisa's feelings may have veered beyond platonic, but Scott remained true to Ramona.) Scott starts dating her while not having broken up with his girlfriend Knives at that point? She gets pissed at him despite the fact she treated nearly all of her known partners worse (barring Gideon, but that's because he was a complete Sociopath.) Additionally, while Scott's mistakes were the result of impulsive ill-thoughtout decisions, Ramona's decisions were more deliberate and inconsiderate. Ultimately, it was because of this, Ramona would be ascended to the Pantheon.
    • Even their friends note on this when they learned that during their break-up, Ramona spent her time despondly in a matter similar to how Scott would, as in lazing around and sulking in their favorite fandoms.
  • Her ascension occurred after her Death Battle with Amy Rose and her literally crushing defeat thanks to arcade cabinets. Scott was not pleased to hear of this and decided to try and get her ascended thanks to this, fearing that her death would be permanent. While he was eventually corrected about multiple facts, like that Death Battles often cause people to act out of character and that death isn't permanent, Ramona still ascended and laughed at how greatly he overreacted. Didn't stop him from tightly hugging and kissing her cheeks and lips.
    • Despite the fight, she is generally on good terms with Amy Rose, and is interested in having a rematch after some training on her part.
  • Just like with Scott, she wasn't too pleased to hear that Gideon Graves has ascended, and that he has befriended another person like him by the name of Raynare. She was thankful that they also have gained a fair share of enemies and haters as well.
    • She has started bonding with Stitch and Angel, who both also oppose the two and the fact they are both very capable battle couples. They sometimes go out on double date nights which tends to end with battling in the House of Fighting and Combat to see how much farther they can go before the other couple.
  • Even if their names sound similar and even have similar Deadpan Snarker personalities, Ramona is still good friends with Mona and by extension, her boyfriend, Plague Knight. They also aren't afraid to make the occasional playful snide comment to each other's boyfriend, their own boyfriend, and even to each other.
  • Given the similarities Travis has to Scott, she is capable of tolerating and even humoring him whenever she crosses paths with him. Also helps that he's trying to not cheat on his own girlfriend he has in his own universe, and that Ramona looks a bit too young for him, despite the fact that she and Scott are in their mid twenties.
    Travis: I feel like an old man in a fucking porno...
  • Has become good allies with the Special Lovers Squad, even if she is sometimes treated with a cautious glare, but nothing that she isn't used to. She has joined the team in the second division.
  • As a delivery girl, she sometimes has to act like the mailwoman for the pantheon sometimes, but not that she really minds, seeing as it's not only her job, but her ability to access Subspace really cuts down on travel times, much to the surprise and awe of the House of Travel. As such, she has gained some allies from the Futurama deities, namely Philip J. Fry and Leela. Ramona is also trying to learn how to use guns, being taught from Leela herself, while Scott and Fry are interested in the other's love story. She doesn't have that much respect for Farnsworth for being a Bad Boss even by her standards and Bender for trying to hit on her despite insisting she already has a boyfriend, but will tolerate them for the time being.
    • The Courier is actually interested in her after hearing of this subspace, and has sent her a request as if she would allow him use of said subspaces to further his delivery process. Seeing him as a fellow delivery person, she granted his request and has become an ally to him.
      • While she is also on good terms with fellow delivery girl Kiki, there has been a debate between them whenever or not flying or the subspace highway was the best way to deliver mail. There have since been plans for a pantheon wide race to help settle this dispute.
  • One wouldn't pick it up if you look at her, but she is actually as avid of a gamer as Scott is to the point that they spent their time away from each other depressed while playing video games. As such, they can often be seen within the House of Gaming brushing up their skills and challenging others. That said, they sometimes have to pay for any thrown controllers that they break in frustration.
  • Has a Bag of Holding which can seemingly hold a infinite amount of objects and can even become a portal into Subspace. She has also been chatting with Felix the Cat to see if she can transform her bag into other things like Felix can do with his own bag.
  • Her live-action looks brought Ramona to the attention of John McClane, who finds her similar to his daughter\herald Lucy and with whom Ramona is always willing to discuss her problems, and the Huntress, who Ramona admires for her combat prowess and the promise to shoot an arrow on Gideon's face.

    Rika Furude 
Rika Furude, Goddess of Determined Defeatists (Tanuki, Rika-chama)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Shinto Shrine
  • Alignment: Neutral Good Chaotic Evil when in "Infected State" (Note: Extremely rare occurance but it has happened in some kaekras (VN only))
  • Portfolio: Determined Defeatist, Miko, Really 700 Years Old, fatalists, those who drink heavy doses of wine, traveling to the past with her mindset still intact
  • Domains: Good, Fate, Faith
  • Allies: Shion and Mion Sonozaki, Rena Ryuguu, Satoko Houjou, Keiichi Maebara, Naruto Uzumaki, Valvatorez, Sol Badguy, Shinji Ikari, Mai Takatsukasa, Nozdormu, King Artoria (Altria) Pendragon/Saber
  • Enemies: Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi, Tzeentch, Dark Link, Nui Harime, Number 96: Black Mist, Sora Shiun'in, Lucifer
  • Has been working with Oyashiro-sama to reform her faith and on a plan to destroy Bernkastel. That later one involves saving the other Rikas. Each successful save gradually weakens her power as Bernkastel is a manifestation of all the Rikas who died in the June 1983 time loop.
  • The only thing that will ever make Rika entertain the notion of cooperating with Bernkastel are the actions of Teppei Houjou, who the both of them hate more than each other.
  • For whatever reason, Rika has volunteered to guide drivers as a GPS.
  • Has ventured along with other goddesses to stop a world domination.
  • Rika's story made The Dragon Nozdormu pity the girl for her constant loops around time and admired how she eventually ended the cycle. Rika on his part is looking for a way to prevent Nozdormu's eventual decent into madness, even against the dragons wishes to not tinker with time.
  • Rika and Saber may not have a good start to their relationship when Rika introduces herself as 'cute' to give Saber a good impression which she shrugs off with her cold expression but Rika reveals her true nature and confides in her that they are not so different as they both went through tragic experiences; Rika having to die many times and rewind time backward in an attempt to save her friends and everyone from the Great Hinamizawa Disaster and Saber, as the king of England, Arthur or Artoria who had to bottle up her emotions to rule effectively unintentionally ended up turning her own people against her and mortally wounded by her 'son', Mordred and as she lay dying, she becomes a Heroic Spirit to have a second chance at saving her own country. Saber understands Rika and immediately shows her tender side and bonds with her, making them close friends hoping together they will fulfill their main goal.

    Rin Tohsaka 
Rin Tohsaka, Goddess of Face Realizations (Sorceress, She of the S-Grade Zettai Ryouiki, Elegant Apprentice Mage from a Noble Family, Kaleido Ruby, Ishtar, Archer, Red Devil of Venus, Summer Rider, Venusian Rainbow, Ereshkigal, Goddess of the Dead, Lancer)
While possessed by Ishtar 
Ishtar in a swimsuit 
While possessed by Ereshkigal 
  • Lesser Goddess (possibly Greater Goddess when summoned as either Ishtar or Ereshkigal)
  • Symbol: Her Command Seal and her Precious Stone
  • Theme Music: Kirari by Kana Ueda, Venus Goddess
  • Alignment: Lawful Good by herself. Ishtar is labelled as Lawful Good, though her behaviour says otherwise while Ereshkigal is labelled as Chaotic Evil who displays actions that are considered Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: The OG Tsundere, Girlish Pigtails, Short Skirts, Ridiculously High Socks and Thighs of Varying Exposure, Cute and Badass, Combat Mages, Jewel Magic, Gandr, Realizes she's compassionate all along, Go-Getter Girl, The Gadfly, Hopeless with Tech, Aggressive Submissive, Not-So-Perfect
  • Domains: Charm, Magic, Passion, War, Fire, Costume
  • Allies:
  • Mentor: Archmage Khadgar
  • Rivals: Karin Kanzuki, Emilie de Rochefort
  • Enemies: Kirei Kotomine, Gilgamesh, Avenger, Shinji Matou, Zouken Matou, Tiamat (FGO), Dante (Full Metal Alchemist), Alex DeLarge, Isaac Westcott, Dormammu, Zobek, Gul'dan
  • Special Relationship: Sakura Matou (her sister)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ishtar, Queen Elsa, Medea Kuzuki/Caster, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Arcueid Brunestud
  • Opposes: Souji Mitsuka/Tail Red, Homura Akemi
  • Opposed by: Hazel Levesque
  • A honors student at Homurahara Academy and the heir to the Tohsaka magus family, Rin enters the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War in order to win both because she wants to and does so in her family name. She tries to summon a Saber-class servant, but got Archer due to minor mistakes in her ritual; she did warm up to him later on. Despite coming off the wrong foot, she and Shirou became steadfast allies and is his main companion in three different timelines. Later events reveal that underneath her perfect girl exterior lies a teasing girl and a kind-hearted simpleton who is too good to become a mage.
  • Much to her dismay, Rin was chosen to host the two Mesopotamian goddesses, Ishtar, the Mesopotamian Goddess of love, war, fertility, and power and Ereshkigal, the Mesopotamian Goddess of the dead due to her compatibility with them in personalities in an alternate reality. She finds them to be a hassle to work with, since Ishtar is spoiled and selfish and Ereshkigal can be hopelessly swayed by kindness, both to the point that it's like looking into a mirror at times. The sisters themselves likewise understand why she was chosen to host them, with Ishtar relating to Rin on their shared hatred against Gilgamesh. Rin had no choice but to let them take over whenever they come up, but not before subduing Ishtar's impulses first.
  • Saber & Shirou were among the first to greet her after her ascension. Rin may not admit it, but she is very giddy to see Shirou once again and he likewise the same, seeing her as an equal that he can stand by. She and Saber initially got off on the wrong foot, but through Shirou they are able to become steadfast allies although they deny that their feelings are more than that with furious blushes. On a related note, she'll correct anyone who claims that she and Artoria are part of Shirou Emiya's harem. If anything, it's not his harem; it's hers (as she "jokingly" claims...).
    • Sakura and Rin have been patching up their relationship once they heard each other's awful lives while growing up. Nowadays, their relationship is mostly positive with some arguments here and there and Shirou is a little afraid that Sakura might be becoming just like Rin now that she's more confident now.
    • Archer visits her regularly, stating that she'd be hopeless without someone to forcefully inject a little common sense into her life, which he loathes trusting Shirou Emiya to do so. While she claims to detest these visits and the snark that they entail, perceptive deities have noticed a faint hint of anticipation in her voice every time she speaks of them.
    • While one would expect her servant Archer to be her foremost protector, it is actually Lancer who jumps in most often. Rin has no problem teaming up with him, but his remarks get on her nerves quite often and he likes it that way.
    • She and Illya has a little rivalry with each other, mostly about who gets to hang out with Shirou next; the whole "sleeping next to Shirou" incident and the fact that Illya doesn't let Rin date him doesn't help either. Otherwise, they get along just fine and even defend Shirou together.
    • She had a little heart attack when she saw Kaleid Ruby, a talking magic wand yet again, who was wondering where did Rin go after shoving her inside Zelretch's chest after her embarrassing concert when she was eleven. Before she fires a barrage of Gandr, an innocent-looking girl who looks like Illya and her blue-haired friend stepped in to save Ruby. Once the situation clears up after some minor confusions, the other Illya and Miyu were able to convince Rin that Kaleid Ruby won't cause any problems for her anymore, and she accepts while silently hoping it doesn't come back to her again.
    • Rin and Sakura have finally met the adoptive father of Shirou and... were surprised to see him subdued in spite of his "Magus Killer" reputation. He's fine with them being with Shirou as long as Shirou makes them happy, but he's stopping himself from telling them everything about their family because he feels they don't have the mental fortitude to take it all in.
    • Keeps a very large distance between herself and Kirei Kotomine. She now knows the truth about her father's death and her mother's madness, but while she hungers for revenge, she isn't foolish enough to challenge such a dangerous person head on. Especially when said person is often accompanied by Gilgamesh. That doesn't mean she's letting them go, it just means the planning stage is taking a little longer than anticipated.
    • She HATES Zouken & Shinji Matou for ruining Sakura's life while she was unaware of it, as well as Shinji not handling her rejection very well to the point of attempting to violating her body while she was captured once; Rin will make sure they will suffer forever for their crimes, scaring them and causes them to tread lightly. She doesn't like Avenger as well since he did screw up everything that happened in the Grail Wars and he himself in turn brushes her aside like she's nothing.
    • Through Shirou, Rin meets Ritsuka Fujimaru, the Master of Chaldea who has corrected the flow of time into its proper place, a heroic action Rin can't help but admire; Ritsuka did noted that she somewhat resembles him in some way, even joking that he might be her child which Rin denies with a blush and agrees with her that Ishtar is a piece of work. The Master then introduced her to Li Shuwen who is a master of Bajiquan, the martial art Rin learned from Kotomine. A sparring session later and Li took a liking to Rin, taking her in as a student to hone her moves.
    • Having faced a Master with the same name and appearance, B.B. quickly opposed her as the Rin she faced had a hand in stopping her. Rin herself is irked that a havoc-wreaking AI happens to look like Sakura, which she admits it reminds her of her failures as a big sister.
    • Ritsuka also warned her of the Beasts' threats that can cause The End of the World as We Know It, something she will definitely keep in mind; the Beasts themselves think a mage like her can't match up to the Master of Chaldea's level, but wait until she pulls out the Jeweled Sword Zelretch...
    • Rin had a run-in with Touko Aozaki one time and lights up once she realized she made Shirou's new body in one timeline. After Rin thanked her profusely, Touko tried to be on her merry way but Rin stopped her so that she can be her student. She adamantly refuses but once she heard that even Sakura needs more magic training than Rin and she has been through a lot of hell, she reconsiders and asked Rin to introduce Sakura to her next time they meet to which she agrees. Touko's associate, Shiki Ryougi was less than hospitable every time she sees the Tohsaka mage; it's something about reminding her of annoying younger sisters...
  • As she has bad memories of it, she opposes the Star Wand or anything that remotely reminds Rin of the Kaleidostick. This initially put her into conflict with Sakura Kinomoto as well as Star Butterfly, who were open to hear Rin's reasons; once they did, they finally assured her that their wands are nothing like the Kaleidostick though Kinomoto finds Rin's protests against being a magical girl endearing, further embarrassing Rin. Rin's less significant problem with Star involves them sharing the same voice, but they both disregard it very often.
    • Unlike her, Arcueid takes her magical girl act very seriously and Rin gets stuck with seeing her embarrassing herself in front of everyone (at least in her eyes) whenever they hang out, which is why their friendship is shaky. With that topic out of the way, they get along just fine with Arcueid remarking that she's a little like Akiha.
    • Still, she also disagrees on Homura Akemi's actions even though they do remind her of Shirou saving Sakura in a really dark and twisted way. Homura sees her as a non-threat at first, but became wary once she heard that Rin can wield the Jeweled Sword Zelretch that can potentially hurt her.
  • She has set a precedent for the Tsundere archetype with her harsh facade hiding her kind heart especially towards her love interest, which got her acquainted with Shana, her Great Herald Kotori Itsuka, Asuka Langley Souryu (and Shikinami), Kyou Fujibayashi, Nagi Sanzen'in and Kallen Kouzuki. Shana finds a lot more kinship with Rin than with the other tsunderes, a fact she takes a while to openly admit and through the Shinji they know, both Asukas got along with Rin after initially getting over some friction; Rin even did helped her before the latter's big fight against Gendo Ikari. The three decided to form a social circle with the other tsunderes called, "the Great Tsundere Alliance" which Rin says it's overdue; they'll be talking about how their love interests are big dummies and other certain events.
    • There's also Nagi's friend, Hinagiku Katsura as well as Yuzu Hiiragi and her Synchro counterpart, the similarly named Rin with all of them relating over usual tsundere problems and Hinagiku relates to Rin on keeping up their respective "perfect girl" images. The Tohsaka mage is mortified that the Dimensional War broke out in Yuzu and the duelist Rin's universe, stating that even someone like her can change drastically into a very different person had she been there though the bracelet-wearing duelists assures her that everything turned out fine for them in the end.
  • Rias Gremory relates to Rin not just on being a top student who must keep up their images to others, but also her cosplaying as a magical girl once is not unlike Rin's impromptu concert caused by Kaleido Ruby and Rin is glad (and maybe a bit jealous) that Rias is moving on from that. Noel Vermillion did invite Rin to a special club of girls with similar fixations after hearing about her angst of her chest being smaller than her sister's; she declined, finding it petty despite wallowing in it but nonetheless, still befriended Noel because she feels that Noel needs the emotional support she can get.
  • The Zettai Ryouiki style is commonplace no thanks to Rin popularizing it and her influence shows up a lot in other Japanese media during the following years, with an example being the students of Infinite Stratos Academy. Rin knows claiming that it's her style and they stole it is too reaching, so she conceded.
    • Another part of her appearance that she popularized is the Girlish Pigtails, which earns her an Abhorrent Admirer in Souji Mitsuka AKA Tail Red. Rin is aware he's a valuable hero, but finds his twintail worship to be both tiring and annoying.
  • Rin specializes in gem magecraft and is really obsessed and knowledgeable on them; this is why she's fascinated by Hazel Levesque's curse, as she sees Hazel as her chance to gain an infinite supply of gems for her Jewel magic. Because of this, Hazel has made it a point to make sure that her gems do not end up in Rin's hands. After all, she already has to deal with gemstones that cause misfortune to fall upon anyone that takes them and she doesn't want to start dealing with gemstones that explode. The Crystal Gems are a lot more forgiving of Rin; sure, they themselves don't want to be used for magic firepower but Steven reasoned with them that he knows Rin does mean well in spite of it. Rin herself is fascinated to be able to meet manifestations of actual gems and is intrigued by their abilities and use of fusion.
  • She is completely hopeless when it comes to technology. Rin barely knows what a VCR is, let alone DVD or Blu-Ray. She hates technology with a passion since she can't understand it, although she is learning from Shirou. Usagi Tsukino AKA Sailor Moon relates to her on that front and they both agree to keep each other away from disc players until either of them can get the hang of it.
  • Not a lot has known this, but the Tohsakas are actually Japanese Christians which explains the cross on Rin's sweater and why her family accepted Kotomine. This gotten her in touch with Fuu Kasumi and Amakusa Shirou Tokisada; Fuu confided in her and Kyoko Sakura regarding her father, who abandoned her and her mother when she was young. Rin felt sorry that she also had to shoulder the burden of growing up without a father and Kyoko just told her that she was lucky that he didn't resort to killing them. As for Amakusa, Rin got some bad vibes from him and it's not just the fact he resembles Kotomine in some way while Amakusa himself doesn't blame her for the distrust.
  • Haruto Soma AKA Kamen Rider Wizard was very impressed with Rin for her ability to mix magic with actual martial arts; jokes have been made that maybe she is his female counterpart since she wears red and was a Magical Girl. Rin was a little disappointed she can't use his rings for her magecraft, but she knows they're necessary for his own combat prowess. Haruto then warned her of Sou Fueki's danger, because he is the White Wizard who plans to start another Black Sabbath to bring back his daughter Koyomi which she accepted with precaution; what unsettles her more is that he could have been very dangerous had he been in a Holy Grail War.
  • Rin may not get a tutelage under Touko, but she was redirected to Archmage Khadgar by her so she sets out to the House of Magic and Sorcery to see him. He has piqued her interest in the wizard's techniques, primarily on Mana Conservation and more powerful spells outside her knowledge. At the same time, he sees great potential on her magical skills, combined with her ability to summon Servants of her choice, though he sees her magical abilities alone to be sub-par. However, he is dedicated to helping on her Mana control more efficiently, just that he expects Rin to be rather pushy everytime he keeps criticizing on her magic.
    Rin: "Ugh, this magical teaching is hard! Do I really need to do this?"
    Khadgar: *laughs* "I mean, you signed up for my class, and for being my first apprentice, I should credit you, but if you wish to be a better mage, you have to try harder."
    Rin: "I am! I just don't like this. Its too hard!"
    Khadgar: "Well if you wish, would you like to try another spell that is easier? Easier than your spells?"
    Rin: "Hey don't humiliate my skills! I swear I did better last time."
    Khadgar: "Then keep up."
    • Through Khadgar, Rin met Akko who was also taken under his wing and they both have encouraged each other in doing their respective bests while exchanging stories that happened in their own worlds. Also from the House of Magic is Doctor Strange who Rin often compared to her mentor Kishur Zelretch Schweinorg, also an all-powerful mage capable of traversing the multiverse; Strange himself thinks Rin needs some more training to bring out her true potential but he is interested in meeting this Zelretch fellow.
    • She heeded warnings of the dangers of evil mages such as Sir Isaac Westcott, Dormammu, Zobek and Gul'dan from Khadgar, Strange and Kiritsugu which she agrees wholeheartedly; she also recognizes that they may be just as, if not more than the magi of the Mage's Association in her world.
  • Rin does befriend Meliodas and Shinji Ikari aside from the former sounding like Shirou; she is not exactly fond of Meliodas' attempts to look up her skirt, but she does admit he has a good heart with a little blush on her cheeks and Shirou introduced her to Shinji who in turn introduces Asuka to her. Rin was sad when she heard about everything Shinji has been through in the continuities he was in and hopes he gets enough help in the Pantheons while Shinji himself finds Rin easy to befriend as well as not judgmental to him.
  • The Dante who serves Father Homunculus gives Rin and Sakura some bad memories of Zouken, and they resolve to stop her when the opportunity rises; Dante herself sees them as potential vessels and considers possessing them to obtain their powers though their allies prove tough for her as of now. Alex DeLarge's crimes of violent chaos and rape reminds them of Shinji, only even more worse and the sisters prepare themselves should they cross his path; DeLarge himself thinks they're harmless enough to be his victims, not realizing they are more than what they seem yet.
  • The Tohsaka mage has a legendary rival by the name of Luviagelita Edelfelt, an Ojou who was wealthier than her and possibly related to her as second cousins; essentially, she's a Foil to Rin. Their rivalry is so great that Karin Kanzuki reminds Rin greatly of Luvia, not helped by the fact that Karin taunts Rin much like Luvia. Lili de Rochefort is more friendlier towards Rin and was baffled by Kotomine's incompetence in maintaining the Tohsaka wealth; that aside, Lili hopes to spar with Rin to see her Bajiquan soon enough.
  • Back then, Rin was apathetic to Sakura and her bad situation causing Queen Elsa to distrust and reprimand her for that, and it's until she heard from Sakura herself that Rin tries to reconnect with her after realizing it does more harm than good. Nowadays, Elsa is glad Rin learns her lesson and wants her to keep being there for her sister, not wanting her mistakes to be repeated with Rin, who does understands her concern but Elsa's requests often sound like royal orders, causing the two's tensions to maintain.
  • Stop talking about her anus, and/or insinuating that she pleases old men for money. She'll keep blasting you with barrages of Gandr if it keeps up.
  • Can also be found in Alignment Changes.
  • "The world is just another word for the things you value around you, right? That's something I've had since I was born. If you tell me to rule such a world, I already rule it."

Ryouna, Goddess of Wide-Open Masochism (The Mystifying Markswoman With a Masochistic Mind, HurtMeMore)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: An ice sculpture of a winged pig with her quad-guns hanging from its legs
  • Theme Music: Super-Duper Masochism, Frantic Self-Satisfaction, Hurt Me Really, REALLY Bad
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil in Hebijo; otherwise, Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being a Masochist And Being Utterly Open About It, Cute and Psycho, Orgasmic Combat, Combat Sadomasochist, Fighting Ballerina, Gun Fu, Trigger-Happy, An Ice Person, Big-Breast Pride, Having a Meaningful Name, Shinobi (yes, we know), Wanting to Be Understood
  • Domains: Masochism, Guns, Ice, Shinobi
  • Followers: Taro Sado, Creed Diskenth
  • Allies:
  • Former Enemies: The students of Hanzou Academy, The Crimson Squad and students of Gessen Academy.
  • Enemies: I-No
  • Opposed by: The members of League of Flat Chests (Noel Vermillion in particular)
  • Interested in: The Kombatants
  • Technically, the previous holder of Too Kinky to Torture was Monokuma and His Mastermind. And where they love despair, both inflicted to others and to themselves, they are too busy inflicting it to others to truly bring the trope home. As a way to bring them down a notch, Haruka decided to get them stripped out of their position from House of Personality, and presented someone to take their helm: Ryouna, a student from Hebijo who just loves pain. Judges, where creeped out, did eventually abide to her request.
    • However, her ascension did bring an unexpected side effect, as Nyarko was stripped out of her original Love position. Nyarko was about to attack her, but stopped because not only would she probably be worse than Cuuko on a good day, but she was informed that she would get something else in return.
  • She was just so happy to ascend, thinking that there would be plenty of deities who would give her all the pleasures she wants and find those who would really accept the way she is. She quickly grew friendly to Akeno, who Haruka already befriended, as well as Animus, Plutia and Bayonetta due to their various torture techniques.
  • There is really two things you shouldn't to her: First is to ignore her too long, or else she will go on the offensive to make you hurt her. Second is bringing up her dead older sister, Ryouki. She will straight out drop any masochist tendencies she has and gun you down for that.
    • The second factor would have made her enemies with Belldandy due to how she sounds, but her personality makes her impossible for her to get mad at her. On the other hand, I-No would be the only sadomasochist god which Ryouna hates because of that.
  • She loves to show off her breasts around, and particularly likes to tease the League of Flat Chests to get them attack her. Especially Noel, as she just loves to have a little gunfight with her.
  • She seems to like to dance Swan Lake. Though most gods haven't really seen her reforming any actual dances.
  • Not many gods are sure how open she is to actually having sex. Though to make sure that she wouldn't just let any rapist to get her, she is told that they have no interest on having any "foreplay" with her, and she should just gun them down from the get-go.
  • Many people tend to be creeped out by her due to her behaviour. Even some of her potential allies, like Yubel, are creeped out by her to an extent.
  • She often sneaks into the House of Food's kitchens to try and literally land on boiling hot water, because she wants to know how it feels like. This is something that has horrified quite a few gods, even in spite of Ryouna's warnings to her followers and others. She has also taken a degree of interest to the Kombatants, for obvious reasons.
  • Infamously attacked Naoki Kashima, hoping that one as powerful as him would give her a new level of pain to enjoy. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in a hospital bed with little more than a dull ache: according to Ryobi, the Demi-Fiend put her out for a month. As Ryona didn't remember any of her beatdown, she declared the whole affair a failure. She spent another two weeks in the hospital, under supervision to make sure she didn't pull out the IV for her painkillers.

    Tabane Shinonono 
Tabane Shinonono, Goddess of the Overly Cutesy (Tabane-Sama the Genius, The most wanted person in the world)


    Adrian Monk 
Adrian Monk, God of Hyper-Awareness (Mr. Monk, Monk)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Disinfecting Wipes
  • Theme Song: It's A Jungle Out There, as well as this
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Hyper-Awareness, Disability Superpowers, Fear of Everything, Bunny Ears Lawyers, Defective Detectives, Sherlock Scanning, The Summation
  • Domains: Cleanliness, Hygiene, Mystery, Good, Knowledge
  • Heralds: Sharona Fleming and Natalie Teeger (his former and current assistant[s]), Captain Leland Francis Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Randall "Randy" Disher (his liaisons in the San Francisco Police Department and closest friends).
  • Allies: Death the Kid, Sherlock Holmes, Patrick Jane, Dr. Frasier Crane, Shawn Spencer, Richard Castle
  • Enemies: Light Yagami, Dr. Angus Bumby
  • Uneasy Relationship: Barton Fink
  • Avoids: The House of Health and Diseases
  • Due to his rather annoying tendency to clean and arrange everything perfectly, none of the other deities in the Pantheon wanted to deal with Monk and he eventually got shoved into the Mentalism. The only reason why the Mentalism deities bothered to keep Monk around was that he was quick to point out any potential flaws in their plans. Also, the Council of Shadows was afraid of him making his way into the Hall of Defense or the House of Justice since his crime-solving abilities could be turned against it. Eventually, he was moved here, to the House of Characterization.
  • Despite his numerous disorders, He is one of the most skilled detectives in the pantheon; He can solve a case in under one minute while being distracted by other cases.
    • Holmes isn't all that bothered with the man's shortcomings, knowing he has done great good. Dr. Watson is a bit more concerned with his condition and has advised him to keep attending psychiatrists.
    • Shawn Spencer got Monk to his side to prove to Patrick Jane once and for all that he is indeed a psychic. Not wanting to get involved, Monk stated that it can at least be debatable. That unfortunately only set them off into a tirade against each other. Luckily, Monk used that opportunity to escape.
    • Enjoys Castle's book... bloodiness aside. He can at least state that the book is accurate and understood how someone could use that knowledge to commit real murders.
  • His first visit in the Pantheon was to a Dr. Angus Bumby. At first it seems that his condition was improving. But when he failed to turn up in the House of Law and Justice, Judge Dredd suspected treachery. The police force broke into Bumby's office to see him just about to sell Monk to Slaanesh for slavery. Monk now has a restraining order of the Psycho Psychologist.
  • After languishing without a proper psychiatrist, a certain one opened its doors. Frasier was happy to help the man out. Now with proper followers, Monk's condition has improved drastically. It helps that both of them have had a rather tragic love life.
  • Much of his condition can be connected to the death of his wife Trudy, who expired after her car exploded. While he was unable to figure out her murder, he received help from many other detective deities over the years. He eventually found the man who conspired the murder at the end of his show, and he thanked his colleagues for giving him some much needed peace.
  • There was a rather odd exchange between the detective and the God of Writer's Block. Monk was shocked to see what appeared to be his brother Ambrose out of his house. He later deduced that that couldn't be true as Barton Fink is wearing slightly outdated clothing. That, and the fact that his brother has yet to leave his house, led him to believe that this is in fact his brother's avatar. Fink himself thought he saw his counsultant Ben Geisler. Monk figured that his own avatar must look him him. Either way, neither of them want to go into it any further.
  • Will under no circumstances go to the House of Health and Diseases, not wanting to get any diseases there. The phenomenon of superbugs has only further deterred him from visiting.
  • He was confronted with Light Yagami who gave him a proposition. Light found out about the tragic death of Monk's wife. He asked of Monk to look the other way while he made sure no one else will suffer with the help of his Death Note. Monk politely declined, but unlike most pondered if Light himself has a disorder as well. Light considered that an insult and stormed off. Monk still has a bit of a soft spot for Light and hopes that he gets his issues resolved.

    Milo Thatch 
Milo James Thatch, God of Endearing Awkwardness
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Shepherd's Journal
  • Theme Song: Launch Theme/Journey
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Brainy Brunette, Smart Guys Paired With Strong Girls, Stays In Atlantis To Help Rebuild Their Culture, Going Native, Nice Guy, Smart In Science, Not So Much Elsewhere, Knowledgable About Plumbing And Boilers, Smart People Wear Glasses, Cunning Linguist, The Navigator, Initially An Outcast
  • Domains: Excavation, Knowledge, Science, Crystals, Atlantis
  • Herald: Kida (Queen of Atlantis and his wife)
  • Followers: Waymand Wang
  • Allies: Arthur Curry, Ariel, Louise Banks, the Heptapods, Goliath, Pocahontas, Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Jake Sully, Charlie Chaplin
  • Enemies: Commander Rourke, Col. Miles Quaritch
  • Conflicting Opinion: Dartz
  • Milo Thatch, formerly a follower of Louise Banks, was first noted for ascension upon seeing how his awkwardness was also endearing. While many adorable deities have had their dorky moments, but among the candidates for Adorkable that haven't already ascended, Milo fits the bill best.
  • Milo has quite the impressive number of degrees.
    • Educated at Oxford University (1896-1903), he held a double doctorate in the fields of Linguistic Theory (Grammatical Structure, Syntax, Babel Theory, Evolution, Written Languages, and Lost Alphabets) and Dead Languages (Cryptology and Hieroglyphics, with thesis work done on American Indian tribes of the California Coast, Hawaiian, Pacific Island, and South Asian/Sub-Continent Strains).
    • He had minor degrees in Chemistry, Literature (French, Old English, and Chinese), Art History, Sociology, and Anthropology. In addition to his formal training as a linguist and translator, Milo was tutored by the legendary Thaddeus Thatch, his grandfather, in the fields of Cartography, Drafting, Navigation, Astronomy, Archeology, and Antique Restoration Techniques.
    • And he was employed in Washington, D.C. as a Museum Linguist/Translator and Cartographic Restoration Expert, 1903-1904. Participated in Academic Exchange Program 1909-10, spent 11 months working in Paris at the Bibliotech National, and the Prado Museum in Madrid.
    • In addition to all that, he also knows an awful lot about plumbing and boilers, right down to how to treat certain brands and models. He only does that help on the side, though, which is a shame since there aren't many ascended plumbers in the Pantheon, and two of them do a lot more heroing than actual plumbing.
  • As someone who studies dead languages, Milo's the best when it comes to reading and translating texts of ancient (Earth) cultures. Speaking those languages isn't as important as being an Omniglot seems to be part of the ascension package for every deity that can speak languages or read text-based on languages (if one even uses words at all to communicate).
  • Through shared voices, he became quick friends with Marty McFly (and by extension Doc Emmett Brown), in addition to opposing Biff Tannen.
  • Some people find it amusing that he fulfills the qualifications for a Mighty Whitey while not having any of the characteristics that are usually associated with them. That said, unlike other Mighty Whiteys, actually saves the native peoples' culture.
  • Upon hearing of another Atlantean King in the House of Nature, Milo went to visit Dartz. Milo was horrified to learn of the Orichalcos that warped the noble king into misanthropy to the point that Dartz would harvest souls for 10,000 years and even recruited his loyal followers by manipulation and illusion (he was mortified to learn what happened to one of Dartz's noble enforcers, Raphael) before he would summon the Great Leviathan to "cleanse" the world. Thankfully, thanks to Yugi Muto (and the Pharaoh), Dartz was purified of the force, except for a lingering Split Personality that now exists in him. Milo is grateful to have time to talk to the King of Atlantis about what life was before the Orichalcos shot everything to hell...only when Dartz is lucid, that is.

    Misaki Ayuzawa 
Misaki Ayuzawa, Goddess of Go-Getter Girls (Misa-Chan, Seika High's "Demon President", The Hot-Blooded Japanese Diplomat)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Maid Latte Cafè logo
  • Theme Song: "My Secret" by Saaya Mizuno
  • Alignment: Lawful to Neutral Good, by default; Chaotic Good to Neutral when she goes into "Demon Pres" mode
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Badass Brainy Brunette who occasionally generates a Battle Aura, Defrosting Ice Queen, Go-Getter Girl, Hot-Blooded, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Lethal Chef, Plucky Girl, Student Council President who secretly part-times as a Meido, Tomboy with a Girly Streak and who can carry a Maid Cafe uniform beautifully, Tsundere
  • Domains: Personality, School, Leadership
  • Direct Superiors: Asuka Langley Souryuu (as one of her former followers) and Relena Darlian (as part of the Diplomatic Corps)
  • Heralds: Minako Ayuzawa and Suzuna Ayuzawa (her mother and little sister), Sakuya Ayuzawa (her father), Sakura Hanazono and Shizuko Kaga (her best friends), Takumi Usui (her Secret-Keeper, later husband), Sara and Rui Usui (her children).
  • Allies: Fi, Houki Shinonono, Princess Zelda, Nagisa Furukawa, Anna Nishikinomiya, Tsukasa Domyouji and Makino Tsukushi, Maika Sakuranomiya, The Mew Mews, Kotori Minami of μ's, Makoto Niijima of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Strawberry Shortcake, Tenko Chabashira
  • Smash Sisters with: Hinagiku Katsura
  • Odd Relationships: Stocking Anarchy, Tomoya Okazaki, Accelerator
  • Respected by: Cú Chulainn
  • Completely Disapproves of: Kneesocks
  • Not to be confused with: Ibuki
  • Months after the GUAG Diplomatic Corps was established, plans were made for recruiting more members to its ranks from within and beyond the Pantheon. Among the candidates considered was Misaki, a lightly-known but well-refuted follower of the Goddess of Tsunderes, who somehow campaigned in secret for the former’s ascension through a dossier containing details of her exploits:
    • Misaki was a just a simple High School student, when she enrolled into Seika High School as one of the first batch of females in a formerly all-male institution. It was then that she saw the plight of her female batch mates there: filth-riddled premises and a nearly-unsuitable school environment aggravated by an overwhelming majority of unruly boys who knew very little of subtlety and sensitivity. With the goal of making Seika a better place for her fellow female students, and fueled by her rage towards the male students’ rowdiness, she underwent one hell of a transformation (passing her subjects with flying colors, forming good relationships with the teachers, even learning Aikido of all things) until she finally became the Student Council President of the school. Her sweeping reforms throughout Seika High did rub off the wrong way among the guys, but they could only do little to oppose since she was able to scare the living hell out of them (which gave rise to her Red Baron title in the first place).
    • Unbeknownst to most of the students at Seika, part of her abrasive attitude towards men was due to her father leaving the family with a huge debt, prompting her to take a part-time job to support her family. Which did present a problem to her since her part-time job was that of a Meido in a Maid Cafe. Nonetheless, she managed to balance her dual life up until her graduation, even with all the ups and downs in between (beginning with the discovery of her Maid Café job, and further involvement romantic and otherwise, by a pretty Ace who would eventually become her husband.)
    • Such reliable and selfless attitude towards her duty as President and Honor Student, towards her role as a caring elder sister and daughter to her family, and towards her job as a part-time Maid, eventually became the basis for her application and eventual ascension into the Pantheon. Moreso with her new, post-story role as a Japanese Diplomat, allowing her to adjust seamlessly to her position in the Corps.
  • Her entry has been welcomed by deities who have previously been Student Council Presidents in the past. Moreso her fellow diplomat Relena (as she did have a stint as one before she was thrust into the political limelight.) Though the Regent of Actual Pacifists was rather amazed at how Misaki managed to keep her reputation in check as Seika’s first female Council Pres, with all the roughing up she occasionally delivered to the boys there. Misaki eagerly replied that someone has to keep those boys in check one way or the other.
  • Other deities who are well-aware of her record as President have been lobbying with giving her the Student Council President title as well, especially with the House of School still missing a dedicated deity for the trope. While she's not against the idea, the House itself has yet to decide on the matter. Still, she does get invited as an occasional consultant there, at least until a representative for the title can be declared.
  • Apart from her work in the Diplomatic Corps, Misaki has frequented the House of Knowledge for information regarding the ins and outs of the Pantheon, alongside Fi. Some deities have also spotted her training with Houki, whenever the latter visits the House of Combat for kendo training; this is possibly due to Misaki’s proficiency in Akido, which like Kendo is a Japanese Martial Art. On both instances though, the deities presumed some certain similarities between them.
    • A funny note regarding her practice sessions at the House of Combat: While some deities there are impressed with her Aikido skills, others who are of equal or lower rank than her (particularly the guys) have been quivering in fear whenever they see her there, as she tends to emit some sort of a killer aura even during practice.
    • Conversely though, she’s pretty much in disapproval of Kneesocks’ way of running things, partly due to her dubious background, and partly because the latter overemphasizes the “Ruuuuules” too often.
  • Surprisingly, she has developed an odd Kindred friendship of sorts with Nagisa, seeing as her relationship with Tomoya does sort of remind her of when she met Takumi Usui (the guy who would eventually become her hubby). That, or because at some point Tomoya’s voice reminds her of Usui.
    • On the flipside, for some similarly bizarre reason, she’s rather cautious of Accelerator, considering his reputation.
    • Oddly, while she's friends with Stocking, she tends to shy away a bit from her offering of sweets as it reminds her of the time she entered a sweets-eating contest and nearly buckled, because Usui was making all the food there and was heaping up on the sugar.
  • There were rumors that she somewhat “inherited” part of her leadership skills from Arturia or Zelda; the latter for the same reasons as Fi and Houki, the former probably because she sounds much like Misaki’s mother.

    Nate Adams 
Nathan Adams, God of Unremarkably Average People (Nate, Fuu 2, Kemushi-otoko, Keita Amano, Fuutsuu,)
Adult Nathan 
Fuu 2 
  • Demigod (Lesser God as Fuu 2)
  • Symbol: the Yo-Kai Watch
  • Theme Song: Gera Gera Po
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Average Guy who wants to be special, wields the Yo-Kai Watch which allows him to see Yo-kai, Nice Guy who is fierce when angry, want to impress Katie Forester and eventually succeeds
  • Domains: Youkai, Ordinariness
  • Heralds: Whisper (any yokai he's befriended can be summoned in the Pantheon), Katie Forester (future wife)
  • High Priest: Stahl
  • Allies: Jibanyan, The good Pokemon Trainers, the Digimon Tamers and DigiDestined, The Demon Tamers/Summoners and Persona Users, Koneko Toujou, Danny Fenton, Reimu Hakurei, Miku Hinasaki, Mio and Mayu Amakura, Dipper and Mabel Pine, Ginko, the Ghostbusters, Luigi, Hajime Hinata, The Ghost Stories Cast, Abe no Seimei, Carol Anne Freeling, Ebenezer Scrooge, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Yoh Asakura, Maya and Pearl Fey, the Ghost Kamen Riders, Ran Yakumo
  • Odd Friendship: Ishida Mitsunari
  • On Good Terms with: The Halls of Japanese Spirits and Ghosts
  • Enemies: King Boo, Hatsune Hirasaka, Sadako Yamamura, Kayako Saeki
  • Opposes: Light Yagami, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Rem
  • Avoids: The Incubators, Kurama
  • Nate Adams is just your average boy living in Springdale... And we do mean average; His name is average, his looks are average, his skills are average, his hobbies are average, everything about him is average and he's very unhappy about that, so he tends to go out of his way to prove he's not average to everybody. One day, he sees a peculiar capsule machine in Mount Wildwood and out of curiosity inserts a coin into the machine, which makes the machine drop a capsule. Upon opening the capsule Nate frees a strange ghost named Whisper. Whisper explained that he is a Yo-kai, a mischievous ghostly being who can Inspirit people to affect them with a certain condition. He then gives Nate the Yo-kai Watch, a device which allows him to see, interact, and befriend Yo-kai. And so, Nate has many encounters and misadventures involving the quirky, troublemaking Yo-kai.
  • For a long time, Stahl held the title of The Ridiculously Average God. However, one day the Court of the Gods analyzed his position, and upon deciding that he might not be as average as they thought, searched out for other candidates for the position, and found out about Nate Adams, a boy so painfully average he's agonized over it, and goes to great lengths to proves he's not so average. With that, they have decided to nominate him as the new holder of that title. Upon Nate's arrival into the Pantheon, Stahl approached him and told him that as he'll be replacing him, Stahl will become his High Priest. Nate's initial excitement turned to disappointment when he realized what trope he'll be representing.
  • After his ascension, Nate was greeted by the many Pokemon Trainers, Digimon Tamers, Demon trainers, and Persona users of the Pantheon, as they are also fellow Mon protagonists. Of them all, Nate gets along with Ash Ketchum the best, given that they have interacted with many different Pokemon and Yo-kai and maintained positive relations with most of them, and even have a signature sidekick in Pikachu and Jibanyan. With the Digimon Tamers and DigiDestined, Nate was surprised to find out that there was a digital world filled with digital monsters and the kids could travel back and forth to those worlds. With the Persona users, he was baffled that their Persona's are actually the manifestations of their souls, and he wondered if he could manifest his Yo-Kai form as a Persona too. He is rather intimidated by the Demon Tamers, given that they managed to tame very dangerous demons to their side, but then he found out that they were rather cordial in general, although he is still a bit intimidated by the Demi-Fiend for his partially demonic nature and immense strength.
  • Ever since his ascension, a noticeable population of Yo-Kai have been spotted around the Pantheon, inspiriting deities for amusement. Unlike in Nate's world, there are more people around who can see spirits, so they have to be more sneaky when causing trouble. Unsurprisingly, they tend to congregate in the Hall of Japanese Spirits, so Nate decided to check the place out. He was surprised to find out that most deities representing Youkai resemble human women, where the Yo-kai in his world were more monstrous in design. Nonetheless, he managed to get on good terms with most of the deities there. He especially gets along with Koneko Toujou, as she reminds him of Jibanyan, a nekomata Yo-kai he's close with. He's incredibly wary of Hatsune Hirasaka and Sadako Yamamura, as they are the most dangerous members of the Hall and would likely kill him if encountered.
    • Because of his experience with dealing with Yo-kai, Nate befriended Reimu Hakurei who's also experienced in dealing with rowdy youkai, although through directly engaging in danmaku battles rather than supporting his Yo-kai friends as they fight. Whenever any youkai or Yo-kai is causing mischief in the Pantheon, you can guarantee they'll be investigating the matter.
  • In his world, Yo-kai tend to be the spirits of deceased people whose abilities reflect the circumstances in their lives. Because of this, some have compared them to ghosts. Nate decided to visit the Hall of Ghosts to learn more about its denizens. When he arrived there, he was greeted by Casper, who decided to show him around the Hall. During his tour, Nate got spooked by Gengar, Rotom, and the Flying Dutchman pulling pranks on him, just like the Yo-kai in his world. He felt saddened by Jacob Marley, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Sayo Aisaka and Reimi Sugimoto's unfortunate fates and circumstances. He has struck a close bond with Danny Fenton, who also deals with supernatural events on a daily basis, but resolves them by fighting the ghosts with his ghostly powers. He is afraid of Kayako Saeki because of her violent, vengeful nature, and fears becoming her victim. He is also wary of Hisako, who is not as malevolent as Kayako, but he still keeps her distance from her just in case.
    • After his tour of the Hall, Nate left for the exit, when suddenly he and Casper were ambushed by King Boo, ready to seal them into paintings. Just when he though his fate was sealed, Luigi and the Ghostbusters intervened and defeated King Boo. After recovering from the shock, Nate thanked the group for saving him, and learned about their profession in defeating and sealing ghosts away. He decided to help them in certain cases involving Youkai, using his Yo-kai watch to detect hidden Yo-kai.
  • As it turns out, Nate has his own Yo-Kai form discovered when he first died. As Fuu 2 of the Mysterious Tribe, he is able to Inspirit people to become extremely average, weaponizing his complex of his averageness in life. He is also able to to display memories in his star-shaped hole that are "average", which are not clouded by emotions or personal biases. Nate doesn't really like being dead, so he doesn't enter this form often. This does make resurrection a bit complicated, as Fuu 2 sometimes needs to reunite with his body in the House of Life and Vitality.
  • Nate isn't the only deity to have experiences with spirits, and has sought out and befriended others who have went through similar events. He managed to become close friends with Ginko, as he also dealt with supernatural phenomena called mushi who regularly possess humans, and he often has to intervene and reason with the mushi. Abe no Seimei has also managed to interact and befriend spirits, and even call upon them, and felt a bit of himself within Nate. With Miko and Mio, they also have supernatural technological gadgets that allow them to perceive ghosts, and feels sorry for them going through more unfortunate events during their adventures against the more hostile ghosts. Dipper and Mabel Pines manage to relate living in a town filled with strange happening, as they managed to go beyond the undead, and Nate was flabbergasted at some of the strange things they managed to encounter at Gravity Falls. The Ghost Stories cast have also dealt with strange ghostly happenings around town, but Nate was flummoxed by their... eccentric behavior and crude attitude. He manages to get along well with Yoh Asakura, who can communicate and fight with spirits, and often slacks around with him to kill time. He was surprised and Maya and Pearl Fey's channeling abilities, and has wondered if their channeling would work on his Yo-Kai friends. He positively geeked out on the Ghost Kamen Riders, as they remind him of the superhero serials popular in his world, except they also can interact with spirits like him.
  • Of course, Nate often has to deal with people being "Inspirited", possessed, or otherwise haunted people during his adventures. It wasn't too long before he met deities with experience in being haunted; Ebenezer Scrooge and Carol Anne Freeling. With Ebenezer Scrooge, he was haunted by his dead business partner, Jacob Marley, and the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come so he could reform his behaviour in time for Christmas. With Carol, she and her family were haunted by "the Beast", which took interest in Carol, and kidnapped her through a TV, requiring a rescue operation to take hold. Nate was a bit surprised that Scrooge's haunting was for rather benevolent reasons, and felt bad for Carol for going through such horrors at a young age. He then promised them to prevent them from being haunted by any malicious spirits as much as he can.
  • Given his complex with his supposed average-ness, it was inevitable that Hajime Hinata would approaach him to tell Nate his story. Like him, Hajime was a very average person, which he resented greatly. It got even worse when he got accepted into Hope's Peak Academy as a Reserve Course student, in which being surrounded by incredibly talented people made his inferiority complex worse. When he was given the choice to have a procedure performed on him, he accepted it, desperate to become talented and special. That was the birth of Izuru Kamukura, a man talented at everything, but as a consequence became bored at everything, and became complicit in Junko's scheme just for a chance to stave off his boredom. Nate was rather horrified by Hajime's story about how his attemp to become special went horribly wrong, but Hajime reassured Nate, saying that in the end, he managed to make peace within himself, and escaped from his darkness, and told Nate that he could be the better person, and strive to be special without resorting to drastic measures. Since then, they became close friends and confidants.
  • Nate is incredibly spooked out by Light Yagami and Misa Amane, as their relationships with their shinigami, Ryuk and Rem, act as a dark mirror to his own with Whisper, an otherworldly being giving someone a supernatural device/power that changes their life and acting as a sort-of ghostly mentor and companion. Nate is disturbed that Light and Misa would go kill people with impunity with their newfound powers, and avoids them whenever he can.
  • He and Ben Tennyson get along as both of them have magical wristwatches that allow them to interact with strange beings. Unlike the Yo-kai Watch, the Omnitrix allows Ben to transform into the aliens he fights, with Nate baffled at that function and quickly getting disappointed in his own Yo-Kai Watch, as it doesn't allow him to fight directly. Nevertheless, Ben is fascinated that Nate's watch allows him to befriend the Yo-Kai he fights, so both of them are rather close and often talk about their experiences.
  • When Nate heard Kyubi's name, he though that the Kyubei from his world had ascended into the Pantheon, he tried to find him, but only found two different "Kyubi"'s; a small white cat-like creature, and a powerful for spirit inside of Naruto Uzumaki also known as Kurama. By the time he met them, he already heard many lurid tales of the former's manipulations and devilish deals, and the latters destructive power's, that he decided to not interact with them anytime in the future. He prefers to spend time with Ran Yakumo, who finds him to be a pleasant, if silly child.
  • Surprisingly, Nate's ghost butler, Whisper, was once Ishida Mitsunari's own personal ghost butler. Remembering this strange factoid, Nate decided to confront the Mitsunari of the Pantheon to ask him about Whisper. Mitsunari, however, was not the same one from Nate's world, so he was confused by Nate's question. He became curious about the existence of Yo-Kai, so he prodded Nate about the Yo-kai. Somehow, Nate and Mitsunari managed to get along well, with Mitsunari finding Nate to be rather amusing, but a rather interesting child.

    Ron Stoppable 
Ronald "Ron" Stoppable, God of Moronic Badasses (The Buffoon, Squeeb, Middleton Mad Dog, The Fearless Ferret, Stoppable-san, The Ron, Zorpox The Conqueror, Unstoppable Stoppable, Monkey Master)
  • Demigod (Lesser God with Mystical Monkey Powers)
  • Symbol: Bueno Nacho nachos
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Animal, Good, Curse, Community
  • Portfolio: Acquired Situational Narcissism, Amazon Chaser, Animal Talk, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Eater, A Teen and his naked mole rat, Butt-Monkey, The Chosen One, Cowardly Sidekick, Informed Judaism, Lampshade Hanging, Plucky Comic Relief, Screams Like a Little Girl, Sidekick Graduations Stick, Supreme Chef, Youthful Freckles
  • Herald: Rufus (his pet naked mole-rat), Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable (his parents), Hana Stoppable (his adopted little sister).
  • Allies: Kim Possible, Sokka, Sun Wukong, Zidane Tribal, Dipper and Mabel, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jerry, Speedy Gonzales
  • Enemies: Dr. Drakken, Shego, Cobra Commander, The Baroness, James McCullen XXIV/Destro
  • Rivals: James Bond
  • Annoyed by: Sheldon Cooper
  • Few people would have thought that Ron Stoppable of all teens would get a chance for ascension. That all changed as of the finale, as Ron proved once and for all that there was a badass under all of that silliness, single-handedly saving the world. For that, he was gifted the title Moronic Badass. As usual, he used this opportunity to boast of his powers throughout the Pantheon… only to find out there are still far more powerful gods out there. Nowadays, he's much more careful on who to face.
    • Shego and Dr. Drakken weren't that bothered with his arrival, something that drives Ron nuts. It's bad enough that Drakken couldn't even remember his name for much of their battles. The arrival of his rival on the other hand has caused far more troubles for the GUAE. Melkor's scientists have dubbed this "The Rufus Factor" and are making plans to counter this.
  • Cobra Commander has been one of the most frequent victims of this phenomenon. Kim having a partner was bad enough, the naked mole rat has thwarted his plans almost as often as Kim. He has been working on a truce with Destro and Baroness to deal with the trio, who have had better success in fending them off. Ron admits he's been… distracted by the villainess.
  • Ron share similar doubts with his usefulness with the God of Boomerangs. Sokka also underwent training in order to contribute more to the team. That and the two enjoy their company to the point that they may be called brothers. Kim and Katara merely shook their heads in disbelief.
  • Sun was quick to take Ron under his wing upon his ascension. The catalyst of Ron's performance in the finale was due to becoming a part of Sun's clergy. Now Sun can take a more personal approach to teaching the boy. With his help, Ron can eventually raise his ranking permanently.
  • The monkey themes wasn't the only thing Zidane was eager to make friends with Ron. The two blondes are quite genre savvy when needed and love to spend time in the Houses of Theatre and Spectacle and Musicality. Ron occasionally takes him to the House of Gaming to teach him how to play video games.
  • Speaking of which, when Ron first discovered the House of Gaming, he went missing for a week. It took a determined Kim Possible to pull him away from the temptations. He is more cautious over the amount of time he spends there.
  • He also loves to spend time in the House of Food, happily munching down nachos with Rufus. Although he was disappointed there was no God of Tacos, he was happy to help find a suitable mortal for the job.
  • His arrival has only intensified his rivalry with James Bond. He still thinks that the God of Secret agents will pull Kim away from him. Bond has stated he has no such plans against the two.
  • Disney deities Dipper and Mabel offered gifts to Ron; Dipper challenged him to a game of Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons while Mabel offered him a sweater she made just for him (Ron made sure to keep it in his closet at all times.)
  • He was glad to find another fan of pop-culture in the form of Sheldon Cooper. That friendship didn't last long, as Ron couldn't handle Sheldon's insufferable nature.
  • When Ron found out just how many superheroes were in the Pantheon, he nearly fainted. Nearly at the top of the list of his favorite superheroes is Batman, who even sounds like a superhero in his world. Bruce would rather not re-enact one of his sillier incarnations.
  • His Herald Rufus made allies with fellow rodents Jerry Mouse and Speedy Gonzales. Neither were that bothered with his looks in the slightest, happy that one of their kind has been so useful to his group.

    Princess Syalis 
Princess Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste, Goddess of Sleep Enjoyment (The Princess, Princess Syalis, Suya-Suya the Scissor Demon)
  • Demigoddess, but Intermediate Gods aren't safe from her.
  • Symbol: A Teddy Demon, her self-made pillow and crown headband on top of a giant scissor
  • Theme Song: Suyaa...
  • Alignment: True Neutral with lots of Chaotic Neutral tendencies when unable to sleep well.
  • Portfolio: Really enjoying sleeping and revolving her entire personality around it, only technically being a Damsel in Distress but easily able to free herself and tormenting her captors in order to sleep well, only ever seen in pajamas, never giving up on getting a good sleep to the point of suicidal obliviousness, either unaware of or apathetic to the havoc she's wrecking, accidentally screwing over the demons' plans in the process, being more dangerous than her appearance lets on, having a soft spot for anything that is cute, too cute to disturb when actually sleeping, wanting to become a good queen at the end of the day, Shear Menace.
  • Domains: Sleep, Captivity, Cuteness
  • Heralds: The Teddy Demons
  • AlliesNote : Ysera, NiGHTS, Totoro, LotsoNote 
  • Enemies: Anyone who doesn't let her sleep, more specifically Vaermina, Wizeman the Wicked, Freddy Krueger, Bill Cipher, Astalos, Nonon Jakuzure, SCP-1048
  • Interested in: Jigglypuff, Maleficent
  • Feared by: The Magic Carpet
  • Under watch of: The SCP Foundation, Aladdin
  • Once upon a time, in a faraway land, humans and demons lived together in harmony in the Kingdom of Goodereste. But then, one day, the Demon King appeared, and captured the kingdom's princess, taking her hostage and only being willing to release her if the humans surrender the rule over the world to the demons. However, the Princess herself, Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste, cares about none of this. All she wants is a good night's sleep, and she is willing to go to great lengths to achieve this, and in turns causes absolute chaos in the demon castle -in which she is supposed to be imprisoned- every time something about her sleep bothers her. From stealing artifacts to killing sentient pieces of cloth to use as her bedsheets, nothing is off the table if it means she can get a good sleep.
  • Her temple is modeled after her prison cell in which she was held captive. Whenever she isn't sleeping, she is wandering around somewhere to find anything that could possibly help her sleep better, and although it is much more pleasant due to the Pantheon's generally more welcoming and accepting atmosphere, it can still get as noisy as it was in the Demon Castle where she was held captive, and she soon found out that the Pantheon has the same rules of Death being Cheap (which in her own world was only courtesy of the Demon Cleric reviving her out of neccessity) after trying to politely ask Astalos for Shock therapy to get rid of her sore muscles. For this reason, her temple/bedroom/prison cell is also fitted out with a coffin for her to revive in whenever she dies, as was custom in her world, or to sleep in if she so chooses. As far as she's concerned, not much has changed about her circumstances.
  • After getting a particularly nasty Nightmare courtesy of Wizeman the Wicked and almost getting killed by Freddy Krueger, she came into contact with NiGHTS and asked for help, should they attempt this again, given in her world, Princess Syalis never had to deal with Nightmare-related magic. She also learned from NiGHTS that there are other, much more powerful, malevolent entities related to Dreams in the Pantheon like Vaermina and Bill Cipher. Following NiGHTS' recommendation, The Princess has sought out Ysera to help her should they ever set their sights on her, which Ysera believes will happen sooner or later given how much Princess Syalis sleeps. She has agreed, mainly to keep the aforementioned Nightmare entities in check, but is not quite fond of being on Speed-dial as someone's personal Dream Bodyguard.
  • The Princess eventually learned that there is another princess sharing her first name who was put to sleep with an evil curse. Eventually she was able to find the fairy responsible for said curse, Maleficent. What happened next baffled everyone present: She walked up to Maleficent and, with a completely straight face, asked her if she could put that same curse on her. Maleficent declined out of sheer confusion, much to the Princess' dismay. She has kept up with the other Aurora though, as she felt a bit of kinship towards her.
  • Fellow Princess Peach (and by proxy, Daisy too) was all too happy to be friends with Princess Syalis, sharing their own experiences in getting captured with each other and exchanging tips on how to handle such situations better. Princess Syalis, for example, wondered why Peach doesn't just leave when captured by Bowser, not realizing that Bowser is, at times, a much more competent threat than anything she ever faced in her world. On the other hand, she also received some advice on how to be a good ruler of her subjects, as the Princess does want to become a good queen eventually.
  • She also found out that the Pantheon also has its own Demon King going by the name of Anos Voldigoad. Curious about what he's like and whether or not he can help her sleep, she visited him and asked if he had any intention to capture her, which Anos denied, and if he has something to make her sleep better. The Demon King, being the egomaniac that he is, tried to explain to her how his spell works, but as soon as the words "cursed collar" were dropped, Princess Syalis immediately lost interest because "a collar would be not comfortable at all to sleep with and I would only get dents around my neck." She also noted that she "liked the other one more." She does keep in touch with him from time to time though, if only because it reminds her of her time at the Demon Castle.
  • One day she came across a small, round and pink critter trying to sing to her. The Princess was so enamored by its cuteness that she almost didn't notice that its singing was making her fall asleep. After waking up from the Lullaby-induced slumber, she immediately made it a Number One Priority to get her hands on Jigglypuff again, as something that is both cute AND can put her to sleep at will is just too good to pass up. Nonon Jakuzure did not take kindly to Princess Syalis borderline assaulting her Pokemon partner the following days, and retaliated with her Symphony Regalia. The Princess has left her alone for now, but is already planning new schemes to claim Jigglypuff for herself.
  • The SCP Foundation has started to keep an eye on her after finding her rummaging through the lower Security levels of The Great Treasury trying to sleep in one of the Cryo-Tubes. How she got in there is beyond them. Needless to say, she received quite the scolding from the Foundation, but this wasn't the only time the Princess was apprehended by them. Soon she was found in the treasury again, this time trying to stick her pillow into the cogs of SCP-914, but she couldn't get it to work before she was found out. Her requests to use it to enhance her pillow have been denied, given it is filled with Teddy Demon fluff and the Foundation doesn't (yet) want to find out what SCP-914 will do with this kind of material.
    • The Foundation has also warned her about SCP-1048 after they learned of her origin story and fondness of the Teddy Demons from her world, and by proxy, normal teddy bears. Princess Syalis only halfheartedly listened and then went off to the Halls of Toys and Dolls to find him, curious to see if it was as cute as her Teddy Demons. She got her answer after getting cut up by SCP-1048-C, prompting her to stay away from him after she eventually revived in her coffin. She also tried something similar with SCP-2295. She was told it is sentient as well, but couldn't get it to move because she wasn't severely injured, which she didn't know was a requirement for the Patchwork Teddy to move. Also she deemed it "not fluffy enough".
  • A bit of research into other sentient teddy bears in the Pantheon led her to Lots-o' Hugging Bear, whom she decided to take home with her thanks to his sweet strawberry smell and fluffy fur, despite Lotso clearly protesting and not wanting to be a human's toy again. Needless to say, Lotso did not enjoy his time but there wasn't much he could do except wait until the princess was asleep and her grip was loose enough for him to break free. This went on for a while with Lotso being found and brought home (read: abducted) by Princess Syalis, sometimes even brushing him to get some strawberry-scented pillow stuffing, and him escaping later. After a week of this, Princess Syalis decided it's not worth the effort.
  • Coming across Totoro filled Princess Syalis with much joy too, as she finally found a new place to sleep (his large tummy) located inside of the giant tree that is Totoro's temple. She has started to visit him very regularly just to sleep on him. Totoro was used to children doing this long before Princess Syalis' ascension, so he doesn't mind.
    • Meeting Snorlax has caused a similar reaction from the Princess, although she doesn't like Snorlax' tummy as much as Totoro's due to Snorlax being much less fluffy, slightly less willing to let people sleep on him, and also because Snorlax had much more of a tendency to stir and roll over in its sleep, even having crushed and killed her by accident in doing so.
    • After witnessing this interaction, the Court of the Gods has decided that The Princess is a better Partner for Snorlax than her current partner, Mako Reizei, so they have decided to allow the Princess to partner up with it. She was very disappointed because it wasn't Jigglypuff who got assigned to her, but having a sentient oversized bed to sleep on which she can call on demand and that can also fight for her if motivated enough is not something Princess Syalis will complain about. Mako wasn't pleased either, but the Princess has allowed her to sleep on him together, which Mako happily accepted.
  • Aladdin's Carpet tries to stay as far away from her as it can, after hearing about what she has done to a Ghost Shroud in her own world as well as getting chased by her with a giant pair of scissors. Aladdin had to intervene, telling her that she cannot just kill his magic Carpet, and upon learning that the Carpet is indeed a Carpet, and not a flying blanket, she lost interest again, because Carpets are too stiff and scratchy to use as blankets or bedsheets.

    Taiga Fujimura 
Taiga Fujimura, Goddess of Adults Acting Younger (Sensei, Student No. 0, Zecchan, Tiger (Call her that at your own risk), Tiger of Fuyuki, T-Chan, Fuji-nee, Master Tiger, Jaguar Man, Jaguar Warrior, Lancer)
as Jaguar Man 
  • Demigoddess, Intermediate as Jaguar Man
  • Symbol: Taiga's Tora-Shinai
  • Theme song: We are Tora Buru (Shared with Illya)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral as Jaguar Man
  • Portfolio: Sensei-chan, One of the Kids, Badass Normal, Muggle Best Friend, Genki Girl, Animal Motifs, Girl Next Door, Large Ham, Have a Nice Death, Precocious Crush, Tomboyish Ponytail
  • Domains: School, Family, Maturity
  • High Priest: Spencer Shay
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Bloody Marie, Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse), BL!Hansel & Gretel, Death (Final Destination), Baldi
  • Rivals: Shiki Ryougi, Misato Katsuragi, Wakaba Saegusa, Uzu Sanageyama
  • On Speaking Terms With: Mae Borowski
  • Opposes: Howard & Kreese
  • Opposed by: Quetzalcoatl
  • Taiga is Shirou Emiya's legal guardian and as such is responsible for looking after him and (voluntarily) any girls who decide they want to live with or hang out with Shirou including but not limited to: Saber, Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou and Illyasviel von Einzbern. Due to this, she spend a lot more time in Shirou's temple than her own. If Taiga's not in her temple or Shirou's chances are high that she'll be in Illya's temple. Many deities are surprised by this however due to how well Illya and Taiga get along.
  • She used to share a temple with Yoriko Yasaka, but certain changes in the Pantheons' regulations have forced them to split and Taiga had to move out with a new title. That still doesn't stop them from hanging out quite a lot, which also bring their respective circles together as well. Taiga even likes her new title since it befitted her for someone as mature as her.
    • Cu Chulainn heard that Taiga had moved in to her new temple, and they both decided to celebrate the housewarming by getting hammered. Shirou had to be called in to help clean afterward.
    • She became ecstatically happy when Kiritsugu visited her when she moved in, having a crush on him when she was young. Kiritsugu tells her to keep on taking care of Shirou which she enthusiastically nods.
      Taiga: Don't worry! Shirou will be safe with me!
  • Whenever Taiga is in her temple she she will usually be in her Tiger Dojo that she built to carry on Irisviel's will, while accompanied by Illya nearly every time. She also uses it to teach people how not to die.
    • She then heard about Kokonoe's own class of not dying again, and they became drinking buddies over them even exchanging their teaching methods. Kokonoe herself admits Taiga is not that bad of a person, though finds it jarring that she sounds like herself and Tsubaki. Speaking of Tsubaki, Taiga wish the best of luck to her though Tsubaki knows getting Jin to notice her is easier said than done...
    • Nero Claudius or at least the Red Saber one, once attended the Tiger Dojo mostly to complain about Fate/EXTRA's lack of worldwide popularity. Previously, Taiga shows admiration for her dress though now in the Pantheons, she attends every single one of Nero's performances; Nero is flattered by her frequency to attend her shows, but she wants more people than just Taiga to appreciate her art (which is not going to be appreciated anytime soon...)
  • Despite the fact that she always gets banned from Kendo tournaments due to her tiger strap on her Tora-Shinai, Taiga's skills at Kendo are nothing to sneeze at as she's enough of a match for Shiki Ryougi. They both have sparred and Shiki is surprised of her skill in spite of her general demeanor. Taiga is also frequently seen sparring with Wakaba Saegusa or Uzu Sanageyama as Taiga wants to continue improving her skills; both do see her as a Worthy Opponent and more disappointed that she's not called champion by now.
  • Initially befriended Android 18 due to sounding similar. As they talk and talk, they ended up becoming a Red Oni, Blue Oni pair with Taiga being the Red Oni; at least the PTA meetings can be smoother with them around... maybe.
  • While she was mortal, Taiga was both a high school English teacher and an elementary school teacher in separate timelines and with those in mind Taiga has been hired by the staff of Elysium Academy to teach the younger deities as well as Illya's friends. There, she made a special relationship with Shinobu Omiya, Alice Cartalet and Karen Kujo as Taiga is not only an English teacher much like their Karasuma-sensei while they were mortal, Taiga also frequently acts very air-headed and friendly with her students which makes her relatable to them. Since then, Taiga can often be seen teaching Shinobu English to help her reach her dream of becoming an interpreter.
    • She also got along swimmingly well with the other teachers, which they cited that Taiga liven up their workplace a lot. Edna Krabappel is impressed that someone childish like Taiga can do a better job than her, while Taiga herself feel that Edna should lighten up for once. Of course like any good teacher, Taiga vehemently oppose Miss Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge due to their unforgivable actions towards students. She threatens them by daring them to square off against her in kendo; Trunchbull is ready for that while Umbridge stays away instead, finding that fighting her is not worth setting her off. Baldi got on Taiga's bad side since he goes too far for the slightest mistake in of all things, maths questions.
    • She once decided to meet the head of Elysium Academy's archery club, Yukari Takeba since she herself supervised Homurahara's own and they hit it off pretty well; this led Yukari to introduce Taiga to the other archers such as Link, Hanzo Shimada, Artemis, Hawkeye and Green Arrow. She is impressed at their skill and talent worthy of their combat prowess, though she swore seeing Artemis once back in Chaldea though Artemis vehemently denies seeing Taiga around there.
    • Relatedly, Taiga is alerted that the creepy Hansel and Gretel are killers and did each other in spite of blood relations so she tries to keep her distance from them, lest she is forced to play with them...
  • Even though she does her best to keep it hidden from others, Bloody Marie found out that Taiga is the daughter of a yakuza boss. Since then Bloody Marie has attacked Taiga on multiple occasions. Of course, that will actually reveal her more serious side and becomes more combat heavy; she has enough skills to hold her off until Shirou and his friends intervene to save her, which Bloody Marie then back out. Taiga felt bad for her torture by The Mafia of her world, but she still opposes taking down other unassociated mafia members just for taking her anger out on.
    • Luckily, Kazuma Kiryu offered to help Taiga despite her having way more powerful allies, but she accepts it anyway and was flattered by his willingness to help, reminding her of Shirou. She also gained the trust of Raku & Chitoge who are children of the mafia, like her, and they decide to train under her to defend themselves for once.
    • Out of all of the denizens of the Hall of Organized Crime, Giorno Giovanna and his friends have gotten into her good graces. The rest don't get Taiga's respect, ESPECIALLY the Slavers.
  • As per the Pantheons' nature, Taiga gained the memories of her time in the Babylonia singularity, where she fused with a lesser-known deity called Jaguar Man. She managed to be the dominant personality, though she would rather not be called by her real name while she assume this form. Shirou is floored and amazed when he heard about it, prompting him to consider telling her about his adventures soon, though his other friends who were involved with Chaldea one way or another kinda know about it already.
    • The first thing when Quetzalcoatl (as his female Rider form) came over to her new temple is for Jaguar Man to glomp her. Taiga said that she doesn't really have strong feelings for Quetz, but ever since her fusing with Jaguar Man, she was bummed that Quetz is still violent towards her. It was speculated that Jaguar Man was an aspect of Tezcatlipoca who was associated with jaguars, and given that Quetz hates his guts for causing trouble for the world, well... let's say for now, (s)he is fulfilling Revenge by Proxy even if Taiga gets caught in the crossfire.
      Jaguar Man: Aww man! Even in this place, I can never be friends with Kuku!
    • She was surprised to find Merlin, King Hassan and Leonidas in the Pantheons since she usually see them in Chaldea, yet she's nevertheless happy to see them here. Also, she pretty much prefers Gilgamesh as a benevolent king instead of a haughty doucheface ever since Shirou and the others told her about his atrocities including what he did to Illya in one timeline. I
    • She shared Rin's frustrations when it comes to the sisters Ishtar and Ereshkigal when they both possessed her body and soul respectively. Rider did kept her memories from the Singularity when she was Ana and she still think Taiga should keep the jokes down.
  • When Quetzalcoatl becomes the Samba Santa, Jaguar Man provides commentary everytime Quetz does her finisher and throughout the Christmas '18 event while also giving nicknames to her opponents. This got her a rivalry with Jim Ross, who gets annoyed with Taiga hitting him a lot while both of them are trying to do their jobs.
    • Despite loving being a commentator, she still have no respect for Howard and Kreese who commentate over death matches and treating them like it's normal (they were from a Crapsack World, to be fair). Howard and Kreese think she's a pussy (literally and figuratively) for getting mad at their usual behaviour, which infuriated her even more.
  • Taiga has a love-hate relationship with tigers; on one hand, she doesn't like being called Tiger but on the other, she finds them cute too. In spite of that, she befriended tiger-based otherworldly beings like Shou Toramaru and Jaune Claufoutis, with the former go drinking with and the latter joining Taiga in the Tiger Dojo. She also finds Tigger to be full of fun and happiness and is amazed at his bouncing.
  • Believe it or not, she seem to have EX-ranked luck due to stopping earthquakes and an asteroid from crashing into the Earth during the 4th Fuyuki Holy Grail War. Justy Ueki Taylor is very impressed by her feat, while Taiga is mutually impressed that he has survived ridiculous deaths that should have killed him. Since then, they have been the pain of Final Destination's Death since their combined absurd luck have evaded them from swift absolute death.
  • One would think Taiga and Misato Katsuragi would be at bars talking loudly and generally having a good time. That would happen... if it weren't for the fact that Misato grew cold towards Shinji and even threaten to kill him once, prompting Taiga to oppose her, forcing her to call Misato "heartless" for that.
    • Then there's Mae Borowski who is also Misato's confidant. Mae also does not condone Misato giving Shinji the cold shoulder, but she still wants Taiga to at least sit and listen why she did so. Taiga is willing, though Mae has to be there mediate in case it get awry.
  • Wait, wait, wait! Aren't you gonna mention that I'm friends with Pinkie Pie and Peacock? I mean, Pinkie-chan makes fun parties that I would enjoy and Peacock helps me in beating that Bloody Marie kid every now and again! She and I would make a lot references that would fly everyone's heads, so that's great!
  • "And now the episode preview! Eh, this is not an anime?! Am I being cut for budget reasons again?!!"


    The Dursleys 
The Dursleysmembers , Patron "Saints" of Obsession With Normalcy (Petunia: Tuney; Dudley: Dudders, Diddykins, and many other of his mother's pet names)

    Ted, The Generic Guy 
Ted, The Generic God (Ted the Generic Guy)