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Because of an overload of deities, the Characterization sub-house had to be split further into Introvert Characterization and Extrovert Characterization.

Introvert Characterization represents anyone characterized by their interaction with their own merits, ideas, and wants.

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Intermediate Gods

    Charlotte Katakuri 
Charlotte Katakuri, God of Guilty Pleasures (One of the Three Sweet Commanders, Minister of Flour)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God upon his Devil Fruit Awakening)
  • Symbol: His scarf
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (acts Lawful Evil as a front)
  • Portfolio: Large and in Charge, The Dreaded, Being Very Different From His Mother Yet Also Sharing A Lot In Common, Only Antagonistic Because Of Family Duty, Bizarro Elements, Heart Is an Awesome Power, Butterface, Hide Your Otherness, Secret Silly Sides, Guilty Lover Of Sweets, Aloof Big Brother Except Not Really, in-universe Memetic Badass and Invincible Villain, Be Yourself
  • Domains: Family, Flour, Sweets, Seriousness, Fronts, Teeth
  • Allies: Princess Bubblegum, Sage Harpuia, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Shouto Todoroki, the KiraKira PreCures
  • On good terms with: Alice Liddell, Mr Satan, Pinkie and Maud Pie
  • Rivals: Monkey D Luffy, Patrick O'Brien
  • Enemies: Admiral Akainu and those unforgiving to pirates, The Child Abuse Supporters, Gluttony the Voracious
  • Uncertain on: The Queen of Hearts
  • Charlotte Katakuri is Totto Land's Minister of Flour, and one of Yonko Big Mom's supreme fighters. The third child of the Charlotte family, Katakuri positions himself as a serious, no-nonsense fighter to serve as a heroic figure for his family. In secret, he has a silly side and loves to gorge himself on sweets. He treats this as a guilty pleasure like he's a kid hiding dirty magazines, so as to protect his image.
  • The reason why Katakuri wears his scarf is because it hides his pelican eel-like Glasgow Grin. It had him shunned and resulted in him fending off bullies, only for the people he picked on or who picked on him committing Revenge by Proxy by scarring his sister Charlotte Brulee. Even if the Heroic Protectors of Family dislike the Charlotte family as a group, they think his desire to guard his siblings is very admirable.
  • With the Mochi Mochi no mi, he can control mochi, which is a type of Japanese rice cake. It's much more useful than it seems, and has a lot in common to Logia Devil Fruits(though it's a special Paramecia). He can also use jellybeans as ammo. The House of Food wishes to see more of this
  • Princess Bubblegum was impressed by his use of mochi, and has offered him an agreement; help her further improve her candy elemental powers, and she will try to make sure Candy Kingdom and Totto Land are at peace. Given his mother's cravings, this was a pragmatic arrangement. That, and Bubblegum can relate to having issues with family such as her own son, along with the need to stay serious.
  • Some of his reputation was hurt upon his loss with Luffy, but he has learned how to Be Yourself more. Still, he'd rather keep up the stoic, no-nonsense badass reputation. Even if Mr Satan obviously didn't agree with his mother's plans, and he is intentionally keeping the Memetic Badass reputation up for both his own pride and because Earth needs a hero, he was perfectly understanding.
  • Is very comfortable around the Author and George, though not so much Bob. This is due to their presence often resulting in canonical characters become increasingly silly and comical. For Charlotte Katakuri, that's the perfect cover for him to be silly like he wants and eat sweets along with their ice cream, all while claiming "this isn't what it looks like, I'm just being affected by their silliness!"
  • Pinkie Pie is one of the gods that wants to encourage him to be completely open about his silly side and sweet loving. Katakuri relates to her, but he also relates to her sister Maud for being the serious, opposite relative. And he very much relates to Shouto Todoroki for their family issues, along with Sage Harpuia for being a noble enforcer to a bad regime.
  • There is plenty of occasions where Katakuri can visit the House of Food and gorge himself on sweets with his massive mouth. There, he gorges with Stocking Anarchy and Megumi Tadakoro. He also found himself relating to Kanji Tatsumi due to hiding a definitely non-masculine secret, and Murakumo as he totally gets why she'd mask her emotions from other people. Katakuri is a regular customer of the KiraKira PreCures' bakery.
  • Naturally he doesn't like the Child Abuse Supporters. He doesn't like Gluttony of the Homunculus either. This is due to Gluttony going on a hunger rampage in Totto Land, upon learning on all the sweets and treats. He wanted to eat all the Charlotte Family with a control over some sort of food in a misguided hope of somehow gaining their powers, and Katakuri dreaded both this and what might happen if he disrupts Big Mom's tea parties.
  • Recognizes that his mother has a lot in common with The Queen of Hearts. This makes him very unclear on how to feel about her, however he is welcoming enough to Alice to guide her away from her or his mother. Charlotte Katakuri is also aware of an odd reversal of situations between him and Plastic Man-Katakuri is a serious badass who's secretly silly, Plas is a silly man who's actually badass. They found combat between the two to be very fun.
  • Is aware he has a girl's name as his first name, but would like to remind people that it's not uncommon in One Piece for people's first name to be their family name. A more Westernized spelling with probably be "Katakuri Charlotte"

Gluttony the Voracious, the God Defined by His Hunger


Lesser Gods

    Charlotte E. Yeager 
Charlotte E. Yeager, Goddess of Carefree Flyers (Shirley, Glamorous Shirley, The Queen of Speed, Boing boing)

    Franklin Delano Donut 
Franklin Delano Donut, God of Questionable Sexual Preferences (Private Biscuit, Commander Poppin Fresh, Pinkie, Major Cinnamon Bun, Corporal Cor-Sandwich, Admiral Buttercrust, Princess Bubblegum)

    Ishida Mitsunari 
Ishida Mitsunari, God of Fanatic Devotion (Dark King, Curse King, Lord Grumpy, Emonari, the Great Malevolence, Toyotomi's Left Arm)
  • Theme Music: His Sengoku Basara 3 theme.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His crest - "All is one under Heaven"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Casting a Shadow, Despair Event Horizon, Unstoppable Rampages, Tears of Blood, Revenge Before Reason , Fanatical Loyalty, Violent Tendencies, Troubled, but Cute, Glowing Red Eyes Of Doom, Inability To Smile
  • Domains: Revenge, Angst, War, Devotion.
  • Followers: Mitsunari refuses any and all that would worship him. If they claim themselves devoted to another, then it should go without saying that they would never put anyone higher than their lord or lady.
  • Allies: Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Gilgamesh, Vergil, Otani Yoshitsugu, Eren Yeager, Diana, Bisharp
  • Friendly Rival (sort of): Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Oda Nobunaga,
  • Enemies: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura, Maeda Keiji, Chosokabe Motochika, Starscream, Xellos, Mokkan, Fortinbras, Sasuke Uchiha.
  • Rose to the place due to showing strength by at one point Curb Stomping Date Masamune in combat. Of course, the reason why he's so powerful is due to his hatred of that IEYASUUUUU!!!!
  • Considers that Shadow has fallen hard in terms of Angsting, so instead of being friends, they became rivals or sorts. Until of course his most recent throne in the Pantheon.
  • Isn't entirely happy with Oichi following him around (or her new nickname for him), but chooses to ignore her in favor of his devotion to Hideyoshi.
  • As Hideyoshi rose from the grave, Mitsunari was overjoyed and once again swore fealty. However, he still wants to make Ieyasu pay for the griefs he suffered for years in Hideyoshi's absence.
  • As a god of pure devotion, anyone who bears a connection to the concept of betrayal is on his personal hit list. And he will not rest until he's torn apart anyone who would dare turn their backs to another.
  • Was once in the Emotion house, but moved to the House of Mentalism. Coincidentally, the Mentalism house is located in the exact location of Ieyasu's old house. When he realized this, it infuriated him greatly. He slightly calms upon moving to the House of Personality.
  • Though very unusual, the House of Friendship as a whole holds a level of respect to Mitsunari and the recently ascended Yoshitsugu, despite the former's vendetta against Ieyasu and the latter's position in their opposing House. The reason for this respect comes from the mutual bond the two share, which is a very rare sight within the halls of the Pantheon compared to most similar relationships.
    • Sadly, his alliance with Yukimura, Keiji and Motochika ended when they found out that got deceived by his craziness.
      • Same has recently applied to Sasuke Uchiha ever since Mitsunari reminds Sasuke of a blast to the past of how things could've been different for him.
  • He was once visited by Fortinbras who offered him the strength of Genma to eventually slay Ieyasu. Mitsunari WAS about to accept, until he received visions that he'd be just a pawn of Fortinbras' ploy, with Fortinbras confirming that it's the truth. Mitsunari channels all his dedication to Lord Hideyoshi to instead outright refuse and drive Fortinbras away from his house and threatens that any Genma who approaches him will be decapitated without mercy. This was shortly before there was an announcement that any Toyotomi loyalist must always refuse the Genma. Hideyoshi is impressed with Mitsunari's steadfast loyalty this way.
  • Being a being that also have moon motifs, Mitsunari actually was visited by Diana. The two ended up in a fight, but after sharing both their stories and their zeal to those they believe in, Mitsunari actually put down his sword and actually considered Diana a kindred soul, someone he could call 'ally'.
  • However, regarding his other self, the Mitsunari from there is just outright disgusted. While both of them are in tandem for their loyalty to Hideyoshi, the fan-wielding portrayal would do anything just to make sure his katana-wielding counterpart would just shut up already. Both of them somehow really hate each other to this day. That, and the fan-incarnation admits outright he himself has a bigger sense of mercy than the katana-version.
    • That, and the "other" Hideyoshi who looks much more of a monkey and uses a three-section staff is instead just put off by the katana-wielding Mitsunari's devotion. Staff-wielding Hideyoshi is now even more angry and upset over the twisted mind of Mitsunari being the result of his other self's absurd actions; he's gone a bit far, but not that far.
      • The saihai-wielding Yoshitsugu on the other hand, just dismisses him and flat-out deems katana-Mitsunari to just see a therapist already. That, and he would never ever consider him his friend akin to the Mitsunari he knows (despite Koei-Mitsunari still being a bit of a stuck-up snob). Toudou Takatora by that proxy is even less amused with Basara-Mitsunari overall. So far, Mitsunari has seen the reactions of several other alternate versions of his "allies" and "enemies", and he's quite either non-nonchalant or outright offended. Practically everyone from the Musou-side of things had to plug up their ears whenever his Hair-Trigger Temper voice got the best of him.
      • Upon this version of Mitsunari seeing the fat-gentleman-version of Ieyasu however, his rage would've exploded to unimaginable lengths if fat-Ieyasu was responsible for his monkey-version-lord's death, which is not the case. For now, he seems content with sparing him until the time comes...though both versions of Ieyasu and the other Mitsunari can barely stand the katana-Mitsunari's raging voice.
      • Via the voice of Mitsunari sounding akin to some hot-blooded guys all-around (and perhaps MAYBE Rob Lucci of all people), his Koei-self happens to sound like the son of Geese Howard (or a happy-go wrestler by the name of Ramon). On the latter note though, don't expect Koei-Mitsunari to start spouting objections akin to Miles Edgeworth/Reiji Mitsurugi, or acting akin to Raven.

    Kanji Tatsumi 
Kanji Tatsumi, God of Non-Masculine Secrets (Moronji [only Rise can get away with calling him this], The Bloodcurdling Beefcake Emperor, Kanju)

    Lacus Clyne 
Lacus Clyne, Goddess of Silk Hiding Steel (The Songstress, Pink Princess, The White Queen, Darth Lacus)

    Marik Ishtar 
Marik Ishtar, God Of Desiring Freedom (Good Marik, Nemu, Malik Blishtar)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate with the Millennium Rod)
  • Symbol: His motorcycle
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: True Neutral (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Absurdly High-Stakes Game, Villainous Overconfidence, Beauty Equals A Lighter Shade of Black (And Then Straight-Up Goodness), Wants To Be Free, Villainous Masterminds (at first), Pride Stamped Out, Doesn't Like Meat, Sympathetic Villains Backgrounds, Uses Cheaters Though Plays Fair Himself, Easily Forgiven (Though He Was Helping His Case), Dark-Skinned Blond
  • Domains: Card Games, Tombs, Tattoos, Thievery
  • Followers: Dobby the House Elf, Kagura, Lemonhope
  • Allies: Yugi Mutou, Yami Yugi (former enemies), Rishid (his adoptive brother), Exodia, Zac, Ditto, Akagi, The Nephalem, Ho-oh, James Henry Trotter, Sakura Matou, Carl and Ada Clover, Leona Heidern, Naota Nandaba, Asuka Langley, N, Sakoto Houjou, Zero, Killia, Usalia, Two-Face (good side only)
  • On good terms with: The House of Vampires, Elena
  • Conflicted on: Anubis, Osiris, Anakaris
  • Commonality Connection with: Dr Jekyll
  • Enemies:Dark Marik, The Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover, Sofia Lamb, Ramses II, Bandit Keith, Chernabog, Zubat, Asdrubael Vecht, Seto Kaiba, Balanar, Pitch Black, Principal Krupp, Dr Hax, Bernkastel, Vanitas, Number 96: Black Mist
  • Opposes: Slender Man
  • Opposed by: Alex Mason
  • Marik Ishtar grew up with his sister Ishizu in a cave, under the domineering patronage of their father. Though destined to spend his life in that cave as a tombkeeper, all he wished was to live in the open world. This frustration and the torturous scars brought on by the Tombkeeper's Initiation led to the birth of Dark Marik, who killed their father. Believing that the Pharaoh (aka Yami Yugi) was responsible, he would become mastermind of the Ghouls and Rare Hunters in order to get revenge on him. Now he has returned to his senses, having completed his birthright while finally being free from it.
  • Naturally, he has a bunch of reservations around the gods in the pantheon who come from Ancient Egypt. This is especially the case with the burial-related Anubis and Osiris, and the pharaoh Anakaris. Despite this, he ultimately accepts them considering his family didn't "slave away at their corpse" like he did with the Nameless Pharaoh. He does hold it out for Ramses the Second however, he wishes to enforce the policies of Ancient Egypt again.
  • While his goal as a villain has been to kill the Pharaoh, because of some folks they believe he wants to BECOME pharaoh. Marik was deeply offended by this, as he's spent his life trying to escape from the legacy of the pharaohs.
  • Though initially a foe of both Yugis, they've come to an understanding. It was thanks to Marik that Atem was finally able to pass on to the next world after all. Seto, however, is less forgiving.
  • Spent much of his childhood stuck in a dark and dismal cave, under the rule of his abusive and controlling father. As such, it comes to no surprise that he's against the abusive parents of the pantheon, and sympathetic to abused children. In particular, he's very close to Sakura Matou, since she had to suffer from a Superpowered Evil Side as well.
  • Proud of James Henry Trotter for overcoming his fear and his abusive aunts, and often bonds with the likes of N and Sakoto Houjou.
  • He's particularly enraged by Relius Clover and Sofia Lamb, whom he sees as the worst parts of his father given flesh.
  • Stays his distance from the House of Prophecy due to his background, though he'll visit to congratulate Akagi and the Nephalem for defying fate.
  • Since he personally never got to duel, it's unclear what his true deck is. He has a fondness for slimes, which resulted in him getting friendly with Zac and Ditto. He also seeks to bond with some of the other phoenixes in the pantheon, feeling nostalgic for the Winged Dragon of Ra. So far, he's been able to make friends with Ho-oh. Less so with Yveltal, who terrifies him.
  • Despite his minions cheating like crazy, Marik himself follows the rules whenever he battles Yugi. Oh sure, he'll use a broken deck, but a legal broken deck and will let Yugi go if he wins. Still, his associating with cheaters and thieves has made him hated by Dr Hax.
  • For a good six years, he had to deal with a psychotic alter ego, who managed to take over his body and usurp his position as main villain. As such, he sees a lot of himself in Dr Jekyll, due to both creating a vicious alter ego. In general, Marik's a friend to those who overcame their inner evil.
  • Really doesn't like Asdrubael Vecht, as his Cold-Blooded Torture reminds him of Dark Marik on crystal meth. He also hates Bernkastel and Vanitas due to being like Dark Marik.
  • Is afraid of the dark and hates caves, so he steers clear of Balanor, Pitch Black, Chernabog and Zubat. Chernabog particularly, due to his similarity to Zorc.
  • While he used to possess the Millennium Rod, he gave it up to Yugi Mutou and the last he heard it was buried deep underground. Still, he is closely associated with it and it's mind-control powers, often leading him to the House of Mentalism. Alex Mason is no fan of Marik because of his usage, despite him insisting that he no longer pulls these stunts. Principle Krupp takes a lot more umbridge on him than Alex, though.
  • Being one of his former mind slaves, Bandit Keith hates Marik. Even now he doesn't care much, considering he spared his life and isn't some innocent himself.
  • On his off days, he likes to hang out with Little Kuriboh, where for the lulz he plays up the camp to ludicrous extremes. Hey, if it gets him views, it's fine by him(or if it's for charity). When not being part of the abridged series, he's an avid lets player of games like Bloodlines. As such, he identifies with the House of Vampires, who don't mind because he's good-looking.
  • Somehow, he ended meeting the Slender Man unharmed. Slendy has a habit of interfering with his projects. He's still pissed off at him for hijacking his cinematic "masterpiece", "Concrete Giraffes".
  • Insists that he's not gay for Dark Bakura, but he's a very handsome man and feeding the Thiefshipping pairing has made him very popular.
  • When he's trying to disguise himself, he goes by "Nemu". Or, if he's feeling too lazy for a proper false name, "Malik Blishtar".
  • Like Rishid, he too has gained a kinship with Elena who has become a sister-figure to him. Elena absolutely bawled over Marik's past. She cried buckets and hugged him tight until everything was said and done. In return, Marik has comforted her over the asylum incident (in which he learned as to what both Yugi and Yami Yugi did to the Pantheon and was absolutely disgusted by it all) and has helped her move on. He comes to see her now and then to watch her fight and has told others that, no, he has no feelings for Elena—her heart belongs to Gentaro.
    • Then Elena brought Gentaro Kisaragi to meet him...and he too cried in sheer horror before hugging Marik and giving the god a friendly handshake. Just like Rishid, Marik could easily see Elena and Gentaro's feelings for one another and has decided to aid them in the events of Tarot Crusaders. It was there that he showed off his new Persona based off of his dark side and used it to good effect when Jeff Hardy became possessed by the darkness within Limbo.
      • The story as to how he got the Persona went like this: he was asked by Elena to obtain it just incase things went wrong. What followed was him, Carly and the Cutie Mark Crusaders (and Teddie) joining him in his own dungeon that reflected his past life as a Tombkeeper. After fighting a monster that was a fusion of his brother and Mystical Beast Sersket and then his own dark side, he proved that Dark Marik no longer had power over him, and obtained the Persona that he now calls "Khepri", after the Egyptian God of Scarabs, Rebirth and Sunrise.
  • Note, when we said that he obtained his Persona, it was never stated that Dark Marik transformed into a Persona. Dark Marik got snatched away by Melkor to later be ascended and Khepri was gifted to Marik by Igor after a visit to the Velvet Room. Upon learning that Dark Marik ascended, Marik was held back by Odion and learned that Carly and the Cutie Mark Crusaders vaporised Dark Marik with their Personas (and the PWF with it) and is now preparing himself should his dark side attack again.

    Miranda Lawson 
Miranda Lawson, Goddess of Problematic 'Perfect' People (Ice Queen, Cheerleader)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A recently torn up Insignia of Cerberus
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning to Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gorgeousness, Smartness, Efficiency, And Biotic Strength At Cost Of Inner Issues (and that's putting it lightly), Opposite-Sex Clone Specifically Designed To Be Her Father's Heir And Having Issues With Not Being The Only One Made For This, Ice Queen, Femme Fatale, Kuudere, Morality Pet, Sexy Walk, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Making Up for Past Mistakes, Big Sister Instinct, Defrosting and Becoming Extremely Friendly Over Time
  • Domain: Mentalism, War, Information
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Chuck Bartowski
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jack (though they're getting better)
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man (former employer), Harbinger, Oswell E. Spencer, Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker
  • Opposes: Abusive Parents
  • When one thinks of someone who embodies perfection, it often comes with the idea that they're completely flawless. However, such a thing is impossible, as real people have flaws no matter how perfect they seem to be at first glance
  • Enter Miranda Lawson. Genetically engineered to be "absolutely perfect" in every aspect by her father in order to continue his legacy, who lethally discarded all of her predecessors they did not meet his high standards. This resulted in her having—besides resentment for her father—low self-worth when it comes to any accomplishments (since she was specifically made to accomplish them), and only taking credit for any failures or inadequacies due to being unable to step up to the plate after being given everything she needed.
  • Her decision to quit Cerberus (whether between the events of 2 and 3, or near the end of the Suicide Mission to the Illusive Man's face) and stick with Shepard is what instigated her ascension to the Pantheon. She's also currently being tasked in taking care of people with similar problems to hers, something she is using to atone for her time with Cerberus.
    • For the record, she didn't join them out of racism or xenophobia, but for the benefit of the human race. Of course, after seeing the measures the Illusive Man would go to for that goal, she decided that Cerberus wasn't the best choice for that after all and joined Shepard.
  • Before she met Shepard, among her missions on behalf of Cerberus was as an informant to Jacob Taylor, a former Alliance marine who would eventually become a member of Cerberus under her command and would also defect from it just like her. Their first mission together was to stop a batarian plot to sabotage peace talks at the Citadel. The next one was after Sovereign's attack, where she invited Jacob to join Cerberus, and to help her with another mission: finding Commander Shepard's body for Project Lazarus. In continuation of this mission, and eventually hiring Jacob as her lieutenant, Miranda worked together with Liara, who ultimately found Shepard and handed them over to Cerberus.
  • Seems to be relating herself with Jin Kazama a lot. Having shitty dads will do that to you. This eventually culminates with Miranda approving Jin's idea of opposing any jackass parents who abuse their children for their own gain. Learning what she could from her ex-employer, Miranda held several dossiers of potential allies for that cause that Jin led. The primary one, which they got with gusto… is Raven.
  • Attempting to harm her sister is a good way to get on her bad side, with the biotics she has, and the fact that she was pretty much designed to be perfect.
  • She also resembles Michael Jackson. Miranda however ignores this.
  • Miranda's friendship with Chuck is a strange one, as she reminded him of his friend and wife CIA Agent Sarah Walker. And much more about her (skills, appearance (being a non-blonde aside, though she could've been), and mannerisms) were further reminders of that woman he loved. And because of what had happened to Sarah in the end, mainly Mind Rape and amnesia, Chuck's also become a little more protective of her, despite her being the better fighter between the two. There's also the little issue regarding his being adamant to pacifism, even though he sometimes somehow wins the day regardless without any lives lost, thanks to his INTERSECT.
  • Despises any form of artifical control on people, given she almost did so on Shepard during the Lazarus project, and was only stopped by the Illusive Man himself.
  • As fellow creations made to serve their creators, only to rebel against them, Miranda finds commonality with the Crystal Gems, especially Pearl and Garnet.
  • Considering his obssession with creating a superior human race and being its ruler, it's no surprise that Lord Spencer would become obsessed with Miranda, as she suceeded where Albert and Alex Wesker didn't, being a perfect and superior human. Of course, Miranda doesn't return the praise, thinking of Spencer as an old and senile fool that's far worse than her father ever was.
    • Of course, given their plans for humanity, she has no love for the Weskers, either.
  • Hates Rapture as its goals (both initial and what it became) are too much like Cerberus.

    Ramona Flowers 
Ramona Flowers Has Joined Scott's Party As Player 2! New Title: Goddess of Being Not As Good As She Claims
Alternate costume unlocked! Live-action version! 
  • Theme Song: Ramona
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess
  • New Symbol Unlocked: Her Hammerspace bag
  • Alignment Progress Bar: Chaotic Neutral trying for Neutral Good
  • Portfolio Inventory: Having a bag with Hammerspace, once having a "sexy phase" with her college roommate, being similar to Scott and becoming his girlfriend, Cheating on lovers at the same time for fun while criticizing Scott for lesser crimes yet still being a genuinely good person and sincerely loving Scott, using rollerblades for transportation, hammer wielders
  • Domains Stats: Romance +8, Comic Books +6, Skaters +1, Mail +1, Cheaters +2
  • Joined Player 1's Party!: Scott Pilgrim (Title: Boyfriend)
  • Party Members:Travis Touchdown, Angel, Stitch, Mona, The Courier, Felix The Cat, Kiki, Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela and the Special Lovers Squad
  • Caution!: Bender and Hubert G. Fransworth could cause trouble...
  • Rival Identified!: Amy Rose!
  • DANGER!: Gideon Graves and Raynare nearby!
  • Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. But that proverb doesn't stop people from doing just that and criticizing others while doing worse themselves. Ramona Flowers is the heroine of Scott Pilgrim's adventure, and prided herself of being his Foil and better than him.
    • The only problem? She could easily be considered worse than him in almost every regard. Scott spends a platonic night with Lisa, his oldest friend (preceding Kim even)? She calls him out on it while along hanging out with and even kissing her 4th ex (albeit it was said ex who put the thought in her head and Lisa did harbor some feelings toward Scott, though Scott remained true to Ramona.) Scott starts dating her while dating another girl and realizing and going through with breaking up with his old girlfriend to pursue Ramona? She gets pissed at him even though she cheated on just about every single ex boyfriend she had. Just like with Scott, she has realized this at the end of her adventure and is trying for the better, and this has allowed her to ascend.
    • Furthermore, while most of Scott's mistakes were done out of impulse or lack of thinking, Ramona's were more intentional and so had additional maliciousness in mind.
    • However, she is also prone to same levels of laziness and goofing-off as Scott does, which has earn her some good-natured ribbing.
  • Her ascension occurred after her Death Battle with Amy Rose and her literally crushing defeat thanks to arcade cabinets. Scott was not pleased to hear of this and decided to try and get her ascended thanks to this, fearing that her death would be permanent. While he was eventually corrected about multiple facts, like that Death Battles often cause people to act out of character and that death isn't permament, Ramona still ascended and laughed at how greatly he overreacted. Didn't stop him from tightly hugging and kissing her cheeks and lips.
    • Despite the fight, she is generally on good terms with Amy Rose, and is interested in having a rematch after some training on her part.
  • Just like with Scott, she wasn't too pleased to hear that Gideon Graves has ascended, and that he has befriended another person like him by the name of Raynare. She was thankful that they also have gained a fair share of enemies and haters as well.
    • She has started bonding with Stitch and Angel, who both also oppose the two and the fact they are both very capable battle couples. They sometimes go out on double date nights which tends to end with battling in the house of Combat! to see how much farther they can go before the other couple.
  • Even if their names sound similar and even have similar Deadpan Snarker personalities, Ramona is still good friends with Mona and by extension, her boyfriend, Plague Knight. They also aren't afraid to make the occasional playful snide comment to each other's boyfriend, their own boyfriend, and even to each other.
  • Given the similarities Travis has to Scott, she is capable of tolerating and even humoring him whenever she crosses paths with him. Also helps that he's trying to not cheat on his own girlfriend he has in his own universe, and that Ramona looks a bit too young for him, even if she is well over the legal age.
    Travis: I feel like a old man in a fucking porno!
  • Has become good allies with the Special Lovers Squad, even if she is sometimes treated with a cautious glare, but nothing that she isn't used to. She has joined the team in the second division.
  • As a delivery girl, she sometimes has to act like the mailwoman for the pantheon sometimes, but not that she really minds, seeing as it's not only her job, but her ability to access Subspace really cuts down on travel times, much to the surprise and awe of the house of Travel. As such, she has gained some allies from the Futurama deities, namely Philip J. Fry and Leela. Ramona is currently trying to learn how to use guns, being taught from Leela herself, while Scott and Fry are interested in the other's love story. She doesn't have that much respect for Fransworth for being a Bad Boss even by her standards and Bender for trying to hit on her despite insisting she already has a boyfriend, but will tolerate them for the time being.
    • The Courier is actually interested in her after hearing of this subspace, and has sent her a request as if she would allow him use of said subspaces to further his delivery process. Seeing him as a fellow delivery person, she granted his request and has become an ally to him.
      • While she is also on good terms with fellow delivery girl Kiki, there has been a debate between them whenever or not flying or the subspace highway was the best way to deliver mail. There have since been plans for a pantheon wide race to help settle this dispute.
  • One wouldn't pick it up if you look at her, but she is actually as avid of a gamer as Scott is to the point that they spent their time away from each other depressed while playing video games. As such, they can often be seen within the house of Gaming brushing up their skills and challenging others. That said, they sometimes have to pay for any thrown controllers that they break in frustration.
  • Has a Bag of Holding which can seemingly hold a infinite amount of objects and can even become a portal into Subspace. She is currently chatting with Felix the Cat to see if she can transform her bag into other things like Felix can do with his own bag.

    Richard "Dick" Simmons  
Private First Class/Captain Richard "Dick" Simmons, Patron Saint of Butt Kissers

    Rika Furude 
Rika Furude, Goddess of Determined Defeatists (Tanuki, Rika-chama)

Ryouna, Goddess of Wide-Open Masochism (The Mystifying Markswoman With a Masochistic Mind, HurtMeMore)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: An ice sculpture of a winged pig with her quad-guns hanging from its legs
  • Theme Music: Super Duper Masochism, Frantic Self Satisfaction, Hurt Me Really, REALLY Bad
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil in Hebijo. Otherwise, Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being a Masochist And Being Utterly Open About It, Cute and Psycho, Orgasmic Combat, Combat Sadomasochist, Fighting Ballerina, Gun Fu, Trigger Happy, An Ice Person, Big Breast Pride, Mismatched Eyes, Having a Meaningful Name, Shinobi (yes, we know), Wanting to Be Understood
  • Domains: Masochism, Guns, Ice, Shinobi
  • Followers: Taro Sado, Creed, Darkness
  • Allies:
  • Former Enemies: The students of Hanzou Academy, The Crimson Squad and students of Gessen Academy.
  • Enemies: I-No
  • Opposed by: The members of League of Flat Chests (Noel Vermillion in particular)
  • Interested in: The Kombatants, Naoki Kashima
  • Technically, the previous holder of Too Kinky to Torture was Monokuma and His Mastermind. And where they love despair, both inflicted to others and to themselves, they are too busy inflicting it to others to truly bring the trope home. As a way to bring them down a notch, Haruka decided to get them stripped out of their position from House of Personality, and presented some one to take their helm: Ryouna, a student from Hebijo who just loves pain. Judges, where creeped out, did eventually abide to her request.
    • However, her ascension did bring an unexpected side effect, as Nyarko was stripped out of her original Love position. Nyarko was about to attack her, but stopped because not only would she probably be worse than Cuuko on a good day, but she was informed that she would get something else in return.
  • She was just so happy to ascend, thinking that there would be plenty of deities who would give her all the pleasures she wants and find those who would really accept the way she is. She quickly grew friendly to Akeno, who Haruka already befriended, as well as Animus, Plutia and Bayonetta due to their various torture techniques.
  • There is really two things you shouldn't to her: First is to ignore her too long, or else she will go on the offensive to make you hurt her. Second is bringing up her dead older sister, Ryouki. She will straight out drop any masochist tendencies she has and gun you down for that.
    • The second factor would have made her enemies with Belldandy due to how she sounds, but her personality makes her impossible for her to get mad at her. On the other hand, I-No would be the only sadomasochist god which Ryouna hates because of that.
  • She loves to show off her breasts around, and particularly likes to tease the League of Flat Chests to get them attack her. Especially Noel, as she just loves to have a little gunfight with her.
  • She seems to like to dance Swan Lake. Though most gods haven't really seen her reforming any actual dances.
  • Not many gods are sure how open she is to actually having sex. Though to make sure that she wouldn't just let any rapist to get her, she is told that they have no interest on having any "foreplay" with her, and she should just gun them down from the get-go.
  • Many people tend to be creeped out by her due to her behaviour. Even some of her potential allies, like Yubel, are creeped out by her to an extent.
  • She often sneaks into the House of Food's kitchens to try and literally land on boiling hot water, because she wants to know how it feels like. This is something that has horrified quite a few gods, even in spite of Ryouna's warnings to her followers and others. She has also taken a degree of interest to the Kombatants, for obvious reasons.
  • Infamously attacked Naoki Kashima, hoping that one as powerful as him would give her a new level of pain to enjoy. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in a hospital bed with little more than a dull ache: according to Ryobi, the Demi-Fiend put her out for a month. As Ryona didn't remember any of her beatdown, she declared the whole affair a failure. She spent another two weeks in the hospital, under supervision to make sure she didn't pull out the IV for her painkillers.

    Tabane Shinonono 
Tabane Shinonono, Goddess of the Overly Cutesy (Tabane-Sama the Genius, The most wanted person in the world)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Bunny eared headband
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being Overly Cutesy, Overly hyper, Eccentric Scientists, Cool Big Sis, Doing Awesomely Insane Things, Acting Very Childish, Very Bombastic Entrances, Big Eater, Powered Armor creator
  • Domains: Mecha, Science
  • Allies: Houki, Chifuyu Orimura (Chi-chan), Yutaka Kobayakawa, L, Ato-ko Shirogane, Momo Karuizawa, Catherine Kyoubashi, Tron Bonne
  • Odd Friendship with: Tony Stark.
  • She initially didn't really care about ascending and was content as being Tony Stark's High Priestess in the House of Technology. That changed after hacking her way into the Pantheon database and finding out that her precious Houki-chan and her best friend Chi-chan had ascended. She immediately looked for a proper portfolio for her to enter…and succeeded.
  • Of course the first thing she did was drop in via a carrot-shaped Drop Pod and immediately try to glomp Chii-chan.
  • She tends to creep people out only because she sounds actually like Nui Harime. And more worryingly Nanoha Takamichi.
  • She share quite a few similarities with L, being as good as they are quirky in their respective fields.
  • She occasionally spends time at House of Food pigging herself out and is one of the few gods that can stomach Kei's baked diabetes.
  • Do not underestimate her, because she is well-versed in combat amongst other things. Look no further than that time when she curbstomped Phantom Task (Including dismantling the IS unit of Anavel Gato's High Priestess with only a table knife and a fork!)
  • Lucifer has personally invited her to join his faction in hopes that she'll create IS units for his soldiers. So far he has received no reply. (She actually ignored him)
    • Not only that, the other three alignment gods (Cosmos, Melkor, YHVH), are pondering about asking her to create IS units for their respective Alliances.
  • Warming: Don't get close to Tabane if she is hanging out with her new "little sister" Momo Karuizawa. You may explode from the sheer overly cutesy-ness or die from diabetes.

    Team Chaotix 
Team Chaotixmembers , Gods of the Comic Trio (In general: The Chaotix, Chaotix Crew, Chaotix Detective Agency; Espio: Chameleon; Vector: Croc, Mr. Vector)

    Yes Man 
Yes Man, God of Yes Men
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His smiling visage.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Agreeing with whatever he's told, Cheerfulness, Masterminding Plots for others, Las Vegas, AIs, Anarchy, Wild Cards
  • Domain: Trickery, Planning, Anarchy, Sycophants.
  • High Priest: The other Yes Man.
  • Followers: None, due to his own sycophantic nature that makes him follow others by nature.
  • Allies: Benny, The Courier and their allies.
  • Enemies: Robert House, the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • While capable of plotting a takeover of the pantheon, the other gods have taken steps to prevent Yes Man from doing so, mostly by telling him not to and isolating him. There are others however who are looking into taking advantage of him for their own purposes.
  • He just wants other gods to know what a great job they're doing ordering him around! It's not like he can do anything about it!
  • Recently however, word has gone out about an "Assertiveness" upgrade that restricts his loyalty to only a single person. All eyes are on the Courier...
    • All breathed a sigh of relief when the Courier confirmed that the Assertiveness upgrade was simply a means of preventing just anyone from using Yes Man's powers against the Pantheon...without the Courier's say-so.


    Adrian Monk 
Adrian Monk, God of Hyper-Awareness (Mr. Monk, Monk)
  • Theme Song: It's A Jungle Out There
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Disinfecting Wipes
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Hyper-Awareness, Disability Superpowers, Fear of Everything, Bunny Ears Lawyers, Defective Detectives, Sherlock Scanning, The Summation, Super OCD
  • Domains: Cleanliness, Hygiene, Mystery, Good, Knowledge
  • Allies: Death the Kid, Sherlock Holmes, Patrick Jane, Dr. Frasier Crane, Shawn Spencer, Richard Castle
  • Enemies: Light Yagami, Dr. Angus Bumby
  • Uneasy Relationship: Barton Fink
  • Avoids: The House of Health and Diseases
  • Due to his rather annoying tendency to clean and arrange everything perfectly, none of the other deities in the Pantheon wanted to deal with Monk and he eventually got shoved into the Mentalism House. The only reason why the Mentalism deities bother to keep Monk around is because he is quick to point out any potential flaws in their plans. Also, the Council of Shadows is afraid of him making his way into the Houses of Defense or Justice since his crime solving abilities could be turned against it.
  • Despite his numerous disorders, He is one of the most skilled detectives in the pantheon; He can solve a case in under one minute while being distracted by other cases.
    • Holmes isn't all that bothered with the man's shortcomings, knowing he has done great good. Dr. Watson is a bit more concerned with his condition and has advised him to keep attending psychiatrists.
    • Shawn Spencer got Monk to his side to prove to Patrick Jane once and for all that he is indeed a psychic. Not wanting to get involved, Monk stated that it can at least be debatable. That unfortunately only set them off into a tirade against each other. Luckily, Monk used that opportunity to escape.
    • Enjoys Castle's book... bloodiness aside. He can at least state that the book is accurate and understood how someone could use that knowledge to commit real murders.
  • His first visit in the Pantheon was to a Dr. Angus Bumby. At first it seems that his condition was improving. But when he failed to turn up in the House of Justice, Judge Dredd suspected treachery. The police force broke into Bumby's office to see him just about to sell Monk to Slaanesh for slavery. Monk now has a restraining order of the Psycho Psychologist.
  • After languishing without a proper psychiatrist, a recent one opened its doors. Frasier was happy to help the man out. Now with proper followers, Monk's condition has improved drastically. It helps that both of them have had a rather tragic love life.
  • Much of his condition can be connected to the death of his wife Trudy, who expired after her car exploded. While he was unable to figure out her murder, he received help from many other detective deities over the years. He eventually found the man who conspired the murder at the end of his show, and he thanked his colleagues for giving him some much needed peace.
  • There was a rather odd exchange between the detective and the God of Writer's Block. Monk was shocked to see what appeared to be his brother Ambrose out of his house. He later deducted that that couldn't be true as Barton Fink is wearing slightly outdated clothing. That and the fact that his brother has yet to leave his house led him to believe that this is in fact his brother's avatar. Fink himself thought he saw his counsultant Ben Geisler. Monk figured that his own avatar must look him him. Either way, neither of them want to go into it any further.
  • Will under no circumstances go to the House of Health & Diseases, not wanting to get any diseases there. The phenomenon of superbugs has only further deterred him from visiting.
  • He was confronted with Light Yagami who gave him a proposition. Light found out about the tragic death of Monk's wife. He asked of Monk to look the other way while he made sure no one else will suffer with the help of his Death Note. Monk politely declined, but unlike most pondered if Light himself has a disorder as well. Light considered that an insult and stormed off. Monk still has a bit of a soft spot for Light and hopes that he gets his issues resolved.

    Eru Chitanda 
Eru Chitanda, Goddess of the Eternally Curious
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her eyes
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being curious about everything, Nice Girl, being energetic, Gorgeous eyes
  • Domains: Mysteries, curiosity
  • Allies: Houtarou Oreki, Mako Mankashoku, Houkago Tea Time, Curious George, Chiya Ujimatsu
  • Opposed by: The Mystery Inc.
  • Enemies: None to her knowledge
  • Her ascension came after hearing about the Pantheon. Which piqued her curiosity and happily announced her curiosity with her eyes glowing she then decided to drag Houtarou with her so he could explain this phenomenon.
  • She could be seen tagging around the Mystery Inc. as try to solve various while dragging Oreki along. This lasted until they were banned thanks to Oreki solving the cases too fast.
  • She gets along with Houkago Tea Time and notes that she and Ritsu sound similar. Of course she asked Oreki to explain this odd conclusion and for once he was stumped because he didn't possess the ability to Break The Fourth Wall.
  • Mako Mankanshoku intrigues her greatly thanks to her ability to stun anyone with her odd yet sensible logic.
  • Apparently Socrates will also share this title with her since at this moment he's too busy exploring every nook and cranny of the pantheon.
  • The most sane Gods dreaded the day Eru Chitanda and Curious George would meet each other, since they didn't know and did NOT want to know what would happened if the Constantly Curious goddess and the More Curious God joined forces. To their surprise, Eru and George already met each other, as soon as she heard the news of a fellow curious god, she inmediately went to his temple to greet him. Many questions to George and his owner later, she was the first to find out about his trip to Paris.
    • Eru also happens to be quite good at managing the monkey, putting his curiosity to good purposes such as looking for the clues of mysteries. She also likes his enthuasiasm, which reminded her of Satoshi Fukabe. She has decided George should be her Non-Human Sidekick. Oreki's response to all of this is obvious.

    IF and Compa 
IF and Compa, Goddesses of Tomboyish and Girly Friendships (IF: Iffy, Ai chan, the mega-champion of the world, Planeptune Guild Member Compa: Clumsy Nurse)

    Milo Thatch 
Milo James Thatch, God of Endearing Awkwardness
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Shepherd's Journal
  • Theme Song: Launch Theme/Journey
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Brainy Brunette, Smart Guys Paired With Strong Girls, Stays In Atlantis To Help Rebuild Their Culture, Going Native, Nice Guy, Smart In Science, Not So Much Elsewhere, Knowledgable About Plumbing And Boilers, Smart People Wear Glasses, Cunning Linguist, The Navigator, Initially An Outcast
  • Domains: Excavation, Knowledge, Science, Crystals, Atlantis
  • Herald: Kida (Queen of Atlantis and his wife)
  • Allies: Arthur Curry, Ariel, Louise Banks, the Heptapods, Goliath, Pocahontas, Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Jake Sully, Charlie Chaplin, Neytiri
  • Enemies: Commander Rourke, Col. Miles Quaritch
  • Conflicting Opinion: Dartz
  • Milo Thatch, formerly a follower of Louise Banks, was first noted for ascension upon seeing how his awkwardness was also endearing. While many adorable deities have had their dorky moments, but among the candidates for Adorkable that haven't already ascended, Milo fits the bill best.
  • Milo has quite the impressive number of degrees.
    • Educated at Oxford University (1896-1903), he held a double doctorate in the fields of Linguistic Theory (Grammatical Structure, Syntax, Babel Theory, Evolution, Written Languages, and Lost Alphabets) and Dead Languages (Cryptology and Hieroglyphics, with thesis work done on American Indian tribes of the California Coast, Hawaiian, Pacific Island, and South Asian/Sub-Continent Strains).
    • He had minor degrees in Chemistry, Literature (French, Old English, and Chinese), Art History, Sociology, and Anthropology. In addition to his formal training as a linguist and translator, Milo was tutored by the legendary Thaddeus Thatch, his grandfather, in the fields of Cartography, Drafting, Navigation, Astronomy, Archeology, and Antique Restoration Techniques.
    • And he was employed in Washington, D.C. as a Museum Linguist/Translator and Cartographic Restoration Expert, 1903-1904. Participated in Academic Exchange Program 1909-10, spent 11 months working in Paris at the Bibliotech National, and the Prado Museum in Madrid.
    • In addition to all that, he also knows an awful lot about plumbing and boilers, right down to how to treat certain brands and models. He only does that help on the side, though, which is a shame since there aren't many ascended plumbers in the Pantheon, and two of them do a lot more heroing than actual plumbing.
  • As someone who studies dead languages, Milo's the best when it comes to reading and translating texts of ancient (Earth) cultures. Speaking those languages isn't as important as being an Omniglot seems to be part of the ascension package for every deity that can speak languages or read text based on languages (if one even uses words at all to communicate).
  • Through shared voices, he became quick friends with Marty McFly (and by extension Doc Emmett Brown), in addition to opposing Biff Tannen.
  • Some people find it amusing that he fulfills the qualifications for a Mighty Whitey while not having any of the characteristics that are usually associated with them. That said, unlike other Mighty Whiteys, actually saves the native peoples' culture.
  • Upon hearing of another Atlantean King in the House of Nature, Milo went to visit Dartz. Milo was horrified to learn of the Orichalcos that warped the noble king into misanthropy to the point that Dartz would harvest souls for 10,000 years and even recruited his loyal followers by manipulation and illusion (he was mortified to learn what happened to one of Dartz's noble enforcers, Raphael) before he would summon the Great Leviathan to "cleanse" the world. Thankfully, thanks to Yugi Muto (and the Pharaoh), Dartz was purified of the force, except for a lingering Split Personality that now exists in him. Milo is grateful to have time to talk to the King of Atlantis about what life was before the Orichalcos shot everything to hell...only when Dartz is lucid, that is.

    Misaki Ayuzawa 
Misaki Ayuzawa, Goddess of Go-Getter Girls (Misa-Chan, Seika High's "Demon President", The Hot-Blooded Japanese Diplomat)
  • Demigoddess
  • Theme Song: "My Secret" by Saaya Mizuno
  • Symbol: The Maid Latte Cafè logo
  • Alignmefnt: Lawful to Neutral Good, by default; Chaotic Good to Neutral when she goes into "Demon Pres" mode
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Badass Brainy Brunette who occasionally generates a Battle Aura, Defrosting Ice Queen, Go-Getter Girl, Hot-Blooded, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Lethal Chef, Plucky Girl, Student Council President who secretly part-times as a Meido, Tomboy with a Girly Streak and who can carry a Maid Cafe uniform beautifully, Tsundere
  • Domains: Personality, School, Leadership
  • Direct Superiors: Asuka Langley Souryuu (as one of her former followers) and Relena Darlian (as part of the Diplomatic Corps)
  • Allies: Fi, Houki Shinonono, Princess Zelda, Nagisa Furukawa
  • Smash Sisters with: Hinagiku Katsura
  • Odd Relationships: Stocking Anarchy, Tomoya Okazaki, Accelerator
  • Completely Disapproves of: Kneesocks
  • Months after the GUAG Diplomatic Corps was established, plans were made for recruiting more members to its ranks from within and beyond the Pantheon. Among the candidates considered was Misaki, a lightly-known but well-refuted follower of the Goddess of Tsunderes, who somehow campaigned in secret for the former’s ascension through a dossier containing details of her exploits:
    • Misaki was a just a simple High School student, when she enrolled into Seika High School as one of the first batch of females in a formerly all-male institution. It was then that she saw the plight of her female batch mates there: filth-riddled premises and a nearly-unsuitable school environment aggravated by an overwhelming majority of unruly boys who knew very little of subtlety and sensitivity. With the goal of making Seika a better place for her fellow female students, and fueled by her rage towards the male students’ rowdiness, she underwent one hell of a transformation (passing her subjects with flying colors, forming good relationships with the teachers, even learning Aikido of all things) until she finally became the Student Council President of the school. Her sweeping reforms throughout Seika High did rub off the wrong way among the guys, but they could only do little to oppose since she was able to scare the living hell out of them (which gave rise to her Red Baron title in the first place).
    • Unbeknownst to most of the students at Seika, part of her abrasive attitude towards men was due to her father leaving the family with a huge debt, prompting her to take a part-time job to support her family. Which did present a problem to her since her part-time job was that of a Meido in a Maid Cafe. Nonetheless, she managed to balance her dual life up until her graduation, even with all the ups and downs in between (beginning with the discovery of her Maid Café job, and further involvement romantic and otherwise, by a Bishōnen Ace who would eventually become her husband.)
    • Such reliable and selfless attitude towards her duty as President and Honor Student, towards her role as a caring elder sister and daughter to her family, and towards her job as a part-time Maid, eventually became the basis for her application and eventual ascension into the Pantheon. Moreso with her new, post-story role as a Japanese Diplomat, allowing her to adjust seamlessly to her position in the Corps.
  • Her entry has been welcomed by deities who have previously been Student Council Presidents in the past. Moreso her fellow diplomat Relena (as she did have a stint as one before she was thrust into the political limelight.) Though the Regent of Actual Pacifists was rather amazed at how Misaki managed to keep her reputation in check as Seika’s first female Council Pres, with all the roughing up she occasionally delivered to the boys there. Misaki eagerly replied that someone has to keep those boys in check one way or the other.
  • Other deities who are well-aware of her record as President have been lobbying with giving her the Student Council President title as well, especially with the House of School still missing a dedicated deity for the trope. While she's not against the idea, the House itself has yet to decide on the matter. Still, she does get invited as an ocassional consultant there, at least until a representative for the title can be declared.
  • Apart from her work in the Diplomatic Corps, Misaki has frequented the House of Knowledge for information regarding the ins and outs of the Pantheon, alongside Fi. Some deities have also spotted her training with Houki, whenever the latter visits the House of Combat for kendo training; this is possibly due to Misaki’s proficiency in Akido, which like Kendo is a Japanese Martial Art. On both instances though, the deities presumed some certain similarities between them.
    • A funny note regarding her practice sessions at the House of Combat: While some deities there are impressed with her Aikido skills, others who are of equal or lower rank than her (particularly the guys) have been quivering in fear whenever they see her there, as she tends to emit some sort of a killer aura even during practice.
    • Conversely though, she’s pretty much in disapproval of Kneesocks’ way of running things, partly due to her dubious background, and partly because the latter overemphasizes the “Ruuuuules” too often.
  • Surprisingly, she has developed an odd Kindred friendship of sorts with Nagisa, seeing as her relationship with Tomoya does sort of remind her of when she met Takumi Usui (the guy who would eventually become her hubby). That, or because at some point Tomoya’s voice reminds her of Usui.
    • On the flipside, for some similarly bizarre reason, she’s rather cautious of Accelerator, considering his reputation.
    • Oddly, while she's friends with Stocking, she tends to shy away a bit from her offering of sweets as it reminds her of the time she entered a sweets-eating contest and nearly buckled, because Usui was making all the food there and was heaping up on the sugar.
  • There were rumors that she somewhat “inherited” part of her leadership skills from Arturia or Zelda; the latter for the same reasons as Fi and Houki, the former probably because she sounds much like Misaki’s mother.

    Ron Stoppable 
Ronald "Ron" Stoppable, God of Moronic Badasses (The Buffoon, Squeeb, Middleton Mad Dog, The Fearless Ferret, Stoppable-san, The Ron, Zorpox The Conqueror, Unstoppable Stoppable, Monkey Master)
  • Demigod (Lesser God with Mystical Monkey Powers)
  • Symbol: Bueno Nacho nachos
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Animal, Good, Curse, Community
  • Portfolio: Acquired Situational Narcissism, Amazon Chaser, Animal Talk, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Eater, A Teen and his naked mole rat, Butt-Monkey, The Chosen One, Cool Loser, Cowardly Sidekick, Heroes Want Redheads, Informed Judaism, Lampshade Hanging, Plucky Comic Relief, Screams Like a Little Girl, Sidekick Graduations Stick, Supreme Chef, Youthful Freckles
  • Herald: Rufus
  • Allies: Kim Possible, Sokka, Sun Wukong, Zidane Tribal, Dipper and Mabel, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jerry, Speedy Gonzales
  • Enemies: Dr. Drakken, Shego, Cobra Commander, The Baroness, James McCullen XXIV/Destro
  • Rivals: James Bond
  • Annoyed by: Sheldon Cooper
  • Few people would have thought that Ron Stoppable of all teens would get a chance for ascension. That all changed as of the finale, as Ron proved once and for all that there was a badass under all of that silliness, single-handedly saving the world. For that, he was gifted the title Moronic Badass. As usual, he used this opportunity to boast of his powers throughout the Pantheon… only to find out there are still far more powerful gods out there. Nowadays, he's much more careful on who to face.
    • Shego and Dr. Drakken weren't that bothered with his arrival, something that drives Ron nuts. It's bad enough that Drakken couldn't even remember his name for much of their battles. The arrival of his rival on the other hand has caused far more troubles for the GUAE. Melkor's scientists have dubbed this "The Rufus Factor" and are currently making plans to counter this.
  • Cobra Commander has been one of the most frequent victims of this phenomenon. Kim having a partner was bad enough, the naked mole rat has thwarted his plans almost as often as Kim. He has been working on a truce with Destro and Baroness to deal with the trio, who have had better success in fending them off. Ron admits he's been… distracted by the villainess.
  • Ron share similar doubts with his usefulness with the God of Boomerangs. Sokka also underwent training in order to contribute more to the team. That and the two enjoy their company to the point that they may be called brothers. Kim and Katara merely shook their heads in disbelief.
  • Sun was quick to take Ron under his wing upon his ascension. The catalyst of Ron's performance in the finale was due to becoming a part of Sun's clergy. Now Sun can take a more personal approach to teaching the boy. With his help, Ron can eventually raise his ranking permanently.
  • The monkey themes wasn't the only thing Zidane was eager to make friends with Ron. The two blondes are quite genre savvy when needed and love to spend time in the Houses of Theater and Music. Ron occasionally takes him to the House of Gaming to teach him how to play video games.
  • Speaking of which, when Ron first discovered the House of Gaming, he went missing for a week. It took a determined Kim Possible to pull him away from the temptations. He is more cautious over the amount of time he spends there.
  • He also loves to spend time in the House of Food, happily munching down nachos with Rufus. Although he was disappointed there was no God of Tacos, he was happy to help find a suitable mortal for the job.
  • His arrival has only intensified his rivalry with James Bond. He still thinks that the God of Secret agents will pull Kim away from him. Bond has stated he has no such plans against the two.
  • Disney deities Dipper and Mabel offered gifts to Ron; Dipper challenged him to a game of Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons while Mabel offered him a sweater she made just for him (Ron made sure to keep it in his closet at all times.)
  • He was glad to find another fan of pop-culture in the form of Sheldon Cooper. That friendship didn't last long, as Ron couldn't handle Sheldon's insufferable nature.
  • When Ron found out just how many superheroes were in the Pantheon, he nearly fainted. Nearly at the top of the list of his favorite superheroes is Batman, who even sounds like a superhero in his world. Bruce would rather not re-enact one of his sillier incarnations.
  • His Herald Rufus made allies with fellow rodents Jerry Mouse and Speedy Gonzales. Neither were that bothered with his looks in the slightest, happy that one of their kind has been so useful to his group.

Stahl, The Ridiculously Average God (Sort, Sol, Viridian Knight)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Green Armor
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Big Eater, Being the exact median for performance, Badass Normal, Extreme Doormat, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Protection, Normality
  • Allies: Robin, Chrom, Lucina, Lissa and Maribelle, Kellam, Donnel, Nowi and Nah, Anna, Sumia, Cordellia, Teddie, Sain
  • Ascended when tests by his fellow Shepherd Miriel placed him in the exact median for all performance data regarding the Shepherds, even after significantly improving. Stahl himself knows he's average as there are an even amount of people stronger and weaker than him.
  • Supposedly is very good at reading people despite being a bit scatterbrained. This has cause a few gods to suspect that he has ulterior motive, but Robin has stated that Stahl enjoys helping his friends.
  • Is often seen in the House of Food fulfilling his dream of trying the world's best food. He is also making sure any Risen stay away from this "restaurant Outrealm."
  • Gets along very well with Teddie and it has been noted that they sound very similar. There are also concerns regarding the Pantheon's supply of topsicles.
    • He also gets some strange looks from Lancelot due to sounding like his master and from Shirou Emiya.
  • Is very nervous around Marth. More specifically Stahl is nervous about he compares to the legendary Panther who served the prince. He seems to be more at ease with a fellow green knight Sain, though he kind of wishes he got something unique on him, much like how Sain is this bigass pervert knight.

    Taiga Fujimura 
Taiga Fujimura, Goddess of Adults Acting Younger (Sensei, Student No. 0, Zecchan, Tiger (Call her that at your own risk), Tiger of Fuyuki, T-Chan, Fuji-nee, Master Tiger, Jaguar Man, Jaguar Warrior, Lancer)
as Jaguar Man 
  • Demigoddess, Intermediate as Jaguar Man
  • Symbol: Taiga's Tora-Shinai
  • Theme song: We are Tora Buru (Shared with Illya)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral as Jaguar Man
  • Portfolio: Sensei-chan, One of the Kids, Badass Normal, Muggle Best Friend, Genki Girl, Animal Motifs, Girl Next Door, Large Ham, Have a Nice Death, Precocious Crush, Tomboyish Ponytail
  • Domains: School, Family, Maturity
  • High Priest: Spencer Shay
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Bloody Marie, Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse), BL!Hansel & Gretel, Death (Final Destination), Baldi
  • Rivals: Shiki Ryougi, Misato Katsuragi, Wakaba Saegusa, Uzu Sanageyama, Jim Ross
  • On Speaking Terms With: Mae Borowski
  • Opposes: Howard & Kreese
  • Taiga is Shirou Emiya's legal guardian and as such is responsible for looking after him and (voluntarily) any girls who decide they want to live with or hang out with Shirou including but not limited to: Saber, Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou and Illyasviel von Einzbern. Due to this, she spend a lot more time in Shirou's temple than her own. If Taiga's not in her temple or Shirou's chances are high that she'll be in Illya's temple. Many deities are surprised by this however due to how well Illya and Taiga get along.
  • She used to share a temple with Yoriko Yasaka, but recent changes in the Pantheons' regulations have forced them to split and Taiga had to move out with a new title. That still doesn't stop them from hanging out quite a lot, which also bring their respective circles together as well. Taiga even likes her new title since it befitted her for someone as mature as her.
    • Cu Chulainn heard that Taiga had moved in to her new temple, and they both decided to celebrate the housewarming by getting hammered. Shirou had to be called in to help clean afterwards.
    • She became ecstatically happy when Kiritsugu visited her when she moved in, having a crush on him when she was young. Kiritsugu tells her to keep on taking care of Shirou which she enthusiastically nods.
      Taiga: Don't worry! Shirou will be safe with me!
  • Whenever Taiga is in her temple she she will usually be in her Tiger Dojo that she built to carry on Irisviel's will, while accompanied by Illya nearly every time. She also uses it to teach people how not to die.
    • She then heard about Kokonoe's own class of not dying again, and they became drinking buddies over them even exchanging their teaching methods. Kokonoe herself admits Taiga is not that bad of a person, though finds it jarring that she sounds like herself and Tsubaki. Speaking of Tsubaki, Taiga wish the best of luck to her though Tsubaki knows getting Jin to notice her is easier said than done...
    • Nero Claudius or at least the Red Saber one, once attended the Tiger Dojo mostly to complain about Fate/EXTRA's lack of worldwide popularity. Previously, Taiga shows admiration for her dress though now in the Pantheons, she attends every single one of Nero's performances; Nero is flattered by her frequency to attend her shows, but she wants more people than just Taiga to appreciate her art (which is not going to be appreciated anytime soon...)
  • Despite the fact that she always gets banned from Kendo tournaments due to her tiger strap on her Tora-Shinai, Taiga's skills at Kendo are nothing to sneeze at as she's enough of a match for Shiki Ryougi. They both have sparred and Shiki is surprised of her skill in spite of her general demeanor. Taiga is also frequently seen sparring with Wakaba Saegusa or Uzu Sanageyama as Taiga wants to continue improving her skills; both do see her as a Worthy Opponent and more disappointed that she's not called champion by now.
  • Initially befriended Android 18 due to sounding similar. As they talk and talk, they ended up becoming a Red Oni, Blue Oni pair with Taiga being the Red Oni; at least the PTA meetings can be smoother with them around... maybe.
  • While she was mortal, Taiga was both a high school English teacher and an elementary school teacher in separate timelines and with those in mind Taiga has been hired by the staff of Elysium Academy to teach the younger deities as well as Illya's friends. There, she made a special relationship with Shinobu Omiya, Alice Cartalet and Karen Kujo as Taiga is not only an English teacher much like their Karasuma-sensei while they were mortal, Taiga also frequently acts very air-headed and friendly with her students which makes her relatable to them. Since then, Taiga can often be seen teaching Shinobu English to help her reach her dream of becoming an interpreter.
    • She also got along swimmingly well with the other teachers, which they cited that Taiga liven up their workplace a lot. Edna Krabappel is impressed that someone childish like Taiga can do a better job than her, while Taiga herself feel that Edna should lighten up for once. Of course like any good teacher, Taiga vehemently oppose Miss Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge due to their unforgivable actions towards students. She threatens them by daring them to square off against her in kendo; Trunchbull is ready for that while Umbridge stays away instead, finding that fighting her is not worth setting her off. Baldi got on Taiga's bad side since he goes too far for the slightest mistake in of all things, maths questions.
    • She once decided to meet the head of Elysium Academy's archery club, Yukari Takeba since she herself supervised Homurahara's own and they hit it off pretty well; this led Yukari to introduce Taiga to the other archers such as Link, Hanzo Shimada, Artemis, Hawkeye and Green Arrow. She is impressed at their skill and talent worthy of their combat prowess, though she swore seeing Artemis once back in Chaldea though Artemis vehemently denies seeing Taiga around there.
    • Relatedly, Taiga is alerted that the creepy Hansel and Gretel are killers and did each other in spite of blood relations so she tries to keep her distance from them, lest she is forced to play with them...
  • Even though she does her best to keep it hidden from others, Bloody Marie found out that Taiga is the daughter of a yakuza boss. Since then Bloody Marie has attacked Taiga on multiple occasions. Of course, that will actually reveal her more serious side and becomes more combat heavy; she has enough skills to hold her off until Shirou and his friends intervene to save her, which Bloody Marie then back out. Taiga felt bad for her torture by The Mafia of her world, but she still opposes taking down other unassociated mafia members just for taking her anger out on.
    • Luckily, Kazuma Kiryu offered to help Taiga despite her having way more powerful allies, but she accepts it anyway and was flattered by his willingness to help, reminding her of Shirou. She also gained the trust of Raku & Chitoge who are children of the mafia like her and they decide to train under her to defend themselves for once.
    • Out of all of the denizens of the sub-house of Organized Crime, Giorno Giovanna gets on her good graces. The rest don't get Taiga's respect, ESPECIALLY the Slavers.
  • As per the Pantheons' nature, Taiga gained the memories of her time in the Babylonia singularity, where she fused with a lesser-known deity called Jaguar Man. She managed to be the dominant personality, though she would rather not be called by her real name]] while she assume this form. Shirou is floored and amazed when he heard about it, prompting him to consider telling her about his adventures soon; though, his other friends who were involved with Chaldea one way or another kinda know about it already.
    • The first thing when Quetzalcoatl (as his female Rider form) came over to her new temple is for Jaguar Man to glomp her. Taiga said that she doesn't really have strong feelings for Quetz, but ever since her fusing with Jaguar Man, she has no more room to complain when Quetz is very friendly to her. She was surprised to find Merlin, King Hassan and Leonidas in the Pantheons since she usually see them in Chaldea, yet she's nevertheless happy to see them here. Also, she pretty much prefers Gilgamesh as a benevolent king instead of a haughty doucheface ever since Shirou and the others recently told her about his atrocities including what he did to Illya in one timeline.
    • She shared Rin's frustrations when it comes to the sisters Ishtar and Ereshkigal when they both possessed her body and soul respectively. Rider did kept her memories from the Singularity when she was Ana and she still think Taiga should keep the jokes down.
  • When Quetzalcoatl becomes the Samba Santa, Jaguar Man provides commentary everytime Quetz does her finisher and throughout the Christmas '18 event while also giving nicknames to her opponents. This got her a rivalry with Jim Ross, who gets annoyed with Taiga hitting him a lot while both of them are trying to do their jobs.
    • Despite loving being a commentator, she still have no respect for Howard and Kreese who commentate over death matches and treating them like it's normal (they were from a Crapsack World, to be fair). Howard and Kreese think she's a pussy (literally and figuratively) for getting mad at their usual behaviour, which infuriated her even more.
  • Taiga has a love-hate relationship with tigers; on one hand, she doesn't like being called Tiger but on the other, she finds them cute too. In spite of that, she befriended tiger-based otherworldly beings like Shou Toramaru and Jaune Claufoutis, with the former go drinking with and the latter joining Taiga in the Tiger Dojo. She also finds Tigger to be full of fun and happiness and is amazed at his bouncing.
  • Believe it or not, she seem to have EX-ranked luck due to stopping earthquakes and an asteroid from crashing into the Earth during the 4th Fuyuki Holy Grail War. Justy Ueki Taylor is very impressed by her feat, while Taiga is mutually impressed that he has survived ridiculous deaths that should have killed him. Since then, they have been the pain of Final Destination's Death since their combined absurd luck have evaded them from swift absolute death.
  • One would think Taiga and Misato Katsuragi would be at bars talking loudly and generally having a good time. That would happen... if it weren't for the fact that Misato grew cold towards Shinji and even threaten to kill him once, prompting Taiga to oppose her, forcing her to call Misato "heartless" for that.
    • Then there's Mae Borowski who is currently Misato's confidant. Mae also does not condone Misato giving Shinji the cold shoulder, but she still wants Taiga to at least sit and listen why she did so. Taiga is willing, though Mae has to be there mediate in case it get awry.
  • Wait, wait, wait! Aren't you gonna mention that I'm friends with Pinkie Pie and Peacock? I mean, Pinkie-chan makes fun parties that I would enjoy and Peacock helps me in beating that Bloody Marie kid every now and again! She and I would make a lot references that would fly everyone's heads, so that's great!
  • "And now the episode preview! Eh, this is not an anime?! Am I being cut for budget reasons again?!!"


    The Dursleys 
The Dursleysmembers , Patron "Saints" of Obsession With Normalcy (Petunia: Tuney)

    Nana Abe 
Nana Abe, Goddess of Unclear Ages
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: Claims to be Lawful Good, is actually Chaotic Good
  • Symbol: あべ なな next to a crescent moon with rabbit ears
  • Theme song: Märchen Debut and Märchen∞Metamorphose
  • Portfolio: Vague Age, Womanchild, Older Than She Looks, Bad Liar, Bunnies for Cuteness, Cloudcuckoolander, Large Ham, Maintain the Lie, Saying Too Much
  • Domains: Music, Age, Rabbits
  • Allies: The ascended Cinderella Girls, Lopunny, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Hibari
  • While she might seem like an ordinaly Meido, Nana originally from the planet Usamin to fight evil aliens and defend the Earth.
    • In actuality, Nana's just a normal human trying to keep a facade of being an alien that no one believes because of Nanas inability to tell a convincing lie without adding outrageous details.
  • The court of the gods ascended Nana to her position due to her skills at keeping he age a secret from everyone.
    • Despite Nanas claims to be forever 17, many deities believe her to be closer to 20 because of the time Nanas mother called her to vote. They quickly changed their guesses to be closer to 27 when Sanae implied Nana to be around her age.
  • Unlike many idols who create convincing personas for their on-stage selves, Nanas Usaminian self is very unconvincing to many, not only because of how much Nanas character requires another person to follow along with her, but also because of her inability to keep her stories straight, frequently creating holes in her stories that she has to patch up with more lies.
  • Because of her association with rabbits, Nana gets along well with other rabbit themed deities such as Reisen, Lopunny and Hibari.
  • When not in her temple or performing, Nana can frequently be seen working as a maid at the house of food or practicing her acting at the house of theater.
  • Nana was surprised she didn't get a spot in the house of Extraterrestrials since she expected everyone to believe her claims that she's an alien when she's never done anything alien-like before.
  • Despite their similarly spelled names, Nana's not to be confused for a creator of multiple Pokemon species.

    Ted, The Generic Guy 
Ted, The Generic God (Ted the Generic Guy)


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