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Intermediate Gods

    Evil Otto 

Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

Evil Otto, God of Gaming Urban Legends
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Fluffy the Terrible, Collision Damage, The Dreaded, Implacable Man, Invincible Minor Minion, Perpetual Smiler, Shows up to kill the player after a certain amount of time
  • Domains: Games, Arcades, Legends, Death
  • Allies: BEN, White Face, The Comedian, The Reaper, Pony Island, .GIFfanny, SCP-633, King Candy/Turbo, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, Mario
  • This innocuously looking smiley face is known as Evil Otto, a recurrent enemy in the game Berzerk that shows up after a certain amount of time to kill the player until they exit the room. His enigmatic and unsettling look has been the source of many urban legends and even actual deaths to his name, being considered an evil demonic entity that lives in the game and kills anyone that reaches a high score. However, the two deaths attributed to his name were actually caused by things beyond his game but that fame carried over to his ascension and Evil Otto was given a position as the holder of the Gaming Urban Legends.
  • His arrival made visits to the House of Gaming all the more difficult, since staying too much in a room would summon him and start chasing any non-resident entity, regardless of alignment. The Court of Gods has been unable to fix this since it's hardwired in his character and, well, he is known as Evil Otto for a reason.
  • His temple is a recreation of his original games, filled with pixelated rooms and robots that will shoot on sight. Evil Otto will appear after a while since he doesn't like being visited by unwanted guests and if he catches in the pantheon this time you die for real (or not). The robots are generally hostile to everyone in their vicinity and have a tendency to shooting each other accidentally, so it's no wonder that Otto himself has no regard for them and kills them if they get in his way.
  • Gets along well with BEN, the latter respecting Otto for having such a fearsome legacy. Otto himself cares little for BEN's goal, since he is pretty simpleminded but has no problem going out of his way to stalk anyone of BEN's targets if the latter so desires.
  • As both are Time-Limit Based Threats, Evil Otto is on good terms with the Reaper and even served him as a High Priest in the past. While the Reaper himself could care less about the smiley face, he does respect him a little for being a senior in what he does concerning videogames, even if ultimately is irrelevant to him.
  • Initially unkillable but the sequel Frenzy has made him be able to be defeated, for a few second at least. Killing him only makes him spawn a few seconds later and become even faster and erratic, so the pantheon has recommended to just avoid. Notoriously, given how he works, he has never ever been brought back from the dead in the House of Life and Death.
  • White Face is happy to being able to meet another entity like him. Though not as powerful, Evil Otto is considered one of those deadly creatures that can kill beyond the 4th Wall even if officially he is not able to do that but his "friendship" with White Face has put him closer to that territory. That and WF likes to watch Evil Otto play tag with his other friends.
  • Edward Blake has taken a liking to Evil Otto, not only because he is a living smiley face but also admires Otto's brutality and unsettling appearance. The Comedian is one of the rare humans he will not attack but nevertheless he is not really friends with him in the traditional sense, but they do share common interests.
  • Given that he leads a group of robots, Evil Otto has been drafted into the Grand United Alliance of Machines and he accepted with the condition that he keeps doing what he does best. His presence there did cause some commotion for lower ranking deities given Otto's reputation.
  • Doesn't like Mario after an incident where he battled him in a Minesweeper Stage. Given that in the pantheon he works with the original rules of Berzerk, he has given chase to Mario whenever he can.
  • Rumored to have inspired other digitally evil videogame entities like Pony Island and .GIFfanny and even if he didn't, he is surprisingly in good terms with the entities in the first game (at least the evil ones) and the Pink-Haired Schoolgirl. He also is associated with SCP-633, the Foundation believing to be a fragment of the AI that became it's own thing and managed to reach the real world. Efforts to try and contain Otto has been futile since he is known to respawn back at his temple at will, so the best option the Foundation found was to seal his temple.
  • Turbo sees Otto as a kindred spirit, mostly because Turbo jumping to other games and hijacking them has been a popular urban legend in his universe and thinks Evil Otto would make a powerful ally in that regard. However, Turbo has no interest in joining Otto's game of origin, since it hardly has a world he could take advantage of.

Johannes, God of Dramatic Player Deaths (The Prince, The Traitor, The Fountain, Brohannes)

Lesser Gods

    Alexandra Roivas 
Alexandra Roivas, Goddess of the Sanity Meter ("Alex", Miss Roivas)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Tome of Eternal Darkness
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Has a degree in abstract mathematics, Inheritor of the Tome of Eterna Darkness, Reads story of other bearers of the Tome, Sdrawkcab Name, Magic Knight
  • Domains: Sanity
  • High Priest: Daniel
  • Heralds: Dr. Edward Roivas, Ellia, Anthony, Karim, Dr. Maximilian Roivas, Dr. Edwin H. Lindsey, Paul Luther, Roberto Bianchi, Peter Jacob, Michael Edwards
  • Allies: Buffy Summers, The Hunter, Wilson
  • Enemies: Cthulhu, The Old Gods, Eldrazi, Giygas, the Great Ones, Slender Man, The House of Abomination in general, Nyarlathotep, the Godhand, Death Phantom, Kel'thuzad, The Lich, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Gatherers, Saya
  • Alex (and the bearers of the Tome) have faced the Ancient's minions which affected their sanity, likely the fact that they couldn't comprehend their existence. Should they be driven to their lowest level of sanity, everything goes to hell around them, even the fourth wall begins panicking.
  • Because she has fought the Ancients in order to save her world, she couldn't stand the other Eldritch Abominations as it could drive her mad as well.
    • She found Slender Man to be the most frightening if just looking at him catches his victims.
  • She isn't the only one who could be stressed by the unknown, Wilson feared that his sanity will break from the dark and bad food which the Shadow Creatures will get him. She pities him as she had to read through the Tome and almost broke her sanity from excessive reading for weeks and even months.
  • From the Tome, she could cast Magick which requires rune of various properties and one of the four Ancient runes: the rune of Chattur'gha, Ulyaoth, Xel'lotath, and Mantarok. Chattur'gha represents strength, Ulyaoth represents soul, and Xel'lotath represents mind, with Mantarok represents Chaos and is the most powerful than the three Ancients. Such spells include enchanting weapons, recovery, revealing invisibility, create a damaging barrier, dispelling, shields, magickal attacks, and summoning and controlling monsters. In order to power them up further, she requires additional PARGON.
  • She managed to befriend Buffy as they both found that are alike in being normal school girls being forced into fighting supernatural beings that'll threaten the entire world. Alex could relate on how Buffy imagined herself in an asylum as she learned how her ancestor, Maximilian Roivas, was sent to an asylum when he tried to warn the world about the Ancients.
  • She found another companion known as the Hunter who have slain Eldritch Abomination without their sanity breaking down. Although she is a bit suspicious of him when there was one timeline when the Hunter became the Moon Prescence.
  • Because her main enemy, Pious Augustus, was a lich who tried to summon his Ancient master to his universe, she doesn't like any of the liches in the Pantheon.
    • She also doesn't like humans (or at least former humans) who want to destroy humanity for the master as the bearers of the Tome have struggled against Pious Augustus and the Ancients. She called them all out for shedding away their humanity and sacrificing the human race who are too stubborn to die.
  • She found the Gatherers to be as frightening as the horrors that served the Ancients. The fact that her high priest, Daniel, have nearly lost his sanity from looking at these beasts doesn't help her case.
    • There is a case of her losing sanity from looking at any sort of horror like Saya who could drive anyone insane by just looking at her. She tried to kill them and finish them in order to regain some sort of her sanity but since she has a spell to regain her sanity, it is not needed but she would think about the idea if needed.
  • She doesn't like deities that are capable of breaking one's sanity or manipulated the health of a mind, as one of the Ancient, Xel'lotath, whose minion can easily destroy sanity quickly.
  • Also in the House of Emotions.

    Kain and Raziel 
Kain and Raziel, Gods of Non Linear Sequels
  • Lesser Gods
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Kain), Chaotic Neutral (Raziel)
  • Symbol: Together, the material and spectral Soul Reavers crossed over each other. Alone, their respective clan emblems.
  • Shared Portfolio: Changing fate, failing to change fate, Prophecy Twists, Resurrection (multiple times), Moral Ambiguity
  • Domain: Destiny, Prophecy, Time Travel, Morality
  • Allies: Akagi, The Nephalems, Arcueid Brunestud, Team Dai-Gurren, The Defiers of Fate, The Doctor and Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O
  • Enemies: Diablo
  • Opposed by: the House of Prophecy, The Dahaka
  • Complicated Relationship: Dracula, Buffy Summers
  • Some people claim that destiny has no claim on them and they will be able to make their own future. Raziel may well be the only one who can literally claim this. Fortune tellers all over can't understand how they can't read the vampire's future. What was even more surprising that he decided to bring along Kain with him even when they were at odds. One can only know what will become of the duo in the Pantheon.
  • When the final battle of Good and Evil occurs, no one is sure what these two will do. Kain has said he'll do what best benefits him, but with the way his mind works it's hard to say if he'll be siding with either Cosmos or Melkor or will try to go it alone. Raziel meanwhile has pledged to fight for good, but he's very prone to manipulation and making hasty decisions, and by his nature as a walking Temporal Paradox that disrupts the timestream with his presense, the chaos he sews in his wake could benefit either side unwillingly.
  • Though they parted on good terms, since the two ascended to the Trope Pantheon Kain has passed the time by occasionally opening time portals and throwing Raziel into a random point in history for kicks. He then watches Raziel stumble his way back to the present without realizing how much and how often he's changing history without knowing it. Their relationship has gone south again once this happened the second time.
  • Because Kain is such a Jerkass and is the one responsible for killing Raziel, the two have difficulty trusting each other. But they're know enough to ignore people who try to make them into full enemies again, as they realize their respective versions of the Soul Reaver are among the few weapons that can kill the other for good, and they recognize the two of them are Not So Different. It is said that if the two of them were to combine the Soul Reaver back together to create the blade at its highest form of power, even their fellow gods should be wary.
  • Naturally, the House of Prophecy has tried their hardest to read the future of these two characters. Unfortunately, both Razier and Kain have proven to be as elusive to them as it was for those who have tried in the past. Raziel especially wouldn't have it any other way. He despised anyone who tried to shape his destiny and does not not wish for anyone to do the same here.
    • The duo also ran into trouble with The Dahaka. Even when they revoked their own temple for rejecting destiny, the entity was still disappointed that the two were still in the Pantheon. It hopes to revert the timeline in their world back to its original position.
    • The two have a positive reputation in the subhouse of Opposing Fate though. Even the fact of whether they would hold the temple for Opposing Fate were quashed when relative unknown Akagi ended up with the title. With that said, there was no hard feelings over the loss. It was satisfying for the two to see Prophets wring their hair at their failure once again to predict their future.
    • Naturally make good friends with The Nephalems, a group who overcame a prophecy to defeat Diablo. At least they like Raziel; the group does not trust Kain enough to call him a friend given he was among those who tried to shape Raziel's fate. Obviously Diablo himself was not pleased with his failed prophecy and blames the two vampires for denying him his victory over his planet.
  • Unlike most vampires in the Pantheon, neither Kain nor Raziel has much stake in the war between vampires and vampire hunters. Kain has been known for assisting both Dracula and the Scoobies whenever it suits his interests. Raziel took a more overt approach and refuses to assist either of them.
    • Despite this, he has taken a liking for Arcueid Brunestud, mostly because she took watch over Janos Audron, keeper of the Reaver blade in his arsenal.
  • It is no surprise that Kamina and his crew would be huge fans of the adventures Raziel had to defy his fate. Lordgenome on the other had took an interest of Kain instead. He sees much of his old self in the elder vampire which included manipulating the future to his benefit. In fact, he paid Kain a visit in order to see if they can do the same in the Pantheon. Unbeknownst to Kain, Longenome has done this in order to keep an eye on his partner. That way, he can make sure Kain does not go out of line like before.
  • The duo was also liked by Lightning and her party. They too wanted to change their futures and achieved their goal. Raziel has a soft spot for Lightning, stating that her treatment was too harsh on her.
  • More often than not, Raziel is more liked than Kain in the Pantheon. After all, it was Kain who competed with various other organizations to manipulate Raziel to their own ends. The Doctor and Ryotaro Nogami have both rejected Kain in favor of Raziel. The Doctor thanked Raziel for helping him bring back Gallifrey, while Ryotaro thanked him for fighting the Imagin monsters who were altering time.

    Kazuya (Shin Megami Tensei I
Kazuya, God of Settling On One Of The Multiple Endings (The Hero, The First Hero, First Champion, Sho, Futsuo, Adam)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His COMP
  • Theme Song: Ruins
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Demon Tamer, Badass Normal, Ambadassador, Destroying All His Opposition To Save The World, Heroes Prefer Swords But Uses Guns Too, Hurting Hero, Terrible Singer, Forced To Kill His Friends, Living Legend, Adapting Really Quickly, Zero Magic Potential, One-Man Army, Killed In An Assassination That Was Then Made To Look Like A Cave-In
  • Domains: Demons, Neutrality
  • Heralds: Pascal (his pet dog/Cerberus), the Heroinenote 
  • Allies: Stephen, Mido (as his former herald), Cerberus, Aleph, Flynn, Naoki Kashima/The Demi-Fiend, Kazuya Minegishi, Hibiki Kuze, Raidou Kuzunoha, Isabeau, Burroughs
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: the Imperium of Man, Ash Ketchum
  • Enemies: YHVH, Lucifer, The White, Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta and Hikawa, the Divine Powers, Chakravartin, The Administrators, Mem Aleph, Belial and Nebiros, Malthael, Castlevania!Satan
  • Pities: Erik Lensherr/Magneto
  • Conflicting Opinion: Dagda and Nanashi
  • The thing about a game with multiple endings is that if it gets a sequel, one of the endings (or none of them) has to become canon. In the search for a candidate, Stephen immediately nominated the first of his Messiahs, simply known as the Hero, but assigned the name Kazuya for easy calling. And bringing him over was simple since he was already in the Pantheon as Mido's herald (for whatever reason).
  • As a present for his ascension, Stephen upgraded his COMP one last time: he no longer needs to keep collecting Magnetite to sustain demons he summons, though he does still dismiss them when he's not fighting, and collects and keeps some around for bribing demons with. This is on top of being able to summon up to five demons at once (as opposed to the Demi-Fiend's, Flynn's, Isabeau's, and Nanashi's three).
  • Never knew his father, who had left him before he was able to tell what was going on around him. That is why he doesn’t really know what having a father is like and his longing for a father figure is unusually strong. Presumably, this is related to his concern about demons. Since he had very few opportunities to interact with his father, it can be said that this resulted in his interest in the power of demons, in other words, the power associated with a father.
  • Having lost his own to a demon who impersonated her when he got home, Kazuya has a soft spot for those who lost their mothers (unless of course it was of their own conscious doing).
  • Apparently, there was an old story (now dead) called 20XX that talks about what happens after Kazuya sided with Law.
  • While without any means of using magic, Kazuya can get around this by sword fusion, and thanks to the Diamond Realm DLC, he's inhereited a few abilities (though still Physical) such as Lightspeed Slash, Crescent Slice, Mist Rush, Charge, and Morale Boost, a resistance to physical and gun attacks, and an invulnerability to Light and Dark attacks.
  • Probably due to how he was forced to be omnicidal in his fight for Neutrality, Kazuya isn't as immediately opposing of Dagda. After everything he's been through, removing all divinities and restarting humanity anew has its appeal. That said, now that he's no longer alone in the fight for humanity, he's not ready to have the slate wiped clean right now.
  • Wary of all angelic deities along with Malthael and Castlevania!Satan because they remind him of his efforts to rebuild the world into a Neutral one ruined by Law, and the Mutants and Gaeans who helped him ostracized and kicked down into Makai. There's also the fact that Pascal/Cerberus and Madam, who carried on what was left of his legacy in Valhalla, got killed and destroyed by Abaddon after he was deceived by the Archangels that he would be restored to Angelhood. Thankfully, the weak Mutants who aren't able to defend themselves were taken in and protected by Lucifer in Makai.
    • Speaking of Mutants, he sort of understands why Magneto does what he does for mutantkind. That said, he'd prefer to find a peaceful solution.
  • As for the God-Emperor of Mankind and his Imperium, to say he's horrified with what it's become in order to survive the Chaos Gods, Necrons, Orks, and all the rest would be the understatement of the century. As a result, he finds it difficult to work with them.
  • Wants to remind folks not to take the bullet for a "demon tamer" who has time to summon a demon who can take the hit for them. He doesn't want a repeat of the Law Hero's Senseless Sacrifice.
  • Doesn't like Hikawa and the Demi-Fiend's former friends, finding all of their Reasons repulsive. Chiaki in particular he feels is actually worse than the Chaos Hero. While the weak dying out was just a side-effect of his goal, the weak being exterminated is her goal.
  • Reacts poorly when challenged to Pokémon battles. He predates Pokémon and friendly Mon battles by several years, and every other demon summoner he met before his ascension wanted to either kill or mug him. The first time he was challenged to a Pokémon battle, he mistook it for another random attack. In subsequent challenges, he had to be informed that the Trainer does not participate directly into the battle, it is illegal to assault the opposing Trainer, there can only be a certain number of Pokémon on the field at one time, and that it is not normal to request a Pokémon or computer part from the loser. He has not been banned, but the Pokémon League has decided that anyone who wants to engage him in a Pokémon battle must state clearly that they want a Pokémon battle instead of just locking eyes.
    • Ash Ketchum dislikes how he treats his demons, since the fusion system requires him to dispose of them once they stop being useful, in favor of stronger demons. Kazuya retorts that unlike Ash, he can't make his demons stronger without fusion, and he doesn't have the same amount of storage space. Also, shouldn't he have asked this question to Flynn or Aleph, who're demon tamers like him and were in the Pantheon long before him? He's understand if he couldn't ask the Demi-Fiend or Nanashi.
  • He hates Nebiros for killing his friend the Law Hero, who in return (alongside Belial) hate him for refusing Alice's request to die for her, and then sealing Belial and killing Nebiros.
  • Extremely happy to meet once again with his first and most loyal companion, Cerberus. Many onlookers were surprised the Celestial Guard Dog actually behave like an enthusiastic puppy around Kazuya, but master and demon remember the good old days before their world fell. Kazuya is also thankful that even if he eventually fell, Cerberus and his next master, Aleph eventually succeeded in saving the world, validating his own life and granting him a measure of comfort.


Andy, Herald of Fun Wars (Ryou, Mr. Average)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Orange Star Symbol and wrench
  • Theme Song: Andy's Anthem
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Jack-of-All-Stats, Idiot Hero to not know continents or airports, Genius Ditz, Not a Morning Person, Mechanic, CO Power Hyper Repair and Super CO Hyper Upgrade (which repair and boost movement and firepower to all his units), Victim of Being Cloned Twice
  • Domains: War, Fun, Idiot, Mechanic
  • Followers: The COs of Advance Wars, except the COs of Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict
  • Allies: Max, Grit, Colin, Fire Emblem deities, Millhoire, Leonmitchelli, Couvert, Engineer, Cyborg, Isaac Clarke, Saori Takebe, Yukari Akiyama, Mako Reizei, Miho Nishizumi, Hana Isuzu
  • Friendly Rivalry: Miles "Tails" Prower, Joker
  • Enemies: Liquid Snake, HYDRA, Red Skull, SHOCKER, Millennium
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Asgore
  • Opposes: Leonidas, Ares, Martin Walker, "Serious" warmongers
  • Opposed by: Kiritsugu, Valvatorez
  • Andy comes in the world literally called "Wars World" in which war is a lot more casual than anything else. The fact that a kid is leading an army unironically, people are very weirded out by the fact that his war is "fun" as he makes it out to be.
  • Andy is happy to see some of his buddies from Wars World like Max. Max, however, was a bit concern with Andy's position in the House of War, considering the state that it is but Andy doesn't seem to be phased by him, hopefully.
  • Though he wasn't born at the time of year, but the Famicom Wars predated Fire Emblem, in which some considered it "Famicom/Advance Wars with more strategy, fantasy, and perma-death." Fire Emblem deities would treat him like kin, though they are uncomfortable with the fact that Andy is willing to be expendable with his soldiers.
  • Andy is weirded out by his title. When he meant "Fun War," it means in war is very colorful and very silly, and the units look straight out of a toy. He didn't mean "Fun in War", in which he is even weirded out by Ares and Leonidas.
    • In fact, the House of War is ironically frightening for Andy or as Captain Martin Walker would say that the boy is far too naive to see what true wars are. Funny, given that Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict would reflect on that but it is completely unrelated to Andy so he doesn't really care. Good thing Andy also has a position in the House of Gaming.
    • Kiritsugu and Valvatorez are downright pissed that Andy has this mentality when their belief is War Is Hell. It is a Berserk Button for the latter.
  • Andy is going to be attending the House of Schools just to learn a little more vocabulary. Remember, this guy has no idea what continents are. Or, airports. "What's an airport?" indeed.
  • Andy may be dumb, but he is actually an average commanding officer and actually a great mechanic, as he's somehow manage to repair all of his forces when he has enough power to use Hyper Repair or Hyper Upgrade.
    • He has been helping with the Anglerfish team with repairing their tank and bonding with them. Saori Takebe tried to hit on him but failed miserably. Though don't call him in the morning as he along with Mako Reizei hates waking up early in the morning.
  • He wish to be a rival to ace pilots like Joker in order to further emulate his rivalry with Eagle, the air commander of Green Earth.
  • For some reason, Black Hole had an obsession of cloning him, as they have done it twice and both used to cause trouble in two wars. In fact, Sturm used one of the Andy clones to instigate a war between all four nations so that he could conquer them all while they're weakened. Andy is not happy to be cloned for such act and is not happy to see clones who has done bad things.
  • Andy is certain not going to take any evil army that wish to conquer the world kindly as he has stopped the Black Hole army that tried to take over the world twice.
  • Also has a seat in the House of War.

    Deckard Cain 
Deckard Cain, God of the Scholar Race and Getting Skipped Over (The Last Horadrim, Cain the Elder)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Staff and the Horadric Book
  • Theme Song: Deckard Cain's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Ancient Keeper, Cool Old Guy, The Last Horadrim, Nice Guy, Mr. Exposition, Non-Action Guy
  • Domains: Knowledge, Exposition, Exploring, Story, Lore, Age
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Imperius and Angels of similar attitude, Alarak
  • A very old and wise man from the world of Sanctuary, Deckard Cain was part of the Horadrim, an order created by the angel Tyrael to keep watch of the sealed Diablo. He has been aiding the heroes of Sanctuary in their quest to slay Diablo and has proved to be valuable asset to them. He also took his time to raise Leah as his own daughter and it all tragically ended when Deckard was assassinated by members of the Coven. However, his spirit lingered and he eventually reincarnated as a Pantheon deity, he was awarded for his bravery and knowledge and given his own temple as well.
  • Cain is known for giving long lectures and explanations about items and other locations in the world of Sanctuary. The downside is that people rarely like to listen to his ramblings and so usually ignore him or flat out fall asleep in his presence. It's been annoying for Cain but at this point he got used to it.
  • He was overjoyed to find Leah as well as important heroes from sanctuary and the archangel Tyrael. He was less amused by also knowing about the presence of Diablo and other demons, not to mention Demons from realms outside of sanctuary. He was also very saddened by the reveal of what happened to Leah and it happening after his own death, swearing he would make Adria pay for that.
    • Adria even tried to confront Cain and mock him about his involvement in Tristam. Cain retorted by pulling out a book and using his classic "Stay a while and Listen", boring her to sleep and the nephalems having the perfect opportunity to beat her down.
  • Not the first time Cain finds himself wandering a massive realm where realities clash, having already experience that in the nexus. He is both searching for the mysteries about said worlds while supporting the actual fighters that engage in the battlefield. Cain finds the Pantheon not that different and plans to find out the secret behind the Pantheon's origin. The higher ups also went ahead and made him the master Lorekeeper of the Pantheon that would inform other gods about the place they visit, but as usual, a handful of deities avoid his lectures and never actually stop to listen.
  • He befriended fellow Mr. Exposition Kaepora Gaebora after finding him during a trek around the House of Narrative. The latter has heard about Deckard usually getting ignored by others and decided to help him. Considering the owl's method of exposition, it tends to work pretty well sometimes.
  • During one of his treks around the Nexus, he stumbled upon a young mage by the name of Orphea, who seemed to be running away from the forces of the Raven Lord. Orphea and Cain eventually found themselves under the care of the Lady of Thorns. When asked about why he decided to aid the mysterious yoing girl, Deckard just answered that besides his usual curiosity that gets him in all sorts of trouble, she reminding him about Leah and decided to help her out.
  • Being a prominent member of the Horadrim and seemingly knowing a lot about the pantheon, Meteora Österreich came to visit Deckard and learn more about him. Turns out that the last Horadrim confused her for Orphea but it turned out that Meteora was unrelated to her and most interestingly, she knew that Deckard was a videogame character like her. Meteora even told him about the events she experienced concerning Altair. Considering he is that usually gives the lectures, he felt that it was a nice change of pace that for once he gets to stay a while and listen.
    • However, having learned that Meteora discovered that she was a fictional character and that would certainly hold true for Deckard too, the old man suggested partnering with the librarian to learn about the inner secrets of the pantheon and find out if the pantheon is a fictional place or something else entirely.
  • His opinion on angels is a bit mixed since he feels that they look down on humanity and had done nothing to prevent demons from running rampant in the world of Sanctuary. There are exceptions though, as Tyrael has shown time and time again that he is willing to side with mortals just to do the right thing and he respects that. The archangel of Hope Auriel has also shown that she believes in humans, which made Deckard think that maybe angels might not be so bad after all and he even learned of other angels who are much more benevolent.
  • His pursuit for knowledge has landed him in trouble plenty of times. One of those incidents involved the Daedric Prince Hermaus Mora and Cain unknowingly wandering into his temple and coming accross one of the many tomes Mora possesses. If it weren't for a timely interevention by the Nephalem, it would have ended badly for the Last Horadrim.
  • He may be old and a bit frail but he is certainly brave. He is also a bit slippery according to the denizens of the Nexus and considering how often Cain is found in the right place at the wrong time and still kicking it even at his age, some wonder if he is some supernatural Doom Magnet with incredible good luck or he is actually an skilled wizard that pretends to be a simple old man.
  • "Stay a while and listen".
    • (Everyone proceeds to leave) (sigh) Nobody ever listens...

The Human Child/Frisk, Divine Avatar of Golden Endings (The Human, My Child [by Toriel], Kid, Buddy, Pal [the latter three by Sans], Paci-Frisk)
  • Demideity (Rank actually increases according to their DETERMINATION)
  • Symbol: A four-pointed star, a simple red heart
  • Theme Song: Don't Give Up, Respite
  • Alignment: Neutral Good on Pacifist run, True Neutral on Neutral run, Neutral Evil on Genocide run.
  • Portfolio: NEVER. GIVING. UP., Loving everyone/thing unconditionally, Epic pacifism that doesn't equate to helplessness, Promiscuity despite being a child, Unknown gender, Always having their eyes closed, Exotic weaponry, Young and friendly yet incidental heroes, Having an unclear complexion, No known origin, Humorously straight-faced, Incompetent with magic, Oddly-specific allergy to Temmies, Name has been known for a long while now
  • Domains: Endings, Heroism, Determination, Friendship, Pacifism
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Flowey (Except not really)
  • Opposes: Cruel Players (Except when on a Genocide Run), Lord English
  • Opposed by: Bill Cipher, Agent Smith, The Undertaker, Hades (Kid Icarus), Anti-Spiral, Monokuma and his Junko, Monaca, Ex
  • Determined to help: Alma Wade
  • No one is entirely sure how, why, or when they ascended into the Pantheon. The only thing that the other gods can say for certain is that they arrived not too long after Sans and Papyrus did. They were apparently first sighted in the House of Nature, lying in a patch of flowers. After some wandering, frequenting the House of Gaming for some reason, they were eventually granted a title of their own.
  • Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Undyne, and Asgore were overjoyed when they heard that Frisk had ascended and rushed to their house to reunite with them. They all celebrated with a feast of spaghetti, courtesy of Papyrus. Everyone except Papyrus and Undyne needed to use the bathroom for an incredibly long period of time after they finished eating.
    • Flowey was notably not quite as pleased. In fact, he was rather upset about Frisk's entry into the Pantheon as it meant that his own power was that much more limited. That said, however, he became initially scarce after Frisk's ascension, and has been actively avoiding them all the while. This may be Asriel's doing.
    • Frisk had already been trying to get Asriel back long before their ascension. It was only when they became a god that Flowey decided it was best to stay away.
    • And then Flowey approached Frisk in private, revealing that he does remember his deeds as Asriel and that he's actually on the side of good, but is just acting evil order to keep up his charade and his title. Only Frisk and (Insert Name Here) know about this, and later Sans, Vector, and Monaca Towa.
  • Rumor has it that Frisk, along with their fellow Undertale allies, have recently gotten involved in the Wrestling industry. As a result, they became friends with John Cena, and enemies with The Undertaker.
  • As with Sans and Papyrus, Frisk became rather good friends with Joel very quickly. When they initially met face-to-face, Joel fell on his knees and apologized for putting them through so much trouble, as he had recently done a No Mercy Playthrough on his own copy of Undertale.
  • Frisk, though they are not the God/dess of it, is considered one of the biggest Determinators amongst the entire Pantheon, and is thus given a lot of respect amongst other heroic Determinators. Their sheer amount of determination has allowed them to manipulate time and space, and even become completely immune to death itself! For such a small kid, they're quite powerful.
  • After discovering the sheer strength of Frisk's SOUL, Hades has taken an interest in acquiring it and using it to create new Underworld monsters. Sans, after hearing this, warned Hades that he's gonna have a bad time if he dares to try and do so.
    • Similarly, the Anti-Spiral has noted The Child's determination and compared it to Spiral Energy. Simon, Kamina, and Yoko all took immediate action upon learning of this and attempted to appeal to him... but the battle between the two had already been concluded, with Frisk impressing Anti-Spiral enough to earn his acceptance.
      • Because of this, numerous villains have been vying for the Child's Determination as a substitute power source (since they can't get Spiral Power after the Anti-Spiral destroyed all but one Core Drill that remains in the Treasury). Standing in the way (aside from the friends Frisk made in the Pantheon) are Papyrus (who can actually be a bit difficult when he sets his mind to it), Asgore and Toriel (and this time, they are not holding back), Undyne (and her Undying form), and finally Sans. In fact, the last of these is likely to thwart them first if they are dangerous enough that he's willing to get up off his ass to do so.
    • Not to be outdone, Monokuma and his mastermind, Junko have set their sights on Frisk upon being made aware of their drive. They fully intend to try to break their determination and to ultimately corrupt them to true and utter despair. Sans was not pleased when he found out about their plans. This also is the case for Monaca, of course. Meanwhile, all those who were involved in the Despair Incidents are in full support of them note 
  • Frisk is on the best of terms with Naruto, Sora, and Nanoha due to their shared desires to befriend and/or forgive everyone they meet. They have shown interest in forming a group devoted to absolute and unconditional friendship-making as they have done. They are also very smitten with Luffy due to his dying loyalty to his crew.
  • Frisk has been compared to Yusuke Godai/Kuuga due to both being loving of others to a fault. They finally met, whereupon the former flirted with the latter, who simply took it in stride.
  • Frisk and Ness hit it off immediately upon meeting, as the former has been both inspired by and compared to the latter. It helps that The Child's creator is known for having made a ROM hack of Ness's game featuring Dr. Andonuts as an antagonist.
  • Yu Narukami has a close bond with Frisk, having heard of their exploits and all hardship they had to endure to achieve the best possible result for themselves and their friends. He was a key factor in helping The Child ascend, having personally vouching for their potential for Golden Endings.
  • Someone kept claiming that Frisk was Iji's High Priest at one time. Though these allegations can be neither confirmed nor denied, there is a special bond of trust and friendship between the two that can't be denied.
    • Some gods then realize that the two polarizing ends of pacifism: one refuses to kill or hurt period, while the other merely refuses to kill personally. Of course, they have the potential to be each other, though at the absolute worst, the Child may resort to weakening the opposition to convince them to leave.
  • Odysseus was quite amused upon hearing the undertale of Frisk's quest to return home to the surface, so much so that he has sworn an oath to come to their aid should they ever need it. Likewise, The Child is happy to hear of his adventures (and was also quite surprised to find out that he was real, as in their world he was a mythical figure).
  • Jaden has been seen with Frisk on several occasions, the two having duels with cards. It has been observed that The Child's deck, which Jaden helped them build, is fittingly but also still shockingly unbeatable. It truly represents its owner, as it is focused on non-aggression and sending opposed monsters back to the player's hand.
  • Frisk has also befriended other extreme pacifists like them, Meliodas and Kenshin in particular. In fact, they are all equally proud of their pacifism and have been known to have lunch/tea together.
  • With the ascension of Agent Smith, The Child has been teaming up with many deities of the House of Gaming to halt his advance towards the entrance to the Matrix. It doesn't help that Smith is being aided by Flowey himself. Doesn't help Smith that is, as Flowey's actually on Frisk's side and is going behind the agent's back.
  • Gods who have observed multiple timelines have found more than one timeline where Frisk gives up their physical body to return Flowey to his true self of Asriel. Being friends with Sans (who knows of time travel but can't actually see other timelines), they told him to make sure Frisk doesn't learn about those timelines or try to do it of their own accord while the Pantheon's scientists work on a way to get Asriel back that doesn't involve any sacrifices.
    • Besides, unbeknownst to several, Flowey is working with the good guys.
  • One day, accidentally went down the wrong hole, ending up in Isaac's basement instead, while Isaac went to the Underground in their place. Frisk tried to befriend all the monsters in the basement... to mixed results. Fortunately, Sans found them just in time and freed them. Despite this setback, they plan on going back down and trying again, with some other Undertale deities watching over them. They also gave Isaac a "Friendly Ball" to help befriend monsters.
  • One Timeline had a Frisk so powerful that he destroyed Mt. Ebott and The Barrier in just One Punch. Saitama was very impressed.
  • Has got along rather well with Wander, with the both of them being rather famous for befriending and helping out what other people see as monsters into friends and happy people.
    • Upon hearing of how he was trying to help calm down Alma Wade despite all odds, they joined up with him and try to comfort her about all that happened in her life. They got further than Wander could, especially as it was one of those times where their determination was so powerful it could No-Sell death itself, letting Alma release all her rage at the human child. The rest of the Undertale deities (even Flowey), are anxious about the whole thing, but they still let the child go alone to try and calm down Alma.
    "But it refused."
    • While she certainly isn't friends with them by any stretch of the imagination, Alma is genuinely curious to see just how far the Human Child is willing to go to help her. Ironically, this has given the Human Child an INCREDIBLY powerful (albeit indirect) form of protection, as Alma is not amused by the villainous deities' attempts to corrupt Frisk into despair while they are in the process of helping her, and and will not hesitate to make her displeasure known if they are foolish enough to try anything in her presence.
      • Even more surprisingly, they actually succeeded with some help from a newly ascended Expy of Alma, Erma. After the two ghost deities met and seemingly conversed (though how Erma did so is questionable), they seemed to have greatly warmed up to each other. As such, Alma has thanked The Human Child for their services on helping her feel happy, and has allowed them and Wander to join with her and Erma whenever they go out, though are warned to not be too loud and to not be too energetic, both of which they agreed to. As such, that indirect form of protection has been moved up to direct whenever they are in mortal/grave danger, something that all of Frisk's enemies are scared shitless about.
  • Due to how little is truly known about Frisk's Child darker side, The Fallen Child/First Human, Chara, who resides in the TV World for security's sake, measures have been done to prevent their ascension from ever occurring. That's because their motives are (potentially) violent, but their threat level is unknown, ranging from wanting to set things right to as threatening as a child with a knife and some dodging skills can ever be to Determined enough to be a threat to even Greater Gods. Given they have the same Determinatorion as the Human Child, who's already pretty powerful on their own despite their Demigod rank, no one's willing to take any chances with Chara, except the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, who in turn don't want to waste time on ascending Chara if they turn out to not be as powerful as they hoped they'd be.
    • At first, Chara, that is, the evil incarnate interpretation of Chara had enough determination in them to reject becoming a Persona. However, the new interpretation of them being the Human Child's "narrator" and only having become evil as a result of the Player's Genocide Run actions, and being a scapegoat for them because of it. This new interpretation clashing with the old one allowed Frisk to subdue their Shadow and finally create a Persona of their own.
      • Though still enigmatic, a couple of facts about Chara came to light after the incident as they opened up to Frisk more. The first was that they have a very low opinion of humans, including ascended humans in the Pantheon; Frisk themself is the only known exception, whom they consider their "partner". The second was that, despite the other Gods' fear of the damage that Frisk's darker side may cause and Chara themself fully admitting that they want to gain power above all else, they will not resort to violence (or resort to much else, for that matter) if there is nothing to gain from it. In a rather shocking twist, this has resulted in Chara (for now at least) having no intention of ascending since they neither want to associate with other humans nor do they want to let go of the power Frisk's determination provides. This inspired much jealously and disappointment in those who were hoping to turn Chara to their side.
  • Following the TV World incident, possibly due to Chara reintegrating with them, Frisk has become more proactive in stymieing the malicious Gods' attempts to capture him and/or turn him to the dark side, mostly at times when they try to subvert his allies' protection. Though they still abhor violence with a passion, Frisk is not above fighting back if there is no other option, leading to their would-be captors finding that the child isn't so helpless; as would be expected, Frisk's ability to reset and their apparent immunity to death and time-screws make them a very difficult opponent to fight even if their weapon of choice is a simple knife. In a couple of desperate battles, they have also outright given control to Chara, who is far more adept with the knife and far less inclined to hold back, though Frisk will stop them short of grievous injury.
    • One of the more notable incidents was Bill Cipher attempting to broker a deal with Frisk while they were alone, using his sparkly wordplay to convince them that he was Good All Along and merely wanted to do some sort of knowledge dump directly into their mind on how to better use their Determination. Not only was Frisk not fooled, but they played along and allowed Bill into their mind... where he found Chara waiting for him and calling his bluff. It quickly became apparent that Bill cared more about taking Frisk's power than relaying his (supposed) knowledge, and Bill tried to remove Chara in a last ditch effort to salvage his plan. This failed miserably: Bill only survived the encounter at Frisk's insistence, and while he hasn't given up on their power, he has avoided them ever since.

Zinnia, Tutelary Goddess of Post-Ending Gameplay and Content (Lorekeeper Zinnia, Higana)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Delta emblem
  • Theme Song: The Heirs to Eternity; The Lament of Falling Stars
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Central Character After the End of the Game, Making Cameos Beforehand as a Team Magma/Aqua Grunt, Floral Theme Naming, Badass Cape, Her Mega Anklet, Training a Team of Unconventional Dragons, Limp and Livid, Using Lore and Extreme Methods to Save the World, Impolite and Reckless But a Good Person Overall, Revealing Rayquaza's History
  • Domains: Post-End Game Content, Lore and Prophecy, Dragons, Change, Thievery, Death and Mourning
  • Herald: Emma
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Pokémon Hunter J, Purple Eyes, Smaug, Ornstein, Zanza, Deathwing, Lavos, Randall Flagg, Majora, Alduin, Gwyn, SCP-1548, Ultron, Gihren Zabi, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Opposes: Deoxys, Groudon and Kyogre
  • Fears: Many ice- and magic-based deities, Hermaeus Mora (yet she is rather fascinated with the knowledge he possesses)
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Wally
  • Odd Friendship: Mr. Freeze, Egil
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Hermione Granger
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Dovahkiin
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: White Metagross
  • Complicated Relationship: Death of the Endless
  • Zinnia is one of the last members of an ancient cave-dwelling clan known as the Draconids, who revere Lord Rayquaza as a guardian deity who is prophesied to save the world from disaster every millennium. As the Lorekeeper, it was Zinnia's duty to use her knowledge to find a way, even if it required putting the world at even greater risk, to summon and befriend the dragon god in order to once again protect the planet from an incoming meteoroid. Her first plan was to join either Team Magma or Team Aqua and help them to awaken one of Hoenn's ancient legendary Pokémon; while they succeeded, Rayquaza did not appear and the beast was stopped by an either Brendan or May. Soon after this, she gained infamy in Hoenn during a new plan that involved stealing people's Key Stones. However, she eventually gave up her role as Lorekeeper to the same Trainer who had saved Hoenn once before and set out on a journey to make a fresh start in life.
  • Her path took an unforeseen turn when she ascended to the Pantheon with her Pokémon and was given a new Salamencite to replace the one she gave to the Trainer who rode Rayquaza.
  • Was surprised to become a deity herself who could live alongside the dragon whom she worshiped, but she continues to pay her thanks to Rayquaza at its temple whenever she can.
    • Due to her own dragons being on the receiving end of a one-sided battle against the Sky-High Pokémon and witnessing its meteoroid destruction in action, she knows all too well that it is not a creature to be provoked, and is much more tentative than she normally is in its presence; even more so after she saw a version of events in the House of Prophecy where her arrogance and recklessness resulted in Rayquaza impaling her in the stomach and blasting her out of the sky.
    • Despite her religious background and cautiousness, she regularly takes enjoyment from sitting back and watching the spectacle that ensues whenever a hapless god decides to challenge Rayquaza in its Mega-Evolved state. She is also unable to help but laugh whenever she overhears anyone refer to the dragon as "Fug".
  • Has been heard speaking of an alternate Pokémon world where the war in Kalos never happened and Mega Evolution does not exist. Although there are some, including AZ, who are interested in this conjecture, the lack of definite evidence leads others to believe either that she was lying or smoking something nasty when she spouted out this idea. Due to the unstable nature of space and time within the Pantheon, however, most of the gods don't really care either way.
  • Is seldom seen without her Whismur named Aster after the person who was originally the Lorekeeper instead of Zinnia. Whatever exact relationship she had with the original Aster and the circumstances of her death are unclear to any other god in the Pantheon. Despite this, she tries her best to empathize with any others who have lost or almost did lose, anyone close to them.
    • The strong bond Zinnia shares with her Whismur has delighted N, although even he finds her tendency to refer to Aster as her "daughter" rather eccentric.
  • Learned that AZ was responsible for building and activating the ultimate weapon which resurrected his Floette but in the process killed many other Pokémon and made him immortal. While she could not condone what he did, she holds no ill will to the man he is now and acknowledges that one's goals, even if well-meaning, can result in one doing regrettable things, something which she herself is not immune to. She also admitted that she herself probably would have taken any opportunity to bring Aster back, seeing how happy AZ is now that he is reunited with his Floette, but was quickly reminded by the former King of Kalos that doing such a thing would result in more harm than good.
  • Still doesn't like Steven Stone and insists that she doesn't regret his absence from the Pantheon. She is still rather annoyed over the rumour that her grandmother called him a "silver-haired dreamboat".
  • Like most Pokémon deities, she abhors Hunter J due to her sociopathy. Aside from this reason, she takes more personal offense in J's use of a Salamence as a tool to achieve her amoral goals and has often fought the Hunter on the back of her own Salamence, who shares a deeper bond with his Trainer. This has put Zinnia in danger of having her Mega Anklet stolen or suffering a more dire fate.
  • Tracked down Wally and confessed that she was the one who once stole his Mega Pendant, before explaining why she did so and awkwardly apologising. Wally, being who he is, was fine with it. The two are now rather amicable to one another, and have been reported saving one another from the likes of Hunter J.
  • Heard of a god that had some time prior to her own ascension arrived in the Pantheon by way of a meteoroid but was prevented from causing destruction thanks once again to Rayquaza. She eventually learned this god to be Deoxys and, needless to say, was displeased to discover the culprit responsible for threatening Hoenn with cataclysm for the past three thousand years. While some scientifically knowledgeable deities have theorized that Deoxys had wanted to visit both Hoenn and the Pantheon for non-malicious purposes, Zinnia remains skeptical about its intentions.
  • She is one of the few who takes Absol's warnings of future disasters seriously and uses them to make as much preparation in advance as possible.
  • The Mob recognised her from their adventure with a boy named Arty Haze. The look on Zinnia's face when she learned that they helped Rayquaza (also known to them as 'strssss2stt or Lord Stress) win a cuteness contest was one that the Mob demanded be immortalised in the TPP lore.
  • Frequently found in the House of Knowledge, where she helps to document the lore of the Pantheon itself.
  • Despite her efforts to protect the world, the fact that she assisted in awakening either Groudon or Kyogre and quashed the Mossdeep scientists' attempt to prevent destruction by Deoxys' meteoroid by destroying the Link Cable intended to warp the meteoroid away (her argument being the protection of the aforementioned alternate world) has garnered some suspicion. Because of the latter case, she is kept under close surveillance during her visits to the House of Science.
  • Is an enemy to any omnicidal gods or at least those who are notoriously destructive, particularly those who aspire to their goals by means of large falling bodies.
  • She has frequently been told off by Hermione Granger on account of some of her more erratic tendencies, to which Zinnia consistently replies by telling her not to be a such a stick in the mud. However, the two have bonded over their penchant for learning and Hermione is glad to see that Zinnia's dragons are treated better than a certain Ukrainian Ironbelly was by its masters.
  • The Dovahkiin sometimes winds up taking Zinnia as a companion in quests assigned to him. Although both fight rather well together, Zinnia has expressed paranoia that he will one day kill her dragons and absorb their souls. The Dragonborn himself has admitted that this may well be why he keeps hiring her.
  • Having successfully trained and befriended a Salamence, a notoriously aggressive Pokémon if provoked (especially in its Mega Evolved state), Daenerys Targaryen has Zinnia on standby in the event that she loses control of her own three dragons. However, it is usually Dany herself who ultimately quells their rampages due to being their "mother". The queen is still thankful for Zinnia's assistance and also considers her to be someone she can empathise with in several respects, including their bonds with dragons, pressure to fulfill the duties they have taken upon themselves, and their losses of loved ones. Zinnia's quirky sense of humor is also rather effective in bolstering the morale of the Targaryen court.
    • Her presence in Dany's court has led to a friendship with Tyrion Lannister, primarily over their common interest in dragon lore. This has been to the irritation of many gods who consider the pair of them to be individually capable enough of severely pissing them off.
  • "Who am I? That's a surprisingly difficult question. ... I couldn't become who I was supposed to be, so who does that make me now? ... Haha! Whatever, right? Enough with the introspection and the soul searching... You there! Don't just stand there like a stick in the mud. Come on over and say hi."


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