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Greater Gods

    The Defiers of Fate 
The Defiers of Fatemembers , Representatives of the Concept of Fate in Video Games (Lightning: Eclair/Claire Farron, Sergeant, Light, Warrior Goddess, The Savior, The Flash, Paradigm Commando | Sazh: Chocofro)
L-R: The Main Party, and Serah

Intermediate Gods

    Evil Otto 

Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

Evil Otto, God of Gaming Urban Legends
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Fluffy the Terrible, Collision Damage, The Dreaded, Implacable Man, Invincible Minor Minion, Perpetual Smiler, Shows up to kill the player after a certain amount of time
  • Domains: Games, Arcades, Legends, Death
  • Allies: BEN, White Face, The Comedian, The Reaper, Pony Island, .GIFfanny, SCP-633, King Candy/Turbo, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, Mario
  • This innocuously looking smiley face is known as Evil Otto, a recurrent enemy in the game Berzerk that shows up after a certain amount of time to kill the player until they exit the room. His enigmatic and unsettling look has been the source of many urban legends and even actual deaths to his name, being considered an evil demonic entity that lives in the game and kills anyone that reaches a high score. However, the two deaths attributed to his name were actually caused by things beyond his game but that fame carried over to his ascension and Evil Otto was given a position as the holder of the Gaming Urban Legends.
  • His arrival made visits to the House of Gaming all the more difficult, since staying too much in a room would summon him and start chasing any non-resident entity, regardless of alignment. The Court of Gods has been unable to fix this since it's hardwired in his character and, well, he is known as Evil Otto for a reason.
  • His temple is a recreation of his original games, filled with pixelated rooms and robots that will shoot on sight. Evil Otto will appear after a while since he doesn't like being visited by unwanted guests and if he catches in the pantheon this time you die for real (or not). The robots are generally hostile to everyone in their vicinity and have a tendency to shooting each other accidentally, so it's no wonder that Otto himself has no regard for them and kills them if they get in his way.
  • Gets along well with BEN, the latter respecting Otto for having such a fearsome legacy. Otto himself cares little for BEN's goal, since he is pretty simpleminded but has no problem going out of his way to stalk anyone of BEN's targets if the latter so desires.
  • As both are Time-Limit Based Threats, Evil Otto is on good terms with the Reaper and even served him as a High Priest in the past. While the Reaper himself could care less about the smiley face, he does respect him a little for being a senior in what he does concerning videogames, even if ultimately is irrelevant to him.
  • Initially unkillable but the sequel Frenzy has made him be able to be defeated, for a few second at least. Killing him only makes him spawn a few seconds later and become even faster and erratic, so the pantheon has recommended to just avoid. Notoriously, given how he works, he has never ever been brought back from the dead in the House of Life and Vitality.
  • White Face is happy to being able to meet another entity like him. Though not as powerful, Evil Otto is considered one of those deadly creatures that can kill beyond the 4th Wall even if officially he is not able to do that but his "friendship" with White Face has put him closer to that territory. That and WF likes to watch Evil Otto play tag with his other friends.
  • Edward Blake has taken a liking to Evil Otto, not only because he is a living smiley face but also admires Otto's brutality and unsettling appearance. The Comedian is one of the rare humans he will not attack but nevertheless he is not really friends with him in the traditional sense, but they do share common interests.
  • Given that he leads a group of robots, Evil Otto has been drafted into the Grand United Alliance of Machines and he accepted with the condition that he keeps doing what he does best. His presence there did cause some commotion for lower ranking deities given Otto's reputation.
  • Doesn't like Mario after an incident where he battled him in a Minesweeper Stage. Given that in the pantheon he works with the original rules of Berzerk, he has given chase to Mario whenever he can.
  • Rumored to have inspired other digitally evil videogame entities like Pony Island and .GIFfanny and even if he didn't, he is surprisingly in good terms with the entities in the first game (at least the evil ones) and the Pink-Haired Schoolgirl. He also is associated with SCP-633, the Foundation believing to be a fragment of the AI that became it's own thing and managed to reach the real world. Efforts to try and contain Otto has been futile since he is known to respawn back at his temple at will, so the best option the Foundation found was to seal his temple.
  • Turbo sees Otto as a kindred spirit, mostly because Turbo jumping to other games and hijacking them has been a popular urban legend in his universe and thinks Evil Otto would make a powerful ally in that regard. However, Turbo has no interest in joining Otto's game of origin, since it hardly has a world he could take advantage of. Plus there's no shortage of ways to get killed, which is something he wants to avoid in someone else's game.

Sindel, Goddess of Overwhelming Cutscene Power (Queen of Edenia, Empress of Outworld)
Sindel as a Revenant 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hair.
  • Theme Song: Uproar, Sindel, Revenant Queen, Sindel, the Mother
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Lawful Good in the original timeline, As far as we know)
  • Portfolio: Ambition Is Evil, Brainwashed and Crazy (Or so we thought), Back from the Dead, Barrier Maiden, Evil Queen of Outworld, Heel–Face Revolving Door, Kills 10 of the Earthrrealm Defendants, Lady of Black Magic, Leotard of Power, Super-Scream, Monochromatic Eyes, The Vamp
  • Domains: Royalty, Evil, War, Betrayal, Manipulation, Screaming, Family
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Esdeath
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Most of her underlings, particularly Kollector and Skarlet, Shinnok
  • Opposed By: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Sindel was once the fair and benevolent Queen of Edenia and ruled peacefully with her husband King Jerrod. That all changed when Shao Kahn invaded Edenia, killed her husband and forced her to marry her, actions that eventually lead Sindel to take her own life in order to prevent Shao Kahn from conquering even more realms and abandoning her daughter Kitana. Years later, she would be resurrected by Quan Chi and brainwashed into serving Shao Kahn in order to allow the barrier she casted to be broken and invade Earthrrealm. Once Shao Kahn was defeated, Sindel returned to her senses and rebuilt Edenia with the help of her daughter....or at least that was one of the accounts of what truly happened to Sindel.
    • Turns out, in alternate timeline that Raiden engineered in order to prevent Shao Kahn from winning Armageddon, Sindel turned out to be Evil All Along, helping Shao Kahn to murder her husband and willingly becoming his wife in the process. Instead of committing suicide, Sindel instead was assassinated by Quan Chi in secret and he pulled the strings so everyone would believe the empress took her own life and many centuries later, she would be resurrected in order to invade Earthrealm.
  • Her ascension was championed by Shao Kahn, someone she was happy to see and the Pantheon instantly appealed her after she considered becoming the empress of it all. The reason she ascended was because back in Earthrealm, she managed to slaughter most of the defenders of Earthrealm, killin 10 of them including her own daughter and forcing Nightwolf to perform an Heroic Sacrifice in order to defeat her. This event would mark the creation of revenants and even cause a huge rift between Raiden and Liu Kang, so Sindel was seen as a worthy candidate for the title of Cutscene Power to the Max.
  • Several deities from her universe were displeased to hear the news of her ascension, some even from her own side. Her daughter Kitana was dismayed to learn that her mother willingly betrayed her father for power and the less we say about the people she killed the better. Particularly, she has a personal grudge against Nightwolf for defeating her and she has been eager to even the score.
  • Naturally she joined Shao Kahn in their attempt to take over the Pantheon and was also convinced to join the Harbingers of Repression as she found their cause to align with her quest for ultimate power and Kahn already was a close ally of Darkseid. She's been also been given a commanding position and usually she can be see alongside Sauron and Lord Recluse plotting to take down the GUAG for good and Sindel could've been a potential key element to dealing a decisive blow to them if it wasn't for Raiden revealing her true intentions to the Pantheon after Sindel attempted to pass up as her old reformed self from another timeline.
  • Sindel packs up quite a mean Super-Scream in combat, being able to explode heads or even tear up limbs if her opponent is at her mercy. Black Canary once heard about her after Raiden mistakenly assumed she was related to Sindel given their similar powers but Dinah was not prepared for the typo of person Sindel would turn out to be and she was utterly horrified of how she betrayed her own kin. As a mother, Dinah considers Sindel the worst for killing her own daughter without remorse.
    • Black Bolt also firmly opposes Sindel on the grounds that she is a danger to the Pantheon while the empress in dissapointed that such a powerful beng like him would refuse to unleash his power to enslave others. Sindel, having a tendency to hit on other men she deems attractive and as usual tried to do that on Bolt but he understandably turned down her advances.
    • Eventually, under supervision of Shao Kahn, Wizard, and Boomstick, a battle between the two was officiated. Black Canary came out on top, furthering hostilities between the two.
  • She also possesses the ability to manipulate her hair in combat, which has come in handy numerous times for her. She initially challenged Millia Rage for the title of Prehensile Hair but before executing her, she was saved by her allies and so Sindel was foiled. She later grew bored of trying to acquire the title and so decided to stop bothering Millia.
  • Initially disliked by other of her type because of her seemingly being a brainwashed drone for the forces of Outworld. But as it turns out, once the truth was out she was welcomed by the other evil royals in the pantheon that she managed to fool. The Evil Queen has considered requesting her to eliminate her annoying stepdaughter Snow White after realizing that a more direct attempt at her life for someone that wouldn't show remorse would have been effective and Sindel almost decided to go along just to humor the Queen. The reason she didn't do it is just because she wanted to taunt the Vain Sorceress about her beauty and even arrogantly flaunted her own looks just to piss her off. While they aren't outright enemies, this did put a dent in the relation between the empress and the queen.
  • Sindel is a special type of unpleasant even to her own underlings, as her ambition for power, utter lack of care for others and Fantastic Racism makes it really hard for people to stay loyal to her and while Quan Chi is as equally reviled, most people agree that assassinating her was the right move. Particularly, both Kollector and Skarlet, while on her side, despise working for her given how she constantly belittles them. Baraka while no longer working for the Outworld forces still despises the edenian for mistreating the Tarkatan and Sub-Zero while has a beef with Sindel not only for killing him but also because in the past she banished the cryomancers from Edenia.
    • She does however have a cordial relationship with Kronika and Cetrion, understanding that her hubris shouldn't prevent her from making powerful allies (for her own gain of course) and that aiding in the creation of the New Era would allow Sindel to have all the power she wants. Of course, the elephant in the room is that Sindel doesn't exactly get along with Kronika's son Shinnok, probably because his underling is responsible for assassinating her and later making her a revenant.
  • Sindel has a rather unfortunate habit of hitting on most of her male opponents if she finds them to her liking and similar to her husband with Cassie, she has tried to shag Johnny Cage and make him a consort. It was a matter of time before she attempted to do something similar in the pantheon and her next target was King T'Challa as she was pretty aroused by the might of the leader of Wakanda, even if he himself denied her advances. This got weird once T'Challa's ex-wife got involved as Storm sounds remarkably similar to Sindel and she hates to be associated with the empress in any shape or form.
    Sindel: I have seen the carnage you have wrought on Olympus.
    Kratos: You sit in judgment of me, Sindel?
    Sindel: Judge you? I'm actually impressed.
  • Considering her position as Empress of Outworld and the former Queen of Edenia, Sindel was marked for assasination by Night Raid considering she is as bile as the nobles and royals that ruled their world. She would engage both Tatsumi and Akame in combat and while impressed by both, she thinks they are just unruly brats playing hero and they wouldn't stand a chance if they faced either Shao Kahn or the rest of Outworld forces. She also has a bit of rivalry with their nemesis, General Esdeath, and she agrees that she is quite the formidable fighter and wonders if her ice powers could be related to the cryomancers she banished. One thing she finds laughable about Esdeath is that she is infatuated with the aforementioned Tatsumi (Although to be fair, Sindel also finds him to be quite attractive) but she hasn't really commented this to Esdeath herself on the grounds that one of their shared allies, Noob Saibot, is part of Esdeath's inner circle in the High Command and she doesn't want to risk infighting with her handful of allies she has in the pantheon.
  • Sindel is one of the few people that actually gets along with Ragyo Kiryuin and that's not something you see everyday. Both betrayed their people for power and both are horrible mothers to their respective daughters. The fact that she would ally with Ragyo was enough for both Satsuki and Ryuko to try and kill Sindel but unfortunately both were schooled by Sindel and Ragyo after they follishly charged without thinking. Thankfully they didn't die but the experience has soured them both about the Empress of Outworld.
  • Aware of the Midway timeline's incarnation of Sindel, Iroque has considered the notion of using the Indigo Light of Compassion to revert her to the fair and loving queen she was known as before she became disillusioned with King Jerrod's virtuous heart and addicted to the power and virility of Shao Kahn. However, Sindel is already dangerously powerful on her own; adding Shao Kahn at her side and the likes of Mileena, Skarlet, and Shang Tsung occasionally at their service, this would require both the Indigo Tribe and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to help her out so as to even stand a chance. Furthermore, given how the Pantheon has proven to render their induced changes of heart temporary and they've seen a Calling Card backfire with their confidants all targeted since their identities are a matter of record here, the Phantom Thieves are not yet convinced that they're prepared for all the steps they'd have to take for this to have any effect long term.
  • "You are pathetic and weak!"

Lesser Gods

    Alexandra Roivas 
Alexandra "Alex" Roivas, Goddess of the Sanity Meter (Miss Roivas)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Tome of Eternal Darkness
  • Theme Song: The Chosen
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Has a degree in abstract mathematics, Inheritor of the Tome of Eterna Darkness, Reads story of other bearers of the Tome, Sdrawkcab Name, Magic Knight
  • Domains: Sanity
  • Heralds: Dr. Edward Roivas, Ellia, Anthony, Karim, Dr. Maximilian Roivas, Dr. Edwin H. Lindsey, Paul Luther, Roberto Bianchi, Peter Jacob, Michael Edwards
  • High Priest: Daniel
  • Allies: Buffy Summers, The Hunter, Wilson
  • Enemies: Cthulhu, The Old Gods, Eldrazi, Giygas, the Great Ones, Slender Man, The House of Abomination in general, Nyarlathotep, the Godhand, Death Phantom, The Lich, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Gatherers, Saya
  • Alex (and the bearers of the Tome) have faced the Ancient's minions which affected their sanity, likely the fact that they couldn't comprehend their existence. Should they be driven to their lowest level of sanity, everything goes to hell around them, even the fourth wall begins panicking.
  • Because she has fought the Ancients in order to save her world, she couldn't stand the other Eldritch Abominations as it could drive her mad as well.
    • She found Slender Man to be the most frightening if just looking at him catches his victims.
  • She isn't the only one who could be stressed by the unknown, Wilson feared that his sanity will break from the dark and bad food which the Shadow Creatures will get him. She pities him as she had to read through the Tome and almost broke her sanity from excessive reading for weeks and even months.
  • From the Tome, she could cast Magick which requires rune of various properties and one of the four Ancient runes: the rune of Chattur'gha, Ulyaoth, Xel'lotath, and Mantarok. Chattur'gha represents strength, Ulyaoth represents soul, and Xel'lotath represents mind, with Mantarok represents Chaos and is the most powerful than the three Ancients. Such spells include enchanting weapons, recovery, revealing invisibility, create a damaging barrier, dispelling, shields, magickal attacks, and summoning and controlling monsters. In order to power them up further, she requires additional PARGON.
  • She managed to befriend Buffy as they both found that are alike in being normal school girls being forced into fighting supernatural beings that'll threaten the entire world. Alex could relate on how Buffy imagined herself in an asylum as she learned how her ancestor, Maximilian Roivas, was sent to an asylum when he tried to warn the world about the Ancients.
  • She found another companion known as the Hunter who have slain Eldritch Abomination without their sanity breaking down. Although she is a bit suspicious of him when there was one timeline when the Hunter became the Moon Prescence.
  • Because her main enemy, Pious Augustus, was a lich who tried to summon his Ancient master to his universe, she doesn't like any of the liches in the Pantheon.
    • She also doesn't like humans (or at least former humans) who want to destroy humanity for the master as the bearers of the Tome have struggled against Pious Augustus and the Ancients. She called them all out for shedding away their humanity and sacrificing the human race who are too stubborn to die.
  • She found the Gatherers to be as frightening as the horrors that served the Ancients. The fact that her high priest, Daniel, have nearly lost his sanity from looking at these beasts doesn't help her case.
    • There is a case of her losing sanity from looking at any sort of horror like Saya who could drive anyone insane by just looking at her. She tried to kill them and finish them in order to regain some sort of her sanity but since she has a spell to regain her sanity, it is not needed but she would think about the idea if needed.
  • She doesn't like deities that are capable of breaking one's sanity or manipulated the health of a mind, as one of the Ancient, Xel'lotath, whose minion can easily destroy sanity quickly.
  • Also in the House of Madness and Insanity.

    Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi 
Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi, Divine Couple of Gaiden Games (Emil: Ratatosk, Little Pet || Marta: Martmart)
  • Lesser Gods (Emil becomes a Greater God when using Ratatosk's full power)
  • Symbol:
    • Emil: His sword surrounded by the Centurion's cores
    • Marta: Her Spinners with Ratatosk's fake core between them
  • Theme Music: Shining Dew
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Ratatosk starts out as True Neutral with evil tendencies, before changing to good tendencies)
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Battle Couple, Love between a human and a Summon Spirit
  • Domains: Mons, Love, Elements, Spirits, Identities
  • Herald: Tenebrae
  • High Priest: Takayuki Yagami
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Artorius Collbrande, Lysandre, Barbatos Goetia, All malevolent demons in the Pantheon, Zonda and the Seven
  • Opposes: Racists in general
  • Pities: Scarlett O'Hara
  • Complicated Relationships: Ratatoskr, Velvet Crowe, Alice (Shin Megami Tensei)
  • Emil Castagnier was a timid young boy and survivor of the Palmacosta massacre supposedly led by Lloyd Irving. Witnessing his parents struck down by Lloyd, Emil grew a grudge against him despite his shy and timid personality. Meanwhile, Marta is fleeing from the Vanguard's soldiers with a core containing Ratatosk, the spirit of the old Kharlan Tree. When Marta appeals to Ratatosk for help, she awakens to find who appears to be Emil standing over the bodies of the Vanguard's soldiers, causing her to conclude he rescued her. Six months later, after Emil had lived under an abusive household and gets treated as an outcast, he would meet a man named Richter Abend, who encourages him to stand up for himself, before meeting Marta, who saves his life and confuses him when she brings up their last meeting. When he finds the two clashing, caught between the only two people who were ever nice to him, Emil chooses to save Marta. Agreeing to make a pact with the Centurion Spirit of Darkness, Tenebrae, Emil pledges himself as a "Knight of Ratatosk," gaining a direct link to the Spirit and a second, hyper-aggressive personality which aids him in battle. Upon escaping, Emil journeys with Marta to awaken Ratatosk to restore the flow of mana and restore balance to the world's environment, while also planning to get revenge on Lloyd.
    • Along the way, the two clash with the Vanguard while Emil struggles with his Ratatosk Mode personality for control as well as his conflicting feelings towards Richter. Eventually Emil would come across several revelations that shatter his worldview, namely that Lloyd was actually framed for the Palmacosta massacre (thus allowing Emil and Lloyd to become friends and allies once the misunderstanding is cleared up), as well as the fact that Emil isn't who he think he is. It's revealed that Emil is actually an artificial personality created by Ratatosk himself, who took on the form of Richter's deceased friend Aster and the identity of Emil to go into hiding and recover his memories. Distraught by the revelation, Emil seals away Ratatosk when he regains his memories and seeks vengeance on humans and half-elves.
    • Emil, Marta, and Lloyd's party eventually confront Richter, who makes a pact with demons to resurrect Aster in exchange for killing Ratatosk, thus ensuring that demons will overrun the world. Upon fighting him however, Richter explains he was going to double-cross the demons once they fulfill their end of the bargain and turn himself into a new gate once Ratatosk is dead, fully prepared to suffer for eternity. Emil decides to put his own plan into motion by goading his friends into killing him so as to become the new gate and atone for killing Aster. Marta quickly realizes his plan however and instead convinces him to talk to Ratatosk instead and convince him to give humanity another chance. Emil succeeds in doing so, and Ratatosk and Richter decide to work together to form a new seal that will take a thousand years, though not before they and the Centurions separate Ratatosk from Emil's body, allowing him to reunite with Marta and live out his life as a human.
  • Emil and Marta soon received an invitation to the Pantheon, with the Court of the Gods showing interest in their tale and how it took place in Lloyd Irving's world despite having little to do with his story. The two accepted when they heard their friends, Lloyd, Colette, Sheena, and Presea were in the Pantheon, and thus ascended as representatives of Gaiden Games.
    • This soon led a happy reunion with the four heroes from their world. Lloyd, Colette, Sheena, and Presea were just as happy to see Emil and Marta, even more so since the two have finally gotten a happy ending in their journey and are able to live their life together. Although they did learn shortly that Ratatosk had to separate himself from Emil's body to give him that chance, and because of that, he did not ascend into the Pantheon, which they sadly accepted. Emil and Marta also got to meet other gods from their multiverse.
    • Not long after, Emil decided to come clean with something he hadn't told Marta during their journey, namely that he didn't actually save her from Palmacosta soldiers, and Ratatosk placed a fake core on her to use her as a diversion. Although Marta was surprised, she's not at all upset, since she already saw the personalities of both Emil and Ratatosk, as well as how they both changed. She already learned to accept Emil for who he really is, so whatever Emil did or didn't do in the past doesn't matter to her. All that matters is the Emil of the present. Cue the two hugging while their friends watched.
  • Emil, ever since the events of his tale, is now no longer sharing his body with Ratatosk, so he ascends into the Pantheon entirely as himself. But he has already grown beyond the point of needing Ratatosk's help, so the other deities have congratulated Emil for becoming more confident and skilled over the course of his journey.
  • Both Emil and Marta's cooking skills have been noted upon throughout their journey. Emil himself is noted to be a skilled enough cook to make decent food. Emil focuses on presentation, while Ratatosk makes the food look rough to the point of seeming inedible, and both taste just as good. Marta, on the other hand, initially had bad cooking skills because her father always told her they tasted good just to avoid making her feel bad. It wasn't until Marta tasted her own cooking that she finally realized it and started to improve herself.
    • Because of this, Marta saw a bit of herself back then with Noel when she saw her Lethal Chef tendencies, even more so when she found out she never tastes her own cooking. Marta tries to help Noel become a better chef, even pointing out that taste testing her own food would actually help. Noel, whether out of pride or because she doesn't want to taste her cooking, refuses to take Marta's advice, so these attempts aren't successful. Still, Marta admits she's happy Noel at least found someone who likes her cooking.
  • Emil and Marta had to deal with the threat of demons in their world (even if they didn't get to fight the demons directly), so they're reasonably cautious around the most evil demons in the Pantheon. They're also wary of those who formed a Deal with the Devil and gained their powers as a result.
  • Emil gets along with the likes of Sophie, Luke Fon Fabre, Asbel Lhant, and Guy Cecil. Sophie and Luke because they're all Artificial Humans, with the latter also going through a Tomato in the Mirror that led to a Heroic BSoD, while the former also had a connection to a powerful entity that wanted to destroy humanity. Asbel for being a heroic individual just like Lloyd as well as being the father of Sophie. Guy since he also had a grudge against someone before he ended up becoming friends with his target.
  • Marta became good friends with Cheria, Rita, Estelle, Arche, and Eleanor. Marta, being the romantic she is, has shipped Rita with Estelle, Arche with the unascended Chester, and Eleanor with Velvet. Marta also ended up cheering when Cheria managed to win Asbel's heart and marry him. Marta tends to hang out with the girls during her free time, with all of them supporting her relationship with Emil.
  • The two, just like their friends from their homeworld, have great distaste towards discrimination. They've seen how ugly racists can act, and are ready to defend any victims from them. All the same, they also know not to act too hasty and give racists an excuse to act on their prejudice.
  • When they heard of Ratatoskr, they thought Ratatosk had ascended, only to quickly find out that's not the case. While they aren't enemies with the squirrel, Emil and Marta are rather uncomfortable with Ratatoskr spreading gossip and malicious slander.
  • Marta shows pity towards Scarlett for having only loved someone for what the person she imagined him to be, instead of the real him. Marta had the same flaw, but at least she learned to love Emil for who he really is instead of the Badass Knight in Shining Armor she imagined him to be. All the same, Marta dislikes how Scarlett manipulates men, while the latter hates being pitied by the former.
  • Emil gets along with Vir Cotto for the fact they both learned to grow a spine. Emil congratulates Cotto for going from Plucky Comic Relief to the Emperor, while Cotto congratulates him for learning to stand up for himself and even surpassing Ratatosk.
  • Marta would come to befriend Mizuki, despite her initial surprise to find out she was originally a guy. She also supports Mizuki's relationship with Takeru, helping to encourage her and give her advice whenever she needs it.
  • The couple had experience with those with misanthropy, so they view Lysandre as what Ratatosk could have become if he hadn't been convinced to give humanity and the half-elves a second chance. They strongly oppose Lysandre's methods and promised to stop him if he tries to use the ultimate weapon by wipe out human beings.
  • Strongly oppose Artorius's goals to make a world without emotion. They heard from Lloyd about Mithos's plan to end discrimination by removing free will, so they naturally they don't agree with Artorius's plan at all.
  • Emil and Marta have nothing but disgust and contempt for Barbatos, especially after hearing what he did to Stahn. They even outright call him out on his way of thinking when it comes to being a hero, telling him that Stahn and his Kyle are true heroes compared to him.
  • Both of them have a complicated relationship with Velvet, who is a Daemon that has killed a lot of people. They are visibly uncomfortable about her actions, yet at the same time, are sympathetic towards her after hearing her backstory. Since Eleanor is willing to vouch for her character, Emil and Marta are willing to accept her as an ally against a common foe.
  • Since Emil had access to Ratatosk's power during his journey, he was able to recruit monsters to his side, with the Centurions also having control over monsters with a specific element (Darkness, Light, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, and Ice). Emil is also able to tame Pokémon in the Pantheon, though whether it's because he's a friend to monsters or because he still has Ratatosk's power remains a mystery.
  • The duo thought that Lady Alice, the sadistic member of the Vanguard, had ascended and were on high alert. To their surprise though, the Alice they met was actually a girl with power over her imagination. They become good friends with her once they get to know her, and are even willing to team up with her dark form against their shared enemies, especially after hearing how Dr. Angus Bumby ruined her life. Of course, they also came across expies of this Alice while having a different relationship with each one:
    • Zonda is the Alice Allusion that Emil and Marta oppose the most, despite her being the most different in personality to Alice. Her Fantastic Racism and goal to wipe out Muggles reminds them of the racism that plagued their world, so it's understandable.
    • The couple also came across another Alice that is similar in appearance to the imaginative Alice, but find her a little creepy due to her behavior. Anytime they meet this Alice, they tend to put their guard and try to avoid being her enemy.
    • The Blood Maiden Alice became fast friends with the two, with the other members of the Blood Team soon following. Emil and Jack bond over their habit of apologizing a lot and their kindness. Marta gets along the most with Alice, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Otsuu, and Little Mermaid, while also being supportive of Alice's relationship with Jack as well as Otsuu's relationship with Little Mermaid. Gretel reminds Marta of a childhood story she read in her world, but is a bit creeped out by Mad Scientist tendencies.

    Kain and Raziel 
Kain and Raziel, Gods of Non Linear Sequels
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Together, the material and spectral Soul Reavers crossed over each other; alone, their respective clan emblems
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Kain), Chaotic Neutral (Raziel)
  • Shared Portfolio: Changing fate, failing to change fate, Prophecy Twists, Resurrection (multiple times), Moral Ambiguity
  • Domain: Destiny, Prophecy, Time Travel, Morality
  • Allies: Akagi, The Nephalems, Arcueid Brunestud, Team Dai-Gurren, The Defiers of Fate, The Doctor, Lucina, and Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O
  • Joined Enemies: Diablo
  • Raziel's Enemies: Rahab, Xenomorph Drone
  • Opposed by: The House of Prophecy, The Dahaka
  • Complicated Relationship: Dracula, Buffy Summers
  • Some people claim that destiny has no claim on them and they will be able to make their own future. Raziel may well be the only one who can literally claim this. Fortune tellers all over can't understand how they can't read the vampire's future. What was even more surprising that he decided to bring along Kain with him even when they were at odds. One can only know what will become of the duo in the Pantheon.
  • When the final battle of Good and Evil occurs, no one is sure what these two will do. Kain has said he'll do what best benefits him, but with the way his mind works it's hard to say if he'll be siding with either Cosmos or Melkor or will try to go it alone. Raziel meanwhile has pledged to fight for good, but he's very prone to manipulation and making hasty decisions, and by his nature as a walking Temporal Paradox that disrupts the timestream with his presense, the chaos he sews in his wake could benefit either side unwillingly.
  • Though they parted on good terms, since the two ascended to the Trope Pantheon Kain has passed the time by occasionally opening time portals and throwing Raziel into a random point in history for kicks. He then watches Raziel stumble his way back to the present without realizing how much and how often he's changing history without knowing it. Their relationship has gone south again once this happened the second time.
  • Because Kain is such a Jerkass and is the one responsible for killing Raziel, the two have difficulty trusting each other. But they know enough to ignore people who try to make them into full enemies again, as they realize their respective versions of the Soul Reaver are among the few weapons that can kill the other for good, and they recognize the two of them are not so different. It is said that if the two of them were to combine the Soul Reaver back together to create the blade at its highest form of power, even their fellow gods should be wary.
  • Naturally, the House of Prophecy has tried their hardest to read the future of these two characters. Unfortunately, both Razier and Kain have proven to be as elusive to them as it was for those who have tried in the past. Raziel especially wouldn't have it any other way. He despised anyone who tried to shape his destiny and does not wish for anyone to do the same here.
    • The duo also ran into trouble with The Dahaka. Even when they revoked their own temple for rejecting destiny, the entity was still disappointed that the two were still in the Pantheon. It hopes to revert the timeline in their world back to its original position.
    • The two have a positive reputation in the subhouse of Opposing Fate though. Even the fact of whether they would hold the temple for Opposing Fate were quashed when relative unknown Akagi ended up with the title. With that said, there were no hard feelings over the loss. It was satisfying for the two to see Prophets wring their hair at their failure once again to predict their future.
    • Naturally make good friends with The Nephalems, a group who overcame a prophecy to defeat Diablo. At least they like Raziel; the group does not trust Kain enough to call him a friend given he was among those who tried to shape Raziel's fate. Obviously, Diablo himself was not pleased with his failed prophecy and blames the two vampires for denying him his victory over his planet.
  • Unlike most vampires in the Pantheon, neither Kain nor Raziel has much stake in the war between vampires and vampire hunters. Kain has been known for assisting both Dracula and the Scoobies whenever it suits his interests. Raziel took a more overt approach and refuses to assist either of them.
    • Despite this, he has taken a liking for Arcueid Brunestud, mostly because she took watch over Janos Audron, keeper of the Reaver blade in his arsenal.
  • It is no surprise that Kamina and his crew would be huge fans of the adventures Raziel had to defy his fate. Lordgenome on the other had taken an interest of Kain instead. He sees much of his old self in the elder vampire which included manipulating the future to his benefit. In fact, he paid Kain a visit in order to see if they can do the same in the Pantheon. Unbeknownst to Kain, Longenome has done this in order to keep an eye on his partner. That way, he can make sure Kain does not go out of line like before.
  • The duo was also liked by Lightning and her party. They too wanted to change their futures and achieved their goal. Raziel has a soft spot for Lightning, stating that her treatment was too harsh on her.
  • More often than not, Raziel is more liked than Kain in the Pantheon. After all, it was Kain who competed with various other organizations to manipulate Raziel to their own ends. The Doctor and Ryotaro Nogami have both rejected Kain in favor of Raziel. The Doctor thanked Raziel for helping him bring back Gallifrey, while Ryotaro thanked him for fighting the Imagin monsters who were altering time.
  • Raziel does have some enemies in the Pantheon such as Rahab and the Xenomorph Drone. Raziel is unwilling to say why he hates them, however Kain believes it is due to the fact that they resemble the devolved forms of two of Raziel's vampire brothers. Raziel seems to view Xenomorph Drones as even worse than Zephon and his Zephonim spawn.

Klaymen, God of In-Game Extensive Lore
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Song: For your listening pleasure...
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Exactly What It Says on the Tin, Good Morning, Crono, Cloud Cuckoolander, Heroic Mime (most of the time), Cute Mute (see Heroic Mime), Chest Cavity of Holding, Dumb Is Good, Identity Amnesia (subverted), The Abel to Klogg's Cain, Ambidextrous Sprite, Screams Like a Little Girl, One-Hit-Point Wonder (in Skullmonkeys), Awesome Moment of Crowning, Evil Makes You Monstrous, I Can Rule Alone (both in the bad ending), Meaningful Name, Quest for Identity, Spanner in the Works
  • Domains: Clay (or rather, Klay), Knowledge, Life
  • Heralds: Willie Trombone, Big Robot Bil, Hoborg, the Skullmonkeys (especially Jerry-O)
  • High Priest: Tommynaut
  • Allies: Earthworm Jim, Wallace & Gromit, Blik, Gordon, and Waffle, Kirby, Yoshi, Professor Layton, The Ascended Kong Krew, Simba
  • Enemies: Klogg, Psy-Crow, Mojo Jojo, Koba, Scar
  • Odd Friendship with: Caesar, The Robed Figure, The Diver
  • On good terms with: Vinny
  • Years ago, a being named Hoborg created a world that he called the Overhood, then the Everhood. After that, when he realized how lonely he was, he created a living being to be a friend. Sadly, this creature, named Klogg, coveted Hoborg's crown, and some time later — before Hoborg created a second being — Klogg stole the crown right off of Hoborg's head. As a result, he became a truly evil being, Hoborg fell into a state of suspended animation, and the Everhood became the Neverhood. One of the few creatures Hoborg didn't create, Willie Trombone, found a Life Seed, and planted it in a room far away from the castle that Klogg now called home. This seed grew into Klaymen, who would go on to save the Neverhood and Hoborg.
    • Some time after Klaymen saved the Neverhood, he ended up getting launched into space. Though he managed to save the planet Idznak — the planet of the Skullmonkeys — he would continue to float aimlessly through space, with nothing to do but take pictures with his camera, and even then, he ran out of film. Some time later, while he was sleeping, he woke up from having fallen flat on his back. He realized he was no longer surrounded by stars, but by the familiar faces of Hoborg, Willie Trombone, and several other residents of the Neverhood, all of whom were happy to see him again, and the feeling was quite mutual. He also realized there was someone new here, someone he'd never seen before. He learned from Hoborg and the others that this person was a deity, and was responsible for bringing him back to the Neverhood. The deity told him that now, Klaymen was a deity, too, with the Neverhood as a Dominion. Klaymen could only scratch his head awkwardly when he realized why; apparently, the Hall of Records, with its miles and miles of lore, was an excellent example of "In-Game Extensive Lore" (Klaymen still has no idea what that means). Still, if it meant he was back home — and could explore new places freely — he wasn't complaining.
    • Klaymen was told he might need heralds. As such, he picked Willie and Robot Bil. Hoborg volunteered himself as one of Klaymen's heralds in this pantheon (which struck Klaymen as odd, seeing as Hoborg created the Neverhood and everything and almost everyone in it, but he decided that if Hoborg didn't mind, he didn't either) as did the Skullmonkeys of Idznak — led by Jerry-O.
    • On the subject of the Skullmonkeys, Klaymen and the other residents of the Neverhood were initially wary of them, but once it was made clear that the Skullmonkeys meant no further harm, they were welcomed with open arms. They can even be found visiting the Neverhood, thanks to a portal Hoborg created for easy travel between his world and Idznak. At any rate, Klaymen is happy to meet Jerry-O — the sole Skullmonkey that helped him fight Klogg on Idznak — face-to-face, and the feeling is mutual between them.
  • The first of the Pantheon that Klaymen met — outside of the Court of the Gods — was one Earthworm Jim. The latter had heard of Klaymen's adventures on the planet Idznak, and expressed great admiration for Klaymen's skills. The two quickly became friends. It certainly helped that they felt a mysterious connection... Either way, Jim promised that if Klaymen ever needed help on another planet, all he'd need to do is whistle loudly.
    • Of course, this new friendship resulted in Psy-Crow declaring Klaymen another enemy. Klaymen didn't care for the space-crow, whose insanity reminded him of Klogg. While Psy-Crow has mostly gone after Earthworm Jim, the crow being a Bounty Hunter meant that if someone has a bounty on Klaymen, Psy-Crow is more than willing to take up on the offer, though he has sometimes gone after Klaymen even without a bounty whenever he's bored.
    • He felt another, similar mysterious connection to Gordon, Mr. Blik, and Waffle. While he got along with Gordon and Waffle just fine, it's a bit more strained in Mr. Blik's case, considering the latter's rather self-centered, hot-headed personality. In a more general sense, Klaymen was in awe of the trio's multi-purpose monster truck known as Gear, and has even considered introducing the changing vehicle to Big Robot Bil. No word yet on whether the former is sentient or not, though.
  • Klaymen feels a kinship with deities that seem to be made of "Klay" just like himself, such as Wallace & Gromit. In their case, sometimes Klaymen finds himself as a sort of guinea pig for some of Wallace's inventions. Sometimes it goes well, and other tends to go either horribly wrong or horribly right.
    • He was surprised to learn that Kirby once had an adventure that came to be rendered in clay (or, at least, it LOOKED like it did), as well as another crafts-centric adventure. He got to know the little guy better, and they quickly became good friends. Klaymen was taken in by Kirby's good-hearted and child-like nature, and the fact that he was such a Big Eater reminded him of Willie Trombone.
    • Through Kirby, he learned of Yoshi, who had a couple of similar crafts-centric adventures. What was more, Yoshi was a similarly good-natured, child-like Big Eater.
    • Of course, having met these two platform-game heroes meant Klaymen would have a run-in with their rivals and enemies. Those among them who thought they could take on Klaymen would quickly realize this wasn't his first platforming rodeo! He even brought a whole bunch of Klay balls to use as projectiles in case he couldn't jump on his opponents' heads. His skill in combat was thus duly noted.
  • Sometimes will head over to the House of Sports to play a bit of air hockey, or a different version of the game that he calls "Gun Hockey", which was apparently a little game that he and fellow Neverhoodians came up with before Klaymen's adventures on Idznak. Like a lot of things to come from Klaymen, many deities consider it very strange, but considering that the House of Sports has had versions of golf that include driving around and beating up weird creatures, it's something that many visitors would get used to.
  • Is forbidden from eating baked beans in the House of Food after one deity discovered what happened when he ate a can of them on Idznak. It's not to say that Klaymen has had his experiences of eating strange food in The Neverhood, especially after someone discovered how long someone can burp for after eating something there.
  • Thanks to his experiences with the Skullmonkeys, Klaymen ended up being curious about the multitude of other primates that are prevalent throughout the Pantheon. For the most part, Klaymen maintained a good relationship with them, with the ascended Kong Krew being some of Klaymen’s most prominent primate pals, especially regarding their platforming expertise, and he sometimes joins in on their music-making. Caesar was one intelligent primate that surprised Klaymen, given how the former functioned as a good leader towards his kind in a world that was gradually falling apart. On his end, Caesar found Klaymen to be a very odd individual, but could also see that he otherwise meant no harm, and came to respect him after learning that Klaymen helped Hoborg reclaim his leadership role from an usurper.
    • Though Klaymen is chummy with most of the Pantheon’s primates, there are a couple that he has issues with. Koba is someone who Klaymen is disturbed by, given how the latter's selfishness in wanting the leadership role for himself led to problems similar to what happened when Klogg took Hoborg’s crown. Mojo Jojo is another problematic primate for Klaymen, considering how much the former schemes to take over the world he lives in, and Mojo’s resources at hand would present Klaymen a more challenging fight if the two were to cross paths.
  • Klaymen is someone that is easy to get along with for the most part, but malicious usurpers are someone who even he cannot tolerate, given what Klogg did. Even if there was a scenario — possibly an alternate timeline — where Klaymen took Hoborg’s crown for himself, he has made it clear that in this timeline, he’s not doing anything for self-serving means. As far as usurpers are concerned, Scar is someone who Klaymen is horrified by, considering that the lion murdered his brother Mufasa to become king and drove the Pride Lands to ruin as a result (whereas Hoborg was merely incapacitated after Klogg stole the crown). Because of that, Klaymen is more than understanding towards deities who had or have to fight against usurpers to ensure that places have their rightful ruler (be it the original one or a benevolent replacement for the deceased), such as Simba.
  • Of all the deities for Klaymen to be friends with, very few, if any, expected him to be friends with The Robed One and The Diver. It’s likely because all of them have traversed an unusual world they respectively inhabit in order to find clues as to what’s happening there and what to do about it. The Neverhood is a very unusual place filled with unusual individuals, and while Klaymen is curious about numerous other worlds, including those where The Robed One and The Diver came from, it would be a dangerous undertaking and would only happen if Klaymen is required for something to be done.
  • The Neverhood has plenty of odd puzzles — many of them difficult — that Klaymen had to complete in order to access additional areas. Even though Klaymen doesn’t look like the smartest individual in the Pantheon, that he was able to solve The Neverhood’s puzzles got him the attention of Professor Layton, a man who has solved many puzzles and mysteries over the course of his numerous adventures. Layton has expressed admiration for Klaymen for solving the mysteries of The Neverhood, and has expressed interest in seeing what additional mysteries belie that place.
  • Vinny was someone who played through Klaymen’s first adventure in one of his streams, with the former being particularly fond of the clay aesthetic and goofiness that Klaymen had. That said, plenty of puzzles that Vinny encountered during his time in The Neverhood were (understandably) a source of frustration while trying to complete the game. Even after acknowledging that flaw, Klaymen’s adventure in The Neverhood was something that Vinny enjoyed over the course of completing it.


Artyom Alekseyevich Chyornyj, Patron Saint of the Continuous Perspective in First Person (Artyom, Artem, Artiom, Rabbit, d'Artagnan)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Ranger's symbol. Alternatively, his gasmask.
  • Theme Song: Metro 2033 main theme, Enter the Metro, Race Against Fate
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A silent protagonist who is the last hope of the Metro (but was chosen poorly), a member of the Ranger Order until he resigns from the order, not affected by mind-based phenomena thanks to his interactions with the Dark Ones as a child, often suffering numerous times but survives it all due to sheer luck, taught to look after someone you saved by his foster father, never seen face-by-face, confirmed to be blood type AB Positive, has the Russian name related to Artemis, filled with guilt and disillusioned as he realizes the horrors of slaughtering the Dark Ones and has been trying to amend for his mistakes ever since, tired of the Metro inhabitants' complacency and decides to make an exodus from the tunnels
  • Domains: Post-Apocalypses, the Metro, Russians, Rangers, Faceless Heroes
  • Heralds: Anna Sviatoslavovna Mel'nikova (his wife), Colonel Miller, Homer, and the rest of the Aurora Crew
  • Guardian of: The Post-Apocalyptic Metro System
  • Allies
  • Commonality Connection with: Pvt. James Ramirez, Gordon Freeman, Jason Brody
  • Pitied by: Zarya, Future Trunks
  • Wary towards: Jack Cayman, Big Bull
  • Enemies: Vladimir Makarov, Imran Zakhaev, Nikita Dragovich, Father Elijah, Immortan Joe, The Red Skull, Millennium, The Lich, SKYNET, most hostile mutants such as the Hunter series
  • Opposes: All nuclear weapons users especially the likes of Lord Djibril, Murata Azrael, the Corpus
  • July 6, 2013. The Great War or World War 3 happened. When a nuclear exchange in the Middle East goes awry, all countries reacted on a global scale. This conflict launched numerous nuclear warheads all over the globe, and chief among those that were heavily affected was Russia, with everything within it destroyed from the war. Those that remained after the war survived through the Post-Apocalyptic Metro System and would live there ever since, as the mainland has turned into a nuclear dust bowl, filled to the brim with unimaginable horrors and phenomena. Enter Artyom, one of the very survivors who was raised and lived through these tight tunnels on the year 2033. Throughout his lifetime, he has experienced many of the problems the inhabitants have with their living, often venting out his frustrations via diaries and journals, all while keeping silent in his journey. Said silence would not last as his actions around the Metro not only caused tons of damage towards the population, alongside the continuous fighting against the Red Line, Rangers of the "SPARTA" Order and the Fourth Reich and his original slaughter of the Dark Ones would put him into a series of events that would lead to him being the last light of humanity.
    • Following the intensified attacks between the warring factions and their vying control over the entire Metro, he and the Rangers would defend these attacks and after their near loss by the Reds, would be saved by an untimely intervention by the surviving Dark Ones. Even after that, he and a handful of Rangers would find a train that would finally leave the Metro as he has grown fed up with the mentality of the remaining Metro citizens and the discovery of a conspiracy that controls the Metro and its inhabitants, thus reaching to him and the Spartans' exodus from their shelter and into the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is Russia.
  • The Pantheon went on full alert when an alarm was set off in the Dominions. There they went to the Metro system where the source of the alarm was found, possibly to eliminate any intruder that contacted the Pantheon grounds without authority. Suddenly, a truck was found moving out of the entrance, in which it stopped and a man with a gas mask stepped down with him and the rest of the passengers. After eventual capture, the security team noted how each of the passengers of the truck felt shaken, as they have been in the Metro for who knows how long.
    • There, when the team returned to the Court of the Gods for reporting, they were able to identify the person in charge. As it turns out, it was Artyom, who was leaving the Metro alongside his compatriot Rangers and his wife Anna. She detailed how the Metro was starting to become much harder to live in and that after much planning with her husband, he decided to move out and venture to the outside where he would find new life outside the tunnels. The moment he entered the Pantheon grounds, he would be happy to see that there was indeed life outside the Metro, and after the Council gathered all of Artyom's memories to see what he has witnessed, they decided to give him a position into the new world, all while giving the rest of the passengers as his heralds save for a certain Captain Miller who died while finding medicine for Anna. In an effort to keep the spirit of the heralds alive and Artyom's ascension much easier, he was brought back under demand.
  • While it would make sense for Artyom to make the Metro system as his temple, he has declined, instead asking for a new temple where he could at the very least have some peace. His request was granted and with it was also built a train railway system so that he could supply the rest of the Aurora. He believes that his stay in the Pantheon will be temporary as he has more responsibilities to do now that he has ventured into the outside world and is willing to explore what lies further beyond the wastelands.
    • At the same time, someone from the construction team thought it would be a good idea to build a small tunnel that would lead straight into the bowels of the Metro. It took a few days for Artyom and company to realize this and later, their temple would be swarmed with mutants. After the cleanup, he was found stressed and angry at the fact someone connected his temple to the very tunnels. This would be very useful to bring more people into the outside but putting it in the deeper uninhabited aspects of the tunnels was not the brightest of ideas.
  • Under request from the Pantheon, he is the sole guardian of the Metro Systems. It’s not the prettiest job but someone has to do it, especially if said person has the knowledge to traverse it. Tedious but understandable, he is the only person who knows how to access it and its key areas. He is also there to keep an eye out on anyone attempting to smuggle weapons outside the tunnels, because the last thing he needs is another conflict within the tunnels, as if Nazis and Communists weren't bad enough.
  • With the installed temple and the return of the Aurora, there was a talk on whether interacting with other deities would benefit them from their journey, as he and the crew are not done yet and are possibly planning to free the people of the Metro from the Invisible Watchers. While Artyom was hesitant, Anna and Miller insisted he should try as he always wanted to discover what was on the outside. After overcoming his sour mood, he would stretch the train to different parts of the Pantheon, in the hopes of seeing amicable deities he could meet.
    • The first thing he saw was a sight he did not want: Americans. Why you ask? Well, they were the same country that turned Russia into a nuclear wasteland back in 2013. Even his crew were not happy seeing such sight, but after much experience and similarity, they've warmed up and are tolerable towards them, if not albeit cautious. They don't want the same hostility their universe already shares.
    • It did not help when he realized that nuclear weapons are a go-to common weapon in the Pantheons, as the irradiated country he lives in proves nothing good can come from nuclear weapons. Hearing that two political generals use military nukes like its normal for them has made it a personal vendetta to stop and get rid of their weapons for good, for the sake of not putting the Pantheon into the same scenario. Then came their shocking discovery of SKYNET, a massive machine system that created "Judgement Day" and nearly wiped their human population and the Lich, a being that is supposedly the result of a nuclear bomb from a bygone age. These revelations have made him question if the Pantheon has not learned a lesson when it comes to the ramifications of such weaponry.
  • On the topic of American wastelanders, the crew was shocked to hear of a war-torn and nuclear waste America, just like their own. When they looked further into it, they started being jealous on how the Americans still gain such technology from an apocalyptic standpoint, even their own population had to scavenge old weapons and bullets just for self-defense. Meeting with said deities from the universe has its own ups and downs, as some would see understandings between certain characters and others who they perceive as threats.
    • On survivors, first impressions came by the Courier and Joshua Graham, when they met after his first landing in the Mojave Wasteland. For once, he was interacting with them, though he was pretty much mute on those moments. After the introduction of the Aurora, both declined, stating that their actions have sealed their fate in the desert and that they are bound to it. Joshua however wishes them a safe trip and that hopefully, life on the outskirts would be peaceful as there is nothing worth noting in these harsh wastelands.
    • The train then made a stop into Nuka-World, seeing that there was another populated place in the dilapidated state of America. There was much disappointment and hostility as the inhabitants were not too keen on Russians entering the city. Fortunately, the Sole Survivor greeted them and welcomed the crew into the hub, all while giving them an opportunity to settle in. Things changed when a massive airship suddenly flew above the train and then the Brotherhood of Steel joined in. Then came Arthur Maxson, who overheard them with their greetings. Entrance galore aside, he was only there to aid the Sole Survivor the moment he heard gossip of a Russian train on Nuka-World. Thankfully these were not threats, and after hearing the heroics and responsibilities Artyom took onto his shoulders, he would welcome him. But not before he suddenly stopped as the Ranger would stay still, remembering that NATO are still active in WWIII. The only thing Maxson could say when the crew would leave is to stay safe.
    • On those short trips, he did notice a dog following them during their meetings with the survivors. Each different in look, but all had the name "Dogmeat" on their collars. For once, Artyom appreciates this because he can see new animals on the wasteland instead of constantly meeting horrid mutations of existing animals, like bears or even fishes to that extent.
    • Not everything was sunshine and rainbows as the wasteland is a cruel place. After meeting with both Joshua and the Courier, there were sudden raids that took a hit on the train, some identifying to be apostles of Father Elijah. The crew fought back hard and with Artyom's intervention, drove them away. Such encounters wouldn't be heard again until their departure from Nuka-World, as another convoy took a strike on them. Driven back once more, he would note Elijah as a threat to them and ordered the Spartans a kill-on-sight to anyone devoted to Elijah's tyranny.
    • Eventually however, he and the rest of the crew felt a little bit of dislike towards those survivors in a sense of how they operate. For all the technology they have, they still create weapons and societies akin to totalitarian states or savage tribes. There is also how they treat people and technology as a "not so serious" state and do whatever they please, as evidenced by New Vegas. Meanwhile the rest of the Metro is placed under ruins, with a slowly dwindling population and a rather down-to-earth feeling towards the whole living in the tunnels sort. To them, it is a serious issue to take in and not to play around in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • America is not the only one to have suffered a major wasteland problem, as it turns out even Australia had a case of the wastelands. Landing within one of the spots, an Interceptor came in with guns drawn, believing to be another one of Immortan Joe's train supply. As Artyom went out to present themselves, both passengers of the car, confirmed to be Imperator Furiosa and Max Rockatansky held him at gunpoint until he showed him the Ranger badge. Seeing as not one of Joe's lackeys, they spared him and asked if they are willing to help bring down the tyrant. Seeing as how he has experiences with such, he agreed, on the condition that they also earn some form of repayment for taking Immortan down. This led to a mutual deal between the Rangers and the duo. At the same time, his first encounter with SKYNET also lead to his eventual meeting with John Connor, the savior of humanity and was welcomed into the resistance, despite their reluctance to join due to the already heavy responsibilities Artyom has set himself into. Still, even with his refusal to join the resistance, he has been told to keep in touch so that he may help fix their world as well.
  • One day, as he landed to refuel the Aurora, two dastardly-looking dudes arrived. One had a gigantic chainsaw in his arm, and another was a bovine with mechanical properties. Said duo, Jack Cayman and Big Bull, questioned where he came from, with nothing more the silence on his part. This left Jack with impatience until Captain Miller explained that they were simply refueling and left immediately from the premises. On Artyom's diary, he notes how the two are very untrustworthy and from the looks of their faces, the worlds they live in must have been a shithole just like theirs.
  • While Artyom's worries have been lessened thanks to his Spartans and Anna's help, there was a good reason for him being worried. On the Metro, various factions exist and have been causing a war within the tunnels. First being Neo-Nazis and second a large communist group. So, to see actual Nazis exist within his new home has brought his worries up again. The worst part is how these Nazi organizations are more dangerous than the Fourth Reich, both in terms of sheers force and technology.
    • On the other hand, his experience with Hansa had led to rather unfortunate meetings with the Corpus when one of his crew members shot a running member and a Moa. Said shot called reinforcements and brought him into custody once. Being offered a spot, he refused and was at risk of being killed until a Tenno skirmish came in and opened an exit for him and the crew. For him, the Corpus will be a reminder that greed exists in any other form, even in the apocalypse.
  • There has been some on-going gossip on Artyom and a few deities, specifically those who are saviors/lone survivors that managed their own footing. The gossips then mentioned both Gordon Freeman and James Ramirez, both one-man armies able to fend their own against overwhelming odds, which he can see a similar correlation on. Ramirez is the more notable one as both are Rangers of their respective forces, though on Artyom's end, there is a bit of small distrust considering he is in the US Military. Then things got more interesting when Jason Brody got involved as both Brody and himself are nearly the same, with both being very popular to their perpetual first person perspectives.
  • Sometimes, the feared ones are not the foreigners but their own countrymen. That was the lesson Artyom learned when he saw the sudden evil Russian stereotype spread out across the Pantheon. At first it was a joke according to him and Anna, but it turned out that such stereotype came with good reason as some Russians are more dangerous than others, and all fingers point to one man: Vladimir Makarov. The same person who nuked the US Military into oblivion wants to scavenge weapons for the Ultranationalists within the Metro tunnels, alongside his compatriot Imran Zakhaev. To him, having a Neo-Nazi Russian and Communist factions was already hard enough but having an active worldwide terrorist group hunt you down all for the sake of the tunnels already makes a harder job much more troublesome.
    • It did not help another Russian renegade drew his attention, and his chemical weapons already gives a bad sign. When Nikita Dragovich made his call to him for recruitment, Miller disturbed his call and told him to "проваливай отсюда!" Translation . Bad move, as his Soviet forces nearly cornered the Aurora and outnumbered them. That was until he stepped in and dealt with all threats accordingly. At the end of the day Dragovich received multiple casualties and learned a lesson not to mess with a One-Man Army, especially one who has been adept at the worst of situations.
    • He is not alone though, outside of his crew, the Heavy Weapons Guy volunteered to help him in his safeguard of the tunnels. He isn't going to let the country be known for just terrorism only. On the other hand, after much interaction, both Heavy and Artyom understands the burden of taking care of a family, though the former gets spared for being the sibling that carries his family while he has to be both a Ranger, explorer and a father/husband all at the same time. After his meeting with the Heavy, he was introduced to both Black Widow, Soda Popinski, and Zangief, all three who were passionately welcomed into their company. From there on, the trio have discussed how life in their own Russia worked out, with some similar cultures and exchanges, plus some of their love for Vodka though Natasha declined. This conversation proved that there is still hope for their country's own future.
      • On the topic of the trio, both Popinski and Zangief refused to be guardians of the Metro, seeing that the two are just fighters and lack basic military training, but on Natasha, she was sent by Nick Fury to talk more on the Metro tunnels. While he was briefed that S.H.I.E.L.D is an international protection agency, he cannot risk getting the Metro under fire, something that she understands, but Fury won't be concerned on such, as shown in the past when he was using HYDRA technology as new weapons.
  • In the Metro universe, living in Russia is pure suffering as the surface is filled to the brim with anomalies and radiation and the undergrounds are no better, occupied with Neo-Nazis, Communists, bandits or worse. This disheartened Zarya because her Russian society was still strong and that her defense of the Motherland proved something. To see that version of Russia be turned into a nuclear wasteland gave her nightmares of a potential future should the world not have been at peace, well until the Omnics arrived anyway.
    • At the same time, said universe houses some of the nastiest mutants to ever land upon Earth. From mutated bears, to Librarians, such place would put anyone under clear caution. When there was news of mutants in the Pantheon, this gave him headaches as he must face more mutants, one of which was the horrifying Hunter series which managed to surround them during a small stroll into Raccoon City. However, there are times when the mutants he would meet are friendly like how he met Colossus, who is not only a mutant, but a friendly one and a Russian at that. If his meeting with the X-Man is of any sign, is that there can be coexisting peace between mutants and humans.
  • While the present may not be bright for him and the Motherland, Future Trunks does see a good future for the crew, though he was hesitant to talk to Artyom, in the case that he was hiding something crucial for him. When the two were alone, Trunks disclosed that Artyom's life may not be able to last due to two possible reasons: after nearly being killed by the Invisible Watchers or having his blood irradiated twice, all while planning to escort the Metro inhabitants to their new home. He knows he won't last long but if it means giving the rest of the citizens and his wife a good future while continuously upholding his responsibilities, he'll keep going.
  • "I was filled with doubt. We had already scorched the Earth once. Now, the fire was in my hands, and I had to carry it through."

    Deckard Cain 
Deckard Cain, God of the Scholar Race and Getting Skipped Over (The Last Horadrim, Cain the Elder)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Staff and the Horadric Book
  • Theme Song(s): Tristram (New Tristram ver, Heroes of the Storm ver.)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Ancient Keeper, Cool Old Guy, The Last Horadrim, Nice Guy, Mr. Exposition, Non-Action Guy
  • Domains: Knowledge, Exposition, Exploring, Story, Lore, Age
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Imperius and Angels of similar attitude, Alarak
  • A very old and wise man from the world of Sanctuary, Deckard Cain was part of the Horadrim, an order created by the angel Tyrael to keep watch of the sealed Diablo. He has been aiding the heroes of Sanctuary in their quest to slay Diablo and has proved to be valuable asset to them. He also took his time to raise Leah as his own daughter and it all tragically ended when Deckard was assassinated by members of the Coven. However, his spirit lingered and he eventually reincarnated as a Pantheon deity, rewarded for his bravery and knowledge wih his own temple in the crossroad of dimensions.
  • Cain is known for giving long lectures and explanations about items and other locations in the world of Sanctuary. The downside is that people rarely like to listen to his ramblings and so usually ignore him or flat out fall asleep in his presence. It's been annoying for Cain but at this point he got used to it.
  • He was overjoyed to find Leah as well as important heroes from sanctuary and the archangel Tyrael. He was less amused by also knowing about the presence of Diablo and other demons, not to mention Demons from realms outside of sanctuary. He was also very saddened by the reveal of what happened to Leah and it happening after his own death, swearing he would make Adria pay for that.
    • Adria even tried to confront Cain and mock him about his involvement in Tristam. Cain retorted by pulling out a book and using his classic "Stay a while and Listen", boring her to sleep and the nephalems having the perfect opportunity to beat her down.
  • Not the first time Cain finds himself wandering a massive realm where realities clash, having already experience that in the nexus. He is both searching for the mysteries about said worlds while supporting the actual fighters that engage in the battlefield. Cain finds the Pantheon not that different and plans to find out the secret behind the Pantheon's origin. The higher ups also went ahead and made him the master Lorekeeper of the Pantheon that would inform other gods about the place they visit, but as usual, a handful of deities avoid his lectures and never actually stop to listen.
  • He befriended fellow Mr. Exposition Kaepora Gaebora after finding him during a trek around the House of Narrative. The latter has heard about Deckard usually getting ignored by others and decided to help him. Considering the owl's method of exposition, it tends to work pretty well sometimes.
  • During one of his treks around the Nexus, he stumbled upon a young mage by the name of Orphea, who seemed to be running away from the forces of the Raven Lord. Orphea and Cain eventually found themselves under the care of the Lady of Thorns. When asked about why he decided to aid the mysterious yoing girl, Deckard just answered that besides his usual curiosity that gets him in all sorts of trouble, she reminding him about Leah and decided to help her out.
  • Being a prominent member of the Horadrim and seemingly knowing a lot about the pantheon, Meteora Österreich came to visit Deckard and learn more about him. Turns out that the last Horadrim confused her for Orphea but it turned out that Meteora was unrelated to her and most interestingly, she knew that Deckard was a videogame character like her. Meteora even told him about the events she experienced concerning Altair. Considering he is that usually gives the lectures, he felt that it was a nice change of pace that for once he gets to stay a while and listen.
    • However, having learned that Meteora discovered that she was a fictional character and that would certainly hold true for Deckard too, the old man suggested partnering with the librarian to learn about the inner secrets of the pantheon and find out if the pantheon is a fictional place or something else entirely.
  • His opinion on angels is a bit mixed since he feels that they look down on humanity and had done nothing to prevent demons from running rampant in the world of Sanctuary. There are exceptions though, as Tyrael has shown time and time again that he is willing to side with mortals just to do the right thing and he respects that. The archangel of Hope Auriel has also shown that she believes in humans, which made Deckard think that maybe angels might not be so bad after all and he even learned of other angels who are much more benevolent.
  • His pursuit for knowledge has landed him in trouble plenty of times. One of those incidents involved the Daedric Prince Hermaus Mora and Cain unknowingly wandering into his temple and coming accross one of the many tomes Mora possesses. If it weren't for a timely interevention by the Nephalem, it would have ended badly for the Last Horadrim.
  • He may be old and a bit frail but he is certainly brave. He is also a bit slippery according to the denizens of the Nexus and considering how often Cain is found in the right place at the wrong time and still kicking it even at his age, some wonder if he is some supernatural Doom Magnet with incredible good luck or he is actually an skilled wizard that pretends to be a simple old man.
  • "Stay a while and listen."
    • (Everyone proceeds to leave) (sigh)
      "Nobody ever listens..."

    The Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle Protags 
The Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle Protagonistsmembers , Deities of Cutscenes (Dave and Bernard: Tuna Head; Bernard: Smart Ass; Jeff: Surfer Dude)
From left to right: Wendy, Purple Tentacle, Syd, Nurse Edna, Dave, Razor, Dr. Fred, Michael, Green Tentacle, Jeff, Weird Ed, Bernard, Dead Cousin Tednote
From left to right: Weird Ed's second hamster, Bernard, Laverne, and Hoagie

    The Patapons 
(drum beats) "Pata Pata Pata Pon!"

The Patapons, Divine Tribe of Addressing the Player
  • Demideities on their own, potentially stronger with the Almighty's help, who might be an Intermediate Deity. The Hero is a borderline Lesser God, actually reaching that as the Uberhero.
  • Symbol: Hatapon's banner, or the The Patapon Drums
  • Theme Song: Patapon 2 Donchaka (パタポン2ドンチャカ♪) Title Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though the Almighty can have shades of Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Musical Gameplay, War Has Never Been So Much Fun
  • Domain(s): Warriors, Drums, Rhythm
  • Heralds: Hatapon (flag bearer), Priestess Meden (spiritual leader), Hero (champion), Ton Yaripon (convert Yarida), Chin Yaripon (disciple Taterazay), Kan Yaripon (disciple Yumiyacha)
  • High Priest: Kalas, Terry
  • Allies: the Monster Hunters
  • Enemies: Hades (in God of War mode), Polygon Man, Mori Motonari
  • Opposed by: the Carapaceons, Plesioth
  • Sometime after finally reaching Earthend and seeing IT, an envoy from the Trope Pantheons approached them with an invitation. Given their history with other tribes, the Patapons were wary, but after they resurrected the Almighty after they had sacrificed themself to save the Patapons from their petrification, not to mention also reviving the Hero that they had fused with, they immediately accepted the offer. And so, after their ascension ceremony, as well as setting up an area for their "temple", they founded a new Patapolis in the Pantheon.
    • Due to spatial-related errors or some such when it came to the portal letting the Patapons through, they ended up being…bigger than expected. How big? Well, not towering or anything, but enough that even a single Yaripon, Yumipon, or Tatepon is a legitimate threat to a Quasideity-level human, though still shorter than one.
    • Additionally, their Almighty is now visible as a pair of eyes in the sky, but their voice still cannot be heard by the Patapons. The Court also decided to bestow them an avatar for communication purposes with other deities.
  • The Patapons have four drums, which the Almighty utilizes to deliver commands to the tribe, which in turn is relayed to the flag bearer Hatapon. With the drums, the Patapons can be directed to do the following (besides advance, attack, defend, or retreat): charge up their next attack/defense, jump in the air [up to five times the height of an average Patapon, as Dekapons are larger] to avoid area-of-effect ground attacks like earthquakes and low-firing laser blasts), and cure status effects afflicting the Patapons. The Almighty also mandated some extra rhythms to account for three-dimensional maneuvering.
    • There are also certain Jujus the Almighty can grant (for a maximum of two minutes at a time), like the Rain Miracle (aside from the obvious, which is often used when traversing desert areas, it can defog, remove sandstorms, stop lightning from descending in a storm, quench fires, and reveal invisible foes), the Blizzard Miracle (can defog, remove sandstorms, and freeze up both sides, especially flying units), Tailwind Miracle (clears fog, increase projectile range while decreasing that of their enemies), Earthquake Miracle (shake the earth and stagger most foes), Storm Miracle (both effects of Rain and Tailwind, plus lightning), Shock and Awe Juju (Brimstone) Juju (increase attack power), and Duck and Cover Juju (increase defense).
  • As long as the Mater, their Tree of Life stands, any fallen Patapon warriors can come back to life so long as their Cap is retrieved and buried beneath Mater. Of course, the House of Life and Death is another choice, but they'd have to go there first to get back any fallen Patapons whose Caps have been lost.
    • The Mater can also upgrade Patapons to certain Rarepons, who have varying strengths and weaknesses.
    • As for the question of reproduction, this means is only for the warriors and at the Almighty's behest. Civilian Patapons (presumably) procreate the usual way.
  • Hades wasn't particularly happy to see these little things, given that they've harassed him (and Polygon Man's contestants) once before.
  • Due to conflicts in the Pantheon being at a larger scale, the Almighty—who was given an incorporeal avatar that can interact with other deities (but not the Patapons)—has decided to call for some help. The Commander, (Insert Name Here), and the Tactician answered the call and are willing to lend a hand. Additionally, they rejected Motonari's offer, knowing he will just waste their people.
    • That said, the Tactician has the most problems with them, given that it's difficult to keep them all alive, and it still hurts to have to compromise by at least keeping their Caps from being lost. Thankfully, the Patapons deployed is just the (Uber)Hero, Ton Yaripon, Chin Yaripon, Kan Yaripon, and Hatapon forming a single combat party, making this easier on him/her.
    • With so many Patapons to look after, and so many more places to be, the Almighty has been bestowed by the Court of the Gods to be able to be in several places at once (even when fused with the Patapon Hero to be the Uberhero), so they can lead multiple hunting parties (after rediscovering—thanks to the Pantheon—how to make more Hatapons, though the original—now Hatapon Prime—has the strongest influence).
    • As for who they side with in the Pantheonic wars, while they know that both Hope and Evil bring meaning to life and are appealed by the idea of being Agents of Balance, the Almighty has decided to throw their lot in with the Grand United Alliance of Good as they believe it serves the best chance for the Patapons' survival.
  • At least once a month, Priestess Meden ends up being captured for whatever reasons the enemy has in capturing her, and each time the Almighty and the Patapons have to get her back. With new allies, this is much easier to do, but no less aggravating to the Almighty.
  • As a tribe of hunters with little (but not none) in the way of farming, the average Patapon has little experience in the concept of trade (and by extension money apart from ka-ching). The Almighty and the Hero unit have been trying to make progress in teaching them that.
    • If you're wondering what ka-ching is, it also serves as "life force" for Patapons, which is why Mater needs Ka-ching to make new Patapons. As a result, whenever the Patapons go hunting or fighting, ka-ching get dropped whenever a hunted animal or enemy falls. For some reason, ka-ching is also dropped when they attack (non-sentient) flowers or fruits, or when they wreck buildings in battle.
  • As hunters, and a nominally very hungry race, they're often off hunting for food, sometimes joining the Monster Hunters for meat, though the MHs think their pacing can use a lot of work. At the very least, stealth (at least to the level the Monster Hunters need) is out the window for them, but then there's also their preference to stay clean, thus they'll run from smelly game, and especially fresh droppings. Progress is being made to lead them to the House of Food for a bountiful meal instead.
    • As a result of being allied with the Monster Hunters, they also hunt the same game, though usually sticking to the Carapaceons or (if the Almighty is up for the frustration) Plesioth.
    • There are ways of getting around their marching speed, though, since they are capable of walking on their own, and platforms, teleports, and other stuff are now available.
  • Despite their accomplishments, the Patapons aren't that strong in the Pantheon. The reason why is because of the fact that they rely on a rhythm to follow to be effective. Even though this rhythm cannot be disrupted by loud noises since Hatapons can somehow hear the Almighty's drum beats despite that, rhythms mean patterns, and patterns mean they're easily predictable.
    • As such, allies are needed to distract the foe from noticing the Patapons. Also, mobile platforms can help them move faster.
  • Having had to face someone who can summon little tornadoes even though Gong the Hawkeye has since allied with them a few times before, they're leery around those who can do the same (or worse). Such examples would be Wamuu, Rashid, and Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller.
  • Can also be found in Metafiction.

Sky Striker Ace - Raye, Goddess of Ludonarrative Resonance
Raye in her base outfit
in her Kagari module 
in her Kaina module 
in her Shizuku module 
in her Hayate module 
in her Kagari module, limiters off 
shifting into her Shizuku module 
  • Demigoddess (Lesser Goddess while in a Sky Striker suit, Intermediate Goddess when Limit Releasing)
  • Symbol: A red-and-black katana with a large tech-blue hexagon behind it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Literally Took Her Gear From A Museum, Gameplay Callbacks In Narrative & Vice-Versa, A Human Among Machines, Raised by Robots, Action Girl, Assist Character, Breakout Character, Dark Is Not Evil, Swiss-Army Hero, Idiot Hair, Red Oni, Blue Oni to Roze (and Shizuku & Kagari)
  • Domains: Suits, War, Technology, Card Games
  • Heralds: Roze (maybe?), The Magus (Himmel, Aakas, & Ciela), Aileron & Pylon, Ecclesia & Albaz
  • Allies: All good-aligned Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, Jeanne d’Arc & Artoria Pendragon & their Alters, The Epic Battle Fantasy Team, Bender, Android 16, Susie, Alpha Hatsuseno, Chito & Yuuri, Kamen Rider Super-1, Mega Man, Tony Stark/“Iron Man”
  • Enemies: AM, SKYNET, Star Dream, Ultron, Sigma, SHOCKER, Don Thousand, Zorc Necrophades, The Light of Destruction
  • Envied by: Dark Magician Girl, Kuriboh, Yubel (slightly), Exodia
  • Pitied by: The Hall of Selflessness and Sacrifice, especially Alcestis
  • Conflicting Opinion: Eliphas, Z-ONE
  • Dark Saviors, one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s side sets and released in 2018, brought a lot of support for Vampires, as well as introducing a new archetype in the form of Fur Hire. But along with these would be the initially fledgling Sky Striker archetype, focused around controlling the game with Raye, her mech suits, and a variety of gadgets. This archetype would go on to be one of the most well known archetypes of the modern era, receiving ever-so-often waves of support, fan content, and eventually, official content and lore regarding this little archetype, all the while rising to the top tables and beating other strong decks throughout its still-ongoing lifespan.
    • The OCG Stories manga dives into the origins of the Sky Striker archetype’s characters, as well as introducing new ones. Raye is one of the few, if not the last, people on Earth, growing up in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by war and an AI created by the nation of Spectra, once designed to take down its rival nation Kama. She took on the mantle of being a Sky Striker Ace when her family figures, the Magus, were attacked by Spectra’s forces.
    • While the manga visualizes the gadgets and suits that Raye uses, allowing a sense of scale and impact, the card game puts those functions in practice. For instance, all of her Spells (save for Multirole & Area Zero) require the Main Monster Zones to be empty in order for them to be used, leaving only the Extra Monster Zone to be occupied, where Raye (in one of her suits) would normally be; this ties in well to her being a One-Woman Army, as she is generally the only one on the front lines currently taking action. Raye herself has a Quick Effect to tag out from the Main Monster Zone into one of her suits from the Extra Deck & returns from the Graveyard when one of them is destroyed, representing being beaten out of that suit and the ability to quickly shift inbetween them at will. Lastly, when she first inherits the technology of the Sky Striker Ace, Himmel warns Raye that she'll lose most of her sense of self in the process of becoming a Living Weapon upon use, a factor reflected in the Sky Striker archetype's monster typings, with Raye for example being Warrior-Type, and all of her suits (Kagari, Kaina, Shizuku, and Hayate) being all Machine-Types.
  • While tackling a skirmish against some Spectra forces, Raye in her Shizuku module managed to divert them to a new area for her to switch to Hayate and blast them away, but when she did, she hit much more. The beam from Hayate’s cannon razed through its targets, but also through a cloaked convoy of GUAE tech, which alerted the guards and went up to quickly locate the source of the attack. Surprised at these new foes, Raye found herself outmaneuvered really quickly, unsure of how to take on these new opponents, forcing a retreat that would’ve ended badly for her had it not been for a GUAG scout team intercepting this scuffle. After the rescue, the scout team was more than happy to oblige to much of Raye’s inquiries, as well as those of her allies and family, before helping them establish two secondary bases of operations in the Pantheon by way of Raye’s ascension.
  • One of Spectra’s leading forces in their war against Kama was a sort of clone of Raye, aptly named Roze. Roze’s own appearance held striking tangents against Raye’s, consisting of grays and darks instead of whites, golds, and browns, having a hat, silvery hair and red eyes compared to the hatless blonde with blue eyes, and wielding a saber instead of a katana. Roze herself is also a clone that had been accelerated in age physically to match Raye, created with extensive and pure battle knowledge and nothing else, meaning everything else (such as human interaction) is all new to her, resulting in a generally withdrawn and quiet personality; a contrast to Raye being friendly and compassionate with others and knows how to use her knowledge to her advantage.
    • Jeanne d’Arc & Artoria Pendragon were both interested in Raye & Roze’s dynamic, echoing their own with their respective Alters. As they learned more about the conditions and machines that Roze grew up with, however, it only made them feel even more reminiscent of their Alters, having gone from staunch enemies to equal rivals and even friends, through the Master of Chaldea. The Alters actually do feel the same way about Roze, and hope that Raye would pull through and convince her own “Alter” to switch sides.
    • The Epic Battle Fantasy Team- consisting of Matt, Natalie, Lance, Anna, & NoLegs, had taken on their own evil counterparts throughout their journeys as well. These evil versions are respectively known as Matteus, Natalia, Lancelot, Annabelle, & God (dog), and are very much polar opposites as the Team. When it came to Roze, however, they found her to not be at the same level as the Evil Counterparts, and just like Jeanne and Artoria above, they hope Roze can be changed.
  • In Raye’s version of Earth, the power of the Sky Striker modules that were developed by the nation of Kama were more than capable of being able to destroy most of its surface, and those living on it. This in turn forced Spectra's hand, building a satellite designed to wipe out organic life, which it succeeded in doing after a few hundred years. Raye herself was born out of a fertilized egg, which is textbook life to most humans, but miraculous to her AI guardians, for humans have been wiped out long ago. Since her birth, the members of Kama worked to create a small town for Raye to be raised in, and friends for her to interact, talk, and play with.
    • The Magus and other fellow robots that Raye grew up with were very much human-looking and even human-thinking in nature. Well, at least, according to what Raye does remember of what humans looked like prior to her entry into the Pantheon. Bender can attest to at least attempting to be a parent to human children, and though he wasn't as good for raising children as the Magus were to Raye, he was at least able to understand the love and care parents may have to their children, even if they are machines, which pleases both Raye & the Magus.
    • Kama took great lengths to making Raye's home suitable for her, by letting and even helping nature heal so that it can be much more hospitable. A great supporter of this endeavor, once he learned about it, was Android 16, who then expressed the idea of allowing animals into Kama. Though denied as it would lead to unnecessary losses, the Magus greatly appreciated the support he gave towards the development of the town.
    • One main feature of the Sky Striker Ace system is the ability to switch between her suits as will, allowing her to be very versatile in combat. Those with similar technology, such Kazuya Oki/Kamen Rider Super-1 through his Five Hands, Mega Man with his multiple weapon upgrades, and Tony Stark with his Iron Man system, are also able to shift these quickly to four the demands of a battle. The trio express the idea of a fine partnership with each other to take down their respective enemies, but the Magus are unmoving on their stance of not letting others use the dangerous Sky Striker technology, while enemies of the other three aren’t happy to hear of another combatant who can switch weapons at will.
    • Ciela in particular held a special place in Raye's heart, as she was the one that took care of Raye the most, and had let herself be captured by Spectra in order to save Raye. So despite her being listed as a herald in this profile, many assumed that she is now just dismantled. Alcestis and the rest of the Hall of Selflessness & Sacrifice are, besides the rest of the Magus as well as her robot friends Aileron & Pylon, often the main comforters of Raye whenever she reminiscences about Ciela.
  • The end of humanity, at least in Raye’s world, was caused by an AI that was too efficient at its objective, resulting in a barren landscape populated mainly by robots. This AI was created by Spectra, who wanted nothing more than to crush their rival nation, Kama. When Raye and the Magus learned of similar deities and beings in the Pantheon to Spectra, they became very tense, even if they can’t really die in the Pantheon.
    • AM is at the very damn top of Raye’s shitlist, and for very good reasons, and practically considers it to be just Spectra itself with a different name & color palette. It was also developed to efficiently handle wars, but got too far ahead and instead began wiping humanity off the map, much like the enemy nation’s own AI. This amount of hatred towards militaristic-turned-apocalyptic AI has also been extended to SKYNET as well, as Raye and the Magus are also disapproving of its utilization of robots in their schemes. Both AM & SKYNET respectively echo an opinion of hatred back at Raye, citing her as an annoying piece of human garbage, but are in disagreement on how to handle her, whether it’d be through torture (AM) or termination (SKYNET).
    • Raye really, really dislikes Star Dream, but given it's antihuman coding, it makes sense- after all, Spectra's satellites and Star Dream both shared the power to eliminate all organic life on their respective planets, so the supercomputer essentially served as the Pantheon's version of Spectra’s satellites for Raye. This notion was shared with most of the good-aligned Kirby deities, but Susie in particular holds a special grudge towards the machine, and is more than willing to help Raye out for when the time comes to fully dismantle it.
    • Raye is pretty much one of the few, if not the only, human people left on her world, with the rest being just an urban wasteland of sorts. One day while exploring the Pantheon, she would come across the quaint Cafe Alpha, where its owner, Alpha Hatsuseno, and two frequent patrons, Chito & Yuuri, were at for the day. She got along with all three rather smoothly, each of them sharing what its like to be living in a world ravaged by war, though Alpha prefers for Raye to not travel around Yokohama with her Sky Striker Ace gear, much like Chito & Yuuri were advised against using their tank.
  • Raye’s ascension has been quite a hot topic for the Pantheon, echoing that of Dark Magician Girl’s back in the day. However, unlike Dark Magician Girl, she does have a full flesh-and-blood body to move around in, alongside having an uncanny ability to turn herself, her friends, and even her gear into cards. And above all else, Raye herself finds this very very strange, but she seemed content with being much more free-form and interactive with other deities- so she made it one of her missions to interact with as many previously ascended Yu-Gi-Oh! deities as possible, hoping to learn of those that came before her.
    • Very immediately holds respect for all of the main protagonists of each series, especially considering that she herself is now a protagonist, albeit with much different scope compared to them. This treatment was returned in kind, as they see Raye as a promising new addition to their group, even if she is much more unorthodox than them. One protagonist that Raye was surprised wasn’t ascended yet, however, was Playmaker, and has begun conducting research with Revolver, aka Ryoken Kogami, to figure out how to ascend him.
      • Other notable good characters that Raye liked were Tea Gardner, or Anzu Mazaki, who in term found Raye’s fashion sense to be very striking and fitting of a protagonist. She also had an affinity with Alexis Rhodes for being a person of interest in terms of appearance, a thing that both of them dislike. Raye once tried Turbo Dueling and proved herself with a modified version of Shizuku that can support her ability to duel at high speeds, allowing her to challenge people like Jack Atlas, who were impressed by her skill. Astral was especially piqued at Raye’s existence in the Pantheon, being that unlike those like him, she can be seen by other deities without modifications, leading to many an inquiry.
    • In general, Raye is very obviously against quite a few enemies, but the top of that line happens to go to Don Thousand, Zorc Necrophades, The Light of Destruction, for various reasons, of course. Generally, she took the stances to them similar to most of the other YGO deities as they are harbingers of destruction, something that Raye sees in Spectra. As for Z-ONE and Eliphas, however, she finds herself considering where she stands in comparison to them a bit more, as both have had a Heel–Face Turn in their respective series, something she yearns for Roze, as well, making her one of the few YGO deities to not really have a hostile stance toward either one.
    • Most of the ascended duel monsters in the series are actually rather envious of Raye’s position in the Pantheon, as unlike them, she can be fully seen by other ascended deities without needed modifications for seeing Duel Spirits. Alongside this, she can also be able to just shift between card and human form as well, this ability furthered towards her gear and fellow friends. While Yubel also isn’t subject to the issues the other Duel Spirits have, she finds herself with envy as well due to Raye’s wider degree of freedom with her abilities and form.
  • Can also be found in the Hall of Narrative Tone.

    Tomoya, Nagisa, and Ushio 
Tomoya Okazaki, Nagisa Furukawa, Ushio Okazaki, Divine Family of Tearjerking Games (Tomoya: Garbage Doll || Ushio: Girl from the Illusionary World)
Nagisa, Ushio, and Tomoya
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A blue, pink, and yellow Dango respectively
  • Theme Song: Dango Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Chastity Couple, Opposites Attract, Official Couple (Tomoya and Nagisa), Struggling and Succeeding to Obtain Happiness
  • Domains: Lovenote , Emotionsnote 
  • Heralds: Naoyuki Okazaki and Shino Okazaki (Tomoya's father and grandmother), Sanae and Akio Furukawa (Nagisa's parents)
  • Allies: Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi, Kotomi Ichinose, Tomoyo Sakagami, Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, Baby Bink, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, All benevolent deities in the House of Health and Diseases
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, Yuuki Terumi, Junko Enoshima, Joker, all evil deities in the Houes of Health and Diseases
  • Fears: Nurse Mildred Ratched
  • Complicated Relationship with: Johnny Lawrence
  • Clannad was notoriously known to cause many to cry at such emotional and tragic scenes. Tomoya, Nagisa, and Ushio were all chosen to represent their world because many of these heartaching events centered around them, as well as their earned happy ending. When Nagisa died in childbirth, Tomoya fell into a five year depression, which led to Nagisa's parents raising Usio. When Tomoya does take in Ushio, their relationship is initially estranged before the two reconciled, especially after Tomoya realizes he's doing the exact same thing his father did to him. Just when it looks like things are getting better, Ushio suddenly contacts the same illness as her mother and dies, leaving Tomoya grieving once again and apparently dying as well. However, meeting his daughter in Illusory Dream world, Tomoya discovers all the light orbs he collected from helping his friends and family achieve happiness by completing their goals allows him to turn back time and avert Nagisa's death, allowing the two of them and Ushio to finally earn their happy ending.
  • While normally this wouldn't be done, Tomoya, Nagisa, and Ushio come from the route in which the former two ended as the Official Couple and conceived the latter despite their world being a harem series in which Tomoya chooses which girl to date. This was done because the two getting together has Nagisa dying in childbirth, Tomoya abandoning his daughter, reconcile with his daughter, and watch his daughter die as well.
  • The parents often get harmless ribbing from others because they are seen as the most chaste couple in the Pantheon with jokes about their "lewd" hand holding.
  • Otonashi became quick friends with Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa, and due to his desire to help, finds himself often getting involved in some of their activities and understanding the pain of losing someone close. The couple feel sympathy towards Otanashi and Kanade after hearing what they went through and hope they'll be reunite in their next life. Kanade is also willing to help the couple whenever they need it.
  • The family show sympathy for Kousei and Kaori after seeing their similar struggles. Unlike them however, Kaori remains dead and Kousei is left heartbroken, so the couple didn't get a happy ending at all. They're at least relieved Kousei and Kaori reunited in the Pantheon and have a chance to start over.
  • Many deities were driven to tears about Nagisa's tragic death, but there were two gods however that found it funny and enjoyable. Yuuki Terumi laughs at how Nagisa died and how her family was doomed to a miserable demise afterwards, and even more, he likes to emulate Tomoya's voice just to hammer it down further. This proves REALLY fatal as Nagisa was too sweet-hearted that her sickness would kick about and put her in near death state that only quick treatment to the House of Health and Diseases would save her through extreme healing and mental therapy. Junko enjoyed the despair Tomoya felt at seeing his wife and daughter die in front of him, showing disgust over Tomoya was able undo these personal tragedies, though she won't hesistate to rub his initial failure as a father in his face just to reopen old wounds. Ever since then, the whole flock of Nagisa and Tomoya's friends always do their best to make sure Terumi stay the hell away from the couple and prevent them from using their methods again. Ushio is also protective of her parents and refuses to let these bad people harm them.
  • Johnny Lawrence, while a Jerk Jock, had paternal issues stemming from his stepfather. His adult life was horrible like Tomoya's, due to his mother dying before Johnny's own son was born, causing Johnny to neglect him and straining their relationship. While Johnny is trying to seek redemption, his method of teaching kids karate becomes a corrupting factor towards them, leading them to become more aggressive and strung up. Tomoya and Nagisa do sympathize with Johnny, but remain wary of his methods. The two do dislike John Kreese for how he encourages his students to become more unruly and aggressive, as well as being a horrible parental figure to Johnny.
  • As a neglected child, Tomoya Ozaki saw a lot of himself in Maise, seeing as he was on the giving and receiving end of neglect; he was barely noticed by his father Naoyuki and Tomoya himself would not pay attention towards his own daughter, Ushio, for five years. The catalyst for both of these occasions was to do with the deaths of Naoyuki and Tomoya's wives, which emotionally broke them and shattered their motivation. Knowing that Maisie would retain feeling rattled without company, Tomoya is willing to look after and play with her like he would have liked to with Ushio. With permission from Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Wix of course. He's also having Ushio hang out with her as a friend, which ended up working pretty since the two bonded over being victims of neglect.
  • Nagisa and Ushio tend to visit the House of Health and Disease due to how they both died from their illness. They quickly befriended friendly healers such as Asia Argento, SCP-2295, Tony Tony Chopper, and Baymax, as well as people with illnesses, disorders, or disabilities, such as Yukki Konno, Yune, Enju Aihara, Barbara Gordon, Wally, Frank Zhang, Nunnally Lamperouge, and Hisao Nakai. They tend to avoid people who intentionally spread disease such as Thrax or Typhus. They especially fear the likes of Nurse Mildred Ratched after seeing just how badly she treats her patients.
    • Tomoya also makes visits to the House to see if it's possible to get his right shoulder healed, making it possible to play basketball again. While there is no confirmation so far, Tomoya still visits the House of Sports to play some baseball, getting along with Babe Ruth and Michael Jordon (the latter whom sympathizes with Tomoya due to his Career-Ending Injury).
  • Exclusive to Tomoya:
    • Throughout his fairly normal life, Tomoya had lots of antics at high school, got a job, moved out, got married, and had a kid. But at the same time, Tomoya has also led a pretty soul-crushing life at the same time, his dad was abusive and often neglected Tomoya, his girlfriend couldn't graduate from high school with Tomoya and his friends because she got very sick, his wife died right after giving birth, his kid died not long after Tomoya reconciled with her. For a long time, the poor guy just couldn't catch a break.
    • Tomoya was originally the sole God of Tearjerking Games, before he eventually decided to share his title with Nagisa and Ushio when they were allowed to move in with him. Because of this, Tomoya sympathizes with other deities who had gone through a rough life just like he did, especially if they lost someone they cared for dearly or made the same mistakes he did.
    • Not long after his ascension, Tomoya became good friends with Itsuki Inubozaki as not long after becoming a hero, she became unable to become a singer because she lost her voice, much like how Tomoya was unable to become a basketball player when his father dislocated his shoulder.
      • He also quickly developed a friendship with Kamen Rider Knuckle as he was forced to give up on his dream of being a dancer because he hurt his leg.
    • If he's not in his temple, Tomoya will often be together with Nagisa, or hanging out with one of his other friends who also went to Hikarizaka high school.
    • Tomoyo found an unlikely friendship in Akeno Himejima as both hated their fathers for a long time, before finally reconciling with them.
  • Exclusive to Nagisa:
    • Upon her ascension, Nagisa reformed the drama club in the house of theater and was joined by many other deities. However none of them get too close to Nagisa as the other deities know that Nagisa is already married and even if she wasn't they wouldn't want to see her immediately die after giving birth.
      • Nagisa was originally Goddess of Club Reformation in the House of School Activities before it was decided by the Court of the Gods for her to share a House with her husband and daughter. Despite this, she is still remembered for her former title, and she still gets along with Rei Miyamoto since they both had to repeat a school year due to circumstances beyond their control.
    • Nagisa gets along well with other deities who restarted clubs that were on the verge of being disbanded such as Yui Ichii, Yuzuko Nonohara and Yukari Hinata and Houkago Teatime.
    • When Nagisa saw how much Rena loves trying to trying to take whatever she deems cute home, Nagisa was immediately reminded of how much Fuko loves trying to take her daughter Ushio home.
    • Many deities are familiar with Nagisa's stories from when she was mortal because of how infamously heart wrenching her adult life was. Just talking about it has an almost supernatural effect to bring any deity talking about Nagisa's past to tears.
    • Giving Nagisa alcohol is a bad idea due to her behaviour becoming reminiscent of a crazy person but it's admittedly amusing to see at the same time due to her craziness being the "funny haha" crazy as opposed to the "funny weird" crazy. This most likely led to her quick friendship with Rock Lee since he also has low alcohol tolerance, though his antics are seen as less amusing, especially when he's in the heat of battle.
    • It's not uncommon to hear Nagisa singing Dango Daikazoku to herself due to it being her favourite song. Some deities enjoy singing along with her because they think it's cute while others find it annoying because she does it all the time.
  • Exclusive to Ushio:
    • Unlike her parents, Ushio is a newcomer into the Pantheon and didn't have a title or House, having just ascended. Regardless, Ushio is still remembered for her personal story of her estranged relationship with her father before reconciling with him, then dying from the same illness that claimed her mother's life. The Court of the Gods were impressed by how, even in death, she managed to help her father save themselves and Nagisa from their original fate, allowing them to start over as happy family again.
    • Being a child, Ushio tends to talk with other kids her age. Some of the most notable include:
      • Nanako Dojima became best friends with Ushio, since they both have a tomboy streak (Nanako likes grasshoppers, Ushio likes toys for boys and baseball). They usually hang out the most in the House of Family, talking about their interests as well as their initially estranged relationships with their fathers.
      • Ushio finds a lot of children willing to be her friend in the House of Children. Harry shows Ushio his dinosaurs and takes her on his adventures, leaving Ushio awed by all the dinosaurs she sees. Mary Adler impresses Ushio with her intellect, finds comfort when Linus presents her a Security Blanket of her own, shows surprise with how mature Momo is, and tends to share stories with Satsuki, Mei, and Yotsuba.
      • Greatly sympathizes with Anne-Marie for wanting the love of a parent, and is ouright horrified when she learned how dogs had used her for the sake of profit. Ushio is at least glad Charlie grew to care for Anne-Marie and allow her to find a family.
      • Becomes quick friends with Cream the Rabbit, who showed her the Chao Garden near her temple. Cream offers Ushio a chance to play with her and the Chao under her care, with Ushio agreeing.
      • Yui and Ushio became good friends due to their bonds with their parents, as well as how they help their parents in their time of need. Yui was saddened that Ushio grew up not knowing her mother personally and having a strained relationship with her father, but is glad she got to earn a happy ending with them. Ushio in turn is happy how Yui found her family in Kirito and Asuna.

Zinnia, Tutelary Goddess of Post-Ending Gameplay and Content (Lorekeeper Zinnia, Higana)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Delta emblem.
  • Theme Song: The Heirs to Eternity; The Lament of Falling Stars
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Central Character After the End of the Game, Making Cameos Beforehand as a Team Magma/Aqua Grunt, Floral Theme Naming, Badass Cape, Her Mega Anklet, Training a Team of Unconventional Dragons, Limp and Livid, Using Lore and Extreme Methods to Save the World, Impolite and Reckless But a Good Person Overall, Revealing Rayquaza's History
  • Domains: Post-End Game Content, Lore and Prophecy, Dragons, Change, Thievery, Death and Mourning
  • Herald: Emma
  • Party Pokémon: Tyrantrum, Altaria, (Mega) Salamence, Goodra, Noivern, Rayquaza, Thievul
  • Allies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Hermione Granger
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Dovahkiin
  • Enemies: Pokémon Hunter J, Purple Eyes, Smaug, Ornstein, Zanza, Deathwing, Lavos, Randall Flagg, Majora, Alduin, Gwyn, SCP-1548, Ultron, Gihren Zabi, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Opposes: Deoxys, Groudon and Kyogre
  • Fears: Many ice and magic-based deities, Hermaeus Mora (yet she is rather fascinated with the knowledge he possesses)
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Wally
  • Odd Friendship: Mr. Freeze, Egil
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: White Metagross
  • Complicated Relationship: Death of the Endless
  • Zinnia is one of the last members of an ancient cave-dwelling clan known as the Draconids, who revere Lord Rayquaza as a guardian deity who is prophesied to save the world from disaster every millennium. As the Lorekeeper, it was Zinnia's duty to use her knowledge to find a way, even if it required putting the world at even greater risk, to summon and befriend the dragon god in order to once again protect the planet from an incoming meteoroid. Her first plan was to join either Team Magma or Team Aqua and help them to awaken one of Hoenn's ancient legendary Pokémon; while they succeeded, Rayquaza did not appear and the beast was stopped by an either Brendan or May. Soon after this, she gained infamy in Hoenn during a new plan that involved stealing people's Key Stones. However, she eventually gave up her role as Lorekeeper to the same Trainer who had saved Hoenn once before and set out on a journey to make a fresh start in life.
  • Her path took an unforeseen turn when she ascended to the Pantheon with her Pokémon and was given a new Salamencite to replace the one she gave to the Trainer who rode Rayquaza.
  • Was surprised to become a deity herself who could live alongside the dragon whom she worshiped, but she continues to pay her thanks to Rayquaza at its temple whenever she can.
    • Due to her own dragons being on the receiving end of a one-sided battle against the Sky-High Pokémon and witnessing its meteoroid destruction in action, she knows all too well that it is not a creature to be provoked, and is much more tentative than she normally is in its presence; even more so after she saw a version of events in the House of Prophecy where her arrogance and recklessness resulted in Rayquaza impaling her in the stomach and blasting her out of the sky.
    • Despite her religious background and cautiousness, she regularly takes enjoyment from sitting back and watching the spectacle that ensues whenever a hapless god decides to challenge Rayquaza in its Mega-Evolved state. She is also unable to help but laugh whenever she overhears anyone refer to the dragon as "Fug".
  • Has been heard speaking of an alternate Pokémon world where the war in Kalos never happened and Mega Evolution does not exist. Although there are some, including AZ, who are interested in this conjecture, the lack of definite evidence leads others to believe either that she was lying or smoking something nasty when she spouted out this idea. Due to the unstable nature of space and time within the Pantheon, however, most of the gods don't really care either way.
  • Is seldom seen without her Whismur named Aster after the person who was originally the Lorekeeper instead of Zinnia. Whatever exact relationship she had with the original Aster and the circumstances of her death are unclear to any other god in the Pantheon. Despite this, she tries her best to empathize with any others who have lost or almost did lose, anyone close to them.
    • The strong bond Zinnia shares with her Whismur has delighted N, although even he finds her tendency to refer to Aster as her "daughter" rather eccentric.
  • Learned that AZ was responsible for building and activating the ultimate weapon which resurrected his Floette but in the process killed many other Pokémon and made him immortal. While she could not condone what he did, she holds no ill will to the man he is now and acknowledges that one's goals, even if well-meaning, can result in one doing regrettable things, something which she herself is not immune to. She also admitted that she herself probably would have taken any opportunity to bring Aster back, seeing how happy AZ is now that he is reunited with his Floette, but was quickly reminded by the former King of Kalos that doing such a thing would result in more harm than good.
  • Still doesn't like Steven Stone and insists that she doesn't regret his absence from the Pantheon. She is still rather annoyed over the rumour that her grandmother called him a "silver-haired dreamboat".
  • Like most Pokémon deities, she abhors Hunter J due to her sociopathy. Aside from this reason, she takes more personal offense in J's use of a Salamence as a tool to achieve her amoral goals and has often fought the Hunter on the back of her own Salamence, who shares a deeper bond with his Trainer. This has put Zinnia in danger of having her Mega Anklet stolen or suffering a more dire fate.
  • Tracked down Wally and confessed that she was the one who once stole his Mega Pendant, before explaining why she did so and awkwardly apologizing. Wally, being who he is, was fine with it. The two are now rather amicable to one another, and have been reported saving one another from the likes of Hunter J.
  • Heard of a god that had some time prior to her own ascension arrived in the Pantheon by way of a meteoroid but was prevented from causing destruction thanks once again to Rayquaza. She eventually learned this god to be Deoxys and, needless to say, was displeased to discover the culprit responsible for threatening Hoenn with cataclysm for the past three thousand years. While some scientifically knowledgeable deities have theorized that Deoxys had wanted to visit both Hoenn and the Pantheon for non-malicious purposes, Zinnia remains skeptical about its intentions.
  • She is one of the few who takes Absol's warnings of future disasters seriously and uses them to make as much preparation in advance as possible.
  • The Mob recognised her from their adventure with a boy named Arty Haze. The look on Zinnia's face when she learned that they helped Rayquaza (also known to them as 'strssss2stt or Lord Stress) win a cuteness contest was one that the Mob demanded to be immortalized in the TPP lore.
  • Frequently found in the House of Knowledge, where she helps to document the lore of the Pantheon itself.
  • Despite her efforts to protect the world, the fact that she assisted in awakening either Groudon or Kyogre and quashed the Mossdeep scientists' attempt to prevent destruction by Deoxys' meteoroid by destroying the Link Cable intended to warp the meteoroid away (her argument being the protection of the aforementioned alternate world) has garnered some suspicion. Because of the latter case, she is kept under close surveillance during her visits to the House of Science.
  • Is an enemy to any omnicidal gods or at least those who are notoriously destructive, particularly those who aspire to their goals by means of large falling bodies.
  • She has frequently been told off by Hermione Granger on account of some of her more erratic tendencies, to which Zinnia consistently replies by telling her not to be a such a stick in the mud. However, the two have bonded over their penchant for learning and Hermione is glad to see that Zinnia's dragons are treated better than a certain Ukrainian Ironbelly was by its masters.
  • The Dovahkiin sometimes winds up taking Zinnia as a companion in quests assigned to him. Although both fight rather well together, Zinnia has expressed paranoia that he will one day kill her dragons and absorb their souls. The Dragonborn himself has admitted that this may well be why he keeps hiring her.
  • Having successfully trained and befriended a Salamence, a notoriously aggressive Pokémon if provoked (especially in its Mega Evolved state), Daenerys Targaryen has Zinnia on standby in the event that she loses control of her own three dragons. However, it is usually Dany herself who ultimately quells their rampages due to being their "mother". The queen is still thankful for Zinnia's assistance and also considers her to be someone she can empathize with in several respects, including their bonds with dragons, pressure to fulfill the duties they have taken upon themselves, and their losses of loved ones. Zinnia's quirky sense of humor is also rather effective in bolstering the morale of the Targaryen court.
    • Her presence in Dany's court has led to a friendship with Tyrion Lannister, primarily over their common interest in dragon lore. This has been to the irritation of many gods who consider the pair of them to be individually capable enough of severely pissing them off.
  • "Who am I? That's a surprisingly difficult question. ... I couldn't become who I was supposed to be, so who does that make me now? ... Haha! Whatever, right? Enough with the introspection and the soul searching... You there! Don't just stand there like a stick in the mud. Come on over and say hi."