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The Hall of Water and Moisture are represented by a massive ocean (It's actually not that big, but magic makes it appear to be that way) that has every example of sea-dwelling life known to man from several universes. This includes sea plants, of which the sea has every variant. As one goes deeper and deeper, one will find that the marine life will become more and more dangerous and vicious. The gods of water will likely have their temple located based on their alignment. Benevolent gods will have their temples closer to the surface (or even on the beach) while malevolent gods will have their temples closer to the deadly depths. It is rumored that the lost city of Atlantis is somewhere within it.


The air has high humidity, except for the beaches which is always sunny and on high tide. The coastlines are enormous, resulting in many cliffs bordering the house. Those in the Hall of Fire and Heat stay far away from this hall, unsurprisingly. No-one wants those in the Hall of Electricity to visit outside of the lighthouse.

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Intermediate Gods

    Lagiacrus and Ceadeus 
Lagiacrus and Ceadeus, Co-Deities of Underwater Boss Battles (Lagiacrus: Ragiakurus, The Lord of the Seas, Sea Wyvern; Ivory Lagiacrus: Ragiakurusu Ashu, White Sea Wyvern, The Ruler of Two Realms, Ivory Lagi, I. Lagi; Abyssal Lagiacrus: Ragiakurusu kishō-shu, Dark Sea Wyvern, Abyssal Lagia; Landconquest Lagiacrus | Ceadeus: Nabarudeusu, Ocean Dragon; Goldbeard Ceadeus: Emperor Ocean Dragon)
Ivory Lagiacrus 
Abyssal Lagiacrus
Goldbeard Ceadeus 
  • Intermediate Deities (Lagiacrus and Ivory Lagiacrus), Greater Deities (Abyssal Lagiacrus and Ceadeus/Goldbeard Ceadeus)
  • Symbol: Their respective Hunter's Guild's icons
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Lagiacrus), True Neutral unless provoked (Ceadeus)
  • Portfolio: Underwater Boss Battle
  • Domains: Sea, Bosses
    • Lagiacrus: Giants, Lightning, Leviathans
    • Ceadeus: Beards, Horns, Dragons
  • High Priests: Royal Ludroth and Gobul
  • Followers: Emerald WEAPON, Maws, The Lurker Below
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Feared by:
  • Fear: The Fatalis
  • Source of interest for: The Octonauts
  • Oppose: The House of Hunters (especially the Monster Hunters)
  • Moga Village was a peaceful fishing community that had long had a peaceful coexistence with the seas in the Deserted Islands/Moga Woods, however the peace ended with sudden tremors arriving on the land that threatened to sink the whole islands into the sea. Desperate to find and stop the source of these tremors, the Village Chief of Moga requested help from the Hunter's Guild, who sent a newbie Hunter to help investigate the cause, after the Hunter grew in his many battles into a hardened fighter, the apparent culprit was found to be a specimen of the giant leviathans, Lagiacrus, which had installed itself into Moga and seemingly drove off all other creatures from the land to keep the area to itself. The Hunter then vanquished Lagiacrus and seemingly ended the threat in Moga...
    • However, the Lagiacrus merely turned out to be an unintentional scapegoat as the tremors continued even after its defeat, the true culprit was then found, a massive Elder Dragon known as Ceadeus, whose centuries-old age had made one of its horns grow over its eye, causing it great pain and making it cause the tremors when it tried to ease its pain by using its horn to scrape the ocean floor; seeing the threat of an Elder Dragon as too dangerous for the Hunter, the Guild ordered a full evacuation of Moga. However, the Guild's representative, Aisha, decided to put her job on the line to prevent the villagers from losing their home as all of them secretly supported the Hunter's decision to take on Ceadeus despite the risk. With the help of a Shakalaka companion named Cha-Cha, who had accompanied the Hunter in their adventures, Ceadeus was relieved of its pain by having its left horn broken and beard cut off which made it retreat peacefully and peace was restored to Moga, with the Guild pardoning both cases of insubordination and Moga becoming prosperous once again.
  • In earlier times, the seas of the Pantheon suddenly grew dark and stormy the day the Lagiacrus was first sighted in the Pantheon. Many of the gods not suited to such a thing chose to stay on land until the threat could be evaluated... except for the King of the Oceans himself, Aquaman, who rose to the challenge of taming the beast to placate its threat. After Aquaman tamed the first Lagiacrus, rumors of variants of the species - one ivory-hued and the other black as the bottom of the sea - started to arise. Aquaman lead the charge in investigating these rumors and succeeded at finding these mysterious behemoths. He was surprised however, when the Ivory Lagiacrus showed that it is mainly a land-dweller and that the Abyssal Lagiacrus lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, specialized habitats were built for the creatures, with a massive shoreline styled after the Deserted Island/Moga Woods' coast for both regular and Ivory Lagiacrus to walk in, while the depths of the Temple's sea part were made to be kilometers deep to make way for the Abyssal Subspecies.
    • Later on, Aquaman noticed the Lagiacrus fleeing in panic from their Temple into other houses, they were afraid of something that had invaded their temple, an underwater creature that dwarfed all others, a God of the Seas - Ceadeus. The massive Elder Dragon scared off the Leviathans and began to relieve its pain of its horns by scratching its horn everywhere it could, causing massive tremors all over the Pantheon, and it wasn't alone as the Goldbeard variant ascended too. Aquaman was ultimately able to placate them as well and made sure to build special sections for the Elder Dragons to live in undisturbed and away from nuisances or threats. Ceadeus rarely venture outside of their temple, but on the off-chance they're a sight to behold and many Pantheon deities will try to get as close as possible to these magnificent beasts, helped by their generally docile behavior, though the Goldbeard variant is crankier and is quick to attack anything it detects making it rather unsafe to view upclose.
  • Both species of creatures are wonders of the Pantheon's waters and have become sources of interest for those who explore the marine wildlife, though always with precaution. The Octonauts, well-known ocean explorers, were some of the many interested in these creatures and from time to time have organized expeditions to their temple or any waters where they're spotted to study them, a few times they had to abandon these operations when the monsters caught wind of them and chased them out of their territory, prompting the Octonauts to leave them be.
  • Because of their history, they oppose the Monster Hunters, who will hunt them when given the chance to harvest their parts for armor and weapons; this has led to the creatures ocasionally lashing out at their surroundings due to the presence of Hunters. Other beings from their world who fear/oppose them are the Carapceons such as Daimyo Hermitaur and Shogun Ceanataur towards Lagiacrus who has encounters with them from time to time that tend to end badly for the Carapceons and Shen Gaoren with Ceadeus who can fall prey to the Elder Dragon when it visits the seas. Other deities in the House of Hunters gained this same scorn, the most notable being the ever-ammoral Hunter J, who sees value in capturing either or both creatures for clients to harvest their parts or to harvest them herself for her machines and weapons.
    • However there's one creature neither of them will ever fight: The Fatalis. Should the Black Dragon move into a territory occupied by either the Lagiacrus or Ceadeus species, all of them will flee the area and seek to get away as far as possible, with the Ceadeus species hiding in the deepest and darkest parts of the abyssal zones and the Lagiacrus species moving to places where Fatalis won't reach it. Fatalis' other subspecies also follow suit in this enmity.
  • King Kong has had some less than positive encounters with both creatures; one time he went to the House of Water and Moisture to get a drink in a lake on it and was ambushed by a regular Lagiacrus who tried to drown him, Kong ultimately won and killed said Lagiacrus before dragging its body back to his temple to eat. Later on, it almost died when it went swimming near the House of Aquatic Life and encountered Ceadeus in it, almost getting drowned by the massive Elder Dragon before fighting and fending it off with some grave injuries. Kong will not doubt about killing either creature on sight should he be aggravated by them.
  • Ultraman Cosmos and Musashi both have began making efforts to help both creatures find a permanent sanctuary in the utopic planet of Juran, where they'll be able to live in peace from threats and quiet tranquility away from conflict, the blue Ultra has also made efforts to calm them down whenever both creatures go on the rampage and send them back to their Temples in peace.
  • Exclusive to Lagiacrus and its subspecies:
    • Competes with other aquatic creatures in the Pantheon and tends to be highest on the food chain. To the Lagiacrus, the ability to produce Thunder attacks using its special organs makes the Leviathan almost unmatched in its home turf that is the seas. Its technique of creating a whirlpool to ensnare and electrocute prey and/or would-be attackers, which are powerful enough to even sink ships, also helps cement its rule. Those who are especially weak to electricity and are ill-suited to match their agility and raw power, such as the Plesioths, steer clear of it. Other sea creatures (especially those without powers) don't fare any better and it has been reported that any time that Lagiacrus swims into the House of Aquatic Life, most living beings leave the place immediately to seek shelter from the Leviathan, with only a few members of that House daring to fight Lagiacrus or its subspecies, Duke Fishron being the most consistent in warding off the Leviathan and even its Abyssal subspecies.
    • The Lagi has competition with the equally aggressive Rajang, Zinogre and Astalos for territory and prey, alongside their respective variations such as the Thunderlord Zinogre. Other rivals include the larger predatory monsters of its world that Lagiacrus has crossed paths with, among these stands out Rathalos, the flying wyvern being very prone to crossing paths with the leviathan, though their fights generally end in ties with both apex predators leaving after their brawl. Other clashes with land predators have included the Glavenus and Zamtrios, though Lagiacrus is warier of the Brute Wyvern than most others due to its sheer strength and mastery of the fire element which is its weakness; as for Zamtrios, that Lagiacrus wields its elemental weakness and is generally tougher means that the amphibian avoids the leviathan when possible and prefers to keep out of its turf, though will stand its ground should they run into the other.
    • The Brute Wyvern, Deviljho and its variants have also been encountered in its homeworld but Lagiacrus prefers to avoid them like the plague due to their power being matched only by Elder Dragons and monsters on that category, as well as their ability to displace Apex predators from their territories and even eat them after killing them. While his size and thunder element control make the Leviathan more capable of fighting the gluttonous brute wyvern more efficently, they still won't take chances except for the Abyssal Subspecies which Deviljho can't really fight.
    • It also has made a severely aggressive rival enmity with Rei's Eleking, who shows as much willingness to kill his opponents as most Lagiacrus do; though at times the Kaiju's overpowered and nearly killed the Leviathan without mercy, forcing Rei to placate it or recall it to avoid a tragedy. Similarly, the Red Gyarados has been sizing up to challenge the Leviathan to fights, aiming to combat a similarly powerful foe, even disregarding the usual weakness to electric attacks and fighting on to defeat it.
    • Much like how the Flying Wyvern known as the Rathalos is called the King of the Skies, the Lagiacrus is meanwhile called the Lord of the Seas. You will never find a Lagiacrus far from a large body of water, the Abyssal Lagiacrus in particular seemingly never leaving the seas period, much less the abyss level itself. Besides the House of Water and Moisture, the Lagi also makes its home at the House of Aquatic Life and the springs within the House of Plants. Though they spend more time underwater, the Lagi also come up to the surface to sunbathe. When visiting some of hot-springs of the Pantheon, you can sometimes find the Lagiacrus dwelling there much like it had when in the Misty Peaks.
    • The Lagis have a very antagonistic relationship with any cephalopods they encounter in the Pantheon. This is because while they tend to be at the top of the food chain of their world, they are one of the many prey of the Nakarkos, a monstrous Elder Dragon who is a giant squid that makes regular prey items out of them. This has made them attack and try to kill any giant cephalopod that dares to cross their path, as they won't take chances; among these were the Kraken who while strong is utterly unprepared to deal with the electric attacks of these titans, forcing the usually fierce sea monster to turn tail and make a run for it whenever any of the Lagiacrus set their sights on it.
    • There have been some early documented appearances of one appearing in the New World where it attacked and killed an Anjanath. There have been no further appearances after these sightings have surfaced, however. Some members from the House of Investigative Work have joined those from the House of Hunters to look further into this, though nothing has yet been seen, most now believe that said Lagiacrus was only one and unlike the Deviljho, wasn't migrating but rather ended up in the New World by accident and likely returned to the Old World shortly after.
      • It's killing of said Anjanath also netted the monster infamy among two theropods who died to underwater predators: One-Eye the T-Rex and Indominus Rex, that Lagicrus is far bigger and more powerful than their killers in the mortal world only made this fear worse, and as such both creatures avoid large bodies of water more than ever. Rexy and Speckles did not fall victim to this fate, but aren't taking chances either due to witnessing first hand how scary sea predators are.
    • In Monster Hunter: Stories, it is one of the many Monsties that Lute can tame and fight alongside with, even riding it in battle. Though Aquaman has somewhat done it prior the the Lagi's ascension, that hasn't stopped other people from trying to take control of it for their own selfish purposes, though actually controlling the Lagiacrus in the Pantheon is a difficult task because of its sheer aggressiveness due to not being domesticated and its territorial behavior.
    • Lagiacrus' Abyssal Subspecies has occasionally had encounters with the shipgirls Fletcher and Johnson during the latter's deep sea explorations, usually even the formidable shipgirls prefer to keep away from the mighty sea wyvern as its come close to sinking them into the depths. As of later, the shipgirls have begun equipping themselves with stronger weaponry so as to fend off its attacks and also look out for any signs that may give away the presence of the abyssal monster in the waters. The girls at times also ran into the Ceadeus, with similar results as well.
    • Steve Irwin was surprisingly capable of taming the giant leviathans due to their similarities to the crocodiles it tames on a daily basis, Irwin was at first unable to even get close to any Lagiacrus due to their aggressiveness but eventually managed to gain their trust with some help from Fluttershy and Eliza Thornberry who helped convey to the monsters that Irwin was no threat to them. Irwin's been making efforts to keep the monsters safe from harm and even has gained a bit of respect in their turf, with the Lagiacrus letting him and his fellow animal lovers such as the aforementioned Fluttershy and Eliza stay for some time.
  • Exclusive to Ceadeus and Goldbeard Ceadeus:
    • As some of the largest Elder Dragons they faces little competition from just about anything else in the waters, even Lagiacrus (though the Abyssal Subspecies can give it a fight). Due to this, the Ceadeuses will try to feed on anything that moves in the waters and they can catch, from small schools of fishes to large water monsters such as the Kraken, who has become a favored prey of the Dragons due to being similar to their favorite prey, Nakarkos, though given that the Elder Dragon squid can hunt their pups, the giant bearded Dragons make sure to not bring along their babies in the hunt; the Kraken itself avoids the giants like the plague, as it has found itself outmatched by them whenever they cross paths.
    • Due to their sheer size and power in the waters, they're among the few Elder Dragons or creatures that Nergigante prefers not to attack, partially because due to his body type he is unable to swim in the waters and fight the giant monsters with the same skill as it would fight other Elder Dragons with (though Nergigante has thought of looking for prey scattered by the giants' presence to pick off), the Ceadeuses themselves don't really pay much attention to their fellow Elder Dragon, as no encounters prior have been made in their world and they don't register it as a threat, and with the Nergigante's inability to truly fight them effectively, it is unlikely to ever change in that regard.
    • Ceadeus' passiveness has made him an ally in the ABZU Diver, a sea life observer who is friends with many sea creatures and loves to observe the wildlife of the seas in the Pantheon, as the diver enjoys taking a look at its habits and usual behavior whenever the giant remains undisturbed by attackers or threats; the Ceadeus has at times noticed the Diver but never turns aggressive on his presence, being aware that the diver's no threat to it nor means to be. At times the Diver has even offered help in cutting off the horns of the giant to help alleviate the pain of their growth. Princess Ariel has at times joined the diver, being awed at the magnificence of the Elder Dragon's appearance and size.
    • Captain Ahab was one of Ceadeus' first enemies to be made in the Pantheon, the old enemy of Moby Dick being disturbed to see such a large world-threatening beast arrive in the Pantheon, Ahab tried taking it on one time by getting a large fleet which to help him spear and kill the Elder Dragon, however the disturbed Ceadeus soon taught the captain a lesson that he won't forget by decimating his attack fleet and sending him packing back into his temple; Ahab still plans to be rid of the massive whale-like monster but is ensuring that his next assault has the required tools to defeat Ceadeus.
    • Duke Fishron did not take kindly to a competitor for the position of the sea's ruler, the flying abomination went on to fight the regular Ceadeus, resulting in a fierce battle that lasted days before both combatants left the scene, injured but alive and with a temporary truce reached so as long as each kept out of the other's territory, though hostilities are at risk of resuming any time soon. Some deities have even thought of using this rivalry to their advantage just in case either of the monsters goes rogue or began to threaten houses in the Pantheon. Fishron also had another showdown with the Goldbeard Subspecies though the results were the same.
    • The Ceadeuses greatly respects Godzilla and has been known to submit to the King of the Monsters' authority, though Godzilla did have to defeat it when it threatened to create massive Earthquakes throughout the Pantheon. After Godzilla managed to subdue the Elder Dragon (and then its subspecies in future encounters), he's made sure to keep it under control and even help remove its horns whenever they begin growing over its eyes, sometimes cooperating with the ABZU Diver to do so.
    • They can also be found in Boss Fights (A to M).

    Marina/Number Seven 
Marina, Goddess of Not Drowning Ever (Number Seven, Marina Of The Sea, Sea Queen, Ice Cold Revenge)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Loric Number Seven symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good; Chaotic Good at times
  • Portfolio: A Very Kind And Tolerant Badass, An Ice Person, Spontaneous Weapon Creation, Can Fix Most Medical Issues, A Powerful Telekinetic, Super Strength and Super Speed, Was Not Cared For By Her Guardian, Has A Name That Matches Her Powers, Trauma Conga Line, Traumatic Superpower Awakening, Really Wants Revenge For Her Dead Boyfriend
  • Domains: Aquatic Respiration, Ice, Healing, Telekinetic Powers, Aliens, Heroics, Revenge
  • Followers: The Beard Brothers, Aokiji, Micheal Clark
  • Allies: Houses of Heroism and Vengeance, Luke Skywalker, Katara, Elsa
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The House of Justice
  • Rivals: Jack Frost, the House of Weapon Wielding (especially Shirou Emiya)
  • Enemies: Any deity who uses high temperature as a weapon, Houses of Villainy and Betrayal, Thanos, Sheev Palpatine, 501st Stormtrooper Legion
  • Opposes: YHVH
  • Respected by: House of Health and Diseases
  • The seventh and second oldest out of nine (plus Ella) children chosen by the elders of the planet Lorien to become the new leaders of their society, Marina was sent to Earth along with the other future elders to avoid genocide at the hands of their enemies, the Mogadorians, who were Feeling Oppressed by Their Existence. Like the other children saved from certain death, Marina is one of the Garde, meaning that she possesses superpowers known as Legacies thanks to being chosen by the Entity that is the very essence of her planet. It should be mentioned that she is far more powerful than her predecessors, something that applies to the others as well.
  • Marina ascended to the Pantheon when she unlocked her last and deadliest Legacy, cryokinesis, and used it to single-handedly turn the tide of a losing battle, gouging out Number Five's eye in the process with an icicle. While cryokinesis is a relatively common power in the Pantheon, none of the others had combined it with being able to breath underwater without gills or an air supply, justifying her ascension. Sadly, her victory and ascension came at a terrible price; Number Five killed Number Eight when the latter pulled off a Heroic Sacrifice. Since then, Marina has hardly ever been happy and her old self is no longer obvious; her formerly kind spirit has been replaced by a thirst for vengeance at both the Mogs and at Number Five.
    • Her Precision F-Strike is considered a prime example of what to say to a downed and injured traitor that struck a personal blow.
  • As she is one of the most paranoid and warfare-oriented deities in her house, Marina's temple is closer to a fortress in terms of its function. Constructed as a cathedral-like ice cavern submerged except near the entrance, her corner of the Pantheon is equipped with multiple escape tunnels into the ocean, ice-based death traps, and massive stockpiles of food and basic supplies. The inner court of her temple is similar in layout to a cave she used as a shelter during her adventures in the mortal world, in which she also kept a stockpile of supplies. It's infamous for being the most inaccessible and dangerous temple, so unless Marina helps you, you will likely drown, get hypothermia, or both on your way in.
  • Mostly kept to herself until recently, not really interacting with other deities in order to avoid tipping off her (non-ascended) pursuers. As a result, everyone thought of her as "that strange new goddess that can survive underwater indefinitely", and very few realized the true extent of her powers, until she was caught training in the House of Combat. It was later revealed that she had been training secretly since her ascension, in order to make up for the 11 years' worth of training she should have but never did receive. Despite this she is a pragmatic and competent fighter with a great deal of experience.
    • Shortly after her skills were exposed, Marina vanished from the Pantheon for more than a year. She later explained that she went back to the battlefield to complete her mission on Earth, but only days after the Garde emerged victorious, she disappeared even from her close friends, with the sole exception of her herald. Marina was finally found in the South Pacific, not acting like herself and in a state of depression. When she was brought back to her senses, it enabled Marina to look beyond her temple and start interacting with the rest of the Pantheon after a year of isolation.
  • Due to her background as an alien genocide survivor and a crucial resistance member fighting against a Galactic Conqueror, Marina is a sworn enemy to the Emperor, as well as the 501st Stormtrooper Legion. The latter, especially, tends to drive her into an Unstoppable Rage on sight, as their blasters and the fact they are manufactured clones are very similar to the weapons and mass-produced nature of the Mogadorian soldiers she used to battle or flee from. The last time the 501st tried to bring Marina in to keep her out of the Emperor's hair, it ended in a brutal massacre where she stabbed, drowned, froze, or otherwise killed about half the legion.
    • Other galactic conquerors like Thanos and Omnicidal Maniac deities in general are also her enemies, for the same reasons. Needless to say, Marina is no fan of the GUAD or GUAE, either.
  • Logically, she gets along very well with Luke Skywalker, as both are Human Aliens capable of moving things with their mind that are leading a rebellion against an inter-planatary warlord. Both of them are destined to resurrect and be a part of an ancient heroic organization, and Marina is taking tips from Luke as she prepares for her mortal-world role as one of the Elders to the newly created Human Garde. She does not, however, get along with Luke's father, not only due to her hatred of galactic overlords, but also out of her disdain for traitors.
  • Another logical ally of Marina is Katara, being a fellow healer and the only other deity that combines the water & ice aspect of their house. They have been spending more time together nowadays (usually in Katara's temple) and are helping to train each other. Due to their similar personalities, they get along nicely with little friction. Because both Marina and Katara are Team Moms, they are thinking of starting a program for young or immature deities who could be trained to fight for the GUAG or otherwise made to be less haughty.
  • Her name has been the subject of a few jokes; she agrees for the most part. Interestingly, Marina never learnt proper swimming form and can barely swim well enough to stay at the surface. Ever since she unlocked her titular trope as her first Legacy, however, this has been a non-issue.
  • Wanted to fill the position for Spontaneous Weapon Creation in addition to her trope, but found out that Shirou Emiya had already taken it. The two are starting to become major rivals in training; Shirou is better at making Elemental Weapons, but Marina has the benefit of having more powers, making her the more versatile warrior of the two.
  • A talented artist who used to paint in her spare time as a mortal, Marina now spends at least a few hours every week in the House of Craft painting a mural. Said mural depicts the adventures of herself as well as the other Garde, so other deities can learn about her continuity. She also produces ice blocks for the deities who are into making ice sculptures.
  • Marina has been advocating for two other Garde with Elemental Powers to to ascend to House Nature, which would allow her to form a Power Trio with her allies: her closest friend, Number Six, and their leader John/Number Four. This will likely not happen, as there are already enough weather-related deities in the House of Nature and John is capable of Power Copying, making him potentially too dangerous for those whose ideals do not align with his. For more selfish reasons, she has also been demanding insistently that her deceased boyfriend, Number Eight, be allowed to ascend to the Pantheon. Quite a few deities agree with this decision, mostly because they just want her near-constant Tranquil Fury to stop. As for Number Five, Marina has explicitly stated that she will deliver on her above-mentioned Precision F-Strike if he ever ascends to the Pantheon.
  • Is trying to teach Queen Elsa how to forge and wield more devastating ice weapons. In return, Elsa is helping Marina get over her many losses and grievances, using her own experience with tragedies to help Marina cope.
  • Keeps a list of the worst traitors in the Pantheon so she can avoid having them as allies. For obvious reasons, she is completely banned from the House of Betrayal. This doesn't stop her from trying to impale the resident deities there with icicles from some distance away.
  • Has a complex relationship with the House of Religion and Faith. On one hand Marina is devoted to the Entity responsible for her powers, and was key to unleashing it on earth. However, much of her Dark and Troubled Past is also caused by faith: her parental substitute, Adelina, converted to Catholicism, which was the reason Marina was left untrained and neglected for over a decade, forcing her to play catch-up with far less powerful beings (though she has more than caught up by now). To add insult to injury, she was attacked by a Christian terrorist group trying to kill her because they thought of the Garde as a corrupting influence, and a similar group has sprung up recently in her continuity, making her highly opposed to religion.
  • Marina has been offered a spot as a healer in the House of Health and Diseases, as her healing Legacy is one of the most powerful healing forces in the Pantheon. She has also been asked by the leaders of the GUAG to act as the head Combat Medic. Only time will tell if Marina ever decides to go back to that role, since she is currently much more of an assassin or special agent. Her healing Legacy doubles as a Healing Factor: any injuries she receives (short of a missing appendage or outright destruction) are quickly healed when she runs her hands over them. As a mortal she has shown herself to be resistant to blasters. Nobody has bothered to test her ability to recover as a goddess, but if the reports by the 501st are anything to go by, Marina is even more indestructible these days.
    • Bizarrely, one of the things she is capable of healing is genetic augmentation. For this reason, Steve Rogers makes sure not to ever cross her, since Marina is theoretically capable of turning him back into a weakling.
  • Has a glowing blue pendant, with the Loric symbol for Unity inscribed on it. It is worn around her neck and can be used for teleportation (which Marina is normally incapable of), making it her main method of accessing her continuity from the Pantheon. Other Macguffins she owns are: the Macrocosm that shows a real-time image of Earth, a pair of Cool Shades that can see in slow motion (destroyed in combat after just one use), and a pair of Tricked-Out Gloves whose function was unknown to her (it was later revealed that they were shockwave-producing gloves).
  • Is sick of fellow deities provoking her and making her emit an aura of cold just so they can use her as a living air conditioner. Please DO NOT fiddle with her pendant if you don't want to be teleported into her continuity.

    The Nuckelavee 
The Nuckelavee, God of Not Being Able To Cross Running Water (Nuckalavee, SCP-3456 (The Orcadian Horsemen))
A painting of the Nuckelavee chasing an islander, by James Torrance
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A profile of its horse head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Being A Monstrous Horse, Summoning Plagues With Its Breath, Animalistic Abomination, Coming From The Sea, Omnicidal Maniac, Complete Monster, Body Horror, Visceral Appearance In Part By Being Skinless, Speak of the Devil, Being Enraged by Burning Kelp, Cyclops, Can Be Evaded By Crossing A River
  • Domains: Horses, Disease, Evil, Fairies, Demons, Sea Monsters
  • Allies: Nurgle, Thrax, Ganondorf, Killer BOB, the Night's King, The Kraken and similar Sea Monsters, Cthulhu, The Wendigo, The Lernean Hydra, Apophis, Anankos, SCP-106, Hexxus, the Lich, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Interested In: Ramsay Bolton
  • Enemies: Chiron, Pegasus and pretty much every equine, Several Good or Neutral-aligned Scottish deities including Tavish DeGroot, Connor and Duncan Macleod, and William Wallace, Gaea, Viridi, All Good-aligned Fairies, but especially Xerneas, All Good-aligned My Little Pony deities, The Doom Slayer, The Hunter, Ruby Rose, Corrin, Percy Jackson, The Ancestor, Ascended Mounted Combat heroes such as Link and Epona, Caeda, Sigurd and Eliwood, All deities in the the Hall of Healers, residents of the Land of Ooo, Lie Ren, Squidward Tentacles, Toxie, Guts, Farnese
  • Under Investigation By: The SCP Foundation
  • The Nuckelavee is a horse-like demonic fairy from Orkney myth which despises life on the islands, and emerges from the sea to bring diseases and death to crops, animals and people alike. It has no skin, and black-yellow blood courses through its veins. It is the worst of the fae, but there is a good way of getting around it; it can't stand freshwater. Therefore, to escape its pursuit one must merely cross a river or stream.
  • The day it ascended brought a horrific acid plague of the land which called several members of the Hall of Healers to action, which was initially Nurgle's doing. Finding no other methods around to try to cure the land and being woefully underprepared, they tried using an old-fashioned method: trying to burn seaweed to produce washing soda, which would have made the land less acidic and more suitable for life. However, the sheer amount of seaweed they had to burn incensed the beast to a a mutual grudge Healers, who see its tendencies to spread plagues as a constant threat. Nurgle, on the other hand, took a liking to the Nuckelavee due to its eagerness to spread his bacterial and viral children into the world.
  • The Nuckelavee's home is actually the sea, despite its most famous form being equine. It is relatively cordial with other beasts of the abyss such as the Kraken, and has agreed to settle any businesses they may have with any landlubbers who provoke their umbrage. The entity was twisted enough to not be driven insane by Cthulhu and wholly supports his awakening as it would bring the end of mankind. To minimize the damage the monster can cause, its temple is put in the river section of the Hall of Water and Moisture. Unfortunately it has enough support that bridges were covertly built for the monster.
  • Though it may enjoy the water, the same cannot be said for running water. Due to Percy Jackson's power over water, the Nuckelavee can't stand him, although it would rather retreat in disgust from any battle Percy challenged it to than face any fresh water assault Percy could manifest. The beast is thrown into a rage when Percy approaches it, but also whenever someone burns kelp. Squidward manages to enrage it by burning kelp salad underwater. From then on Mr Krabs banned Squidward from ever helping Spongebob cook ever.
  • The Nuckelavee is banned from the House of Plants, because its breath would cause nearly everything there to suffer all kinds of illnesses and rot. Its neighbors in the House of Beasts are wary of it for similar reasons. Its general movement in the House of Nature is limited, but these restrictions are almost gone in the Hall of Toxicity. There the horror consorts with Hexxus to pollute running water in hopes of hurting those who'd exploit its Achilles' Heel. Toxie proved immune to these efforts thanks to his toxic powers and has sworn to take down the both of them for how imicable they are to life as we know it.
  • Reacting to all this in a morbid curiosity was Ramsay Bolton as the monster not only survives, but thrives without its skin, and was born without it. The Nuckelavee, in turn, likes with Bolton's sadistic tendencies, and is interested by the similarities between the rider on its back and the remains of Bolton's victims. The Bastard of Bolton quickly recognized not only is the Nuckelavee horrific in appearance but it's personality more than matches its appearance. Its alliance to the GUAD is driven by a hatred towards all life, and it loves every moment of it. The creature has a preference for Apophis, what with it being a fellow mythological monster who wishes to kill everyone. The beast especially hates island life, and as the Land of Ooo is one huge island it galloped in joy at being able to work with the Lich.
  • As part of a macabre rendition of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse the monster attempted to turn the Headless Horseman, but he wanted nothing to do with it as the Nuckelavee scares even him. The Night's King, who shares a hatred towards life, decided to play along with the role of Death; The freezing he brings helps counter-act moving water. It considers itself for Pestilence, and Anakos War for the threat of speaking his name (as the Orkney myths often warn not to speak the Nuckelavee’s name), but earns an enemy in Corrin for taking a liking to their abusive father, and because their All-Loving Hero personality is at odds with the Nuckelavee's evil tendencies and hatred of fresh water.
  • The Nuckelavee is currently being investigated by the SCP Foundation, however, their understanding of it is that it is one of many entities of varying sizes who appear during times of mass destruction or conflict to abduct humans, yet share its weakness of rivers and streams. Due to their similar personalities and powers, it and SCP-106 have found a connection between each other and are on good terms. The horsemen rendition was complete when the Old Man showed up as Famine with a mechanical horse. Ruby Rose and her friends aided in containing the monster due to having fought similar-looking Grimm that went by the same name. Lie Ren has sworn to destroy the Orcadian Horseman outright as its ilk killed his family.
  • Ganondorf, being fond of sinister-looking horses himself in one of his incarnations, has taken a liking to the Nuckelavee. Its malevolent nature is appealing to him, and he would enjoy employing the Nuckelavee as his own steed, but he’d rather not compete for space with the human torso on its back. Killer BOB was equally pleased by the Nuckelavee, as he's the only fey capable of matching it in homicidal, sadistic depravity. Some of the myths say that it should be considered a centaur, which Chiron hates due to its destructive nature and powers over disease, and their common nature as horse-derived creatures of human myth in spite of their personalities and moralities being polar opposites. However, the Nuckelavee and the Lernean Hydra get along well, as they have their life-unfriendly breath in common with each other.
  • Farnese and Guts consider the Nuckelavee an atrocity as while it's not rapacious like an infamous horse, what it does and is is worse. The skinless monster only made itself less popular with them by approving of Griffith bringing about chaos by restoring the fantastical. Other than this it pays no mind to their world. It'd much rather hang out with Thrax as he would love to prove his meddle as a virus by becoming water-borne, as it is a Plaguemaster who'd find fouling fresh water to be very useful.

    Rain (Mortal Kombat
Rain, God of Lethal Water (Purple Rain)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A floating water bubble, surrounded with thunder.
  • Theme Song: Hydromancer
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Princes, Purple Is Powerful, Weather Manipulation, Egotistical Jerks, Kicks That Send His Opponents to the Another Side
  • Domains: Kombat, Weather, Royalty
  • Followers: Aquamaria, Hydroman
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Chuck Norris
  • Enemies:
  • Evil Counterpart to: Ororo Munroe/Storm
  • Conflicting Opinion: Prince Charmles
  • Oppossed by: The Wicked Witch of the West, Flint Marko
  • An Edenian who was orphaned during Shao Khan's invasion but later betraying his own comrades after he grew too arrogant, rain is said to be exceptional in controlling water. So good in fact that he has been able to kill a high number of people with it, often brutally. His ascension came as a surprise as no one was expecting him to show up, but he has his own insidious plans for the pantheon, as he believes that being a true god gives the privilige of being above everyone else.
  • It seems that in his absense some of his allies and foes have established themselves long before he set foot in the pantheon, and so he chose to ally himself with Shao Kahn and Mileena again. He is still very angry at being defeated by Kotal Kahn and wants revenge.
  • His control over water is superb, which makes him think he is superior over all other water users. This couldn't be further from the truth as there are other people that can keep up with him. One time Katara challenged to a duel to see if he was as strong as he claimed but to the surprise of both, they were evenly matched, which prompted the edenian demigod to declare that he will eventually defeat her in a serious confrontation. Katara herself is reminded a lot of Zuko before he became a better person when he looks at Rain.
    • Another deity who challenged him was none other than Percy Jackson, who thinks of Rain as a unsuitable ruler for his people and that for a demigod he is no special snowflake. Rain's retaliation was a fierce one, until Poseidon himself stopped the fight before anyone got seriously injured.
  • Besides his water control, Rain's powers also includes manipulation the weather like being able to summon storms at will, which were a key factor in Kotal Ketz's defeat. That's why he has been considered the Spear Counterpart of Storm, even if both consider themselves enemies.
    • That said, he doesn't exactly get along with Chaac neither. Chaac being potentially stronger than him is something that bothers him, not to mention that his Mayincatec appearance reminds him a lot of Kotal Kahn.
    • That said, the Sea King is one of those who can completely take advantage of Rain's abilities, being able to become stronger thanks to his water control and Rain summoning as well. They have fought once to a stalemate, because Rain is no slouch even without his powers given his status as a demigod.
  • Yes, he is aware that he is named after a song and would appreciate if you stop bringing it up.
  • He is known to kick someone so hard that they are sent to the other side of the screen. This Roundhouse Kick is said to be as powerful as Chuck Norris, which Rain considers quite the worthy adversary.
  • Not the only prince in the pantheon who has betrayed their close ones as he has also met with the likes of Arthas Menethil and Hans Westergard. But he mostly respects Loki, who is both someone with complicated loyalties and is from divine origin.
  • Needless to say, he hates Groudon given his ability to negate his water abilities. Thankfully if Rain has to fight him, he can keep up with him even without the use of his water powers.
  • Given what he represents, deities who are weak to water often try to avoid confronting Rain. The ones that stay away from him the most are The Wicked Witch and Flint Marko, since he could easily end them in a second.
  • It's rumored that he was given to Kotal Kahn by none other than Tanya and executed by being burned alive. While the details are uncertain, Rain stays away from the House of Fire and Heat as far as he can.

Lesser Gods

    ABZU Diver 
The Diver, Goddess of Awesome Underwater Worlds
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The collectible shells
  • Theme Song: "To Know, Water"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Awesome Underwater World, Underwater Ruins, Green Aesop, Golden Super Mode, Nature-Loving Robot
  • Domains: The Sea, Exploration, Adventure, Ecology
  • Herald: The Great White Shark
  • Allies: House of Aquatic Life (especially the Orca), The Robed Figure, Aquaman, Ariel, King Triton, Melody, Mermaid Princesses, Kyogre, Archie, Marlin, Dory, WALL-E and EVE, House of Nature Preservers
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns
  • Tolerated by: Bruce
  • Complicated Relations: Captain Nemo
  • The Diver is a robotic being whose origins are steeped in mystery. In her world, an ancient civilization thrived after finding a way of harnessing a power from the sea, and they built many beautiful things. The Diver may or may not be a leftover creation of theirs, or perhaps of their descendants, but either way, that civilization eventually perished, presumably from abusing their resources, and left the ocean to the marine life once more. The Diver somehow activated and took upon herself the task of restoring life to the sea and getting rid of the harmful remains of the previous dwellers.
  • With the unexpected help of a Great White Shark, the Diver ultimately succeeded in restoring the ocean to its natural beauty and making it full of life. After that, the Diver and the Great White went exploring elsewhere far away and stumbled upon the House of Water and Moisture, which was being badly polluted by Mr. Burns' industrial waste. The Diver and the Great White teamed up with several other water-dwelling deities and got to work in righting things. The House's waters were eventually cleared and Mr. Burns humiliated as the Diver used her powers to destroy part of his industry, with the Great White dealing with anyone who threatened her. Many Houses, especially the aquatic ones and the Nature Preservers, praised her deeds and invited her to become a god and keep watch over the oceans in all the multiverse, with the Great White as her Herald.
  • The Diver's tale almost immediately garnered comparisons to that of the Robed Figure, as they both come from worlds that were ravaged by extinct civilizations whose rise and fall can be credited to the abuse of some kind of powerful yet finite resource. Both the Diver and the Robed Figure did what they could to improve their worlds' situations, although the Diver arguably accomplished more by restoring life back to the ocean and eliminating residue, while the Robed Figure simply set Cloth Creatures free (though there wasn't much RF could've done). Both of them even interact with lost technology by "singing" at it. Their many similarities allowed them to bond and it's not unheard of for them to go on adventures together once in a while, though it's not very common either since they're made to dwell in very different environments.
  • She is a friend to all marine life and is usually found swimming alongside some member or another of the House of Aquatic Life. Even those generally considered evil or just far too hazardous by human standards are pretty tolerant of her (it probably helps that she's a robot and therefore not interesting as food). She may take advantage of her influence to dissuade the less-good marine deities from attacking humans sometimes. This is less out of concern for humans and more out of wanting to avoid their retaliation.
    • Her relationship with her closest friend the Great White didn't start off in the best way, with it actually hindering her in her mission until they had an Androcles' Lion moment, so she had no illusions about quickly becoming friends with the shark god Bruce. Still, she wasn't quite prepared for the horrible stories detailing how insane and voracious Bruce could be. She would like to be able to be a calming influence to him, but no opportunity for becoming close to him has yet arised like with the Great White. Bruce doesn't pay her much of any kind of attention and lets her hang around him once in a while, and she may be the only being who has ever accomplished such a feat without getting torn to shreds. Presumably this is due to the presence of the Great White, who would undoubtedly intervene if the Diver was in danger. Being of the same species, Bruce appears to respect the Great White.
    • She is responsible for helping the Orca to ascend, having taken pity for him upon hearing his tale and guiding him into the Pantheon before he could end his life. Since she was also able to use her powers to restore his family back to him, the Orca is quite fond of her and, given his experiences, really only trusts and considers listening to her, as far as other deities go. The Great White prefers to steer clear from this guy, given orcas can and will eat sharks, though it's never too far away that it can't fulfill its guardian role to the Diver. The Diver isn't naive about the reality of the food chain, so she understands both sides.
  • Has all-around good relationships with the royal families of aquatic kingdoms, such as Ariel's, Aquaman's and the Mermaid Princesses. They're grateful to her for her efforts in keeping the seafloor and the life dwelling there healthy. The Diver isn't much of a fighter and is probably a pacifist, so she doesn't really aid them in fighting their enemies (unless it's in indirect ways like sabotaging them), but she may help clean up in the aftermath if she's available, or calm down some sea creature rampaging in their cities.
  • The Diver caught the interest of Archie after the team leader heard of her actions to improve the quality of the oceans. While Archie may have a dark past involving wanting to raise the sea level to the detriment of those who need land to live, he's learned the error of his ways and wants to help the ocean in a more benign manner. The Diver is open to his ideas and has become pretty good friends with his Sharpedo. Archie has also told her about Kyogre, if only to ensure she doesn't make the mistake of infuriating it out of ignorance should she run into it during her explorations. The Diver in response sought out Kyogre and it turns out the sea titan is as accepting of her presence as most other marine beings.
  • Once, Marlin and Dory decided to tour her temple out of curiosity and Dory wound up wandering off by herself and predictably got lost (though her memory problem made her placidly oblivious to the fact). The Diver ran into a panicked Marlin by chance and took him with her to find Dory, which took some time but it was nothing she couldn't handle as there isn't anything that could eat Dory in the temple. Upon reuniting the fish, she mused that once in her adventure she found a pair of fish the exact same species as them.
  • Through Marlin and Dory, the Diver heard about WALL-E and EVE and she identified with them over their efforts to save a devastated world by working towards environmental restoration. In addition, the Diver finds it refreshing to find other robots who communicate with simple sounds or single words, as she finds that other deities' incessant gabbing can get rather tiring.
  • Occasionally in her travels she runs into Captain Nemo's submarine. They are at peace with each other and appreciate each other's love of the ocean depths. Although after Nemo tried poisoning her mind by saying that imperialists are to blame for the sea's pollution and that she should team up with him to take down their ships, she keeps a relative distance from him, as she doesn't feel it's her place to meddle with human affairs, but rather apply damage control whenever they mess with the ocean.

Azura, the Divine Graceful Lady of Water (Aqua, Lady of the Lake, Princess of Valla, Nanian, Dancina)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pendant
  • Theme Songs: Lost in Thoughts All Alone/if ~hitori omou~ (Smash Bros. Remix) (shared with Corrin), The Water Maiden
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Waif, Magical songs for restoration and refreshing units, Child of Two Worlds, Graceful Lady of Water, Social outcast to two kingdoms, Can activate Dragon Vein points, The Stoic, Turn-Refreshing Song
  • Domains: Femininity, Water, Mystery, Song, Magic
  • Herald: Shigure (her son)
  • Allies: Corrin (her cousin), the Nohr and Hoshido Siblings, Marth, Ike, Lucina, Robin, Eliwood and Ninian, Palkia, Kingdra, Artoria, King Arthur, Crypt Keeper, Symphogear users especially Tsubasa Kazanari, Sheryl Nome, Mei-Ling Zhou, Fuuka Akitsuki, Lisesharte Atismata, the Mermaid Princesses, the Elite Beat Agents
  • Enemies: Grima, Tenjuro Banno, Ragyou Kiryuin
  • She first meet Corrin by a lake where she tells them that she was the former princess of Nohr. She gave them the dragonstone to control their draconic power and swear to fight for them as well as hold knowledge of the hidden kingdom of Valla.
  • She, Corrin, and the royal families of Hoshido and Nohr manage to achieve world peace upon learning of the true enemy who started the war and she has since oversee and advise them to improve their relation in the Pantheon. While they were celebrating of her ascension, she went to a nearby lake and threw her pendant into it since the war was over.
  • Through her song and the pendant, she has the power to cure corruptive trances and boosting allies. She also can manipulate the water in her dances which she sometimes do to stun the audience whenever she performs (at least when everyone convinced her). She keep it at the minimum though as usage of the pendant can be costly. It was through her power and association with water, as well as her beauty, passion and gracefulness that Corrin ascended her as the Graceful Lady of Water.
    • There was one time when Mei froze the water when she was performing her song with the sprinkles around her. Mei apologized when she learned what the water were about and in some cases, the two had the similar voice when she wasn't singing. They later befriended Fuuka Akitsuki and Lisesharte Atismata for having the same voice as them. Azura formed an impressive singing duo with Fuuka and became a mentor to Lisha in the ways of royalty.
    • Though while the song can only wield its magic from the pendant, Azura still sing to others just fine so she could still use it to aid others which is known to other singers like Sheryl Nome and the Symphogear users, especially Tsubasa.
  • Due to a connection with water and a draconic heritage, she manage to connect with the Pokémon Palkia and Kingdra.
  • Her magical songs were meant to heal and refresh friends, which is a sharp contrast with Zero, whose song causes unintended side-effects of insanity.
  • Her abilities and role of giving power to a noble heir while standing near a lake gave a lot of reminscence from Artoria and King Arthur of the Lady of the Lake who gave them Excalibur… but please remember that in her case, she's just not some watery tart or moistened bint who threw/lobbed the divine Yato at Corrin, thus granting him 'supreme protagonist power' (Though she's not saying that the actual Lady of the Lake is those things).
    • She didn't do some 'farcical aquatic ceremony' either. Well, to be fair, she did something similar, which caused groans of increasing discomfort by King Garon, but that wasn't a ceremony to grant 'supreme protagonist power'.
  • Väinämöinen wanted to learn about the song to understand its magical properties. Azura not only didn't understand him, but also didn't want to tell him about the song and its effects.
  • Hearing of the effects of her songs, there have been thoughts on Azura collaborating with the Mermaid Princesses during battles by singing alongside them. Given that to use her powers too much can result in her death and that the Mermaid Princesses have no such drawbacks, she's finding this a good prospect. Oh, and the Elite Beat Agents can boost her power further; they can still dance to her slow song.
  • She enjoys ghost stories that she end up telling one story that gave the Crypt Keeper a spook. He is surprised about it and he sometimes let her to tell a story once in a while.
  • In her childhood at Nohr, she was abused by Garon's concubines for her mother "replacing" the Queen, and their kids cause problems to her which she got a scar from one of them, the Royal Siblings weren't even allowed to speak with her. As such, she felt unease towards many abusive parents and she has pitied some of the victims. Keep in mind that while she isn't most welcome in Hoshido either aside from the Royal Family, she found it better than Garon or Nohr. Thankfully, such issues aren't prevalent in the Pantheon.
  • Has gotten many an exasperated stare from members of the Pantheon from Nirn, until she explained that she was not the Azura the Adoring Fan keeps referring to.
  • Found herself ending up with a Pokémon partner after she and Popplio encountered one another, the Sea Lion Pokémon enjoying her singing and grace, as she's a reminder of what the Pokémon could be upon evolution. Azura on the other hand appreciates the Popplio's enthusiasm and potential.
  • Also holds a position in the Hall of Female Appearances.

    Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog
Chaos, Deity of The Great Flood (Chaos 0 to 6, Perfect Chaos, Big Drip, The God of Destruction)
Chaos in its base state
Perfect Chaos
  • Lesser Deity (Chaos 0), Intermediate Deity (Chaos 1-6), Greater Deity (Perfect Chaos)
  • Symbol: Its head (varying appearance)
  • Theme Music: Its Battle Themes, Open Your Heart
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Evil when provoked)
  • Portfolio: From Chao To Eldritch Abomination, Knight of Cerebus, Quiet Unless You Mess With Him, DON'T hurt the Chao!, Shapeshifter, Terrible, Ancient Floods, Outside-Genre Foe, Perfect Chaos, Destructive Rage Through Tragedy, Sealed Evil in a Can, Making a Splash, Blobby Creature
  • Domains: Floods, Water, Wrath, Chao, Mutations
  • Followers: Poseidon
  • Allies: Tikal the Echidna, We3, Eevee, Fluttershy, Cream the Rabbit, Malygos, Saint Walker, Godzilla, Kyogre, Ash Ketchum
  • On good terms with: Animal lovers like Reubus Hagrid or Philip J Fry, Red Gyarados and most monsters in the House of Aquatic Life, the House of Friendship
  • On speaking terms with: Sonic, Knuckles and their friends
  • Enemies: Doctor Eggman, Cruella DeVil, Alma Wade, Ragnaros, Enel and anyone who hurts the Chao
  • Opposes: Iroque, Typhon, the House of Hatred and Rancor
  • Good Counterpart to: Dark Gaia and Mephiles
  • Chaos was once a simple Chao, before being mutated into a strange water creature by the Master Emerald. It was a guardian to its fellow Chao and associated with the Chaos Emeralds, but the destruction caused by the Echidna Tribe sent it into a rage which thanks to said Emeralds turned it into a beast that flooded their civilization. It was sealed away in the Master Emerald, at least until Dr Eggman broke it out.
  • Depending on how many Chaos Emeralds it has absorbed negative energy from, it takes different forms. While Chaos 3 and Chaos 5 are a mystery, Chaos 1 and 2 are a bulked up version of its normal self, Chaos 4 resembles a shark and Chaos 6 vaguely resembles a frog and scorpion. Perfect Chaos is pretty obviously a wet Godzilla. It gets along with the Kaiju, given their wrathful disposition has had them play the role of villain, anti-hero, hero and sometimes something else entirely.
  • Started a trend of god-like monsters showing up and usurping Dr Eggman, at least until after Sonic Unleashed. It recognizes a lot of itself with Dark Gaia, however is considered the good version since Chaos only causes havoc when provoked while Dark Gaia is nothing but primal rage and death. And while it recognizes Mephiles aka Solaris' wrath, Mephiles' sadism is too much for it.
  • Spent 4000 years inside the Master Emerald as a Sealed Evil in a Can, with Tikal. The two have bonded on a deep level, and in one Bad Future they became one mad being; Tikhaos. Having been sealed away for so long, Typhon thought he could relate to Chaos. Chaos dislikes him for stewing in his wrath against the gods, but understands his anger and to an extent pities his lonely imprisonment within Mt Etna.
  • Said to be a God of Destruction. Beerus wasn't impressed by Chaos, though at least thinks that it has some potential. Kyogre was more favorable, seeing a fellow beast of the sea much like itself and bringer of great floods. The House of Fire and Heat dreads the idea of the two deciding to enter their house.
  • Simply defeating Chaos is not enough, one has to calm it down as well so it stops being a threat. Sonic did this as Super Sonic, calming the beast. The House of Friendship has been an important force in helping Chaos with its anger issues and keeping it placid. They hope for it to access its greater forms with a serene and compassionate mind. Iroque has tried to help, but was rejected by Chaos as it doesn't like her control of people through compassion. Saint Walker's blue light of hope was much less forceful and more pleasant, however.
  • There are some that want to exploit Chaos. The evil gods in the House of Hatred and Rancor see potential in Chaos' wrath, and want to get it mad again. Lysandre saw within the creature's past some of his own anger towards mankind, and hopes to harness Chaos as a second Ultimate Weapon. It will not end well.
  • Has a lot of sympathy towards Malygdos due to how she is also a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. Chaos thought it might get that resonance from Alma Wade, but she was too consumed by her own anger for it to reach her. Chaos got along with the House of Aquatic Life and its own house, mainly the sea monsters like Red Gyarados. At least when they aren't truly evil.
  • Do not abuse Chao in Chaos' presence, it's why its wrath was awakened in the first place. Any animal abuser tends to piss Chaos off, which is why Cruella DeVil is on Chaos' shit list. Those who are animal lovers are on Chaos' good side. Reubus Hagrid was pretty impressed by Chaos. Chaos naturally doesn't get along with those associated with fire or electricity, particularly the fire elemental Ragnaros and Psycho Electro Enel.
  • Despite the name, Chaos has nothing to do with chaos as the pantheon understands, at least outside of general mayhem when enraged. It had to decline Lucifer's offer, or the other alliance members. Would rather just hang out with other Chao. Cream the Rabbit gets along well with Chao, so she soon befriended Chaos.

Rikuo, God of Water Geyser Volleys (Aulbath, The Curiously Attractive Fish-Man)