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The House of Water is represented by a massive ocean (It's actually not that big, but magic makes it appear to be that way) that has every example of sea-dwelling life known to man from several universes. This includes sea plants, of which the sea has every variant. As one goes deeper and deeper, one will find that the marine life will become more and more dangerous and vicious. The gods of water will likely have their temple located based on their alignment. Benevolent gods will have their temples closer to the surface (or even on the beach) while malevolent gods will have their temples closer to the deadly depths. It is rumored that the lost city of Atlantis is somewhere within it.


The air has high humidity, except for the beaches which is always sunny and on high tide. The coastlines are enormous, resulting in many cliffs bordering the house. Those in the House of Fire and Heat stay far away from this house, unsurprisingly. No-one wants those in the House of Electricity to visit outside of the lighthouse.

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Intermediate Gods

Lagiacrus, God of Underwater Boss Battles (The Lord of the Seas, Sea Wyvern, Lagi, Lagia; Ivory Lagiacrus: White Sea Wyvern, The Ruler of Two Realms, Ivory Lagi, I. Lagi, White Lagia, White Lagiacrus, Land Lagia; Abyssal Lagiacrus: Dark Sea Wyvern, Abyssal Lagia)
Ivory Lagiacrus 
Abyssal Lagiacrus 
  • Intermediate God (Lagiacrus and Ivory Lagiacrus), borderline Greater God (Abyssal Lagiacrus)
  • Symbol: The Hunter's Guild's icon for Lagiacrus, Ivory Lagiacrus and Abyssal Lagiacrus
  • Theme Song: Tremble of the Sea and Land (Normal and Ivory), Devil of the Sea (Abyssal)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Prowling the Land and Seas, Crocodilian, Cobra-like, and Eel-like, Bioelectricity, Spitting Ball Lightning, Lightning Bruiser, Red Herring for the Moga Village Earthquakes, Variants with Hard Heads, Creates Whirlpools to Attack (Abyssal), Sea Dragons, True Final Boss (Abyssal only)
  • Domains: Sea, Lightning, Leviathans
  • Size: 2357.2cm - 3310.6cm (Lagiacrus); 2516.0cm - 3310.6cm (Ivory Lagiacrus); 3969.3cm (Abyssal Lagiacrus)
  • Allies: Aquaman, Bruce, Ampharos, Thor
  • Rivals: Rathalos, Rajang, Zinogre, The Gill-Man, Liopleurodon, Moby-Dick, Monstro, Red Gyarados
  • Enemies: Plesioth, Davy Jones, The Kraken
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters
  • Feared by: Pikachu, Popplio, Oshawott
  • Avoids: Akira Otoishi
  • Herald: Ceadeus
  • Followers: All other Monsters that can be fought underwater, Emerald WEAPON, Maws, The Lurker Below
  • In earlier times, the seas of the Pantheon suddenly grew dark and stormy the day the Lagiacrus was first sighted in the Pantheon. Many of the gods not suited to such a thing chose to stay on land until the threat could be evaluated... except Aquaman, who rose to the challenge of taming the beast. He succeeded, earning further respect from his House and putting his past as the Patron Saint of Stupid Powers behind him for good. After Aquaman tamed the first Lagiacrus, rumors of variants of the species - one ivory-hued, the other black as the bottom of the sea - started to arise. Aquaman leads the charge in investigating these rumors, and a habitat in this house is under construction so these majestic sea dragons can thrive. He was surprised however, when the Ivory Lagiacrus showed that it is mainly a land-dweller. And that is to say nothing at his shock that the Abyssal Lagiacrus is an ultra-deep ocean dweller (though he should have seen it coming with a name like that). He's currently also trying to figure out how an air-breathing creature manages to stay at those depths, energetically and actively hunting, for hours at a time.
  • Competes with other aquatic creatures in the Pantheon and tends to be highest on the food chain. To the Lagiacrus, the ability to produce Thunder attacks using its special organs makes the Leviathan almost unmatched in its home turf that is the seas. Its technique of creating a whirlpool to ensnare and electrocute prey and/or would-be attackers, which are powerful enough to even sink ships, also helps cement its rule. Those who are especially weak to electricity, such as the Plesioths, steer clear of it like the plague. Meanwhile Thor has respect for the beasts' ability to control electricity even if they are on dry land. Pikachu, on the other hand, is outright terrified of Lagiacrus species. Though helping to contribute in that fear is the massive size difference between the two, and that even the smalled recorded Lagiacrus dwarfs even Wailord. Popplio and Oshawott soon joined that club right after due to their own weaknesses towards electricity and have made it a point to avoid any waters the Lagis roam in.
    • The Lagi has competition with the Rajang and Zinogre to see who has the most potent electrical current among all of them, alongside their respective variations such as the Thunderlord Zinogre, for example. Eventually, other users of electricity such as Gigavolt Manowar, Eelektross, and Xurkitree got caught up in the mix, though the former is on the more hostile side of things thanks to the Reploid's attempts at stealing their electricity for himself. Cole MaGrath, being partners with Xurkitree, tends to break up the fights before they escalate into something disastrous. And it has happened to the House of Family where much of it went dark.
    • None of the Lagis want anything to do with Akira Otoishi as his Stand, Red Hot Chili Pepper, could easily empower itself from their electricity produced by them. Add in the fact they can't even perceive RHCP in the first place and that with enough power it can easily outmatch them in sheer speed they avoid the rockstar whenever they can. Good thing for Akira too; He'd rather not risk guitar his guitar smashed to pieces after the hard he did to steal the parts to make it.
  • Was mistakenly blamed for the earthquakes that have hit Moga Village. In actuality it was its Herald, the Elder Dragon Ceadeus, that caused them. It did so because of the pain surrounding the pain of one of its horns growing over an eye. The regular one still bears a grudge against the Monster Hunters because of that mistake.
  • Much like how the Flying Wyvern known as the Rathalos is called the King of the Skies, the Lagiacrus is meanwhile called the Lord of the Seas. You will never find a Lagiacrus far from a large body of water, the Abyssal Lagiacrus in particular seemingly never leaving the seas period, much less the abyss level itself. Besides the House of Water and Moisture, the Lagi also makes its home at the House of Aquatic Life and the springs within the House of Plants. Though they spend more time underwater, the Lagi also come up to the surface to sunbathe. When visiting some of hot-springs of the Pantheon, you can sometimes find the Lagiacrus dwelling there much like it had when in the Misty Peaks.
  • The Lagis have a very frosty relationship with any cephalopods they encounter in the Pantheon. This is because while they tend to be at the top of the food chain of their world, they are one of the many prey of the Nakarkos, a monstrous Elder Dragon that surrounds itself and uses the bones of other monsters it had devoured. It is for that reason why it attacks Davy Jones and the Kraken whenever it can, sometimes even waiting for more inopportune moments like when dealing with their own enemies they've made in the Pantheon.
  • There have been some early documented appearances of one appearing in the New World. There have been no further appearances after these sightings have surfaced, however. Some members from the House of Investigative Work have joined those from the House of Hunters to look further into this. No one did quite saw Sub-Species coming in the New World, nor the sudden reemergence of a fabled Elder Dragon draped in gold.
  • In Monster Hunter: Stories, it is one of the many Monsties Lute can tame and fight alongside with, even riding it in battle. Though Aquaman has done it prior the the Lagi's ascension, that hasn't stopped other people from trying to take control of it for their own selfish purposes.
  • Some deities have noticed that the Abyssal Lagiacrus shares a similar color scheme with some members of the Abyssal Fleet. Though it lurks deep enough in the Pantheon's waters to not be bothered by them or their fights with the ship girls, occasionally some members of the Abyssal Fleet such as Wo-Class may mistake as one of them before doing a Double Take.
  • Also has a spot in Boss Fights.

Nautilus, the God of Ocean Madness (Titan of the Depths)

    Percy Jackson 
Perseus Jackson, God of Water (Percy, The Son of Poseidon, The Son of Neptune, Seaweed Brain)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Trident of Poseidon.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: Summoning Typhoons, Badass Swords, Battle Couple (With Annabeth), Son Of A God, Evolving Power, Temporal Invulnerability, One-Man Army, Communication With Sea Animals, Stopping The Tides
  • Domains: Water (any kind, but especially salt water), Greek Mythology
  • Followers: Gi, Irma Lair, Sogetsu Kazama
  • Allies: Annabeth Chase, Harry Potter, Katara, Aquaman, Tytti Noorbuck, Captain Planet, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum, Poseidon his father, Jinbei
  • Enemies: Kratos
  • Opposes: Any and every Mary and Marty Sue in existence.
  • He has a natural respect for Aquaman, even serving as the lead general of his armies in fighting for control of the ocean with Davy Jones.
  • Consistently allies himself with Captain Planet in water-purifying endeavors, as he considers this extremely high up on his list of priorities.
  • Threatening anyone he considers a friend is not advisable, unless a watery grave is your preferred form of death.
  • Recently appealed to the War Pantheon to bring in his eternal love Annabeth as a Goddess of Strategy. After threatening to destroy the entire plumbing system of the Pantheon forever, the Gods of the War Pantheon agreed to meet with her. After hearing of her exploits on the Battle of Olympus, in facing the giant arachnid Arachnae, and her part in taking down the collective god Serapis, they quickly agreed to grant her rise into Goddess of Battle Strategy.
  • Used to maintain a friendly rivalry with Harry Potter.
    • However, it is recently suggested that the two had a team up against two common enemies: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, and now actually respect one another.
    • After that, the Protectors of the Plot Continuum offered him to join in their group. Percy proudly accepts and now is hunting every Sue-ish Deity in existence.
  • At first he was royally pissed off at Kratos for killing his father. But then he realized that that version of Posideon was much more monstrous than his father was, and now bears a grudging respect for him.
    • He has a conflicting opinion of his son, Atreus.
  • As of late, Percy has been learning lessons from a new teacher of sorts, that being Jinbei. While Percy possessed a natural inclination toward the manipulation water, seeing what Jinbei can do with Fishman Karate and Fishman Jujitsu impressed him. So much that he went to the Fishman to learn some of the basics of Fishman Karate and Fishman Jujitsu. Jinbei is quite impressed by his capabilities and finding him a good heroic young man.

    Rain (Mortal Kombat
Rain, God of Lethal Water (Purple Rain)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A floating water bubble, surrounded with thunder.
  • Theme Song: Hydromancer
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Princes, Purple Is Powerful, Weather Manipulation, Egotistical Jerks, Kicks That Send His Opponents to the Another Side
  • Domains: Kombat, Weather, Royalty
  • Followers: Aquamaria, Hydroman
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Chuck Norris
  • Enemies:
  • Evil Counterpart to: Ororo Munroe/Storm
  • Conflicting Opinion: Prince Charmles
  • Oppossed by: The Wicked Witch of the West, Flint Marko
  • An Edenian who was orphaned during Shao Khan's invasion but later betraying his own comrades after he grew too arrogant, rain is said to be exceptional in controlling water. So good in fact that he has been able to kill a high number of people with it, often brutally. His ascension came as a surprise as no one was expecting him to show up, but he has his own insidious plans for the pantheon, as he believes that being a true god gives the privilige of being above everyone else.
  • It seems that in his absense some of his allies and foes have established themselves long before he set foot in the pantheon, and so he chose to ally himself with Shao Kahn and Mileena again. He is still very angry at being defeated by Kotal Kahn and wants revenge.
  • His control over water is superb, which makes him think he is superior over all other water users. This couldn't be further from the truth as there are other people that can keep up with him. One time Katara challenged to a duel to see if he was as strong as he claimed but to the surprise of both, they were evenly matched, which prompted the edenian demigod to declare that he will eventually defeat her in a serious confrontation. Katara herself is reminded a lot of Zuko before he became a better person when he looks at Rain.
    • Another deity who challenged him was none other than Percy Jackson, who thinks of Rain as a unsuitable ruler for his people and that for a demigod he is no special snowflake. Rain's retaliation was a fierce one, until Poseidon himself stopped the fight before anyone got seriously injured.
  • Besides his water control, Rain's powers also includes manipulation the weather like being able to summon storms at will, which were a key factor in Kotal Ketz's defeat. That's why he has been considered the Spear Counterpart of Storm, even if both consider themselves enemies.
    • That said, he doesn't exactly get along with Chaac neither. Chaac being potentially stronger than him is something that bothers him, not to mention that his Mayincatec appearance reminds him a lot of Kotal Kahn.
    • That said, the Sea King is one of those who can completely take advantage of Rain's abilities, being able to become stronger thanks to his water control and Rain summoning as well. They have fought once to a stalemate, because Rain is no slouch even without his powers given his status as a demigod.
  • Yes, he is aware that he is named after a song and would appreciate if you stop bringing it up.
  • He is known to kick someone so hard that they are sent to the other side of the screen. This Roundhouse Kick is said to be as powerful as Chuck Norris, which Rain considers quite the worthy adversary.
  • Not the only prince in the pantheon who has betrayed their close ones as he has also met with the likes of Arthas Menethil and Hans Westergard. But he mostly respects Loki, who is both someone with complicated loyalties and is from divine origin.
  • Needless to say, he hates Groudon given his ability to negate his water abilities. Thankfully if Rain has to fight him, he can keep up with him even without the use of his water powers.
  • Given what he represents, deities who are weak to water often try to avoid confronting Rain. The ones that stay away from him the most are The Wicked Witch and Flint Marko, since he could easily end them in a second.
  • It's rumored that he was given to Kotal Kahn by none other than Tanya and executed by being burned alive. While the details are uncertain, Rain stays away from the House of Fire & Heat as far as he can.

Lesser Gods

    ABZU Diver 
The Diver, Goddess of Awesome Underwater Worlds
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The collectible shells
  • Theme Song: "To Know, Water"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Awesome Underwater World, Underwater Ruins, Green Aesop, Golden Super Mode, Nature-Loving Robot
  • Domains: The Sea, Exploration, Adventure, Ecology
  • Herald: The Great White Shark
  • Allies: House of Aquatic Life (especially the Orca), The Robed Figure, Aquaman, Ariel, King Triton, Melody, Mermaid Princesses, Kyogre, Archie, Marlin, Dory, WALL-E and EVE, House of Nature Preservers
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns
  • Tolerated by: Bruce
  • Complicated Relations: Captain Nemo
  • The Diver is a robotic being whose origins are steeped in mystery. In her world, an ancient civilization thrived after finding a way of harnessing a power from the sea, and they built many beautiful things. The Diver may or may not be a leftover creation of theirs, or perhaps of their descendants, but either way, that civilization eventually perished, presumably from abusing their resources, and left the ocean to the marine life once more. The Diver somehow activated and took upon herself the task of restoring life to the sea and getting rid of the harmful remains of the previous dwellers.
  • With the unexpected help of a Great White Shark, the Diver ultimately succeeded in restoring the ocean to its natural beauty and making it full of life. After that, the Diver and the Great White went exploring elsewhere far away and stumbled upon the House of Water and Moisture, which was being badly polluted by Mr. Burns' industrial waste. The Diver and the Great White teamed up with several other water-dwelling deities and got to work in righting things. The House's waters were eventually cleared and Mr. Burns humiliated as the Diver used her powers to destroy part of his industry, with the Great White dealing with anyone who threatened her. Many Houses, especially the aquatic ones and the Nature Preservers, praised her deeds and invited her to become a god and keep watch over the oceans in all the multiverse, with the Great White as her Herald.
  • The Diver's tale almost immediately garnered comparisons to that of the Robed Figure, as they both come from worlds that were ravaged by extinct civilizations whose rise and fall can be credited to the abuse of some kind of powerful yet finite resource. Both the Diver and the Robed Figure did what they could to improve their worlds' situations, although the Diver arguably accomplished more by restoring life back to the ocean and eliminating residue, while the Robed Figure simply set Cloth Creatures free (though there wasn't much RF could've done). Both of them even interact with lost technology by "singing" at it. Their many similarities allowed them to bond and it's not unheard of for them to go on adventures together once in a while, though it's not very common either since they're made to dwell in very different environments.
  • She is a friend to all marine life and is usually found swimming alongside some member or another of the House of Aquatic Life. Even those generally considered evil or just far too hazardous by human standards are pretty tolerant of her (it probably helps that she's a robot and therefore not interesting as food). She may take advantage of her influence to dissuade the less-good marine deities from attacking humans sometimes. This is less out of concern for humans and more out of wanting to avoid their retaliation.
    • Her relationship with her closest friend the Great White didn't start off in the best way, with it actually hindering her in her mission until they had an Androcles' Lion moment, so she had no illusions about quickly becoming friends with the shark god Bruce. Still, she wasn't quite prepared for the horrible stories detailing how insane and voracious Bruce could be. She would like to be able to be a calming influence to him, but no opportunity for becoming close to him has yet arised like with the Great White. Bruce doesn't pay her much of any kind of attention and lets her hang around him once in a while, and she may be the only being who has ever accomplished such a feat without getting torn to shreds. Presumably this is due to the presence of the Great White, who would undoubtedly intervene if the Diver was in danger. Being of the same species, Bruce appears to respect the Great White.
    • She is responsible for helping the Orca to ascend, having taken pity for him upon hearing his tale and guiding him into the Pantheon before he could end his life. Since she was also able to use her powers to restore his family back to him, the Orca is quite fond of her and, given his experiences, really only trusts and considers listening to her, as far as other deities go. The Great White prefers to steer clear from this guy, given orcas can and will eat sharks, though it's never too far away that it can't fulfill its guardian role to the Diver. The Diver isn't naive about the reality of the food chain, so she understands both sides.
  • Has all-around good relationships with the royal families of aquatic kingdoms, such as Ariel's, Aquaman's and the Mermaid Princesses. They're grateful to her for her efforts in keeping the seafloor and the life dwelling there healthy. The Diver isn't much of a fighter and is probably a pacifist, so she doesn't really aid them in fighting their enemies (unless it's in indirect ways like sabotaging them), but she may help clean up in the aftermath if she's available, or calm down some sea creature rampaging in their cities.
  • The Diver caught the interest of Archie after the team leader heard of her actions to improve the quality of the oceans. While Archie may have a dark past involving wanting to raise the sea level to the detriment of those who need land to live, he's learned the error of his ways and wants to help the ocean in a more benign manner. The Diver is open to his ideas and has become pretty good friends with his Sharpedo. Archie has also told her about Kyogre, if only to ensure she doesn't make the mistake of infuriating it out of ignorance should she run into it during her explorations. The Diver in response sought out Kyogre and it turns out the sea titan is as accepting of her presence as most other marine beings.
  • Once, Marlin and Dory decided to tour her temple out of curiosity and Dory wound up wandering off by herself and predictably got lost (though her memory problem made her placidly oblivious to the fact). The Diver ran into a panicked Marlin by chance and took him with her to find Dory, which took some time but it was nothing she couldn't handle as there isn't anything that could eat Dory in the temple. Upon reuniting the fish, she mused that once in her adventure she found a pair of fish the exact same species as them.
  • Through Marlin and Dory, the Diver heard about WALL-E and EVE and she identified with them over their efforts to save a devastated world by working towards environmental restoration. In addition, the Diver finds it refreshing to find other robots who communicate with simple sounds or single words, as she finds that other deities' incessant gabbing can get rather tiring.
  • Occasionally in her travels she runs into Captain Nemo's submarine. They are at peace with each other and appreciate each other's love of the ocean depths. Although after Nemo tried poisoning her mind by saying that imperialists are to blame for the sea's pollution and that she should team up with him to take down their ships, she keeps a relative distance from him, as she doesn't feel it's her place to meddle with human affairs, but rather apply damage control whenever they mess with the ocean.

Ariel, Goddess of Spectacular Emergence
  • Theme Song: Part of Your World
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Purple Seashell Bra.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mermaids, Princesses, Devil Deals, Those Who Wanted To Become Human, Those with Overprotective Dads Who Mean Well, Sporting Perky Bivalves, Singing.
  • Domains: Water, Seafolk, Ocean.
  • Followers: Madison, San Seto, Nami the Tidecaller, Splash Woman, Wakasagihime.
  • Allies: Prince Eric (her husband), Melody (her daughter), King Triton (her father), Aquaman, Rikuo, Percy Jackson, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Lucia Nanami, Sly Cooper, The Good Gods of the House of Royalty (including many of her fellow Disney Princesses), Jinbei
  • Enemies: Ursula (aunt), Morgana, Marina, Meroune Lorelei (though, it is one-sided to Mero).
  • Lucia Nanami started out as a follower of Ariel before ascending to the Pantheon herself int the House of Music before later transferring over to Personal Appearance with the rest of her fellow Mermaid Princesses. The two still get together on occasion and gossip about their respective countries and princes.
  • Ariel is a distinguished member of the Disney Princesses.
  • Meroune Lorelei reserves a hatred of Ariel intense enough to boil water. Ariel doesn't really reciprocate: she's more confused as to why Meroune feels such ire toward her.
  • Ariel shares a strong friendship with Sora, due to their common interests, including their desires to explore other worlds. They've also helped each other out often, mainly in combat or getting loot. Also, Sora once saved Ariel from drowning, after she was turned into a human by Ursula.
  • Sly Cooper also seems to get along with Ariel. Often, whenever he finds invaluable items within a criminal's stash, Sly would just give it to Ariel via Scuttle, knowing that she would take great interest. Even if Sly could turn himself into an aquatic creature to visit Atlantica, he'd still be unable to swim.
  • To the surprise of many deities, Ariel's teenage daughter Melody ascended into the pantheon as a goddess, despite her only appearance being rejected by many. However, Melody herself provided to be a fan favorite thanks to her voice.
    • Even before she ascended in, Melody became a professional Blitzball player for Atlantica, and is even the team captain! Ariel is very proud of her daughter for this achievement.
    • Ariel was overjoyed when her husband, Prince Eric, ascended to the Pantheon.
  • One person noted that technically speaking, she and Hercules (at least the Disney incarnation) are cousins once removed, given that her father King Triton is son of Poseidon, who is brother to Zeus, who is father to Hercules. Of course, this doesn't matter much.
  • Ariel never thought she would befriend a pirate, yet she did so through the Fishman pirate and Straw Hat member, Jinbei. What helped was her admiration for his noble personality, his actions in protecting merfolk along with how he tried to right wrongs. She did try to use her status as princess to pardon his crimes, but Jinbei turned it down, noting he was ultimately a pirate. He does admire how far she went for her love and he considered her to be a good role model for Princess Shirahoshi should she ascend to the Pantheon.

    Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog
Chaos, Deity of The Great Flood (Chaos 0 to 6, Perfect Chaos, Big Drip, The God of Destruction)
Chaos in its base state
Perfect Chaos
  • Lesser Deity (Chaos 0), Intermediate Deity (Chaos 1-6), Greater Deity (Perfect Chaos)
  • Symbol: Its head (varying appearance)
  • Theme Music: Its Battle Themes, Open Your Heart
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Evil when provoked)
  • Portfolio: From Chao To Eldritch Abomination, Knight of Cerebus, Quiet Unless You Mess With Him, DON'T hurt the Chao!, Shapeshifter, Terrible, Ancient Floods, Outside-Genre Foe, Perfect Chaos, Destructive Rage Through Tragedy, Sealed Evil in a Can, Making a Splash, Blobby Creature
  • Domains: Floods, Water, Wrath, Chao, Mutations
  • Followers: Poseidon
  • Allies: Tikal the Echidna, We3, Eevee, Fluttershy, Cream the Rabbit, Malygos, Saint Walker, Godzilla, Kyogre, Ash Ketchum
  • On good terms with: Animal lovers like Reubus Hagrid or Philip J Fry, Red Gyarados, Lapras and most monsters in the House of Aquatic Life, the House of Friendship
  • On speaking terms with: Sonic, Knuckles and their friends
  • Enemies: Doctor Eggman, Cruella DeVil, Alma Wade, Ragnaros, Enel and anyone who hurts the Chao
  • Opposes: Iroque, Typhon, the House of Hatred
  • Good Counterpart to: Dark Gaia and Mephiles
  • Chaos was once a simple Chao, before being mutated into a strange water creature by the Master Emerald. It was a guardian to its fellow Chao and associated with the Chaos Emeralds, but the destruction caused by the Echidna Tribe sent it into a rage which thanks to said Emeralds turned it into a beast that flooded their civilization. It was sealed away in the Master Emerald, at least until Dr Eggman broke it out.
  • Depending on how many Chaos Emeralds it has absorbed negative energy from, it takes different forms. While Chaos 3 and Chaos 5 are a mystery, Chaos 1 and 2 are a bulked up version of its normal self, Chaos 4 resembles a shark and Chaos 6 vaguely resembles a frog and scorpion. Perfect Chaos is pretty obviously a wet Godzilla. It gets along with the Kaiju, given their wrathful disposition has had them play the role of villain, anti-hero, hero and sometimes something else entirely.
  • Started a trend of god-like monsters showing up and usurping Dr Eggman, at least until after Sonic Unleashed. It recognizes a lot of itself with Dark Gaia, however is considered the good version since Chaos only causes havoc when provoked while Dark Gaia is nothing but primal rage and death. And while it recognizes Mephiles aka Solaris' wrath, Mephiles' sadism is too much for it.
  • Spent 4000 years inside the Master Emerald as a Sealed Evil in a Can, with Tikal. The two have bonded on a deep level, and in one Bad Future they became one mad being; Tikhaos. Having been sealed away for so long, Typhon thought he could relate to Chaos. Chaos dislikes him for stewing in his wrath against the gods, but understands his anger and to an extent pities his lonely imprisonment within Mt Etna.
  • Said to be a God of Destruction. Beerus wasn't impressed by Chaos, though at least thinks that it has some potential. Kyogre was more favorable, seeing a fellow beast of the sea much like itself and bringer of great floods. The House of Fire & Heat dreads the idea of the two deciding to enter their house.
  • Simply defeating Chaos is not enough, one has to calm it down as well so it stops being a threat. Sonic did this as Super Sonic, calming the beast. The House of Friendship has been an important force in helping Chaos with its anger issues and keeping it placid. They hope for it to access its greater forms with a serene and compassionate mind. Iroque has tried to help, but was rejected by Chaos as it doesn't like her control of people through compassion. Saint Walker's blue light of hope was much less forceful and more pleasant, however.
  • There are some that want to exploit Chaos. The evil gods in the House of Hatred see potential in Chaos' wrath, and want to get it mad again. Lysandre saw within the creature's past some of his own anger towards mankind, and hopes to harness Chaos as a second Ultimate Weapon. It will not end well.
  • Has a lot of sympathy towards Malygdos due to how she is also a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. Chaos thought it might get that resonance from Alma Wade, but she was too consumed by her own anger for it to reach her. Chaos got along with the House of Aquatic Life and its own house, mainly the sea monsters like Red Gyarados. At least when they aren't truly evil.
  • Do not abuse Chao in Chaos' presence, it's why its wrath was awakened in the first place. Any animal abuser tends to piss Chaos off, which is why Cruella DeVil is on Chaos' shit list. Those who are animal lovers are on Chaos' good side. Reubus Hagrid was pretty impressed by Chaos. Chaos naturally doesn't get along with those associated with fire or electricity, particularly the fire elemental Ragnaros and Psycho Electro Enel.
  • Despite the name, Chaos has nothing to do with chaos as the pantheon understands, at least outside of general mayhem when enraged. It had to decline Lucifer's offer, or the other alliance members. Would rather just hang out with other Chao. Cream the Rabbit gets along well with Chao, so she soon befriended Chaos.

    Davy Jones 
Davy Jones, Avatar of the Drowning Sea (Ruler of the Ocean Depths, Lord of the Deep, Lord of the Locker, Lord of the Sea, Devil of the Seas, Old Hob, Fishface, Vile Squidman, Captain Calamari)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A pipe organ
  • Theme Song: Davy Jones's Locker
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Rain Battles, Cool Boats, Flying Dutchman, Knights Of Cerebus, Nihilism
  • Domain: Watery Death, Ocean, Animal, Water, Despair, Rage
  • Allies: The Kraken, Tidehunter, Satan, Gabriel Belmont, Ika Musume
  • Enemies: Jack Sparrow, William and Elizabeth Turner, Sora, the entire House of Love
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Risky Boots.
  • As an ocean-based incarnation of The Grim Reaper, he's more under the orders of Death of The Endless rather than Aquaman, but since Aquaman's very domain is water, he has to cooperate with him and make sure not to step out of line. And of course, there HAS to be an evil god of the sea.
  • Since Altaïr cannot swim, anyone who dies in water is recruited by Davy Jones. His successor Ezio, however, can swim, although Jones has long asserted his control and so the Assassin can't 'compete'.
  • Davy Jones and Aquaman are in constant competition for control over the waters of the virtual realms. It is thanks to the spite of Davy Jones that so many video game characters may be claimed so easily by the waves despite their great power and skill. His influence in this area has been waning recently, much to his displeasure.
  • An easy way to bring more anger out of him is the mention anything to do with love.
  • One of the few people that Jack Sparrow fears.
  • He has gained a strange sort of friendship with Gabriel due to their understandings of what Love can do to a person and how they became monsters because of it.
  • At the same time it seems that he has worked a sort of deal with Satan and is willing to ally with him in order to spread Cruelty and Despair to The Pantheon. "Life is cruel, Why should the Pantheon be any different!?"
  • Currently in his locker is LeFwee, who claimed to have been the "smartest man of the seven seas" until Penelope defeated him in a duel and fed him to hungry sharks. LeFwee is currently plotting his revenge on both Jones and Penelope for taking his title away and sending him to his death, respectively, but first, he must find a way to escape the locker.
  • "Do you fear Death?"

Rikuo, God of Water Geyser Volleys (Aulbath, The Curiously Attractive Fish-Man)


    Pi and Richard Parker 
Pi and Richard Parker, Gods of Shipwreck Survivors (Pi: Piscine Molitor Patel; Richard Parker: Thirsty)
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Richard Parker
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Richard Parker himself
  • Theme Song: "Pi's Lullaby"
  • Alignment: Pi is Neutral Good, Richard Parker is True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Drifted in a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean for a long time
  • Domains: Sea, Survival, Faith, Tigers
  • High Priests: The cast of Lifeboat
  • Allies: Aslan, David Attenborough, Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Mowgli, Rose Bukater, Jack Dawson, Calvin and Hobbes
  • Enemies: YHVH, Shere Khan, The Hyenas
  • Fear: SCP-169
  • Pi Patel grew up in Pondicherry, where his family owned a zoo. When Pi was nearly adult, the family decided to take their business and move to America across the Pacific ocean. Unfortunately, the boat they were on was caught in a violent storm and sunk, with Pi as the only survivor. Well, the only human one. He found himself sharing his lifeboat with a fully grown Bengal tiger called Richard Parker, who used to live at the zoo. Although Pi had opportunities to kill him and make himself safer, he could never bring himself to do so, so they became unlikely, if not one-sided, comrades in survival. After 227 days drifting on the Pacific, they reached American shores. Richard Parker disappeared into a forest and was never heard from again, while Pi went on to live a fulfilling life in Canada.
  • Pi got into the Pantheon at the invitation of Aslan, who was impressed with the boy's steadfastness, his compassion towards Richard Parker, and how he endured his faith being tested in his harrowing adventure. Pi Patel was remarkably accepting of Aslan, which isn't surprising given how open-minded he is about such matters, but mostly he was fascinated with the concept of the Pantheon upon hearing of it and thought he must see it for himself, so he accepted. He was especially interested in the Houses of Faith and Beast, given his deep interest in religion and animals, and was offered a spot in the Pantheon so he spend time exploring them and other things that caught his interest more thoroughly. Hearing that the domain being offered to him was Lost at Sea made him think that Richard Parker should be at his side as well, but he thought it'd be impossible and let it be.
    • Pi loves to talk about Richard Parker and how he wouldn't be who he was without his influence to anyone who'll listen. Deities who are particularly interested in his relationship with the tiger, namely animal lovers Steve Irwin and Eliza Thornberry, who brought up the idea of having Richard Parker share Pi's godhood. Pi was surprised, but liked the idea as he wanted very much to see Richard Parker again. Pi's familiar presence, Steve's expertise and Eliza's ability to talk to animals ensured that Richard Parker's ascension happened without much trouble. Though, given he's not a tame animal at all, Eliza had to force him to promise not to ever attack Pi, upon pain of divine punishment. Richard Parker does seem to have benign feelings for Pi, but just in case.
  • Richard Parker cares about Pi in his own way, but he's still a wild animal (not to mention tigers are solitary by nature) and so he tends to disappear from their temple for long periods of time. Pi's opinion on this behavior is that it's not that different from house cats and it'd be a sin to try to tether a creature like Richard Parker. The tiger's exploits in the Pantheon's wilds have meanwhile become an object of interest to David Attenborough, who's happy to narrate documentaries about him. These documentaries are in turn fascinating to Pi, who became friends with the wildlife narrator, and the two have frequent conversations about the animals they love so much.
  • While observing animals by himself in the House of Nature, he met a fellow Indian boy called Mowgli and discovered he had his own special connection to animals, having been raised by wolves and having a bear and panther for best friends. Pi finds this fantastic and is having ideas of writing a thesis on the subject of wild children and the animals that adopt them, so he often visits the place and has become something of a big brother figure to Mowgli. Though, Pi admits he is a little jealous of Mowgli's ease at interacting with animals, wishing he could understand Richard Parker as he or Eliza do.
    • Unfortunately, Mowgli hasn't had the best experience with tigers, with his worst enemy being Shere Khan. The human-hating tiger himself was interested in Richard Parker, given they're the same species and Shere Khan thought he might make a powerful and ferocious ally that could compensate for his shortcomings. Richard Parker at first didn't mind his presence, as Shere Khan gave him some hunting tips. He was also indifferent to Shere Khan's casual remarks about his distate for humans. However when Shere Khan finally suggested something to the effect of getting rid of Pi to liberate Richard Parker, the latter snarled and lashed out at him, making it clear the boy was off-limits. After a scuffle that Richard Parker won, a disappointed and enraged Shere Khan cut off ties with who he termed a vegetarian man-cub's pet and a disgrace to tigers, and promised the two would be among the first to go when the time when he can exact his ambitions comes.
  • Having spent his childhood in a zoo, Pi is fond of most animals. However if there's one species of animal he truly despises, that is the hyena. Part of this has to do with an hyena initially sharing the lifeboat with Pi, alongside a zebra and an orangutan, both of which the hyena killed, much to Pi's rage and the hyena's demise at the paws of Richard Parker. However Pi didn't have a great opinion of hyenas even before then, and the three hyena deities in the Pantheon don't exactly do much to change his perception of them. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed don't like Pi either for his opinions on them being the same as their lion archnemeses (and basically every other animal in their universe). However they're sure Pi would sick Richard Parker on them (as they are under the impression that Pi has a lot more control over Richard Parker than he actually does), and the tiger terrifies them, so they just avoid making waves.
  • The two being involved in a shipwreck caught the interest of Rose Bukater and Jack Dawson, themselves well-known for being passengers on the ill-fated Titanic. Pi and Rose understand each other well for the pain of losing loved ones in such a disaster (as Pi lost his whole family), but still being strong enough to move on and doing amazing things with their lives. Both Rose and Jack are amazed by his ingenuity in surviving in a small lifeboat with a tiger. Jack has also made a drawing of Pi and Richard Parker that hangs in the walls of their temple.
  • Pi has a deep interest in religion and adheres to three: Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. He respects atheists since he thinks atheism is also a form of belief, but can't stand agnostics, thinking of them as wishy-washy. He's also a professor of theology and sometimes holds seminars in the House of School. Pi's openness towards so many beliefs puts him well at home in the Pantheon for obvious reasons, but one god who refuses to accept his views is YHVH, since he thinks of himself as the absolute God and those who don't submit exclusively to him deserve to eradicated. Pi's opinion on him is pretty much that he's not the real God the many religious texts he has studied have told him about (which isn't incorrect) and that a tyrant as vain as him is not worth worshipping.
  • The concept of a boy having a tiger companion has drawn a lot of joking comparisons to Calvin and Hobbes. So it eventually happened that Calvin marched up to the two's temple, saying Hobbes wanted to meet Richard Parker and speak from one tiger to another. Pi was somewhat worried Richard Parker would just chew on what looked like a stuff toy to him, but Calvin insisted it was important, so he reluctantly acquiesced. Richard Parker simply sniffed the toy and settled down in front of it and Calvin assured him the tigers were talking. Calvin surmised it would take a while and so spent the night at the temple, and Pi found how Calvin was an engaging conversationalist and how they share a lot of topics of interest, especially given he is only six years old. The next day, Richard Parker was gone and Pi was astonished nothing had happened to Hobbes, though he concluded that the stuffed toy must have something wonderous to him after all. Just another mystery of life. He invited Calvin to come again, which Calvin says he will, since Hobbes would like to see Richard Parker again and Calvin himself thinks Pi is pretty cool.
  • Pi felt disturbed hearing of a giant turtle monster that was so big and shaped in such a way, it could easily be mistaken for an island. This gave him flashbacks of his time on an island that was alive and feasted on any creature foolish enough not to sleep on the trees. Although there's no confirmation that SCP-169 is as dangerous, that's only because it's asleep, and nobody really knows what might happen if it wakes up. Pi finds himself praying that day never comes.


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