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Greater Gods

    Baal (Diablo
Baal, God of Annoying Boss Battles (Tor'Baalos, The Lord of Destruction, Bala, Spirit of Creation, Excidium)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His insignia
  • Theme Song: Baal's theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: An Ice Person, Ax-Crazy, The Berserker, Big Bad, Evil Laugh, Spider People
  • Domains: Destruction, Demons, Possession, Death, Carnage.
  • Allies: Diablo (His brother), Mephisto (His other brother), Most evil aligned demons, Gul'dan, Ten Commandments.
  • Rivals: Azmodan, The other Baal, Beerus
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Arachnophobes, Anyone tied with Magic or Made of Magic
  • Fascinated by: The House of Ruin and Destruction
  • Baal is one of the three prime evils of the world of Sanctuary and one of the most physically powerful given his domain being destruction. Baal wants nothing more than to kill and destroy everything that opposes him and that's why he wanted to corrupt the worldstone and enslave humanity, but his plans were foiled by Tyrael and some adventurers.
  • Diablo was glad his brother was able to join him in the conquest of the pantheon, but Baal was a little suspicious of his younger brother, because he knows that back in Sanctuary he used his essence and of the other great evils to become the Prime Evil. However, they still share the same goals and so they allied once more....for a while at least.
  • One of the main reason behind Baal's ascension was that according to the adventures that faced him back in Sanctuary, most said he was very frustrating to fight, with a myriad of abilities that would confuse and irritate anyone in the pantheon. They also said he has a very annoying laugh.
  • He first ascended into the pantheon after hearing about it from his brother Diablo and quickly stormed it looking to making it his domain. However, we was stopped eventually by the GUAG with the help from Tyrael, the Nephalem and Xul. He has special disdain for the last one since he was one of the adventurers that defeated him back in sanctuary.
  • His general arachnid appearance has terrified a huge chunk of the pantheon, especially those who are afraid of spiders. On the other hand, other Spider People aren't fond of him for his evil and destructive ways.
  • While everyone thought at first that they would get along, Beelzebub actually doesn't like Baal. One because of his affinity to ice magic and it being a weakness to him because of being a fly and second because he is pretty insulted that he shares the same name as his original form.
  • His brother Diablo told him that there was another Baal in the pantheon and that he was also a powerful demon lord. He went to personally meet him and was not disappointed in said Baal, but they haven't become friends yet. The latter Baal has also said in the past that the other Baal was possibly much stronger than him, so he is being cautious.
  • He found Gul'dan to be a powerful spellcaster and servant, so he quickly sought to make him join his ranks. Although Gul'dan agreed, he is not entirely loyal to Baal nor any other demon from his realm. At least not until the Burning Legion gets ahold of the pantheon.
  • Baal is fascinated that a House of Destruction exists, where he is at his most powerful. The pantheon has taken measures so that he doesn't enter the House cause that would spell doom for many residents, but thankfully he has been kept at bay.
    • One of the many reason he hasn't been able to set foot there was that Beerus wouldn't let him, not because of the potential death that would have happened if Baal entered, but because he wants to be the top deity of Destruction in the pantheon and he is not going to let a nobody steal that title from him.


Lord Jaraxxus, God of RUSH BOSSES! (EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION, THE CRIMSON DEMON LORD, "A Fearsome Doomguard", Chillaxxus (When Relaxed), Mecha-Jaraxxus, The Warlock)

    The Mechanical Bosses 
The air is getting colder around you...

You feel vibrations from deep below...

This is going to be a terrible night...

The Mechanical Bosses members , Godly Quartet of Time Limit Bosses
Clockwise starting from the top: Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer, Retinazer, Spazmatism
The Twins' second forms. Retinazer above, Spazmatism below

    Merasmus the Magician, Monoculus, and the Horseless Headless Horsemann 

Merasmus the Magician, Monoculus, and the Horseless Headless Horsemann, The Triumvirate Gods of Damage Sponge Bosses (MERASMUS!, Wizard-Man, MONOCULUS!, HHH, Silas Mann)
From left to right: Merasmus the Magician, Monoculus and the HHH.
  • Greater God for Merasmus, Intermediate Gods for Monoculus and HHH
  • Symbols: His skull hat (Merasmus), himself (Monoculus), the Horseless Headless Horsemann's headtaker or better yet, his pumpkin head (HHH)
  • Theme Songs: Misfortune Teller (Merasmus) and Haunted Fortress 2(HHH)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil —> Chaotic Neutral for Merasmus. The other two are somewhat different.
  • Portfolios (All three): Really High Damage Resistance And Absurdly High Health, Enemy Mine, That One Boss, Eldritch Abominations.
  • Domains: Magic, Summons, High-Health, Bosses, High Resistance.
  • Followers: The Cyberdemon, Terramorphous the Invincible, Izual
  • Allies: The Four Horsemen, Leoric, Ostarion, Zero (Kirby), Vanellope Von Schweetz
  • Complicated Relationship with: Discord
  • Odd Relationship with: Celty Sturlson, Ms. Fortune, Lala (for HHH), The Slender Man
  • Commonality Connection with: Murky
  • Worthy Opponent: Sora
  • Rivals: Most axe users in the Pantheon, an example would be Muradin Bronzebeard.
  • Respects: Jack Skellington
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Uther the Lightbringer, Dhuum and the majority of the House of Gaming.
  • During the peaceful days of the Pantheon (and at the same time, Halloween), a certain Carnival of Carnage was suddenly open inside Pantheon grounds. At the same time, the SCP Foundation decided to search and report any anomalies inside. After a few minutes, a large shout reminiscing an old magician was heard, followed by a haunting laugh and crit rockets were followed. It was decided for them to let Team RED enter inside the Circus.
  • Tavish's nightmare has finally come true. Merasmus, the person responsible for removing his eye has arrived. This made the Demoman very conscious ever since he ascended. Soldier on the other hand is going full commando to gather his hand-ridden revenge.
  • The Horseless Headless Horsemann a.k.a HHH is known to guard Mann Manor inside Merasmus's temple. Since its the only way to go further inside, many are forced to fight it. Its axe is extremely dangerous and the skeleton is very agile too, its health makes fighting it a hard match, unless one lures it to a chokehold.
    • Its also confirmed to be the "rumored" adopted son of Zephaniah Mann. Which is the reason why it goes to Gray's temple more often.
    • The Four Horsemen of the Supernatural universe has gotten heavy interest with HHH and as a result, became the personal bodyguard for the four and enemies with Sam and Dean Winchester naturally.
    • Once, it entered the House of Weapons upon hearing an Axe Competition. While it didn't manage to arrive to the finals, it did find a worthy rival of Muradin. The Horsemann did complain one thing: Muradin is too small to be hit.
  • Monoculus on the other hand is basically Demo's left eye, when he opened it while he was young. Merasmus, who had no idea how to remove the eye, decided to create a being out of it. The result: a floating monstrous being capable of shooting rockets and teleportation.
    • One of the worst aspects about defeating him is that he's smart and targets the strongest person in the party. And since the rockets can pierce basically through anything, (well except time shields), its a real pain to fight him. Even worse, since its health is double of the HHH.
    • It has found company under Zero of the Kirby-verse, on account of both of them being grotesque, flying eyeballs.
    • And yes, it can win in a staring contest.
  • Merasmus on the other hand is a magician born from old Sumer (in what he calls, born from the ancient ones). He's summoning the evil Sumerian Circus God, Bonzo and is 6,000 years old.. And despite being almost an Eldritch Abomination, he is roommates with Soldier of all people. No wonder he got into Soldier's bad side.
    • If HHH is just high in terms of health and damage, and if Monoculus is double the health and damage, Merasmus is basically five times higher in terms of stats. He's painfully frustrating to deal with, spamming bombs, constant teloportation and his spells HURT like entering a rocket testing chamber. Even worse, when he dies, he doesn't literally die at all.
      • Case in point, Kiritsugu attempted to kill Merasmus just after his ascension. While he got most of Merasmus's HP down, everytime he dies, he'd always comes back, prompting a heavy mirror match. It came to the point where Kiritsugu decided to say "Fuck it" and allowed Merasmus to finish him off. This little "encounter" is the reason why he's still pissed about Merasmus's ascension.
      • Merasmus on the other hand did say that Kiritsugu had very impressive powers and admitted that the match was very entertaining for him.
    • While he may be dangerous, it should be noted that he is very cocky. Even to the point where he constantly forgets your location. Of course most of the Mercs have felt this happen, most of the time.
      • It bites him back during the past, when Soldier and Demo took on him by themselves. This incident was probably why they got Intermediate Status.
  • Unlike most temples, Merasmus had a different scheme. His temple is composed of all the Team Fortress 2 Halloween Maps, with a twist, its all merged into one huge map. Ironically though, many comments mentioned that the temple is identically the size of the Great Treasury.
    • One of the features of the map includes a Carnival of Carnage, a cursed clocktower, a Haunted Castle and lastly, a portal to the Netherworld. Good news: There is a large array of exploration. Bad news: Since the boss maps are connected, this means all three of the bosses can appear anywhere, unless one leaves the temple.
  • It is also rumored that all three of them would be on their strongest when Halloween arrives. This is actually true, except that their powers are equally skilled with Sora since he also has the effect. He considers him as a Worthy Opponent.
    "You may be human, but you have permanent powers of a god? What a spectacle!"
  • Became steadfast friends with Ostarion for reasons unknown, though this may be due to, well being a powerful wraith that can resummon all his personal skeleton army. Leoric has also gotten into interest with Merasmus after looking through his army, finally providing him a Skeleton Champion.
    • Unfortunately, he has been communicating with Kel'thuzad ever since he ascended. It has been revealed that he's willing to send Scourge Forces to accomplish Merasmus's long term plans of summoning ancient gods from Sumeria. This has gotten the attention of most Blizzard deities, particularly Uther.
    • After said event, he was greeted by Gul'dan and was invited to the GUAE Malum Magia. Merasmus hasn't accepted the offer, but he expressed that he's not interested during the same day. Though, he could change his mind.
  • Considers Kokonoe a disgrace to Magic for someone who is trying to mix technology and science. In fact, he cringes every time he sees her do experiments regarding magic. He's always forced to shout her this:
    "Magic! It is not... an exact science."
  • He still has no idea what the hell Discord is supposed to be. He thinks he's a dragon but at the same time, thinks he's a colorful Eldritch Abomination. Discord on the other hand has a mixed relationship on him.
  • Much like Murky, he and him has the same situation regarding death. After all, they somehow can't permanently die. Dhuum, however, has a lot of plans in order to take Merasmus's immortality out.
  • Despite being evil, he still respects Jack Skellington to the highest uphold. After all, he is the avatar of Halloween.
  • Celty and Ms. Fortune (no, not THAT one) are very uncomfortable when Merasmus is around, on the other hand, they feel comfortable with the HHH due to having similarities.
    • Lala however is someone who Merasmus cringes at, even Monoculus somehow closes his eyes whenever it sees her. Its unknown why but it could be since Lala is very different for a proclaimed "Horseman" and the fact she has a lover, which is something the 3 would never have anyways.
  • Has an intense hate towards the Defenders of the Ancients for one reason: They keep calling him the Shitty Wizard.
    • He also has an addiction to ducks for no apparent reason. Some say that it was all to the Scream Fortress 2014 Event.
  • Ironically, many people have been calling Merasmus a girl. He says its getting out of hand, since even women are calling him the same.
  • Has been heavily opposed by the majority of the House of Gaming due to causing an unnecessary amount of bugs on the House. Want proof? Just ask the Mercs while they were pushing the cart.
    • In fact, the entire House blames Merasmus entirely for making anything into a glitchy entity. The fact that he was responsible for TF2's glitchiness already proves the point. Even worse, the first time he entered the House, it immediately dissappeared.
      • There has been some theory making from the Council of Cuckooland that if he enters any gaming realm, the realm itself will inherit Merasmus's glitchy aura. No one has tried it as they know the Pantheon will be seriously blamed for such stupidity.
    • And for that same reason, he became friends with Vanellope Von Schweetz for feeling the same pain, except that unlike Vanellope, who can glitch herself, Merasmus's glitches affect the entire game.
  • May or may not be the one responsible for summoning the Slender Man.
  • "Cower, fools! Mesasmus is here!"

Onaga, God of Boss-Arena Idiocy (The Dragon King, The True Emperor of Outworld)

    Ruined Dragon 
Ruined Dragon, Harbinger of Unforeshadowed and Unexpected Boss Fights (Lord of Lightning)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its crown
  • Theme Music: Lord of Lightning Battle
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil when brainwashed; otherwise, True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Non-Standard Character Design, Really Giant Dragon, Lightning Powers, Purple Is Powerful, Our Dragons Are Different
  • Domains: Dragons, Lightning
  • High Priest: Necron
  • Rival: Mario
  • Enemies: Miraak, Gwyn, Ornstein & Smough
  • Disliked by: Acnologia
  • Source of Interest for: Alduin
  • Cause of Concern for: Paathurnax
  • Mario has traveled to many unusual locations and fought plenty of enemies along the way while rescuing Princess Peach. The Ruined Dragon is just another enemy that the plumber has fought, but it somehow manages to stand-out quite a bit compared to Mario's other adversaries. Mario fought against it while trying to stop an attempt from Bowser to marry Peach. How Bowser managed to find a giant realistic-looking dragon that can use lightning in Mario's mostly cartoony world is rather hard to answer, but Mario fighting against it is something the plumber himself didn't really expect.
  • As the Pantheon was going about its normal routine, thunder strikes came from above, startling a number of deities. Some of those deities also reported seeing something that looked like a dragon in the sky, prompting various dragon hunters to go after it. They eventually reached what appeared to be ruins and were greeted by a giant purple dragon, who was responsible for the sudden thunder strikes. The dragon hunters fought a difficult battle against it, but they were ultimately able to subdue it. When the time came to ask if anyone fought it before, none of the dragon hunters said they encountered it beforehand. Mario then entered the arena and pointed out that he fought that dragon before, surprising the others. Seeing as how this particular dragon could pose a threat to the Pantheon overall, it's clear that a number of people have taken up turns in stopping it should the dragon go on a rampage.
  • It's temple is essentially the Ruined Kingdom, a place that got its name from the fact that he more than likely destroyed the entire place. Among other possible things the kingdom has other than being a desolate location (besides having two different arenas; one a bit more slippery than the other), there's an altar that has been described as either capable of restraining the dragon's lightning or even as a potential means of communicating with it. What other things that kingdom has or used to have (and what more there is to the Ruined Dragon by extension) has been a source of some discussion by a few curious deities.
  • The crown on it's head is actually some sort of mind-control device set by Bowser once the latter somehow found the dragon. Given that apparently brainwashing a very destructive dragon is possible, some evil deities have tried to mind-control the Ruined Dragon and have it under their command. It goes without saying that those attempts haven't been as successful in contrast to whatever it was that Bowser did to get the crown on the Ruined Dragon and have it attack Mario.
  • Acnologia has some issues with the Ruined Dragon as while the latter is practially responsible for bringing an entire kingdom to ruins, the former is not pleased at all with how the Ruined Dragon got brainwashed by someone and taken down just as easily by someone else who relied on a decidedly unconvential way to subdue the Ruined Dragon. Acnologia, being the battle-hungry dragon that he is, challenged the Ruined Dragon to a fight that caused substantial damage to the Pantheon. It took some time and effort for others to break up the battle and by then, the Ruined Dragon was already getting tired. Acnologia didn't see the Lord of Lightning as a worthy adversary despite the potential since then.
  • There have been a couple of dragons who are genuinely interested in the Ruined Dragon, with Alduin as a prominent example. Seeing as how Alduin is responsible for causing a lot of destruction with his great power and how the Ruined Dragon laid waste to an entire kingdom, Alduin has considered trying to get the Lord of Lightning on his side so as to cause destruction on a much grander scale.
  • Paathurnax, hearing about the destruction the Lord of Lightning caused along with how Alduin is trying to use it to create even more chaos, saw the Ruined Dragon as a source of potential concern and decided to reach it in case it was on a rampage. When Paathurnax reached the Ruined Dragon, he saw a tired purple dragon and instead tried talking to it in the hopes of preventing potential catastrophe. Given how tired the Lord of Lightning was, it wasn't really able to hear anything Paathurnax said. All Paathurnax could do for now is be with the Dovahkiin whenever the Ruined Dragon strikes and stop major damage from occuring quickly.
  • Gwyn never had the best opinion of dragons to begin with, but him finding out that there was a dragon capable of using lightning made the Lord of Cinder quite upset, as the dragons he was used to back in his homeworld are weak to that specific element. This is on top of the Ruined Dragon being really likely to be an enemy to all if left unchecked, regardless of if it's brainwashed or not.
  • Just to make it clear, this is a photorealistic dragon that was fought by a cartoony plumber who has occasionally fought against different cartoony dragons before this one. It's just really easy to assume on first glance that the Ruined Dragon would look like something that the Dovahkiin would encounter. While The Last Dragonborn was actually kind of surprised after hearing about who fought that specific dragon, he's willing to step in and fight if the Ruined Dragon causes trouble and Mario isn't available to stop it.
  • Very few, if any, have actually seen the dragon without it being brainwashed. Given that there's a high chance that the Ruined Dragon made the Ruined Kingdom what it is without being under mind control, it'd be easy to think that this is not a friendly dragon. Oddly enough, some have seen the dragon just resting by itself in an exhausted state, complaining to itself about being tired.


Sinistar, Divine Herald of the Boss Banter (Opiestar)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Theme Song: The title theme of Sinistar Unleashed
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Antagonist Title, Determinator, Eldritch Abomination of the mechanical kind, Evil Sounds Deep, Incoming Ham, Nintendo Hard, Shoot 'Em Up
  • Domains: Space, Mining, Ships, Hunger, Evil
  • Allies: Evil Otto, Andross, The Mechanical Bosses, Ridley
  • Enemies: Star Fox, Vic Viper, XCOM, Sonic the Hedgehog, Opa-Opa, Commander Shepard, Samus Aran, Kirby, Luke Skywalker and his allies
  • Interests: The Corpus, Dr. Eggman
  • Sinistar, a legendary being from the cosmos who terrorized anyone that came across him, and once revived he would not stop until his hunger was satiated. Notorious for taunting his prey, calling them cowards and roaring until he either catches them or dies trying. It was only natural that such an infamous figure would eventually enter the Pantheon but no one expected him to acquire this position.
  • It was a regular day like any other but several deities from the House of Space and Cosmos reported seeing pixelated spaceships collecting a mysterious crystals, which turned out to be Sinisite. By the time the authorities found out it was too late; his voice echoed through the Pantheon and everyone knew they were up for a nasty surprise, for as Sinistar would say: "BEWARE, I LIVE!".
  • Sinistar is kept dormant in his temple and guarded by several members of the Grand United Alliance of Good with the help of the XCOM. The latter group was able to secure Sinibombs, one of the few weapons capable of damaging the Sinistar should he break containment, and given that both the GUAE and GUAD have an interest in Sinistar, they have to constantly battle their forces to prevent his escape.
  • A great effort has been put to prevent the mining of Sinisite and awakening Sinistar but several opportunistic deities are always on the hunt for the crystals either for profit or just to unleash Sinistar. Chief among them is the Corpus, who not only see potential in weaponizing and selling the Sinisite, but Sinistar himself could prove a valuable asset for them if given the suitable modifications. They are aware that unleashing might just end up backfiring and he could turn on them but they are willing to take the risk.
  • There have been a few comparisons between Sinistar and the Death Egg, Dr. Eggman's creation. The doctor himself actually became quite interested in harnessing the power of Sinisite and create a powerful robot from it in order to crush Sonic once and for all, but in doing so he accidentally unleashed Sinistar into the Pantheon again. Business as usual for Robotnik, but he managed to convince the creature to target his arch-enemy after reassuring Sinistar that he was going to be a tasty meal and so he chased after Sonic. Even if Sinistar is quite the Lightning Bruiser, he couldn't catch up to the Blue Blur, but he kept going at it, calling him a coward for running until Sonic defeated him in combat. Needless to say, he ended up hating Sonic and to this day holds a grudge against the blue hedgehog. Amusingly enough, Sonic retorted by badly imitating his "RUN COWARD!" quote.
  • Whenever he is unleashed, he tends to chase after Spaceships since those are usually the ones he ends up consuming. He has had some encounters with Team Star Fox, Vic Viper and even Opa-Opa with differing results, and each one of them have become sworn enemies of Sinistar, the first group especially after Sinistar managed to strike an alliance with Andross.
  • Unfortunately for the ones guarding his temple, it seems that Sinistar and the Mechanical Bosses, who happen to reside very near to his location, eventually became allies given their similar purposes and all of them being a Mechanical Abomination, with the bosses growing some sort of respect for Sinistar given how in a way he is a culmination of all of their abilities. The fact that they are trying to awaken Cthulhu similar to how the ships from his universe mine Sinisite to unleash him have made other deities be worried about this alliance.
  • Even though there are from different genres, Sinistar and Evil Otto seem to be on good terms with one another, going as far as to team up in order to destroy their enemies. Sinistar himself has been the subject of a few urban legends of his own plus Otto being a robotic entity (Or Mechanical Abomination depending on who you ask) may have made the two not so different.
  • As you may be aware, he hungers. He has eaten several deities during his stay in the Pantheon but made the mistake of targeting Kirby. He didn't even ate the pink puffball but accidentally ate one of Kirby's meals and that was enough to set him off and retaliate against Sinistar, destroying him in a couple minutes.
  • Managed to make other spacefaring allies along the way. Besides the aforementioned Andross, who took interest in Sinistar's abilities, Ridley was another deity that wanted to test the Sinisite components and improve on his mechanical form. This alliance not only caused Samus to be aware of the danger that is Sinistar but also made other deities like Commander Shepard take notice of how several Space Pirates want to harness Sinisite and so had to arrange a few groups to counter them.
  • Some wonder if the Sinistar is in any way related to the Death Star, but nobody is eager to find out if Sinistar can destroy planets effortlessly. That said, the rebels have made their mission to try and destroy Sinistar permanently, with Luke Skywalker being the one Sinistar has personally set his sights on.
  • No, he doesn't have anything against Ron Howard. He is telling people to run while calling them cowards which could explain why some deities ended up being eaten by the Sinistar.

     The Zettons 

The Zettons, Unholy Holders of The Boss Subtitles (Z-Ton, Space Dinosaur, Space Transcendent Dinosaur, Artificial Space Dinosaur, Lord Monster of Light, Space Fear Demon, Zetton II, Powered Zetton, Warrior Zetton, Maquette Zetton, Illusion Zetton, Alien Bemton King, Clone Zetton, EX Zetton, Mutant Zetton, Fire Zetton, Gigant Hyper Zetton, Imago Hyper Zetton, Evil God of Destruction, Ultimate Zetton, Cyber Zetton, Cyber Hyper Zetton, Maga-Zetton, Hyper Zetton Deathscythe, Zeppandon, Zetton Alien Baltan, Zett, The Embodiment of the End, Pedanium Zetton, Bemzeed, Zetton Falx, Final Weapon for Celestial Suppression)
The Original Zetton
EX Zetton 
Hyper Zetton 
  • Greater Deities overall. Borderline Overdeity (as Zetton Alien Baltan or Zett). Overdeity (as Imago Hyper Zetton).
  • Symbol: A silhouette of the monster
  • Theme Songs: Zetton's Theme, Zetton's Theme (Super Famicom Ultraman), Original Sin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral by themselves. Lawful Neutral (EX Zetton under Ultraman King's orders). Chaotic Evil (as Hyper Zetton or Zett).
  • Portfolio: Boss Subtitles, Breakout Villain, Hero Killer, Playing with Fire, Sometimes Called Z-Ton, Attack Reflector, Barrier Warrior, The Juggernaut, The Dreaded, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Pokémon Speak, Dragon Their Feet, Eyes Do Not Belong There, Non-Indicative Title Due To Production Changes, Meaningful Name, Teleport Spam, The Worf Effect, Wasn't Going To Be The Final Monster At First, Is a Robot as Powered Zetton
  • Domains: Kaiju, Bosses, Titles.
  • Heralds:
  • Followers: Unascended Bosses from The Legend of Zelda, The Witches, The Evil League of Ramona's Ex-Boyfriends
  • Allies:
  • Superior: Zett for most of the other Zettons.
  • Rivals: Destoroyah
  • Enemies:
  • In 1966, the first Ultraman from M78, who had bonded with the human Shin Hayata and became one with him, protected Earth from various aliens and monsters, despite occasionally coming close to a defeat, he would always prevail in the end... At least until the arrival of the Zettonians, the last alien race to attack Earth on 1966. Also known as the Alien Zettons, they launched an all-out attack on Earth, starting with Japan, where they tried to take out SSSP by infiltrating it and then overwhelming them with superior numbers and firepower, but thanks to the effort of Earth's heroes they were thwarted. Unfortunately, the last one of them launched a last resort weapon against humanity, Zetton, a bioweapon the alien race had develope for war. The Kaiju fought afainst Ultraman and defeated him easily leaving Ultraman to die of his injuries after winning, with Ultraman down, Zetton rampaged without issue or interference, nearly destroying SSSP and trying to follow with the rest of Japan. But luckily, SSSP defeated the monster with a new anti-gravity weapon they had been developing, the weapon was successful and Zetton was destroyed before it could cause more harm. The near-dead Ultraman was rescued by his superior, Zoffy, and then separated from Hayata allowing the human to live, before being taken to the Land of Light to be healed. Zetton has ever since returned in various forms in addition to its original one, always proving itself to be a force to be reckoned with.
    • In 2012, in an alternate Universe, a malevolent Alien Bat kidnapped almost every human from that Universe's Earth and fed them to a large beast he was creating: an "upgraded" Zetton, which he had recently resurrected from the Monster Graveyard, the resting place of all monster souls. Planning to use it for the purpose of killing off all life in the Multiverse, he began to empower it with various other beings along with the souls he had harvested. His actions caused the humans of that Earth to unknowingly call for three Ultras: Dyna, Cosmos and Zero who all tried fighting the malevolent kaiju and his master, but were unsuccessful in stopping it from reaching its final form, Hyper Zetton, the evolved monster proved too powerful and almost killed the three, until their hopes and will allowed them to fuse into Ultraman Saga, a powerful fusion, though even that almost wound up overwhelmed as they were evenly matched. Until the surviving humans of the planet used their hopes to empower Saga, allowing the Ultra Fusion to destroy Hyper Zetton and Alien Bat, saving the Multiverse.
  • The Zettons were granted the honors of holding godhood over the Boss Subtitles, this was after a long debate of the Court of Gods where they had come to the decision that the Zettons were the most deserving of their titles for how meaningful and unmeaningful they were and the Zettons' reputation as the Ultraman Multiverse's most infamous Kaiju. All of the various Zettons from the Multiverse of the Ultras were revived and installed in their own very massive temple for them to reside in, though hoping they don't actively seek out trouble or chaos in the various houses
  • Exclusive to Zetton:
    • Its reputation of being the monster that killed the original Ultraman, has granted Zetton an equally fearsome image in the Pantheon, especially with older or first Toku heroes such as Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider Ichigo and Nigo, Moonlight Mask, Retsu Ichihouji/Space Sheriff Gavan, Akaranger, Tommy Oliver, and even Zordon and Akared. Likewise, any other Toku hero is advised to handle Zetton with extreme precaution, as Zetton's strength and arsenal of powers makes it one of the deadliest Kaiju that there is, even if it's been losing some of its reputation lately thanks to various defeats. Ultraman still seeks to get even with the Kaiju, and so continues training to be sure to take it down when needed to.
    • As a well-known Hero Killer, it has gained a rivalry with other Hero Killers in the Pantheon. Particularly Barbatos Goetia, who in one ocassion decided to face the infamous Kaiju in a one-on-one match. The two were evenly matched, and ultimately despite putting up a good fight at first, Barbatos decided to end the battle when Zetton started overwhleming him and declare Zetton as the winner, pleased to witness first-hand that Zetton's reputation was not just talk. Others were not quite receptive of the Kaiju and its kin, especially Zamasu, who found himself disgusted by Zetton's mere appearance, he also finds Zetton's nature as an artificial being as a big motivator to desire the death of it and all of their kind. Hero Killer Stain does not want to associate with the creatures given his own respect for some heroes and how Zettons are ultimately weapons of war. Queen Nehellenia and Thanos have gained some interest in the creatures, and therefore have sought an alliance with their commander, Zett, hoping to strengthen their forces with the might of the Space Dinosaur.
    • Godzilla was not pleased to see a Kaiju almost as infamous as he is to ascend. Particularly due to the Zetton's tendency to try and steal his title of King of the Monsters, which Godzilla won't stand for. Other Kaiju like King Kong, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Battra, Rodan, Zilla, Gamera and Anguirus aren't pleased with the bio-weapon's ascension and will try their best to take it down due to its threat to Earth and its inhabitants.
    • On the other hand, evil Kaiju such as King Ghidorah, Spacegodzilla and Gigan welcomed Zetton and its kind with open arms, satisfied to have one more powerful ally to fight against their foes and one that has a massive infamy behind it. Though Destoroyah was not too happy to see Zetton ascend, as his fellow evil allies were quick to rub it in its face that Zetton is an actual Hero Killer who took down the hero completely.
    • Thanks to the efforts of its masters, Zetton's weakness to the Anti-Gravity Missile is now rendered null, thus preventing humans from having it as a failsafe to eliminate it easily. With its Achilles' Heel removed, Zetton's threat has increased and thus has reinstated various scientists of good to try and create a similar weapon to combat it with.
  • Exclusive to Hyper Zetton:
    • As an evolution of Zetton, it's even more infamous and feared than its original form. It's also widely considered the most dangerous Zetton due to its end goals, as it seeks nothing but the extinction of all life in the Multiverse and beyond. It's sheer power rivals that of Gods and therefore even mighty Toku Heroes such as Kouta Kazabura, Emu Hojo, Ultraman Zero (who's been defeated by it in the past) and even Sougo Tokiwa are wary of facing the mighty juggernaut due to it's increased teleporting powers and necromancy as well as it's sheer power and tenacity.
    • As an evolved form of an already powerful monster, it has earned the ire of Godzilla, especially after he nearly died at the hands of an Hyper Zetton that arrived at his temple to kill him. Likewise, he's caused fear and hatred from various kaiju deities such as Zilla and Baragon.
    • Given that negative emotions such as fear empower him, it greatly appreciates the efforts of deities dedicated to spreading fear or despair, as it is greatly strengthened by them. On the flip side, hope is one of its most powerful counters as it can lead to miracles of strength and power that can completely destroy it, thus it seeks to crush all hope in the Pantheon and help those who share the same goal, earning it a surprising human ally in Junko Enoshima, who is all too happy to help Hyper Zetton achieve its goals.
    • The first and most powerful of the Hyper Zettons is currently controlled by Alien Bat, its original master when it first appeared, as such it boasts a higher intellect and threat level than the succeeding Hyper Zettons, and thus is one of the Ultras' most dangerous and evil enemies. He greatly enjoys the Zettons' entrance into the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, hoping to finally achieve his goals of multiversal omnicide.
  • Exclusive to Zett:
    • The leader of the Zettons and the only fully sapient and independent one of them all. Barring ocassions when the Powered Baltans, Ultraman Belial or Yapool take control of some of the members for their specific members, he calls the shots and all Zettons. As a Zetton with a "heart", he is the only one to have genuine malice and cruelty without external influence of any kind. His desired short-term goal is the extermination of all Ultras, a factor that has earned him allies in all Toku Villains, but mostly those hailing from his same universe, though he's clarified that he's not their minion, but an equal or superior to them.
    • Out of all Toku heroes he loathes the original Ultraman and Orb the most, as both Ultras were crucial in his defeat in an alternate Universe to the main one. Likewise the feeling is mutual due to Zett killing Ultraman (temporarily) and nearly destroying the Land of Light and all its inhabitants, not unlike Belial. The last fact has earned him major approval from Belial who forged a strong alliance with the Zetton Leader ever since they met.
    • He can also force innocent and neutral Baltans to serve him by absorbing them into his body, also his mere presence empowers the Zettons around him, which further increases how much destruction they can bring, and as such even a mere squadron of less than 10 are perfectly capable of fully ravaging entire planets.
    • Ultimately, just like Hyper Zetton, he seeks nothing more than the extinction of all lifeforms across the Multiverse and is thrilled to see the Pantheon offering him views into various other Universes, which he hopes to eventually invade, overrun and destroy. All one-by-one, despite the Ultras being his personal priority to be eliminated first, he does recognizes that the various Overdeities of the Pantheon are as big of a threat and so has allied with the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, hoping they can help him achieve his ultimate goal.
    • His armies under his disposal netted him many instant allies the moment the ascension of his entire race was known in the Pantheon. Queen Beryl was one of the first allies he made, as she grew interested in his Zetton armies and hoped to be able to use them as reinforcements for her armies. Gihren Zabi also grew interested in the power of the infamous Kaiju legions and also quickly allied with the malevolent alien, though expecting to backstab him once the Zettons help him in his plans and he no longer needs Zett alive for them. Ragyo Kiryuin was pleased by the cruelty and chaos that Zett brought along and was also another deity that took little time to become acquaintances with Zett, like many others she expects that their alliance will help her take down her pesky daughters and achieve victory over them and the rest of the Pantheon. Likewise, Trakeena was all to glad to ally herself with him and his legions, hoping to strengthen both her armies of and the Zettons as well as to destroy the Power Rangers for good, some have even speculated that a romance between the two is blossoming... Though that may just be rumors spread by the GUAE Trollkaiger.
  • Hunters in the Pantheon have also become enemies to the Zetton, particularly the likes of Hircine, who's glad that such mighty opponents are present for him to confront. Hunter J, who believes that taking one down will improve her reputation and grant her a power to rival that of most Legendary Pokemon, and thus has set taking down one of the Zettons as one of her goals.
  • As a Sentai fanatic, Viewtiful Joe was not pleased to see the infamous Hero Killer Kaijus ascend, and thus has sworn on all that is good to help take all of the Zettons down for good now that they entered the Pantheon... Even if he is rather afraid of facing them due to the aforementioned reputation.
  • Other deities that have confronted Kaiju or Always Chaotic Evil aliens have put their lot in ensuring to help exterminate the threat of the Zettons, chief among them were Samus Aran, Ellen Ripley and Team Voltron, all whom were unhappy to see the Zettons ascend, as such they have tightened contact with the Toku Deities, particularly the Ultras, so as to ensure the Zettons cause as little harm as possible to the Pantheon.
  • Interestingly enough, one EX Zetton is actually under the command of Ultraman King, which makes it a "deserter" to the rest of its kind. Though it is not really "good" as it will attack anyone regardless of alignment if they go against King's orders for it, it is ultimately an ally against evil in most cases and thus the Toku Heroes have made sure to ensure it remains on their side.

Intermediate Gods

    Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy
Gilgamesh, God of Braggart Bosses (The Frenzied Swordsman, The Ancient Man of Mystery, Gilgamesh Ashur, Greg, Yojimbo, Alleyway Jack, The Four-Armed Man, the Blademaster)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Excalibur...or is that the Excalipoor?
  • Theme Song: Clash on the Big Bridge
  • Alignment: Varies, usually Chaotic though
  • Portfolio: HAMMINESS, Swords (and many other types of weapons), Collecting Weapons, Samurai, Having Many Arms, Villainous Shapeshifting, Rivalries with Worthy Opponents, Traveling Between Worlds Aimlessly
  • Domains: Weapons, Collecting, Rivalry, Hamminess
  • High Priest: Jr. Troopa
  • Allies: Link, Yuna, Ruby Rose
  • Enemies: Exdeath, the other Gilgamesh, Odin
  • Rivals: Bartz Klauser, Erza Scarlet, Snow Villiers, Owain
  • Ascended after Dissidia 012 finally made him playable after years of cameos in other games in his universe. His followers insist his name be spelled in all capital letters, unless one is referring to a "Gilgamesh" other than this one.
  • A wall in his chambers hosts his collection of rare and powerful weapons from across the universe. Gilgamesh claims to own the weapons of every other member of the Pantheon, despite the fact that they mostly retain such weapons for their personal use. Investigation into this revealed Gilgamesh's copies of the weapons to be counterfeit, but he hasn't been informed of this yet as he's too busy gazing lovingly at them.
  • His four main weapons when he battles are the Zantetsuken, a copy of the Masamune, the Excalibur, and the Excalipoor. When it's time to fight, he also tends to just grab random weapons off his wall and leap into the fray without noticing or caring what he's holding; more than a few fights have been lost due to this overeagerness.
    • When asked why he keeps the useless Excalipoor around and doesn't just throw it away, Gilgamesh explains he fears he'll get it mixed up with the Excalibur and will accidentally dispose of the wrong one. Those who have followed his exploits note that he's almost always looking for the Excalibur in whatever world he visits even if he found it in a previous world, and suspect Gilgamesh is speaking from experience about such an error.
  • Has a complex relationship with Exdeath, God of Evil Trees, in the Nature Pantheon. Having formerly been a bungling second-in-command to him, Gilgamesh is referred to by Exdeath as "that useless fool". Gilgamesh however harbors no enmity towards his former superior and has thanked him for banishing him to the Void and allowing him to travel to other worlds for sword collection. When Exdeath responded by offering to do it again, Gilgamesh fled.
  • Not to be confused with Gilgamesh, God of Self-Aggrandization in the House of Pride and Egotism. The two briefly crossed swords, ending with one of the Gilgameshes fleeing and the other being impressed enough with his skills to not pursue him. Though those who have heard the tale are confused over which of them ran, people who know this Gilgamesh understand entirely.
  • Word travels fast in the Pantheon, and discovering that his chosen rival had at last found his way to the Pantheon was like a godsend to him. Gilgamesh wasted no time in finding Bartz and reinvigorating their rivalry. It was a rough start, but the two have settled into their roles.
  • He did try swapping out his swords with guns once, but Sarah and Noel described him as being significantly more dangerous once he went back to using his swords.
  • Met up with a fellow sword collector that went by the name of Rey Mysterio. Gilgamesh, at first, laughed at how small Rey was...and then got his ass kicked around by him due to Rey's agility. Gilgamesh went after him with the Zantetsuken and nearly demolished the House of Sports in two before Rey came in with his own sword to fight him off. Bartz had to intervene before it got too far, and Gilgamesh has began to respect the luchador's skills.
  • Has signed a summon contract with the newly appointed Lady Yuna, ready to slice and dice at her call. When questioned as to why he agreed to the contract, Gilgamesh replied a little sheepishly that he just wouldn't mind being summoned by someone like Yuna. He considered forming a new pact with Squall to be "fair", but the SeeD turned him down.
  • Did battle with Erza Scarlet when he heard of her many collection of weapons and armors. During their fight, each of the Warriors lost and gain. For Gilgamesh, he lost his Muramasa and his Genji set. But he obtain her Spike Mace from her Purgatory Armor and Spear of Lightning from her Lightning Empress Armor.
  • Attempted to do battle against Ruby Rose to obtain her Crescent Rose. However, the battle didn't happen as she was too busy gushing over his many weapons. Flattered, the two weapon ethusiasts instead took pictures to with Gil's many weapons.
  • Once got in a scuffle with Owain when the latter went on a quest for the legendary sword Excalibur. Gilgamesh claimed to have it, and offered to let Owain borrow it for a week if he could lend him the Mystletainn in exchange. Both parties were later disappointed when they discovered they had swapped Excalipoor and Missletainn by accident. They fought, but despite Owain managing to get Missletainn back the fight was inconclusive, leaving Gilgamesh eager for a rematch, especially after Owain had the audacity to start calling himself "Odin."
  • To the surprise of many Gilgamesh can get serious as the Blademaster, and when he does, watch out!

    Gnasty Gnorc 
Gnasty Gnorc, God of Levels Disguised as Bosses (Guh-Nasty Guh-Norc)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Mace
  • Theme Songs: Gnorc Nexus (Reignited Version) and Gnasty Gnorc (Reignited Version), Spyro N. Friends (despite definitely NOT being a friend to Spyro)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad of the first game, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Dirty Coward, Turns all dragons into crystal after they call him ugly, "Get Back Here!" Boss, Green and Mean, Squishy Wizard, Top-Heavy Guy
  • Domains: Gnorcs, Magic, Villains, Power
  • High Priestess: Speed Buster
  • Allies: Ripto, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Skarsnik, Neo Cortex, Bowser, Ornstein and Smough
  • Enemies: Spyro and any ascended Dragon, Sparx, Hunter and Bianca, Crash Bandicoot
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Malefor, Maleficent
  • Oppossed by: Most of the ascended Orcs
  • Gnasty Gnorc is a powerful Gnorc sorcerer that was banished from the Dragon Kingdom many years ago, only allowed to live in the dumping grounds since he wouldn't bother anyone there, eventually becoming Gnasty's world. One day when he was watching television, he witnessed how one dragon called him simple, harmless and most egregiously, ugly. That caused Gnasty to release a powerful spell that turned every single living dragon into crystal, except said spell missed a small purple dragon that went on to defeat Gnasty and liberate every single dragon. That dragon was Spyro and since then he went to become a hero to many people not only in the Dragon Kingdom but in other places such as Avalar and the Forgotten Realms.
  • Gnasty ascended thanks to Ripto, both having a reunion beforehand to discuss the "Spyro problem" and he wound up in the pantheon thanks to the Riptoc wizard opening a portal to the pantheon. The first thing Gnasty did was use the same spell that crystalized all dragons, which worked almost too well except it ended up not working on a few dragons who he didn't anticipate would be much stronger that those from his universe and so he ran away to the safety of his temple.
  • Wasn't happy to learn that Spyro was around as a deity long before Ripto managed to get him in. Of course, he quickly noticed when he fired his crystalizing beam and managed to somehow miss the purple dragon again. While there were even dragons pissed off at the Gnorc for the havoc he caused, they let Spyro handle him since he already has experience in dealing with Gnorcs.
  • Said to be kind of a weakling, in his first encounter with Spyro he went down in 2 hits and spent most of the fight running away. He would rather other deities would shut up about it or else he would pulverize them in with his mace.
  • Gnorcs are said to resemble Orcs and Goblins, which caused some confusion given that Gnorcs are closer to former in appearance. Most of the orcs look down on him because of his petty nature and the more fierce one think he is a weakling. They do recognize that his magic is dangerous and Gnasty has been trying to improve his toughness lately.
    • Warboss Ghazghkull thought that his magic would be useful and recruited him, making him an honorary ork. It's said that thanks to him he got a lot tougher but also much dumber.
  • Met Dr. Cortex after hearing about him from Ripto, the former having met Spyro in the past and suggested forming an alliance in order to take down the purple dragon and Cortex Arch-Enemy Crash Bandicoot. The clueless Gnorc wondered how did a strange orange marsupial cause so much trouble to the him until a chance encounter with the bandicoot had Gnasty suffer from some Comedic Underwear Exposure from Crash and left crying after so much embarrassment.
  • Maleficent felt sympathetic to how the dragons treated Gnasty, comparing it to how other fairies would shun her out but while both share common goals and are willing to work together, neither can stand the other on a personal level. Doesn't help that Gnasty isn't fond of fairies in the first place and the fact that she can turn into a dragon hasn't done any favours.
  • Similar to Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc has a feeble alliance with Malefor not only because he is a dragon, but because he is miles more powerful and competent than both him and Ripto. Malefor respects Gnasty a little more than Ripto because at least he gets to point and doesn't mess around and his crystalization spell could prove useful for him.
  • Ornstein and Smough, two notable enemies of dragons, approached the Gnorc one day with the proposal of aiding them in vanquishing all of the remaining dragons that roam their lands. As a reward, their boss Lord Gwyn would grant him enough gems to rebuild his army of gnorcs and possibly even help him take over the Dragon Realms as a revenge for vanishing him. He accepted the offer without a second doubt.
  • While he despises all the dragons in the pantheon, he actually gets along fine with Bowser, probably because while he resides in the House of Dragons he isn't really one. He heard of how the first time he tried to kidnap Princess Peach he turned all the Mushroom Kingdom residents into objects, similarly to his rampage in the Dragon Realms and has asked him if he could teach him the spell. Bowser just simply redirected him to his right hand mage Kamek.
  • Gnasty was busy trying to find some gems to turn into monsters one day when Dr. Cortex approached with a note. He and his ascended allies had learned of Spyro’s attempts to get into kart racing and invited Gnasty to join in. Gnasty decided to join to get revenge on Spyro.

    Lady Maria 

A corpse, should be left well alone.

Lady Maria, Divine Gate Boss (Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, The Original Paleblood Waifu)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Rakuyo. Alternatively, the Astral Clocktower.
  • Leitmotif: Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: A once noble of Cainhurst, who might have been possibly dead all this time, uses the Art of Quickening, a gracious hunter who fights with skill, fights with blood later on and fire, uses the rare Rakuyo, simply wants to guard the darkest secret of Byrgenwerth and will use any method to protect it, the one who Gehrman modeled the doll after which explains their similar looks, has the same fate as Gehrman protecting a Great One
  • Domains: Love (associated), Secrets, Blood, Guilt, Guardians
  • Additional Relationships: The Great Old Ones, The Plain Doll, Gehrman, the First Hunter
  • Source of Interest to: Hermaeus Mora, Micolash, Host of the Nightmare and anyone with a curious mania to secrets, The Abyss Watchers
  • Commonality Connection with: Casca
  • Enemies: The Hunter, most treasure hunters including Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, The Crimson Court, The Ancestor
  • Opposes: Blood Magic users, Sorin Makov, Mirai Kuriyama, Lady Melisandre
  • Opposed by: William Adams
  • The Old Hunters are the legends of old, they are the very first to master their craft of the hunt and with their skills came a large variety of weapons unique at that time. That same past knowledge also hid itself a large portion of secrets, one which entailed a simple Hamlet. Said past cursed them into the dimension known as the Hunter's Nightmare, putting them all in a neverending hunt in what may seem like an eternity. Those who witnessed the horrors firsthand was Lady Maria, an Old Huntress within Cainhurst ancestry. That part is only one secret in a web of secrets entailed on her past including her being Gehrman's source of infatuation, which lead to him modelling the doll into her image, her detesting the lineage she came from and finally being one of the first witnesses to Byrgenwerth and their heretical actions to the Fishing Hamlet leading to her defending its entrance with her life. Understanding the severity of the events that unfolded in front of her eyes, the only path she can take is to defend the Astral Clocktower and with it the secrets it holds.
  • When the Hunter's Nightmare was opened, a large portion of it was undiscovered by many travelers and those of the curious kind. One of which is the Research Hall, a weird maze of swirling staircases and mangled forms of its patients. The experiments that entailed in these halls are lost in time but the results are evident from all the enlarged head patients that encompasses the structure. In front of the Research Hall is a garden that connects it to the unknown building known as the Astral Clocktower. This very thing is the gate between the Hunter's Nightmare and the unfortunate secret that holds the realm together and the one that guards its entry is one lone Old Hunter who has sworn to protect the secret from anyone who dares to uncover it. This Old Hunter, Lady Maria, has fought many adventurers who have reached far into the depths of the Nightmare only to find them returning back to where they began. The Hunter, after a grueling fight against Ludwig, would soon encounter her once again and the memories of her first encounter with him angered her and fought once again. Despite dying over and over against her, the Hunter finally achieved success and finished her, allowing the secrets to unfold and the true horrors of the nightmare to be discovered by the curious.
    • Her defeat, while tragic has lead many of the Court of the Gods to see potential in her entrance. Seeing that a certain house has a large presence of otherworldly activity and that the Astral Clocktower worked similarly to a gate of the unknown proceeded to create a formal ascension for her, giving her a reason to ascend while performing her duty. Some would argue that by prolonging Maria's life can be considered an even worse fate than death, but others would see that her presence can help keep the House shut thanks to the Clocktower's nature. Regardless of one's thoughts, there is one clear fact and that Maria will guard the Clocktower whatever the costs.
  • After the ascension, Maria's first reaction was with utter shock seeing that something felt off, of which she took a gander outside and saw that the garden in front of the Astral Clocktower was gone. Feeling that the world around her must have been modified to a certain degree, she instead remained inside until the outside view returned back to normal. However, when she opened the door once again, a group of hooded figures gave her a letter, of which explained the terms and conditions of her ascension. Before she could utter a word, the figures disappeared and soon the location she was guarding returned to its original state. Confused, her only response was to sit in front of the Clocktower, guarding it for the rest of her life.
  • Prior to certain events, her thought of the possibility that in this new world she is in that she would be the only one of her kind that received the same form of ascension. Little did she realize that she was most certainly not alone. The Hunter that has fought her has his presence known within the Pantheon grounds as well as another inhabitant of the Hunter's Nightmare, Ludwig. This also goes for the deity she is trying to hide, Kos, or in specific terms, Kos's corpse, a point brought up by one of the Great One's heralds, Micolash, of which the latter's interest towards her dedication has made him howl about how Hunter's for all their human thoughts, are no different if placed in a dream.
    • Things got more complicated upon Gehrman's received news of Maria's ascension. Seeing that he still has feelings for her despite the situation both are arguably in, he refuses to try to approach her even when the opportunity is present. This also brought more confusion with the Doll, the one thing he made in Maria's image. The fact that both Maria and the Doll are in the Pantheon has made Gehrman feel rather awkward in his presence. With his dissatisfaction of the doll and his unwillingness to reunite with Maria due to certain conditions has left him even more bitter than before.
  • Past the Hunter, with the Astral Clocktower now transformed as one of the very few gateways to the House of Otherness, her task grew immensely harder. Outside of him, other treasure hunters and even those who wish to uncover every single stone and secret have come in droves to the unimaginable horrors that is whatever is past the Clocktower. Those that do discover it will see the village that the scholars have defiled, the Fishing Hamlet, and with it Kos's corpse. Some of the treasure hunters are armed with little more than the usual firearms, of which she can easily dodge with precise skill, she is an Old Hunter after all. However, if her defeat to the Hunter is of any indication, there are possibly far more dangerous curiosity seekers that may overpower her, something that she has resigned to since she also has the use of blood blades to give her an equal match, despite her standards of hating her heritage.
    • Treasure hunters such as the likes of both Lara Croft and Nathan Drake will not be happy facing her since they have dealt with regular humans, and Maria is very different from their usual foes. Resistant to usual gunfire and skillful swordplay, she can easily take them down with little effort, although Nathan's luck, insane as it may be, could change the tide but for the most part, their encounters with her have been met with disastrous results. Other treasure hunters such as the League of Explorers and Indiana Jones have some considerable progress although in most cases, combat is not their type, and Maria's efforts have made it clear she will not go down without a fight.
    • Secret seekers are another issue she takes personally as the secrets behind the Clocktower are of her personal concern. This secret has made Hermaeus Mora laugh, probably because the Daedric Prince's incorporeal nature and the fact that he can wallow through the Clocktower with complete ease despite Maria able to sense an unusual presence. The secret of Kos, Byrgenwerth and the Fishing Hamlet and their atrocities are all known to the Prince of Fate though he keeps it to himself for obvious reasons. Other secret seekers who are of physical form however, Maria will handle them at ease, if they have some form of superpower to back them up.
  • Even as a very dormant person, she sees a flattering presence with the Abyss Watchers, who seem to have taken the ideologies of the general Hunter fighting style to heart, a little bit too much. What piqued her curiosity is the blood link which is very unique to even the Vilebloods. Their fighting styles and their final cindered form also showed that the Watchers do have similarities. Still, considering they have not perceived her as a threat, all is well, unless they start sniffing out the darkest corners of the Astral Clocktower.
  • Blood Magic in general seems to be a controversial topic for her. While her heritage allows this, she has made it abundantly clear of her hatred of such technique shown with her original Rakuyo dropped in a well in the Fishing Hamlet as well as her theorized suicide. Although, after waking up in the Hunter's Nightmare as a price for her participation in the horrors that Byrgenwerth did, she has decided to keep her blood blades as a last ditch attempt protecting the Clocktower she guards, so it is more of a case of necessary protection considering the secrets behind her. That said, her Cainhurst heritage has only served interest for some of the more bloodied deities.
    • The Crimson Court are very notorious for this, since the entirety of the denizens of the wretched Courtyard have become blood-crazed fiends, almost as if they are even worse than the Yharnamites who transfused their blood with the Old Blood. While some of the Courtyard's own people took a visit in the Clocktower and get smashed for it, said attempts have only fueled the frenzy with her blood blades, the Rakuyo being the main catalyst. The Countess have also seen the relations of her to the Vilebloods, only wanting relations with her just to coerce her to the Court's side, a situation she has declined through fighting. The more astute deities may see that a shadowy figure has been spying on her defending the Clocktower against the Crimson Court, suggesting that said figure may have something to do with the entire ruckus and they are right. The Ancestor, seeing all the secrets beneath that gate has made it clear to extract it by any means necessary as well as killing her to avoid a sudden threatening rise for the Crimson Court's forces should they persuade her, a 'two birds in one stone' idea in his mind.
    • Other people who have sensed her Blood Magic came to visit the Clocktower in the hopes of meeting her, though she has resigned her other thoughts to valiantly protect the gate, meaning she will not be teaching anyone soon but rather, demonstrate it through combat with their lives at stake. Sorin Makov learned this the hard way after his first foray in the Hunter's Nightmare though reading her backstory he could not help but call Maria a hypocrite for destesting her heritage but still use her blood blades anyway. Oh how Sorin must be a fool to not see the whole picture.
    • Past him however, her thoughts soon pointed to Mirai Kuriyama as she also has the same magic to her, including blood-infused weaponry of their own. However, Maria's distate of blood magic also means she has a personal distaste for Mirai's presence. She even has gone so far as to claim Mirai's clan being wiped was a justifiable action for such power, of which she is heavily offended by. What she does notice however is that Maria's own heritage, the Cainhurst Vilebloods have also been in a near total wipeout by the Executioner Hunters, so in many cases, her thoughts also counts to her own bloodline.
    • Opinions and anger would be reserved from those two and instead directed to an even worse user, Lady Melisandre, who commented on Maria's bloodline as a fascinating one as is the Cainhurst's own history, a comment she takes offense on. With Melisandre's heavy backstabbing nature and her usage of blood to form her own assassins, Maria sees her to be the worst offender, promptly claiming both Mirai and Melisandre's respective ancestral lines are better off burned with no remorse. The latter does not care, considering she already knows what is about to happen to her anyway.
  • Past all that, William Adams has taken caution upon hearing her name which is weird that a samurai has taken notice of Maria's presence. Though seeing that William has faced a certain Lady Maria of the same looks and even combat styles, people can see why he has done so. Though in this case, the other Maria is far more dangerous with all the blood magic, fire magic and a more aggressive stance.
    • Speaking of sudden connections, Casca also seems to have a similar connection to Maria if only because of how the world Yharnam and its surrounding places (including the Nightmares) have taken notes of their world as well as how protective they are in their respective goals. Maria does remember bits of holding Casca as her High Priest but that is all she knows about her, meanwhile her revisitation to the Astral Clocktower, and by extension both the Research Hall and Lumenflower Gardens has her pondering if Maria has tried other ways to ease her pain, with the questions directing to the Patients in the hall. Maria shuddered, possibly hinting that her attempts at healing others have not been with good results.
  • "Oh, I know very well how the secrets beckon so sweetly. Only an honest death will cure you now. Liberate you from your wild curiosity."

    Specter Knight 
Specter Knight, God of Early-Game Difficulty Spikes (Donovan Placentaur, Specter Butt)

Viridi, The Unfought Goddess (The Goddess of Nature, Little Miss Cactus, Nachuré, King of Nature)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her "representative" symbol in Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Theme Songs: Viridi, Goddess of Nature, Wrath of the Reset Bomb
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (initially Lawful Neutral)
  • Domains: Nature, Snarking
  • Portfoilo: Apocalypse How, Bratty Half-Pint, Deadpan Snarker Among Deadpan Snarkers, Gaia's Vengeance, Heel–Face Turn, Immortal Immaturity, Karma Houdini, Knight Templar, Little Miss Snarker, Morality Pet Being the Hero, Nature Spirit (with nature meaning mostly plants), Ship Tease With Said Hero, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Followers: Emperor Gestahl, Isoc, Dutch der Linde
  • Allies: Pit, Palutena, Captain Planet... kind of, most of the other members of the House of Nature, Remilia Scarlet (though she'd rather not admit it), Ika Musume, Yutaka Kobayakawa, Brief, Elpizo
  • On speaking terms with: Mavis Dracula
  • Enemies: Hades, Hexxus, Lysandre, Mordremoth
  • Opposes: Panty Anarchy, Chuggaaconroy {The Runaway Guys}
  • Opposed by: Chrom
  • Rival: Cera
  • Additional Relations: Dark Pit
  • Views interest in: Lucario
  • A youthful-looking Goddess of Nature dwells within the Myth of Light, who detests humanity and wants them destroyed in order to restore the balance of nature which she believes they have tipped too far. However, she often finds that this goal is both impeded and exacerbated by the conflicts involving her fellow gods and especially Hades with his Underworld Army. She is the leader of her own army called the Forces of Nature, whose commanders she personally gave some rather splashy names. Palutena and her captain Pit occasionally would cross paths with her army, both as adversaries and as allies.
    • She ascended after Pit realized that the House of Nature needed a destructive nature protector and immediately thought of her. Once he saw the position of Immortal Immaturity was open, he immediately proposed that it go to her, getting her into the Pantheon during its early stages. As she was The Unfought for the time she appeared, having never tussled with Pit before the threat of Hades caused her to align with him and Palutena, it was originally unknown what position she was going to get in terms of rank. However, after apparently showing the Pantheon what she could do, she earned the rank of Intermediate Goddess. Later, her position was passed onto Remilia Scarlet, to which Viridi was pissed... until she realized that having such title removed from her would improve her image, and her unfought status to Pit still gave her an in, so she let it pass.
  • She hates Hexxus with a passion, to the point that if he's even five feet away from her, she will not hesitate to try and hurt him with her staff or powers. If she finds out he's trying to spread his pollution, well, the last time it happened, his powered-up muscle skeleton form provided a perfect target to demonstrate the power of her Reset Bombs. When she dropped a Reset Bomb on his head, he was completely reverted back to his original amorphous blob state with none of his absorbed power, once again contained to a giant tree in the Hall of Toxicity.
  • She gets along well enough with most of the other members of the House of Nature, but she's kind of disappointed that none of them are willing to take care of the obvious problem with the environment: humans. She also wants to recruit Lucario to her cause due to his power over aura. He turns down her repeated attempts, as most of his friends are humans and knows for a fact that not all humans are terrible. She is still determined to have him in her army, even having mellowed out somewhat on her stance that Humans Are Bastards after meeting many of the other gods who were at one time human themselves, partially in an attempt to understand him.
  • Ironically, the one truly deific being who agrees with her position, Zamasu, disdains her as a traitor to the cause. This is because when she saw the sheer lengths of Hades's harvesting of souls to create his legion of monsters, she became so repulsed as to declare the Underworld Army worse than humans. In his eyes, she should've taken the harvesting process as an opportunity to kill them all. She in turn detests the absolute vanity and sadistic glee that he takes to his mission, saying it betrays any sense of virtue he has, and knows she can't trust him anyway because he's willing to kill every single God around him if they get in the way of his quest to kill all mortals all the while calling it justice to anyone who'll listen.
  • She is often seen with Pit quite a bit, utilizing the Power of Flight for him. She often also blushes whenever he compliments her. She denies that she has any feelings for him, but nobody believes that for a second.
    • She tried to flat-out KILL Hades (well, again) when he commented that she and Pit should get married, resulting in a fight that destroyed half of both the Houses of Nature and Villainy, along with most everything between the two houses. When asked, Hades simply exclaimed that she's a "feisty one!" She refuses to talk about it.
    • Any more of her words becomes doubted after she learned that Panty has been seducing Pit into having having sex with her. Her response to that was to march into the House of Love and threaten the Fallen Angel to stay away from Pit. Panty only smiled, and asked why a piece of baby-faced man meat would want to waste time with a flat chested brat like her. What took place after that was a fight that nearly obliterated the House of Love. The fact that, despite her general dislike for humans, she gets along rather swimmingly with Brief, is considered by many a sign that she sees him as a chance to get Panty away from Pit once and for all.
    • Chuggaaconroy openly said that he ships her and Pit. While Pit was just horrifically embarrassed, Viridi had to be talked down by just about every positive emotion god to keep from dropping a Reset Bomb on the House of Gaming.
  • As suggested by the case of Hexxus and Chuggaaconroy, her Reset Bombs are able to destroy anything they touch, then completely revert it to its original state. As such, in the Myth of Light, their strategic use to destroy human cities and immediately revert their lands to the forests of old was the main offensive tactic in her human extinction campaign. In order not to risk obliterating the Pantheon, she is required to keep her Reset Bombs under lock and key, and is only allowed to take them out and use them when given permission. To that extent, Alexstrasza has acted as a restraining factor for her given the dragon queen's ability to do a similar job in a much more surgical, precise way.
  • She is the destructive counterpart of the first Nature Spirit to reside in the Pantheon, Nakoruru. Viridi is fine with her, but she gets annoyed with how Nakoruru occasionally had to get her to calm down in case she gets a wee bit too destructive. Following Nakoruru's exit from the Pantheon, Viridi has been quietly looking into ways to get her back, even claiming a title in her position as the Goddess of Destructive Protectors of Nature in order to keep anyone from taking her place, though this was later revoked. Many think Viridi misses Nakoruru as one of the few who generally understand her.
  • She has a surprisingly large soft spot for many of the good Equestrian deities in the Pantheon, and is particularly good friends with Fluttershy due to their shared love for wildlife. The Main House has since secretly commissioned them to try and curb her more destructive tendencies.
  • One of her jobs is to watch over the Great Valley. Unfortunately, this has lead her to butt heads with Cera because they hate each other's incredibly different personality. Similarly, she's not friends with Remilia Scarlet, but makes more of an effort not to blow up around her so she doesn't give her back the Immortal Immaturity title. Same goes for Mavis Dracula after she took the title following Remilia's reunion with her sister in the Hall of Vampires. Despite said reunion, though, Viridi is still on good terms with Remi. Flandre thinks they are friends no matter how strongly Viridi says otherwise.
  • Viridi gets along well with Ika and Elpizo due to their mutual hatred of humans and especially Lysandre for trying to make Pokémon (read: animals) extinct, though in Elpzo's case he objects to the deaths of Reploids that Lysandre's goals at their logical extreme would entail as well.
  • Upon learning that one of Petey Piranha's Piranha Plant followers had been let into the fifth Smash tournament, Viridi decided that to be the perfect opportunity to reveal her surprisingly wide knowledge of the different Piranha Plant species. The ensuing tangent was so fast, yet detailed, that many deities (especially Palutena) went on record saying they had the word "piranha" stuck in their heads for hours afterward. Petey and his followers have not yet expressed their opinions on this.

Lesser Gods

    The Colossi 
The Colossimembers , Patron Deities of Puzzle Bosses
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Colossus Idols
  • Theme Songs: Sign of the Colossus, Revived Power, A Messenger From Behind (Dirge), Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins (Argus), Demise of the Ritual (Malus)
  • Alignment: Ranges from True Neutral to Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Advancing Bosses Of Doom, Ambiguous Golems, Creatures That Can Be Climbed, People Feel Bad When They Die, Unique Creatures, Puzzle Bosses, Glowing Sigil Weak Points, Single Specimen Species, Slow Moving Powerhouses, The Cans That Seal An Ambiguous Evil, Boss Game, Non-Malicious Monster
  • Domains: Nature, Giants, Antiquity, Seals
  • Allies: Yorda, The Robed Figure, The Diver
  • Enemies: Eren Yeager, Solaris (moreso its component Mephiles), Molag Bal
  • Opposed by: Wander, Kratos, Dovahkiin
  • The Colossi are sixteen mysterious stone-carved creatures of variable sizes (though always much larger than a human). They existed throughout a place known as the Forbidden Land, serving as the seals of a (reputedly) evil entity called Dormin. One day, a young warrior called Wander entered the Forbidden Land carrying a dead girl called Mono (some say she was cursed, but that's a rather petty distinction, all things considered), and he made a deal with Dormin: Wander would slay all the Colossi and in exchange, Dormin would bring Mono back to life. And though Wander was not a very skilled or strong warrior, and the Colossi really were as powerful as they looked, he was rather good at thinking outside the box and coming up with clever tactics, and so all the Colossi wound up slain at his hands one way or the other.
  • It is a common thought that the Colossi are like wonders of the world. A lot of people find their slaying to be a tremendous waste and Wander is often reviled for his part in their extinction. It was perhaps in that spirit that they were ascended into the Pantheon, where they would be free to roam once more and people could admire their magnificence. They represent Puzzle Boss for the very specific and off-the-wall strategies that Wander needed to employ to have any chance at defeating them.
  • Although they have a designated temple/shrine, the Colossi are actually spread out throughout the whole Pantheon, and never seem to stay in one place for too long. They generally avoid areas where people live though. This is probably because they are used to the totally deserted Forbidden Land. This is perhaps for the best; the Colossi are pretty passive and neutral forces in the Pantheon, so they do little of note and are content to mind their own business. Still, some of them are very aggressive and shouldn't be approached lightly... or at all, really. Let's see how you like being repeatedly rammed to death by Cenobia and Celosia, or poisoned by Kuromori's gases. Most agree they should be left alone and admired from afar, but then, their battle prowess will always attract those who see the Colossi as interesting challenges and would just love to throw down with them.
  • One of the deities who wants to throw down with them? Wander himself, of course. The young warrior ascended into the Pantheon as well after his quest ended rather badly for him, as he got possessed by Dormin in order to fight off a certain Lord Emon who had a vested interest in keeping Dormin sealed. Emon succeeded in re-sealing Dormin and destroyed the only access to the Forbidden Land, stranding the newly revived Mono and Wander, who was apparently reduced to an infant. Despite this, Wander ascended as he was in the beginning of his quest, which most attribute to Dormin. And Wander is as determined as ever to finish off the Colossi once more, hoping that doing so will unseal Dormin again and that the entity can get him and Mono out of the Forbidden Land. No one knows whether the Colossi are still Dormin's seals, so no one can say for sure whether his quest is futile or not. At any rate, the Colossi seem to remember Wander, though somehow they have no interest in hunting him down to kill him before he does so to them again.
  • Kratos is someone who has a history of fighting gigantic creatures, most fittingly in this case, the Colossus of Rhodes. He would not mind at all giving Wander a hand in slaying all the Colossi. That they contain an (ambiguously) evil god just spurs him on. Some deities have pointed out to him that the point of the Colossi is (or was) to keep Dormin sealed away, and killing them would release Dormin again. Kratos replied that that's part of the plan; once he slays the Colossi, he will make absolutely sure to smash Dormin's face in for his manipulation of Wander. Wander appreciates his enthusiasm in killing the Colossi, less so in wanting to kill Dormin because that would be bad for him and Mono trapped back in the Forbidden Land. Also, no one knows if Dormin has a face.
  • Dovahkiin is another deity sympathetic to Wander's goals, having gone on a quest to slay ancient beasts and collect their souls himself. For that reason he, like Kratos, is willing to help out Wander in killing the Colossi. He is fairly suspicious of Dormin's intentions himself, though as far as he's concerned that is pretty much Wander's problem to deal with.
  • Eren Yeager is someone whose hatred for all manner of things giant knows no bounds, and it would seem that the Colossi also figure in that list, with Eren guessing that if they are the seals of an evil god, then they must be evil too and can't be allowed to exist. Eren is so blatant and virulent in his hatred that he actually manages to scare the Colossi. The fact that he's much more skilled than Wander and has a Titan form that would allow him to go toe-to-toe with the Colossi is also very worrisome to them. Entreatments for Eren to understand that the Colossi are nowhere near as violent as the Titans have been unsuccessful. It's probably no surprise that he's in league with Wander, given Eren is one of the few deities who agrees with him that the Colossi must be destroyed.
  • At first, the Colossi were an interesting subject for Mephiles to look into, given that they house fragments of a sealed god inside of them akin to Iblis and Mephiles being the components of Solaris. As it turned out, the sealed entity ended up being more of a neutral (relatively speaking) figure in the long run and Mephiles ultimately didn’t find any use for the Colossi in his plans. The Colossi are more or less passive figures if anything, but they don’t really like Solaris as a whole, especially in regards to Mephiles being deceptive towards his pawns.
  • Molag Bal is unusual in that he appears to utterly despise the Colossi for their magnificence and the awe they inspire, because the Daedric Prince is just petty like that. He would like to take them down one or several pegs, and promotes the Colossi's slaying among his followers. Some believe he's trying to bring the Colossi down into his realm of Coldharbour where they could be his servants.
  • Among the deities who have sought to actually make friends out of the Colossi, Yorda stands out as one who the usually impassive Colossi actually have a keen interest in. Yorda was originally simply curious after hearing stories about the Colossi, and a little skeptic about Wander as well. Yorda went to meet the Colossi without Ico and got herself in trouble, as the Gill-Man took an interest in her and tried to drag her under, only for Hydrus and Pelagia to save her and chase Gill-Man away. It was unheard of for the Colossi to do such a thing until then. Nobody is sure why it happened, but it's widely theorized that Yorda's innate powers have some kind of effect on the Colossi and that she can command them to a certain extent. Whatever the case, all the Colossi are very friendly when she's around, and Yorda loves them a lot as well. Ico for his part is more-or-less neutral on the Colossi; he admires Wander for defeating them all and kind of wishes he could pull it off as well, but doesn't truly wish them harm, especially now when Yorda cares so much for them.
  • The Robed Figure turned out to be another deity with a special connection to the Colossi. The Robed Figure had been fascinated by the Colossi ever since hearing about them, though it generally kept its distance so as to not disturb them. Then one day, it unwittingly moved a little too close to Cenobia's territory and a chase ensued. The Robed Figure then happened to chirp, which caused Cenobia to freeze and relax, allowing the Robed Figure to approach it safely. When the Robed Figure tried chirping at the other Colossi, they all became friendly. Apparently they enjoy the music the Robed Figure makes with its chirping. Phalanx became the Robed Figure's personal favorite Colossi due to its inherently peaceful nature and living in the desert, which is home to the Robed Figure.
  • The Diver became interested in the Colossi after hearing the Robed Figure sing praises for them, especially as two of them dwelled in the water, which would make things much easier for her to meet them. The Diver has a knack for getting along with aquatic creatures, and it wasn't much harder to befriend Hydrus and Pelagia (her singing at them helped, inspired by how the Robed Figure's chirping yielded the same results). She has also tried visiting the rest as much as she could. In the end, the Diver is decidedly a friend to all the Colossi and supports their preservation wholeheartedly, even if her friend the Great White still shakes in his fins whenever they go anywhere near the creatures.

    The Pack-Hunting Monsters 
The Pack-Hunting Monsters,note  Divine Flunky Bosses (Velocidrome: Dosuranposu, Hard-Core Velocidrome | Giadrome: Dosugianosu | Gendrome: Dosugeneposu, Hard-Core Gendrome | Iodrome: Dosuiosu | Great Jaggi: Dosujagyi | Great Baggi: Dosubagii | Great Wroggi: Dosufurogi | Great Maccao: Dosumakkao | Great Jagras: Dosjagurasu, Greatest Jagras | Great Girros: Dosugiruosu | Great Izuchi: Osaizuchi)
Velocidrome with his Velociprey troops
Gendrome with his Genprey troops 
Iodrome with his Ioprey troops 
Giadrome with his Giaprey troops
Great Jaggi with his Jaggi and Jaggia troops
Great Baggi with his Baggi troops 
Great Wroggi with his Wroggi troops
Great Maccao with his Maccao troops
Great Jagras with his Jagras troops
Great Girros with his Girros troops 
Great Izuchi with his Izuchi troops 
  • Lesser Gods (overall). Demigods (the small pack monsters). Lesser Gods (The Dromes and The "Greats"). Borderline Intermediate Gods (the Dromes when infected by the Frenzy Virus). Borderline Greater God (Greatest Jagras).
  • Symbol: Their Hunting Guild's icons
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though Great Jagras is True Neutral until provoked; can turn Neutral Good if tamed into a Monstie
  • Portfolio: Flunky Boss, King Mook, Enemy Summoner, Warm-Up Boss, Ocasionally Have Stronger Variants, Status Infliction Attack
  • Domains: Packs, Hunting, Monsters
  • Heralds: Their lesser kin troops, Rakna-Kadaki
  • Followers: Queen Azshara, Hidon, Totem Pokémon
  • Tolerate: Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Fluttershy, David Attenborough
  • Rivals: The Raptor Pack, Rexie, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Raptor Red, Speckles
  • Enemies: Fatalis, Rathalos and Rathian, Deviljho, Astalos, The Brontosaurus, Rampardos, The Gang of Seven, Neweye's Dinosaurs, Gwangi, The Herd, Big Al, The Carnotaurs, Sharptooth,One-Eye, King Kong, Hunter J
  • Intrigue: Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
  • Oppose: The Monster Hunters, Big Boss
  • In a world filled with monsters there are many ways that the creatures hunt: Some use brute strength to bring down prey with one blow, others use elemental powers to hunt more efficiently and some others instead hunt with a pack of lesser members. Such monsters are usually Raptorial Bird Wyverns, too weak on their own to fight bigger threats but quite more capable with a pack. Other examples are lesser Fanged Wyverns. Though not the strongest monsters by any measure, they're still quite the threat for unprepared/inexperienced hunters.
  • They were ascended into the Pantheon in an attempted orderly, calm way. For the most part they were cooperative and settled on their House without issue... Until they decided to start fighting one another and caused a massive brawl in their houses and nearby. Though their particularly notable weakness to stronger forces made corralling them back in order an easy task to do. Eventually they settled on making territories for each of their packs, and have somewhat remained in peace ever since.
  • The pack hunters all have an instinctual opposition to the Hunters, who kill and capture many of their kind in their universe and use their parts for their weapons. That said, they often get distracted by trying to target another bigger target when the chance comes up. At the same time, the Hunters have made it clear that unlike most others, they won't hunt the big game monsters beyond necessary and are content to leave them be in the Pantheon if they don't try and stir up trouble in the Houses and Halls.
  • The Velocidrome has previously encountered Big Boss, along with the Velociprey packs. Big Boss still remembers mowing down masses of them and was annoyed at seeing their presence in the Pantheon given their horrible screeching, appearances, tendency to jump people at random and aggressive behavior towards everything else. While he won't go out of his way to hunt them, given he has bigger matters to care about than some lizards on the place, he will definitely hunt them down if they get in the way of his work or goals.
  • They don't like anything else in their territory, no ifs and or buts, as such any who dares trespass into their turf is either vulnerable to an ambush attack... Or is bound to create a massacre of creatures. But few are willing to enter these places, as they either don't care about these creatures or are actually intimidated by them due to lacking the means to fight them. A few examples of those willing to cross can be found in the powerful Deviljho, a monster of their world that will eat anything it can and thus cares nothing for territories and intruding. While most of the pack hunters fall to this mighty beast, one stands above them as the superior to Deviljho: The Greatest Jagras, an unusually big monster that can absolutely overpower the saurian beast and force it to give it a wide berth.
  • The Velocidrome and Great Jaggi found a peculiar direct rival in the Raptor Squad, a group of four genetically engineered raptors that hunt with extreme precision and deadliness. Blue has taken up on the challenges of the Bird Wyverns with her pack engaging in brutal clashes that leave grievous injuries on all sides, though often stands down when overwhelmed by numbers or exhaustion. Blue and her pack do avoid most of the others, knowing that the Gendrome, Iodrome, Giadrome, Great Baggi, Great Wroggi, Great Jagras, Great Girros and Great Izuchi are all armed with body parts or elements that grant them an immediate advantage over them that they can't expect to overcome.
  • They also immediately got tussling with the big dinosaurs such as Rexy, the Spinosaurus and Indominus Rex. While the big predators are mostly capable of overcoming their foes, they all avoid the big and strong Greatest Jagras, whose strength in the physical department is unmatched by them and is easily capable of swallowing them whole with impunity and quickly. The Indoraptor, close relative of Indominus, has taken to to challenging the Alphas for fun, often goading their far less intelligent brains into going berserk so it can get a good fight.
  • The Gendrome have made an enmity with the lions in the Pantheon particularly Simba, Mufasa and Scar. This is due to the fact that its Genprey brethren have often fights with lions in their world. Simba has mostly done so in self-defense while Scar welcomes the challenges and even has thought of allying with them, though discarded that due to them being even dumber than the hyenas and much more dangerous as a result since they don't even show a capacity to understand loyalty.
  • These creatures were quite the puzzle for scientists and dinosaur enthusiasts given that most of them are raptor-like creatures with bizarre adaptations and shapes. First of these people was Alan Grant who was quite shocked by how much more deranged these creatures were in appearance than even the likes of the raptors he's faced over the years, while being interested in learning the exact nature of their evolution and development of powers and skills, given his own ongoing investigations on the nature of dinosaur evolution.
  • They've made quite the enemies on the Pantheon, firstly notable is the Gang of Seven, a group of young dinosaurs who had to contend with several deadly predators and are very wary of these "Sharptooths" who are relentless, have abilities that are otherworldly for them and quite more dangerous than any foe they've faced. Speaking of which, the Sharptooth has not taken well to their presence and will often fight them if they cross paths, to remove possible threats, though like Deviljho he will turn tail and run if he meets up with the Greatest Jagras.
  • The Great Jagras is surprisingly calm when not on the hunt or threatened and is even a caring leader for its troops, this made approaching it an easier job than usual. One of the first humans to make non-hostile contact with it was Steve Irwin, who has experience dealing with all kinds of aggressive beasts and was quite quick to befriend the colossal Fanged Wyvern, who afterwards met Steve's close allies and also befriended them. No such luck was fully had with the other pack leaders, as they are generally more irritable, though Steve at least got to make them not attack him on sight and even have them tolerate his presence greatly to the point that he can freely roam and even stay in their turf for some days.
  • The Herd has dealt with raptorian creatures in their world during various adventures, and these creatures were not too dissimilar either, especially as the Giadrome and Great Baggi felt a drive to attack Manny due to their preference for mammoth-like creatures such as the Popo in their world. While the Herd often prefers to run away, Manny at times does stand his ground with the others and even has been receiving help lately from Gammoth, who loathes these critters and does not tolerate seeing another creature fall prey to them.
  • The Kyoryuger were interested in these creatures, given that most of them are essentially Living Dinosaurs, Daigo attempted to befriend them, starting with the practically red-colored Great Jaggi and Izuchi, though had to rough them up a bit to dissuade an initial assault due to their aggressive behavior. While not much in the way of a friendship came out of it, at least the duo are willing to let the Kyoryugers get close as a result of this meeting.
  • King Kong has many times fended off these creatures' attacks, often when crossing their territories on a trek or when having a coincidental meeting while exploring the Pantheon, the repeated happenings of this incident has led to a rather fierce enmity developing between both parties but often leading to multiple dead critters and a pissed off Kong afterwards. Otherwise Kong has gotten along with the Great Jagras due to its more passive behavior, as well as its bigger version who has helped it fight off the Deviljho on occasions.
  • Raptor Red was yet another rival to the raptorian alphas, Red sees them as a threat to herself and her brood or others she cares for. Out of these rivals she has the most bitter one towards the Velocidrome for its constantly aggressive behavior and tendency to try and chase her out of her own territory to install himself and his own brood on it, though she ultimately only views fighting it as a self-defense approach. Riptor was another raptor who also got up to challenging these creatures, and unlike Red it takes all due pleasure in retaliating.
  • Fluttershy's ability to communicate and empathize with animals let her get close to the monsters without a bloodshed ensuing. She has at times been disturbed by their extremely aggressive predatory ways, but has come to respect this given the kind of world they live in, at the least she's happy that she can peacefully coexist with the Great Jagras and its kind with proper care and without the need for a long, arduous process of using gestures to win them over. Fluttershy has also taken interest in learning the way they socialize given that beneath the typical alpha and pack relationship there seems to be some sort of developed social interaction.
  • Their hides and organs are valuable for various reasons, including food, money from the "gems" that can form in their bodies or even as exotic pets or attack animals. This all has made them quite the popular targets for many hunters in the houses throughout the Pantheon, but the main one was Hunter J, someone who specializes in catching and selling powerful creatures and finds the pack hunters to be quite the easy prey to subdue and sell on the Black Market. This has made the creatures hostile to her presence and quite wary as well due to her Pokémon's power.
  • As with every other creature of their world, they are all afraid of the higher-level Elder Dragons; most especially Fatalis, the Black Dragon whose power and cruelty is unmatched. Fatalis can particularly enjoy singling them out as their overall weaker power makes them quite the playthings for its sadism. A Fatalis's presence is sure to make even the most bold of these hunters keel over and run away rather than stay and fight, to the point that they'll cease any and all hostilities toward other creatures just to seek shelter.
  • All of them have the capacity to turn into Monsties, Pokémon-like creatures that bond with their masters and can fight for them against other Monsties or threats. Many have gotten interested in getting one of them as a partner. One of these interested deities was Ash Ketchum, who believes that he can be at least befriend one of them since he thinks they must have a nicer side underneath the usual aggressive behavior of their kinds. At least he's confident that could work out with the Jagras, but won't push it much.

Psy-Crow, God of Skippable Bosses (Psycrow, Scourge of the Space Lanes)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Worm-Hook Grappling Gun
  • Theme Songs: Psycrow, Banjo Race, and Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Abnormal Ammo, Jim's Arch-Enemy, Bounty Hunter, Card-Carrying Villain, Creepy Crows, Feathered Fiend, The Heavy, Recurring Boss
  • Domains: Bounty Hunters, Space, Weapons, Mercenaries, Bosses, Races
  • Followers: Buzzar, Benny & Clyde
  • Allies: The Murkrow Flock, The Crow, Boba Fett, Lobo, The Eliksni, Felix
  • Enemies: Earthworm Jim, Samus Aran, Yondu Udonta, The Outlaw Star Crew, The Worms, The Graboids, Leto Atreides II, Zouken Matou
  • Opposed by: Dog deities
  • An infamous galactic Bounty Hunter who after a failed mission where he lost the Super Suit meant for Queen Slug-for-a-Butt and instead falling on Earthworm Jim, mutating him into the hero he is today, Psycrow has ever since butted heads with Jim numerous times. First by stalking him accross all the galaxy and a second time by kidnapping his love interest Princess What's-Her-Name, Psy-Crow has been a thorn in Jim side for a very long time and he plans to continue to do so until he gets his hands on the super suit again.
  • He was confused about his appointed title, but understood that if Jim managed to beat him on the race to the next planet, he wouldn't be able to ambush him and so he had to leave him alone therefore skipping him. Though that doesn't happen nearly as often, as he tends to engage Jim on land instead of chasing him in space. It's much easier that way.
  • Jim was less than thrilled to learn that Psy-Crow was around the pantheon, mostly because Psy-Crow just has made his life goal to destroy that worm and reclaim the suit. Oddly enough, the two usually settle things by racing across the Pantheon and whoever gets first chooses what they are going to do next.
  • Considered the unofficial leader of the Murkrows and he commands them to do whatever he wants to do. It usually is about stealing something special from a certain place, as they usually do but other times he just brings them along and makes them fight Jim, since he perfectly knows he hates those things because they keep pecking his head.
  • Doesn't know what to think about The Crow. On one hand, he respects it for being one of his own but at the same time he he knows it isn't really an actual crow but something else entirely. Even then, he doesn't working for her as long as it benefits him.
  • Other than bothering Jim, he is a Bounty Hunter and won't hesitate in going after someone if the price is right. He is acquiantanced enough with Boba Fett and Lobo that they can work together just fine but others like Samus Aran or Yondu Udonta aren't that fond of him, particularly given he usually works for very crooked people.
    • He can kinda be also labelled as a Space Pirate, even if he usually just works alone. For that, he sometimes works along the Eliksni and Felix, often tipping them off about certain Houses and Places they could loot and gain a profit. He is also trying to convince them to go after Earthworm Jim so he can finally get rid of that pesky worm.
  • If you weren't convinced by now, Psy-Crow loves consuming worm flesh, much so that he has gone after other worm-like deities besides Jim. His favourite victims are the Worms and Graboids, even if the latter are more of a different type of worm he used to confsume but he indeeds finds them tasty.
    • Then there were other deities who, while having ties to worms, left the crow very confused. One of those was Leto Atreides, whose Sand Worm form caught the interest of the Bounty Hunter but he decided against engaging him in combat because he was way out of his league. Then there was Zouken Matou, who is said to be made of a collective of Crest Worms and Psy-Crow was curious of their taste, so he plans to eventually see what are those worms really about. They have tried to warn him about his unusual form and being actually fairly dangerous, but he didn't really pay attention to those claims.
  • Dog deities despise him after hearing about how he kidnapped Peter Puppy's children and forced him and Jim to save them from falling to their deaths, especially because he nochlantaly tossed them from a window.
  • It's implied that he may have eaten Jim's parents, so their beef is actually more personal than one would think.
  • May or may not be a cow in disguise, same as Jim and Princess What's-Her-Name. Don't ask questions about what happened there nobody can even comprehend the absurdity of those chain of events.


    Heinz Böhm 
General Heinz Böhm, Representative of Elusive Bosses (The Butcher of Bologna, Major Hans Dorfmann, Böhm's Confidant)
Bohm's Plane 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An Ms 300 "Razor" anti-ship missile
  • Theme: Combat Theme 6
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Being the final boss of his story, and an elusive one at that, Being invisible for most of the campaign, Capable of taking on various aliases, Handing non-vital information to the Allies while also taking vital information from them, Cheerfully stating he can be a man or a monster, The Mole, Walking Spoiler, Going by other names when out in public, Enjoys crushing his enemies' hope and driving them into despair, Responsible for the death of a prominent resistance leader, Managing to develop a prototype jet bomber years ahead of its time in complete secrecy, Being responsible for numerous war crimes in the areas his troops were stationed in
  • Domains: Bosses, Elusiveness, Nazis, World War II
  • Heralds: Major Klaus Rothbauer, Dr. Andreas Kessler
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Conlficting Opinion: Marshal Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi
  • General Heinz Böhm was a mysterious and infamous German General stationed in Italy from November 1941 to mid-1943, tasked with pacifying the Allagra region of potential rebellion. He became known amongst both the Allies and the Italian Partisans as the "Butcher of Bologna", where he ordered his men to take away suspected partisan leaders, and then had both suspected partisans and innocent civilians massacred. Those that were taken prisoner weren't any luckier, with all of them being Made a Slave and being forced to assemble missile components as they dropped dead.
  • Aside from this, he was also in charge of a top-secret Luftwaffe operation, which involved the then-revolutionary Ms 300 "Razor" anti-ship missile, an advanced variant of the existing Fritz X and Henschel Hs 293 guided bombs. In order to prevent any information regarding the missile from being leaked, he ordered his troops to massacre the entire civilian populace of San Cellini Island, where the airfield being used to test the missiles was located. Cooperating with General Tobias Schmidt of the Luftwaffe, he arranged the project's initial results, namely the sinking of the British spy ship Orchidea, to be shown to Adolf Hitler in the form of a Propaganda Piece. The Orchidea itself was baited there by Heinz himself, who had been ordering the sinking of several passing Allied merchant vessels in the area in order to get the Allies to send in spy ships to investigate. This isn't helped by the fact that Böhm, as Major Hans Dorfmann has access to the Allied secret codes through the OSS.
    • It was during this incident that Lt. Karl Fairburne, an SOE agent working alongside the OSS, began foiling his plans. During his scouting mission on San Cellini, Karl killed General Schmidt as well as the other German officers on the island, as well as destroying all of the cameras used to capture the Orchidea's sinking. When Karl inspected Schmidt's body for any clues, he found a letter containing the name "Kessler", which turned out to refer to one of the German General's Co-Dragons.
  • As Karl, the OSS, the Partisans, and eventually, The Mafia began joining forces against the Axis forces, Böhm decided to enact his Evil Plan. Knowing Dr. Kessler was Secretly Dying of liver cancer (and thus, will be of no further use to anyone), he, as Dorfmann, leaks his location to the OSS. He then allowed Kessler to be captured, in order to reignite discord between the OSS and the partisans, who had previously been at odds following a previous roundup. With Kessler knowing the exact details regarding the capture of the previous resistance leader, he had the partisans Lured into a Trap in the German-occupied town of Giovi Fiorini, where dozens of partisans, their sympathizers, and quite possibly dozens of innocent civilians, were either killed in the crossfire, or summarily executed not long afterward, if they weren't tortured for information prior.
  • With his biggest thorns out of the way, Böhm decided to push through with the final phase of his plan: to kill General Eisenhower and subsequently stop Operation Avalance preemptively. To this end, he makes the final preparations from his mountain base in Allagra. Even when Lt. Fairburne manages to sneak in and sabotage his base's facilities, Böhm who finally reveals his true identity to the SOE operative, tells him that he is too late. And given the Wham Shot of his missile-loaded jet bomber being revealed, he probably wasn't wrong, either, given the plane's capabilities.
  • With help from Sofia Di Rocco, the captive Rebel Leader of the Allagran Partisans, via a Heroic Sacrifice, Karl manages to stop as well as kill the German General and shoot down his new bomber before it can take off. With all his and Dr. Kessler's plans, blueprints, and documents either destroyed when his base was bombed to the ground by the British or stolen by Karl and the OSS, General Heinz Böhm and his reign of terror over Allagra was finally over. Ultimately, it was thanks to Böhm's actions in his advanced aircraft that would ultimately earn his a place in the Pantheon, as the Representative of Elusive Bosses.
  • With his ascension, he and his advanced prototype aircraft arrive at an airfield located near Fort Schmerzen, where he was greeted by fellow Nazi officers Johann Schmidt and Wilhelm Strasse. Immediately impressed with his missile design, they offer him to join their ranks within Schmidt's version of HYDRA. Unsurprisingly, the German General accepts the offer, seeing the opportunity to continue his missile project, now with Tesseract-powered fuel, as well as enforce a reign of terror on the populace of the Pantheon.
  • Under HYDRA's employ, Böhm begins working alongside Hauptsturmfuhrer Baron Rudolf von Sturmgeist and Oberst Krieger of the Nemesis Squadron, who, like himself, has also sponsored the development of advanced aircraft and missile designs. Sturmgeist, impressed at the German General's further development of the Horten Flying Wing design, sponsors the mass production of them, in order to complement their arsenal of Ho 229s now being produced inside Fort Schmerzen's underground facilities. He also assists Schmidt in recreating the latter's Valkyrie Bomber, due to the similarities between it and Böhm's own aircraft. Krieger, on the other hand, promises to assist Bohm by providing additional manpower and resources to back Bohm's missile project. In return, Bohm and his own Herald Dr. Andreas Kessler were asked to help collaborate with Nemesis's own engineers and scientists into further developing their aircraft and wonderweapons designs.
    • When Schmidt tells him about President Franklin D. Roosevelt being in the Pantheon, Böhm becomes overjoyed, since now he has a much better, and more important, target to use his missiles against. Pretty soon, he begins sending out coded messages labeled "TOP SECRET" to other high-ranking Nazis, and not long after begins hatching a plan to kill President Roosevelt using HYDRA's advanced technology and his own.
  • Thanks to his fondness for torturing and love for bringing despair to his enemies, he immediately befriends and becomes close associates The Four Libertines, four Italian Fascist officals based in Northern Italy. Like Bohm, they're infamous for their orgy of war crimes (in this case, literally) that they committed in the Italian Theater of War. Bohm himself admires the work that they have done, asking if his new Italian allies would be able to repeat their brutal methods on Allied prisoners-of-war, captured resistance fighters, and political prisoners of the Nazi Regime, to which the four fascists gleefully agree to help him with. To this end, Bohm ends up assigning elite German troops to guard, including squads of Valkyrie Jager and a unit of Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites. In addition to serving as advanced interrogators, the Libertines also serve as some of the Nazi General's top enforcers, in order to help ensure that the Axis Forces in their area of the Pantheon have a strong foothold and influence over.
  • Milleneum, being one of the largest backers of Schmidt's war plans in the Pantheon, come to respect General Bohm, with the Major in particular seeing Bohm's infamous track record and reputation as a way to continue furthering conflict within the Pantheon. Bohm himself appreciates their large "donation" of funds and equipement to both the rest of the Nazi cause as a whole as well as to his own projects, and as a result is all too willing to help them as long as their goals align with one another.
  • Upon learning about the Germanian Empire and their own advanced weapons developments from an alternate timeline similar to his own, Bohm begins inquiring and befriending two of the deities who had ascended from there, one Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman, and his associate slash "science experiment" Sophie, a clone of a White Witch who was ultimately betrayed and executed by her own country despite having saved it from a devastating foreign invasion and war. What ends up happening is a close working relationship and friendship between the Nazi General and the two Germanian Empire soldiers. Berkman himself admires Bohm's handiwork and role in creating wonderweapons, and provides the General valuable intel from his universe, particularly about Hexenium, or crystallized and weaponized magical energy that can potentially be used to power both conventional missiles as well as WMDs. Sophie herself sees General Bohm and his weapon projects as a way to get an advantage over her old nemesis Izetta as well as a way to destroy the Principality of Eylstadt, the very country that had betrayed her. Bohm himself is all too willing to help in this endeavor, as having access to Hexenium and its potential would make his already impressive Razor missiles even deadlier.
  • Thanks to his role in developing Nazi Secret Weapons Projects, Bohm's Temple, the Allagra Fortress, has become a priority target by Nemesis's Arch-Enemy, the Battlehawks, who are determined not to let the Ms 300 "Razor" missiles nor the mass production of Bohm's advanced bomber design come to fruition. This isn't helped by the fact that Bohm himself has already been working closely with the aforementioned Oberst Krieger, commander of the Nemesis Squadron, in furthering the development of German wonderweapons.
  • Is rather weirded out by SHOCKER's methods of creating monsters and then siccing them on populations. He finds it to be Awesome, but Impractical, instead preferring to use revolutionary, but far more practical conventional weaponry, to achieve his goals, as best demonstrated in his own missile project. Nonetheless, he admires the scope of their plans.
  • Lt. Karl Fairburne, unsurprisingly, eventually finds out about Böhm's ascension after seeing photographs of Böhm's aircraft as well as a production line of Ms 300 "Razor" missiles taken within the Pantheon. The photos in question were provided to him by fellow OSS agent Lt. Mike Powell, who had infiltrated the facility by posing as a German officer. Now knowing the German General's talent of being a Master of Disguise, he immediately briefs Captain America and President Franklin D. Roosevelt about the new threat, mentioning his Dorfmann alias so that they won't be fooled by him.
  • It's in the Pantheon that General Bohm finally meets Generalfeldmarschall Franz Vahlen in person. The man behind Project Seuche, better known as the Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte, Vahlen was also an enemy of Lt. Karl Fairburne, who had referred to the SOE slash OSS sniper as "The Desert Ghost". Thanks to their mutual hatred of the Allied sniper, as well as the fact that Vahlen's son Ernst served under Bohm as a junior officer in his forces, they both decide to team up in an effort to capture or kill Lt. Karl Fairburne as revenge for foiling both of their wonderweapons projects in the past.
  • While technically allied with Imperial Japan, Bohm has secretly been monitoring the actions of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and his subordinate Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi, or more specficially, the ships and fleets under their direct command. This isn't surprising, given that intelligence retrieved from his now-Temple at Allagra mentions Bohm, Kessler, and a few other Nazi officers becoming concerned in the event that the Empire of Japan would betray the Nazis following a potential Axis victory. Having already perfected his radio guided missiles, he wouldn't hesitate on turning them against the Imperial Japanese Navy should they prove to be an eventual threat to Nazi operations in the Pantheon as well.
  • Zofia Zawistowski and Pvt. Robert Zussman find him to be absolutely loathsome, even for a Nazi. This is mainly due to his reputation as The Butcher of Bologna, as well as his liberal use of slave labor, which both of them went through during their time in Nazi captivity. Zussman ultimately decides to aid Lt. Karl Fairburne when the latter asks for volunteers in helping him stop the ruthless Nazi General.
  • Now knowing about the true threat regarding both The Mafia and La Résistance, he begins sending Waffen-SS soldiers against them. When Fairburne finds out about this, he promptly informs the likes of the Corleones, Lelouch Vi Britannia, and even Squad 7. Thanks to this, a massacre not unlike the one that took place in Giovi Fiorini is prevented from happening, with the SS soldiers suffering heavy casualties in the process.
    • Similarly, his attempt on Diavolo's and Team Buciaratti's lives ends up in failure, due in no part to them being far more powerful than the German General had anticipated. Despite this failure, Böhm comes to see Diavolo in particular as a Worthy Opponent, thanks in huge part to their similar efforts in not wanting to be seen.
    • Vito Scaletta, a veteran of the Italian Campaign of WWII and a high-ranking mafioso himself, is among those who oppose General Bohm the most, given that regardless of current affiliation, the Nazi General would be after his head regardless. It's because of the presence of the Nazi General that Scaletta makes a temporary alliance with Lt. Karl Fairburne, who himself has contacts within The Mafia and has worked alongside them in the past.
  • Using his Dorfmann alias, he's able to work with the likes of Gihren Zabi and Bask Om, who aren't among the people Lt. Fairburne has briefed or informed. He becomes impressed at the weapons they have access to, and promptly begins taking military secrets from both men in exchange for the intel he has on-hand.
  • Is more than willing to use his anti-ship missiles against the ship girls Iowa, Johnston, Fletcher, Atlanta, and South Dakota, whom he knows are very close to several of the Allied deities. With the help of other Nazi deities such as Deathshead and the Red Skull, he plans on filming their demises as part of a Propaganda Piece and then showing it to the rest of the Pantheon as a warning. In essence, it was a repeat of the Orchidea sinking, only this time on a much bigger scale.
  • Outside of the Nazi Party, he finds Junko Enoshima to be someone he can most gleefully get along with (not unlike the Four Libertines in this respect), due to their love of turning people into desperate wrecks. It also doesn't help that they're both the respective Big Bad of their stories.
    • He finds the GUAG Kibou Go to be absolutely repulsive, to the point that he also arranges for an assassination attempt against all of its members.
  • Kung Fury ends up temporarily setting back Böhm's operation, when he singlehandedly destroys several shipments of his missile components as well as killing the Waffen-SS soldiers guarding them. To say that they were absolutely dumbfounded by the police officer's moves would be an understatement.
"The worst terrors are shapeless, formless. If no one knows who I am, I can be whoever I need to be. I can, uh, manipulate...Huh, I can avoid detection if need be. I could be a man. Oh...*chuckles*...or a monster."

    Mother Brain 
Mother Brain, Goddess of Load-Bearing Bosses
Her final form in Super Metroid 


    Whispy Woods 
Whispy Woods, Patron of Warm-Up Bosses (Guardian of the Forest)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An apple
  • Theme Music: That Stubborn Tree! and Vs. Twin Woods, among others
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hostile Forests, Being In His Position For Forever, Stationary Boss
  • Domains: Nature, Bosses, Apples
  • Herald: Mr. Frosty
  • Followers: Death Metal, Granga, Chariot Type 27, Garam, Winston Payne, Ryuhaku Todoh
  • Allies: Glass Joe, the Slimes, Brock, King Dedede
  • Enemies: Kirby
  • Fears: The House of Fire and Heat
  • Even though Whispy Woods counts Kirby as an enemy, he does not pursue this antagonism actively, due to a combination of being far weaker than Kirby and being a non-mobile tree.
  • His ascent to the Pantheon was Batman's doing at Wizardmon's behest. Batman came to the conclusion that Whispy Woods, as a longtime foe of one of video gaming's most iconic characters, would make an ideal plant within the GUAE.
  • Is utterly powerless against Johnny Appleseed, The God of Apples and his (former) herald, Applejack.
  • The tree is present in one of the arenas that certain gods battling each other take part of. The most Whispy can do there is try to blow the fighters off the platform that they're on.
    • There is another arena that Whispy is present in and in addition to the aforementioned gale wind attack, he can also shake some apples off the tree by himself. Fighters can use these apples for recovering their health, or they can throw the apples at their opponents for damage.
  • Petey Piranha, one of Whispy's former followers, managed to find a proper spot in the Pantheon. However, the two don't interact much with each other.
  • It should be noted that, despite his title, Whispy has gradually become less of a push-over in his fights against Kirby; utilizing new techniques such as the ability to inhale like Kirby, using his roots to stab at foes, and summoning an avalanche of apples. He's still the easiest boss in every game though...
  • While already an easy boss, fire will decimate him in a matter of seconds. So obviously, he's terrified of any deities that utilized fire.
  • Is a surprisingly forgiving individual, willingly gifting those nice to him with health items and collectables, even if they beat him up just a minute ago.
  • Soon after Whispy returned back from being another helpless Spirit caught in the war between Galeem and Dharkon, Something had changed in the normally friendly and forgiving Whispy. Kirby later visited Whispy in his temple only to be immediately and viciously attacked by Parallel Woods. The battle between Kirby and Parallel Woods in his twisted temple was a fierce battle and unlike any other battle Kirby had with Whispy prior ending with Kirby as the victor with Parallel Woods reverting back to his more docile self afterwards. Despite Whispy having no recollection of his brief rampage, People in the Pantheon have become more wary of his presence and some even see him as a threat for him to be able to go toe-to-toe with Kirby as a Worthy Opponent.