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Greater Gods

Augus, God of Odd Mentoring (Augus of the Seven Deities/Eight Guardian Generals, God of Greed, Tourist)
  • Greater God (Being able to fight on par with Six-Armed Vajra Asura without even using his blade makes him this by default).
  • Symbol: His mantra halo
  • Theme song: New World Symphony Fourth Movement
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Old Guys, big and loud warriors, Cool Old Guys, Dirty Old Guys, Blood Knights, extremely huge blades, The Hedonist, shameless display of manliness, bare-topped guys, seeing with blind eyes
  • Domains: Greed, Hedonism, Combat
  • Allies: Asura (his student), Son Goku, Akuma, Zaraki Kenpachi, Master Asia, Waldstein, all the other Combat deities that can give him a good fight or have similar enthusiasm when it comes to fighting, Esdeath, Travis Touchdown, Kratos, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Friendly Rival: Bayonetta
  • Worthy Opponent: Deus
  • Opposes: Wyzen, Kalrow
  • On speaking terms with: Ryu Hayabusa, Mithra
  • Meet the old man who taught Asura and Yasha what it means to fight. Augus, along with his pupils, was one of the Eight Guardian Generals of Shinkoku Trastrium, but was also involved in the conspiracy that got rid of both Asura and the Emperor they served and turned the group into the Seven Deities. He held no particular malice towards Asura, but instead was pursuing what was most important to him: the fight of a lifetime, which he could only get through Deus. Specifically, the Commander had given him a battle worthy of drawing his sword, Wailing Dark, and then promised him that future battles would follow of the same magnitude. Yet only one such battle ever came about — the return of his exiled student Asura on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge towards the Seven Deities. Asura stumbled into one of his hot baths with wine and beautiful servant women, and proceeded to reject his advice about living to fight and enjoy the fruits thereof; they settled the score with that battle to the death that he was looking for. Augus was defeated, but far from displeased, he proudly accepted it and encouraged his protégé to walk his own path before fading away, out of the realm of Shinkoku... and into the Trope Pantheon.
  • Ascended upon his defeat from his former pupil, he decided to join the House of Combat after hearing that there were fighters there. He and Kenpachi got off to a good start. In spite of Kenpachi being defeated every time, Augus says he always has fun with the strong deities of the house, and usually spends his time there exclusively.
  • He's so strong that he can make the Saiyan warrior Son Goku and even the great Bruce Lee sweat in a fight of pure martial arts with no ki attacks used. Their strength earns Augus his respect.
  • Being Asura's former mentor has its effect on the many evil deities in the pantheon, as they tend to try to avoid him whenever possible, due to the fact that he basically taught Asura everything he knows.
  • Due to just how big his blade can really get, he was offered the possibility of taking over Cloud and Jack Rakan as the God of Swordsmanship, but he declined, stating that while they use blades regularly, he only uses the actual blade when he finds an opponent worthy for it. When he does bring it onto the battlefield, he never unsheathes it unless in those circumstances; the sheath alone is enough to kill massive mooks with just a swipe. He does find jack Rakan to be a rather interesting character, and thinks he might actually be worthy of his own blade.
  • Accepted a challenge to a fight from Flandre Scarlet. He was able to defeat the poor vampire effortlessly without using his blade, though he found her nature of having immense thrills for fighting to be rather complimentary of his own, which earned her his respect, and that he's ready for a rematch anytime she wants to. Most of the pantheon fears the day it happens.
  • Many other deities swear they can hear the New World Symphony Fourth Movement by Dvorak playing whenever he gets in a fighting mood with a worthy opponent.
  • Augus refuses to fight for either the GUAG or GUAE, as their missions run contrary to his belief of fighting for the fight's sake. That being said, Lucifer had no trouble inviting him to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos.
  • It is once said that the swordsman Gilgamesh wanted the Wailing Dark as part of his collection. Augus responded by unleashing the sword and impaling him through his head. Augus would later clarify that he did not think of Gilgamesh as worthy of his blade, but thought of him as an "annoying little wannabe".
  • Whenever he isn't fighting in the House of Combat, Augus can be found drinking as much of the best wine as he can in the House of Food, or until they run out of wine, which is usually what happens. He has been spotted quite often in the House of Love as well, doing... stuff with the many beautiful females that inhabit it (although he's more prone to sparring with the more powerful Action Girl members like Bayonetta).
    Augus: You fight, then you eat good food. You fight, then you drink fine wine. You fight, then you sleep with beautiful women. Hell, fight with beautiful women! That's what it means to live!
  • While he and his protégés still disagree on their reasons for fighting and existing, they have come to much better terms since meeting again in the Pantheon. When Gohma Vlitra showed up in the Pantheon, Augus freely joined Yasha and Asura's task force in the battle against the monster. Though Asura had initially coaxed him in with the promise of another rematch, seeing both Yasha and Goku in action made him realize he wanted a crack at them as well. In the strategy to defeat Gohma Vlitra, the four of them would lead the charge into Vlitra's core with the other three tailing them and taking advantage of openings presented by its attacks. In the ensuing disbandment celebration after the monster was finally destroyed, the four of them enjoyed a grand free-for-all fight as the others watched on.
    • His boldness about living for the fight has gained an admirer in Travis, while Kratos can empathize with both his hedonistic lifestyle and with Asura and Yasha's prioritizing of family, helping Augus further glimpse where they're coming from. Hayabusa doesn't care much for him, but does respect his strength and hospitality.
  • Seeing the rest of the Seven Deities enter the Pantheon didn't do much for him. He thinks Deus's ideas of a "Great Rebirth" are ridiculous, though he does respect him as the only Worthy Opponent he ever had before Asura. Same can't be said for Wyzen and Kalrow, whose weakness he despises, blaming it on their overreliance on Mantra. Considering it's the whole reason the Seven kidnapped Mithra, one would be hard-pressed to disagree.
  • Despite being blind himself, Augus has made no indication of joining the other Blind Weaponmasters. Augus himself has never felt particularly blind.

    DHMIS Teachers 
The DHMIS Teachersnotable members, Collective of Lousy Mentors
All L-R; First Row: Sketchbook, Tony, Shrignold; Second Row: Colin, Lamb Chop, Spinach Can; Third Row: Refrigerator, Bread, Lamp
  • Greater Deities
  • Symbol: The console that summons them
  • Theme song: The Creative Song for Sketchbook, The Time Song for Tony, The Love Song for Shrignold, The Computer Song for Colin, The Healthy Song for the Healthy Band, and The Dreams Song for the Lamp
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil for most of them, though Sketchbook is arguably closer to Lawful Neutral and Tony and Shrignold are more Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Straw Hypocrite, Mockeries of Different Things
  • Domains: Lessons, Horror
  • Heralds: The other teachers that can be summoned by the console, and the teachers from the TV show (Briefcase, Coffin, Todney and Lily, Warren, Choo Choo, and Electracy)
  • Allies: Baldi, Denzel Crocker, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Enemies: good and neutral-aligned teachers, Matilda Wormwood, Gumball Watterson
  • Source of Interest for: AM
  • Avoided by:
  • On Speaking Terms with: The Harga (Shrignold and the Love Cult only)
  • Three hapless individuals find themselves in a variety of lessons carried out by some anthropomorphized objects. These items give out specific lessons depending on what they are, but as the trio gradually find out, those teachers are far from friendly. The lessons that these teachers give out are full of inaccuracies, are very hypocritical, and have no tolerance towards anyone who questions them, among other flaws. Most prominently, these teachers have dished out nightmarish scenarios that the three had to endure and as the lessons went on and those victims lost their sanity, the horrors began to intensify and bad things irrevocably began to happen to the three.
  • An elaborate console was discovered by someone in the Pantheon one day, but they were told that it wasn’t anything special and merely just another way to observe people. Some time after the console’s initial discovery, some students who normally went to the schools of the Pantheon had gone missing, prompting some concern and not long after that, some of the aforementioned missing students were found and in a mentally broken state, where they claimed that they encountered teachers who not only taught lessons that were horribly flawed, but caused their surroundings to undergo horrific changes if the teachers were questioned about their lessons in any capacity. As it turned out, the person who initially discovered that console was an investigator and when they decided to revisit where it was, they discovered the students being tortured by strange objects and after messing around with it in an attempt to stop the madness, they were approached by some people and was told to not go near the console any further as it was to be used by authorized people only. The investigator wasn’t going down without a fight, as the well-being of kidnapped students was at stake and while they put up a good effort, they were ultimately stopped and taken away, with security being tightened to prevent anyone from decommissioning it. As for the kidnapped students, the pain kept going until their deaths at the hands of those teachers got high enough, with a fear of those teachers staying with them and those teachers (and the console’s users by extension) likely to repeat these actions on other unsuspecting denizens of the Pantheon.
  • While there are a number of teachers that can be summoned from that console, there are a handful of such that are more notable, or at least have been witnessed just enough to be considered the more prominent members of said group. Among them include a clock, a butterfly and his associates, a computer, a group of food, and a lamp, with a handful of other objects reportedly being summoned from the console (and having a faulty idea of their respective subjects as the previously mentioned items). One of the teachers was a notebook, though unlike the others, the notebook is at least comparatively less sadistic and no one is certain if it can be summoned from the console, though for the sake of ease, the notebook is part of that group. With the items that can already be summoned from the console, along with the wider scope that the Pantheon presents itself, it’s safe to assume that plenty of previously unknown teachers can be summoned from the console and by extension, information can be gathered from the previously lesser known teachers to get an idea of what they are capable of.
  • Given what had happened when this set of teachers was initially discovered in the Pantheon, the friendly students and teachers abhor this group as a whole for many reasons. Not only is the teachers’ lack of understanding related to the subject matter that their forms suggest a factor, but their willingness to torture their victims and putting them in horrific settings under the guise of learning a lesson was something that any student and teacher with a moral conscience would not accept. One notable student who thoroughly despises these teachers is Matilda Wormwood, who has had experience dealing with a nasty teacher of her own in Agatha Trunchbull and just nasty individuals in general. The fact that there are a group of teachers who have powers that surpass Matilda’s was rather unnerving for her, but it didn’t stop her from doing what she can to nullify the teacher’s powers and save whatever victims they have.
    • On the subject of cruel teachers, there are a handful of such who have taken interest in this group of teachers. The Trunchbull found these teachers to be strange given their appearances, but definitely found potential in them as a means to get revenge on Matilda. Baldi was rather curious about the possibility of another math teacher among this particular group as a means of hoping to rope in unsuspecting students to learn that subject (and very likely subject them to even worse torment than what he normally can do). As for Denzel Crocker, he believed that making up such an elaborate setup as a means to trap Timmy Turner in and force him to use Cosmo and Wanda to escape would have given Crocker more concrete proof of the existence of Fairy Godparents sooner if they weren’t in the Pantheon, but for the time being, he’s content to just be intrigued with their brand of sadism.
  • After learning about these teacher’s initial arrival to the Pantheon, Gumball Watterson quickly picked up on the fact that this group was going to result in a lot of trouble. The fact that he and Darwin encountered a group of puppets the two abandoned for some time and ended up being put through a nightmarish scenario (albeit obviously not to the same intensity that these teachers dish out) gave him plenty of reason to not go near these teachers, especially since their appearance is not that different from those abandoned puppets and if any of those teachers attempt to do anything to him, he’s very much not going to let them have their way.
  • With the general idea behind these teachers is a console that can summon them in a certain room and their reputation of inflicting great pain on its victims, the console was something that enticed those specializing in torture and one of those deities who was curious about it was AM. Having had experience in endlessly torturing his victims and looking for additional methods in enacting such, he found something darkly humorous in cute-looking characters forcing unsuspecting individuals into nightmarish scenarios when questioned about their specialty and with that console they could be summoned from, AM could potentially expand his horizons and add more to the scares the console is capable of.
  • The lessons carried out by the aptly-named Sketchbook are related to creativity and while it does make an attempt to try to carry out a lesson in addition to singing unlike the other teachers here, its definition of “creativity” is a bit flawed so to say. The Creativity Explosion that happens when around its students are also a thing to worry about and other deities who have a creative mindset aren’t particularly keen on hanging out with Sketchbook much, if at all. Rudy Tabootie, having heard about another deity who claims to understand creativity, was curious about Sketchbook and took Snap White to meet it, unaware that things would go bad fast (starting with Sketchbook being critical of Rudy’s supposed creativity until he followed Sketchbook’s ideas) and another Creativity Explosion resulted in Rudy having to use his creativity to get him and Snap out of it. While Sketchbook is a bit disappointed that Rudy isn’t willing to meet with it again, Rudy and Snap learned that it wasn’t worth it to meet with Sketchbook again. As for those with the power of creativity such as Maxwell with his notebook and Kyle Rayner with his Lantern powers, the risk involved with mixing their powers and a Creativity Explosion was enough for them to not consider Sketchbook worth their time.
    • While people who don’t follow its ideas of what “creativity” is has been a recurring problem for Sketchbook, one entity that it takes great issue with is The Nothing. As it is capable of destroying creativity and imagination with its own presence, The Nothing is something that Sketchbook is understandably afraid of given that it will be unable to tell others about creativity if The Nothing destroys it. While a strong imagination will ward off The Nothing and that particular presence is far from the Pantheon grounds as is, no one is certain if a Creativity Explosion caused by Sketchbook is worth harnessing to fend off The Nothing given that other deities who have strong creativity and can use it through safer means exist.
  • Tony the Talking Clock is a clock who talks about time, but it’s clear that he doesn’t have much patience for anyone who questions him and/or ignores him. Befitting his theme, he has the power to control time, including speeding it up to the point that anyone who listens to him will rot or have some other horrific thing happen to their bodies. In the grand scheme of things, time travel within the Pantheon is a comparatively more common thing than it was back when Tony met the three students and the concept of time is taken more seriously in general. Many benevolent entities who have control over time and those dedicated to ensuring the stability of such aren’t fond of Tony for willing to mess with the timestream to make personal points of his at the expense of others around him.
  • Shrignold is a butterfly who, while not really having the same powers to alter the landscape on a whim compared to the other notable teachers, leads a cult dedicated to love and is just one member alongside a handful of others. This particular cult has a narrow definition of love, worships a stone idol named Malcolm (who needs to be placated by feeding him gravel), and is more than willing to brainwash people to support their cause. Those who are firm believers in the concept/power of love such as Heart Aino and Flonne don’t have anything good to say about Shrignold and the Love Cult, mainly since that cult twisted the definition of love to be “love this one individual that we do or else”. Shrignold and his associates very much don’t care about what their detractors think as he believes that the love he and his cult talk about is better above all other kinds of “love”.
    • It took a bit of time for Shrignold to find out that his Love Cult wasn’t the only cult in the Pantheon and after discovering how many of such were present, it made a bit of a dent in his plans to get others indoctrinated to his Love Cult. Considering how he and his cult believe in love (however twisted their definition of it is), he really doesn’t like the Los Iluminados cult and their plan to unleash a bunch of parasites so that their cult’s leader can take over the world, even if everyone from Los Iluminados doesn’t take the Love Cult seriously. Things are a bit different between the Love Cult and the Harga, a separate cult that is more reclusive and only really active every so often to enact human sacrifices to appease their god. The Harga are fond of nature and seeing a different cult formed mainly by woodland creatures endeared them to Shrignold and his Love Cult, though Dani Ardor was more hesitant about the Love Cult seeing as how she was stuck in an uncaring relationship with her former boyfriend that ended with him being sacrificed and burned alive. That and feeding gravel to a stone idol (who can apparently be burned) was a bit of a weird action even for a cult and Dani believed that they could be better. In any case, both the Harga and the Love Cult maintain some sense of amicability towards each other given their relative ties to nature.
  • Colin is a computer who claims that his virtual world is great and has no tolerance towards anyone who questions him on that front. One major problem with that virtual world of his is that it’s very limited, repetitive, and prone to deteriorating, trapping anyone inside him in a loop. This selfish and uncaring attitude of his didn’t endear him to a majority of Pantheonic figures related to cyberspace and computers. While those who have traversed cyberspace such as the Flynns and Kirito & Asuna have an inherent dislike of Colin for the previously stated reasons, it’s the figures that oversee that domain that have a stronger ire towards him such as Lain Iwakura because to them, Colin is someone who wants to overtake a particular subject and have it forcibly focused on him, regardless of all the problems his own virtual space has.
    • If there is one other problem besides the previously mentioned ones that Colin can’t stand, it’s those that pose a great danger to cyberspace, if only because he won’t be able to continue boasting about how great his own virtual space is and sending people over to such. With how Love Machine is able to absorb the online avatars of others to become a nigh-unstoppable virus and entities such as Millenniumon, Diaboromon, and D-Reaper being able to practically destroy cyberspace with their respective abilities (not to mention D-Reaper’s mindset of deleting anything that’s considered a problem in cyberspace), it’s clear that Colin would want nothing more than for them to stay away from himself and his own virtual space.
  • The Healthy Band is a group of food items who have a really skewed idea on what they consider to be “healthy” food. Beyond just thinking anything plain is good and that anything colorful is unhealthy, they’re willing to turn victims into canned food and force the survivors to eat them. Everything about The Healthy Band horrified benevolent chefs and food connoisseurs in the Pantheon and they’ve made it a point to not have any involvement with this group of food in any capacity and that group has been forbidden from going to a vast majority of restaurants and places where food is easily accessible. As is the case for deities banned from going to certain places, that limitation hasn’t stopped The Healthy Band from trying to espouse their beliefs and murder someone in the process at those particular locations.
    • Despite their very flimsy understanding of what good food is, the fact that the Healthy Band forced someone to eat the canned remains of their friend was something that got the attention of those in the Pantheon who like to eat humans. This particular action has drawn some comparisons to SCP-3166, a grotesque Garfield knockoff made of lasagna that force-feeds anyone it comes across its own flesh and plenty within the Pantheon don’t want to imagine the possibility of freaky clones of other existing individuals made of the canned remains made by the Healthy Band (or more precisely, the Cans that accompany that band). Piggsy is among those who enjoy the canned remains made by the Healthy Band’s Cans and The Hag has also shown a fondness towards them.
  • Lamp is exactly what he appears to be: a lamp. He’s also apparently more openly sadistic compared to other teachers and tends to appear whenever victims of previous teachers are stuck and to that end, he talks about dreams and subjects his victims to nightmares. As is to be expected from someone who dishes out nightmares to anyone that comes across him, Lamp has been met with scorn by deities dedicated to protecting the Pantheonic dreamscapes such as Ysera, NiGHTS, and Klonoa. Those capable of unleashing nightmares and patrolling such spaces such as Wizeman, Pitch Black, and Freddy Kreuger were amused at the fact that Lamp is willing to sing to his victims as a means to mock the pain they’re going through and are open to the idea of letting him join their team to spread nightmares further in the Pantheon.

Intermediate Gods

Ghaleon, God of Mentoring Alleged Enemies (Dragonmaster Ghaleon, Magic Emperor)
Ghaleon in Lunar: The Silver Star
Ghaleon in his Magic Emperor armor

  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His helmet from his time as a former villain, or the purple scar on his face now.
  • Theme Song: Ghaleon's former theme, or Ghaleon's current theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Archmage, The Atoner, All-Encompassing Mantle, The Chessmaster, Large Ham, Magic Knight, Magnificent Bastard, Two-Faced Gaining Wisdom From Being A Villain And A Hero, Former Big Bad Resurrected By Zophar, But Secretly Reformed With Hidden Motives, Preparing And Testing The Heroes Under Zophar's Nose, Believing In The Power of Humanity's Bonds, Having A Fondness For Fairies, Giving The Hero His Sword, Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves, Redemption Equals Death
  • Domains: Chessmasters, Former Villains, Betrayals, Atoners, Magic Knights, Secret Mentors
  • High Priest: Bartholomew Kuma
  • Allies: Golbez, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mr. Miyagi, AZ, Batman, Hajime Hinata, Gandalf, The God-Emperor of Mankind, Kenshiro, Guts, The Skull Knight, The Masked Man, God (Bruce Almighty), Heero Yuy
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mila and Duma
  • Respected by: The Hall of Fairies
  • Pities: Odio, Ramza Beoulve
  • On bad terms with: Beerus
  • Wary of: Master Xehanort
  • Opposes: Agent Smith
  • Opposed by: Dhuum
  • Good Counterpart to: Gunter Prozen
  • Enemies: Melkor, Griffith, YHVH, Sun Li, Zamasu, Maleficent, Airy, Ouroboros, Zonda and the Seven, Mateus Palamecia, Vayne Solidor
  • Ghaleon has been quite the influential figure from his debut to his death. And his un-death and re-death. Once one of the Four Heroes of Lunar, he was an extremely adept magician who fought on the side of good, until learning of both the fall of his comrade Dragonmaster Dyne and the rebirth of his goddess, Althena, into a mortal body. Then his Face–Heel Turn began and he secretly became the Magic Emperor, plotting to take the reborn Althena, known at the time as Luna, to either become a god with Althena's powers or to restore Althena's divinity. He believed his actions to be for the greater good, as he believed that humanity would ruin itself without a deity to guide them. In spite of his clever schemes and his vast power, he was defeated by Luna's love interest, Alex, and the Power of Friendship. Holding much disbelief in the power of humanity, Ghaleon would fall with rage and despair, believing that the world of Lunar was doomed without a goddess, but the next 1000 years would prove him wrong.
  • And those 1000 years did change him too, since being dead for so long gave him plenty of time to rethink his actions, and by that time, he was revived by the destroyer deity Zophar, who would become the Big Bad of Lunar 2, wanting Ghaleon's assistance in defeating the heroes due to his villainous career from long ago. But Ghaleon had other plans in mind. While he couldn't openly rebel since Zophar could just cut off his life force and restore his death if Ghaleon openly betrayed him, Ghaleon instead chose to actively mentor the heroes he was meant to oppose, under the guise of menacing and battling them. Even when things went bleak, Ghaleon managed to help the heroes unleash their true potential and restore their motivation in one last battle before revealing his true goal of helping the heroes, right under Zophar's notice. Of course, Zophar would end his life right there and then, but it was already too late, for Ghaleon's plans had already succeeded, as the heroes successfully managed to unite and use the power from humanity's bonds to defeat Zophar for good, as a result of Ghaleon's support.
  • Ghaleon would find himself back within the realm of living again, reborn within the Pantheon. He was actually summoned by the GUAE, looking for villains to join their cause. Ghaleon laughed with madness, but not for the reasons they expected. Ghaleon silently noted to himself that his facade as a villain working under Zophar had fooled them too, decided to silently work under them, until he was asked to find a trope for him to stay within the Pantheon with. Realizing that he wasn't in Lunar anymore, he silently observed the more heroic gods in the Pantheon, and from there he decided to publicly reveal his true morality, boasting of his feats of helping the heroes save the world from Zophar, and humiliated those who expected him to work under the GUAE. Before he could be removed from the Pantheon, Cosmos intervened to have Ghaleon truly ascended into the Pantheon with the trope of Stealth Mentor, letting him get away with taunting the GUAE.
    • While he did consider faking his loyalty to the GUAE, he deducted that the trope he could ascend with would give away his position, which made an early reveal of his true alignment the better decision overall. And the more dramatic and entertaining one, he added. Given his talent for planning and trickery, on top of his ability to motivate heroes, Ghaleon was accepted into the GUAE Ministry Of Atonement, which he found more than suitable for his mannerisms, and his experience from being a former villain who had found peace and understanding on the side of Good once again. That said, he sometimes still act like he's a villain, keeping his mannerisms from when he was working under Zophar. With his Large Ham tendencies, those who don't know him well may mistake him for being a Card-Carrying Villain. He has confessed that he enjoys acting this way and doesn't plan to stop doing so, unless the situation calls for otherwise.
    Ghaleon: I may not completely fit the Evil Overlord archetype, but who says I have to in order to act or feel like one?
  • Walking around in his Magic Emperor guise, he would somehow manage to run into both Golbez and Darth Vader at the same time, which got him into a fit of laughter that had the other two caught off guard. The three of them suddenly drew their weapons and fought each other, but the commotion they caused only served to distract everyone else from them disappearing to have a more private meeting with each other. Finding both sympathy and respect in each other's ambitions to do good in light of their previous villainous acts, they got along and have become secret collaborators making the most of what they knew from their experiences as villains to help out the GUAG.
    • Since that day, Ghaleon has commonly been in contact with Anakin's mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi for discussing Vader's development and sharing advice, for the sake of advancing plans that benefit the GUAG and to learn from Kenobi's previous experiences as a mentor to further his own ability to help out others. For similar reasons, he's been friendly with Mr. Miyagi whom he has similarly nice conversations with, which surprises some since one would expect that Ghaleon wouldn't be impressed by Miyagi's feats given Ghaleon's mastery in sorcery, but he has respect to give since one of the heroes who helped defeat Zophar was a dancer with sufficient martial arts skills too.
  • Surprisingly, Ghaleon has a sanctuary for fairies in his temple, and the fairies there are fond of Ghaleon for treating them well, which earned him the respect of the House of Fairies. Having been vastly experienced in magic, he does have respect for the fairies in his world and in the Pantheon, at least the ones that aren't evil. He visits the House of Fairies often in his free time and can be considered its unofficial guardian.
    • Holds not an ounce of delight for Maleficent, a proudly evil fallen fairy, or Airy for her malicious plans to have Ouroboros destroy worlds.
  • Being a figure who was successful at becoming divine in their world unlike Ghaleon, Mateus Palamecia finds Ghaleon to be a pathetic individual. Ghaleon simply replied by concurring that he was never meant to become a divine tyrant, and he was much more suited for dragging such powerful authorities down into oblivion. The two see each other with much rancor, and actively plan for each other's downfall.
  • Has no respect for YHVH, considering that not only does YHVH hold the trope that best represented his former superior, Zophar, but their goals remind Ghaleon too much of his darker days as a genuine villain trying to become a god for the sake of controlling humanity, even if it was for what he believed to be the better path for humans back then. He doesn't have much to say about Zamasu's disturbing ideals for destroying all mortals since he claims that it doesn't take two and two to realize how insane Zamasu is. Zamasu, on the other hand, finds the world that Ghaleon comes from to be distasteful since their goddess, Althena, chose to let go of her divinity to be with one with the mortals, trusting said mortals to protect her world for her, an action he finds utterly nonsensical.
    • Having learned from his own attempt to try and force his world to have a god again, he's on friendly terms with the Alpha and Omega, understanding the responsibilities of being a god. The latter is also interested of Ghaleon's perspective of a world where the goddess decided to reject her own divinity to give full control of the world to the mortals.
  • Formerly believing that humans were unworthy to live without a god or goddess, he opposes those who believe that Humans Are Bastards. That said, hearing of the other worlds that some deities come from where humanity is generally terrible fills him with dismay. It's also Ghaleon's reason for disliking Lucifer's Grand United Alliance of Chaos, since it hardly does much to deal with humanity's moral flaws. As such, he has much contempt for those who represent the rotten side of humanity, and especially despises Griffith for his own actions, which has led to Ghaleon becoming an ally of Guts. He's also interested in the Skull Knight primarily due to his mysteriousness, and hopes to understand his ways for solely benevolent purposes.
    • Ghaleon does admit to enjoying watching Kenshiro give various horrible individuals suitably horrible deaths, which he deems a guilty pleasure. He does respect Kenshiro anyway due to how he strives to be a genuine force of good and his ability to bare the sadness of his battles without growing insensitive to it.
  • Finding each other's methods and motives to be agreeable and beneficial for the both of them, Ghaleon has made an ally out of Batman, and as such they discuss about plans, tactics, and other deities in secret. Given their propensities to understand the desires and personal issues of both their allies and foes, they've had their own shares of hidden plans for the Pantheon that they can solely trust each other with. One of which is finding a way to humble Agent Smith, whose narcissism and belief in Humans Are Bastards Ghaleon finds to be daft and baffling, though he does need more knowledge of the Matrix's workings first.
  • While he's on friendly terms with the dragons Mila and Duma, he finds the methods of the both of them distasteful. He may have come to terms with Althena abandoning her divinity and giving responsibility of protecting the world to the humans, he dislikes how Mila encourages her subjects to be lazy and complacent, which was something Ghaleon feared when he had his initial Face–Heel Turn. He also commented that at least Althena tried to guide humanity, even as she became a mortal. Duma on the other hand Ghaleon finds to be much too harsh and unforgiving on his people, and he believes that Duma's teachings would do more harm then help for humanity in the long run.
  • Being an avid supporter of the idea of humanity prevailing over all evil, he gets along well with the God-Emperor of Mankind in spite of how worrisome Ghaleon finds the former's world to be in. Ghaleon hopes that in the Pantheon, they can find a way to knock down the Chaos Gods down a notch, and as such they occasionally collaborate for such a goal.
    • The Nyarlathotep from the Persona universe attempted to mock Ghaleon for his belief in humanity's bonds defeating evil, stating that no matter what, humanity will always have the willingness to commit evil and to disgrace the legacies of past heroes. However, Ghaleon was quick to shoot down his response.
    Ghaleon: I've always been aware of those facts. Such knowledge motivated me to try and become a god myself a millenium ago, after all. But even if humanity will always have potential for evil, the same is true for humanity's ability to do good, and from what I've learned, whenever it matters the most, good can vanquish evil even in the Darkest Hour, for Hope Springs Eternal. *chuckles* I really needed an opportunity to say that.
  • Where Ghaleon became The Atoner through 1000 years of death, AZ did so through 3000 years of eternal wandering. Ghaleon believes that AZ has fully learned from his horrific mistakes and intends to help him realize that he can more successfully make up for his crimes through more active forms of helping the GUAG. While AZ hasn't done much to respond to Ghaleon's pleas, some believe of the possibility of him finally opening up, given the proficiency of Ghaleon's ability to push others to a better path.
    AZ: Do you really think your plans would help me atone for all my past wrongs?
    Ghaleon: On the contrary, it's less about atoning for every sin and more about being the person that all you would consider a good friend would want you to be. That was the mindset for all of my deeds when I plotted against the schemes of Zophar. To atone is not to merely amend for the damage done in the past, but to fully move on from the person you were when you caused it.
  • Is proud of Hajime Hinata for managing to see past and foil Junko's plan to bring back the Ultimate Despair, and overcoming his inner conflict with his two identities. He can't help but find the Izuru identity that ascended with Hajime and their overall apathy towards many things a little disturbing, however.
  • The goals of Odio are obviously opposed by Ghaleon, but even he can't help but feel that he deserved *much* better when he was trying to be a genuine hero. He deems cases like Oersted as an example of what happens when heroes are not given their proper respect, and while individuals like him aren't going to get him to believe that Humans Are Bastards once again, he intends to make sure that people like Odio could never arise again. For similar reasons he pities Ramza for the undeserved reputation he had, and much more respect for his actions as a hero, knowing well the struggles that Hiro and his party went through as enemies of an impostor Althena who used her status as a (fake) goddess to oppose the heroes.
    • Likewise, he felt more than sorry for The Masked Man, who had only been freed from his forced role as a villain in his dying moments. Soon enough, Ghaleon approached Claus offering to be a mentor and a companion to help him come to terms with himself and for giving him the courage to meet with his brother Lucas. While reluctant, he only accepted his offer to be a simple friend and nothing more, which Ghaleon was more than willing to have.
  • While he does understand the importance of Beerus' responsibilities as a God of Destruction, he feels that his lazy, petty, and easily provoked temperament is ill suited for his work, and thinks that Beerus needs some humbling. While disliking his opinion, Beerus tries to put it aside, believing himself to be above the criticism, not to mention that attacking Ghaleon would only prove his point, which he knows too well.
  • Has low opinion on Vayne's ambitions and methods, even though they equally despise YHVH. Vayne is disappointed in Ghaleon's opposition towards him, since he believes his methods to be necessary to achieve victory and prosperity for his people, and the fact that they both believe in the power of humanity being able to overcome all that oppose them.
  • Since the trope Gunter Prozen holds is opposite to Ghaleon's, it would be natural for them to become enemies, and Ghaleon has been keeping an eye out for whatever Prozen has been plotting in order to prepare counter-plots for such schemes. Prozen is more or less worried about Ghaleon since the former Magic Emperor is far more experienced in combat and his former experience as a hero may prove to be a Spanner in the Works for the corrupt chancellor. Likewise, Sun Li is also someone who uses his reputation as a mentor for selfish purposes, and Ghaleon, seeing through his trickery, intends to make sure that he won't be pulling the wool over the eyes of vulnerable heroes.
    • There's also Xehanort who for the time being is currently renouncing his former villainous actions, but Ghaleon isn't willing to fully trust his turn, and keeps an eye on him in case he decides to return to his original evil self.
  • Thought that Hiro had already ascended into the Pantheon, hearing a familiar voice, but he would later find out that the voice belonged to a character known as Heero Yuy instead. He would have a fit of laughter finding out that there was someone with a similar name and voice to Hiro in the Pantheon, and for the most part their interactions have been very amicable.
  • Ghaleon has observed Flowey, and eventually he realized that Flowey was actually Good All Along and pretending to still be evil in order to act as The Mole for the GUAE, and while admiring his reformation, he still treats Flowey as if he were still a villain in order to keep up Flowey's ruse, seeing his work as valuable for the GUAG and better off to be left alone by him.
  • Being another mage who returned from the dead to help the forces of good with greater vigor, Ghaleon and Gandalf have great respect in each other's feats, the latter proud of Ghaleon for realizing the flaws of his darker path and his assistance to the heroes during his second life as a supposed minion of evil. Ghaleon in turn finds the wizard's act against the Balrog an impressive feat of courage, even given how soon he would come back from death in comparison to his resurrection.
  • No one in the Pantheon is really sure if Ghaleon is really a normal human with great magicial abilities or if he's part of a special group, more specifically the Vile Tribe that he worked with in his Magic Emperor days. Ghaleon himself has kept silent on the gossip.
  • Zonda along with the rest of the Seven are upset about how someone with such significant power and knowledge of the flaws of humanity would be willing to stick by them as a whole. Ghaleon, while highly sympathetic towards how harshly the muggles of their world treated them at first, believes that they would all have benefitted more in the long run from trying to improve their relations with the rest of humanity, instead of creating a violent struggle that would prove the suspicions of their oppressors right.
  • Dhuum was very unhappy to see the likes of Ghaleon in the Pantheon, for his ascension in the Pantheon meant that he had risen out of death TWICE, given his first resurrection as Zophar's right hand. Ghaleon simply mocked the enforcer of death, telling him that he had no reason to fear death, since he had already accomplished so much as a mortal already, and he'll simply go about his own business continuing to fight for good within the Pantheon until then, knowing that only satisfaction will await him at the end. Not to mention that Ghaleon's first resurrection was out of his own control, as was his arrival in the Pantheon, so Dhuum's enmity isn't really justified.

"If there is a god of destiny, he is fond of plot twists... and so am I."

    Izumi Curtis 
Izumi Curtis, Goddess of Aggressive Training Conditions (neé Harnet, "A Passing Housewife")
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Flamel tattoo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Awesome Teachers and Bookworms, Housewife and Proud, Good is Not Nice, Surrogate Mothers You Don't Mess With, Happily Married and Proudly So, Sexy Mentor, Tough Love, Dreadlocks, Harsh Training Methods, Blood from the Mouth, Apron Matron, Losing Your Baby At Birth And A Piece of Yourself
  • Domains: Teachers, Alchemy, Motherhood, Martial Arts, Butchers
  • Herald: Her husband, Sig Curtis
  • Allies: Edward and Alphonse Elric (her students and surrogate children), Olivier Armstrong, Van Hohenheim, Winry Rockbell, Roy Mustang (begrudgingly), Alex Louis Armstrong, Riza Hawkeye, Maes Hughes, Edward Newgate, Sophitia Alexandra, Piccolo, Toriel, Mr. Champloo, Dr. Perry Cox, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Chifuyu Orimura, Eikichi Onizuka, Android 18
  • Enemies: Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), Führer King Bradley, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, The Medic, Bill Cipher, Raynare, Calypso, Bask Om, General Shepherd, Gregor Clegane, Alex Wesker, Agatha Trunchbull, Mother Gothel
  • Opposes: Yog-Sothoth, Son Chi-Chi
  • Izumi Curtis is the mentor to Edward and Alphonse Elric, and a proud housewife. She is regarded as a master alchemist, and skilled martial artist. Despite being a good-natured, attractive teacher, her methods of teaching are...terrifying. Though the Elric brothers hesitated at first, they agreed her ascension would be invaluable for the good-aligned FMA gods. She would have rather ascended as the Goddess of Housewives, however, the Court of the Gods overruled it as being more hype than anything. Besides, not many housewives are as badass and active as here.
  • Has been known to puke up blood on occasion, though rather than having a disease this comes from a greater tragedy; she tried to resurrect her stillborn son through human transmutation, only for this to fail entirely and the Truth to rip out some of her internal organs.
  • Though ultimately benevolent, Izumi is one of the most feared teachers ever due to her her way of Mentoring people. The Elric brothers would attest to that, and many in the House of School have grown somewhat concerned by her arrival. She's allied with fellow great teachers Chifuyu Orimura, along with Dr. Perry Cox. When not teaching in the Academy or House of School, Izumi is usually seen in her own House with Tony Masters. It's said that when the two opened shop for martial arts training, the House of Combat shuddered.
  • Was angered upon learning that Agitha Trunchball was in the pantheon. Agatha was confused by this, wondering what she had against her when they're both terrifying and ruthless teachers. Izumi Curtis pointed out that there's a keen difference between them; she actually cares about her students and is being so harsh to improve them, while Trunchball is doing it for cruelty's sake. Izumi considers her to be a disgrace to the teaching profession.
  • Though a hardass to her students, she's a total sweetheart when it comes to her and her Happily Married husband Sig Curtis. She hopes to one day get him in the pantheon. While some have suggested he could've joined her as the gods of Ugly Guy, Hot Wife, this enraged her and the one who suggested it was punched out; the fact is her husband's size only makes him sexier to her. Android 18 can admire Izumi for not giving into society's opinions of beauty. She admires Gomez and Morticia Addams for their closeness and love. Conversely, she hates Raynare for being a Fetishized Abuser.
  • With their mother dead at a young age and father disappearing, she served to be a Parental Substitute for the Elric brothers. Many see her conversing with the mothers and fathers in the House of Family, particularly Piccolo and Whitebeard for being both parental figures and gruff mentors like herself.
    • In fact, at least one troper has noted to her that despite what they lost, both in tragedy and in their alchemical folly, in some roundabout way, they got what they wanted. Ed and Al may have lost Trisha, but have gotten a second mother in Izumi; likewise, while Izumi may have lost her biological child and unable to give birth to anymore, she was able to raise two boys into fine young men as the sons she never had. When Izumi was told this, she was initially more than a little shocked by the development, but some have noted she has been smiling more frequently whenever she's with Ed and Al.
  • Doesn't like Son Chi-Chi that much. Sure, she understands her worry and respects the love she has for her kids, but she considers her Education Mama tendencies to be stifling her kids' potential. And she's no fan of the military, and as such doesn't like the fact there's a House of War in the pantheon. It especially grinds her gears that they house psychopaths like Bask Om, General Shepherd, Vile and Gregor Clegane.
  • Asides from being a teacher and alchemist, Izumi Curtis works as a butcher in Dublith. She continues this in the pantheon, leading her to work for the House of Food. She's become good friends with Mr. Champloo due to being a badass chef. Grandma Stuffum has been barred from her temple ever since she tried to control her meat stock.
  • Hates Alex Wesker due to her monstrous method of seeking immortality; it reminds her about the Amestrian conspirators. Izumi Curtis also considers Bill Cipher a threat as his Illuminati ways remind her of Father.
  • No fan of Yog-Sothoth, as The Gate and The Key remind her too much of the Truth entity. Being conterminous yet transcendent of all space-time and sources of information, they may be the same entity. Later told Calypso to fuck off when he tried to get a wish out of her to revive her baby. She's also warned the Medic not to touch her; she knows his "medicine" isn't worth anything.
  • Is capable of fighting off bears, something that has led both good and evil-aligned ursines to be wary of her.
  • Was once approached by Mother Gothel, who expressed an interest in learning alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone. Gothel assumed that she'd gain an ally in her attempt to regain and retain her eternal youth, something she'd believed another woman would identify with. Unfortunately for Gothel, her story was far too similar to something Izumi had gone through with both the military, and a former teacher of hers in different timelines. On top of this, she absolutely despised the way that Gothel had treated Rapunzel and her own daughter, Cassandra. Long story short, it took several months under the intensive care of Health and Diseases before Gothel could be taken out of her body cast, with even more recovery time for her face (to add insult to injury and Gothel's vanity, Izumi borrowed a trick her student had mentioned and disfigured Gothel's face with her alchemy). Gothel since then stays as far away from Izumi's presence as possible.

    Koudelka Iasant 
Koudelka Iasant, Goddess of Previous Player Character Cameos (Zslato, Mysterious Voice, Angel, Straightjacket Woman, Witch, Mom, Key of Darkness, Witch of the Darkness Flames)
Click here to see her appearance in Shadow Hearts
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pendant
  • Theme Song: Requiem (shared with Edward and Father O'Flaherty)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with True Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Previous Player-Character Cameo, Dark Magical Girl, Hot Gypsy Woman, Person of Mass Destruction, Action Mom, Is the conduit/embodiment of black magic, but is not evil, Can see ghosts, as well as channel the spirits of the dead and allow them to possess her body, Psychic Powers, including Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Precognition, Primarily wields fire, and dark magic, Can also cast healing, and reflective barrier spells
  • Domain(s): Cameos, Spirituality, Psychics, Fire, Darkness
  • Herald: Halley Brancket/Harry Plunkett (her long, lost son).
  • Allies: Edward J. Plunkett, Father James O'Flaherty, Esmeralda, Sophitia Alexandra, Terra Branford, Maya Fey, Anna Kyōyama, Vent and Aile
  • Enemies: Judge Frollo, Amon the Equalist leader, Amon the Fallen Xel'Naga, Lucy, Psycho Mantis
  • Conflicting Opinion: Doctor Doom
  • Koudelka was born in 1879 to a very poor Gypsy family in the remote Welsh village of Abergynolwyn, beside the Taliesin river. Her birth name is Zslato, which means "treasure". Her strong psychic abilities frightened her family and neighbours and things came to a head when she predicted her father's death down to the very minute, days before it happened. Her mother, fearful of her daughter's powers, tried to kill her, but was unsuccessful. After being brought before the Gypsy elders, Koudelka was banished and chased from the village. In 1888, at age nine, she was found in London by Mrs. Blavatsky, a renowned medium for the spirits. She raised Koudelka as her daughter, helping her hone her skills until she passed away. Afterwards, Koudelka set off travelling around Britain, supporting herself by finding lost articles for other people and serving as a medium for those who wished to communicate with the spirit world. In Autumn of 1898, Koudelka heard a desperate plea of help from a spirit asking her to travel to the Nemeton Monastery in Aberystwyth, Wales. After arriving at the monastery, Koudelka met and teamed up with Edward Plunkett and Father James O' Flaherty in order to investigate the events happening there. 15 years later, Koudelka teamed up with Yuri Hyuga and his group in order to prevent Albert Simon from summoning a being a known as "Meta-God" and cleansing the world.
  • She ascended into the pantheon after the gods heard about her show-stopping appearance in the adventure of her successor, Yuri Hyuga. She was quite surprised to hear that it is considered to be such a big deal.
  • Koudelka quickly befriended fellow Gypsy Esmeralda, who was happy to meet another Gypsy within the pantheon. The two bonded over their shared hardships and formed a mutual respect. However, Koudelka also became enemies with Judge Frollo, who was outraged about the ascension of another Gypsy and started threatening her the same way that he did Esmeralda. Koudelka managed to get him to keep his distance by threatening him with her magic powers. While this has successfully resulted in him generally avoiding her, the fact that she can use dark magic further convinced him that she was evil and has fueled his desire to destroy her.
  • She became good friends with Sophitia Alexandra and Terra Branford due to her strong bond with her son and her willingness to prioritise his safety over that of the world or herself. She sympathises with Sophitia for having been Forced into Evil in order to protect her daughter and generally agrees with Terra about the joys of love, as it helped to soften her outlook on life and resulted in the birth of her son, Halley.
  • Koudelka is also good friends with fellow spirit channeler Maya Fey, which came as a surprise to many as the two have very different personalities. However, Koudelka managed to bond with Maya over their shared desire to help people. Similarly, Koudelka befriended Anna Kyōyama due to having a similar past of being ostracized as a child because of her powers.
  • She is on friendly terms with Vent and Aile and sympathises with how they lost their parents at a young age. They bonded over their shared desire to help others despite their respective hardships.
  • Koudelka was initially quite alarmed to hear that there were two Amons in the pantheon, as she thought that one of them could be a powerful demon with the same name from her world who is one of the three Gods of Destruction. Although neither of them is the Amon from her world, she nonetheless became enemies with both of them. The leader of the Equalists opposes her due to the fact that she is a magic user while the fallen Xel'Naga dislikes her due to his view of humans as being insignificant.
  • She generally opposes evil Psychics and is frequently called upon for help whenever any are causing trouble. However, she also feels sorry for certain evil psychics, such as Lucy and Psycho, as their bad childhoods contributed to them becoming evil and make her wonder if she could have ended up like them if not for the kindness she had received from others.
  • She's rather unsure of what to think of Doctor Doom. On one hand, they're both Gypsies who have experienced hardships and are very skilled at magic. On the other hand, she disagrees with his dictatorial methods and his willingness to resort to extreme and immoral methods to achieve his goals. However, his Heel–Face Turn has resulted in their interactions becoming more amicable.
  • Can also be found in Game Characters.

    Lisa Lisa 
Lisa Lisa, Goddess of Sexy Mentors (Elizabeth Joestar, née Straizo)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her scarf
  • Theme Music: LISA LISA and her Eyes of Heaven theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good and Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lady of War, Scarf of Asskicking, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Sink or Swim Mentor, Nerves of Steel, Cool Shades, Joseph, I am Your Mother
  • Domains: Mentors, Attractiveness, Scarves, Parents
  • Followers: Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Dimitri Belikov, Asako Kusakabe
  • Herald: George "Jorge" Joestar II (her husband).
  • Allies: Joseph Joestar, Caesar A. Zeppeli, Strider Hiryu, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Motoko Kusanagi, Faye Valentine, Rose, Mikasa Ackerman, Kat, the Showa-era KamenRider , Weiss Winterprison, Yoruichi Shihouin.
  • Odd Friendship: Bayonetta
  • Enemies: Kars, Esidisi, Whamuu, evil undead deities
  • A woman of beautiful looks and a calm demeanor, Lisa Lisa provided a bit of unorthodox help for Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli in their journey to defeat the Piller Men. She also had a bit of complicated history with Joeseph in that she is his mother. Lisa Lisa had to abandon her child initially because she became a national fugitive after killing a zombie that killed her husband.
  • Lisa Lisa was in for a few surprises after she found her way to the Pantheon. Firstly, she found out that Joseph not only looked like what she had expected, but she was told that he was able to kick ass on a later adventure without her. More prominently, she heard that Caesar Zeppeli was still alive and that the Piller Men were still at large. Whatever may happen around this place, Lisa Lisa is willing to aid Joseph and Caesar in stopping any threats that they may come across.
  • Her scarf is a prominent weapon of hers and utilizes it that way via her Ripple powers. Other scarf-wearers such as Strider Hiryu and Mikasa Ackerman are notably impressed by that feat. It remains to be seen if Lisa Lisa can utlize her Ripple power with other scarves that don't belong to her, such as those that belong to the Showa-era Kamen Riders (since those aforementioned scarves only appear in Rider form and not in regular form; though Kotaro Minami doesn't have a scarf in general).
  • Given that they are Action Girls and sound a bit similar to each other, Lisa Lisa is on good terms with both Motoko Kusanagi and Bayonetta. A similar, though slightly different, case can also be applied to Faye Valentine.
  • The good-aligned members of the House of Family and Relatives were a bit concerned at her abandoning her child when the latter was at such a young age. They were calmed down a bit after she told them the circumstances behind it. She doesn't like those who treat their child badly, or worse, abandoning said children without providing a legitimate reason for it, in any case.
  • Caesar Zeppeli, a noted womanizer, has a good amount of respect for her and hasn't actively pursued a romantic relationship with her. Some other womanizers simply found her to look attractive regardless of her skills and have tried to hit on her. She has ignored these attempts for the time being.
  • She got a bit annoyed after she found out that Joseph was spying on her whilst she was taking a bath. To be fair, he wasn't aware of the truth about Lisa Lisa at that point in time; there's also the fact that a fight between her and someone else happened during Joseph's peeping session. Ripple powers do an effective job at slowing down aging.
  • Due to a zombie attacking her husband and putting her at risk, Lisa Lisa has a noticeable dislike towards the malicious undead deities, including those who can create undead. Even for someone like her, she has a feeling that taking down select undead such as the Nemesis T-Type will more difficult compared to that one zombie.
  • Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey once mistook Lisa Lisa for Mia Fey. In fairness, Mia did share quite a bit in common with Lisa Lisa, right down to looks and a scarf.
  • It turns out she has quite the connection to the Joestar clan. It turns out that she was the infant that Jonathan Joestar, her father-in-law, told his wife to save. Lisa-Lisa was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events and made her appreciate her connection to the Joestar clan more.

    Mother Miranda 
Mother Miranda, Shadow Priestess of Predecessor Villains (Ruler of The Village, Professor Miranda, Mother, The Hag, Prophet of the Black God, Mama - by Salvatore Moreau)
Miranda disguised as Mia Winters
Miranda disguised as The Hag
Miranda's four transformations
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Golden Mask and a Cadou parasite sitting on top of the Village of Shadows book. Alternatively, the Fungal Root (megamycete).
  • Leitmotifs: Village of Shadows, The Hag
  • Boss Leitmotif: Eradicating Evil
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Grieving Mothers, Religion, History
  • Powers Include: Manifestation of Megamycete, Immortality, Flight, Shapeshifting, Self-Cellular Manipulation, Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Durability
  • Underlings: The Four Lords (Alcina Dimitrescu, Salvatore Moreau, Karl Heisenberg and Donna Beneviento)
  • On Friendly Terms With: Ozwell E. Spencer (former student), Gordon Ramsay
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Osmund Saddler of Los Illuminados, M. Bison
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: All sniper-related deities in the Pantheon (and for good reason)
  • Opposed By: All good-aligned parents in the Pantheon (and some of the evil ones too), with Bryan Mills, Sophitia Alexandra, and Jun Kazama at the top of the list, the deified Avengers and the deified Justice League, Mewtwo, John Hammond
  • Followers: The People Of The Village
  • Potential Test Subjects Include: Jake Mueller, Sherry Birkin, Nick Ramos, Superman, The Seven (primarily Homelander), Aloy, Deadpool, Aya Brea, Alex Mercer, James Heller, The Venom Symbiote, Wolverine, Rogue
  • Odd Friendship: Regime Superman
  • Interested In: The Houses of Science and Food
  • To any decent parent, seeing their children die before them is considered to be the ultimate fear. There are some in the Pantheon who experienced this trauma first-hand. But unlike most deities, this goddess' actions in her attempt to bring her daughter back from the dead helped inspired Ozwell Spencer to form the Umbrella Corporation, setting in events stemming from Raccoon City to the Dulvey Incident. Mother Miranda has come to the Pantheon.
  • Miranda's temple consists of the unknown mountain village and the surrounding region, in which she holds absolute power as the Priestess of the Black God. Her rule is enforced by the Four Lords - the vampiric Alcina Dimitrescu, the demure dollmaker Donna Beneviento (who usually speaks through her doll, Angie), the mad engineer Karl Heisenberg, and the grotesque Salvatore Moreau. While it's clear that neither of them get along with the others, they all answer to Miranda.
    • Before she shaped the events in the Resident Evil universe, Miranda was an Eastern European woman living in the early 20th century with her only child, Eva. However, the Spanish Flu of 1919 claimed the life of her daughter. Driven to despair, Miranda chose to kill herself in order to be reunited with her daughter. Then, she found the Fungal Root, also known as the megamycete underneath the village.
    • The megamycete is known informally as The Mold. Information is scarce, but what is known is that the Mold consumes the bodies of those buried near its location, absorbing and storing the consciousness and memories into itself...including Eva. The megamycete sits safely within the grounds of Miranda's temple, away from renegade BSAA agents and high-yield explosives.
    • And there is the Cadou - nematodes exposed to the Mold. It is through experimentation with the Cadou on human subjects that Miranda was able to create the Four Lords under her command. Further experimentation also created Alcina's three daughters - Bela, Cassandra and Daniela - and most of the local critters in the village, such as the Lycans, the Vârcolac.
  • Tzeentch has been monitoring Miranda's progress and he likes her style. While he doesn't make her a disciple, he does extend to Miranda an invite to join the Grand United Alliance of Evil, as the megamycete, the Cadou, and her superior scientific knowledge could be useful to the organization. Miranda accepted the offer.
    • As a master of long-term planning, Tzeentch admires Miranda's scheme, but criticized the execution of the plan. Miranda did point out that she did kill Ethan, but didn't realize that Jack Baker had already beaten her to it, and that he was an undead Molded.
    • As a skilled scientist and virologist, Miranda's intellect is nearly unrivaled, thus making her a valuable asset within the GUAE, thanks in part to the Mold. There are some gods whose intelligence she desires to be absorbed into the megamycete's records, among them being Batmam, Iron Man, T'Challa and his sister, Lex Luthor, and Cyborg being among those she want absorbed.
  • While no saint due to what some people are calling "the custody battle from Hell," even Miranda is appalled by what Shou Tucker had done. Sure, she wants her daughter back, even going as far as to disguise herself as Mia Winters in order to kidnap Rosemary and perform horrific experiments using the Mold and the Cadou, buy not even Miranda would transform her daughter into a hideous-looking chimera. One thing for certain, if Miranda ripped out Should heart like she had done to Ethan, she would be certain that the man would stay dead.
  • Upon hearing about Miranda's ascension from Chris, Ethan and Mia were not happy at this newest development, as this means that Miranda might make another play at kidnapping Rosemary again. Ozwell Spencer, on the other hand, found himself hosting a tea party with Miranda when she visited him at his temple. Spencer and Miranda both have history, as she saved his life in the past and she took him on as her pupil. So big an influence she was to him, that Spencer even modeled the logo of the Umbrella Corporation after the crest of the Four Houses. Despite having split on bad terms, Spencer still regards Miranda as "a dear friend," whom he still speaks to on occasion.
    • However, due to Chris' meddling in her plans to bring Eva back, she has decided that not only is the rogue B.S.A.A. god is fair game, but also those he hold dear to his heart, including his sister and partner. This puts Jill and Claire on guard, as Miranda does not make empty threats. Given that she could shapeshift into anyone of her choosing, combined with her power over the Mold, that makes Miranda a credible threat.
    • Albert Wesker thought that due to her hatred of anything relating to Chris and Jill, that she could be a powerful ally. But there was the matter of Wesker ramming his hand through her former student's chest, something that Miranda disapproves of. After all, had it not been for her mentoring Spencer, then he or Alex would not have existed.
    • Eveline discovered that Miranda was in the Pantheon. A clone of her deceased daughter, Eva,, Eveline had expected to be welcomed with open arms inside Miranda's temple. However, she was rebuked by Miranda, claiming Eveline to be an imperfect copy of her daughter. It's said that Eveline got a small measure of revenge on Miranda by using her powers to reject Miranda's attempt at bringing Eva back, thus allowing Ethan to retrieve Rose and put down Miranda's monstrous form.
  • Lemeza and Lumisa Kosugi are not huge fans of Mother Miranda. As it turned out, the entity known as Mother share similar characteristics, such as raising her creations, albeit for the purpose of allowing her to finally leave the planet.
    • Ghaleon is also in the same boat; disliking Miranda on the grounds that she tricked the villagers into worshiping her as a goddess. "The difference between Miranda and Althena is that Althena is an actual goddess, not the doppelganger that assumed her identity," Ghaleon had said regarding his thoughts about Miranda.
  • Aside from working with the GUAE and keeping her lieutenants in line, Miranda is also quite the cook. During her off time, she spends it cooking up various Romanian dishes, the Ciorbă de legume - a traditional Romanian soup - being her favorite and serving it to her cohorts in the GUAE during the monthly meetings and the occasional social gathering. Hence, her visiting the House of Food in her spare time...provided that she behaved and not try and infect anyone with her Mold or Cadou.
    • Surprisingly enough, Miranda is friendly with Gordon Ramsay. He tried Miranda's Ciorbă de legume and gave Miranda the seal of approval. Miranda wasn't smug about the praise; she simply likes cooking.
  • Mirands also struck up a friendship with Superman's Injustice counterpart, High Councilor Kal-El, bonding over the loss of their loved ones - for Miranda, losing her daughter to the Spanish Flu, and for Regime Supes, the loss of his wife and unborn child to The Joker. The deified members of the Justice League - especially Superman - are watching this development closely. As for Miranda, she has issued a kill-on-sight order on the Joker to the Four Lords. Even the Clown Prince of Crime is insane even by Miranda's standards.
  • As she reigned over an unknown Easten European village for over a century, she knows a thing or two about leading a cult. This has garnered the attention of those deities who have connections to cults in any shape and form.
    • Osmund Saddler was surprised to hear that there was one from his universe who was around longer than Los Illuminados. While still a rival, Saddler does not see her as a threat, due to their shared hatred of the good-aligned deities surrounding Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy.
    • Mithra could be considered Miranda's good counterpart, on a much larger scale. As much as she wants to sic the other Lords or the Lycans on her, that would bring about the ire of her father. So, for the moment, Miranda decides to leave her be.
    • Heather Mason steers clear of her like the plague. Too many bad memories, both from her past life as Alessa and her current life, mainly in regards to The Order. Being burned alive and having your adopted father killed in order to trigger a demonic baby tends to do that to a person.
    • Aloy finds herself on Miranda's hit list, given that she is a clone of Elizabet Sobeck, and thus has her original template's high levels of intelligence. Aloy is no fan of Miranda or her cult, as it had been a cult that had nearly destroyed her tribe.
    • Thr GUAE has warned Miranda about the deified members of the Normandy. However, it is Miranda Lawson that has her interest. A perfect human woman, created through science, one who is completely flawless. Had it not been for the fact that Miranda was designed to be sterile, then Mother Miranda would've saw her as the perfect vessel for Eva. She will, however try and incorporate Lawson's biotic powers with her own.
  • Miranda also has a hatred of snipers. This stems from her past encounters with Chris Redfield, and his habit of going for the head. Granted, that the man has been dealing with bioweapons in which the head was the weak spot, it's a given. Thanks to her immortality, she was able to tank six shots to the head. While immortal, it still hurt like bloody blazes.
  • Mewtwo is not Miranda's favorite person. Coming from someone who was created by an amoral scientist looking to not only create a superweapon (i.e., him), but to also revive his daughter through unnatural means, that speaks volumes.
    • John Hammond is also not a fan of Miranda, as her schemes remind him of that of his former partner, John Lockwood, who used Ingen's cloning technology to illegally create a clone of his deceased daughter. To Hammond, Miranda is no different from Lockwood.
  • "Don't you see? The glorious Megamycete has long been rooted in this village, taking in countless lives. It is a god!"
  • Also has a spot in Villainous Roles.

    Sun Li 
Sun Li, God of Purposefully Flawed Tutoring (Mentor of Two Rivers, Master Li, The Glorious Strategist, Death's Hand)
  • Intermediate God Greater God with the power of The Water Dragon
  • Symbol: The Sign of Two Rivers Actually The Corpse of The Water Dragon
  • Theme Song: Sanctuary, but Actually Anthem of a Tyrant
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Being Protective of His Pupils until he has no more use for them, Being Tough, But Fair, Fighting Off Much Younger Enemies Singlehandedly, Seeing Others as Nothing More than Pawns, Manipulating Events In His Favor, Deliberately Teaching Flaws And Later Exploiting Them
  • Domains: The Open Palm, Mentoring, Strength, Guidance, Manipulation, Control
  • Allies: YHVH, Clu, Azula, Cao Cao, Kreia, Sima Yi, Darkseid
  • Enemies: Iroh, Lucifer, Korra, Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Zuko, Asami Sato
  • Trained a hero known later as The Spirit Monk to fight an evil and selfish Emperor known as Sun Hai when his past would come back to haunt him as he is Sun Hai's Brother what most didn't know was that he manipulated events so that the Monk would eliminate his brother allowing Sun Li to enact the second phase of his plan. And even purposefully teaching a flaw into their pupil's fighting style to enable himself alone to exploit it and defeat them initially.
  • He actually had been in hiding from the emperor after saving The Spirit Monk from the massacre of his people leaving him to be the Last of the Spirit Monks An event Li planned for so that he, Sun Hai, and Sun Kin (later Death's Hand) can obtain the power of the Goddess of Rebirth and he wanted to use it to keep The Jade Empire running into a glorious utopia, Sun Hai had more selfish goals in mind.
  • Others that fought the Monk claim that there was a flaw in his fighting style that they cannot seem to exploit and thought it a trap In actuality it was a flaw set so that when the time came, and Sun Li was prepared to eliminate the Monk using this flaw to kill them quickly, and taking all that he needed to use the full power of the Water Dragon, though them coming back and removing that flaw in the process was something he didn't expect.
  • Seems to want to help mentor the Magi and the Elrics to better fight spirits and monsters as it is what helped The Spirit Monk on his quest, really though he wants to closely study Soul Gems, and the philosophers stone so that he can use them to make new Jade and Siege Golems.
  • Also is offering nice and helpful advice to Madoka and Cosmos as he feels they need his wise words, actually wants to study them also and usurp their powers to help make sure that his new Jade Empire can last forever.
  • Has been compared to Iroh in the past and merely chuckles at the thought because he finds that ridiculous as he sees Iroh as be a naïve fool to let his brother slowly destroy what could have been a powerful empire and that he let the death of his son get in the way of his life
  • Due to Emperor Sun Hai he has lost his wife and child, though he hears rumors of his daughter's survival and he realizes in the end that even if she did survive she would not matter as to him she is would simply be another tool.
  • Is quite happy to teach the Way of The Open Palm, it is simply considered the key to maintaining the universe by being in harmony with nature, one's own surroundings, and one's own standing in life. In order to stay in symbiosis with nature and one's surroundings, one is expected to actively assist in lessening the chaos in the area, defeat the reason for the chaos, and provide assistance for the lessening burdens of others. He simply believes that he must take it to its logical conclusion, which is to make sure that the people must be controlled so that they do not come into disharmony with the balance of the universe or harm others.
  • He is one of the main strategists to The Regime in return gaining the power to give order to The Pantheon and his Jade Empire.
  • Surprised many with him presenting the idea to help train Azula into The Way of The Open Palm, Though he merely sees some use in her and attempts to gain another pawn in his plans to take power from the gods.

    William A. Zeppeli 
William Antonio Zeppeli, God of Mentors Fated to Die (The First Zeppeli, Monopoly Man, "Glazed in Bitches" Zeppeli)

Lesser Gods

Azmuth, God of Cynical Mentors (First Thinker, Sculptor of Worlds, Bug Eyes, Watch Maker, Demon from the Pit)
Azmuth's Omniverse design
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Omnitrix
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, leaning to True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cool Old Guy and/or Grumpy Old Man, Cynical Mentor, Being One Of The Smartest Species In The Universe, Disinterested In Good Vs Evil, Crazy-Prepared, For Science! Until It Caused A Mistake He's Trying To Make Up For, No Social Skills, Insufferable Genius, Flaws With Foresight, Badass Bookworm, Science Hero
  • Domains: Aliens, Science, Cynicism, Knowledge, Genetics
  • Interests: the Blorg Community, the Venom Symbiote
  • Allies: Ben Tennyson and his allies, Dr. Light, Beheeyem, Alphys, Obi-Wan Kenobi, SCP-040, The Doctor
  • Rivals: Alakazam
  • Enemies: Vilgax, Zs'Skayr, Albedo, Dr. Gero, the Daleks, Dr. Wily, Wat Tambor, Gate, Lord Fuse
  • Evil Counterpart: Vril Dox/Brainiac
  • Azmuth is the creator of the Omnitrix, and a genius under even the high intelligence standards of the Galvans. To Ben, he is one of his mentors however proves to be rather cynical and can be an Insufferable Genius. Initially, he wasn't even sure if the universe was worth saving, and while that has changed he is still pessimistic.
  • After his ascension, upon learning of the many kinds of species in it, he immediately asked Ben what he's acquired. The boy admitted to getting a few, but the Court of the Gods had restricted him from getting too much out of concerns for getting more notoriety than he already has.
    • Eventually, Azmuth somehow managed to convince Ben to surrender the Omnitrix for a while, after which he consulted with the experts in the House of Technology and the GUAG White Hats to help input the necessary restrictions the Court wanted on it. This is only unlockable by trusted GUAG officers such as mid to high-ranking White Hats. The new program that prevents Ben from harnessing prohibited species updates itself periodically for every new ascension to the Pantheon.
  • Is rather disinterested in good and evil, resulting in his aloof nature. But unlike some such as Brainiac who use this an excuse to do evil, Azmuth is "too smart to be evil". He doesn't much care about the Grand United Alliance of Good but can be convinced to help them out with the problems the Grand United Alliance of Evil. And he certainly doesn't like his wisdom being used for evil.
  • Could be considered a good guy Brainiac. Like Vril Dox, they are geniuses of a race in consideration for being the smartest race in the universe. And they aren't subtle about it. However, while Azmuth is mostly good, Brainiac's lust for knowledge has made him a super-villain in the extreme. For what it's worth, the Coluan has respect for Azmuth's intelligence, he just thinks he's smarter and doesn't get why he sometimes puts value on less intelligent beings.
  • Invented various other things, most notably he created the Galvan Mechamorphs on the once lifeless moon of his homeworld. You can find him tinkering and proving his medal in the House of Machinery and Technology, often boasting he's the smartest man of the universe's smartest race. Alakazam wishes to deflate his ego, arguing that he is smarter due to his 5000 IQ and ability to continually grow new brain cells.
  • Had a number of reasons creating the Omnitrix, two of them being so people could walk in each other's shoes and that he had a DNA repository to restore species from extinction. For both of these reasons, the Daleks consider the Omnitrix to be an abomination. This first purpose may be why Azmuth seems interested in the Venom Symbiote due to how it bonds with other lifeforms, or the Blorg Community liking the idea.
  • Dr Gero wants the Omnitrix, as while he loathes to admit it it's a far more efficient way to create a genetic masterpiece like Cell. Azmuth has little respect for Dr. Gero because he wasted his intelligence on Revenge Before Reason. Gero was quick to call Azmuth a hypocrite since some of his motivation was to get his girlfriend back. Azmuth admits he's somewhat selfish but wants to improve himself, unlike Gero.
  • Ascending to the pantheon has motivated Azmuth to upgrade the Omnitrix with the various species present. It has also gotten various gods' attention due to how they wish to weaponize the Omnitrix, by kidnapping Azmuth and forcing him to work for them. He keeps security up in his house for a reason. Dr. Wily and Gate want to use it as a counter to Mega Man and X respectively, and Wat Tambor wants the Separatists to have an army of alien transformations. On the upside, knowledge of the Omnitrix has made Azmuth good at helping SCP-040 better use and control her powers
  • While once he did things For Science!, now he only uses science for peaceful purposes and tries to find his place in the House of Science. His greatest failure was the Ascalon, which led to his girlfriend leaving him because of the danger and irresponsibility in it. It was used in an Incursean civil war and saw their homeworld destroyed. It was later put on Earth, and found by St George to fight against the dragon(aka Diagon).
  • Seems to get along with Dr. Light, as he finds his attitude towards how robots and technology should be used a good thing. Due to his poor social skills and sometimes feeling isolated for his intelligence, he and the Doctor get along even if they bicker a lot, and he feels some pity towards Alphys. And given they're wise men who's student turned evil, he gets along with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Luna (Sailor Moon
Luna, Goddess of Mentor Mascots

    The Turaga of Mata Nui/Toa Metru/Toa Hordika 
The Turaga of Mata Nui (previously the Toa Metru and the Toa Hordika)members, Gods and Goddess of Precursor Heroes
The Toa Metru
The Toa Hordika
  • Lesser Deities (Intermediate Deities as Toa)
  • Symbol: (as Turaga) their Badges of Office, (as Toa) their Toa Disks
  • Theme Songs: Caught in a Dream and Hero (both by All Insane Kids, the latter song shared with the other Toa)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (as a Team, each member has their own alignment)
  • Portfolio: Elemental Powers, Masks, Magic Knights, Precursor Heroes and Mentors to the Toa Nuva, once mistakenly thought to be not destined to be Toa, forcibly mutated into the Toa Hordika, gaining natural Rhotuka launchers in the process, Brought Down To Almost Normal of their own volition to reawaken the Matoran, Older and Wiser, Unity, Duty, Destiny
  • Domain: Legacy, Heroism, Destiny, Friendship, Leadership, Wisdom
  • Herald: Lhikan
  • Allies: Mata Nui, the Toa Nuva, the Toa Mahri, Tassadar, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Peter Parker/Spiderman, Anivia, Zelda, Azura, Emmet, John Egbert, Hata no Kokoro
  • Enemies: Teridax, Phazon, Grima, the Gravemind, members of the GUAD or GUAM, Null Sector
  • The Makuta had ascended. Mata Nui's brother was a threat once more - and now to an entire multiversal Pantheon of beings, not just to his own people. The Great Spirit, knowing the danger that Teridax presented, decided that it was time that more beings from his own universe receive the gift and duty of ascension - and who better than the Turaga of Mata Nui, guardians of the Matoran for a thousand years, having faced the Makuta of Metru Nui in the course of doing so, and those who guided the Toa Nuva? It was thus that Mata Nui brought Vakama and the others to the attention of the Pantheon at large, thus that it was decided that they were worthy in their role as Precursor Heroes - and thus that they ascended.
    • They were, of course, more than pleased to find first the Toa Nuva and then Mata Nui himself upon their ascension - though they were similarly unhappy to find the Great Beings absent. Seeking to work once more for Unity and to protect and guide their new domain as they did Mata Nui, they have joined both the GUAG and the Pantheonic Toa in an advisory capacity.
      • They were even happier to find that Lhikan had come with them as their Herald after his sacrifice to save Vakama a thousand years before and were more than pleased to tell him that they had indeed managed to save the heart of Metru Nui. After hearing their full story, Lhikan for his part informed them that he was proud of them, for they had in their time as Turaga surpassed anything that he had done as a Toa.
      • One being that they were not happy to find in the Pantheon was Ahkmou, who had been appointed as Teridax's Herald after being his agent amongst the Matoran while they were on Mata Nui and acting as 'Turaga of Metru Nui' while Makuta was in control of the universe and the actual Turaga were locked up. They mean to corner him at some point to have words.
      • Though the journey that the soon-to-be Toa Inika undertook was against the orders of (the majority of) the Turaga, they are still more than pleased to have the Mahri in the Pantheon with them; the majority of them, in fact, were their aides as Matoran. In particular, Nuju is overjoyed to see Matoro again.
  • The Turaga are noteworthy in their victory over Teridax as the Toa Metru in two respects: first of all, they had been Toa for only a minute amount of time when they did so; secondly, and perhaps more shockingly, they managed to divert Teridax's Plan to rule over the Matoran. Not only that, Vakama, through threats to destroy the Kanohi Vahi, managed to secure from the Makuta a year-long peace with the Matoran so that they could rebuild!
  • At one point in their time as Toa Hordika, they discovered evidence that they weren't destined to be Toa at all; instead, Lhikan had originally planned to give six Matoran from their pasts who had discovered Metru Nui's six Great Disks the Toa Stones that transformed them into Toa Metru but decided against it at the last moment, instead choosing the six of them after their names appeared in his mind - and that the deception was Makuta's doing. As it turns out, Teridax had in turn been deceived; knowing that Makuta would try to disrupt the process, the Order of Mata Nui had convinced him that the other candidates were meant to be the Toa Metru so that he would give the names of the ''actual'' destined Matoran to Lhikan.
  • While they can adopt their Toa Metru or Hordika forms in the Pantheon and, if it is threatened, fully intend to do so, the Turaga spend most of their time as…well, Turaga. Upon being asked about this, Vakama answered that they prefer to rely upon their wisdom rather than their strength to solve problems these days - and, after all, what would the sacrifice of their powers to return the Matoran to consciousness be worth if they simply took them back now?
    • That said, one thing to note is that their masks' powers (invisibility for Vakama, animal speech for Nokama, shapeshifting for Matau, body control for Onewa, telekinesis for Nuju, and night vision for Whenua) still work even as Turaga, as Whenua and Vakama can attest to, so it's not like they're completely helpless.
  • The Turaga have become particularly good friends with Tassadar after meeting in their shared sub-house and subsequently discovering that they had both mentored the foremost beings of their respective races and had a history of defying corrupt authorities. They frequently visit one another's temples to discuss leadership and threats to the Pantheon and to reminisce on their pasts. For the former reason they are also friendly with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, though, while they respect the elder Jedi's wisdom, they tend to fall more in line with Obi-Wan's somewhat softer approach when it comes to mentorship.
  • Vakama can often be found wandering the House of Heroism, seeking inspiration from Mata Nui and talking to those who he meets to dispense advice and discuss the matters of the Pantheon. It was on one of these walks that he bumped into Peter Parker. After talking with him for a while, he realised that he had discovered something of a kindred spirit and resolved to keep him from making the same mistakes that he did as leader of his Toa Team.
  • Nokama is known to get along well with Princess Zelda, admiring her in particular for her wisdom and kindness, and was even more pleased to discover that her latest incarnation has scholarly tendencies. She has also struck up a rapport with Azura given the common ground in their roles to Vakama and Corrin respectively; given Nokama's long experience in using her now-limited Water manipulation, she is teaching the Vallite some of her techniques so that she needn't expend so much of her power at once to be effective in combat.
    • She is now putting her experience as a Ga-Matoran Teacher to use at the School.
  • Nuju's disinclination to use a language that most of the Pantheon can understand does somewhat limit his ability to engage with the vast majority of the members of the Pantheon. Fortunately for him, the Sub-House of Birds exists. In particular he enjoys spending time with Anivia due to their similar dispositions and Elemental affinity. On the other hand, he considers some of them to be something of an annoyance.
    • That said, given that he feels that only those willing to make the time to understand him are worth his time, he's rather miffed that some of those people just use translation devices (which is rather difficult as the language of bird Rahi isn't exactly a common tongue). While they can say they did put effort in by taking the time to acquire them (by way of purchase, invention, etc.), he still feels like it's cheating somewhat.
  • Whenua, after expressing significant interest in the Pantheon's equivalent of the Archives, was given the role of leading research on the artefacts there, taking over from the SCP Foundation's teams. He fully intends to put the skills that he learned as Turaga and, thus, administrator of the often-fractious Onu-Koro to use.
  • Onewa, former Carver and Turaga of a village of craftsmen as he is, spends a lot of his time in the House of Craft and, as a fellow LEGO deity and embodiment of a lot of the better traits that he can now say he wishes he had as a Toa, has gained significant respect for Emmet. He has also taken to holding and judging contests of artistry there, putting his reputation as 'The Referee' to good use. He, Pohatu and Takanuva are also attempting to introduce Kolhii to the House of Sports.
  • Matau is known for his pranks, particularly on the overly serious Nuju, and the Pantheon merely offers more opportunities for this. In particular he has made himself known to John Egbert, hoping to pick up some new tricks; needless to say, he expects his Mask of Illusion to be getting a little more use soon...
  • Like the Toa Nuva, they have elected to grant Hata no Kokoro use of their Kanohi should she need them. That does not mean that they are not concerned about her emotional instability, however; Matau and Nokama in particular have decided to take it upon themselves to take the girl under their wing, the latter because she thinks that she can help her as she helped Vakama and the former because he sees a little of his old self in her.
  • Due to their experiences with the Visorak, the Turaga are inclined to distrust the various biological manipulators and swarms of the Pantheon. Meeting with Abathur has convinced them that he is mostly harmless, if a little disturbing. They are far, far more worried about the potential alliance between Phazon, Grima and the Gravemind - Vakama has even had visions detailing the horror that the Pantheon might come to be if such an alliance is formed - and are considering forming a coalition to combat it should it ever come to fruition.
  • Of the Pantheonic Alliances, it is not actually the Grand United Alliance of Evil that they worry over most; as they and other Toa have proven before, evil can be triumphed over with surprising frequency even in the direst of circumstances, not to mention the fact that they have been able to exploit infighting in Shadow's ranks in the past through temporary pacts. Instead, it is the growing power of the Grand Unified Alliances of Machines and Destruction that the Turaga fear beyond the others; both are united in purpose to a degree that is unmatched by the GUAE, though it is a perverse Unity in comparison to their own. To counter the latter, Vakama has been working to craft Masks of Biomechanics for distribution in the event of a machine assault.
    • However, they were eventually forced to turn back to their Toa forms temporarily for the first time in the Pantheon when Null Sector caught wind of that plot and mounted an assault on their temple. The six were only barely able to hold them off, even with their restored powers, but nonetheless demonstrated the efficacy of the Kanohi in the process, slowing down their forces significantly and forcibly shutting down their weak-AI auxilia. This failure has pushed Null Sector into an alliance with Teridax, an old enemy of the Turaga who has promised them a way to counter the masks’ power.
    • They are actually highly sympathetic to Lucifer and the Grand Unified Alliance of Chaos, since a great many of its members remind them of how they were during their time as Hordika; as such, they are more than willing to speak to those deities within the Alliance who, should they suffer from similar afflictions, wish to be cured of them as they were.
  • "You are not the first Toa!"


    Mr. Miyagi 
Nariyoshi Miyagi, God of Trickster Mentors
  • He's just a little old Demigod, yesirree...
  • Theme: "You're the Best Around"
  • Symbol: His rising sun headband
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Wax On, Wax Off, Trickster Mentors, Those Who Use Japanese Honorifics While Speaking English to a Native English Speaker, Cool Old Guy
  • Domains: Competition, Strength
  • High Priest: Mr. Han
  • Herald: Julie Pierce
  • Allies: Daniel LaRusso, Kumiko, Chozen, Yukie and Sato, Yoda, Jackie Chan, Rocky Balboa, Ghaleon, Kenichi Shirahama, Hamato Splinter, The Curtis Gang, Doc Hudson, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Peter LaFleur, The Furious Five, Gabe Burton and Rosemary Telesco, Uncle Iroh, Iori Hida of the 2002 Digidestined, Jinpachi Mishima, Tokita Ohma, Takuma Sakazaki, Ultraman Cosmos and Musashi Haruno
  • Enemies: The Shredder, Svengali, Barney Stinson
  • Opposes: John Kreese
  • Complicated relationship: Johnny Lawrence
  • Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.
  • Many Gods in the House of Combat are floored when they see Mr. Miyagi being able to fight with the likes of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. Mr. Miyagi just smiles at everyone's disbelief.
  • Is a highly disputed mentor in the House of Sports. Anyone he decides to train ends up doing menial tasks all through the various houses.
  • According to his student Daniel (and later verified by Mr. Miyagi himself), his ancestor had all but invented karate. Miyagi's ancestor traveled to China, where he learned White Crane Kung Fu. Returning to Okinawa, he adapted it into karate.
  • One of his best friends in the pantheon is Jackie Chan, who "portrayed him" in the remake.
  • Mulan deeply respects him, and was shocked to hear he wasn't Chinese given he sounds like her Emperor.
  • Has become friends with Rocky, given both share a director (John G. Avildsen), tragedies in their lives, and mentor qualities given Rocky becomes a trainer.
  • Was unbelievably happy upon the ascension of his greatest student, Daniel-san, and is always accompanying him to any events.
    • On the other hand, the Cobra Kais were less welcome. Miyagi has instantly shown scorn for John Kreese, and while he has shown respect to Johnny Lawrence's development as he switched into a sensei role, Lawrence still recalls very well the beatdown Miyagi once gave him.
  • Hamato Splinter has been through trials and tribulations of loss and pain to become the wise and strong master he is in multiple continuities, as such he holds other masters who've overcome pain and hardships and not only came out stronger but also do good in high regard. One of these masters was Miyagi, who had to live through the horrors of World War II and lost his wife and unborn son, who died of childbirth complications, while he was out at war. That Miyagi has also had to contend with less than honorable masters of martial arts such as John Kreese, who went through similar harships as Miyagi but turned to dishonor and cruelty afterwards, his experiences with a similar martial artist to Kreese known as Kristoff Von Bradford only furthered this.
  • Shows concern for Johnny of the Curtis Gang, given how much he reminds him of Daniel, but much more insecure. He feels pretty sad for Johnny's tragic life, though also finds that it has made him remarkably wise for his age. Miyagi has offered to take on Johnny as a proper pupil. Johnny isn't sure he wants to go so far, though he really enjoys Miyagi's quiet and relaxing company.
  • Iori Hida of the 2002 Digidestined appreciates the company of Mr. Miyagi, as the old karate teacher reminds him of his grandfather. Sure, grandpa was goofier, but he and Miyagi have the same penchant for proverbial wisdom. In his visits to Miyagi, Iori's also become friends with his pupil Daniel, and the two may be seen training together sometimes.