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Greater Gods

"If they shoot down one plane, hundreds more shall rain fire upon them! If they cut off one head... Two more shall take its place! Hail HYDRA!"

HYDRA, Divine Grand-Scale Evil Organization
  • Greater Deities as a whole (ranges from Demideities to Intermediate Deities individually)
  • Symbol: A Skull with tentacles
  • Theme Song: Hydra
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: An organization founded by Nazis, who have several Nazi members and who like to emulate Nazis, We Have Reserves, The Evils of Free Will, The Syndicate, Take Over the World, All that’s left of the third reich
  • Domain: War, Weapons, Leadership, Nazism.
  • Followers: Talon
  • Leader: Red Skull, Hydra Supreme Captain America
  • High Council Members: Madame Hydra, Hive, Gorgon, Arnim Zola, Doctor Faustus, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker
  • Allies: Doctor Octopus, Shocker, The Black Organization, Millennium, The Admiral, Roman Torchwick, The Shredder, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Edward Richtofen
  • Enemies: Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, the Hulk, Ant-Man, Wolverine, all ascended Kamen Riders (especially Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji), the Gorengers, All Ascended Heroic Gundam Pilots, All ascended Pretty Cure, Lucifer, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Zaheer, Captain Planet, Aang, Sora, Korra, Duke, 2nd Division Symphogears, ascended Strike Witches, Hellsing Organization, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Optimus Prime, Raiden, Archer, Tracer, The Combine, Gandalf
  • Originally born as a Nazi sub-group, it took a life of its own and somewhat differentiated itself from the Nazi regime. Now, they spent every resource in their disposal to try and take over the world. Make no mistake, however. Not all Nazis are Hydra, but all of Hydra are Nazis. Hydra was founded by Nazis (some of whom are still alive to this day and who are still part of Hydra), loves to emulate Nazis (both in method and symbolism), practices the same fascistic and xenophobic beliefs as the Third Reich, has the same color palette as the Nazis (well, when they aren’t using their classic green and yellow colors, that is), they love engaging in mad science shenanigans and their leader is the Red Skull. Some members of Hydra will even proudly proclaim both their status and Hydra’s status as Nazis.
    • There have been groups that were also part of HYDRA but splintered off as well. These include The Hand and AIM (though it’s been hinted that The Hand is actually much older than Hydra or the Third Reich Hydra was born from).
  • It should be noted that HYDRA is acting as a sort of supplier towards the GUAE with the Red Skull acting as their leader and representative. These include any weapons or soldiers that they want to assist them in any way.
  • At least some of the more paranoid members of the GUAG, like Batman, are convinced that maybe the GUAG itself might be part of HYDRA. This is because one version of the organization turned out to be S.H.I.E.L.D. itself.
  • Ironically enough, despite technically counting as a Nazi organization, its current self includes people of all races, gender and ethnicities. Even still, they have worked with Millennium in the past and as stated above, Hydra was founded by Nazis, is being lead by The Red Skull and shares the same beliefs as The Third Reich, because at the end of the day, they are the Third Reich...or at least all that’s left of it.
  • Has employed some criminals in the pantheon like Jinx and Roman Torchwick. These jobs mostly deal with stealing advance supplies to use for weapons like Dust.
    • They have also inducted the ascended COBRA members into their ranks, making Baroness their Madame Hydra.
  • Because their current objective is to govern the world and eliminate free will, they been oppose by both Lucifer and Zaheer. Interesting enough, that would mean they would have been good candidates for YHVH's GUAL.
  • It seems many of their members like to hug each other while whispering "Hail Hydra". Some members of the pantheon have mock this like Yang, Rainbow Dash, and even Yoda. However, there are some who do believe they are HYDRA agents. But that's nonsense. Right?
  • There has been reports of non-ascended Marvel villains who have associated with HYDRA in the past to be seen in the pantheon. It seems they found a loop hole for them to be part of the pantheon. The most frequent member is Baron Zemo, a foe of Captain America.
  • Have been known to brainwash people for their causes. One of those people includes Wolverine himself.
  • Many of the ascended Kamen Riders really despise HYDRA. This is because their organization reminds them of Shocker. Many believe that the two groups are one in the same.
  • Came into the possession of the Pym Particle. It's unknown what's their plan for it.
  • Remember, cut the head of a hydra, two more will take its place. Cut those, another two. And those, another two.

    The Magic High Commission 
The Magic High Commissionnote , Deified Immature Mystical Council
The Commission's Members, both current and former (from left to right: Reynaldo, Omnitraxus Prime, Rhombulus, Hekapoo, Sir Glossaryck of Terms and Lekmet)
  • Greater Deities (collectively); Intermediate Gods (Lekmet, Omnitraxus, Rhombulus and Hekapoo individually), Lesser God (Reynaldo), Overdeity (Glossaryck)
  • Symbol:
    • Glossaryck: His head gemstone
    • Lekmet: His head
    • Omnitraxus Prime: His face reflected in an orb
    • Rhombulus: His snake arms and crystal head
    • Hekapoo: Her dimensional scissors
    • Reynaldo: His staff
  • Theme Song: Blow Out This Flame (Hekapoo)
  • Alignment: Varies depending on the member
  • Portfolio: Not-So-Omniscient Council of Bickering, Big Bad Slippage (except for Glossaryck, Lekmet and Reynaldo), Dimensional Travelers, Fantastic Racism to some degrees, Killed Off for Real, Made of Magic, Immature but Very Cruel and Deadly when they Feel Like It, Protected The Multiverse
  • Domains: Magic, Councils, Immaturity
  • Herald: Sean (their assistant)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Toffee of Septarsis, Lord Voldemort, Sauron, Skeletor, Shadow Weaver, Horde Prime, Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, The Lich
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Discord (to Glossaryck)
  • The Magical High Commission were guardians of the magic of Mewni created by the omnipotent Sir Glossaryck of Terms to help keep magic in the Multiverse stable and not dangerous. As time went on, unfortunately, they would begin to deviate from this goal, growing corrupt and self-righteous in their belief of superiority and soon became accomplices in the monster-hating system of Mewni, even hiding away the half-monster daughter of Queen Eclipsa, imprisoning her and her monster lover, Globgor. Hundreds of years later they lost one of their members, Lekmet, who sacrificed his life to help Queen Moon escape an attack from Toffee of Septarsis and eventually help set in motion the defeat of the evil monster. Later on after Toffee's defeat, Star Butterfly managed to uncover their years of deception with some help from her mother, Moon and a freed Eclipsa herself. When Eclipsa was crowned queen, she was eventually targeted by the Commission's members and even helped Mina Loveberry start up a plan to kill Eclipsa and her family then follow suit with all monsters on Mewni, forcing Star to destroy all magic to stop Mina, and when she did with Glossaryck's and a redeemed Hekapoo's help she put an end to the Commission and their plans for good, with the Commission themselves dying after the magic was destroyed and reverting to inanimate objects.
  • Though fragmented, the Commission was eventually ascended into the Pantheon. However, with how things went on in their world it was decided to make separate temples for each of the members, especially to keep conflict from arising. While they're all back, they've made certain "territories" for one another, with Rhombulus and Omnitraxus keeping up their alliance with Mina while Hekapoo has long foregone it and is now a free spirit who occasionally jumps in to help good causes. Reynaldo and Lekmet appear to have taken a neutral approach staying on their own, while Glossaryck mostly does what he wants without any real alignment issues.
  • Their relationship with Star is all over the place, though for the most part Hekapoo and Glossaryck have remained friendly with her as they both assisted her in destroying the magic of Mewni to prevent Mina Loveberry's victory. As for Rhombulus and Omnitraxus, neither were amused to hear about the fact that Star was the one responsible for their deaths and that she and her friends sided with Eclipsa, Globor and monsterkind during their attempted coup and have labelled her and all her allies as enemies from now on. Lekmet has not come out of his temple to say a thing, as has Reynaldo. Meanwhile, Glossaryck would rather not say much other than staying with Star more often because he doesn't likes Rhombulus or Omnitraxus and would rather avoid their presence as much as possible.
  • All of them do share a common enemy in Toffee of Sepstarsis, as the evil monster has antagonized all of them at various points and tried to selfishly destroy magic and conquer Mewni out of hatred of the Mewmans. One of the few things that could actually make the fragmented council come together is the possibility of the septarian starting up his plans again, as he is quite effective at executing his goals and with the resources in the Pantheon could pose a threat to magic users outside of Mewni and Earth.
  • While they might've once been noble protectors of all magic, their years ruling over Mewni corrupted them and fed a feeling of superiority in them ultimately leading to a big fall from grace. Due to this, the House of Magic considers their ranks to be rather untrustworthy and most of them are banned from entering the House. Only exceptions to this have been Reynaldo and Lekmet as neither got involved in the more malevolent schemes of the Commission or in Glossaryck's case, the destruction of all magic itself with additional motivation in his jerkassery and unhelpfulness towards anyone who associates with him. Hekapoo's been recently allowed to actually enter the House in spite of her initial compliance in the corrupt goals of the Commission, though she's still got a long way to go before she has fully redeemed herself in the eyes of the good-aligned deities in it.
  • While they might be too fragmented to still hold a fully common list of enemies and allies, they still oppose those who employ dark magic and seek to absorb or destroy it. Notable examples include the Dark Lord Voldemort, leader of a dangerous group of wizards who have expertise in dark magic and seek to rule everything. Similarly there's the evil My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Deities, who all are either dark magic users or want to keep all the magic to themselves, all of the Commission fears mostly Tirek who has magic-draining abilities not unlike Toffee with Star's wand and becomes stronger with the more magic he gets; as well as Grogar who is perhaps the most powerful evil sorcerer of MLP's universe and can pose a threat to everyone with his dimensional abilities.
  • With their wariness of magic also came being wary of dark lords such as Sauron and his former master, Melkor. Their control over evil magic is further motivation for them to watch out for their threat. While many of them are heavily disliked by the other Tolkien deities for their countless crimes, they will team up if necessary to defeat these common foes.
  • They all are wary of Bill Cipher, a powerful "Dream Demon" who once threatened all of existence with his desire to unleash Weirdmageddon and gain godly power to remake the universe into something fit to his twisted desires. The fact that their world may be connected to Bill's furthers this, though all of them have learned thanks to the Pines about his weakness to pony hair and other special magic materials, therefore giving them means to combat Bill and prepare for any possibility of him recovering his full power.
  • Another potential multiversal threat they're wary of is the Lich, a being who desires to end all life. Rhombulus was at first eager to try and crystalize him, only for deities to point out that the one time the Lich was imprisoned in crystal in a secured galactic prison he easily broke out and destroyed the prison while nearly taking over all its prisoners as their leader to destroy all life. Therefore Rhombulus has scrapped those plans but has turned to other ideas such as employing life magic to counter the entity.
  • Exclusive to Glossaryck:
    • Due to his general jerkassery, he's entered a comical yet fierce rivalry with Discord, as the trollish spirit of chaos enjoys doing what he can to mess with the all-mighty magic deity. Glossaryck has occasionally taken time off his isolation to return Discord's trolling antics in full force back at him. Their allies were at first concerned with the possible ramifications of this, though once it became clear that neither side planned to cause much trouble besides what each would do to the other, this subsided.
    • Glosaryck's plan was seemingly to destroy all magic in his Multiverse all along, given that he willfully assisted Star and her allies in their destruction of magic. Some deities have come to question why he'd do so given that he took himself out in the process, with most coming to the conclusion that since he was the one who gave magic to the Multiverse in the first place, he'd grown disappointed with how it was used and therefore wanted to take it all down with himself so no one would abuse it anymore. This drew some criticism as deities believed Glossaryck potentially could've killed millions with his actions, but so far he's defended himself saying that no one so far has really been hurt. Whatever the case is, Glossaryck's stance is that he did what he had to do to end the abuse of magic and isn't all too happy about it being restored, but with the looming amount of threats in the Pantheon he'll let this be.
    • With his omniscient knowledge of the Multiverse, Glossaryck has encountered various deities interested in his overall wisdom and power. One of these was Xerath, who has shed his form in favor of becoming pure magic, though he isn't exactly a good guy. Xerath was interested in how Glossaryck's own universe worked in regards to their magic and the possibility of acquiring power in it, though Glossaryck refused to share things.
    • Glossaryck has something of a connection with the equally cryptic Stealth Mentor, Ghaleon, who will mentor supposed enemies that he actually supports. Ghaleon has found it interesting how Glossaryck has managed to arrange for multiple instances of Star getting stronger and helping to ultimately undo the terrible actions of the other Commission members and ending Mewni's abuse of magic and monsterkind.
  • Exclusive to Omnitraxus and Rhombulus:
    • They were glad to find their ally, Mina Loveberry, in the Pantheon. Loveberry has continued to benefit from their support in her eternal anti-monster quest. Some have come to question why the duo would continue allying with Mina given that there's no guarantee that Mina won't turn on them the moment she's done with Mewni's monsterkind and all others. Rhombulus and Omnitraxus have dismissed it on the grounds that they are not "monsters" but rather "sacred magic beings", leading to disgust from many.
    • Both of them still hold on to their prejudices to monsterkind even in the Pantheon and as such have sought out anti-monster deities which to ally with. One of these allies is B.B Hood, a sadistic girl who likes to kill all monsters that fall within her definition regarding the usual view of monsters. Her psychopathic tendencies did little to make the alliance feeble, as the duo has experience working with unstable people like Mina and see nothing wrong in her.
    • Kipo has made a big enmity with them, as both support segregation and discrimination against non-humans for their own selfish benefits and prejudice. She in particular feels disgusted that they had the gall to throw a party while Mina and her warriors very nearly came close to killing all monsterkind in a genocidal crusade.
    • Heavily oppose the House of Otherness and all its inhabitants, enough that at one point they thought of attacking the House with Mina's help, only to get beaten and nearly killed by Godzilla who didn't take kindly to their visit and drove them with their tail between their legs back to their temple; the King of the Monsters has ever since remained one of their biggest enemies. Also opposed were Musashi Haruno and Ultraman Cosmos, a duo of monster-protectors that have made an utopia for all creatures and don't take kindly to hatred and discrimination being spread.
  • Exclusive to Hekapoo:
    • Hekapoo's mastery over magic dimensional portals make her quite prone to end up visiting various alternate dimensions. For this she's had quite the bad run-ins with Rick and Morty, who tend to jump between dimensions very often. While she's gained an interest in Morty, due to him potentially being capable of growing into a strong warrior not unlike Marco, his association with his annoying grandpa has become a reason for her to avoid him.
    • Her realm known as the Neverzone is one where time flows much more differently, therefore letting decades inside be mere minutes outside. A few people have tried going into it to have adventures for a long time without having to worry about leaving their whole life behind. One of these was Finn the Human, who once got into a lifetime adventure in the Pillow Kingdom/Dimension where he grew up into an adult, had children and even grew old and died before he returned back home in his youth. The two have even been seen flirting a bit with one another, per usual for Hekapoo and those who enter the Neverzone.
    • Her laid-back and fun-loving attitude gave her two allies in Marceline the Vampire Queen and Amethyst. Marceline likes how her attitude is reminiscent of one of her friends, Lumpy Space Princess, and how Hekapoo has started moving past her initial prejudices towards monsters and turning nicer; they tend to hang out to mess with other Deities or just talk about their lives. As for Amethyst, the two enjoy hanging out either in the Neverealm or the Pantheon itself, with Amethyst even borrowing Hekapoo's dimensional scissors for her own antics.
  • Exclusive to Lekmet:
    • The extent of Lekmet's complicity in the Commission's most questionable past actions has so far been debated, and answers have been attempted to be taken from the old goat monster, however because Lekmet speaks his own tongue no real answers have been given so far. However given that the Commission's eventual turn to evil seems to have happened not long after Lekmet's sacrifice, most believe that Lekmet was possibly the Morality Pet of the Commission as a whole, therefore making him quite responsible for them not turning bad earlier and quite possibly making sure Eclipsa and her family were only non-fatally broken up rather than killed.
    • Lekmet functions as a healer and was created by Glossaryck to be representative of the cost of life, as any time he heals someone he will lose part of his life and grow weak and old. While he's been restored back to his prime, he still will gradually die if he heals someone. He made a connection with Heinz Windermere, whose power also requires him to use his own lifeforce as fuel for it.
    • His sacrifice that involved using up all his lifespan to resurrect Moon and allow her to escape from Toffee got him an ally in Luke Skywalker, who sacrificed his life to create an astral projection to distract the First Order's forces with and save the remaining members of the Resistance from them so they could regroup and prepare to fight back against the Order. Luke has made sure to use his force powers to communicate with the old goat, knowing that they speak two different languages entirely.
    • He's considered something of a Good Counterpart to Grogar, being an old goat magician with great power that comes at a price, but while Grogar is selfish and tyrannical, Lekmet is so far kind-hearted and noble. Lekmet views Grogar's actions as despicable in regards to his goals and abuse of minions, while Grogar views Lekmet as a weakling. For what its worth, the MLP deities have become closer to Lekmet over his magic power and have even helped him stay in better shape after using his powers, viewing him as a resourceful friend and ally.
  • Exclusive to Reynaldo:
    • He's been a disgraced member of the Commission ever since Queen Rhina left him speaking only in rhymes. Glossaryck also considers him annoying for his talkative tendencies. While he's tried to regain his father's respect and position, he was quite shocked to learn about the unofficial dissolution of the Commission after the destruction of magic. His status and current situation as an outcast of his group has led to major sympathy from other deities.
  • "Nature is like a runaway dump truck: hot, fast, and full of garbage"

    The New Alliance of Free Stars 
The New Alliance of Free Stars Members , Divine Union of Populations Cooperating To Oppose Greater Enemies (The Alliance of Free Stars, The Concordance of Alien Nations, The United Federation of Worlds, The Yehat: The Starship Clans, The Arilou: The Ariloulalee'lay, The Syreen: Space Amazons, Space Gypsies)
The main races of the Alliance from top to bottom: The Chmmr, The Yehat, The Arilou, The Syreen, The Shofixti, The Earthlings/Humanity (represented by Commander Hayes)

  • Greater God-level collective consisting of races that individually vary from Lesser to Intermediate rank
  • Symbol: An Earth-like planet surrounded by individual members of the Alliance, or alternatively The Flagship, as well as their main starships note 
  • Theme Song: Collectively, they've settled for Hyperspace (3DO vers.)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall (The Chmmr are Lawful Good, The Yehat are split between Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good, The Syreen are Neutral Good, the Shofixti are Chaotic Good, Uncertain Chaotic Good for the Arilou)
  • Portfolio: Military Alliance Of Several Spacefaring Races, Was Eventually Defeated By The Ur-Quan, Recovered And Got Back Together Thanks To A Separate Earthling Colony
  • Domains: Starships, Alliances, Space, Liberty, Cooperation, Diversity
  • Heralds: Commander Hayes (Human representative), the Zoq-Fot-Pik, the Supox, the Utwig, and the Pkunk
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Good in general, and especially: Commander Shepard, Luke Skywalker, Team Star Fox, The Space Power Rangers, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Team Lightyear, The USS Enterprise Crew, The Deep Space 9 Crew, The Doctor, Master Chief, The Vortigaunts, The Formics, The Slylandro, as well as other Good-aligned aliens in the Pantheon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Great Diamond Authority (Chmmr only), Agent K and Agent J, The SCP Foundation (Arilou only), The Chozo (Yehat only), The Adepta Sororitas (Syreen only), The God-Emperor of Mankind (in general, but especially with the Arilou)
  • Rivals: The Mantis (Yehat only)
  • Opposed by: The Illusive Man
  • Enemies: The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, The VUX, The Thraddashnote  and other evil-aligned aliens in the Pantheon, including ADVENT, The Combine, The Borg Collective, The Slugs, Jabba the Hutt, The Flood, The Mars People, The Martians, The Harvesters, Ridley
  • In 2110, a galactic struggle between the Ur-Quan Hierarchy and other strange alien races seeking to fight back against a fate of slavery would unravel. Originally a union between the crystalline Chenjesu and the mechanical Mmrnmhrm, the two species began to seek for more help to stand up to their overwhelming foes, gaining the support of the battle-ready Yehat and Shofixti, and later humanity itself was pulled into the conflict as they had managed to expand into space as well. Eventually, the Arilou would also assist the Alliance due to humanity's involvement, and finally the Syreen joined the other races to make their stand against the Ur-Quan and their Battle Thralls. Despite the technological superiority of the Ur-Quan, the Alliance managed to hold off the Hierarchy, proving to be more than a pushover for the alien conquerors. Or so they thought, until the Ur-Quan decided to pull off their secret weapon- a garguantan, exotic, and destructive starship known as the Sa-Matra, which swept through the Alliance's fleets and causing resistance to falter greatly. Under Chenjesu suggestion, the defeated Alliance would for the most part surrender to the Ur-Quan and become their slaves, recognizing they could not win the war.
  • What they hadn't expected, aside from the fact that the Ur-Quan would soon leave to deal with another enemy Ur-Quan race, was that an Earthling colony known as Unzervalt would avoid the fate of being slave-shielded and soon launched a grand ship based off of Precursor technology, and with it, another opportunity for freedom from Ur-Quan oppression. Despite the varying and complicated situations each race was in, the Alliance races would get together, and with additional allies to boot, and unite once again to form the New Alliance of Free Stars. To do all they could to secure a victory against the Ur-Quan, the New Alliance of Free Stars sent scouting fleets to gather resources, although one found itself travelling through a strange Hyperspace portal, and ended up in a new realm outside their galaxy. It wasn't too long before the rest of the Alliance came to check out the discoveries this particular fleet made, and finding a far stranger universe beyond their imagination. Approached by the Pantheon's extraterrestrial ambassadors and starship crews, the Pantheon would learn of the Alliance's goals of freeing themselves from the Ur-Quan, motivating the Pantheon's Earthlings to having the alien races of the New Alliance of Free Stars ascend as trope representatives of The Alliance.
  • As bizarre as these aliens can appear, the members of the New Alliance of Free Stars were even more surprised at what the Pantheon introduced to them. Not the things like magic and actual divinity, but more so how prominent humans were in this Pantheon. It's not that any of them had major beef with humans (that's just a VUX problem), but the humans AKA Earthlings they're familiar with were of far smaller scale in terms of technology and abilities, though with how even they managed to get the other races back up and running, there's only respect from the Alliance's side. Regardless, the Alliance's human representative, Commander Hayes, was simply delighted to meet with more fellow humans outside his fellow Starbase crew, given that his Earth was covered by a red Ur-Quan slave-shield. Some Chmmr individuals did decide to inquire a few members of the Pantheon about why humans had such an enormous supply of nuclear armaments and weaponry (which was used for Earthling Cruisers in their universe) back when the first Ur-Quan Slave War was upon them, which set up quite the awkward atmosphere.
  • The New Alliance of Free Stars as it is now wouldn't be here as it is now if it weren't for the efforts of a particular Earthling pilot that the aliens refer to as the Captain. One of the biggest contributions the Captain brought to the table was an incomplete but customizable model of a great ship designed by their universe's Precursors, known as The Flagship. Unusually, the Captain hasn't gotten around to joining the Pantheon, and there's no sign of him planning to arrive either. While others are theorizing him to be another avatar of (Insert Name Here), the Alliance of Free Stars simply decided to meet up with the closest person the Pantheon had to him, Commander Shepard. Considering that handling diplomatic relations with other alien species was practically his job, the New Alliance of Free Stars would soon enough find itself in good hands with other Good-aligned space heroes and the GUAG as well, welcoming the extraterrestrials and their plight to liberate others from tyranny.
  • Many a spacefaring crew and cosmic guardian team alike have been delighted to have various individuals from the New Alliance of Free Stars getting assigned to various assisting positions on their missions. Whether it's in assisting in diplomatic affairs with other alien species, providing an extra hand in fending off colonies and planets from invaders, or just making the adventure more fun, the Alliance has been hard at work with helping and representing their fellow Good-aligned aliens. Occasionally, some of the herald races like to join in, since the Captain had helped them out, and thus they were interested in getting involved in Pantheonic space. It has gotten the House of Sports irked with requests related to "Frungy representation" regularly, though.
    • On top of being inevitably made into "friends" of the Blorg Commonality, they learned from them of the presence of the Slylandro in the Pantheon. While things were a little tense at first given that they were indirectly responsible for the havoc caused by the Slylandro Probes, the Slylandro were forgiven, and some of the Alliance's ships are now watching over the Slylandro Probe to prevent it from harming others again.
  • No one really expected the New Alliance of Free Stars to be happy meeting the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, but the Kzer-Za seem to have taken such actions of rebellion more personally than expected. Not only did they reform the Alliance as Fallow Slaves, but it turned out that the Ur-Quan's kinder gestures before their enslaving ended up being taken advantage of in order for the New Alliance of Free Stars to form in the first place. For the Chmmr, they only managed to become a fused and more powerful race due to the Ur-Quan accepting their request to be slave-shielded together, with the Chmmr having planned to strike back after their initial defeat the whole time. The same applies with the Syreen, who were even given their own suitable planet (to be slave-shielded on, of course) after the Ur-Quan learned their original planet was destroyed. While the Syreen do feel incredibly guilty about taking advantage of such generosity, they're still staunchly set on sticking with the rest of the Alliance to the end. It's also meant that any interactions toward each other are void of any mercy, with the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za declaring their new Alliance as punishable by complete annihilation alone. It's only in the tightest and most necessary occasions of Enemy Mine that they'll hold fire from each other, but once those obstacles are cleared away, starship duels are inevitable.
    • The Alliance was rather surprised that some Battle Thralls of the Ur-Quan had their own temple complete with their own trope. Both the Yehat and Shofixti hold a grudge towards the VUX as a result of Admiral ZEX storing several Shofixti maidens in his collection, though the former respect him as a Worthy Opponent. And in their battles with the Thraddash, some join them after several battles for the sake of learning from those showing brutal superiority over them, though considering their reckless and lack of real loyalty, they're treated as "come-and-go" units should they have to deal with joining Thraddash.
  • As if the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za weren't enough for them, there were quite the frightening amounts of alien conquerors and empires, from the Combine to the Harvesters, the former of which also having taken over their Earth/Sol III as well, along with ADVENT. While the New Alliance of Free Stars had learned about humans' own share of monsters, figurative and literal, they were disappointed that attempts of peaceful contact would be dashed by hostility and malevolence from the invasion-preferring alien organizations. Similar sentiments would be shared with the more notorious representatives of fanatic order and blighted tyranny, including the Grand United Alliance of Law as well as the Harbingers of Repression. And at least the Ur-Quan had a decent though not justifiable motivation behind their own drive to enslave or kill everyone else, the Alliance found the likes of them to be raving mad, at least far beyond their reason. Although, there were some Yehat that genuinely respected the GUAL's goals, given that some were proud of the long eras of civility and order their Veep-Neep dynasty brought along to displace the clan wars that occurred before.
  • Tragic as it is, dealing with xenophobic races was something the Alliance was prepared for, from the bigoted VUX to the paranoid and omnicidal Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, who now have the Grand United Alliance of Destruction with them. The Daleks weren't too different from their Kohr-Ah allies, but the Chmmr learned about Dalek Sec from the Doctor, who they are communicating with to learn how to combat the Daleks more effectively. As for the other Dalek that Sec shares his temple with, Dalek Caan is currently unwilling to reach out to them for the time. As for the xenophobes among the humans, it does get more complicated, even accounting for the involvement with some humans from the Alliance as well. The Illusive Man has plenty of disdain for the Alliance given the advantages most of the alien races have over their humans, on top of distrust toward the likes of the Chmmr, and especially the Arilou. Despite his Cerberus organization as well as other opposing human-led armies like that of Palpatine's Empire, the Alliance knows better than to lower themselves to looking down on humans in general.
    • The God-Emperor of Mankind also has his own doubts about the trustworthiness of the Alliance of Free Stars, but given that their claims and genuine efforts to treat all the Alliance races with equal respect, humanity included, he's willing to tolerate and cooperate with them, though he's mighty uncomfortable with the Arilou, given that they had much influence on humanity in their universe, which brings up many questions what they intend for humankind in general. The Arilou's answers didn't quell his concerns, but they simply stated that they have no intention on letting humans be victimized by outside forces, especially the Chaos Gods, who they want to be put of their way just as much as the God-Emperor does. Given how much trouble it would be to try and get more details from them, he'll just have to accept their support with a watchful eye regardless, on top of having the Imperium of Man be wary of something the Arilou warned them about, known as the Orz. He's given the Arilou a stern warning that if they cross certain boundaries, they'll have hell to pay for, which the green men have acknowledged bemusingly.
  • For the Chmmr:
    • Being the closest to what the Alliance would consider the leaders, given their roles in the earlier wars against the Ur-Quan, the Alliance have the Chmmr take a majority of the responsibility for organization and communication with other allies in the Pantheon. And being the most technologically advanced race of the Alliance, even before The Process that had their two component races fused, they were quick to share plenty of the technology and resources they had with their comrades. Additionally, the two races they're composed of, the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm, do warrant interest from outsiders in their unusual workings.
      • The Chenjesu, as a race of sapient crystals, mainly subsisted from electric energy and communicated through the electrical energy fields they exerted, on top of their innate ability to receive and transmit Hyperwave signals, which the Chmmr continue to utilize for communication through the cosmos. Despite never having a natural need for hostility when they were simply crystals, their advanced intellect proved useful for handling war just as well as it did in their exploration of philosophy and knowledge. The Mmrnmhrm, on the other hand, are sentient mechanical beings that used to be manufactured from a mysterious and now defunct vessel known as the Mother-Ark. Despite their programmed goals of colonization, among other unknown goals, they were capable of cooperation and wariness of other races' boundaries.
    • The Chmmr found themselves most capable with fellow intellectual/peaceful races, including the Ood, the Vortigaunts, and the Formics. Given some of the Chenjesu traits they've inherited, they've also managed to communicate and be on friendly terms with the Regi Trio, though said communication still proves difficult to comprehend outside of the Chmmr's own explanations. Additionally, the Chmmr made a major ally out of Optimus Prime and the other Autobots for the purpose of frequent communication and assistance in each other's duties.
    • Some have rightfully addressed concerns regarding how the Process that had the Chmmr come out from the two fused races they're from being rushed as a result of the Process being boosted by a special sun device. Considering the urgency of the situation regarding the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, there wasn't much they could do about it, taking to account that it would normally take decades to complete, and certainly less time than they could afford. Their contacts with the specific allies they've reached out to have been given pieces of contingency plans in case something wrong occurs with them, though they hope it doesn't become a problem later on.
    • The Great Diamond Authority and their subjects, while essentially crystalline beings similar to the Chenjesu that the Chmmr consist of, are looked upon with much dismay from the Chmmr given that they chose a path of conquest and subjugation of other worlds. The fact that the Diamonds want to reform hadn't really convinced them either. The two groups are willing to be on good terms if only because of Steven who serves as a mediator between the two groups, with the Chmmr deciding to trust Steven and his allies for keeping things in check. Steven himself along with the other Crystal Gems have shown much curiosity given the Chmmr's status as essentially an entire race of crystal and mechanical beings undergoing fusion, even if their reasons for fusion were pragmatic rather than based on emotional bonds.
  • For the Yehat:
    • Their situation is highly complicated when it comes to loyalties. Unlike the other races that were enslaved by the Kzer-Za, the Yehat's dynasty leader, the Veep-Neep Queen, chose to uphold her reputation of never letting the Yehat face defeat by having the Yehat become a battle thrall race became a great point of contention among the many Yehat clans. And further developments involving the Shofixti they uplifted led to a great civil war between the Starship Clans who wanted to rejoin the Alliance for the greater good of their former allies, there were the Royalist Clans who valued the millenia of traditions and order set by their dynasty of queens. Furthermore, the Veep-Neep Queen turns out to have came along into the Pantheon, still aligned with the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, with the Royalist clans following her example, although the Royalist clans also show respect to some of the long-standing monarchs and warriors in the GUAL as well.
    • As a Proud Warrior Race, the Yehat get along fast with similarly-aligned warriors that highly value bravery, tenacity, and valiance by default, or if they're too selfish like The Mantis, worthy rivals at the very least. They've certainly gained much respect for the many Space Marines and the like in the Pantheon, surprised that humans could have such valiant warriors fighting just as boldly as their Yehat veterans. On their off-time, some Yehat crew members squabble with each other like crazed fans about said warriors that they've begun to idolize. The Royalist Yehat on the other hand, see said individuals as a dreadful yet worthy challenge for their honor. Regardless of alignment, they've even shown much awe in the giant monster Rodan, who they tend to respect as a sort of Yehat paragon, though they do realize Rodan has no relation to their Yehat ancestry or culture.
    • Bringing up the Pkunk, an extemely peaceful and quirky offshoot of the Yehat race, is a quick way to press the Yehat's Berserk Button. The Pkunk may be Heralds here but they'd like to pretend otherwise for now. Even the Starship Clans' Yehat members had a lot of tension with the Chozo in the Pantheon, given that their dedication to non-violence and their pursuit of spiritual wisdom evokes the image of the Pkunk too much for their liking. The Chozo return said feelings given the amount of disdain they had for their own former warrior-like culture, yet another reason for the Yehat to dislike them. However, the Yehat that are part of the Alliance greatly admire their "successor", Samus Aran, that they'll hold back all temptations to try and strangle them since they prioritize having her respect and good graces.
  • For the Arilou:
    • Humanity has always had much to speculate on the possibility of aliens watching or perhaps creeping upon us throughout our history, and attributing many strange phenomenon on Earth to such aliens, and it seems that the Arilou might be an answer to those rumors. While they're part of the Alliance, they lean towards being an Aloof Ally, if anything, speaking to their allies through telepathy and other distant means. Fortunately for us, they seem to view humanity in a positive and supportive light, and have gotten the good graces of similar aliens like the Beheeyem or E.T., interested in their experiences with humans. However, their secretiveness has brought great speculation upon them considering how well they fit the gossip befitting that of "The Greys", the "Little Green Men", "Martians", and so on. They've made the occasional hint of their influence towards the early development of humankind and conducting the occasional experiment on related animals, and maybe a human or two at some point, with little elaboration on their part, to the discomfort of many, especially Scully and Mulder, or The Question. The Arilou have also taken to observing individuals of great psychic or mental potential, including Louise Banks for her ability to communicate with the Heptapods.
    • Groups related to upholding a masquerade like the SCP Foundation, or managing aliens that would try anything funny on humans, like The Men In Black, would certainly have tried to reach out to the Arilou, had they not been contacted by the Arilou themselves before they could think of it. Thankfully, their intentions nor requests held any hostility or contempt towards them, but rather of an odd admiration towards them mixed with curiosity of managing the strangest anomalies and mysteries that they'd hope humanity would never had to deal with. In fact, one of their biggest priorities is protecting humanity from the likes of eldritch forces including those already in the Pantheon or anything that could corrupt or destroy humanity as a whole, although their methods of doing so by diverting curiosity away from said beings on top of potentially manipulating humankind as a whole to do so makes work between very complicated.
    • While the Alliance as a whole can travel through space quickly through travelling through Hyperspace, far faster than the speed of light in normal space even, the Arilou belong to a special dimension called Quasi-Space, which is essentially Hyperspace to Hyperspace itself in terms of travelling. Arilou settlements can be found in such a dimension, and the Arilou have explained that accessing Quasispace requires knowledge of concepts like Inter-dimensional Fatigue that are far too dangerous for humanity to handle. However, the Arilou have claimed to be able to give technology for accessing Quasi-Space for those who are trustworthy enough to have it, and having a method to make it apply to their ships. The Combine have attempted to get Quasi-Space technology through Breen, but the Arilou have seen through their deception and have effectively blacklisted them.
  • For the Syreen:
    • The Syreen may as well be Kirk's wildest dreams come true, a mostly-female race of humanoid aliens, who in contrast to a majority of aliens from their universe, have a great resemblance to humans, and it even turns out that Syreen and humans are actually very physiologically and genetically similar to the point that crossbreeding is actually viable. Even their culture is effectively a Foil to human culture as a whole, given that Syreen culture grew to be a singular, peaceful, agriculture-based community where our planet consists of many separate cultures, a good amount of which having embraced industrial pursuits or getting involved in war. Furthermore, Syreen society and military was primarily centered around the females in contrast to our history of male-dominated society. This may not be a Contrived Coincidence, and may or may not be something the Arilou have an answer to, but many men who meet them aren't letting those guesses keep them waiting, on top of other similar alien individuals from Aayla Secura to Liara T'Soni.
    • They're also noted to have relatively more psychic activity overall in comparison to humans, to the interest of human espers and psychics in the Pantheon. More notably, with use of a psychic amplifier, Syreen Penetrator starships can utilize their psionic powers to allure enemy crew members to their ships to convert them into allies, to Iroque's interest. Of course, it's brought up concerns and objections to the Syreen's usage of such abilities, including Lum who grew anxious about them planning to steal her boyfriend away, though the Syreen affirmed that they'd leave him alone. It's also for this reason they don't get along too well with the more soldier-like forces of the Adepta Sororitas, on top of the Syreen being "bewitching" aliens.
    • The fact that their society was centered around their women ending playing a big role in how few Syreen men were among them, due to a majority of them dying when their home planet, Syra, was destroyed by a strange meteorite that would later be revealed to be a Mycon Deep Child that rendered their planet inhospitable, rendering sympathy from those who had lost their planets in similar manner, as well as the Syreen's ire toward those who would cause such damage in the first place. On top of opposing the GUAD and similar aliens like the Grox would be normally eager to use Mycon Deep Children to wreck more planets for their own benefit, the Shroobs have become an infuriating foe to them with their resemblance to the Mycon themselves, on top of their destructive nature. They've also become a pain in the Death Busters' plots, using their psychic abilities to make finding new hosts more difficult for them.
  • For the Shofixti:
    • The Shofixti's attitude can be remarkably similar to those of feudal samurai, including their desire to go out fighting, even to the point of rigging their own ships with bombs known as Glory Devices that effectively turn their starships into kamikaze units. With their ferocity, it's no wonder the Yehat uplifted them in the first place, or the fact that they've grown a fondness for the samurai in the Pantheon as well. However, the Shofixti's unwillingness to accept surrender would lead to them blowing up their own sun with a Precursor Bomb, wiping out nearly all their fleet and part of the Kzer-Za's as well. Speaking of how it ended up helping their Kohr-Ah brethren tends to ashame harshly enough that it'll tempt them to find the nearest foe to explode on.
    • While their ships are light and fragile, the Shofixti are reputable for both populating and growing up to become pilots rather quickly, so these marsupials can be found scouting the cosmos wherever their ships can take them. As a result, straggling or wandering Shofixti can burst into other teams' missions, which people like Han Solo can attest to. They're also prone to insulting foes on the battlefield or in any general fight, and at one point threw Guybrush Threepwood into a friendly but odd sword duel with three Shofixti stacked on top of one another, all trying to throw insults at him at once, causing him to wonder if he was having Lite Grog or actual Grog that day.

Intermediate Gods

    Amon (The Legend of Korra
Amon, Ruler of the Divine Anti-Magical Faction (The Solution, Noatak)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Equalist symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (views himself as Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Muggle Power, Villain with Good Publicity, Breaking Speeches, Terrorism for a Cause, He Has a Plan, Becoming More Oppressive Than His Enemies, Genius Bruiser, Visionary Villain, Pragmatism, Creepy Monotone, Using Jerks as His First Victims, Boomerang Bigot, Tragic Bigot
  • Domains: Equality, Non-Magic, Society, Hypocrisy (Though apparently aware of it)
  • Followers: The Huntsclan
  • Allies: Anti-Mage, Syndrome
  • Enemies: Avatar Korra, Asami Sato, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Katara, Appa, Momo, Naga and Pabu, Touta Konoe, Greed, Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer, all Benders in the Pantheon, the entire House of Magic, Embryo
  • Respected Enemies: Avatar Aang, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia, Orihime Inoue, Fairy Leviathan, Mega Man, X, Zero
  • Opposed by: The Wonderful 100
  • Feared by: Bender
  • It was originally Ghetsis who stuck his neck out for Amon to ensure that the latter ascended. Ghetsis noticed similarities in his goals and Amon's goals, especially after learning that Amon was secretly a waterbender. He had assumed that Amon had ulterior motives much like himself.
    • This was not the case, as Ghetsis found out. Amon sincerely believes his own rhetoric, which bored Ghetsis. Ghetsis also reminded Amon very much of his own, horribly abusive father. The two now have a bitter hatred for one another.
  • Amon, seeing life in the Pantheon as a second chance, has decided to hold off on the "equalizing" for the time being. At least, until the opportune moment — he'd still like to just de-bend every single bender in the Pantheon, as his belief in his own rhetoric that bending is the root of the world's problems has not rested. By extension, practitioners of magic in other worlds are just as bad.
    • Unfortunately for him, the presence of multiple Avatars in the Pantheon makes his de-bending a moot point, as do certain powers from the likes of Orihime Inoue and the Dragon Balls, all of which can restore bending. The Avatars have also amassed a few allies from other worlds that are ready to stand against him as well.
    • He holds a special distaste for Avatar Korra, but has a strange reverence for Avatar Aang, seeing as he can also remove bending, specifically from Amon's own father. Despite his hatred for Korra, he sent a transmission to his Equalist remnants approving of her and Asami's relationship.
  • Amon has tried to tell others his story of being a simple Farm Boy who was scarred by a firebender, but too many of the gods are already aware of his true nature. It did not help that Korra helped get the word out to the other gods prior to Amon's ascension.
  • Due to similar objectives, Amon and Anti-Mage have decided to work together. Though it is unknown if Anti-Mage is aware that Amon is a bender.
  • Is now feared by Bender due to a misunderstanding.
  • Amon is sometimes asked if he has any hobbies that don't relate to his agenda. He's mentioned trying his hand at comedy on different occasions.
  • The Wonderful 100 find that Amon reminds them of Jergingha (it's the voice). Upon learning what he's done, Amon has been made an enemy of the CENTINELS.
  • Is rumored by Varrick to be a zombie, as part of an advertising stunt for one of his latest movers. Amon ignores this.
  • While Twilight Sparkle is naturally Amon's enemy as she's (used to be but the point still stands) in the House of Magic, the rest of the Mane Six don't like him either, as his ideals and hypocrisy remind them too much of Starlight Glimmer. It probably doesn't help that both of them had rather tragic reasons for becoming who they are, and Starlight is now on the path of redemption while Amon, despite having a worse past than her, simply escaped with his brother Tarrlok, who decided to do the redemption by blowing up their mortal selves. Starlight herself has also voiced her disapproval of Amon, to which he retorted that unlike her, he's faithful to his cause of equality to the end. While Starlight agrees that may be true, she now sees that they were both ultimately wrong in their actions.
  • Has joined forces with his former follower, Syndrome.
  • Since Fairy Leviathan's ascension he's become offended with her habit of challenging Korra and Katara to underwater contest battles. He's also not a fan of Mega Man, X, or Zero for all being androids who can grow their powers in ways that harness the elements similar to benders, making them akin to manufactured pseudo-Avatars. He is impressed at Dr. Light and Dr. Wily for being normal humans capable of creating such beings, but otherwise dislikes the fact that they basically started their world's mess.

    The Brotherhood of Evil 
The Brotherhood of Evil, Divine Organization of Villainous Groups
From left to right: Warp, The Brain, Phobia and Monsieur Mallah
Their Teen Titans selvesnote 
  • Intermediate God-level organization with Overdeity-level firepower.
  • Symbol: The Brain himself
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Brotherhood of Evil, Played Seriously Despite Some Silly Concepts, Legion of Doom, Card-Carrying Villain, Obviously Evil
  • Domains: Villains, Organizations
  • Heralds: Most Teen Titans Villains, especially Professor Chang
  • Allies: Shocker, HYDRA, Queen Beryl, The Death Busters, The Dead Moon Circus, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Martians (Mars Attacks!), Dr. Gero, Giovanni, Ghetsis Harmonia, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Bowser, Dimentio, Ganondorf, Xemnas, Dr. Nefarious, Yuuki Terumi, HIM, Mojo Jojo, Joker, The Incubators, Tabuu, Andross, Aku, Melkor, The Shredder, Queen Chrysalis, Moro, the Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Friendly Rival: Lord Voldemort, The Beast (General Immortus)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Princess Morbucks
  • Enemies: All Heroic DC Comics Deities, especially Garfield Logan and the ascended Teen Titans, Gorilla Grodd, Eobard Thawne, The Grand United Alliance of Good, All Heroic Marvel Comics Deities, most of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, especially Nekron and Death Phantom, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, The Daleks, Adora and Catra
  • On speaking terms with: The House of Love and Affection (The Brain and Monsieur Mallah)
  • The Brotherhood of Evil was founded by the Brain after he had his body destroyed by an explosion arranged by Niles Caulder, though he was rescued by Monsieur Mallah. It is an organization with two purposes. Take Over the World and destroy Caulder and the Doom Patrol as well as anyone else that would dare oppose them.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon when the Brain, who happened to be one of Dr. Gero’s followers, decided that he was no longer content with his position and launched a carefully planned attack with Monsieur Mallah, other members of the Brotherhood of Evil and some Mecha-Mooks. It was eventually stopped, but they were all ascended under Brotherhood of Evil afterwards by Melkor, much to the displeasure of many...which also happened to be exactly what they were counting on.
  • As Madame Rouge’s main incarnation turned against the Brotherhood of Evil, it has been decided that the version of her from the Teen Titans universe would be included instead. The rest of the Brotherhood of Evil have been watching her carefully to make sure that she doesn’t get replaced by her comic incarnation. On the other hand, there are many villains from the Teen Titans universe that are serving as their heralds, though the one most commonly seen working with the Brotherhood of Evil on some of their plans is Professor Chang.
  • They absolutely d e t e s t those who would manipulate others into betraying their allies due to what Captain Zahl did to Madame Rouge. None have earned their scorn more than the Death Phantom, who immediately went to work trying to manipulate them into turning against each other and helping him kill everyone, his Mind Manipulation abilities allowing these attempts to sometimes temporarily succeed. It has gotten to the point where he and the rest of the Brotherhood are willing to pull an Enemy Mine with the Sailor Senshi against him, especially after learning of his goals.
  • Davros was amused to learn that the Brain's casing was somewhat designed off of that of the Daleks in one universe. The Daleks, while interested in potentially exploiting him for his intelligence, have made it clear that they want to kill him too...which isn't surprising, really. The Doctor has been keeping an eye on the Brain because of this.
  • Became allies with Shocker and HYDRA due to the three all being evil organizations with world conquest in mind. The Brain sees this as a great opportunity to destroy heroes to a greater extent than ever before, while the Great Leader and Red Skull don’t mind the company, if only because he is great at planning. As it started off as a regular crime syndicate before becoming a full-blown villainous organization, they are also associating themselves with Giovanni. The Brain finds Ghetsis’ plans of manipulating the Unova Region to ensure nobody could challenge his plans to conquer brilliant and believes him to be much more intelligent than the other villains from his world.
  • The Brain and Monsieur Mallah, surprisingly enough, have a relationship with each other and because of this they are sometimes seen in the House of Love and Affection. One day, they met one of Queen Beryl’s heralds, Jadeite, who announced to the two that she wished to meet them. They agreed to meet with her and Jadeite smirked, knowing that his queen would be pleased. The Brain and Monsieur Mallah, upon learning that Queen Beryl desires a relationship with Mamoru Chiba, have decided to help her.
  • The Brain has remained on good terms with Dr. Gero even after the ascension of the Brotherhood of Evil and is currently getting help from him on making potential countermeasures against Son Goku, who he sees a very great threat to his plans. He would’ve been allies with Frieza, but his Fantastic Racism lead him to attack Mallah, something that the Brain didn’t like at all.
  • The Brain eventually declared that the Brotherhood of Evil would be allying themselves with Melkor and the GUAE. Madame Rouge has become a headache for the other alliances to deal with as her ability to shapeshift into others and mimic their voices makes it hard to tell if its her or not. Unlike other shapeshifters like Queen Chrysalis, she is actually more than capable of pretending to be the person she transforms into. Given Chrysalis was already quite good at imitating Cadance...
  • Are utterly repulsed by Eobard Thawne as he proves to be an utterly shitty boss and leader and ultimately doesn’t give two shits about his minions, even going as far as to plant bombs on them. They have started speaking with Captain Cold about this and despite him disapproving of some of the Brotherhood’s plans, he is glad to have people outside of his Rogues to speak to about this issue.
  • The Brain and Monsieur Mallah are pretty pissed at Gorilla Grodd due to that one time he killed them. The Brain has been mobilizing his forces to capture him and possibly make hypnosis devices using Grodd’s powers as a potential template.
  • Despite Voldemort’s beliefs that he is the only one who should be immortal, he and General Immortus are on rather good terms though they aren’t allies. However, they do have connections to each other through the GUAE and Immortus likes making small talk with him. He’s also rather friendly with The Beast of The Unknown, but they ended up becoming rivals rather than allies.
  • Madame Rouge ended up becoming foes with Adora and Catra as the two girls had once encountered a shapeshifting spy called Double Trouble who tormented them on multiple occasions. However, Rouge is extremely skilled in defeating heroes and they know to go all out from the beginning whenever they fight against her. She is also greatly disliked by Monkey D. Luffy, who is rather unhappy that she uses her Rubber Woman powers for evil.
  • Monsieur Mallah dislikes Koba as he finds his acts of evil to be completely abominable by his standards and is opposed to his dislike of humans as that is exactly what the Brain was before his body was destroyed. Monsieur Mallah is greatly disliked by Silica as her mother was killed by an ape-like beast, though he is nothing but friendly towards her.


    The Monster Hunters 
The Monster Hunters, Deities of Monster-Hunting Orders