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    The Heartless 
The Heartless, Unholy Monsters Created From Negativity
Just some of the Heartless types.
  • Overdeities as a whole (individual Heartless differ from Greater to Quasideity that can be boosted by darkness around themselves)
  • Symbol: The Emblem Heartless’ symbol. Alternatively, The Door to Darkness.
  • Theme Song: Night of Fate, Destiny's Force, Shrouding Dark Cloud, Struggle Away (GBA Theme), Fight and Away, Sinister Shadows, Vim and Vigor, Night of the Dark, Night of Tragedy, Hunter of the Dark, Anger Unchained, Wave of Darkness
  • Alignment: On their own, they operate mostly on Blue-and-Orange Morality. However, they can also take a Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil stance depending on whoever they’re taking orders from. Some Heartless that like to play games can also True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Creepy Cute, Lovecraft Lite, Adorable Abominations That Are Nonetheless Quite Dangerous, Always Chaotic Evil (for the most part), Will Always Exist As Long As There Is Darkness In Our Hearts, Will Assimilate ANYONE To Bolster Their Numbers, Our Monsters Are Weird, Supernatural Gold Eyes, Super-Persistent Predator, The Virus, Were All Once Normal People, Zerg Rush, Are Constantly Plagued By An Insatiable Hunger For The Darkness Inside People’s Hearts, Can Unfortunately Manifest Themselves Almost Anywhere Due To Their Abilities Allowing Them To Travel Between Different Worlds And Various Planes Of Existence, Cannot Enter Dreams or Strongly Light-Aligned and Light-Powered Locations
  • Domains: Darkness, Evil, Hearts
  • Heralds: The Unversed
  • High Priests: The other Shadows, The Noise
  • Followers: The other OTHER Shadows, The Shadow Blot, Shades, Creatures of Grimm, The Hollows, The Minus Energy Monsters
  • "Allies" *: Xehanort, "Ansem", Chernabog, Melkor, Vanitas, The Idea of Evil, Nekron, The Shadow Monster, Barbatos, Maleficent, Angra Mainyu, Darkseid, Damien Thorne, all ascended Disney villains, Sheev Palpatine, Sauron, the other Angra Mainyu, Vaatu, Chaos, Malefor, Dormammu, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Redryu, Kage, Maleketh, Ultraman Belial, Bernkastel, Johan Liebert, Griffith, the rest of the Godhand, The Beast, Dracula, Dio Brando, Molag Bal, Ganondorf, Hades (Kid Icarus), Hagatha the Witch, Arthras Menethil, Voldemort, Lord Chaos, Dis, Lord Drakkon, Cersei Lannister, Psycho Rangers, Century King Shadow Moon, Embryo, Ozai, Azula, Dabra, Megatron, Teridax, Cinder Fall, SHOCKER, Mr. Scratch, Nightmare Moon, Dark Link, every person willing to use them for nefarious purposes
  • Rivals: Jeanne d’Arc Alter, Lord Fuse, The Dark Matter Horde, THE END
  • Enemies: All ascended Keyblade wielders (except for the ones who are Sora’s enemies), Donald Duck, Goofy Goof, Yen Sid, every other non-evil aligned Disney character, Luke Skywalker, Ezalor, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Aslan, Wonder Woman, Raava, Avatar Wan, Optimus Prime, Makoto Naegi, Nagito Komaeda, Arusu, Cosmos, Superman, Batman, Doctor Strange, Madoka Kaname, Usagi Tsukino, Lord Vyce, all Persona users, Kirito and Asuna, Pit, Palutena, Mata Nui, Artix Von Krieger, Warrior of Light, Homura Akemi, Manwe Sulimo, Angels of Paradiso, Nier, Devola and Popola, Master of Chaldea, Jack Estacado, Koichi Kimura, Merged Zamasu, Meridia, every person who fights against evil or is unwilling to use them
  • Opposed by: Grand United Alliance of Law, Lucifer
  • Unable to Enter: The Houses of Light & Brightness and Dreams
  • It’s been wondered how deep evil runs down between people. From gods to mortals to the lowest molecule, it seems like evil would always exists in some form or another. And As Long as There Is Evil, the Heartless would always be there. Ever since people were capable of free will, the Heartless were born to do one thing and one thing only: to plunge all of existence into darkness by taking the hearts of worlds and others. The scope of the Heartless is so vast, they eventually overtook Mr. Scratch’s title and have now made it to the Pantheon. Yes, all of them. Be very afraid.
    • Due to it being inconceivable to have all the Heartless ascend, the Door of Darkness is there to act as their temple. Entering it leads to the Dark Realm, where Heartless inhabit. Many areas of the Dark Realm are worlds that have been dragged down there after their hearts have been taken. Though it’s much emptier now that Sora and company freed them after defeating Ansem, Seeker of Darkness for the first time. They still roam other worlds outside of their realms in hopes to drag more worlds down but only time will tell if an invasion as large and orderly as the one Maleficent concocted would occur.
    • The entirety of Heartless army making it here had completely freaked out most Keyblade wielders and Disney characters in the Pantheon as they all know the danger the Heartless pose. Skirmishes the Heartless have dated back as far as the first Keyblade War, so it’s not like the Heartless were unfamiliar with them. Not like they have a particular grudge against Keyblade users, they’ve been ordered around by many Keyblade users too but as they say: the brighter the light, the larger the shadow.
    • Of course, the Heartless have been in the Pantheon long before their ascension by way of Xehanort, Maleficent, and their cohorts. The only difference now is that as Pantheon deities, just about anybody in the GUAE and beyond is now free to employ their use.
  • There are three types of Heartless. There are the Pureblood Heartless, there are the Emblem Heartless and there’s the rarest type, the “human”/“sentient” type, also known as the “Special Heartless”. The Pureblood Heartless are born from the darkness of others, residing in the Dark Realm mostly. Emblem Heartless are born from people having their hearts plunged down into darkness (by themselves or by the Heartless), creating a Heartless from these hearts in process. Both of the first two types are equally dangerous and could appear anywhere. The advantages they have differ, Emblem Heartless are more widespread in other realms and have more variety while as Pureblood Heartless become extremely stronger together when more darkness (which include their own kind by the way) is present. Together, they form an unstoppable army that isn’t diminishing anytime soon. And it’s even worse when you add the third type of Heartless, the “Special” Heartless. Thankfully, they’re extremely rare. These Heartless, unlike the other two types of Heartless, are the Heartless of people who willingly gave in to the darkness to become Heartless of their own free will. So far, only three have been seen: Xehanort’s Heartless “Ansem”, Scar’s Heartless “Groundshaker” and Sora’s Heartless. What makes these Heartless more dangerous than the others, apart from their immense power, is that since they retain their memories, sentience and intelligence, they are much smarter than the other Heartless and much more ambitious and unpredictable since they aren’t solely driven by instinct. They can even still talk like humans and communicate with non-heartless, though since their transformation into Heartless has made them incapable of feeling things like empathy, love, remorse or sorrow, one shouldn’t expect to be able to properly reason with them.
  • Heartless could even possess objects as seen primarily with toys and mutating them into Heartless. Nothing could save said object if it were possessed, rendering them lifeless afterward (much to Buzz and Woody’s horror).
  • It’s noted that only those who are absolutely pure-hearted or don’t even have hearts (it’s a complicated thing) can’t have a Heartless. The Princesses of Heart are one such example, their hearts being made of pure untainted light and no evil. Even Ventus can’t have one as his darkness was forcible removed by Xehanort to create Vanitas (which technically makes Vanitas the closest thing Ventus will ever have to a Heartless), meaning that he also has a heart made purely of light.
  • There are several villainous people who want to use the Heartless for their own ends, commanding them if they are the evilest person around. These include:
    • Xehanort himself is supposed to be their leader, heaving used them as Mooks during his scheme for Kingdom Hearts. That may have all changed now that it turns out Xehanort wants to destroy the darkness in people, thus destroying the Heartless in the process. It’s still believed by most that Xehanort has authority to them in some capacity, just not extending his control in the meantime. Xehanort does not mind others are using them, as they really were unimportant in his grand scheme and doesn’t care that others are using them.
    • Ansem might as well be considered the true leader of the Heartless, considering he is currently known as the most intelligent Heartless as of now. Surprisingly, Ansem has not used the Heartless that much either aside from when he tried his hand at getting Kingdom Hearts. It’s not like the Heartless actually think much about him aside from him being one of their own which makes him likely the only villain here that they would probably never turn on.
    • Melkor and Nekron seem to be the other two people they follow the most, or at least that a considerable margin of their underlings follow them. They had to swear a truce to each other that they wouldn’t fight over who controls the Heartless, a conflict that would be a pointless endeavor. Both leaders could be seen middle-fingering each other off after the deal was done.
    • Vanitas has a special relationship with them as he is an embodiment of darkness as well though is somehow not a Heartless at all, being his own creation. Vanitas is perfectly capable of using the Heartless though he would rather use his Unversed instead.
    • Being embodiments of evil, Barbatos, Angra Mainyu, and The Idea of Evil are natural commanders of Heartless forces. They want to use the Heartless to further their own ends with no hiccups. More evil gods are using the Heartless to an alarming degree and might start a Heartless civil war if they begin getting territorial over them.
    • Chernabog has a special relationship to the Heartless as even though his world was consumed, he had never officially turned into a Heartless himself and even helped them attack Sora and friends. Perhaps like Scar, he did convert into a Heartless and retained his appearance or for those theorists, he IS a Heartless of the Pureblood kind. Chernabog does use the Heartless... to use them as playthings, which the Heartless are surprisingly unopposed to.
    • The Shadow Monster was also thought to be a Pureblood Heartless, being a giant... shadowy monster. Now Heartless roam throughout the Upside-Down, even managing to convert several of its predatory inhabitants.
    • Evil tyrants such as Sauron, Palpatine, etcetera (the list goes on and on) have expressed interests on using the Heartless to convert their own minions into Heartless to increase their performance. The reason they do not yet is that they would likely face a massive resistance from doing this though they are trying to exploit them by claiming that it is to achieve more strength when in actuality they’ll be mindless monsters. Even SHOCKER is researching if converting their monsters would be a good or bad thing for them.
    • It would seem Maleficent and other fellow Disney villains want their crack at using Heartless. Some have reservations on this plot as a few of them were manipulated by Heartless (ending badly for them) and even getting turned into Heartless themselves in the case of Mother Gothel, Scar, and Hans. Maleficent ignored them, knowing the power the Heartless have and would hope to recreate her circle of villainy to invade worlds not as an Unwitting Pawn.
    • Darkseid believes that the capabilities of the Heartless are unlimited and wishes to use them as incentives to bring his ideal utopia. Considering his methods to bring this world he wants, yeah, that’s not a very good sign.
    • People who yearn for causing as much misery as possible like Junko Enoshima and Johan Liebert are impressed by how the Heartless function, seeing as people in despair are more susceptible into becoming Heartless. Though they would rather not use Heartless as they know what will likely happen if they become too cocky in their usage.
    • And finally, there are those who think using the Heartless would be a boon to them and not considering the consequences. Cersei Lannister hopes to use the Heartless to destroy her enemies once and for all but would likely be consumed by her own hatred and get consumed by darkness herself. The Psycho Rangers use Heartless willie-nilly, somehow being so arrogant that they would likely be consumed once their Sanity Slippage starts.
  • Despite their nature being pure animalistic destruction, some Heartless are rather friendly with others and would rather play minigames of their creation than to actually harm others. Great rewards and yielded to those who understand the games and the Heartless then vanish afterward.
  • Weirdly enough, the Alter Jeanne d’Arc hates the Heartless and helps eliminates them as hard as she could. While she is a pretty obvious candidate of leading them, Jeanne is so pissed that they are everywhere that she annihilates them constantly. This may or may not due to some inner psyche mumbo-jumbo even she isn’t sure of.
  • Lord Fuse would be impressed that the Heartless manage to becoming an unstoppable self-sustaining army... if they weren’t going to go after him as well. Knowing that he would likely lose to such a threat, Fuse put another reason why he should not visit the Pantheon ever again. He put them above water purification.
  • Not just Keyblade wielders but every person who doesn’t want everything around them destroyed are enemies to the Heartless. Heroes and villains alike who don’t see the Heartless as friends are their enemies. Here’s a few reasons why:
    • Those who use the Force note that becoming or using a Heartless is much like turning to The Dark Side except it could be forced upon you with your knowledge or not. The Jedi have sworn to wipe out Heartless whenever they could.
    • Grand United Alliance of Good had to ring an emergency meeting to discuss the Heartless crisis. It is fortunate that less Heartless are in the Pantheon than there likely should be though that doesn’t distract that evil individuals will use them. No matter where you are, the Heartless will likely find a way there and now the Pantheon has opened gates to manifest themselves in all worlds.
    • Nagito Komaeda is appalled that despair is being thrown at people to have them become Heartless, an act which he finds so unforgivable, he would rather stab his brain through his eyes than to even dare think of pulling something like that off. Makoto Naegi feels the same way to though and is planning of ways to make sure people do not go down that path.
    • Those who are attuned to the magical planes could be seen trying their best to ensure that the Heartless are sealed away from the Pantheon at all costs. Doctor Strange has been taking notes with Batman on where they manifest all in the hopes to find a correlation that would lead to their permanent sealing. Even Magical Girls are taking this threat extremely seriously with Usagi and Madoka pleading for others to stop the Heartless before it is too late.
    • Good-aligned divine entities like Mata Nui and Palutena know that they are vulnerable to being taken by Heartless as much as anyone. If a Demigod could become a Greater God after being converted, then imagine their Heartless could be if the lack of darkness is unaccounted for. It might seem strange that benevolent deities are just as vulnerable but darkness accounts for all negativity within a person, not just evil.
    • Artix von Krieger is disturbed by the Heartless, seeing as they could have been a path he could have taken but heroically chose not to. It’s a rather dark thought to think that even a hero like him may fall but has sworn to uphold his goodness for the sake of everybody.
    • Jack Estacado and Koichi Kimura are quite angry that the Heartless are likely the reason why people don’t think highly over the benefits of dark powers. They won’t allow the Heartless to taint good dark-based people and are doing their best to eliminate them.
    • Persona users find the Heartless to be quite similar to the Shadows, to the point that Shadows became their High Priests. They do find the Heartless to be more of a threat, as they cannot be negotiated unlike Shadows. It doesn't help that Nyarlathotep is trying to groom people who are capable as Heartless commanders.
    • Nier finds the Heartless similar to Shades, to an almost alarming degree lore-wise. Nier hopes that the Shades do not ever interact with the Heartless because they would either feed off each other or join forces, neither outcome being ideal for anyone.
    • Not even digital worlds are safe, as Heartless manifest there as viruses instead. Kirito and Asuna alongside others help destroy as many Heartless there are in these worlds. They may help thanks to being Keyblade users in another reality.
    • The Huntsmen of Remnant are particularly at odds with the Heartless as they act much like the Grimm. They do their best to hunt them as well, a taxing job now that Cinder Fall is commanding them all in the hopes that they would provide her with more power.
    • The good-aligned Bleach deities are also keeping an eye out for the Heartless and preparing to fight them, because the way the Heartless assimilate people to their ranks and consume their hearts make them a bit too reminiscent of Hollows in their eyes.
  • It would seem the Heartless have made Madoka Kaname a bit of a target all likely thanks to them sensing the amount of power that still emanates from her. Too bad for them, Homura would always come with all the power available to ensure Madoka's safety, much to her chagrin. Madoka is perfectly fine protecting herself and she does not need Homura to unwittingly rub it in her face that she’s not as powerful as she used to be. She also wants Homura to be careful, because Sora warned Madoka that the more darkness there is in someone’s heart, the more powerful their Heartless would be. Madoka knows that if the Heartless manage to make Homura one of them, the resulting Heartless that would be created from the Darkness in Homura’s heart would probably be pretty powerful.
  • Instead of preying on them, the Heartless killed by the masses by Servants under the leadership of the Master of Chaldea. In likelihood, they were found out to drop pretty nice loot when they die and the Master of Chaldea is taking good advantage of that. They need all the Saint Quartz they can, m’kay?
  • Somehow a person who takes great offense at the existence of the Heartless is Zamasu. He thinks they are proof the mortals’ evil by existing and these monsters are the true image of their sinful souls. This is all without realizing that darkness from everybody, including gods and himself make the ranks of the Heartless. A typical day for Zamasu.
  • The GUAL have sworn not to use the Heartless at all, seeing as their nature is horrific in their eyes. The Angels of Paradiso have also been sent to eliminate the Heartless in the Realm of Darkness itself. Was quite a spectacle of a beatdown, with the Angels soon getting overwhelmed. If it wasn’t for the fact that their own would be horrified if the GUAL used the Heartless, they would have done so if there were more light-based ones to justify their usage.
  • Lucifer does not think highly of the Heartless either. As much as he loooooveeeeesssss chaos, he thinks that the Heartless embodies the destruction with no cause part of chaos. His chaos is a bit more sophisticated to be quite frank. Though he unfortunately never forbad anybody from using them in his Alliance— which some take advantage of.
  • Meridia abhors the Heartless and sees them mindless demons that cause senseless havoc across reality. She also sees them as undead, due to being essentially reanimated victims who take a variety of forms.
  • Three important things should be noted about the Heartless:
    • One, when a Heartless is created, the power of the Heartless is directly proportional to the amount of darkness that was in their original self’s heart. Basically, if someone with a very heroic nature and not much darkness in their heart (like Superman or Mickey Mouse, for example) ends up becoming a Heartless, then the resulting Heartless will probably be something very weak or common like a regular Shadow. However, if someone with a lot of negativity, evil and darkness in their heart (like The Joker or Emperor Palpatine, for example) ends up becoming a Heartless, then their heartless would probably be pretty big and pretty powerful. Probably a Boss-Type Heartless like a Darkside.
    • Two, the Heartless have no true loyalty and will follow whoever they deem to be the strongest. Don’t get them wrong, their main objective is and always will be to satisfy their endless hunger for hearts at any cost, but they’re willing to play subordinates to someone very strong, if only because they may see that person as the closest thing something like a Heartless can have to a meal ticket. To that end, they’ve followed various villains with different kinds of motivations across many worlds to get what they want.
    • Three, for all their power, there are a few kinds of places that the Heartless are completely unable to go to. For one thing, they cannot enter locations that are particularily strongly aligned with light or filled to the brim with light magic, like Disney Castle, which is protected by the cornerstone of light. And even if they could somehow enter, they’d still get weakened by the magic itself. This is especially good news for deities from the House Of Light And Brightness, since the Heartless can’t get in there, which makes the entire house a safe haven against the Heartless. Also, the Heartless can’t enter Dreams (which some deities found quite odd since Darkness itself can still manifest itself in dreams), which means that Dream deities are mostly safe from them. This also works well in the advantage of The GUAG, because evil dream-themed deities like Freddy Krueger cannot call upon the Heartless for assistance in the dream world and will do whatever they can to avoid becoming Heartless, because if they did become Heartless, they would lose their power source by not being able to enter dreams. Of course, this means that The Hall of Dreams and Nightmares is also a safe heaven for whoever wants to escape the Heartless, since the entire house exists in a perpetual kind of limbo state between reality and the dream world, which obviously means that The Heartless can’t get in it anyway.
  • "Pitiful Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. And yet they know not the true power of what they hold. The rage of the Keyblade releases those hearts. They gather in darkness, masterless and free... until they weave together to make... Kingdom Hearts." -Saix

Shuma-Gorath, God of Tentacle Monsters (One of the Many-Angled Ones, The Great Old One, The Withering, The Unclosing Eye, Lord of Chaos, Ruler Of Hundreds Of Dimensions, He Who Sleeps But Shall Awaken Again)

    Tiamat (Fate/Grand Order
Tiamat, Goddess of Monster Creation (Beast II, the Beast of Regression, Primordial Mother, Draconic Corpus, Titan, Femme Fatale, Alter Ego, Larva Tiamat, Daughter of Genesis)
Alter Ego
Titan form
Draconic Corpus form
Larva form
  • Overdeity (Greater God in Larva form)
  • Symbol: Her two curled horns
  • Theme Song: The Trail, Nammu Duranki, BEAST II -TIAMAT BATTLE- (As Beast II), The Ravaging Myth -COMPOSITE DEITY GORGON BATTLE- (Shared with Medusa)
  • Alignment: Officially Chaotic Evil, though somewhat debatable given her Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Embodiment of Vice (Regression), The Corruption, Eldritch Abomination That Also Has An Attractive Humanoid Form, Knight of Cerebus, Obsessive Motherly Love To Humanity, Intelligence Despite Not Speaking At First, Monster Progenitor, Mother of a Thousand Young, Driven Mad Before Being Cured, Due to Being Cast Out And Made Unnecessary, The Juggernaut, possible Complete Immortality, Our Dragons Are Different
  • Domains: Motherhood, Regression, Monsters, Salt Water, Vice
  • Followers: Ymir Fritz, William and Marcus Corvinus, Akasha, Hive
  • Interests: Zanza
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, The other Tiamats, Mem Aleph, Shub-Niggurath, Keel Lorenz, Isamu Nitta
  • Rivals: Goetia
  • Monitored by: Everyone else in Fate Series.
  • Enemies: YHVH, The Emperor of Mankind, The Life Entity, Nekron, the Neon Genesis Evangelion deities, Merged Zamasu, SCP-682, Eliphas (Yu-Gi-Oh)
  • Opposes: Nero Claudius/Red Saber
  • Opposed by: Medusa, Gilgamesh, B.B, and the rest of the House of Mothers
  • Pitied by: Amara
  • Tiamat is the Mesopotamian Goddess of Chaos, embodiment of primordial seawater and the source of life on Earth. She created various monsters and other things. However life no longer needed her, and she was cast off to the Dimension of Imaginary Numbers. However various factors woke her up, and she seeks to exterminate humanity was we know it.
  • Has a complicated view on humanity as she both has a massive grudge and rejoices in the hopes of being a mother to them. Her goals amount to reverting humanity into a primordial soup and putting them back in her womb, reflecting the sin of regression. This is a similar belief to Keel Lorenz's view on the Instrumentality Project, and believes she can help him achieve it. It is also something that reflected Isamu Nitta's own philosophy of isolation.
    • Technically can be summoned as a Servant. It's just she gives out the fact they're simply one in seven billion things she must exterminate.
  • One of three Tiamats, the others being a five-headed dragon and a many-breasted Alternate Self to the Mesopotamian deity. The Fate Tiamat gets along with the other two, but mainly the SMT incarnation of the Primordial Mother. She discovered Mem Aleph, who she's very similar to in that they're mothers of men, monsters and madness who effectively want to destroy humanity in their delusional views on what it means to be a mother.
  • Embodying the Primordial Chaos as it was seen in the Mesopotamian faith, a primal ocean of seawater. This attracted Amatsu-Mikaboshi to her, only to be disappointed. After all, while she is the progenitor of monsters and life on Earth, Amatsu-Mikaboshi is primal chaos that precedes the universe itself and is of far greater scope than her. The other omnicidal maniacs connected to the chaos before existence don't care for her "lack of ambition". They find the potential of the Chaos Tide to be fascinating, however, as it's a sort of black mud generated from her which corrupts everyone who is consumed by it to their core.
  • Tiamat is more to dwell and show her power in the House of Water and Moisture, though all of them would rather stay away from her enormous power and madness. Usually she just spawn various horrific monsters within her own sub-house, like the Basmu. She can create monsters by devouring people, and then use their flesh to create a species of "new humans" with Lahmu. There are other children, but most of them are fodder.
  • The House of Mothers regards her desires to destroy mankind and regress them to primoridal soup being completely insane, and isn't letting her enter. Well, except for Shub-Niggurath, who seems to like her. But given Shub-Niggurath is an Eldritch Abomination with no comprehension of human morality, this isn't saying much.
  • Though she doesn't agree with her actions, Amara feels bad for her. This is due to how she felt cast off at the dawn of time, however she wants to help her re-connect with reality and have a healthy relationship with humanity. Perhaps it's because of their shared connection to the Primordial Chaos.
  • Zanza possessed a darker interest in Tiamat. The source of life where he came from, he recognizes her possessive motherhood as his own belief life should exist for him and only him, mistaking her madness and regression for narcissism. Dreadfully, he wants to teach her to be more self-centered as part of his own plans to have mastery on life.
  • Could be seen as a darker counterpart to the Life Entity. Both are the progenitor of life, but while the Entity is calculating, intelligent and was willing to let itself be replaced, Tiamat is a madwoman who can't let go. Though as a being of life, he has pity for how far she has fallen. Nekron meanwhile regards her as yet another example of the chaotic madness he views life as.
  • Zamasu looked at Tiamat, a once divine being laid so low, and declared her an exemplary take on why he thinks Humans Are Bastards; they abandoned their proverbial mother and drove her mad. At the same time, Zamasu dislikes how she is an embodiment of human failings, though he does consider taking her out as a Mercy Kill. As usual, no-one agrees with him.
  • The Emperor of Mankind considers Tiamat to be a major enemy of humanity, and Eliphas believes she represents malignant chaos that he must stomp out. SCP-682, finding all Earth life disgusting, finds her extra disgusting for being the mother of life on Earth. As she's destined to be the last living thing on Earth it's virtually impossible to kill her, and it took dropping her into the Underworld with the concept of death being forced on her so Tiamat would even be beatable. SCP-682 began to understand just how frustrating it was for the Foundation to try and terminate her when the two ended up locking each other in a duel neither could win because of their immortality.
  • After hearing of how someone in her world was attempting to reboot her Singularity, Tiamat abruptly resurrected herself within Chaldea in the form of an Alter Ego servant. Now capable of proper speech and ready to help humanity. All of the other ascended Servants are now closely keeping an eye on her to ensure she doesn't relapse.
    • Her reunion with the Master was a friendly one. While she's still not too happy about her demise in Babylonia, She's also thankful because she knew it had to be done due to her crazed state. Ritsuka is pleased she's in a much more calmer state of mind.
  • With her resurrection came a sudden interest and fierce dislike for Nero. On her end, Nero's completely oblivious to the Primordial Mother's disdain for her while Tiamat has opted to watch her closely. She's well aware of the fact a version of Nero was responsible for the rebooting of her Singularity and is hoping to make sure this one doesn't develop into a Beast as well.

Greater Gods

Rahab, Unholy Progenitor of Sea Monsters (Dagon, Poseidon, Gigantopithecus Thalassa Cyclops)
Rahab's "true" form
"Dagon" / "Poseidon" form
Final form
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Rahab's hand with five of the Seven Great Monsters at the fingertips
  • Theme Song: Dagon and Rahab for Rahab. Boss Theme for his Heralds.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, bordering on Chaotic
  • Portfolio: Gigantic Terror of the Sea, Created five of the Seven Great Monsters of the Seven Seas in response to humanity's treatment of the oceans (or so he claims), Physical God of the Ocean, The last and most powerful of the Seven Great Monsters, Must be defeated in three phases before dying for good, Has a single red eye, Gains three eyes in "Final Form", Wields a huge, magic trident
  • Domains: Sea Monsters, Ocean, Legends, Terrors
  • Heralds: Leviathan, Ahuizotl, Karkinos, and Midgardsorm
  • Allies: Kraken, Scylla and Charybdis, Shen Gaoren and its associates, Bruce, Spinosaurus, Jörmungandr, SCP-169, Tamatoa, Lagiacrus and Ceadeus, Deep Sea King, Octogeddon, Orm the Ocean Master, Dracula (Castelvania), The Gill-Man
  • Rival: Kyogre
  • Enemies: Arthur Curry/Aquaman, The Monster Hunters, Pokemon Hunter J, The God-Emperor of Mankind, King Triton, Namor, Moby-Dick, Monstro, The Orca, All benevolent oceanic Pokemon (especially Lugia), Captain Ahab, Captain Nemo, Moana, Davos Seaworth, Franky, Dimitri L. Lousteau, ABZU Diver, The Cyclops, Popeye, The House of Piracy, Raziel, The SCP Foundation, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Hexxus, pretty much every single human deity (excepting those that defend the oceans)
  • Disappointed with: Ika Musume
  • Feared by: The Inklings and Octolings, Spongebob and friends
  • Tolerated by: Kain
  • Born from chaos itself, Rahab is the guardian of the Seven Seas who fell into a deep slumber for millennia, awaiting for a time when "vanity and sea meet". And one day, that time came in the form of humanity, who disgraced the oceans by killing sea creatures wantonly, poisoning the waters with cities, and acting as if they owned the world. Enraged by mankind's arrogance, Rahab created powerful storms across the Seven Seas and conjured five massive, hostile creatures that would come to be known as "The Great Monsters" to humble humanity. Since then, the ocean became a place of horror as ships and harbors across the globe would get attacked by the Great Monsters, all humans within the waters getting ravaged by the behemoths. And even those who survive the Great Monsters themselves would fall victim to the lesser sea monsters or to carnivorous marine life that had been made hyper-aggressive to humans. In an effort to make the Seven Seas safe to travel again, huge bounties had been placed on what became known as the Seven Great Monsters in the hopes that hunters across the world would seek out those terrors and either capture them or kill them. As fate would have it, two hunters by the name of Torel and Chris would accomplish exactly that, braving each of the Seven Seas and defeating the Seven Great Monsters, including Rahab himself. Before he perished, Rahab told the two humans his story and then proclaimed that "all shall return to chaos".
  • Rahab made his entrance into the Pantheon by rising from the sea floor of the Hall of Aquatic Life. The sea deity didn't know how or why but he could sense an overabundance of humans in all the waters. And so, just as he did before, Rahab manifested typhoons and maelstroms in all of the Pantheon's bodies of water, revived the Great Monstersnote , and took control of all sea life to let them loose on all the humans. What was a normal, peaceful day in the Pantheon's seas and lakes turned to a nightmare as ships found themselves wrecked if not outright swallowed whole by massive beasts of the deep, and every human deity so much as treading the water surfaces got swarmed by all sorts of marine life. Fortunately, this oceanic horror would soon be quelled by the intervention of the many heroes of the Pantheon, most especially Aquaman; whose unique power to communicate with sea life enabled him to snap the marine life out of their unnatural bloodlust. However, the Great Monsters and their lessers were resistant to Arthur's ability, and with Rahab undeterred by this setback, the seas of the Pantheon became a much more dangerous place.
  • After getting acquainted with the Pantheon and how it works, Rahab immediately brought his domain of Panthalassa, the "Sea of Evil", and the massive underwater temple that he dwelled within into the Pantheon to act as his, well, temple. And just as in his world of origin, Rahab conjured up the lesser sea monsters: Kerberos (three sharks), Umi-Bozu (giant octopus), Black Dragon (giant marine iguana), and Vritra & Kaliya (two oarfishes), to guard his domain once more. The presence of those monsters combined with Panthalassa being a very deep and dark sea makes very few deities dare to intrude in Rahab's temple, so as to not become fish food. Afterwards he brough four of the Great Monsters of his seas as his heralds: Leviathan, Ahuizotl, Karkinos, and Midgardsorm. As before, Rahab sent each of them to oversee the four biggest bodies of water in the Pantheon and rid them of any humans, while allowing them the freedom to do as they please. For Karkinos, that would be snacking on any whales he can get his claws on. This being the Pantheon, those four Great Monsters haven't accrued as many casualties as they did in their native world. But Leviathan, Ahuizotl, Karkinos, and Midgardsorm have nonetheless gained a fearsome reputation by all seafaring deities and earned bounties for their capture or deaths.
    • Rahab tried to summon Kraken and Charybdis to be his heralds as well but found that his attempts for those two would only fail. Rahab soon learned that both Kraken and Charybdis are already in the Pantheon as deities of their own, and immediately the cycloptic god met with the two sea monsters in their respective temples. Kraken and Charybdis were delighted to see their old master again and Rahab was beyond proud of the two for managing to ascend into the Pantheon before even he. Though Rahab was really confused with Charybdis' primary form, resembling a tiny human girl in a royal dress with an elongated maw taking the place of one of her arms, as opposed to the giant anglerfish he created. And likewise, Rahab noticed that the lesser sea monster of Charybdis' domain, Scylla, is also a fancily dressed human girl with wolf heads for legs instead of a giant squid. The duo explained that they have incarnations in other universes and the human girl forms are what they appear as in the Battleground of the Gods, which is their most famous incarnation for the time being. Rahab was not sure how to feel about this, preferring Charybdis and Scylla did not take the form of the humans he so despises but ultimately let it slide since they are equals to him now and are still the punisher of humans who trespass in the seas.
      • It should be noted that unlike Kraken, Leviathan, Charybdis, Ahuizotl, and Karkinos, Midgardsorm is not a creation of Rahab's; the colossal worm having existed independently of Rahab and was devouring humans before the sea deity even woke from his slumber. Despite not being one of his "children", Rahab was more than pleased with Midgardsorm and happily accepts the worm as a herald. And Midgardsorm, in turn, is satisfied with working under Rahab so long he can eat to his heart's content.
  • Like many gods, Rahab has appeared under different forms. When Chris and Torel first encountered Rahab, he appeared as a giant human with fangs and pointy ears. However, in the parchments depicting Rahab's story, he was consistently illustrated to be a cyclops with a massive horn on his head. Rahab would go on to state that how he appears in the illustrations is his true form and he took on the "giant human" form to combat the two hunters, knowing that his single eye would be a glaring weakness those humans would've exploited. Once pushed to the brink, though, Rahab's true eye returns as a third eye, and the sea deity transforms into what can be best described as a demonic merman with an eel tail. Rahab in this state is at his most deranged and powerful, and it has been advised for non-Greater Gods and above to get out of the water immediately whenever Rahab is in this form.
  • Rahab naturally took an interest in the many terrifying behemoths of the waters of the Pantheon and sought them out as allies: Bruce, and the Spinosaurus being the first of such creatures. Though apathetic at best to Rahab's protectionism of the seas, they'll take any opportunity to feast on humans en mass. Also even if they aren't inherently malicious, Rahab gained the favor of Shen Gaoren and his associates, as well as Lagiacrus and Ceadeus, since they are fellow sea monsters who met their ends from oceanic monster hunters, and formed a defensive partnership with Rahab and his heralds to that end. Rahab is also very eager for SCP-169 to awaken from its slumber, confident that he can sway it to his side and use its immense size to destroy any and all humans that dare enter the seas. The SCP Foundation considers this a very stupid idea and Rahab a fool for thinking he can control it. They are currently working to contain the many sea monsters Rahab has brought with him.
    • Rahab also found a very powerful ally in Octogeddon, a massive mutated octopus who can travel on land and morph its tentacles into the heads/appendages of other creatures (provided it gathers their DNA first), which enabled Octogeddon to lay waste to humanity's armies and destroy their beloved monuments. And indeed, Octogeddon did not hesitate to partner with Rahab as they too are enraged by mankind for their many transgressions. Much to Rahab's disappointment, however, Octogeddon only attacks humans in retaliation for any offense towards octopus kind, preferring to lounge in its home watching television otherwise. And even then, Octogeddon focuses on destroying man's great wonders as opposed to destroying man itself. Rahab has been trying to convince Octogeddon to be a lot more proactive and target humans especially in his rampages.
    • Very disappointed in Ika Musume. Very disappointed. In terms of her motives she would've been a good acolyte as she seeks to invade the surface world in retaliation for mankind's pollution. However, she is nothing short of an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain who doesn't take her role seriously. As far as Rahab is concerned, she is "a slightly more capable answer to Zim". He is more fond of the Gill-Man even if he has no active desire for conquest, musing that he is a kindred spirit and "cute in his own way".
  • Rahab had attempted to recruit Moby Dick, Monstro, and the Orca as allies as well, having heard about their man-eating ways with the first two being especially famous. At first, the three whales were interested in an alliance with Rahab as they agree with him on mankind's evils and desire to punish them, with the bonus of getting good meals out of partnering with the sea god. But when the whale trio saw Karkinos snacking on a baby whale, they immediately rejected any sort of alliance with Rahab and declared him and his heralds as enemies, killing and eating as many of Rahab's minions to drive that point home. Rahab was greatly disappointed to have lost the support of such great and powerful oceanic beasts, but he's not going to deny one of his loyal creations of their favorite food for Moby Dick, Monstro, and the Orca. After all, there are plenty of monsters in the sea to recruit.
  • Soon after the failed recruitment of the man-eating cetaceans, Rahab was approached by the ruler of the Seafolk, Deep Sea King, who had heard about the ocean god's desire to end mankind and wanted to join the cause. After Deep Sea King explained his background and abilities, specifically how he can travel on land and gain a massive boost of power in the rain (enough to rival if not exceed himself), Rahab was all too quick to accept Deep Sea King and his Seafolk as allies. Tamatoa cared far more about collecting shiny things and keeping them, however he was still quick to become allies with Rahab since he loves the taste of humans and thinks an alliance with the ocean demon and his creations would help Tamatoa get revenge on Maui for taking his leg. Certainly helped that Rahab and his ilk possess many chests of treasures they gained from trespassing cargo ships, and Rahab was more than willing to give those riches to Tamatoa in exchange for his aid.
  • Rahab thought he would find another potential ally in King Triton, having heard about the sea king's hatred for humanity. But King Triton had long since become more accepting of humans thanks to his daughter, Ariel, and instead considers Rahab an enemy, thinking the ocean god as an even worse version of his past self. Rahab was severely angered by King Triton's changed views on mankind and warned the Sea King that his newfound kindness to humanity will become his downfall. King Triton was not swayed by Rahab's words, of course, and has since begun working with other deities in combatting the sea demon's monsters throughout the Pantheon's waters. In retaliation, Rahab began plotting to kill King Triton and to especially make Ariel pay for what he deems treachery to all ocean life.
  • Poseidon and Dagon have an interesting perspective on Rahab. They aren't exactly fond of him using their names without permission, and see him as a rival who postures too much. However that's not to say they don't like him. Rahab considers the former's cavorting with humans perverted, but sees there's a lot for him to like with both; Dagon is a patron lord and god of the Deep Ones, and Poseidon is really fond of the sea monsters he creates. Poseidon has admitted that sometimes he finds himself agreeing with Rahab about humans, though he admits to being a rather mercurial deity and wouldn't exactly be reliable in Rahab's crusade. Still, the three get along when they're not warring over territory. His feuds over territory with Kyogre are considerably more vicious.
  • When Rahab first learned that multiple worlds connected to the Pantheon contained ocean-dwelling humans, often called 'Atlanteans', the sea cyclops was beyond furious with their existence: viewing Atlanteans and the like as his worst fears come true. But as he looked into these "sea humans" more, Rahab's wrath calmed as he realized that Atlanteans and their equivalents are not much different from himself; caring deeply for the oceans they live in and live in harmony with all sea life, and many fervently protecting their waters from their land-swelling counterparts that are much more harmful to the seas. As Rahab reconsidered his stance on the ocean humans, he was approached by one of such men: Orm the Ocean Master, an Atlantean from the DC Universe. As per his title, Orm cares deeply for the ocean of his world and despises surface humans for their many transgressions against his seas. So when Rahab first arose from the Pantheon's seas and sicced his monsters on the humans in the waters, Orm immediately took an interest in the God of Sea Monsters and offered an alliance to purge all surface-dwellers from the oceans. Seeing truth in Orm's desire to defend the seas from "land humans", Rahab accepted his offer and allowed both him and other likeminded Atlanteans into his temple of Panthalassa.
  • Ironically though, Rahab has developed a near-Arch-Enemy relationship with Orm's half-brother, Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman, who represents Humanoid Merfolk within the Pantheon. For as much as Aquaman defends the oceans of his world and cares for all sea life, Arthur is also an avid protector of land-dwelling humans in his world and permits them into the seas, being half surface-dweller himself. That latter part alone makes Rahab hate Aquaman's guts, especially since this 'half land human' is deemed "King of the Seas" by his world. But Arthur Curry's power to communicate/control all ocean life makes Rahab want Aquaman dead since said power greatly limits the cyclops' ability to keep humans out of the waters, as he can't reliably send swarms of bloodlusted marine life at them (as demonstrated with Rahab's initial attack in the Pantheon's seas). The antagonism is very mutual on Aquaman's part as while he understands Rahab's hatred of humanity for the harm they cause to the oceans, he believes there are better ways to protect the seas than to attack humans in gruesome fashions. Aquaman also thinks that Rahab's method of defending the oceans from human activity actually does more damage to the very seas he wants to protect, as the storms, sea monsters, and bloodlusted marine life are more unnatural than anything humanity could do, and the sea monsters especially cause all sorts of damage to their designated bodies of water, such as Karkinos eating the local whales into extinction.
  • Second only to Aquaman in Rahab's shitlist are the Monster Hunters, since a duo of ocean hunters are what killed him and his sea monsters in his original world. Humans killing ocean life wantonly was also one of many things that spurred Rahab to try and exterminate mankind, and the Monster Hunters are devoted to killing all sorts of life, both land and sea. Given that the Monster Hunters regularly kill monsters that border on god-like, if not are gods, Rahab takes extreme precaution with them and urges his heralds and other sea monsters to group up whenever those hunters enter their waters, figuring that sheer numbers will overwhelm them. The Monster Hunters, of course, welcome Rahab and his sea monsters as great new challenges whose bounties they look forward to collecting.
  • Rahab has been called out for his hypocrisy in that many of his sea monsters cause damage to the environment, yet this is the very thing that he condemns mankind for. Either he doesn't think sea creatures should have to be held to as high a standard, or he is merely a unpleasant deity who uses the pretext of environmentalism as justification for simply hating humanity for invading his territory. After all, it doesn't seem like he has known about humans for all that much time. Captain Planet and the Planeteers are quick to point out his BS and fight him over his hypocritical actions. That being said, Rahab actually respects them for being environmentally conscious, and holds no contempt towards them (mainly Captain Planet). At the very least, this shows he believes his own propaganda.
  • The Emperor of Mankind is another major enemy due to his "humanity-first" views, and the heavily polluted, ocean-less Holy Terra basically being Rahab's greatest fears of the future and what mankind will do. Both parties are equally ready to point each other's hypocrisy. If anything good can be said by the Imperium about the Sea Monster, it's that Rahab has no interest in Chaos due to seeing it as almost as destructive to sea life as mankind. And in truth, the force of the Chaos Gods makes him quite wary. As, at this point it goes without saying Rahab despises Hexxus for being a gleeful pollution elemental. On another note, he has a rapport with the Dracula from Castlevania due to their shared hatred of humans, and connections to Chaos. Also, there's a Rahab that works under Dracula, so there's that.
  • Mused "If I had a drachma for a vampire associated with my namesake I'd have two drachmas... which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice". This was in reference to Kain, who has a Rahab loyal to him. Said Rahab can withstand the effects of water is that he is weaker to sunlight than his other vampires brothers and as a fish monster with a tail he can't walk on land anymore, and it has its own clan called the Rahabim. Raziel opposes Rahab's desire to kill any humans within the waters and has had a bad experience with the other Rahab. Meanwhile Kain runs a human-enslaving empire with large bodies of water being the one safe haven for humankind... that said he tolerates him for the most part as said bodies of water are the only places he can't enslave humanity, so if the sea monster serves as a deterrent for humans to flee he's fine with that. Rahab is also confused by the variety of beings claiming to be the Primordial Chaos such as Chaos (Sailor Moon), since he claims to have "emerged from chaos". He's not exactly fond of said Chaos for being an Omnicidal Maniac though; he seeks to destroy humanity, not everything.
  • Rahab is no fan of humans "masquerading" as great monsters, like the Cyclops diver, since he finds it "insulting". Though he easily crushed the diver, it also inspired fear within the residents of Bikini Bottom as he was a far greater and mightier beast than they had ever seen. Rahab doesn't seek to be The Dreaded among their kind as they are fellow sea life, but given his nature and powers he might as well be a vengeful god to them. He is also a figure of great fear by the Inklings and Octolings, as a great and terrible god. Personally the Sea Monster is proud to see those originally from the sea take over and dominate the land as well so he restrains from being hostile in their timeline, unless they should provoke him somehow. He is also no fan of whalers like Captain Ahab and pirates, as they keep hunting or bothering his precious sea monsters.
  • "All shall return to chaos."

    Shocker (Kamen Rider
Shocker, Divine Evil Organization of Weekly Kaijin Assaults (Geldam-Shocker, Gel-Shocker, Ghost Shocker, Destron, G.O.D., Secret Organization, Government of Darkness, Black Satan, Delza Army, Dark Shocker Army, Neo-Shocker, Badan Empire, SHOCKER, Sacred Hegemony Of Cycle Kindred Evolutionary Realm, GranShocker, Rebirth Shocker, Dai-Shocker, Mirror Shocker, Super Shocker, Dai-Zangyack, Shocker-Zangyack Alliance, Space Shocker, Underground Empire Badan, Shocker Nova Co, Ltd., Nova Shocker, Time Shocker, Sustainable Happiness Organization with Computational Knowledge Embedded Remodeling.)
The Great Leader
  • Greater God-level Organization (members' divine ranks may vary), the Great Leader is a borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: A giant bird on top of a globe (see above image) or a globe dripping blood
  • Theme Music: "Akuma no Shocker"
  • Leitmotif: "Kyouryoku Kaijin", "Kanpekinaru Sekai", "I.J.K.", "Oedipus' hole", "Oedipus CHA-01"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil overall but members have their own alignments
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Power, Destruction, Technology, Terrorism, Re-Incarnation, Domination, Science, Kaijin, Genetics
  • High Priests: The Black Cross Army and Space Crime Organization Makuu (cadet branches)
  • Leader: The Great Leader of Shocker (main), Shocker Leader III (last known)
  • Members: Too many to list due to crossovers with other franchises, various mergers and rebellious factions. See here for details. Those who were part of the old Demonic Legion are bolded.
  • Henchmen: Various, but the majority are Shocker Combatmen, Destron Combatmen, Ari Commandos, Jin Fighters, Combat-Roids, Chaps, Salis Worms, Mole Imagin, Masquerade Dopants, Waste Yummy, Elementary Inves, Low-Class Roidmudes, Trilobite Magias, Battle Raiders, Zolders, Nanashi, Bibi, Gormin and Sugormin
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival/Ally: HYDRA
  • Rivals: Evolto, The Master, Kang the Conqueror (among other time-travelling villains), Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, Crime Syndicate of America, Frieza
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Most of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and more heroic factions of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus, Nyarlathotep (Persona)note , Char Aznable, Sauron, the Joker, Lord Vyce, Solf J. Kimblee, solo Nazis like General Heinz Bohm
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: KILLBUS/KAMEN RIDER KILLBUS, King Ghidorah, Barbatos, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Darkseid, Dr. Evil, Monaca Towa
  • Opposed by: Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Miyo Takano, Heinz Doofenschmirtz, Harley Quinn
  • Fear: Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O
  • The Monster of the Week trope was once held by the Dark Kingdom. However, after the Grand United Alliance of Evil found out most of the members' alliances were dubious at best, they were stripped of their title and told to beat it. The title was then awarded to the evil organization of Shocker, a group of unambiguously evil inhumanoids who are able to summon any past monsters that has ever fought the Kamen Riders. Yes, any past monster, even those which weren't created by them. Even after being taken down countless times, Shocker continues to return in some form or another to plague the Kamen Riders with seemingly unrelated groups revealed to be under their control. Shocker had already gained infamy for their utter endurance and successful plots to alter history. One attempt in particular attracted Melkor's attention for it involved a secondary plot to initiate a "Groundhog Day" Loop long after the big plan had been foiled by Kamen Rider Drive. The GUAE Mastermind immediately made a pact with the Great Leader which he accepted and quietly mulled over how everything had gone to plan...
  • While their origin remains mostly ambiguous, the original Shocker likely has its roots in Nazi remnants. They specialize in genetic and anatomical modification; implanting cybernetic and surgical alterations into normal humans to transform them into living weapons. Their elite kaijin forces (humans implanted with animal DNA and cybernetics) in particular are used for extremely important operations, only eligible for physically fit and/or high-ranking Shocker members. That all would change after one of their most important experiments, college prodigy and motorcyclist Takeshi Hongo escaped before they could brainwash him and became the first Kamen Rider, thwarting their operations across the globe before eventually taking them down alongside the second Kamen Rider, Hayato Ichimonji.
    • After years of setbacks from this error, Shocker made it official: all future experimental subjects must be thoroughly brainwashed before being converted into cyborgs. Aside from the obvious thing this means that subjects that are deemed failures can be easily be eliminated without incident or recycled as Elite Mooks.
  • They are led by the Great Leader, a borderline immortal Eldritch Abomination who represents Shocker in the GUAE Mastermind and will stop at nothing to forge a new world order where kaijin reign supreme. Almost no one below the rank of Greater God dares to challenge him directly since if you kill him, he can simply re-incarnate into a new form at will. These forms include a red-robed Klansman with a face of snakes, a living skeleton, a skull-faced humanoid spider, a rock giant, a giant dragon and a three-eyed dinosaur skeleton. His true form, Rock Great Leader destroyed the next largest Big Bad of Kamen Rider, King Dark by simply showing up. He prefers addressing his subordinates from behind a speaker in the shape of the organization's logo or via hologram, only acting directly in the direst of circumstances.
  • After the Demonic Legion of the GUAE was dissolved, the Great Leader offered the disenfranchised faction leaders the chance to join Shocker in exchange for remaining in the Pantheon and saving face in front of their followers. Representatives from the various kaijin organizations sent representatives and most of them reluctantly allied under Shocker's proposed coalition in exchange for autonomy. The Great Leader granted their request and as such the various empires and sub-groups that form the Pantheon's incarnation of Shocker operate their own respective identities.
  • Applies to Shocker as a whole:
    • Shocker has hidden bases everywhere in the Pantheon except the Main House. Their public headquarters is a gigantic rock fortress towering above the other temples in the sub-house of Monsters, and is a vaunted landmark in the area. Any deity who comes within fifty feet of the perimeter is cut down by waiting guardsmen or kidnapped for experimentation. At least one Kamen Rider or equivalent Toku hero patrols the sub-house to rescue innocent captives and warn people not to come near. The Great Leader has a vast chamber in the deepest levels of the fortress which he rarely resides in, instead having a stand-in underneath the red robes. Shocker also maintains two mobile headquarters in the skies above the Pantheon; the Crisis Fortress (home of General Jark and the Crisis Empire) and the Gigant Horse (flagship of the Zangyack Empire).
    • Shocker's frequent recycling of old plans (taking over the world, altering history, reviving old monsters) has received a lot of flak from other villains. Official statements from Shocker state that they are open to suggestions for new plans but that there's only so much they can do from the Pantheon, what with the despised Court of the Gods keeping their influence at a low and the Grand United Alliance of Good opposing them at every turn. The resources needed to change the organization's direction would be enormous and that's not even counting their obligations to Melkor. It's very hard to take over the Omniverse when there's already millions of enemies in the Pantheon that they have to attend to first.
    • Thousands of evildoers in the Pantheon are envious of the attention Melkor gives to Shocker. The many weapons, machines and artifacts in Shocker's custody are among the GUAE's most valuable stocks and no one wants to lose those, especially the History Modifying Machine which they often use as their Macguffin against time-travelling solo villains like Kang the Conqueror. Very rarely does Shocker seek alliances with other villains, and those it does have are always just passes in the night. Take Nyarlathotep for instance. He has the privilege of being one of a few villains to meet the Great Leader in person, as the Leader was greatly intrigued at the prospect of meeting another embodiment of evil. However, a rumour that Nyarlathotep created the GUAE Trollkaiger based on a throwaway line from the Great Leader reached both being's ears and resulted in a bloody battle that completely annihilated the House of Otherness. It took many days of overtime for Emmet and the Quartet of Arts to clean up their mess. Military officers like Führer King Bradley, General Grievous and Heinz Bohm greatly admire Shocker's vast amount of resources and have certainly sourced at least one weapon from them, but heavily criticize their focus on Awesome, but Impractical strategies that collapse as soon as an enemy Rider enters the picture.
    • While their main enemies are the Kamen Riders, Shocker has run afoul of other heroes in opposition to their goals. The Super Sentai and their Transatlantic Equivalent the Power Rangers are par for the course, as are magical girls, Pretty Cures, the Sailor Senshi and by extension any hero that has originated from Japanese media. Kirito and Asuna (and to a lesser degree their friends) started training when they heard their enemy Nobuyuki Sugou have joined Shocker, more so now that Death Gun and Quinella work closely with the organization.
      • Shocker has tangled with powerful Riders but take special care with Kamen Rider Zi-O. Factual evidence that he one-shotted several Final Bosses to oblivion as Oma Zi-O convinced them not to engage him in direct combat unless in a desperate situation.
      • Their association with Foundation X has them opposed by Katsumi Daido who got the short end of the stick at their hands. He's a psycho for sure but values a Worthy Opponent which Shocker as a whole certainly is not. He cuts some slack for fellow Blood Knights like Raizo Gabi and Takeshi Asakura though.
    • Shocker isn't above experimenting on destructive beings who work with them to harness their power. Destoroyah was contained for a while in their massive zoo beneath their base in the House of Beasts and Fauna for study of his ability to disperse into smaller forms. His escape was aided by a sudden outbreak of disease in the above temple and the subsequent rush to quarantine important research subjects. Destoroyah awoke from his enforced slumber like cannon fire and laid waste to the entire base, getting into a brief scuffle with the zoo's guardian Poseidonnote . Shocker is scrambling to get him back but now that Destoroyah has his own godly title and allies, they've abandoned the hunt.
    • Once tried to find Hitler's hidden stash of gold. They were in for an unwelcome surprise.
  • Applies to members:
    • Shocker's commanders are very proud that their organization ascended in its own right since it gives them the reputation of a Grand United Alliance in all but name. The Great Leader has his own dedicated inner circle from the various armies under his command who he entrusts with more important missions and only sometimes punishes with temporary death. This Inner Circle consists of Black Cross Führer and Don Horror (his Co-Dragons), Shadow Moon (his best warrior), N-Daguva-Zeba (his Hope Crusher and destroyer), General Jark and Ackdos Gill (his Frontline Generals), Count Radiguet (his resident torturer), Great Professor Bias (his chief intelligensia) and Swartz (his Time Master). Some of them were prominent faction leaders in the former Legion and were among the first to defer to the Great Leader when it became clear the Legion would be dissolved and were rewarded with authority over them.
    • Directly below the Great Leader and his inner circle are the many lower-ranked leaders in the Shocker hierarchy who jockey for prominence in the organization. The Allied Commanders Assembly, a literal parliament of kaijin generals meet weekly to discuss future plans for the Pantheon and their enemies. That's not to say that Shocker is one big happy family, far from it. Disagreements are rife, with the hottest topics of conversation being what to do with humanity once they take over Earth and whether to create new cyborgs or keep re-using their existing ones for large-scale engagements.
      • General Jark of the Crisis Empire insists that humans are too dangerous to keep around since their loyalty to Shocker is always destined to waver no matter what they do and advocates their complete extinction. Omnicidal Maniacs and human-haters in the organization agree with him but want themselves to head the operation instead. Among these supporters are Kiyoto Maki, who represents the Greeed and seeks to collapse the Omniverse into an empty void to make it perfect and Gien, who serves as representative for the Londerz Familynote . Doctor Death (from Shocker's Switzerland branch) remarked:
      Death: These good-for-nothings would be out of the Pantheon if not for our Great Leader. Regrettably however, we must pander to them if we wish to keep our treasured assets.
      • Many of Shocker's commanders are solely concerned with maintaining their independence. Understandable, since many of them rule galaxy-spanning empires or powerful crime families. Kyoji Murakami and Saeko Kageyama who represent the Orphnoch species are certain that the Great Leader is muscling in on their control of Smart Brain to prevent the dormant Orphnoch King from reawakening. Dogranio Yaboon (retired) is glad that the Leader had him broken out of prison but has no intention of naming him chief don of the Gangler either. Heck, even Don Horror and Ackdos Gill aren't letting Zangyack (and Makuu Space) fall under his complete control and would go to war in an instant to prevent the Great Leader from seizing the spoils for himself.
      • Then there are members who are completely disloyal to the organization and are blacklisted from the perks a normal member gets. The ever-arrogant Bilgenia continues to pursue his own vendetta against Shadow Moon for custody of the Satan Saber and heir to Gorgom. He only pretended to give in to the Great Leader when Shadow Moon beat the ever-loving crap out of him. There are more competent disloyalists like Brajira of the Messiah who prefer biding their time for an opportunity to take power but otherwise remain subservient to Shocker's leadership.
      • Nova Shocker is a chilling example of how fiercely Shocker deals with traitors, more so those who try to strike out on their own. Urga, Buffal and Igura plotted to replace Shocker with their own organization and take over the global economy rather than simply Take Over the World, seeing it as an outdated and obsolete goal for the 21st century. Ambassador Hell was willing to pull an Enemy Mine with Shocker's Arch-Enemy Takeshi Hongo to destroy Urga at the cost of his life. Shocker let him off because to them, traitors from the inside are more dangerous than enemies from the outside.
      • Ultraman Belial, leader of the Ultraman villain faction of the Demonic Legion declined to join in favour of forming his own unique army but still regularly allies with Shocker for their mutual survival. He cites their truce as one of the main reasons Shocker (and by extension his forces) remain a force to be reckoned with in the Pantheon.
    • In contrast with rival organization HYDRA which handles a constantly changing leader even if Red Skull is universally recognized, Shocker is more stable since the Great Leader is powerful and feared enough to keep his hold on power. There's also the fact that by and large they have none of HYDRA's pro-Aryan beliefsnote  (except Colonel Zol who is a Nazi) and are willing to recruit deities from all universes and species so long as they submit to Shocker's authority. Many of the ascended villains they've hired would have failed in the long run had they kept working on their own. While they aren't truly considered Shocker members with full privileges, they do supply them with the necessary resources to fight the heroes. This has the added benefit (on the employee's end) of elevating them to a more dangerous and competent status in the Pantheon.
      • Ryoma Sengoku and Tenjuro Banno are preeminent scientists who work for Shocker (as well as Nine Barthes, Sengoku's high priest), the former having been first hired to manufacture Sengoku Drivers and Matsubokkuri Lockseeds for their mooks to transform into Kurokage Troopers. He's made several new Lockseeds to be used by specific members of Shocker such as the Silver Peach Energy Lockseed for Quinella and the Fairy Dragon Fruit Energy Lockseed for Nobuyuki Sugou. Banno was recruited to create obedient Low-Class Roidmudes and initiate a multiversal Global Freeze for a future takeover. Redyue defends the crucial supply line from the Helheim Forest from her polar opposite Kouta Kazuraba, Man of the Beginning.
      • Nobuyuki Sugou was recruited by Sengoku due to his reputation of abducting the minds of three hundred SAO survivors for his Mind Control research. In return for his loyalty, Ambassador Hell granted Sugou access once again to his Oberon powers. Sugou often collaborates with Quinella (working for the Black Organization) after her ascension as the Great Leader was impressed with her method of altering the minds of her Integrity Knights through forced synthesis.
      • Gihren Zabi (Melkor's Evil Chancellor) was brought on as a military adviser to provide mobile suits in exchange for support in his civil war against Char. Biological CPUs and Extended are supplied by Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril of the anti-Coordinator group Blue Cosmos. Muruta and Djibril are actually some of the more difficult employed members that Shocker has to contend with, since their political stance renders them in full opposition to the Great Leader's goal of a future kaijin Master Race, since that's just another form of 'Coordinator supremacy' to them. They'll serve the Great Leader so long their as their alliance stays beneficial, and if it should be expedient for them they'll gladly subvert and take over Shocker from within.
      • They got hold of Shou Tucker via their connections with Professor Hojo and hired him with the promise of bringing his wife and daughter back from their horribly mutated state. Even though Tucker remains ambivalent at the prospect, he does seek to further his experiments and opted to join them. He didn't just join them out of self-indulgence; like Sugou he needed a place to save his own skin from the millions of deities who hate him.
      • Other prominent villains who have their own brand of influence in the GUAE are Embryo who joined to get his revenge on Ange and her allies and Junko Enoshima for her reputation of initiating the murderous "School Life of Mutual Killings" game. Ragyo Kiryuin provides her Life Fibers and corporate aid via the Revocs Corporation as a means to empower their Combatmen and kaijin. Interference from the Pantheon's fashion chain has caused that supply line to be strained however. Monaca Towa briefly partnered up with Shocker but backed out of the conflict and was condemned as a traitor for turning back on her ambitions.
      • Psychopaths and killers like Death Gun, Yuuki Terumi, Takeshi Asakura and Ali al-Saachez identify with Shocker as they give out plenty of money (or similar rewards) for a majority of their exploits but don't consider themselves members because they don't answer to anyone. The organization just happens to give them jobs they prefer doing compared to other employers. Normal bounty hunters and mercenaries tend to steer away from Shocker sometimes due to personal standards, more often because they're more comfortable with English speaking deities.
      • While Shocker may have aligned themselves with these deities, they do not care much for their personal goals or rivalries. They're useful, but Shocker isn't afraid of putting them in their place if they attempt to revolt or use Shocker's resources beyond what they have been permitted to, not wanting another incident like what happened with Nova Shocker. As cited by the likes of many Shocker commanders, they provide zero contribution to global conquest. On the other hand, some of their side projects like restoring the original Devil Gundam or arming non-KR villains with specialized phlebotinums (Lockseeds, Dopant Memories, etc.) have received praise.
    • Kai (leader of the Imagin) tried to get hold of the Doctor's TARDIS one time just because he had the face for it. He dispatched the Morphant Imagin (a new one he created based on the deathworm morphant) to get the job done. The Imagin was stopped thanks to the combined efforts of the Doctor, Uncle Bob, and DenLiner Crew, but Kai achieved his secondary goal; retrieving a list of dates important to the Doctor and his companion's lives. He plans to use these dates to send Imagin to their pasts to kill them or manipulate events so they turn out in Shocker's favour.
    • Shocker has been a little dormant since the 21st century out of a need to rethink their plans, so a group known as Foundation X has taken over from them. While they aren't part of Shocker per se, certain events prove that they at least know of the organization's existence. Foundation X makes money off funding ilicit experiments and projects like the Gaia Impact, O Medals and the Astro Switches. No one knows what their end-goal is and the more scientific-oriented members (Lem Kannagi in particular, since he rebelled against them) want to forcibly integrate them into Shocker. However, the Foundation states their preference to remain in the shadows and have for the time being have dodged many of Shocker's (and other Pantheon and GUAE organisations) requests for aid and resources. They are starting to leave behind 'cash and carry' deals for members willing to submit to the Foundation's terms so that's a start.
    • High Priest Darom once tried to capture Tetsuo Shima to brainwash into another Black Sun, seeking to finish the ritual that was interrupted by Kotaro Minami's escape. Tetsuo pretty much gave him the middle finger before absorbing him into his fleshy innards in a rage-induced breakdown. Darom made it out of there in record time but the attempt has interested Shocker in launching a full-scale bounty hunt on the telepath.
    • Rumors have been spreading that San and Papyrus are actually Shocker Combatmen. While so far the rumors haven't been confirmed, certain Riders are keeping a close eye on them.
"Glory to Shocker!"


Starro the Conqueror, Collective Deities of Face Parasites (Project Starfish)
Hosting Cobi

Yapool, Immortal God of Monster Creators (The Yapool People, The Strange Old Man, Giant Yapool, Alternate Dimension Man, Yapool Woman, Alien Simon, Vakishim, Doragory, Ace Killer, Reconstructed Yapool, Man in Black, Mebius Killer, Ultra-Killersaurus, Ultra-Killersaurus Neo, Victory Killer)
As the Yapool people
As Ace/Mebius/Victory Killer
As U-Killer Saurus
As U-Killer Saurus Neo
  • Greater God. Borderline Overdeity (as U-Killersaurus). Overdeity (as U-Killersaurus Neo)
  • Symbol: His face with his dimension as background.
  • Theme Song: The Yapool
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil most of the time. Is actually Chaotic Evil deep down.
  • Portfolio: Maker of Monsters, Complete Immortality, Dimension Lord, Mad Scientist, Big Bad of Ultraman Ace, Demoted to Dragon, Necromancer, Breakout Villain, Demonic Possession, Eldritch Abomination, Energy Being, Evil Is Hammy, The Power of Hate, Resurrective Immortality, Humanoid Abomination, I Am Legion, Ungrateful Bastard
  • Domains: Monsters, Creation, Immortality, Demons
  • High Priest: Hector and Isaac
  • Followers: All unascended monster creators from Tokusatsu Shows (But mostly those from Super Sentai and Power Rangers), Dr. Genus
  • Heralds: The Alien Union (Temperor, Zarab, Guts and Nackle), The Choju
  • Allies: Ascended Toku Villains (Especially Shocker, and Tenjuro Banno), Evil-Aligned Deities of the House of Hatred and Rancor, The Evilutionitsts of Mad Science, Evil-Aligned Kaiju (Especially King Ghidorah, Gigan and SpaceGodzilla), Shubb-Nigorath, Ghetsis, Vaatu, ManBearPig, Don Thousand, Turles, Melkor, Griffith, Johan Liebert, Aku, Black Shadow, The Trix, The Horned King, Chaos, King Cold, Oogie Boogie, Chernabog, Eris, Harbringer, Junko Enoshima, Grogar, Dio Brando, Zarkon, Dark Matter Horde, Dracula, The Aparoids, Barbatos, The Mind Flayer, Nicol Bolas, Gargos, Ungoliant, Freddy Krueger, Spooky, Pitch Black, Ganondorf, Zorc Necrophades
  • Superior: Alien Empera
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ultraman Belial
  • Enemies: The GUAG Toku Division (Especially the Ascended Ultras and their allies), and above all Ultraman Ace, The Ascended Steven Universe Deities, The Good-Aligned Equestrian Deities, All Deities of the House of Friendship and Camaraderie (Especially Gentaro Kisaragi), All Good-Aligned Kaiju (Mainly Mothra, Mothra Leo and Gamera), The God Emperor of Mankind, The Iron Giant, Aragorn, Zelda, Link, Raleigh and Mako, Team Voltron Francoeur, Sully and Mike, Hoss Delgado, Pit, Palutena, K.O, The Wonderful 101, Kirby, The Doctor, The Creation Trio, Rosalina, Rick and Morty, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug and Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir
  • Interest in: The Gyaos
  • Admired by: The Antagonist
  • Opposed by: The Good-Aligned Jurassic Park Deities
  • Long ago the evil Alien Empera waged a war against the Ultra Warriors from the Land of Light, he was defeated by their leader, Father of Ultra and driven back but his forces kept the fight going for him while he recovered for thousands of years. One of them, and his second-in-command, was Yapool; an immortal, strange and malevolent Hive Mind-like entity who arrived on Earth in 1972, he was opposed by Ultraman Ace, the adopted son of Father of Ultra. The two fought fiercely but eventually Ace won and drove Yapool back, but Yapool managed to get the last laugh as he revealed Ace's human identity to the world and forced him to leave Earth. Yapool would keep returning despite this loss, and continued haunting the Ultras for over 50 years.
  • Yapool's ascension went unnoticed by most, his Temple practically appeared without prior warning and he was not found in it. Ultimately, it was the Ultras who notified most of the Pantheon about Yapool's ascension, by stating that Yapool was hiding in his dimension and scouting out the Pantheon's various Gods for their threat level to him, as well as to find any possible sources of power, it took little time for him to begin allying with evil-aligned deities left and right and started to pave the way to make sure that his name will be remembered for ages in the Pantheon.
    • Yapool rarely, if ever, leaves his Temple when he's not hiding out in his dimension, he prefers to remain safe and sound from danger as well as keeping others from knowing of his schemes and plans, for the express purpose of gathering data about Deities he sends his heralds, The Alien Union, to do the job from afar by challenging those Yapool thinks are dangerous enough from a first glance and then using said experiences to create a concrete counter plan, so far they've successfully been able to make out plans to counter Ultraman, Zero, Orb and Geed while looking for ways to make King vulnerable like Belial did.
    • In response to the mass suffering and destruction he wrought in both his home universe and the Pantheon, the forces of good sought to counter his evil by ascending his perennial archnemesis, Ultraman Ace. With the Ultra taking a stand as the Pantheon's greatest counter to the Choju master, Yapool's hatred for all life exploded to unforeseen levels as he swore death upon Ace and his allies.
  • He's made himself a good amount of enemies in the Pantheon thanks to his cruelty, monster creation and hatred of all Ultras and their allies. There are a bunch of particular stand outs:
    • For his repeated creation of monsters to attack humanity he's earned the wrath of Pit and Palutena, who view Yapool as being no different from their nemesis, Hades. Pit even thought that Yapool was just an alias of Hades that the latter took to confuse them until Palutena clarified it to him.
    • Being no different to people like Zarkon in their creation of monsters, has made him allies with him and other fellow Mad Scientist villains. Yapool has let them borrow his interdimensional powers and Minus Energy for the creation of stronger bioweapons that can break the laws of reality or feed off the negative emotions of the Pantheon, where such feelings will eventually come in abundance and thus benefit Yapool's goals.
    • His eternal feeling of hatred has also made him enemies in Captain Planet and the Planeteers, mainly because of Captain's weakness to strong feelings of hatred and Yapool's desire to conquer Earth with his artificial monsters. That Yapool's Choju are predisposed to attack and destroy Earth's ecosystem and that it's interdimensional energy offsets wildlife doesn't helps matters.
    • The Gaea's Avengers hates Yapool for his creation of Choju, who they view as aberrations against nature and mockery of the lifeforms that Gaea created on Earth as well as those made by other Gods. Doesn't helps that his goals will involve destroying Earth for what it's worth and that his creations offset the natural balance and can devastate entire planets if left unchecked.
    • Link and Zelda have also made enemies with Yapool, given that his nature as an immortal evil dedicated to unleashing evil monsters makes him no different from Ganondorf, who himself is a firm ally of Yapool's. Yapool has thought up methods to obtain the power of the Tri-Force or replicate it for his own purposes and to strengthen his immortality to the next level.
  • He does not consider Ultraman Belial an ally at all, not only due to Belial being an Ultra, evil or not it does not matter to Yapool, but also because of Belial's goals clashing with Yapool's own. The two are bitter enemies and will not team up with each other unless forced to. That two of Belial's heralds (Iaron and Darkgone) were formerly servants of Yapool before defecting for Belial's Galactic Empire has only soured Yapool's opinions of Belial.
    • That said, Yapool has grown interested in the "Devil Splinters", fragments of Belial's body imbued with his evil essence and even after Belial's death are capable of affecting monsters by driving them berserk, reviving all kind of beings, even AIs, can be reforged into powerful artifacts, etc. Yapool's made sure the Alien Union look out for these "Splinters" if they find any in the Pantheon and bring them to his lair for his own uses.
  • In an alternate universe Yapool is not an evil demoniac entity hellbent on destroying the Ultras. But rather a caring, good-natured alien who acts as an ally to the heroes of that world. DO NOT bring that up with him, no matter what, as he has declared that he disowned that version of himself, viewing it as an "aberration" he refuses to acknowledge as being related to him in any way, and will violently silence anyone that tries to bring up his alternate self.
  • His ascension has caused major fear in the Ultras, as they suspect that Yapool is arranging things so that his master, Alien Empera, can ascend, thus returning the evil emperor back to life. Of course, with his cryptic attitude and being a master of laying low, no one has been able to confront Yapool on that and see if it's an unfounded rumor.
  • He's gotten some interest in Deities with a Superpowered Evil Side or a connection to an evil entity. such as Steven Universe, K.O, Spike and others. He's attempted to capture them and taking their powers by force to create an even stronger U-Killersaurus for him to use as an Ultimate Weapon against the Ultras. His attempted kidnappings have earned him enemies in his would-be victims and their allies. Yapool appreciates the feelings of hatred and antagonism of his, as the more hatred on his part towards more enemies means he can and will resurrect himself, should he die, more easily. He will aso try to drain the powers of said victims to create more versions of his Evil Knockoff creation, Ace Killer, as the wide arrange of powers could be beneficial to him in the long run.
  • As a being that embraces the mentality of hatred to the point that even his own hatred of the Ultras is enough to return his soul to the living world, he's earned a good deal of respect from the Antagonist, who somewhat envies Yapool's pre-existing immortality based entirely on his own hatred. Yapool himself apreciates the efforts of the Antagonist to make the world miserable, even if he considers him nothing special beyond said goals and thus is willing to lend him a hand in causing destruction everywhere.
    • On a similar vein, Junko appreciates Yapool's desire to spread chaos and ruin among humans, viewing him as a perfect way to build up despair thanks to his schemes and the destruction that his Choju can unleash on human civilization. Likewise, he appreciates Junko building up hatred with her vileness, as it benefits him to associate with her in the long run, thus both deities are close allies. Yapool's nature as a being made out of Minus Energy, a dark substance that is created from the negative emotions of living beings also interested Junko, as she considers the possibilities of harvesting Minus Energy beyond the Ultra's Multiverse.
    • The Evilutionists of Mad Science appreciate another scientist that can aid them, Yapool himself has requested to join them, as he believes he's qualified for the job and might even bring mayor resources to the table for the group to use. They have been thinking about it, but are deeply concerned he might betray them or use them for his plans.
    • Likewise, his status as a unkillable demon has earned him allies in Chaos, who is all too glad to help Yapool with spreading further hatred and despair on humanity, likewise Yapool sees a lot of benefits in obtaining resources that Chaos can bring to the table for him and his Choju. It's also earned the ire of the Sailor Guardians, who won't stand for Yapool unleashing evil on humanity for his amusement.
    • On the same boat, [The Great Leader of Shocker has also become close allies with Yapool due to their shared immortality and enmity against Toku Heroes as well as a similar desire to destroy their enemies. Yapool himself has stated that he'll be sure to assist Shocker against the Riders and other enemies by providing them with his Choju as additional muscle for their armies, as well as giving their kaijin the ability to grow to giant size or fuse with his Choju to create stronger and deadlier forces.
    • It goes without saying that he also quickly rose up in the ranks of evil deities and became allies with Melkor quickly, Yapool as a whole is a valuable ally to the Grand United Alliance of Evil thanks to his knowledge, powers, and creations. Melkor has been helping Yapool recreate U-Killersaurus and make it even more powerful than before, hoping to use it as a tool to exterminate all opposition, starting with the Ultras and all who ally with them.
  • He's enemies with all Hope Bringers such as Nagito Komaeda and Kouta Kazuraba, viewing them as some of the bigger threats in his plans, as while his monsters are strong, he's at least aware that hope can create miracles which overpower even his mightiest creations, thus he's seeking ways to crush their spirits and prevent them from meddling in his plans.
  • Rick and Morty once entered his dimension to defeat him (Mostly on Rick's end), it didn't take long for Yapool to forcibly evict them and force them to run away with his Choju and powers. Ever since Yapool has tried to make sure the duo can't ever enter his dimension as he finds them annoying to deal with. Rick has ocassionally thought up of doing so again, simply to spite him and prove he's nothing special.
  • Has also made enemies with sentai-like Deities such as the Wonderful 101, who view Yapool as being all too similar to their nemesis, Jerghinga. Yapool has thought up of using the 101 as "target practice" for his Choju and therefore returns the antagonistic sentiment with all willingness. He even plots to steal their lifeforce and create an evil knockoff of their fused form for him to use as a champion.
  • Deities that run on or benefit from fear appreciate Yapool's presence in the Pantheon, as his Choju can spread enough ruin on humanity to help empower them and Yapool is all too happy to let them loose on his enemies for his amusement. Likewise, Yapool's immortality that lasts As Long as There Is Evil has earned him allies in them. Yapool in returns finds common ground with them as his body is made out of Minus Energy and thus can't ever die for good as long as negativity in any way exists.
  • How kaiju view him depends on their alignment, outright or somewhat heroic kaiju like Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra and Leo view him as a being that must be stopped at all costs due to Yapool's end goals. On the other hand, evil-aligned kaiju view Yapool as a useful ally, as Yapool can "upgrade" them and empower them with new abilities that can prove useful to defeat their foes, and even revive them should something go wrong instantly.
    • On the other hand he's become interested in controlling and employing the Gyaos race, which has also made his enmity with Belial fiercer, as both seek to utilize the artificial kaiju race for their own purposes. Yapool admires the Gyaos' lack of control and their inherent destructiveness, and hopes to utilize their DNA to create stronger and deadlier Choju to combat his opposition as well as unleash them in his home universe and others to spread further ruin and destruction and spite the Ultras or worse. Their status as heartless abominations made by humans only furthers his interest in the creatures, as he was quite impressed that humans could create such atrocities on their own).
  • Is vehemently opposed by the Jurassic Park Deities. But mainly John Hammond, who views Yapool's creations as a complete perversion of the good that genetic engineering can bring to everyone. Malcom also considers Yapool to be even worse than the scientists that worked at Jurassic Park, and has even jokingly said that his contempt for them has been mitigated to an extent as at least there's a "bigger asshole dedicated your careers out there", Alan Grant shares the same view as Malcolm does, and finds Yapool's perversion of nature to be equally disgusting.
  • He's also allied with fellow Eldritch Horrors and Hive Minds such as the Aparoids, Yapool has thought up of amplifying their strengths and helping them make a complete takeover of the Pantheon's Deities, or using their assimilation as means of creating stronger and deadlier Choju. Or to have them take out the Ultras for him.
  • Due to his creation of monsters and his nature as a being with a material form made out of Minus Energy, the culmulative negative emotions of living beings, he's also earned enemies in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Deities, as well as Ladybug and Chat Noir. In the same vein, his nature earned him allies in the likes of Zorc Necrophades, Dark Mist and Don Thousand, who all greatly enjoy the suffering and discord that Yapool's Choju bring to mankind and all other living beings
  • Can also be found in the House of Life and Creation
"We were born from darkness, and taint everything with it. Ultra Brothers, this time we will surely destroy your light!"

Intermediate Gods

    Alice (Monster Girl Quest
Alipheese Fateburn XVI (16th), Goddess of Monster Lords (Alice, Monster Lord, The Sixteenth Monster Lord)
Human form
Sealed form

    The Undertaker 
Mark William Calaway, God of Wrestling Monsters (The Undertaker, The Demon of Death Valley, The Last Outlaw, Big Evil, The Phenom, The Deadman, The American Badass, The Punisher Born from Darkness, The Lord of Darkness, Mean Mark Callous, The Unholy Trinity, The True Final Boss)
  • Intermediate God, but gains the power of an Greater God during WrestleMania.
  • Symbol: A stylized uppercase T with an x going through the bottom. Alternatively, a golden urn.
  • Theme Song: "Rest In Peace", "Dead Man Walking" or "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)" by Limp Bizkit during his American Badass days, "Now That We're Dead" by Metallica as "The Unoly Trinity".
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though in the past has been Chaotic Good and even Lawful Evil.
  • Portfolio: Dark Is Not Evil, Our Zombies Are Different, Being Buried Alive and Coming Back From the Dead Afterwards, Unbroken Winning Streaks at Big Events until WrestleMania XXX.
  • Domains: Death, Darkness, Wrestling.
  • Herald: Michelle McCool (his wife)
  • Complicated Relationship: Kane (his brother)
  • Superior: Death
  • Allies: Mystery Inc. (long story), Gangrel, Eric Brooks/Blade, Uncle Howee
  • Rivals: Roman Reigns, Edge, John Cena, Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family, AJ Styles
  • Enemies: Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn
  • Worthy Opponents: Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley
  • Commonality Connection with: Akuma
  • Feared by: Brian Kendrick
  • His job is mainly to collect souls and bring them into the afterlife, thereby making them "Rest in Peace." He keeps these captured souls in an urn and draws strength from them when he needs it, though in its absence he learned to draw strength from his followers as well. As a minion of Death of the Endless, he was assigned to collect souls from the WWF in 1990 along with manager Paul Bearer (himself a necromancer), who he later had a falling out with.
  • He briefly broke away from Death's control at the end of 1999 (after he was defeated in a brief skirmish with a man who had escaped from Hell and his brother) and regained his mortality. At this point he relinquished his godhood but was still a Badass Normal. After he was killed in a Buried Alive match by his brother Kane in 2003, Paul Bearer managed to pull some strings and resurrect him, essentially regaining his old position in the Pantheon.
  • Kane has challenged him for this position many times, and in 2010 with the help of Paul Bearer, Kane almost succeeded by burying him alive. But, like the several previous times he was buried alive, he got better, and Kane's powers quickly decayed once again at the hands of Edge.
    • However, Kane has finally ascended into the Pantheon and is willing to fight his brother for this seat once again. On the days they do get along, they become the "Brothers of Destruction" and anyone who is their target gets to be a part of their 'brotherly bonding'.
  • Even though Kane is the devil's favorite demon, the devil still addresses Undertaker as "sir". This causes some people to believe that Undertaker is the most evil creature to ever walk the planet but simply visits that evil upon the damned and corrupt to make them rest in peace.
  • During the time of WrestleMania, The Undertaker is known to be nearly undefeatable against any force. Many gods of the Pantheon believe that defeating him during WrestleMania will elevate them to the status of Overdeity. But as each year had passed, as each Wrestlemania came and went, as each challenger stepped forward, mortals and gods alike, as every trick in the book (both fair and foul) was thrown at him, as close as victory neared itself towards Undertaker's opponent, the results has always remained the same: the challengers defeated by the Demon of Death Valley, only to add more fuel to his dark powers.
    • Until Wrestlemania XXX, where a man known as Brock Lesnar became the first man to beat the streak. It was said that when that happened, the Pantheon grew silent in disbelief and horror. Brock just asked whether that was enough to elevate him to Godhood.
    • Nowadays, Undertaker has semi-retired from wrestling in the mortal realm, and quietly spends the time in between Wrestlemanias in the House of Life and Death ushering souls into the afterlife. After three years of this, he would be defeated again…this time by Roman Reigns…in what is said to be his final match. He continues on his work in the House of Life and Death, looking oddly relieved despite the shocking end to both his tenure in the ring and his overall physical invincibility.
  • When the sun is suddenly blocked out (or if the lights go out in whatever building his target happens to be inside) as the gong is heard in the middle of the darkness, one can only expect the Deadman to appear once the lights come back and for him to unleash his wrath on any nearby target.
  • Undertaker was once aided by Chuck Norris in a Casket match against Yokozuna where his godhood was on the line. The relation between these two gods are still unknown after the battle.
  • Despite his rocky relationship with his former manager Paul Bearer, Undertaker was genuinely saddened when he died. CM Punk then called him out…by interrupting him as he paid tribute to Paul Bearer, and stealing the urn. Taker was not amused, going on to defeat Punk at Wrestlemania.
    • This had one positive in that Paul Bearer, for the first time ever, united Kane and the Undertaker rather than setting one against the other, as Kane too was not amused with Punk's actions.
  • Smiled to himself upon learning that Jeff Hardy was in the Pantheon. When asked why, he told that the two fought in a ladder match long ago where his godhood was on the line. Jeff pushed him to his limit, and almost won that match, but not before getting the Deadman's respect. The Undertaker waits for the day they get into the ring again just for that reason.
  • Despite his stance as God of Wrestling Monsters, Undertaker has some hilarious stories from his wrestling days. These include:
  • Shanoa once tried to attack him, mistaking him for a monster called "the Grave Digger".
  • Just like his brother Kane, Undertaker met up with Mystery Incorporated. Unlike Kane, Undertaker was friendlier to the group and the gang helped him fight off against the monster known as "The Speed Demon". It is also when many gods found out that Undertaker announced that he "likes puppets" and is working on something he calls "Undertaker's Puppet Jubilee" in support of his fanbase. (No, we are seriously not making this up)
    • This incident reached Uncle Howee's ears and now the kid's show host is teaming with Undertaker so the Deadman can have the jubilee come to life. Many gods are praying Undertaker never learns how to make puppets similar to Uncle Howee. If he does, they're screwed.
      • OF course, Undertaker now has to contend with Bray Wyatt and his "Firefly Funhouse", especially when one takes in account "The Fiend".
  • The House of Gaming have been wary of him due to the fact that anytime he's in a videogame and fighting off against a wrestler, said wrestler winds up dead/severely injured after the game is published. The Undertaker states that finding an answer to this phenomena will never come and it's best to not question it.
  • Turns out, no; Roman Reigns did not end Taker's career. He came back a year later and squashed John Cena in three minutes in response to Cena, in a desperate bid to be part of WrestleMania 34, casting aspersions on Taker's character for over a month.
    • Two years later AJ Styles had the audacity to goad The Undertaker by casting aspersions on his continuing to wrestle and his marriage to Michelle McCool, even challenging him to something called a "Boneyard Match". Undertaker responded by promising to bring AJ and The OC what he calls "The Unholy Trinity". Gods watched in awe as AJ and The OC went to war with Calaway in the boneyard. While The OC brought enough goons disguised as druids to make up the numbers of Bullet Club, Undertaker came prepared with something greater, having not only his famous durability but also his fire and teleportation powers — The Unholy Trinity was a combination of The Deadman, American Badass and Mark himself, a perfect balance of his powers over death and his very human life. With this reveal, he utterly decimated The Phenomenal One, before burying him in an open grave.
    • The shame of this caused Gallows and Anderson to leave The WWE Universe, while Undertaker gained the presence of his wife in his temple. Later, Mark revealed he had no desire to return to the ring, finally being at peace with his final match, although he didn't rule out a return in case of emergency.
  • Apparently The Undertaker has a fear of cucumbers. No, no one understands how or why this is possible.
  • Many gods have wanted to steal his urn, which is the source of his power. He's decided to let gods enter his temple in a challenge to see if they are worthy of it. The first gods to take this challenge was The New Day who wished to combine the urn's power with their power of positivity. What happened is a secret that the New Day will not reveal.

Lesser Gods

    Bloody Mary 
Bloody Mary, Goddess of Mirror Using Monsters
Click here to see her final form
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A shattered mirror with her red tattoos painted on it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Loves fighting, the most psychotic Fable, Horrifies everyone, has shark-like teeth in her true form, loyalty to whoever seems the most fun, Psychotic Smirks, very fast and agile
  • Domains: Mirrors, Fighting, Killing, Evil, Fun, Silver
  • High Priest: Mirror Master
  • Followers: Saltim, SCP-125, Merloc, Malice (Marauders)
  • Allies: Diavolo, Juri Han, Bryan Fury, Cletus Kasady, B.B Hood, Mr. Scratch, Dr. Angus Bumby, Kun Lan, Terrorblade
  • Enemies: Bigby Wolf, Sam and Dean Winchester, Snow White, Bloody Marie
  • She can travel through mirrors to attack her victims. Her true form has a number of mirror shards stabbed into various parts of her body. Bloody Mary has an innate sense about being scryed by Magic Mirrors as well.
  • Due to her dealings with Bigby she has often one of the first to be called on to deal with werewolves as she always has with her a gun filled with silver.
  • Has went under the employ of The Passione Mafia under Diavolo, though she has not seen The Boss in person she always has fun messing with Doppio.
  • Has also had a fun time with Kasady as they both went on a spree after she wanted to be apart of Cletus's "Family".
  • is usually looking for a good fight and is the first to try and bring out the worst in people that have a dark side as she wants to see what sort of evil that can be.
  • Is also fond of working with Mr. Scratch though she is often annoyed at the fact that every time she tries to say his name some sort of scratching noise goes off.
  • Often works with Kun Lan, though watching him turn others into Heaven Smile amuses her she isn't happy with him trying to do it to her from time to time.
  • Is opposed by Bloody Marie, who hates the fact that they have the same name and she's a monster who kills for the mafia, while she's out for vengeance against the mafia. Mary, surprisingly, isn't eager to get on this one's bad side...

    The Brainspawn 
The Brainspawn, Divine Brain Monsters
  • Lesser Deities (The Big Brain is an Intermediate Deity)
  • Symbol: The Infosphere
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Brain Monster, A Millisecond Younger Than Time, Omnicidal Maniac, Making People Stupid Because The Thoughts Of Others Hurt, Evil Is Hammy, Lotus-Eater Machine, Killing Dinosaurs
  • Domains: Knowledge, Destruction, Brains, Aliens
  • Followers: Doctor Wheelo, Hector Con Carne, The Brain Golem
  • Allies: Vril Dox, The Lich, Randall Ross, Doc Scratch
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Daleks
  • Rival: The Admins
  • Enemies: Fry, Nibbler, Bender and all other Futurama gods, Stewie Griffin, all dinosaur deities, Alakazam, Arael, Sosuke Aizen, Freddy Krueger, Doctor Zomboss and his zombies, J'onn J'onnz (and telepaths in general)...and every other sentient being in existence
  • Lusts after: The House of Knowledge
  • When the Big Bang occurred, the Nibblonians had already existed for seventeen years. For the first millisecond of time things were OK, however afterwards the Brainspawn would emerge. They find the thoughts of others agonizing, and wish to eliminate it by destroying all sentient life. They do so by making people stupid, of which none are immune...none, that is, except Philip J Fry. Without a Delta Brainwave, they cannot affect him. It is for this reason why Fry was frozen, in order to put an end to their evil.
  • Being brains, they are compelled to learn everything they can. For a thousand years, the Big Brain has been the core of the Infosphere, a colossal Memory Bank meant to collect all information in the universe. Which they will destroy afterwards, to make sure no new information comes into being. Though Fry managed to trap them in a lifeless universe of no escape, the Big Brain and Infosphere are able to interact with the Trope Pantheon. They've promised not to try and destroy the universe in exchange for some freedom, though the Court of the Gods is keeping a close eye on them.
    • Outraged upon learning that Bender temporarily managed to make the universe his processor, achieving the omniscience they've spent eons searching for.
  • The Delta Brainwave exists in all animals, robots, and some plants. So what makes Fry so different? It's because by assuming Mildred wasn't his grandmother, he is his own grandfather. Given Stewie is his own ancestor, he may have a diluted Delta Brainwave and possible resistance. Or not. Neither Stewie or the Brainspawn are taking any chances. Billy is also immune, though only because it's physically impossible to make him less intelligent.
  • Once tried to use time travel, so they could convince Fry to stop his own freezing. It backfired, as Fry decided the future was worth living and took control of his own destiny, pushing himself in the freezer tube. Nowadays, they are working with Randall Ross to undo important points in history so as to destroy the universe. Such as trying to mess with Stewie Griffin.
  • Speculated to have played a part in the Idiot Ball's construction.
  • Pretty similar to Brainiac, as they're both obsessed with collecting all the knowledge in the universe and killing everyone. Vril Dox has noticed this similarity, and has taken them under his wing. He could make good use of the Idiot Ball against Superman
  • They pride themselves on knowledge, their Infosphere containing everything you need to know about their universe up until 3004. They have been busy trying to collect all the information of the Trope Pantheon universe before planning to blow it up. The continuous addition of new gods and redevelopment of houses is a thorn in their side as it makes this a Sisyphian task. Their Infosphere is still not as advanced as the Admins, who they consider a rival in the field of information.
  • In case the stupefaction ray isn't working, they can use nearby fictional works and trap their minds in them. This can backfire on the Brainspawn, with one of the Big Brains being trapped in a badly-written story by Fry. They are wary of those who can play mind games screwing with their perception, like Aizen and Freddy Krueger.
  • As they hate all life and want them dead, they have an alliance with the Daleks. Temporary of course, since "races we hate" include each other.
  • Contemptuous to telepaths. Normal thought screams at them, reading their minds is absolute torture. As are those who are exceedingly intelligent like Alakazam. They are terrified of Arael, being more vulnerable to Mind Rape than any other being. They'd rather die than get near Arael.
  • The Big Brain was apparently behind the death of the dinosaurs. A number of gods would state they're responsible, particularly the Lich. Given the Lich also seeks to kill everyone, the two have agreed on an alliance.
  • They've heard about Doc Scratch and have allied with him. He gives them as much knowledge as they want, and when they are satisfied, they destroy the universe for him-everybody wins! They're also working with the GUAD in hopes of destroying everything, so long as Nekron promises to give them ultimate knowledge right before the extinction of all life.
  • Being big floating brains, Doctor Zomboss was watering his mouth upon learning they had ascended. The Brainspawn tried to stupefy him, but it didn't help as he still hungered and took a big bite out of one of their members. They avoid the good doctor like the plague, and it got worse when his horde ascended as well. The two factions have been at war ever since.

    The Cacodemons 
The Cacodemons, Unholy Beasts of Eye-Shaped Monsters (Pumpkins, Big-mouthed Floating Thingies)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their Green Eye.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Airborne Mook, Has Blue blood, Breath Weapon, Cyclops, Mascot Mook, Constant victim of the Eye Scream and Feed It a Bomb, Dumb Muscle
  • Domains: Demons, Eye, Mooks, Killing, Death
  • Allies: Lucifer, Most evil-aligned demonic deities, Shuma-Gorath
  • Enemies: The Doom Slayer, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Dante, Spawn, Jack Cayman, Rodin, Illidan Stormrage, Deviljho, The Master of Chaldea, Mike Wazowski, Angelic beings
  • Opposes: The House of Explosives
  • Cacodemons are demonic beasts that can be described as floating red blobs driven by their hunger. Serving as one of the many demons in the vast army of The Legions of Hell, the Cacodemons are one of several mooks that the Doomslayer encountered during his many adventures. A handful of Cacodemons were summoned by several demonic deities in hopes of making a gateway to hell but that only further pissed off the Slayer who quickly took care of those deities but unfortunately, given the huge infestation of Cacodemons, the Pantheonic authorities were forced to relocate them into a temple to contain them.
  • Turns out their ascension was arranged by none other than Lucifer himself, mostly because he found them to be amusing creatures and wanted a few grunts for his own personal army in the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. This instantly notified the Doomslayer that demons from his own universe were making their way into the Pantheon and it seems that his rage would have to extend towards the GUAC given Lucifer actions. The Cacodemons themselves were horrified to learn that the Slayer is indeed among the ranks of the pantheon but they will still attack him nonetheless.
  • Shuma-Gorath used to govern over their title but grew bored of it and left the position to go somewhere more interesting. The Dimensional Overlord finds the Cacodemons to be an amusing replacement and he has considered taking a few of those beasts to use as their bonafide attack dogs. Unfortunately they only seem to try to bite his gigantic eye and even if he even managed to corrupt a few of them, they still prove to be too unreliable.
  • While they are certainly tough to handle for deities of lower tiers, Cacodemons are usually pretty easy to outsmart as they are pretty single-minded in nature. One of the more effective way to stun them is to land explosives in their mouths before they can fire projectiles at you, leaving them open for an attack. Given how several of the Cacodemons have died that way, they tried their best to avoid the House of Explosives.
  • The Cacodemons are fairly easy to domesticate if you have any ties to the demonic and they follow demons of higher authority without any question. Or hell, if you feed them something taste they have no problem following you. Several of the Demon Lord in the Pantheon tend to visit their temple (who is less of a temple and more of a hellish portal that exclusilvely spawns these creatures).
  • While they aren't exactly weak, the Cacodemons suffer from being fodder for several Demon Hunters looking to cleanse their filth, with notable folks like Dante, Spawn and Illidan Stormrage having taken down several of them at a time. On the other side, Rodin made a deal with the Doom Slayer that he would craft a weapon for him if he was able to find enough demonic souls from his universe and the sudden arrival of the Cacodemons only made things for the fallen angel all that more easy.
    • Hell, even people outside the demon hunting business have dispatched a few Cacodemons as well, most notably Jack Cayman who happened to befriend the Slayer shortly before the Cacodemons arrived and the fact that he packs an even bigger chainsaw than the Slayer certainly scared some of them. He even joins the Slayer from time to time to Rip and Tear them apart.
  • While several deities despise them, nobody ever considered that someone like the Angry Video Game Nerd would have a grudge against the Cacodemons and it turns out he encountered similar creatures, except made of shit and their meatball-shaped counterparts don't endear him too much.
  • Their single-minded nature about their hunger reminded several deities of the Deviljho and weirdly enough, a few of the Cacodemons once invaded the House of Food under orders of some GUAE deities and entered a confrontation with the Deviljho, the Wyvern easily overwhelmed the floating demons and chomped on them one by one but it wasn't exactly an easy fight as they proved to be exceptionally tough to catch. Since then, the beast have been weary of the Deviljho and some have jokingly called said confrontation as a bunch of Meatballs fighting a Pickle-Monster.
  • They were initially confused for Gazers by the Master of Chaldea but they quickly figured out they were unrelated monsters but equally as dangerous. This prompted Ritsuka to approach the Slayer in order to find out more about the forces of Hell in his home universe and possibly prevent a potential invasion in Ritsuka's universe. The Slayer agreed to help them so long as they give him the chance to kill the demons himself.
  • Mike Wazowski has clarified that he has no relation to the Cacodemons and had to tell to the Slayer himself that he is just a green monster and not a green Cacodemon. Some were quick to make fun of the resemblance and Mike was not happy about the comparison.
  • Several deities have noted an uncanny resemblance to an Eldritch Abomination by the name of the Astral Dreadnought.
  • While the universe of Cacodemons seems to lack angelic beings, by principle they seem to actively target them, at least most of their superiors commands them to. Angels on their part just find them to be horrifying creatures that only a place like hell would allow them to exist.
  • Can also be found in Eye Appearances.

    The Gremlins 
The Gremlins major members
Some of the more prominent Gremlins; Top row from left to right: Gizmo, Stripe; Bottom Row: Mohawk, Brain
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Gizmo with the shadow of an evil gremlin behind him
  • Theme Music: The Gremlin Rag; Gremlins 2 Credits
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Gizmo); Chaotic Evil (Stripe/Mohawk); Neutral Evil (Brain); an insane shade of Chaotic Neutral (most other Gremlins)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Creatures, Havoc
  • Superior: Steven Spielberg
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Very Wary of:
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Hulk Hogan and John Wayne (both only when it comes to the more mischievous Gremlins)
  • Commonality Connection to: Harukasan of the Puchi Idols (mainly for Gizmo)
  • Gizmo the mogwai is an adorable, yet mysterious creature that comes with three important rules: don't let him near bright light, don't get him wet, and don't feed him after midnight. To put it bluntly, none of these directions were adhered to and a whole lot of additional problems resulted from it. While Gizmo is a cute and calm creature, none of the other gremlins that spawned from him fit that description. This chaotic batch of gremlins that resulted from Gizmo coming into contact with water have no interest in doing anything other than causing a whole lot of chaos, mischief, and just messing things up in general. Among other Gremlins besides Gizmo, there's the insane Stripe with his alternate form Mohawk, and the more-intelligent-than-normal Brain serving as more or less the leader of the Gremlins after Stripe became Mohawk.
  • A box was left somewhere in the Pantheon that Rena Ryuugu found one day. When she opened the box, she found Gizmo and appropriately enough, decided to take him home with her. Things were going fine for her and Gizmo until late at night, when the little Mogwai decided to roam around her place for a bit and accidentally fell into a faucet that had running water. Gizmo ended up spawning even more gremlins, ones that were more hideous and mischievous than that of Gizmo and started wrecking the place up. Rena woke up as a result of the ruckus and was shocked to discover what she was witnessing. Some deities heard the noise and came over with bright lights, killing some of the Gremlins in the process. Rena held Gizmo after the commotion and was told that she can't keep him since he could create problems if not handled properly and that some of the evil Gremlins are running around the Pantheon. That said, Rena seems willing to visit Gizmo if possible even if she knows about the danger he has.
  • Besides the significant three Gremlins in Gizmo, Stripe/Mohawk, and Brain, there are some Gremlins who are named for some strange trait, but aren't as prominent compared to the aforementioned three. Daffy, George, and Lenny are three Gremlins that are usually seen with each other, with George being more level-headed compared to the other two, Lenny being fairly dumb, and Daffy being every bit as manic as his name would suggest. Greta is another Gremlin with name, albeit a male Gremlin that got turned into a woman as a result of a serum that swaps genders.
  • Whatever mogwai spawn from Gizmo will end up becoming Gremlins should they eat something after midnight. Knowing the kind of chaos that will unfold should it happen, the House of Food (and anyone in charge of a restaurant or having a kitchen in their temple by extension) made it a point to limit access to food-based places at that time-frame to try and prevent more Gremlins from being made. This hasn't prevented some idiots from feeding these creatures late at night against the warnings of others.
  • The House of Theatre and Spectacle has often been subject to the Gremlins' chaos, though it only takes about an hour or two depending on how many Gremlins are there in order to get the mayhem to subside, with Hulk Hogan or John Wayne sometimes getting involved based on past experience. Some of their favorite activities there include intruding on movie screenings by replacing a playing film with something else (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is a film they like putting on for some reason) and at times, Brain Gremlin intrudes on TV interview programs to talk about how things are coming along for him and his Gremlin pack.
  • Plenty of effort has been made to make sure the Gremlins don't cause a ruckus in the House of Science out of concern that the serums produced there will get consumed by the creatures and cause more problems that result from it. The efforts haven't entirely been successful, but the Gremlins haven't really tried out the more dangerous serums in that place for the time being. Much of the concern arises from the possibility of another intelligent Gremlin akin to Brain being made or another Gremlin whose sadism equals that of Mohawk in addition to the serums that could grant additional power, but cause the Gremlins be even more insane than they already are. The biggest concern about all of this is that the Gremlins may end up finding some sort of serum that would render them immune to bright light, a goal that Brain has been going after for some time.
    • It isn't just the various serums in the House of Science that others are concerned about; there's a handful of deadly viruses and serums locked away in Maximum Security that many don't want the Gremlins to go after. The possibility of Gremlins (especially if it's Stripe/Mohawk) getting infected by the G-Virus or something that is just as deadly as that is something many don't want to think about, but are still preparing if worse somehow comes to worst.
  • Exposing Gremlins to bright light will destroy them, a fact that many deities have taken advantage of. Many of the Gremlins have avoided deities capable of summoning bright light, with Bright Man being someone they want to avoid as much as possible. Bright Man actually doesn't mind being used to stop the Gremlins from causing problems, though things are bound to be more problematic for him if water ends up getting involved.
  • What surprised plenty of deities is just how similar Harukasan of the Puchi Idols is to the Gremlins overall, especially taking into consideration just how manic her behavior is. Like the Gremlins, she multiplies when wet, hates sunlight, and creates more problems than before if fed after midnight. Gizmo was equally surprised that Harukasan didn't see it as much of a problem compared to his ordeal, but then again, the Puchi Idols are more playful in a friendly way compared to the devious Gremlins by default.
  • Many people believe that a typical gremlin would try to tear apart or hang around an aircraft carrier just to cause mischief. While those particular gremlins aren't seen often around airplanes and similar machinery, it's clear that they have the capacity to destroy such items. It's become a source of concern for those who use aircraft to get around.
  • Seeing as how the many crazy Gremlins are created as a result of Gizmo touching water, more than a few deities have wondered if killing Gizmo entirely will solve the Gremlin problem. There's another subset who believes that there is a way to prevent more insane Gremlins from being created without killing Gizmo, but so far, conversations related to most of these ideas haven't gotten anywhere.
  • Besides just being a cute critter, Gizmo is the mogwai that ends up spawing a bunch of other Gremlins if he comes into contact with water. He is very well-aware of what he could cause and doesn't like the other Gremlins at all. When push comes to shove, he'll fight back against the other Gremlins to get rid of least for the time being until the cycle repeats itself via a splash of water.
    • After getting abused one too many times, Gizmo opted to imitate Rambo in order to fight back against the cruel Gremlins. When the actual Rambo heard about this, he was a bit surprised that someone as small and strange as Gizmo would try to imitate him, but ultimately didn't have any real issue with it, especially since Gizmo needed to fight back during that time.
    • Gizmo found out about others who retaliated against former abusers by wandering around the Pantheon and eavesdropping on certain conversations. He was actually mortified with what Sakura Matou had to go through, seeing it as even worse than what he had to go endure. She understood Gizmo's situation and was willing to be friends with him, though their visits don't happen too often.
      • While the Hyenas did get some payback at their former boss Scar over getting blamed for something, Gizmo just doesn't want to hang out with the three, seeing them as a bit too similar to the other Gremlins when it comes to behavior. It doesn't help that whenever the trio gets bored, they sometimes aren't above trying to get near Gizmo and make him their temporary plaything and putting Gizmo in precarious situations before getting driven out by someone else.
  • Many of the Gremlins that result from Gizmo are much more troublesome than he is, but Stripe is the most actively malicious of them all. He's more than willing to kill others and has the capacity to torture Gizmo. After drinking a strange chemical, Stripe became Mohawk, who is far more vicious than Stripe could ever be, but is more focused on causing misery to Gizmo and more of a lone wolf compared to the other Gremlins.
    • As a cartoony creature with an insane demeanor that loves to inflict pain and misery onto others, Stripe got the attention of both the Toon Patrol and Dag and ended up joining them in their escapades. Stripe enjoys their company whenever he isn't hanging out with the other mean Gremlins and sometimes plays cards with these menaces in their spare time.
  • The appropriately-named Brain Gremlin came to be after a normal Gremlin guzzled down a brain hormone serum that made him more intelligent and able to speak, effectively made him the new leader of the Gremlins. Even if he's the leader of a group of amoral and mischievous monsters and has that same mindset (though not as crazy and sadistic as Stripe/Mohawk), he's actually a well-spoken creature who seems to enjoy the higher parts of human culture.
    • Brain was curious to see if there were others within the Pantheon that had their intelligence grow as a result of a serum of some kind. This led him to learn about Lucy Miller, a human who unlocked her full potential as a result of some drugs known as CPH4. He was actually frightened of just how capable she is as a result of the drugs, with her intelligence and abilities far surpassing that of regular humans and Gremlins. Brain is a bit curious as to whether or not the drugs Lucy had can affect the Gremlins as well, though he's not risking getting on her bad side.
    • He ended up encountering Zinyak while going around to see if there was anyone who enjoyed high culture. Brain was very surprised to learn that Zinyak kidnapped several influential historical figures to preserve them in addition to being a fan of the classics such as Shakespeare. Brain did tell Zinyak that he wanted the Gremlins to be civilized in addition to whatever mayhem they're causing, of which the alien did give a few pointers to Brain on making sure the Gremlins can understand and appreciate the finer parts of Earth culture. Of course, destroying Earth is something that Brain has no intention of doing at any point.
    • Alex DeLarge is someone whom Brain is very hesitant to talk about regularly. On one hand, he does admire the fact that DeLarge is a fan of classical work. On the other, DeLarge's behavior and actions make what Stipe/Mohawk has done look tame in comparison and most of the Gremlins are just out there causing mischief instead of outright carnage. Brain has made it clear that he and the rest of the Gremlins won't be at DeLarge's level when it comes to violence and mayhem.

    The Kaernk 
The Kaernk, Deity of Invisible Monsters (The Water Monster, Lurky)
The Kaernk making splashes
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A pile of limbs and fresh meat
  • Theme Song: Kaernk Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Elite Mooks, Invincible Minor Minion, Invisibility
  • Domains: Monsters, Water, Eating, Horror, Invisibility
  • Allies: The Gatherers, Spooky, Dr. Griffin, The Kraken, Bruce, SCP-169
  • Enemies: The Houses of Water and Moisture and Aquatic Life (Particularly Ecco the Dolphin), Scarface
  • The Kaernk is an aquatic creature with a ferocious appetite and a terrifying presence. It's invisible to the naked eye, so few people are actually able to see it and has a preference from consuming meat, particularly that of humans. It was originally found at the flooded halls of Brennenburg Castle, where it proceeded to chase after whoever wandered into their vicinity. Its ascension occured when a few mangled bodies where found on the house of Aquatic Life but no culprit in sight, until someone discovered that an unseen creature was behind the attacks. Nowadays it resides in a temple where it's a giant dark flooded corridor where it tends to eat the fresh meat provided to eat and also any wanderer that dares enter its temple.
  • Since it's closer to an aggressive predator rather than an actual monster, the Kaernk is more manageable than the other creatures found in the same universe. Infamously known as the Water Monster, the Kaernk is often considered the scarier than the Gatherers for the simple reason that you can't see him coming and has made some people be terrified of water.
  • While no one has been able to decipher how he looks, some people have discovered that the Kaernk resembles an eldritch dolphin, something that Ecco the Dolphin found concerning.
  • Its relationship with the Gatherers is neutral at best but they remain alliance in a sense. However, the Kaernk is known to have eaten the remains of mauled grunts before so it's not picky if they happen to be the only thing that's around to eat.
  • Spooky has heard great things about the Kaernk, although she knows it better as the Water Monster. She has a specimen who behaves like it, Specimen 13 better known as the Siren and has tried to get the Kaernk to become another of her Mansion's dozens of monsters that roam the halls. Of course, that proved a challenge considered the pantheon authorities have limited her involvement with other mosnters but relocating the Kaernk wasn't that much difficult for her. She however, finds it hard to have the Siren and the Kaernk to cooperate.
  • Given its Invisibility, the common deities find it hard to see outside of the splash it makes. Thanks to the advanced methods that the higher ups in the pantheon has access to, deities who can use X-Ray Vision or have Super-Senses are often tasked to deal with the Kaernk whenever it breaks loose from its containment zone, although given the lack of large bodies of water in most of the pantheon temples, this is rarely an issue.
    • The deity who tends to go after the creature the most is Scarface. The Yautja are very proficient at hunting and he considers the creature worthy of a good hunt, even if at the end the Kaernk proves to be no challenge for him.
  • Dr. Griffin took a liking to the Kaernk since it can appreaciate the invisibility of the creature and he himself has been interesting in studying. Given the animalistic behavior of the monster, Griffin hasn't really become friends with it but the Kaernk is unusually chummy with the Invisible Man.
  • Given it's aquatic nature, it was a matter of time before the monster interacted with others of its kind. Most of said deities detest it, the more evil ones either tolerate him or brush it off as a annoying creature. Then there is the Kraken and SCP-169, whose sheer size intimidates the invisible monster to the point that are probably the few aquatic creatures the Kaernk won't bother attacking, the same goes for the Ancient Ones such as Cthulhu.
    • Also has some begrudging respect for Bruce given his sheer hunger and vicious nature, which resemble the one of the Water Monster but it's a lot more effective at killing anyone that approaches his vicinity.
  • Hates barrels and boxes, most deities that enter its temple can simply avoid it by standing in one of them and avoiding contact with the water. The Kaernk can also be killed by it since the creature is small enough that a simple wooden box can kill it.
  • There are a few variants of Kaernk that are bigger and move a lot faster. The pantheon version is a regular one but it is said that the bigger version are more vicious and dangerous.

    Ken Kaneki 
Ken Kaneki, God of Ghouls (Eyepatch, Centipede, Black Reaper, Number 240, The One-Eyed King, HS, Nameless King, Miracle Human, K-Eater, Haise Sasaki, Maman, Sassan, Dragon)
His movie appearance
  • Lesser God, Intermediate God when using his half Kakuja, Greater God if turned into Dragon
  • Symbol: A picture of his mask
  • Theme Song: "Unravel", "Munou", "Asphyxia", "katharsis"
  • Leitmotif: "Licht und Schatten", "Remembering" (shared with Touka)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, can slip into Chaotic Neutral in his less sane moments, Neutral Good before becoming a ghoul and more so before his torture by Aogiri
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Amnesia, Leadership, Drinks, Friendship, Ghouls, Identity, Trauma, Fatherhood
  • Followers: All ghouls from his homeworld, most Fallout Ghouls
  • Heralds: Ichika Kaneki (his daughter, shared with Touka), Hideyoshi "Hide" Nagachika/Scarecrow (his best friend), along with any former members of Goatnote . There's a possibility that Rize might be a herald, given how intertwined their psyches are, but...
  • Allies: Touka Kirishima (his wife), Shinji Ikari, Seras Victoria, Inaho Kaizuka, James Heller, Venom
  • Odd Friendship: Harvey Dent/Two Face (the Harvey side only), Professor Agasa (Haibara's herald)
  • Friendly Rival (in the coffee business): Godot
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Alucard, and due to unfortunate circumstances, Shuichi Akai
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, Nagash and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Hannibal Lecter, Jason Voorhees, William Stryker, Alex Mercer, Millennium, The Black Organization, Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  • Respected by: Vlad von Carstein (one-sided)
  • Pities: Ai Haibara, Arakune, Merkava
  • Opposes: Eren Yeager
  • Not to be confused with: Ken Masters
  • Conflicting Opinion: Rufus, Settra the Imperishable
  • Commonality Connection with: Issei Hyodo
  • With all the mighty races and species of beasts, beings and spirits in the Pantheon, one would think that all the well-known ones would be accounted for, but alas, that was not the case. It took a while, but eventually the trope of Our Ghouls Are Creepier came up on the docket. Since no ghouls were present in the Pantheon, Kaneki was nominated to the spot. The fact that he is the One-Eyed King, a legendary symbol of peace between humans and ghouls probably swung the nomination in his favour. There was a caveat though: Kaneki insisted that his wife at least ascend with him on an equal standing and not as a herald, otherwise he would refuse. Luckily a trope was available, so it was that Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima were ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Ken Kaneki has been characterized by one thing: to protect his loved ones, motivated by his fear of being alone. An abusive childhood courtesy of his mother and stepmother respectively left him with the lack of a reliable source of support. Becoming an orphan after the former died from overwork and the latter abandoned him, he latched onto a kindred spirit, Rize Kamishiro for comfort (and a date). Too bad she turned out to be a vicious ghoul infamous as a "Binge Eater". When she was crushed by steel beams while attacking Kaneki, he was rescued and surgically implanted with Rize's kagunenote  by Dr. Akihiro Kanou to save his life, turning him into a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid. He was employed by Anteiku, a coffee shop and secret haven for ghouls to protect him from himself and others who sought his kind's demise, wearing a mask to disguise himself when feeding. This didn't stop him from getting captured and tortured to near-insanity by an executive of Aogiri Tree (a ghoul terrorist organization) named Yamori. In the Pantheon, he still suffers from the resultant trauma, necessitating regular therapy sessions in the House of Health and Diseases.
    • A big problem for him in the Pantheon is how to handle a Split Personality spawned from said trauma, Haise Sasaki. After suffering a head injury from investigator Kishou Arima protecting Anteiku from a CCG attack, a new personality was created for him in custody so he could serve as a mentor to the Quinx Squad, Super Soldiers with surgically-attached quinques. He eventuallynote  regained his memories and defected from the CCG. The House of Health and Diseases has considered splitting Haise from Kaneki into a separate body for humanitarian reasons, though this may be difficult given the possible stress on Kaneki's body.
    • Another one is his status as the only ghoul in the Pantheon (give or take his wife, his heralds, or any similar monsters). Since he can only consume human flesh (and unlike some others who relish at the prospect, hates doing it) and once satiated said need by consuming the flesh of suicide victims, it poses a challenge in the Pantheon where the mood is far more optimistic and corpses are quickly disposed of. He was saddened to learn there was a House of Food, since he can only eat human flesh and even the sub-house of Flesh Eaters is too much for him. To remedy this, good-aligned residents of the House of Science are using Kimi Nishino's research on synthetic food for ghouls to create a serum to apply on meals so they taste like normal food to him (and possibly similar species). They have only been marginally more successful than Kimi in this department. Kaneki has been in conflict with Merkava (and to a certain extent Arakune) regarding this issue, where he was forced to use his half-kakuja form to escape Merkava after seeing how crazed he was. Kaneki has made it clear he will not go after innocents, so if he does go after flesh, it's either he's lost it or the target in question is a villainous Asshole Victim.
    • Just like with a lot of anime couples, Kaneki's relationship with Touka started off rocky, when she treated him roughly and put him through Training from Hell because of his lack of experience as a ghoul. Over time, she would become one of the most important people to him as ghouls protecting them died one by one, helped by the fact that she shared his fear of being alone without a loved one. Even after he lost his memories and became Haise Sasaki, déjà vu would bring a tear to his eye and clue him in on his romantic feelings towards her, to which he would visit :re regularly. After Kaneki reasserted his identity, both would act on their feelings towards each other and (after a fashion) consummate their relationship and marry shortly afterwards. They now raise a lovely five-year old daughter named Ichika, who by Goten's remarks is very engaging and bubbly. Deadpool (who attended their house-warming party) had something else to say, to which he was promptly slapped across the face:
    Deadpool: Having a kid before marriage is quite the achievement. Even I never got to do that with Vanessa. Deadpool like.
    • When it came to picking a herald (besides Ichika, who came with the package either way), Hide was a no-brainer. Hideyoshi Nagachika is a loyal friend who is so devoted to him to the point of brotherly love. Hide always looked out for his safety, never leaving his side even after becoming a ghoul. The way he looks now is a little frightening, since his most of his vocal chords and lower face is gone from allowing Kaneki to feed on him. Yet even now, Hide makes regular visits to the Pantheon when he's not travelling as an envoy for the TSC to share a good cup of coffee with Kaneki. Kaneki has repeatedly suggested that Hide use the medical facilities in the Pantheon to heal his scarring to no avail. Hide would rather retain the marks of how much he's willing to sacrifice for his best buddy.
  • His stance on Pantheon affairs is very much on the neutral side. Having endured literal hell for most of his life as a ghoul, Kaneki has a low interest in the Forever War taking place in the Pantheon. He's content with raising his daughter alongside Touka in their shared temple, a mish-mash of their detached house from the series conclusion and coffee shop :renote  with portal doors opening into Kaneki and Touka's respective sub-houses. Their first days in the Pantheon (aside from entry paperwork and electing heralds) were taken up by refurbishing :re to cater to the many patrons in the Pantheon. If rumours are to be believed, they received some input from the Doctor and Godot to make it bigger on the inside.
    • That doesn't mean that he is completely isolated from Pantheon affairs. While Touka and Renji Yomo (one of his heralds) run the cafe proper, he serves as the intermediary between his world's United Front (a ghoul protection group) and the Tokyo Security Committee (the successor of the CCG) to maintain peace between humans and ghouls in the wake of the Defense of Tokyo.
    • While not interested in the conflict between the Grand United Alliances, he is quick to step in should anything come up that risks harming his loved ones, in which case he's part of the GUAG Combat Division. The time Nagash captured him for conversion certainly counts, as does the repeated attempts to kidnap him, his wife or his daughter to creates quinques. After FBI agent Shuichi Akai informed Touka that the Black Organization had a quinque processing facility at an unknown location according to Chie Hori (a friend of Tsukiyama), he and Touka (though he didn't want her to) immediately went to investigate with Chie. Turns out this was a trap and Chie was a disguised BO agent under Vermouth's tutelage and that they was the first test subjects for kakuhou extraction. Both managed to escape, though not before a substantial amount of their rc cells were extracted. Kaneki doesn't know which Organization member ordered their capture, but when he finds out, there's going to be hell to pay. He's grateful to Akai for protecting Ichika alongside Renji during the incident, but it has soured relations between the two.
  • While a lot of deities in the Pantheon have struggled to contend with the knowledge of being fictional characters, Kaneki has taken this revelation quite easily for the most part. As an avid reader of literature and a frequent visitor to the Houses of Knowledge and Narrative, Kaneki is a bit sensitive about it, especially relating to his relationship with Touka. He isn't a fan of how Tokyo Ghoul √A deviated from the manga's storyline and bristles whenever talk of it comes up. Also don't mention any memes he spawned, especially of how he takes overly long walks.
    • This also applies to deities sharing his seiyuu. He can't seem to understand why he always runs into Toyotomi Hideyoshi (a GUAE commander) and Inaho Kaizuka in Alliance engagements. He's cool with Inaho, mainly because he reminds Kaneki of himself in his early days before becoming a ghoul, aside from being a mecha pilot and all, but the GUAG Robot War Division deals with that drama. There's also the fact that his Love Interest shares the same seiyuu as Touka, but he doesn't know that as of yet. Inaho hasn't revealed it for personal reasons. Hideyoshi shares a name with his best friend, but Kaneki doesn't see it as an excuse to beat the ever-loving crap out of him when he threatened to unleash all of his various incarnations on his temple if Kaneki dared cross his path again. Yeah, it wasn't a pleasant day both for him and Kaneki.
    • Relating to his skirmish with the Black Organization, Professor Agasa, a herald of Pantheon denizen Ai Haibara shares his love for puns and wordplay and sometimes enters :re to ask for more trick questions to confuse the Detective Boys with. It is unknown if Kaneki knows of Haibara's relation to the Organization, but it is likely he does but doesn't ask after her for her own well-being. Agasa is one of those labouring to make normal food edible for ghouls, so that's a thing.
    • Knows that there's other people named 'Ken' in the Pantheon, but isn't sure how Rufus could confuse him for Ken Masters, given how his hair is white as opposed to dyed blond. When Rufus mistook him for Masters one time too many, (coincidentally when he was in a sour mood from being captured by Nagash) he asked him what 1000 minus 7 is, leading to a savage beatdown. Kaneki has since apologized and paid for Rufus' hospital fees, and invited him in for a cup of coffee. Rufus as of today still hasn't responded to this invitation.
  • Arthas was interested in how different he is from the Ghouls he usually uses in combat, especially in how more powerful they are compared to his 'howling monkeys'. He intends to kill Kaneki and raise him from the dead as his pawn so he can usurp Melkor's throne in the Grand United Alliance of Evil, but Kaneki has been smart enough to avoid him.
    • He wasn't smart enough to avoid Nagash though, who kidnapped Kaneki and transported him to Ryut in shackles. Having endured enough torture in his life, he soon broke free of his bonds and massacred the small army of Black Lanterns stationed at the entrance. All that was left was a large pile of undead flesh with a warning written in his own blood. No one knows what the warning message is, but Nekron has privately mused that Nagash treads more cautiously around the House of Otherness now. Others in the Grand United Alliance of Destruction (Zamasu included) complain about how Nagash's desire for power has only gained them another enemy with personal enmity towards one of its members. Indeed, the GUAD is among those on Kaneki's most wanted list. No, this doesn't mean that Kaneki is all chummy with Nagash's enemies, especially Settra for his harshness towards his subjects.
  • Given his isolationist policy due to his desire for a peaceful life, his allies and friends in the Pantheon are few and far between. He's friendly to everyone but only has close relations to a select group of deities. Not that he's unwilling to branch out though, since plenty of people visit :re. Hannibal Lecter is on the ban list, mainly because he's a human who eats human flesh and he doesn't want people like that on his doorstep.
    • Gets along with Seras swimmingly as they both were turned into creatures in order to survive, the difference being that Seras chose to become a vampire of her own free will as opposed to Kaneki who was unwillingly and unknowingly experimented on. Her wild temperament and ferocity when angered by people like Zorin Blitz reminds him of Rize. Unsurprising then that Kaneki feels remnants of Rize in his sub-conscious rising to the surface when he meets with Seras. He isn't a fan of Alucard though, given how much he reminds him of his post-Aogiri self and scares Touka. He has warned Alucard not to get his family mixed up in some Millennium plot unless no other choice is available.
    • Has some kinship with nearly anyone having a Split Personality in the Pantheon, considering how badly it affected his psyche. Most noticeable among them is Shinji Ikari. Both Kaneki and the EVA-01 pilot both lost their mothers at a young age (Kaneki's to overworking and Shinji's to an EVA experiment) and were forced into a life they never wanted, becoming a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds in the process.note . Kaneki is horrified at how decisions by the authority figures working towards selfish goals resulted in the Third Impact courtesy of him and his fellow pilots (Rei in particular). He doesn't want Shinji to be subject to such pain again and has made it clear that, like Hide, Shinji is someone he will protect.
    • Another is Two-Face, but only the Harvey side. Having met people with a strong but misguided sense of justice, he can empathize with Harvey for being a honourable man in a dishonourable world who ultimately was unwillingly brought down to their level. Dent reminds him of Amon to a certain extent.
    • He's a fervent advocate of equal rights for all species in the Pantheon, which has earned him the respect of most good-aligned mutants, and the ever-loving hate of William Stryker. While Kaneki has declined an invitation from Charles Xavier to come to the X-Mansion, he's made it clear that he supports Charles' agenda and intends to do what he can from the sidelines. Kaneki's herald Koutarou Amon, former Ghoul Investigator nearly threw up in his mouth when he saw how similar in personality Stryker was to his abusive foster father Donato Porpora and had this to say:
    Amon: Put those two in a ring together. I'd hate to see who destroys the other first.
    • Has made an alliance with Venom (Eddie) and Alex Mercer based on their fierce protectiveness of their loved ones, of which no one knows the nature of right now. Vlad von Carstein has expressed some interest in recruiting the group into the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, if only to give Venom and Kaneki especially a place in the larger scope of the Pantheon. Kaneki refused the offer on their behalf, coldly rebuffing Vlad. Surprisingly, the stand-off ended with no bloodshed and Vlad continues to respect Kaneki for his dedication. In his view, an alliance is inevitable since both despise Nagash with a passion.
    • Issei Hyodo of all people managed to relate to what he's gone through; one day, he went on a date with a woman, who turned out to be a Devil named Raynare, who stabbed him and left him for dead, and he would have died if Rias Gremory wasn't there to revive him as a Devil. Issei hasn't gone through the sheer amount of torment Kaneki did, and pities him for his suffering. Kaneki feels comforted that there is someone who has gone through something similar to his experiance and now hates Raynare as she reminds him too much of Rize Kamishiro.
  • Do not piss him off. If he starts asking you what a thousand minus seven is whilst cracking his knuckles, you better get ready for a savage beatdown. Plenty have attempted to hurt his friends only to get 'the treatment'. He shares the same belief as some other deities in the Pantheon: hurt my friends, and I will kill you.
    • He was once an ally of Eren Yeager to this end, concurring with his belief that loved ones always come first, in Eren's case being his friends and his people, the Eldians. However, even Kaneki has standards he would never cross. Kaneki was absolutely horrified when he learnt [[spoiler:that Eren had gone full Omnicidal Maniac and released the Wall Titans to destroy all life outside of Paradis Island to save his people from persecution. Kaneki consequently cut off all ties to Eren until he regained some sense (even he knows better than to directly confront one with the power of the Founding Titan). The reveal of Eren's true plan (to use the Rumbling to have his friends kill him, and the Eldians to thus be seen as heroes and stop being persecuted) hasn't changed much, with Kaneki feeling very much conflicted[[.
    • The same applies to Jason Voorhees, who dealt Ichika a nasty injury that would have been fatal had they not been taking a walk near the House of Health and Diseases. Paramedics hurried her away while Kaneki beat the ever-living crap out the giant zombie with a hockey mask and a machete. A good reason why Kaneki unloaded all his fury on Jason is because Yamori, the Aogiri executive who tortured him was nicknamed "the 13th Ward's Jason", an Expy of the famous horror movie serial killer.
  • To this day, Kaneki remains a happy family man in the Pantheon, despite all the new problems that have come up since his ascension. If someone wants to hurt Kaneki, make sure you can back it up. Otherwise, don't tickle the sleeping dragon.
I don't care about taking the side of those I cannot see. I fight for those close to me. And it just so happens that they're mostly ghouls.

    The Monster Girls 
Miia, Papi, Centorea Shianus, Suu, Meroune Lorelei, Rachnera Arachnera, and Lala, Goddesses of Attractive Female Monsters
Clockwise starting from the top: Rachnera, Suu, Papi, Miia, Centorea, Mero
And Lala
  • Lesser Goddesses (Suu can ascend depending what type of liquid she absorbs)
  • Symbols: A red "D"-hair accessory (Miia), a blue feather (Papi), a yellow horseshoe (Centorea), a green slime droplet (Suu), pink "head fin" (Mero), a purple spider web (Rachnera) and a black scythe (Lala)
  • Theme Song: Highest Speed Fall In Love
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Centorea), Neutral Good (Miia, Papi, Suu, Mero), Chaotic Good (Rachnera), True Neutral (Lala)
  • Portfolio: Interspecies Romance, Fanservice, named after their own species
  • Allies: Kimihito Kurusu, Kraft and Holo, Mordin Solus, Latias, Squigly, Luka, Dante, Alice, (for Miia), Arturia and Ventari (for Centorea), Celty Sturluson (for Lala), The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Enemies: ZEX, Ariel (for Mero initially), Melona (for Suu), Indiana Jones (for Miia) (one-sided)
  • Fangirl for: Solid Snake and Big Boss (for Miia)
  • Considered on some level to be the Good Counterparts to ZEX, or at least the "less squicky" counterparts. They give their blessings to those who wish for a meaningful relationship outside their species.
  • Ascended when sales of their manga managed to beat out Bleach and Attack on Titan on the New York Times Best-Sellers list. Ichigo and Eren were quoted as saying: "What the... but that... there's no way in... HOW?!?"
    • The last of the Monster Girls to join (so far) is the Dullahan, Lala, but not many noticed her arrival since she lacks presence.
  • Miia spends a lot of time taking courses from Mordin, hoping to pick up some... tricks for "Darling" and her to try when next she sees him. Whether "Darling" will take her up on her offers or not when the time comes remains to be seen.
  • Miia is prohibited from cooking in the House of Foods as many of the gods found out the hard way that her cooking is so bad that the very smell knocked out many of the gods.
  • Indiana Jones instantly freaks out upon seeing Miia for the first time, for obvious reasons.
  • Mero began hyperventilating when she met Sayaka Miki, to the point she actually passed out. When she regained consciousness, the mermaid practically BEGGED Sayaka for her autograph. The confused and unnerved magical girl complied, and Mero passed out again from sheer joy.
  • Centorea spends a lot of time in the House of Combat, honing her sword skills so that she can better protect "Master". She virtually hero-worships Arturia.
  • Despite their similar natures, Papi is understandably scared of Taokaka.
  • All of them greatly respect Luka, whose scent attracts monster girls like them like flies to him, yet he refuses to use it willing and prefers to even suppress it thanks to previous experiences and would never try to seduce any of them. Miia and Suu get along with him best though, since they remind him of his comrades Alice and Erubetie. Still, they respect his wishes to try and minimize contact with each other. Also they don't want to cheat on their Darling/Hubby/Boss/Master/Sir/Beloved/Honey.
    • When his wife Alice finally ascended, she was impressed by their dedication to Kimihito and decided to ally herself with them, being the closest to Miia. She has supposedly been considering training them into even more powerful well as more effective lovers.
    • They also all like Squigly after she made it clear she had no romantic interest in Kimihito. Most of them compare her somewhat to a much more lady-like Zombina, as hard as the image is for them to comprehend. Still, none of that has stopped them from at least mock-teasing her.
  • Meroune reserves a blazing hatred for Ariel, who she claims butchered her favorite fairy tale. The Little Mermaid was a TRAGEDY, dammit! Although she HAS been heard humming Les Poissons now and then, and while she thoroughly enjoys the surface world, she admits "Under The Sea" is VERY catchy.
    • With her realization that a tragic romance may not be as fun as she expected, she's been trying to muster the courage to apologize to Ariel for treating her so badly.
  • Suu and Melona don't get along well at all: Melona had chosen Papi for her latest round of teasing, and Suu took...exception. Melona's attempt to dissolve Papi's outfit backfired spectacularly (and literally) when Suu jumped in the way, absorbing the acid and firing it right back.
  • While Lala leaves little presence to the rest of the Pantheon, Celty is one of the few deities that she is friend with. The fact that they are both Dullahans may help. Though Lala has been trying out her bike since she doesn't have a steed at the moment.
  • Dante has been hired to help Kimihito Kurusu and protect the Monster Girls from potential troubles. While at first he was hesitant and wanted everyone to believe it was only for the payment, Dante eventually warmed up to them and made friends with both Kimihito himself and with all of the girls. Likewise, at first the Monster Girls were scared and untrustful towards the demon slayer, but soon enough befriended him and came to accept his demonic heritage after seeing his good side as he helped them several times (being the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda probably helped). These days he hangs around them, shares a place over dinner and helps out whenever needed, though he refuses to partake in any of the more humiliating tasks.
    • Feels mutually uneasy around Rachnera, Suu and Lala due to them reminding him of some of his past enemies, though eventually, they learned to respect each other and are on good terms. Meroune Lorelei and Centorea Shianus feel sympathy towards Dante due to having a tragic past and for Centorea due to being a fellow Half-Human Hybrid. The latter also challenged Dante to a duel, but was quickly defeated effortlessly without being harmed at all. Dante told Cerea his demon blood gives him an unfair advantage, but assures he will never hurt her due to being a friend and making a promise he will protect them. While a bit ashamed and envious, Centorea values Dante as an ally, a fellow non-human and a superior swordsman even to this day.
    • Out of all the girls Miia seems to be treating him the best (possibly due to being a red-skinned, yellow-eyed reptilian humanoid in his Devil Trigger form), something which has earned her the half-devil's friendship. However she also acts slightly weird and shy, making everyone think she has feelings of attraction towards Dante. Miia obviously denies this and says she will never cheat on her Darling. Despite this, all the Gods and Goddesses have seen that she is happier when Dante is around her and sadder when he is away on his demon-hunting duties.
  • They were overjoyed at their Darling/Hubby/Master/Beloved/Honey had ascended, and they all went to greet him. Unfortunately for them, they went overboard and nearly killed him as per usual.

    The Monsters (Monsters vs. Aliens
The Monstersmembers, Avatars of Monster Team-Ups (Susan Murphy: Ginormica; Dr. Cockroach: Doc; B.O.B.: Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate; Missing Link: Link; Insectosaurus: Insecto, Butterflysaurus)
Insectosaurus in the background, Susan in the middle with Dr. Cockroach on her arm, and B.O.B. and Missing Link in the front
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Monsters vs. Aliens logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Monsters, Heroism
  • Herald: General Warren R. Monger
  • Allies: Godzilla (most of the time), Mothra Leo
  • Rivals: Rampage Wrecking Crew
  • Enemies: Black Doom, Marvin the Martian, Martians (Mars Attacks), The Harvesters, Mars People, Dr. Hamsterviel, SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, The Combine, Wallace Breen, ADVENT, Them!
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Zim
  • Wary of: Nancy Archer, The Blob, The Invisible Man, The SCP Foundation
  • When the Earth is under attack by dangerous aliens, it's up to a team of misfit monsters discovered by the U.S. government to fight back and stop the incoming doom. Their members consist of a forty-nine foot eleven-and-a-half inch giant woman named Ginormica (real name Susan Murphy), a half-man half-cockroach scientist fittingly named Dr. Cockroach, a blue blob called B.O.B., a massive insect dubbed Insectosaurus, and a fish-person referred to as The Missing Link. All of them are based on pre-existing iconic movie monsters, but unlike their inspirations, this team of monsters are on the side of good as one might guess.
  • Chaos would befall the Pantheon yet again when the giant ants known as Them! attacked once more. This time, their numbers included a number of ants affected by various kinds of nuclear radiation. As various deities were prepared to combat this menace again, they received some additional help in combating these giant ants. More specifically, five monsters, all similar to old movie monsters in some way, helped out in stopping the ants' swarm. After it was settled, the five talked to other deities about staying in the Pantheon in order to stop other threats, be it giant or alien. The request was accepted and the five have since joined others in fighting aliens and monsters that threaten the Pantheon.
  • All of them were surprised to see the original movie monsters that inspired them present in the Pantheon. Despite a handful of attempts to try and get to know their inspirations better, it mostly didn't work out due to the originals having some sense of unpredictability that could cause a good amount of damage or just not wanting to really meet up with anyone in general.
    • Susan and her friends found out about Nancy Archer from a few deities who had witnessed the latter in action. Given how temperamental Nancy can be, there's quite a bit of bad blood between her and Susan, and a fight even broke out between the two at some point. Susan later learned that Nancy also had troubles with a guy and later stood up to him, albeit in a more deadly manner. The team were also told that were a few deities that have been hanging out with Nancy in the hopes of improving her behavior. Progress on that front has been a bit slow, so the team (especially Susan) are still making sure Nancy doesn't get out of hand.
    • Eager to meet up with another sentient blob, B.O.B wanted to try and meet up with what was only known as The Blob. The Blob's insatiable appetite and the ditziness of B.O.B. caused some problems and the rest of the team had to get B.O.B. away from The Blob before things could get worse.
    • The Missing Link was curious about Gill-Man, especially after learning about how the latter is supposedly "the missing link" between man and fish. After coming across the Gill-Man, The Missing Link attempted to talk to him and even strike up a friendship with him. The attempt didn't go well as the Gill-Man wanted to be left alone and forced The Missing Link out of the Gill-Man's lagoon.
    • Of the various monsters that inspired the crew, the only one that the team got along with pretty well is Mothra Leo, even if he isn't the original Mothra. All the members of the team, Insectosaurus in particular, are impressed with what Mothra Leo is capable of and are fond of his goals and dedication to protecting Earth.
  • It didn't take the group that long before they encountered Godzilla, a giant monster whom many have talked about thanks to his power and notability. They've also witnessed together a fight between Godzilla and Gigan during a mission with Mothra Leo. Once that ended, they learned that Godzilla can cause plenty of destruction, but for the most part, he's fighting to keep the natural order in check. Overall, the team respects Godzilla for the most part, but if the King of the Monsters does get out of control, they're going to have difficulties fighting him. Mothra Leo is willing to help them out if such a scenario does happen.
    • A later assignment took a turn for the worse when Spacegodzilla suddenly showed up and Susan's team had a lot of trouble trying to take him down. It wasn't until Godzilla showed up and took down Spacegodzilla that things began to settle down. Following that incident, Susan and her team learned that there were other giant monsters out there in addition to what they encountered that could pose a significant risk to others. It didn't help that Spacegodzilla was also an alien and one that was worse than what Susan and co. had been used to.
  • They have gotten into a lot of trouble with the Rampage Wrecking Crew several times as a result of the trio's chaotic and unpredictable nature. Ginormica and Insectosaurus are primarily the ones who are sent to fight them whenever the three are causing destruction towards others and each other. Susan in particular is concerned about the three after learning that they were originally humans exposed to radiation and that there really isn't much in the way of reverting the monsters to regular humans instead of just beating them up. There was also concerns about a chemical that causes increased size and rage having some involvement with the Rampage Wrecking Crew and the team is worried about a similar substance being made for additional enemies.
  • Having been involved with the U.S. government for a while, the team has been wondering if there were other secret organizations that kept similar beings such as themselves for whatever reason. That was when they were told about The SCP Foundation, an organization dedicated to studying unusual phenomena not just related to beings, but also locations and just weird events in general. Unlike the mostly benevolent U.S. government that Susan and her friends worked with, The SCP Foundation's goals aren't that clear-cut and some members within that particular group are morally ambiguous to the point of having their own goals separate from the Foundation. Susan and her friends don't want much, if any, involvement from The SCP Foundation as they're very worried about what could happen if they got involved with them.
  • Susan and her team quickly learned that there were a multitude of aliens present in the Pantheon and that a good number of them intend to threaten it to some degree. While some of these aliens were about as threatening as Gallaxhar was and only a few of them were less threatening than him, there were some that are even more dangerous than Gallaxhar could ever be.
    • After spending a bit of time looking through several aliens and what they're capable of, it became clear that there were aliens that can cause destruction greater than that of Gallaxhar. Of these aliens, Black Doom, The Harvesters, ADVENT, and the Mars People are among those that Susan and co. are afraid of, simply because those aliens don't pull any punches when it comes to their goals and what they are capable of.
      • What was even worse than those threatening aliens was that there were a few humans such as Wallace Breen who was willing to ally themselves with dangerous aliens such as The Combine. It's clear that not only are Susan and her friends not used to such a thing, but that potentially trying to stop those traitors is going to require more than just their abilities.
    • Marvin the Martian and Dr. Hamsterviel are two aliens that Susan and her friends see as a bit similar to Gallaxhar in terms of attitude. Although Hamsterviel isn't a huge threat compared to many other aliens, the fact that he funded a project that created a bunch of aliens and is willing to continue this in the Pantheon with the help of others such as Marvin has made Susan and co. keep an eye on them in case a plan of their comes to fruition.
    • Even if many of the antagonistic aliens are something that the team takes seriously, even they have a hard time accepting Zim as a legitimate threat compared to other aliens. While Susan and co. have had a few fights against Zim (and they have acknowledged that Zim could be a threat if he tried hard enough), they generally don't see him as that big of a problem, even compared to Gallaxhar. This only prompted Zim to try and step up his game, though he hasn't been completely successful in that regard thanks to Susan and co., among other things.
  • One of the team's former members was apparently a version of The Invisible Man. At first they wanted to "meet" up with him, but they later got additional information about his true nature from other deities. They, Susan especially, are really wary about him after getting that information considering that things could get awkward if someone who had the same name as a former member of the team ended up causing problems for the group.
  • Susan Murphy was just a regular girl about to marry a new reporter, but her life would never be the same after coming into contact with a radioactive meteorite, causing her to grow to massive size and turning her hair white as a result. Now given the moniker Ginormica by the U.S. government, she encounters other unusual monsters and while helping them stop an alien threat, Susan manages to gain some confidence and accept her newfound life along the way.
    • Following Gallaxhar's defeat and her team's subsequent adventures, Susan became capable of shifting between giant size and normal human size. When it comes to the Pantheon, she is usually seen the size of a regular human whenever she isn't in action. Whenever she is working with her friends in combating some sort of threat, Susan will switch into giant mode and fight back.
    • After learning about another giantess named Diane roaming around the Pantheon, Susan wanted to meet up with her and see how similar and different they are to each other. When the time came for the meeting, Susan was surprised that Diane was shorter in size compared to her and Nancy. Regardless, Susan got along with Diane easily after learning that the latter is also involved with a team that battles strange threats, though in a much different matter. Diane also mentioned that she met Nancy previously and that she is trying to help Nancy out in trying to use her powers for good. Susan has considered Diane's help, and Diane is hopeful that it means burying the hatchet between Susan and Nancy at some point.
  • Dr. Herbert Cockroach is a brilliant, if a bit insane, scientist that turned himself into a cockroach during an experiment. Befitting his last name, he has a giant cockroach head and his body overall is size of such an insect, but is able to climb up walls and can endure plenty of physical damage.
    • Wanting to meet up with other inventors and scientists, Dr. Cockroach decided to visit the House of Science since that would be where others like him visit. While it wouldn't take him that long to meet up with other benevolent inventors, it would take him an equally short time for him to find out that there's other inventors and scientists that want to use their inventions to harm others. Dr. Cockroach is willing to help out friendly inventors in trying to prevent villainous ones from trying to have their way whenever he isn't with his monster friends.
  • The full name for B.O.B is Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate and he is a sentient blob that was the result of a genetically-altered food coming into contact with each other. He has quite the appetite and is indestructible, but he literally doesn't have a brain compared to the other members of the team.
    • B.O.B. found a very good friend in Zac, another living blob like himself and their friendship happened quickly as a result of similar affable personalities, though Zac is more intelligent than B.O.B. is by some mark. B.O.B. is also impressed with what Zac is capable of and sometimes lets The Secret Weapon join him and his friends on some missions.
  • Originally frozen for about 20,000 years, The Missing Link is a fish-ape hybrid who, while once a decent threat after getting thawed out, had his stamina impacted after getting caught by the government. While he can get a bit boastful about his abilities, he cares about his friends and even translates what Insectosaurus says.
    • Although he didn't have the best of luck trying to approach Gill-Man, The Missing Link became interested in The Asset after learning that it was another fish-man hybrid. He ended up encountering a Elisa Esposito alongside The Asset and later learned about their story, which he shared with his friends following that meeting. After getting over the initial weirdness of a love story between a woman and a fish-man, The Missing Link is supportive of their relationship and is willing to help them out whenever trouble heads their way.
    • Rikuo ended up being another fish-person that The Missing Link found while going through the Pantheon, with the former's royal background being something that The Missing Link was a bit jealous of at first. After getting over that initial jealousy, The Missing Link became good conversation buddies with Rikuo and they sometimes have friendly sparring matches, mainly to get The Missing Link back in shape.
  • Insectosaurus is the largest member of the team, clocking in at 350 ft. tall as a result of exposure to nuclear radiation. He can shoot silk out of his nose and can get distracted easily by bright lights. The Missing Link helps translates what this unintelligible monster is saying. Insecto also has a second form known as Butterflysaurus, enabling him to fly.
    • Sig and Agitha, being the insect fans that they are, wanted to meet Insectosaurus after hearing that he was a monstrous insect. Insecto enjoys their company quite a bit (with The Missing Link being there to help the two understand Insecto better) and whenever he is Butterflysaurus, he sometimes lets the two fly around the Pantheon with him.


    Mister Babadook 
All right who's-






The Babadook, The Monster That Thrives in the Mind (Mister Babadook)
  • Demideity, though can reach Lesser Deity territory due to it being unkillable.
  • Symbol: Itself, smiling.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A shadowy being that cannot be killed by any means, came from a children's popup book, has the body or Orlok and the face of Cesare, has fanged fingers for hands, possesses its victims, the personification of Amelia's guilt and depression, sealed in the basement thanks to a line in the book
  • Domains: Entities, Possession, Manifestations, Grief, Shadows
  • Similar Beings: Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the Perfect Trumpet Thingy, Pyramid Head, Kayako Saeki, The Bogeyman
  • Possible Relations: Count Orlok, Cesare
  • Avoided by: The House of Despondency and the House of Family and Relatives, Ponette, Simon Henriksson, Dominic Cobb
  • The shadows are a terrifying sight and the symbolism as well as the horror of looking at a black background with the thoughts of terror can make even the most staunch person shriek in terror. This was the case of a windowed mother Amelia and her son Samuel as she has an exhausting life trying to take care of her son's mental disorder and her still continued sadness towards her beloved's death. Her son builds traps in his room due to his fear of monsters under the bed and leaves her in a constant tired state. Her best way to calm him down is reading him a story but that all changed when a book suddenly appeared right in front of their doorstep, titled "Mister Babadook". The story tells of a seemingly friendly monster that wants to befriend the reader, inviting them through a few footsteps and a knock on the door, after which the monster takes off the disguise and wish the person was dead. Needless to say, Sam was convinced the monster was real and Amelia, desperate to calm the senses of her son, ripped it off, until it came back, with a new story and a new purpose: to haunt her and her son.
    "If it's in a word or it's in a look...You can't get rid of the Babadook."
    • The haunting of both Amelia and Sam would continue and finally lead to the duo's isolation, giving the entity the chance to strike them at their weakest. Amelia's possession and the killing of their dog would accomplish two-thirds of the story but thanks to Sam's traps in his room, he evaded death and gave enough emotion for his mom to return, only for the eponymous Babadook to form out of the shadows into a familiar figure, her husband Oskar, wanting to see his child once more. The sight of her once beloved angered her to the point of weakening the monster and eventually lost control. What remains of the monster now resides in their basement, unable to leave their presence. As the saying goes, "If it's in a word or it's in a look...You can't get rid of the Babadook".
  • The House of Emotion's natural expansion came with it a slew of problems the Pantheon was forced to fix in several weeks. While the new Houses that branched off did well in the eventual splitting, another issue arose that some emotional entities were able to breach the Pantheon and were on the loose. The Guardians of the House did all they could to capture these beings, however a few snuck in with ease. Deep in the annals of the House of Despondency, the House's own contemporary buildings allowed it to hide underneath Pantheon security, though it was not long till someone, rumors indicate it was the Knight of Despair or Alma Wade, sensed a being of shadow hiding within the buildings. It was then found within Isaac's temple, waiting for the time to possess the poor child and was caught though it took some time considering the nature of the entity. The being, called as Mister Babadook, was about to be kicked out until the Court noticed how it managed to enter Isaac's temple, through his mind. Seeing that few entities are natural to someone's own thoughts, they decided to keep the Babadook, this time under a new habitat under the House of Otherness, appropriate for the type of monster it is.
  • Very few have witnessed the Babadook, but those who have the sense of grief and depression, especially by the loss of their own love might encounter it. The story of Amelia and Sam's details regarding the creature has been one of the talks in the House of Emotion back in the day though it eventually faded into obscurity following new events, leading some to speculate if it was even real. That was until the creature was caught, or rather lured, as the Babadook's nature of a mental being makes it hard to comprehend or even grasp what is its true form. The figure described in the events may or may not be only exclusive to Amelia's recounting of the events, so in essence, the Babadook may not even have a true form at all.
  • When the figure was first seen, it had a tall, hunched appearance with pale skin, paired with extremely sharp fingers almost resembling claws alongside with it the glimpse of its "face": skinny, pale-looking and with hollow-blackened eyes. The Pantheon's news caught wind of this and made the report, some of the readers almost identified the figure to be similar to two of its direct inspirations: Count Orlok and Cesare. The two were shocked to see a mental being able to nearly mimic two of their distinct features and combine both into one appearance. Those who have seen the story of Francis can attest that Cesare and the Babadook might be one in the same by looks.
  • The nature of how the Babadook appeared in the grieving mother's life has made some deities scared of it especially if one resides either within the House of Despondency or Family and Relatives. It actively revels in both, especially by those who lost their own respective loved ones, going by Amelia's testimony. Theoretically, it could manifest in other forms of depression or guilt and not exclusive to family loss, meaning it can terrorize other deities that are beyond those two Houses. The former is where it usually resides, often coming out in the minds of certain deities that have a history of grief. Unfortunately for them, even if they were to get rid of their source of it and move on, the Babadook remains, a compelling reaction that shows that it is a representation of the emotion of grief, showing how one's sorrow will still be felt even as they move on in their life.
    • Unfortunately, for the optimistic kind, the Babadook found itself a great host to latch onto, in the form of a motherless child Ponette, who is blissfully unaware of the entity stalking her. The Babadook's presence was not reported until a few days where the child was found crying hard in an unusually pitch black room and the guardians of the House rushed in to save her. Because of the child's matching description of a loss of a parent equal to Amelia's loss of Oskar, the entity found the perfect entity to stick to, causing the House's own guardians to find experts in trying to lure a mental being out of a child's mind. This poses an awful scenario for some of the curious type that the possibility of the entire thing with Amelia and Sam's survival against the Babadook might not be real, and may be a dream with the reality that she might have killed Samuel before retreating back to her mind.
    • The theory mentioned above would soon manifest by three certain deities, each with their own form of depression caused either through their loss of their loved ones or other reasons: James Sunderland, Dominic Cobb and Simon Henriksson. The effects the entity had on all three were significanty different, depending on how they were able to handle their own mental state. Simon was able to fend off and take on the Babadook with ease all thanks to him able to solve his depressive state, but was unable to kill it fully and haunts him in certain days, making him the least affected. Cobb's lingering regret of his wife allowed the Babadook to manifest and had greater effect due to the crew's dream missions, allowing the entity to manifest more often but was not alone and could even lessen the effects, making him the middle when it comes to the severity of it. James was hit the worst, as his less-than-savory past allowed the Babadook to manifest even faster and had the opportunity to harrass James at many crucial moments, unhelped by the fact that it and Pyramid Head are eerily similar in terms of nature. His effect was the worst and the entity enjoys haunting him from time to time. All three have noticed that the Babadook is known to make an entrance with the presence of multiple cockcroaches.
  • The idea of a monster formed by one's own mind is an uncommon concept as some deities have experiences of seeing their emotions manifest into a physical state though the number of deities that experienced such are very few. Courage the Cowardly Dog is afraid of it, or rather the concept of which the Babadook operates. It does remind him of an entity similar to it, the Perfect Trumpet Thingy, which was a symbol of Courage's inability to become perfect and is the closest to the Babadook in terms of form, only the Trumpet Thingy helped him in the course of its existence, unlike the Babadook which actively haunted its victims. In a similar vain related to grief, Pennywise is another entity that torments his victims and finds the Babadook's story to be interesting though disappointing. While it is true that the two feed on fear and the like, the Babadook does not have a true form so IT cannot gauge whether the entity is powerful, compared to the clown's actual form of a spider. Pyramid Head could also be considered such, since the entity is James' physical manifestation of his wanting to be punished for his actions, combined with it and the hulking figure haunting James' Pantheon life has seen some comparisons.
    • The Bogeyman could be argued as the Babadook's main inspiration, as the similar motifs of beings in the dark and related to nightmares match. They also thrive very well in people's minds and have limited physical forms, though the Bogeyman has his own form, the Babadook requires possession of some kind. It can be theorized that the Babadook is an offshoot of the original Bogeyman, perhaps one verion's own Bogeyman to another. If this is true, then the Bogeyman's influence may be stronger than expected.
    • Inescapibility is perhaps one of the Babadook's greatest and most lingering consequence, as a result from a key line in the book, the Babadook, should it ever manifest, cannot escape or leave the host forever. The best one could actually do is weaken it to a significant degree but has the risk of making its' presence all the more stronger if one goes back to their old ways. And if there is one entity that also known for their inability to be escaped from, Kayako Saeki is the one. With help of the curse known as the Ju-On, Kayako remains an unavoidable curse, as one person's mistake of opening or revealing the curse could result in an entire world being at risk with it. It may not have the same effect as Kayako, but the fact that the two cannot be repelled by any means makes them all the more terrifying.


Shantak-kun, Goddess of Monster Pets (Shantak-bird, Shanta)
Her true form