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Beavis: Check it out, Butt-Head! This chick has three boobs!
Butt-Head: That's pretty cool. How many butts does she have?

Any character with more than two breasts has a case of multiboobage. The term originated (or at least, was popularised) by The Funday Pawpet Show's Simba, whose character, Arthur Bronswager, sings the parody song "Total Recallin'", which contains the line, "The best part was the girl with three breasts."

This is fairly common in parts of the Furry Fandom, mainly due to this being Truth in Television for most mammals. A triple or more breast count is almost exclusively done with female breasts—you're unlikely to see a male furry with more than two nipples (unless this is a transgender or intersex person with breasts), even if he is in the same drawing as a female with more than two.

Most male characters with extra chest accessories fall under the Sister Trope Triple Nipple.


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  • The goddess(es) of the dead world in the manga, Gokurakumaru.
  • One Kirby 4Koma depicted a hypothetical female member of Kirby's species with three pairs of breasts.
  • In the Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi manga, during the horror film chapter, Mune-Mune turns into a "monster" with several dozen breasts.
  • Softenni: One of the extra episodes features a pair of synthetic breasts modeled after the busty character, Chitose. They wind up attached to her at one point. But since she's already so busty, they sit on top of her breasts, making it look like she has four giant boobs.
  • Space☆Dandy:
  • Rinko grew four more during mid-transformation into a cow in You Are Being Summoned, Azazel.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Nora implies this in order to pass as a Faunus. When someone asks her to show her Faunus trait, she covers her chest and calls him a pervert. Then she claims to be a cow Faunus, and everyone tries to avoid looking at her chest.
  • Rocketship Voyager. Among the crew there's an Urban Legend about an ensign called Sonya who got a high dose of radiation that gave her three breasts.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 

  • The August Few has Locket; the Grand Voice, who has two rows of breasts, the top row being described slightly larger than the bottom row.
  • "Der Butt" by German literature Nobel laureate Günter Grass has Aua, the three-breasted "ur mother". Ur Daddy scares the surplus breast off.
  • Discworld
    • In Feet of Clay, when Cheery notes about how hard it is to be openly female and a dwarf, Angua (a werewolf) muses internally that at least she doesn't feel like she should be wearing three bras sometimes.
    • Way back in Equal Rites, a caravan-trail from Zemphis to Ankh-Morpork runs past a mountain called the Paps of Scilla. Speculation about the lady it's named after are centered on this trope, because it's got eight peaks. (Probably a reference to the Paps of Jura in the Hebrides, which has three peaks.)
  • In the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories, one of the Gray Mouser's girlfriends was an albino wererat with eight nipples.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy makes periodic references to Eccentrica Gallumbits, the Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon VI. Rumor has it that her erogenous zones start several miles out from her body.
  • Among the Ursine Aliens of the Hoka series, the females have four breasts. This can pose tailoring challenges, depending on what costume is appropriate to whatever fiction she's currently living.
  • The novelisation of Total Recall (1990) was not Piers Anthony's first encounter with extra boobage; a minor character in Mute is a three-breasted mutant.
  • The Woof Writers, a werewolf couple in Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures series, say that this is how they can tell tourists dressed up as werewolves: they only have two breasts. The main characters consider this Too Much Information.
  • The Redemption of Althalus: The Fertility Goddess Dweia is deeply offended that one culture depicts her in statues as looking "like a whole herd of brood sows".
  • The Sandman: The Dream Hunters: The Mother (of the Sandman's Three-In-One) has several pairs of breasts extending down her torso. The narration compares her to a female pig or rat.
  • In a variant, one local goddess mentioned in John Brunner's The Traveller in Black is depicted in statuary as a woman with hundreds of nipples all over her body.
  • The Uplift Universe provides us with the Tymbrimi, fox-like empaths with four breasts (derived from ancestral nipples). They can also make themselves appear more like other species (including humans) through some odd biological process.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Desiree Dupree from American Horror Story: Freak Show. What made her a freak was not only having three breasts, but also being a fully-functioning hermaphrodite. Or so she thought. Turned out she had a hormone imbalance that caused her to grow a third breast and an elongated clitoris.
  • Angel. A triple-breasted hooker is seen in a demon brothel in "Couplet". Unfortunately she also has a Glasgow Grin. Yeesh!
  • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Eggsalad Equivalancy", Sheldon spills the beans to HR about Howard's using University funds to construct a 'six breasted sex robot'.
  • In a variant, Nursie from Black Adder II made herself a cow costume with three udders.
  • Frasier:
    • Roz's Star Trek obsessed unwanted admirer sends around an office petition for the producers to introduce the character of Rozalinda, the four breasted Space Vixen and ruler of the planet Rozniac. When Frasier compares the tribute to Robert Browning's poems to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Roz asks if Browning ever wrote a poem giving Elizabeth two extra breasts.
    • During The Stinger, Roz receives a gift - a multi-boobed bra. When she puts it on in amusement, her co-workers outside the booth start bowing, saying (as anyone with any level of lip-reading can see), "All hail Rozalinda!"
  • Invoked in the second season of Game of Thrones, when Varys mentions to Tyrion Lannister that the favored deity of the Summer Isles is a fertility goddess with sixteen breasts. Tyrion, being a notable lecher, jokingly suggests that they should abandon their soon-to-be besieged city and sail away to the Summer Isles instead.
  • In the How I Met Your Mother episode "Trilogy Time", Barney Stinson plans on inventing "back boobs".
    Barney: The visual stimulation of missionary meets the emotional detachment of doggie style.
  • On Legends of Tomorrow, Mick writes a sci-fi romance novel where the heroine's a Purple-Skinned Space Babe with three breasts. In the episode "Tagumo Attacks!!!", he uses a Reality Rewriting book to bring said triple-breasted space babe to life and has sex with her. Afterwards, he considers a revision to his novel: "I was thinking about a fourth boob."
  • One episode of Married... with Children has Al Bundy mention his fantasy of being with an alien woman with three breasts. When asked what the third breast is for, he says it's on the back... for dancing.
  • In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 riff of Werewolf (1996), Crow comments that big boobed Werewolf!Natalie will probably have three rows of breasts. Servo gives a combination Squee / Squick noise, saying, I don't know how to feel about that."
  • Red Dwarf,
    • In one episode, Cat is examined by the ship's doctor, who points out his non-human status to the captain by calling attention to his six nipples. This leads to the following exchange:
    Captain Hollister: I wonder what the female of the species is like.
    The Cat: Pretty easy to please in bed. Especially if you play the piano.
    Lister: Imagine making love to a woman with six breasts.
    Rimmer: Imagine making love to a woman.
  • Implied in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, when Mayweather mentions that he's been to the planet Draylax.
    Trip I heard the women on Draylax have—
    Mayweather: Three. Yeah, it's true.
    Trip: You know that firsthand?
    Mayweather: Firsthand, secondhand... thirdhand.
    Trip: I guess growing up a boomer has its advantages!
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • Gene Roddenberry originally wanted Deanna Troi to be of the four breasted kind, but his wife convinced him that it would be a bad idea.
    • It's mentioned (to an alien ambassador) in another episode by Captain Picard about how the women of a specific planet had "three of them".
  • The Super Beast, Unitang from the Toku show Ultraman Ace is a Monster who's body possesses EIGHT breasts altogether.
  • One episode of The Young Ones started off with Neil dreaming he was on a Dallas-style TV program, opening credits included. When the "credits" showed cast members of this imaginary program, listed actresses' roles included the Dumb Blonde With Big Tits, the Dumb Blonde With Big Tits Who Drinks Too Much, and the Big Blonde With Dumb Tits, who had breasts on the front and back of her chest (total of four).

  • As mentioned above, the parody song "Total Recallin'" with the line "Da best part/Was da girl with three breasts."
  • According to Busted's song Year 3000, in the future triple breasted women go around naked.
    • Subverted in the Jonas Brothers’ cover of the song, where the line is changed completely, in keeping with the family-friendly image they maintained at the time.
  • This Gossip poster for "Afterparty".
  • At one point of Skylar Grey‘s “C’mom Let Me Ride” music video, a woman gets three breasts from plastic surgery performed by Dr. Grey.
  • French-Canadian series Les 2 Minutes du Peuple has "Snack Bar chez Raymond" where a girl sports three boobs.

  • There are a number of ancient cultures, such as the Inca, which depicted their fertility goddesses as having multiple breasts. Scholars have debated whether the Ephesian statues of the goddess Artemis have multiple breasts as well, but the more accepted view in recent years is that the breast-like objects on the statues are part of the goddess's costume.
  • Hindu goddess Meenakshi had three breasts at birth. She loses one of them when she meets her husband, Shiva.
  • Some versions of the Amazon legend depict these warrior-women as inverting this trope, amputating one breast so it won't get in the way when they draw back a bowstring. As women who practice archery today don't have any such problems, feminists have suggested that the depiction is due to men being uncomfortable with the idea of strong women, and therefore an Amazon has to give up part of her womanhood for strength. (It may have originally simply been an etymological myth to explain the word "Amazon," which was likely from an Iranian or non-Indo-European language but was interpreted in Greek as "a-" + "mazos," "lacking a breast." This would explain why Amazons weren't consistently so depicted.)

    Newspaper Comics 
  • The Dilbert strip for January 18, 2012 had Wally join the Top 1% Club and express his pleasure at seeing a female member with three breasts.


    Puppet Shows 
  • The Funday Pawpet Show:
    • The show is Trope Namer through an off the cuff remark turned catchphrase by castmember Simba, althought it took a very long time for any multiboobed characters to actually appear.
    • As of episode 409, this is apparently true for Lilly Voop, the female fox puppet. Discovered when the resident endangered seacow and Dirty Old Man Hugh Manatee invented a new game: Honk-A-Boob.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, female gnolls were depicted as having six breasts. This is a bit odd, given that gnolls are supposed to be humanoid hyenas, which unlike canines or felines only have a single pair of mammary glands.
  • FAPP (NSFW):
    • 2nd Edition, a.k.a. Advanced Fapp, has the Multi Mutation, which can be applied to your Tits or any other Asset (which are basically body parts). The rules for it are: "If you use this Asset multiple times during your turn, the second and any subsequent uses gain Advantage. If this Asset is attacked multiple times in the same turn, the second and any subsequent attacks gain Advantage. Attempts to remove this Asset instead remove this Mutation."
    • 3rd Edition, a.k.a. Fapp Climax, has the Multi Mod, which is basically the same as in 2nd Edition but running off of 3rd Edition's mechanics, as explained here: "Attacks and Contests made with or against this Asset roll twice and take the higher roll. If this Asset would be removed, remove this Mod instead."
  • Scarred Lands: Sintaurs built as females are noted to typically be given at least two or three pairs of breasts. Their creators also prefer the biggest breasts they can get their hands on. They are considered a status symbol in Shelzar and a perverse abomination almost everywhere else.
  • An occasional motif of followers of Slaanesh, the Chaos God(/dess) of Pleasure in Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000. One iteration of the models for the Daemonettes had anywhere from two to six breasts apiece. These were later changed back to more "traditional" styles (which could have zero, one or two breasts, most commonly one), to... mixed reactions. The Greater Daemon "The Keeper of Secrets", however, seems to commonly have six.

    Video Games 
  • Female Iskai from Albion have two sets of breasts (and typically wear diagonal bras that leave two exposed), while the men have two sets of pectorals (nipples included).
  • The Broodmothers of Dragon Age: Origins, which used to be women who were corrupted by the taint, display this trope and are completely unclothed. They are far from being arousing, however, as they are bloated, pale, vomit-smeared monstrosities with Combat Tentacles who exist only to produce thousands of darkspawn. The Mother of Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening is only slightly less disgusting, resembling more of a conventional human female. But don't try to kiss her if your mouth only opens one way.
  • The Alien Queen in Duke Nukem Forever. Duke would still tap that if he wasn't busy hurling explosives at it for a Boss Battle.
  • Clotho, the third Sister of Fate, in God of War II. Like the above example, however, it's far from arousing. It doesn't help that her appearance here completely contradicts the original Greek myth stating that she was the most beautiful of the three Sisters.
  • The Vortigaunts in Half-Life, despite being extradimensional aliens, have four nipples. It's never stated whether they're males/females/asexual or even mammals at all though they DO have navels which would mean they're placental; then again, they ARE aliens with a third arm growing out of their chest.
  • Heroes of the Storm sports a rare male example in the "Greed" skin for Cho'Gall. A reimagining of the two-headed Ogre-Mage as a demon of greed from Diablo (with the second head being an imp on his shoulder), the model has four saggy breasts, each with three visible nipples. The skin was quickly dubbed "Trip Nips," by the fandom.
  • I Cannot Drown: Equipping the "Hunger" effect gives Ume the appearance of a spider-human hybrid, with three sets of mutilated, bandaged breasts accompanying it.
  • The bizarre Oocca from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which look like chickens except for their human faces and their multiple sets of breasts (with exposed nipples, no less).
  • Eve's pregnant form in the first Parasite Eve game dips into this territory, albeit sans nipples.
  • Queen Atziri in Path of Exile has two pairs of breasts.
  • The simulated Steelport of Saints Row IV has nude statues of three-breasted alien women in select spots, such as in the street right by its casinos.
  • SturmFront: The Mutant War has a giant purple-skinned mutant woman boss, the Bossom Breed Mistress, who has three jiggling boobies. Kill her and your character will exclaim, "Shake your boobs!"
  • The most common depiction of Satan in the Shin Megami Tensei series has several thin, saggy teats hanging from the humanoid part of his torso. He's also considered male.
    • Diana however takes the cake with sixteen breasts. Seven alone are on her head. Tiamat has quite a few on her lower body's chest and some on her upper body's chest as well.
  • The Nali from Unreal. While only males appear in-game, there are frescoes of Vandora, the Nali goddess of thunder.
  • In Wing Commander: The Secret Missionsnote  the Kilrathi priestess conducting the Sivar Eshrad ceremony on Firekka is shown with three sets of breasts, covered by a three-part bikini top type affair.note 


    Web Original 
  • Looming Gaia: Roshava have four arms, and four pectoral muscles to support them. Naturally, this means that roshava women have four breasts.
  • Yoki and this is justified because she is actually they, a set of conjoined twins and their bodies didn't completely split nor quite completely fuse, leaving them with four breasts, two arms (one for each of them), and four legs.

    Western Animation 
  • The Biker Mice from Mars episode "Stone Broke" featured an alien villainess known as the Stonecutter, who had four breasts to go with her four arms.
  • Due to Captain Hero's tampering with the time stream in the Drawn Together episode "Terms of Endearment" results in the entire human race becoming humanoids composed entirerly of breasts.
  • Family Guy
    • This flashback in which Meg dates the Count from Sesame Street.
    • Peter also declares Mary from Total Recall to be his ideal woman in the episode "Fish Out of Water," regardless of the fact that her third breast was fake.
    • In another episode, Brian grosses out Peter by shaving off his fur and showing Peter that, like other dogs, he has multiple pairs of nipples.
  • Harley Quinn: While going through the pockets of an unconscious John Constantine, Harley finds an autographed photo of a six-breasted succubus. She cheerfully comments that she has all three of the bras the succubus is wearing.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes has several background characters like this.
  • Metalocalypse: In the Dethklok music video "Castratikron", the titular monster is a Medusa-like creature with six breasts.
  • Nu, Pogodi! has a pig relaxing on a beach in a bikini... with multiple bras.
  • In Rick and Morty episode "The ABCs of Beth", Jerry's rebound girlfriend is a blue alien with three boobs. And two vaginas to boot. And when her ex-boyfriend shows up, he's shown to have three nipples as well.
  • In the "Kramer vs. Showgirls" episode of Robot Chicken, an Enterprise crewmember is enticed by the description of alien women with ten breasts apiece.
  • While Zygon puts out a bounty out for Orin in Starchaser: The Legend of Orin they briefly have a bar scene in which a three breasted dancer in seen in the background.
  • N'tik on Tripping the Rift has three breasts but is one of the less attractive examples of this trope as she's a centaur-like Starfish Alien.
  • The pilot for Ugly Americans features a blue-skinned woman with eleven breasts and no head.

    Real Life 
  • The medical conditions polymastia and polythelia, while they occur rarely in humans, do evoke this trope. However, due to such conditions only forming on milk lines for mammals (armpit to hip on either side), having it like Total Recall (1990) is very much Artistic License – Biology.
  • Girls and women with polythelia might grow breast-like fatty tissue and milk glands under their extra nipples during the Breast Expansion associated with puberty or pregnancy. This could also hypothetically happen to a trans woman undergoing hormone replacement therapy.
  • In 2014, a woman named Jasmine Tridevil claimed to have gotten cosmetic surgery to add a third breast a lá Total Recall, but it is now believed that the story was a hoax.