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    Nyarlathotep (Persona
Nyarlathotep, Living Embodiment of All Evil in Humanity's Heart (The Crawling Chaos, Nyarly)
His Crawling Chaos form
His base form 
His Moon Howler form 
As Tatsuya Suou 
As Adolf Hitler 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A golden crown wrapped in a black tentacle
  • Theme Music: Eternal Punishment Final Boss Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (He's the Crawling Chaos, but the Demonic Compendium identifies him as a Jashin/Vile, which are Lawful. The inconsistency gives Nyarlathotep the giggles)
  • Portfolio: The Negativity of Humanity, Doing Evil for Shits and Giggles, Shapeshifter, Destroying Worlds, Existence So Long As Humanity Exists, Manipulative Bastard, Scoring Victory for Evil, Eldritch Abomination, Malevolent Dickery
  • Domains: Absolute Evil, Humanity, The Dark Side
  • Allies: Diablo, Melkor, Griffith, Chernabog, The Witches, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos), Evolto, every human who had ever committed a single evil act, ever
  • Enemies: Every human who has ever transcended his or her destructive impulses, Philemon, (almost) every Persona user, Yuuki Terumi surprisingly, Shu Shirakawa, The Gravemind of the Flood, Nyarko, Gandalf
  • Opposed by: Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath
  • The embodiment of humanity's destructive impulses in the collective unconscious, Nyarlathotep gains power from every thought, action or feeling that derives in experiencing the desire to bring harm to others or oneself in any form. To fully appreciate the scope of that sentiment, consider some of the more notorious human members of the Pantheon alone—The Joker, Kane, Light Yagami, and Darth Vader for instance. Consider how every single notorious act that they have committed, the thoughts and feelings that led them to commit those acts, and even the possible evil acts that they merely consider; all of these become power for Nyarlathotep. Factor in the less notorious, but still villainous humans in the pantheon, such as Doctor Doom, Black Mage, and Matt Engarde, or villains that used to be human, including Griffith, Lord Chaos, and Xykon; recall the other humans in the Pantheon, that not all of them are exactly paragons of virtue. Even the ones that are have at least had thoughts of doing harm. Consider the followers and worshippers of the gods and the people that wrote their stories, both fictional and real—yes, even you. All of these thoughts and actions perpetuate and strengthen Nyarlathotep, the undying Shadow Archetype of humanity.
  • Consequently, he is one of the most powerful entities in the Pantheon, able to make spoken word reality as well as annihilate an entire universe for kicks. He can assume any form he desires, can see into the hearts and minds of every soul in his realm and drags the weak into hell. Nyarlathotep may very well be a closer equivalent to Satan than the Anti-Monitor and could be even more powerful than Melkor. Perhaps the only thing keeping him from overthrowing either is that he finds the status quo highly amusing.
    • It should be noted that this Nyarlathotep is not the same one under Azathoth's orders. Period. He just amuses himself by tricking others into thinking he is or may be.
      • Needless to say, when his Azathoth finally appeared, He had a rather appropriate reaction. Although while it was merely the berserk form of Takuto Maruki's Persona, the mere fact that it's even possible for his 'father' to become a potentially controllable Persona frightens Nyarlathotep.
  • At the core of this embodiment of humanity's worst traits, Nyarlathotep is, above all else, a dick, delighting in the pain and misery humans inflict upon themselves and others from their own shortcomings and contradictions. It's gotten to the point that many suspect a connection between him and Terumi. However, it is uncertain whether the God of Trolling is an avatar, a disguise, a pawn, or a vessel if anything at all. All that's certain is that Nyarlathotep finds Terumi amusing and effective. The fact that Terumi wasn't even aware of Nyarlathotep's presence and consider himself superior above everything else just gives Nyarlathotep further giggles, for it means if one day Terumi were to fall, he's going to enjoy taunting him for his failures, just as he taunts those verminous guinea pigs called "humans".
    • Oh and that "Trollkaiger" Terumi formed? That was subconsciously manipulated by Nyarlathotep, making him the Man Behind the Man for them.
    • Eventually Terumi, for all his bravado, was killed by Hakumen. Little did Hakumen know that Nyarlathotep salvaged Terumi in the last moments, but only to fulfill his promise... he proceeds to taunt all his failures and his inability to live up to his smug boasting, and promises that he will spread that "rumor" (now when he said that, you know it means real shit) and everyone will laugh at Terumi as a laughing stock.
  • There was another aspect of him that took the form of a little hyperactive girl and calls herself Nyarko. Nyarlathotep, for the most part, prefers not to interact with this incarnation at all, claiming that out of his Thousand Masks of Evil, she's the one that represents Harmless Villainy, consuming lots of energy and producing almost nothing in exchange (although she had her own following).
    • When Nyarko herself ascended, she tried to explain that she and Nyarly are not one and the same, to the point that she refuses to accept Nyarly as another Nyarlathotepian and absolutely refuses to have anything to do with him. This carries to Mahiro, Cuuko and Hasta, naturally.
  • Philemon is nominally his great enemy. Nyarlathotep could care less, given the idiot has gotten lost in his own magnificence, with his God's Hands Are Tied policy and his general disaffection with his champions. On the other hand, he does take a significant pleasure in breaking Humanity's heroes, just to prove his point.
  • The Four Chaos Gods have started to take an interest in the Crawling Chaos. Nyarlathotep, for his part, doesn't really care, given his sole interest is trolling Philemon. Much like Lucifer, Nyarlathotep tends to deride the Chaos Gods for not really understanding the point of the more positive emotions that form them (though, of course, for different reasons).
  • Some have claimed that he's the exact reason why YHVH was warped to his current state.
  • In this Pantheon, however, there are also rumors that Nyarlathotep is Not So Invincible After All. The reason being that there are just as many non-human Gods in the Pantheon that he couldn't take advantage of. Nyarlathotep's response to these is, "Who do you think made them?"
  • May have recently had a run-in with Yu Narukami, calling himself the "Malevolent Entity". When asked, Nyarlathotep neither confirmed nor denied it, simply laughing menacingly.
    • Ultimately, Nyarlathotep's behaviour was all just a Red Herring: The Malevolent Entity had nothing to do with Nyarlathotep and served his own purpose. He simply played along on what people believed to brew up the paranoia of his potential return.
  • Got a real big smile when he saw just how well received he was in the Pantheon... just how needed... just how beloved... After all, humans do love their scapegoats, don't they?
  • Nyarlathotep was stunned into silence upon learning that Witches, who he considered to be "the perfect Shadows" can be turned into Personas, as Sayaka Miki succeeded in doing. He is hoping to salvage the situation at least to some degree by working off of Lucifer's recent activities.
    • That being said, he didn't take Teddie's ascension very well either.
  • Has finally met someone he would call "ally", being Diablo. Nyarlathotep just can't conquer him at all because Diablo wasn't even "humanoid" and he was also known to have a similar knack for manipulation that transcends even death. For once, Nyarlathotep would give respect to this demon and rumors has it that they are forming an Evil Duo (with Nyarlathotep going with dickish evil, Diablo going with straightforward evil). BE VERY AFRAID.
    • Eventually, Nyarlathotep decided to make a team with the remaining members being Griffith and Chernabog and called it "The Satanic Spirits of Pure Evil". Him being the Big Bad, of course. So? BE VERY VERY AFRAID.
  • One of the few times that he has ever truly and utterly blown his top was when the Gravemind openly mocked and laughed at him, saying that, for all his supposed power and ability, he is still nothing more than a pathetic fragment of humanity and incapable of understanding true evil and terror. For as the Gravemind and the Flood are the will of The Precursors, humanity's creators, it knows that it is mightier than Nyarly could ever hope to be. Nyarlathotep has sworn to crush The Flood for this insult.
  • After catching wind of Lucifer's recent activities, He once decided to manipulate the Guardians of Light by arriving at Kairi's temple in the guise of Sora which temporarily fooled his allies into thinking Sora had returned to the Pantheon and almost completely got away with passing off as Sora until Riku exposed the Crawling Chaos after stating his dark stench was so foul no amount of trickery could hide it. Nyarlathotep had this to say before disappearing:
    Nyarlathotep: "That's rather harsh. I came here because you desired for me... Now you want me to go? You're contradicting yourselves. You prayed and hoped so desperately that the one you seek would return even knowing he is well beyond your grasp. I came to play the part of the one you yearned for to satisfy that selfish desire."
  • "Understand, that there is no point in living! Cry, that there is no answer! Where there is darkness there are shadows! I, myself, am all of you humans!"

Philemon, Living Embodiment of All of Humanity's Goodness (Nodens)

Lesser Gods

Jayfeather, Divine Non-Action Snarker (Jaykit, Jaypaw, Jay's Wing)
"As long as there is breath in my body, the Clans will be safe."
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Stick
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Made of snark, born to cats from different Clans, Blind Seer, crusty exterior, heroic interior, Knight in Sour Armor, One of the chosen three, Dream Walker, of Jay's Wing, Revealed to his birth father that he was his son, but is happily adopted by Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, The Medic, Disabled Snarker
  • Heralds: Yellowfang, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Dovewing
  • Allies: Firestar (his grandfather), Bluestar, Simba, Mufasa Dr. Gregory House, Jon Snow, Yoda, Bobby Singer, Otacon, Destiny of the Endless, Josuke Higashikata, Haruto Tsukishiro, Spider-Man
  • Enemies: Scourge, Typhus, Thrax, Pestilence the Horseman, Scar, Zeus
  • Opposes: Neglectful parents, regardless of whether they're on the side of the angels or not, yanderes
  • Annoyed by: Anyone who pities him for his blindness or his ancestry
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat With: Garfield, Alfred Pennyworth
  • Jayfeather began life as Jaykit, the illegitimate son of Crowfeather, a warrior of WindClan, and Leafpool, the Medicine Cat of ThunderClan, but raised alongside his sibling, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze, thinking his parents were ThunderClan warriors Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. As a result of being born blind, the Clan had little faith in him becoming a Warrior, and eventually called on by StarClan to become a Medicine Cat. This, along with a number of other things, has made him the snarker he is today, bitter because instead of being a warrior, he was instead forced to become a Medicine Cat. That, and how everyone takes pity on him for being blind. He's quick to prove to them that he isn't as much of a woobie as they think.
  • Before he was born (and even before his mother was), his grandfather, Firestar, received a prophecy from the SkyClan cat Skywatcher: "There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws". When Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze were all born, Firestar correctly guessed that they were the Three spoken of by Skywatcher. Or at least, he thought they were. While Jayfeather and Lionblaze were part of the three, Hollyleaf wasn't, with the third being Dovewing, Firestar's great-grandniece. Jayfeather's power is that he can walk through others' dreams, which is ironically when he has sight of his surroundings. Now that he has ascended, his sight has been restored, although this hasn't stopped his constant snarking in the least.
  • Can usually be found with Firestar, his grandfather, or Bluestar, a ThunderClan ancestor who has guided him throughout his and the rest of the three's journey. He has also made a friend in Gregory House, another disabled medic who enjoys snarking at others. He also enjoys snarking with Garfield, as Garfield is one of the few deities who doesn't pity him for his blindness, and is instead honest and genuine with him.
  • As a Medicine Cat, Jayfeather had to take of his Clan through numerous outbreaks of sicknesses like greencough and whitecough, as well as other diseases, which naturally makes him enemies with all Plague Master deities, such as Typhis, Thrax, and Pestilence the Horseman. He spends time in the Houses of Physicians and Healers, helping out other deities in those houses with finding cures for sickness and viruses.
  • Gets along well with Jon Snow, as they have both taken levels in cynic as time went on for them. He also hangs around Otacon, who is a Non-Action Guy, similarly to him, though Jayfeather is obviously much more snarkier than Otacon. And while Yoda can annoy him at times with his way of teaching, the two are on relatively good terms, with Jayfeather showing a respectful and humble side that is rarely witnessed by those around him when with Yoda.
  • His Family of Choice philosophy stems from the fact that he and his siblings eventually accepted Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw as their parents after it was revealed that Leafpool and Crowfeather were their parents. While they likewise accept Leafpool, they have little to no relationship with Crowfeather, who promptly rejected them and barely ever spoke to them from that point on, except in a few moments of hostility towards them. Bobby Singer, the God of Honorary Uncles, is 100% on Jayfeather's side, as he was more of a father to the Winchester brothers then their father ever was.
  • Jayfeather, being a Dream Walker, has gotten along soundly with a number of other Dream Walkers within the Pantheon, such as Haruto Tsukishiro, and this has also made him enemies with such deities like Atropos. While he lost his dream-walking shortly after the battle between the Dark Forest and the Clans, ascending to Pantheon has since allowed him to regain it, and thus whenever Jayfeather sleeps, he will sometimes spy on other deities' dreams, namely the ones associated with evil and destruction.
  • His issues with Crowfeather, his biological father, is that Crowfeather was quick to abandon his kits in ThunderClan after having a brief romance with Leafpool, refusing to bear any responsibility for them. This has led to him being on sour terms with Zeus, who is a well-known adulterer, and has fathered many children whom he left fatherless by having a One Night Stand with mortal women.
  • One of the only deities who has been able to match him snark for snark is Alfred Pennyworth. If Alfred is nearby whenever Jayfeather is being an ass or angsting, the two will almost certainly get into a snark war. That being said, they seem to relish it greatly. Rumors have surfaced that Alfred once left Jayfeather at a loss for words, though both haven't comment on those rumors just yet.
  • Jayfeather will also snark sometimes with Spider-Man, though the former is better than the latter by a bit. The fact that the two of them have also had not-so great lives connects them in another way, though Jayfeather will vehemently deny this whenever other deities try to comment on their friendship.

    Kim Wu 
Kim Wu, Goddess of the Rebellious Spirit
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Dragon Head.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Rebellious Spirit, Tried to Defy Fate Until She Becomes the The Chosen One, Nunchucks, Being an Action Fashionista, Fiery Redheads, Stockings, Being Inspired in Bruce Lee
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Repose, Combat
  • Superior: Bruce Lee
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Gargos, ARIA, Fulgore, Sadira, Mira Fallegeros, Spinal, Riptor
  • Admired by: Maximilian Christiansen
  • Respected by: Ayane
  • Six months ago, if she thought she was fated to save the world, she could slap them in the face and give fate the middle finger. Turns out that Kim Wu, a martial artist and design student in college, is now ascended in the Pantheon as a demon butt kicker. That and for having a 'freaking dragon'.
    • Is naturally more aligned with Jago and his team of heroes than ARIA and Ultratech, but her true grudge is with Gargos. She has been instructed by her dragon companion to prevent his arrival on her world and she would do everything it takes to make sure he stays in his own dimension. It is good for her that she found many allies in her quest, not just in her world but also in the Pantheon.
  • She speaks both Korean and Chinese, given her ancestry. That has been under debate. She first claimed to be Korean, but then switched over to Chinese in her latest appearance. It could mean that she shares ancestry from both countries, but she hasn't clarified how.
  • Some can say that she got much of her personality from a certain vampire slayer. Kim sees this as an honor; she was a fan of Buffy's style ever since she heard of her. The slayer was more than happy to join her quest in vanquishing Gargos.
  • Once when she was exploring a sewer, she stumbled upon another creature using nunchucks. Only that he was a turtle. Excited about meeting another human with his own weapon, the turtle challenged her to a dance fight off. Impressed with her skills after the bout, he invited her to his lair. After a few hours playing video games, his brothers found out about it. While they couldn't allow Kim Wu to stay for long, the other ninja turtles allowed her to keep the knowledge of their lair. They also considered to help her out as they have dealt with interdimensional conquerors as well.
  • While Kim has been around for far longer, she has taken Cassie Cage as her rivals in the ever growing feud between Earthrealm and her own. Though in this case they are more likely friends than not. They also share stories about having to deal with their lazy friends and bossing them around. And yet they admit that they do need them when it comes to diplomacy.
  • Was considered for the title Action Fashionista before Athena took it for herself. There's no animosity from her for that; she knows good talent when she sees it. She also likes how Athena changes her outfits with each game she appears in.
  • While not his favorite Killer Instinct character, Max was glad to have her back in some form. And since he played a part in bringing her back to relevance, Kim is glad to have him in the Pantheon. Max simply doesn't mention the time he kicked her ass with Gargos.
  • Comes from a long of disciples of Bruce Lee. Among them is Fei Long, whom she trains with often. But the bulk of her admiration comes from Bruce Lee himself. He was intrigued with her abilities and is willing to help her hone in those powers.
  • While training in the House of Combat, she was under attack by Ayane. The ninja suspected that Kim Wu may declare her loyalty to her rival Kasumi. After a brief skirmish Kim clarified she had no idea about the conflict. Already impressed with the fight, Ayane made a rare compliment on someone, specifically for managing to defeat Gargos. When the Goddess of Spinning Attacks left, Kim was left scratching her head over what other sort of allegiances she may have to deal with.
    • Things went much better with Ryu. While she was clearly outmatched, he was more friendly towards her. He also gave her his own nun-chucks to test out.
  • "You can't run from fate... but you should have tried!"

    Klaus Wulfenbach 
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, God of Validated Extremists (Baron of Europa, Greatest of Sparks, Lord of the Pax Transylvania)

    Nozomi Yumehara/Cure Dream 
Nozomi Yumehara, Goddess of Searches of Life Purpose and Dreams (Cure Dream)

    Sabrina (Pokémon
Sabrina, Goddess of Adaptation-Altering Personalities (Natsume, The Mistress of Psychic Pokémon, Magic Queen Bellelba)
Click here  for her anime incarnation
Click here  for her Adventures incarnation


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