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Lesser Gods

    The Chosen One 
The Chosen One, God of Unrealistic Martial Arts
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His… gopher-chucks
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but can also be Chaotic Stupid at times
  • Portfolio: Hilariously Unrealistic Martial Arts, The Chosen One, Raised By Various Desert Animals, Mighty Whitey Despite Asian Parents, Narm Charm, So Bad, It's Good, Funny Bruce Lee Noises, Gopher Chucks, Affectionate Parody to low-budget Kung Fu films, It Makes Sense in Contextactually, nothing makes any sense at all
  • Domain(s): Martial Arts (Spoofed), Destiny, Slapstick
  • Herald: Tonguey (his tongue), Dog (his pet dog)
  • Allies: Po, Fighter McWarrior
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: All other (serious) good-aligned martial artists
  • Rivals: All other (serious) non-evil-aligned martial artists (at least those who can take him seriously enough)
  • Enemies: All killers ("killing is badong!")
  • Distrusts: Aliens, particularly those who are French
  • Opposes: Any deity who uses claw-like weapons (THEY HURT LIKE CRAP, MAN!)
  • Opposed by: all cows and whales, Miltank, Tauros
  • Martial arts are regarded as a perfect fighting style when facing an opponent without resorting to weapons, and are seen as a great tool to develop one’s own character. Some characters take them to new levels, but are still serious enough to be forgiven. And then there’s this guy, who purposefully defy all laws of martial arts and make his fighting style really… wacko, to say the least.
  • As stated, his fighting style and his irresponsible demeanor gets him mixed reactions from most of the martial artist deities out there.
  • At least he and Po can relate to each other in one thing.
  • He doesn’t have a name, he’s only called the Chosen One. Why? Because there’s a face on his tongue, and his name is Tonguey.
  • Owns a classic red convertible. No one knows how he procured it in Imperial China and he has no answer.
  • He has gopher-chucks, which are naturally made of gophers with a rope tied between them. Understandably, Chip and Dale and some other mouse-related deities are very annoyed at his reckless handling of the gophers, not that he (or the gophers used) cares though.
    • There's also the fact that he once used a squirrel as a Pocket Protector.
    • And then Fighter McWarrior approached him to demonstrate and argue that sword-chucks are better. Somehow, they ended up becoming friends.
  • No (ascended) martial arts master worth their salt would ever consider training anybody incorrectly. Except some real life masters really do that for students they deem unworthy. They do admit to toughening up the practicioners' skin (though not to the extent of using mercury from a thermometer).
  • Apparently, his story is akin to an Abridged Series long before LittleKuriboh created Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
  • Simba doesn't believe for a second that his father showed up to guide the Chosen One, despite the "martial artist" saying so. And with Mufasa himself missing, there's no way to (dis)prove it.
    • Eventually, upon Mufasa's return, Simba came to him and explained the matter to him. Simba didn't believe the human's claims for a second... a feeling shared by his father too. Turned out The Chosen One had mixed things up and confused Mufasa for another being named Mu-Shu Fasa. The lions simply laughed it off.
  • For some inexplicable reason, while wandering in the House of Beasts, something about the Chosen One peeved Miltank something fierce and she engaged him in battle. And unlike Moon Yuu, she was dangerously competent. And she got really furious once he grabbed her teats in an attempt to drain her like he did the other cow (of course, she smacked his hands off when he did that).
    • And it was around that time that Tauros was about to pay her a visit, and seeing the Chosen One do that (well, fighting Miltank at all) turned him furious too, and he shortly joined the fray. The two Pokémon shortly double-teamed him, but the Chosen One was not through. (Un)fortunately, everyone else intervened and separated the three (well, they kept the two Pokémon close) and a restraining order has been placed on the Chosen One to make sure this doesn't happen again (despite Miltank being the instigator).

    Edmond Honda 
Ōzeki Edmond Honda, God of Sumo Wrestling and Stout yet Strong Figures (Edo Honda, The Blue Tsunami, Hot-blooded Sumo, Supreme Sumo)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face-markings
  • Theme Songs: E. Honda Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Sumo, Fat fighters, Partial Kabukimono, Boisterous Bruiser, Spirited Competitor, Not presently enjoying yokozuna status
  • Domains: Fighting, Competition, Tradition, Law Good
  • Followers: Hinako Shijō, Ōzeki Ganryū, Yokozuna Taka-Arashi, Tomohiro Ishii
  • Allies: Hakan (his best friend), Ryu, Zangief, Blanka, Dhalsim, Elena, Darunia, Sakura Kasugano, Bonk
  • Rivals: Scott Steiner
  • Friendly Rival: Rey Mysterio, Chun-Li, Rufus, Bob Richards
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Balrog, Vega, Vince McMahon
  • Annoyed by: Julia Chang, Garfield
  • Martial artists looking to expand the reach of their craft all over the world through exposure in competitive tournaments is nothing new. One of the most well-known examples of the concept in fictional worlds would be the yokozuna, or sumo wrestling master, known as Edmond Honda, through his role among the original eight playable contestants from the famous second World Warrior Tournament. Fittingly, he originally ascended as the God of Sumo.
    • Once comfortable within the Pantheon, E. Honda again decided to expand upon his base, appealing to those who may not be the tallest fighters out there, but make up for it in immense strength. That and a lot of sumo rikishi just seem to be built that way. Sakura and Ryu were among the first to congratulate him on his accomplishments.
    • He made clear that he will continue to fight M. Bison and his minions whichever way he can. The dictator remains impressed with these developments.
  • Gets particularly heated whenever he faces Vega. The Spanish matador loves to insult the sumo wrestler on his flabby figure, claiming it pales in comparison to his own beauty. Be that it may, expect any confrontation between the two to be ugly.
    • By far his biggest rival has been Zangief. The two have battled it out for years on end, testing each other to see who is the strongest. It also extends to their professions, with each one of them claiming the other to be the superior fighting style. They have shown an interest to add friends Dhalsim and Blanka into the Pantheon in the near future, later successfully campaigning for Dhalsim's entry and being informed when Blanka was discovered to have been lurking around.
    • The closest bond that can match it is with Hakan, God of Oil Wrestling. Hakan may have an even harder time promoting his sport and Honda has been willing to help him in that regard. Usually that involves joining in battles with oil. That way, he can also spread the word about sumo wrestling as well.
    • This has only worsen when the God of Wrestling Promoters actively dissed on sumo in favor of "sports-entertainment" combat. That's something Honda cannot brush off as easily.
  • Gains some sympathy from Rey Mysterio who's busy promoting his latest venture into lucha libre. Their feud is much more friendly as both hope that their brands get more recognition, even helping each other out. Of course all of that friendliness goes out the door whenever they spar.
  • To his delight, Darunia has proven to be very knowledgeable about his art, and the two have faced each other in friendly competition.
  • Scott Steiner has been far less friendly in that matter, publicly dismissing Sumo as an inferior sport. The only reason they haven't duked it out is that they can't decide which type of match to fight it on. They hope to find a neutral battle to end the debate.
  • Has received numerous complaints by Julia Chang about one of his followers. She has been begging him to explain to Ganryū that she doesn't share his feelings for her. Honda explained that even when he does say so, it doesn't appear to faze Ganryū.
  • Uses his time in the House of Sports to try and make Sumo an official sport in the Olympics. He may not be able to do it directly, but with enough influence, he hopes to convince the IOC to add his prized profession.
  • His most famous attack has been the Flying Headbutt, around in every game he has appeared. He is particularly honored to have Bonk as the official representative of the move.
  • His journey of finding people built like him led him to the House of Combat. It was there that he met one familiar face. Rufus repeated his lack of interest in the sport, instead wanting to earn another win on his belt. Bob was more receptive to the idea, though it's only a half-hearted interest.
  • Gets compared to Chun-Li when it comes to multihit moves. Both he and Chun-Li went into a bit of a feud over the title before letting it go. They would decide the one who will receive the title at a more appropriate time.
  • Would rather not get compared to Garfield. He may eat a lot, but at least he does it for his sport; Garfield only eats for his own entertainment. Efforts to try and convince him to stay in shape have failed so far.
  • While the rest of the classic World Warriors were either dealing with Operation C.H.A.I.N.S., the advent of President G, or some struggle involving either Psycho Power or the Satsui no Hado, Honda has been conspicuously absent from these events. The reason for this has finally been revealed: he's been working on the grand reopening of his Sumo stable, Honda Sento, including the famous Kapukon Yu public bathhouse.
  • Also has a temple in the House of Body Sizes.

    Ippo Makunouchi 
Ippo Makunouchi, God of Boxing (The Wind God)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Japanese Boxing Commission Championship belt
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Learning How to Box, Wanting to Be Strong, Bob and Weave, Fair Play, Badass Normal, Foe Yay, Butt-Monkey, The Dempsey Roll and its Special Adaptations, Crouching Doormat, Hidden World Champion, School-Smart Strong Guy, The Dutiful Son
  • Domains: Competition, Sports, Boxing, Strength
  • Followers: Manny Pacquiao (his avatar), Muhammad Ali (for now; he intends to challenge Ippo for a fight in the future), Rocky Balboa Jr., Oliver Bronstein, Max Lopez
  • Allies:
  • Worthy Opponents: Dudley, Rocky Balboa
  • Friendly Rivals: Glass Joe, Joe Yabuki, Akihiko Sanada (SEES)
  • Rivals: Piston Hondo, Aran Ryan, Juzo Sakakura, Don Flamenco, Great Tiger, Von Kaiser, King Hippo, Tooru Amuro
  • Enemy: Balrog, Bernkastel, Biff Tannen pre-1985
  • As one of the Pantheon's earliest deities, Ippo Makunouchi was instantly rushed to claim the "God of Boxing" title as soon as he ascended to godhood. However, this was haphazardly marked without a trope or concept attached to it, creating the perception that he was claiming godhood over everything to do with the sport of boxing itself. This soon led to gyms and challengers sprouting left and right to oppose him, causing Ippo to think that this position is some sort of divine setup.
    • For this reason and due to his meek and humble personality, Ippo wasn't particularly keen on answering any of the challenges, but he still didn't — and won't — refuse anything presented to him as an official match. For awhile the challenger on tap has been Rocky Balboa, and after that Muhammad Ali has a thing or two he wants to say about not being chosen…
  • Many deities are surprised that such a meek young man could be such a talented and strong boxer that his skills alone have gotten and kept him in the Pantheon for so long. But that's the thing. "Many" deities is as far as that judgment goes. Considering how many have seen a meek-but-strong type in their world, the word "most" can't even apply here.
  • Although Ippo is a generally low-profile god, there was one time where he grabbed nearly everyone's attention, though not for any reason he's altogether proud of. One day, rumors started circulating in the Pantheon that although he's a featherweight in boxing, he's a heavyweight in a certain…other area. Soon enough this rumor reached the House of Lust…and finally hit the ears of one Panty Anarchy, who quickly went inside his temple and closed the doors behind her…only to exit it a few minutes later looking absolutely horrified. When she was asked if anything happened she denied it vehemently, stating, "Are you fucking serious!? That…THING would rip me in half!" Soon after many goddesses, and a few gods, began visiting Ippo to see if the rumors were true. Although no precise measurement was taken, there were reports that some goddesses, even including Bayonetta and Aphrodite, were very very impressed. Ippo doesn't like to talk about it.
    • After that whole deal blew over, Panty went to Ippo with these parting and sobering words of wisdom:
    Panty: I hope that Kumi of yours knows how to stretch.
    • Ippo really, really doesn't like to talk about it.
  • When he was approached by Hong Meiling, he initially thought it would be about the above subject. However, it turns out she admired him because like her, he's a strong melee fighter who takes a lot of crap both physically and otherwise and can be surprised and beaten when taken out of his comfort zone, but despite this he's become a top-level boxer in Japan. He wasn't sure how to take it exactly, but more or less accepted her friendship.
  • Went one-on-one with Little Mac in a main event boxing match, with the two fighting all out. Mac knocked him out in the first one-minute round, but Ippo got back up and evened the score through the next two rounds. In the end, their trainers both carried them out of the arena and they came away with a great respect for one another, becoming friends after this. They've gone on to spar on a number of occasions to hone their skills since then.
    • Ippo also went on to compete against many of Mac's fellow ascended World Video Boxing Association competitors, defeating all of them using various tactics he's learned over the years. He's considered a rival to most of them now as well as several other boxers in the Pantheon, some friendlier than others, similar to how Mac has it. His biggest rival of them all, though, is Piston Hondo, as both compete over who is the best boxer on the Japanese circuit.
  • Absolutely despises Balrog due to the Crazy Buffalo perverting everything he stands for as a boxer. He would quickly find that he's not alone. Aran Ryan, being a similarly cheap fighter, earns some of Ippo's ire as well, but given the Irishman is so insane he doesn't even register some of the cheapest stuff he does as cheating, Ippo mostly just considers him irritating.
  • Much like with Little Mac, Ippo and Joe Yabuki found mutual respect following a friendly match. He later introduced the two boxers to each other.
  • Has had to take a month off training to recover and adapt his style to be more evasive than normal after injuries from a fight he lost caused him to develop symptoms of Punch-Drunk Syndrome. Since returning he has not shown those symptoms, though some believe magic from the Pantheon had something to do with that. He hasn't commented on this, but does seem oddly familiar with Ana Amari for some reason…
  • After such a long time, Ippo's mysteriously tropeless title was finally rectified by the sleuthing of none other than Spider-Man. Taking an interest in him due to the shared commonality of both being unlucky everymen and extraordinary heroes/champions at the same time, Spidey discovered something about Ippo's history that filled a vacated article: Ippo had spent virtually his entire life training himself in boxing. Whether it was carrying coolers to and from his family's fishing boat as a child even before he had the idea to become a boxer, running full speed at bars in the park so he could get quicker at ducking blows, or taking on all sorts of new environments in his official training camps, Ippo has either been learning new tricks or adapting his body to be faster, sturdier, and stronger ever since his father died when he was a kid, and it has paid off in his boxing career.
    • Realizing this, Spidey took Ippo to the Court of the Gods and established a case that his status as the God of Boxing should represent the fact that his entire life has been one big long Boxing Lesson. The Court accepted this on the condition that he finally fight Rocky Balboa. The fight took place in a private venue with the Court members in attendance. Ippo barely defeated the aged Rocky, getting up just before the ten-count after both knocked each other down, but each man came away with another Worthy Opponent and Ippo earned himself an upgrade from Demigod to Lesser God as a result.
    • Muhammad Ali's challenge to his title was finally rescinded after all of this, but many reports say that if Ali can find his own way into the Pantheon, Ippo should expect to be called out for a fight anyway. He is not looking forward to this.
    • While this all took place, Rocky was still a connected aspect of his avatar Sylvester Stallone. Now that they've split with Rocky striking out after gaining his own place, Sly maintains friendly ties with Ippo and has informed him that the Italian Stallion is training hard to challenge him again.
  • Since his place in the Pantheon has been reinforced, others have started taking interest to him. Maya and Yukari empathize with Ippo over the fact that they're all terrible drivers, though he's taken them fishing on his boat since that's one thing he can steer well and maybe he could teach them a thing or two with that. His tendency towards constant training and improvement and desire to know how it feels to be strong has the full support of the Kame House, his meek personality along with this fact reminds Vegeta of Cabba, and Hogan considers him a prime example of why train is the first of Hulkamania's Three Demandmentsnote . Mashiro, Takagi, Babe Ruth, and Yamcha are all cool with him even though he's pretty bad at both editing manga and playing baseball, as they would rather give him credit for making the effort than tell him he sucks like the "average" unpleasable fan. He and the latter four have all shared autographs.
  • There is another sport he's an expert at, though: bowling. It's been joked that this is because "bowling" and "boxing" are just a few letters apart, but Barry Allen and Patrick Jane both found a more likely and serious explanation: his balance, ducking, arm strength, and U-motion swinging are all so good as a result of his boxing training that he just naturally picked this up.
  • His high school grades are so good that it's been said he could've gotten into any college he wanted to. Many of the Students in the House of School have come to him for help, with Koichi and Batsu in particular becoming really good friends (though part of this is because they can all help each other train to get stronger too). However, one who he refuses to associate with is notorious bully and attempted date rapist Biff Tannen, who reminds him of his own school bullies except a bit more heinous. Ironically, Biff's 1985 old-man self seems to agree.
  • Vegeta's respect for him extended to where he was eventually brought onto a team christened by the Prince and his herald Cabba as "honorary Saiyans" in the Pantheon, much to his great honor. Of his new stablemates, Touta Konoe is the one he gets along with best whereas Tatsumaki manages to remind him of his old school bullies, if only because of how arrogant and socially-maladjusted she is.
  • Can also be seen in the House of Sports.

    Kim Kaphwan 
Kim Kaphwan, God of Taekwondo and Detecting Bad Guys
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Phoenix rising behind a Dobok
  • Theme Song: this
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Tae Kwon Do, Kicking With Minimum Punches, JUSTICE!, Detecting Bad Guys, High Pitched Bruce Lee-esque Yells, "Aku wa Yurusan!", Team Dad, Twinkle Smile, Sadistic Teacher (just for bad guys he's trying to reform, otherwise he's a Stern Teacher)
  • Domain: Good, Sports, Combat
  • Students: Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan (his two sons), Chang Coehan, Choi Bounge, May Lee Jinju, Chae Lim
  • Allies: Terry Bogard, Captain America, Kenshiro, Sanger Zonvolt, Galford D. Weiler, Flonne, Minsc & Boo
  • Enemies: Anyone in the side of Evil, because they're unforgivable.
  • #1 Target for Reformation: Juri Han. He'd like to think that his rigorous training (after first meeting in a One Minute Melee) finally caused her to throw her lot into saving the merging of two worlds, but for Kim, she still has much to learn!
  • Was formerly a teacher in the Pantheon Academy, Kim's dedication for justice and the spirit of taekwondo cannot be sustained any longer and he rose as the God for the kicking martial arts Tae Kwon Do, and swore to uphold justice in the Pantheon. Reactions… remain mixed. Some are impressed… some… thinks that Kim could get a little wacko.
  • Despite rising as a God, Kim still visits the Academy, giving stern advices to future Tae Kwon Do disciples and having a good time with his old pal Baek Doo-San.
  • Has also the ability of knowing whether someone is evil or not with just a glare, even without magical aid. Minsc is impressed, because even Paladins in his world needed magical aid for that, Kim doesn't. When the word "Aku wa yurusan!" echoes through the Pantheon, evil is nearby, good guys beware!
    • Even so, sometimes the ability becomes a double-edged sword, because even the ambiguous ones or sympathetic Anti-Villain will be first designated as 'Evil'. There's one incident when Kim suddenly points at Litchi Faye-Ling and declares her evil, until Bang Shishigami interrupted and told him the situation behind it, causing Kim to hastily apologize to her (apology accepted), but STILL offers her a Taekwondo gi as an apology, saying that it would quicken her redemption (offer rejected). For that too, he backs down attempting to joining the evil-opposing duo of Kenshiro and Sanger Zonvolt, realizing the dangers of his passion (although he will STILL fight for it).
    • He has since become a regular patient of Litchi's clinic in order to tend to the wounds he received from fighting from a certain 'Freeman'.
  • Even if he's not in the Academy anymore, his 'rehabilitation center' is still open, and Kim is still open for 'applications' (read: bad guys he beat up and drafted here). There was some success, and there were some 'persistent' students. However, even Kim has his limits, and there are some bad guys that are thoroughly evil that he will refuse application.
  • As a God proud of his Korean lineage, Kim also expresses distaste towards Toyotomi Hideyoshi for his nefarious 'Korean Campaign' to his home country. To add up to this, he also easily detects that Hideyoshi is evil, thus he is unforgivable!
  • Is known to have a set of nice and shiny teeth. When asked how he attained that, he said that it was because he brushes his teeth with JUSTICE.
  • He considers it an extreme honor to meet a champion of justice in times past, Galford D. Weiler. Surprisingly, Galford has mentioned that Kim's ancestor Hye-Ryen has been doing this whole 'justice' thing alongside him.
  • Also present in the House of Justice.

    Little Mac 
Little Mac, God of Boxing Battlers (Bruiser from the Bronx)

Sagat, God of Muay Thai and Achey Scars (Emperor of Muay Thai, The King, 'Victor' Sagat, Our Lord and Savior of Projectile Zoning)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His scarred chest
  • Theme Songs: Sagat Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Muay Thai, Awesome Baldies, Eyepatch of Power, Achey Scars, Worthy Opponent, Ruthlessness Mixed With Nobility, Realizing One's Scumbaggery and Atoning For It, Kid-Friendly, Tiger Blow/Uppercut
  • Domains: Sports, Combat, Fighting, Honor
  • Herald: Willa Maiu (his pet tiger)
  • Followers: Joe Higashi, Bruce Irvin, Brad Burns
  • Allies: Dhalsim, Ryu (a Friendly Rival), Ken Masters, Dan Hibiki, Zangief, Sol Badguy, The Ministry of Atonement, Charles Xavier, Coco
  • Worthy Opponent: Date Masamune, King (Art of Fighting/KOF), Ryo Sakazaki
  • Enemies: Adon, M. Bison, Vega, Balrog, F.A.N.G
  • Odd Friendship: Tigress of the Furious Five
  • Was once counted as Bison's henchman, a stigma that Sagat may not be able to cleanse completely (due to some things, like cornflakes, believe it or not). However, he's set to spend the rest of his existence cleaning up for that act after cutting ties with Shadaloo, thus his resolve got him chosen, on recommendation of Sol.
    • His title as King of Muay Thai is now a ceremonial title; there just weren't enough followers of his sport to maintain his power. Instead, he claimed a new title to compensate. His scar, the one that Ryu gave him so many years ago, was what secured his placement in the Pantheon. Count that as yet another ironic way of thanks from the karate master.
  • He's also close to Zangief this way, being those who suffer villainous portrayal until some Retcon saved their roles. He is taking M. Bison´s seat in the Bad Guy Anon as part of his progression.
  • His relations with Dan has been…tumultuous to say the least. He first fought Dan many moons ago as a revenge ploy for the death of his father. It came to a complete surprise that he lost the fight. Satisfied, Dan spared his life and mended relationships. Sagat won't comment on how he lost, but many speculate that the King of Muay Thai threw the fight to help Dan get over his father's death.
  • Has often come to the Combat house to spar with his best rival Ryu. For some reason, Sagat usually declines invitation to come to the Combat House. Instead, he thinks within the Sports house, he could also teach mortals about Muay Thai for good self-defense.
  • Sagat wants to be especially sure that his former student Adon never gets anywhere near the Pantheon. Sagat greatly despises Adon and holds him as one of his greatest failures, and while he doesn´t really see him as a threat, Sagat knows that Adon would easily become influenced by the acts of the more malevolent entities of the Pantheon such as Yuuki or the Joker, and could easily cross the moral line just to achieve his desire of being worshiped as a god.
    • Unfortunately, enough of his followers defected to Adon's side to bring about his ascension. Adon immediately challenged the old man in response, intent on reclaiming the title of God of Muay Thai. The match ended how it last did, with Sagat wiping the floor with the arrogant fool before tossing him out of his temple. It's unlikely to deter his former student from making future challenges.
  • Rumor has it that his ascension may be due to an ever-growing internet movement, which had progressed to "Put_Sagat_In_Pantheon".
  • Sagat has learned that, in an alternate Street Fighter universe created by Masahiko Nagahira, Sagat never accepted the offer to join Shadaloo in the first place, his former student Adon took his place in the organization, and he learned his lesson much earlier. This discovery has improved Sagat´s reputation slightly, and caused Sagat to develop a whole new level of contempt for the then-non-ascended Adon.
  • He never thought that he could find cases of redemption that were far more dire than his. That was the case when he formally signed up to join the Way of the Dawn to help bring it to operations. The other deities were glad to have his fighting skills added to the roster. The group serves as inspiration to continue with his atonement.
  • Admits that Date handles the eyepatch just as well as him, and is also a good enough opponent to fight him to a draw.
  • Was once challenged by a French woman with short hair. The former bodyguard turned bar owner has heard of his skills and wished to compare his Muay Thai with her own. Sagat agreed to her terms and the fight was on. While she lost the fight, she didn't take the loss seriously, instead inviting him to the House of Food for a drink.
  • Initially applied to get the title Bald of Awesome, but ultimately lost out to Charles Xavier. At first he didn't take the loss well, not liking how the telepath can beat most opponents with a thought. But a conversation revealed the man to be wiser than previously thought. Xavier himself was glad to see Sagat turn a new leaf with a new perspective in life.
  • It is said that Sagat uses the ferocity of the tiger in many of his moves. It was only in the pantheon that he managed to take on an actual tiger. After a brief spar with Tigress, the two discussed their fight over tea. The reserved fighters saw a lot in common, including their struggles to contain their rages.
    • A few deities have suggested to Sagat to follow fighting a tiger with a bout against RoboCop for some reason.
  • Sagat is very much a harsh, warrior-minded man. This contrasts him heavily with the pacifistic super-yogi Dhalsim. However, the two men both share a keen sense of justice, so much so that when children from both their locales were kidnapped in conjunction with the issue of Pandora's Box, they promptly teamed up to join the hunt for the Box in hopes of getting answers.
  • Paid a visit to the Kyokugenryu School to see the star champion Ryo. Sagat had heard that this school of karate had five forms of study. He wanted Ryo to fight him using the Tiger (Kou-Ou). Eager to promote the school, Ryo accepted. Afterwards, the two promised to spar some more. When asked about his former pupil King, Sagat shrugged his shoulders, telling him the bouncer already talked about their situation in length.
  • Has great respect towards Coco for rejecting M. Bison's offer to join Shadaloo as a temporary stand-in for F.A.N.G, his replacement in the crime organization's Four Heavenly Kings. Sometime after F.A.N.G ascended to the Pantheon, Sagat heard some gossip about the thin poison man wanting to come after The King because he left Shadaloo.
  • A startling new revelation has come about in that he's potentially able to use the Satsui no Hado, but has been able to suppress it through sheer force of will alone. Gods are keeping an eye on him for this reason.
  • Can also be seen in the House of Personal Appearance.


    Ran Mouri 
Ran Mouri, Goddess of Reminding People They Know Martial Arts (Ran-neechan, Ran-chan, Ran-kun, Nēchan, Angel, Omae, Rachel Moore)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her hairstyle
  • Theme Song: Ran no Ketsui
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Belligerent Sexual Tension with Shinichi, Big Sister Instinct, Has so much in common with Shinichi, Is so good at Luck-based games like mahgong and poker, Chef of Iron, Takes care of her father, Dude Magnet, Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak, Is easily alerted to dangerous situations, Kick Chick, Shipper on Deck, Is only in love with Shinichi, Finally responds to Shinichi's love confession after 1005 chapters by kissing him on the check
  • Domains: Love Interests, Childhood Friends, Karate, Feminity, Attraction
  • Herald: Sonoko Suzuki (her best friend)
  • Allies: Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa (her childhood friend-turned boyfriend), Kogoro Mouri (her father), Ai Haibara, Liam/Angel, Dr. John Watson, Makoto, The Investigation Team (especially Chie Satonaka), Akihiko Sanada, Makoto Niijima, Phoenix Wright, Sae Niijima, Nigel Burke, Neal Caffrey
  • Enemies: Every criminal in the Pantheon (even if she sympathizes with some of them), Manfred von Karma
  • Respects: Sherlock Holmes, the law enforcement of the Pantheon, but special mention goes to Chun-Li, Lei Wulong, and Renee Montoya
  • Opposes: The Black Organization (specifically Vermouth)
  • Fears: Every monster in the Pantheon, Eric Cartman, Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon)
  • Pities/Pitied by: Will Graham and Clarice Starling, The entire House of Love, but special mention goes to Princess Cadence and Kyu Sugardust
  • Annoyed at: Kaito Kid
  • Complicated Relationship with: Subaru Okiya/Shuichi Akai
  • The karate champion as well as the captain of the martial arts club of Teitan High, Ran Mouri is the childhood friend and love interest of Shinichi Kudo. While going on a trip to Tropical Land, Shinichi left her behind stating that he missed something inside the rollercoaster trip. That is until she went to Shinichi's home, thinking he is already home, only that she could never find him and encountered Dr. Agasa and a kid that she didn't recognize. The latter introduced himself as Conan Edogawa, with Ran taking an interest on the kid and wanted him to stay on her home where it is also where her father's detective agency came from. Now, she is helping her father solve crimes and cases whenever they encounter one, unaware that Conan is the one that solve all the cases and that he is Shinichi Kudo.
  • She was chosen to ascend not only because it seems that either she or someone else will remind someone she is a karate captain, whether or not they are in a dangerous situation, but also that she finally responded to Shinichi's love confession by kissing him on the cheek. Upon meeting Conan in the Pantheon, they were both surprised to meet each other, and she didn't expect him to have already ascended before she. Fearing that Ran will find out his identity soon, the Court of Gods set up a mandate to keep Conan's identity as Shinichi a secret from her until she discovers it by herself.
    • Given how... badly he's kept the secret from several others, despite having successfully sabotaged Ran's progress to finding him out several times, a lot thought that this mandate was stupid and that there should be some sort of middle ground as to what she knows of Conan that will stay in the Pantheon and not follow to the mortal realm. However, due to the threat of the Black Organization, and given how many others have already made it to the Pantheon even before ascending if they ever do, this mandate will stay in effect, but can be re-negotiated with Conan at a later date. The Black Organization is now officially here, giving Conan even more reason to worry. She opposes Vermouth, having seen her hurt Haibara before, even if she doesn't know who her employers are.
  • A former follower of Liam/Angel, he is happy to see the day that one of his followers got to ascend. She is happy to see him and hopes that he will do his best to atone his mistakes. She tries to give him advice when it comes to detective work that she learned from constantly hanging out with Shinichi and her father as he decided to become a detective and hopes he will be a successful one. Liam nonetheless appreciates the advice she gave him as he is far better at fighting demons than solving mysteries.
  • She finally got to meet Shinichi's inspiration, Sherlock Holmes. She's somewhat happy to see that Shinichi isn't in the Pantheon, as while she does hold Holmes huge respect, she doesn't like the idea of hearing Shinichi rambling everything about him. She wanted to thank Holmes for being such an inspiration to Shinichi in his choices and possible career path, and that he became what he is today. During their first meeting, she asked him if he knows where her friend is, which he responded that he will tell her someday.
    • Considering that she is considered the Watson to Shinichi's Holmes, she was visited by John Watson. They do find some Commonality Connection in that they both tend to ask questions to their respective partners when in comes to cases (although Ran started to do this less often, it's still there) and that they can be both protective of them by using their respective combat skills. She also feels bad to see how much he got flanderized by society, and noted that she hopes he will feel better someday and hopes that his wife, Mary Morstan, will ascend someday, considering that she died before Holmes returned, and hopes that they'll find true happiness along the way.
  • As a karate champion, she wanted to know if there are any people that knows the art. This is when she met Makoto, who practices a style of karate called rindo-kan karate. She is curious to see what are the difference between her style of karate and Makoto's. The two respect and bonded with each other because of this and found that fighting each other is one of the most thrilling experiences that they ever have, with Makoto liking Ran even more for how kind and respectful personality combined with how considerate she is to her loved ones. In Ran's perspective, she thinks that Makoto's too serious and needs to calm down a little.
  • She respects the Investigation Team for being able to solve the murders of Inaba by themselves despite the dangers of doing it, but she connected with Chie the most. They are both martial artists, have fears of the horror genre, with Ran encouraging her decision of becoming a police officer. Her thirst for eating also reminds Ran of Genta at times, and tries her best to teach Chie how to expand her cooking skills along with Yukiko and Rise.
    • Other Persona users she had the privilege of meeting that are tough like her are Akihiko Sanada and Makoto Niijima. She bonded with the former for their protective instincts from the people they love and being stubborn about it and their obliviousness of how the opposite sex attracted them. For the latter, she bonded with her thanks to her friendship with Sae Niijima. She felt bad that losing her father causes her to lose her passion as a police officer, which was eventually revived later on and also what she's been through, such as the rumors that she got as a student council president, being blackmailed, and being called useless to the point that it got her so much desperation to prove her usefulness. She also admires her sense of justice and hopes for the best for her.
  • She isn't happy to see that Kaito Kid is a Pantheon god as he had rendered her unconscious once and disguised as her. He had also tried to kiss her when she thought that he was Shinichi. Kaito Kid didn't think that she would actually ascend, although he is spying on her using his dove whenever Conan asks him what she is doing around her day.
  • Her father is a police officer, and still works closely with his former co-workers despite his irritating attitude and questionable idiocy. As such, she respects the law enforcement, but special mention goes to Lei Wulong and Chun-Li, not just because of their practice of martial arts, but also because they are competent in their job as police officers, which reminds her of cops like Detective Sato. She wanted to thank them that there are officers like them and that they try to make the world a better place.
    • She also respects Renee Montoya from those same reasons (minus the martial arts). When she heard that she got accused of murder, she sympathized with her as her father and her old captain also have gone through the same thing. She was also horrified to see that Renee's parents disowned her for being a lesbian. She's happy to see she got better from those experiences and hopes she will live a better life.
  • Her mother is a professional lawyer and is nicknamed the "Queen of the Courtroom", thus she has huge respect to those that are lawyers with a sense of justice. Hearing about this, she met lawyers like Phoenix Wright, whom she respected because he has a huge sense of justice to the point he would rather have a client who actually committed a crime get a guilty verdict, although she thinks that he should have better deduction skills. She also got to meet Sae Niijima, who is happy to see her change of heart, developing a better sense of justice, and that she was able to reconcile with her sister (incidentally also named Makoto), something that she wished that would happen to her father and mother, who were separated at the time being.
    • That said, she truly hates those a that are corrupted, which is the case with Manfred von Karma. She's disgusted to see that is able to convict innocent people with a guilty verdict, how he horribly educated his own children, and that he killed the father of his adoptive son just to keep a perfect record. She hopes to see the day that he will get karma when the time comes.
  • One of her former teachers was a FBI agent, so she was curious to see if there are any that fit that job description. Meeting Will Graham and Clarice Starling, she is amazed at their empathy of criminals, she ended up pitying them hearing that they had been through against Hannibal Lecter, with Will becoming a literal drunk, and that one of their counterparts ended up running away together with the serial killer.
    • There's also Peter Burke, even if his division is more specialized for white collar crimes, though she was a bit conflicted at first with his partner Neal Caffrey (an ex-criminal) before learning of his backstory and acknowledging that he really wants to make things right.
  • She cares a lot about children and will go to great lengths to protect them. As such, almost all kids love her because of her caring, nurturing attitude, but are simply afraid whenever her instincts kick in, but nonetheless love her and would totally have her as a babysitter. Although she is afraid of kids who don't have the mind of normal ones and creep her out, such as like Eric Cartman and Hansel and Gretel (not the classic pair, though).
  • She fears ghosts, not because they are supernatural themselves, but because they would be invulnerable to her martial arts skills. She thus also fears other monsters, as she feels that they would be invulnerable as well. She tries her best to stay away from them as soon as possible, although her fear of monsters causes her to be an easy advantage by the evil-monstrous deities to be spook easily.
    • Until she was eventually backed into a corner and was forced to attack back. As soon as she realized that certain monsters are just as susceptible to her karate, her fear of them has lessened considerably. But those indeed invulnerable (like ghosts), she's going to run.
  • She is extremely lucky in luck-based games such as poker and mahjong. Even though she hates poker, her luck in it is so good that it seems like she is a professional. A lot of people are disputed by how a girl who hates it is so good at it. When asked if she wanted to participate in an another poker round, she refused, as she prefers to keep a healthy lifestyle.
  • Considering that she waited for Shinichi to permanently return, she is pitied by the entire House of Love, but special mention goes to Princess Cadence and Kyu Sugardust. The former feels bad for the pain that she held inside and hopes that Conan will finally find a way to defeat the Black Organization and reverse the effects on his body, or at least that she would know the truth. For the latter, seeing how made for each other Ran and Shinichi are, not to mention a few glares from Cadence, both are in her whitelist in that neither of them will be involved in her work (especially considering how much of a Dude Magnet Ran is).
  • Also resides in the House of Knowledge.
  • "My name is Ran! I was born to run!"


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