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Greater Gods

    Android 21 
Android 21, Goddess of Identity Amnesia (Artificial Human #21, Majin Android 21, Majin Bae, Bae Android, Majin THICC-Droid, Majin Thot, Majin Boobs, Majin Rogue, Loli MILF)
Her true form ruled by her hunger 
Her true form ruled by her heart 
Her hunger-fueled true form after absorbing Cell 
  • Greater Goddess (can become an Overdeity after enough feeding or training).
  • Symbol: Her lab coat.
  • Theme Music: Insatiable Android, Last Battle (Super Warriors), or Last Battle (Enemy Warriors) if possessed by her hunger
  • Alignment: Neutral Good at heart, with a Chaotic Evil hunger.
  • Domains: Memory, Hunger, Machines.
  • Portfolio
  • Allies
  • Her Heart's Friendly Rival: Chronoa the Supreme Kai of Time
  • Enemies
  • Special Relationship: Dr. Gero/Android 20 (her lover/husband as a human)
  • Good Counterpart to: Cell
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Merkava, Arakune, Gluttony
  • Secretly Watched by: Whis, Vatista
  • Supported by: Litchi Faye Ling, Ren Amamiya {Phantom Thieves}
  • Opposed by: Orie "Harada" Ballardiae, Lust, Father and Dante (FMA)
  • Opposes: Raditz
  • Her Heart Fears: Her Hunger, Majin Buu, Soma Yukihira, Shukuro Tsukishima, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • A redheaded android created by Dr. Gero, Android 21 is the first female primary antagonist in Universe 7 of the Dragon Ball multiverse, as well as the first to be both a brilliant scientist and a powerful fighter. By rebuilding Android 16, using sealing waves to block off the powers of the Z-Fighters, and forcing them to make use of a system of linked souls to revitalize their abilities, she became a serious threat to the Earth with a mysterious agenda. Ultimately, the agenda was revealed to be…a bratty teenage sweet-tooth which desired to snack on the powers of the strongest warriors in the universe, manifested in a Majin-like form.
  • Among the linked souls in the system, one particular Earthling Soul had caught hers and 16's interest, and came through with several intriguing abilities that were key to solving the mystery of who she was. Through its travels, the Soul discovered that as pithy as the bratty sweet-tooth thing sounds, the truth behind it is a horrifying tale of a kind-hearted woman fighting against an all-consuming hunger as the result of a terrible experiment by a Mad Scientist.
  • While Son Goku's attempt to respect her Heroic Sacrifice to stop her evil self by requesting her reincarnation instead of wishing her revival with the Dragon Balls was considered noble, the logic was still found dubious since almost everyone else who dies in battle there gets wished back, including Goku himself. Sailor Chibi Moon decided to ask her mother Sailor Moon to resurrect 21 in the Pantheon, while Ajani Goldmane petitioned for her ascension by using her lack of memory about her previous life as a trope seat, citing 21's own gag about herself being "less than ten years old" when the truth is she's probably closing in on a hundred.
  • With her revival and ascension cleared, she was glad to see that 16 was already ascended along with 17 and 18, but was surprised to learn that he'd been rebuilt in the Pantheon well beforehand and his time with her became a memory upgrade to his ascended self. Still, their previous dynamic of motherly boss and loyal assistant resumed as normal. After all, her pre-LEGO Genetics human self was the mother of the son 16 was modeled after, and part of her still desires the normal family life she used to have but can't remember.
    • She was extremely happy about the Android twins' performance in the Tournament of Power, especially when 17 survived his own self-destruction attack and then went on to win the tournament. Once 17 returned to the Pantheon from his cruise with his family and was met with MVP chants wherever he went, 21 started asking about it, until Yamcha told her what it meant. She started joining in and doing the chants herself.
  • 21 and Cell do not get along at all, given that her existence reveals him to be little more than a Super Prototype. She was a human converted into a bio-android by Dr. Gero's machinery, most likely placed into stasis before the Cell project even began. Naturally he was pissed off to see her back in the Pantheon.
  • To the surprise of quite a few people, she has NOT spoken with Dr. Gero since her ascension. While she would like some answers to clarify connection to her human past, she's still afraid that she'll somehow end up wishing she hadn't asked.
    • Unfortunately Zamasu came by and forced her to confront said past, utterly mocking and tormenting her with the information that Gero's love, twisted grief for their son, and paranoia for her safety was responsible for all the devastation the Red Ribbon Androids from 13 up to herself have caused. Citing her as a prime exhibition of the destructiveness of mortals, Zamasu even pointed out that if not for the inexplicably omni-compatible Earthling Soul in the linking system, she likely would've destroyed all life on Earth and beyondwhich would've made her a prime target of his absolute justice.
    • This broke her spirit to the point she quietly begged for death. However, doing so allowed her hunger persona to take control and attack Zamasu madly, causing a cataclysmic "battle" in which 21 almost destroyed both their houses entirely trying to defeat and consume the Fallen Supreme Kai but could barely leave a scratch on him. Ultimately, she suddenly fell unconscious (thanks to 16 activating the sealing waves on her), and then carried out to safety by The Flash before Zamasu could kill her. Sailor Moon used her magic to both repair the damage and encourage 21's good self to fight on, allowing her heart to retake control when she came to.
  • The HeartCatch Pretty Cures became curious about 21 after hearing about the help she got from Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon and decided to go visit her. She treated them to macarons she'd recently bought, and was very open and nice to them. Got a small kick when they noticed she sounds just like Itsuki/Cure Sunshine when speaking Japanese.
    • Her conscience has also made friends with other deities who sound like her in Japanese. She's entrusted Kasumi, Shanoa, and Presea to fight to take her down if her hunger should take over and hurt innocents, while Tomoyo is steadfast in encouraging her to push through without losing herself and Rim insists she can find a way to acclimate her other self without giving into its push. However, none of them trust Medusa Gorgon, as they're well aware that the witch is trying to manipulate her into giving in to her hunger.
  • Her normal self is food-tasting buddies with the good Majin Buu, often taking him to the House of Food. They primarily go for sweets, her favorites being macarons. That said, she's pretty terrified of the evil Buu. After all, Buu's berserk cells collected by Gero's computers are the source of her corrupt hunger, and much like Buu before her, the strong clash between her two personalities will end with fission. To her, the evil Buu represents her fear that even after splitting away from her, the hunger will come up again and consume her from within.
  • When she learned of Chibiusa and Ajani's role in her Pantheonic resurrection, she went to them and thanked them, but still asked if they thought it was wise given her hunger problems. Ajani pointed out that worse beings get deified all the time, and that the Pantheon has ways of neutralizing threats like her evil side, while Chibiusa expanded on this by revealing that the two were responsible for the Earthling Soul; she had created it using her Abracadabra Pom chant while he empowered it with the help of seven deities from other Earths represented in the Pantheon, namely (Insert Name Here), Edward Elric, The Flash, She-Hulk, Bambina the Monkey King, Alice Liddell, and Mr. Rogers, to give it the traits that enabled it to enter the Dragon World at will and be so compatible with the world itself, the link system, and every single fighter.
  • 21 instantly went around to thank all seven of the aforementioned deities. Most of the meetings went well as one would expect, but a few were notable for multiple reasons.
    • She was surprised to hear that the Soul had indeed traveled backwards twice, and before interacting with her and 18 had actually infiltrated Goku, Vegeta, the other Z-Fighters, and even Frieza and Cell. Whis confirmed these facts during her meeting with Barry, though the angel was about as initially enthused about her revival as she herself was and for the same reason: concern about her hunger.
    • Also, She-Hulk teased her about some of the shipping centered around her, particularly how some deities think she would be a great partner for Goku in more ways than one or how her doting over 18 combined with Krillin's "android fetish" might make her a good fit to form a threesome with them. She pointed out, to these people's chagrin, that Goku is Happily Married with Chichi and that both they and Krillin and 18 already have kids, so she isn't about to mess with that.
    • Much to her chagrin, when she went to thank Bambina, she was immediately met with a surprise attack. Chibiusa and Ajani had to confess that they'd promised the Monkey King "playtime" with both her and Goku to get him to help with their plan.
  • Much like Merkava and Arakune, she is an intelligent creature afflicted by a crippling hunger who was once human. She pities them enough to want to support them, but is concerned as to what extent they may have chosen to embrace being monster carnivores.
    • Their main chasers differ in how they take to the android: Litchi sympathizes with her plight and wants to see her cured or at least able to control it, while Orie distrusts her and would rather see her gone. Vatista, meanwhile, has literally said that she's waiting for 21 to become her problem before she decides anything. This is not being taken as a sign of trust.
    • Father Anderson has declared her a threat and an abomination who needs to be destroyed. She's watching her back now in case he comes after her.
    • Another similar creature, Gluttony, is more simple-minded like Buu; she and Fat Buu are trying to get him away from his cannibalistic norm, much to the consternation of his masters.
  • Raditz has volunteered his services to her as an assistant for some reason. Not trusting Goku's nefarious brother, she has rejected this proposal out of hand.
  • Tenchi met 21 in the House of Physical Attractiveness as she was heading to Bulma's place for one of her semi-frequent visits. Seeing the attractive redhead scientist reminded him of Washu and he's getting a bit wistful about seeing his harem ascend. She's offered to help him out with that in any way she can.
  • Has been advised to stay far away from Soma Yukihira's cooking, as it's delicious enough to bring ordinary girls to orgasmic states. With her condition, one can't be too sure if food like that will satisfy her cravings or stoke her more sinister urges. Has also been advised never to get near Tsukishima or Ragyo Kiryuin because they might make attempts to rewire her missing memories for their own ends.
  • An easy way to creep her out is to remind her how lustful she can get about literally eating strong guys, especially Goku, when in her mad hunger state. Terumi tried to exploit this, at which point she promptly beat him into the ground with a full course assault.
  • 17 has talked about her condition with Ren Amamiya, the leader of the Phantom Thieves. Ren is currently wondering if 21's hunger can possibly be treated like a Shadow.
  • Was once introduced to Kakyoin because he's a handsome dude who shares 16's red-and-green color scheme and is apparently sweet on MILFs. They made fast friends because they're both friendly people, he seeks to be understood while she seeks to understand, she can see Hierophant Green and recognizes the Stand as a potentially handy tool should her hunger take control, and on that note they both know what it's like to have to die to stop the villain.
  • Has run into fellow scientist Sento Kiryu, and the two immediately hit it off. Android 21 felt even further kinship with the young genius since he also lost his memories supposedly due to experimentation, and can't help but admire Sento's dedication to his ideals of justice regardless of the terrible circumstances that resulted in them being brought around his identity.
    21: Even after knowing everything you believe in is a lie? Where do you find the strength to still have faith?
    Sento: Simple: it's because my belief in Love&Peace was never a lie. That is the one thing I know in this world is true.
    21: ...I can only hope to discover such a truth one day for myself.
  • Also in the House of Mentalism.

Revan, God of Amnesiac Villains That Join Forces With Heroes (The Revanchist, The Revan, Revan the Butcher, The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan, The Prodigal Knight)

Intermediate Gods

Blitzwing, God(s) of Dissociative Identity Disorder (Icy, Hothead, Random, Overcharge)
Animated Blitzwing
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Three Faces surrounding the Decepticon insignia.
  • Theme Songs: "Decepticons"; alternatively, this
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Icy), Chaotic Evil (Hothead), and just plain Chaotic (Random)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Robots, Transformation, Military, Elements, Personality, Warfare, Self Conflict
  • Herald: Lugnut
  • High Priest: Hassan of the Hundred Personas
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Starscream, Lockdown, Princess Azula, Beast Wars Megatron, Magneto
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Onslaught, Unicron, AM, House of Insects, House of Arthropods, Every Nazi deity in the Pantheon
  • Opposed By: Touko Fukawa
  • Blitzwing is a Triple Changer; a Transformer with the ability to convert from robot mode into two separate vehicle forms. In his case, a Soviet MiG-25 fighter jet and a Type-74 Japanese tank. Brutish, loudmouthed, and all around despised even by his own allies, he served as a capable soldier in the Decepticon army, tearing up the battlefield alongside fellow Triple Changer Astrotrain. But the Blitzwing who arrived in the Pantheon was not the same one Megatron was familiar with. Instead, he came from an alternate universe, where the Decepticons had been defeated by the Autobots long before their arrival on Earth. This version not only has three forms, but also three different personalities; a cold and stoic strategist known as "Icy", a bad-tempered brute referred to as "Hothead", and an absolute nutcase simply called... "Random". These three personalities swing back and forth depending on Blitzwing's mood, each with their own face to represent them. This only serves to make him even more unpredictable than before, even to his own allies. Megatron though took this in stride, and busted Blitzwing out of his cell on Cybertron, bringing the Triple Changer back into his ranks and giving him a position in the Pantheon as a god.
  • It would have been easier for Optimus Prime and the Autobots to deal with Blitzwing alone... but he didn't come alone. Serving as his Herald is Lugnut, another Decepticon from the Animated timeline and a devote follower of Megatron, faithfully obeying every command he gives without question. He and Blitzwing are often paired together on missions, and more often than not, there will always be blood involved.
  • Having multiple personalities has allowed Blitzwing to gain some bonus perks, mainly in the form of weaponry and transformations. As Icy, he specializes in ice-based attacks and transform into his jet form, while Hothead can conjure up fire-based projectiles whilst in tank mode. He can only have access to one element/vehicle depending on his personality but Random can use both. Unfortunately for him, the changes are involuntary, and as his weapons and transformations are tied to whichever personality is in control, it can be easy for his enemies to trick him to take on a particular form. More than once, a massive tank has been sighted falling out of the sky screaming "slag" before impact.
  • It should be noted that when the three aren't in conflict over what their objective is, all three faces of Blitzwing are dangerous combatants and not above mutilation to reach their goals. Or just for fun, depending on which one is in control. As such, the other Decepticons tend to keep their distance whenever he's on the rampage.
  • Blitzwing learned from Megatron that Sari Sumdac's Allspark enhanced key was stored in the Pantheon's Treasury, and has been trying to figure out how to acquire it. Unfortunately for him, progress on developing said plan has been slow. He also doesn't realize it's completely useless as all its power was drained into Sari long ago.
  • As an ally to Optimus Prime, it's no surprise that Blitzwing has attempted to destroy SCP-516 to show Megatron who is the better tank... only for Megatron to go Armada and prove both of them wrong. Admittedly, it got quite a few laughs from the participants of that battle.
  • Though he doesn't like humans that much, Blitzwing has been forced to work alongside Cobra Commander and his forces on Megatron's orders. He, Destro and the Baroness have been seen taking on Duke and Snake Eyes on a regular basis, mostly to destroy their advance weaponry. He's also teamed up with Dr. Wily and Eggman, taking advantage of their creations unique powers and abilities. It also gave the pair a much needed advantage against Mega Man, Sonic and the respective allies.
  • It was because of his revolving personalities and accompanying faces that Blitzwing gained the friendship of Two-Face, who serves as a link to the Court of the Gods for the Decepticons as a result, primarily to bust them out of confinement much faster. This made Batman incredibly wary, and has even upgraded the Batmobile's tank mode to properly combat the Triple Changer.
  • Due to the Pantheon's influence, not to mention his multiple personalities, Blitzwing will cycle through several forms depending on the situation at hand. Sometimes, he will become the version from the original timeline but carry over his fire and ice powers, but other times he'll become a standard F-4 Phantom II Seeker equipped with a sub-machine gun and built-in daggers. But in all these various incarnations, the changing faces remain, a trademark of the timeline where the Cybertronian originated from.
    • He hasn't forgotten what happened the last time he fought Hot Rod and Kup. Nor has he forgiven them.
  • It is believed by some that Blitzwing was in fact, a drone built by the Quintessons that gained independence and joined the Decepticons shortly after. As such, he opposed the Daleks and Borgs, along with their respective rulers due to their manipulative natures and both reminding him of his past. It's worth noting that should Megatron become Galvatron once more and be swayed to helping either assimilators, Blitzwing will not hesitate to perform another Heel–Face Turn and aid the Autobots in stopping him.
  • It turned out that Blitzwing wasn't originally a Triple Changer. Instead, his unique abilities were the results of rigorous experimentations by Blackarachnia, but this had a negative side-effect. These experiments were the very reason why he has three split personalities to begin with. As such, he greatly despises the Houses of Insects and Arthropods respectively, and is hoping to get his revenge on the spider... which may be sooner than he expects, considering she's one of Prince Zuko's followers. To try and get at Zuko and Blackarachnia, he joined up with Azula, who has managed to best her older brother on several occasions. This alliance though is superficial; the fallen princess finds the Decepticon's constant personality changing to be annoying, and has no interest in bringing him to King Bradley to join the High Command.
  • Almost every single Gundam pilot detests the Triple Changer, due to his continuous switching back and forth between forms and powers during battle. Amuro Ray has gone to Optimus for assistance and, almost instinctually, suggested exposing him to Cosmic Rust, a disease which can infect and even kill Cybertonians. The young pilot has taken this into consideration.
  • Blitzwing and his personalities have been described by some as an evil Freudian Trio.note  As such, he immediately became enemies with Captain James Kirk, along with his comrades Leonard McCoy and Mr. Spock, who may or may not have faced against similar foes in the past. It certainly doesn't help that Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise have a little experience with fighting Decepticons.
  • Despite sounding like and resembling a German soldier, Blitzwing is nevertheless opposed to working with any deified Nazis in the Pantheon. It may seem surprising at first but the Decepticon has his reasons. The Nazi party targeted anyone they considered undesirable; Jewish, Roma, Communist, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the mentally disabled to name a few. Blitzwing's insanity has been seen as a detriment, and after being confronted by Red Skull about it, all the Triple Changer had to do was go Random mode and go all out.
    • It's also the reason why he sometimes works with Magneto, due to their shared animosity towards Nazis.
  • Despite the fact that they have a similar concept of split personalities, Blitzwing definitely doesn't want to mess with Onslaught. The immensely powerful entity proved to be too dangerous for even him and after a particularly nasty beatdown, he wisely backed off.
    • Another one of Blitzwing's neighbours, Touko Fukawa, opposes him for reminding her of her problem with her killer alternate personality, Genocider Syo. Syo, for the most part, doesn't care for the Decepticon but finds his Random personality to be someone she can riot with. For his part, Blitzwing sees the SHSL Author as just another insect to trample over, which greatly offended Fukawa. After all, she owns a stinkbug as a pet.
  • One day, while going on a murder spree across the Pantheon, Blitzwing attempted to blow up a seemingly normal pink-haired girl that stood in his way. He turned into his Hothead mode and fired a shot... only for it be deflected by a mysterious force. It was only then that he realized, much to his horror, she was in fact Diclonius known as Lucy. The remainder of the fight did not go well. For him, anyway.
  • While Blitzwing has shown animosity to all the ascended Autobots and Maximals, it's Bumblebee that seems to set him off the most. The reason for it is because in one timeline Blitzwing pursued a young B-127 to Earth, and was promptly destroyed by the rookie Autobot. To be fair, Bee has every reason to hate Blitzwing back. He did rip out Bee's vocal synthesizer, rendering him mute.
  • Is not a big fan of the House of Torture and Mutilation due to ending up captured and vivisected by Miles Mayhem, who used this knowledge of the robot's biology to create M.A.S.K. As such, Blitzwing wants nothing to do with the likes of AM, who also yearns for the chance to "examine" the insides of a Cybertronian.
  • The house of Time and Space proceeded to compile a basic guide to help the GUAG to better understand Blitzwing and all of his incarnations.
  • "Ze name iz Blitzwing, insect; remember it! Cause it's ze last thing you're gonna hear before I—express my feelings in song!"

    Dalek Sec 
Dalek Sec, The God Infected By Humanity (Commander Sec, Mr Diagoros, "Your future")
Sec as a pure Dalek
Sec as a Hybrid
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A slab of his black Dalekanium
  • Theme Song: Evolution of the Daleks
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (as a pure Dalek), True Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (as a human hybrid)
  • Portfolio: Black Dalekanium To Denote Leadership, Special Dalek Designed to Think Outside the Box That Leads To Sec Rejecting his Dalekness, Having a Name And Thus a Mind of His Own, Believing Daleks Need to Evolve for Survival, Fusion Between Dalek and Human, Realizing The Folly of Dalek Xenophobia And Dying Because of It, Emergency Temporal Shift!
  • Domains: War, Extermination, The Unorthodox, Ingenuity
  • Herald: "Rusty"
  • Followers: Dalek Thay and Jast (formerly), Viltrumites, Angleton , Illyria
  • Allies: The Dalek Emperor, The Dalek Time Controller (only as a pure Dalek), Iroque, Satan Jacob (only as a hybrid Dalek), Nurgle, Vile (in general)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Homura Akemi, Khorne
  • Conflicting Opinion on: The Doctor (former mortal enemy), Dalek Caan (fellow Cult of Skaro member), Alucard
  • Enemies: Any non-Dalek not under "allies" (prior to merger), The Dalek Emperor, The Dalek Time Controller, Ragyo Kiryuin (as a hybrid), Davros, The Cybermen, The Incubators, The Weeping Angels, The Incubators (in general)
  • Observing: The House of War and the rest of the House of Personality
  • Dalek Sec would start off as an average Dalek. A command unit with no name, he fought against the Mechanoids, leading to the Dalek Emperor taking notice. He, along with three other Daleks, would be given a name and identity of his own, capable of thinking in unorthodox and individualistic manners, for the sake of better countering the enemy and surviving. Dalek Sec's concern for Dalek survival and supremacy would lead him to become fascinated by mankind, but would learn to his peril one should beware of their influence.
    • Though hating the Doctor like any proper Dalek, Sec does admire his genius. As a hybrid this ended up getting the two on semi-good terms in hopes of making the Daleks better, though the Cult of Skaro's mutiny cut this short. To this day,
    • Sec's relationship with the other Daleks is complicated. The Cult of Skaro were the closest thing any Dalek could have to family, however they believed he went too far and abandoned Dalek-kind. While Caan overthrew Sec, his own experiences through the Time Vortex has the Abomination be more understanding of Sec. Still, the two butt heads often in the Pantheon over the worthiness of Daleks and humans. The Dalek Emperor sees him as a failure, as does the Dalek Time Controller.
  • Dalek Sec came to the belief that, as humans keep surviving, the Daleks should take some of their traits. His own prototype form is essentially a man with his mutant body for a head, and the intended Dalek-Human hybrids were people with pale skin and Dalek personalities. Sec is aware his defense is severely diminished compared to his Dalek casing, but thinks it's outweighed by his freedom and he can always manually pilot said casing once he's remodeled it.
    • Will react violently if his head tentacles are compared to dicks. Or claiming he shoved a man up his ass; Daleks have no need of asses.
    • Ended up getting into a pissing match with the Dalek Emperor over his hybridization. Sec was quick to point out that he incorporated human flesh to recreate the Daleks, however the Emperor stated "everything human had been purged". Sec's response was to call the Emperor hypocritical, as his hybrids had some human features and influencing traits, but they were self-loathing and mad, whereas Sec became "enlightened". As such, Sec sees himself as the success story of his race.
  • The Cult of Skaro once faced off against the Cybermen. Though they wished an Enemy Mine situation, Sec found that absurd, and when they declared war, Sec stated "this is not war, this is pest control!", a thing he then proved decisively. Sec still doesn't think much of the Cybermen's capabilities.
    • Sec is adamant that Daleks have no concept or need of elegance. That being said, he privately admits Daleks certainly ARE capable of dry sarcasm. It's something he's become more fond of as a hybrid.
    • Doesn't consider the Weeping Angels to be that much of a threat, simply parasites in eldritch clothing. Though as a hybrid he's at least wary about having a neck to snap.
  • Dalek Sec believes that Dalek survival should take precedent over Dalek supremacy, seeing it as destructive. Don't be fooled however, as he's still got that classic Dalek ruthlessness. Even with human qualities like sympathy and pity, he's still a domineering figure who sees peace as merely a means to an end and will convert a good portion of mankind for Dalek survival if that's what he feels is neccesary. His new moral code is more "blatant supremacy is risky", though now accepts the virtues of mercy and compassion. Probably doesn't help that his fusee, Mr Diagoros, was a ruthless man scarred by the Great War.
    • As a hybrid, Sec is intrigued by Iroque and the Indigo light. Forcing compassion and altering one's personality is a useful means of "bettering" others in his eye, and believes it can reawaken the "humanity" Davros suppressed in his creations. Iroque has agreed in hopes of redeeming the Dalek race into a force for good, but only when Sec himself is in an "enlightened" humanoid state.
    • Dalek Sec is not the only Dalek to be find Humanity Is Infectious. A lone Dalek, nicknamed "Metaltron" ended up taking some human DNA to heal itself. Unlike Sec it was horrified by what it became and chose to kill itself rather than change further. "Rusty" ended up understanding the futility of Dalek xenophobia, however ended up focusing that hatred on its own kind instead. Sec regards both as intriguing, but ultimately failed example. He'd much rather "improve" Daleks much earlier on, in the crib, like a more stable variation of Alpha, Beta and Omega's Human Factor.
  • Sec often converses with Alucard and Satan Jacob over embracing human qualities. Sec has noticed a dichotomy between him and the vampire; while Alucard was a man made a monster, Dalek Sec was a monster made a man.
  • Apparently Sec survived being shot in Manhattan, being reborn in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe. There, he would become a hero in his own right, oppose the Incubators and ally with Homura Akemi.
    • Has become intrigued with Nurgle's plague abilities, and hopes to curry favor with the Chaos God to gain some form of immortality. He's also hired Vile for a mercenary.

    Death Gun 
Death GunIdentities , Malevolent Deities of Collective Identities (Shouichi: XaXa, Red-Eyed XaXa, Sterben, Mortale fucile, Ryouichi | Kyouji: Spiegel, Richter | Atsushi: Johnny Black, The Poison-Dagger)
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  • Intermediate Gods as Death Gun, Lesser Gods as their individual in-game personas, Quasideities IRL
  • Symbol: Sterben's skull mask along with his pistol
  • Theme Song: MAD BULLET"S"
  • Leitmotif: "Death Gun"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with heavy Chaotic tendencies (Kyouji switches between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Big Bad of the Phantom Bullet Arc, Actually Three People, Looks Like Darth Vader, Uses a Type 54 "Black Star" Handgun, Wears a Stealth Mantle For Camouflage, Knight of Cerebus, Believes Weakness Is A Crime, Helmet Has Glowing Red Eyes, For the Evulz, Siblings in Crime
  • Domains: Assassination, Bullets, Crime, Firearms, Heart Attacks, Death, Trauma, Tainted Love, Health, Siblinghood
  • Heralds: The rest of Laughing Coffin, including Vassago Casals/PoH (their guild leader) (Shouichi and Atsushi only)
  • High Priests: The Viridian Killer (Judge Romulus and Frère Remus)
  • Followers: John Dillinger, 'A', The Black Hood, Yatagarasu, CLAMP
  • Allies: Nobuyuki Sugou (their superior), Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus, Ali al-Saachez
  • On business terms with: The House of Toxicity (Atsushi)
  • Psycho for Hire for: The Grand United Alliance of Evil and Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Shocker, HYDRA, The Black Organization and The Chaos Insurgency, among others
  • Rivals: The Brave Companions, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Boba Fett
  • Enemies: Most good-aligned Sword Art Online deities (especially Kirito and Asuna), all good-aligned Ex-Aid Riders, Victor von Doom, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Pitied by: Good-aligned House of Family deities, Ken Kaneki, Kousei Arima (Kyouji only)
  • Opposes: The House of Health and Diseases
  • Opposed by: Shino Asada/Sinonnote , Akihiko Kayaba, Goro Akechi
  • It was believed that the SAO incident had ended once all its victims were awake and accounted for, but fate leaves marks. Some very dark marks. A VRMMO player and self-proclaimed bringer of Justice called Death Gun began murdering players in the game Gun Gale Online. Seconds after the victim's in-game avatar died, the real person died of a heart attack. The ensuing panic renewed public distrust of the genre. Word in the Pantheon even speculated that Kira had broken through his probation by the Court and was using the Death Gun avatar as a cover for his new wave of 'justice' in the SAO world. It turned out this wasn't Kira at all, but three denizens of the SAO world, two of whom were former members of the infamous SAO player-killing guild Laughing Coffin. And all three are in the Pantheon now.
    • Shouichi Shinkawa (aka XaXa) masterminded the plot with his brother Kyouji out of a desire to prove their killing ability and terrify pretentious VRMMO players. Kyouji would login to GGO with his brother's avatar 'Sterben' and spy on players inputting their personal particulars into an information terminal from under a camouflage mantle. When it was time to strike, Shouichi would break into the player's (poorly secured) house and inject them with a dose of suxamethonium chloride (succinylcholine) at the exact second Death Gun shot the player in-game. Both were caught by Kazuto Kirigaya, who was investigating the murders on behalf of Internal Affairs Ministry member Kikuoka Seijirou and sent to prison. The third accomplice, Atsushi Kanamoto (aka Johnny Black) would get the last laugh and inject Kirito with their last dose of succinylcholine, kick-starting the events of the Alicization arc.
  • Nobuyuki Sugou initiated a secret assault on the prison the three were held in, emboldened by Quinella's 'accidental' ascension and requiring more allied enemies for his ultimate plan. A group of Laughing Coffin survivors attacked the prison and caused an explosion, replacing the trio with burnt corpses implanted with their DNA. As a reward for the successful additions to their ranks, Ambassador Hell increased funding to Sugou's Fluctlight and Mind Control research and had the rest of Laughing Coffin become heralds of the Death Gun trio. Vassago Casals (aka PoH) has been put in charge of Death Gun as their main herald.
    • The three have only cordial relations with Sugou as they prefer to be left alone but love the cut of his jib. Quinella isn't above providing 'services' in exchange for special favours, though Kyouji has expertly dodged her efforts to convert him. Most of Shocker holds them in some regard as an elite assassin trio.
    • Other deities they take orders from are Masamune Dan, Ali al-Saachez and any high-ranking member of Shocker, though they don't enjoy being instructed to do someone else's bidding unless it's PoH, for whom their reverence borders on worship. Apparently they conveniently forgot that he revealed the location of Laughing Coffin's base just for kicks. Vassago managed to divert blame on Abridged Kirito and Asuna for convincing Laughing Coffin to advertise themselves as better killers-for-hire, causing the guild's downfall after they decided to reveal the location of their base. And they bought it.
  • Judge Romulus and his brother Remus were assigned to them as high priest. As much as they despise potential competition and disassociate themselves from the Viridian Killer at every waking moment, the former's influence in the Court of the Gods has gotten them out of many a court case.
  • The three co-conspirators can physically access all their in-game avatars in the Pantheon, though like Sugou, this required Shocker's intervention before they could do so. Shocker has also provided the trio custom Death Gun armors in addition to their in-game avatars. Pro-tip, they can be identified by the armbands on their left forearm; red for Shouichi, jet black for Atsushi and khaki green for Kyouji. The armbands of the former two have personalized Laughing Coffin emblems.
  • Kirito might as well have been Asura when he got wind of the trio's ascension. Laughing Coffin caused a sizeable portion of the deaths in the SAO incident For the Evulz knowing that Kayaba would be blamed for everything. As the first true foes he ever faced, there's a special place for Shouichi and Atsushi in his personal hell. When Death Gun began his new string of murders across the Pantheon to get Kirito's attention, he beat all of them to near-death (except Kyouji who he mercifully knocked unconscious). XaXa and Johnny rightly fear the Black Swordsman given that he took down the both of them and dealt their leader a long, slow Fate Worse than Death. Sinon rushed to meet Kyouji in the House of Health and Diseases hours later, promising him that things will get better.
  • More than once have their murders been pinned on Goro Akechi since his modus operandi is mental shutdowns. If not for the offline coordination, their method of murder could easily be mistaken for Akechi's. Both are painfully aware of this and have even come to blows on occasion. Their last known one was in the TV World where they were hopelessly outmatched even with their enhanced armor. An unconscious Kyouji had to be bodily dragged away after the beatdown was over. Naturally this also makes the Phantom Thieves of Hearts their enemies (especially Futaba and Haru, who have lost their mother and father respectively).
  • Dr. Doom denounced them as wannabes when a botched assassination attempt occurred within sight of his temple. And they were stupid enough to challenge him. Let's say what happened next wasn't pretty. All three were found dead in their temples with their masks glued to their skulls (hot glue!) and crying in pain. Dr. Doom insists he didn't do it, and it would be quite petty for him to do so to. The trio maintains that he definitely did it despite no evidence of it. By Kyouji's words, who else would glue a mask to their face?
  • Laughing Coffin's reputation has earned the attention of other hunters and killing groups like the Brave Companions, who share their love of rape. Other honourable deities like Boba Fett and Jigsaw dislike their lack of honour, with the latter condemning XaXa and Black for killing in SAO simply because it would be blamed on Kayaba. He is preparing a test for those two and Vassago. Kayaba himself is just as opposed to Death Gun as he is to Sugou but is unwilling to involve himself in a war with them.
  • Exclusive to Shouichi:
    • The brains behind the operation, Shouichi Shinkawa was meant to succeed his father as a hospital director but his frailty made his father entrust the family legacy to Kyouji instead. Quitting high school and turning to virtual reality as an escape, he was trapped in SAO and fell under Vassago Casal's influence as one of the dragons of Laughing Coffin. A Nightmare Fetishist who specializes in spying and kill strategies, his sickly body is nothing to scoff at as it hides a devil inside. One of the worst examples of gaming addiction in the Pantheon, he has been banned from the houses of Gaming and Technology with a provisional ban from the House of Family.
    • Serves as Death Gun's Mission Control, relaying instructions from a darkened room full of computers and hacking devices. While he can go outside in his Sterben avatar, he prefers not to unless the target is especially important (or Kirito). Besides, no one wants him to get out of his chair. His exceptional memory, hacking and observational skills have earned him the attention of some House of Technology deities. All good-aligned deities from the sub-house of Technological Experts hate him for perverting useful technology to kill people. Fellow hacker Aiden Pearce even suggested his ban from both houses, for which Shouichi has sworn revenge.
    • Burning red eyes are present in all his in-game avatars which earned him the moniker 'Red-Eyed XaXa', a symbol of fear second to only PoH himself. Shouichi relishes in fear and unsurprisingly gets along with fellow Nightmare Fetishist Scarecrow. Shouichi sometimes tests new fear toxins for the good doctor, even though he thinks using a serum instead of inducing fear personally is cheating. Or he thinks that Crane is a sissy for getting beaten by Batman, an actual living symbol of fear.
    • Shouichi is in contact with several unethical hackers in order to boost Death Gun's information control. Two of the most notable are Sombra (not that one) and Teseo. He's undoubtedly impressed by Sombra's choice of weapon given that its rate of fire is twice that of his preferred firearm, the Type 54 pistolnote . He provides her info on Shocker's activities (as much as Sugou lets him) while she provides ammunition and dirt on Death Gun's next target. Teseo was briefly a heated rival of his but their relationship has smoothened into a tenuous Big Bad Duumvirate since they're Not So Different. They're both depraved, entitled maniacs who joined a villainous gang For the Evulz.
    • Hates the House of Health and Diseases since it reminds him of the father who pressured him into a life he didn't want and left him in the mud for being ill. He has tried several times to destroy the place to little success. Another reason is to kill Yuuki Konno, who's often been described as his good counterpart. Abhorring any notion of a superior version of himself, he actually tried to destroy the entire ward and got a taste of her unmatched swordsmanship firsthand. He plans to counter-attack personally but with her abilities on par with Kirito knows that he's in for a serious battle.
  • Exclusive to Kyouji:
    • Kyouji is considered The Heavy of the trio, and for good reason. The pressure placed on him to inherit the family legacy made him give up on reality like his brother and work with him on the Death Gun incident. His attachment to Shino Asada (aka Sinon) grew so obsessive that she was one of his targets so they would be together in death. Thankfully, he was stopped and for the little time he was incarcerated received moral support from Shino, who never stopped believing in him. This is the only thing that has kept him stable so far. Whether or not they will get together is still up in the air.
    • Shino is still Kyouji's best friend in the Pantheon despite knowing he's now one of Shocker's professional assassins. She recognizes that Kyouji is under the influence of worse people than himself and that on the inside, he's a genuinely good person. That doesn't mean she's a pushover though. She's not inviting Kyouji to her temple anytime soon and any violent outburst from him can easily be countered by transforming into any of her avatars, though she's promised not to use the powers of Solus on him. Her time with him is promising and no incidents of Attempted Rape have ensued yet. Twilight would be proud.
    • Has to contend with his brother's toxic influence and is a Reluctant Psycho at best, usually appearing as his friendly but lonely 'Kyouji' self who attends high school and avoids killing, even making excuses to hang out (or even bunk) with his allies, especially Sinon. When under extreme duress or Kyouji and Atsushi's enforced company, he slowly reverts to the more vicious personality he displayed during the Death Gun incident. The change is subtle enough not to be classified as a Split Personality just yet, but the change is frightening nonetheless. He dislikes any allusion to his instability, since some jackasses like to bring this up.
      • If he's on a solo mission, you can tell it's him based on his general hamminess compared to Shouichi. His older brother can be just as dramatic (see the quote below) but only when he's in a really good mood.
    • He sympathizes and even has ties with killers, criminals and anti-heroes with Split Personality problems. Elise of the Sumeragi Swordsmen who definitely has three identities has tangled with him before, as has Harvey Dent. An Anti-Villain who he gets along with swimmingly is Kamen Rider Tiger. Ironically their philosophies are the complete opposite: Kyouji has (or had) given up on real life and turned to gaming while Satoru pushes himself to be accepted as a hero by society. Satoru's learnt a lot since his Karmic Death and is considering teaching the wayward teen in the ways of heroism to redeem himself for killing Hideyuki.
    • Similarly gets along with Dexter Morgan who limits his serial murders to criminals who haven't been caught. Kyouji (not as Death Gun by the way) has been involved with some of these since his ascensions. Dexter's tried asking Kyouji to move to his temple but even if he's more principled than Laughing Coffin his current location isn't any better. Moreover having a police consultant bunking with a known virtual killer would provide too many opportunities for Shocker to insert a mole into the TPPD.
    • Most of all is Ken Kaneki, who Shino introduced him to. A working father who was quite the psychopathic Anti-Hero a couple of years before ascension, Kaneki knows what it's like to handle a killer instinct. Sensing something in the boy (not that), Kaneki offered him a day job at :re which he accepted for once. This is a first step on a journey to recovery that his two partners are determined to prevent. The old GUAE Re-Education Facility better get renovated soon...
    • ...which happened on the day Kyouji, Shino and the SAO gang attended a gala in the House of Music. Kyouji was almost kidnapped in the toilet tending to his ears after a particularly grating opera performance. Kousei Arima in passing witnessed the event and called for security to detain the Shocker goons and Kyouji was able to watch the rest of the concert in relative peace and thought his performance with Kaori made him feel ecstasy. When he asked Kousei how he heard him through the noise, the master pianist said this:
    Kousei: Oh it's simple really. Something about (flustered sweating) 'that voice' of yours I guess?
  • Exclusive to Atsushi:
    • Atsushi was brought into the scheme after Kyouji determined that without a motorcycle licence it would be difficult to get to victims on time. When his co-conspirators were arrested he was forced to go into hiding with their last dose of succinylcholine, which he used in a surprise attack on Kirito and Asuna half a year later. He got arrested for it, sure, but Kirito fell into a coma which took two arcs to recover from. Quinella probably has the worst relationship with him since his pathetic revenge indirectly caused her downfall.
    • Probably the maddest out of the three who isn't afraid of getting caught by authorities as evidenced by his attack on Kirito. When people see him on the streets of Mentalism, they quickly see a psychopathic gangster. The username Johnny Black makes that even more obvious. The only few people who eclipse him and his buddies in terms of blackheartedness are Nobuyuki Sugou, Quinella, Vassago Casals/PoH and Gabriel Miller/Subtilizer.
    • The trio's Master Poisoner, Atsushi has plenty to play with in the House of Toxicity, in particular Caesar Clown. They've experimented on poisons in the thousands and once raised the eyebrows of everyone in the nearby House of War when rumour spread of them using Zyklon B. They vehemently deny this because they believe that said gas is way too tame.
    • One of his partners (or tenuous allies, you do the math) is Kamen Rider Ouja, a murderer with similar tastes and appearances. Ouja's direct style of attacks complements Atsushi's poisoning skills perfectly. Atsushi has even started dressing in snakeskin shirts like him. While the rest of the team has no ethical standards, they do prioritize one thing above killing: self-preservation. Apparently Asakura didn't get the memo.
    • Billy Kane condemns him for smoking on top of being batshit crazy and Faust Baldhead is offended that Atsushi tortures people while hiding his face as a Sackhead Slasher (although admittedly Atsushi's face is pretty horrifying to look at so maybe it was for the better), grimly reminding him of his villainous phase.
  • Shouichi: "Death Gun is my name and the name of my gun. One day I'll pay you all a visit too and bring real death with this gun. You've seen my power, it is real. This isn't over, not yet. I'm just getting started. It's showtime."

    Inori Yuzuriha 
Inori Yuzuriha, Goddess of Being What She Is (Doll, Monster, Mana's Vessel)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: An orange-red flower shaped Dress. Alternatively her void (A giant Sword)
  • Theme Song: Euterpe and Departures.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Famous Lead Singer, Pink-Haired Emotionless Girl, She is Capable In Combat, Mysterious Girl, Apocalypse Maiden, Defrosting Ice Queen, Sacrificing herself to save Shu and the World
  • Domain: Music, Discovery, Vessels, Personality
  • Allies: Shu Ouma, Rei Ayanami, Rachel Roth/Raven, C.C., Madoka Kaname, Hatsune Miku, Sheryl Nome, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Sophie, Akane Tsunemori
  • Enemies: Yuu, Makoto Walz Segai, The Incubators, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Albert Wesker, Edward Richtofen, Alex Mercer
  • Complicated Relationships: Mana Ouma, Gai Tsutsugami
  • Odd Friendship: Sarah Kerrigan, Black★Rock Shooter
  • Opposes: Anyone who has done a Demonic Possession or a Grand Theft Me
  • Inori Yuzuriha is known in her world as the famous Idol Singer of EGOIST, a band that took the internet by storm and became popular overnight. In reality, Inori was secretly a member of Funeral Parlor, the rebel group that opposed GHQ, and after a faithful day she stumbled upon Shu Ouma, the boy that changed her forever.
  • Her reasons to ascend is wanting to explore more of the outside world now that she has discovered the true beauty of it and she believes that the Pantheon is a fascinating place to explore. Due to that transitional experience, Inori's gifted songs and mysterious vibe has garnered her a lof of popularity and respect.
    • She is also really happy that Shu is ascended, as now they have all the time in the world to spend it together. At least when it comes to the pantheon, because she doesn't have a physical body anymore in the real world after she sacrificed it to save Shu, but she assures her beloved that she will be always with him.
  • Given her status as a singer, Inori likes to frequent the House of Music, often found performing one of her numerous songs. She also befriended felow Idol Singers Hatsune Miku and Sheryl Nome.
  • Inori became close friends with Rei Ayanami and C.C. due to how they used to be emontionless but eventually started to warm up to their close ones. Furthermore, both Inori and Rei also bonded about how they are clones of Shu and Shinji's biological family members, something that somewhat unerves Yui.
  • Madoka Kaname has always supported Inori to open up to other people in order to become a better person and always encourages her to go live her life with Shu. It also helps that Inori seems to dislike the Incubators due to how the creatures like to play with human emotions and seem to have taken an interest over Inori due to her status as Mana's vessel. Understandably, Shu is having none of that.
  • Her relationship with Mana is a little, complicated to explain. Inori's origins are a mystery but she has been created with the sole purpose of being Mana's new physical body, until Gai freed her. Mana actually came to her and said that there is no need to have bad blood between them because she feels much more stable, but Inori is not forgetting how she hijacked her body and tried to do bad things with it.
    • Although they will put aside their differences when it comes to dealing with Yuu. Both can agree that Daath has ruined their lives enough and that they are not going to allow them free reign in the pantheon.
  • Much later when Gai ascended, Inori felt conflicted whether she should still be friends with him or not. He was the one that gave her a purpose after all, but she can quite forget what he has done to her after being revived by Da'ath and is a little upset that he is still very much dedicated entirely to Mana. That said, they can at least be sure that when it comes to a common foe like Da'ath, they won't hesitate to ally once more.
  • For a while, Inori used to get really upset when someone called her a monster, given her inhuman nature. Although she got used to it, Masato Kusaka has often tried to hunt down the pink-haired girl because of that, a thing that Shu founds unforgivable.
    • However, Takumi Inue has come forward to defend Inori from Kusaka, as he can also understand her situation.
  • Her singing has the ability to cure victims who suffer from the apocalypse virus, which would explain why she is very popular in her world. This in turn made her a potential target for others who are interested in using her for malicious purpose, since her blood can also heal the virus. People like Albert Wesker or Edward Richtofen have already tried to abduct her.
    • On the other hand, Alex Mercer has also heard of her properties and has expressed a desire to absorbe her. Inori is terrified of Alex not only because he is much more stronger than her, but given his nature as a living virus, he isn't that different from Mana and Inori doesn't want to relive the times she was possessed by her.
  • Not very fond of people able to steal bodies, because there was a time where Inori had to struggle with the personality of Mana trying to take her over. She has a special disdain towards Pazuzu, given that he is the one that represents what she hates about those people.
  • When she really needs to defend herself, she can actually pull crystal spikes out of her body, and is strong enough to take down Endlaves by herself. Many deities had noted that she looks awfully similar to Kerrigan in her Queen of Blades form, and the Hive Queen herself became a friend of Inori, only because they also were manipulated by a greater force.
  • Believe it or not, EGOIST is an actual band outside of her verse, with her being both the mascot and the face of the band.
    • She also has performed a lot of songs for other anime. She got to befriend Akane Tsunemori because she got to perform a couple of songs for her show, but what intrigues Inori the most is how she seem to sound like her friend Ayase.
    • She was happy to hear that her band was responsible for bringing Black★Rock Shooter into the spotlight.

Mistral, Goddess of Lost Identities (Cold Wind of France)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Polearm - L'Etranger - surrounded by her artificial arms
  • Theme song: A Stranger I Remain.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, face-obscuring hair, Tons of Arms, Mechanical Body, Traumatic Backstory, Treats Her minions like crap, Blood Knight That really enjoys harm, Dark-Skinned Redhead, Half-French, Half-Algerian, Dark Action Girl, Sexy French Accent, Femme Fatale, Flunky Boss, The Immodest Orgasm, Manipulative Bitch, Slipknot Ponytail, The only female member of the Winds of Destruction, Beautiful woman standing at 6'3
  • Domains: Combat, War, Craziness, France.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Gilgamesh, Etna, The Spy
  • Enemies: Raiden, Bladewolf, Solid Snake, Ivy Valentine, Charlotte Dunois, Night Raid, 2B.
  • Evil Counterpart to: Alisa Bosconovitch
  • Odd Friendship: Ragyo Kyruin
  • Opposed by: The Prinnies, The Goombas, and every group of servant minions.
  • The sole female member of the winds of destruction and hailing from Algeria, Mistral was orphaned at a very young age because of the civil war. She eventually found her parents' murderers, and, in her words, "butcher those fuckers". Since then she hasn't been feeling like herself and became quite the accomplished killer, earning herself a spot where she is now. After pulling some strings, Armstrong's buddies eventually managed to complete the Winds of Destruction once more. Obviously, Raiden has taken note of this and is not too happy about it.
  • Mistral's stay in the pantheon was a complicated one, since she contended with Gilgamesh for the the title of Multi-Armed and Dangerous for the longest time before ultimately losing the fight. However, Armstrong had already made a backup plan in case she was due to be kicked out, and managed to give her another title. As a result, Mistral developed a fierce rivalry with Gilgamesh for snatching the title off her.
    • She does get along with General Grievous, since he also fights with multiple weapons at once.
  • Is never seen without her Dwarf Gekkos, which are her means of providing herself weaponry. However, she isn't very kind to them and even throws them carelessly at her enemies.
    • Rumor say that she also uses them for... other activities. She hasn't commented about that but laughs whenever it is mentioned.
  • She is hated by the vast majority of minions in the pantheon, simply because of how she treats her dwarf gekkos. The Prinnies in particular compare her to Etna. However, the latter isn't very fond of the cyborg. It's not because Etna cares her prinnies, but because of Mistral's bust size. The two have become rivals as a result of that.
  • Mistral's weapon consist of a staff that can turn into a whip, which really got some people of the Houses of Lust excited. She, however, clarified that she isn't into bondage.
    • She also got herself into a fight with Ivy Valentine, given that both have similar fighting styles. While the fight ended inconclusively, it's clear that they can't stand each other.
  • While she is a cyborg, it has been rumored that her chest might be all natural. The House of Technology is hesitant to even check it out and Mistral herself just laughs it off when asked.
  • While she herself hails from Algeria, she is of French descent and it shows. She has been compared to IS pilot Charlotte Dunois, but the latter doesn't like the comparison and neither does she likes Mistral herself. The cyborg has been interested in challenging Charlotte for her title but she is biding her time.
    • Another French deity that caught her attention was The Spy, given how resourceful of an assassin he is. While the Spy has tried to hit on the cyborg, Mistral has refused his advanced so far. However, they both consider each other rivals.
  • Considered to be the Evil Counterpart of Alisa Bosconovitch, given that they are both mechanical women with Pink Hair. Mistral isn't particularly hostile towards the Robot Girl, as she considers her to be a younger sister of some sorts. But, she is interested in trying to fight her with her "safe mode" off.
  • She is on pretty good terms with Ragyo Kyruin, given that they do sound quite similar. Ragyo, for her part, isn't very fond of Mistral's boss, Senator Armstrong, but has taken a liking to Mistral over time.
  • Bladewolf absolutely despises her, not only for being a Manipulative Bitch with him, but for also promising the robot freedom that never was true to begin with. She also is one of the reasons why he refuses to give his paw to anyone.
  • A friend she never thought she would meet was General Esdeath, who sympathizes with Mistral's views of the World and is also a close ally of Armstrong. To the surprise of everyone, the thing they most like to chat about are the boys the like, which has left many perplexed.
    • This however, has gotten Mistral in the sight of Esdeath's mortal foes, Night Raid, and already plan to take down Mistral and the rest of the Winds of Destruction has been hatched.
  • Holds her boss, Steven Armstrong, in high regard. Her devotion to him is so great that many think she actually may be in love with him. Whether this is true or not, she still thanks him for giving her some meaning to her life.
    • She also followed him and joined GUAC, as she really doesn't care who she serves as long as she gets to fight. It helps that her close friend Esdeath is also part of the group.
  • "At times I envied my prey. At least they had a cause to die for."

Lesser Gods

    Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper 
Daniel "Danny" Lamb and Leo Kasper, Dual Deities of Evil and Good Split Personalities (Danny: Dr. Lamb, David Joiner)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Pickman Project Logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral for Danny (Trying to be Neutral Good), Neutral Evil for Leo
  • Portfolio: Jekyll & Hyde
  • Domains: Personalities, Experiments, Murder, Sadism, Insanity
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Each other as well as their respective allies
  • Originally a regular scientist, Daniel Lamb joined the Pickman Project only because he wanted to support his family and give them a better life. Everything turned for the worse when the Project experimented on him and inserted a personality into him, the Ax-Crazy murderous Leo Kasper, whose mission is to take over Danny's body and use it as his own. Initially Leo acted as a mentor for Danny, pretending to be a real person when otherwise he wasn't and having done things such as murdering Danny's best friend and his wife, but Danny found out the truth and promptly removed Leo from his conciousness and leave all of this behind by starting a new life somewhere else.
    • However, after he was ascended, Daniel was not amused to learn that he had to share the temple with Leo, who now has a separate body of his own to do whatever he wants. And also seeks revenge against Danny for vanishing, but for now he is content with just messing with Danny whenever he can.
  • Even though both have really bad blood between them, they are willing to team up when it comes to Mad Scientists considering what the project did to them. While Danny is just conformed with shooting a few of them on sight, Leo on the other hand will torture them before giving them an agonizing death.
  • Danny became acquiantanced to Dr. Jekyll after learning of his ordeal that he has to suffer with Hyde, even if he is truly part of his personality unlike Leo is to Danny. On his part, Leo surprisingly got along with the creature, especially given their shared Ax-Crazy quirks both men have.
    • Then there was other people whose split personality ended up becoming real. Danny understands a lot of Marik Ishtar's pain on how mistreatment can lead to bad things and he wasn't happy that Leo and Marik's evil personality became allies, so they decided that they would take care of them together. Then Leo also went and made friends with Dark Danny of all people, showing that his sociopathic tendencies were getting out of control now that he is on his own body and he is turning into a borderline Omnicidal Maniac when his lust for murder gets the best of him.
  • Both men also have a certain disdain for Dr. Angus Bumby, not only because of a lousy treatment of his own patients and how he wanted to turn them into slaves, plus reminding both men of Dr. Pickman who made them who they are.
  • Alex Mason certainly can relate with Danny's situation since he also suffered a similar fate, but instead of a split personality creation he was brainwashed into killing a select group of people. Both are definitely trying to avoid going into a clinic any time soon.
  • Danny was curious and tried to learn more about his predecessor James Earl Cash, who unsurprisingly Danny found out he was a death row criminal forced into playing a Deadly Game by a depraved director. Daniel has had the unfortunate circumstance of also running into degenerates just like Starkweather and his lackey Piggsy and considers killing them like he did with them.
  • Both Daniel and Leo are asylum escapees, so they would like to not be reminded of that or be thrown into somewhere like Arkham Asylum. They also dread encountering two infamous deities that also were asylum immates, those being Chris Walker and Richard Trager and would prefer avoiding them at all costs.
  • When Leo met the infamous Barracuda in person, he and 'Cuda actually became really good friends considering they are both Sociopathic Soldiers with a streak of gruesome and depraved murders to their name. Of course, Leo perfectly knows that he can easily backstab him and so he is wary of him, but he isn't much better in that regard and also has been planning to backstab him eventually.
  • Danny's ordeal has left him a lot of psychological toll in his head and the return of Leo hasn't made things better. In the amidst of almost breaking down he met Simon Henriksson, whose personal issues could rival that of his own. Danny felt pity for Simon and decided to talk with him about their issues, not to mention that Simon has the issue that his inner murderous doppelganger has taken life of his own and occasionally haunt the pantheon halls not unlike Leo.
  • Neither of the two are fond of the SCP Foundation, whose methods remind them a bit too much of how the Pickman Project operated, albeit with a lot of supernatural elements involved. The Foundation has been interested in trying to study how Pickman managed to implant a personality of a seemingly deceased person into another but both Danny and Leo have avoided any contact with the foundation.

    Dark Marik 
Dark Marik, God of Split Personality Takeovers (Yami Marik, Malik, Melvin)
    Ryou Bakura and Dark Bakura 
Ryou Bakura and the Spirit of the Ring, Dual Deities of Impostor Split Personalities (The Spirit: Bakura, The Other Bakura, Dark Bakura, Yami Bakura, Thief King Bakura, Zorc Necrophades, Florence | Ryou: The Real Bakura, Good Bakura)
    Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask 
Stanley Ipkiss, God of Superpowered Alter Egos (The Mask, Masque, Big Head, Loki, Green Guy, Green Head, Green Face, Green Joker, Freak)
  • Lesser God as Stanley Ipkiss. When he wears the mask, however...If the cartoon is any indicator, then his power level has no specific upper limit. Sometimes he's an Intermediate God, sometimes he's a Greater God, sometimes he's an other words, it's not very clear how powerful he is, because his power level tends to be inconsistent on purpose. He's as powerful as he wants to be.
  • Theme: The Mask Opening Theme/Hey Pachuco
  • Symbol: His mask when not worn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as Stanley Ipkiss, Chaotic Neutral with good tendencies when wearing the mask.
  • Portfolio: Literally Becoming the Mask as either a Heroic Comedic Sociopath or a Villain Protagonist depending on his mood, Large Ham, Acting Unnatural, Slasher Smile, Deadpan Snarker, suffers from Adaptational Heroism in the movies and show, Comically Invincible Hero, Cartoon Physics
  • Domains: Madness, Toonforce, Chaos, Repose, Trickery
  • Herald: His dog Milo
  • Allies: Freakazoid!, Truman Burbank, Bruce Nolan
  • Rivals: Bugs Bunny, Lobo, The Joker, Deadpool
  • Enemies: The House of Villains in general
  • Opposed by: Judge Doom
  • Admires: Lucifer
  • Annoys: The Nostalgic Critic, Lucifer
  • Special Relationship: Principal Krupp/Captain Underpants
  • Stanley Ipkiss was a complete pushover of a man. He had longed to find a way to release the superego that had been holding him back. One day, he found an antique mask and put it on. He was changed forever that day, as he gained a Superpowered Alter Ego completely reliant on his id. Thus the Mask was born, and he now resides in the Pantheon. Stanley is currently trying to use his abilities for good, though it is difficult to control his actions.
  • He once had a skirmish with Freakazoid! over who would take over the title. That ended when the latter decided to take up another title instead. The Mask waited until later in order to ascend himself. Nowadays, the two have wacky adventures together... to the detriment of all who stand in their way.
  • Despite being relatively unknown in the comics, he has appeared as a film and even an animated TV series. Stanley chalks it up as the desire of many to let loose.
  • Ipkiss once tried to get the Mask to apply to become an LOL Ranger. Unfortunately, the Mask saw Bugs Bunny as the ultimate toon rival. The subsequent prank fight tore through the entire House of Mentalism. Both Ipkiss and Bugs agreed to withhold his application until the former gets better at controlling his alter ego.
    • Both personas have no issues with trolling Trollkaiger. Terumi and co have struggled to keep up as The Mask's toonforce makes him impervious to nearly all pain.
  • With other factions failing to make a good impression with him, that left an opening for Lucifer. And he was glad to find a receptive partner in the Mask. With that said, Ipkiss has stated to want nothing to do with the archdevil. That would depend on how well he can control his alter ego.
  • There were many hilarious situations to be had when he met others that shared his avatar. He first suggested that Bruce Nolan wears his mask after gaining his godlike powers. That was immediately shut down by the entire Pantheon. No one wants to know what he would do with his powers and that insane mindset.
    • No one knows how, but The Mask handed Truman his entire recorded life in DVD and Blu-ray forms. Truman wasn't too excited about reliving his fake life, but appreciated the thought. Both Truman and Ipkiss share pity over their previous love lives.
  • Whenever The Mask decides to roam the pantheon as a cartoon, for some reason there are weirder encounters than usual, standouts being Yakko Warner and the Ninja Turtles (half of them find Stanley's voice close to their own!).
  • It's not that the Nostalgic Critic hates the Mask persona; he actually liked the first movie. But there was nothing that could justify the existence of Son of the Mask, even if it meant retroactively cancelling the original movie to do that. Ipkiss did promise never to put the mask on his son again.
  • Saw a huge opportunity in the form of Captain Underpants. He tried to find a more permanent solution for keeping the nasty principal Captain Underpants by using a hypnodisc himself. But when the school descended into chaos over the lack of a principal, George and Harold decided to stick with their original scheme.
  • Lobo was intrigued with the properties of the Mask. There was a time when he wore the instrument himself. No one in their right mind wants him to put it on again. There's no telling how much destruction he could cause, no to mention the fact that he would be even more unkillable.
    • That goes double for the Joker. The last time he got his hands on the Mask, Gotham ended up in ruins. And while Lobo is more likely to use the mask for personal gain, the Joker may well hand it over to Melkor, if not use it on his behalf. That's a nightmare scenario the Mask doesn't want to happen.
  • The biggest threat may well be from the GUAD. It was proven that he could wield the mask even as a zombie, as his deceased comic counterpart has proven. This means that Ipkiss is vulnerable from a Black Lantern Ring.
  • A well known horndog, the Mask can be seen hitting things up with the ladies in the subhouse of Lust after fighting crime. Ipkiss has done a better job of controlling those urges now that he's with Tina.
  • There is fear in the Pantheon that the Mask is susceptible to the Dip, given that a lot of his powers seemed toon based. Judge Doom is taking that into consideration and wants to try it out on him. The Mask for his part has done a good job avoiding him for now.
  • Deadpool was once sent to recover the mask, Big Head himself showed up and given his Toon Physics downright translate to "if the Mask doesn't want to get hurt, he won't", utterly humiliated the Merc with a Mouth, culminating in blowing him with a huge bomb. Though The Mask still sent Deadpool's Continuity Gem to Wiz and Boomstick to ensure his fellow jokester who abuses the fourth wall was revived.


    Celestia Ludenberg 
Celestia Ludenberg, Goddess of Old Identity Refusal (Super High-School Level/Ultimate Gambler, The Queen of Liars, Celes, Celeste, Taeko Yasuhiro, Super High-School Level Hellspawn, Grand Spite Demon Thebumphor, Super Duper Hell School Actual Demon)
  • Demigoddess
  • Theme Song: 嘘つき女王 ~la reine du menteur!!~
  • Symbol: A miniature of a castle with vampire-cosplaying manservants greeting at gate
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil if pushed far enough, otherwise True Neutral, though she will insist otherwise
  • Portfolio: Gambling & Poker Face, Believing Their Own Lies, Going From Calm Cute to Batshit Angry in Seconds, 'Gendo Pose' While Smiling, Stepford Smiler, Hating Old, Plain Self, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Liking 'Royal Milk Tea' (Actually, Gyoza), Graceful Loser, Facing Death With Dignity (Or at Least Attempting To), Lack of Empathy,
  • Domains: Lies, Luck, Gambling
  • Allies: Revolver Ocelot, Evangeline MacDowell, Monomi/Usami
  • Just Acquaintances with: Iroh, Judai Yuki, Margaret Moonlight
  • Enemies (AKA those designated with 'Rank F'): Monokuma, Yuuki Terumi, Honoka Kosaka.
  • Worthy Opponents: Keiichi Maebara, Tsumugi Shirogane.
  • Was once thought to perish during the High School of Mutual Killing, but in truth, Celes was saved in the nick of time by Ocelot, who's impressed with the way she lies through everything and considered making her an apprentice by deifying her. Out of gratitude, Celes accepted. She did grew to hate Monokuma for real for nearly destroying her grand death.
  • Her other title shows that in time, Celes is the go-to Goddess for those who are tired with their old identity and wishes to shape a new identity. She'll be there to teach everything to do for such thing.
  • Although she was a victim of the High School of Mutual Killing, Celes is not viewed with much positive light aside of a select few, as they were aware from the High School of Mutual Killing that if it fits her, she'd manipulate and murder some people she deems fit, all without any tinge of empathy. Celes doesn't deny such facts, treating them with stride, it's the way she is, and at least, in her opinion, better than the overly plain Taeko Yasuhiro.
    • That being said, despite being 'condemned' to the execution by Makoto Naegi, Celes never held any ill-wills on him. To her, her condemnation just meant that she lost in a fair match with Naegi.
  • Challenged upcoming God, Keiichi Maebara in a "Convincing contest", when she found that Keiichi was known as the "Magician of Words". The two went on a complete debate with Celestia's lies and Keiichi's charm coming head to head, until Keiichi somehow convinced Celes to let him win. When Celes realized what he did, she congratulated him on being beaten at her own game. She gave him the suggestion for apprenticeship under Revolver Ocelot, but Keiichi declined, but is always ready to thrown down another "Convincing Contest" over tea. Celes smiled in response.
  • A lot will say that she is the Evil Counterpart of Hikaru Shidou in the Magic house. Where Hikaru is brimmed with positive thoughts, hope and Hot-Blooded; Celes is pretty dark and manipulative. But she wouldn't even use her similar voice with her to fool people.
  • Is known as one of the greatest gamblers in the Pantheon. The reason why she didn't take The Gambler throne was because someone damn lucky can still beat her... like Naegi, Komaeda, or Kyosuke Nanbu.
  • Is known to get extremely pissed off if she's served with tea wrongly. Thankfully, she always got the tea she liked from Iroh. And just like every other God out there, Celes dreads the time when Excalibur visits.
    • She has also made a tea drinking friend with Margaret Moonlight. She is also one of the few gods that she will accept a target from for free, due to their calm and pleasant demeanor when not fighting anyone.
  • Naturally, due to her title, Terumi tried to goad her 'nicely' into shaping that the 'lies' she enthralled should include 'everything else' and the only truth being 'despair'. Contrary to what everyone expects, Celes goes nuts, scolding Terumi far harsher than how she got mad over tea or being exposed as a murderer and tells him that a being like him instantly Rank Fnote , especially when Terumi insinuates that she's Not So Different from him. She only got away with it because Terumi had to keep up his Hazama charade.
  • Is aware that she shares the same name as one of the Co-Goddesses of Winged Unicorns and the Goddess of Guilt and Unintended Large-Scale Consequences.
  • She recently helped Ocelot in his scheme for the fall of Relius by convincing Litchi Faye-Ling to not fully support him. The plan was a success, and Celes' reasoning to help? Since Relius is Terumi's friend and Terumi is the master of Monokuma, she considers the act being her middle finger.
    • While it wasn't known for real, some has sensed that Celes has a demonic hellspawn voice when trying to convince Litchi. While it didn't faze the latter, it did convince Litchi that Celes was pretty serious on that thing and decided to give her idea a shot.
  • Her other name is apparently Thebumphor, said to be an actual creature of hell. In this form there has been rumors that she's going out with... Scorpion.
  • When she heard that a god of Lucky Draws had ascended into the Pantheon, she quickly tried to challenge him to see if his luck was really that good to ascended but was disappointed that it turned out that Judai Yuki didn't actually know how to play poker They have decided to postpone it since Judai really doesn't like to turn down from a challenge. Though his first attempts at playing other card games did leave her with... quite the impression, to say the least... He couldn't even play Yahtzee without completely derailing the whole game.
  • Upon hearing of how an enemy of Monokuma not only ascended, but also that she was willing to speak on her behalf that she's not as evil as she claims to be, Celestia pulled the white rabbit aside and insisted that if they want to see her as evil, that's fine by her as she likes that view better than just being seen as another regular person, but she also thanked her for trying to improve how she was portrayed. Regardless, Celestia still has given Usami her support with making sure that Monokuma and his mastermind don't do anything problematic.

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 
Dr. Henry Jekyll & Mr. Edward Hyde, Co-existing Gods of Becoming a Darker & Edgier You (Berserker, Assassin, The Gentleman with a Nasty Split-Personality)
As an Assassin/Berserker Servant 
  • Demigod (Jekyll), Lesser to Intermediate (Hyde; depending on the attributes Jekyll gives him)
  • Theme Song: Confrontation for both, I Need to Know for Jekyll, Alive for Hyde
  • Symbol: A man's face with a bubbling flask that shows a distorted reflection.
  • Alignments: Lawful Good (Jekyll); Chaotic Evil tendencies (Hyde)
  • Portfolios: (both) Jekyll & Hyde, Alternate Identity Amnesia, Enemy Within (for each other at times), Psycho Serum
  • Domains: Science, Duality, Personality, Inner Conflict
  • Allies: Bruce Banner/Hulk, Two-Face, Hel, Raiden, Faust
  • Enemies: William Birkin, The Joker, Johan Liebert, Jack The Ripper (to Jekyll only)
  • Dr. Henry Jekyll, a respectable scholar and scientist, wanted to find a way to separate good and evil. The reasons he does so are varied ranging from heroic ideals in curing mankind’s evil to selfishly evading responsibilities and consequences. Whatever his reasons were, he succeeded in creating an entity that is the complete opposite of everything Jekyll is: Mr. Edward Hyde. While usually appearing as a well-built gentleman of about 50, as a Servant he is quite a Bishounen, though in this most attractive form he’s also the most timid and soft-spoken.
  • Hyde can have an ever-changing appearance, depending on Jekyll’s mood. Sometimes he’s a small wiry man with a vicious streak, other times he’s an enormous brute whose strength is equal to his maliciousness, and other times, when Jekyll is summoned as an Assassin Servant, he’s just Jekyll with untamed hair, sharp teeth, no glasses, and Red Eyes, Take Warning, though even in this form he can have terrifying strength capable of piercing thick armor with a simple knife. No matter his appearance, he’s everything that is dark and edgy of Jekyll’s personality.
  • Just like Jekyll is not considered to be a complete saint due to his experiment and general ambivalent attitude, Hyde is not considered a completely evil villain. Both are opposite sides of the same coin. That was proven when the SCP Foundation decided to test the Tiger Talisman with the doctor. As expected, Jekyll and Hyde were split into their own separate beings. There was an initial surprise at first since it was the first time the two met face to face, only for the dark being to escape to find more pleasurable pursuits. While some SCP agents and deities went looking for Hyde, scientists kept a close eye on Jekyll. A few hours later, they discovered to their shock that Jekyll was growing weaker and weaker, turning white and feeling as if he was dying. Eventually the agents and deities came back carrying Mr. Hyde as he too looked pale and sickly. The second the two sides of the same being were in close proximity, they began to feel healthier and their pallor began to improve.
    • At this, the two of them had an impromptu consultation between each other. Jekyll admitted that Hyde was part of him, much to the darker self’s disgust. Henry continued that he was order, while Edward was chaos; Jekyll was passionate over science, while Hyde was passionate over…everything else. The two of them can never exist without the other, so they each had to make the best of it. Hyde grumbled angrily but acquiesced. All he said in response was to stop being such a goody-two-shoes. With a chuckle, the doctor agreed as both he and the dark self each grasped their halves of the Tiger Talisman as both the artifact and themselves merged once again.
  • The duo’s allies and enemies tend to be varied, depending on who is in control at the time, however the two of them can agree that they like (for Jekyll)/tolerate (for Hyde) the company of Bruce Banner and DA Harvey Dent. Dr. Banner is a fellow scholar and both he and Jekyll both tend to go into complex conversations regarding the human spirit and their inner demons, while Hulk is a great sparring partner when Hyde decides to go into his giant brutish persona. Harvey and Henry tend to have many chats over the morality of man, whereas Two-Face’s luck-based actions is an adequate foil to Edward’s hedonistic urges.
    • Hel of Loki's Brood has a special relation to them. With Jekyll, he finds solace in her light side and considers her a muse. With Hyde, he enjoys revelling in the chaos that is her dark side. When asked if he ever slept with her, Edward grins and claims she is just as tireless as he is.
  • Jekyll tends to spend days on end reading of various scientific and medical journals from authors all around the multiverse in the House of Knowledge. Some fear reading too much may make him end up again trying to play God or worse, find the exact anomaly in his contaminated cabinet which brought about the chain reaction that led to the development of Hyde. Having only one dark edgy being was enough.
  • William Birkin is a particular subject of interest to Henry as he sees the G-Virus as an interesting catalyst of regeneration and worth experimenting with Hyde. Birkin, however, warns him that the virus is his sole legacy and that nobody will ever get it from him. Not to say that Edward and "G" come to blows when the two doctors' animosity reached a boiling point.
  • Henry once attempted to join the faculty of Elysium Academy as the full-time Chemistry teacher and lighten the Mythbusters' load but was flatly refused due to fears that he might end up making more "Hyde formula" and testing it on students.
    • Still, he made friends with another questionable scientist, Victor Frankenstein, as he too "dabbled in God's domain". As a Servant, they have encountered his creation before, albeit in female form, as well. Victor introduced him to Mayuri Kurotsuchi who is fascinated by his research and wanting to experiment on Hyde. Edward flatly refused as he is no guinea pig to be stuck with needles.
  • Whenever he's let loose, the first place Hyde tends to visit is the House of Love to release some of his pent-up urges. His favorite partner is Panty Anarchy, who claims that despite being quite manic (as the Imp) or rough (as the Brute and as a Servant), he really knows how to pleasure a girl.
  • Other days when he's not satiating the pleasure of the flesh, Hyde prefers satiating his penchant for violence. His number one employer is Professor Moriarty who can always depend on Hyde to rough up anyone he needs roughing up. Of course, he makes sure he's never nearby if Hyde managed to revert to Jekyll.
  • Even though Edward in his truly despicable times is capable of seriously injuring or killing anyone that even looks at him oddly, he would never harm children, saying that a babe is still too young to realize the horribleness of life. Of course, that doesn't mean he'll teach any kid who pesters him a painful lesson in respecting him, as one little girl learned the hard way back home.
  • Another of his favorite partners for destruction is Jinx. Whenever the two meet, expect someplace to get destroyed. She introduced him once to Harley Quinn, and while Edward was ecstatic to meet such a woman, he curses the fact she is associated with the Joker, whom both he and Henry mutually dislike.
  • There are rumors that Hyde and Jack the Ripper are both one and the same. That rumor was put to rest when the two of them were seen chatting and comparing modi operandi. Jekyll, however, is disgusted with Jack and wouldn't be caught within ten feet of him.
  • As said earlier, if there are any that both Henry and Edward mutually dislike, it has to be the Joker. Jekyll considers the clown to be a mad degenerate while Hyde says his crimes and destruction take too long to execute whereas he wants immediate satisfaction.
    • Johan Liebert is also a sore spot for them. One thinks him a Complete Monster, the other considers his preference towards mental torture rather than physical torture boring.
  • Both of them were involved in one legendary game for NES that is... really bad. Just take The Angry Video Game Nerd's word that he is Dead. Fucking. Serious. That you'd rather superglue your asshole shut than playing that game... Jekyll was sad that it came to that, but Hyde seems to enjoy the Nerd's tears for it.

    Frank "Doc" Dufresne 
Medical Super-Private, First Class Frank "Doc" DuFresne, God of Flip-Flop Psyches (Doc, O'Malley, Omega)

    Hajime Hinata and Izuru Kamukura 
Hajime Hinata and Izuru Kamukura, Dual Gods of Wanting to be Special and Its Consequences (Super High School Level ???, Super High School Level Hope, Izuru the Ultimate X, Hajimeme, KAMUKURA KAMUKURA YAS QUEEN, Literally Just Some Guy, Hajizuru)
Izuru (left) and Hajime (right)
  • Demigod (Izuru is an Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: An evidence bullet with the kanji for 'Future' written on it (Hajime), the crosshair symbol in his irises (Izuru)
  • Theme Song: "Utae, Uso Ronaru Yorokobi wo (Enoshima's hymn)" (shared with Junko Enoshima)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Hajime), True Neutral (Izuru)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: The Ordinary, The Talented, Ambition, Apathy
  • Allies: Chiaki Nanami, Monomi/Usami, Ibuki Mioda, Makoto Naegi, Kyouko Kirigiri, Sayaka Maizono, Mikan Tsumiki, Sonia Nevermind, Peko Pekoyama, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Nekomaru Nidai, Phoenix Wright, Yu Narukami, Guy Cecil, Ichigo Kurosaki, Junpei Iori, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nagito Komaeda, Monaca Towa, Tohru Adachi (Izuru only)
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Tsumugi Shirogane, Tohru Adachi (Hajime only), people with god complexes, all corrupt authority figures
  • The two have a rather shocking tale: Hajime, who long desired to be special, volunteered for a project that would make him so. But the cost was erasing his personality, with the new persona being christened Izuru. The pair earned their places in the pantheon after Izuru set up the killing school trip, wherein he reverted to Hajime, who rallied the other students, helped to defeat Junko Enoshima, and returned the SHSL Despairs to their ordinary selves.
  • Hajime was very surprised to learn he’d ascended, considering himself just an ordinary and uninteresting “scrub”. Izuru, on the other hand, treated his ascension the same way he treats everything else—with a dry “how boring”. The only thing that perked him up a little was noticing that Human Chiaki had also ascended.
  • It was originally thought that Izuru was a violent Serial Killer out to destroy the world in the name of despair after Junko Enoshima broke his spirit. It was later discovered that he was only loosely affiliated with her, didn’t commit or was framed for many of the atrocities associated with him, and turned on her as soon as she wronged him by executing a certain gamer. That said, he’s still hardly a nice person and creeps most of the other deities out by virtue of being utterly impossible to read.
    • Due to this, the Future Foundation members watching Hajime to ensure he doesn’t relapse have relaxed a bit, as while Izuru isn’t harmless, he rarely acts unless provoked. So they don’t consider him as much of a threat anymore.
  • Their situation, that of being two separate personalities in the same body, isn’t a first for their franchise. But unlike Toko Fukawa, who can change her personalities with certain triggers, the two of them did not originally exist at the same time, nor could they switch—Izuru was only created when Hajime was erased, and Hajime only returned when Izuru stepped back.
    • After waking up from the Neo World Program, they found themselves reaching an accord and now share their body in harmony. Hajime seems to be controlling their body most of the time, but it’s implied Izuru is still in there, which accounts for how he can coexist with and take control from him in the pantheon.
  • They were both very happy to see Human Chiaki again, and had a rather sweet reunion. She was briefly confused upon seeing Izuru, having met him before but not gotten any answers on his situation with Hajime; once it was explained, she happily welcomed him with open arms as well. Now they spend a lot of time in the Gaming Pantheon with her, as she’s the one thing the two of them can agree on liking.
  • Hajime isn't exactly sure what to think of Nagito Komaeda. Was he justified in trying to kill everyone? Were they really friends? How much of what he says about himself is true? Does he really have a disease that's eating away at his brain and causing him to act the way he is? They seem to be getting along better after a while though.
    • Izuru’s opinion on Nagito is much more straightforward—“he’s boring”. He does seem a bit wary of him, though, having seen that while his luck can counter Nagito’s, Nagito’s is still incredibly volatile and dangerous.
  • Both Hajime and Izuru were very displeased to find that Junko had ascended, given her very long list of crimes against both the world and them as individuals. However, they know that there’s pretty much nothing they can do to pay her back, since she takes pleasure even in losing, so they just try to ignore her.
  • Hajime formally asked for forgiveness from Usami upon hearing of her ascension, and thanked her for defeating AI Junko. He also finally got to thank AI Chiaki for everything she’d done.
  • Due to the fact that they sound identical, Hajime gets along well with Narukami, Cecil, and Ichigo. He also really dislikes Adachi for being, in his words, “a nightmarish cross between Izuru and Junko”.
    • While Hajime just straight-up dislikes Adachi, Izuru’s relationship with him is more complicated. He does understand being utterly bored with the world; however, Adachi’s sociopathic and manipulative tendencies remind him too much of Junko for him to truly say he likes him. Adachi, meanwhile, often tries to convince Izuru to join him in livening up the world by killing. Most are reassured that Izuru, having tried that before and found it boring, probably won’t be taking him up on that offer.
  • Hajime also ended up becoming friends with Junpei Iori and Takumi Inui, as he understands the former’s desire to be special all too well and the latter’s identity crisis as a result of having split personalities.
  • One thing both of them have in common is being a source of many memes. Neither is exactly proud of this.
  • Can also be found in Psyches.

Smeagol and Gollum, God/s of Guilt By Split Personality (Slinker and Stinker, Trahald, Shelob's Sneak)
Click here  for when he first discovered the One Ring
  • Demigod/s
  • Symbol: In lieu of the One Ring, a raw blind fish
  • Theme Song: His theme from the films or the 1988 Symphony
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Smeagol), Chaotic Evil (Gollum)
  • Portfolio: The Corruption, Split Personality, Improper Immortality, Monster Sob Story, Shadow Archetype, Was Once A Hobbit, In Love With The Ring, Tragic Villain, Handy Feet, Pitied By Good, Evil's Maddening Effects, Gollum Made Me Do It (Trope Namer of), Accidental Hero
  • Domains: Greed, Age, Hobbits, Rings, The Cursed
  • Followers: Arnold Wesker and Scarface, Buccmaster and Weland Smith
  • Avatar: Andy Serkis (kind of)
  • Butt-Monkey of: Sauron, The Chaos Gods
  • Alliesnote : The Ice King, Marik Ishtar, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Two-Face
  • Lusts after: His precious, the One Ring
  • Complicated relationship with: Samwise Gangee, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins
  • Enemies: Smaug, Heatran, Sakazuki, Sonic the Hedgehog, Edward Nigma and anyone who dares try to take his precious
  • Pitied by: The aforementioned hobbits, Gandalf, Philip J Fry and Larfleeze of all people
  • Gollum, born Smeagol, was but another ordinary hobbit trying to live his life like any other. When fishing one day, his cousin Deagol ended up finding Sauron's One Ring and Smeagol immediately desired it. He killed him for it, and was banished to a cave where he spent centuries obsessing over it. Warped in both body and mind, he would prove a problem for the Hobbits and play an important role in Sauron's downfall.
    • His temple is a dark cavern with a large pool. When not wandering around for the One Ring, he can be seen eating raw blind fish.
  • Suffers from split personality syndrome. His two personas are Smeagol, his original identity, and Gollum, the result of the One Ring corrupting him. The two often argue and cause problems for one another. A lot of Smeagol's evil can be blamed on Gollum.
  • He is (well, was) a River Folk, a kind of hobbit. While the One Ring has kept him alive for over 500 years, it can only "spread thin" somebody's life, leaving Gollum as old as he looks. In a twisted way he really does need the ring, as if it is destroyed he'll wither and die. At least until his deification rendered him functionally immortal, though he still obsesses over it as badly as ever.
  • Upon his ascension and escape from being nothing but a vengeful spirit, Sauron was utterly fuming at Smeagol/Gollum for being responsible for his downfall (admittedly by accident). Words cannot describe the absolute torture he plans for him/them. Samwise, Bilbo and Frodo have a more conflicted view on him however, and pity that even as a god he is still slave to the One Ring.
  • In the pantheon, he became a plaything of the Chaos Gods due to being easily corrupted. Tzeentch is currently using him as part of some plan involving Sauron and Melkor...or just for the lulz.
  • Gets along best with the Ice King, who bears a lot of similarities to each other; they were men corrupted physically and mentally over centuries by an Artifact of Doom. However their unstable personalities led them to steal each other's artifact. To the pantheon's relief, they didn't affect each other; the Ice Crown doesn't work on anyone else when it already has an owner, and the One Ring wasn't able to override the powerful wish magic and madness that ensnares the Ice King.
    • Asides from the Ice King, he also has some kinship with Marik Ishtar and Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde due to their own issues with split personalities.
  • He can usually find him trying to scrounge around the Treasury, trying to get his precious back. So far he hasn't succeeded, and those in charge of security are making sure he doesn't accidentally wield any of the items in Maximum Security given his own history with the One Ring.
  • He hates anything to do with lava or volcanoes, as his death was the result of falling into volcanic lava. As such, he is enemies with Heatran and Akianu. Also enemies with Sonic the Hedgehog as he managed to make him eat the dirt instead of getting the One Ring, and keeps trying to steal his regular rings.
    • Angry at the Riddler for not letting him do riddles.
  • As evil as he is, Larfleeze of all people genuinely pities him. Like Smeagol/Gollum, Agent Orange has been made thrall of a corrupting ring (in his case the Orange ring) for ages. He keeps his distance from the hobbit however, since the Orange Lantern is just as seductive to him as the One Ring. The Court of the Gods makes sure that neither can wield both the orange ring and One Ring.
    • Fry also pities him, as he was in a similar position to Gollum in the "Cornwood" reality.
  • Bears some resemblance to Caesar, and sounds like Black Panther supervillain Ulysseus Klaw. Star Wars gods suspect he has some connection Supreme Leader Snoke, given they have that "pale, seen too much" look to them.
  • Enjoys singing songs oddly enough, even singing his own version of Let It Go. Elsa upon finding out was less than amused.

    Toko Fukawa 
Toko Fukawa, Goddess of Split Personality Makeovers(Super High School Level Writer, Ultimate Writing Prodigy, Super Duper High School Shut-In, (Toko) Genocider Syo/Sho/Shou, Ultimate Murderous Fiend, Friendly Neighborhood Killer, Genocide Jill/Jack, Super Duper High School StabbyMcMurder, (Syo))
Genocider Syo 
  • Demigoddess
  • Theme Song: Syo's Fever Time (Syo)
  • Symbol: Toko's books pierced with Jill's scissors
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (Toko), Chaotic Evil (Syo)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Abrasiveness, Writing, Romance, Murder
  • Allies: Byakuya Togami, Komaru Naegi, Makoto Naegi, Kyoko Kirigiri, Aoi Asahina, Sonia Nevermind, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Peko Pekoyama, Princess Anna, HK-47, Raiden, Severus Snape
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his Mastermind, Monaca Towa, Light Yagami, The Joker
  • Friendly Enemies: Harley Quinn (Syo only)
  • The 'main' personality is Toko but she switches over to Jill should she pass out or sneeze. As Toko and not Jill has severe Hemophobia which will her to pass out if she sees blood Jill can take control for longer than Toko prefers at times. Toko has discovered that electrical shocks can bring her out for brief moments as well, and keeps a taser handy, if need be. She views it as a way of her getting some control over Jill.
    • The House of Food was also recently ransacked for pepper to avoid dealing with Jill. Grumbles were heard from Toko saying that some of the people who did it assumed the worst about her and did it as they'd rather deal with a insane serial killer than herself.
  • One of the few similarities between the two is their infatuation with Byakuya Togami. He's annoyed at having to put up with them even here.
  • Toko's romance novels have been subject to much praise, shooting people with similarities to their protagonists to the top of 'Hottest People Alive' charts. Toko has been considering branching out however.
    • Her books are also very popular with Princess Anna even thought Anna finds Toko's continued infatuation with Byakuya questionable.
  • The Investigation Team all oppose Jill to some extent but Chie Satonaka in particular as she is frightened by how similar they sound.
  • They're good friends with Fuyuhiko and Peko noting similarities and differences between them and her and Byakuya.
  • Jill is outraged at a lot of media as portraying those with Dissociative Identity Disorder as crazy serial killers despite being a crazy serial killer with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • Toko has been very stringent on keeping Jill behaved, and Jill's been mostly compliant. This is due to the fact that Byakuya has made it clear that if Jill takes another human life, she'll be cast out of the Future Foundation.
    • Byaukua was also quick to inform Toko that, in her and Jill's case, 'human' had a very wide definition, which included aliens, animals, certain robots, and most other beings in the Pantheon. As of now the only entities that don't fit the criteria are Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • Outraged at Light Yagami only for Byakuya's opinion of him, Jill has begged her 'master' for the kill order, with the added bonus of being able to kill a pretty boy again. Despite Toko's hatred for Light, (partially because she would die with Jill should Light's ideal world come to pass) she's mostly against this, having sworn to keep to her vow of not killing any 'humans'.
    • That said, she's trying to get Byakuya to agree to the idea that Light no longer sees himself as 'human'.
  • Denies having a social justice blog in where she blatantly confessed her secret to Byakuya. She confessed to his face.
  • By all accounts a genuine friendship with HK-47 and Jill has formed with the latter fascinated by his speech of love. Hk-47 is likewise impressed with Jill's technique in her craft citing it as 'excellent... for a meatbag'.
  • She is uncomfortable with visiting the House of Food not because of her personal dislike of Aoi. She refuses to elaborate why.
  • Has a fairly good friendship with Raiden. Jill started breaking out laughing at what a 'depraved sicko' he can be, but stopped herself believing his life was too bad to laugh at even for herself.
  • Is currently attempting to get Komaru Naegi ascended so that she can share the position with her brother. Primarily because both Jill and Toko are Komaru's friend, but also because of the likely truth of what happened to the Naegis' parents. Toko thinks that having a sibling around will help keep either of them from despair.
    • After much effort, Komaru has found a spot in the Pantheon.


    Anna and Tess Coleman 
Anna and Tess Coleman, Co-Goddesses of Body Swapping
Left: Tess; Right: Anna
  • Theme Song: Fortune Cookie?
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A fortune cookie
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Anna), Neutral Good (Tess)
  • Portfolios: An Adaptation Expansion, New Body, Old Abilities, ultimately realizing they are Not So Different and switch back with The Power of Love.
  • Domains: Good, Family, Fate, Earth
  • Heralds: Annabel and Ellen Andrews and Ellie and Katherine Blake (the musical and 2018 film versions)
  • Allies: Earl Hickey, Abed Nadir, John Crichton, Perry the Platypus, Xena, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • Enemies: Dr. Drakken, Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Opposes: Libby Chessler (Anna)
  • Annoys: The Charmed Ones, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Jimmy Neutron
  • Odd Friendship: Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri
  • Special Relationship: Dr. Octavius, Betsy Ross/ Psylocke, D.W. (Anna)
  • It was a bit of a mess for the Council of the Gods to handle. The title itself has been undergone with several deities over the decades, but it has been codified by one franchise. The problem? There is simply too many different versions of the characters to pick them all. It was an intense argument featuring many of the various characters. In the end, it was decided that the Coleman version of the characters would be the one chosen for the roles due to having the biggest cultural impact of the films. While disappointed that their brethren could not ascend alongside them, the two decided to give their other versions herald status to represent the various versions of the characters.
  • Many in the Pantheon have attributed their plight to one named Early Hickey. He confirmed this theory soon after their ascension as a way to reconcile with their ordeal. The two were initially distraught... but ended up hugging the man, thanking him for helping them understand the other's life in a different perspective.
  • Both agree in one thing: never open a fortune cookie ever again. The two have even ventured into the House of Food in order to track down the person who gave them the cookie in the first place. She has not been spotted as of yet, but the two are wary of any future shenanigans.
  • Abed was one of the first people to find the two (given that he knows things, it wasn't much of a surprise) in order to discuss his own adventure of a swap with his best friend Troy. Unlike many other swaps, Abed was thankful for the ordeal, namely for proving him right that Troy and Britta couldn't maintain a relationship. Many contested whether the two truly had a "Freaky Friday" Flip, but the mother and daughter have been coy about whether it truly happened.
  • Happens so often in comic books that the two made a list of examples just to track down two had their bodies swapped. Doctor Doom himself has perfected the art of switch bodies with other people. As such he has no use for Anna and Tess. Instead, he would prefer the two to be eliminated in order to prevent them from switching him back.
    • One of the most dramatic cases was the one involving Peter Parker and Dr. Octavius. After driving Parker from his own body, he hid his activities and became the Superior Spider-Man. As with many things in fiction it didn't stick, but in a rare twist, he managed to create a new body out of a clone and claimed it as his own. He personally thanked the duo for his revival, though the two have been slow to accept his thanks.
    • Psylocke serves as one of the few permanent examples of a swap. She sought help from the two in order to help cure her predicament. The two agreed to help out. Shortly afterwards, Psylocke managed to recreate her original body. Not only that, her host Kwannon was back with her own body as well. The two thanked Anna and Tess for bringing them back in order.
  • All three Halliwell sisters have experienced a swap, whether it was between Phoebe and Paige or with Piper and her husband Leo. None of the three would call them pleasant experiences.
  • The two received a pointed letter of disapproval from Jimmy Neutron, suspecting they played a role with messing with one of his inventions. During the incident, he switched bodies with rival Cindy. The resulting mayhem messed with both of their livelihoods in the process. There was also one issue involving a memory that implied that he actually likes her. Anna came over to discuss the last part, stating he should at least talk to her about this development. To which Jimmy concluded that they implanted the memory to try and get the two together. Both are convinced the other created that memory.
  • Crichton on the other hand quite enjoyed his time in his future wife's body. Aeryn herself less so. In fact, she demanded that the incident to be kept to a minimum. The two have a long history dealing with spouses awkwardly handling body switches. The two are thankful to this day they didn't have to experience life in a different gender.
  • Dr. Drakken took claim as one of the few beings in the Pantheon who managed to learn how to swap bodies by himself. While he failed to do any good with it, he did see an opportunity to increase his chances of success. He had the two kidnapped by Shego in order to siphon their power in an attempt to grant him the power to switch bodies with people at will. Thankfully, the ploy was thwarted by Kim and Ron. Regardless, they were not a fan with the time they switched bodies with themselves.
  • Perry was better off at his own switch with the non-ascended Candace. It took a bit to get used to the body, but he ended up using the body effectively. His exploits was so popular he even got a theme song out of it. Still, the two expect to hear an earful once Candace ascends.
  • Xena has a lot of experience dealing with swapped identities, first with her Arch-Enemy Callisto and then with a couple other people. While the situation was annoying, she does not harbor any bad will against the two unlike many of their victims.
  • It's one thing to switch bodies with someone you hate. It's an entirely different situation when you switch with someone you have fallen in love with. Such was the case of Taki and Mitsuha when they switched bodies with one another. Unlike many other cases, the two Hooked Up Afterwards and have been a couple ever since. They were excited to find someone who underwent the same situation and invited them over to chat.
  • Tess was initially dismissive of Anna's pleas against her English teacher. It was the switch that proved that the harshness towards her daughter had a more personal reason. After their ascension, the two found out that the teacher made a bargain with none other than Agatha Trunchbull herself to help him target her. Incensed, the two attempted to confront her, but other good-aligned deities adviced against it, stating that they didn't stand a chance against that brute of a teacher.
  • Exclusive to Anna:
    • Anna can be seen stringing her guitar in the House of Music. While without her band in the Pantheon, she remains an effective singer on her own. It's there that she was flabbergasted at the sheer amount of talent that reside there, including a number of historic figures she knows about. While she admits some of the players are cute, she remains committed to her boyfriend.
    • Speaking of which, Jake is allowed limited access to the Pantheon as permitted by her mother. He doesn't have any herald status himself, but often helps her with any chores that may need to be done. Despite his dour appearance, he is a sweet guy and remains committed to Anna.
    • Libby Chessler went on the record to confirm what both Tess and Anna has suspected; Anna's former best friend Stacey came across Libby with hopes of achieving popularity in her school. The Alpha Bitch granted that wish, all while abandoning Anna in the process. Tess in Anna's body failed to convince Stacey to be friends with her again. Sadly, Stacey is too drunk in power to ever consider returning. As such Anna loathes Libby for stealing her friend.
    • The switch also made Anna take a second look at her relationship with her younger brother Harry. Initially wary of the boy for constantly annoying her, she discovered that Harry secretly admires her. He just doesn't want to admit that to her. She wondered if his patron saint D.W. had the same relationship with Arthur.
  • Exclusive to Tess:
    • Is seen as somewhat of a decent psychologist. Taking advice from her daughter, she decided to check out some of the local psychologists in order to improve her skills. The God of Psychologists Frasier Crane was more than happy to take her under his wing. He finds the fortune cookie case to be a fascinating situation regarding his particular form of psychology, asking her of what it was like to be in her daughter's shoes.
    • Occasionally brings along Ryan Volvo with her at certain times. Her first husband died suddenly and Anna was initially skeptical of her mother's choices. But he proved to be an interesting foil to her overly protective mother. In that case, she thanks Cordelia every day for finding a Second Love worthy of herself and her daughter.


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