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This sub-house is considered one of the more grotesque in the Pantheon outside the House of Slaughter, given the gods here are involved with cannibalism. This can be eating humans or other sentient beings, eating their own species or even themselves. While most here are villainous due to the near-universal taboo against cannibalism, there are some non-evil deities like Marceline here.


Vegetarians are banned from entering. To prevent nauseating incidents anything served here will have the disclaimer "may contain flesh of sentient beings". The pies especially.

It is very likely that the Villain Pub is somewhere in here. If it is, no one's probably going to investigate.

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Greater Gods

Cronus, God of Titans and Consuming Infants (Cronos, Kronus, Kronos, Saturnus, Saturn, King of the Titans, Lord of Time and Agriculture, The Crooked One, King Cannibal)
How he usually looks
Him in modern garb 
His giant form 
His fiery incomplete form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His scythe (alternatively, Pandora's Temple)
  • Theme Song: March of Tartarus
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Lord of Time and Agriculture, Youngest Child Wins, Archnemesis Dad, King of the Titans Due to Being the Most Powerful, Faux Affably Evil, The Chessmaster Wielding a Scythe, Having Much of His Essence Sealed Away, Eats Babies, Offing the Offspring, Having a Tumultuous Relationship With His Own Dad Himself, Castrating His Father With His Scythe, Former Lord of a Golden Age
  • Domains: Titans, Time, Manipulation, the Harvest, Abuse, Paranoia,
  • Followers: His brothers Hyperion, Crius, Coeus and Iapetus
  • Special relationship with: Gaea (his mother), Tartarus (his uncle/step-father)
  • Allies: Typhon (his half-brother), The Divine Powers, Set
  • On good terms with: Scar, Relius Clover
  • On speaking terms with: The House of Plants
  • Enemies: All of his descendants, but especially ZEUS (youngest son), Hestia (oldest child), Percy Jackson and Kratos (his grandchildren) and Annabeth Chase (his great-granddaughter). Also an enemy to Diana/Wonder Woman, YHVH, Cersei Lannister, Nicholas St North, Eren Yaegar, Mikasa Ackerman, and especially his father Ouranos
  • Opposes: The House of Prophecy
  • Opposed by: Anyone with an abusive father, Osiris
  • Not to be confused with: Chronos (his uncle)
  • Before Zeus ruled, his father Cronus was the king of the gods. The youngest and strongest of the Titans, he ruled the first age of man, Golden Age. However, he feared the prophecy that one day his children would overthrow him. Whenever his wife Rhea gave birth, he would swallow the infants and imprison them in his belly. Only through a trick was the last child, Zeus. Eventually, Zeus would grow up and confront his father, rescuing his siblings and usurping him.
  • Cronus also served as the god of the harvest, a role that his daughter Demeter would inherit. Because of this he often visits the House of Plants, often just doing his old job. He is currently seeking a partnership with Mordremoth to help his cause. Cronus is also seen as the god of time and seems interested in the House of Time and Space, but this wasn't the case in the original mythology. It comes down to being mistaken for his uncle Chronos, the primordial god of time.
  • Was ascended by Melkor, who saw the Titan King as a useful pawn in his plans and thus gathered some of his scattered essence to reassemble him. However, no sooner was the Titan resurrected than he proclaimed that he was no servant of the Gods and destroyed much of the GUAE headquarters, after which he claimed the temple for the God of Archnemesis Fathers for his own.
    • When other gods protested, Cronus reminded them that he tops all other Archnemesis Dads due to devouring his own children the moment they were born. This quickly silenced any opposition, and Cronus ascended unopposed.
  • Though a horrible father, Cronus didn't have the best role model growing up. His own father Ouranos/Uranus, the cosmic embodiment of the sky, hated his children and imprisoned the Titans within Gaea. As the bravest and most ambitious Titan, she gave him a flint sickle to catch his father by surprise and castrate him, the severed organs eventually forming Aphrodite. The prophecy originates from his father's last words to him.
  • For his followers, Cronus has chosen his fellow Titans who helped him overcome their father; Hyperion, Crius, Coeus and Iapetus. Hyperion is the Titan of light and the father of the sun and moon Greek deities, Crius was the Titan of constellations, Coeus was the Titan of oracles and Iapetus is the father of Prometheus. Sometimes the Titan of the seas, Oceanus, is depicted as his ally. This is inaccurate to the original myths, where Oceanus was neutral in the conflict between the Titans and the Olympians.
  • Osiris stays far away from Cronus. This is less due to his villainy as Cronus is currently neutral on the Egyptian pantheon, but because the whole "castrating Uranus" thing causes him to wince since he was castrated with a sickle, just like him. Set seemed amused by this and felt he might serve an ally due to being a displaced god with an axe to grind. Cronus agreed, but only for the time being.
  • Interestingly, while Set was a more positive deity who was demonized, Cronus was a negative Titan who later on the Ancient Romans gave a more positive spin, adapting him into Saturn. He even had a holiday called Saturnalia, a precursor to Christmas. One of his more pettier plans is to take back the December holidays for himself, putting him into conflict with Nicholas St North. He is currently working with the Divine Powers as a fellow old god, to restore his power. He's contemptuous toward YHVH due to His overthrowing of gods being a painful reminder of the fall of the Titans, though the Great Will is worse about it than Zeus.
  • For general affairs, Cronus typically takes the form of a middle-aged man in a fancy suit or a 9-foot tall, golden-eyed black-haired and goateed man in a toga. However, if utterly pissed off, he can easily become a 1600-foot-tall giant with a titanic temple chained to his back. Due to his mutilation he tends to use host bodies, or put his broken pieces back into a monstrous, demonic-looking goliath as seen in the film Sea of Monsters.
  • Soon after Cronus's ascension, the GUAG was told of what the Titan was capable of by Percy Jackson, and so collected Kronos's remaining essence, locked it in a sarcophagus and put it in the Maximum Security section of the Vault. This has annoyed the Titan to no end, and he is determined to find the sarcophagus and regain his full power.
  • Despite his villainy he loves Gaea, though she is more conflicted about him due to turning out a lot like his own dad and the fact she helped protect Zeus. She's more mad about what happened to most of his siblings as well. He attacked Kratos because he believed he killed her(which he later did), all while having the gall to call him a coward who kills his own kin as the Ghost of Sparta killed him. He was at least amused to know his own son would suffer the same fate as both himself and his own father.
  • Stays clear of the House of Prophecy like the plague. This is due to prophecies biting him in the ass with the whole "your son will overthrow you", but everyone agrees he brought it on himself. He shares this paranoia about prophecies with Cersei Lannister, however it's other way around as the death of her children made her paranoid. She really doesn't take kindly to how he ate his children compared to her love of her own.
  • His eldest son is a well-known philanderer, but Cronus has dabbled in some of his son's behavior. He ended up having an affair with the nymph Philyra, who he turned into a horse so his wife didn't catch him. Because of this she gave birth to the centaur Chiron, the only one of his kids he didn't try to eat. He hasn't used any of his tricks in the House of Love and Affection yet, likely because Zeus probably castrated him.
  • Would like to remind the pantheon that his Titans have nothing to do with the anime Titans. "Titan" was a title from his father meaning "straining gods", those Titans have more in common with the giants born from Uranus' blood. He is still hated by Eren Yaegar and Mikasa Ackerman however, given his cannibalism.
  • He really doens't like it when people say he "laugh[s] like Hitler after killing a Jew".
  • Also in Divine Roles.

Intermediate Gods

    Marceline the Vampire Queen 
Marceline the Vampire Queen, Goddess of Power Gaining via Cannibalism (Marcie, Mar-Mar, call her that at your own peril)
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when she fully utilized her absorbed demonic and vampiric powers, Could become an Overdeity if she wears her father's amulet or absorb enough powerful beings)
  • Symbol: Her axe-bass, alternatively her Her childhood teddy bear, Hambo
  • Theme Song: Fry Song, I'm Just Your Problem, and Everything Stays
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, sometimes Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Once dated Princess Bubblegum in the past before eventually getting back together, Now 1003 years old, Having a unique friendship with Finn and Simon, Vegetarian Vampire, Gain powers through absorbing souls, "Special Fan Attention", Extremely Popular Character, went from a Human-Demon Hybrid to, a very unique Vampire-Demon Hybrid, The Axe Bass Guitar, Having a terrible, and friendless backstory, Voluntary Shapeshifting, Having ways to Deal with sunlight
  • Domains: Vampires, Demons, Abandonment, Bisexuality, Soul Absorption
  • Herald: Hunson Abadeer (Her father)
  • High Priestess: Quina
  • Followers: Colonel Hart, Yuji Itadori, Hawk
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: Buffy Summers, Elite Tauren Chieftain, Haruko Haruhara
  • Feared by: Most Redheaded Deities
  • Enemies: The Lich, GOLB, The Vamps, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Embryo, Raynare, Sekai Saionji, Yuuki Terumi, Ragyo Kiryuin, Charles zi Britannia, Raul Menendez, Gul'dan, the Incubators, Some evil Vampire Deities, The Evil-Aligned deities in the House of Music, Love, Friendship, and Family.
  • Opposes: Abusers, especially abusive love interests or family members, Mandy, Albedo, Father, Grandma Stuffum, The Perfect Trumpet Thingy, Mojo-Jojo, Princess Morbucks, Randall Ross, Eustace Bagge, Chris Mclean
  • Opposed by: Some members of the House of Ghost, Family, and Music
  • Pities: Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi, Lucy, Makoto Itou
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Billy, Benson, Rolf, Steve Small, Jin Kisaragi, Tsubaki Yayoi
  • Finally ascended into the Pantheon after dealing with her issues in regards to her being a vampire and dealing with 5 powerful vampires that she faced in the past and indirectly resurrected after Princess Bubblegum removed her vampiric essence. The result of spending the entire 8-part miniseries has caused her to have some Character Development in regards to her status as a vampire before eventually turning back into a vampire once more.
  • Needless to say, the ascended Adventure Time deities are very happy that Marcie is now part of the Pantheon, although she is somewhat upset that it took over 6 seasons to finally ascend. Better late than never.
    • They're also fully aware that Marceline's voice actress, Olivia Olson, has confirmed that she and Bubblegum used to date in the past. When asked, the two blushed heavily.
  • Apparently, Marceline has a huge grudge with Masato Kusaka. The reason, he reminds her so much of her ex-boyfriend Ash, right down to sharing some personality traits (Being total jerks to everyone but a very select few, discriminating and sometimes harming anyone that is part of a different species ["Mere Mortals" for Ash, and Non-Humans for Kusaka], not caring how their actions cause problems to those around them, using deceitful means to claim their love interests, and especially barely treating their respective love interests like they're normal people.) Let's just say that Marcie retaliated against Kusaka's racist-based actions in a very big way when they first crossed paths.
  • Marcie is a very unique vampire as while most regular vampires drink blood for nourishment, she only needs to drink anything that has the color red. This kind of ability allows her to form a friendship with Rachel Alucard, who shares common ground in regards to their vampire status.
    • Unfortunately for Marcie, this causes any deities who have either red or pink colored hair to tread carefully at her presence as they don't want to see what happens when she craves anything of said colors, much to Marceline's dismay.
  • Apparently, Some of the evil members of The House of Ghost believed that they can easily defeat Marceline due to the whole Rock-Paper-Scissors-Based Weakness between Vampires, Ghosts, and an unknown race. Unfortunately for them, this kind of weakness only happens in her own home universe, so Marcie has nothing to worry about with these kind of ghosts in this Pantheon. The fact that she can absorb the souls of powerful foes also frightens said evil ghosts.
    • It's also in her time regarding the House of Ghost that she made friends with Casper, Gengar, Youmu Konpaku, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Sayo Aisaka; As they are way more nicer than the 3 ghost friends that she had during that time she and her buddies watched the "Heat Signature" movie.
  • She has made friends and allies with some of the more friendly vampires in the Pantheon. Aside from Rachel Alucard, There's Adrian Fahrenheight Tepes, who is also a friendly vampire with Daddy Issues; Arcueid Brunestud, another friendly, non-blood sucking vampire of royal descent; Gasper Vladi, who she sympathizes over having a terrible childhood; Remilia and Flandre Scarlet, for both being powerful, having similar shapeshifting powers, Being immature at their long age, and being awesome; Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya, for having a better chance in having a strong interracial bond just like her and Finn; Valvatorez, for having the same level of companionship with his friends just as much as hers, along with dealing with both the the negative effects of war and beating very powerful beings despite being weakened; Sorin Markov since he can use magic just like her; and Evangeline/Yukihime over how to deal with the downside of being immortal. It's because of their new friendship that they team up together to take down some of the more evil vampires in the pantheon.
  • While it's no secret that Marceline dislikes abusive love interests and abusive family members, the one abusive person that she DESPISES the most is Ragyo Kiryuin. Not only does she treat her daughters like either experimental lab-rats or sex toys, which brings shame and disgust to all of the good mothers like her late mother; but she also did all of this while sharing Finn's voice whenever she speak in Japanese. This results in her become friends and allies with Ragyo's daughters and their allies in dealing with Rainbow McFeelYouUp herself.
    • She also made enemies with Raul Menendez over how he cause everyone pain and misery over a CIA agent accidently killed his sister and how he messes with Finn, Bonnie, and Steven just for the fun of it; Yuuki Temuri over trolling pretty much everybody he cross paths with brutal results For the Evulz; Gul'dan over how he can control even the nicer demons, like herself, to cause as much trouble as possible; Raynare for scarring Issei in his romance life and killing Asia to get her Sacred Gear all while enjoying the aforementioned actions, Sekai Saionji, whose responses to Makoto either scorning her or having a different love interest by killing either Makoto or the romantic competitor, which even she reacts to disgust over these kinds of responses; and Embryo over how he causally treats destroying and recreating worlds like a game, along with treating "strong and independent" women like sex toys for him to enjoy, portraying humans who can't use magic as monsters and being willing to rape Ange just to make her his wife. For the last part, let's just say that Embryo realizes that Marcie can use him as indestructible punching bag to keep her combat skills sharp due to how he can resurrect himself many times with no limits whatsoever.
  • She can be seen in the House of Music practicing her guitar skills with some of the House's nicer members. It was during her practice session in this house that she cross paths with both Haruko Haruhara and Elite Tauren Chieftain, who later became friends and rivals over how they use Guitars as weapons.
    • She also got into a Friendly Rivalry with Buffy Summers as they both know what it's like to deal with supernatural beings on a daily basis and how Buffy is aware of Marcie's childhood and the circumstances that led to her becoming a vampire. This make Marceline one of the very few vampires that Buffy won't slay (as Marcie herself was never a natural-born vampire to begin with.)
  • Vampirella was interested in Marceline's history with vampires in her world. After listening to her story, the two sung the rest of the night away. They promised to have each others' backs in future encounters.
  • Marceline has also got along with Ichigo Kurosaki, Naruto Uzumaki, Bayonetta, Ange, Lelouch vi Britannia and Ragna the Bloodedge over some things that they all have in common.
  • She apparently feels pity to both Madoka Kaname AND Homura Akemi over how they failed to maintain their friendship due to Kyubey's manipulations and that they both remind her of both herself (for Homura) and Bonnibel Bubblegum (for Madoka). She and Bonnie hoped that they can restore their friendship back to the way it was, while giving the Incubators a well-deserved payback.
    • Marcie also feels pity to Lucy after experiencing some much pain and trouble by humans over her horns and vectors, and Matoko Itou over how he can't be able to control himself in handling his romance life; both of which all happens thanks to their evil fathers not caring to them like any other normal dads did (At least her dad still care for her, as he did want Marcie to take over the family business, whereas Tomaru wants to rape every woman he has ever been interested in just to screw with him).
  • As expected, Marceline tends to hang around with other Cartoon Network Deities. While she has an A-OK relationship with most of the CN Deities (Dexter, Dee-Dee, The Jelly Bean Scouts, Courage, The KND Sector V, The Residents of Fosters, and Coop) and a more terrible relationship with some of them (Billy and Mandy, Father, Grandma Stuffum, The Perfect Trumpet Thingy, Chris Mclean, and Eustace Bagge); each of her more major interactions happened as follows:
    • She apparently hit it off very well with the Eds as they are amazed at how awesome Marcie is when she uses her powers in many different ways and even willing to either help them out in their scams, or provide them with some Jawbreakers. Marcie is especially close to Eddy over how their early childhood is nothing but pain and sorrows thanks to their adult family members badly mistreating them [Eddy's Brother abusing Eddy For the Evulz and Hunson Abadeer neglecting Marcie while she was growing up after the events of the Mushroom War]. She also gives Sarah the benefit of doubt over her treatment on Ed, as well as threatening Rolf that if he tries to attack her while she is playing with wolves, then she will uses live sharks to whack him and his fish weapon down.
    • Buttercup is excited that how Marcie can be both scary and awesome at the same time. Marcie also found her, along with Blossom and Bubbles, to be very adorable and thus decided to join in on band practices, of which Marcie is surprised that how the PPG can play musical instruments without any fingers; and dealing with either Mojo-Jojo, or Princess Morbucks (Morbucks reminds her of the King of Ooo).
    • Jack sympathizes with her over how she had to learn how to fight and survive at a young age after losing her mother and being helpless in a post-apocalyptic world, much like how Aku has kidnapped his dad and he has to go around the world to learn every fighting technique and survival skills at a young age needed for him to deal with Aku once and for all. This greatly touched Marcie over this and thus formed a strong friendship where they sometimes spar together to be prepared for any threat that's coming for them.
    • Ben and his friends are impressed and amazed at many of her feats, not to mention how both Ben and Gwen both understand what it's like to have to deal with their fans pairing them up to nearly everyone they encounter (Ben and Gwen have it the worse since they're both cousins); along with both Kevin and Charmcaster over how the 3 of them tend to have some random changes in regards to their character alignments.
    • Mordecai and Rigby greatly bonded with the Vampire Queen over the fact that they tend to be slackers and almost always got involved in weird adventures. Mordecai and Marceline are also aware that their fans tend to pair them for either some kind of amusement, or as a means to give them a second shot at romance. She also identifies with Skips, as he too knows the complications of immortality and dealing with problems related to their love lives. Benson, however, is someone Marcie just can't easily get along with, despite having some good traits like some excellent drumming skills, due to her believing that he can do more than managing a simple park. Not to mention that Randall greatly angers her over how one loss at a volleyball game suddenly caused him to want to destroy all of time itself.
    • Gumball and his family also seem to like Marceline as she played with the Watterson kids to keep their destructive habits under control, giving both Richard and Nicole relief. The Wattersons themselves are also unhappy at how Hunson hasn't been there for Marcie and her mom before the events of the Mushroom War as he reminds them of Franklin, Richard's father. Marcie also finds Mr. Small to be too obsessive in his nature-loving and non-meat eating habits.
    • Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems also got along with Marceline as she knows first-hand what it's like to hunt down the very beings that she used to be a part of, and how painful it is to lose someone very close in the distant past. The fact that the creator of the Crystal Gems' home series also provided a voice for Marceline's mother and writes all of their jams strengthens this friendship. Marcy has even strongly considered forming a supergroup with the two Universes.
  • The entire Pantheon rejoiced when she and Princess Bubblegum finally kissed during their ultimate adventure. The two are now officially dating again.
  • Can also be found at the House of External Power Sources.

Merkava, the Deity who is Driven by Supernatural Hunger (The Basilisk that Devours All, Basilisk of the Abyss, Lord Noodle Doodle)
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Theme Song: Unseen Entities
  • Symbol: A black snake with Blue Tron Lines biting its tail.
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Horror Hunger, Voice of the Legion, Telepathy, Was Once a Man, Eaten Alive, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Flight, Abhorrent Reptile.
  • Domains: Eating, Intelligence, Abominations.
  • Followers: Hollows, Shadow Angels, Ghouls
  • Allies: Blake Belladonna
  • Rivals: Darth Nihilus
  • Enemies: Orie "Harada" Ballardiae, Vatista, Shinji Ikari, Arael, Kaworu Nagisa, Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Langley Shikinami, Rei Ayanami
  • Not so different: Arakune
  • Respects: Anyone who appreciates his intelligence
  • Opposed by: Most of the Pantheon due to his eating habits
  • Opposes: Anyone who gawks at him
  • Complicated Relationship: Mai Natsume
  • Merkava is a member of a species of dark shadows called Voids whose realm, the Hollow Night, primarily manifests in the real world during the full moon in a certain area once a month. These Voids live to consume other living beings for their life energy source, identified as the Power of Existence (or EXS) in his home universe. However, Voids are among the species that must then convert this energy into a "False" power (or FLS) in order to manifest powers. Merkava is unique among the Voids in that he retains his sentience, however his body doesn't produce the FLS power needed to survive and he must continue to consume EXS to replenish it.
    • He's not an actively malicious person, he's merely driven by his instincts as a Void to devour the life-energy inside human beings. He himself describes his situation as having his mind stuck inside a beast he can't fully control. He can move around freely as long as the beast is full, but if it gets hungry it will take full control of the body and all he can do is watch and observe as the beast hunts and feasts on its prey.
  • Any deity who's amazed by Merkava's reverberating voice while he's in the vicinity usually ends up the same way, whether they have EXS or not.
  • Merkava was once attacked by Shinji Ikari because he mistook Merkava for an angel due to sharing some design points with the angels.
    • This is the only known moment in Trope Pantheon history where Shinji and Arael agreed on something.
  • Many deities have noted the similarities between Merkava and Arakune such as previously being human, being driven to consume something, their fighting styles and the both of them having someone chasing themnote . However, unlike Arakune, Merkava managed to retain his intelligence and ability to speak.
    • In the case of Merkava's chaser, Orie believes he is the one who killed her parents, and while no one can confirm this, Merkava himself admits he doesn't know of any other Void to retain their sentience.
  • Despite being a very chaotic creature, Merkava refuses to align himself with any groups as his hunger would inevitably lead him to consume anyone regardless of alignment. However, he will legitimately thank anyone who treats him as an intelligent creature and not some mindless husk like the other Voids.
  • Some deities believe Merkava uses Spiral Energy because of Merkava's Curse Commandment. Merkava knows about this and believes those deities to be morons.
  • Merkava has found an ally in Blake Belladonna. During a clash of deities where tag teaming was essential, Blake offered to team up with Merkava, as she realized they were not so different. After the battle, every now and then they'd get some Ramen.
  • Mai is nervous around Merkava for feeding on people, yet also sympathetic towards him when she learns that he was formerly a man and is driven by Horror Hunger. Merkava in turn shows sympathy for Mai to the conflict between her body and soul (a former boy turned into a girl), even when she denies it and tells Merkava she's happy with the person she is.

    Pennywise, the Dancing Clown 
Pennywise, God of Child Eaters (IT, Bob Gray, Pennywise The Dancing Clown, The Deadlights, Every Nightmare You Ever Had, Your Worst Dreams Come True, Everything You Ever Were Afraid Of, The Spider)
Pennywise's two most common forms
Click here  for the safest depiction of the Deadlights, It's true form.

SCP-953, Goddess of Picky People Eaters (Polymorphic Humanoid)
SCP-953 in a humanoid guise. Picture distortions caused by her polymorphism

SCP-3166, God of Feeding Itself to Others ("Garfield", "You Have No Idea How Alone You Are, Garfield", "Gorefield")
  • Rank: Euclid: Intermediate Deity by Pantheon standards.
  • Symbol: The distored face of Garfield
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination, Cats Are Mean, Crafted From Animals, Refugee from TV Land
  • Domains: Cartoons, Lasagna, Cats, Garfield, Feeding
  • Allies: SCP-2006
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, Odie, Jon and Liz, The Hunter, Calvin and Hobbes, Snoopy, Pyrocynical, Gordon Ramsay
  • Abhorrent Admirer towards: Garfield
  • SCP-3166 can be described as a "crude" humanoid version of Garfield, theorized to be originated from a series of comic issues dating from 10/23/1989 to 10/29/1989. This version of Garfield is said to be obsessed with the franchise the character originates from and manifests itself when it is doing poorly. SCP-3166 entrails are entirely made of Lasagna, which it usually force feeds into its select victims and that ultimately is what made the creature qualify for a title, although its ascension was never approved by the foundation.
  • Naturallly the first thing the creature did upon breaking containment was meeting Garfield. The cat was understandably confused about the sight of a rather strange version of him running around the Pantheon hall only to get scared for his life when the thing started to "bleed out" lasagna. SCP-3166 has been forbidden from visiting Garfield but that may be the only thing that could prevent it from going after other targets.
  • There is a list of several types of people that SCP-3166 might target. Consisting of:
    • Individuals prominently involved in rival media to the Garfield franchise.
    • Individuals formerly involved in the production of the Garfield comic strip.
    • Individuals involved in parodies of the Garfield franchise.
    • Vocal critics of the Garfield franchise.
    • Garfield creator Jim Davis.
  • With the previous list in mind, the first thing it did was look around for rival franchises of Garfield. Strolling around he came across Calvin and Hobbes playing around, where it immediately to tried kidnapping them for it's usual "feeding" procedure but the two managed to evade the creature. Similarly, Snoopy doesn't like it, particularly one time after the Garfield humanoid tried to sneak attack him but luckily the pantheon authorities managed to catch it in time.
  • Initially, his costume used to resemble the one from Lasagna Cat. Considering how it hates parodies of the Garfield franchise, it might not be wise to remind "Garfield" about it and later his costume turned more deformed and animalistic, with the creature becoming far more hostile than before. He still targets those related to the Garfield comic strip and related characters, but his attempts have been far more aggressive after the transformation.
  • Considering the latent rumour that Garfield is an Eldritch Abomination that can only be appeased by lasagna and would bring the end of the world, the sudden arrival of SCP-3166 has only fueled the fires of that theory. However, it's MO is radically different from the so called "Gorefield" and doesn't seek to eat any of Garfield's friends and family.
  • It's no surprise that this "Garfield" acts similarly to the original: a fairly grumpy cat but dangerous if pissed off. Similar to the original, he has a firm dislike for Odie but unlike Garfield who does care for his dog friend, SCP-3166 wants to devour him. That's one of many reasons why the creature is forbidden from entering the house of Beasts and Fauna.
  • As said before, its entrails are composed of lasagna but the components of said food are said to be from human origin, matching the DNA of Jim Davis, Garfield's creator and one of SCP-3166's primary targets. Gordon Ramsay, one of the guardians of the house that this version of Garfield is contained in has nothing but utter disgust for it, as the lasagna it is made of has to be one of the worst foods he is even seen in years.
  • A frequent encounter for the Hunter, who is used to hunt Eldritch Abominations on a daily basis and one of the few deities that can fend it off successfully. Apparently according to them, the form everyone else sees of this Garfield is not its true form but rather a more bearable form given to it by the foundation and other Pantheon personnel. It is widely believed that this Garfield is a realization of the aforementioned "Gorefield".
  • One of the most unlikely enmities the creature earned has to be with Youtuber Pyrocynical. Since its presence forces the creators of the Garfield IP to pump out more work for it, Pyro believes that it is responsible for the creation of Garfield Kart. SCP-3166 doesn't take kindly to critics of Garfield and has made it sure that it would give Pyrocynical a visit the next time it breaks containment.
  • Has a reputation for being a bit silly for a murderous creature and usually not taken seriously. This proved to be a fatal mistake for several entities in the pantheon after some GUAE members made the SCP make contact with another one, SCP-2006. Given the latter's shapeshifting powers and warped sense of horror, the thing assumed that SCP-3166 was a very scary creature and copied it, resulting in another copycat of "Garfield" running amok in the pantheon. It didn't help that SCP-2006 also copies the behavior of the monster it witnesses and so decided to pay a visit to a few unfortunate deities by feeding them lasagna. While both were ultimately recontained, SCP-2006 took a liking to Garfield and decided to assume its form from time to time (Even then, he prefers Ro-Man).

Lesser Gods

    Dr. Zomboss 
Dr. Edgar George Zomboss, God of Eating Brains (Dr. Zomboss, Zombie Boss)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God while using any of his Zombots)
  • Symbol: A brain, usually half-eaten
  • Theme Songs: Brainiac Maniac
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Bad Boss, Big Bad, Giggling Villain, Flunky Boss, Piloting gigantic robots called "Zombots", Mad Scientist, Having a doctorate in Thanatology, Big brain for an undead, Surrounded by Idiots, Wicked Cultured
  • Heralds: His zombie army.
  • Allies: The Zombies (his personal army), Zhaitan, Grima, Arthas Menethil, Nagash, Most evil undead gods, Hades, Hannibal Lecter
  • Rivals: Any ascended Mecha pilot.
  • Enemies: Crazy Dave, The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. Plants, The Entire House of Plants (And plants in general), Most Zombie Apocalypse Survivors, The Spring Sprite, Brassica Prime, Hank Hill, Yuuka Kazami, Mario, Luigi.
  • Odd Friendship: The Hyenas, Ripper Roo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Samantha Maxis, Flowey
  • Opposed by: The House of Time and Space
  • Reports of a seemingly endless horde of Brain-hungry zombies have put the court of gods to work hard to find the culprit behind the sudden appearance of the undead horde. Crazy Dave knowing too well that these same zombies came from his world, discovered that his Arch-Enemy Dr. Zomboss has ascended, with the objective of eating all the Brains that the pantheon has to offer.
    • Of course, Zomboss himself formally presented for ascension and was nice enough to negotiate with the Court of Gods for a spot in the Pantheon. That doesn't mean he won't be getting his brains for dinner though.
  • Hates any god that is either a Plant or is related to them in some way, as they are the ones who are always thwarting his plans. Usually, he sends some of his minions to destroy the House of Plants just to get rid of all Plant-based life, but Crazy Dave was kind enough to lend some seeds to fend off the Zombie Horde.
    • He also hates Mushrooms given that they are the main defense of most houses at night. While there are no Mushrooms in sight, he hates both Mario and Luigi because of their connection to the Toads.
  • Many wonder why is he even the god of eating brains if he already has a big brain himself, prompting many to question why his lackies haven't devoured him at this point.
  • When he officially entered the Food house, he stumbled upon Brassica Prime. While initially he dismissed him as another annoying plant, he was furious when he learned that he keeps kicking his zombie army out of his temple. Apparently this is Crazy Dave's doing, who is friends with the Cabbage god, and this isn't the first time that he has to deal with Cabbages.
  • He has access to a fair amount of Humongous Mechas that he calls "Zombots" and often uses them when dealing with the plants himself. His zombots range from a simple giant mecha to an enormous dragon or Shark.
    • Though many mock him for the lack of durability his machines have, as they are always destroyed by the plants he constanly faces.
  • Is surprised to meet real undead Dragons in the form of Zhaitan and Grima, thinking they would have come in handy back when he travelled to the Dark Ages. He is trying to convince them to join his cause but while they get along, they rarely listen to him.
  • His army likes to always invade lawns, regardless if they have human activity or not. Hank Hill, who loves his lawn so much, has been suffering a lot of attacks by the zombie horde.
  • Has a degree in Thanatology, which not many people know what it's about. According to him, it's about the study of death and the emotions surrounding it.
  • Learning that there are more undead deities running around the pantheon made Zomboss really excited to meet them. He instantly allied himself with the Lich King Arthas after witnessing his massive undead army. He is also glad that Arthas isn't a bumbling idiot, unlike his minions. It certainly helps that Scourge facilities can weaken the land around them, meaning that plants pose little problem to them.
    • On the other hand, he finds Samantha Maxis to be incredibly childish and worst of all, unstable. He does respect how she is able to command her undead almost flawlessly, but Samantha has little interest in the whole "Eating brains" business.
  • Has been trying to work out a deal with Flowey in order to defeat his nemesis Dave at his own game, in hopes of destroying Dave's defense from the inside and in return, helping Flowey get the six human souls. However, the flower has been killing his own minions for funsies, which had put both the flower and Zomboss at odds. There's also the fact that Flowey is actually deliberately undermining Zomboss's plans as he's privately working alongside the GUAG.
  • To his surprise, Hannibal Lecter actually approves of his crusade, as he also eats brain even if he is a living human being. Zomboss has no issue with this
  • While he is well-mannered most of the time, he has a tendency to laugh a lot during combat, which the plants find super annoying. This made him befriend the Hyenas and Ripper Roo, given how similar their respective laughs are.
  • He once travelled through time following Crazy Dave around whenever he went and altering key time periods with the presence of his zombie army. The house of Time and Space has tried to punish Zomboss for his tampering with time but he has a much more important reason for following Dave around. He was trying to stop Dave from causing a Time Paradox, but others think that he could have taken a much less complicated approach than antagonizing the crazy vendor.

    The Hag 
The Ancestor: "Twisted and maniacal, a slathering testament to the powers of corruption."

The Hag, Unholy Patron of Cooking Others Alive
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Crown of Horns, reminiscent of the Stress Symbol
  • Theme Song: Mournweald Encounter
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Wicked Witch, Self-Experimentating Mad Scientist, Evil Makes You Ugly, Fights with kitchen utensils and seasoning, Fat Bastard, Into the Pot!
  • Domains: Cannibalism, Witches, Alchemy, Botany, Cooking, Corruption
  • Followers: Her witch coven and corrupted Weald inhabitants
  • Allies: The Bakers, the Wicked Witch of the West, Baba Yaga, the Weird Sisters, Leatherface, Cyth V'sug, her fellow Flesh Eaters
  • Enemies: The Ancestor, The Sleeper, the Nature Preservers, Marceline, Merkava, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Akko, Rinoa, Lana, Cia, Joel and Ellie, Triss Merigold, Yennefer, Spider-Man, Batman, Six, Viridi
  • Opposed by: Kiki, Dorothy Gale
  • The Ancestor: "I had collected many rare and elusive volumes on ancient herbal properties and was set to enjoy several weeks immersed in comfortable study. My work was interrupted, however, by a singularly striking young woman who insisted on repeated calls to the house."
    • "...Her knowledge of horticulturalism and its role in various arcane practices impressed me greatly. My licentious impulse gave way to a genuine professional respect, and together, we began to plant, harvest, and brew..."
      • "...As time wore on, her wild policy of self-experimentation grew intolerable. She quaffed all manner of strange fungi, herbs and concoctions, intent on gaining some insight into the horror we both knew to be growing beneath us. The change in her was appalling, and no longer able to stomach it, I sent her to live in the weald, where her wildness would be welcomed."
  • It started with a normal quest to the Weald, standard procedure to quell the inhabitants so they don’t get out of control and seep outside the Darkest Estate. Normal stuff at first, until it was discovered there was an exit leading to the House of Food. After revealing to unfortunate people what was in the stew they just ate along with fending off the Weald’s monsters along with catching up to the Hag herself it was already too late, she had taken her place in the Pantheon after she shoved some poor sods into her pot. In doing so, a part of the House she stays in has parts corrupted like that of the Weald and has slowly begun to spread while the Weald itself seems to have expanded due to her newfound divinity. It doesn't help that the Brigands, whose base of operations is in the Weald, have followed too.
    The Ancestor: "Corruption has soaked the soil, sapping all good life from these groves. Let us burn out this evil."
  • This Fat Bastard takes pride in her divine title and culinary skill, using seasoning or tenderizing her enemies to be ready for eating. She’ll cook others and taste the stew their comrades are still being cooked in, which can quite understandably drive others off the edge of sanity She's also quite the Mad Scientist herself, making great use of a parasitic fungus that has corrupted much of the Weald and its inhabitants along with transforming herself along with her Crones into Hateful Viragos. The spreading fungus' decay is seen as a perversion by those who'd want to protect nature. Joel and Ellie don't take kindly to her presence either due to their experiences with parasitic zombies before. It’s thankful that among all the scum that dwell in the Ancestor’s Estate, she is far from the most dangerous or horrifying, yet her threat mustn't be overlooked.
    • The Hag is a terrible reminder of the Twin Chefs and the Patrons to Six back when she was still in the Maw, and she is sure to stay away from the Weald and its corruption. Unfortunately, the Hag wishes to throw Six into the pot in an effort to create some new horror after hearing of Six's life draining powers. It'd be a waste to eat the little girl since, well, have you seen Six? There's nothing to cook on top of the fact that she's tiny.
  • It didn't take long for the witch to gain new allies outside of her coven. She has partnered with the Wicked Witch, Baba Yaga, and the Weird Sisters. Woe to those on all their sights for their crafts. Of course, not all witches like her. Akko, Rinoa, and Kiki, understandably, think she gives witches a bad name and have taken a stance against her practices. Lana has also opposed her, and through her Link and Zelda would become the Hag's enemies too. She tried to enlist Cia's help, thinking she'd see reason, but she turned her down after finding out she's Link's enemy. The worst enemies the Hag made in the Pantheon would probably go to Bayonetta and Jeane since their power is way beyond her league.
    • She is quite liked by (most) of her fellow compatriots in this House. Not like she wouldn't, cannibals in this House are generally evil with only two exceptions. Marceline's good and Merkava isn't actively malicious, just driven by his hunger. Speaking of, she got on his bad side when she approached and treated him like a monster like her when it's clear that despite him being a Void, he is still very much a thinking creature. The Hag has thoughts of using him in a concoction, but that thankfully haven't been explored as much. No one knows what could of happened if she found out about EXS and the Hollow Night. Hilda plots are enough as it is.
  • Apparently, she found out Macbeth and his wife are out for the Hag and her coven given her affiliation to them never mind their fates involving witches. The Hag only cackled at this revelation, seeing them not too different from the Ancestor she once worked with that long ago. And their mental states now are of a similar level.
  • Outside of witches, the Hag gets along scarily well with the Bakers, finding them to be great company for monsters like her. The Hag gets along with Margarite the most as she quite likes her cooking despite how revolting it is to others, and has offered to turn naysayers into ingredients along with putting her Necrotic Fungus in some dishes for others to try. She has also affiliated herself with Leatherface, who assists in her malicious schemes and combating the restless adventurers.
  • She is also on reasonably good terms with Cyth V'sug, on the grounds of a shared alignment, nature as Botanical Abominations and interest in evil botany. They are both quite skilled at working with foul fungi, herbs and molds for nefarious and corrupting purposes, and the things they could get up to by pooling their mutual expertise has a fair few gods very worried indeed.
  • Once, she and her crones planned to break into The Great Treasury to gain access to the Reset Bomb stockpile. To them, corrupting the giant nature payloads with the Necrotic Fungi would be a great accomplishment in spreading their putrid evil. The plan never came into fruition as she was attacked by Triss and Yennefer. At the same time, Spider-Man and Batman were also out investigating the Hag's plans and joined in the battle. Viridi got pissed that something like the Hag would even dare to try and get one of her Reset Bombs and use it against nature. Of course, her opposition against humans was fueled when she heard that the obese witch used to be human.
  • The Ancestor: "Leave her corpse to rot, consumed by the spores she spawned."

    Lord Crumb 
Lord Crumb, God of Perceiving Humanity as Livestock
Crumb’s human form
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His house/spaceship
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Aliens Are Bastards, Bald of Evil, Seeks to Turn Humans into a Menu Item for his Restaurant
  • Domains: Aliens, Food
  • Allies: Mars Attacks! Martians, The VUX, Black Doom, Piggsy, Specimen 11
  • Rivals: Sweepers
  • Enemies: SCP Foundation, Agents K & J, Peregrine Falcons & Sparrows Team, XCOM, Reuben
  • On Good Terms with: Hannibal Lecter
  • Avoids: The Gyaos
  • The New Zealand village of Kaihoro has been targeted by aliens and it's up to a quartet of unstable individuals sent by the Astro Investigation and Defence Service to get to the bottom of things. As they would learn, the aliens have been kidnapping humans to turn them into meals for a fast food enterprise led by Lord Crumb. Not only do they turn humans and their organs into food, but they also have other alien delicacies at hand including drinkable alien vomit. The plan to turn Earth into a personalized food plan for the aliens’ restaurant starting with a New Zealand village was thwarted, though there are other aliens from the planet they’re from that aren’t going to be happy with such an outcome.
  • A seemingly nondescript house showed up in the Pantheon one day, which didn’t really draw anyone’s attention, but the fact that there were some kidnappings shortly thereafter ended up causing some of the Pantheon’s denizens to spring into action and figure out where the victims are being taken. The kidnappings led the rescue party to that same house that had shown up not long ago, with some members wondering what dark secrets this house may hold while finding whoever could be rescued. Curiosity turned to horror when some blood-soaked boxes were found and contained the remains of some of the kidnapped victims, with the rescued survivors saying that the aliens that took them are planning to set up a restaurant in the Pantheon to serve humans and other revolting meals to those twisted enough to want them. Chaos quickly set in as blue-suited aliens discovered the rescue party thwarting their dinner plans and proceeded to attack. The rescue party shot up and sliced away at the aliens with the surviving victims at hand and escaped the house. Some time after the incident, Lord Crumb learned of how others were threatening his plans to use the Pantheon as a spot to set up his restaurant, but he isn’t going to let that setback stop him from continuing his scheme to fulfill himself and his alien cohorts.
  • Being experienced in investigating unusual events, be it from aliens or other supernatural phenomena, the SCP Foundation and the Men in Black wasted no time in making sure Lord Crumb and his alien fast food enterprise didn’t expand their business in the Pantheon. Crumb found the MIB’s agents and their memory-erasing neuralyzers annoying due to agents making it easy for others to forget about Crumb’s restaurant, especially towards any victims that have managed to escape, making kidnapping them again more of a hassle than normal. As for the SCP Foundation, Crumb suspected that if he ended up near the organization, then there wouldn’t be any escape for him, his aliens, and that his business would be shut down without mercy. He has considered making a gruel out of members of alien-hunting agencies as a warning to those that try to take him down, but given the more-advanced technology present in the Pantheon not just by those groups, making good on those threats might be more of a challenge for him than before.
  • Compared to some of the other malevolent aliens prevalent in the Pantheon, Crumb is less interested in causing wanton destruction and more focused on using Earth as a means to turn humans into food for his business. It didn’t prevent him from getting into contact with a few he happened to stumble across such as the Mars Attacks Martians. The Martian Leader and some of his Martian soldiers ended up near Crumb’s base while looking for things to destroy and Crumb himself approached the Martians with an offer regarding food. The Martians would then learn of Crumb’s food made of humans and other odd meals, with Crumb telling them that if they relish in unbridled mayhem, why just destroy humans when they can be eaten and turned into creative appetizers in different ways. It got the Martians’ attention, moreso after they tried one of the meals Crumb had at his enterprise, and while they continue to cause havoc wherever they go, the Martians consider Crumb’s place a pitstop to visit whenever they want to witness humans suffering in more extreme manners.
  • One other alien that Crumb encountered was Black Doom and as he would quickly find out, Black Doom was much more powerful and had the resources to make himself a credible threat to the Pantheon as a whole. Upon being asked by Black Doom to join him on his conquest, Crumb said that he’s interested in turning humans into food for aliens, something that Black Doom was curious about given his goals for invading Earth. While Crumb acknowledged the difference in power levels between himself and Black Doom and that the latter is more than capable of taking over Earth if done right, he felt that Black Doom was being too obvious about invading Earth and that it made his enemies more aware of the threat. Black Doom didn’t care much about how alien invasions were planned, but considering how he and Crumb had the same goal for humanity, he was willing to give Crumb some additional power for the latter to better defend himself with. That and if he can’t turn his sworn enemy Shadow the Hedgehog into food for the Black Arms, then Black Doom will let someone else literally cook him alive.
  • Specimen 11 was a demon whose domain was in a fast food restaurant that served a strange kind of beef that would drive anyone who eats it insane and apparently subservient to The Food Demon. The beef seems to be made of humans, particularly children and while Crumb’s restaurant isn’t in extreme financial stress compared to what happened in Specimen 11’s domain prior, Crumb does believe his restaurant could be more successful. The idea of an ingredient that makes one loyal to whoever is serving it was something that interested Crumb, who cared little about the mental detriments it would cause to potential customers and he has some interest in making the restaurant more prominent within the Pantheon. Soul collection isn’t part of Crumb’s goals, but Specimen 11 noticed how corrupt Crumb’s business already was compared to other restaurants in the Pantheon and is willing to help Crumb make it more of a success with some stipulations. Crumb isn’t eating The Food Demon’s beef (though some of his cohorts have), but he at least has a working business relationship with Specimen 11 as a means to expand his business and make his food more addictive to unsuspecting customers.
  • The “Night in the Backstreets” was an event that Crumb paid attention to after learning of the exact perpetrators behind such a thing. The Sweepers are a group of cannibalistic cyborgs that go after the human population and brutalize them before eating whatever is left of them. Crumb decided to send some of his subordinates to look further into those Sweepers, but the end result predictably wasn’t pleasant given who both parties are. As Crumb’s soldiers were in their human forms, they ended up killed by a few Sweepers who believed them to be more human scum, but after trying out their remains, noticed that something didn’t taste right and noticed a few other soldiers of Crumb spying on them. The Sweepers gave chase to these soldiers that ended at Crumb’s hideout and a shootout that drove away those Sweepers. The Sweepers weren’t happy that a group of aliens would disguise themselves as humans for the sake of trying to set up a business of eating human remains and Crumb knew that there was competition that wanted him gone and had to go to war with another cannibal clan if it meant keeping business afloat.
  • Another group of cannibalistic monsters that Crumb heard about were The Gyaos, deadly pterodactyls that are extremely hungry and have a preference for human flesh. While Crumb did briefly consider using them to bring humans to his restaurant and cook his victims, the Gyaos as a whole were very uncontrollable and those that were able to at least use them effectively were those who were much more powerful than Crumb could ever be. Knowing that he likely won’t have the resources to try and forcefully bring some Gyaos under his command, he’s mostly kept his distance from them. Having a human disguise shared by himself and others associated with his restaurant didn’t help much since Gyaos has sometimes eaten up some of Crumb’s mooks and Crumb himself would rather not become food for a legion of monstrous pterodactyls.
  • Being aliens, it would only make sense that Crumb and his cohorts would have very strange taste in food, especially as far as the kinds of ingredients they like to use are concerned. While they have had some success with giving their food to other aliens, others weren’t as willing to try out Crumb’s concoctions, partially because of their own moral standards and partially because of food preference. Reuben, an alien who has developed an appetite for sandwiches, didn’t want to try anything from Crumb’s restaurant since he already heard about the incidents that happen there and the ingredients used in their food. Just the fact that Crumb has the potential to make sandwiches out of human remains was the main reason Reuben despised him as Reuben saw the idea of “human sandwiches” as something that besmirches the very concept of sandwiches as a whole. Reuben even claimed that despite being an alien named after foodstuff, Crumb doesn’t deserve to be associated with food (sandwiches or otherwise), something that Crumb took personally after hearing about aliens that hate his meals.
  • Crumb's goals of making a food chain out of humanity would eventually reach the auditory organs of one of the Ur-Quan battle-thrall races, the VUX, who initially found the idea of such a thing as disgusting, but primarily since they view humanity as grotesque and ugly beings that they wouldn't dare to stare at if they weren't forced to. Despite the complications with the VUX's Ur-Quan masters, Lord Crumb managed to set up a subtle alliance with the aliens for the sake of subjugating humanity for the benefit of both him and the hideous VUX. For Crumb, it was a matter of appeasing their interests in spite of their discrimination to human-like races in general, promising them special privileges and deals related to what would be Crumb's human-serving business. The VUX eventually warmed up to Crumb's proposition of turning the nasty-looking humans into something more... presentable to their eyes. They're fine with working together on the condition that Crumb doesn't use his human disguise in their meetings, letting him speak with the VUX in Crumb's more gross-looking true form.
  • Having been defeated by a group of agents sent by the government, Crumb has nothing but hatred for those in the Pantheon who are dedicated to fighting off aliens like those under his leadership. One particular group who Crumb wants killed and turned into alien gruel were The Peregrine Falcons and the Sparrows Team due to their experience in fighting off sheer numbers of aliens through the use of firearms and the XCOM for their strategic planning in fighting such creatures. Both teams were easily able to defeat Crumb’s forces in order to rescue a kidnapped ally of theirs that was about to become food for Crumb and the others. After learning of the different kinds of weapons used to thwart Crumb’s plans, he decided to not only target them so that they could be used in some unholy bird-themed meal, but to get stronger guns so that he and his aliens can defend themselves better against anyone that wants to fight them.
  • Despite the unpopularity of Crumb’s business in the Pantheon given the kinds of food he serves, there are a few in the Pantheon that are willing to try out his meals, if only because those interested happen to be cannibals. After hearing about a prominent cannibal in Hannibal Lecter, Crumb was eager to have him try out some of his aliens’ food to boost business and bring in more customers to his restaurant. One particular item that Hannibal ended up trying was alien vomit that served as a drink Crumb and his aliens have on a regular basis and although he had some uncertainty about it, he stated that it had a very peculiar taste when he tried it. He didn’t mind Crumb’s food, but did state that more human blood on the menu would suffice, something that Crumb took into consideration. Piggsy was another cannibal that has had the food Crumb and his business makes and given how Piggsy doesn’t have as much standards compared to Hannibal when it comes to human remains, Crumb is content with giving Piggsy a sufficient amount of food made of humans per day to keep the killer satisfied.

    Olivia Moore 
Doctor Olivia Moore, Undead Goddess of Consuming Brains For Memories (Liv, Dark Princess, Gwen Dylan, Melody/Melanie)
  • Lesser Goddess (gains a power boost if full-on zombie mode)
  • Symbol: A Tupperware container with diced brains mixed with Ramen noodles and hot sauce
  • Theme Song: Stop, I'm Already Dead (the iZombie theme)
  • Alignment: Depending on the brain she eats, can either be Lawful Good or Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Broke Her Fiancé's Heart To Save Him, Creepy Good, Being Dead Sucks, Yet Obtains Memories And Skills From Eating Brains, Cute Zombie Girl, Dark Is Not Evil, Deadpan Snarker, Freakiness Shame, Friendly Neighborhood Zombie, Healing Factor, Phony Psychic
  • Domains: Brains, Undead, Medical Examiners, False Psychics
  • Herald: Ravi Chakrabarti (her boss)
  • High Priests: Johnny Dingle and R
  • Unwanted Followers: The Return Of The Living Dead-type of zombies
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: with Shawn Spencer
  • On Neutral Terms With: The Zombie Slayers Of The Pantheon (mainly Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Frank West, Rick Grimes, Lee Everett and Clementine, Artix von Krieger)
  • Enemies: Nekron, Dr. Zomboss
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Manfred von Karma
  • Unwanted Suitor: Lord Raptor
  • The envelope sat on Olivia Moore's desk as she tucked in her lunch; brains laced with ramen noodles and siracha sauce, having been delivered by in Ravi's words, 'some cop who looked liked a zombie.' Her curiosity getting the better of her, Olivia picks up the envelope and opens it. It's her ascension notice. Liv has joined the Pantheon. She's still a zombie, though. Well, shit.
  • Before becoming one of the undead, Liv was a an overachieving young woman engaged to Major Lillywhite and worked as a medical resident at a Seattle hospital. Then, she was convinced to attend a boat party, which in her words, turned into a "zombie feeding frenzy." She was infected, and later drowned, only to come back as a zombie. And that was just the beginning of her troubles as one of the walking dead.
  • She is a sentient zombie, meaning that she is not the more traditional Romero-style zombie, per se, but rather of the Return of the Living Dead flavor. Meaning that she has to consume human brains, or else she goes full-fledged zombie. But since in her words, eating brains "sucks beyond words," she - like the other zombies - tend to lace their brains with extremely spicy foods, due to the fact that it's all that they can taste. Liv has a wide assortment of spices and hot sauces on hand. She's developed a taste for siracha, but wants to try out Mad Dog 357.
  • The zombie-killing deities had been given proper notice of Liv's ascension. The Redfields, Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy are wary around Liv, while Rick Grimes and Tallahassee just want to put a bullet in the head and be done with it.
    • Artix is a strange case; while he has a compulsive need to smite any and all undead, he's doing it because the souls he slays are freed from their suffering and give him a power boost. However, he's kind enough to respect her and to restrain his undead smiting ways.
  • Abby Scuito had originally thought that Liv was a Goth like her. But when Liv told her that she was a sentient zombie, Abby replied with, "Wow! That's so cool!" Liv's response? "Not really."
  • There are at least a few vampires who are willing to work with her, though for Olivia there isn't that many who she are comfortable with. The only reasons she works with Alucard is that he at least tolerates humans and she hates nazis even more. At least Seras is fun to hang out with on occasion.
    • Gets along better with the Alucard from another world. She can relate to not liking the forms they are in and was glad this Alucard uses his powers for good.
  • On good terms with Gil Grissom. While he is somewhat concerned that Liv is a brain-eating zombie, he can't deny that she produces results in her cases. Liv, in turn, sees Grissom as a mentor of sorts. It was odd in a way for her to be openly working with the police for once. To Gil, he's seen weirder things in the Pantheon.
  • While her detective work has paid dividends, she is not a fan of the head prosecutor known as Manfred von Karma. He was pleased to have someone who can confirm his assumptions on the defense when it comes to murders. Indeed, Olivia admits that he is good at his job. But all pretense of teamwork ends when she discovers he is after the wrong person. Instead of admitting a mistake, Manfred discredits her evidence. Still, he has to be careful about dismissing all of her abilities lest he loses a key asset.
  • Technically Shawn Spencer is supposed to be a rival detective competing for cases. But he couldn't help but stare in awe of the process of a zombie eating brains to gain memories. He peppered her with so many questions it got her head spinning.
  • Has outright refused to take the brain of a rocker in order to placate Lord Raptor. While she hasn't had a case involving punk rock, she secretly hopes it doesn't come to it. Otherwise, she would be inclined to join the zombie rock star in a duet.
  • There is no doubt that she is aligned against the GUAD. Her powers have no use against the undead and she still hopes to bring herself back to the land of the living. With that said, it is ill-advised for her to face Nekron as he has absolute control over the undead. Worse, her powers can be useful for extracting information from victims.
  • May well be the Good Counterpart of Dr. Zomboss, God of Eating Brains. Her flock is far fewer, but she is more determined to make sure that people like him do not reside in her temple. She also hopes to put a stop to his killings. While Dr. Zomboss couldn't care less about her, she was pissed that her eating habits has additional benefits. He is working on a way to do the same to himself.

Piggsy, God of Feeding Pigs with Human Remains

SCP-524, God of Eating Oneself (Walter the Omnivorous Rabbit)
Walter in its Pen
  • Rank: Safe. Lesser God by Pantheon standards
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Eats Anything, Benign Hair-Raising Hare and Killer Rabbit, Somehow able to return when he eats itself
  • Domains: Rabbits, Eating, Strangeness, Hunger
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Miyamoto Usagi, Rabbit, Juddy Hopps, Cream the Rabbit, Usalia, Peppy Hare, Ruby, The Tasmanian Devil, Pac-Man, Sableye, Kirby, Spike
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Killer Rabbit
  • Enemies: Springtrap, The Crystal Gems, Diancie
  • Scares: SCP-682, Subaru Natsuki
  • Annoys: Geb
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • While he may look like a normal rabbit, SCP-524, nicknamed "Walter" by the people that take care of him, is not a regular animal. He has the peculiar tendency to eat anything that he pleases, even things that are supposedly dangerous to eat, and be unharmed afterwards. What makes him so strange is that he will sometimes start to eat himself when he feels that hungry, even being capable of eating his own head. After half an hour, he will show up without a single scratch and resume doing whatever he was doing.
  • The reason he ascended is because he was found after he ate an entire House without anyone noticing, something that took weeks to rebuild. At first Walter was confused to be the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog but he wasn't hostile to the nearby deities, instead preferring to munch over a rock he found there and then eat himself.
  • Speaking of the aforementioned Killer Rabbit, both it and SCP-524 seem to be good friends. Well, "friends", considering that the rabbit overly hostile nature doesn't make it the best creature to be around and the only reason he allows Walter to be around is, besides being a rabbit, because he can't actually get rid of him. There was actually a time where Walter started munching on the Killer Rabbit which prompted him to attack in retaliation and apparently that resulted in a quick trip to the House of Life and Vitality.
  • Contrary to other SCP related deities, SCP-524 isn't as security heavy as others, so he is more likely to wander around the pantheon without causing to much fuss. There has been some incidents where Walter has tried eating something belonging to a deity (some explained below) and the foundation had to interfere but nothing too disruptive.
  • Walter is in a good standing with other rabbit deities, almost considered like a Team Pet. Usagi, Peppy and Rabbit find him interesting and weird at the same time considering his random behaviour while others like Judy, Usalia and Cream find him adorable. Bugs Bunny on his part often brings him along when he feels like to, especially when he tries to play some tricks on some of his unsuspecting foes by letting Walter munch on their clothes. Hilarity Ensues.
    • There was also Ruby, who at first was approached by Walter not because of being friendly or hit on her, but because he wanted to eat her eyes since apparently one of his favourite meals are minerals, which is what Ruby's eyes are made of. Horrified, she run away but Walter actually chased her down around 3-4 different houses until she was forced to use a magic spell which, as usual, backfired but it was enough to keep 524 at bay. They remain on good terms, but Ruby usually carries a rock or two with her whenever Walter approaches her.
    • Springtrap was another story. He isn't actually a rabbit, just an animatronic. But the thing is, SCP-524 just kept nibbling on his exoskeleton and Springtrap, increasingly annoyed, couldn't get rid of him. Bystanders were crying in laughter seeing the usually considered terrifying Springtrap being chased around by a smaller rabbit. In the end Walter ate his face, which forced Springtrap to go seek replacement part for it.
  • Nobody expected that Walter, strange as he is, being able to horrify SCP-682 that the lizard actively avoids it. Apparently it started when SCP-524 started gnawing one of his legs which terrified the reptile and started fleeing when the rabbit gave pursuit. It's remarkable compared to that other deity that actually terrifies 682, SCP-173. In fact, given the fact that he is a Safe class SCP, whenever 682 breaks containment the Foundation usually deploys Walter to chase after him and so far it's been surprisingly successful.
  • Seems to be good friends with Taz, given that they can both eat almost anything without negative effects. Though initially Taz actually ate him when they first met. Then he reappeared out of thin air and got eaten again...and again...and again...and a number of times again until Taz got tired. Then Walter ate himself.
    • The same can be said about Kirby and Pac-Man. While Big Eater in their own right, consuming SCP-524 is an exercise in futility for both and adopted him as a mascot, even if he rarely stays with them. Kirby even sometimes brings him to the Gourmet Races, but Walter usually just wanders off and doesn't participate at all.
  • While SCP-524 can eat anything, his favourite meal are minerals, especially granite. That's why in his containment cell there are a lot of rocks to keep him entertained and prevents him from breaking containment. When he is wandering around the pantheon, the most likely place he would go is the House of Earth and Rock, where he would proceed to munch over any rock he finds. He also does the same thing with Geb, and the Rock giant finds him a nuisance because of that.
    • Other smaller rock deities consider him a menace worse than the Killer Rabbit, since there isn't a clear way to get rid of him other than distracting him with something. The Crystal Gems have been harassed by him once and one time he almost ate Steven's gem. Diancie also has run into trouble with Walter, since being made of very glowy gems is something that usually catches the rabbit's attention.
  • Strangely enough, Walter does share the same tastes with Sableye. But the reason they actually met was because Walter kept trying to eat one of his eyes which prompted Sableye to devour the rabbit whole instead. One Unexplained Recovery later and they both became the best of friends. He even adopted a tendency to follow the rabbit to see if he finds something to snack on and also introduced him to Spike, who found him weird but harmless enough to keep around (Provided he doesn't munch Twilight's library).
  • Apparently he is been spotted in the House of Technology nibbling on some cables which causes a total blackout in the entire temple. Many believe he didn't get there by himself but instead someone brought him in, pointing to Trollkaiger being the possible culprit.


Kazar, God of Herbivores Turned Carnivorous
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A dirty string plushie of Nigel the Koala
  • Theme Song: Really Nice Day
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Wants to eat lions in order to dominate them, Bad Boss, Worships a koala plushie with ill intentions, Crowned Nigel the Koala his leader while simultaneously controlling him, Crushed by a giant rock while the volcano blows up
  • Domains: Beast, Evil, Consumption, Leadership
  • Heralds: Three vultures, two of whom are named Scab and Scraw.
  • High Priest: The Anklyosaurus
  • Allies: Napoleon, Ratigan, Scourge
  • Rivals: Dag, Sabor, Scar, Zira, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  • Enemies: Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, the Zoosters, Simba, Mufasa, Aslan, Sabor, James Henry Trotter, the Herd, Kirby, Firestar, Bluestar, Giselle, Yuna, Shantae, Mumble
  • Feared by: Dawn Bellwether, μ's
  • Once a run-of-the-mill wildebeest, Kazar was assaulted by a group of hungry lions one fateful day. A Nigel the Koala plushie dropped from a pilot's plane and landed between them, playing the quote, "I'm so cuddly, I like you!" with its string pulled loose. As the lions were terrified of the plushie that they have no knowledge of, Kazar felt indebted to the plushie and christened it as "The Great Him" which gave him the determination to consume the meat of a lion to prove himself that he should be on top of the food chain. As he kidnapped the real Nigel and tried to cook the latter's friends, Samson came to his son Ryan's rescue and their gained courage, combined with the other wildebeests betraying him for forcing them to be predators (especially Blag) have caused his great defeat, ending with his life crushed under a boulder while the plushie that he called "The Great Him" says he's cuddly and he likes you.
  • Kazar then awakened in an unfamiliar place, one that is more likely to be dwelled by humans. The Judges brought him in after his doom in his Volcano Lair to bestow upon him a title: the God of Herbivores Turned Carnivorous. It is due to his desire to triumph over predators for going after him as prey and he sees "The Great Him" to be sign of prophecy that a lion will be brought to him so that he can prove himself superior; he had even convinced a good number of fellow wildebeests to follow him including Blag at first, right until Blag and the others were done with him. Proud of what the title means even if he hasn't ate any lions for real yet, Kazar accepted it so that he can take real chances to prove himself once again that prey should be at the top of the food chain.
  • Of course, even if he got back his vultures and rounded up new wildebeests into his new army, Kazar is still at risk of getting himself caught red-handed in his attempts to eat predators, not just lions. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde were on the scene when Kazar and his vultures cornered a group of hapless lions and he was arrested right then and there. As they interrogate him, they find him to be rather abhorrent since he took a radical approach to get rid of predators simply by eating them (or at least tried to) and concluded that at this point, he had made up his mind and won't accept an alternative to even coexist with lions. Dawn Bellwether heard about him and even she is horrified that a wildebeest would do such a crime, because at least she tried to get others to be violent through the Night Howler flowers without herself resorting to cannibalizing predators since she aimed to use political power to make everyone favour prey unlike him who did. After rebuffing Judy & Nick's opposition against him, Kazar is intrigued at the existence of the Night Howlers, as he believes he can go crazy enough to be capable of eating lions without capturing one while also being disheartened that Bellwether wouldn't agree with how he deals with predators, especially if he doesn't care if some prey ended up being part of his meal.
    • Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria remind Kazar of Samson and his own cohort and already, he began to hate them since they had gone through an adventure of their own that is just like Samson's though for different reasons (Marty wanted to see what the wild was like while Ryan wanted to hone his roar); he set his sights on eating Alex as usual of his modus operandi of aiming for lions as dinner. Alex and his friends feel the same way, finding him to be even crazier than the Foosas they first encounter especially since he's a wildebeest who are supposed to be a herbivorous species.
  • Kazar needed some allies to even survive most of the Pantheons, whose denizens are more than capable of beating into squished wildebeest meat and luckily for him, two animals have decided to make partnerships with him because he has the necessary numbers. Professor Padraic Ratigan sought Kazar as he hoped to have more reach towards the larger animal world as he is obviously too small to break through other corners of the Pantheons, and Kazar accepted with the condition that he gets to eat Basil and Dawson, a terrible fate that Ratigan would like to subject the mouse detective duo to. The tyrannical pig Napoleon was able to convince Kazar that humans are also prey to be eaten as they pride themselves to be "apex predators" and Kazar would want to be on top of the food chain; convinced, Kazar accepts his offer and now aims to eat humans once he is capable.
  • While he is looking for humans to eat thanks to Napoleon, Kazar sets his sights on the Pantheons' most high profile lions in the animal kingdom, that being Simba, his father Mufasa and Aslan. The father and son lions have became wary once news of him have reached their pride and they instantly banned him the moment they heard he is willing to eat other prey as well. As for Aslan, he is leagues harder to hunt for Kazar as he has actual divinity on his side which can overpower the measly wildebeest and his followers. Regardless if he can or not, Aslan refuses to give Kazar what he wants as his attempts to eat other animals are nothing short of heresy. Kazar had even gone after Scar and Zira even if the two would be allies with him and he reasoned that all lions will always go after their prey regardless of smooth relations. Seeing as how he didn't even successfully ate one single animal, not even another herbivorous one, the two evil lions refused to entertain him any further and Zira made sure Kazar does not step foot into her and Scar's territory by constantly hounding after him once she found him attempting to do so.
    • When chasing after lions didn't work, Kazar then tries to go after cats as they are distantly related to lions. The warrior cats Firestar and Bluestar already found him to be bad news with his disheveled exterior that came from being within a volcano for who knows how long and despite their size, they are willing to stand up to him. Their enemy Scourge instead negotiated with Kazar with the promise of both of them being able to taste blood, once that Kazar accepts and became an associate of the BloodClan though he did threatened Scourge that he will eat him should he not uphold the deal, a threat Scourge heeded as Kazar has the army of followers which has the desired numbers and size.
  • He even developed a big rivalry (and an enmity) with other villainous predators such as Dag the coyote and Sabor the leopard. Dag is amused that a wildebeest had decided to consume meat out of vengeance and dominance, and so has aimed to try to steal his kills if he can while trying not to get eaten himself; Kazar himself is rather irked at Dag as even though he is not a lion, he is still an evil predator but he welcomes this make-believe competition nonetheless as he is curious about what coyote meat tastes like. Sabor is more unreasonable to deal with, as she still see him as a measly little wildebeest to dig in and likewise, Kazar see her as no better than the lionesses he was corned by long ago and such, he swore he finds a way to incapacitate her into a meal that he can dig in.
  • James Henry Trotter and Manny the mammoth & his herd have less than pleasant experiences with meat-eating herbivores as James' parents were eaten by a rhinoceros which led him to his abusive aunts and Manny & co. ran in with an Ankylosaurus that won't stop eating them; to add insult to injury, said Ankylosaurus is his current High Priest. Knowing that they don't fear him one bit, Kazar treads carefully around them especially since they have allies that can overpower him easily.
  • The cutesy creature known as Kirby earned the wildebeest's disgust from his sacchariness as even though he can consume anything and imitate their properties (the former he seeks to emulate), Kirby isn't as like-minded as him. In fact, he opposes Kazar for being a vile eater. Kazar is trying to find a fantastical ally is willing to work with him so that he can get Kirby off of his hind.
  • For all of his villainy, Kazar is rather theatrical and musical about his fanatical devotion to the Great Him and should any of his minions couldn't stay in sync, he would punish them like he did with Blag. This would lead him to Giselle and the idol group Muse, who often perform in musical numbers (with Giselle doing it on improv) and they are humans that Kazar found to be suitable prey even if he finds it a shame that they couldn't join him for a number. Giselle has became antagonistic of Kazar especially once she found out that not even he would obey her command when the other animals did, with some positing that it might be that he comes from an unfamiliar habitat from Giselle's while others said that he is too vile to listen to her. The idol girls are understandably scared of him because as far as they know, wildebeests shouldn't be eating meat though luckily, their capable allies are there to defend them from him. Even the dance-themed humans who are connected with magic like Yuna and Shantae are not ignored by Kazar, though he knows it's trickier with them as they too are capable enough to beat him in a fight.
    • The penguin Mumble would never see the day that a land animal as vile as Kazar would exist, let alone sharing his passion for musical dancing. He had seen his fair share of dangerous animal encounters like numerous hostile skua and a couple of murderous leopard seals and while he and his colony persevered against them, Mumble will have to think a way to survive against a threat like Kazar and his followers.
  • "Oh Great Him, you must lead us in our transformation, from prey... to predator."