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Greater Gods

Alcor, the God With a Stellar Name (Al Saiduq, Angy, The Anguished One, the Eighth Septentrione)
  • Greater God; Overdeity if given access to the Akashic Record
  • Symbol: The Nicaea logo
  • Theme Song: Septentrione, the Devil Survivor 2 opening, or The Anguished One
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Orange
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Anti-Villain, Gravity Master, The Lucifer Of The Star Race, Inhuman Morality, Mystical White Hair, Power Floats, Older Than Mankind, ET Gave Us Summoning Spells, It's All My Fault, Sinister Geometry, Rage Against the Heavens, The Starscream, Dragon Ascendant, Well-intentioned Manipulative Bastard, Skill Crack, Even Chaos Has Standards
  • Domains: Enigmas, Stars, Freedom
  • Followers: Benevolent Eldritch Abominations, Miyako Hotsuin, Bifrons, Botis
  • Allies: Yamato Hotsuin, The SCP Foundation, the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, the Chaos Brigade, Greed, The Men In Black, The Machine, Samael, Kaworu Nagisa
  • Enemies: The Administrators, Azathoth, Cthulhu, the Eldrazi, Father and all Homunculi loyal to him, the Grand United Alliance of Law, Arceus, Airy, HAL 9000, Samaritan, Loki's Brood, Lord Chaos
  • Opposed by: Cosmos, Palutena, Pit, Zeus
  • Complicated relationship with: H.P. Lovecraft, Lelouch Lamperouge
  • The first sign of Alcor's appearance in the Pantheon was when the Men in Black and the SCP Foundation each found new technology in their bases, complete with instruction manuals and [REDACTED]. He was given an SCP classification and works actively with both organizations, although neither is given full knowledge of his plans and nature. He is also responsible for the acquisition of [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Arcturus, once feared by many for its invulnerability, is now much more vulnerable due to the presence of Yamato and now Alcor, both of whom can destroy it, resulting in something very much like hatred from the usually emotionless Administrator.
  • Polaris, after one more request for Alcor to return to her side, sent every Septentrione after him at once. Using the Four Prime Factors (Space, Time, Gravity, and Heat) he was capable of destroying all of them in only a short time. When finishing off Mizar, it is rumored that, under his breath, he said, "I'm sorry, my brother..."
  • Many Lawful deities have teamed together to protect Polaris from Alcor, as they see him with the power to reshape reality with the Akashic Record as a greater threat than the Administrators.
  • Alliance with him is very desirable, as his Nicaea app allows for the summoning of demons and the learning of one ability used by an enemy in every battle. However, no one seems to be able to find him unless he wants them to.
  • Gets along splendidly with Lucifer, since they have a lot in common. However, he is somewhat put off by the idea of Natural Selection unchecked, and refuses to join the GUAC because of that. He still works with the Chaos Brigade, though.
  • He and Kaworu Nagisa are remarkably similar, and Alcor sometimes regrets that Lucifer is in charge of the GUAC (other than the fact that anyone at all is "in charge") rather than Kaworu, who leans more towards Good than any of the Satanic Archetypes.
  • His long business relationship with Yamato has allowed them to work well together against the Administrators, as well as the Grand United Alliance of Law.
  • Despises YHVH for being so much like Polaris, despite it actually being the other way around
  • Alcor distrusts and dislikes any deities of the Top God variety, due to experience with Polaris and Canopus, as well as being opposed to authority of any kind. He is particularly skeptical of Arceus.
  • Good friends with Greed, since they both rebelled against and ultimately destroyed their evil masters. Also, they find it amusing that each of them is the rebellious one out of a group of eight (although Greed was two of them).
    • Due to this, Alcor has proven to be one of Father's most dangerous enemies, once almost defeating him before being fended off by Pride, giving Father time to escape. Alcor beat Pride, and wrote a message to that effect in the sky... with shadowy tendrils that he had skillcracked from Pride.
  • Since he is a good AI, Alcor gets along with The Machine and hates the many evil computers in the Pantheon such as HAL 9000 and Samaritan who encourage technophobia.
  • He actually gets along better with Samael than Lucifer due to Samael not being a Social Darwinist.
  • Alcor has a strange relationship with H.P. Lovecraft, since he would very probably not exist without the concept of Eldritch Abominations, but Lovecraft portrayed the Great Old Ones as uncaring and malicious, whereas Alcor argues that Orange And Blue Morality can just as easily go the other way, and since Azathoth, Cthulhu, and the other Lovecraftian horrors are categorized as Blue, Alcor publicly identifies as Orange, despite arguments to the effect that assigning a duality to Orange And Blue Morality merely creates a third alignment axis.
  • He claims to be Good, but most divinely associated deities, notably Cosmos and Palutena, get an uneasy feeling when around him, possibly due to his role in his own world.
  • Feels absolute disgust and contempt for Airy because she chose to side with her eldritch master against her traveling companions, whereas he resisted Polaris in favor of humans and the world.
  • Admires Lelouch for doing what was necessary to defeat Britannia and ultimately sacrificing himself to save the world from tyranny. Lelouch dislikes Alcor, though, because he never thought through what would happen after defeating Polaris, and in his ending to the original story dooms what is left of the world to starvation because of how little is left.
  • Seeks to defy the future by allowing people to see videos via Nicaea of those close to them dying in order to prevent it. This causes an emnity with Loki's Children, who would foretell the end of existence themselves, and do not want for it to be prevented.
  • Despises Lord Chaos for giving his namesake alignment a bad name. Alcor firmly believes that Chaos is a force for freedom, not destruction.
  • Pit doesn't like him. Other loyal angels also dislike Alcor in general, but Pit for whatever reason is very concerned about the number of Satanic Archetypes showing up, and thinks he may be able to take the Anguished One on using the Great Sacred Treasure.
  • Zeus compares Alcor to Prometheus, since he gave humanity technology to deal with demons. Other deities fear the destruction that would ensue if they came to blows, as although Alcor is not very aware of Greek mythology, he wouldn't be very fond of the Lord of the Sky.
  • Alcor was essential to showing Canopus that Earth was more than just an Insignificant Blue Planet(despite the negative consequences this brought), before defeating him. He believes that he can similarly force the Great Old Ones and possibly even the Outer Gods from the Cthulhu Mythos to respect humanity, and is confident that Azathoth could be handled just like Canopus. The ones that have taken notice of him dislike this, and intend to teach him the true meaning of a Cosmic Horror Story.

    Mem Aleph 
Mem Aleph, Goddess of Villains With Motherly Names

Tatsumaki, Goddess of Power-Themed Names (Tornado of Terror, Terrible Tornado, S-Class Superhero)

Intermediate Gods

    Basil Karlo/Clayface 
Basil Karlo, God Of "face" Aliases (Clayface, Matthew "Matt" Hagen, Annie)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A can Of Renuyu
  • Theme Song: "Man Of Many Faces"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, (Neutral Good on a good day, Chaotic Evil on a bad day)
  • Portfolio: Shape-Shifting Clay Creature, Used to be a handsome actor before his mutation, Hating his condition and seeking a cure, Eventually joining the heroes albeit often relapsing into psychotic villainy, Super-Powered Evil Side, Creating beings from his body, Large Ham, Anti-Villain(from time to time), Various different incarnations with insanely contradictory origins
  • Allies: Cassandra Cain, Sandman, Harvey Dent,
  • Enemies: Hawkgirl, Barry Allen, Most of the Justice League,Carl Fredricksen, General Corrupt Corporate Executives.
  • Friendly Enemies: Ben Grimm, Hellboy, Victor Stone
  • Rivals: Raven Darkholme, Ditto,
  • Pities: Gregor Samsa
  • Opposes: Any fire, ice, and electricity deity
  • Admires: No-Face, Frankenstein's Monster, Eric the Phantom, William Shakespeare
  • "Clayface" is more a title than individual, the identity constantly shifting, but that is quite fitting for an amorphous entity. Since Batman's earliest days, the menace of Clayface has haunted him as a terrifying and often tragic figure, from a sociopathic theatre actor, to a deformed, hopelessly lovelorn madman whose touch melts flesh. The most recent incarnation, however, is Basil Karlo, an aspiring actor who sought more versatile roles. When he was disfigured in an accident, he desperately tried Renu, a chemical cosmetic that lets the user mold their features, and was used by his father to create lifelike stop motion. Things went From Bad to Worse, and Basil eventually broke into the abandoned Renu factory when his supply ran out. Caught by Batman and the police, Karlo tumbled into a vat of bizarre substance-and what emerged was a living horror monster, a being of constantly shifting clay who desired nothing more than to return to his glory days, even if he had to bury the bat alive to do it.
  • Despite his recent reforming, Basil still has a rocky relationship with Batman and the rest of the Bat-Family. While he is trying to be better, he came close to killing his friend Cassandra recently, and for now sticks to his villainous role.
  • Karlo finds a kindred spirit in Flint Marko, the Sandman, as both are humans turned monstrous, Earth-shaking supervillains. They don't usually go on crime sprees together, though, since all that mud and sand gets easily mixed up, and Sandman doesn't want a repeat of the Hydro-Man incident.
  • He can often be found perusing the House of theater. Unfortunately he has a habit of impersonating the actors and trying to take over the shows, usually if he thinks he could do better with the material.
  • Carl Fredricksen recently had a terrifying encounter with Clayface when he sought some solitude in his floating house. His favorite armchair morphed into the monster and tried to eat him! With help from Hawkgirl(who Clayface fears due to an encounter in another reality), he escaped with his life. Apparently, Karlo mistook him for Roland Daggett, the man who he remembers caused his freakish condition in said reality.
  • He doesn't do so hot against ice and cold, which freezes him solid. He's also opposed to every electricity based deity, since that element is what did him in one time.
  • Clayface isn't on good terms with the T-800 mk 2 and the Connors since they mistook him for a Skynet machine. He finds this a little ironic, since this wasn't the part he ever imagined playing in a Terminator film.
  • Hellboy says that Karlo could be a valuable BPRD agent if he'd just keep his monstrous temper and destructive powers under control. He also gets an oddly familiar vibe from him.
  • It's not wise to go over his comic history with him. He once suffered a severe identity crisis from keeping track and split into multiple Clayfaces based on his predecessors. Original Karlo went on a killing spree in the House of Theatre, while Preston and Sondra went on a honeymoon crime spree. Annie took the time to reconnect with Tim Drake and even offered to join the Titans, which went horribly when Basil had to pull himself back together.
  • He's gone on record to say Spirited Away is a favorite animated film of his. He's even expressed interest in the part of No-Face for a live-action remake, as they're both Shape-shifting monsters who form an odd-friendship with a certain young girl. No-face for his part isn't flattered, given how well americanized anime remakes usually go, and that Clayface is too much of a hot-tempered loud mouth to play him.

Dickson, God of Assholes Named 'Dick' (Disciple Dickson, Dickson of the Trinity)
His Homs form
His true form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His gun sword, Sabre
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (thought to be Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Cool Old Guy, Secretly Zanza's Disciple, Really 700 Years Old, Actually a Giant, Follows Zanza for power, Named "Dick"son and Appropriately Named, Shulk's father-figure who later shot him in the back, used him as a host for Zanza, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Name, Evil, Dick
  • Follower: Dick Hardly
  • Allies: Zanza
  • Enemies: Shulk, Dunban, Reyn, Fiora, Melia, Sharla, Riki, Egil, Metal Face, Alvis, The Powerpuff Girls, [[Pantheon/{{Fathers]} Professor]] Utonium, Dick Grayson, Richard Rider/Nova
  • Annoyed by: Beavis and Butthead
  • Dickson was a veteran in the battle of Sword Valley and was friends with much of the colonist in Colony 9 like Dunban and Shulk, the latter was a father-figure to him. And then he revealed himself to be one of Zanza's Disciples after shooting him in the back and raised him only because he is the potential host for his master.
    • Since his defeat and ascension, he returns to serve Zanza once again.
  • None of his old "friends" was happy to see him again, especially Shulk and Dunban since the former was raised by him and the latter was an old war buddy.
  • Though he now knows that Metal Face was one of his former war companion, Mumkhar, he doesn't care much for him other than he is in the way.
  • He essentially sold the people of Bionis to Zanza for power, considering what he planned on doing to them. He just take orders from a powerful god and enjoys having such power. That's said, he doesn't always stick to it when he was defeated by Shulk and his party as he just gives up and let them fight Zanza when he saw how powerful the boy was so that he could deny him the satisfaction of victory.
    • While he is manipulative and sacrifices the people of Bionis for Zanza's power, he found Ragyo's sexual abuse to her daughters to be rather disgusting. This is despite him taunting Melia that her brother could be her next boyfriend in the next life.
  • This is not Dickson's true form, as he is really a Giant who serves Zanza.
  • He gets annoyed by Beavis and Butthead as they chuckled on the Dick in his name.
  • Since he raised Shulk at a young age and was seen as a mentor to him, the fact that he backstabbed him and used him as a host for Zanza infuriated several mentors in the Pantheon.
  • The Powerpuff Girls found that he is similar, if not worse, than one of his follower, Dick Hardly. They also were furious that he was a horrible father-figure as he used Shulk as Zanza's host and shot him in the back once Zanza emerges, much like how Dick care little of their clones he created.
  • Both Nightwing and Nova appropriately refer to him as a Dick for his evil deeds, in which Dickson responds with "look who's talking." They are named Dick.

    Emperor Zurg 
Emperor Zurg, God of Villains Named Zrg

    Khan Noonien Singh 
Khan Noonien Singh, God of Villains Named After the Great Conqueror (John Harrison, The Most Dangerous Adversary the Enterprise Ever Faced, KHAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!)
Prime Reality Khan
Alternate Reality Khan
  • Theme Song: Ode to Harrison
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A picture of Marla McGivers or a pod of one of his brethren
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Breakout Villain with an awesome name, Faux Affably Evil, Wicked Cultured, Tragic Villain, The Chessmaster, Evil Overlord, Genius Bruiser, in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against his Arch-Enemy, Hero Killer, ultimately a Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Evil, Void, Strength, Knowledge
  • Allies: General Thrawn, Genghis Khan, General Tarquin, Barbatos Goetia, Sauron, Most in the House of Vengeance
  • Enemies: Captain Kirk, McCoy, Spock, Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Honor Harrington, John Sheridan.
  • Opposes: Doctor Strange, Sherlock Holmes
  • Opposed by: The Count of Monte Cristo, Tokiya Mikagami
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shogo Makishima
  • Pities: Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
  • Among Kirk's enemies, there is one name the God of Space won't dare forget. Khan had yet to enter the Pantheon at the time, much to the concern of the Enterprise crew. Indeed, Khan had a plan in store. He would enter the Pantheon as a Commander of Starfleet and would take his revenge on his Archenemy. Unfortunately, everyone in the temple saw his agenda a mile away. But by the time Kirk drove him out, he had already discovered that Khan had successfully entered the Pantheon. Kirk did not take this development well.
  • There has been two versions of the character and yet both are motivated by surprising acts of love. The original version fell in love with Marla McGivers, who together ruled Ceti Alpha V for a brief time before her death. The rebooted version wanted to save his crew members from stasis. Both versions are fueled by revenge and want nothing better than the death of Kirk and his crew.
  • That extends to all of his allies and there are a lot of them, which infuriated them further. He proceeded to set a trap on Picard's crew, marooning them on a planet just as he did to Kirk. Luckily, other pilots were aware of his tactics and got him out shortly afterwards. Kirk has warned all of his allies to be wary of the man.
  • Next, he tried to take over a sizable chunk of Honor Harrington's fleet... and succeeded. She call help from friendly fleets from all over the Pantheon to quash the mutiny. Khan is now near the top of her wanted list.
  • John Sheridan has made sure to secure his nuclear arsenal after Khan attempted to hack into his entire system to target the House of Heroes.
  • Found plenty of allies in the House of Vengeance. Most of them were willing to help him get vengeance on Kirk... all except the God of Revenge himself. The Count pleaded with Khan not to let revenge destroy him just as it destroyed his mortal life. Tokiya Mikagami, but it was drowned out by Ren Hakuryuu's encouraging words. Thus Khan's plan of revenge continues unabated.
  • Has a terrifying reputation. In the past, he managed to rule much of earth during the late 20th century. In both timelines, he's proven to be a genius-level intellect and strong enough to defeat any regular human in a fight. He even managed to cause the death of Spock in the original timeline and Kirk in the reboot. Cosmos won't take him lightly. Barbatos Goetia coincidentally nodded in approval.
  • Thrawn is a huge fan of his works, impressed with his tactics despite living in an earlier time period. He lamented that his inexperience in space combat cost him his life. He invited Khan to his temple to get him up to speed.
  • Great lengths were made to make sure that Khan and Tarquin never meet with each other in the Pantheon. A duo of those two's calibur could wreck havoc on the GUAG. After some initial success, the two stated they have met 35 days ago. All of those days were just to exhaust their resources.
  • It was inevitable that Khan met his namesake and the one who gave him his godhood in the first place. It was the Mongol ruler that picked him out of various other people named after him to become his disciple. The Star Trek Khan respects the man as a result. He also took a few manuscripts Temujin wrote in his mortal life.
  • Doctor Strange did not like his approval as did most good deities, but he did see a unique opportunity. His Avatar played Khan in the rebooted era and it had mixed opinions. Strange knew that mocking Khan in his avatar would piss him off, and thus cause him to make mistakes.
    • While Holmes is above mocking Khan of Cumberbatch's performance, he saw another advantage. Namely to use it as a disguise to infiltrate the GUAE. A time may come when Khan is forced to stop using that avatar as cover.
  • Has said to have come straight out of the temple of Sauron. The Evil Overlord was proud of Khan's achievements in the 20th century, wishing he had succeeded in killing Kirk. But being a deity helps things out, giving him more power to help out Khan.
  • Has managed to form an alliance with Shogo Makishima of all people. The white haired villain does not trust that Khan won't create a Totalitarian Utilitarian but did admire Khan's desire to create a better society. With that said, it may be only a matter of time before this alliance collapses.
  • Unlike most villains, Khan has not berated Mr. Freeze for fulling embracing villainy. He only wishes that he could use that sadness to get revenge on the company that cut his funding.

    The Master 
Koschei, God Of Villains Named "The Master" (The Master, Tremas, John Smith, Bruce, Professor Yana, Harold Saxon, Missy, The Mistress, Death's Champion)
Some of his many incarnations

Naoya, God of Biblical Villains (Naoya Minegishi, Cain)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His long robe with its Matrix Raining Code design
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Aloof Older Brother, reincarnation of Cain to Kazuya's Abel, The Chessmaster, Crazy-Prepared, Deadpan Snarker, unnerving smile, Expy of Akemi Nakajima, morally ambiguous albino, Hidden Agenda Maybe-Villain, Jerk with a Heart of Gold to his cousin, Stealth Mentor, Nay-Theist, Rage Against the Heavens, suffered The Punishment and exploited it for his own end, Fate Worse than Death, "Get Back Here!" Boss
  • Domains: Coding, Demons, Sin, Chaos, Gambits
  • High Priest: Judas Iscariot
  • Followers: The Phantom Stranger, Grendel, the Knights of the Blackened Denarius, Lucyfar, Nimrod, Haman
  • Allies: Kazuya Minegishi (his cousin), Mido
  • Rivals: Alcor, Yamato Hotsuin
  • Enemies: YHVH and all of His Angels, especially Metatron, The Administrators, the Divine Powers, Chakravartin, Yaldabaoth, anyone who would harm Kazuya
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Cosmos (only on his end), Isabeau (only on her end)
  • Wary of: Stephen
  • Respects: Aleph, Naoki Kashima/the Demi-Fiend, Flynn, Asura, Xena, Tatsuya Suou, Maya Amano, Eikichi Mishina, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Terra Branford, Team Dai-Gurren
  • His ascension was preceded by a massive influx of demons coming in from COMPs that came out of nowhere. While the nearby folks either fled or fought the demons, as soon as he heard of it, Kazuya[[labelnote:*]]Hibiki had to stay at the temple in his temporary absence was quick to arrive and quell the issue, then convince the Court of the Gods (which Naoya didn't really like) to give him a spot in the Pantheon. After looking into his history, they decided to give him two temples to represent Biblical Bad Guy, given that he's the reincarnation of said first example; Cain.
  • Has a tenuous stance towards his cousin, given that he either fled the lockdown only to return to make up for that mistake (succeed or fail), surrendered the world to either demons (with his cousin Naoya, and rally against YHVH either for himself or for humanity) or angels (with Amane, and set Naoya on the path to redemption), returned the world back to normal with Gin, or gave the demon summoning power to humanity with Atsuro. Of the timelines he doesn't approve of, there's only the ones where he fled and the ones where he surrendered to the angels.
    • That said, given how different things are in the Pantheon, with Kazuya as King of Bel around here, he's willing to let bygones be bygones as he's got a bigger priority; his vengeance against God, a.k.a. YHVH. Despite that, though, he doesn't care much for Lucifer and the GUAC. But while Kazuya is currently sided with Cosmos, Naoya isn't the type to follow anyone; his loyalties are only to his cousin, and nothing more.
    • Why does he hate YHVH so much? Well, given that he's a reincarnation of Cain, every time he reincarnates, he remembers everything from every single past life, including the one where he killed his brother Abel out of jealousy. Thus, he is thus unable to escape his sin. The sad thing is that Cain could break this cycle by using the time to reflect on — and repent for — his sin, but he's far too consumed by revenge to do so. This is because, God set up the Cain and Abel scenario in the first place in order to get a murderer and a martyr. Cain feels that he was unfairly manipulated into killing his brother by an unjust God, and thus refuses to atone to a God that used him in such a manner.
    • That said, he would let go of his vengeance if YHVH just left the world alone. Of course, this is impossible in the Pantheon.
    • In regards to vengeance against YHVH, he has respect for those who've successfully killed Him or performed similar feats against other tyrannical or otherwise malevolent deities, such as Aleph, the Demi-Fiend, Asura, Xena, the Persona 2 heroes, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and Terra Branford. The same doesn't go for the likes of Merged Zamasu, Majin Buu (even Fat Buu), and Darkseid, though.
  • He's heard of other possible Cains around the Pantheon.
    • One is Vandal Savage, who may have been Cain and just forgot over the millenia. Except he apparently wasn't Cain at all; he just "stole" the Mark of Cain from a man who was passed it by the original Cain.
    • Another is Commander Kane…who is apparently his world's Cain…
    • Having heard various records, Ezio was surprised that Naoya was of a Chaotic stance as his world's Cain founded the very Lawful Templar Order. Naoya isn't amused with that irony.
  • Having battled three Biblical Bad Guys over the course of her adventures, Vampirella is keeping a sharp eye on him. She also feels a little conflict as the Cain in her world was her father.
  • His Communication Players, also known as COMPs, are an amazing invention. Aside from the demon summoning thing, it comes with a "harmonizer" program which, without getting technical, allows simple humans to fight on equal terms with SMT demons, and it also protects humans without supernatural defenses against them too. In addition, it has an auction site where demons can be contracted, and a Cathedral of Shadows app for demon fusion. Also, somehow, it uses the internet as a repository of emotions for demon summoning. He's not sharing or selling, though, and will fight anyone who tries to have a go at it, though he's aware that some particularly talented thieves like Carmen Sandiego can take one of his COMPs if they ever so wish and there'd be nothing he can do about it.
    • Naoya's taken an interest in Alcor's Nicaea phone app, Aleph's COMP, Samurai Gauntlets, and the DEMONICAs, since they likely have other methods because the internet is normally inaccessible in their settings.
    • Kazuya's been trying to convince Naoya to have the COMPs be placed in the Treasury if he's that concerned about it being stolen, but progress is slow.
  • Makoto Yuki raised an eyebrow upon hearing him speak; Naoya sounded just like one of his Social Links, Akinari Kamiki. Naturally, Kotone also felt the same way.
    • Naoya notes his brother's co-deity partner Hibiki can sound just like him. Maybe that's why the two managed to get along pretty quickly.
    • Speaking of voices, he's noted that same thing from Izaya Orihara, Lex Luthor, and Trafalgar Law.
    • Isabeau thought she heard the voice of one of her former fellow Samurai Jonathan, and wasn't sure what to think of the Chaotic-stanced programmer as Jonathan was decidedly Lawful. She doesn't trust him, but his desire for vengeance against YHVH (as well as how he cares for Kazuya) means he can be at least trusted on that regard.
    • N doesn't like Naoya, since—apart from sharing voices—he exploits his brother just as his "father" Ghetsis exploited him, even if Naoya honestly believes what he did is for Kazuya's own good.
  • Naoya had to hold back a short laugh when he realized the boisterous Kamina sounded just like him. He also respects the rest of Team Dai-Gurren for their defiance of and defeating the Anti-Spiral.
    • As do Kazuya Mishima, Big the Cat, Miles Edgeworth, Ryu, Omega-Xis, and Wario, though minus the laugh.
    • Tsubaki feels conflicted around him since he sounds like her brother Masamune.
      • The same can be said for Madoka, especially since it's her father's voice she hears from him. As for his opinion on the whole Great Upheaval thing, he's keeping his eye on Homura, whose militant desire to protect Madoka to the point that she would even take her powers away so she can't do anything disgusts him.
    • The Investigation Team (sans Naoto) get the feeling that they've heard his voice before. Then it clicked; get past the calm and slick manner of speaking, and they're reminded of their first suspect in Inaba's murder cases; Mistuo Kubo.
  • Looking back at the time his COMPs were distributed, giving everybody in a locked-down Tokyo a chance to become a demon tamer, he finds it somewhat amusing that there is something similar in the Pantheon, though with Guardian Entities called Personas instead of demons. And that Kazuya was one of their "clients".
    • Speaking of which, Kazuya decided to take him along on a trip there, just the two of them, in hopes of understanding his cousin more. Having had to live with himself for millennia, Naoya decided to humor him. After that trip, …let's just say those who would later visit the Persona Gallery would be surprised to see Naoya's picture among the rest.
  • "God's no friend of mine/I follow no god."

Vampirella, Goddess of Ladies with -ella suffixes
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her iconic outfit
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Charm, Good, Vampire
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Boobs of Steel, Dark Is Not Evil, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, Horror Hunger, Lady in Red, Most Common Superpower, Progressively Prettier, Statuesque Stunner, Stripperiffic, Vampires Are Rich, Vampires Are Sex Gods
  • Followers: Goombella, Wonderella, Booberella, Stripperella
  • Allies: Arcueid Brunestud, Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş/Alucard, Eric Brooks/Blade, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Ash Williams, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Seras Victoria. Gasper Vladi, Gangrel and Luna Vachon, Barbarella
  • Rivals: Demitri Maximoff, Mai Shiranui, Marge Simpson
  • Enemies: Dracula, Alexander Anderson, Facehuggers, B. B. Hood
  • Observed by: Buffy, Willow, Xander
  • Possible Mentor to: Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
  • Pities: Kitana
  • No one knows of her original name... or if she even has one. The fact of the matter is, Vampirella has had so many origins, it's difficult to figure out which one is true. Quite possibly one of the first creations to produce such a skimpy outfit from her debut, Vampirella already had a sizable fanbase at her disposal. It was only a matter of time before she had enough to ascend into the Pantheon.
  • Was one of Brunestud's most loyal servents, she was among the first to serve the friendly vampire. Vampirella also happens to be a fan of her cooking... ingredients aside.
  • All vampires have to be wary of the wrath of Alexander Anderson, a vampire hunter that can even give Alucard pause. Vampirella is no different in that regard, preferring to avoid him at all costs.
  • The GUAE hired another hunter to take down the good-aligned vampire. B. B. Hood gladly accepted the challenge, knowing how to deal with her kind: with a bullet to the heart.
  • If Vampirella can cause most males to gawk over her figure, than Demetri is the female equivalent. There has been many heated arguments who has the greater effect... as well as what would have to her outfit if the Vampire Sex God hit her with the Midnight Bliss.
  • One of her most common origin stories is her devotion to ridding the world of evil vampires, led by Dracula. While not exactly the same one she remembers, they both share the same scorn for each other.
  • She had some bit of experience with Xenomorphs in a crossover. She's at least grateful that only the facehuggers are in the Pantheon, not their older brethren.
  • Was interested in Marceline's history with vampires in her world. After listening to her story, the two sung the rest of the night away. They promised to have each others' backs in future encounters.
  • May well be one of Mai Shiranui's biggest rivals in regards to her title. What makes it even more concerning is the similarities to their outfits.
  • Ash Williams can add Vampirella to the various deities he has encountered during his adventures. While the two were initially hostile to each other, they managed to work out their differences to defeat the Deadites in the area.
  • She has also teamed up with Catwoman, who helped her track down a shapeshifting thief. Unlike most heroes, Vampirella has no qualms teaming up with the thief. She does hope that Catwoman is able to turn a new leaf.
  • Was sad to see the fate of Kitana after the 25 year prophecy, especially her current Face–Heel Turn. They could have gone swimmingly, sharing an avatar once.
  • While Gabriel Belmont is her current mentor, Jubilee is contemplating whether to add Vampirella to the list. Amusingly, they bonded by making fun of their outfits. Jubes sees her as a less strict companion to Gabriel.
  • Has tried to distance himself from the Simpsons family after Marge accused one of her followers of trying to steal Homer from her. Vampirella pointed out that Booberella herself reminds her of her rival Elvira.
  • The Scoobies have taken note of the latest vampire to ascend and have stated they will take keep an eye on her. While Vampirella has stated she has good intentions, Xander has a difficult time believing her as he does with all vampires deities. It doesn't help that she looks like someone who would seduce and kidnap him... just like many of his suitors.
  • Has recently tried to respond to complaints to her skimpy outfit by donning a new look. She only seldomly wears this as her outfit is just too popular to ever replace.
  • Heard of the interesting vampire wrestling pair in the House of Ambiguity and went to investigate at the same time as the Cutie Mark Crusaders came for a play date. What happened next involved Luna Vachon absolutely pissed off with Vampirella trying to seduce her ex-hsuband while the Crusaders were absolutely confused as to what was going on and the two going at it, with Luna Vachon going as far as to hurl the Crusaders like they were cannonballs at Vampirella until Ralph had to come in and politely ask Vampirella to leave. Vampirella agreed, but not before kissing Gangrel in front of everybody. Gangrel was absolutely confused, Luna was absolutely furious, and the Crusaders have no idea what to think of it.
    • Sometime later she did return, moreso because she was curious as to why two vampires would like a trio of candy-colored ponies with shields on their flanks. The Crusaders were tasked to collect some foodstuffs as Gangrel and Luna Vachon explained how the Crusaders grew so close to their hearts and how the Crusaders had to go through the trials of Limbo. Sometime later, after the Crusaders returned with the food, Vampirella has became good friends with the vampire wrestlers and decided to keep an eye on the Crusaders should the wrestlers be busy at the PWF. Good thing too since the three are about to return to Limbo soon...

Lesser Gods

    The Aquabats! 
The Aquabats!, Gods of the Excited Show Title! (Current lineup: MC Batcommander, Crash McLarson. Ricky Fitness, Eaglebones Falconhawk, Jimmy the Robot)

    Elementario Fairies 
The Elementario FairiesMembers , Goddesses of Religious and Mythological Theme Naming
From left to right: Muse (Water Fairy), Sylphy (Wind Fairy), Kobori (Earth Fairy), Salama (Fire Fairy)

    Fenrir Greyback 
Fenrir Greyback, God of Werewolf Theme Naming

    King K. Rool 
King K. Rool, God of Punny Names (Kaptain K. Rool, Baron K. Roolenstein, King Krusha K. Rool, The Kremling Commander, The Supreme Ruler of all Evil)
  • Theme Music: Gang-Plank Galleon (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Remix), Crocodile Cacophony (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Remix), and Big Boss Blues. Alternatively, K. Rool's Finest Hour.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A crocodile head with bloodshot eyes and a crown
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Themed Names for Mooks, Evil Overlord, Large Ham, Punny Name, Evil Reptiles, Assuming Multiple Alises And Titles, The Letter "K" To Sound Scary
  • Domains: Reptiles, Genocide, Names, Profession
  • Heralds: The Kremlings; notable members include Krusha, Klaptrap, Kerozene, Klubba, KAOS, and dozens more (though some have defected from the Kremlings and aren't associated with them)
  • Allies: Bowser, Ridley, Lord Hater, Pete, Renekton, Yosemite Sam, Neo Cortex, Risky Boots.
  • Rivals: Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Cervantes de Leon, Gangplank
  • Enemies: Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, & Cranky Kong (and by extension other monkeys), Mario, Steve Irwin, Team Chaotix (especially Vector the Crocodile), Little Mac, King Gator, Jorgen Von Strangle, King Dedede
  • Respected by: Frieza
  • The primary threat to the Kong Krew, King K. Rool leads an army of crocodiles (and some other animals, but mostly crocs) to attack the Kongs in attempts to take over their island. He is the king of the Kremlins (or Kritters as they're sometimes called) and is quite cruel as well, even to his own cronies. In other words, a cruel king. Named Rool. And his rule is cruel. And that's not cool.
  • K. Rool is constantly scheming to eradicate all primates from existence, starting with gorillas and monkeys. Obviously, eliminating the Kong Krew is his main priority and he plans on targeting the other primates after that. He spends his off-time thinking of puns to inspire new breeds of Kremlings.
  • Although he's in a somewhat steady alliance with Bowser (mostly to discuss plans on how to defeat their respective arch-enemies), there has been a few tensions between the two. Most notably, K. Rool believes that Bowser is not as evil as the Koopa King claims to be, given that Bowser has sided with Mario a few times. For his part, Bowser doesn't really care much about that. Also, the two somehow don't get along well when playing baseball together.
    • It was through the Koopa King (somehow) that K. Rool got to know about Lord Hater, another aggressive conqueror. Both Hater and K. Rool were noted to treat their mooks less than well and often have to put up with their plans constantly being foiled. The three have formed an alliance to help the GUAE get closer to taking over the Pantheon. It remains to be seen as to how K. Rool will react to the fact that Lord Hater used to be an ape.
  • Even though his primary occupation is that of a king, it's not uncommon for visitors to his seat to see him in a different outfit quite frequently as he tries changing up his plans. Among others he's been a pirate, a Mad Scientist, and a boxer. He also claims to be a pilot, but no one has seen a costume for that yet.
    • Due to his tendency to change jobs to see if it can help him defeat his primary foes, he has gotten along with Yosemite Sam and Pete, both fellow bad guys that share such a tendency. They talk about what jobs one member of that trio has done and how the others that haven't tackled that job yet can use that job as a way to be successful in defeating their primary enemies.
  • Generally speaking, K. Rool is very much cold-blooded, ruthless, and determined to achieve his goals no matter what it takes. He can get really hammy at times despite that. And sometimes on a bad day, he has to put up with the incompetency of his own mooks. Then again, K. Rool isn't exactly giving his subordinates the best treatment to begin with.
  • Having heard of Donkey Kong being able to box against Little Mac quite well, K. Rool decided to take his boxing skills against Mac. It didn't go well for the croc and he's still trying to get rematches against Mac arranged.
  • While Frieza has a level of admiration towards K. Rool over the latter's determination in eliminating primates altogether, the former believes that the croc's ways of going about it are rather small-time and thinks K. Rool should do something grander instead. K. Rool doesn't have the resources to do what Frieza is suggesting, and even then the croc would prefer if things are still around to take over once that job is done.
  • There has been a heated rivalry going on between the Kremlings and the Snowmads, often over who should be the one to defeat the Kong Krew. K. Rool is very frustrated that someone was able to take over Kong Island much quicker than he could and Fredrik simply considers the Kremlings to be a nuisance entirely. There are often battles between the two factions going on if neither are going about in planning their primary goals separately.
  • K. Rool has made a number of claims that he is a viable candidate for being another possible participant in the Smash Tournament. Although there are a few things going for him in that case, he just hasn't been able to get a proper invite, much to his infuriation. He got even more pissed off at the fact that there was a costume made in his likeness to be used by others for the tournament, though he is still determined to be a proper fighter in that tournament.
    • One day, K. Rool walked up to Donkey Kong's temple, and, after swatting away King Dedede (who had already heard the news and disguised himself as K. Rool to prank DK), engaged in a battle with DK and Diddy. After the Kongs arose from the battle victorious, K. Rool rose and revealed the reason for his sudden drop-in, by pulling out an envelope with a picture of a Smash Ball on it. K. Rool had made it to the fifth Smash Tournament. Bowser, Ridley, Ganondorf, and the other villains that made it to Smash congratulated the Kremling King, though Dedede was still a bit sore from K. Rool ruining his prank.
  • He has taken quite a liking towards Renekton's insanity and has considered making him part of his army. Although Renekton hasn't said a whole lot about the offer, he does consider K. Rool a worthy ally and the two tend to be seen quite often in causing chaos.
    • Very rarely does one see K. Rool holding a conversation with Sobek. While the interactions between them aren't hostile, Sobek does believe that K. Rool could be a little less crazy in doing whatever it is he wants to do, though K. Rool hasn't taken the advice seriously.
    • In contrast, K. Rool completely detests Vector the Crocodile for not being a real crocodile in K. Rool's opinion. K. Rool has been antagonizing Team Chaotix a number of times just to get rid of Vector.
  • One day, K. Rool decided take on his pirate persona and meet up with the other villainous pirates to see if they would help him with his goals. Whatever evil pirates K. Rool could find felt that eliminating primates was small-time and since then, K. Rool has gotten himself into fights against these pirates (though pirate Sam is willing to help K. Rool in these battles).
  • K. Rool took up his Mad Scientist gig on a different day and ended up meeting Neo Cortex by chance. Upon seeing Cortex's army of genetically modified animals, K. Rool has considered the possibility of using enchanced versions of his Kremlings to defeat the Kong Krew and has consulted Cortex for advice, but only when the croc is taking up the Baron K. Roolenstein role.
  • An artifact that lets whoever is in possession of it make a wish has been part of K. Rool's plans for a while. Even if K. Rool has been in possession of that item every so often, he's never really put it to use and loses that item anyways. Regardless of if he's going to bother using a wishing artifact or not, those who have knowledge in the field of wishes such as Jorgen Von Strangle have offered to put a stop to that plan of K. Rool's.
  • Notably, he's the only crocodile that cannot tolerate Steve Irwin at all. There is often fights going on between the two, mostly out of Steve trying to keep K. Rool in check.

Owain, God of Naming Weapons (Eudes, Wood, Self-Proclaimed Chosen One, Odin Dark)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sword, Missletain
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfoilo: Giving names to any weapon, Large Ham, Magic Knight, Warrior Poet, Birthmark of Destiny, Hot-Blooded
  • Domains: Weapon, Magic
  • Allies: Chrom, Lissa, Lucina, Robin, Corrin, Leo and the other Nohrian Siblings, Kenshiro, Vulcan
  • Enemies: The House of Villains, Grima
  • Owain gives names to weapons as he believes bestowing a name gives the weapon a divine spirit and transforms it into a partner instead of just a tool.
  • Is skilled in weapon maintenance, likely due to his philosophy, and gets along with Vulcan for this reason.
  • Owain's exact lineage outside of his mother, Lissa, is not known. Common theories of his father include Vaike, Lon'qu, and a male Robin. Regardless of his father's identity, Owain equally values both parents.
    • In some cases with a female Robin, however, he is her husband and father of Morgan.
  • Receives a few snickers around the Pantheon whenever he mentions his sword hand twitching or his hand hungers.
  • There is only one name for a weapon which he has ever disapproved of: Pointy Demonspanker. Owain's reason for disapproval was because it was what Lucina renamed the legendary Falchion.
  • Owain's hammy behavior is actually an act to improve the moral of his friends. After Grima's defeat in a future of despair, Owain stopped his theatrics because people started responding favorably to them.
  • Parasoul once mistook Owain for one of her Egrets due to similar voices and hamminess.
    • Rin Tohsaka has mistaken Owain for Archer due to similar reasons.
  • Owain has mistaken the voice of Nagisa, Yuno, and Saber for those of his mother.
  • Owain once got in a scuffle with Gilgamesh when the former went on a quest for the legendary sword Excalibur. Gilgamesh claimed to have it, and offered to let Owain borrow it for a week if he could give him the Mystletainn in exchange. Both parties were later disappointed when they discovered they had swapped Excalipoor and Missletainn by accident, with Owain getting the raw end of the deal since Missletainn isn't that useless. They fought, and Owain managed to get back his original sword, but the experience has left him a little bitter towards the red-robed swordsman and eager for a rematch.
  • Eventually, Owain finally met the real Excalibur. While both had similar personalities, it ended with Owain making the (ﺧ益ﺨ) face saying that he would need more training before he could wield such a sword.
  • Owain's meeting with Sigurd and Seliph resulted in the latter two mistaking Owain's personal sword for the legendary Mystletainn. To their relief, the Missletain turned out to be an ordinary sword.
  • Holds a book containing tales of his adventures in another realm. Owain states that he will not reveal its contents until the proper time as the information within would add to the trauma his uncle Chrom suffered upon learning about possibly becoming a great grandfather.
    • Speculation about the contents of Owain's book intensified when he met Corrin, as Corrin seemed to already know Owain, but referred to him as "Odin" (or "Odin Dark") and asked why he wasn't practicing magic anymore. Owain first insisted that Corrin simply mistook him for someone else, and later stated that he switches classes to pick up additional skills, but many believe otherwise...
    • The time to reveal eventually arrive when he met his liege there, Prince Leo of Nohr, who blew his secrets. Owain ended up revealing everything, but as Leo assured, nothing bad went on. Some of them were even impressed. Even they're also surprised on how Owain, as Odin, will father a very adorable daughter named Ophelia. But they'll still hide that fact from his mother Lissa, because they think her getting revealed as a grandma at such a young age would be too much for her... until the cover was blown thanks to Soleil. When Lissa asked about it, before she could say she's not even mad, this escaped Owain's lips while he's holding his head and looking to the sky: "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

    Rose (Legend of Dragoon
Rose, Goddess of Tragedies Surrounding The Name 'Rose' (Dark Dragoon, Black Monster)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess as a Dragoon, Greater Goddess as the Black Monster)
  • Symbol: The Dark Dragon Spirit Stone
  • Theme Song: Twilight of Rose
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Same as the Black Monster, except the world saw it as Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Wandering Female Fighter, Good Darkness User, Bad Powers, Good People, Shut-Down Emotions Due To Trauma, Not Even Smiling, The Tragedy Of Rose, Getting Emotionally Better Over Time, Dragoon Form, Actually Living Since Ancient Ages, Not Enjoying Immortality, The Necessity Of Being The Black Monster, Hated By Many For Doing The Good Thing
  • Domain: Naming, Heroism, Combat, Darkness
  • Allies: Aki Izayoi, Jackie Ecstacado, Midna, Cecil Harvey, Ragna the Bloodedge, Zeratul, Ivy Valentine, Zero
  • Enemies: YHVH, Chernabog, Kefka Palazzo
  • Somewhere throughout the Pantheon realms, there was once a realm ruled by the deity called Soa, whose plan is to give birth to 108 species before rendering everyone extinct in his world before he remade it. Unfortunately that plan came to halt when a new generation of his creation, Dragoons, destroyed the 108th's species, one of them being from an old generation, the Dark Dragoon called Rose...
    • ... Who, after losing every of her friends and learning about the plan about the world extinction on the 108th's species and hearing its 'prophecy' that every 108 years, a birth of the Moon Child would herald a blessing by the species' birth and wiped the world in a clean state, decided to take immortality, killing anyone in her way as long as any Moon Children gets killed and the world didn't need to restart, to the point the people there feared her and she was referred as the Black Monster, a mythical demon of evil. These years took toll on Rose that she became a cynical woman who never smiles, bottom line, her name signifies that her life is tragically shit.
    • On learning this, the Pantheon took up the matters to ascend Rose to the Pantheon, who was at that time being reincarnated to a pigeon, restored her into her humanoid form. Aki Izayoi willingly lent her other portfolio as she also felt it's more fitting on Rose and enables her to get help from the Pantheon to locate Soa... and then obliterate him for his uncaring genocidal 'plans' before he could afflict it to another world.
  • Over time staying at the Pantheon, Rose has been actually doing pretty good, as most of the good people in the Pantheon didn't care about her status as the Black Monster, and considered her doing the right thing for it. She still doesn't smile, since while the ascension was good, she kind of missed her fellow Dragoons.
  • Rose's power over darkness is not to be trifled with. Still, some people wondered why she picked unfortunate places or name-spelling for unleashing her attacks. For instance, unleashing dark 'nuggets' from what would've been her... crotch? Asstral Drain? One may wonder that Rose has something against toilets in general.
  • Since her reputation as the heroic Black Monster precede her, she's popular amongst people who uses darkness but also good people in general. Conversely, she's very against the anathema of that kind, those using light but are malicious.
    • People also seemed to kind of like it when she's spotted sharing a table with Ragna the Bloodedge, but she has made it clear that there's nothing going on between them. Rose respects Ragna's desire to not have romantic pursuits, and besides, she's still loyal to her lover Zieg.

Thrax, the God With a Diseased Name (El Muerte Rojo, the Red Death, Big Daddy Thrax)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His glowing left index claw
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Asserts His Authority Through Asskicking, Badass Longcoat, Bad Boss, Diseased Name, Desires Fame Through Infamy, Both Causes and Suffers a Family Unfriendly Death, Knight of Cerebus, a Name to Run Away From Really Fast, Nearly Succeeded, Omnicidal Maniac, Plays With Fire, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Sadist, Serial Killer, Touch of Death, a Vile Villain in a Saccharine Show, Would Hurt a Child
  • Allies: Nurgle, Typhus, Pestilence the Horseman, Judge Mortis, Raul Menendez
  • Enemies: Osmosis Jones, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, the Question, SCP-049
  • Opposed by: Good-aligned doctors of the Pantheon
  • When Thrax met his end at the hands of Osmosis Jones, he thought it was all over. Instead, however, he awoke as if it had all just been a dream. Instead of the expected eternal blackness of death, his eyes were met with the towering figure of Nurgle, who extended a welcoming hand. The Lord of Decay explained to the confused Thrax that he had indeed died, but would be able to start a new life among the ranks of the Pantheon, should he accept the invitation. Needless to say, Thrax eagerly accepted.
  • Thrax is kept under very close watch, at least by the more good-aligned higher-ups of the Pantheon. A plot to create more of his kind and potentially start a plague has been unearthed with Typhus, Pestilence, and Judge Mortis as the leading conspirators.
    • Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, however, have proven to be somewhat of a dent in their plans. Their inability to become infected is nothing short of baffling, and Thrax is incredibly resentful of them for it.
    • Because of all this, Thrax and Ozzy are locked in seemingly eternal conflict. Some deities like to think they're being funny when they point out exactly how many people ship them for some reason. The both of them, very understandably, have absolutely nothing to say to that. The idea of it alone is completely disgusting to them.
  • It's become a subject of great debate in the Pantheon as to what Thrax actually is. His name seems to be derived from anthrax, a bacteria, but both Thrax and Ozzy insist that he is a virus. The Question, however, was quick to point out that Thrax behaves much more like a bioweapon. Thrax is becoming increasingly annoyed with the Question's spreading of this rumor, but will not confirm or deny the validity of his claims.
    • Question also pointed out the way Thrax operated bears some similarities to how Scarlet Fever behaves, with the sore throat and extreme body heat being the most recognizable symptoms connecting them.
  • Raul Menendez is one of the few humans that Thrax genuinely cares to associate with on positive grounds, at least to some extent. Thrax, like Raul, was nearly successful in his misdeeds, only to be thwarted at the last minute. For this, Thrax greatly sympathizes with Raul, and insists that he might not ever target him for infection.
  • Thrax isn't exactly sure how he feels about Morpheus. He never openly admits it, but he finds it to be really creepy how they happen to sound exactly alike.
  • Being a pathogen, SCP-049 has no tolerance for Thrax. His ascension has further fueled the SCP's delusions and paranoia over a worldwide plague that does not actually exist. Thrax hopes that, in time, he can make SCP-049's imaginary plague a reality.
  • Also has a temple in the House of Health and Diseases.

    Von Kaiser 
Von Kaiser, God of "Von" Surnames (The German Steel Machine)


    Fred Flintstone 
Fred Flintstone, God of Persistent Themes (Twinkle-toes, Grand Dad, Jake Steel)
Fred: Yabba Dabba Doo!
  • He and his family all made their way to their new temple. Fred was the last one to enter... only to find out that his family had already locked him out. Cue his other most famous Catchphrase.
Fred: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • His entry into the Pantheon was a momentous occasion to the various father gods. Many see him as the inspiration of all other dads, especially Homer Simpson.
  • One of his plans involved going into the video game making business. As the market appeared to be massive, he thought he could get a sizable chunk of it. The reception was... not so pleasant. Mario himself sued him for plagiarism and ended that scheme on the spot.
    • Not deterred by his initial failure, he worked together with Barney to make a less plagiarized game. They successfully created not one, but two games. Unfortunately, a miscommunication with Barney led to the vast majority of the later shipped to Harry Dresden's temple. The walking technobane made short work of games, making them among the rarest NES games in existence.
  • After that failed foray, he found much better luck in the House of Commerce. There he's been involved in various commercials from cereal to vitamins and even cigarettes. He got a bit of flack from the last one from several environmentally friendly gods.
  • Sometimes spends his time in the House of Music, mostly to listen to Weird Al who made a song for his ascension.
    • On one of his visits, he met the music group known as SiIvaGunner, who took his theme song and put it in many of "his" high quality rips, giving Fred a greater amount of fame. Fred is grateful for this.
  • One time when he was about to head out, he was tackled by an eager reptile. Fred initially thought it was his pet Dino. Instead, it was Mario's companion Yoshi. The mount has been much more friendly towards him than his master and offers a ride whenever the caveman needs a lift. Fred eventually grew to accepting his company, licking and all.
  • No other god is more pissed with his ascension than Indominus Rex. The genetically created dinosaur was infuriated to see Fred using animals as nothing more than work animals. It was quick to list Fred on the top gods to devour.
  • Speaking of genetically created dinosaurs, Fred came into trouble with another one. When he tried to pet Riptor, God of Raptors, he nearly lost his hand in the process. No one knows what set the raptor off. All that is known is that now Fred's temple has to ward off Velociraptors every now and then.
  • Not all dinosaur deities despised him. Littlefoot was quick to ally with the caveman, citing how his world can regard dinosaurs as pets.
  • As for the great T-Rex of the Pantheon herself, she only reacts to Fred as she would to any human: a potential meal if possible and a possible ally if need be. There are far worse humans to snack on in the Pantheon after all.
  • Much to his disappointment, there has yet to be a God of Bowling. As a talented bowler himself, he seeks out the best competition whenever he visits the House of Sports.
  • Do not under any circumstances mention any form of gambling to him. That is a sure-fire way of squandering all of his money. Tsundere and Marge for their part have made great strides to curbing their gambling habits in his presence, not wanting another soul to fall under their influence.
  • There's at least one human god that doesn't appreciate his ascension; the Nostalgic Critic was quick to criticize his ascension, believing his ridiculous use of rock puns should put him at least in The Fallen if not worse. That only caused his ally deities to rally behind him, citing how his show serves as the background of various other adult cartoons to this day. Fred swears to bash his skull in the next time the two meet for defaming him.
  • Was not too fond of what happened to him when that idiot Billy unfroze him in the present and again in the future only for his brains to be eaten by aliens. He's decided to put a restraining order on the God of Negative Intelligence for his own safety.
  • Many gods were impressed that Fred and Barney managed to not only take Santa's place, but give presents to children all over the world. Saint North rewarded the two for their help, giving their children lots of presents each Christmas.
  • His relationship with Barney has been compared with that of Mike and Sulley. Sure they have their disagreemets, but the two do care for each other. It helps that Fred and Sully shared the same actor.
  • He doesn't like to be reminded about that time he participated in a genocide masqueraded as a war of self-defense before the founding of Bedrock. It was a less than enjoyable part of his life, to say the least.
  • Please, don't question his relationship with Barney, double if you decide to joke about Fred's theme mentioning that "we Have a Gay Old Time". He's clobbered people for much less!

    Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo 
Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo, Godesses of Edible Theme Naming (note , Rize: Lize, Rose Sharo: Syaro)

    Ikazuchi and Inazuma 
Ikazuchi and Inazuma, Goddesses of Theme Naming (Ikazuchi: Thunder, Kaminari Inazuma: Lightning, Raiden (both))
Left: Ikazuchi, Right: Inazuma

    Milky Holmes 
Milky HolmesMembers Goddesses of Shout-Out Theme Naming (Sherlock: Sher, Sheryl, Sharo Hercule: Herc, Elly)
Left to right: Cordelia, Sherlock, Nero, Hercule
    Plusle and Minun 
Plusle and Minun, Co-Gods With Opposites Theme Naming (The Cheering Pokémon)
Left: Plusle Right: Minun


    Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi 
Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi, Goddesses of Theme Twin Naming
Left: Ryou, Right: Kyou

Nosy, God of Multiple Reference Puns (Experiment 199note )
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His own giant nose or experiment pod
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Nosy In Multiple Ways, Secret Chaser with a Gag Nose, Aliens Speaking English, Exposes Secrets He Learns, Obnoxious, But Never Malicious, Dirty Coward, The Sneaky Guy
  • Domains: Secrets, Gossips, Alien Experiments, Nosiness
  • Allies: Lilo and Stitch and his fellow cousins, The Amoeba Boys, The Blorg Community, the Lol Rangers, Aya Shameimaru
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: J. Jonah Jameson, Kent Brockman
  • Enemies: Dr. Hämsterviel, Hades, Lord Djibril, Raditz, Babidi, Mr. Plinkett, the GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Opposed by: The House of Theater
  • Avoids: The House of Combat!
  • Under watch by: The Men In Black , and to a lesser extent The SCP Foundation
  • Experiment 199. The last of the 1-series, usually made with civic disturbances in mind, is a wombat-pig like experiment meant to snoop out and uncover people's most embarrassing secrets. However a glitch caused him to convey mostly useless gossip. He was dubbed Nosy, referring to both his nosy personality and his giant nose. Nosy's one true place is as a talk show host.
  • Nosy entered the Pantheon in the House of Theater, where he proceeded to spoil many recent movies. Because he's incapable of keeping a secret, said house has banned him from entering and isn't allowed to talk about movies until after they come out on DVD; that way most people won't be spoiled by it. Mr. Plinkett grabbed his shotgun in reaction to the movies being spoiled.
  • While obnoxious, Nosy isn't mean and is merely doing what he's programmed to do. He's admitted in Pleakley's therapy sessions that it's a compulsion he somewhat regrets. While most aliens remained annoyed by Nosy, the Blorg Community didn't mind his nosy nature as they want to make friends with everyone, but often get rebuffed because they're kind of hideous and grotesque. They like the little rascal.
  • Felt bad at the Amoeba Boys due to how they were never able to be even remotely intimidating villains, and ended up giving them techniques on how to use gossip to cause evil. Safe to say, his grasp on actual villainy is just as poor as theirs. It made them feel better at least, and the Powerpuff Girls let this go on to give the Amoeba Boys a confidence boost.
  • The Trollkaiger initially wondered if Nosy had any promise, but found his gossip "pathetic" in terms of trolling material. Sure, they can use it ruffle a few feathers, but nothing that can get under the skin of the GUAG's members. Instead, Nosy wandered into the Lol Rangers, who took a shine to him as a Team Pet. They've trained him to reveal embarrassing secrets on the GUAE instead. He proves better at riling up the arrogant and arrogant yet insecure deities than heroic gods and humble heroes anyway.
  • If someone tries to attack him, he'll run away screaming. This cowardice is somewhat justified due to the fact that he has zero combat skill. While he is a coward, he still cares for his ʻohana and doesn't like Raditz being both a Big Brother Bully and a coward. He also finds the lengths that Lord Djibril goes to mixed with his lack of backbone to be despicable.
  • Resembles Pain, one of Hades' minions. He even has the same voice actor. And like Pain, he's terrified of Hades who was quick to rage at his gossip. He's also scared of Babidi since he blew up the head of a woman for giving him useless information when he was searching for Goten and Trunks. Due to his complete lack of combat skill, Nosy avoids the House of Combat.
  • Due to his occupation as a talk show host, he often talks with J. Jonah Jameson and Kent Brockman. He can give some juicy gossip, but sometimes Nosy is too annoying and nosy for them that they get sick of it and end the show. Aya Shameimaru, due to being involved with paparazzi, found his gossip to be perfect for her goals.
  • Nosy is under light watch by the SCP Foundation of all groups. True, he's mostly harmless, but Nosy's ability to scoop out secrets and gossip could lead to him becoming a security risk by revealing things the Foundation doesn't want others to know about, and hurting the masquerade. However, he's low on the list of those who's information would pose a security risk. And as with his cousins, he's under watch by the Men in Black.


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