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This is where any sort of major musical performance is about to take place. It's also a dance floor whenever possible. If anyone is looking for an opportunity to try their music and see what others think, this is the place to do it.

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Greater Gods

    The Miser Brothers 
The Miser Brothers, The Gods Of Self Explanatory Songs (Heat Miser: Mister Green Christmas, Mister Sun, Mister Heat Blister, Mister 101. Snow Miser: Mister White Christmas, Mister Snow, Mister Icicle, Mister 10 Below.)
Snow Miser and Heat Miser. Try and tell who is who.
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: Their faces respectively, or a icicle for Snow Miser and a fireball for Heat Miser.
  • Theme Song: Do you even need to guess? Alternatively, Brothers or their reprisal.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral on their bad days and Neutral Good on their good days.
  • Portfolio: Sibling Rivalry, Elemental Rivalry, "Green Christmas!" "White Christmas!", Polar Opposite Twins, being afraid of their mama, "I am" songs that are catchy enough that stole the show, Subbing for Santa, Puns About Fire and Ice
  • Domains: Fire, Ice, Siblings
  • Allies: Chuggaaconroy of TheRunawayGuys, Sans, Mario, Luigi, The Matsuno Brothers, generally any siblings that get along with each other, the benevolent members in the house of Nature
  • Enemies: Shadow Monster, Azula, Akainu
  • Opposes: Ragnaros, Kaldr
  • Opposed by: The GUAD, ProtonJon of TheRunawayGuys, Papyrus
  • Pity: Zuko
  • Meet the Miser Brothers; Heat Miser and Snow Miser. Heat Miser got his name because whatever he touches starts to melt in his clutch. Snow Miser got his name because whatever he touches turns to snow in his clutch. They're both too much.
  • Their presence in the pantheon was first made aware to the public after the house of Military and Warfare has noticed that the battleground was experiencing a rapid change between hotness and coldness, making the weather unbearable for others to fight there, even if they were prepared for a hot or cold climate, as it would just change again in a snap. A couple deities fared the foul weather only to find the Miser Brothers there. When they stepped up to converse with them, they, without fail, bursted out into their theme song. After the initial confusion, they confessed that they took interest in the house of Military and Warfare to continue their fighting. They were given a spot within the Pantheon as compensation for their catchy song, but got banned from the house of War as a result.
  • It should be noted that after their adventure having to replace Santa thanks to their brother, the North Wind, trying to sabotage them, they have became much more friendly and tolerant to each other. The only reasons they fight these days is if it's for fun (like they were doing in the House of War prior to their ascension), Greenland and Iceland are brought up or their relationship has been sabotaged for some reason. Woe befallen onto anyone who tries the latter.
  • Why are these two greater gods? Well, they actually manage the climate of the entire world, split into the north and the south. It should also be mentioned that they are capable of quickly turning anyone and anything into snow or melting them. How powerful are they? Snow Miser was capable of freezing Heat Miser's nose in a snap, and he was able to melt said change away quickly. Considering that he was able to melt the moon, everyone considers themselves lucky that the furthest extent of fighting the Miser Brothers displayed was just childish dirty talking and slapfights.
  • Upon the duo's ascension, the Mind Flayer has been more secretive about itself. The problem is that they both represent things that the Shadow Monster is afraid of. Sure Snow Miser is more or less about snow, but given that snow is basically frozen water, it is not willing to risk messing with them. There's also the fact that just by simply touching something can cause said thing to either melt or turn to snow, making even basic contact a risk to him, and unlike his other fear, The Firebird, they ARE small enough to enter its tunnels. And even if he was able to mind control one of them, there's always the other who would be more than willing to fight on behalf of their brother. The GUAD has considered this a massive roadblock in their plan of using the Mind Flayer; even more so when the brothers joke that they are too much for him to handle. The GUAD have since been plotting to destruction of them, and the Miser Brothers have been working with some deities, even some malhearted gods, to plot the destruction of the Upside Down.
  • They have a habit of sprouting fire and ice jokes. Some deities, like Sans and Chuggaaconroy, love to jump in and add their own much to the constant irritation of Papyrus and Proton Jon.
  • Due to their own war against each other and managing to draw it to a peaceful resolution, they actually have began trying to help tidy up other sibling relationships. They were impressed with the Mario Brothers for managing to keep maintaining a healthy relationship with each other despite Luigi getting overshadowed easily by Mario. Heat Miser actually confided in Luigi that he understands his pain, because whenever it's Christmas time, everyone wants to celebrate his brother, Snow Miser.
    • They also sympathized with Zuko, who is trying to have his own sister reconcile over their differences in the past, even if they were fighting as enemies. On that end, they both grew angry at Azula for trying to essentially keep shutting down her brother's attempts at forgiveness. They already know just what troubles siblings hating each other could get into.
    • Upon hearing how there were six siblings living peacefully with each other, the Miser Brothers actually gave The Matsuno Brothers their highest praise of managing to stick with each other no matter how many brothers they have and how much trouble some of them keep getting into.
  • Due to their role with the weather, they have a spot within the house of Nature to help keep the weather all around the pantheon in check. Although, they must confess that they were stunned after hearing the story about Akainu's fight with Kuzan in Punk Hazard and the devastation that occurred within Punk Hazard. They considered themselves lucky their fights never reached such devastating levels.
    • Heat Miser views Ragnaros as someone even more crazy than he is on a bad day, and generally treats him with extreme caution. Similarly, Snow Miser finds great disdain in Kaldr and Lissandra for taking their love of snow too far. While Heat Miser is capable to keeping Lissandra and even Kaldr away with great efforts, Snow Miser has to call forth on a couple other water based deities less he gets melted.
  • They once heard Anonymous dub over their song for a annual event called "/V/ The Muscial", singing about graphics cards of all things. They didn't mind it and even found it pretty amusing.
  • "TOO MUCH!"

Intermediate Gods

Brook, God of Skeletal Musicians (Humming Swordsman, Gentleman Skeleton, Brooke, Soul King, Baron Corpse, Bonekichi, The Starving Skeleton)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sacred afro. Alternately his Jolly Roger.
  • Theme: No musician can go without a theme. Though Bink's Sake is just as accepted.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Funny afros, Post-Mortem Perverts, Badass/ Heartwarming Songs, JOOOOKKEES, Implausible Fencing Powers, Cool Swords, Being A Skeleton, keeping a promise
  • Domains: Death, Music, Promises
  • Followers: Otoya Kurenai, Kaito, Mr. Bones
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Chuck
  • Enemies: Brook is overall liked, but many of the female gods get angry when he asks for their panties.
  • Says that everyone of his followers hold a special place in his heart. But, as a skeleton, he has no heart. Yohohoho! SKULL JOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEE!!!
  • Has kindly offered to give Kotomi violin lessons. "Her music would be painful to my ears. But, as a skeleton, I have no ears! Yohohoho! SKUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLL JOKE!!!"
  • Apart from the violin, Brook is also a skilled musician with the piano. And after two years of practice, has become very skilled with a guitar as well, not enough to match Jimi Hendrix of course, but enough to be famed in his home world as Soul King Brook.
  • Would have likely asked Cosmos if he could see her panties, but was aggressively kept back and kept silent by her more protective followers.
  • When the Straw Hat Pirates were reunited within the Pantheon, Brook had played with such jubilation and skill he inadvertently broke both his bow and strings. Fortunately Eddie Riggs was able to assist, and subsequently invited to the festivities.
  • Is amused by Ryuji Sakamoto’s Skull mask.
  • He isn't one to mention it, but Brook has been rather sad as of late. The realization of his godhood keeping him even further from reuniting with Laboon came kind of hard to him.
  • Has formed a friendship with Chuck because they kinda sound the same.
    • This is also the reason why he and Dandy get along. Dandy definitely appreciates his taste in music.
  • Became fast friends with fellow skeleton Sans, in inclusion to having a similar sense of humor, Sans is pretty good on a trombone, the two have been known to torment Papyrus with incidental music when he does something embarrassing.
  • Was happily surprised to meet the acquaintance of Jack Skellington. Unsurprisingly, the two immediately hit it off thanks to their love of music, singing, and celebration. The two are reportedly combining their talents for the next upcoming Halloween, and the Pantheon is eager to see what they come up with.
    • In the meantime, Jack used his status as Pumpkin King to appoint Brook as an honorary member of Halloween Town.
    • Despite his best efforts, Brook has been unable to get Jack to crack a single skull joke.
  • Enjoys the classy presence of Big Band and his jazz tools, and often performs with him onstage. Offstage, they enjoy drinking tea and listening to other deities musical works. He's also very impressed with the remixes that Big Band has done, expressing interest in making a collab with him.
  • Befriended his fellow music goddess Miku when she created a remixed version of one of her songs as a tribute to the Straw Hat Pirates. Even if she finds his usual panty-requesting habit as uncomfortable as the rest of the women around.

I-No, Evil Goddess of Musical Assassination (The Calamity, The Bitch, The Sadistic Crimson Witch of Rock, UNKNOWN, Megumi)

    Miku Hatsune 
Hatsune Miku, Goddess of Virtual Celebrities

    Sergey Stepanov/Epic Sax Guy 

Sergey Stepanov, God of Attractive Sax Players (Epic Sax Guy, Ultra Sax Guy)

Lesser Gods

     765 Pro 
765 Pro, Goddesses of Idol Singers (The Idolmaster, Haruka: Harurun, Ribbon girl, Stupid ribbon, Yukiho: Yuki-pyon, Yayoi: Yayo-cchi, Ritsuko: Ricchan, Iori: Forehead, Iorin, Makoto: Mako-chin, Miki: Miki-Miki, Hibiki: Hibikin, Takane: Gluttonous Silver Princess, Kotori: Piyo-chan, The Producer: 765 Pro-san)

    The Beatles 
The Beatles, Gods of Rooftop Concerts (The Fab Four, The Young Lads, The Boys From Liverpool, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Drum logo reading "The Beatles" or the Yellow Submarine.
  • Portfolio: Pioneering Artistry, Breakaway Pop Hits, Genre Turning Points, The British Invasion, snarking, Silly Love Songs, and too many others to list.
  • Domains: Craft, Emotion, Liberation, Trade.
  • Followers: JAM Project, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, etc.
  • Allies: Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson (he owns some of their songs), Monty Python (George produced one of their movies), Houkago Tea Time, Jonathan Joestar
  • Celebrated being conferred their status with, what else, a Rooftop Concert.
  • No one is bigger than they are in the domain of Music.
    • Similarly, when he's not playing with his band-mates, Ringo Starr has been seen telling stories to some of the child deities, most of the stories being about train engines on the Island of Sodor.
  • You can't buy John Lennon love, but he will kick your ass for free if you mess with his loved ones.
  • There's a rumor that was lingering in the pantheon that the entire reason why the nickname JoJo was applied to Jonathan Joestar and most of his descendants was because of their song "Get Back", which was focused on a man named Jojo. While Neither The Beatles or Jonathan would elaborate any further, they get along rather well otherwise.
  • James Bond is obviously a fan, given one of them wrote "Live and Let Die" and another is married to Agent XXX. However, he prefers to only meet them when screaming crowds aren't present - 007 once said "That's as bad as listening to The Beatles without earmuffs" for a reason!

    Energizer Bunny 
The Energizer Bunny, God of Animal Drummers and Commercial Switcheroos
  • Lesser God. Has the energy output of a Greater God.
  • Symbol: The Energizer Logo.
  • Theme Song: His drums' beat.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with some Chaotic leanings.
  • Portfolio: A drumming bunny with an attitude to match, Commercial Switcheroo, Cool Shades, His commercials keep going and going, Has had various Unusual Crossovers, Parody Commercial, Was Once a Man, Real Men Wear Pink, No Name Given, The Voiceless, Victory by Endurance, Is more well-known in the USA than the concept it was parodying
  • Domains: Rabbits, Drummers, Batteries, Electricity, Energy
  • Herald: The Duracell Bunny
  • Allies: The Ascended Looney Tunes Deities (Especially Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Roadrunner), All Good-Aligned Star Wars deities, Po, The Furious Five, Shrek, The Muppets (Especially Animal), Santa Claus, Epic Sax Guy, Houkago Tea Time, Terry Crews, Segata Sanshiro, MGM Lion, Hello Kitty, Old Spice Man, GEICO Gecko and Trix Rabbit
  • Friendly Rival: Animal, Ritsu
  • Enemies: Wile E. Coyote, Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett, Dracula, The Wicked Witch of the West, Lord Farquad, Mom, The Incubators
  • Source Of Interest for: Various deities in the House of Commerce (Mainly Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Burns and Buy n Large)
  • On Bad Terms with: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, King Kong
  • Despite his simple design, this Bunny has a long story behind him, he's traveled through various Universes, meeting all kinds of characters. With nothing but promoting his companies' batteries as his goal, all while avoiding the evil schemes of Supervolt, Energizer's rival.
    • His origins may have been detailed in a commercial where a man seeking eternal life by freeing a genie, was transformed into the Bunny by his wish. Despite how horrible it sounds, the Bunny seems unfazed by his past and mostly remains committed to his duty of promoting Energizer's batteries.
  • He's made himself many foes in his adventures:
    • One notable was Darth Vader. On Palpatine's orders, he attempted to capture the Bunny to obtain it's battery for his master, he managed to track it down to Bespin, the same day where he captured Han Solo, but things went downhill for Vader when his lightsaber failed to work properly due to him employing Supervolt batteries for it, leaving him humiliated and throwing a tantrum with the Bunny escaping unscathed. Though he pulled a Heel–Face Turn long ago, Anakin still doesn't feels like talking to the Bunny and avoids his presence, mainly because of how embarrassing that was, and also because all of the other Star Wars Deities, evil and good alike, won't ever stop bringing that up.
    • King Kong was tricked by Supervolt into capturing/killing the Bunny, the giant ape attempted to do so by climbing a building to get it, but wound up failing due to a woman closing a window on his feet and causing Kong to plummet into the street below. Like Anakin/Vader, Kong does not like to remember or talk about this.
    • The Wicked Witch of the West tried to obtain his battery as well, chasing him through the Emerald City in the Land of Oz, she came close to capturing him via threatening him with a burning broom, but wound up activating a fire alarm and caused a downpour of water to melt her into a puddle. To this day, she still plots to obtain the battery successfully.
    • Dracula had the misfortune of having the Bunny invade his castle, much to his frustration and set out to kill it, only to end up accidentally following it out of his castle and getting killed by the sunlight. Dracula has sworn that he'll catch and kill the bunny when he can, ever since.
    • Wile E. Coyote was hired to catch the Bunny by Supervolt, who also provided him with batteries for his ACME gadgets, unfortunately for Wile E., the incompetence of all antagonistic parties led to miserable failure and the Bunny escaped once more unscathed.
  • On the other hand, he's had a friendly encounter with Po when the latter was starting his training, with Po trying to prevent the Bunny from being hurt by the Jade Palace's obstacle course, but the Bunny was fine afterwards, with Po getting himself injured in the process. That said, the two became friends afterwards and Po even got the Furious Five to befriend him as well.
  • His power output isn't all talk, after more than 30 years on the market, the bunny hasn't stopped even once. In fact, his battery once was able to power up a stranded and inactive alien saucer back to full power with the Bunny completely fine afterwards.
    • In another occasion, he skillfully dodged a drone attack of Supervolt's, outlasting his enemies' batteries once again. Also proving in the process that could be even faster than he usually is.
  • He's become a target of various corporations and CEOs in the Pantheon, who seek out his battery as a power source for their plans and businesses.
    • Among them is Buy n Large, which has not come close to catching the Bunny despite their best efforts at it.
    • Another one is Mr. Burns who tried to have the Bunny captured and used as a power source to improve his company's performance. Like everyone before him, he failed and was left in the dust by the Bunny.
    • Scrooge McDuck is a more benevolent party than the others, and is mostly seeking out the way the Bunny keeps it's battery going and going after years of service. As such, the Bunny has been willing to cooperate with McDuck industries in their operations.
  • While on the Sub-House of Singers and Performers he met up with the various good aligned Deities of the House and was part of a very large concert held in the House of Music. When it was over, he befriended various of the performers and singers:
    • Due to their memetic status, Epic Sax Guy and the Bunny became great friends, sometimes they even perform as a duo in random places in the Pantheon. Not that anyone's complaining as their music meshes well together.
    • He also befriended fellow drummer, Ritsu, her energetic brash personality bounced off the Bunny's equally energetic but more reserved one. Likewise she finds him cute and petted him for a while after meeting him. He's also not made fun of her forehead, much to her delight. The two have also developed a rather friendly rivalry.
  • He's not quite happy with the Incubators' amoral methods of obtaining energy for the survival of the Universe, and tried often to suggest using Energizer batteries as a replacement to them. They didn't listen, of course, and ever since they've been on real bad terms with each other.
  • Once a follower of the Energizer Bunny, when Terry Crews was going to ascend he personally invaded one of the Energizer Bunny's commercials, filling it with his screaming and many explosions. The Energizer Bunny would take Terry's commercial takeover with stride and still get along despite the chaotic events.
  • His antics have earned him a great friendship with the Looney Tunes deities, who consider him a Looney Tune in spirit, most especially the Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny and Daffy, who've all had to deal with similar situations to the ones that the Bunny finds himself in. Helps that the Bunny also had to deal with Wile E. Coyote chasing after him.

    The Jellicle Cats 
The Jellicle Cats, Holy Singing Clowder
These are not all of them, but you get the gist of it.
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A pair of cat eyes, with the pupils resembling dancers
  • Theme Song: "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats"
  • Alignment: Most of the cats occupy the good and neutral spectrums, with only Macavity being evil.
  • Portfolio: Cat Concerto, Cats Are Superior, "I Am" Song, Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, All Musicals Are Adaptations, Sung-Through Musical, Excuse Plot
  • Domains: Felines, Music
  • Allies: Firestar and Warrior Cats in general, Bastet, Tom & Jerry, Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, HerakleKabuterimon, Charlie B. Barkin, Amaterasu, Chibiterasu, Danny & Sawyer, Thomas the Tank Engine, Giovanni & Campanella, Atsuko Kagari
  • Enemies: Macavity to the rest of the Jellicles; Terraformars
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Moriarty, Ratigan (Macavity only)
  • The Jellicle Cats are a very proud feline tribe who gather once a year in an event called the Jellicle Ball, in which several cats compete to be the one chosen to go to the Heaviside Layer and reincarnate in a new Jellicle life. The competition largely consists of the cats singing about themselves and each other, making their arguments as to why they should be chosen. In the end, their ancient leader Old Deuteronomy designates the winner. One particular year saw some unusual events, with the criminal mastermind cat Macavity throwing things into disarray by kidnapping Old Deut, and an old, regretful and shunned cat called Grizabella moving everyone's hearts with her plea to be accepted and be allowed to start anew.
  • So Grizabella got her new Jellicle life and became the youngest member of the tribe, with Jemima and Victoria becoming her honorary big sisters as they insisted on looking after her. Still, Grizabella sometimes disappeared out of their sights, making the young cats panic, only to reappear again unharmed. Jemima and Victoria eventually got curious enough to follow Grizabella and discovered the Pantheon, where Grizabella had gotten herself a temple for her spectacular performance in the last Jellicle Ball. They managed to convince their tribemates to come see the place, which they thought was the Heaviside Layer opening up to all of them (there was some difficulty convincing the older members, but they were eventually overwhelmed by the curiosity of the younger). The Main House noted the new arrivals with satisfaction (theater deities still being relatively rare at the time) and determined they would all share the Cat Concerto trope.
  • This singing and dancing clowder was at first regarded with bewilderment by a lot of felines in the Pantheon due to their strange appearances and culture. ThunderClan leader Firestar, in his usual open-minded manner, decided to be the one to break the ice and welcome the Jellicle Cats, expressing curiosity about their ways. Munkustrap, Old Deut's Number Two and overall a more present authority figure to the Jellicles, hit it off right away with Firestar, both being compassionate, steady and reasonable leaders of their groups. Thanks to their influence, the Jellicles and the Warrior Cats (who tend to mistakenly refer to the Jellicles as JellicleClan and Munkustrap as Munkustar) have pretty good relations with each other, with them realizing they are not so different through their communal living and worship of the Heaviside Layer and StarClan respectively (although a few less tolerant warriors still deride the Jellicles as kittypets). At length the Egyptian goddess Bastet made it clear that the Jellicles filled her with pride because they exemplified the cat's lifestyle perfectly, which led to their acceptance by most of the felines in the Pantheon.
  • Mice and assorted rodents have more to fear with the Jellicles' ascension, but they've also gained a protector in Jennyanydots, a grandmotherly cat who believes in putting vermin to good use rather than exterminating them. She can't help but shake her head at Tom the cat's follies in chasing Jerry, as she thinks Tom has the potential for a Gumbie Cat but keeps squandering it. Jerry the mouse thinks of Jennyanydots as a nice lady who won't eat him, although he doesn't like being put to work by her and will try to get out of it at the smallest chance. Regarding other mice, Jennyanydots holds Mrs. Brisby in high regard for being a devoted mother and being one mouse who is not in need of her guidance to keep from "wanton destroyment". There's also Fievel Mousekewitz, who Jennyanydots dotes on because of his age and going through a lot in his adventures. Although Brisby and Fievel were naturally afraid of the Gumbie Cat at first, and remain afraid of the other, less scrupulous Jellicles, they've come to trust in her protection, and Jennyanydots has made it clear to her fellow Jellicles that those mice are off-limits.
    • Jennyanydots is known for rehabilitating beetles and cockroaches in the same way. Sadly, the ones in the Pantheon may be too much for her to handle, which didn't stop her from attempting to go and scold the Terraformars for how destructive they are. The combined strength of the Jellicles couldn't stop her from doing so either, but fortunately HerakleKabuterimon was nearby and effectively dissuaded the Terraformars from trying anything violent. At least Jennyanydots got proof in HerakleKabuterimon that there were some truly gentlemanly beetles, a compliment that would make the Digimon blush if it had the capacity.
  • Jellicles are pretty stereotypical cats in their dislike of dogs, who they refer to variably as Pekes or Pollicles and with whom the Jellicles supposedly once had an "awefull battle". That said, at least one Jellicle seems to have made a canine friend since entering the Pantheon, and of course it had to be Rum Tum Tugger, the cat who marches to the sound of his own drum. The canine friend is Charlie B. Barkin, who Tugger met at the site of a party when he was out and about one night looking for something new to do. The two got along quickly, both being mischievous party animals and somewhat hedonistic but ultimately well-meaning. The Jellicles don't entirely approve of this friendship, but given it's Tugger, they find it pointless to try to put a stop to it since he'll just get up to a different brand of trouble.
  • Still on the topic of canines, Chibiterasu once blundered into their territory and Jemima and Victoria found him so adorable that they wanted to keep him, despite disapproval from their elders. Then his mother Amaterasu came to get him, and the Jellicles, just to make sure she knew they weren't cowed by a mutt, claimed they were totally holding Chibiterasu hostage. Luckily Amaterasu had offerings of fish and meat, which as it happens is just the ticket to getting in the Jellicles' good graces and they let Chibiterasu go without further hassle. The Jellicles only later learned they could have potentially pissed off a sun goddess, but if anything the fact that they got away with it made them more puffed-up. Despite everything, Chibiterasu keeps occasionally dropping by as he has taken a liking to Jemima and Victoria, which Amaterasu seems okay with, presumably knowing the Jellicles wouldn't truly try to hurt either her or her son (they highly appreciate her offerings besides).
  • Gus is esteemed as one of the oldest cats among the Jellicles, as well as for his apparently quite successful acting career. This has made him highly admired and respected by Danny and Sawyer, two cats who are in the acting business themselves. Danny and Sawyer have good relationships with all the Jellicle cats, as they all have a fondness for dancing and singing out their emotions, but it's with Gus that they have the closest friendship. Danny in particular drinks in every bit of advice that Gus dispenses and doesn't even seem to mind Gus' occasional crabbiness at how young cats these days wouldn't have what it takes to thrive in his time. Sawyer in turn has hit it off with Gus' usual minder Jellylorum, a pragmatic, no-nonsense, but warm sort of cat not unlike Sawyer herself.
  • Skimbleshanks is, in his mind and the minds of all the Jellicles, the one who makes sure all the trains run properly. In truth, he probably just hunts for vermin inside the carriages. Either way, Skimbleshanks is very cheerful and enthusiastic about his work and is well-employed at the House of Travel, playing a part in making all the trains more pleasant to ride in. This puts him on good terms with all the train-related deities, particularly Thomas the Tank Engine after an incident where the locomotive complained of an "itch" in its insides and Skimbleshanks took care of it. Skimbleshanks also has a predilection for the young boy-cats Giovanni and Campanella and their Afterlife Express, and believes them to have been especially blessed by the Heaviside Layer. Giovanni and Campanella don't know about that, but they enjoy listening to Skimbleshanks go on about trains at any rate.
  • Mr. Mistoffelees is one of the tribe's few magical cats; the twins Coricopat and Tantomile, as well as Macavity, have similar supernatural abilities. Such abilities are often of help to the tribe in spotting danger or thwarting Macavity, as seen when Mistoffelees saved Old Deut by magicking him away from Macavity's grasp. That said, Mistoffelees sometimes suffers from lack of confidence that his abilities aren't good enough. This causes him to admire Atsuko Kagari, who remains cheerfully determined to become a great witch despite everything pointing to her being inept at it. Atsuko herself is wowed by Mistoffelees' magic and thinks he's something like the cat equivalent of Shiny Chariot, for which she praises him quite effusively, much to Mistoffelees' embarrassment.
  • The elusive Macavity has reputedly broken every human law, including that of gravity (this is according to the Jellicles, who do have a knack for the melodramatic). He's probably not even considered a Jellicle anymore (if he ever was), but either way he's ascended with them and keeps bringing them problems and shame, especially around the time of the Jellicle Ball. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer sometimes associate with him, which somehow hasn't gotten them kicked out of the tribe. Macavity draws comparisons to Moriarty and Ratigan due to his status as a Diabolical Mastermind, being essentially the cat version of them. Seeing as how the last time he tried messing with the Jellicles on his own didn't go down so well for him, he thinks it wise to associate with those fellow masterminds. Things can get pretty strained between the three though, especially between Macavity and Ratigan, seeing as the latter is, well, a rat, leading to there being a bitter rivalry between the two, which Moriarty can be bothered to smooth over only when necessary for their teamwork.


    Courtney Gears 
Courtney Gears, Infernal Diva

    Ludwig van Beethoven 
Ludwig van Beethoven, Divine Deaf Composer (Beethes, Lud)
As a Classicaloid 
  • Demigod (Lesser God as a Classicaloid)
  • Symbol: His signature and the first few notes of Symphony No. 5
  • Signature Song: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Classical Music, The Perfectionist, Orchestral Bombing
  • Domains: Music, Talent
  • Allies: Bill & Ted, Takeru Tenkuji, Gunvolt, Carl Fredricksen, Hiro Nakamura
  • Creeped Out by: Alex Delarge, Matt Hardy
  • Annoyed at: The Warner Siblings, The Koopalings (especially Ludwig von Koopa)
  • Other Relations: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Beethoven certainly wasn't one of the first composers of classical music, but he was among those who were highly reknowned for it. He made some pieces of music before he suddenly started to go deaf, something that shook him greatly to the point of near-suicide. Luckily, he had plenty of resolve in himself and from there, he continued working on music, putting together a series of pieces that can be referred to as symphonies. Much of his music (or snippets of it) has been integrated into multiple other works of fiction long after his death and these aforementioned snippets are very well-known.
  • There have been a handful of instances where Beethoven not only appears much different from normal, but his attitude becomes highly unusual and at times, bombastic. This alternate form of his was identified as a Classicaloid, a kind of Artificial Human that also has an odd power known as Mujik, which results when they are triggered by something significant. Depending on the composition that plays, Beethes (one of the nicknames used to differentiate this form from his normal self) can make anything happen, including making giants robots appear or having penguins show up all of a sudden.
  • It's no surprise that Beethoven's music has many fans of different kinds. For a lack of a better term, he was repulsed to find out that Alex Delarge, one such fan, was not only depraved, but has had a history of twisting around beloved musical pieces to take on an ironically dark tone, despite Delarge not actually changing anything significant about the music's composition to begin with. Beethoven has made is explicitly clear that he would not acknowledge Delarge liking his music in any way whatsoever and has avoided him no matter what.
    • Another person he's unsure of is the wrestler Matt Hardy. No, scratch that it's BROKEN Matt Hardy he's weirded out with due to BROKEN Matt's obsession with green beans, his faithful drone V-1 and such. He does respect Matt's wife, Queen Rebecca, for performing the 3rd Movement of the Moonlight Sonata for Matt's matches.
  • He is among the handful of Eyecons that's used by Takeru Tenkuji in order to fight off villains. Fitting enough for Beethoven's profession, that particular Eyecon uses music to attack an enemy and reflect any music-based attack attempted by that foe. After getting over the initial weirdness of being used as a weapon to fight off villains (and Takeru found it equally bizarre that Beethoven had an alternate form that uses music to unleash strange occurances), Beethoven got along with Takeru.
  • After hearing about the House of Music having problems with the Koopalings being named after famous musicians, Beethoven wanted to get to the bottom of this, especially after finding out one of the Koopalings was named after him. Beethoven eventually confronted them while they were attempting to steal some instruments, with Ludwig von Koopa being the one who decided to stop him just for fun. The Koopalings were surprised that the famed composer had a Classicaloid form that allowed him to fight back to some degree, resulting in the Koopalings getting driven out and swearing that it won't be the last time that they'll see Beethoven.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was someone whom Beethoven used to look up to back then until learning about Napoleon's imperial ambitions. Beethoven ended up destroying the first page of Symphony No. 3 while trying to cross out Bonaparte from the page. The composer is able to relate to a number of deities such as Gunvolt and Carl Fredricksen who used to look up to someone only to discover their idol was less than ideal, even if the circumstances were far more fantastical (and at times fatal) than that of Beethoven's own.
  • His meeting with Yakko, Wakko, & Dot is something Beethoven would rather not talk about. While that version ended up getting the inspiration for Symphony No. 5, it was more he got annoyed into writing up that composition and he'd rather not go near the Warner siblings following their meeting. He was also very weirded out by Wakko's ability to burp to the tune of various classical arrangements.
  • Time-travel is something that Beethoven is aware of to some degree thanks to an encounter with Bill & Ted when the latter two were searching for historical figures (with Beethoven among them) to help with a high-school history project. The composer had a really weird visit to the House of Time and Space following ridiculous rumors involving wrestling. He then found out that a strange time-space flaw resulted in him being a wrestler known as Ludwig van Bonecrusher in one universe and many concerts with other composers were settled out through wrestling matches. It certainly perplexed him when he found out about that.
  • Some deities sometimes visit him to showcase their skills in playing one of his compositions. Among those who have done such, Beethoven was pleasantly surprised by Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers' performance in playing Moonlight Sonata. The same can't be said for when Chris Redfield tried to play the aforementioned composition (and by extension, anyone that isn't good with music in general). Beethoven later found out that Moonlight Sonata needed to be played in order to solve a puzzle at Spencer Mansion, hence why Jill, Claire, and Chris know about the song.
    • On the subject of unusual applications of Moonlight Sonata, Earthworm Jim somehow recalled hearing that piece a couple of times one of his journeys, mainly when he was racing Psy-Crow at the end and when the earthworm disguised himself as a blind cave salamander earlier on. Beethoven finds it weird whenever Moonlight Sonata plays and sees Earthworm Jim disguised as a salamander.
  • There have been more than a few instances of the first few notes of his Symphony No. 5 work playing suddenly whenever misfortune of some kind befalls a deity. More often than not, the misfortune that occurs isn't that drastic, but enough to really upset someone. By contrast, if good luck happens to a deity, then it's possible that parts of Ode to Joy could play suddenly. Beethoven himself isn't immune to these instances.


SiIvaGunner, Divine Collective of Kayfabe Music (GiIvaSunner)

    Susan "Stargirl" Caraway 
Susan Julia "Stargirl" Caraway, Goddess of Ukulele Players
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Ukulele Guitar with a Star or a Rat's Silhouette
  • Theme Song: Today and Tomorrow by Grace VanderWaal
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Upbeat and Energetic Girl who is Always Carrying Around a Ukulele with Her, Does Not Use her Real Name at All, Doesn't Give Up in Making People Happy, Blithe Spirit, Cloudcuckoolander who is Really Compassionate and Helping, Keeps a Pet Rat named Cinnamon, Cool Loser, Good Feels Good, Does Not End Up with Leo but does Leave Behind a Lasting Impression on Mica
  • Domains: Ukuleles, Determination, Happiness, Unconventionalism, Love, Charity
  • Heralds: Cinnamon, Leo Borlock, Archie Brubaker, Dori Dilson, Dootsie Pringle, Betty Lou, Perry Delloplane, Alvina Klecko, Her Parents
  • Allies: Steven Universe, Ben and Summer, Wander, Sylvia, Jerry Mouse, Speedy Gonzales, Pinkie Pie, Pichu, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, The Kamen Rider Club, Jimmy Hopkins, Gabe Burton, Rosemary Telesco, Shouko Nishimiya, μ's (Muse), Aqours, Punky Brewster, Pollyanna Whittier
  • On Good Terms With: Tom Cat, Shouya Ishida, Scum's Wish Cast (Excluding Akane)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Doctor Clef, Johnny Lawrence, Elmer C. Albatross
  • Opposes: Gary Smith, Eliza and Neil Reagan, John Kreese
  • So one day, a new girl, who just transferred to Mica, Arizona, becomes a student at the Mica Area High School. Seems ordinary, except that said girl turns out to be unconventional in nearly every manner; she wears unusual clothing to class, is incredibly optimistic, keeps a rat as a pet and, most notably, carries a ukulele around her wherever she goes. That particular girl is usually known as "Stargirl".
    • Stargirl's unusual and weird habits and personality were initially hard to understand, but she does become popular, especially after singing "Happy Birthday" to a boy named Leo Borlock. Despite her popularity being ruined by her cheering for both sides in a football match between Mica Area High and another high school, Stargirl and Leo develop a romance with one another, which both enjoy, until Leo realizes that he's being ridiculed as well and urges Stargirl to act "normal". This doesn't work out as intended and Leo separates himself to get back into social acceptance. This doesn't stop Stargirl from attending the school's spring dance, the Ocotillo ball, which garners a lot of attention from everyone involved. Stargirl was not seen again after the dance, having returned to Minnesota with her family and Leo never having properly reconciled with her.
    • However, Stargirl moved again to Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, where she never really moved from her experience in Mica and struggle with a lack of social communication towards others. She does make friends with 6-year-old Dootsie Pringle and agoraphobic elder Betty Lou, Perry Delloplane, who is an unruly boy around her age and Alvina Klecko, who isn't too social though shows a kind side by delivering doughnuts to Betty Lou. Around this time, Stargirl plans to host a Winter Solstice party and winder begins to arrive, though several events make her nervous and despondent whether if it will work out. She does get some reassurance from her former teacher, Archie and her party is attended by numerous the following morning, To commemorate for Stargirl's efforts, her parents built a tent with a specific hole which sunlight enters in and is projected towards the attendees and pierces the back wall. She also manages to overcome her feelings for Leo to start a relationship with Perry, though does affirm that she cares for the former regardless. When asking Archie on what to do regarding her feelings for Leo and Perry, he states that she should remember who she is and to follow her heart.
  • Stargirl's reputation was one that was noteworthy for being rather heartwarming and inspirational, though it should be said that the struggles she went through aren't easy to get by, even for someone as optimistic and carefree as her. During her usual sessions of leaving cards around her neighbourhood, Stargirl was surprised to come across one that looked like the ones she carried but didn't belong to her. Curious, she picked it up and found that the card was addressed to her and that she was to receive a special gift when she came back home. After doing so, Stargirl came across a letter which was about something called "The Pantheon" and that she was a part of it. Even if she didn't fully understand the context, Stargirl remained excited and decided to venture off to where the Pantheon was, as described by the letter. It may be a whole new experience for her.
  • Stargirl is... weird, but interesting to say the least. Even if she isn't attending the House of Music, she always carries around a ukulele to play along with in her spare time. Much of the Pantheon also noticed how she drops coins in other Houses (and a few sprinkles of food in the Houses of Food and Beast). It's more-or-less her way of showing her gratitude and willingness to help others. While there's no doubt it's endearing, some are worried that Stargirl is risking herself by going around uncharted and dangerous territories.
  • Her main motive for what she does is simple; she wants to provide joy and happiness for everyone. The story of Stargirl was one that Wander couldn't forget and decided to pay a visit to the girl. She told Wander about her experiences in Mica and Phoenixville and then talking about random facts about herself and where she would like to go to. Wander was impressed, but asserted that she be careful as the Pantheon is not a place where she can spend too much time free-roaming in. She took his words seriously, though Wander had to assert her the list of Houses she can't go to, namely, Villainy and Hatred and Rancor.
    • Pollyanna was another figure who took an interest in Stargirl's demeanour and was pleased to see how much she will try to be as charitable as possible while also wanting to make others happy. Stargirl' upon learning of Pollyanna's circumstances, often attends her residence to provide her with aid and comfort. Pollyanna did tell her that even if she didn't attend, Pollyanna would be happy for what Stargirl is trying to do regardless, but that isn't stopping the latter regardless. Punky Brewster also took a quick liking and being awed at her free-spirited nature and actions, often tries to tag along with her for an adventure and screaming her usual "Punky Power!", which Stargirl happily reciprocates. Though she would need permission from her parental guardian, Henry if she wants to hang out with Stargirl.
  • Her aim for happiness is odd as instead of just one party, she also wants to appeal to the opposing side as well. Admirable as it may be, some noted that it came with consequences, which was understandable as this did ruin Stargirl's reputation and had to give up being different for quite some time. She's still going to continue on with this goal in mind, but her experiences have made her a lot more careful in the long-run.
    • She has, however, been pretty wary of Gary Smith after hearing from word-of-mouth about how he was planning to con some kids into doing his dirty work, which meant sabotaging a few school events for his own mischief. Initially, Stargirl was intending to become friends with Gary until Jimmy Hopkins caught on with what was going on and told her about his own experiences regarding Gary. The information told by Jimmy caused Stargirl to reconsider and keep her distance from Gary, who personally intends to manipulate the girl into unknowingly benefitting him and frustrated that Jimmy got to her first. The experience did, however, help Stargirl to become good friends with Jimmy who took sympathy for her struggle in Mica and promises to help her out in spare time.
  • She became friends with Gentaro Kisaragi while on a trip to the House of Friendship. Gentaro took notice of Stargirl's activities and was ecstatic to approach and talk to her. Turns out, they could relate to one another by a good margin, given that both made a lot of effort to try befriending everyone in their schools and having a hard time with it. Gentaro found Stargirl's habits of dropping coins and keeping a pet rat around rather endearing whereas she found his excitable behaviour to be fun and bright. It helps in that both are determined to help out, with Gentaro even making Stargirl an honorary guest party for the Kamen Rider Club.
  • She isn't the only notable person around the Pantheon who plays the ukulele, though she is the representative of the musical instrument. Among the Pantheon who were known to play the ukulele was Steven Universe, who would normally play with it in his spare time. He took a quick liking to Stargirl as her actions and demeanour reminded Steven of himself. They would play and fun together whenever they meet up, with Steven soon picking up the habit of dropping coins to neighbourhoods.
    • She also met and befriended a pair of Pokémon Rangers named Ben and Summer when Stargirl decided to venture into the House of Quirks. All this had to do with a particular Pichu who also happened to hold a ukulele of his size, one which he used to emit electricity. Stargirl became curious about the Mouse Pokémon and would come to meet one that was an ascended representative. While not to the extent of the one that accompanied Ben and Summer, Pichu did appreciate Stargirl's efforts to hang out and play with her. She makes the effort to bring in snacks for both Pichus whenever they meet, though Stargirl wishes she could have them tag along for an adventure.
  • In a very bizarre situation, Stargirl has earned the respect of Elmer C. Albatross. He greatly admires her efforts to bring smiles to people and to present an optimistic outlook towards one's self and towards others. There is, however, one issue; Elmer is a sociopath, albeit one who adheres to a set of moral standards and rules. Whenever they meet, Elmer comes off as very cheery and polite, even offering to help Stargirl out in her usual habits and to give her some company. She normally allows Elmer to be in her company, but she finds it odd that whenever she gets sad over something, Elmer would try to comfort and motivate her with the same smiling disposition, even if she brings up her struggles of maintaining a reputation in Mica or her experience in setting up the Winter Solstice party. While his attempts at sympathizing are genuine, he cannot generate empathy, which Stargirl found very odd and unusual. Still, given that Elmer means no harm and even has the same goal to make others happy, they are on working terms, even if most of their interactions are odd.
    • She also finds Doctor Clef rather conflicting. The doctor himself finds the fact that she represents the ukulele in the Pantheon amusing, given he also plays it. Despite his amoral nature compared to most of the SCP staff, he's at least moral enough to not have Stargirl get involved with any other SCP-studied subjects and would like to see Stargirl play the ukulele. Conversely, Stargirl has no ill feelings for him, though she finds him pretty scary, given that he is ruthless in his job. Aside from that, she finds it pretty funny that his name's pronunciation (according to Dr. Clef) is like the sound of an A-major chord played on a ukulele.
  • While she's not a professional singer, it doesn't take away that Stargirl is still a pretty good one, even if she has a weird tendency to sing the "Happy Birthday Song" to anyone if their birthday shows up. She'll often attend the House of Celebration to do just that. Pinkie Pie found this endearingly strange, seeing as she and Stargirl share the same habit of being the weird one in their group or function. Whenever there's someone's birthday and it's someone they get along with, Stargirl is the one singing and Pinkie Pie is the one arranging parties, much to a lot of people's chagrin.
  • Her relationship with Leo was a popular topic in the House of Love and Affection, though there is less talk when it comes to Perry. Still, they do appreciate that Perry is making an attempt at maintaining contact with Stargirl and that Leo himself hasn't forgotten about her, what with him being a Herald. On the subject of lost love, Stargirl discovered Gabe and Rosemary, who went through a similar experience of their love not being able to last long. They quickly bonded with one another because of it and take a good interest in hanging out with one another. While Stargirl doesn't share Gabe's interest in karate, the latter is eager enough to try helping the former out and to give her some company.
    • She once came into contact with Noriko Kamomebata while trying to fish out some dresses in the House of Costumes. Finding her sense of fashion interesting, Noriko decided to approach and talk to Stargirl about it. There, the two spoke about clothing choices, with Stargirl explaining how she likes dressing unconventionally while Noriko stated how she desires to be a fashion designer with a few jokes sprinkled on potential dress-up choices for the latter. Their conversation soon turned towards relationships where, while both had differing paths in lost romance, they did understand how it felt not having those feelings reciprocated. This, in turn, led Starlight to also look into Noriko's other associates, namely Hanabi, Mugi, Narumi and Sanae and ponder how difficult it must be to deal with a situation like romantic loss for others. That said, the circumstances regarding them is a lot darker compared to Stargirl's, though it wouldn't stop her from trying to befriend them.
  • An incredibly determined girl who will make the most out of her situation and to make people smile is a hard task, but a respectable one regardless. It's how Stargirl came into contact with μ's and Aqours on separate occasions and quickly became buddies. Predictably enough, the members she gets along with most are Honoka Kosaka and Chika Takami, who happen to be their bands' frontwomen. The fact that Honoka and Chika are both weird and energetic girls with a goal of making people smile with their songs has something to do with it as they're traits strongly associated with Stargirl herself. While by no means a dancer, Honoka and Chika are willing to allow Stargirl to play the ukulele while their friends and fellow bandmates correlate their performances with Stargirl's instrumental passages.
  • Her pet rat Cinnamon often expresses an interest to go to the House of Beast and to meet up with certain rodents, which Stargirl does. Most of these trips end up with the two of them coming across some peculiar figures who turn out to be just as weird or weirder than her. Speedy Gonzales was among them, who decided to tag along with Stargirl and Cinnamon. His "Mexican Hat Dance" was thought to be endearing by Stargirl and she responded by trying to play along with her ukulele. They'll often attend the House of Music with Stargirl providing instrumentals and Speedy being the star performer.
    • Jerry Mouse was another odd rodent that caught Stargirl's attention. While seemingly an ordinary mouse, he displayed just how much of a reputation he created when Stargirl saw one of his antics revolving around Tom Cat. In spite of their epic cat-and-mouse chase, it becomes clear that once you know them well enough, Tom and Jerry are Vitriolic Best Buds when on a good day. Both will often join in on Stargirl's trots around the Pantheon, hear her play a song and help out in her activities. She does, however, intend to at least minimize the amount of collateral damage the cat-and-mouse duo inflict whenever they start chasing one another. While Tom and Jerry are willing to listen to the girl, they're pretty unsure of how long this will last before they're at each other's throats again (and the worry of upsetting Stargirl).