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This is where any sort of major musical performance is about to take place. It's also a dance floor whenever possible. If anyone is looking for an opportunity to try their music and see what others think, this is the place to do it.

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Greater Gods

    The Miser Brothers 
The Miser Brothers, The Gods Of Self Explanatory Songs (Heat Miser: Mister Green Christmas, Mister Sun, Mister Heat Blister, Mister 101. Snow Miser: Mister White Christmas, Mister Snow, Mister Icicle, Mister 10 Below.)
Snow Miser and Heat Miser. Try and tell who is who.
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: Their faces respectively, or a icicle for Snow Miser and a fireball for Heat Miser.
  • Theme Song: Do you even need to guess? Alternatively, Brothers or their reprisal.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral on their bad days and Neutral Good on their good days.
  • Portfolio: Sibling Rivalry, Elemental Rivalry, "Green Christmas!" "White Christmas!", Polar Opposite Twins, being afraid of their mama, "I am" songs that are catchy enough that stole the show, Subbing for Santa, Puns About Fire and Ice
  • Domains: Fire, Ice, Siblings
  • Allies: Chuggaaconroy of TheRunawayGuys, Sans, Mario, Luigi, The Matsuno Brothers, generally any siblings that get along with each other, the benevolent members in the house of Nature
  • Enemies: Shadow Monster, Azula, Akainu
  • Opposes: Ragnaros, Kaldr
  • Opposed by: The GUAD, ProtonJon of TheRunawayGuys, Papyrus
  • Pity: Zuko
  • Meet the Miser Brothers; Heat Miser and Snow Miser. Heat Miser got his name because whatever he touches starts to melt in his clutch. Snow Miser got his name because whatever he touches turns to snow in his clutch. They're both too much.
  • Their presence in the pantheon was first made aware to the public after the house of War has noticed that the battleground was experiencing a rapid change between hotness and coldness, making the weather unbearable for others to fight there, even if they were prepared for a hot or cold climate, as it would just change again in a snap. A couple deities fared the foul weather only to find the Miser Brothers there. When they stepped up to converse with them, they, without fail, bursted out into their theme song. After the initial confusion, they confessed that they took interest in the house of War to continue their fighting. They were given a spot within the Pantheon as compensation for their catchy song, but got banned from the house of War as a result.
  • It should be noted that after their adventure having to replace Santa thanks to their brother, the North Wind, trying to sabotage them, they have became much more friendly and tolerant to each other. The only reasons they fight these days is if it's for fun (like they were doing in the House of War prior to their ascension), Greenland and Iceland are brought up or their relationship has been sabotaged for some reason. Woe befallen onto anyone who tries the latter.
  • Why are these two greater gods? Well, they actually manage the climate of the entire world, split into the north and the south. It should also be mentioned that they are capable of quickly turning anyone and anything into snow or melting them. How powerful are they? Snow Miser was capable of freezing Heat Miser's nose in a snap, and he was able to melt said change away quickly. Considering that he was able to melt the moon, everyone considers themselves lucky that the furthest extent of fighting the Miser Brothers displayed was just childish dirty talking and slapfights.
  • Upon the duo's ascension, the Mind Flayer has been more secretive about itself. The problem is that they both represent things that the Shadow Monster is afraid of. Sure Snow Miser is more or less about snow, but given that snow is basically frozen water, it is not willing to risk messing with them. There's also the fact that just by simply touching something can cause said thing to either melt or turn to snow, making even basic contact a risk to him, and unlike his other fear, The Firebird, they ARE small enough to enter its tunnels. And even if he was able to mind control one of them, there's always the other who would be more than willing to fight on behalf of their brother. The GUAD has considered this a massive roadblock in their plan of using the Mind Flayer; even more so when the brothers joke that they are too much for him to handle. The GUAD have since been plotting to destruction of them, and the Miser Brothers have been working with some deities, even some malhearted gods, to plot the destruction of the Upside Down.
  • They have a habit of sprouting terrible fire and ice jokes. Some deities, like Sans and Chuggaaconroy, love to jump in and add their own much to the constant irritation of Papyrus and Proton Jon.
  • Due to their own war against each other and managing to draw it to a peaceful resolution, they actually have began trying to help tidy up other sibling relationships. They were impressed with the Mario Brothers for managing to keep maintaining a healthy relationship with each other despite Luigi getting overshadowed easily by Mario. Heat Miser actually confided in Luigi that he understands his pain, because whenever it's Christmas time, everyone wants to celebrate his brother, Snow Miser.
    • They also sympathized with Zuko, who is currently trying to have his own sister reconcile over their differences in the past, even if they were fighting as enemies. On that end, they both grew angry at Azula for trying to essentially keep shutting down her brother's attempts at forgiveness. They already know just what troubles siblings hating each other could get into.
    • Upon hearing how there were six siblings living peacefully with each other, the Miser Brothers actually gave The Matsuno Brothers their highest praise of managing to stick with each other no matter how many brothers they have and how much trouble some of them keep getting into.
  • Due to their role with the weather, they have a spot within the house of Nature to help keep the weather all around the pantheon in check. Although, they must confess that they were stunned after hearing the story about Akainu's fight with Kuzan in Punk Hazard and the devastation that occurred within Punk Hazard. They considered themselves lucky their fights never reached such devastating levels.
    • Heat Miser views Ragnaros as someone even more crazy than he is on a bad day, and generally treats him with extreme caution. Similarly, Snow Miser finds great disdain in Kaldr and Lissandra for taking their love of snow too far. While Heat Miser is capable to keeping Lissandra and even Kaldr away with great efforts, Snow Miser has to call forth on a couple other water based deities less he gets melted.
  • They once heard Anonymous dub over their song for a annual event called "/V/ The Muscial", singing about graphics cards of all things. They didn't mind it and even found it pretty amusing.
  • "TOO MUCH!"

Intermediate Gods

Brook, God of Skeletal Musicians (Humming Swordsman, Gentleman Skeleton, Brooke, Soul King)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sacred afro. Alternately his Jolly Roger.
  • Theme: No musician can go without a theme. Though Bink's Sake is just as accepted.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Funny afros, Post-Mortem Perverts, Badass/ Heartwarming Songs, SKULL JOOOOKKEES, Implausible Fencing Powers, Cool Swords, Being A Skeleton, keeping a promise
  • Domains: Death, Music, Promises
  • Followers: Otoya Kurenai, Kaito, Mr. Bones
  • Allies: Luffy and all his Straw Hat crewmates, Ataru Moroboshi, Jiraiya, Yurika Kirishima, the Gokaigers (especially Gai Ikari/Gokai Silver), Michiru Kaioh, Sans, Ryuji Sakamoto, Space Dandy, Jack Skellington, Big Band
  • Odd Friendship with: Chuck
  • Enemies: Brook is overall liked, but many of the female gods get angry when he asks for their panties.
  • Says that everyone of his followers hold a special place in his heart. But, as a skeleton, he has no heart. Yohohoho! SKULL JOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEE!!!
  • Has kindly offered to give Kotomi violin lessons. "Her music would be painful to my ears. But, as a skeleton, I have no ears! Yohohoho! SKUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLL JOKE!!!"
  • Apart from the violin, Brook is also a skilled musician with the piano. And after two years of practice, has become very skilled with a guitar as well, not enough to match Jimi Hendrix of course, but enough to be famed in his home world as Soul King Brook.
  • Would have likely asked Cosmos if he could see her panties, but was aggressively kept back and kept silent by her more protective followers.
  • When the Straw Hat Pirates were reunited within the Pantheon, Brook had played with such jubilation and skill he inadvertently broke both his bow and strings. Fortunately Eddie Riggs was able to assist, and subsequently invited to the festivities.
  • Is amused by Ryuji Sakamoto’s Skull mask.
  • He isn't one to mention it, but Brook has been rather sad as of late. The realization of his godhood keeping him even further from reuniting with Laboon came kind of hard to him.
  • Has formed a friendship with Chuck because they kinda sound the same.
    • This is also the reason why he and Dandy get along. Dandy definitely appreciates his taste in music.
  • Became fast friends with fellow skeleton Sans, in inclusion to having a similar sense of humor, Sans is pretty good on a trombone, the two have been known to torment Papyrus with incidental music when he does something embarrassing.
  • Was happily surprised to meet the acquaintance of Jack Skellington. Unsurprisingly, the two immediately hit it off thanks to their love of music, singing, and celebration. The two are reportedly combining their talents for the next upcoming Halloween, and the Pantheon is eager to see what they come up with.
    • In the meantime, Jack used his status as Pumpkin King to appoint Brook as an honorary member of Halloween Town.
    • Despite his best efforts, Brook has been unable to get Jack to crack a single skull joke.
  • Enjoys the classy presence of Big Band and his jazz tools, and often performs with him onstage. Offstage, they enjoy drinking tea and listening to other deities musical works. He's also very impressed with the remixes that Big Band has done, expressing interest in making a collab with him.
  • Befriended his fellow music goddess Miku when she created a remixed version of one of her songs as a tribute to the Straw Hat Pirates. Even if she finds his usual panty-requesting habit as uncomfortable as the rest of the women around.

    Houkago Tea Time 
Houkago Tea Time members , Goddesses of Girl Rock Bands and Star Making Roles (Tsumugi: Mugi, Azusa: Azu-nyan)

I-No, Evil Goddess of Musical Assassination

Karthus, God of Scary Musicians Singing Harmless Music (The Deathsinger)

Kraftwerk, Gods of Robotic Musicians
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Four robots rendered in 80's-ish CG
  • Theme Song: "The Robots"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Kayfabe Music, Electronic Music, Germanic Efficiency
  • Followers: And One, New Order, scores of other electronic, pop and early hip-hop artists.
    • Jimmy the Robot from The Aquabats! looks up to them as ancestors, though he works in a different musical genre.
  • Allies: Eduard Artemyev, Giorgio Moroder, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Coldplay, David Bowie, Iggy Pop (non ascended)
  • Enemies: Skrillex, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Swedish House Mafia
  • They are notoriously reclusive, choosing to spend their time tucked away in their secret lair, Kling Klang Studios. When the Holy Trinity contacted Kraftwerk's lawyers to ask if they wanted to ascend to the Trope Pantheon, nothing was heard for months, until one day a slip of paper appeared in the mailbox of the House of Music reading "yes".
  • While some of their followers are rivals with Eduard Artemyev's followers over who is really the Trope Maker of electronic music, they actually get along with him fairly well. Robots don't really hold grudges after all.
    • They are, however, somewhat less-than-proud of some of the genres and musicians that indirectly spawned from the style they helped create...they won't name names though.
  • Fellow robotic musicians Daft Punk were the runners up for this position, but conceded due to Kraftwerk being one of their biggest influences and became their high priests for a while before becoming Gods of House Music.
  • It's hard to know if their human selves control their robot alter-egos, or the other way around at this point. Since ascending no one's seen them as humans around the pantheon.
  • They often meet up with David Bowie and Iggy Pop while riding on the Trans-Pantheon Express train, and hang out.

    Marilyn Manson 
Marilyn Manson, God of Wrongfully Bashed Musicians (Brian Warner, The God of Fuck)

    Michael Jackson 
Michael Jackson, God of Moonwalking (The King of Pop, Space Michael, Captain EO, the Gloved One)

    Miku Hatsune 
Miku Hatsune, Goddess of Synthetic Music

    Sergey Stepanov/Epic Sax Guy 

Sergey Stepanov, God of Attractive Sax Players (Epic Sax Guy, Ultra Sax Guy)

    Sheryl Nome 
Sheryl Nome, Goddess of Hopes and Dreams (The Galactic Fairy)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden heart-shaped loop with a butterfly wing spread from one side of the cleft (primary) or one of her earrings (secondary).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Stage Outfits, Beauty, "Assets", Heroic Willpower, Mentoring, Professional Exhibitionism, Inspirational Music, Marketing, Blood Songs, The Lady's Favour, Cold Hard Cash, Narcissism
  • Domains: Music, Song, Craft, Emotion, Love, Illusion, Seduction, Sexiness, Heroism, The Power of Rock, Blood, War
  • Allies: Hayate Immelmann, Lucia Nanami, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
  • Rivals: I-No, Elzam von Branstein, Alison Blaire/Dazzler.
  • Herald: Alto Saotome (her love interest,childhood friend and inspiration)
  • Followers: Ranka Lee, Lynn Minmay, Fire Bomber, Walküre
  • Favored Weapon: The Black Vega (her credit card) and her golden microphone
  • Some say she is the illegitimate spawn of Nekki Basara and Sharon Apple made possible by The Power of Rock.
  • Her first scene was Fanservice. Her first words were a sleepily uttered "Strawberry pie..." In effect, she hit the demographic attracted by the sexy and the demographic attracted by the Moe, or, in short, everyone in the first forty-five seconds.
  • Legend has it that Yoko Kanno noticed Sheryl Nome when she was a mortal child, and so Graced her with an avatar to guide her into becoming a star. Unfortunately, the Queen of Mixing found she was simply unable to create something that was not Crazy Awesome, which compromised her desire to create a timid Sexy Secretary. She instead forged a being out of Despairs and Nightmares who would play the part in secret. In the end, The Plan proved successful, and the ensuing events developed Sheryl into a being worthy of godhood.
  • As a very young goddess, she tends to fail epicly when attempting anything beyond her godly domains, though as she is an orphan, The Blues Brothers ensure her protection even while Hilarity Ensues. She was such a good sport that they even gifted her with an R&B song.
  • Her opposition to Elzam von Branstein stems from his overthrowing of Nekki Basara as God of the Unstoppable Theme Song, and from when he denied her his favor when she tried to summon a Theme Music Power-Up as a mortal. As a result, she frequently aids Basara in attempts to regain his former title.
  • Rivals I-No for possession of the prestigious Fanservice portfolio, once attempting to fly a VF-25 Messiah to oppose her. It doesn't end well.
  • Heroes pray to her for success and survival, and she may show them her favor, especially if they're hot Bishōnen fighter jocks. Those favored may hear her singing, if she chooses to sing for them, which will fill The Hero with a Hotblooded Unstoppable Rage, providing a huge force multiplier to the pilot's badass level. Note: Survival and skill power up only extends to the physical pilot, and NOT said pilot's Cool Plane, which may or may not get shot up (or down) in the process of your Moment of Awesome.
  • More recently Sheryl released the Universal Bunny concert vid in an attempt to flat out steal the Fanservice portfolio from I-No. It was sprinkled liberally with Fanservice, BDSM, Lesbian Vampires, and even a little Sheryl on Sheryl Les Yay. The jury is still out on if she should inherit the portfolio, in part due to most of it being closer to examples of Fanservice, a portfolio that Sheryl already owns outright.
    • The implosion of the Fanservice portfolio into the fetish fuel portfolio did not affect her nearly as heavily here as it did in the House of Love, but, like there, she was able to nab the Fetishes portfolio here in its place. The battle for it was less epic, as the competition was not high in this pantheon, nor did it have as much of an effect on her power level.
  • Gained a Cool Car in the Nyan Cli short, an interview/music video montage, in the form of a red Ferrari California with a six-speed manual transmission. The Blues Brothers were probably involved with this.
  • Took a spot in the House of Love when she heard they had the best sound systems, getting in simply by the Fanservice portfolio being open at the time.
  • Promoted to Intermediate Goddess after the second movie (The Wings of Goodbye) when she wrote a new song on a prison wall in her own blood while sitting on death row. Then there's The Wings Of Goodbye, and when she sings that, it empowers Alto's YF-29 with golden wings and Crazy Awesome. Yeah, we kinda thought that was awesome enough to warrant a promotion here, too. She got promoted in the Love Pantheon, too, but that was for a different reason.
  • Among her mortal accomplishments, when her home is threatened and the local government refuses to help (That distress call is sabotage. Really), what's a girl to do? She has no skill at fighting, no weapons, no soldiers, but what does she have? A credit card and a credit rating better than most countries. She hires an entire Badass Army of mercenaries for a rescue mission, including a full squadron of Super Prototype Space Fighters and the carrier they come with. Did we mention said carrier packs a Wave Motion Gun? It takes her all of two minutes, she just throws them her credit card, the Black Vega, which is why the Black Vega is her favored weapon. Seriously, who needs a gun when you have cold hard cash?
  • Prior to the expansion of the House of Music, she has both Freddie Mercury and David Bowie as her immediate neighbors. May be taking pointers from them in order to build her way up to Greater Godhood (It's totally platonic, she's taken).
  • Also present in the House of War and Love respectively.
  • After a long time of being the only Macross deity in the Pantheon, Sheryl was pleased to see Hayate Immelmann ascend and gave him her blessing. For his part, Hayate was grateful and noted some similarities between the Galactic Fairy and his friend Mikumo Guynemer.

Lesser Gods

     765 Pro 
765 Pro, Goddesses of Idol Singers (The iDOLM@STER, Haruka: Harurun, Ribbon girl, Stupid ribbon, Yukiho: Yuki-pyon, Yayoi: Yayo-cchi, Ritsuko: Ricchan, Iori: Forehead, Iorin, Makoto: Mako-chin, Miki: Miki-Miki, Hibiki: Hibikin, Takane: Gluttonous Silver Princess, Kotori: Piyo-chan, The Producer: 765 Pro-san)

Amigo, God of Literally Livening Up The Place (Great Maracas King)
  • Lesser God. Intermediate God when in "All Star" mode.
  • Symbol: His maracas. Alternatively, his face.
  • Theme: Samba de Amigo (Samba de Janeiro 2000)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Everything's Better with Monkeys, Keet, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Wingding Eyes, The Unintelligible, The Voiceless, The Cameo, Hidden Depths revealed through the manual, Causes the scenery to dance along other artistic changes
  • Domain: maracas, music, partying, dancing, the poor
  • Heralds: His other band mates, his family, most noticeably his sister Amiga.
  • Allies: His fellow SEGA deities, namely Sonic, Segata Sanshiro, NiGHTS, Billy Hatcher, AiAi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Caesar, a good number of deities in the house of Music, Sans, Scrooge McDuck, Wreck It Ralph, Vanellope, Opa-Opa, Beat, El Mariachi, Speedy Gonzales, Ratchet
  • Friendly Rivalry: Parappa
  • Enemies: King K Rool, Mr Burns, Gray Mann, Ragyo Kiryuin, generally, any Corrupt Corporate Executive
  • On a rather energetic day, the house of Music started to move with in, literally move with life. The nearby hills and clouds were moving in rhythm, the deities of the house were jumping in tune, and even the sun was dancing! Sonic, who was in the house at the time, led the way for some concerned members of the Main House to center stage, where it was revealed that Amigo was actually performing, having such legendary maraca skills that makes the place come literally alive. He was given God hood on the spot and has made a temple inside the house of music. His band-mates are welcomed to come up and perform with him should he desire (which is next to always).
  • As with the other Sega deities, he quickly became friends with the rest of the ascended Sega gods and goddesses.
    • Sonic was already allied with him well before his ascension, performing with him in Green Hill Zone. He also rode on hoverboards with him before, along with Billy Hatcher and NiGHTS. The monkey was also thankful to Sonic for saving him once her accidentally fell off the stage during a tennis match.
      • On the note of Billy, he was also able to be summoned by a special egg and helped Billy on his quest. The two keep close tabs on each other since.
    • He is also great friends with AiAi, who enjoys the former monkey's festive music, while the Mexican monkey can be found trying out AiAi's rolling marbles with himself inside, though not without being safe from headaches and nausea when it gets too crazy. They often stop by the house of Food to order banana bread to eat with their own heralds.
    • He is sometimes seen racing around with Opa-Opa alongside various other Sega deities, save for a few cameos. He views it all in friendly competition, and even uses his "All-Star" move to make others dance in a conga-line while his ride is on auto-pilot. The second time around, he began experimenting with exploding maracas that makes drivers feel more festive. It is said he may of gotten this idea from Brook from his own hypnotizing songs.
    Brook: Oh, did I help him out there? Nonsense; I don't have the brain for it...or a brain at all! YOHOHOHOHOHOHO! SKULL JOKE!
    • While he prefers his own flavor of music, Amigo is more than willing to have Beat attend and dance with him during some of his festivals, even letting him put on his more music if he's feeling like he could work with the GG's hip-hop music that day.
  • Being unique from the other Sega deities with his origin starting in the arcades at first, Wreck It Ralph visits him on the occasion from time and time again, sometimes even taking Vanellope with him. This led to Vanellope approving of having Amgio come over to "Sugar Rush" to perform during some of the races as a background event, giving him some bananas in return for his services.
  • When not performing with his own band, he can be seen with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong dancing to their beat on their bongos and electric guitar. The three of them sometimes engage together for a trio performance in the house of Music. He also became enemies to King K Rool this way, performing for Donkey Kong one time to cause the environment to dance in sync with him, which made him throw the kritter king off, and allowed Donkey Kong to defeat him much easier before his banana hoard could get stolen.
    • Speaking of performing with other people, Amigo is open to collaborations with anyone, regardless of alignment of morality. Music to him is something meant to be shared, and wouldn't let morality block potential partners. That said, he is taking caution around gods that use music to hurt people, namely I-No.
  • Surprisingly, he actually has some deep motives for what he was doing. He was once a poor monkey hailing from a poor family who one day found some maracas in a shop. After begging the store owner to let him hold them, he instinctively grew found of them, and started performing for money to help his family. Now, the monkey has his own theme park, movie studio and even city to his name as a successful maraca player. As a result of this, he is seen doing shows, performing his music and donating his money to the poor, as he was once in such a position himself, never really losing sight of what his original goal was was. Scrooge McDuck can publicly approve of his actions (even if trying to get a free penny from him could be a hassle), and has even helped the monkey set up a couple charity events.
    • Caesar is rather impressed with his friendliness and cheerful disposition despite his history. He is considering making Amigo one of the first monkeys he assigns to help with taking care of tense relationships he has that he doesn't want to keep, seeing him as someone who can lighten the mood and bring up spirits.
    • On the other side of the coin, Amigo really doesn't have high regard to those that use their wealth for evil, like Mr Burns or Gray Mann, and while he may not do some damage to them on his own, he would happily serve as a distraction should someone fighting them need it. Gray Mann is especially annoyed by this, as his robots are actually affected by his music, and when Amigo uses his "All-Star" move on them, he can hypnotize them into performing a conga line instead of actually fighting. Ratchet is rather impressed with how Amigo can make this happen without his Groovitron device, and has offered to team up with him from time to time to use his Groovitron to help extend the duration of the dance.
      • He's also currently experimenting with some scientists to if his "All-Star" move can tame or pacify Ragyo's life fibers.
  • Curiously enough, Amigo can never make clear words; just maraca or music sounds spew from...somewhere. They clearly are coming from Amigo, but no one knows how that works. The House of Knowledge gave up on him long after seeing him bring what should be inanimate objects to life just by dancing around them with his maracas. However, they seem to understand him anyway regardless so it isn't that much of an annoyance for them.
    • Sans takes full advantage of this, and often accompanies the monkey's music with his own trombone when he sees something embarrassing happen to a deity, mainly Papyrus.
  • He greatly enjoys Parappa's company, even if rapping is a genre he really isn't that keen on performing. Regardless, he still enjoys keeping up a rather playful rivalry against him. People who witness the two having a musical battle should expect an even more lively performance than usual.
  • Often joins with up El Mariachi and Speedy Gonzales and performs with them for a song or two, true to their Mexican culture. Though Amigo has made sure to provide El Mariachi a distinct enough violin case that was really for a violin, and not his weapons.

    Ashley (WarioWare
Ashley, Goddess of Bragging Theme Tunes (The Girl Next Door Living in the Haunted Mansion, the Cruelest/Coolest Girl You'll Ever Meet)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her golden skull brooch
  • Theme Song: "You better learn my name, because it's ASH-LEY~!"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Death Glare, longing for friendship and not being kind to those who reject her friendship, Cute Witch who is also Little Miss Badass, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Power Dyes Your Hair, being nicer in Japanese, being alone without any parents, Bragging Theme Tune that doubles as Background Music Override, becoming one of the most popular WarioWare characters
  • Domains: Songs, Microgames, Witches, Magic
  • Herald: Red
  • Allies: Mona, 9-volt and 18-volt, Erma Williams, Tomoko Kuroki, Kirby, Luigi, Waluigi, Elzam Von Branstein, Beetlejuice, Professor Elvin Gadd
  • Rivals: Mandy, Gertrude (the latter being a Friendly Rivalry)
  • Enemies: Mello, Stocking Anarchy, The King Of All Cosmos, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Nerima Daikon Brothers, Ridley, King K Rool
  • Interested in: The House Of Ghosts
  • Employed by: Wario
  • Who's the girl living next door living in the haunted mansion? You better know her name, because she's Ashley! Ashley is a witch in training from Diamond City, training to become the most powerful witch in the world. If her gothic attire didn't sell it, her theme song stating she can rule the world and still finish her homework should, as her imp assistant, Red, can attest to. 9-volt and 18-volt were actually rooting for her ascension and were even encouraging her in her home world to come up. Ashley only agreed to come up just so she could observe more powerful deities and learn even greater spells. Due to how many in the Pantheon fell in love with her Bragging Theme Tune, it was decided she would ascend with that title. Ashely didn't mind that, even smiling a bit at how much they seemingly respected her if her song was that loved.
  • Ashley is rather interesting due to that she is much more nice and happy to make friends with others in her Japanese speaking voice, with her just wanted to not be bored and make friends as opposed to her English version boasting about her power and making it no secret that she can be dark. While few people get the privilege of hearing her speak like that, she did become friends with Kirby due to how hardcore their American personas are. It’s speculated that she only speaks that way with those she truly value as friends.
  • She has become a regular assist fighter during the Super Smash Bros fights, and has made it no secret how she was mad that she wasn't going to be an actual fighter during the most recent round. King K Rool and Ridley make daily visits to her temple to mock her about this misfortune, with King K Rool even forcing her into an assist trophy case to parade her around alongside his partner in crime. Surprisingly, Waluigi of all people stepped up to try and put an end to it, already knowing the pain of not being an actual fighter in Smash, assaulting the reptiles with his tennis racket. It still ended poorly in his favor, but they left them alone after beating Waluigi. Since then, Ashley and Waluigi have become good friends, lamenting over being overshadowed by others.
    • Despite this, 9-volt actually mentioned that he feels kind of jealous for Ashley having such a cool position, and that he is happy to be friends with such a powerful person with such an important role. While Ashley tries to brush this off as him trying to make her feel better, she still greatly appreciates his effort. Not that she is interested in telling him that face to face.
  • She HATES sweets, and finds the idea of a level composed entirely out of sweets to be utterly repulsive. Naturally, this has led to her headbutting against several lovers of candy, including Mello, Stocking and The King Of All Cosmos.
    • However, she reserves most of her hatred towards Vanellope Von Schweetz, who has her entire temple being one giant Level Ate as well as Vanellope and the racers representing various sweets. The glitch is currently interested in forming a candy-loving committee to protect their favorite foods.
      • The only person who supports Ashley on this crusade is Gertrude, who also escaped from her own Fairytale land nightmare, and views Ashley getting trapped in a food-themed world and escaping it not that different from her managing to escape Fairyland. The two are on decent enough terms with each other, but still like to challenge the other into proving that they are the better Creepy Child for fun.
  • Due to how her Bragging Theme Tune doubles as Background Music Override, the Nerima Daikon Brothers branded her as a potential threat to their performances like how Elzam Von Branstein once ruined a concert. The two of them are currently figuring out a way with how to deal with them.
  • Given her interest in the supernatural, she has become interested in the house of Ghosts. It also helps how it is also a mansion like her own. The various spirits there don't mind her too much and generally just follow a live and let live philosophy with her, although Beetlejuice (who still hangs around the graveyards despite being in a different house), loves showing off for her, as he is reminded of Lydia from her gothic personality. Ashley, for her part, has been generally impressed by him and even offered to help him become even scarier or to even summon him should she feel like he can help with something. The Ghost with the Most cackled happily at the idea that he has another partner in crime.
    • When hearing about how Luigi dealt with ghosts and mansions through 9-volt retelling Luigi's Mansion and its sequel, Ashley has approached the green plumber and inquired if she could go with him to study the ghosts. On his end, while he is unnerved by how casual and even scary Ashley can be, Luigi is still willing to call himself friends with her...if only because he didn't do so he was toast, but still. On her end, the now tamed ghosts seemed to be greatly amazed by her and are more than welcoming of her visits, much to her delight. He does find it a bit odd that her purpose in Smash is to essentially act as a smaller version of his original final smash dance attack.
      • From Luigi, she has heard of the eccentric professor he was working under called Professor E Gadd. Given how Ashley gets along swimmingly with the ghosts and how she wishes to learn more about them, the professor is more than happy to let her do her own thing and even exchange notes with her.
  • As a Creepy Child, she has branded herself as a rival to Mandy, stating that they both are planning on taking over the world before the other, with Ashley adding in the boast of her being able to do so before finishing her homework for the night. The majority of the Pantheon are more concerned with more powerful deities that want to take over the world, but are still interested where this contest leads. Doesn't help Ashley that her spells have a 40% success rate...
    • She has become better friends with Erma Williams, who is a ghost girl with a talent for scaring and playing harmless pranks of people as well. Ashley is more than intrigued by the Blairwood ghoul, especially after hearing about how her grandfather could be trouble. Even odder, Ashley willingly threw her hat into the wing, promising to try and protect her should he attempt to do anything to her and her family. Red is currently praying and begging Ashley for this to not happen, fearing that he may be too much for her.
      • On a completely innocent note, Ashley has become fast friends with Tomoko, given their penchant for feeling lonely and wishing to have more friends. However, Ashley has picked up that in Tomoko's own homeworld, she has been gaining a steady amount of friends, and confessed to feeling a bit jealous of her. Tomoko went silent for the majority of the day, unable to comprehend the fact that someone was actually envious of her.
  • No, she has NOT granted kids to Hell. Trying to claim that this is true is one of the quickest ways to make you wish she granted you to Hell.
  • One final thing to remember if you see her on the street...
    Ashley: "I'm the cruelest girl you'll ever meet..."note 

    Balthazar Bratt 
Balthazar Brat, God of Anachronistic Musicphiles (Evil Bratt, A Bad Boy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Evil Bratt action figures
  • Theme Song: None of his own, though he likes to use Michael Jackson's "Bad"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Disco Dan, Former Child Star, Played The Role Of A Villain And Became One, Keytar Weapon, Psychopathic Manchild, '80s Hair, Eighties Fashion Sense, Wants To Get Back At Hollywood And Take Over the World, Dance Battler
  • Domains: Fame(formerly), Delusion, Revenge, Music, The Eighties, Bubblegum
  • High Priest: Disco Stu
  • Followers: Turner D Century, Gary King, Leisure Suit Larry
  • Allies: Crystal Man and Junk Man, Ember McLain, I-No
  • Headbutting Villains with: Eric Cartman, Norma Desmond
  • Enemies: Felonius Gru, The Minions, all of Hollywood, Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake, Nostalgia Critic, Knuckles the Echidna, Marty McFly, Bill and Ted
  • Respects: Michael Jackson (one-sided)
  • Balthazar Bratt is a Former Child Star who was the star of his own show, Evil Bratt. The Villain Protagonist of a popular series in the mid-80s, his luck rank out in the third season where he reached puberty and rating plummeted, the series being cancelled. Unable to handle this loss of his fame, he would sink into delusion and believe he was the character he played. He would become just as much of a supervillain, with a desire to get back at Hollywood for cancelling him.
  • Has a mindset trapped in the eighties, which is pretty evident with his fashion, Rubik's Cubes and other 80s paraphernalia. He always listen to music of that time. A huge fan of Michael Jackson, he was overjoyed to meet his idol in the pantheon. This is completely one-sided as the King of Pop is disturbed by his desire to stay in the past making him a deranged super-villain. At the very least he refuses to cause trouble in Jackson's presence.
  • Despises Hollywood due to how he was cancelled due to reaching puberty. His Evil Plan was to use a laser to separate Hollywood off the ground and lift into space with bubblegum, replicating the last episode of his show. To achieve this he needs a powerful enough diamond for his laser, which has led him to try and take the Master Emerald. He almost succeeded lifting Angel Island into space, though it was taken back before he could realize the true power of the emerald.
  • Has a large collection of personal merchandise he's managed to weaponize, such as his Evil Bratt action figures. He has tried to sell them in Commerce, but experts of the House of Weapons check to make sure any weapon he put there is removed. Currently trying to recreate his giant action figure mech. Crystal Man and Junk Man have helped him in the finance of it, especially Crystal Man since the crystals he makes help with his laser weapons.
  • Because of his vendetta towards Hollywood the House of Theater won't allow him in unless under strict supervision. He's managed to follow the rules, mainly because he wants to renew his show's popularity in the pantheon. While some feel he could use more material, they do admit he's good at the Evil Is Cool and Love to Hate role. He's friendly towards Norma Desmond due to being a bitter former star looking for their Glory Days, though she thinks he's a bit nuts.
  • Refuses to live outside the 1980s, and anybody who thinks otherwise is welcome to say so if they can get past his fortress; a heavily guarded cube surrounded by super-toxic spikes. He was overjoyed to learn that time travel was a thing, and immediately began hassling fellow 80s icons Marty McFly and Bill and Ted to steal their time machine and re-live his fame. They managed to fight him off less he ruin the timeline for his delusions.
  • Being voiced by Trey Parker, the deities from South Park have taken some notice of him. He seems most interested in Eric Cartman as he's impressed by his elaborate plans of vengeance, and that he's made progress getting back at Hollywood like almost cancelling Family Guy or getting Cthulhu to kill Justin Bieber. While Cartman will sometimes help if it suits him, he's lazy and fickle and thus not the best ally.
  • Able to weaponize bubblegum bubbles to compress people or as a levitation device, among other purposes. He's impressed by Hisoka's skill with them, but otherwise doesn't seem that interested. He has caused trouble in the Candy Kingdom for trying to kidnap Princess Bubblegum and force her to use her newly found candy elemental powers as an endless resource for his gum weaponry.
  • Has managed to weaponize his sonic keytar, though he sometimes just uses it to play 80s songs. Likes to play with fellow evil musicians Ember McClain and I-No.

    Elite Beat Agents 
The Elite Beat Agents, The Godly Trio of Serious Dancing
In order, Agent Morris, Agent J, Agent Derek

    Kotomi Ichinose 
Kotomi Ichinose, Muse of Dreadful Music
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A violin
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dreadful Musicians, Fake Magical Girls, Boke And Tsukkomi Routines, Cloudcuckoolanders, Teen Geniuses, Senseless Violins.
  • Domains: Family, Craft
  • High Priest: Cacofonix
  • Followers: Warren T. Rat
  • Allies: Mana Aida/Cure Heart, Fuko Ibuki, Merzbow
  • Kotomi is a frequent figure on Celestial Idol, but in recent years has been shown the door repeatedly before she even gets a chance to unpack her violin case. Simon Cowell is still trying to block out the days-old ringing in his ears.
  • Just as long as she doesn't bring her violin, she's always welcomed to any party. But if she ever brings her violin, she'll end up Bound and Gagged in the corner.
  • She once accidentally stumbled into a Merzbow performance and the music was so loud it caused her ears to ring and teeth to hurt for a week afterwards. She also said it was the greatest performance she ever saw, and has since become a loyal fan and occasional support musician.

    Lord Raptor 
Lord Raptor, Demonic Rock God (Zabel Zarock)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His guitar and/or his side-kick Le Malta
  • Theme Music: His original or his remake theme.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Zombie powered by heavy metal, attacks with chainsaws, sharp bones or electricity, from Australia, Musical Assassin, plotting to usurp his superiors.
  • Domains: Undead, Zombies, Heavy Metal, Ambition
  • Allies: Spinal, Courtney Gears, I-No, Kano.
  • Enemies: Demitri Maximoff, Morrigan Aensland, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Tallahassee, Ash Williams, Miss Sarah Fortune, Artix Von Krieger, Peacock, The Suite Pretty Cures.
  • Rival: Alison Blaire/Dazzler.
  • High Priests: The Dark Purveyors (much to their annoyance and disgust)
  • Abhorrent Admirer to: Hsien-Ko, Nadia Fortune, Eliza, Squigly, Margaret Moonlight
  • Stays Far Away From: Bloody Marie
  • Herald: Le Malta
  • A heavy metal rocker in his heyday, Raptor/Zabel was also a cultist who gained favor among the demons of Makai after sacrificing the souls of his entire audience on his final concert in which he also perished. This sacrifice allowed him to come back as a zombie with demonic power in which he channels through his heavy metal music.
    • The Demonic Rock temple was contested among him and the Dark Purveyors. Even though the Purveyors had superior power and abilities due to being the sacrificial vessels of their leader and king, Killabilly, Raptor easily beat them as he had the one weapon they feared: a chainsaw. Still, he keeps them around as his high priests, which more or less means his gofers.
  • The first thing he did the second he settled in was rush over to Hsien-Ko's temple and profess his undying love to her now that they are both deities. All he did was fall victim to many boobytraps (most using heavy weights and blades) she had already set up once she heard of his ascension.
  • Being a zombie, he's naturally a target of both the BSAA deities, Ash Williams and Tallahassee. He never leaves his temple unless Le Malta spies around and makes sure the coast is clear.
  • Some members in the Pantheon know him very well as he was involved in plots to merge all worlds. Those he had allied himself with in those instances (such as Jedah Dohma) know he is an opportunist who will betray his masters to gather more power for himself. It's that reason why Lucifer and especially Melkor don't want him in their GUAs. Nekron, however, sees him an ideal member for the GUAD as in the end he'll destroy him as well as everyone else.
  • Once had the misfortune of running into Artix Von Krieger. Beaten to an inch within undeath, Raptor was saved, of all things, by Artix noticing Le Malta holding a pink teddy bear (a gift he was about to give his "sweetheart" B.B Hood). Artix immediately ceased his attack and ran in the opposite direction. Raptor decides to keep at least one pink item hidden within his body at all times now.
    • As for the teddy bear? B.B. Hood ended up shooting both it and Le Malta full of holes for his trouble.
  • After yet another unsuccessful attempt to enter Hsien-Ko's temple and setting off the latest round of booby traps waiting for him, Raptor found an unfortunate target/new love interest in Ms. Fortune. The undead catgirl initally rejected his advances until he left her with no choice but to fight. The battle ended when Nadia tried going for a Feral Edge only for Raptor to counter with a well-timed Death Voltage. He then carried her unconscious body back to his temple. The Machine immediately sounded alarm to her kidnapping, prompting Peacock and Miss Sarah Fortune to go to her rescue. What awaited them when they entered the innermost sanctum of the Demonic Rock temple was beyond their sensibilities. Peacock had to close all her eyes just to stop watching, her assist characters all turned green and began throwing up, and Sarah kept a mantra to imagine seeing Gangplank naked. Still, they eventually freed Nadia, who was so angry at being made Raptor's plaything, she pulled a enormous Fifth Of Dismember on him. Once rescued, all 3 went directly to Moe's Tavern to be served a large barrelful of Forget-Me-Shots each. Peacock, however, made sure her assistants would never take the drink as she wants them to remind them of the horror they all forgot and to make sure Raptor never gets near Nadia ever again.
    • After hearing how Raptor "sullied her future drinking fountain", Eliza immediately went to Raptor to punish him. Instead of fighting back, Raptor became lovestruck and earned yet another "suitor". Despite having him proclaim his devotion to her, Eliza was disgusted as she wouldn't even see it worth anything to keep him around as a slave and left. From that moment on, whenever he tries getting close to her, she has Albus and Horace beat him to a pulp and toss him as far away from her as possible.
  • Has recently made Squigly yet another "suitor". While the zombie-girl doesn't often agree with Eliza on anything, she has occasionally helped Eliza beat the crap out of him, usually with Leviathan's fire-breath.
  • Briefly had an encounter with Bloody Marie when she first ascended. Raptor originally thought she could be yet another "suitor", but Marie shot that down when she took control of his body, contorted it into a myriad of horrifying figures and poses, then cut him into pieces with her scythe before using his guitar as a gravestone. Safe to say, he has never approached her again.
  • Despite his terrible luck with the ladies, he HAS been recruited as a band-mate for I-No, Courtney Gears and Margaret Moonlight. However, the second he tried to hit on her, she warned him that if he even muttered one inappropriate thing about her he will quickly regret it. He isn't interested in chancing it.
  • He doesn't care what anyone says about his rap-skills. He still thinks his rhymes are gold even after all the years of ridicule that has passed.

    Margaret Moonlight 
Margaret Moonlight, Goddess of "The Hero Sucks" Song (The Goddess Of Death, The Fourth Assassin)

    Phil Collins 
Phil Collins, God of Soft Rock and Frontman Drummers
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His physical signature.
  • Theme Song: "In the Air Tonight"
  • Portfolio: Making ridiculously catchy songs, being the lead singer of Genesis, as well as being an amazing drummer both as a solo artist, and in Genesis.
  • Domains: Drums (and the mortals who play them), Any rock that falls between a 1-3 on Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness.
  • Followers: Genesis
  • Allies: Shulk, Tarzan, Simba, Mufasa
  • Odd Friendship: With The Runaway Guys, specifically Jon and one of his moderators, due to the latter never shutting up about him. The three ended up hitting it off due to Phil being a bit of a gamer himself.
  • Ascended with help from Shulk and Tarzan and after pleading his case with all the awards he earned as well as performing a 20-minute drum solo as a final test.
  • Became allies with Shulk when Shulk made it aware that he was really feeling it... coming in the air tonight.
  • Wrote the entire soundtrack for fellow God Tarzan's movie.
    • He's also on Simba and Mufasa's good side, thanks to a certain song about feeling love.
  • Once went to Vice City and was nearly assassinated and probably would have been had he not enlisted a criminal as his bodyguard.
  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone were not amused when Phil won an Academy Award in 1999 over Parker and Stone, so Parker and Stone made an easily-mocked version of him for South Park.
  • Sting (No, not THAT Sting) once challenged him to a fight to the death over Phil's godhood. Phil crushed Sting with his own legs in what Phil described as a "bleeding drum solo" followed by the aforementioned crush (dubbed The Money Shot by local commentators).


    Big Time Rush 
Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Logan Mitchell and Carlos Garcia, Quartet Gods of Boy Bands (Big Time Rush)

    Courtney Gears 
Courtney Gears, Infernal Diva

    Elvis Presley 
Elvis Aaron Presley, God of Rock and Roll Stars and Celebrities Suspected to Still be Alive (The King of Rock and Roll)
  • Demigodnote 
  • Symbol: His pompadour
  • Theme Song: There's a lot, but for now he's chosen "Burning Love"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Rock Star, '50s Hair, Southern Gentleman, Thought to Still be Alive and Possibly an Alien or Elf, Real Men Love Jesus (So Don't Call Him The King), Music of Note, Too Hot for TV, Loves Bacon and Food in General, Big Fancy House, Shoot the Television, The Lisa Marie, Sabotaged "Blue Christmas" and Yet it Became a Hit, Nice Guy, Memetic Hair
  • Domains: Rock and Roll, Fame, Idols, Bacon
  • Followers: The Kings
  • Allies: Son Goku, Bill and Ted, Lilo and Stitch, Reuben, Angel, Marilyn Manson, Captain Marvel, Waylon Smithers
  • On good terms: Gods associated with rock and roll, most the House of Music and non-evil members of the House of Food, Josuke Higashikata
  • Odd Friendship with: Ned Flanders
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Michael Jackson, The Beatles
  • Opposes: Jerkass producers and evil mothers, Mr Krabs, Nigel West Dickens
  • Unclear relationship with: The Men in Black
  • Elvis Aaron Presley is the Mississippi-born, Tennessee-raised son of common southern folk Gladys Love and Vernon Presley. Surviving his stillborn twin and a devastating hurricane storm, they believed the kid was gonna be Born Lucky. As it turns out they were right; he would rise fast in the fifties as one of the greatest music artists of the era, and certainly one of the most iconic. After decades of shaking his hips for the angels (though some would argue he's been in hiding), the first true rock star returns in the Trope Pantheon.
  • Known as the King of Rock and Roll, or simply "The King". He hates this phrase due to being a rather religious man, or as he puts "there's only one God, and He sure don't dress like me". Him and Ned Flanders got on surprisingly well for someone judged Too Hot for TV, though given he's got a big Beatles connection this isn't that unexpected.
  • Waylon Smithers is a big fan of him, taking pride in the picture that Mr. Burns gave him with being next to Elvis. The latter couldn't understand a word he was saying. As Smithers puts it, "he was so good to his mother". Elvis was fine with him getting an autograph personally, though this could be in part interest in his boss' financial abilities and desire for funds.
  • Has a Friendly Rivalry with Michael Jackson, his former son-in-law. They even had a rap battle. There's a similar rivalry with the Beatles who become one of the next popular things during what he considers his Dork Age and wane in popularity, but like Michael there's no hard feelings.
  • Grew up a fan of Captain Marvel comics, even stylizing some of his outfits off him. It was a real treat for Elvis to meet Billy Batson in person.
  • Practically worshiped by Lilo and Stitch, who consider him an idol to look up to. They use him as an example of a model citizen, and have tried to get him ascended. They succeeded, and Elvis gladly visits their temple for songs and autographs. Meanwhile, they're allowed to visit Graceland whenever they want for their help, and the duo have been working to have him meet their massive ʻohana, especially Stitch's "cousins"; Presley has since met at least two of the other experiments face-to-face (keep reading below on those).
  • He was utterly awed by Bill and Ted. Oh sure, he popularized rock and roll but they managed to create utopia as the Wyld Stallyns. He's nothing short of impressed by them, even asking for their autographs, leading them to squee. He's gone on a time-travelling adventure with them of late.
  • Likes Josuke Higashikata for defending the pompadour hairstyle, though until he learned just why he has the hair thought he went a bit overboard with it. Initially believed it was based off his own hairdo, but Josuke's stated it's a Prince nod.
  • Official sources say he died at his throne due to heart complications and his addiction to prescription drugs. Many didn't believe this, and assume he's still alive, possibly undercover drug-busting with the FBI. Now that he's ascended Elvis seems fond of claiming this, however he's probably lying due to embarrassment over his Undignified Death.
  • Suspected to have been some sort of alien, and gone home in 1977. The Men in Black have claimed this about him, and his appearances in the House of Extraterrestrials is somewhat suspicious. Most agree he's probably human, though many alien gods enjoy his works. On rare occasions he looks pretty elvish.
  • Loves him some bacon, particularly burned bacon like ma used to make. Him and Goku bonded over their love of bacon, and was quick to take some of that heart medication Future Trunks got Goku. Was somewhat annoyed to learn that he's been trying to get rid of bacon stores in his timeline. You can often find Elvis in the House of Food, getting cheeseburgers on demand there.
    • Also really enjoys Reuben's sandwiches. Lilo and Stitch personally recommended the experiment to Elvis for his delicacies; when they first did so, Presley took the duo to the House of Food and introduced himself to Stitch's "cousin". Flattered to meet the man he's heard so much about from his cuz, Reuben whipped up a large batch of Fool's Gold Loaves and peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches, complimented with bottles of Perrier sparkling water, and joined the three gulping them all down. Presley said Reuben's sandwiches were second-to-none. He now makes weekly visits to Reuben's sandwich shop for lunch, always bringing Lilo and Stitch with him each and every time.
  • Keeping with the "Elvis and the experiments" theme here, Stitch had really been wanting his "boojiboo" Angel to meet Presley for a while, but often couldn't because of both singers' separate performing schedules. Eventually though, he caught a break and got the two to meet each other. Angel swooned over how attractive and gentlemanly Elvis is, and couldn't help but blush when he told her how much he loved her rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love" after seeing a recording of one of her performances. At Stitch's insistence, Elvis performed a number of his hits for her, especially "That's All Right, Mama" (Stitch tried to get Angel to learn about the song for some time; long story). Elvis later had Stitch and Angel perform with him at one of his concerts, with the aliens' ʻohana getting front row (or should we say front section) seats for the performance.
  • Also spends his time in the House of Weapons and Travel. He has a lot of cars he wants to purchase, and feels like pulling his old Shoot the Television trick out again (he doesn't like cathode rays). He was briefly kicked out from the House of Theater due to trying them out on the televisions there and pulling some pranks.
  • Proud to admit that he loves his mom, and looks down on bad mothers. He shows contempt to exploitative bosses and con-artists as well.
  • Has plenty of imposters, something he sees as rather flattering. Currently trying find someone to serve as the god of said trope. On his search he was pretty surprised to learn that in an alternate universe, Galactus lost his powers and essentially became the new Elvis of that reality.
  • Doesn't know what to think about the current state Richard Nixon is in, who wants him to pick up the slack on the war against drugs.


SiIvaGunner, Divine Collective of Kayfabe Music (GiIvaSunner)

    Utau Hoshina 
Utau Hoshina, Goddess of Magic Idol Singers (Lunatic Charm, Seraphic Charm, Black Jewel, Utau Tsukuyomi)

    Yuu Haruna 
Yuu Haruna, God of Lead Bassists (Nico)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His cellphone; alternatively, his Cellphone Strap Charm
  • Theme Song: "Fair Wind" by The Fallen Moon. Alternatively, "Climber's High" by the Hedgehogs
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Classical Anti-Hero, Famous Bassist, Oblivious to Love At First, Unwanted Harem, The Cynic, The Band's Leader and Moral Center, Adorkable
  • Domains: Music, Love, High School, Fame
  • Allies: Fuuka Akitsuki, Lux Arcadia, Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Scott Pilgrim
  • Enemies: None so far, but he doesn't take it kindly who threatens Fuuka or complains about her anime-induced survival
  • Conflicting Opinion: Heinz Windermere
  • Pities: Tenri Ayukawa
  • Yuu Haruna was just a regular boy with no remarkable characteristics, until the day he meet Fuuka Akitsuki, whose desire to become a singer inspired him to become a bassist as well. The road was hard and filled with struggles for Yuu as a musician and as a person, but eventually he overcame his flaws and achieved success.
  • His ascension came about when the Pantheon's higher-ups realized they needed someone to fill out the role of a bassist that brought dignity and respect to the profession. Fortunately, Yuu was the perfect candidate and his ascension was realized without issue.
  • Despite his relatively short time in the Pantheon, Yuu's exploits have made him something of a legend in the House of Music and has received multiple requests to play the bass for the many concerts happening there.
  • When he is not busy practicing his bassist skills, he works on as a waiter in some of the restaurants in the House of Food, alongside Fuuka.
  • Let out a small laugh when he heard Fuuka made a PSA about the importance of obeying the laws of traffic.
  • Became friends with Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri and Lux Arcadia thanks to their common elements. The latter three even recommended Yuu to join the Grand United Alliance of Good's Support Staff, working to serve meals to the troops or inspiring morale with his music alongside Fuuka. For Yuu, the honor is to serve.
  • Unsurprisingly became friends with Spider-Man, who saw much of himself, or rather the man he was, in Yuu and, in act of friendship and trust, revealed his secret identity to him. He even confessed to Yuu that his adventures with the Avengers had made him lose sight of his original purpose. Yuu, never a stranger to angst and self-doubt, gave some words of inspiration to Peter and promised to support him in any way he could.
  • His name is the subject of so many "Yuu"/"You" puns that the Cout of the Gods actually put a moratorium on them. This all happened without Yuu even noticing!
  • After hearing about Fuuka's falling out with Heinz Windermere, he went on to learn the full story: Heinz had used his Song of the Wind to spread a virus across the galaxy and even brainwashed a singer to commit a major war crime. Although he was unnerved by Heinz's deeds, he sympathized with the boy for being manipulated by his Treacherous Advisor. One can only wonder what would happen if Yuu and Heinz were to meet personally.
  • Feels sorry that Tenri Ayukawa sacrificed her affection for Keima Katsuragi, reminding Yuu of Koyuki Hinashi. He hopes she can find peace one day.
  • During an... uncomfortable visit to the House of Fanservice Attires (Fuuka wanted to buy a new bikini and dragged Yuu along for the ride), Yuu met Mio Akiyama. Praising each other for their skill with the bass, they became friends and agreed to go to each other's concerts for emotional support. Also, Mio has an unfortunate habit of tripping and unwillingly exposing her panties and the likelihood of that happening increased when she started hanging around Fuuka. Fortunately, Yuu is quick and gracious enough to look away when that happens. He learned from experience, after all. Yuu and Fuuka also noticed Mio sounds exactly like their teacher Tomomi Yoshino.
  • During a walk across the Pantheon, Yuu ended up bumping into another famous bassist of the Pantheon, Scott Pilgrim. The two ending up becoming fast friends after spending some time talking. A large reason for their bond, outside of them being bassists who also serve as the face of their band, was over their own social anxieties, lack of direction in life and their general relatability to others (outside of Scott's fighting prowess). The two are often seen together with either Yuu helping Scott get better at the bass or just playing video games.


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