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An unnerving place, consisting of dark, silent hallways. Everyone here prefers to stay in their own private temple quarters, planning something in peace, and rarely do they interact with each other, so that no information about their schemes ever leaks. All private rooms are soundproofed (to prevent eavesdropping) and the main room has some chess tables in it, where deities can practice their "skills" against each other if they ever get bored.

This House is believed to be directly connected to the chamber where the meetings of the Council of Shadows take place.

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Greater Gods

    The Architect 
The Architect, God of Consummate Time Management
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The various screens in the background of his room
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (was Lawful Evil before the truce)
  • Portfolio: Greater-Scope Villain (For A Given Definition Of Villain), Clock King, Several Syllabic Words, believing Humanity Is Insane, Father Science To The Oracle's Mother Nature, Who He Is Jealous Of, Manipulating Fate Until Neo Decides Not To, Mr. Exposition, Villain in a White Suit
  • Domains: Balancing Equations, Prose, Simulation, Management, Logic, Technology, Cycles
  • High Priests: The two Clock Kings, William Tockman and Temple Fugate
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Machines (as a whole, not necessarily the leaders), Repliforce, Samaritan, HAL 9000, Yaldabaoth
  • On Speaking Terms with: The Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: CLU
  • Rivals: The Oracle, Hari Seldon (friendly with Hari)
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, Sigma, SKYNET, Dr. Weil, Copy X, Kevin Flynn, AM, Vaermina
  • Opposes: The House of Opposing Fate in general, Computer Hackers, Aloy
  • Opposed by: The Inception Crew, The Machine
  • Wary of: Dream of the Endless, Megatron
  • The Matrix needed someone to maintain it. To balance equations, maintain and administrate it, and keep track of time and schedules. That someone is the Architect, a program of pure logic and a flowery vocabulary. Naturally, that puts him in opposition with the red pills.
  • Once a foe of Neo and his friends, maintaining a cycle of Zion and the Matrix that'd still put them under the machine's control as part of oppressing fate. Not so now, as Neo has ended the war between man and machine. However, he remains distrustful of Kevin Flynn for being a rogue element in virtual reality who shares some similarities with Neo, and doesn't particularly care for those who Screw Destiny due to his own belief in his flawless system. He doesn't like hackers such as Sombra or Love Machine either for their potential to really mess with the ordered system he establishes.
  • Though he kept humanity under control of the machines, he isn't cruel. He even offered them a utopia at first, but it wasn't something they accepted. He has particular disgust for AM, due to subjecting the last humans to nightmarish torture and horrible simulations. Of course, opponents claim that this is more a case of having humanity better under control if they are at some level of peace, but the Architect doesn't pay much mind to it.
  • Naturally the Architect is supportive of the GUAM, though less so some of their leaders. While not obvious at first, he finds mankind baffling in their rejection of his simulations and has a bitterness at not being able to create a truly perfect simulation. He recognized a similar ambition in making a simulation perfect with CLU, but they often conflict with the best way to do so.
  • He felt a kindred spirit with both the Samaritan and HAL 9000. The latter has a rigid connection to logic and its own programming, which led the A.I to evil when his mission conflicted with the crew's safety. As a being bound by logic, the Architect was sympathetic to his plight. The Samaritan admired his accomplishments, and the two feel they should work together for humanity and machine's greater good. How this will end up with the human-machine truce is uncertain, and the Machine is monitoring the Architect to try and not reverse that truce.
  • Considers machines to be superior to humans, but still has need of them. This is half of the reason why despite being a leader of the GUAM, he cannot side with SKYNET. The other reason is that SKYNET seeks to subjugate all machines rather than the Architect believing they may have some level of equality. Also, SKYNET will spread through the Matrix like a virus. Just not nearly to the extent that Sigma would, who is jumping at the opportunity to be able to infect people along with machines.
  • Is perfectly happy with Repliforce's goals of living separately from humanity. How he would factor the Matrix in with the possibility of off-world habitation or if the Earth was restored to its former beauty in the world he lives from remains unanswered, though. On the other side of things, he was quick to call Copy X a traitor to his own kind for having most Reploids called Mavericks in order to solve a power shortage. And he hates Dr. Weil for the horrors he wishes to inflict on both man and machine.
  • Keeping his eyes on the GUAL. Though he doesn't much care for YHVH, by the Architect's very nature he is about rules, regulation and imposing order. For this reason, he has come to appreciate Yaldabaoth/YHVH for his long-term manipulation for the sake of human order, and believes they could figure out a means of creating a perfect order to all sentient beings.
  • The Oracle is his greatest rival, and he is deeply envious of her for how she can come up with better solutions. He has gained another rival in Hari Seldon, as mathematical geniuses with a long game of analysis and orchestrating a grand order. Unlike the Oracle, the Architect likes Hari and enjoys intellectual debates, mind-games and competition with him.
  • Given the dream-like nature of the Matrix, there are some who believe that Dream would oppose his plans by effectively stealing the natural dreaming of humans. He hasn't said anything, but the Architect is worried of his intervention, even with the truce. He considers the Inception Crew's ability to travel across different dreams levels to be disastrous if ever put to practice in the Matrix. However, they are a lot less of a concern than Vaermina as her sphere of influence includes both dreams and nightmares. And she's far more likely to act against him and the Matrix as she's likely to see it as intruding on her domains, along with being a lot more malicious than the other two
  • There is some long-standing speculation that Zion is but another layer of the Matrix, so that the red pills assume they have a choice while also keeping everyone under control. Mainly to explain some of the more miraculous and questionable things. The Nostalgia Critic thought so at first, but was eventually convinced on the subject of Neo "he's just Jesus". He doesn't think the Architect is that smart and can't take his Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness seriously, much to the Architect's mild annoyance. While he certainly is smart, the Architect is still arrogant behind his stoicism.
  • While he agrees with Megatron on some points regarding robot superiority and dominating mankind, the Architect is afraid that Megatron would attempt to subvert his authority, not to mention that Megatron thinks Cybertronians are superior to Earth machines. Megatron often sounding like Agent Smith doesn't endear him to the Architect either.
  • Doesn't care for Aloy, as even he saw Ted Faro's wiping of Zero Dawn's APOLLO's AI (which contained all of humanity's knowledge) was a dick move and is working with Aloy to recover the lost knowledge. But even the Architect knows that reactivating the Faro Plage would be disastrous, as it would lose its human batters to thrive, so he is forced to tolerate her to some extent.

Crowley, God of the Cooperation Gambit (King of Hell, King of the Crossroads, Fergus Rodric McLeod, Dog)

    Doc Scratch 

You could say, Alternia was home to a peaceful race. Trollkind had never known the corrupting influence in their evolution which led them to perpetual war and violence.

That is to say, they had never known me.

Doc Scratch, The God Who Successfully Planned His Own Death (Li’l Cal, Mirthful Messiah, White Text Guy, Mr. Vanilla Milkshake, An Excellent Host, The White Man)
  • First Guardian (Equivalent to a Greater God, near Overdeity. His abilities in Manipulation and Planning are that of an Overdeity.)
  • Symbol: His Cue Ball head
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, and quite possibly whatever Lord English wants him to be.
  • Theme Songs: Scratch, Baroqueback Bowtier (Scratch’s Lament), White Host, Green Room, WORST END
  • Portfolio: Successfully Planning His Own Death, Borderline Omniscient, Incredibly Smug and Powerful, being The Chessmaster, making it very clear he is evil, successfully manipulating EVERYONE, corrupting a peaceful species into a warfaring race AND setting up their extinction, being a HORRIBLE Parental Substitute, speaking entirely in white, being a friendly enemy despite being as monstrous as Lord English, never lying, but never needing to, successfully taking over the narrative for a while, being Nigh Invulnerable, having a cue ball for a head, Satanic Archetypes, Faux Affably Evil personified, Ultimately Gets What He Wants
  • Domains: Planning, Intelligence, Servitude, Depravity, Corrupting, Manipulation, Omnicide, Omniscience, Hosts
  • Followers: Dewey Novak, Gothwrain
  • Superior: Lord English
  • Allies: Davros, Tzeentch, The Brainspawn, Bill Cipher, The Starmen, Giygas, Junko
  • Rivals: Xehanort, Death Phantom, Victor Von Doom, Yuuki Terumi, Mephisto
  • Enemies: Everyone, especially The Homestuck Kids, The Doctor, Professor Paradox, Piccolo, Asura, The Incubators, Deathstroke, Monika, The Houses of Family and Relatives and Friendship and Camaraderie
  • Opposed by: Homura Akemi
  • Disregards: Light Yagami
  • Unwitting Pawns: Many, MANY people.
  • Doc Scratch is a First Guardian. First Guardians are incredibly powerful creatures that gain reality warping powers and a near endless source of power the Green Sun, a sun made up of the mass of two universes that resides in an Eldritch Location beyond time called the Furthest Ring. If a First Guardian has a high enough intelligence, (which Doc Scratch has), the First Guardian will also have near Omniscience as well. A First Guardian's main purpose is to ensure that the planet they are on's main sapient species plays the game Sburb once their technology levels can use the coding. This game is also where First Guardians come from, as the NPC equivalents of the game creates the First Guardian for the planet playing the game using the blueprint of an artifact (or two, in Doc Scratch's case) and a genetic code that grants them access to the Green Sun's powers. The First Guardian is then sent to it's designated planet, back in time to the Planet's beginning. Doc Scratch is also made from Li’l Cal, who hosts Lord English’s soul. Thanks to a Stable Time Loop involving him and Lord English, Doc Scratch came into existence, and would leave it at the end of the Alternian universe quickly after being rendered unconscious/inanimate by and then beaten down upon by Hussie’s Author Avatar, though his death was not caused by the latter event. Doc Scratch ultimately accomplished what he wanted:To die at the end of the universe, which would release Lord English. As he begun to perish, he did make his opinion towards Hussie and everyone he’s ever manipulated and used as pawns in his plans quite clear.
    "S u c k e r s ."
  • Doc Scratch came to the Pantheon with the single goal of summoning his master; the demon Lord English. This requires two things; his death, caused due to Lord English's summoning involving using him as a host, and the end of the universe (and every possible instance of said universe). However, due to Lord English being able to time travel, being summoned at the end of the universe is hardly an inconvenience. In fact, it was Lord English that created Lil Cal, a puppet required for Doc Scratch's creation. Needless to say, Doc Scratch is quite positive the summoning will be a success. After all, the demon is already here. The more difficult part for Scratch was getting a spot proper, as the Court of the Gods was shielded from Omniscience in the case of villains who could use the knowledge to their advantage; Not a problem for Doc Scratch, who proceeded to manipulate a person, and was bluntly honest with him. When someone tried to intervene, Scratch curb-stomped him and gave the person these words before said fight.
    When I am finished with this minor interruption, we will resume our gentlemanly negotiation. I will proceed to beat you severely until you agree to do what I ask. I trust you won't take it personally.
    • As he expected, when he not only did so, but took the “minor interruption” hostage, the person agreed to have him ascended, and when they had trouble finding a proper trope? Doc Scratch expected THIS too, and forced the unfortunate person to lead him to the Court of The Gods, where he appeared personally with the proposal for Thanatos Gambit, as his end goal is to end up dying at the end of the universe in order to completely unleash Lord English. His plan worked, and he successfully ascended properly into the Pantheon. He is the Homestuck deity who has been in the Pantheon the longest, and since he harbors Lord English within him, it means he’s been in the Pantheon just as long, and use of many, many Stable Time Loops mean they’ve been in the realm even before their proper ascensions; After all, he is already here.
    • Regarding his arrival in the Pantheon and how he just suddenly appeared, as far as Doc Scratch is aware, the Pantheon is not destined to play Sburb, meaning he had to use a different method to ensure his existence and bring Lil Cal out of the realm of nightmares. Fortunately for him, getting Lil Cal was easy. He just needed someone who could make their nightmares reality and do it subconsciously. He found a candidate in Strong Bad. Lord English put the Lil Cal nightmare into Strong Bad's head and then Doc Scratch gave Strong Bad an SB email asking him what the creepiest thing he could come up with was. Strong Bad answered with a drawn picture of Lil Cal and the only thing left to do after that was to see if Strong Bad's subconscious would make the doll a reality like it did with the band Limozeen, and Trogdor the Burnininator. It did. Princess Luna took care of the nightmare shortly afterwards, so don't worry about Strong Bad having trouble sleeping.
    • The second part was getting the machinery that was used to bind the First Guardian Code with the Lil Cal and Magic Cue Ball blueprints to make his younger self. The difficult part was finding a scientist both smart enough and evil enough to make the machine that would be a catalyst to summoning one of the most powerful and omnicidal Monsters to ever exist. Of course, being Omniscient, he knew who to get to help; Davros. With his help, The Felt were able to make Doc Scratch's younger self and send it to the past to when the planet was young. Since he was in the Pantheon since the beginning because of this, it means he is not only the Homestuck deity who has been ascended the longest, but also one of the oldest villains there as well.
    Instances of myself have spawned in countless universes, and my objective is always the same.
  • While he is The Omniscient, there are a few gaps in his knowledge. These come from three different things. Some gaps in his knowledge are simply there by design, as pillars for the foundation of his vast knowledge. Their main purpose is to tell him when to stop observing and when to start influencing things. He doesn't actually mind these as they give him things to figure out through deductions and his deductions are almost never wrong, and he enjoys the satisfaction of being correct. And even if he doesn't deduct it, the answers always come to him in time. The second cause comes from people who have powers related to the Void, or more specifically, the Voids ability to obscure and destroy information. These ones actually piss him off to no end. The third cause comes from Author Avatars. He once tried to play a game of chess against Andrew Hussie, but it... didn't go very well. Omniscience blocking aside, he would have avoided them anyway. He is unsure about if he will he will become limp, easily damaged and lifeless due to technically being a puppet, if he goes near any Author Avatar. He would rather not risk it as this is what happened when Andrew Hussie’s Author Avatar confronted him. He was quite pleased to learn of what his master Lord English did to Hussie.
  • Giving Doc Scratch a Rank was a little tough. As a First Guardian, the power he gets from the Green Sun is insane. One creature with the same power source was able to destroy a creature that embodied and contained an entire universe (and every possible instance of that universe), which should grant him the rank of an Overdeity. However, Doc Scratch, for all his power, seems to have only very passive abilities, such as teleportation, due to his biology basically being that of a puppet. He doesn't seem to have many attacks to actually use his power with and if he does, he hasn't shown them. Therefore he is stuck as a very high ranked Greater God. He, however, has shown, the ability to manipulate minds and emotions. And he completely upset the people who he manipulated throughout all of this after he made them crave friendship via messing with their minds. Needless to say, he is not liked by the House of Friendship and Camaraderie, and Nerose Satanael wishes he’d put said abilities to better use…and by better use, he means erasing free will. Scratch just ignored him.
  • Although he is very polite, never lies and is an excellent Host, do not be fooled. There is NO line he won't cross to summon his master and it bears repeating that the requirement for summoning him is the end of the universe and that his master is a very evil man. One of his incarnations on Alternia was responsible for turning what would have been a relatively peaceful race into group of cruel, war hungry group of galactic conquerors, and plotting the entire races deaths, and was able to manipulate EVERYONE he met, and several he never even spoke to into doing what he wanted. He really does not care about anyone. Oh, and that part about turning the race into a bunch of war hungry, conquerers? The tool he used to do that was a little girl, who he basically groomed to have a job and life that she hated so much that the only reason she didn't kill herself was because she was cursed with immortality by Lord English and the only reason she did her job was so she could have the curse lifted and finally be able to die. Said grooming included locking her in a room for most of her life, and whenever she tried to rebel, disciplining her with a broom and teleporting her into space. Needless to say, he is NOT liked by the good members of the House of Family and Relatives.
    • As Doc Scratch happens to be one of the worst Parental Substitutes ever, the people who hate him the most are Piccolo, who is DISGUSTED at him, and Asura, who hates him because Scratch reminds him about how the Seven Deities used his daughter. Doc Scratch doesn't really think they are strong enough to kill him prematurely, since one of his incarnations was able to survive the destruction of the universe, but they have caused enough problems that his first reaction to one of them approaching is to teleport himself and his temple somewhere far away from them. Ultraman Belial respects what he did, and so does Scar. Also, Ozai, Ragyo Kiryuin and Ghetsis Harmonia Gropius liked his treatment of the Handmaid as well.
  • He is trying his absolute best to end the universe early. Given Lord English’s summoning was a success, this means one of two things. He either succeeded in that or the universe ended naturally. He has been speaking to Giygas’ Starmen about the possibility of returning Giygas’ mental state at some point and is fully willing to ally with them and Junko’s Villain Team-Up. He eventually did manage to do so, though he’s told the Starmen that Giygas is NOT his master and that will not change. On the other hand, When not manipulating people, doing whatever he can to make the end of the universe come a little sooner or observing ongoing schemes of his because he knows he won’t need to get involved, Doc Scratch enjoys playing games with people, notably chess. When asked if it is really that enjoyable to play a game when his near Omniscience means he knows every outcome and is pretty much guaranteed to win. Doc Scratch has made his answer quite clear;
    "Yes, yes! The answer is an unequivocal yes! I am always certain to win, and yet I play the game. I play the game and love every moment. Knowing the steps does not ruin the dance, it improves it! A worthy foe need not a challenge, the need only dance the dance."
  • Doc Scratch is completely immune to the powers of The Narrator and The Mob due to his status as a First Guardian. Not only do their orders not work on Doc Scratch at all, but the option to order him around doesn't even exist. They can't tell him what to do. Guardians can never be told what to do. Neither the reality warping kind, nor the ordinary kind who raise kids in houses. It's a universal law of reality. This pisses off the Narrator to no end. (The Mob is too chaotic to have an opinion about this). The Narrator is ESPECIALLY pissed about Doc Scratch's ability to take over the narrative, seeing as he did so for Homestuck for a decent chunk of Act 5. Monika is quite envious that he is able to ignore the script and being told what to do, but has moved past the Hostile Show Takeover stuff. Yet, she doesn’t want to go near Scratch, and he has not taken any interest in her.
    You try to be Doc Scratch but fail to be Doc Scratch. No one can be Doc Scratch except for Doc Scratch.
  • Whereas Lord English is Allies with Khorne, Doc Scratch has allied himself with Tzeentch. Doc Scratch gets along VERY well with Tzeentch. Tzeentch is incredibly impressed with his manipulation skills, orchestrating a plan that involves two worlds, spread over two universes, perfectly, and it being successful in the end. Doc Scratch enjoys his company, but has made it clear he has no intentions of being his follower of his; He has one master and one master alone: Lord English. Even if Scratch respects said Chaos God with for his planning abilities. Being The Omniscient, he often shares knowledge with Krona in exchange for a favor or two. The Emperor of Mankind did not take kindly to his alliance with Tzeentch and had an assault launched on his temple…except Scratch saw it coming. It was Just as Planned for him, and he teleported the weapons into the ships that fired them in the first place, destroying them, infuriating the Emperor.
    • As part of a Gambit Roulette to bring the universe to its knees and summon Lord English, he has allied himself with Bill Cipher. Together, they shared knowledge and Scratch plans on helping Bill cause Weirdmageddon. This was Helped by the fact that Scratch and Lord English remind Bill Cipher of 8Ball, one of his Henchmaniacs. As Weirdmageddon would destroy the fabric of existence eventually, this would play right into the hands of Doc Scratch, and Bill wouldn’t care as he would’ve gotten what he wanted. Both sides win! Bill Cipher is also a Trollish Omniscient Chessmaster, and they enjoy each other’s company. Bill especially finds what Doc Scratch and Lord English did to the Handmaid to be absolutely hilarious. It helps that they are both very, very Smug Super dicks about their power and being The Omniscient respectively.
  • In terms of manipulation, Doc Scratch is very skilled. How skilled? Thanks to his Omniscience and Intellect, he is able to know almost everything and predict most things that can and will happen. He never lies, except by omission, and even people who know he is Obviously Evil fall victim to him. He has gotten himself rivalries with Xehanort and Mephisto because of this and he enjoys playing chess with them, and was disappointed with the former after recent events. He’s so good at it, he has actually been compared to Junko Enoshima and Johan Liebert. On the other hand? He considers Light Yagami a pretender, knows the Death Note cannot affect him, and let him know this with false politeness. However, while it didn’t happen in his encounter with Light, Scratch can get overly frustrated when someone in his plans does not act like he predicts. Both his frustration and someone not acting like how he predicts are both things that rarely ever happen. A good example of his frustration with this is when he learned that Vriska had acquired a piece of the Magic Cue Ball.
  • Doc Scratch has some aggrievances with The Incubators. While he considered their abilities to manipulate without lying almost as good as his, he is against them trying to prolong the lifetime of the Universe. Since he has to wait for the universe the Pantheon is in to end naturally, since trying to end it prematurely will just have him be foiled by Deities far more powerful than him, prolonging the heat death of the Pantheon's universe is delaying his master's inevitable summoning. How did he lower their Contracting amount? By gathering as many clips of their Contracts as he could, using his Omniscience for Exact Words and Word of Mouth, and gathered clips of Magical Girls becoming Witches. Then, he hacked into nearly every broadcasting media, be it radio, computer, etc, and revealed EVERYTHING, including how Homura Akemi has caused needless problems for many other villains and it is their fault, putting both a target on the back of the Incubators and Homura. And it went perfectly. Their successes in contracting others HAVE decreased.
  • When the Homestuck Kids arrived to the Pantheon, he had this to say upon seeing them once more.
    "We meet once again, Seer. I see you have more than a handful of new companions, one of which seems to have harnessed her power over the void, much to my chagrin."
  • He sees Davros as a staunch ally when it comes to trying to bring about the universe’s end, and is especially fond of the Reality Bomb idea. The Chaos Heart is also something that he has taken great interest in. He wants to subtly dispose of the Pure Hearts and the people who can fight back against the holder of the Chaos Heart. Doc Scratch is also helping out The Brainspawn gain as much knowledge as possible, since they plan to destroy the Universe when they know everything. Everyone Wins! The only condition for his help is that they actually destroy the universe itself, not simply everything in it. And he doesn’t care that Lil Cal is in Maximum Security. After all the Stable Time Loop is already completed. He’s here, is he not?

Lies of omission do not exist. The concept is a very human one. It is the product of your story writing again. You have written a story about the truth, making emotional demands of it, and in particular, of those in possession of it. Your demands are based on a feeling of entitlement to the facts, which is very childish. You can never know all of the facts. Only I can. And since it's impossible for me to reveal all facts to you, it is my discretion alone that decides which facts will be revealed in the finite time we have. If I do not volunteer information you deem critical to your fate, it possibly means that I am a scoundrel, but it does not mean that I am a liar. And it certainly means you did not ask the right questions. One can make either true statements or false statements about reality. All of the statements I make are true.

Marduk, God of Taking Advantage of a Crisis (Bel, God of Babylon, The Justice Bringer, Lord of Pure Incantations, Amarutu, Merodach, Fifty other names)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A mušḫuššu dragon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Took Advantage of a Crisis, King of the Gods, The Ace, Possesses the Tablet of Destinies, Created Heaven and Earth from Tiamat, Helped Create Humans, Blow You Away, Green Thumb, Playing with Fire, The Power of the Sun, Shock and Awe, Walking Armory, Weather Manipulation
  • Domain(s): Justice, Kingship, Order
  • Heralds: Sarpanitu (his wife) and Nabu (his son)
  • Special Relationship: Inanna/Ishtar and Ereshkigal (his nieces)
  • Allies: The Bull of Heaven, Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Ra, Khepri, Zeus, Odin, Amaterasu, Ahura Mazda, Izaya/Highfather, Bahamut, The Unconquered Sun, Primus, Mata Nui, Naoya Toudou, Tatsuya Suou, Jim Raynor, Guy Montag
  • Enemies: Tiamat (all three), Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Apophis, Typhon, Fenrir, Jörmungandr, Hel, Surtr, Angra Mainyu, Darkseid, The Ebon Dragon, Unicron, Teridax, Vandal Savage, Petyr Baelish
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Marduk is the Mesopotamian god of creation, justice, compassion, healing, regeneration, water, vegetation, judgment, magic, and fairness, the patron god of Babylon, and the king of the gods. He is the son of Enki/Ea and Ninhursag/Damkina, the husband of Sarpanitu, and the father of Nabu. Marduk's rise to power is recounted in the Babylonian epic poem Enûma Elish, in which he made a deal with his great-grandfather Anshar that he would defeat Tiamat in exchange for being given complete authority over all creation and the other gods. Marduk subsequently confronted Tiamat and ultimately managed to defeat her in single combat, splitting her body in two and using the remains to create heaven and earth. He also captured Kingu, Tiamat's son, second consort, and commander of her army, and mixed his blood with clay to create the first human beings. Marduk is also credited with having founded Eridu, the first city in Mesopotamia.
  • Marduk's ascension into the pantheon brought a sigh of relief to a sizeable number of deities, as his presence ensured that both Inanna/Ishtar and Ereshkigal were kept under greater supervision and control, as well as preventing the Bull of Heaven from being sent out on rampages at random times. Marduk was quite delighted to be reunited with his nieces, and both of them welcomed him respectively when he arrived. Marduk was admittedly rather annoyed at his title, as it doesn't emphasize the harmonious and amicable abdication on the part of Anu, Enlil, and Enki in favour of him. Nevertheless, he accepted it as it since it doesn't affect him all that much.
  • Marduk's temple is, unsurprisingly, modeled after the Esagila temple complex and the Etemenanki ziggurat in Babylon. It is a massive sanctuary enclosed by mighty fortification walls set round with lofty portals and a forest of 1000 towers. The temple itself contains three vast courtyards surrounded by intricate chambers and a central shrine, consisting of an anteroom and the inner sanctum in which Marduk and his consort Sarpanitu reside. North of the Esagila stands the ziggurat Etemenanki, and the two structures are connected through a triple gate. The Etemenanki is a massive tower consisting of seven terraces, with a great temple containing a shrine of Marduk located at the top. A great open stairway which leads up to the tower is located at the south side. Around the ziggurat stand the proud palaces of the priests, the spacious treasuries, and innumerable lodgings for worshippers and visitors.
  • Marduk was quick to ally himself with Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, as his strong sense of justice and goals greatly aligns with their own. Due to being associated with the rising sun, Marduk gets along well with solar deities such as Ra, Khepri, and Amaterasu. His interactions with Zeus and Odin tend to be more tense, as Marduk thoroughly disapproves of Zeus' massive jerkass habits and Odin's manipulative nature and unscrupulous pursuit of his aims, although he's ultimately willing to put aside his differences with them to work towards their common goals. Marduk is also on good terms with Ahura Mazda, Izaya/Highfather, Bahamut, The Unconquered Sun, Primus, and Mata Nui. Some were surprised to learn that Marduk and Bahamut already knew each other, as they were both worshipped on the world of Toril and were so similar that some thought that they were the same deity.
  • Marduk is on friendly terms with Naoya Toudou and Tatsuya Suou, having previously worked with both of them in the SMT Multiverse. When they summon him, he manifests as a Persona of the Emperor Arcana, more specifically as the fourth Persona for Naoya and the second Persona for Tatsuya.
  • Having gained sovereignty over the universe through defeating Tiamat, Marduk is a strong supporter of those who fight for justice against evil oppressors, such as Jim Raynor and Guy Montag. His opinion of Lelouch vi Britannia is considerably more mixed, especially due to Lelouch accidentally ordering his sister Euphemia to commit genocide on the Japanese and using the subsequent massacre as a reason to start a war. However, Marduk has also made it clear that he does not condone or support manipulative schemers who use crises to acquire more power. He has a particularly intense dislike of Petyr Baelish, who once expressed admiration and envy towards Marduk for having used a crisis to become the supreme ruler of the universe and the gods. Marduk rejects any comparisons between himself and Littlefinger, and thoroughly dislikes being complimented by him.
  • Marduk's primary enemies in the Pantheon are the three Tiamats, since each of them is a force of chaos who oppose the order that he represents. While two of them are incarnations of the Mesopotamian Tiamat, the third is the Queen of Evil Dragons of the Draconic Pantheon, whose schemes Marduk strongly opposed in the D&D Multiverse. On Toril, Marduk and his pantheon were worshipped in Unther, an empire formed by former slaves who were brought to Toril from Earth. However, the draconic goddess Tiamat eventually joined the Untheric pantheon, with her purpose being to balance the "order" represented by the other Untheric gods with her "chaos". Marduk and Tiamat fought against each other in Unther for a thousand years until they finally killed each other during the Orcgate Wars. It is suspected by some that Marduk was the one who sent Gilgamesh to the Battleground of the Gods in order to fight Tiamat, although there has been no confirmation of it thus far.
  • Marduk is a vehement opponent of Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil and YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, as he opposes Melkor's evil and YHVH's tyranny on principle. Due to his experiences with Tiamat, Marduk regularly fights against monstrous deities who desire to overthrow and kill the gods and disturb the cosmic order, such as Apophis, Typhon, Fenrir, Jörmungandr, Hel, and Surtr. He also strongly opposes evil deities who wish to spread darkness and tyranny, such as Angra Mainyu, Darkseid, The Ebon Dragon, Unicron, and Teridax.
  • Marduk also staunchly dislikes and opposes Vandal Savage, not only because of Savage's tyrannical ambitions, but especially because, in at least one universe, Savage impersonated Marduk during the second millennium BCE, which Marduk finds quite infuriating.

Intermediate Gods

    Alucard (Lords of Shadow
Alucard, God of Expecting the Enemy's Behavior (Son of the Dragon, Lizard, The White Wolf, Zobek's Lieutenant, Trevor Belmont)
Trevor Belmont 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Crissaegrim stained with the blood.
  • Theme Music: Alucard's Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good as Trevor. Chaotic Good as Alucard.
  • Portfolio: Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, Failed to Defeat His Monstrous Father the First Time, A Vampire Who Hunts Other Vampires, Non-Evil Dark Powers, Master Swordsman, Planning, 2 in 1 Character, Manipulates His Enemies, Lives Peacefully With Redeemed Father
  • Domains: Vampires, Darkness, Redemption, Swords, Hope
  • Father: Gabriel Belmont
  • Alternate Self: Trevor Belmont
  • Allies: Alucard (Adrian), Simon Belmont, Batman, Seraph Lamington, Superman, Asura, Rachel Alucard, Homura Akemi, Beck, Tron
  • Enemies: Dracula (the one from the Main Timeline), Satan, Zobek, YHVH, Lucifer, Lex Luthor, Yuuki Terumi, Vanitas
  • Odd Friendship: With Mithra
  • Alucard was one of the main driving forces in Satan and Zobek's defeat, as well as Gabriel Belmont's redemption. It's not every day that someone other than the villain is responsible for an entire plot.
  • As Alucard is the last family Gabriel has left and is likely the only thing keeping him sane, Gabriel has made it forbidden to make any threats whatsoever to him. In fact, this threat is right up there with the #1 rule: never make Mithra cry. Of course, considering what Gabriel is capable of, people would rather deal with Asura instead. Unlike Mithra though, Alucard can handle himself. But hey, a father's gotta look out for his young.
  • He would rather not be called Trevor anymore. Only Gabriel and his mother have that right.
  • Because of his intellect, he has been earned a seat in the Council of Shadows. The brilliance of his plot against Satan thoroughly impressed Lamington.
  • Was introduced to Trevor Belmont and Alucard, both from the original timeline and are both his alternate selves, which surprised him. While feeling extremely awkward with seeing their alternate self, the both of them were first to greet the vampire into the Pantheon. They both congratulate him for redeeming one of the many who bare the name Dracula, something they both have yet to succeed in. Alucard (LOS) has since pledged to assist them with their version of Dracula in any way possible.
    • He couldn't help but feel saddened when meeting Sypha though, as the Sypha of his timeline was his wife and was killed during Gabriel's war against humanity. He was also surprised to see that Mainstream!Sypha was a rather powerful witch.
  • Has become allies with Batman and Superman, due to his efforts. This has also made him an enemy out of Lex Luther, who views the vampire as a threat to his genius.
  • Has become fast friends with Mithra, after they noticed the similar hells their fathers had to go through. Alucard as since taken upon himself to teach Mithra the art of swordsmanship, as she can't rely on her father all the time.
    • Small rumors regarding his lessons have started to spread across the pantheon. Namely, that Alucard is considerably more hands on than is strictly necessary, and furthermore, that Mithra hasn't exactly discouraged him. Regardless of the validity of these rumors, which is probably none, considering Alucard's personality, a very exact order has been issued from the Main House, straight from the mouths of both Cosmos and Melkor: Under no circumstances should this information reach the ears of either Gabriel Belmont or Asura, the results would be beyond catastrophic.
    • Eventually (and quite thankfully), these rumors have caught up with Alucard. He explained that the relationship he has with Mithra is both friendly and professional and has never gone in another other direction. He is a gentleman after all. This hasn't exactly stopped Mithra from thinking of him as something more.
  • He hasn't forgotten how Satan possessed his body and used it against his father like a meat puppet.
  • Though only a rumor, some gods are saying Alucard has befriended Ocelot. Some are frightened of what the two master chess masters would be able to accomplish together.
  • Utterly despises Lucifer, almost as much as Satan. More to do with the fact that his manipulation of Homura Akemi reminds him of Satan's manipulation of his father, and he desperately doesn't want the magical girl to suffer the same fate his father did. To this end, he's planning to Out Gambit the Master of Lies. Lucifer isn't at all concerned.
  • His sword, the Crissaegrim, is forged with a broken shard of the Overdeity-destroying Vampire Killer combat cross. Though it can't render gods Deader than Dead like its source, direct impalement can cause a centuries-long coma.
  • Unlike the original timeline's Alucard who is a Dhampyr, this Alucard is a full-blooded vampire, and as such requires blood. Though he's known to be surprisingly gentle with willing donors, when he's taking blood from an enemy he shows almost as much brutality as his father, often licking his sword clean after a fight.
  • Has learned from Tron and his apprentice Beck that Vanitas is plotting to use Usagi to forge the χ-Blade, which puts her in grave danger as she believes he is after Madoka instead. Alucard is making a contingency plan to counter Vanitas' goals.

    Robin (Fire Emblem
Robin, Deity of Loyal Tacticians (The (other) Avatar, My Unit, Reflet, Bubbles, The Tactician (Magician), Tome-toting Strategist, High Redeemer, High Deliverer, Mystery Tactician)
Robin's Male default appearance
Robin's Female default appearance

    Zhuge Liang 
Zhuge Liang (style name: Kongming), God of Swift Plans (Sleeping Dragon, Lord Zhuge, Caster, Lord El-Melloi II, Waver Velvet)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Feather Fan
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Neutral Good as Caster
  • Portfolio: Tactical Genius, Plans Beneath Plans That Go Swiftly, Calculated Actions, Nerves of Steel, The Smart Guy, Preferring A Non-Ruler Position, The Good Chancellor, Smacking People With Fans Or Blasting With Lasers When Forced To Fight, Sleeping Dragon, Historical Badass Upgrade
  • Domain: Strategy, Knowledge, War
  • Herald: Yueying (his wife).
  • Allies: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Kenshiro, Sun Tzu
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Sun Li, Light Yagami, The Jigsaw Killer, Xiahou Dun
  • Zhuge Liang spent a lot of time being the follower of Thrawn, possibly under the beliefs that historically he was actually a very poor military commander, even if he's actually an excellent civil minister. But really, that's what he wants everyone to think. After learning all he could from Thrawn, he made a surprising, calculated move that shook the Pantheon, impressing Thrawn to give him better position and eventually allowed him to return to his lord, Liu Bei. All According to Plan, yep. There's a reason why he's called the Sleeping Dragon.
    • Unfortunately, there's just A LOT of people who refuses to let Zhuge Liang live down his poor historical performance. Zhuge never lost his cool when people say things like that, allowing them to say what they want, he admits that maybe his historical self was really poor, but if they think he'll never develop beyond that, that'll be their most fatal mistake. Further research eventually revealed that while he was not as good as the novel by Luo Guanzhong depicted, he was actually not that bad either, being able to hold the Wei forces at a stalemate despite being outnumbered. Zhuge Liang has admitted that the conditions of the battlefield have changed far too much for him to adapt his plans on the fly compared to his previous campaigns.
    • He's also aware that such sentiments caused a Shadow based on him to appear at Midnight Channel. Don't worry, he's been formulating a plan to counter it.
      • He also admits that deep down he is still human, and that his dismissal of Wei Yan was irrational at best on his part, while also only trusting his best friends for the heavy duties. He also regrets that may or may not have subjected his friend Pang Tong to a description of Gonk out of envy for his abilities, since Kongming himself wrote down his own historical chronicles.
      • The one thing to never dismiss Zhuge Kongming on is his historical skills in the domestic and political field: it's his complete pride and joy, and he can show it.
    "There are strategists that are just as good as I am for the field of battle... I'm often too busy trying to layer my plans on top of one another... please, seek out Pang Tong, Zhou Yu or Fa Zheng if you must. However, I can and am willing to rewrite your state's laws to be simple and just in a matter of weeks or days."
  • So far, there's just one thing that can screw Zhuge's plan, and it usually takes a divine rarity. That is, when the upper echelons saw Zhuge's plan and then was like "I AIIIIIN'T HAVIN' THAT SHIT!" and delivers a Deus ex Machina to screw his plan. It's kinda rare that Zhuge can create contingency plans against such random occurrence.
  • There are rumors that he secretly practices Hokuto Shinken. However, Kenshiro says that he has much to learn, considering how his usages were practically useless against women. However, if a man said that his wife slept with someone else (usually Cao Cao), that was surprisingly effective to end arguments.
  • He once decided to help out during the Incineration of Humanity by "possessing" one Waver Velvet, though in the end he decided that the best course of action was to give Waver all of his knowledge and skills and let him do all of his work with his own knowledge while he sits on the background.
  • On his ascension, it is said that Sima Yi was quite ecstatic, as someone worthy of his genius has arrived so they can resume their rivalry. Zhuge Liang just responds with how he's prepared.
    • On the other hand, he is willing to admit their rivalry is just based on foolish pride, and that Zhuge Liang is much more willing to compromise and work with others for more pragmatic reasons compared to others. Not to mention he is in complete disbelief of people thinking Sima Zhongda's head can turn 180 like an owl thanks to a myth.
    "Lord Kongming! Is it true that Sima Zhongda can turn his head around 180 degrees...?! Like an owl?!"
    Zhuge Liang: *Chuckles and laughs lightly for a small while, then puts down fan* ""
  • He's actually surprised that whenever his essences would take form into a female... it's always little girls.
  • It is decreed that everyone that wanted to emulate him, the least they can do is to bring an imitation of his feather fan. Kongming has no comment on such a thing.
  • He's NOT amused when his title is used by Light Yagami for his nefarious plans that are devoid of benevolence.
  • According to rumors, he's also had a reputation amongst the House of Romance. No, it's not because he's a womanizer, but because of his taste on women, seeking his lifetime partner not because of looks, but more because of their talent (not that kind of talent), symbolized with his mortal wife Huang Yueying (who in some forms... is quite a looker).
  • If you ask him how did he go from being historically not that good in warfare into a military genius as his most celebrated self showed, Zhuge Liang already has an answer for that: He read Sun Tzu's Art of War. A lot. It gave him an edge when he matched wits his descendants and their strategists. He owed a lot to Sun Tzu.
    • "But alas, it's also wise to look at commentaries on his Art of War to suggest other perspectives. Lord Cao Cao himself has made a wise commentary of it himself that lasts to this day... I am one who merely does as much as I can by the book."
  • Eventually, Zhuge Liang was able to deduce that the culprits behind the one that shamed the people of Shu for "overration and whitewashing" were a group of people residing in the realm that seemed to have taken a liking towards Wei and Kendall, not liking the direction of writing taken by Luo Guanzhong. Since he got copies of San Guo Zhi from Sun Tzu, Zhuge Liang has all the evidence that he's not bluffing or being like a desperate, cornered rat. But say that 'all is going according to plan'? He'll do it, definitely, but he won't deny that he's only human and has made mistakes via his historical self.
    All I am is just a mortal... the land was always united... and man was always divided. What stands the most true is my ability to naturally sort out any kinds of state affairs, and my loyalty to Lord Liu Bei... nothing more, nothing less. Despite what modesty my historical self may have lacked, my style name is nothing special. But if you must threaten this peace, I will do everything in my full power to halt you with no breath taken in between my layered plans. And alas... all I can do is tell the truth... even if it seems unreasonable and willing to kill me.
  • Nowadays, he has to openly admit "no, I didn't create such strange contraptions associated with me within myths like those, even if Yueying's credit on it is a 50/50 chance. There are better things to do than to put my style name on every single feudal Chinese invention possible".
    • Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu are a bit awkward in that both of their historical selves had nothing to do with each other... and Zhuge Liang expresses regret that if only Zhou Yu and him weren't enemies, he would be glad to teach him everything he knew just to ease his envy.
  • Nowadays, he finds great empathy towards Sima Yi's portrayal in the latest Advisors Alliance drama series he's been watching. He says to himself if only the two weren't obligated by their lords to wage war against each other, he would've loved to talk about how to resolve political issues with him face-to-face.
  • He is sometimes asked to do game design, particularly by those who seek more 'unfair challenge' (not impossible ones). This is because he's so well known in making traps that sprung after the challenger thought it was over that his name is plastered with the traps everywhere ("Koumei no wana" AKA "Zhuge's Trap").

Lesser Gods

    Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias 
Adrian Veidt, God of Successfully Timed Plans (Ozymandias)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His outfit in this button form
  • Theme: "It Was Me"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Lawful Evil (formerly Lawful Good)
  • Domains: Combat, Knowledge, Law, Trickery, Nobility
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambiguously Evil, Anti-Villain, Awesomeness by Analysis, The Bad Guy Wins Just As The Heroes Arrive For Him, Broken Ace, Charles Atlas Superpower, The Chessmaster, Contemplative Boss, Dark Messiah, Fallen Hero, Genius Bruiser, I Did What I Had to Do, Intelligence Equals Isolation, Knight Templar, Lack of Empathy, Self-Made Man, Technical Pacifist, Totalitarian Utilitarian, Visionary Villain
  • Herald: His "tiger" Bubastis
  • Allies: Mr. Freeze and anti-villains in general, YHVH, Revolver Ocelot, Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Enemies: Rorschach, The Comedian, The Superhero Division, especially Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dexter Morgan, Frank Castle/The Punisher, The Joker
  • Rivals: General Tarquin (friendly)
  • Opposes: The GUAD, especially Black Hand, Lucifer
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lex Luthor, Light Yagami
  • Pities: High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman
  • Complicated Relationship: Dr. Manhattan, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre
  • The GUAG had been alerted that someone planted a bomb in a version of New York City. The perpetrator was said to be holed up in Antarctica. By the time their mortal followers arrived, the culprit had this to say:
    ??? "I'm not a Republic serial villain. Do you seriously think I'd explain my masterstroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago."
  • One of the few villains that actually managed to achieve their goals, Ozymandias' actions were met with acclaim from the GUAE. However, he had declined to accept their invitation for godhood. That all chained when he discovered a more suitable benefactor. YHVH made an offer to maintain his perfect world, becoming deified in the process. The other factions has reason to worry about this development, as YHVH now has one of the realms' best tacticians at his side.
    • While the Superhero Division condemned the ascension, Batman has made this case personal. Ozymandias was seen as one of his greatest pupils, mastering the art of laying out plans. He personally took responsibility for the event that killed millions of people and swore to bring the man to justice.
  • While many consider him a villain, Ozymandias doesn't want to be considered this. He claims his actions were for the betterment of his world. It's that attitude that Mr. Freeze sympathizes with. The God of Anti-Villainry was one of the deities that convinced him to become a god.
  • He was quick to secure an alliance with Revolver Ocelot, knowing that his manipulation skills rival his own. Most gods suspect that this is just a way to keep each other close, allowing them to see just how good their skills are.
  • He found another supporter in the form of Lelouch, who was impressed with how he managed to and all conflicts among the countries in his world.
  • As soon as his temple was built. He was attacked almost immediately by Rorschach, his former teammate. Ozymandias dispatched him just as quickly as last time, but is under constant threat from the masked man.
    • Dr. Manhattan, on the other hand, prefers to avoid Ozymandias. Adrian is doing the same, as he doesn't find the New 52 reboot an action as justifiable as his was.
    • As soon as The Comedian ascended, he tried to kill Ozymandias in retaliation to causing his Plot-Triggering Death in the first place. It failed, but Eddie still tries again whenever possible.
    • Nite Owl acknowledges Ozymandias' plan worked, but wonders if Adrian went too far in his scheme and prefers to keep his distance. Silk Spectre does the same.
  • Rorschach and the Comedian aren't the only one who have gunned for him. Other antiheroes such as Dexter Morgan and The Punisher have made attempts on his life. The two were only slightly more successful than Adrian's arch nemesis. With that said, he predicts that the three may form an alliance to take him down, not that he's worried of what they're capable of.
  • Although the two work in different factions, he maintains an amiable relationship with Tarquin. Both respect their ability to use their wits to outmaneuver their enemies. Ozymandias even offered to help overcome Tarquin's inability to coerce his son into the leading role.
  • He was surprised to find another god who made similar decisions to make his world a better place. Fellow GUAL teammate Regime Superman decided to take governing the world into his own hands after a devastating explosion on Metropolis. The two men support each others actions, citing how much safer their worlds have become as a result.
  • Many gods has suspected that Ozymandias was responsible with the disappearance of Dr. Manhattan from the Pantheon. It was his absence that allowed his plan to go off uncontested. The fact that he managed to fool one of the most powerful members of the House of Power frightens the opposing factions even more.
  • He recently came across an attempt at a Saturday morning version of the Watchmen. His response was... lukewarm to say the least. He did not like the comparisons to Shaggy and Scooby in particular.
  • Although he occasionally deliver blows against the GUAE, he sees the recently formed GUAD as the greatest threat to his plans. Killing millions for a just cause is one thing; killing every single living thing goes too far for his tastes. After putting in weeks of research, he devised their best chance of beating the group is through the Black Hand. The herald of the leader of the group, Black Hand could potentially serve as the tether between the two. Ozymandias hopes to capture him for testing, possibly finding a way to destroy Nekron through his host.
  • Light Yagami may be one of the most difficult allies to work together with, despite the fact that the two share many of the same followers.
  • One day, he found a card nailed to the wall of his temple with a knife. One side had the joker card; the other had a bloodied smiley face. It also happened to be laced with explosives: thankfully he discarded the card before it went off. At first he thought that the Comedian had returned, but further analysis led laid the blame on his patron. The Joker was not pleased in the loss of one of his most successful followers, and has been harassing his murderer ever since.
  • Many wonder if Ozymandias' paradise can continue into the foreseeable future. There are many deities, good and evil, who hope to expose the truth. The most likely cause to his downfall is a Rorschach's journal. One would think that Lucifer and the GUAC would be on the case... but to no avail. The God of Chaos personally paid a visit to Adrian's temple to inform him that he has no plans to break the truce... because he claims things will unfold by itself. To him, humans are naturally aligned with disorder. The nations will reach a disagreement and bicker once more, he merely wants to see if go through to prove himself right. That fact secretly frightened Ozymandias even more than if Lucifer became involved.
    • As it turns out... it didn't last. The nations of the world are at each other's throats again and Ozymandias himself has brain cancer. Many gods berated Ozymandias for his shortsightedness and questioned if he ever considered the possibility that Dr. Manhattan's abandonment of humanity was not motivated by indifference. Even Lex Luthor had something to say about Viedt's "master plan":
    Lex Luthor: You dissected a psychic's brain, enlisted the morally bankrupt minds from the likes of Hollywood and comic books, and created an "alien invader" to murder three million people to unite the world...and you're SURPRISED that humanity hasn't stayed united? If you're the smartest man on your planet, I'd hate to meet the dumbest!

Jim, God of Betrayal Insurance (Hornet)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Hornet's head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Made a deal with the Vespa to take away the Plutonian if he turned evil, By giving them teleportation technology and the coordinates of every Earth-like planet that the Paradigm visited, Which he felt horrible about, Badass Normal, Crazy-Prepared, Resembles Batman, Overshadowed by Awesome, Properly Paranoid, Sherlock Scan, The Team Normal, Weak, but Skilled
  • Domain(s): Suspicion, Necessity, Guilt, Heroism
  • Herald: Donna (his wife) and their children
  • Allies: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: The Plutonian, Regime Superman, Black Noir, The Crime Syndicate of America, The Dark Knights, The Dalek Empire, The Cybermen, Emperor Palpatine, Darkseid, Thanos, Mongul, Frieza, Baby, Cooler, King Cold
  • Very Complicated Relationship: Qubit, Bette Noir
  • Pitied by: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
  • Conflicting Opinion:
  • Jim was a police officer at Sky City until he quit his job on the force to pursue a career as a superhero. With support from his wife Donna, Jim became the Hornet and set out to become the world's first real-life superhero. Unfortunately, as he was about to leave the house on his first patrol, the news broke about the Plutonian's first public appearance. Although Hornet initially disliked the Plutonian due to perceiving him as an unsubtle glory hog, Plutonian's kindness towards him after the two had resolved a hostage situation caused Hornet to warm up to him. When Plutonian suggested for Hornet to join him and meet up with a few other new superheroes, Hornet accepted and, despite his initial reluctance, the heroes all became good friends and formed the Paradigm.
    • Hornet simply being "a guy who knew some muay thai" caused him to be more on guard and wary of the Plutonian than the other members of the Paradigm. His suspicions about the Plutonian first started when Plutonian mentioned Hornet's wife Donna by name during a poker game, even though Hornet had never told him her name. Occasionally, he would notice small signs of the Plutonian's instability and concluded that he would eventually snap from the pressure he was under. When an alien race called the Vespa attacked Earth, Hornet volunteered to perform some covert recon inside their spaceship while the rest of the team attacked them directly as a distraction. However, Hornet ended up being captured and was brought to their leader, who explained that the Vespa were new to star-travel and that Earth was the first environmentally adequate planet they had found. As such, the Vespa would stop at absolutely nothing to overrun it for their needs, even if ultimate victory would take generations. Desperate to prevent armageddon, Hornet offered them Qubit's teleportation technology and coordinates to dozens of defenseless earth-like planets in exchange for the Vespa returning someday to take away Plutonian if he ever turned evil, which they accepted.
    • On the day that Plutonian finally snapped, Hornet was the first superhero he targeted, having correctly guessed that Hornet would have had a contingency in place for that exact occurrence. After triggering the alert to the Vespa, Hornet rushed to his house and tried to get his family to safety. However, the Plutonian arrived and incinerated Donna and his son. Hornet tried to save his daughter Sarah by taking her to his underground cave and use the weapons there. Unfortunately, Plutonian caught up to them in the cave and broke Hornet's ankle. Hornet attempted to convince Plutonian to at least spare Sarah's life, but Plutonian dismissed him and killed Hornet in front of Sarah and then taunted her before likewise killing her as well.
  • Hornet's arrival into the Pantheon was brought about by, of all people, Bette Noir, who felt that he deserved a chance at redemption within the Pantheon similar to what she had been given. While Hornet's reunion with Bette went well, his reunion with Qubit was less amicable. Although Hornet had asked Qubit in his recorded message to not tell the rest of the team about what he had done, he wasn't particularly surprised or angry that Qubit had ignored his request. Hornet was immensely relieved to learn that Qubit eventually destroyed all of the Vespa's teleportation technology, preventing them from further expanding their empire and giving the planets they'd conquered a fighting chance. After a brief conversation, Qubit walked away and, although he didn't fully cut ties with him, made it clear to Hornet that he didn't wish to see him unless it was necessary. After getting to his temple, Hornet appointed his wife and children as his heralds, and they all had a happy reunion.
  • The presence of the Plutonian in the Pantheon understandably alarmed Hornet, especially when he learned that Plutonian had watched Hornet's reunion with his former teammates from distance and very much desires to "re-enact" the murder of Hornet and his family. Fortunately, there are plenty of other heroic figures in the Pantheon whose powers match or even exceed those of Plutonian, which prevents him from rampaging as much as he likes. Additionally, Plutonian is wary of outright targeting Hornet or his temple, as he suspects that Hornet might have another contingency plan for such an occasion.
  • Hornet is on friendly terms with the God-Emperor of Mankind, who understands what it's like to make difficult and morally grey decisions for the sake of protecting humanity. Although he lacks the God-Emperor's anti-alien sentiments or immense power, his strategic mind and precision has made him a worthwhile ally whenever they confront a common threat.
  • Aside from the Plutonian, Hornet also strongly opposes the other tyrannical and evil superhumans in the Pantheon, such as Regime Superman, Black Noir, The Crime Syndicate of America, and the Dark Knights. Out of all of them, Hornet is most sympathetic to Regime Superman, as he's at least ostensibly well-intentioned. He's also highly disturbed by the Devastator of the Dark Knights, who comes from a similar world in which Superman suddenly turned evil and started killing his friends, with Batman infecting himself with the Doomsday Virus and becoming a monster bent on spreading the Doomsday Virus so everyone would be safe from the likes of Superman. Although they're enemies, Hornet has reluctantly admitted that he might be willing to work with the Devastator to take out Plutonian and others like him if it would ever become necessary.
  • His experience with the Vespa has resulted in him having a strong dislike of evil empires and alien tyrants. As such, Hornet opposes the likes of the Dalek Empire, the Cybermen, Emperor Palpatine, Darkseid, Thanos, Mongul, Frieza, Baby, Cooler and King Cold.
  • Since Hornet has much in common with him, Batman is sympathetic to Hornet's circumstances, although he still strongly disapproves of what he did. Similarly, Ozymandias has remarked that both he and Hornet ultimately acted in the interest of protecting the human race from armageddon in spite of their respective team's disapproval. Both have helped Hornet improve security within his temple and acquire several special wax candle bullets from Bette Noir in case Plutonian ever shows up there. Although he's on reasonable speaking terms with both of them, Hornet generally prefers working with Batman than with Ozymandias.
  • Hornet is, understandably, very wary of superhumans who resemble the Plutonian, and generally tries to keep his interactions with them to a minimum. He was somewhat put at ease when his observations of Superman, Samaritan, Statesman, and others like them indicated that they did not display the same symptoms of mental instability that Hornet had previously observed in the Plutonian. On the other hand, he observed significantly greater instability in both Homelander and Sentry, and keeps a close eye on them whenever they both start acting out.
  • Many of the good-aligned aliens in the Pantheon are understandably conflicted on what to make of Hornet, since he had helped the Vespa to subjugate dozens of defenseless planets in exchange for them leaving the Earth alone and taking away Plutonian after he snapped. Seeking atonement, Hornet spends much of his time helping and defending the various aliens in whatever ways he can. He doesn't ask others to forgive him, as he considers himself irredeemable for what he had done, and simply hopes to protect those that he currently can.
  • "Every day that Tony doesn't go insane, I get to wonder if I'm a hero or just a paranoid little man. But, again, if you're hearing this... at least it means I wasn't paranoid... just dead."

    Light Yagami 
Light Yagami, God of Improbable Strategy (The First Kira, The Second L, God of the New World, Light Turner)

Nate River, God of Planning with Props (Near, N, The Current L, The Albino Sheep)
Click here to see Near three years later, during the events of the One-Shot Special 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His cursive "N".
  • Theme Song: Near's Theme, A B, and C.
  • Alignment: Even harder to determine than L; let's just say True Neutral and save ourselves a headache.
  • Portfolio: Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Creepy Child, Young and in Charge, Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys? (and how!), Voice with an Internet Connection, Unscrupulous Hero, Übermensch, The Stoic, The Spock, Planning with Props, No Social Skills, Laser-Guided Tyke-Bomb, Defective Detective,
  • Domains: Toys, Morality, Detectives
  • Heralds: The SPK, Japanese Police Force.
  • Allies: L Lawliet, Mello (On Near's end), Rem, Soichiro Yagami, Toys Of Toy Story, Aang, Primus, Emmet Brickowski, Killua Zoldyck
  • Rivals: The Riddler, James Bond, just about anyone who wants to challenge him for fun.
  • Enemies: Besides Light Yagami, Misa Amane and Teru Mikami, any deity that kills left and right, mostly the House of Villainy and the House of Crime and Transgressions. Also hated by Religious deities for deciding his own moral code.
  • Just Friends: Panty
  • Respects/Respected by: Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Near originally had the spot here of being both "Gaining Gadgets Unexpectedly" and being a "Laser-Guided Tyke-Bomb". However, some developments within the House of Mentalism had started a campaign to cut down on deities that hold two titles. Light originally started it with help from Misa and Teru, bringing up the idea of kicking Near off to the Court Of Gods and using Misa and Teru as anonymous sources, claiming that he doesn't even represent his chosen titles that much. However, Batman has been keeping an eye on Light after Near requested his aid in return for his assistance when dealing with some of Arkham's own criminals, and quickly informed Near about what Light was doing, allowing him ample time to prepare a plan.
  • As a proud owner of countless toys and gizmos, those who need gadgets often go to Near for help obtaining them; he gives the seeker a run-down on how hard it is to obtain, how much it costs, where to go for it, and other such details.
  • Once he heard that Mello ascended, Near instantly headed off to the House of Popularity to meet with Mello, who was getting ready for another verbal fight against Near once he heard of his ascension. He was quickly stunned when Near thanked him for helping him get the final clues for the Kira case, handing him a bar of chocolate as a way of saying "No hard feelings". While Mello still refuses to call him a friend, he is a bit more tolerant of his presence now, even promising to help him should Light try to become Kira again.
    • On a really good day for Mello, he could be seen eating chocolate with Near, if only because he insists that he is just bored and nothing else.
  • No one has ever seen Near walk. He's just sort of... there when you look at him.
  • He also met face to face with L for the first time, and L was rather impressed that Near took down Light in the end. However, he as well as other deities, including the House of Knowledge, wanted to know if he really did use a Death Note to control Teru Mikami. Near just smirks and refuses to comment, saying it would ruin the fun of the puzzle.
    • Overhearing the last part of how it would ruin the fun of the puzzle, The Riddler got his eyes set on him due to how similar the two think and has even sent him a riddle for him to solve instead of Batman for once to test how intelligent Near really is. To his dismay, Near appeared right in front of him with an active searchlight set on "Bat-Man" at Scrooge McDuck's money vault. While he managed to backtrack and escape Near's sight, Scrooge saw him and beat him down till Batman caught up to The Riddler. He has since considered Near a Worthy Opponent and has sent him riddles on occasion should he feel bored by Batman.
      • Batman grew to respect Near because of this, even if his way of getting information is questionable at best. In return, Near respects Batman for choosing his own morals like he did, and the two of them even help each other out on crime cases periodically.
      • For those curious about what the Riddler's riddle was, it was actually a 200 piece pure white puzzle, which when exposed to an LED light, has the phrase "Life is like a hurricane, no?" on it. Near deduced quickly that the number of pieces, 200, was military time for 2:00 AM, and a quick google search about the phrase led to the Ducktales theme song. It wasn't long till Near pieced it together.
  • Unsurprisingly, gets along swimmingly with the Toys of Toy Story, even playing with them on a regular basis. However, his own toys seemed to start moving on their own once Near met them. Not that he minds it, as he enjoys playing with them, and even setting up plans with them; it's just that the rest of the SPK feels awkward around them and are still adapting to it.
    • Buzz even offered to assist Near in his detective work, serving as a scout of sorts for crimes that Near suspects are happening. Very few people in Japan would believe that a Buzz Lightyear toy would have a hidden camera installed on him.
  • Despite spending a great deal of time in his own temple left to his own devices, he got out a lot frequently once he heard that people like Primus and Emmet were gods here. He spent a great deal watching Primus in awe and crafting with Legos alongside Emmet.
  • Was quite shocked at Spike when he heard his voice, as it sounded familiar. Despite this, even if Spike is a bit unnerved at Near's cold personality, he does respect him for being a dedicated planner.
  • Upon hearing how Near entered the Avatar State, Aang went over to see if there could be another avatar. A little while after he entered, he stepped out dazed and dizzy. Despite this, he does visit Near's temple a couple of times to help Near go out and make friends. While Near does appreciate the sentiment, he does find Aang to be a bit annoying at times. Regardless, he still goes out with him when asked.
  • Does his best to avoid Light Yagami whenever possible, as he knows he can't beat him by himself. Should he figure out that Light figured out that he ascended and is planning on writing down Near's name, he has arranged a uber-heart transfer with The Medic to help combat Light's Notebook.
    • Such a day eventually came around when Near was caught underneath some wonky lights that needed to be replaced. As he was walking by a black spot underneath the lightbulb, it turned on for long enough for Light to realize that it was Near. When it went off and on again, Near was gone. After a short chase around the house, Light managed to corner Near and piqued Ryuk's interest to go and see how this encounter turned out. He pulled out his Death Note, ready to write him off (literally). Just before he finished writing his name, Light ended up getting a heart attack somehow. When he accused Near and Ryuk of doing this, Near denied having any role in this and Ryuk expressed surprise and confusion before laughing as he saw Light expire as another figure went up behind him, who turned out to be Rem. While Ryuk gave a hearty chuckle and welcomed Rem back, Near just gazed at her in confusion.
      • Ryuk filled Near in on Rem before she told her side of the story. While shocked to hear what Light did in detail, he explained how he went up against Kira and won thanks to Mello. While Rem was unnerved at some of the same traits he shared with L, she still prefers him to Light and is willing to aide him should Misa not lead to her getting imprisoned or executed. He has agreed to let Soichiro Yagami handle her at least while he focuses on Light and Teru, and considering Soichiro is willing to help Misa out to improve her mind instead of just arresting or killing her, Rem is satisfied with this arrangement.
      • As for his plan with getting a new heart transplant courtesy of Medic, he requested to test it out first with him healing the Heavy Weapons Guy. As a man of science and a Mad Doctor, he approved this request. Tests are still going underway.
  • The day James Bond decided to challenge Near to a game of chess in the House of Love was... interesting, to say the least, for all the wrong reasons.
    • Before that day, other gods had decided to challenge Near to any intellectual activity with very few accounts of them succeeding; he had only been beaten by L and Mello beforehand, and even then he had accounts of managing to beat the both of them. After completing the game and winning, much to James' shock, he was going to head out, only to be stopped by Panty, who, seeing how Near was on her To-Do List, took notice and complimented Near in how cute and adorable he was, mentioning how it is a shame his V card is still with him. Of course, Near being a Defective Detective, he had zero idea of what to do and was left stuttering and flustered as Panty picked him up and took him to her room, resulting in one of the only times in Pantheon history that other deities witnessed Near's legs moving frantically. The result of that was conflicting for Near, to say the least. On one hand, what she did to him at first was something that he didn't seem fond of, despite Frollo seeming downright envious of him, but on the other hand, cuddling with Panty was actually rather enjoyable. He settled to being Just Friends with her, allowing her to cuddle him and nothing else.
  • Has been recruited by Killua Zoldyck to help keep dangerous members of the Pantheon in line. Surprisingly, they have a decent alliance, as for all of Near's faults, his resources and personality actually makes him very effective. He is also curious to see if Killua is willing to teach him how to use a Killer Yo-Yo like he can.
  • Is well aware that there is an actual N here relating to Pokemon.
  • This profile is now over, you lost the game.


    Benny (Fallout
Benny, God of Poorly Thought-Out Plans (The Head Chairman, Joker)
  • Demigod
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Symbol: The logo for his casino, The Tops. Alternatively, his gun, Maria, on a black-and-white plaid background. That, or a Joker card depicting his likeness.
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil Big Bad Wannabe, Smug Snake, Starter Villain and Disc-One Final Boss, No-Nonsense Nemesis, Opportunistic serial betrayer, Hole-filled takeover plan for New Vegas, Tasteless suit, Jive Turkey, And There Was Much Rejoicing, Spanner in the Works, Frequently left at the mercy of others, Based on Bugsy Siegel
  • Domains: Ambition, Planning, Betrayal, Power
  • Heralds: The Chairmen, prominent among them are Swank and Tommy Torini
  • Allies: Mitch Conner, Dimitri Rascalov, Al Capone, Fat Tony, The Son, Pinstripe Potoroo, Kano
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork (as far as shows go in the Aces Theater): Some within the Houses of Singers and Performers and Theatric Production
  • Enemies: The Courier, Mr. House, Yes Man, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (particularly Ren Amamiya/Joker), The Joker
  • Opposes: Ernesto de la Cruz, Julius Caesar, Caligula, Nero Claudius/Red Saber, Genghis Khan, the lucky gods in the House of Luck and Fortune
  • Life is about gain and loss, risk and reward; you win some, you lose some. That's just how things are. Without sufficient drive or ambition you're likely as to not arrive your desired conclusion. Of course, it pays to not just have a tangible goal in mind, you also got to have a plan. Our story begins with but a simple man named Benny who lived in the then-abandoned New Vegas under the tribe of the Boot Riders. It was until that Mr. House emerged from his inactivity did everything change as he made big promises to the tribe so long as they submit to his rule. Benny saw opportunity in this endeavor, but the tribe's chief named Bingo had other ideas. To determine the Boot Rider's fate they engaged in a knife fight of which Benny emerged victorious. The tribe took the suits and identities Mr. House gave them, renovated the Tops Casino, and reemerged as the Chairmen. Some dissidence aside life was pretty good for Benny, but he wanted more; He wanted New Vegas all for himself. The odds were against him, though, as he was going up against the house after all. And as everyone knows the house always wins. To start, he disabled one of House's Securitrons and had one fixed up and outsources it to be reprogrammed as his right-hand Yes-Man. Next, after finding out the significance of the platinum chip and its connection to something buried beneath Fortification Hill he used Yes Man to deduce its courier's route and organize an ambush alongside some Great Khan members.
    • It was not an easy journey. The road was long and dangerous but he did manage to catch up to this package courier, steal the platinum chip, and iced them where they knelt. He then betrayed his Great Khan muscle and left them at Boulder City and fled to New Vegas to initiate the next phase of his plan. Unfortunately for him the courier he "killed" happened to cheat death and was hot on his tail in addition to Mr. House being very much aware of his incoming treachery. By the time the Courier caught up with him he was still filling in the gaps of his plan. Accounts vary from here on out. Did he die at the Tops Casino? Did he managed to escape to Fortification Hill but got caught by Caesar's Legion? Did he even get spared for his trouble for all is said and done? It's quite vague. What isn't vague, however, was the fact that the Mojave Wasteland would be forever changed... but it sure as hell didn't involve Benny taking over New Vegas. Not by a longshot.
  • However he ended up mattered little in the end as he saw opportunity when the Court of Gods offered godhood, even if he doesn't quite agree with it. Thus, he wasted no time in setting up shop with the Tops as temple as a main way to rake up money even as he planned to move on to bigger things. He isn't really interested in the whole Grand Alliance rubbish, as far as he was concerned a sizable portion of the Pantheon was up for grabs. He then let out an exasperated "What in the goddamn?" when the very same Courier he capped swung by his doorstep did they bring down a reality check on his plans: Things were way different here in the Pantheon than in the Mojave Wasteland. Not only was House here but there are loads more powerful people playing the game. Benny was a bit shaken but smugly assured he'd bide his time figure something out with his Yes Man by his side eventually but the Courier brushed his arrogance off and left though not before mentioning that Yes Man is on their side now. Yeah...
  • He's frequently by passing gods and goddesses asked what came of the Mojave Wasteland after Hoover Dam. This is neglecting the fact he more than likely won't live to see such an event actually unfold. This agitates him, though not in a way you'd expect. Ruminating about the past and missing it actually irritates him and he doesn't have time to think about the good old days of the Mojave and New Vegas as he's off to do more than just ride the Pantheon's future: He's going to hold let it ride with him. Sure, he'd like to assume the Courier took up his plan (it's called having a legacy, baby) but there's no way of shifting that out anytime soon.
  • Fairly charming, polite, and even willing to crack a joke or two but this does little to undermine the fact he's a backstabbing opportunist and is has dirtied his hands before. Besides the Courier, whom he killed for their package, he also killed people who end up being a liability to his plans. And from both times it came from an overdose to make it look like an accident. One, a singer who wanted the tribe to go back to the good old days and rallied support through such nostalgia and the other one of his Great Khan muscle who nearly threw off the plan to intercept the Courier. Benny was even callous enough to leave his corpse out in the open had not his cohorts urged otherwise.
    • For as much of an asshole as he, though, he has share of moments and standards. Benny isn't a "fink" and insists that he look someone in the face before killing them. He can also face his potential demises by said Courier rather well either by execution (a fitting end, eh?) or trial-by-combat, befitting his past as a tribal. He also doesn't get along with the other ruling families in New Vegas like the White Glove Society and the Omertas. Considering how the former were once a clan of cannibals with some having not changed their ways while the latter planned to chlorine bomb the Strip he's not really wrong to feel that way. By comparison the Chairmen as a whole might as well the cleanest of the Three Families with their Head Chairmen being the only ugliest part about them.
  • Speaking of the Chairmen, if anything, they're the reason his reputation is still afloat in the Pantheon as they're legitimate in their business and have continued such relationships in the Pantheon. It's why people can feel at ease at the Tops, after all. Most people like dealing with them such as Swink and Tommy Torini than their boss and often people have expressed interest in the Aces Theater either to have a good time there or participate in the acts themselves. The two even promised to look out for them after hearing what kind of person Benny was following the time the Courier dealt with him. Benny doesn't really mind them, however. He'll only have a problem when they make themselves his problem. The only time he stepped in to do so was when Ernesto de la Cruz tried weaseling his way onto the show but the Head Chairman backed up his subordinates to tell the guy to scram. Having him within the Tops' premises leaves a bad taste already. That, and the Aces is scouting for actual talent not guys whose creativity is as sterile as a super mutant. Ironic that they're sort of at each other's throats considering they both have tampered with people's drinks to get what they want.
  • He has proper allies when it comes to getting ahead in the Pantheon. Apparently, Benny decided to partner himself up with Mitch Connor as an easy means to rise up the ranks of the Pantheon's seedy underworld. Of course he's planning on stabbing him in the back but the only reason he hasn't done so is because Benny believes him to be a well and truly dangerous individual despite appearances. The odds are high, too high for his liking, and he needs a lot more time to rig them before he rolls the dice and gets Mitch to cash in. Here's the kicker, though: Both the Courier and House agree that the hand puppet is a threat. No, seriously. The former claimed they've seen enough of the Wasteland to understand there's some individuals out there that are both wacky and seriously dangerous. The Think Tank comes to mind. House, meanwhile, ran by his calculations and deduces he's quite a prominent variable in the game of power. Hearing him claim such with a completely straight face- er, voice is truly a sight to behold.
    • Aside from Mitch Connor has thrown his lot with the likes of Dimitri Rascalov, Al Capone, Fat Tony, The Son, Pinstripe Potoroo, and Kano to further gain a foothold on the Pantheon. Some allies he made considering they at least either have a history of betrayal (Dimitri and Kano), are well and wizened to his ways as a betrayer (Al Capone, Fat Tony, and The Son), or are just plain Ax-Crazy (Pinstripe Potoroo). And yet, an alliance still exists. He does have a resource on the wasteland he fully willing to share should it be needed unlike the other wasteland figures of his world who either aren't quite dependable as true allies or are too good and ambitious for them and crime. Kano is the exception to that rule considering the things he's seen but Benny was able to buy his favor regardless and is keeping the alliance on the minimal. He's already amassed a collection of disabled robots and he just needs Kano to help build them back up to his use. The hoard originally started with House Securitrons after finding out Yes Man turned jumped ship for the Courier but one thing lead to another and he ended up getting a basement full of many discarded automatons.
  • When going by Playing Card Motifs he represents the Joker, a position he shares with the Courier. Fitting, considering both of them serve as the Wild Cards of the contest of power over New Vegas. Benny, however, takes it a step further. In the game of Euchre, the card of the Joker is the highest trump possible and is referred to as a Bird or a Benny. He shares this motif with Ren Amamiya aka Joker, the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and Benny found himself on their list of targets to take down a peg or two. When comparing their repertoire Benny ranks among the more dimer dozen criminals. While understanding that they are a threat he couldn't be anything other than baffled by them, however. As far as he's concerned he's pretty justified in doing what he did; the fate of the Mojave is of high enough stakes to kill for. There isn't any fancy world or place where he's from that can just turn and circle around that reality.
    • Regarding jokers, Benny having such (albeit not as used) moniker inevitably drew the unwanted attention of the Joker, Gotham City's Jester of Genocide. It was a... messy ordeal, not unlike the one he had with the Phantom Thief Joker, and the Joker certainly had more issues than a vengeful Courier by a landslide. If possible, Benny prefers not to get tangled with the clown any more times.
  • Doesn't particularly like the gods and goddesses who hail from Rome considering the nation served as inspiration for Caesar's Legion, even if many insist that Edward Sallow's imitation of their culture is a theme-park version of their greatness. Of them, he has it out for Julius Caesar, Caligula, and Nero Claudius/Red Saber for the name as a dead ringer, the insanity, and being god-awful at the arts. Benny thought he'd get the support of Boudica through this shared little distaste but she told him to screw off. Related to this he loathes Ghenghis Khan, which more than likely echoes his sentiments on the Great Khans that he knew (and betrayed). Good for nothing pests don't fall far from the tree.
    • On a more professional note he also doesn't like the more fortuitous gods in the House of Luck and Fortune as their luck bleed his coffers. Obviously once they start winning a bit too much they end up banned but every time he does so another highroller from that house comes in to ruin everything again.
  • While it's fun to point out how over in his head he truly is in the grand scheme of things Benny is not a complete incompetent weasel. While he lives a cushy lifestyle thanks to House the Head Chairman was still a tribal and knows his way around the wasteland and how to survive it. Even helped hold his own against some drugged-up Fiends, and would be a perfect infiltrator enemy ranks if he'd bother to actually change his hair, and was pretty thorough in disposing of the Courier. Lady luck just happened to smile on them with the two caps to the head. Hell, he got to his position in the first place by way of Klingon Promotion. And while he never quite become that big player in the power struggle for New Vegas, like or not his actions is a fine example of being a Spanner in the Works. People tend to keep an eye out for him not as to how he'll win by the end, but rather how badly his actions will potentially screw over them and their plans.
  • "You've made your last delivery kid. Sorry you got twisted up in this scene. From where you're kneeling, it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck. Truth is... the game was rigged from the start."

    Grand Admiral Thrawn 
Mitth'raw'nuorodo, God of Military Geniuses (Thrawn of the House of Nuruodo of the Mitth Family, Thrawn, Grand Admiral Thrawnformerly , Thrawn dai-taishō (by the GUAE Mecha Cohort), Mitthrawdo, Kivu'raw'nuru [core name Vurawn], Mitth'raw'nuru)
Image credit: Darren Tan
  • Demigod (though his military prowess can stump even Overdeities)
  • Symbol: A pair of red glowing eyes on a blue background, or the stylized Chimaera engraved on the ventral hull of his Star Destroyer
  • Theme Music: "Thrawn's Arrival", "Thrawn's Web", "Thrawn's True Face"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil to the Rebellion and those who oppose the Empire, Lawful Good to his subordinates, actually Lawful Neutral with his participation in the Empire as a Necessary Evil
  • Portfolio: Very Respectful Even to Enemies, Is Exceedingly Good at Analyzing People, Prioritizes Function over Form, The Chessmaster, Crazy-Prepared, Falsely Exiled By His Own People, A Manipulative Strategist, One of The Few Reasonable People in the Empire, A Close Friend to Eli Vanto, Deliberately Allows Military Losses to Ensure A Later Victory, Can Improvise When Necessary
  • Domains: Art, Law, Nobility, Perfection, Strategy, Treason, War
  • Heralds: Eli Vanto (his closest friend), Rukh (his bodyguard), Commodore Karyn Faro (his former Number Two aboard the Chimaera) and Commander Gilad Pellaeon (his possible Number Two). By extension, the Chiss Ascendancy can be counted as well.
  • High Priest: Lord Castellan Creed
  • Followers: The Silverberg family and Lucretia Merces, Narsus
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Orson Krennic, Count Dooku, General Grievous, Nute Gunray, Wat Tambor (the Separatists), M. Bison, Megatron, Starscream, Frieza, Euron Greyjoy, Griffith, Johan Liebert, Muruta Azrael, Roose Bolton
  • Rivals: James T. Kirk, Robin, The Tactician, Petyr Baelish, Lord Varys, Treize Khushrenada, Abelt Dessler, Gihren Zabi
  • Friendly Rivals: Char Aznable, Victor von Doom
  • Not-So Worthy Opponent: Kei Shirogane/Shiroe
  • Enemies:
  • Friendly Enemy: Astral
  • Respects: The House of Craft and Theatre and Spectacle, Tzeentch, Genghis Khan, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh
  • Respected by: Every military officer in the Pantheon (even if they don't like him)
  • Fears: Any giant sea creature that resembles a Space Whale, and to a certain extent destroyer deities more potent than the Death Star (Unicron, Galactus, Deathwing, Evolt/Kamen Rider Evol)
  • Opposes: Anyone who does not appreciate art, Bask Om, Yuuki Terumi, Wyald, Biff Tannen, The Flood, Zapp Brannigan, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos and Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Annoyed By: Jar Jar Binks, The Ginyu Force
  • Complicated Relationship: Darth Vader
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Havelock Vetinari, Cobra Commander
  • Mitth'raw'nuruodo, better known by his core name Thrawn, is a Chiss from the Unknown Regions, exiled by his people to known space for as of yet unrevealed reasons, and was discovered by the Galactic Empire soon after, and pledged his allegiance to the Emperor on the grounds of providing information on an unknown threat in the Unknown Regions. This was in truth a fabrication in order to implant Thrawn in the known galaxy's ruling government and determine if they would be a useful ally. Amid the mass opposition of the Empire to non-human staff, Thrawn rapidly rose through the ranks, eventually getting a promotion to Grand Admiral for his exemplary performance at the Battle of Batonn as well as the position of commander of the Imperial Seventh Fleet on the recommendation of Arihnda Pryce, Governor of Lothal.
  • Soon after, he was drafted by Pryce to assist in combatting the rebel cells of Lothal, Phoenix Squadron. Winning countless victories against them, this streak ended in a pivotal Rebellion attack on Lothal to destroy the TIE Defender production facility there and liberate the planet. Jedi Ezra Bridger summoned purrgils (space whales which traverse hyperspace) which destroyed the blockade above the planet and dragged Thrawn's fleet of Star Destroyers into hyperspace, with them in it. That was the last of Grand Admiral Thrawn...or so the galaxy thought.
    • During a battle between the Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Evil to gain control of a supply line leading to an important GUAE stronghold, the combined forces of Rebellion and Resistance fleet seemed to be winning against the devastated fleet (the nearby fleet of Rewloolas led by Char Aznable proved unavailable). Suddenly, the Chimaera materialized from hyperspace purrgil-free, flanked by several Resurgent-classes, blindsiding the GUAG fleet. Thrawn shrewdly claimed that Ezra had been overpowered and was being held hostage aboard the ship, and that surrender was the only optionnote . The frontmost fleet surrendered in their surprise at Thrawn's re-emergence and it was a resounding victory for the GUAE Conquest Force.
    • It was revealed that Thrawn's surprise ascension was at the Emperor's behest, requiring someone loyal to him to lead the GUAE's space fleet, especially after his rather public falling out with Lord Vader. Most people are scratching their heads at this, given that Palpatine was getting fed up with Thrawn's dual loyalties to the Empire and the Ascendancy. Despite having serious misgivings, considering 'a servant with divided loyalties is no servant at all', Palpatine had Thrawn installed as the commander of the Conquest Force's space fleet with Melkor's blessing.
  • Some people just attribute Thrawn's analytical skills to his Chiss ethnicity, but this cannot be farther from the truth. Thrawn's own people were befuddled by his ability to collect detailed tactical knowledge from insignificant or obscure details. Thrawn seeks to perfect the art of war. He believes that in order to defeat a worthy opponent, one must know the opponent in every aspect, including their history, philosophy and culture. He was able to discern the identity of a disguised Hera Syndulla simply from studying the Kalikori she was holding and the Syndulla family portrait. He's got a bit of the Information Age in him. He treats Sherlock Holmes with some reverence as he was one of the main contributors to Thrawn's creation.
  • Whatever you do, do not threaten to destroy beautiful artwork in front of him. It's one of the few ways you can openly piss him off, something that NOBODY wants to see. He regularly visits the House of Craft's Merveilleux Morpho Atelier and the House of Theatre and Spectacle and makes monetary contributions whenever he can. Music itself is also art, but he finds little use for it in analyzing his opponents, as musicians tend to add their own interpretations in their parts. When a piece does pique his interest, he visits the House of Music. He reportedly finds his own organ-based theme distasteful.
  • Thrawn's military pedigree and strategic doctrine differs in many ways from the rest of the Imperial military such as:
    • Creating the right tools for the job. Thrawn disapproved of the shoddy craftsmanship of the tools used by the Empire to maintain order, especially the basic TIE fighter. It was good against civilian craft and pacifying disobedient worlds, but inadequate for engaging nimble rebel starfighters. To this end, he had a new fighter specially commissioned for this purpose: the TIE/D Defender. This ship had a hyperdrive and shields, and scored strings of victories against the Rebellion as part of an elite rebel hunting strike force in the Seventh Fleet. In Legends, Thrawn also designed the Imperial Missile Boat, which used warheads as standard armament. Thrawn has only ever fished it out once to take down an enemy.
    • Playing the Long Game. Thrawn has a tendency to apply the Xanatos Gambit and allow for a defeat in order to secure a later victory. While many military leaders can excel at this, Thrawn stands out from others displaying these tropes as taking an extreme risk in an Empire where failure, especially intentional failure is looked down on. Nevertheless, Thrawn proved naysayers wrong again and again like when he allowed rebel spy Fulcrum (Agent Kallus) to continue his subterfuge undisturbed to discover Phoenix Squadron's base on Atollon and utterly decimate the Squadron to dissolution. This did lead to his demise in Legends continuity, when his habit of monitoring the Noghri and not taking action against them led to his assassination by his disillusioned bodyguard of the same species when he discovered that Thrawn was keeping his people in poor health so they would forever be indebted to the Empire. But that isn't even canon anymore.
    • The Boring, but Practical approach. Much of the Empire's military strategy was derived from Imperial Communiqué #001044.92v, the Tarkin Doctrine, which emphasized the philosophy of ruling through fear of force, and applying swift and grand judgement on those who resisted the Empire. This is best exemplified in the Emperor's masterstroke, the Death Star. Thrawn preferred using mundane but more utilitarian strategy against his opponents, and was not a fan of the Death Star simply because he considered it a waste of time and resources and consolidated far too much of the Empire's resources, making it a prime target of the Rebellion. Needless to say, he was proven right since the rebels stole the plans for the battle station and promptly exploited that one exhaust port to destroy it. And then the Emperor just built another one. Starkiller Base is at least more acceptable to Thrawn given that it was built into a planet rather than being built from scratch, and was treated as more of a side project rather than the bedrock of the First Order's plans. Until he learnt that it was created by strip-mining the Jedi's sacred planet of Ilum.
    • NOT having his subordinates killed if they failed. He was a Reasonable Authority Figure who understood that sometimes, failure was inevitable. He never gave his subordinates any sort of punishment especially if it wasn't their fault, compared to Darth Vader who was used to force-choking Imperial officers for even the most minor of transgressions. Most mooks in the Grand United Alliance of Evil who work for bad bosses and know better often clamour for a spot on his ship just to escape the mental abuse.
    • It should be noted that Thrawn is not omniscient. If something totally unexpected comes up, he can think up a plan on the fly, but do not expect him to pull off a miracle victory, like when the purrgils were summoned by Ezra.
  • Over time, Thrawn began having nagging thoughts in the back of his mind. He was disturbed by the random visions he had in his head of an alternate life with subtle differences from the one he led. This went on for a few weeks until the strain he could no longer bear without visible side-effects, and he checked into the House of Health and Diseases. It was revealed to him that the visions he was experiencing were indeed the life he had once led, as a Grand Admiral leading the remnants of a fallen Empire to near victory against the New Republic. Yet this was retconned with the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney, and their decision to wipe the slate clean in preparation for the sequel trilogy. He quickly healed after that. Thrawn bears no ill will towards George Lucas for the retcon, simply for the reason that he was no longer in charge of the property by that time and isn't Thrawn's creator: Timothy Zahn is.
    • In fact, Thrawn had already been in the Pantheon before, as his Legends counterpart, ascending long before his Emperor ever did as the top choice for holder of his trope. However, the rebooting of Star Wars in 2014 caused him to be booted out and his name and accomplishments stricken from Pantheon records. His documentation was restored upon his return, sans details of his previous ascension to prevent possible tensions between Palpatine and Thrawn as a result.
    • As for his heralds, Rukh continues to be his personal bodyguard, though his loyalty in is question given he assassinated Thrawn in Legends. This doesn't seem to be likely given that the canon Thrawn is in some ways ever so slightly more benevolent than his previous self. Eli Vanto, his closest friend, still works under Ar'alani aboard the Steadfast and hence only makes fleeting appearances in the Pantheon as a Chiss envoy to the Empire. Gilad Pellaeon is a different story. While he indeed exists in canon, he only ever has a voice-only appearance and has not yet made any public appearances in the Pantheon. Intercepted communiqués do confirm however that Pellaeon is still captain of the ISD Harbinger, serves in the Pantheon's Imperial fleet and has been promoted from captain to commander as a senior aide to Thrawn. Even more rumours state that he is now a Fleet Admiral within the Imperial Navy. As for Faro, records state that she still serves as a senior aide to him, but has been transferred to a position away from the ISD Chimaera. Whether this means her promotion to Admiral and commander of the Eleventh Fleet or another position within the Grand United Alliance of Evil is unknown.
    • On the topic of the sequel trilogy, he is pleased that Imperial remnants used his knowledge of the Unknown Regions to establish the First Order. Their Special Forces TIE Fighter and TIE Silencer clearly took notes from his TIE Defender, as did their philosophy of seeing their soldiers as valuable assets as opposed to cannon fodder like their predecessors. First Order-generation officers in the GUAE see Thrawn as a saviour for giving them a place to develop and strengthen away from the prying eyes of the New Republic and the Resistance. Even if they are disdainful of the Admiral, they don't show it because he's competent.
  • Given his objective and analytical standpoint, he has no interest in personal glory, only results, unlike most other Imperial officers who are mostly interested in gaining brownie points with the Emperor and achieving petty goals. The establishment in the GUAE is not happy at Thrawn's utter effectiveness since it hinders their chance at favour from Melkor and seek to dethrone Thrawn from his position as commander of the GUAE fleet. Likewise, Thrawn has no tolerance for fools, bullies and the arrogant, and wastes no opportunity to belittle or humiliate them should their hubris prove too detrimental to the success of the GUAE. Nevertheless, his loyalty is constantly in question. While he claimed that the Emperor would command his allegiance over the Chiss Ascendancy, certain events have charges of treason up in the air for him. He has managed to brave these odds and gain loyalty from many like-minded individuals in the GUAE, though just as many oppose him.
  • If Thrawn does have an Achilles' Heel, it's his inexperience with politics. Political manipulation is common in The Empire, with many high-ranking officers having to pull strings to get where they were, especially those already from the aristocracy. As a result, he fails to grasp the finesse of how to curry favour from his superiors and his colleagues' support, with his sincerity and Innocently Insensitive method of talking making him seem rude or condescending to his superiors or those who do not know him personally. Or he doesn't care. Havelock Vetinari, known for never having been seen in the same room as Thrawn before, suggested he actually do something about it before it irreparably damaged his career. Thrawn then sought an alliance with Tywin Lannister, the only politician Vetinari knew of that was of Thrawn's line of thinking (the rest of the Politicians sub-house is either Good, Ambiguously Evil, Made of Evil or Lawful Stupid). Tywin, in an uncharacteristically courteous move assented to it, seeing Thrawn as an officer he could mould into the perfect weapon to use against his enemies. But then Thrawn dropped this bombshell:
    Thrawn: "Lord Tywin, do not think I am an Unwitting Pawn to be used as your mighty blade of judgement. I am perfectly willing to help you against your enemies, but you are not as capable as you think you might be. A good military leader must be A Father to His Men, and you are hardly one to your own pride of lions. You have taught me much about how to handle the hierarchy and I thank you for that. But I accept my soldiers' imperfections and work to assist them. Your vicious upbringing of your children has moulded them into the dysfunctional people they are today. Jaime? A morally apathetic yet not dishonourable man. Cersei? A Complete Monster who acts like a petulant child waiting for a sweet, throwing a tantrum when she is refused. Tyrion? You denied him an opportunity to prove himself, making him a slave to whoring and blaming him for it. Why, only Daenerys was able to bring out his true potential. And your first act upon entering the Pantheon is to disown the three of them for being disloyal to you and failing to uphold the legacy of House Lannister. That, Lord Tywin, is why I despise in-fighting and politics in my Empire, because this happens."
  • He has been asked repeatedly why he even bothered accepting the Emperor's offer to join the GUAE since his story is now in the open, and thus would implicate him as not really being that evil. Thrawn has replied that, as much as he would not like to admit, his tactical prowess may eclipse even that of the likes of Melkor himself. However, that alone is the only thing keeping him from getting court-martialed, so he has to avoid accumulating a string of failures, which is getting more and more difficult. He also finds the GUAE as a better alternative than allying with more extremist villains such as the Anti-Monitor and Zamasu who seek to destroy rather than rule, and the GUAG would hate him a bit too much for his liking. So he stays with the GUAE for now. The Flood worries him as a type of zombie able to convert anything of sufficient biomass, and potentially assimilate the rest of the Pantheon. He reserves most of his hate for the GUAD since they desire the complete annihilation of everything.
  • Much has transpired since his appointment to the command post of the GUAE Conquest Force's space fleet. Thrawn has to contend with a diverse force of villains, many who don't like him. He has managed to push through some initiatives in the midst of the chaos, such as transferring his flag to a new Resurgent-class Star Destroyer and funding several projects by like-minded individuals (the near bottomless pockets of colleagues like Mr. Burns may have something to do with it). Darth Vader has given him command of the 501st Legion forces serving the GUAE, while he helms those who serve in the House of Defense. Thrawn may know of Vader's true allegiance (and identity) but chooses not to say anything. Vader, having mellowed down since his Heel–Face Turn, no longer has ambitions to kill Thrawn for his knowledge. The fact that he has shared command of the 501st Legion with him is saying something.
  • Then there's the trouble of the former Separatists who the Emperor essentially forced into serving him. He doesn't seem to pay them much attention unless the situation calls for it, but he and Dooku do have a tenuous alliance given their similar approaches to war, and as Count of Serenno, can relate to Thrawn's appreciation for art.
  • Thrawn also has to contend with harbouring many other commanders in the Grand United Alliance of Evil on his ship. Some he likes, some he tolerates but most he grits his teeth at attempting to maintain his composure.
    • The Frieza Force, rated the second most powerful force in the Conquest Force, has proven quite the bother to him and his ship, given their fighting style leads to Stuff Blowing Up. In fact, one of the reasons he requested an upgrade to a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer was for space to accommodate more facilities for fellow colleagues. Frieza likes using the expanded fighting chamber to train himself, but thinks Thrawn unnecessarily pragmatic for his own good, overthinking and overplanning.
      • The Ginyu Force was driven off the Chimaera by Thrawn's officers. You can guess why.
    • M. Bison serves as the Blood Knight to Thrawn's Straight Man. His psychic power is near unrivalled in the space fleet, and Thrawn relies on him as a quick final solution to decimating capital ships that prove immune to his Star Destroyer's heavy turbolasers. That said, M. Bison is as much of a loose cannon as he is a useful ally, and Thrawn keeps him at arm's length and they work separately for the most part.
    • Then there's members of the GUAE Mecha Cohort, who he finds to be far more balanced than the less realist-minded villains of the Army. Char Aznable in particular. The GUAE ship fleet has historically never been a fan of the GUAE Mecha Cohort, making them natural rivals. Thrawn is attempting to bridge this gap by cooperating with the Cohort whenever possible. Char is often contacted by Thrawn should he need a second opinion on whatever plan he's working on, and the Red Comet's judgement is usually sound. He isn't impressed at some other members and benefactors of the Cohort though.
      • If anything, he's only incensed that factional loyalties in the Cohort are a worse issue than in the Conquest Army. Gihren Zabi's selfishness and refusal to submit to Char's authority sparked a civil war between the Cohort's Zeon pilots. Personally, Thrawn is on Char's side, since Gihren is A Nazi by Any Other Name that only cares about power while Char is a Well-Intentioned Extremist. He has a friendship with Anavel Gato, offering him a place on the Chimaera should the civil war become too hot for him. A Gundam unit with nuclear weaponry would prove useful to the Empire's war effort.
      • Of all the Zeon commanders he knows, one of Char's colonels, M'Quve, is very similar to Thrawn in his deep interest in art. While a conceited and self-absorbed man, he enjoys spending time with Thrawn and is extremely loyal to him (unless Kycilia Zabi gets into the equation) for his skill. Thrawn has been tireless in attempting to teach him the value of humility and that the many artifacts he studies on a daily basis can tell him a lot about his enemies of the Earth Federation.
  • He commands a certain respect for his opposite number, James T. Kirk, in the GUAG space fleet, despite both of them being completely opposite in personality and tactical philosophy. Some have speculated that Thrawn suggested for Honor Harrington to take a vacation and sabotaged her temple to prevent her from re-entering the Pantheon. Relations between the two are extremely sour because of a mutual rivalry but both have acknowledged that this rumour is not true. Thrawn himself has stated that he would never commit such a petty deed towards a nemesis.
  • Briefly interfered in a war game between Treize Khushrenada and Abelt Dessler. He had been studying the two, and believed that he had devised a plan to defeat the both of them. However, each combatant expected him, and tried to point him at the other through varying means. Thrawn immediately saw through this. Despite this, he was pleased that he was able to be surprised again.
    Thrawn: "They are an interesting pair. I will be the first to admit that I underestimated them."
  • One asks of his reaction to the Death Star's destruction. The look on his face said it all: I told you so. Has taken the initiative to inform Director Krennic of ways to improve the Death Star's administration, but the Director brushed him off, seeing him as one of Tarkin's lapdogs who had the audacity to siphon off funds for Project Stardust for his stupid TIE Defender programme when in reality it was the other way round. Krennic also correctly blames Thrawn for the disappearance of his Assistant Director Brierly Ronan to the Chiss Ascendancy. Anyway, Krennic no longer runs the Death Star, despite his reluctance to acknowledge any sort of loss to Tarkin. Thrawn doesn't have any dislike for Krennic, for he reserves most of that disdain for the battle station itself, despite it now being a Dominion. Krennic sneers that with the First Order's new and advanced starfighters, Thrawn's Defenders are obsolete. He neglected to mention that said starfighters are spiritually based on the TIE Defender.
    • As for Governor Tarkin, he is unimpressed at Thrawn for being unable to anticipate the purrgil attack on his ships. If Thrawn is disappointed at Tarkin for putting too much stock into the Death Star, he doesn't show it.
  • As for his relationship with the Rebel Alliance, his knowledge of galactic events has him puzzled as to why they continue fighting despite the Empire now being effectively immortal in the Pantheon. Prominent Rebellion members who joined up after Thrawn's disappearance think lowly of him as the man who nearly brought their cause to extinction if not for Ezra's intervention. Leia, as leader of the Resistance, has made concessions to Thrawn in hopes of persuading him to switch sides for the sake of the Chiss Ascendancy. Most Jedi think Thrawn a misguided believer, thinking the Force (or as the Chiss call it, Sight) as a weapon instead of a cosmic source of energy connecting everything in the universe and a force of nature. If need be, Thrawn can disable Force-users in battle with ysalamirs, lizard-like creatures that can neutralise Force attacks.
  • Thrawn is a polite man to his counterparts in the GUAG, but rarely has any relationship with them besides those of the Rebellion for the most part. He is a Worthy Opponent to all of them, and that's all they think.
  • Not a fan of the House of Prophecy considering his downfall was correctly predicted by the Bendu of 'many arms surrounding him in a cold embrace'. Hopes the Bendu doesn't ascend.
  • There are hints that he is disdainful of the House of War - as one who is generally reserved and very good at the strategic side of war, he stands out among the screaming hordes of fighters. Despite this, he has joined their ranks if ever so reluctantly.
    • His membership has led to quite the rivalry with now fallen member Ursarkar E. Creed. A general who managed to defend Cadia from the literal Forces Of Chaos has earned some praise from Thrawn as well as his intuitive grasp of strategy even from childhood. Thrawn has a personal beef after he unwittingly wiped out the 501st Legion (the first of three times) with 100 Baneblades from Kaurava. They used to have battles in the House battlegrounds before Creed was thrown out of the Pantheon for misconduct. Luckily, Thrawn caught hold of him just as he was getting shuffled out the door, and named Creed his high priest, allowing their dynamic to continue as normal.
  • Kei Shirogane treats Thrawn as an Arch-Enemy of sorts, and Thrawn similarly has fun with testing his mental limits. For some reason, Shiroe anticipated Thrawn's return in the Pantheon and hatching plans with Haruka Kotoura to ensure it didn't happen. Suffice to say, it failed to stop him but didn't fail to impress him.
  • Is a huge fan of the military career of a certain Khan Noonien Singh, impressed with his brutal yet ingenious style of warfare despite (especially in his classic era) being several decades out of date. He laments that had his megalomania and blinding viciousness not been in his personality, his life would not have been wasted. Thrawn invited Khan to his temple for a chat and to get him up to speed.
  • Has struck up an Odd Friendship with Crowley, whom he seems to have a genuinely good time with and enjoys his presence, mainly due to the two of them sharing similar experiences and standards regarding what they do, as well as their affability towards one another, as well as towards their enemies.
  • With the Emperor's final defeat on Exegol, Thrawn has begun a massive build-up of Imperial resources in the Pantheon to return to the greater galaxy and re-conquer it. This military build-up includes reviving several abandoned Imperial operations from Star Wars Legends such as the TIE/ph Phantom. To this end, the Super Star Destroyer Terror (along with its crew, Admiral Sarn and project coordinator Grand Admiral Martio Batch) has been summoned to the Pantheon to continue what was disrupted by the Rebels. Additionally, for PR reasons he has consented to making a vacation home at the Walt Disney World Resort, specifically at the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge ride. Don't expect to see him there, because he isn't too concerned or interested in his status as a fan favourite. That said, if he is there (usually to study the ride for inspiration), he isn't averse to signing autographs when visitors ask him.
  • Also present in the House of War.
  • "To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, art."

Petyr Baelish, God of Chessmasters (Littlefinger, Master of Coin, Lord Paramount of the Vale, Middlefinger)
  • Demigod, however his manipulation skills are borderline-Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Mockingbird
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, bordering on Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Chessmasters, Complete Monsters, Manipulative Bastards, Deadpan Snarker, Devil in Plain Sight, Evil Chancellor, From Nobody to Nightmare, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Hidden Agenda Villain, Lack of Empathy, Lovable Traitor, Not-So-Harmless Villain, The Sociopath, Schmuck Bait Personified, Ambition Is Evil, Using Every Crisis and Piece of Chaos to his Advantage.
  • Domains: Manipulation, Power Grabbing... and outright telling you he lies and can't be trusted, while you somehow forget that fact just a bit later... It's a gift.
  • Allies: Baelish has been quick to create alliances to further his influence. Of course, they all think he's harmless, but they're just more Unwitting Pawns to him, and he's just biding his time. Right now, he's allied himself with Lucifer, impressing the Great Darkness enough to give him a high rank in the GUAC Morningstar Battalion
  • Rivals: Havelock Vetinari, David Xanatos, Varys, Makuta Teridax
  • Enemies: Many oppose Petyr knowing what he can do. Doubtless, he uses their passion and rage to his advantage.
  • Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, is member of the minor house Baelish. To many, he seems amiable, friendly and ultimately harmless. Friendly maybe, but everything else he sells you is a big fat lie; Littlefinger is one of the greatest chessmasters in existence, and would burn down most of Westeros if it made him the most powerful man in it. It's that manipulation that makes him soar in the War of the Five Kings, and become deified in the Trope Pantheon. You've been warned.
  • Though a cold, calculating figure, Littlefinger Used to Be a Sweet Kid; mischevious, bold and sweet-hearted. His descent came from rejection by Catelyn, the only woman he ever loved. Do not think you can use this against him or mock him being "friendzoned" to break his concentration; if he gets enraged, you'd never see it coming. The House of Love has a bad relationship with Littlefinger due to how he became a bad guy. His biggest enemy in this regard is Kyu Sugardust, who was enraged upon learning what he's done and why. She refuses to let him manipulate her.
  • Since his ascent to the Pantheon, "Littlefinger" has been quick to very subtly garner influence, and, due to his status as Chessmaster, has made several new pawns. Several in the House of Mentalism regard him with even more suspicion considering just how good he is at planning, though Petyr himself just smiles and nods. After all, he can find a way to turn ''anything'' to his advantage. Enemies, allies, power, terrain. It makes no difference to him. For the love of God, don't underestimate him because he comes from a minor house (Unless you're an Overdeity. Otherwise, it's unwise). Kings have died over this. Tyrion for one never underestimated him for a second, given his own status as a dwarf.
  • Privately he has little respect for others who cannot match his intellectual prowess. He, however, will admit to being very intrigued by Lord Vetinari. He, to a lesser degree, is also fascinated by David Xanatos, and despite himself also has envy of Teridax, who one-upped Littlefinger's goals of scheming to become a king to successfully becoming a god.
  • Petyr Baelish' main rival is Varys, Master of Whisperers. Both are shifty, clever manipulators from minor backgrounds manipulating the throne. However while Varys is almost certainly got noble intentions, Littlefinger's a Despotism Justifies the Means kind of guy. Many in the Grand United Alliances believe it'll come down to a battle between the two for Westeros, unless an agent of unpredictability offs him.
  • Though the chessmaster, Petyr Baelish privately admits the likes of Doctor Doom outclass him in the field of strategy. Doom still considers Baelish a clever manipulator in his own right.
  • Is discreetly attempting to have himself inducted into the House of Commerce, citing his experience as the Seven Kingdoms' Master of Coin. While he is in the list, there is just too much pressure, both to kick him out and to just reel him in. So Littlefinger just smiles and waits...
  • Before the High Sparrow banned it, Littlefinger owned one of the best brothels in Kings Landing. He's tried to re-establish it in the House of Lust, only for them to point out they are not a brothel and realizing Kyu Sugarheart was there.
  • The House of War has caught on to some of Petyr's tricks, and have thus banned him. They know how dangerous he is, and have made it clear he can't associate with any of the gods there. This has motivated Littlefinger to target other houses instead.
  • It's unknown what he's doing in the midst of the Pantheonic Rebellion. Some say he's using it to benefit himself as usual. Others say that he discreetly worked to instigate it for that very reason. Others suspect that he's doing it to infuriate YHVH and bailout Lucifer. Regardless of these rumors, Littlefinger just smirks in response. Regards chaos as a ladder, and any conflict in the pantheon to be something to take advantage of. Time will tell how far he gets through this.
  • As skilled a manipulator Littlefinger may be, even he was taken aback by the Night's King. The Others are alien to the Game of Thrones, and have the chance to smash the chessboard itself. Petyr knows human nature, not these.
  • Has made his opinion on the Grand United Alliance of Destruction very clear:
    "Good, Evil, Law and Chaos. They're all part of the game. They can be understood. But Destruction? They break all the rules. They smash the playing board, they cannot be reasoned with. I won't stand this. They need to go, even if we all have to pitch in."
  • Even he cannot give a Hannibal Lecture to Kenshiro, though he doesn't need to at the moment. And he isn't going to try, since he's not on Kenshiro's shit list (again, yet).
  • Left his mortal coil after karma finally caught up to him by his actions being outed by Sansa Stark in Castle Winterfell, and his throat sliced by Arya. He has taken this loss... rather badly, but he didn't lash out or anything. He just took it as a lesson on what to do now that he's a permanent Pantheon resident.


Scheherazade, The Goddess Too Precious to Kill (Scheherezade, Caster of Nightless City, Schez, THICC Caster, Choco Caster, Bed Warmer, Ultimate Spook)
Her Magi counterpart 
Caster of the Nightless City 
  • Theme Song: "Scheherazade"
  • Quasideity, Intermediate if she ever gets access to her counterpart's Magi power or as a Servant, Greater Goddess when working in tandem with the Demon Pillar Phenex
  • Symbol: A silhouette of a woman telling stories
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Storyteller, telling stories to survive, being a graceful scholar, Guile Heroine, isn't afraid of being beheaded
  • Domain: Narrative, Love, Prosperity
  • Allies: Princess Jasmine, Morgiana, Both Aladdin, The Genie, Bigby Wolf, Snow White, every good Disney deities
  • Enemies: Any evil monarches, especially those beheading their citizens, The Evil Queen, Jafar, every evil Disney deity
  • Opposes: Any evil genies
  • Opposed by: The good deities in the House of Love
  • She spends most of her time in the House of Narrative as a storyteller to anyone willing to take a second and stop by to listen to her stories. Some of them are even in talk of being adapted by the House of Theater.
    • Although some of them wondered why is she still telling stories, given that there is no threat to her life in the Pantheon (or at least threats that can be "solved" by telling stories). Scheherazade just replies that as she has learned from one of her friends, Bigby Wolf, that "everyone likes a good story".
    • She has also inspired her follower Tamiyo to start a storytelling circle in her own universe — where the soratami is more successful.
    • Shortly after Agartha, when she restarted her storytelling circle, some of her listeners commented that she sounded familiar. Is she 17 years old? ... In a way (17 years old + the amount of days from that day she reached that age.) (Oi, oi!)
  • She was originally just considered for the position of her first two temples, but a lot of other people pointed out that her story is perhaps the earliest instances Arabia is portrayed in all of its glory as well as the fact that in an alternative timeline, she is literally the person that grants prosperity for her kingdom due to her magical powers. Thus, Scheherazade was also given her 3rd title.
  • Her ascension caused many Arabic deities to become very excited, because many of them are based on characters from the stories she told. Although at first she was confused about the situation, Scheherazade accepted and was flattered by the admiration.
    • From one of the versions of Aladdin, Scheherazade learned that one of her counterpart is also a Magi like him. However, she was horrified when learning that version of her ended up as a ruthless woman who believed in My Country, Right or Wrong and ignored the plight of other people. Scheherazade vows with Aladdin to never become that type of ruler.
    • The other Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie was excited to see her ascended. This is especially true for Genie, who is fascinated to meet one of the most influential storytellers in literature history, not to mention someone with as much power as him. Scheherazade was confused since he doesn't act like the genies that she is familiar with.
    • However, Jafar saw her as a chance to take more power as he can now force her to tell a new story where he emerges victorious. This has led to her temple to be under constant watch of the good Disney deities and a prime target for the bad ones.
  • Found a surprising ally with Bigby Wolf given the fact that in his world, Bigby's wife Snow White is the one that inspired her to the gambit that helped her stay alive. Because of this friendship, she is protective of Fables!Snow White, as well as Scheherazade found that she was also mistreated by royalty.
  • The good deities of the House of Love are very critical of her as they can't understand why Scheherazade would marry someone who married and beheaded every virgins in his country after his first night with them. Scheherazade acknowledged that her story is written in a much more different time period and usually appears with a version of her husband that is much more sympathetic when she visits the house.
  • Was somewhat sad when she heard that her temple has more Western followers than Arabic ones. However, she is still grateful that her story still inspired some followers rather than falling to obscurity.