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An unnerving place, consisting of dark, silent hallways. Everyone here prefers to stay in their own private temple quarters, planning something in peace, and rarely do they interact with each other, so that no information about their schemes ever leaks. All private rooms are soundproofed (to prevent eavesdropping) and the main room has some chess tables in it, where deities can practice their "skills" against each other if they ever get bored.


This House is believed to be directly connected to the chamber where the meetings of the Council of Shadows take place.

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Greater Gods

Crowley, God of the Cooperation Gambit (King of Hell, King of the Crossroads, Fergus Rodric McLeod, Dog).

    Doc Scratch 

"You rang? That was a joke. Of course you didn't. I don't have a doorbell. Haa haa, hee hee, hoo hoo.

Please come in."

Doc Scratch, The One Whose Plan's Final Step was his Own Death (Lil Call, Mirthful Messiah, White Text Guy, Mr. Vanilla Milkshake, An Excellent Host, The White Man)

    Revolver Ocelot 
Revolver Ocelot, God of Magnificent Bastardry (Shalashaska, Major Ocelot, Liquid Ocelot, Adamska)

Intermediate Gods

    Alucard (Lords of Shadow
Alucard, God of Brilliant Gambits (Son of the Dragon, Lizard, The White Wolf, Zobek's Lieutenant, Trevor Belmont)
Click here  to see Trevor Belmont
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Crissaegrim stained with the blood.
  • Theme Music: Alucard's Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, occasionally veering into Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, Failed to Defeat His Monstrous Father the First Time, A Vampire Who Hunts Other Vampires, Non-Evil Dark Powers, Master Swordsman, Planning, 2 in 1 Character, Manipulates His Enemies, Lives Peacefully With Redeemed Father
  • Domains: Vampires, Darkness, Redemption, Swords, Hope
  • Father: Gabriel Belmont
  • Alternate Self: Trevor Belmont
  • Allies: Alucard (Adrian), Simon Belmont, Batman, Seraph Lamington, Superman, Asura, Rachel Alucard, Homura Akemi, Beck, Tron
  • Enemies: Dracula (the one from the Main Timeline), Satan, Zobek, YHVH, Lucifer, Lex Luthor, Yuuki Terumi, Vanitas
  • Odd Friendship: With Mithra
  • Alucard was one of the main driving forces in Satan and Zobek's defeat, as well as Gabriel Belmont's redemption. It's not every day that someone other than the villain is responsible for an entire plot.
  • As Alucard is the last family Gabriel has left and is likely the only thing keeping him sane, Gabriel has made it forbidden to make any threats whatsoever to him. In fact, this threat is right up there with the #1 rule: never make Mithra cry. Of course, considering what Gabriel is capable of, people would rather deal with Asura instead. Unlike Mithra though, Alucard can handle himself. But hey, a father's gotta look out for his young.
  • He would rather not be called Trevor anymore. Only Gabriel and his mother have that right.
  • Because of his intellect, he has been earned a seat in the Council of Shadows. The brilliance of his plot against Satan thoroughly impressed Lamington.
  • Was introduced to Trevor Belmont and Alucard, both from the original timeline and are both his alternate selves, which surprised him. While feeling extremely awkward with seeing their alternate self, the both of them were first to greet the vampire into the Pantheon. They both congratulate him for redeeming one of the many who bare the name Dracula, something they both have yet to succeed in. Alucard (LOS) has since pledged to assist them with their version of Dracula in any way possible.
    • He couldn't help but feel saddened when meeting Sypha though, as the Sypha of his timeline was his wife and was killed during Gabriel's war against humanity. He was also surprised to see that Mainstream!Sypha was a rather powerful witch.
  • Has become allies with Batman and Superman, due to his efforts. This has also made him an enemy out of Lex Luther, who views the vampire as a threat to his genius.
  • Has become fast friends with Mithra, after they noticed the similar hells their fathers had to go through. Alucard as since taken upon himself to teach Mithra the art of swordsmanship, as she can't rely on her father all the time.
    • Recently, small rumors regarding his lessons have started to spread across the pantheon. Namely, that Alucard is considerably more hands on than is strictly necessary, and furthermore, that Mithra hasn't exactly discouraged him. Regardless of the validity of these rumors, which is probably none, considering Alucard's personality, a very exact order has been issued from the Main House, straight from the mouths of both Cosmos and Melkor: Under no circumstances should this information reach the ears of either Gabriel Belmont or Asura, the results would be beyond catastrophic.
    • Eventually (and quite thankfully), these rumors have caught up with Alucard. He explained that the relationship he has with Mithra is both friendly and professional and has never gone in another other direction. He is a gentleman after all. This hasn't exactly stopped Mithra from thinking of him as something more.
  • He hasn't forgotten how Satan possessed his body and used it against his father like a meat puppet.
  • Though only a rumor, some gods are saying Alucard has befriended Ocelot. Some are frightened of what the two master chess masters would be able to accomplish together.
  • Utterly despises Lucifer, almost as much as Satan. More to do with the fact that his manipulation of Homura Akemi reminds him of Satan's manipulation of his father, and he desperately doesn't want the magical girl to suffer the same fate his father did. To this end, he's planning to Out Gambit the Master of Lies. Lucifer isn't at all concerned.
  • His sword, the Crissaegrim, is forged with a broken shard of the Overdeity-destroying Vampire Killer combat cross. Though it can't render gods Deader Than Dead like its source, direct impalement can cause a centuries-long coma.
  • Unlike the original timeline's Alucard who is a Dhampyr, this Alucard is a full-blooded vampire, and as such requires blood. Though he's known to be surprisingly gentle with willing donors, when he's taking blood from an enemy he shows almost as much brutality as his father, often licking his sword clean after a fight.
  • Has learned from Tron and his apprentice Beck that Vanitas is plotting to use Usagi to forge the χ-Blade, which puts her in grave danger as she believes he is after Madoka instead. Alucard is currently making a contingency plan to counter Vanitas' goals.

    Joseph Joestar 
Joseph Joestar, God of Unconventional Combat Techniques (The Second JoJo, New York's JoJo, Trollseph Trollstar, GDILF Magazine's Sexiest, Most Fuckable Grandpa)
Click here  to see an aged Joseph Joestar

    Master Xehanort 
Master Xehanort, God of Gambit Speed Chess (The Seeker Of Darkness, Unknown, The Superior of the In-Between, Ansem, Xemnas, No Heart, Terra-Xehanort, "Baron Praxis")
  • Intermediate God who can manipulate Overdeities, Greater God in his prime, or when wielding the χ-blade
  • Symbol: His Keyblade, a black and silver axe-shaped Cool Key. Is also heavily associated with the Heartless, Nobody and Unversed symbols.
  • Theme Song: Xehanort (normal theme), The Early Years (his younger self's theme), L'Impeto Oscuro (his younger self's battle theme), Forze dell'Oscurita (No Heart's battle theme), Black Powder (Battle Theme), Oscurità di Xehanort (Vs. Ansem, Xemnas & Young Xehanort), Cercatori del buio (Vs. Seekers of Darkness), Armored Xehanort, The Key to All (while wielding the χ-blade)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Obvious Evil, Grand Theft Me, Doing Evil For Science!, Multiple Incarnations, Chessmasters, Backup Plans, DARKNESS, and Hammy Villains, Character Outlives Actor x2
  • Domain: Balance (the twisted kind that keeps evil around forever), DARKNESS, Manipulation
  • Herald: Young Xehanort.
  • Followers: The unascended Seekers of Darkness, a majority of Disney villains (not that most of them realize it).
  • Allies: Tzeentch, Xanatos, Ganondorf, Nerissa, Clockwerk and Neyla, Polygon Man, Roman Torchwick, Ghetsis Harmonia, Gul'dan, Father Homunculus, Führer King Bradley, Cinder Fall
  • Rival: Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol
  • Enemies: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Axel, Mickey Mouse, Dante Sparda, Cole MacGrath, Kratos, Jak, Daxter, Koichi Kimura, Nozdormu, Rei "Shadows"Shingetsu/Vector
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Larxene.
  • At one point, Xehanort's manipulations got so bad that Cosmos had to put out an APB to her forces to absolutely, under no circumstances, trust this man with anything. The memo apparently arrived too late to the KH 'verse circa-Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (through Xehanort's own meddling, of course), resulting in the three heroes and Master Eraqus not realizing he was a villain until it was almost too late to stop him. And then it turned out they still didn't.
  • His alter-egos once staged a protest over why only the original got to enter the Pantheon and not them. Official ruling has come down that since they are all technically the same person, the original shall be the one to hold the seat, but Master Xehanort is considering letting them challenge him for his title. This is a man whose various voice credits across his incarnations include Leonard Nimoy, Richard Epcar, Billy Zane and Norio Wakamoto. Were such a battle to occur, the resulting Ham-to-Ham Combat would be the stuff of legends.
    • Although unknown to everyone he is using this debacle as a means for his other selves to be together so that he can create The Thirteen Seekers Of Darkness.
    • With the final stages of his scheme on the horizon, however, Xehanort had his younger self bring his Heartless and Nobody into the Pantheon and tried to keep it secret, but word broke out.
  • As Alice and Sora have worked to help the Princesses of Heart ascend, Xehanort proceeded to put his own plan into motion. With each new goddess, Master Xehanort has traveled to the various houses to spread a warning. He informed the other gods that these women were not to be trusted, as they were part of a plan for Disney to usurp the entirety of the Pantheon into their ever-growing collective. While most have brushed off his words, others have shown increased caution when around Disney affiliated gods, just as he intended.
  • Some of his followers have spread rumors that with his magnificent track record of subtle scheming and manipulation, he may be the one man in all the Trope Pantheons who could potentially outwit David Xanatos. When told this, the two both laughed at the idea and offered no further comment. No one is quite sure why but it's made those who know the two nervous. There's also been no comment on the similarities in their names. There's rumors Xanatos may be one of Xehanort's 13 Seekers of Darkness, while others say Xehanort himself is an aspect of Xanatos who doesn't realize his true nature.
    • Another rumor has been floating around that Cinder Fall may also be one of his 13 Seekers of Darkness. Her working for Salem seems to make this unlikely, though that doesn't stop rumors of Xehanort and Salem apparently working together. Some do question what Xehanort can do with the Four Maidens.
    • Lea has pointed out that she has a similar facial scar to Isa/Saïx, another of Xehanort's Seekers of Darkness, and that she also has the same color eyes as Xehanort. While he did say afterward he might be overthinking it, Team RWBY is preparing for the worst if Lea's hunch does turn out correct, and Cinder is already part Xehanort.
      • It doesn't help that both Xehanort (as his younger self) and Cinder have each killed a hero (Sora and Pyrrha) through heart trauma, which directly triggered another to become more powerful (Riku becoming a Keyblade Master, and Ruby awakening her Silver Eye powers).
  • Worked with Polygon Man during the events of Battle Royale Round 2, and used the darkness in the hearts of the captured Dante and Cole MacGrath to create evil clones for Polygon Man. He also attacked Zeus, which put him on Kratos' hit list, because only Kratos gets to kill Zeus. Unbeknownst to him, Kratos' response was exactly what Xehanort wanted in the first place, as he plans to use Kratos' anger and hatred to manipulate him.
    • At the same time, Xehanort tried to control Jak with his Dark Eco, thinking that Dark Jak would make a good Seeker of Darkness, but was foiled by Daxter, who tricked his friend, in the midst of his Dark Eco-fuelled rampage, into thinking that Xehanort was Baron Praxis. Though Xehanort had to flee the resulting Curb-Stomp Battle, this hasn't dissuaded him. Next time, he plans to find a way to separate Daxter from Jak before trying again.
  • Has also been sighted by Madoka Kaname, attempting to convince her to embrace her newfound hatred of Lucifer, as only then, would she gain the strength needed to destroy him, and in his words "put an end to so much suffering." The mere fact Madoka didn't throw him out of the House of Magic immediately has caused the entire Magical Girl Sisterhood to worry that, at this point, banning him from the House of Magic may already be too little, too late. Luckily, Terra explained to her that Master Xehanort isn't to be trusted. However, many are still wary that he may still find a way to manipulate Madoka.
  • Both he and Evolto's numerous schemes have inadvertently impeded the other's plans in the past. They're currently seeking means to keep the other out of their designs before they can unveil one of their numerous backup plans. Only time will tell whose machinations will reign supreme.
  • Is currently in the market for new voice actors, as both his English and Japanese VA's passed away early in 2015. Applicants should be wary that they don't also sign up to be Seekers of Darkness, as well.
    • He has acquired new voice actors, though while his voice sounds very similar in Japanese, his english sounds oddly different. English deities aren't really sure how to react to it.
  • A barracks from the main headquarters of Central City, Amestris; a bunch of Magical Eye deity candidates; and one, King Bradley, singlehandedly defeating all the others to ascend to his temple; all turned out to be part of a magical scheme engineered by Xehanort, Gul'dan, and the Father of the Homunculi. Who uncovered this little secret? Xehanort doesn't know, but he also doesn't seem to be seeking out the answer very hard. In fact, he's looking for other projects to get involved in…
  • Shortly after Aqua, now under the name of "Darqua", abruptly attacked Mickey and Riku. Many in the Pantheon were quick to point the finger at Xehanort being behind Aqua's sudden change due to his track record. Xehanort simply responded by saying he wasn't directly responsible for Aqua's actions which is true because he sent Ansem to attack her. However, this turned out to be somewhat of a false alarm, because while Ansem did make Aqua go crazy, he thankfully didn’t turn her into one of his vessels. Because of this, Sora had an easier time saving her.
  • Surrendered to Sora after he was confronted by his old friend, Eraqus, who convinced him to leave the worlds' fate to the next generation. Various Well-Intentioned Extremists have endeavored to convince him that he was justified in his attempt to use Kingdom Hearts to purge the worlds of people's evil and that he should attempt his plan with new Seekers of Darkness to put an end to the pantheon's Forever War. Xehanort, though tempted, has remained resistant to these attempts. At least, for now.

    Zhuge Liang 
Zhuge Liang (style name: Kongming), God of Swift Plans (Sleeping Dragon, Lord Zhuge, Caster/Lord El-Melloi/Waver Velvet)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Feather Fan
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Tactical Genius, Plans Beneath Plans That Go Swiftly, Calculated Actions, Nerves of Steel, The Smart Guy, Preferring A Non-Ruler Position, The Good Chancellor, Smacking People With Fans Or Blasting With Lasers When Forced To Fight, Sleeping Dragon, Historical Badass Upgrade
  • Domain: Strategy, Knowledge, War
  • Allies: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Kenshiro, Sun Tzu
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Light Yagami
  • Zhuge Liang spent a lot of time being the follower of Thrawn, possibly under the beliefs that historically he was actually a very poor military commander, even if he's actually an excellent civil minister. But really, that's what he wants everyone to think. After learning all he could from Thrawn, he made a surprising, calculated move that shook the Pantheon, impressing Thrawn to give him better position and eventually allowed him to return to his lord, Liu Bei. All According to Plan, yep. There's a reason why he's called the Sleeping Dragon.
    • Unfortunately, there's just A LOT of people who refuses to let Zhuge Liang live down his poor historical performance. Zhuge never lost his cool when people say things like that, allowing them to say what they want, he admits that maybe his historical self was really poor, but if they think he'll never develop beyond that, that'll be their most fatal mistake. Further research eventually revealed that while he was not as good as the novel by Luo Guanzhong depicted, he was actually not that bad either, being able to hold the Wei forces at a stalemate despite being outnumbered. Zhuge Liang has admitted that the conditions of the battlefield have changed far too much for him to adapt his plans on the fly compared to his previous campaigns.
    • He's also aware that such sentiments caused a Shadow based on him to appear at Midnight Channel. Don't worry, he's been formulating a plan to counter it.
      • He also admits that deep down he is still human, and that his dismissal of Wei Yan was irrational at best on his part, while also only trusting his best friends for the heavy duties. He also regrets that may or may not have subjected his friend Pang Tong to a description of Gonk out of envy for his abilities, since Kongming himself wrote down his own historical chronicles.
      • The one thing to never dismiss Zhuge Kongming on are his historical skills in the domestic and political field: it's his complete pride and joy, and he can show it.
    "There are strategists that are just as good as I am for the field of battle...I'm often too busy trying to layer my plans on top of one another....please, seek out Pang Tong, Zhou Yu or Fa Zheng if you must. However, I can and am willing to rewrite your state's laws to be simple and just in a matter of weeks or days."
  • So far, there's just one thing that can screw Zhuge's plan, and it usually takes a divine rarity. That is, when the upper echelons saw Zhuge's plan and then was like "I AIIIIIN'T HAVIN' THAT SHIT!" and delivers a Deus ex Machina to screw his plan. It's kinda rare that Zhuge can create contingency plans against such random occurence.
  • There are rumors that he secretly practices Hokuto Shinken. However, Kenshiro says that he has much to learn, considering how his usages were practically useless against women. However, if a man said that his wife slept with someone else (usually Cao Cao), that was surprisingly effective to end arguments.
  • It's not known about how he also became eligible to a Holy Grail War and took form of one of the veterans of the 4th one, Waver Velvet. Though in reality, even though Zhuge Liang is a Heroic Spirit, he himself isn't bothered enough to be properly summoned as a Servant and instead opts to give his intellect and powers to a vessel and let them do the work for him.
  • On his ascension, it is said that Sima Yi was quite ecstatic, as someone worthy of his genius has arrived so they can resume their rivalry. Zhuge Liang just responds with how he's prepared.
    • On the other hand, he is willing to admit their rivalry is just based on foolish pride, and that Zhuge Liang is much more willing to compromise and work with others for more pragmatic reasons compared to others. Not to mention he is in complete disbelief of people thinking Sima Zhongda's head can turn 180 like an owl thanks to a myth.
    "Lord Kongming! Is it true that Sima Zhongda can turn his head around 180 degrees...?! Like an owl?!"
    Zhuge Liang: *Chuckles and laughs lightly for a small while, then puts down fan* ""
  • He's actually surprised that whenever his essences would take form into a female... it's always little girls.
  • It is decreed that everyone that wanted to emulate him, the least they can do is to bring an imitation of his feather fan. Kongming has no comment on such a thing.
  • He's NOT amused when his title is used by Light Yagami for his nefarious plans that are devoid of benevolence.
  • According to rumors, he's also had a reputation amongst the House of Romance. No, it's not because he's a womanizer, but because of his taste on women, seeking his lifetime partner not because of looks, but more because of their talent (not that kind of talent), symbolized with his mortal wife Huang Yueying (who in some forms... is quite a looker).
  • If you ask him how did he go from being historically not that good in warfare into a military genius as his most celebrated self showed, Zhuge Liang already has an answer for that: He read Sun Tzu's Art of War. A lot. It gave him an edge when he matched wits his descendants and their strategists. He owed a lot to Sun Tzu.
    • "But alas, it's also wise to look at commentaries on his Art of War to suggest other perspectives. Lord Cao Cao himself has made a wise commentary of it himself that lasts to this day....I am one who merely does as much as I can by the book."
  • Eventually, Zhuge Liang was able to deduce that the culprits behind the one that shamed the people of Shu for 'overration and whitewashing' were a group of people residing in realm that seemed to have taken a liking towards Wei and Jin, not liking the direction of writing taken by Luo Guanzhong. Since he got copies of San Guo Zhi from Sun Tzu, Zhuge Liang has all the evidence that he's not bluffing or being like a desperate, cornered rat. But say that 'all is going according to plan'? He'll do it, definitely, but he won't deny that he's only human and has made mistakes via his historical self.
    All I am is just a mortal....the land was always united...and man was always divided. What stands the most true is my ability to naturally sort out any kinds of state affairs, and my loyalty to Lord Liu Bei....nothing more, nothing less. Despite what modesty my historical self may have lacked, my style name is nothing special. But if you must threaten this peace, I will do everything in my full power to halt you with no breath taken in between my layered plans. And alas...all I can do is tell the truth....even if it seems unreasonable and willing to kill me.
  • Nowadays, he has to openly admit "no, I didn't create such strange contraptions associated with me within myths like those, even if Yueying's credit on it is a 50/50 chance. There are better things to do than to put my style name on every single feudal Chinese invention possible".
    • Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu are a bit awkward in that both of their historical selves had nothing to do with each other....and Zhuge Liang expresses regret that if only Zhou Yu and him weren't enemies, he would be glad to teach him everything he knew just to ease his envy.
  • Nowadays, he finds great empathy towards Sima Yi's portrayal in the latest Advisors Alliance drama series he's recently been watching. He says to himself if only the two weren't obligated by their lords to wage war against each other, he would've loved to talk about how to resolve political issues with him face-to-face.

Lesser Gods

    Commander Farsight 
Commander Farsight, God of Zero Approval Gambits (O' Shovah, Shas'O Vior'la Shovah Kais Mont'yr, Communist Space Weeaboo)

    David Xanatos 
David Xanatos, God of Backup Plans (The Fallen, The Once and Future King)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A castle atop a tower.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with shades of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Magnificent Bastards, Manipulative Bastards, Corrupt Corporate Executives, Plans Always Have Some Kind Of Payoff, Regarding Love As A Weakness Even If It's His Own, Plenty of Vitues Despite His Alignment
  • Domains: Evil, Law, Planning, Tyranny
  • Followers: Hans Gruber, Chase Young.
  • Allies: Lex Luthor
  • Rivals: Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, Havelock Vetinari, G-Man, Yuko Ichihara
  • Enemies: Batman, Itachi Uchiha, Sam And Max
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Goliath.
  • He put the Magnificent in Magnificent Bastard. Just when his foes thought they have defeated him, he always has a backup plan or two in tow. Some of the villains even consider him being a guardian of the House alongside Leto Atreides II. Surprisingly, Xanatos has no real interest in doing so.
  • Intends to, one day, usurp the throne of O-Haruhi-sama, and is working on a plan to accomplish it.
  • "And lo, when the Blue Dragon was laid low by the frost and flame, did Overlord Xanatos steeple his fingers and smirk." Xanatos 3:16. Phase two is complete.
  • Batman, Yuko, and the G-Man are the only members of the Pantheon he comes even close to considering equals. After all, it doesn't pay to underestimate your competition. Phase 3 is complete.
  • Itachi Uchiha has more than once stopped his plans by complete accident. But don't worry, Xanatos has backup plans. Not to mention, he also accounts for the fact that Itachi ruins his own plans. Phase 4 is complete.
  • Helped Alice Liddell ascend to a stronger position aqqs the Avatar of the Power of Imagination and moving her closer to him. Phase 5 is complete.
  • Recently has another Worthy Opponent in form of Littlefinger. Right now, there is something of a chess match between the two to decide the better manipulator. Phase 6 is complete.
  • Is currently involved in an Enemy Mine scenario with Seraph Lamington, Batman, Cosmos, and Philemon as part of "The Pantheonic Rebellion". His motive in it all: Madoka somehow reminds him of his own child, and YHVH's plot to kill her provoked a Papa Wolf rage. Uh… Phase 7 is… complete?
  • Some people were wondering where his wife Fox is in the Pantheon or if he has left her behind, seeing that he finally achieved immortality by virtue of being a god in the Pantheon. One would think he's be looking for a way to bring her here as well. Little to they know is that Xanatos is, in fact, doing exactly that, but he's just hiding it. Phase 8 is in progress.
"I'd say I've still got the edge."

    Light Yagami 
Light Yagami, God of Improbable Strategy (Kira)

Near, God Of Planning with Props (N, the current L, the albino sheep, Nate River)
Click here to see Near three years later, during the events of the One-Shot Special. 
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: His cursive "N".
  • Theme Song: Near's Theme, A B, and C.
  • Alignment: Even harder to determine than L; let's just say True Neutral and save ourselves a headache.
  • Portfolio: Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Creepy Child, Young and in Charge, Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys? (and how!), Voice with an Internet Connection, Unscrupulous Hero, Ubermensch, The Stoic, The Spock, Planning with Props, No Social Skills, Laser-Guided Tyke-Bomb, Defective Detective,
  • Domains: Toys, Morality, Detectives
  • Followers: The SPK, Japanese Police Force.
  • Allies: L, Mello (On Near's end), Rem, Toys Of Toy Story, Aang, Primus, Emmet, Killua Zoldyck, Soichiro Yagami
  • Rivals: The Riddler, James Bond, just about anyone who wants to challenge him for fun.
  • Enemies: Besides Light Yagami, Misa Amane and Teru Mikami, any deity that kills left and right, mostly the House Of Villains and the House Of Crime. Also hated by Religious deities for deciding his own moral code.
  • Just Friends: Panty
  • Respects/Respected by: Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Near originally had the spot here of being both "Gaining Gadgets Unexpectedly" and being a "Laser-Guided Tyke-Bomb". However, recent developments within the house of Mentalism had started a campaign to cut down on deities that hold two titles. Light originally started it with help from Misa and Teru, bringing up the idea of kicking Near off to the Court Of Gods and using Misa and Teru as anonymous sources, claiming that he doesn't even represent his chosen titles that much. However, Batman has been keeping an eye on Light after Near requested his aid in return for his assistance when dealing with some of Arkham's own criminals, and quickly informed Near about what Light was doing, allowing him ample time to prepare a plan.
  • As a proud owner of countless toys and gizmos, those who need gadgets often go to Near for help obtaining them; he gives the seeker a run-down on how hard it is to obtain, how much it costs, where to go for it, and other such details.
  • Once he heard that Mello ascended, Near instantly headed off to the House of Food to meet with Mello, who was getting ready for another verbal fight against Near once he heard of his ascension. He was quickly stunned when Near thanked him for helping him get the final clues for the Kira case, handing him a bar of chocolate as a way of saying "No hard feelings". While Mello still refuses to call him a friend, he is a bit more tolerant of his presence now, even promising to help him should Light try to become Kira again.
    • On a really good day for Mello, he could be seen eating chocolate with Near, if only because he insists that he is just bored and nothing else.
  • No one has ever seen Near walk. He's just sort of...there when you look at him.
  • He also met face to face with L for the first time, and L was rather impressed that Near took down Light in the end. However, he as well as other deities, including the House Of Knowledge, wanted to know if he really did use a Death Note to control Teru Mikami. Near just smirks and refuses to comment, saying it would ruin the fun of the puzzle.
    • Overhearing the last part of how it would ruin the fun of the puzzle, The Riddler got his eyes set on him due to how similar the two think and has even sent him a riddle for him to solve instead of Batman for once to test how intelligent Near really is. To his dismay, Near appeared right in front of him with an active searchlight set on "Bat-Man" at Scrooge McDuck's money vault. While he managed to backtrack and escape Near's sight, Scrooge saw him and beat him down till Batman caught up to The Riddler. He has since considered Near a Worthy Opponent and has sent him riddles on occasion should he feel bored by Batman.
      • Batman grew to respect Near because of this, even if his way of getting information is questionable at best. In return, Near respects Batman for choosing his own morals like he did, and the two of them even help each other out on crime cases periodically.
      • For those curious about what the Riddler's riddle was, it was actually a 200 piece pure white puzzle, which when exposed to an LED light, has the phrase "Life is like a hurricane, no?" on it. Near deduced quickly that the number of pieces, 200, was military time for 2:00 AM, and a quick google search about the phrase led to the Ducktales theme song. It wasn't long till Near pieced it together.
  • Unsurprisingly, gets along swimmingly with the Toys of Toy Story, even playing with them on a regular basis. However, his own toys seemed to start moving on their own once Near met them. Not that he minds it, as he enjoys playing with them, and even setting up plans with them; it's just that the rest of the SPK feels awkward around them and are still adapting to it.
    • Buzz even offered to assist Near in his detective work, serving as a scout of sorts for crime that Near suspects is happening. Very few people in Japan would believe that a Buzz Lightyear toy would have a hidden camera installed on him.
  • Despite spending a great deal of time in his own temple left to his own devices, he got out a lot frequently once he heard that people like Primus and Emmet were gods here. He spent a great deal watching Primus in awe and crafting with Legos alongside Emmet.
  • Was quite shocked at Spike when he heard his voice, as it sounded familiar. Despite this, even if Spike is a bit unnerved at Near's cold personality, he does respect him for being a dedicated planner.
  • Upon hearing how Near entered the Avatar State, Aang went over to see if there could be another avatar. A little while after he entered, he stepped out dazed and dizzy. Despite this, he does visit Near's temple a couple times to help Near go out and make friends. While Near does appreciate the sentiment, he does find Aang to be a bit annoying at times. Regardless, he still goes out with him when asked.
  • Does his best to avoid Light Yagami whenever possible, as he knows he can't beat him by himself. Should he figure out that Light figured out that he ascended and is planning on writing down Near's name, he has arranged a uber-heart transfer with The Medic to help combat Light's Notebook.
    • Such a day eventually came around when Near was caught underneath some wonky lights that needed to be replaced. As he was walking by a black spot underneath the lightbulb, it turned on for long enough for Light to realize that it was Near. When it went off and on again, Near was gone. After a short chase around the house, Light managed to corner Near and peaked Ryuk's interest to go and see how this encounter turned out. He pulled out his Death Note, ready to write him off (literally). Just before he finished writing his name, Light ended up getting a heart attack somehow. When he accused Near and Ryuk of doing this, Near denied having any role in this and Ryuk expressed surprise and confusion before laughing as he saw Light expire as another figure went up behind him, who turned out to be Rem. While Ryuk gave a hearty chuckle and welcomed Rem back, Near just gazed at her in confusion.
      • Ryuk filled Near in on Rem before she told her side of the story. While shocked to hear what Light did in detail, he explained how he went up against Kira and won thanks to Mello. While Rem was unnerved at some of the same traits he shared with L, she still prefers him to Light and is willing to aide him should Misa not lead to her getting imprisoned or executed. He has agreed to let Soichiro Yagami handle her at least while he focuses on Light and Teru, and considering Soichiro is willing to help Misa out to improve her mind instead of just arresting or killing her, Rem is satisfied with this arrangement.
      • As for his plan with getting a new heart transplant courtesy of Medic, he requested to test it out first with him healing the Heavy Weapons Guy. As a man of science and a Mad Doctor, he approved of this request. Tests are still going underway.
  • The day James Bond decided to challenge Near to a game of chess in the House of Love was... interesting, to say the least, for all the wrong reasons.
    • Before that day, other gods had decided to challenge Near to any intellectual activity with very few accounts of them succeeding; he had only been beaten by L and Mello beforehand, and even then he had accounts of managing to beat the both of them. After completing the game and winning, much to James' shock, he was going to head out, only to be stopped by Panty, whom, seeing how Near was on her To-Do List, took notice and complimented Near in how cute and adorable he was, mentioning how it is a shame his V card is still with him. Of course, Near being a Defective Detective, he had zero idea what to do, and was left stuttering and flustered as Panty picked him up and took him to her room, resulting in one of the only times in Pantheon history that other deities witnessed Near's legs moving frantically. The result of that was conflicting to Near to say the least. On the one hand, what she did to him at first was something that he didn't seem fond of, despite Frollo seeming downright envious of him, but on the other hand cuddling with Panty was actually rather enjoyable. He settled to being Just Friends with her, allowing her to cuddle him and nothing else.
  • Has been recently recruited by Killua Zoldyck to help keep dangerous members of the Pantheon in line. Surprisingly, they have a decent alliance, as for all of Near's faults, his resources and personality actually makes him very effective. He is also curious to see if Killua is willing to teach him how to use a Killer Yo Yo like he can.
  • Is well aware that there is an actual N here relating to Pokemon.
  • This profile is now over, you lost the game.


    Grand Admiral Thrawn 
Grand Admiral Thrawn, God of Military Geniuses (Mitth'raw'nuorodo, Thrawn, Commander/Captain/Colonel/Admiral Thrawn)
  • Theme Music: "Thrawn's Web"
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of all-red glowing eyes on a blue background, or the Imperial crest
  • Alignment: To his enemies, he seems Lawful Evil. To those who serve under him, he seems Lawful Good. As of his new canon background, his true alignment is very likely Lawful Neutral with his participation in the Empire as Necessary Evil.
  • Portfolio: Magnificent bastardry, strategy and tactics, art, an odd alien name, those whose plans may lead to greater good, Practicality, Flexible Plans, Valuing His Resources, Knowing When To Cut His Losses, Awesome by Analysis, Overcoming Fantastic Racism
  • Domains: Law, Nobility, War
  • Followers: the Silverberg family and Lucretia Merces, Narsus, Darth Revan (according to Kreia)
  • Weapon of Choice: The Imperial Missile Boat
  • Will kick your ass while admiring how you must have held your paintbrush during your magnum opus. He's a surprisingly good shot with a blaster, and his men are all fantastically loyal. Of late he has began to command the 501st Legion to very good effect.
  • Commands the Imperial Missile Boat, but has so far only had to call it down to take out an enemy once.
  • Was dead for a time being, but was ultimately resurrected by his return to the official Star Wars canon.
  • There was a time when Grand Admiral Thrawn had been made non-existent, thanks to the old Star Wars EU officially being declared as non-canon. For a time, Thrawn had declared George Lucas as his Number 1 enemy for allowing him to fall into this fate. However, with the new season of Star Wars Rebels, Thrawn has officially been restored to the Star Wars Canon and has become an incredibly dangerous and intelligent antagonist to the Rebels. Incredibly pleased with this turn of events, Thrawn has abandoned his vendetta against Lucas to focus on more important matters and chosen this time to mark his full return to the Pantheon.
  • Although he will not hesitate to analyze the art and culture of his enemies to gather as much information about them as possible, he has nothing but the highest regard for it. He thoroughly disdains the notion of destroying valuable artwork, and threatening to do so is one of the few ways to openly piss him off, something that NOBODY wants to see.
  • There was a time when Grand Admiral Thrawn and Lord Haverlock Vetinari had never been seen at the same time. It passed.
  • There are hints that he is disdainful of the House of War - as one who is generally reserved and very good at the strategic side of war, he stands out among the screaming hordes of fighters. It's hard to tell - he hasn't confided in anyone. At any rate, he has also joined this house, and spends most of his time here or examining things in the House of Craft.
  • Thrawn is here partly because of his relationship to Sherlock Holmes. Combined with the various other people who contributed to him, this heritage allows him to practice an almost obscene version of psychoanalysis on people and cultures by studying their artwork, using it to identify weaknesses in their thinking or perception patterns, and then exploiting said weaknesses in devastating ways. He's got a bit of the Information Age in him.
  • Is very careful to stay on Yomiko's good side, and although he was initially unfamiliar with books that had pages, he got used to them. A lot of the bits of data he picks up seem trivial, but he pieces them together alarmingly fast.
  • As de facto commander of the GUAE's fleet, he has an intense rivalry with his opposite number, James T. Kirk, for whom he has a certain degree of respect despite them being polar opposites in tactics and personality.
  • Still has a beef with his rival in military tactics, Ursarkar E. Creed for wiping off the 501st. Supposedly with 100 Baneblades from Kaurava.
  • As of his new canon background, it appears that his true loyalty is first and foremost to the Chiss Ascendancy, and his true motivation is to protect his people from unknown, horrifying threats. He has joined with the Empire, and by extension the GUAE, because he considers them a unified force and a potential ally (or an alternate target) for dealing with the dangers that threaten his people.
    • He is especially wary of especially dangerous and wicked threats in the Pantheon beyond the GUAE such as the GUAD and the Flood for this reason, and openly opposes them. Considering that virtually everyone in the Pantheon, good or evil, despises these entities for one reason or another, nobody is complaining.
  • Also present in the houses of Tactics & Strategies and Intellectual Archetypes.

Petyr Baelish, God of Chessmasters (Littlefinger, Master of Coin, Middlefinger)
  • Demigod, however his manipulation skills are borderline-Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Mockingbird
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Chessmasters, Magnificent Bastards, Manipulative Bastards, Deadpan Snarker, Devil in Plain Sight, Evil Chancellor, From Nobody to Nightmare, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Hidden Agenda Villain, Lack of Empathy, Lovable Traitor, Not-So-Harmless Villain, The Sociopath, Schmuck Bait Personified, Ambition Is Evil, Using Every Crisis and Piece of Chaos to his Advantage.
  • Domains: Manipulation, Power Grabbing… and outright telling you he lies and can't be trusted, while you somehow forget that fact just a bit later… It's a gift.
  • Allies: Baelish has been quick to create alliances to further his influence. Of course, they all think he's harmless, but they're just more Unwitting Pawns to him, and he's just biding his time. Right now, he's allied himself with Lucifer, impressing the Great Darkness enough to give him a high rank in the GUAC Morningstar Batallion
  • Rivals: Havelock Vetinari, David Xanatos, Varys, Makuta Teridax
  • Enemies: Many oppose Petyr knowing what he can do. Doubtless, he uses their passion and rage to his advantage.
  • Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, is member of the minor house Baelish. To many, he seems amiable, friendly and ultimately harmless. Friendly maybe, but everything else he sells you is a big fat lie; Littlefinger is one of the greatest chessmasters in existence, and would burn down most of Westeros if it made him the most powerful man in it. It's that manipulation that makes him soar in the War of the Five Kings, and become deified in the Trope Pantheon. You've been warned.
  • Though a cold, calculating figure, Littlefinger Used to Be a Sweet Kid; mischevious, bold and sweet-hearted. His descent came from rejection by Catelyn, the only woman he ever loved. Do not think you can use this against him or mock him being "friendzoned" to break his concentration; if he gets enraged, you'd never see it coming. The House of Love has a bad relationship with Littlefinger due to how he became a bad guy. His biggest enemy in this regard is Kyu Sugardust, who was enraged upon learning what he's done and why. She refuses to let him manipulate her.
  • Since his ascent to the Pantheon, "Littlefinger" has been quick to very subtly garner influence, and, due to his status as Chessmaster, has made several new pawns. Several in the House of Mentalism regard him with even more suspicion considering just how good he is at planning, though Petyr himself just smiles and nods. After all, he can find a way to turn ''anything'' to his advantage. Enemies, allies, power, terrain. It makes no difference to him. For the love of God, don't underestimate him because he comes from a minor house (Unless you're an Overdeity. Otherwise, it's unwise). Kings have died over this. Tyrion for one never underestimated him for a second, given his own status as a dwarf.
  • Privately he has little respect for others who cannot match his intellectual prowess. He, however, will admit to being very intrigued by Lord Vetinari. He, to a lesser degree, is also fascinated by David Xanatos, and despite himself also has envy of Teridax, who one-upped Littlefinger's goals of scheming to become a king to successfully becoming a god.
  • Petyr Baelish' main rival is Varys, Master of Whisperers. Both are shifty, clever manipulators from minor backgrounds manipulating the throne. However while Varys is almost certainly got noble intentions, Littlefinger's a Despotism Justifies the Means kind of guy. Many in the Grand United Alliances believe it'll come down to a battle between the two for Westeros, unless an agent of unpredictability offs him.
  • Though the chessmaster, Petyr Baelish privately admits the likes of Doctor Doom outclass him in the field of strategy. Doom still considers Baelish a clever manipulator in his own right.
  • Is discreetly attempting to have himself inducted into the House of Commerce, citing his experience as the Seven Kingdoms' Master of Coin. While he is in the list, there is just too much pressure, both to kick him out and to just reel him in. So Littlefinger just smiles and waits...
  • Before the High Sparrow banned it, Littlefinger owned one of the best brothels in Kings Landing. He's tried to re-establish it in the House of Lust, only for them to point out they are not a brothel and realizing Kyu Sugarheart was there.
  • The House of War has caught on to some of Petyr's tricks, and have thus banned him. They know how dangerous he is, and have made it clear he can't associate with any of the gods there. This has motivated Littlefinger to target other houses instead.
  • It's unknown what he's doing in the midst of the Pantheon Rebellion. Some say he's using it to benefit himself as usual. Others say that he discreetly worked to instigate it for that very reason. Others suspect that he's doing it to infuriate YHVH and bail out Lucifer. Regardless of these rumors, Littlefinger just smirks in response. Regards chaos as a ladder, and any conflict in the pantheon to be something to take advantage of. Time will tell how far he gets through this.
  • As skilled a manipulator Littlefinger may be, even he was taken aback by the Night's King. The Others are alien to the Game of Thrones, and have the chance to smash the chessboard itself. Petyr knows human nature, not these.
  • Has made his opinion on the Grand United Alliance of Destruction very clear: "Good, Evil, Law and Chaos. They're all part of the game. They can be understood. But Destruction? They break all the rules. They smash the playing board, they cannot be reasoned with. I won't stand this. They need to go, even if we all have to pitch in."
  • Even he cannot give a Hannibal Lecture to Kenshiro, though he doesn't need to at the moment. And he isn't going to try, since he's not on Kenshiro's shit list (again, yet).
  • Left his mortal coil after karma finally caught up to him by his actions being outed by Sansa Stark in Castle Winterfell, and his throat sliced by Arya. He has taken this loss…rather badly, but he didn't lash out or anything. He just took it as a lesson on what to do now that he's a permanent Pantheon resident.


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