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    Flumpty Bumpty 
Flumpty Bumpty, God of Plot Immunity
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His Body
  • Theme Song: Eleggtroswing
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Big Bad, Card-Carrying Villain, Befriends all who survive his "game", Eldritch Abomination, Kidnapping because he felt like it, Plot Immunity
  • Domains: Eggs, Kidnappings, Surreal Horror, Twisted Games
  • Heralds: Birthday Boy Blam, The Beaver, The Redman, Grunkfuss the Clown, The Owl, Eyesaur, Golden Flumpty
  • Allies: Spooky, Balloon Boy, The Joker, The Grand Duke of Owls, Scott Cawthon
  • Rivals: Springtrap
  • Enemies: Mike Schmidt, Freddy Fazbear, The Marionette, Larry Daley, Billy Hatcher, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum
  • Feared by: Winnie the Pooh, Piglet
  • Opposes: Barney the Dinosaur
  • Flumpty Bumpty is a funny egg. He likes to kidnap people and play games with them, just for fun. He's done this around 20 times, and one of his recent kidnappings was when he decided to kidnap Mike Schmidt after hearing of his experience with killer animatronics. After returning him the second time, though, he was kicked out by Freddy (whose face he had stolen for the second game, don't ask) and eventually evicted from the Pantheon altogether. Because he found this place exciting, he decided to ascend. How did he do that even though he was kicked out before? Plot Immunity.
  • For how silly he is, Flumpty is someone you shouldn't underestimate. He is able to kidnap anyone, and we mean anyone he feels like capturing. The Protectors of the Plot Continuum are trying their hardest to keep the sadistic egg at bay, but it's becoming increasingly impossible to keep up with his antics.
    • Rumors state that he was able to capture Mr. Rogers, and forced him to play his game. Fortunately, Rogers easily defeated Flumpty at his own game (twice!), and as a result, the two became best friends.
  • If you ever wondered what are the things you need to know if forced to play Flumpty's twisted game, here is all you need to know:
    "Welcome one and all to Flumpty Bumpty's
    If your light's turned off, then you're safe (Or are you?)
    If your lights are on then they'll come find you
    And rip you a brand new face"
  • It's no secret that most of the Five Nights at Freddy's gods dislike him, given their similar games and because Flumpty is just too evil for the animatronics' taste. However, Balloon Boy reminds him a lot of Birthday Boy Blam so he allows him to hang out with him.
  • Spooky has heard of Flumpty and decided to befriend the Egg. Flumpty likes being around Spooky and often invites her to play along with his friends. Spooky has also considered adding Flumpty to her house, but she wonders if including Flumpty would prove him to be too effective at killing visitors and as a result, making less people come around. It also came to her attention that Flumpty sometimes uses her carboard cutouts for decorating his lair, which the ghost doesn't really mind
  • He instantly made friends with The Joker, given that both share a really twisted sense of humor. He also reminds him a little of Grunkfuss.
  • Flumpty once broke into Billy Hatcher's house because he thought that he didn't deserve the spot of Weird Eggs. While he wasn't able to kill him, Flumpty was voluntarily arrested for breaking and entering just so he could escape the Pantheon's prison. The Court of Gods is getting tired of Flumpty's shenanigans.
  • After switching locations, many were wondering what happened to his friend the Beaver. According to flumpty, he died when he fell into the toilet.
  • Initially mistook The Grand Duke of Owls for his friend The Owl, understandable because they share the same Ominosity to boot. He wonders if he this owl is dumb enough to get hit on closed vents as well.
  • Flumpty was once reported to have murdered Winnie Pooh as well as Piglet and eventually drop their remains in his "victims" office. While this wasn't confirmed by either party, both creature are afraid of the egg he has in store for them.
  • Many were horrified to learn that most of his victims remains were put toguether to create The Eyesaur. One reason that no one visits Flumpty's temple is because it guards his home. And it's not very friendly.
  • To the surprise of everyone, there is a deity that could strip Flumpty of his Plot Immunity and that's none other than Barney the Dinosaur. Apparently, the latter thought that Flumpty was in fact Humpty Dumpty and included him in of his books. The egg tries his hardest to avoid Barney.
  • There was supposed to be a third iteration to his series called One Week at Flumpty's that was the Grand Finale filled with lore, but given to a few complications, it didn't happen. Flumpty's series was dead for five years until one day, Scott Cawthon contacted Flumpty's creator Jonochrome so the One Night at Flumpty's series can be part of the Fazbear Fanverse, a project where Scott funds fan-games so they can get console/mobile ports alongside merchandise. Jonochrome agreed and decided to make One Night at Flumpty's 3 to end the series for good. Since this day, Flumpty has been Scott's loyal friend.

Greater Gods

Cooler, God of Informed Superiority (Coola, Coora, Metal Cooler, Meta-Cooler, The Emperor's Brother, Lord Cooler, "Frieza", Monsieur Cooler (by his henchman Salza), Prick, Beau, Honey, Vice Admiral Cooler (in the GUAE))
Fifth Form Cooler 
Metal Cooler 
Cooler's Remains "fixed" by the Big Gete Star 
Golden Cooler 
Golden Meta-Cooler 
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity as Metal Cooler or Golden Cooler, Overdeity as Golden Meta Cooler)
  • Symbol: the Symbol for his Armored Squadron, or the Big Gete Star
  • Theme Song: Poison, Namek/Metal Cooler, There's Always Someone Cooler Than You by Ben Folds, Strength of the Clan, Evil Desires, The Game by Disturbed
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Supposedly Stronger Than Frieza, Evil Overlord, Galactic Conqueror, Abusive Parents, Benevolent Boss, The Metal Coolers, Card-Carrying Villain, Chessmaster Sidekick, Combat Pragmatist, Evil Is Hammy, Mask Power, Mind over Matter, Omnicidal Maniac, One-Winged Angel
  • Domains: Deconstruction, Tyranny, Hate, Revenge, Stronger Siblings, Princeling Rivalry, being better than his brother.
  • Heralds: His Armored Squadron (Salza, Doore and Neiz)
  • Allies: Cell, the original Broly (slightly strained), Vanitas, Darkseid, Lord Recluse, Sauron
  • Rivals: Esdeath
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationship: Frieza and King Cold (his younger brother and father respectively)
  • On speaking terms with: Frost (Frieza's Universe 6 counterpart), The Grand United Alliance of Machines (as Meta-Cooler)
  • Opposed by: Bulma
  • Evil Counterpart of: Hit
  • Fears: Beerus
  • The older brother of the galactic emperor Frieza and also a conqueror himself, Cooler has always had a bitter rivalry with his younger sibling, not helped by his father King Cold favouring Frieza over him. When the news of his brother's death arrived, he decided to find the man responsible for killing him, not out of love but to get rid of the one who dared dishonor his family's clan. That ultimately proved to be a mistake as Cooler and his men were all killed on Earth, the former being launched into the sun and presumed dead...until he came in contact with the Big Gete Star, which kept him alive and even allowed the alien overlord to create an army of mechanical clones all based on him and much more powerful than his previous form. But after an attempt to take over New Namek, Cooler was eventually defeated by both Goku and Vegeta. That was the last time anyone heard of Cooler until he reappeared in the Pantheon, once again seeking revenge against the Saiyans that defeated him.
  • He initially held the title of Stronger Sibling until his brother was resurrected and got a Golden Super Mode with power to rival Beerus, so he was booted out despite managing to train sufficiently to barely equal his brother. He then captured the title of Clone Army on account of the massive army of metallic clones he spawned when he was part of the Big Gete Star and managed to hold this position for a time without any claimants. Eventually, when competitors did spring up, he appealed to the Court and received the title of Informed Ability. Why? He has a tendency to claim to be stronger than his brother Frieza, even unlocking forms that vastly outclassed his brother but ultimately amounted to nothing, as he too was ultimately defeated by a Super Saiyan even when he returned as a mechanical lifeform, which while proven to be far stronger than a Super Saiyan, was already a thing his brother did in the past. This formed the bedrock of his rivalry with his brother and attempts to catch up, so in essence it was the title he was meant for all along. Cooler is in no way happy with that resolution since it means moving away from the House of Military and Warfare and losing potential allies, but he knows when to hold his tongue.
  • It's common knowledge that his relationship with his brother is a bit strained to say the least. There is never a single moment when they're in a room together that they're not going at each other's throats. Contrary to popular belief, they can actually work together towards a common goal even if a bit begrudgingly as both still seek to destroy all the ascended Saiyans one way or another. That said, Frieza is fond of calling Cooler a prick.
    • With his father King Cold, things can also get heated. The fact that Cold has always favoured Frieza over him and looked down on Cooler most of his life has shown to affect the galactic emperor's drive to outdo his sibling and while Cooler has managed to get stronger than dear old dad, he still can't quite get the respect from him like Frieza does.
  • It's this very animosity that prevented his entry into the Grand United Alliance of Evil. Frieza refused point-blank to let him into the GUAE Conquest Force since their in-fighting would only increase. Cooler makes do with serving part-time, providing reserves from his sub-branch of the Frieza Force and some infantry from his Meta-Cooler Clone Army (the latter of which he also supplies to the Grand United Alliance of Machines). Things didn't look up for him Alliance-wise until Darkseid recruited him into the Harbingers of Repression. How better to spite Frieza by joining with one of his superior's main rivals?
  • It should be noted that he hates being compared to Frieza and would probably vaporize anyone that would dare make this comparison. And considering the fact that Cooler also eventually gained a golden form and is often trying to one-up his little brother, some believe he suffers from an Inferiority Superiority Complex regarding him. A quick way to anger him is to say the words "Frieza did it!".
  • Fantastic Racism is a trait that runs in his family and his hatred for Saiyans and other lower lifeforms is pretty noticeable. Besides Goku and Vegeta, Cooler is often antagonizing the other Saiyans for his own amusement and frequently clashes with the Saiyan Army group in order to wipe them out for good. Noticeably, while he still despises Bardock, he at least respects his desire to get back at Frieza, something he believes the fool had it coming a long time ago. That's how vitriolic their relationship is.
    • There is one Saiyan he is willing to work with even if it is a bit of a strained partnership at best. He praised Broly's status as the Legendary Super Saiyan, even rivalling his own power or possibly stronger (though he won't admit to the latter). However, the aforementioned Fantastic Racism couple with the Saiyan's savagery and complete disregard for collateral damage and allies has made it very hard for the two to cooperate. At least both can agree in hating Goku and meeting similar fates.
  • Upon learning of Cooler's ascension, Vegeta and Bulma quickly suggested that Cooler be banned from the House of Machinery and Technology. Upon learning of the Big Gete Star, many gods agreed. When the couple was asked why they were so keen on having Cooler banned from the House Technology by other gods, they merely said, "He kept kicking me/Vegeta in the dick".
  • General Esdeath first heard of Cooler when she often visited the House of War but was disappointed to learn that Cooler did not have ice powers at all despite his name. She did praise the army Cooler had managed to build after bonding with the Big Gete Star and is amazed at his clan's penchant for conquering and destroying. Cooler also found her a powerful and useful as a minion but Esdeath refuses to be on her Armored Squadron as she already serves another monarch and would rather not be involved with someone like Cooler.
  • Before he was rebuilt by the Big Gete Star, Cooler was almost vaporized when Goku launched him into the sun after reflecting his Death Ball back at him. If it were up to him, the Sun would be destroyed as he has no need for it and he would rather avoid another death by it. This quickly landed Cooler in hot water with the sun deities, particularly notorious guardians of the sun like Princess Celestia or Amaterasu whose domains are tied to the sun but the emperor hardly cares about them anyway.
    • One particularly drawback was making himself a big target for the members of the House of El. Not only because the sun is important for their powers but also because he willingly aligned himself with Darkseid, a personal Arch-Enemy of Superman. The Man of Steel is always on the lookout for whatever shady business Cooler gets involved and he's proven powerful enough to keep up with Cooler and his mechanical army.
  • When it comes to the vast multiverse, Cooler is interested in learning more about other universes but the thing that caught his interest the most was Frost, the Universe 6 equivalent of his brother Frieza. The fact that Frost got screwed hard by Frieza back in the Tournament of Power has left him wanting to get revenge and while initially hostile towards Cooler for being related to the emperor, he was pleasantly surprised that Cooler also had a "rocky" relationship with Frieza. He is willing to teach him the secret to attaining the Fifth and even the Golden forms, so long as the two don't end up backstabbing each other. Knowing them, it probably won't last.
    • Speaking of Universe 6, another interesting character from that universe was Hit. Cooler was curious considering he was described as the bridge between Hit and Frieza in terms of characterization. Things got more heated after Hit and Kenshiro stopped every Meta-Cooler except the main man himself from getting to Vegeta once in his temple at the House of Emotion's Hall of Pride.
  • Around the time Android 21 made her appearance, Cooler later arrived and tried to get a wish from the Dragon Balls himself. However, many noted several strange occurrences with Cooler occurring, such as a weird tendency to wield guns or his voice reaching a very uncharacteristically high pitch. When asked about that, he just decided to pull out more guns.
    Cooler: YEAH!
  • "Well then, ready to kneel?"

Intermediate Gods

    Count Dracula 
Count Dracula, God of Predating Trope Codification (Dracula, Count De Ville, De Ville, the Evil Eye, Ordog, Pokol, Stregoika, Vrolok, Vikoslag, D., Nosferatu, Drac)
Illustration by Sebastien Ecrosse

    The Guardians 
The Guardians, The Divine's Chosen Many of Close Comebacks (Risen, Warlords, Iron Lords. Light-bearers, Dead Things, Mote of Lights, Thieves of Light, Traveler Thieves, Ghouls, Dead Soldiers [by the Fallen], Hive Bane, Those who wield what we cannot predict [by the Vex], Space Hobos)
  • Intermediate Gods but can take on Greater Gods.
  • Symbol: Titan Banner, Hunter Banner, Warlock Banner, Guardian Crest
  • Theme Songs: Guardian, The Tower, Surge of Light, The Farm, Be Brave, Tower Reborn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chosen Many, One Man Armies, Those who defy fate, Elemental Powers and Bizarro Elements (Solar, Arc, Void, Stasis and Strand), Came Back Strong, Back from the Dead, Feared among alien races, Fighter, Mage, Thief, Functional Magic, Reality Warping Liches born from a Silent Alien God, Humans Are Cthulhu, Mage Marksman, Magitek, Mildly Military, Killer of gods, Resurrective Immortality, Ace Pilots, Their Ghosts are weak but expect heavy resistence
  • Domains: Undead, Light, Magic, Protectors, Loot
  • Allies: XCOM, Master Chief, the Tenno (also rivals), Ordis, the Jedi, Starfleet (like James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard), Meteora Österreich, Autobots, Mata Nui, the Toa Mata, the Turaga, Link, Princess Zelda, King Arthur, Merlin, Sir Lancelot, Artoria Pendragon, Fi, Cortana, Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri, Lux Arcadia, Anakaris, Squigly, the Merchant, Cosmos, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Cornelia li Britannia.
  • Unnerved by: Wish granting deities, The Hall of Draconic Beings, The God Emperor of Mankind and the Imperium of Man
  • Enemies: The Vex, The Eliksni, Oryx, The Taken, ADVENT, The Devil, Kyubey and the Incubators, Calypso, GUAD, Ganondorf, Harbinger, Ardyn Izunia, Brainiac, the Grineer
  • After the Traveler's sacrifice to protect humanity from annihilation, it fragmented itself in the form of Ghosts to seek out and resurrect those who have potential to wield the Light to not only fight the Darkness' disciples, but to recover and rebuild civilization. While early on the candidates became Drunk with Power, after infighting against the injustices that took place is where the Guardians officially were formed, defending the last of humanity from spider-like space pirates, undead krill zealots, time traveling radiolorian cyborgs, and rhinoceros Space Romans. Besides being responsible for granting their Guardians their powers the Ghosts are also responsible for resurrecting their Guardians, transmating vehicles and gear, hacking into nearly all forms of technology, and opening doors.
  • It started with but a skirmish but it quickly escalated into a full-scale battle. Oryx's Hive and Taken forces have stormed their way through. XCOM, despite the odds, held the line and kept both at bay yet it was still quite the stalemate until one side falters. Bursting in guns blazing and quickly turning the tide over to XCOM's were the Guardians in all their glory. It turns out they shortly after storming the Last City to take it back, successfully killing Domninus Ghaul who was empowered by the stolen Light and witness the Traveler awaken from it's comatose state, break free from the Cabal restraints, and destroy Ghaul after resurrecting as a being of Light. XCOM was grateful for their efforts and the two have decided to aid each other whenever they needed it.
    • Of course, the Vex, Oryx, and the Eliksni were furious that their archenemies had ascended. For the time traveling cyborgs, they are a major hurdle to their goal of reshaping everything where there is only Vex, always destroying their Axis Minds and stopping whatever plan they had in store for existence. For the Taken King, they are a civilization that relied on artificial strength and not on warring and conquest in the name of Sword Logic, but it's more personal than that. For one, they killed Crota along with many of his family members before moving on to him. Lastly for the Space Pirates, they believe they stole their "Great Machine" for their own use, depriving them of the one hope they have at restoring their former glory. They share this hatred, since much of humanity was lost because of them and many Guardians fell to their forces before, and they are the things standing in the way of humanity' survival.
      • Now besides being there to help light up their enemies from back home, they also give out more detailed advice on how to deal with them since there are a lot of Guardians who specialize on certain factions. Asher Mir and Osiris for example are very knowledgeable on Vex and their movement and have communed with the GUAG's leaders on how to more efficiently deal with them. Eris Morn's shared knowledge before she took off on her own are also crucial in the fight against the Hive and Oryx, something that ticked him off but ultimately can't prevent now.
  • While the Last City came with them during the Guardians' ascension their actual temple is the Tower, their base of operations and where they stop buy from time to time to deposit their spoils, acquire new gear, and check in with the Vanguard advisers. If one's fast enough you'll find corpses of Guardians on the base who fell off the top, unintentionally or otherwise. What also often happens is Guardians running around playing the Floor is Lava, except it actually does harm participants. Seeing them host dance parties even when there is no music playing, but it can happen whenever. As does sitting in the most bizarre and sometimes annoying spots.
    • Since Xur is not present within the Pantheon as nowadays he took to appearing in the wilds, the Merchent seems to have filled that void, though is more open in his buying and selling. The fact that both are enigmatic individuals that act as hooded armsdealers hasn't gone unnoticed.
  • There are many, many notable Guardians both in past and in the now. The ones fond in the Tower are the Vanguard function as the Guardian's leadership (if you could call it that, anyways) and coordinate many fireteam's movements. Those nominated to be in the Vanguard are often regarded to be one of the finest of their class, and just because they're cooped up in the Tower doesn't mean they have lost their skills.
    • Commander Zavala, the no-nonsense Titan Vanguard who actually acts like how any military higher up would. When asked how does he put up with his peers and those under his command despite his attitude he's quick to answer that they still get the job done. Often he'll meet up with deities in the House of War to test and shape his knowledge, most notably Sun Tzu since he applied a lot of his work in battle before. Zavala's attitude impressed the likes of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard, who are reminded of Benjamin Sisko. For some reason, people keep reciting the Cerberus Vae III briefing whenever he's around.
    • Cayde-6, the lighthearted Hunter Vanguard who once longed to get back into the field (wish granted). Behind that demeanor, he can be pretty cunning if a bit reckless as shown with that incident with a Vex teleporter. When escaping from his duties he'll swing by Sojiro's place to kick back and relax. If you're confused as to how he got on board in the first place, he was forced into the position via a bet designed to get a representative for Hunters. That said, it was also because the previous rep was also a close friend died to an Eliksni mercenary, and felt the need to take over in respect.
    • Ikora Rey, former outspoken loner turned tempered Warlock Vanguard who was notable for her deadly gunplay. Testing her patience is ill advised, whether by being really annoying or being a dangerous enough threat to warrant being blown to dust by Void energies. She handles analyzing lore and intelligence gathering and can be seen working with other members in the House of Knowledge for this reason. Ikora tends to work with Meteora after the Warlock Vanguard heard of the former NPC's art of analysis, and to help regulate the use of military weaponry despite Cayde's insistence on otherwise.
  • They often practice the Crucible in the House of War. Run by the enthusiastic Lord Shaxx, it doubles as not only a place to test a Guardian's skills with one another but also to defend locations from enemy hands (they don't handle "stand here for Pantheon knows how long in case of intruders"). Weird as that may sound, it works, and it makes for good entertainment.
    • Two fireteams were running the Crucible in the House of Military and Warfare where after the match they happened upon John 117/Master Chief. Noticing the similarities (mostly towards Titans) alongside sharing similar creators they decided to team up during a couple missions. Their enemies did not stand a chance. Although many Guardians are driven for other goals than to protect the Last City like personal achievement or loot, they all undoubtedly respect the Spartan. The Ghosts chat with Cortana and are good terms if a bit cautious after her attempted rebellion. Rampancy was present with the likes of Rasputin and Failsafe, but neither took it to dangerous levels like she did. Cortana made it clear that she's fine now in the Pantheon, but that air of awkwardness still lingers.
    • During an assault on an Eliksni hideout to turn it into another Crucible map, they broke in only to realize the Tenno had already beaten them to the punch. There was some (albeit kinda onesided) rivalry with them until some members proposed that they go in and share their respective tech. One modding session with rocket launchers later, the two groups became fast allies and you can find some members train with each other. Seeing them team up and wield each other's weaponry is not uncommon, to the dismay of their enemies. Their Ghosts tend to strike lengthy conversations with Ordis despite at first being freaked out by his crazy moments, ranging from the usual robot-to-robot talks about their tech to the Ghosts talking about the antics of their Guardians. The rivalry between the two soldiers is still going strong by the way, often in the form of Body Count Competitions due to the similar nature of their games.
  • Realizing there are many more malicious aliens in the Pantheon there was back home, they nonetheless decided to take up arms against them. Hearing of XCOM's Archnemesis ADVENT they decided to start there, deciding to help take out a facility. Resurrective Immortality does wonders when your enemies realizes it too late. Already, it prompted the more elite alien occupants forces to take action in the future. XCOM warns them not to grow overconfident since it could potentially mean the Chosen coming after them, which the Space Liches noted. Some Guardians are a bit unnerved that they share similarities to them, right down to their ability to resurrect unless a certain condition is met. Their Ghosts, particularly the Young Wolf's Ghost are most nervous by the Hunter since he can potentially take them out with his marksmanship, but what adds to that is how similar he sounds to some of them.
    • Of course, waging war on those with ill intent requires allies. Not long after the Vanguard decided to reach out to the Jedi since they too are magical space warriors. Warlocks tend to be most common Guardians working with them, given they share the most similarities out of all of the classes and thus want to hone their existing skills further. Though Mace Windu seems to give the Arc wielding Guardians, particularly the Stormcallersnote , some distance for some reason. They also affiliated themselves with the rest of Starfleet due to both being protectors, which lead to some older Guardians lamenting that Starfleet's exploration of the cosmos went much smoother than their attempts in the Golden Age. Some also went to the likes of King Arthur and his allies since the Iron Lords were based around Arthurian Legend since turning down having legends on your side would be foolish. They didn't expect to meet Arthur's Distaff Counterpart in the process, nor did the expect to hear his many, many incarnations but it didn't stop them from being allies.
    • Hearing word of a Eternal Hero clad in a green tunic originating in Hyrule from Master Chief they met up with Link, who's not too different from themselves being warriors capable of magic alongside being blessed from the gods. Through him, they would also ally with Princess Zelda, who assists many of the Last City's scholars and librarians to rediscover history lost in the Collapse. She also adds her theory of the Traveler being some form of proxy or even avatar of the Golden Goddesses of her world. The Ghost's meeting with Fi went well too, finding her calculations very useful for the Last City, with some expressing envy that she have combat capabilities. Some Guardians decided to take a short trip to Hyrule and were taken back at how prosperous it was, a huge change compared to life in the Last City. After reporting it to Zavala he says it's the kind of state humanity wants to achieve someday, and that it should be the motivation they would keep on fighting for. No matter how long it takes.
      "One day the Last City will be known as the First City."
      • Link also introduced him to three heroes he met during his time within the Pantheon. The first was a young man named Shido Itsuka, who like them were blessed with magical powers with parallels to theirs. Then there was Ayato Amagiri, a superhuman martial artist with strength that caught the Guardian's Titans attention. Lastly there's Lux Arcadia, who was no stranger to defeating armies and monsters whilst defending his home. All three are willing to pitch in and defend the Last City like it was their own homes, earning the Traveler's chosen many their appreciation who in turn promise to offer any assistance they need in the future.
    • Chief told some Guardians of a boy who had actually befriended beings worthy of divinity. Curious, they investigated the House of Commerce and found who the Spartan told them about: Ash Ketchum. He didn't really have any trouble befriending them despite his reluctance to war since he understood that their mission was noble and has agreed to help them in any way he can. Some Guardians believe that Ash may be blessed by the Traveler in some way.
    • Although they are used to hearing other heroes' adventures that is not to say their escapades went in unnoticed. Mata Nui heard of their stories and, along with the Toa, went to the Tower to discuss an alliance. They gave supplies to the Last City necessary for research and defense, the Guardians go around and assist them in their exploits and share their knowledge. Optimus Prime similarly came to the Last City for an alliance as well, acknowledging each other's roles as protectors.
      Commander Zavala: "I need your forces, Prime."
      Optimus Prime: "And you shall have them, Commander."
  • Their time in the Pantheon also granted them much unneeded attention. Link and Zelda told them of Ganondorf's plans to seize control of the Last City and try and harness the Traveler's Light to fuel his ambitions. This is eerily similar to what Dominous Ghaul wanted to do, and the Red Legion's attack is still fresh within the minds of many Guardians that had survived that Lightless period. Others have similar goals like Brainiac, the Borg Queen, and Harbinger after they heard of their battles with the Vex. The Vanguard was once greeted by a man named Ardyn Izunia and heard of his claims being "a man of no consequence". Zavala instantly didn't trust him, and neither did his peers and investigated further where their suspicions were proven. The Commander is currently working with Cosmos to ascend the True King to oppose him.
    • The Grineer instantly became enemies with them after hearing of their alliance with the Tenno, and quickly sent Grineer forces to try and deal with them. Emphasis on try, as the Tenno had intercepted them and notified the city of their intentions and sent them packing after a long battle of attrition. Cayde-6 wanted to help return the favor and - after a Guardian's and Tenno's quick trip to one of their bases - lured a large force of Grineer to a Eliksni hideout. He once again did this without telling his peers, but it was executed well.
      Cayde-6: "Everyone loves a bad idea when it works."
  • Are weary of any wish granters and dragons, having a bad enough experience with the now extinct Ahamkara, who grant knowledge and power but with, as usual, a very high price. Hearing of how the Devil tricked Inkwell Isles' residents into selling their souls didn't do him any favors, though he seems to be cautious in return after what happened with his last deal. They aren't in good terms with Kyubey and the Incubators either, and seem to have taken up target practice whenever they rear their heads. Nor are they in good terms with Calypso, who is basically the Ahamkara in a human form if they decided to be much more direct and chaotic in their plans. He could be Satan too. They also don't take kindly to any Omnicidal Maniacs since half of their enemies back in their home universe are that, and they had enough of them already. Hearing Oryx's allegiance to an Alliance dedicated to destruction, they will protect the Pantheon from the GUAD at all costs.
    • Some of the less saner gods and goddesses have claimed that the dragon-like bone armor some of the Guardians wear have spoken to them. No one really believed them, and investigations conducted from various deities reveals otherwise. While the Ahamkara's nature does prove to be solid at first, it's unlikely as their presence would be limited due to who the general denizens are. So rest assured, O Troper mine.
    • They particularly loathe, and are loathed by, the Chaos Gods, Particularly Tzeench for the fact that they are unshackled by fate, making it so that the god cannot precisely predict their actions.
    • They also are cautious of the God Emperor of Mankind and by extension deities affiliated with the Imperium of Man. Besides being disturbingly similar to the Cabal (who blew the Last City to cinders once) they are aware their attitude on xenos and considering the origins of their powers this keeps many Guardians on edge. They aren't quite enemies, if the time calls for it they will fight alongside them, but they are very cautious.
  • Can have a somewhat difficult time with encountering deities not in the futuristic era. While society in the last city isn't too drastically different from the modern era given the emphasis on other aspects like colonization (there were still regular cars lying around), they can be still baffled by certain normal things. Like pineapples, for instance.
  • Beyond Reality Warping powers and weaponry or technology specifically tailored to cutting off their connection to the Light, to ensure a Guardian's final death you must target their Ghost. Without their Ghost, they cannot resurrect or do many of the aforementioned functions for long. Of course, targeting a Ghost gives any Guardians justification to end your life in return since they're not only a incredibly useful but limited resource but also a Guardian's True Companion.
  • Due to the nature of their loot system, their fates lie within RNG's hands. It could mean the difference between new gear, or the same old one they got an hour ago. It was no secret that long ago they were not in good graces and got pretty bad gear decrypted for them despite the tiring effort. When bringing up RNG, Guardians tend to either shudder of those dark times, mourn the loss of a "loot cave", or mutter angrily about a man named Master Rahool.
  • Since Guaridans are often the fallen raised back from the dead they are technically undead, especially if you take it from an enemies' perspective (the Eliksni called them Ghouls at one point), which contrasts with many deities present in the House of Undead and Phasmata. Understandably not wanting the bad reputation of undead to continue they partnered with Anakaris for his reputation as a sorverous yet benevolent ruler who isn't afraid to fight, also mentioning a common enemy in Oryx. Osiris seems really fond of him, considering he's themed off of Egyptian Mythology. Squigly was another undead they met in their travels, where her attitude caught many off guard. Nonetheless, it was a welcome trait and she was happy to meet benevolent undead in the Pantheon.
  • The Guardians went into mourning, and they were asked why. Their Ghosts said in a somber tone. Cayde-6 was killed. All sources pointed to Uldren Sov, the Master of Crows and Queen of the Reef Mara Sov's brother, who was leading a massive prison break from the Prison of Elders. The Guardians will not stop until they find Uldren and bring him to justice.
  • "The Guardians who lead the way will save humanity - and become legend."

Morpheus, The God Who Offers The Choice Of Adventure
  • Theme Song: "Leave You Far Behind" by Lunatic Calm, and "Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation)" by Rob Dougan
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hands, holding the red and blue pills
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with a shade of well-intentioned extremism
  • Portfolio: Red Pill, Blue Pill, The Captain, Cool Longcoats And Shades, Supporting Leader, A Father to His Men, Mentors, Philosophical Lectures, Bald of Authority, There Is No Try
  • Domains: Choice, Rebellion, Freedom, Firepower, Wisdom
  • Allies: Neo, The Oracle, the Council of Ninenote  and Butters, Dream of the Endless, The Inception Crew, Douglas Quaid, John Connor, Tron, Kevin Flynn, Kirito and Asuna, Yuuki Konno, Yui Kirigaya,
  • On good terms with: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos and Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, Darkseid, YHVH, Maltheal, Sigma, Sosuke Aizen, Yuri, SKYNET, The Master Control Program, Enter
  • Opposes: Iroque, the Grand United Alliance of Law as it is
  • Wary of: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Morpheus, like all humanity for over a century, started his existence plugged into the Matrix. At least, until he was offered the opportunity to realize the illusion he was in. Joining the Resistance, he served to liberate bluepills from the Matrix and fight for freedom against it. Eventually he would find Neo, whom he hoped was The Chosen One, and helped train him to fight against the Machines. His faith was rewarded and Neo would go on to end the system of manipulative control in the Matrix.
  • When joining the resistance, choice is key. He offers them a choice; to take the blue pill and continue their life, or take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes. Adamant about the importance of choice and free will; he does not oppose the Matrix itself, but rather that no-one is allowed to know or leave. Due to how he values the freedom of choice, anyone who champions The Evils of Free Will is an inconsolable enemy. Especially Darkseid, who wants to strip free will away to make people suffer.
  • This is not the first time Morpheus crossed over with other series. In the universe of South Park he is a member of the Council of Nine, a council of good-aligned characters who keep the peace in Imaginationland, the realm where all that is imagined exist. He helped Butters realized his potential as the chosen one, and saved imagination. He's happy to see Butters again, hoping to use his imagination once more.
  • Despite the name, he is not related to Dream of the Endless, though was almost certainly inspired by him. Dream is interested in the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar due to the fact that the Matrix is a false dream interfering with his work.
  • His actions have brought ire from the Grand United Alliance of Good, accusing him and his group of being designated heroes due to their willingness to gun down civilians. In Morpheus' defense the Machines are so implemented into the virtual reality that any bluepill could be hijacked by an Agent. It's not like they have the software to overcome this. Still, Morpheus has accepted the view that he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist, but with emphasis on the "well-intentioned" part.
  • As it stands now, he cannot accept the GUAL because of the influence of YHVH-that being said if the Archangels' Arcadia is any indication, He would look at the Matrix unfavorably. Besides, conformity isn't something he fits anyway. He is a lot willing to listen to the GUAC however, as one the virtues they promote is freedom and rebellion. Granted, a lot of their other goals aren't what he supports, but he'd give them a fair shake. He already has a role in the GUAG due to his position in the Council of Nine.
  • He has been scouting out others to help. Because of their experience with the virtual world, Tron and Kevin Flynn were happy to help his cause. As was John Connor, due to the many similarities he shared with Neo and his relationship with The T-800 making him a good negotiator for continuing peace between humans and the Machines. Trying to guide the Inception Crew and Douglas Quaid through the dreamscape.
  • Due to the nature of the Matrix, any malignant, viral programming is a severe threat, especially SKYNET and Sigma. He's no fan of Sosuke Aizen or Yuri due to their abuse of mind control and skewing perceptions.
  • Has become increasingly aware of the popular theory that Zion is actually a second layer of the Matrix, and he's still yet to be free. While believing this is false, he's declared that if it is true the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar will not stop until, if it exists, the wool will be pulled from their eyes. Whether the simulation be crafted by further machines, humans, something else or even a bunch of movie directors.
  • Has a habit of saying "what if I told you" before adding something to sound profound. It's not the actual quote, but he's picked up the habit.
  • Wary of the GUAM. Yes, the machines there aren't the same kind that put humanity in the Matrix, however the belief in Machine Supremacy makes them a danger. Not that humanity is one to talk since in his universe humans started the conflict through oppression, but a number of nasty customers like SKYNET and Sigma are there. At least there are more reasonable gods like Roboking.

Lesser Gods

Bass, God of Exceeded Expectations (Forte, SWN-001, Slasher, bASS)

    The Peregrine Falcons and The Sparrows Team 
The Peregrine Falcons Squad and The Sparrows TeamMembers , Divine Soldiers of Conflict Disparity (Marco: Marchrius Dennis Rossi; Tarma: Tarmicle Roving III, Eri: Memphis Bomb Princess, Fio: Fiolina Germi)
Left to Right: Eri, Marco, Tarma and Fio
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Metal Slug.
  • Theme Song: Character Select
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: War, Armies, Guns, Tanks, Teamwork, Friendship, Combat
  • Heralds: Nadia Cassel and Trevor Spacey (MS4), Walter Ryan and Tyra Elson (MS Advance), Nathalie Neo, Roberto Nicola, and Alisa Stewart (MS Mobile)
  • Allies: Leona Heidern, Most ascended deities from The King of Fighters, V.S.S.E., John Rambo, William J. Blazkowicz, SCP-516
  • Enemies: General Morden and the Rebel Army, The Mars People, Evil Aliens, Evil Undead, Millenium, HYDRA
  • Acquiantanced with: Skips
  • These four individuals are no strangers to war, having saved the world numerous times while fighting the evil General Morden and his Rebel Army from taking over the world. Marco, Tarma, Eri and Fio found themselves in the pantheon after many heard of their adventures and how they have overcome threats far bigger in number and always suceed in the end. For that, they were awarded a title and a proper temple for them to reside.
  • They are one of those rare groups that have faced almost anything that can you imagine. From entire armies, zombies, aliens, mutants, giant crabs, even an Eldritch Abomination once. So when they were soon found in the pantheon, they didn't feel slightly impressed by the sheer craziness that the pantheon offers and so carried on with their lives. That's one of the reasons that they get along with Skips although at first they were doubting him considering previous experiences with yetis.
  • They were glad to find Leona Heidern among the pantheon ranks, since they have worked together in the past. Especially Fio, who once went on a mission with her and have remained very good friends.
  • Also very acquiantanced with the good deities of the King of Fighters Tournament thanks to their comrades Ralph, Clark and Leona being regular contenders. Even Fio once participated in said tournament as so did Marco in another event.
  • They enlisted in GUAG after hearing about the pantheon being stuck in a four way conflict between the GUAG, GUAE, GUAC and GUAL. It's technically not that different from what they are used to in their homeworld but they hope that their involvement could turn the tide towards the side of good and finally achieve the possibility of peace.
  • The team is known for having piloted a wide array of vehicles or even armed animals with cannons. The most important one is the Metal Slug, a mobile tank who can duck and jump among other things and has been present in most of their adventures. They even have one of them present in his temple, but they usually take it to the House of Machinery and Technology since they tend to take a beating. They later met SCP-516, who was a sentient tank that also fought valiantly for its homeland and holds the four of them in high regard because of that.
  • Exclusive to Marco:
    • After joining the regular army, Marco quickly became the leader of the Peregrine Falcons and alongside his friend Tarma has been the biggest asset to them in the fight against General Morden. The mention of the latter is known to dry Marco into a fit of uncontrollable rage, since he is responsible for the death of many of his friends.
    • He is from Italian-American origin and it shows. Of all the ascended crew, he gets along the best with Rocky Balboa and Rambo, resembling the latter a lot
    • Marco is actually a very good computer technician when he is off duty, to the point that he is sometimes creates computer viruses for fun. One of them was so powerful that they almost caused one nearby facility to launch a nuclear attack though thankfully he stopped it before it could get any worse and he plans to take that secret to his grave. In the pantheon he is quite good friends with other friendly hackers like Ed or the San Francisco Dedsec Chapter, who he has ocassionally aided in stopping some of the stronger viruses to cause havoc in the pantheon.
  • Exclusive to Tarma:
    • He joined around the same time as his friend and teammate Marco, in a mission to rescue the president and has since been very close to him. Hell, he was originally the only teammate Marco had when they first went up against the Rebel Army before Eri and Fio joined them.
    • He is an excellent pilot, give him anything and he would have it figured out in seconds. It is said that once he was allowed to get into one of the big mechs held in the tresuare and he was able to pilot it flawlessly.
    • Off-duty he likes to build motorcycles, often also lending a hand to resident mechanics in the House of Machinery and Technology. He is also good friends with Johnny Blaze and Francis who often got their bikes checked by Tarma.
    • Known to be a bit too fouled mouthed, often dropping an f-bomb when he gets fatally hit.
  • Exclusive to Eri:
    • Eri has been living a hard life since she was born. As a kid she a leader of a gang of street kids and even when she became part of the Regular army she was cold and distant to others. She was originally a spy but later dropped out because she wasn't confortable with the job and decided to join SPARROWS. There she met Fio, who was her polar opposite in background and attitude, but overtime she warmed up to her.
    • She fond of explosives, often sneaking into the House of Explosives to gather some equipment for herself. There is a reason she is known as the Memphis Bomb Princess.
    • She gets along great with Ekichi Onizuka and Kazuma Kiryu who share a past like her as a street gang leader. Usually they tend to stick to their duties first, but they sometimes hang out when they have free time available.
  • Exclusive to Fio:
    • She was born in the wealthy Germi family, notorious for its military history and always sending their eldest son into the army. Fio's parents intended the same but following her difficult birth, her mother was unable to bear more children and so Fio became the first Germi heir to be female. Nevertheless she was raised by a loving family, which turned her in the most upbeat and cheerful of her piers.
    • While her parents support her career, they fear for her and her family since she is the only heir they have and she has no children of her own. Of course, some jokers have mentioned the possibility of hooking her up with her Peregrine Falcon teammates, particularly Marco, comments which have made her blush a little.
    • She is very close to Cassie Cage, understanding how it feels to have the weight of being the child of a famous military family. In Cassie's case her parents aren't even together anymore, making their vitriol much more noticeable although when Cassie introduced Fio to both Johnny and Sonya, they were surprisingly nice towards her.
  • The Team an also be found in Logistics.

    Tom Bombadill 
Tom Bombadill, God of Padding In Quest Stories (Iarwin Ben-adar, Orald, Forn, "Moss gatherer", The First)
  • Lesser God...we think
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Theme Song: Chance Thomas
  • Alignment: True Neutral (would be Neutral Good if he was more pro-active)
  • Portfolio: An Inexplicably Awesome Great Gazoo, Species Unclear But As Old As Arda, Nice Guy, Immune to Mind Control, Excluded From Adaptations Being a Wacky Wayside Tribe, Divisive Additions Transplanted From Children's Poems, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, possible Nature Spirit, No-One Else Is Like Him, Music Soothes the Savage Beast
  • Domains: Merriment, Enigma, Contentness, Nature
  • Herald: His wife Goldberry
  • Interests: The SCP Foundation
  • Indifferent to: The Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Evil (though he prefers the former)
  • Friends: Frodo, Sam and Gandalf, Gaea and the Nature Uprising, Philip J Fry, Homer Simpson, The Phantom Stranger, most in the Halls of Joy and Happiness and Nature Preservers (especially the Lorax)
  • Frustrates: The Brainspawn
  • Dislikes: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, evil trees like Exdeath, to a lesser extent Pamela Isley
  • Baffles: Larfleeze
  • Foil: Ungoliant
  • Not to be confused with: Eru Illuavatar
  • Tom Bombadil is an interesting fellow. The master of the old forest outside of the Shire, he is a whimsical and jolly fellow who broke up some tension for Frodo with his whimsy, and helped him against some evil trees. Though recognized by the council, he is not a part of the battle between good and evil and happy living his own life. He is noticably immune to the One Ring, but his disinterest would mean he'd end up losing it so they decided not to have him keep it.
  • One of the greatest mysterious of Middle-Earth is "what is Tom Bombadil?" He is as old as Arda, there before even Melkor entered, and may be a Nature Spirit, but that's about it. Theories have ranged from being a Maiar or Valar who went native, being the Anthropomorphic Personification of Arda/the Music of the Ainur, or even an Author Avatar for J.R.R Tolkien himself. Tolkien refuses to answer beyond the out of universe "he's based on a doll and was part of an unrelated poem", and Eru has confirmed "he's not Me". The SCP Foundation has declared him a Euclid-class SCP, but otherwise harmless. They really want to figure out what he is, but Tom couldn't care less.
  • Tom could be considered the anti-Ungoliant; both don't quite fit into the cosmology, however Ungoliant is utterly hostile and seeks to devour all light, while Tom is happy with the world and is a Nice Guy. He's not interested enough to get all that involved, but he doesn't like the GUAD as they would destroy the world and he quite likes said world. Nekron is as confused to him and he is to the Phantom Stranger. The Stranger and Tom just see each other as someone to hang out and rest the Stranger's weary head for a bit, not mysteries to unravel.
  • The mystery of Tom Bombadil angers the Brainspawn immenesly; being brains they feel compelled to know everything but they can never find out what Tom is and he is different enough their stupefaction ray has no effect. This caught the attention of Fry, who only saw a friend in Tom due to his content personality. Homer respects that about Tom, so the two sometimes come over to his hut. They noticed he is neither made drunk by Duff beer or gets addicted to Slurm, hinting in spite of his appearance he really isn't human.
  • Tom's travels in the Trope Pantheon lead to some incidents in The Great Treasury, where he has proven immunity to many of the dangerous artifacts. He is known to be immune to the One Ring, however given how frivolous he treated it he has had to be banned from entering Maximum Security. Here are some noticeable interactions, along with artifacts used in their attempts to unravel
  • An accident led to Tom Bombadil getting an Orange Lantern ring on his finger, which enraged Larfleeze. Fortunately Tom gave it back as it wasn't doing anything beyond being mere jewelry; he has no ambition, and there was no greed in his heart for the ring to influence or inflict. The idea of someone without greed deeply confused Larfleeze and he left rather than deal with it further. It is this same lack of greed that would make Tom immune to Quillgin's box.
  • Doesn't take much action against other deities, but he takes an exception towards evil trees like Exdeath. This is due to his history with taming Old Man Willow, who he sung to its sleep. He couldn't do the same to Exdeath as he's a very different type of tree, but Exdeath admitted he was a bit drowsy afterwards. Fortunately for Tom he was on good terms with the flora in the House of Plants and pressured Exdeath into leaving him alone. He isn't all that fond with Poison Ivy using plants for crime, but tends to be softer on her as she still loves plants and nature. Pamela sometimes finds him a problem, but thinks he's a friendly if odd fellow.
  • As mentioned, he does not pick a side in the fight of good and evil, and on a greater level the pantheon's conflicts. For their part most of the alliances are either indifferent to him (eg: the GUAL doesn't seem him getting in the way of their visions of order), or find him a nuisance (eg: the GUAM finds his nature powers bothersome for their machine supremacy). He is not truly aware of the Forever War and it makes him useless for their cause, though he is more fond of the GUAG than the GUAE.
  • The one alliance he is on good terms with in proper is the GUAN, due to his fondness for nature. This is further fueled his Nature Spirit connections, and he is particularly friendly with Lorax who also speaks for the trees. Tom Bombadil is a friend to the Happiness sub-house as well given he is a naturally jovial man.


    General Tarquin 
General Tarquin, God of Unpreventable Initial Villain Triumph (Tarquin)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: He in his helmet and armor, raising his finger as a teacher pointing something out, above a box containing one of his "Tarquin's Tips"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Great knowlege in the story structure, but not his place in it, wearing scary armor, being Evil Counterpart to several people at once, Evil Overlord, Dragon-in-Chief, Evil Genius, The Bluebeard, The Chessmaster, Crazy-Prepared, very cool and pragmatic, hot despite his age, self-centered, Villain Of Another Story
  • Domain: Evil, Knowledge, Theater, War
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, David Xanatos, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Draco Malfoy, The Narrator
  • Enemies: Elan, Abed Nadir, Light Yagami, The Joker, Lelouch, The Question
  • Rumored to have created the Evil Overlord List. Even if he didn't, he is clearly trying to standardize it. Many other gods are trying to stop him, because the last thing the world needs is for every villain to become as savvy as him.
  • Often seen visiting houses of Knowledge and Theatre.
  • Lelouch wants to defeat him to destroy his evil reign and Light wants to dispatch him as a part of some scheme. Knowing he has no chance against their combined skills and knowledge, Tarquin does everything he can to fuel the flames of their rivalry, so they'll keep fighting each other.
  • Joker wants to kill him for turning down his offer for Villain Team-Up. While his explanation that he "doesn't work with loose cannons" was considered a compliment, Joker has a reputation to maintain.
  • Rather fond of Yuno Gasai and had used several of her methods to "win over" his soon-to-be wifes. However, he still won't work with her - again, he doesn't work with loose cannons. Especially when she turned good.
  • There were rumors he has a plan to get Azula back into sanity, have her reclaim position of Goddess of Manipulative Bastards and then torture her until she breaks again and agrees to marry him. This is supposed to trigger a large variety of reactions from both mortals and other gods that he will harvest and use to steal both Draco Malfoy's and Griffith's positions at the same time. Tarquin denied it, saying that such a plan, while possible, would be way too risky and there are much easier and safer ways to obtain more power. Most of the other gods were convinced. The Question just added another conspiracy to unfold to his list.
  • Is very self-centered, when finding about anything suspicious going on, he is likely to assume it concerns him personally in some way.
  • His biggest weakness is an inability to recognize when he's not the Big Bad of a particular story. When this goes into full swing, his Genre Savvy can backfire, rather spectacularly.
  • Although previously judged a Greater God, in reality Tarquin's power level is much lower. After the incident where His son Elan threw him off an airship for killing his brother Nale, Tarquin was realized to be misjudged and his power level lowered. Tarquin is still angry about this.
  • THEN it was decided his original trope was redundant with Genre Savvy, loosing his title and position to a relative nobody like Abed Nadir, on top of anything else, utterly broke him. Deemed too valuable to let loose, the Grand United Alliance of Evil stepped in to give him a new title, the one he had built his life around, that narrative logic dictates that evil is guarantied to succeed until the finale of the story. This new title has also granted him a seat in the house of Narrative, where he is expected to twist fiction to serve their designs, but mostly his own, but this serves them well enough that this is tolerable, for now.
    • His new position has found him a new ally in the Narrator. They share the desire to create stories for themselves only to have the heroes to completely throw them away. While the Narrator is ecstatic to have someone willing to go along with his story, Tarquin expects to finally be given his due and be made legendary, he's still unable to accept his place in the narrative.
  • Also present in Villainous Success and Failure.

    Hans Gruber 
Hans Gruber, God of Counting to Three (Jack Grubernote , Bubba, Bill Clay)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Nakatomi Plaza with an explosion mark near the top
  • Theme Song: Gruber's Arrival
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Suave, Cultured and Intelligent Villains with a Suit to Match (Though Not as Intelligent as he Claims Himself to Be), Beard of Evil, Man of Wealth and Taste Subverting any Positive Attirbutes, The Sociopath, Speaks Calmly and with Restrained Grandeur, Faux Affably Evil, Taking No Chances Against Possible Threats, Master Actor, Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor, Inhumanly Malevolent Villains, Death by Falling, Is Thoroughly Dedicated to Accomplishing his Goals, Narratively Impressive and Capable Foes, Generally Seen as a Fantastic Movie Vilain
  • Domains: Terrorismnote , Theft, Villainy, Planning, Fear, Condescension
  • Alliesnote : The Cabot Crew (especially Mr. Blone)note , Neil McCauley, Tony, Jo, Mario, César, Raymond Reddington, Castor Troy
  • Enemies: John McClane, Niko Bellic, Dimitri Rascalov, Carl Johnson, Michael DeSanta, Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips, Sterling Archer, Eddie Valiant, Summer Smith, Bro Hard, Sean Archer, Vincent Hanna
  • Opposed By: House of Commerce, Most of the House of Law and Justice, The Roguesnote 
  • Annoyed By: Patrick Bateman, Jack
  • Hans Gruber was once a member of a radical West German party, but due to unknown reasons, he was excommunicated, followed by Gruber deciding to become a thief and gather a bunch of like-minded lawbreakers to enact a grand plan. They set in motion a scheme to invade the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles, California whilst posing as terrorists, setting up traps, enforcements, and surveillance, with the goal of stealing $640 million in negotiable bearer bonds, as well as being fully content in destroying the building to keep everyone silent and ensure his own anonymity. Gruber's plan turned out to be a successful one, keeping his hostages intimidated, killing the plaza's head executive, Joseph Yoshinobu Takagi, when he refused to comply with Gruber's demands, and keeping the building heavily fortified. Unfortunately, Gruber did not expect a sudden visitor in the form of an NYPD cop named John McClane who stealthily and unexpectedly managed to work around on and dismantle Gruber's plans, causing him to become desperate in his plans. Ultimately, while Gruber did come very close to victory and messing with McClane himself personally, he was outsmarted in their last confrontation, resulting in Gruber falling to his death in a failed and desperate attempt to kill McClane and his wife Holly.
  • Despite his unceremonious end, Gruber would mark his reputation as McClane's most credible and famous foe and a villain who has proven to be as suave and meticulous as he is dangerous. It is for these reasons that he was able to earn a place in the Pantheon, much to his own surprise. Gruber initially felt dismayed at the failure of his plans before collecting his thoughts and choosing to venture into a whole new land, guessing that it would be good to familiarize himself with the Pantheon. This doesn't mean he's changed in any way, as he's made it very clear he intends to continue his career as what he calls a "sophisticated terrorist". Learning about Houses, Halls, and Domains, Gruber decided to visit the House of Crime and Transgressions where he would adapt quickly to a city that accepted criminals like him and steadily develop a new criminal group as well as rebuild his reputation into one of aspiration for like-minded people like him as well as a terror for those who would dare to oppose or annoy him. Overall, the Pantheon has been a surprisingly pleasant experience for Gruber.
  • Despite his extreme malevolence, Gruber is an intelligent and deceptive man who is just as capable of acting civil and friendly as much as he revels in committing violence and threats to make his points. He is arrogant, but also savvy and lucid enough to reign that in and keep himself committed to his goals, as impersonal and unambitious as they are, and he claims to be a fan of classic westerns, sometimes making references and quotes if he stumbles across a fan. Still, there is an air of pretentiousness with him, though Gruber isn't too antsy about that. For the same reasons that McClane saw him as a ruthless man who had to be stopped at all costs, some saw him as the ideal robber and terrorist, a model that they could take lessons from and prove themselves capable and reputable criminals. Gruber was impressed; though he may have lost and his mortal coil taken, he posthumously accomplished what most terrorists couldn't achieve; a sense of influence and inspiration, and while he personally can't bring himself to care for them, he does value this as a tool of authority and is more than willing to use it to gain new followers and lackeys for any upcoming plans. That said, Gruber doesn't technically see himself as a terrorist, but is willing to play along with the assumption, provided it allows him to place more emphasis on spreading discord and fear on others.
  • Due to the sheer infamy of his heist at the Nakatomi Plaza, Gruber is seen with great caution by many names and business owners, trying to remain alert of him. Predictably, he's been banned from the House of Commerce, largely thanks to his brutality and the effort he would put into his theft operations. Gruber expressed amusement over the matter, seeing how his actions have made him such a notorious figure, though he also expresses some annoyance over the fact that finding reliable allies for any future plots has been getting difficult. As far as he knows, he's an "exceptional" thief and is more than ready to prove that, willing to be complementary and approving of one's talents and interests, though only as a way to assure a partnership. Some have wondered why exactly he wanted to make another heist plan after the first one failed so spectacularly, but Gruber has remained unfettered by that. He will make a heist so grand that it will be remembered, even after getting retired from the job.
  • When he found out that McClane was in the Pantheon before his own ascension, Gruber was amused by the revelation. Sure, he now despises the cop for foiling his master plan and killing him, but he sees this as a second chance for a newly built desire and goal; revenge. While there are cops and heroes who have proven to be more formidable, Gruber has made it clear that his enmity with McClane is a personal one, and he anticipates the day when the two will re-encounter one another, citing that it will end in one's death. On the other hand, McClane expressed shock and annoyance over Gruber's ascension, though due to his own job, the two don't actually interact with each other all that much, let alone fight. In McClane's perspective, that's alright as he would rather not revisit past memories and throw himself into another chaotic binge on alcohol and drugs. There's also the information that McClane fought and defeated Gruber's younger brother and fellow thief, Simon, and while the brothers weren't exactly close with one another, Gruber takes this as an opportunity to prove himself better than his rival sibling in the Pantheon and patiently waits for the day to finally kill John McClane.
  • As a self-described "exceptional" thief, Gruber has the ability to back up his arrogance and is generally smart and resourceful with how his plans must operate. As a result, he's come to encounter fellow robbers like the Cabot Crew and Neil McCauley, all of whom were committed and dedicated thieves. With the Cabot Crew, Gruber was willing to give them special equipment and resources to impress them enough and he's put up a convincing charm to get on McCauley's graces, in addition to having some conversations about their personal lives, with Gruber even finding McCauley's respect for LAPD detective Vincent Hanna as fascinating. That said, everything is pragmatic for Gruber; while vicious, he does maintain some degree of rationality with who he works with. Figuring that McCauley has standards, Gruber is quite careful with his relationship towards him as he sees Cauley as a talented robber and leader and acts a lot more restrained to keep it floating, even if it's based entirely on professionalism. The Cabot Crew all have differing views on Gruber, though only Mr. Orange is truly opposed to him, given that he's an undercover cop, and while Gruber respects their commitment, he does note their schism towards one another and has to assign them in specific roles to keep them motivated and stable. Still, he enjoys spending company with Mr. Blonde as his penchant for pain and torture allows Gruber to give him a more violence-friendly role to keep him satisfied, and he is eager to accept such a role.
    • While unscrupulous most of the time and even bloodthirsty if his patience ever runs out, Gruber is a man who dedicates himself to being in control of his situation, especially to ensure his success and correct any possible errors and setbacks if he can identify them. As a result, he's rather careful about who he tries to recruit as part of his thieving schemes and was quick to take a dislike towards Dimitri Rascalov upon learning of his extreme disloyalty and a chronic habit of trying to backstab anybody just to meet his own ends. Not that Gruber has standards, but he saw Dimitri as a dangerous idiot as well as rather pathetic when it comes to actually prove himself. While Niko Bellic also dislikes Gruber for representing the worst of criminality, Gruber himself admits to respecting Bellic more than Dimitri because at least the former was an ex-soldier and someone who could back up his threats if he wants to. Still, Gruber felt that Niko would have made for an excellent muscle in his plans and believes that he's wasting his talents, though, given his nature as an ex-soldier, he does take precautions in the event he has to deal with him, which is possible.
  • Gruber likes to present himself as suave, intelligent, and cultured. As a result, he sometimes likes to talk about how he's a fan of classic literature, shows, and films, and cites historical poems. While he is indeed intelligent, he does falter at times and he can come off as pretentious, such as quoting wrong and/or incorrect lines and misinterpreting certain scenes and moments. Many would like to compare him to Patrick Bateman and Jack in that regard, but Gruber actually doesn't appreciate the comparison. They're all utterly evil bastards, that's for sure, but when they met, Gruber almost immediately came to dislike Patrick and Jack. He saw the two as incredibly annoying and preachy in their views of art and culture, with Patrick really pissing Gruber off when he continuously boasted about his musical preferences and how he killed and raped several people, especially when even Gruber figured just how shallow Patrick's taste in media was and couldn't take them seriously. While Gruber has no compunctions about being a vicious killer with no remorse, Patrick and Jack just come off as disoriented and unprofessional in his viewpoint as well as being too unhinged for him to really consider bringing along for a heist, a sentiment that annoyed them in return. To Gruber, there must be a plan, and nothing should personally stop it, while to Patrick and Jack, bloodshed and wanton killing are the means and ends, which contradicts Gruber's approach to his crimes.
  • Gruber is more than well aware that many in the House of Law and Justice are determined to bring him to justice and answer for his crimes. All he has in response is to muse about just how typical and predictable it would be for them to blurt out the usual statement of "Hans Gruber is a dangerous threat that must be stopped at all costs" and laugh about it. He's aware that McClane has made some new friends there, but the basic principle still remains that Gruber is just impersonal about them and sees his actions as a line of work and would be professional about it, even if he partakes in some needlessly cruel and violent acts if he feels like it. Given his partnership with McCauley, Gruber does face opposition from Vincent Hanna, something that he predicted pretty quickly. He's also had to deal with the likes of Sterling Archer and Eddie Valiant, who have ended up getting involved in stopping some of Gruber's thievery. He finds his growing list of enemies annoying, considering he does plan for retirement and he doesn't want enemies by that point too, but he does cite them as rather "colorful", which he saw as fitting due to the widely fantastical nature of the Pantheon.
  • That said, not all thieves were on board with the idea of working alongside Gruber. While he expressed interest in a duo from Los Santos for their grand heist plans, he also felt wary of Trevor Phillips due to his blatant insanity and general disregard for safety. Even if Franklin Clinton and Michael DeSanta seemed promising, the two of them were not on board with working alongside Gruber either, especially as Franklin figured that his former ties to a strongly right-wing German Party would likely mean he has a racist streak and Michael wants to rein in his violent impulses as much as he could, feeling that working with someone who is willing to murder without remorse would not prove an appropriate ally for him. Trevor simply thinks Gruber is a pretentious idiot and he likes to boast about himself as a way to hide the fact that he's not really loyal to anybody, though he does credit that Gruber is a good planner and would have thought about the idea of working alongside him, had it not been for Franklin and Michael's opposition. After all, Trevor values his loyalty and friendship with others above anything else. Needless to say, Gruber was rather disappointed in being turned down.
    • Among other thieves that came to dislike Gruber were the Rogues, who were a band of criminals made of high-tech equipment and beings known as metahumans who possessed superpowers. Hans initially expressed the desire for a collaboration until he saw that many of the members were rather dysfunctional and would rather mind their own business and stick to the Rogues than ally with another supposedly big-name thief. It also didn't help that some members, especially Captain Cold, had a code of honor and strict moral rules that they adhered to, something that Gruber found hard to understand as, in his perspective, being a thief means the only rules and ethics allowed were your own. On the other hand, Cold sees Gruber as second-rate; he's personally seen much better heists committed by others and himself, and compares Gruber's demeanor to that of a pretentious jock, citing that he's not as exceptional a thief as he expected. Golden Glider also followed suit and while not as morally strict as her brother, she finds Gruber annoying and simply not her type to work with, and Weather Wizard has some reservations about who to work for when it comes to providing for himself, not to mention he finds Gruber's supposedly refined thoughts and preferences to be questionable and he doesn't want to be associated with someone who openly dislikes his brother, which would likely bring back bad memories for himself.
  • Despite his reputation as a villain being quite popular and being a model thief for those who don't value morality, more attention is still given to McClane's antics, something that Gruber found somewhat annoying. Still, he found it rather amusing that there's a guy named "Bro Hard" to the point where he laughed at the very idea of someone having "Bro" as a first name. Still, given that he's based on McClane, Gruber has no pretensions about killing him personally, and doing so would be a neat stress relief for him. Initially, he didn't care much about Summer Smith until he learned about one of her exploits that involved her having to take on terrorists who were actually inspired by McClane and Gruber's conflict against one another, which he found rather interesting and came to be fascinated by Summer's role of being a stowaway universe-hopper with her grandfather and younger brother. Gruber has mused about a universe where he came out on top and the Nakatomi Plaza heist went off successfully, with either McClane dead or not having been in the building. Regardless, Summer isn't a fan of Gruber for very obvious reasons, though he doesn't particularly mind said opposition, claiming that it's to be expected for someone who replicated McClane's role.
"I am going to count to three. There will not be a four."

    Jack Cates & Reggie Hammond 
Jack Cates & Reggie Hammond, Gods of Racing Against Time
Jack and Reggie
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their respective cars
  • Theme Music: The Boys are Back in Town
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Buddy Cops
  • Domains: Cops, Time
  • Allies: Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Noah Cullen & John Jackson, Nick Sax & Happy, Maya Fey (moreso for Jack), Cody Travers, Vi
  • Enemies: C.R.A.S.H., Manny Pardo
  • Jack Cates is a gruff San Francisco cop and Reggie Hammond is a convict near the end of serving his sentence. Together, they have 48 hours to stop a crime gang who Reggie was once familiar with from getting a hold of some money. The duo would work together again, with Reggie having completed his sentence and Jack being framed for murder. There, they would get into conflict against a biker gang led by the brother of one of the criminals they previously fought against and a conspiracy involving Jack’s buddies on the force that’s tied to his predicament.
  • One day during work, Jack ended up getting word of a criminal group that had arrived in San Francisco looking to take money via taking a park hostage. It turned out that his friend Reggie ended up being one of the hostages there, prompting Jack to rush to the scene to try and prevent things from getting worse. Jack initially thought that this crime gang was involved with Reggie somehow, but Reggie told Jack that this was the first time this particular gang showed up and he had no idea of who they were prior to them appearing. After Jack told an innocent to call for help, he and Reggie shot one of the gang members and went in pursuit of the remaining criminals, with Jack having picked up a tag of the member he shot for further investigation. The tag, based on what the duo could tell, didn’t resemble anything he and Reggie had seen and the chase ended at the Golden Gate Bridge. The last three members of that group had what appeared to be several different maps in their now stopped car and that they were looking to complete a complex transfer that would result in the money ending up in what would be a crime gang in New York. After the criminals were stopped, Jack and Reggie took a look at the maps and discovered that it was connected to something known as the Pantheon, which included different versions of San Francisco. While they aren’t sure which New York crime organization that gang was affiliated with, Jack and Reggie certainly had their work and partnership cut out for them after going through those maps of that elaborate world.
  • A meeting with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde would give Jack and Reggie a taste of just how different and unorthodox the Pantheon would be in contrast to what they were used to. Putting aside the fact that Judy and Nick are talking animals, they are not that different from Jack and Reggie in regards to being a cop-and-convict duo who became friends with each other after a rough start solving a crime together. There’s still quite a bit different between each duo in that Jack has a rougher personality than Judy and Reggie seems to be more interested in being an independent individual compared to Nick becoming an officer alongside Judy. Regardless, both duos remain friendly with each other, with Judy and Nick helping Jack and Reggie get accustomed to the weirder aspects of the Pantheon in addition to having casual conversations with the two in their free time.
  • The Pantheon would give Jack and Reggie quite a bit of crime-fighting duos that have much stranger dynamics than just a cop and a convict. One such team was Nick Sax and Happy, a ex-cop turned hitman and a cartoon unicorn respectively who have solved crimes that were much more dark than simply trying to steal money or targeted murder. After getting used to the fact that such a grizzled individual would have a unicorn for a partner, much of the discussion between Jack and Nick was how the latter used to be an effective cop before a rather nasty crime he solved resulted in his life spiraling downhill until Happy, despite the obvious differences in personality between each other, made an effort to try and improve Nick, with mixed results. As Jack and Reggie are more than aware of, the fact that a gruff ex-cop and his perky animal sidekick from New York gave this San Francisco duo more awareness of worse crimes occurring in the Pantheon was unexpected, but they maintain a good relationship with that oddball duo regardless.
  • As far as more typical cop and convict duos are concerned, there was Caitlyn and Vi, complete with a contrast of their own alongside Jack’s no-nonsense attitude and Reggie’s smooth-talking character (though both boys can get aggressive if need be). Caitlyn is as straight-laced as a law enforcer can be while Vi is more than eager to fight. That and not only do Caitlyn and Vi seem to have a notably better relationship with each other than the borderline Vitriolic Best Buds that are Jack and Reggie, but they have more advanced tools at their disposal compared to Jack and Reggie. That said, both Caitlyn and Vi were quick to pick up on the similar cop and convict dynamic Jack and Reggie have with each other and both parties have no problems with the other.
  • Jack wasn’t the only person dedicated to dishing out justice that got framed for murder. Maya Fey of the Wright Anything Agency has had her share of being wrongfully accused, with these instances often cleared up by Phoenix Wright and his team. Reggie had his share of verbal slinging towards Jack during that cop’s time of being framed for a crime and he found something darkly amusing about a law practitioner in court being charged for murder. Regardless, Jack has been sympathetic to her and if Jack and/or Reggie get wrongfully accused of something, she (and the rest of the Agency by extension) is willing to help them out of trouble. In addition, given how Maya has been a kidnapping victim from time to time and her kidnapper(s) often wanting something for themselves, some of Jack and Reggie’s adventures involved rescuing her.
  • Cody Travers became someone of interest for both Jack and Reggie, moreso the latter. Cody originally played a role in fighting crime on the streets, but as time passed, he developed a bit of a violent streak that resulted in him becoming a convict and arrested in addition to being framed for some crimes. Since then, Cody vowed to turn his life around for the better and even became mayor of Metro City, succeeding Mike Haggar in that role. Of course, Cody is still willing to fight if it means protecting the streets of that city he resides over. While Reggie did have a bit of resentment at first given how Cody was an ex-convict who had a much better life while Reggie still gets pulled into violence despite simply wanting to live a life of his own, he and Jack are willing to lend a hand to Cody whenever the latter is taking down crime, whether it be instigated by regular criminals or corrupt cops.
  • While Jack isn’t the nicest cop on the block despite his desire to keep the streets safe, a couple of officers he was working with turned out to be corrupt drug dealers connected to a biker gang as he and Reggie would find out. The Pantheon being home to plenty of corrupt cops didn’t sit well with the duo, with the duo of Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski earning a lot of scorn from the two. In fact, Frank and Eddie could be seen as near-total opposites of Jack and Reggie as far as duos are concerned. While Jack and Reggie are prone to throwing verbal jabs at each other, they have ultimately relied on each other to take down criminals and saw each other as a friend of sorts. Frank on the other hand is very much an officer performing ruthless criminal activities to satisfy his own desires and constantly belittles his yes-man/tool Eddie (the latter also happening to be a racist). Like many in the Pantheon, Jack and Reggie want C.R.A.S.H. to be out of the picture as that duo is likely far worse than the criminals they’ve gone after, though it won’t be easy. They have a similar level of contempt towards Manny Pardo, who was responsible for a series of killings and framing someone else for them to achieve glory. Reggie having a criminal record prior to meeting Jack was enough to anger Manny and in turn, Jack sees Manny as someone not worthy of being an officer and is more than willing to go after him if Manny were to do something that would raise the suspicion of other less-corrupt officers.
  • In some ways, Jack and Reggie’s situation was a bit similar to what Noah Cullen and John Jackson went through, with the main difference being that the latter duo were convicts trying to escape prison and the former duo working within the law (give or take since Reggie was a convict) to accomplish a task. Both members of said duos couldn’t stand their respective partner at first, but grew to trust each other over the course of their adventures. While both Noah and John aren’t fond of law enforcement given their predicament, they did see a bit of each other in Jack and Reggie and didn’t have much of an issue befriending that duo, partially since Reggie is an ex-convict and Jack was at risk of ending up in prison at one point, and that included the verbal jabs both duos exchanged with each other during their adventures.