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Intermediate Gods

    The Fifth Church 
The Fifth Church, Divine Amalgamated Religion
  • Intermediate Deity-level as an organization, with some Overdeity-level feats
  • Symbol: See the image above
  • Theme Song: You and Me
  • Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Church of Happyology, Interfaith Smoothie, Believing Stars Have Power, Comical, Yet Dangerous, New Age, Assimilation Plot, Seeks The End Of Personality As A Good Thing, Apocalypse Cult, Reality Warper
  • Domains: Faith, New Age Philosophy, Religious Integration, Changing Reality, Assimilation, Ascension, Memes
  • Interests: The Chaos Gods, particularly Tzeentch
  • Interested in: Those with Star Power (especially Aurelion Sol), the House of Popularity
  • Allies: Keel Lorenz
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Old Gods
  • Rivals: The Illuminati, Yamato Hotsuin, Kiara Sesshouin, Cyrus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, any faith for that matter
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, YHVH and especially Lucifer, Rosalina, Maxwell, The Emperor of Mankind, the other Neon Genesis Evangelion deities, Victor Zsasz/The Question
  • Opposed by: Ostara, the House of Knowledge
  • The Fifth Church is a rather peculiar faith. A secretive religious society around astral symbolism, they come off as a hybrid of New Age belief and other faiths or philosophies such as Christianity, communism and whatever they can integrate in. They're a peculiar and influential church, but the Fifthists are not to be underestimated given their use of anomalous items and ideas.
  • They have a lot of celebrity members, their own cruise ship and even some SCP Foundation members. It reminds a lot of people of a sci-fi, lawsuit-happy organization. For this reason, they have their eyes on the House of Popularity and the various celebrities in the pantheon. The Foundation has increased their surveillance of "Fifthists" for this.
  • The Illuminati regards the Fifth Church as a rival towards their enigmatic goals and interests. This has not made the Illuminati (or the Fifth Church for that matter) any easier to understand. The Fifth Church regards Kiara Sesshouin as a rival as well. Asides from conflicting long-term goals, they recognize how she incorporates and alters Buddhism in an angle very different from the original faith. It reminds them of how they incorporate other beliefs.
  • It's simpler to say that pretty much all and any faith is a potential rival for the Fifth Church. Ostara does not like their habit of co-opting different belief systems for their own, considering she was a victim of Christianity doing that to her. The Flying Spaghetti Monster finds them amusing if competitive, and its a mutual feeling by Fifthists.
  • Northern Fifthists think stars have power, though whether they are a source of power or not is unclear. For this reason, they spend a lot of time in the Planetary & Celestial sub-house. They are most fascinated by Rosalina and Aurelion Sol. While Aurelion doesn't care about what they're doing, Rosalina doesn't like their larger ambitions.
  • The ultimate goal of the Fifth Church is to ascend to the "Fifth World" and live as gods. This involves an Assimilation Plot that'd involve the Death of Personality for everyone involved. they see this as a good thing. Keel Lorenz is the only god so far that would wholeheartedly agree with it, which has gotten them the opposition of the other Evangelion gods.
  • Cyrus was more uncertain about where he sides with the Fifth Church. While he seems to respect their goals and conviction, it conflicts with his own opinions on what is best. This was something Yamato Hotsuin similarly felt, leading to both of the visionaries being rivals to the Fifth Church.
  • Neither Lucifer or YHVH like the Fifth Church. While many Fifthists belief systems preach on The Evils of Free Will, their hopes of ascension into a higher, divine form goes against YHVH's plans of making humanity His worshippers forever. The Old Ones were the Shin Megami Tensei deities who's goals for mankind were the closest to the Fifth Church. Even then, it's tenuous as Fifthists vary on where they stand with them.
  • Upon learning about them, the Emperor of Mankind rambled on them being yet another example of his belief of religion being bad. He got even grumpier when they started to co-opt the Imperium's beliefs for their own purposes, as they have throughout history. He believes that they are the most vulnerable to the taint of Chaos. To be fair, the Ruinous Powers were interested in them and their desires to shape reality made them attractive converts. Tzeentch is most interested in them as his countless gambits is even more enigmatic that the Fifthists.
  • While they seem goofy and harmless, they are far more than that. Most of their religion involves altering reality for one's own benefit rather than adjusting to reality. It's this reason why they targeted Maxwell and their book, given they almost destroyed reality with a self-help book. SCP-2456 allows them to Ret Gone those who learn too much of them, putting them at odds with the House of Knowledge. The Question, conspiracy theorists he is, was confident that they were up to no good.

    Flying Spaghetti Monster 
The Flying Spaghetti Monster, God of Religious Parodies (FSM)

Mithra, Goddess of Faith Power (Former priestess of the Seven Deities)
  • Intermediate God (Actually a potential Overdeity, as she allowed Asura to attain his second strongest form, Mantra Asura)
  • Symbol: Her mantra halo
  • Theme song: Surge of Mantra
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, temporarily Lawful Evil.
  • Portfolio: Kidnapped Daughter, Kindness, being used as a power source despite being a child, Temporarily possessed by Chakravartin, The last one standing
  • Father: Asura
  • Allies: Madoka, Amaterasu, Twilight Sparkle, Rubick, Bloody Marie, most of the good deities.
  • Enemies: Deus, Chakravartin
  • Odd Friendship: With Alucard (Lords of Shadow)
  • Confused for: Rex, Pyra, and Mythra.
  • Ascended to the pantheon by her father's request. All the leaders of the pantheon agreed, so long as if they did, they wouldn't piss Asura off and he and his daughter could finally have some peace and quiet they deserved.
  • Somehow, a golden spider ended up possessing her, claiming to be the True God, the spinner of life, and the source of all mantra. Asura was pissed, but had to wait until the time came to get her back from being possessed.
  • While technically an Intermediate Goddess, it was her power that allowed Asura to achieve his greatest potential before ascending, so she has potential to be much more important in the grand scheme of things.
  • Her power over faith and using that as a power source is caught the eye of Amaterasu, and it attracts Ammy to her. Both are very friendly towards one another.
  • Due to Asura being her father, and Asura being a very protective parent, harming her is deemed off limits, not to mention utterly moronic, by every god in the pantheon, good or evil. After seeing what happened to Deus and Chakravartin, making her cry is also forbidden, considering this pisses off Asura more than anything else. As a matter of fact, the Chick Magnet Quartet tries its best to stay the hell away from Mithra, since Asura refuses to trust them the slightest bit out of thought they might "corrupt" her. One of the members, Hayate Ayasaki, has learned the hard way when he stumbled onto her while mistaking her for his Ojou-sama. Ironically, this has gotten Asura on the receiving end of someone else's wrath: Hayate's aforementioned Ojou-sama, Nagi Sanzen'in.
    • On that note, Mithra holds the distinction of being the only one that Asura will never get angry at. She doesn't abuse this fact too much, but there have been reports of her convincing him to eat her vegetables. Again. Some of the braver gods have remarked on how cute that is... when Asura isn't around to hear them of course.
  • Would like to ask Asura exactly why she got named after a Persian God.
  • When she first arrived she thought she heard her mother's voice, and run to the source, but when she got there she instead found... Twilight Sparkle. An awkward conversation later, and a few tears from both sides, Twilight promised to visit Mithra when ever her Father was away. Asura is very thankful for this, although he tries not to be in the same room as her, to avoid any uncomfortable situations.
  • Bloody Marie originally became allies with her out of a request from her father to keep her away from the Skull Heart. Despite this, the Skullgirl actually found herself enjoying her time with Mithra, who apparently reminds her of herself before she became a Skullgirl...
  • Has formed a bond with the son of Gabriel Belmont, one of the allies of her own father as they both reminisce on the all of the crap both their fathers went through for their sake. Alucard has since taken upon himself to teach Mithra the art of swordsmanship so that she can better defend herself, after some convincing to Asura of course.
    • There have been rumors that she actually has a crush on Alucard, never mind the fact that he's a widower. The greatest minds in the pantheon, both good and evil, have taken every measure possible to make sure that neither Asura nor Gabriel never, ever, EVER find out about it.
  • Unbeknownst to Asura during his time helping the reformers against YHVH, the Divine Powers appeared before Mithra and snatched her away. The Bodhisattva Maitreya's has his own plan to use Mithra to tap into his full power as a Buddha, while Mithra prays for her father to rescue her and her fellow captive Flynn.
  • With her father's permission, Atreus is allowed to be around her after the boy found his father and Asura to be alike. Asura, knowing that Atreus isn't the type to "seduce" Mithra, allowed him to be around her, on the condition he does not make her cry, knowing that he once lashed out at Sindri in anger. Atreus, flinching at the memory, nodded. In a rare moment of snarkiness Mithra told her father that he really didn't have any room to talk about snapping at people, Asura conceded and the two have been friends ever since.

Ostara, Victim Of Shoehorned Christianity (Easter, Ēostre, Ēastre, Austrō, Ostara of the Dawn)
Drawing by Johannes Gehrts
Ostara in American Gods 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A rabbit and an egg
  • Alignment: True Neutral for her American Gods version
  • Portfolio: Fertile Feet, Cue the Sun, Hijacked by Jesus, Love Goddess
  • Domains: Spring, Dawn, Celebration, Fertility, Plant, Life and Death
  • Followers: Many, many, many deities from different pantheons.
  • High Priest: Many versions of Santa Claus
  • Allies: The Norse Pantheon, but especially Odin, Hades, Tinker Bell, all rabbit deities in the Pantheon especially the Killer Rabbit, the House of Life and Death, the House of Plants, Nicholas Saint North, Elphaba Thropp, Aleph, chaos
  • Enemies: The House of Technology, Maleficent, YHVH, the other Hades, the Wicked Witch of the West
  • Opposes: Any Christian-related deities in the Pantheon, especially the All-Mighty, Chernabog, Ares, The Divine Power
  • Opposed by: King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Arturia Pendragon
  • Complicated Relationship with: The House of Health And Diseases, the House of Ruin And Destruction
  • The goddess whose celebration was co-opted to be a Christian holiday, Ostara was selected to represent victims of shoehorned Christianity because her symbols and celebration practices (namely, the Easter bunnies and the Easter eggs) are still VERY popular and is frequently used to represent the holiday.
    • She narrowly beats out Santa Claus for the position when Ostara herself points out that there is a version of her that represent the temple in all of its implication as well as points out that the current popular version of Santa Claus is based on a Christian saint.
  • Because of her position, she is NOT on the best term of any and all Christian-related deities. They agree to just avoid each other as much as possible.
    • With that said, she absolutely despises YHVH for actively shoehorn Christianity into other religion and his obsession for control.
    • On the other hand, while she sympathizes with the Divine Power for their situation and hatred against YHVH, she doesn't like their extreme method and their disdain for human.
  • Is incredibly happy that she met her fellow Norse gods in the Pantheon, especially Odin since he is much nicer here than his American Gods counterpart.
    • On the other hand, she avoids contact with Chernabog, citing that this portrayal is too different from the god she knew, as well as the fact that she thinks his "celebration" is a little bit over-the-top for her taste.
  • Has a VERY complicated relationship with both the House of Health and Diseases and the House of Ruin and Destruction. On one hand, Ostara is a fertility goddess and symbolizes spring and the harvest. On the other hand, her American Gods counterpart's action of taking away spring through killing off plant life in America made her controversial in the former and admired in the latter.
    • However, this duality and her Neutral alignment has made her a frequent visitor the House of Plants and the House of Life and Death.
  • Despite beating out Santa Claus for the position, she is good friends with the Guardian version of Santa since the latter is amused when visiting other versions of Santa Claus at her temple.
  • As the goddess whose sacred animals and symbol of celebration is a rabbit, she is a protector of any and all rabbit deities in the Pantheon. One of them, the Killer Rabbit, is now employed as her temple bodyguard, which has not endear her with King Arthur and his knights as well as Artoria.
  • Is on good terms with the Disney/Smite version of Hades since both of them are victims of the same treatment. The fact that he is vilified despite being one of the nicest one in Greek mythology only made Ostara angrier.
    • On the other hand, she hates the other Hades when the latter mocks her for choosing such a cutesy animal such as rabbit as a symbol. Ostara promptly shuts him up when she kills off plant life surrounding him and sic the Killer Rabbit out.
    • While she sympathizes with Ares for having been a victim of the same treatment, his original function of representing chaotic war leaves a bad taste in Ostara and she promptly cuts off all connection with him when learning this.te
  • Is VERY suspicious of the House of Technology due to the fact that her American Gods versions's experience with the New Gods representing globalization, media and technology.
  • Is a good friend with Tinker Bell since she is the symbol of spring and sexuality as well as the fact that she shares the same voice with one of her best friend Rosetta.
  • Elphaba almost falls to her knee when heard that her friend Glinda has ascended to the Pantheon due to her similar appearance to Ostara. While disappointed that isn't the case when meeting Ostara, the two becomes friends over their experience of being misunderstood.
    • The Wicked Witch of the West when heard that her nemesis Glinda ascended went crazy and immediately attacks Ostara's temple. The two of them engage in a battle that lasts for days until the other gods interfere. The two have been on bad terms ever since. The same thing happens with Maleficent because Ostara looks like a version of her.
  • Despite not liking Christianity, she is actually a friend with Jesus because she thinks the guy(s) is just too nice to hate on. This is the reason she finds kinship with other Messianic figures like chaos and Aleph.

    Setsuna F. Seiei 
Setsuna F. Seiei, Divine Patron of Dramatic Atheism (Soran Ibrahim, The first true Innovator, Jihad-Kun, ELS Setsuna)
  • Intermediate Divine Being
  • Symbol: The Celestial Being emblem, The Twin Drives, and recently, the ELS.
  • Theme Music: Daybreak's Bell
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Ace Pilot that hates war, Byronic Hero, Character Development, There is no god, I Like Swords, MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!, Liking his Gundam, Screaming Warrior
  • Domains: Combat, Mecha, Atheism, Definitely NOT War.
  • Allies: All Ascended Heroic Gundam Deities (especially Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy), Banagher Links, Kira Yamato, and Heero Yuy), Yuji Sakai, Dizzy, Martin Walker, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Tusk, Kiritsugu Emiya, Valvatorez, Riku, Death the Kid, Killia
  • Enemies: Ali Al-Saachez, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Rau Le Creuset, SHOCKER, The Millennium, HYDRA, Light Yagami, Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars, any other warmongering god.
  • Worthy Opponent: Graham Aker
  • Opposes: Nena Trinity
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sniper Wolf
  • Previously Heero's high priest in the House of Emotion, until he ascended, literally with help from the ELS, and figuratively into this part of the Pantheon.
    • Upon his ascension, Heero greeted him with "you have surpassed Gundam". Setsuna thanked him by saying that was the greatest compliment he ever received.
    • Later on, he also learned that his previous title being the "God of Anti-War Interventions" doesn't exists as a trope at all. Because of this, the Court of the Gods decided that Setsuna was awarded as the holder for Hollywood Atheist due to his past experience of his consequences of being used as a Child Soldier until he gained his faith towards the concept of Gundams which he believed that this could bring an end to any form of warfare. In fact, he insists that his name is NOT Soran Ibrahim and he never consider himself a god.
  • His first order of business in becoming a divine being of war is to try to get out of it. Try as he might, he only succeeds in drawing more attention to himself. He often gets into fights with the members of the gods of war by trying to make them stop making war.
    • This reason has made him allies with Eiji Hino, Kiritsugu Emiya, Valvatorez, Dizzy, and Yuji Sakai, since they also happen to use their abilities to stop every wars which they also disgusted with this type of conflict. As well as making enemies with any warmongers and terrorists groups like Kogane, the Millennium, HYDRA, and SHOCKER, due to their act of instigating wars throughout the pantheon.
  • He was happy that the first Lockon Stratos was present in the pantheon proper as the two started to recruit their comrades from the mortal world to prepare themselves in another intervention to prevent a great war that is yet to come.
    • Much to his surprise, some of the deities from his own reality made their way into the pantheon. While he was glad that his Worthy Opponent Graham made his ascension properly, he still doesn't like Nena's return in the pantheon after what she had done to him during her sibling's campaign.
  • Sharing the same disgust towards war with Martin Walker. Setsuna considers him a kindred spirit and they often team up to stop his Arch-Nemesis Ali Al-Saachez. Though he appreciates Walker's presence, he'll never admit about treating Walker as a new father figure (at least, not in public).
  • Has been attempting to assassinate Rau Le Creuset, whom he has identified as one of the most prolific sources of conflict in the entire pantheon. Rau however, has been expertly dodging him, and continually sends Ali to keep Setsuna busy. Setsuna refuses to give up though, as peace will never come so long as men like Rau are still alive. To this end, he as asked for assistance from Kira Yamato, who knows Rau best, and Banagher Links, whose abilities can effectively counter the Providence Gundam's DRAGOON system.
  • Setsuna had found a kinship with Amuro Ray since both he and the legendary Earth Federation pilot were sounded alike when they speak in English. In some cases, he also thought him of being a benevolent version of his nemesis Ribbons because of his familiar voice whenever he speaks in Japanese.
  • He also found a kinship with the likes of Tusk, Killia, Riku, and Death the Kid, after he found out that they sounded alike whenever they speak in Japanese. However, he has a bad opinion towards Light Yagami after hearing all of his crimes he committed from his homeworld, and he also seemed to annoy even more whenever Light speaks in a same tone as Setsuna.
  • Ryoma Sengoku has somehow became intrigued with Setsuna's status as an ELS/Innovator Hybrid, as the mad scientist starts to analyzed Setsuna as an alternate means for him to transcend humanity. It doesn't take long that Setsuna started to hate Ryoma just like any other deities before.
  • He seems to have a conflicting relations with fellow Kurdish soldier named Sniper Wolf, considering the fact that he was saddened that she also had been through hell during childhood while he also noticed her actions regarding to her dislikes on killing women and children. So far, Sniper Wolf has nothing to say about Setsuna at the moment.
  • Despite ascending, he still has a habit of referring to things similar to either him or his Gundam as "a Gundam". The latest one? Homura from the Crimson Squad, because of her seven swords and red-colored power up. She found the compliment "Is that young woman also a Gundam?" a bit odd, though.


Lesser Gods

    The Dark Brotherhood 
The Dark Brotherhood, Profane Guild of Candlelit Rituals
Tapestry of the Black Hand
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Most of the time it’s a black hand print. The Night Mother herself is also applicable as well as an effigy for the Black Sacrament, entrances to the Dark Brotherhood's sanctuaries, or depictions of Sithis.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil as whole. Shades of evil vary individually.
  • Portfolio: Led by the Night Mother, Will welcome any murderer into their Brotherhood of Evil, Evil Is One Big, Happy Family, The Nothing After Death, In the Hood, Assassin business full of Psychos For Hire, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Religion of Evil, Utilizing Purifications to root out betrayers and other conspirators
  • Domains: Assassination, Guilds, Brotherhoods, Cults, The Void, Secrecy
  • Allies/Frequent Employers: Diavolo, Polpo, Brutus, The Corpus, Gaea, Aku
  • Rivals: Most of the House of Killers & Assassins in particular the Black Organization, United Assassins Association rankings
  • Enemies: Bucciararti's gang, Jean-Pierre Polnareff, Risotto Nero, The Assassins Brotherhood, Shay Patrick Cormac, Gunvolt, Hassan-I-Sabbah, Night Raid, Akame, The House of Justice and Defense, Light Yagami
  • Avoided by: Haru Ichinose
  • Feared by: The House of Ghosts
  • Special Connections: Sheogorath, The Dragonborn
  • Interested in: "Hunter" Series
  • As the sun emerged from the horizon on a chilly morning, a god's murder was discovered. In their temple the victim's was throat slit and agape not unlike a second mouth. In that very same House an hour later a woman's body was found floating in shallow waters, bound and tied in a sack riddled with knife wounds. Another, a man in a hurry, riddled in arrows on a door. As the series of murders continued they were soon traced to an abandoned storehouse far off the House over and when the authorities arrived they found nothing... save for the bizarre sight of a effigy resembling a human body surrounded by a circle of candles. Also in the circle were nightshade, human flesh, and a knife leading to the assumption that it was a ritual for some unholy monster or some hellish vengeful spirit. When word soon broke of their findings it eventually reached the ears of the Dragonborn who out of curiosity requested the records for taken tropes and after some pulled strings they found confirmation: Taking the trope of Candlelit Rituals is the Dark Brotherhood.
  • The Dark Brotherhood are a shadowy order of assassins dating back as far as the Second Era and are a supposed splinter group of the honorable and legal Morag Tong concentrated in Morrowind. Though acting like a cult similar to their bitter rival faction, the Dark Brotherhood operate under a more business-like and pragmatic approach perhaps owed to their activity in multiple regions across Tamriel. The Dark Brotherhood persists because people want other people dead for reason or another and are willing to perform the Black Sacrament where it's their job to send souls to the Dread Father, Sithis. So long as someone of potential is willing to commit murder the Brotherhood will welcome anyone into their fold ill regards to race or gender. Even werewolves and vampires are accepted members. And to that extent they are also willing to take on hits done on anyone through all walks of life. They could be women, they could be children, they could be impoverished Skooma junkies, or they could be of nobility. Little is beyond their reach, and they'll see their contracts to the end.
  • It is no secret that the Dark Brotherhood revere Sithis, but the official head of the group is the Night Mother, the recipient of all contracts from the Black Sacrament. Her origins are, much like the Dark Brotherhood themselves, shrouded. To give an example there are even claims that she is just an aspect of the Daedric Prince Mephala. Whatever the case, bellow her is the Listener who is the only person the Night Mother speaks to. The Listener is a member of the Black Hand with the four other members being the Speakers and their mistress' orders are relayed to them where they select Dark Brother or Sister down the rank best suited for the task. They could be your run of the mill cloak and dagger, they could be a lycanthrope, or perhaps they could even be a hulking brute with a warhammer.
  • A Professional if quirky group of homicidal cutthroats they may be, vilified by just about everyone across the continent of Tamriel, even they have their rules set in place. Keeping their family together are the Five Tenets and they are as follows:
    Tenet 1: Never dishonor the Night Mother. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    Tenet 2: Never betray the Dark Brotherhood or its secrets. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    Tenet 3: Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a Dark Brotherhood superior. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    Tenet 4: Never steal the possessions of a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    Tenet 5: Never kill a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    • Exceptions are made to the Tenets when Purifications are put in place in very dire circumstances, such as rooting out traitors and other dissidents in a Sanctuary offering every soul as appeasement to Sithis. The Dark Brotherhood has been around for centuries, and to say that they've always been a tight knit group no matter what would be spitting in the face of historical fact. Be it a splinter group led by a vampire supremacist, or a man hellbent on exacting his long overdue vengeance on the brotherhood, the group has known strife. Indeed, the latter crippled much of the Brotherhood's presence in Cyrodiil thanks to the Night Mother's decision to not tell anyone of their identity. Some say the Brotherhood finally perished during Alduin's return, but others say they continued to operate and persist in the years to come.
    • If you're wondering why the capitalization, the Wrath of Sithis is an actual entity: A wraith taking the form of an old man with a blade sent by the entity itself to hunt down its dissidents the next time they sleep or when they pass away. As the Black Dragon found out herself you do not want to have this thing come after you lest you be dragged off to the abyss from whence it came. Under normal conditions they shouldn't have to fear the Wrath of Sithis, but the House of Ghosts remain weary all the same.
      • Others say the Wrath of Sithis is something along the lines of this.
    "4 the glory......... AHV SITHISSSSSSSSS"
  • The reveal of their existence has troubled the Houses of Royalty, Leadership, and Justice out of everyone, save for the more underhanded and pragmatic individuals, but even then they watch their backs. There is no telling who put a contract on them until it's too late. Their House-mates don't like the idea of sharing a metaphorical roof with the "unique" family either, though the supposed placement and temple may just be a front to mask the actual locations of their Sanctuaries. On the flip side of the coin the Brotherhood sees a lot of their use in the House of Crime.
    • One of, if not the first contracts the Dark Brotherhood took in the Pantheon was in the service of Polpo and by proxy his superior Diavolo. The apparent purpose behind the contracts was that there were a group of gods and goddesses that were getting too close to uncovering the Boss of Passione's whereabouts leading his wish to silence them before they got any closer. This probably lead to the above mentioned "introduction" to the Pantheon. The assassins' services under Passione continue, though their mortal enemies were quick to catch on the transgressions.
    • Having heard of their ability to go after Emperors, Brutus contacted them to help deal with an old friend. That friend of course being Julius Caesar, of whom he dealt the fatal blow alongside other conspirators all those years ago. Relishing the opportunity of another notorious hit they accepted and are planning out his demise. Caesar, meanwhile, has upped his security when rumors reached his ears.
    • To ensure that their profits are undisturbed, members of the Corpus' echelons have payed top Credit for the Dark Brotherhood to go after some troublesome opponents. Smaller and/or rival businesses, people spying on their facilities, dogged militants and madmen, and the like. While they're fine with filling their coffers, they do find Nef Anyo's preachings of the void quite annoying and the only reason they haven't turned on him in particular is because they aren't direct insults to Sithis, just mere ramblings.
    • Various members across the House of Beast have prayed to the Night Mother to see through Pokemon Hunter J's death for wrecking havoc on them for so long. Certainly an extreme solution, one that many people point out as such, but the Night Mother wishes to see their pleas answered. One time during a process of planning out their infiltration some of their members had the devious idea of turning the tables on the hunter. As she was fending off the blindingly agile Valstrax they somehow managed to bust out both Teostra and Lunastra where they immediately tried to go after their captor.
    • As vengeance for foiling her plans of enacting the end of the world, Gaea enlisted their help in taking out Percy Jackson and the other Half Bloods. Some gods find the thought of a being like Gaea enlisting the aid of an Anti God's own followers amusing in a way, but the Dark Brotherhood carries on. Word of mouth spread far enough that both they and their allies are alerted of the Dark Brotherhood gunning for them and are expecting them to come, whenever that time may be.
    • Every now and then they get a contract to end the miserable life of Prime Minister Honest, and just as often one may find his corpse strewn about in a number of different ways. Originally it wasn't anything special but with the staggering amount of times they've been sent after him some of their members just up and decided to make it more of a spectacle by either the fourth or fifth time around. For example one time they found his roast corpse crammed inside an oven, his mouth stuffed with an apple... along with various other foods crammed down his throat. There are whispers going around that they plan on doing this with other increasingly common targets, such as with the Coachman. Judging by the sixth contract around ended with him chained up and completely drained of blood after having last been seen in the company of a strange little girl there's a definite truth behind that.
    • They joined the fray of bounty hunters and other hired killers on taking down Samurai Jack by Aku's orders, a feat that has yet to be fulfilled. Persistent as they may be, Jack is no stranger to all manner of attempts on his life and even in battles he does struggle he still manages to pull through. His allies don't make this any easier, at the top of the list being Ashi who herself has a bone to pick with the Dark Brotherhood due to personal experiences.
    • Contracts on Squidward Tentacles are abundant thanks to his fellow gods' disdain towards his god awful clarinet playing. So much so that in a short amount of time it has gotten to the point where a lottery is put in place between Dark siblings to determine who gets the honor of killing him themselves. No word on who won, at least until someone sees a member commit the deed themselves.
  • Originally, the Dark Brotherhood wanted the title of Syndicate Of Secretive Assassinations but they soon found out that they were already beaten by the Black Organization. They, mind you, were also swiftly establishing connections to their fellow ne'er-do-wells by the number. Nevertheless the Dark Brotherhood made their rivalry clear by foiling one of their hits and slaying the assassin in turn. Some say it was apart of a contract, but others say it was but simple spite to show they were definitive competitors in the business and aren't afraid of encroaching on their territory not unlike the Morag Tong. Regardless, the Black Organization seem to be vying for bringing along the Dark Brotherhood's various detractors over the course of history, assuming they haven't already.
    • Aside from them, the Dark Brotherhood has been reported to have gone after those affiliated with the Brave Companions. One could make the distinction that they both share some similarities: Crazed killers working with whoever suits them, though the sellswords certainly outdo the Dark Brotherhood in depravity. That isn't to say the Dark Brotherhood are disgusted enough to gun for them, they were just contracted to do so. Not everyone the assassins go after are textbook definition of saints, and surprise surprise: A whole load of people want them dead. And the Dark Brotherhood are happy to provide.
    • Other assassins tend to be viewed as rivals, if not outright enemies depending on the individual. While the relationship between the likes of Agent 47 are viewed under a lens of a professional rivalry, others like the entirety of Night Raid, Gunvolt, and the Assassins Brotherhood think of them as nothing more than contemptible scum. The Old Man of the Mountain in particular has made his disdain for them clear, what with them choosing to follow an entity like Sithis and all.
  • Though vilified by just about everyone across the continent of Tamriel, the sole exception to this are the Argonians of Black Marsh. The Hist, sentient trees whom they worship and depend on, acknowledge Sithis as the "Original Creator". Thus, Argonians born under the Shadow are taken at birth to be trained as Dark Brotherhood assassins. The order was said to have been wiped out by the fourth era, but the Dark Brotherhood's reemergence in the Pantheon may of rendered this point moot. In any case, there are some suspicions that the Brotherhood seem to have taken an interest in utilizing the Hunter Series of B.O.W.s for their own ends. Apparently they took a liking to the creatures' inherent sadism and killing prowess and found observing them taking on prey to be quite satisfying.
  • If there's anyone in the Pantheon this order of assassins truly despise, Light Yagami would definitely be high up on that list. While some family members were out scouting the Pantheon they came upon the existence of the Death Note and desired it to be theirs for it's potential in carrying out someone's death. At some point they had tipped off Kira and the Knight Templar became a thorn on their side ever since.
  • Having survived assassins in her own classroom out to kill her, Haru Ichinose has tried to avoid their presence whenever she can. Though no one placed a hit on her for the Dark Brotherhood many of its different members would want to entertain the thought of testing her claim to godhood, bodyguard or no.
  • This is probably how shopping goes in the Dark Brotherhood. Probably. Maybe. Possibly. So says some gods and goddesses in the House of Commerce one day anyways.
  • There have been many who have served the Dark Brotherhood over the years, and apparently even some of the heroes across Tamriel's history have worked with them. For example, there are rumors circulating that the Dragonborn was not only apart of them, but a Listener and the one responsible for their survival. Based on the Mad God Sheogorath's ramblings there are hints that he, as the Champion of Cyrodiil, was also a Listener and there for the events that transpired. The implications become more interesting as Sheogorath himself was once described as "Sithis-shaped hole" in the world. Whatever the case may be, it makes people think twice about crossing them if individuals of such revere really were Dark Brothers/Sisters themselves.
  • Believing that they will continue to serve Sithis in the void even after their passing, they find the existence of the Empty and by proxy the Shadow... peculiar. There have been a number of theories going around between supposed connections involving them and Sithis, but these be best left alone.
  • Hail Sithis.

    Elsa la Conti 
Elsa la Conti, Goddess of Unusual Cross Usage (A purifier of evil cursed with immortality)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her combat cross, Crux, held by Koshmar
  • Theme Music: Fault Carol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Using a Cross As a Weapon, Church Militant, Idiot Hair, Peek-a-Bangs, Red Hair, Blessed Powers, Immortality, Self-Retribution, Slightly Ditzy, Spirited Competitor, Former Demon Hunter
  • Domains: Crosses, Nuns, Gardening, Holy, Punishment
  • Allies:
  • Other Arcana Maidens: Clarice di Lanza (Fire-Forged Friends), Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, Zenia Valov, Eko, Heart Aino
  • Enemies: Seymour Guado, Claude Frollo, evil demons
  • Opposes: Alexander Anderson, Eda
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nemesis
  • Just what precisely motivated the immortal nun Elsa la Conti to use a large iron cross as a weapon is a question. She just uses one and it seems to work just fine.
  • The moment she stepped into the Pantheon, the first person to come up to her was Clarice, who wanted to make her promise to never leave her side again. Where she said rather bluntly she wouldn't go that far to promise, she still said she would be on her side.
  • She might be a lost Belmont with her usage of cross, whip, holy water, stakes and holy books (and a magical revolver). Then again, who has heard of a female Belmont?
  • She doesn't have a high looks on Anderson due of her own past; when her home was burned down by demons and she took her role as a demon hunter, she hated all demons for what they did and went so far as to distance herself from others so that only her needs to bear the heavy cross of that task. It was until she fought Clarice that she lightened up. Really, if the Vatican was full of people like Anderson, she is glad that she left the Vatican and joined the Celestial Union. She also doesn't have high opinions on Eda.
    • And it's not like she has fully recovered; where she is mild-mannered and straightforward, if a bit airheaded, she is rather strict when she needs to. However, the person she is most strict forwards is herself, finding herself worthless and taking more duties than she really needs to. It takes other people to pull her from that pit.
    • She also hates how her reputation has made some demons either hate her, or attack her on sight, even though she would only wish to do it if they have done something wrong.
  • She likes to visit House of Nature to find new flowers to plant into her garden. She also visits House of Food to buy red bean pastries.
  • There are rumours that she is training under Leon and/or Makoto how to use her weapon. Maybe she will upgrade herself to a second iron cross someday...
  • Like Clarice, she is forever fifteen-years old. She might be immortal, but she is a young immortal. Keep that in mind for the future.
  • Elsa is allies with Hayate Yagami and Vita due to the both of them also using crosses in their designs and Hayate's Armed Device, Schwertkreuz translating as Sword Cross.
  • When Elsa found she and Clarice have a similar backstory to Valvatorez and Fenrich in that Elsa and Fenrich were sent to kill Clarice and Valvatorez, they couldn't do it and ended up be befriending them. When Elsa told Valvatorez this, Val and Fenrich became friends with Elsa and Clarice. Fenrich was less than enthused though due to more deities getting closer to Valvatorez.
  • Due of her being the bearer of the Arcana of Punishment, Koshmar. she somehow got roped to be with Nemesis. Where she doesn't hate her, she feels like her judgements are bit harsh. She also made it clear that if she ever would attack Clarice... well, a man is able to determine what requires "punishment".

    SCP- 166 
SCP-166, Goddess of Becoming a Nun (Teenage Succubus, Epon)
Artistic interpretation of SCP-166
  • Rank: Euclid. Lesser Goddess by Pantheon Metrics.
  • Symbol: Her long blonde hair
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Anti Anti Christ, Horny Devils, Constantly Naked because of Her Sensitive Skin, Unwilling Naughty Nun, Incredibly attractive to all Males
  • Domains: Food, Nature, Attraction, Beauty, Religion
  • Allies: Dr. Alto Clef (her father), Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, The Nuns and Sisters of St. Katherine's Parish, Rapunzel, Sister Nana, Luka, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou
  • Enemies: YHVH, Kiara Sesshouin, Hexxus, Judge Claude Frollo
  • On Good terms with: The House of Nature, Viridi
  • Admires/Worships: God
  • Pities: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
  • Under Watch of: The SCP Foundation
  • Opposed by: Rolf
  • SCP-166 is a young teenager with the ability to attract any male, regardless of their orientation. This has proven troublesome for her as it usually tends for the charmed males to try and force themselves into her, this being a reason for her containment in the first place. She was raised in a convent by nuns and her time there made her appreciate religion, until one day a man sneaked into the convent and caught sight of her. The following day, the man forcibly broke into the place, killing one nun and injuring other three, which prompted the Foundation to seek 166 and contain her. Her ascension happened when she was accidentally left unchecked and her believing to be allowed to roam free, was caught in the middle of the pantheon and before any incidents occurred, the pantheon and SCP authorities quickly acted and moved her to a personal temple.
  • Considering her religious background and desire to become a nun, SCP-166 was arranged a position in the House of FAITH by the foundation, something she was very happy about. She prefers to not be referred to as a deity, mostly because she doesn't think herself as a God and partially because of her origins.
  • Unlike in the facilities were she is contained, SCP-166 has more free reign provided the place she visits isn't crowded with males to avoid any confrontation or even someone trying to force themselves into her. Given her sensitive skin, she is allowed to go naked for a small period of time, her neighbouring deities being warned about this just in case she wanders off somewhere.
  • She is the offspring of a Nature Goddess and a supposedly Demonic Entity (Who later turned out to be a foundation member, Dr. Clef to be exact). That's why some people think her being called a Succubus is a bit is a bit of stretch even if her charms are similar to the aforementioned demons, with the difference that it's unwilling from SCP-166's part.
    • However, given the note left to her by her father regarding her mother's plans, her powers seem to originate more to appealing to the primal urges within humanity, likely resonating with her mother's plans of restoring Eden (bringing humanity back to an agarian primal existence).
    • That said, while at first, she didn't have a good opinion of Morrigan Aensland, actually meeting her and Lilith made her reconsider her opinion on Succubi and even become friends, Morrigan even going out of her way to charm away those that try to harass SCP-166.
  • In her quest to become a nun, she was welcomed by all the members of St. Katherine's Parish, allowing her to stay whenever she wants to and even taking care of her when doesn't want to stay in her temple. The male deities in FAITH, the good ones at least, have also made some room for her to wander around and avoid any incidents, something that she is very grateful of. Outside of the House of Faith she also befriended Sister Nana, who even though she was in a relationship with a girl, also wanted to become a nun just like SCP-166, which took the latter by surprise given her very innocent outlooks on love but she has no problem with Nana's orientation. She does, however, take problem with her being a bit gullible, often trying to steer her away from bad influences if possible, but she is not exactly one to talk either.
  • Surprised to have actually met demonic deities that were both good people and religious. Asia Argento went to personally meet her after hearing of her being a succubus even though SCP-166 isn't actually a demon. Both got on well instantly, 166 even taking pity of how her church vanished her after helping a demon. Asia later introduced her to Xenovia and Irina, who both were religious as well with Irina even working as an angel, but after learning of her SCP-166's powers, the three decided to keep her away from Issei to avoid any unnecessary incident.
  • Kiara Sesshouin became enamored with SCP-166, who she thinks would enable her plans to come to fruition. The blonde-haired girl both pities and dislikes Kiara for her lustful goal of forcing everyone into a global orgy, mostly out of her chastity vows and because of already being tired of being pestered for her looks and charm. The fact that Kiara insists that both are very similar is something that bothers her a lot.
    • While Kiara praised her beauty, Judge Frollo was quick to criticize her for it and calling her unworthy of being a nun. The fact that he is a huge hypocrite for calling her that and not being able to cope with his own lust is something that made her dislike him a lot. Not to mention his treatment of Esmeralda.
  • While she mostly resembles a normal albeit very beautiful human woman, she does have some traits that separate her from others. One being her sensitive skin and the other being the accelerated growth of her hair, sometimes even being long enough to cover her entire body. Rapunzel took a liking to her after hearing about her condition and wondered if her blonde her had any ties to her own magic hair.
  • As stated before, her mother was a Nature Goddess and the reason SCP-166 got taken from her is because of the Global Occult Coalition killing her after she tried to return the world to Eden (which as explained, was a state of mind, likely implying a more carnal and primal existence with everyone nude, etc). The GOC agents that found her couldn't bear to kill her and so she was sent to a convent where she would grow up safe before the incident with the trespasser that marked her for elimination by the GOC but thankfully a former GOC agent took her to the Foundation. It's rumored that said agent was Dr. Clef, who is also her father.
    • She sees a lot of her mother in Viridi with her affiliations to nature and her disdain of humanity. Given her faith, she tries to not worship other gods but Viridi is surprisingly friendly to her, possibly for her connections to her mother.
  • While she can eat normal food, she actually needs semen to sustain herself. She is not exactly proud of but that's how her physiology works.
  • She later discovered she was not the only Living Aphrodisiac, namely due to an accidental encounter with Luka. Luka is inherently supernaturally very attractive to all non-human females (which includes her, given she is half nature-goddess and half... whatever Clef is) and since he is a male, he was vulnerable to her charms, leading to them nearly mutually trapping one another. Thankfully, some SCP Operatives as well as Luka's wife Alice arrived in time to seperate the two before anything could happen. After they've gathered their bearings, they decided to remain in touch through indirect communication. Alice holds no hard feelings and empathizes with the girl on how she has it. SCP-166 meanwhile, while mortified at the intense rush of desire she felt, did hold the experience enlightening since she now understood a bit more on the effect she had on unprotected men.
    • On another instance, she sympathizes with Diarmuid Ua Duibhne since their respective beauties are a curse to both. Of course, that doesn't mean he is exactly immune to her charms so she tends to avoid direct contact with him.
  • Was incredibly honored to meet the Almighty One, as she has devoted most of her life to worship him. Although she was caught off guard that God is a flawed being but she assured him that she won't ever give up him. That said, she later learned from Asia about the existence of YHVH, an entity she hates for going against everything that God stands for and his tyranny is something that can never be forgiven.
  • She is on good terms with the House of Nature given her heritage. That would also explain her weakness to gases and aerosols, which can cause her something similar to an asthma attack. It was no surprise that this was a reason Hexxus decided to mess with her For the Evulz.
  • While most humanoid males deities are easily charmed by her, there are a few that are able to resist her. The most notable one was Rolf, notorious for even resisting Cupids' arrow, after seeing her started to mop her face in order to combat her charms while being completely unaffected by her. The Foundation had a hard time restraining him but were surprised that he wasn't trying to force himself into her. While she mostly laughed off his attempts at "defeating" her evil charm, Rolf, on the other hand, felt sick just by looking at her.
  • She has become horrified when she heard the speculations that her mother may have been actually been a psychopathic cultist who worshipped the Scarlet King and the implications that she was born for a nerfarious purpose. These terrors worsened when said speculations also revealed thather father was sexually and physically abused by her mother and the truama turned him into how Clef is now.



    The Flagellant 
The Ancestor: "Awash in blood and delusion... He bears the burden of a thousand lifetimes."

The Flagellant, Patron Saint of Lashing (Damian)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Testament; The Stress Symbol etched across his chest. Alternatively, his flails, hood, and hooked collar.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Church Militant, Combat Sadomasochist, Always Becoming Rapturous at Death's Door, Blood Magic, Mechanically Unusual Class, Covered in Scars, Epic Flail & Whip It Good, Walking Shirtless Scene, Combat Medic & Empathic Healer
  • Domains: Martyrdom, Flagellation, Zeal, Blood
  • Followers: Other Flagellants
  • Employed under: The Ancestor
  • Allies: The Highwayman, Simon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, Grant Danasty
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ludwig (to a lesser extent), The Hunter, Sypha Belnades, The less extreme good-aligned FAITH deities
  • Rivals: Carmine Prime
  • Enemies: The Crimson Court, The Hag, The Sleeper, Hecarim, Stitches, The Boomer, The Tank, The Beast, Azmodan, Pazuzu, Nosferatu Zodd, Dracula, Carmilla, Mira Fallegeros, Vanilla Ice, Dio Brando, Cthulhu, Double, the Great Ones, Micolash, Eliza, Jedah Dohma, Skarlet, Himiko Toga
  • Lest one is a gibbering cultist following the horrors that blight the world or a damnably sheltered and ignorant fool then it is no secret that the Ancestor’s Estate is, factually, a hellhole already in a Crapsack World. And with the rise of influence of the Crimson Court and the Hag, people started vociferating at how much of a rubbish job he's doing when it comes to his problems. After the sighting and subsequent investigations of a mysterious crystalline comet crashing into a farmstead, sooner or later the Ancestor had to have an answer to this mess. And soon enough, he did.
    • Curiously, there was a request from the Ancestor to escort a carriage arriving from the Pantheon's gates to the Court of Gods. Assuming whoever’s inside to be the Ancestor’s response to the ascended monstrosities, the enlisted adventurers did as they were asked and sure enough the carriage was attacked by said monsters. They did manage to break through and kill the driver along with destroying the coach, forcing two passengers out. One was a nondescript noble who was lucky to be uninjured while the other a shirtless and scarred hooded man who seemed to have been critically wounded. Despite being told to stay back, the latter only grinned wildly and punched one of their assailants right into the gut and the rest is history.
      The Ancestor: “A singular strike!”
      The Flagellant: "Darkness flees before the blood!"
      • The noble introduced themselves to the Court of Gods as the Heir of the Estate, in other words the one who is tasked with dealing with their Ancestor's problems in the mortal world. The man accompanying them was the Flagellant, one of many Heroes that willingly subject themselves to clearing away whatever abominations that infest the Darkest Estate. They both came here to serve as an Herald to the Ancestor and potential ascension candidate respectively. After the latter made his point with the now bloodied monster trail, and how his solutions to problems tend to involve flagellation, both were accepted with little trouble.
    The Flagellant: "Ascendance!"
  • The Flagellant may be one of the more unusual heroes enlisted to fight off Estate's monsters. Now, while they all have differing sets of skills they are all (save for one) still normal men and women in the end and can quickly break in both body and mind if pushed too far. The Flagellant on the other hand? Getting closer to death only amplifies his existing abilities, and pushing him past Death’s Door is easier said than done. And becoming too stressed out always leads him to becoming Rapturous, which greatly adds to his damage at the cost of his dodge speed.
  • He finds only solace in the lash and because of that he doesn't really bother with other forms of comfort such as drinking or indulging in one's lust. Hell, he will even refuse the comforting warmth of a campfire in favor of the lash by turning his back on it. He does show appreciation to Hestia for providing other adventurers her blessings, however. Some deities from the Houses of Lust want to change his mind on that second to last part, trying to appeal to his sadomasochism. No progress since then.
    The Flagellant: "I belong elsewhere."
  • If the Flagellant has to he is willing to work with less than virtuous individuals should their goals align well enough. He, like the rest of the religious heroes, have no problem working with grave robbers, occultists, and enthusiastic plague doctors. What surprised many is that this even extends far enough to include the Hunter who, temporary transformations aside, can become a Great One and Ludwig who’s quite noticeably a bestial monstrosity. Back then, working with such folks wouldn't even be possible, and even now the tension isn't exactly hidden. Though for the latter, it likely helps that Ludwig was the first Healing Church Hunter and despite his form he still maintains his sanity. That, and his hate for Micolash and the Great Ones is stronger. And at least the Heir is willing to help keep them working together.
  • That said having fought many different monsters he has very little tolerance for the more evil ones in the Pantheon and wouldn't even hesitate for a second in turning all of them to little more than smears on the earth. Though a Demigod, there was once a time where this madman would one-man his way through dungeons up until he was Nerfed. The House of Gaming can vouch for that. Nowadays, he's still strong but is warned not to be reckless. This rings hollow when people remember what he does after telling him, especially since his death may be the greatest sacrifice he can offer to the Light. And since Death Is Cheap...
    • Having travelled to the Estate when the Crimson Court had become resurfacing in the Estate likely as a response to them and their weakness to bleeding he affiliates himself with vampire hunters, most notably Simon and Trevor Belmont thanks to their bloodline's conflicts with Dracula. Their choice of weaponry against the creatures of the night is something he can appreciate. When it comes to Trevor's group, however, while he gets along with Grant well the same cannot be said for Sypha. While some issue surrounding her being a witch is one thing, another reason might be that the Flagellant reminds Sypha of a certain incarnation of her, one she isn't too proud of. He has little to say to that other than she shouldn't meet the Fanatic. He's much worse than he is, and that is saying something.
  • When some tire of calling him the Flagellant, they sometimes refer to him by the name Damian. This comes from the monk Peter Damian, who's responsible for the practice of the lash as a form of worship.
  • There are actually multiple Flagellants in the Pantheon who follow the ascended Flagellant, although people are more likely to meet the deified one without of his followersnote . Multiple Flagellants shouldn't come as a surprise since it's not a practice unique to just one man. Indeed, they all come from an extremist faction of the church whose use of flagellation seemingly allows the use Blood Magic and what appears to be superhuman will. You can imagine how he's not exactly the most popular person amongst his peers much less the religious ones, often viewing his practices with uncomfortably mixed reactions. He on the other hand knows that others have differing opinions on pain and respects them… unless if he's Rapturous. Then expect A Taste of the Lash from time to time until he's relieved of it.
    The Flagellant: "Don't you see? The pain eases the burden."
    • He's well aware of other deities being able to use powers like his, and is often grouped up alongside the likes of Carmine Prime, Jedah Dohma, Skarlet, Eliza, and Himiko Toga because of said powers. The Flagellant would like to reiterate that he does not associate himself with such impious fiends, and is likely to attack them on sight. They in turn don't think much of him. Carmine is perhaps the most vocal about his distaste.
      The Flagellant: "To be associated with such faithless dogs. It's insulting!"
      Carmine: "You're one to talk with your Holier Than Thou bullshit, grouping me up with garbage like that! Why don't go and fight me if you're so offended?"
      • Out of all the aforementioned blood users, he probably gets into fights with Carmine the most. At the same time, all encounters with the In-Birth actually don't end in either of them dying unlike the rest. Likely because he's the least bad out of the bunch being a moody Jerkass at worst compared to, say, aspiring tyrants or a Humanoid Abominations.
  • "Blood for the burden! Bones for the Light!"

    Josiah "Jed" Bartlet 
Josiah Edward "Jed" Bartlet, Ph.D., D.Hum.Litt, God of Those who Quote from the Bible (Mr. President)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Seal of the Office of President of the United States
  • Theme Song: West Wing Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Honest and Personable Leaders With Integrity, Snarky But Amiable Brainboxes, Benevolent Bosses, Commanders-In-Chief Who Will Blow You To Hell If You Mess With Them Or Theirs, Overprotective Fathers
  • Domains: Hope, Knowledge, Leadership, Faith
  • Allies: Ned Bigby, Liz Lemon, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Clark Kent/Superman, Guile, Charlie Nash, Commander Adama, Chun-Li, Selena Recital, Solidus Snake
  • Political Opponents: "Stephen Colbert" (though they aren't really "enemies"), Eric Cartman, Hank Hill, Archie Bunker, Red Forman, Nixon's Head
  • Enemies: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Führer President King Bradley, Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), Gul'dan, Master Xehanort, M. Bison, Vega, Balrog
  • Uneasy Relationship: Commander Shepard
  • Odd Friendship: Anne Shirley
  • Capable of inspiring great loyalty from those who follow him, through leading by example. Folksy but sharp. Has been known to subject those who displease him to lengthy late-night lectures about U.S National Parks and the correct way of seasoning a Thanksgiving turkey. Residing in the House of Leadership for some time due to his aptitude as the 42nd President of the United States in his timeline, Josiah had decided to move on to the House of Faith, namely for his love of using quotes from the Bible.
  • Appeared in a dream to US President Barack Obama offering advice during the campaign. It is debatable whether the former president had a hand of helping Obama win both his terms.
  • Has become something of a mentor to the fatherless Ned Bigby. Anyone making fun of their similar names does so at their own peril (the Secret Service is keeping a 500-mile distance between Bartlet and "Sarah Palin", just in case).
  • Speaking of which, he had a bit of a scare when he saw someone who looked like the former Alaskan governor. She turned out to be an enthusiastic fan of his work. Liz Lemon has offered her services ever since.
  • Has found his recently-acquired divinity to be a useful addition to his armory of weapons used to intimidate prospective partners of his daughters, especially his youngest. Well, Godhood and the 82nd Airborne Division.
  • Commander Shepard and his/her allies aren't too keen on him due to his resemblance to The Illusive Man.
  • Not many know this, but he initially ascended into the House of Knowledge. Josiah can still be found within the area's Library. He insists that it's because he's also a Nobel Prize-winning economist. Everyone else believes it's so that he can continue to force everyone there to listen to his lectures and participate in trivia quiz competitions.
  • Bartlet possesses no military experience or training and is a sufferer of multiple sclerosis, meaning that he is not the physically strongest of leaders. However, underestimate him at his peril, for not only is he the Commander-in-Chief of the world's biggest military power, but he he commands great loyalty from those around him. Those who are among his followers can usually be identified by their use of the phrase / prayer "I serve at the pleasure of the President."
  • He expected to face many detractors to his presidency. None has been more opposed to him than Cartman, who has encouraged others to derail as much of his presidency as possible.
  • Archie Bunker is more of a typical Republican. He opposes most of Josiah's policies on principle, but at least tolerates the things he's done to the country. If only his son would stop gushing his guts about him all the time. It's a sentiment shared by the likes of Red Forman and Hank Hill.
  • Has been thoroughly criticized by the personality known as Stephen Colbert throughout his presidency, bringing his strawman arguments to good use. While more conservative deities praised his efforts, they wish Colbert does a better job with his explanations. In truth, the two are secretly best of friends, with the Straw Character purposely undermining his own arguments.
  • Was visited by a young girl by the name of Anne Shirley holding flowers. Turns out she thought he was her adopted father Matthew Cuthbert. After gently correcting the mistake, he invited a disappointed Anne into his temple to brighten her mood. She is now allowed into his temple anytime she wants.
  • Not even he could believe there were enough followers to promote the head of Crooked President Nixon into the Pantheon, even if it's not the one he is used to. Expect no love between the two leaders.
  • Is naturally opposed to all Nazi deities, especially its patron Red Skull. As such, he has aligned himself with Captain America to deal with this threat.
  • Despite the rebuke, Bartlet accepted Superman's decision not to represent the American Way anymore. He agreed that the Man of Steel should move towards cooperation with the world in general, not just the country.
  • Guile has stated his support for the president, offering his services. Jed is fully cognizant of the seriousness of Guile's mission to stop M. Bison in the Pantheon and has told him to stay focused on monitoring Bison and his associates. Bartlet has also stated to be a fan of his theme song. He awaits the day someone adds the theme to one of his scenes.
  • Bartlet also had great respect for Guile's best friend Charlie Nash in Nash's first life, but became disappointed at Nash's new nihilistic attitude in his return from death. Upon the knowledge of Nash's epiphany and sacrifice to help facilitate the destruction of M. Bison's body, however, Bartlet regained his previous high regard for Nash. Being among the first to meet and welcome Charlie to the Pantheon, he also asked Charlie to go find Guile and request a conference for him.
  • The President has found himself acting as mission control to something far greater than the mere politics he's known for in his own universe, by virtue of Guile, Nash, and their Interpol friend Chun-Li risking their lives against the Homunculi of Amestris to investigate the barracks from which the ascension of King Bradley was orchestrated. With the details being exposed the next day that the Homunculi's Father had gained help from other magical villains to orchestrate this, Jed has since conferred both with Nash and his ally Selena Recital, as well as with fellow President Solidus Snake, in preparing for combat against the forces of evil. The Homunculi, as well as the new High Command team assembled by Bradley, have Bartlet and his allies in their sights. Despite this, he is not backing down, believing that he has God on his side.


    Hifumi Togo 
Hifumi Togo, Patron Saint of Ambiguous Christianity (The Venus of Shogi, Beautiful Shogi Player, Phony Princess)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Star arcana and a Shogi piece
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Shōgi Humble Hero, Also A Gravure Model, Having A Manipulative Stage Mom, Hair Decorations, Implied To Be Catholic, Propaganda Shogi Hero, Daddy's Girl, All the Other Reindeer, Named After A Real Life Shogi Star, Possible Romance Option, The Strategist, Demoted to Extra
  • Domains: Shogi, Possible Catholicism, Theater, The Stage, Mentors
  • High Priest: Cross Marian
  • Allies: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (particularly Ren Amamiya), Sojiro Sakura, Joseph Joestar, Son Chi-Chi, Leopold Butters Stotch, Pacifica Eliza Northwest, Both Yugi, both Chiaki Nanami, Cedric Diggory
  • On good terms with: Steve Rogers
  • On speaking terms with: Iroque, Felonius Gru, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, gamers in general
  • Rivals: Other shogi players like Sora and Shiro
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Nobuyuki Sugou, Bandit Keith, The D'arby brothers
  • Opposes: Yaldabaoth, YHVH
  • Hifumi Togo is a young lady who attends Kosei High School. An accomplished shogi player, she practices hard and has a lot of passion for the game. However she has a manipulative Stage Mom, who lives vicariously in making her a Propaganda Hero by fixing her matches. Thanks to the Phantom Thieves she managed to break out of this and become a genuine player, regaining her passion for the game.
  • The first to greet her in the ascension ceremony was Ren, as well as his crew, four (or five) of whom she saw during the Valentine's Day incident, and one whom she recognized from school. Thanks to Sojiro, she doesn't hold it against him, given how much her life had been otherwise improved.
    • With their activities made public, while Hifumi knew that Ren was among the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, she was surprised to hear that four of her unknowing "rivals" and her schoolmate were members as well. She also now "remembered" witnessing their showdown against Yaldabaoth. Ren also came clean about his Phantom Thief business and their Personas, making Hifumi feel a little proud that her shogi lessons actually helped them significantly.
    • There are those who ask her opinions on Yusuke, given they go to the same school. Unfortunately, she has nothing to provide that the Phantoms can't.
  • For unexplained reasons, Hifumi mentions she feels unusually close to the Thieves as if she was somehow meant to be a part of them. It's later revealed by their superiors at Atlus that she was planned to join the team (specifically, as a radical alternate strategist to Makoto), but the persistent delays already was working against them. That said, her acquiring a Persona is possible in the Pantheon, but the TV World will have to be the place where she gets it, since her Catalyst (her Stage Mom) has already been dealt with by Ren.
  • There is a good chance that she may be Catholic, but it's never made concrete. She hangs out in a church, her hair ornament could be easily seen as a trinity knot and is named after a Catholic shogi player. However she hasn't expressed any opinion about religion on the matter and even noted that given she is supposed to be Ambigious about it, does not feel she should answer. Amakusa Shirou Tokisada seems interested in her, being the original Japanese Christian.
  • Given her manipulative stage mom, she has a bone to pick with abusive parents. Especially the Child Abuse Supporters, who are far worse than her own mom was. She's sympathetic towards those forced to hold to their parents' controlling standards like Butters and Pacifica Eliza Northwest. She feels bad for Gru due to turning to anti-villainy in part for the respect of his distant mother.
  • Initially held some reservations about Son Chi-Chi due to her Education Mama personality and wanting her kids to study when they often want to fight. However after talking it out with her, it's clear she cares for their wellbeing and person, and usually relents to let them save the world anyway. At the end of the day, there was no hard feelings and they ended up becoming friends.
  • Glad that her matches are no longer being fixed. Though later derided for it and her reputation broken, she doesn't mind as she's finally able to play the game fresh, on her own terms. For this reason she has no respect for Bandit Keith, who shows zero shame or desire to change his ways. She has even less respect for Nobuyuki Sugou, as he's a thoroughly disgusting and reprehensible gamer, or the D'arby brothers due to stealing the loser's soul.
  • On good terms with Captain America. While a very different type of Propaganda Hero, they both know what it's like to believe in the lie and prove themselves to be humble heroes at the end of the day. She seems to be on speaking terms with Jotaro Kujo, due to having the same Star arcana as his Star Platinum. However it is his grandfather Joseph Joestar she is friends with(getting over some anti-Japanese sentiment he has), due to being fond of gaming and Joseph being a nerd who seems interested in the sport.
  • Spends most of her time in the House of Gaming, and her down time in a church in the House of Faith. She's got along with both Yugis for being skilled gamers, and Chiaki Nanami. She respects Cedric Diggory's sport ethic, and has become a friendly rival with Sora and Shiro due to being shogi players (among several other games).
  • Many raise their eyebrow at her… enthusiastic way of her playing shogi. She says it was something she got from her dad, but she is still a little embarassed about it.

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