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Greater Gods

Rafisol, Goddess of Palette Swaps
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pendant and a ball of dark energy
  • Theme Music: I will seize, all!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (formerly Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Purple Is Powerful, Humanoid Abomination Made of Hatred, Power Floats, Emotionless Girl, Not as Evil as she Appears to be
  • Domains: Clones, Mindset
  • Herald: Ally
  • High Priest: Fukua
  • On Good Terms with: Arle Nadja (former enemy), Violet Evergarden, Pit, Flonne, Heart Aino, Clock Tower Trio, Lea (CrossCode), Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Targeted By: Kage, Yuuki Terumi, Moro, Lord Tirek
  • Foil to: Dark Pit, Rau Le Creuset
  • Ally is a girl who believes in the power of love and resides in a fantasy book world where Arle, her friends, and their frenemies end up getting sucked in. A pendant given to her by Ecolo ends up bringing about an entity that can be considered her opposite: Rafisol. Besides having Ally’s colors reversed, Rafisol was born without any idea of what love is and given her massive doubts of her own existence, sought to destroy the world and could have done the same to many others if she wasn’t stopped. Thanks to the efforts of Ally and the others, Rafisol was able to calm down and was able to live alongside them, though she is still working on getting a better understanding of herself and, more importantly, learning what love really is through her newfound friends.
  • Following Arle’s adventure inside that fantasy book and few other weird events that occurred since then, Ally ended up finding her way to the Pantheon, with her pendant housing Rafisol still present. As was the case for Arle and her numerous friends and frenemies, Ally and Rafisol ended up there following a Puyo battle. Given the massive scale of the Pantheon and how many worlds are present, it was quite a bit for the two to take in, but they later accepted getting more involved with the Pantheon. The fact that Rafisol had the power to destroy worlds if left unchecked worried some denizens who already had to put up with the fact that the place already had at least hundreds of powerful world destroyers, but considering how Rafisol has at least calmed down for the time being and has her friends making sure she is alright, the place doesn’t have too much to worry about regarding her.
  • One other clone that was born from the negative traits of another virtuous individual was Dark Pit, who was derived from a botched ritual involving Pit going through a mirror. As Pit was a bonafide hero, Dark Pit simply had the former’s drive for battle amplified, but ultimately wasn’t villainous while Rafisol thoroughly lacked Ally’s love, resulting in her not understanding the concept and attempted to destroy everything around her, but ultimately came to her senses and is working to better understand her surroundings. Pit, who was able to get along with his darker counterpart, found some similarities between Dark Pit and Rafisol when it comes to dark clones gradually becoming friendly towards their original counterparts, though she is far more stoic than Dark Pit by default. Rafisol not having a fully developed sense of what’s right and wrong compared to Dark Pit has given regular Pit a reason to talk to her more and have her better understand what she’s capable of doing.
    • Shadow the Hedgehog was another clone that Ally took a liking to given how his ordeal had some similarities to that of Rafisol. Starting off as a rival to Sonic the Hedgehog before learning about his true background and coming to terms with it, Shadow gradually became a steady ally for Sonic in addition to having a pair of close friends through Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega. Rafisol had some angst about her place in the world, but like Shadow, had some friends (Ally especially) to help her get through her troubles even if she isn’t quite fully there yet compared to Shadow. That said, Rafisol had to be told not to absorb the Chaos Emeralds for herself as it could cause a lot of trouble for everyone involved, herself included.
  • Despite not being clones in a traditional sense of the word, Roxas, Xion, and Lea were a group of close-knit friends that can understand Rafisol’s ordeal very well. The three are Nobodies, the bodies of those that became Heartless, and went through a lot while gaining a better sense of themselves, which proved to be more complicated than they realized. In Xion’s case, she was a doll that had Sora’s memories inside of her and from what she and the group know of Rafisol, the latter could be seen as something similar to a Nobody given that she was born from an inversion of Ally’s emotions who lacked a sense of self and the world around her. The Clock Tower Trio (especially Xion) is very sympathetic to Rafisol and after learning of how the three were able to thrive even after going through a lot of pain, it’s given Ally plenty of hope that Rafisol will grow as her own character.
  • A Lea that is different from the member of the Clock Tower Trio was another clone that Rafisol learned about. This Lea was a player for an MMO and after learning that she was an AI-controlled avatar, made the effort to become her own individual. Lea isn’t much of a talker much like Rafisol (though that’s because of Lea’s limited speech capabilities instead of simply choosing to talk little), but after Ally explained Rafisol to Lea, the Spheromancer has expressed sympathy to Rafisol and is thankful that Rafisol has moved on from trying to destroy everything around her. On that subject, Lea’s animosity towards Rau Le Creuset led to Rafisol finding out about him and Ally was dismayed to learn that Rau is what Rafisol could have ended up like had she not had people empathetic toward her plight. On his end, Rau has nothing but contempt towards someone not willing to annihilate everything with the inherent power Rafisol has.
  • Being a darker counterpart to a normally cheerful individual, Rafisol has the trappings of being an evil clone, but much of her Hidden Depths dispel a lot of the notions of her being truly evil. That said, there were plenty of more straightforward evil clones in the Pantheon and while some of them are only willing to fight against her, a handful have more drastic plans related to her. Kage, a manifestation of the Satsui no Hado that Ryu purged from his body, learned of Rafisol’s seemingly immense power and was enraged to learn that she had apparently abandoned her destructive ways. While Rafisol does live inside Ally’s pendant, she has no issue with being a separate entity and Kage has not only attacked Rafisol a few times but has tried to get her to embrace her former darker nature and worse, find a way to harm Ally. Rafisol has been able to fend off Kage whenever they fight, but others have noted that her seeing someone like him has brought back unwanted memories of her trying to destroy everything around her.
  • As someone who is made of hatred and has the power to destroy many worlds, Rafisol ended up being someone of notice for powerful entities who have nothing but rage and hatred in them. The fact that Rafisol was talked out of her destructive nature by others only enraged those entities and they have made attempts to try and get to her, but they have failed thus far. As far as anyone is aware of, Rafisol is someone who is still trying to understand themselves and having her progress be undone by such malevolent and powerful characters would be devastating for those who have befriended her and know her well. Her friends have done everything they can to ensure that Rafisol doesn’t get corrupted, though Rafisol sees those particularly powerful entities after her as her power being manifested into something much more than she could imagine.
  • Yuuki Terumi was someone who thrives off the hatred of others and the existence of someone made of hatred made him more than curious about Rafisol, especially considering how powerful she’s stated to be. After finding out that Rafisol has more or less abandoned her former destructive nature, Terumi opted to take a different approach dealing with her after a brief temper-tantrum regarding her character. With the amount of people trying to help Rafisol out, Terumi has opted to target them and those very close to her as a means to indulge himself on the seemingly large amounts of hatred present in her body and should she fight back, he can harness the power of Susanoo to make things easier for himself. Even taking into account her generally unemotive demeanor, Terumi is eager to ruin Rafisol’s life (alongside almost everyone else’s) if it means gaining more power from her and the majority of the Pantheon has taken measures to ensure he doesn’t succeed in any of his goals.
  • Rafisol would later learn that Ally wasn’t the only love-obsessed individual in the Pantheon. There were plenty of others that shared Ally’s mindset and there was even a part of the Pantheon dedicated to the concept of Love. Flonne and Heart Aino were two individuals who believed in the idea of Love and after learning of Rafisol’s character, were willing to help Rafisol understand love better. She saw a bit of Ally in those two characters and didn’t mind their company. One source of concern for others was that there was darker definitions of “love” that could end up making Rafisol worse than she is if she ends up fully learning them, but those who are helping Rafisol out are hoping for her to understand the positives of the “love” she wants to understand.
  • As far as those unfamiliar with the concept of love are concerned, Violet Evergarden was one such individual that Rafisol would eventually meet and Violet found her to be unusual. Violet was a former soldier of war who became a hired letter writer to better understand what love was as “I love you” was the last words spoken to her by her former commanding officer. Ally was with Rafisol during that visit and the latter was going through some letters that Violet wrote as she understood the turmoil that Violet went through. A being made of hatred trying to understand other emotions (love in particular) wasn’t something Violet fully expected, but with Ally’s help, Violet has offered support for Rafisol in coming to terms with who she is and the emotions that come with it.
  • Given her relative lack of understanding of the world around her, Rafisol seems to believe that absorbing (or even usurping) things from others is the solution to solve problems. Her friends have helped Rafisol avoid that kind of mindset for the most part, but the Pantheon has led her to learn about other individuals who have actually absorbed things onto themselves and, if the reaction that her friends have is any indication, it’s not really a good thing. Some very powerful entities in the Pantheon such as Lord Tirek and Moro are capable of taking magic from others and seeing as how Rafisol has the ability to destroy worlds if not kept in check, those kinds of villains are more than eager to take that magic for themselves and become even stronger in the process. In some ways, Rafisol sees those magic drainers as a more extreme version of her past self when it comes to taking things for herself and her friends have made the effort to prevent her from being targeted.

Intermediate Gods

    Akira Fudou/Devilman 
Akira Fudou, God of Becoming More Attractive After Gaining Powers (Devilman, DEBIRU-Man, Violence Jack)
Devilman on the top; Akira at the bottom
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Devilman's face
  • Theme Music: Devilman no Uta (Crybaby version); Devil Mind ~Ai wa Chikara~
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic Neutral as Jack)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Went from a Meek Person to becoming More Aggressive after Merging with a Demon (Still not that Bad of a Person), Combo Platter Powers
  • Domains: Power, Transformation, Demons
  • Followers: Denji
  • Heralds: Ryo Asuka (his best friend) and Miki Makimura (his girlfriend)
  • Allies: Kouji Kabuto, Cutie Honey, The 00 Cyborgs, Al Simmons/Spawn, Eddie Brock, Hellboy, Dante Sparda, Sparda
  • Enemies: Malebolgia, The Godhand, The Violator, Carnage, Griffith, Doom Slayer’s enemies
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Doom Slayer
  • Foil to: Jimenez
  • Source of Interest for: Vergil
  • Originally a kind, but meek teenager, Akira Fudou's life was irrevocably changed following a visit by Ryo Asuka, who told him that demons are about to attack his world. In order to fight back, Akira needed to merge with a demon and to do so, he and Ryo visited a sabbath that went to hell. In all the chaos, Akira merged with bloodthirsty war demon Amon and became a Devilman. While Akira became a bit more cocky and aggressive since the merging, he still maintained a relatively decent attitude and has fought back against many demons who wanted to destroy everything. His changes aren't just limited to his personality, but also his physical appearance, with him getting some darker shading around his eyes being one of them, alongside having a more muscular body.
  • The Pantheon was undergoing a dark moment in time, with several demons turning the place into an apocalyptic landscape and a number of good-aligned deities were in a difficult fight to ward off these threats. The arrival of a human who was able to transform himself into a demon would be what was needed to give the heroic combatants more of a fighting chance against a potential armageddon. Even with the help of Devilman, the war for the fate of the Pantheon was a brutal fight and he ultimately found himself face-to-face with the leader of the demons that plotted the takeover of the Pantheon. While Devilman’s fight against his universe’s Satan ended in tragedy, the outcome of his fight against the demon leader was more optimistic, though the Pantheon was still heavily ruined because of what had transpired. After the place was repaired, Akira Fudo, the person that had the identity of Devilman, settled down in the Pantheon, vowing to continue fighting so that Pantheon won’t suffer the same fate that he and his friends did back in his own world.
  • One other human who similarly harnessed demonic powers to fight evil who Akira learned about was Al Simmons, better known as Spawn. The way the two got their powers differed as while Akira became a Devilman while attending a party that turned violent, Al died and was brought back to life as a Hellspawn, and it didn’t take long for Al to fight against those that made him who he was. Al found a few things surprising with Akria’s story as not only was that Devilman younger than he was, but still capable of fighting monstrous threats, but the fact that Akira lost way more than those he cared about while fighting demons was a worst-case scenario that Al would have tried to prevent. It took a similarly short amount of time for Akira to learn of Spawn’s archenemy’s notable Malebolgia and The Violator, both of whom were demons who Akira considered to be just as bad, if not worse, than those he fought against prior. The two villainous demons are just as frustrated that there was another person who fought against demons using the powers they have and are willing to take down Akira if it meant tormenting Spawn further. All told, both Akira and Spawn have worked together in taking down numerous evil demons that befall the Pantheon.
  • As he expected given the wide variety of people in the Pantheon, there were a few others present that were merged with a demon, but unlike Akira, they had a more devious goal with those transformations in mind. One of those individuals was Jimenez, who merged with another demon known as Bugaboo to save both of their lives and believed that strength matters above all else. Even if Jimenez is willing to acknowledge that conflict between humans and demons are inherently unfair, Akira doesn’t share Jimenez’s beliefs (and for that matter, Lucifer’s) and doesn’t want a world turned into oblivion. Jimenez is a bit disappointed that Akira isn’t willing to side with him, but he is willing to acknowledge Devilman’s strength.
  • Hellboy became one of the more prominent half-demon allies of Akira and the latter has found plenty to like about Hellboy. Despite being told by others that he’ll be the harbinger of the apocalypse given the circumstances of how he was born, Hellboy has done everything he can to make the world safe for humans. Hellboy was understanding of Akira trying to fight for humanity against other demons, even if the apocalypse gradually occurred during those fights and Akria was unable to stop it. Hellboy also became more aware of humans merging themselves with demons to gain dark powers for their own ends and has helped Akira out in fighting those threats, among other demonic problems.
  • There have been a number of similarities between Akira and Eddie Brock in terms of having access to dark powers and using them to fight off worse threats that have similar powers, though Eddie has the Venom Symbiote instead of a demon. Both have a bit of a cocky personality, but are determined to use their powers for good even with the risks involved. It was through Eddie that Akira learned of Cletus Kasady, better known as Carnage who also has a symbiote like Eddie, but has instead embraced his violent side wholeheartedly and has caused a lot of destruction in his wake. In some ways, Akira sees Eddie as similar to a lot of people who he encountered that were possessed by demons and embraced their violent side. Cletus is more than willing to kill Akira whenever possible, especially taking the similarities to Eddie into account.
  • Despite Ryo Asuka seemingly being a close ally of Akira while the latter was fighting demons, it turned out that Ryo had an agenda of his own and it resulted in the two battling each other (a battle that Akira lost) moments before the entire world was destroyed. Knowing how hard it was to fight a friend on top of losing nearly everything else prior, Akira learned about what happened between Guts and Griffith and it was a story that Akira felt was even darker than his own. Formerly comrades with Guts in the Band of the Hawk, Griffith underwent a series of dark events that resulted in him gaining unimaginable power, the Band getting dismantled, and Griffith becoming irreversibly evil in the process (with actions such as raping Casca proving such). It’s clear that Akira hates Griffith over what happened and as for Guts, he found some dark parallels especially regarding the part of being betrayed by a former friend and fighting in a ruined world (though the process of the world being destroyed was a bit more gradual in Akira’s case). Akira also felt sympathy towards Casca and even taking into account Casca’s combat skill, saw a more psychologically vulnerable version of Miki Makimura in her.
  • There were plenty who specialize in killing demons and the Doomslayer was one of the most prominent examples of such. The latter’s extreme hatred of demons had a side effect of the Doomslayer having a strained alliance with half-demon entities who hunt down the more villainous demons and that has carried over to the Doom Slayer’s relations towards Akira and his Devilman form. Akira is more than aware of how brutal and effective the Doomslayer is in fighting dangerous demons, though the fact that his Devilman form wouldn’t look that different from a villain did make Akira a bit wary working with Doom Slayer, even if the latter has acknowledged to some level during his time in the Pantheon that not all demons (traditional or otherwise) aren’t completely evil.
  • One other demon hunter who Akira had a comparatively easier time getting along with was Dante Sparda. At first glance, Dante was a hot-headed half-demon individual dedicated to fighting against other villainous demons, but it turned out that there was more to him than that as Akira discovered. One of Dante’s major rivals was his brother Vergil, who had his own ambitions and in turn, the two were the sons of Sparda, a powerful demon who fought against his own kind to protect humanity after seeing the good in humans. The father Sparda saw Akira to be sort of like himself when he was younger specifically regarding the part of fighting demons and trying to protect someone he cared about even if Akira wasn’t successful in that regard. In a sort of contrast, Sparda was a demon who became more human and Akira was a human who merged with a demon, though that didn’t diminish Sparda’s respect towards Akira. As for Vergil, Dante’s sibling has heard how powerful Amon was prior to fusing with Akira and is looking forward to seeing Akira unleash that full power. While Akira does have his demon powers under control, the possibility that he’ll lose control of such hasn’t escaped him.
  • Akira has had a few encounters with a few other characters at wildly different points in time. One such instance had him end up in a prison where Honey Kisaragi went to in order to stop whatever problems were occurring there. Despite not using his Devilman powers at that time, he still helped with her mission and the two parted on amicable terms. There was a separate instance of Akira encountering Ryoma Nagare and although there was a bit of strife between them at first, the two eventually worked together to stop a shared threat that was headed their way and have become friendlier with each other since then. Another encounter, this time involving Kouji Kabuto, involved Akira using his Devilman powers to help Kouji fight off the latter’s archenemies. Within the Pantheon, Akira has lent the two his aid in fighting evildoers that Honey and Kouji might be struggling with.
    • Speaking of Mazinger, Akira ended up in Hell while looking for a way to bring his Miki Makimura back to life, resulting in him coming in a battle against Kouji’s ally, Tetsuya Tsurugi and the latter’s Great Mazinger. In the leadup to all that, Akira killed various underworld denizens such as Thanatos and Medusa, with his main enemy at the time being Hades (or more specifically, the Emperor of the Darkness), who took things personally when Persephone ended up being one of Devilman’s targets. If circumstances result in Akira ending up in the underworld again for one reason or another related to himself or those he cares about, then he’s more than willing to fight back, especially if a dangerous underworld figure like Hades is involved in any way.
  • Another group of unorthodox individuals that Akira encountered were The 00 Cyborgs, led by Joe Shimamura. After a brief fight between both parties, they worked together to stop a group of cyborgs with demonic powers from destroying everything and to save a kidnapped Miki. Their subsequent meeting in the Pantheon resulted in them learning about what happened to the other following that encounter and while it was clear that the 00 Cyborgs were horrified to learn of how Akira’s final fate turned out, Akira was aware that the 00 Cyborgs had undergone a significant amount of pain in their subsequent adventures as well. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop either from continuing their fight against evil and in addition to working together from time to time, there have been some regular meetups between both parties to talk about their adventures within the Pantheon.
  • Despite failing to protect the world from villainous demons, Akira’s story didn’t exactly end with him dying at the hands of Ryo Asuka, his friend-turned-foe. Well after his universe was re-created, there was a highly unscrupulous individual known as Violence Jack, who roamed an apocalyptic wasteland and while he still helps the weak, Jack is far more ruthless than Akira ever was in killing villains. As it turned out, Jack was actually a reincarnated Akira and one of the three components of Devilman, alongside a child Jack and a woman Jack. This isn’t getting into the possibility that there was a different version of Akira in that time period who was an amnesiac warlord known as The Skull King and Jack being a separate character who is an alternate form of Amon, the demon Akira merged with and gained powers from normally. Given how the Pantheon is, for the most part, in a more functional state, Akira as Violence Jack happens almost rarely, though if the Pantheon does end up as a desolate wasteland besieged by strife at every corner, there is a possibility that Violence Jack does become active.

    Maximillian Caxton 
Maximillian Caxton, God of Madness Makeovers
  • Theme Song: Testin' Me
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Red Positron Blades and Tesla Blitz
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, currently getting better. Formerly Lawful Good then Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Wears a sleeveless long coat, Positron Blades and Tesla Blitz, The Ace turned Fallen Hero after a botched rescue attempt, The Heavy, In-Universe Badass Decay, Red energies running in cybernetics, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Perma-Stubble, I Cannot Self-Terminate, Redemption Earns Life
  • Domains: Fallen Heroes, Cyborgs, Officers, Cybernetics, Madness, Despair
  • Herald: Leonhardt Victorion and Sasha Ivanoff (his two proteges) and Jeannie Caxton (his daughter)
  • Allies: Jack Cayman, Blacker Baron, Big Band, Raiden (Metal Gear), Sei Asagiri and Stella Hoshii, Norman Jayden
  • On Good terms with: The good-aligned gods in the House of Law and Justice, and other police deities
  • Enemies: Dirty Cops in general such as Manny Pardo and C.R.A.S.H., Mistral, Monsoon, Sundowner, Senator Armstrong, Molag Bal
  • Opposes: Sheogorath
  • Maximillian Caxton was a good man. Once, he was not only a beloved father but also the leader of Milvallen Ministry of Justice Bureau of Public Safety's Strike One and many spoke with nothing but praise for his skills as an officer. He honestly seemed untouchable from where he stood. And then it all came crashing down from not only a botched rescue attempt but also some massive stress stemming from the incident itself and the scandal that arose from it. To add salt in the wound there was also the growing corruption from his fellow cohorts. Though Max would take medicine to alleviate his PTSD it ultimately seemed to only worsen the problem to the point where'd he'd have murderous episodes which he claimed at point led to the death of his wife, Ondine. Disgraced and a murderer, he'd soon be on the run and pursued by not only his old team but also the father of the person he failed to save. Though the chase proved to be grueling thanks to his evasiveness and his dangerous amount of strength he would be taken back alive, tried fairly, and actually get the proper help he needed.
  • Max honestly didn't know what to make of the Pantheon when he first came in the Pantheon, at first thinking he's hallucinating again. Thankfully, he was quickly given a comprehensive explanation as to what is happening before anything extreme happened. Still, he was bewildered and quite apprehensive at accepting a position as godhood, of all things, and it is not helped by the context that he'd be ascending for his now disheveled appearance following his disgrace. Though Max would eventually take up the title as the Court of Gods allowed two former proteges, Leo and Sasha, alongside his daughter, Jeannie, to serve as his Heralds during his stay.
  • One of the first people he met in the Pantheon was Jack Cayman and Blacker Baron, two bounty hunters were after him under the request of his daughter, though the latter only joined later on despite not actually having a price on his head set by Milvallen. Jack took the request but it didn't take a genius to guess that he's mainly doing it for the fact that his daughter, Stela, died by his hands in the end. Ultimately, though, Jack would come to spare him and Max is thankful for that and extends the thanks to the Baron for stopping Jack when he had the chance earlier. Both men told Max not to think about that and are still up to helping him when he needs it.
  • Opting to live a more peaceful life in the Pantheon, he still makes rounds to the House of Health and Diseases to improve his mental health. He no longer shifts between Split Personalities born from a violent rage, but he could never be too careful. It's also for this reason he chooses to stay out of the business of the House of Law and Justice. Even still, Max roots for the gods whose hearts are in the right place as well as other non-corrupt police deities. And the former BPS agent has little if at all tolerance toward the more dirty cops having grown tired of the ugliness displayed by those types of people. The fact that one of his own teammates turned out to be a Dirty Cop themselves and tried to have him, his friends, and everyone who participated in his manhunt silenced has not helped at all.
    • During one of his visits to the House of Law and Justice he bumped into a sort-of old school looking cyborg who almost rivals Max's own large build. His name was Big Band and the two decided to chat and found common ground in having dealt with corruption in the force. Though at least Max was a willing subject for cybernetics. Big Band had to do so after being beat to near death by his so-called comrades in arms. Still, he's a By-the-Book Cop by heart, Big Band's just now a one-man orchestral army now so not many criminals will be able to get the jump on him in the future. And if they did they still have the entire rest of the ensemble to get through.
    • And speaking of visits, he had also met the FBI agent Norman Jayden, who had also gone through severe mental health issues that have resulted from withdrawal of Triptocain and averse side-effects from the use of ARI glasses. Even so, unlike Max he remained a good man despite being surrounded by many officers who instead walked the line of being violent loose cannons. Under normal circumstances Norman would rather have Max arrested for what he did during his fall from grace but is willing to make an exception for him. Max understands his beliefs, but also thanks him for giving him a chance nonetheless.
  • Should it come down to a fight he has two killer weapons at his disposal: Positron Blades and Tesla Blitz. Usually people, like two of his old teammates, take one or the other but Max makes use of both worlds at their absolute best. The former are Laser Blades mounted on his artificial arms and the latter are two drones that deploy from his back to electrocute foes. Both work in tandem with his fighting style, Cybrid Arts, and in his hands, Maximillian is a beast in battle. Not only can he go at incredible speeds Max can even give even people like Jack Cayman and Blacker Baron pause as he took on a team consisting of them plus the Baron's deadly assistant, Mathilda. Before that he had just fought his former teammates, Strike One, moments before and gave them quite the hard time too. And that was when he was still hindered by his insanity. He doesn't fight as much nowadays, but many know better than to tangle with Max once he decides to get to work.
    • If you believe the rumors, Max is supposedly able to perform some of Akuma's techniques. Most notably he's able to perform the Ashura Warp and the Raging Demon, complete with the efficiency that comes from the Master of the Fist himself. Once more, he's not quite so alone in that boat. Others, such as Squigly and Rodin have seen success in performing such moves themselves, though usually its the Raging Demon and not much else.
  • Max was initially... not too displeased when he heard of the presence of cybernetic Raiden in the Pantheon. This mainly stemmed from the fact that he mentioned one case that he participated in involved a suspect who ripped out cybernetics out of their victims, something that Raiden matches to a tee. Further complicating things was his so-called "Jack the Ripper" persona he busts out which mirrors the episodes he himself had once gone through, complete with the threatening red aura. It was until the former-BPS agent actually met the cyborg in person that he might just be one of the most model people he has ever met. While he's worth sympathizing due the sheer amount of hell he has been through, the fact that he ultimately still comes out as a good person in the end. Even when he did start to fall back on his values during his conflicts with Desperado LLC and Senator Steven Armstrong's plots it was still for a just cause given his opponents ultimate goals.
  • Given the danger he presented initially there are unfortunately some people who want Maximillian to revert to the madman he was once before. Among them, Molag Bal showed the most interest as his modus operadi is indeed corrupting people into doing terrible, terrible things. Appalled that such a malevolent being even exists, Max has notified many people, including his Heralds and closest allies, of such a looming threat. Much of the Pantheon agrees with how vast a threat Molag Bal presents even if he's never quite in the spotlight of the Pantheon's Forever War or other great conflicts. If anything, it's even more worrying given his attempted Planemeld.
    • While on the topic of Daedric Princes, Max was also asked to watch out for the Lord of the Never-There, Sheogorath. A Mad God in nature, he's infamous for his ability to play around people and drive them to the utmost lunacy, sometimes as a result of their own self-destruction. While Molag Bal remained quiet on his intentions (save for a low, sinister laugh) Sheogorath claims he has no interest in Max as of this moment. "On a little vacation," he says. Max doesn't believe him and still took some measures just in case.
  • Sometimes he comes by the various bars of the Pantheon though he makes sure not to drink too much. Unlike Blacker Baron and Big Bull he's not as loud and rowdy and usually is more quiet, even if he's drinking with the people he met during his delirium. That said, he is willing to chat and tell a few stories here or there. During one of these trips he swung by the Cyberpunk bar, VA-11 HALL-A, and met a woman known as Sei Asagiri. She too was apart of the law as a Valkyrie in the White Knights though a majority of the members were very seedy like the city they swore to protect, at least until the group got busted for the extensive crimes. The two relate to being sick of corruption though Max commends Sei for still continuing work in wanting to help people, now working as a bodyguard to her friend Stella Hoshii. To help her expand, he's been looking into other places in which she can break out should she ask.
  • "Imposing your will... is a matter of strength."

    Professor Ursula Callistis/"Shiny" Chariot du Nord 
Never forget, a Believing Heart is your Magic

Chariot du Nord, Goddess of Expository Hairstyle Changes (Ursula Callistis, Shiny Chariot)
Click here to see her as Shiny Chariot.
Click here to see Chariot.
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Shiny Rod with her Trademark Wizard Hat Alongside
  • Theme Song: Shiny Chariot's Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Is Dedicated to Bringing Smiles to People, All Loving Heroine, Formidable Teacher and Witch, Is Suffering and Has Insecurities in Spite of her Talent, Almighty Janitor, Relies More on her Physical Skill than on her Magical Prowess, Feels Guilty About Siphoning Akko's Magical Potential, Lost her Dream of Keeping People Happy, Is Insanely Dedicated to Akko, Declaration of Protection, Is More-or-Less Akko's Mother, Mysterious Past, Clark Kenting, Magically Colors her Hair Blue to Hide her Identity and Reverts Back to Red when Things get Serious, Stellar Name
  • Domains: Witchcraft, Mentoring, Inspiration, Happiness, Friendship
  • Followers: Eda and Lilith Clawthorne, Ming Lee
  • Allies: Diana Cavendish, Trucy Wright, Jean-Pierre Polnareff, The Mane Six (Particularly Pinkie Pie), Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga, Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Yuya Sakaki, Susan "Stargirl" Caraway, Zatanna Zatara, Oscar Digg, Trixie Lulamoon, Dorothy Albright, Kaito Kuroba, Wander, Izuku Midoriya, All-Might, Teclis, The Oz Gang, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Adora, Madoka Kaname and the Puella Magi, Harry Potter and by Extension, The Ascended Members of Dumbledore's Army and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Enemies: Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, Grogar, Lord Voldemort, Alduin, Malekith, Morathi, Konrad von Carstein, Abra Kadabra, The Wicked Witch of the West, Queen Potema Septim, Zarok, The Horned King, Sauron, Maleficent, Cackletta, Arthas Menethil, Horde Prime
  • Special Relationship: Atsuko "Akko" Kagari
  • On Good Terms With: Discord
  • Pities: Laetitia, Draco Malfoy, Nagato, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Conflicting Opinion: Elmer C. Albatross
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Professor Ursula Callistis is a teacher in the prestigious Luna Nova Academy where girls enrol to become witches. She also happens to be the youngest one out of the bunch, despite her being 28. During an investigation, she caught the sight of three up for three upcoming witch students and set off to rescue them. One of them, Atsuko Kagari was able to unleash the fabled Shiny Rod, much to everyone's surprise and warp everyone to Luna Nova for the opening reception. From there on, Ursula was appointed to be Akko's personal teacher, overseeing her magical training and looking after her needs and support, especially with her dream to, one day, meet Shiny Chariot, a performing witch who disappeared 10 years ago.
    • In reality, however, Professor Ursula is not without her own secrets. In reality, she is actually Shiny Chariot, who had humble beginnings and was inspired by magic, wanting to use it to bring joy and happiness towards others. She initially possessed the Shiny Rod and was given the task of finding the seven magical words to open up the Grand Triskelion. She succeeded with discovering six, but no matter how hard she tried, Chariot was unable to discover the seventh. She tried to be a performing magician in an attempt to unlock the word but proved to be a disastrous mistake partly because she ended up unintentionally crippling several people's ability to use magic, among them being devoted fans like Akko and Diana Cavendish, and losing ownership of the Shiny Rod. As a result, Chariot decided to hide her identity out of guilt and took to mentoring Akko so that as the current wielder of the Shiny Rod, Akko can succeed where Chariot has failed.
  • Eventually, Akko and Chariot would succeed in unveiling the final word and managing to further prove the essence and importance of magic in a world where technology was becoming more prevalent. Though a few sacrifices had to be made, Chariot was proud of what Akko had achieved and gone through to prove herself as an up-and-coming witch and a source of inspiration, much like herself back in her early days. So it came as a surprise when one day, Chariot received an invitation to a place called the Trope Pantheons, alongside the fact that Akko and Diana were also a part of it. Eager to further look into Akko's journey and to always be on the lookout for her, Chariot wasted no time in entering the Pantheon. Akko couldn't have been any happier.
  • One day, while visiting the house of Emotional Combat she ran into Jean-Pierre Polnareff dispatching an enemy with what she believe to be was an invible type of magic, only for Polnareff to reveal to her the nature of Stands and their role as a Fighting Spirit. Thanks to a spell, she was able to finally gaze upon the majesty that was Silver Chariot, taking surprise to the fact it had shared a name with her. She was even more delighted to hear that Polnareff was a fellow from France as well. After entertaining each other for a bit, the two parted ways, but not before she was informed about the day Chariot Reqiuem would emerge after Polnareff's fight with Diavolo, and she promised to devote some of her research into finding a spell that would help Polnareff put it back under his control when the time came.
  • To her surprise, Chariot regained her ability to fly upon ascension, given that she lost it after an attempt to save Akko from falling to her death whilst in a journey to find the sixth magical word of the Shiny Rod in Wagandea after contacting the tree's spores. She flies with her broomstick mostly during travel, but she has more than proven of being capable of handling herself without using any sort of magic.
  • The Pantheon was a very colourful, vivid and diverse realm, filled with all kinds of creatures and locales a witch would easily familiarise herself with. It's really magical... if it wasn't for the fact that the Pantheon itself is in some sort of Cold War between numerous different factions. Chariot is not amused to see how Akko and Diana are now a part of a world where colossal threats and violence is somewhat prevalent, though this was mitigated by the fact that there are some places that seemed normal and even positively magical. Chariot was able to comfort herself with that fact.
  • Her main aim is to make people smile and be happy and joyful which she tries to do by using her magical talents. She truly means well and is benevolent and kind to everyone she tends to come across, though she hasn't gotten over her past and not being able to fulfil her desires properly. Thankfully, there are a lot of deities in the Pantheon who have sympathised with Chariot's struggle and commend her for trying her best.
    • Wander was one of the first deities to open up to Chariot about his personal struggles of trying to make people happy and states that, in the end, you can't just please everyone, as attested by his own experience with Lord Dominator. Chariot claimed that it was okay and commended Wander for his efforts in doing the best he could, in addition to him finding Chariot's magic and performance as "wicked". She also caught the attention of Stargirl, who was immediately attracted to Chariot',s habit of making people happy, much like herself. She instantly became a fan and wanted Chariot to stick around and do more magic spells. Chariot was surprised to see how Stargirl quickly became a fan and decided to oblige once she got time. As a reword, Chariot would often help out in Stargirl's unorthodox antics of helping people out, which Chariot saw as "oddly inspiring". And Stargirl also wanted to get the experience of flying in a broon, which Chariot allowed for her enjoyment.
    • There is also Elmer C. Albatross, who, like Chariot, desires to see people happy. They'd get along, but something seems to be incredibly off about him and Chariot can't shake that feeling of suspicion and nervousness out of herself when Elmer is around. He does genuinely want to help, but him being a sociopath is a major point of contention, given that he'll still try to motivate others with the same, smiling and happy disposition, even if everyone else isn't feeling the mood. That said, he does bear no ill will, so Chariot doesn't have to worry too much. Still, she would want to keep an eye out for Elmer.
    • Regarding the goal of happiness were two Kamen Riders, Yusuke Godai and Emu Hojo, alongside Yuya Sakaki, who were determined with the goal of bringing about happiness, though they did go through a series of roadblocks, tragic and destructive when it came to their goals. Unsurprisingly, all three of them became friends with Chariot. It helped in that Yusuke's benevolent nature was what made him Kamen Rider Kuuga and bringing happiness was the reason why Emu strived to become a doctor, much like Chariot's desire to become a witch for the same reason. She was saddened to learn of Emu and Yuya's occupation as being Patient Zero of the Bugster Virus and the Z-ARC respectively, though she was relieved when Emu and Yuya stated that they were able to overcome them.
  • As a teacher of a Wizarding School, it didn't take long for Chariot to learn about Hogwarts and the fact that Luna Nova may have been inspired by it. In fact, it was Akko and Diana who introduced Chariot to Hogwarts, given that they were well-acquainted with its staff and students, particularly Harry Potter himself. Having heard about her with conversations he had from Akko, Harry, alongside his friends came to respect Chariot for being a good mentor and learning the error of his ways. Chariot found herself endeared by this kind of notion and thanked Akko for keeping her own reputation and spirit preserved in some way.
    • The prospect of more wizarding schools led Chariot to Ulthuan in the Warhammer World where an academy was set up by Teclis of the High Elves. While not as wondrous and more militaristic, it still caught Chariot's attention regardless due to how powerful and talented the students were regarding their use in magic. She quickly became friends with Teclis as a result, with the High Elf mage commending her ability to hold her own and displaying strong magical talent while Chariot saw Teclis as a good man, even if he's wracked by guilt and failure, a part which both mutually shared.
  • Her relationship with Croix "du sud" Meridies has been a complicated one, especially given that while they were friends, Croix harboured jealousy towards Chariot for being the wielder of the Shiny Rod and played a role in siphoning off the magical potential of those who attended Chariot's magical performances. That and Croix began using technology as a means to power up magic via collecting negative emotions to create the Noir Rod. Though it was fouled, Chariot still insisted on maintaining her friendship with Croix and wishes to see her again, either in their world or in the Pantheon.
    • As a result, she has mixed feelings for the House of Machinery and Technology. She acknowledged that there are lots of good-hearted deities and residents who rely on tech and Chariot has no problem with that. However, given her experience with Magitek in her world, she tends to be suspicious of that particular brand of magic. One of them was Abra Kadabra, who much like Chariot is a literal magic performer. Unlike Chariot, who used her magical talents to make people happy, Abra used technology to conjure up magic because he has a desire to be the centre of attention. Chariot expresses disappointment, which annoyed Abra into initiating a fight against her. Abra Kadabra has vowed that he won't stop until he finds a way to express Chariot, though she personally has no interest. Not to mention that Abra himself already made enemies against Diana even before Chariot's arrival.
    • On a more serious note, Chariot deeply opposes the Grand United Alliance of Machines. She sees it as a total counter of magic and their desire for mechanical supremacy goes against the ethics and longevity of magic and its wonders. It doesn't help in that the leading members of the GUAM are malicious deities, some of whom have no disregard for anybody. Chariot keeps herself wary of the alliance and has sworn to fight back if they threaten her loved ones. The biggest offenders include Brainiac, as Chariot believes that he may potentially want to "collect" Luna Nova Academy for his own gains, Ultron and SKYNET for desiring genocide and wanting to satiate their own needs even before the GUAM's.
  • As a teacher to someone who struggled in learning and practising with her powers, Chariot quickly became acquainted with All-Might, who took it upon himself to look after and raise Izuku Midoriya after proving himself to have a heart of a hero. Chariot was rather endeared by their relationship and, in turn, All-Might and Midoriya found Chariot's efforts to look after Akko as sweet and moving, relatable even. It came off as no surprise that alongside them, Akko and Midoriya became friends too, often hanging out and talking about their issues. Chariot is open to come by the UA High School anytime as All-Might allows, thinking that Chariot's presence can help with the students' morale.
  • Chariot ascended into the Pantheon sometime after some unsavoury events went down. Learning about the Pantheonic Rebellion and the Great Upheaval which resulted in a morale division within the realms, Chariot personally chose not to involve herself too much with the aftermath of the events. And given that she was among the numerous who ascended after the events had transpired, she feels that there isn't much to do and would rather dedicate her time to her interests in helping others and making them happy.
    • Still, it didn't stop her from visiting Madoka once she had free time to converse with her. Madoka welcomed her presence but states that she prefers not to attract too much company on purpose after the events of the Great Upheaval left her temporarily powerless. Even so, Chariot told her to never stop fighting for what she loves and cited her family and friends as an example. It cheered Madoka up and ever since then, Chariot was always available to provide either some training or helpful advice for the Magical Girl. By extension, that goodwill was also reached out to the other Puella Magi, who have since come to see Chariot as a staunch ally and support in times of need.
  • Being a performing magician caught the attention of a few like-minded people like Zatanna, Kaito Kuroba, Trucy Wright, Trixie Lulamoon, Oscar Digg and Dorothy Albright. All of them have come to see Chariot in high regard, mainly because of her kind and compassionate nature, in addition to being headstrong and willing to fight against what she thinks is right. Zatanna, Trucy and Kaito are more than willing to bring her along as a special guest, the latter two loving the idea of having someone who uses real magic be a part of their show while the former sees potential in Chariot being a hero in her own right. That said, she has been critical of Trixie, mainly due to her often boasting about her magic and getting into trouble because of it. Chariot is willing to help Trixie out in controlling her magic, though she does have to tell her not to be too arrogant and smug about things.
  • To some extent, she does sympathize with Darth Vader and Nagato, the former for being an apprentice-turned evil when he should have been the one to bring balance to the force and the latter for having a dream that went nowhere, and in Nagato's case, it was worse as unlike Chariot, the betrayal involved resulted in death and misery that warped Nagato via turning him into Pain. She feels uneasy around their presence, though both former villains have no ill will against her. By proxy, it's by Vader that Chariot got to meet up and become friends with Obi-Wan. They understand the plight of being a mentor and the responsibilities that come with it. Though Obi-Wan had to suffer a lot due to his apprentice Vader (then known as Anakin) betraying him and the Jedi. Still, Chariot reassured him that not all hope was lost and that with him back again, Obi-Wan can put another shot at being the protector and warrior that he could be without getting hampered by strict rules. Although a lawful man, Obi-Wan thanks Chariot for her kind gesture.
  • While Hogwarts and Ulthuan, as different as they may be, provided Chariot with the sense that magic can be used for good and the benefit of others, there were two factions with a connection to them that did not exactly sit well with her...
    • Voldemort is hellbent on killing Harry because he was the only person who was able to survive the Killing Curse that he and his Death Eater followers casually use. Chariot personally sees the Dark Lord as a terrible excuse for a wizard and a twisted bigot who simply couldn't get over a grudge, not to mention he bought it on himself after he had killed Harry's mother right in front of him. Voldemort himself couldn't care less about what Chariot has to say about him and sees her as another obstacle in his way, though he's at a loss for words on how Chariot would rather use her powers to entertain and make others happy rather than for power.
    • The Dark Elves of Naggaroth, led by Malekith and Morathi, are driven by a personal vendetta against Ulthuan for refusing to accept Malekith as the Phoenix King. Chariot is at a loss for words on how deranged and sadistic the Dark Elves are and does the best she can to not have them be anywhere close to Akko or Diana. She is also infuriated in how Naggaroth has a Wizarding School system, except that Dark Elven society encourages up-and-coming witches to kill each other to avoid competition, all because they believe the strong dominate the weak. Malekith, unlike Voldemort, takes Chariot a little bit seriously and dares her to fight him if given the chance. Though Morathi is the one who earns most of Chariot's anger and frustration as she was the one who turned her son evil, still manipulates him to an extent and does all of her actions either out a very twisted affection for Malekith or for personal pleasure. As for Morathi herself, she thinks Chariot is too weak-minded if all she can do to raise a complaint about how Dark Elven society.
    • Even further than this, Eternia and the cosmos also resided Horde Prime, a massively narcissistic Control Freak who desires to control the universe through installing mind-control chips through everyone's brain. Upon finding out about Chariot's ascension, Horde Prime quickly came to declare her an enemy despite not even formally meeting her. It stemmed from the fact that he was a potent weakness to magic. Chariot expressed nothing but disappointment and disgust at him, given the fact that he couldn't care less about his army and wants to rob everyone's free well because he wants control above all else. As a result, battles between the two tend to be ugly, if they ever happen.
  • Laetitia is a doll-like girl that wants to make friends and make others happy by playing pranks. It seems innocent... except that the pranks actually kill people via Latitia's friends burst out of their bodies. She also can't seem to understand how bad her actions were. Instead of hating her, Chariot instead felt pity for the girl. Her intent for pranks and happiness is genuine after all, but in the rate that she's going, there's little Chariot can actually do about the situation. She will, however, try to stop her from killing more people, even if it would potentially make Laetitia unhappy.
  • Due to her reputation, she became friends with the Mane Six rather quickly. To her surprise, Pinkie Pie seems to take the most liking towards Chariot, mainly because Pinkie usually tries to lighten the mood with her cheery and excitable disposition. Many have noted a clear juxtaposition between the two; Chariot is graceful ad elegant in bringing a smile to others whereas Pinkie is chaotic and boisterous in her attempts at throwing parties. Still, Chariot appreciated the group, particularly Twilight, for keeping them close-knitted and for setting an example in Equestria.
    • Additionally, she also came to learn about Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis and Grogar. She has made no stops in opposing them, especially Tirek for being a manipulative brute who revels in mocking others and stealing magic from them too. Luckily for Chariot, she is just as capable of fighting without them, much to Tirek's dismay. She also finds Chrysalis to be rather pathetic in envying the Mane Six and obviously views Grogar as a tyrannical warlord and sees the act of enslaving others as fuel for power to be pretty heinous. Conversely, her opinion towards Discord was mixed, but given how he's trying to do better over time, Chariot will cut some slack on him, though, like Elmer, she tends to keep an eye on him, given that Discord is still prone to acting snarky and boorish. Still, they'll work together if they're facing off against a mutual foe.
Didn't you learn to be patient? Even if the road is winding, you must work hard at what you can do now. That is the kind of witch you must become.

Lesser Gods

    Devil Boner 
Devil Boner, God of Men Wearing Eyeliner (Manliest Man of all Manhood, Manliest Man-God of Man)

G36, Goddess of Close Call Haircuts (Gr G36)
MOD 3 Appearance
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her namesake gun and headband which bears the flag of Germany
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Jack of All Stats, Damage Focus T and Arclight Pact, Commando maid, Team Mom, Chef of Iron, Gratuitous German, Death Glare due to farsightedness and is kind otherwise
  • Domains: Androids, Assault Rifles, Maids, Germany
  • Allies: S.A.T.8, Contender and Thunder, AUG, Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38, TAC-50, AA-12 and Vector, Alma Armas, 2B, 9S, Maika Sakuranomiya, Sakuya Izayoi, Fiona Mayfield, Felicia and Jakob, Hayate Ayasaki, Alfred Pennyworth
  • Enemies: The Vex, T-800, T-1000, SKYNET, The Rebel Army, The Enclave, The Black Ops, The Fabrication Machine, XANA
  • Opposes: Bender Rodriguez, Gudako
  • Complicated Relationship (mainly mistrust): Isomer Black
  • Additional Relationship: Copen
  • Herald: G36C (her little sister), XM8
  • In a world recovering from both global wide contamination of Collapse Radiation and the fallout of World War III, to put it bluntly manpower is scarce. To fill the many roles left open are the Autonomous Dolls and they come in all different appearances and personalities. Whether they are cool and collected or impish and immature their use as a labor force is valuable no matter if they're acting as simple bartenders or, as many Private Military Contractors and governments have found out themselves, soldiers on the frontline. Enter G36, one such Tactical Doll herself working under the PMC Griffon And Kryuger and assumes the role of a hardworking and diligent maid.
  • Arrived to the Pantheon after suddenly blacking out just as she walked out her dorm door and awoke in the presence to the Court of Gods. The reason for her ascension would relate to the time where she had one of her squadmates lives from returning fire due to choosing to stay behind a bit longer to pick off some more enemies. In doing so, G36 suffered a Close-Call Haircut and was badly damaged but both managed to retreat in time. The maid has since made a full recovery alongside a Digimind Upgrade and new look to boot and it was by her request that she kept the braided ponytail off as a mementos of said event, a significant point in which she has grown as a person.
    • After some slight urging by some members of said Court, alongside some knowledge of some other dolls' experience with these sorts of things, G36 came to accept their offer of "ascension" though she made it clear that before she was going to set things up she was going to at least complete whatever work she was going to do to which they allowed her to do. After easing the worries of her comrades regarding her brief disappearance (most of it being her easing G36C's worries) and finishing her day to day schedule G36 then properly came to the Pantheon with her little sister G36C in tow as a Herald.
  • The most notable trait about her would be her stern and angry gaze she seems to have at all times. Don't get the wrong idea though, this doll is a kind and caring soul. G36 is just unfortunate to have hyperopoia, also known as far-sightedness. Thus, the Death Glare is just her squinting very hard. Now, you may ask yourself what kind of maniac would willingly give a combat robot such a detrimental and quirky flaw in the first place, but just roll with the punches. If one were to ask that question every time it comes up when looking at many of the dolls it would be a very bad case of ad nauseum. Now, to make things clear this trait of hers doesn't seem to slow her down one bit as in each in every battle she keeps pace with the rest of her comrades.
  • While roaming the Pantheon she happened to cross paths with a blindfolded android named 2B. The two quickly hit it off through the shared experiences of being combat androids sent by mankind to do their work of mainly fighting Killer Robots in a post-apocalyptic world. There was one hiccup where in trying to offer her something to eat the moment G36 mentioned mackerel 2B gave an adverse reaction before properly declining and explaining that, while she is capable of eating, it is unnecessary and mackerel in particular is pretty much lethal to androids like herself. Other than that it was pretty smooth sailing.
    G36: I see.
    • This friendship would eventually extend to 9S one day whom G36 finds quite nice. When not busy with his own missions he sometimes tries to assist her with her problems however he can, either through logistics runs or actual combat. While appreciative, there are times when the T-Doll did have to make it clear to 2B that she wasn't interested in him, nor does she have any desire to get in between the two of them.
  • Considering she is a maid, G36 being a Chef of Iron perhaps should come as no surprise. She's courteous enough to send her friends their favorite foods, even during operations like night battles. Her illustrator notes that her specialty is geared moreso towards western cuisine than that of oriental cuisine. It was through this that she was able to become good friends with Maika Sakuranomiya due to her interests in cultures abroad. Despite getting on a wrong foot due to G36 apparently glaring at Maika, the issue was quickly rectified when it turns she shares the exact same problem. The fact that both of them are maids certainly helped smooth things over between the two for G36 even at takes time out of her day to help her out in the House of Food.
    • As far as other maids are concerned she has also bonded with the likes of Sakuya Izayoi, Fiona Mayfield, and Felicia. Butlers such as Jakob, Hayate Ayasaki, and Alfred Pennyworth are not left out, though, given that she has dressed up as one before during a trip to an opera. She pulls it off the look and presence of one just as well to the point where she can just as easily be mistaken as a guy.
  • For some reason on certain days, in particular on Children's Day and Christmas, she will assume the form of a little girl who is barely taller than the very gun she carries. Despite this, G36 is not fazed by it all and will continue to due her duties as if it were any other day. Notably, this is one of few times she is seen wearing glasses contributing to not-as-fierce gazes and conversely amplifies her cuteness. In this form the doll is commonly seen hanging around the House of Childhood and Adolescence.
  • Though her absolute determination to serve her allies is admirable it can and will prove to be a detriment should she push herself too hard. G36 isn't comfortable with people serving her and prefers to rely solely on herself. Some examples include when in a vacation to a beach in continuously serving her fellow dolls she ended up overheating her body and during a photoshoot she almost fell in trying to climb up a stage prop had she not been caught in the nick of time. Perhaps the biggest one out of them well would be the time during the recovery from the aforementioned incident with her saving her comrade as even a few days before then she was quite lost in thought when it came to her personal limits and desire to further help people. She has learned from said experiences, however, and this can be mainly attributed to the guiding words of her Commander.
  • Not a fan of Bender having been on the receiving ends of his advances of which is flatly declined. When she caught him trying to do the same to G36C, however, let's just say she wasn't happy and leave the picture of what happened next to your imagination.
  • As a Griffin Doll her main enemy back home are Sangvis Ferri, renegade T-Dolls who were apart of a PMC like her's before their AI took control of their units and killed their human masters prompting Griffin to step in and deal with them. It is because of this that G36 has come to blows with the likes of the original T-800 and the T-1000 and by extension SKYNET itself. Following the events of KCCO's betrayal with their arrest of Berezovich Kryuger, the co-founder of the G&K PMC and decision to directly enter the conflict between G&K and Sangvis Ferri, G36 does not hold the likes of the Rebel Army, the Enclave, or the Black Ops in high regard either.
    • As far as the Fabrication Machine is concerned, she exercises great amount of caution given and having been on the receiving end of its attacks done by its creations while wandering the House of Plants and admiring its views one time. G36 sees the Vex and XANA in a similar light given their capabilities though 2B and 9S along with their allies in Pantheon Coalitions have assured her that she won't be alone when forced to confront them.
  • Of the few times Copen has met her on his downtime he could not help but be reminded of Nori, a maid who worked closely with him as the Kamizono family's maid. The reminders are both full of nostalgia and downcast given the memories spent and the circumstances regarding him having to disown the name and take off on his own to continue his personal wars.
  • Being the deity of Mobile Phone Games as a whole it was perhaps only a matter of time until G36 got to meet the Master of Chaldea himself, Ritsuka Fujimaru. It was the latter who initiated conversation when he managed to meet the T-Doll in the House of Food when she was finished with work there. Though it was meant to be a friendly greeting it ultimately lead to her talking about her experiences in Griffin and the situation it was in by Singularity, of which Ritsuka expressed their sadness and condolences towards. The two eventually said their goodbyes as the former ran for her next task but not before expressing an interest in talking again. Sure enough, meetings over tea between the two are not uncommon.
    • During one talk over lunch they found out they were within earshot of the antics of a strange person who looked not unlike the Master of Chaldea's female form, if not a lot more crazed looking. When G36 bit the bullet and asked who that person was Ritsuka sighed and explained who Gudako was... and proceeded to express a desire to not talk about her any further.
  • In an Alternate Timeline where Griffon and Kryuger were contracted to act as Glitch City's private police force G36 came to the bar of Valhalla while accompanying a gorgeous woman by the name of Alma. Due to her... "debugging" G36's neural cloud was accidentally swapped out and two of her bodies ended up being inhabited by the minds of Alma's vacuum cleaner and toaster. After some drinking both of said appliances found out the truth the hard way. Then the two decided being maids was tiring and opted to become Dinergates instead and went shopping with the real G36 to find themselves new bodies. Yep.
  • "It is my duty to answer to my Master's needs."

    Luke fon Fabre 
Luke fon Fabre, God of Important Haircuts (Replica, Dreck, Ambassador Asshat)
Before his haircut
  • Lesser God (Greater God while wielding the key of Lorelei)
  • Symbol: The devil face on the back of his jacket and the key of Lorelei
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (with shades of Neutral selfish prior to his haircut)
  • Portfolio: Red Is Heroic, Thou Shall Not Kill, Being Fate's Bitch, Changing from Jerkass to All-Loving Hero, Lightning Bruiser, Idiot Hero
  • Herald: Asch the Bloody (his "twin"/genetic template).
  • Allies: Tear Grants, Guy Cecil, Anise Tatlin, Jade Curtiss, Natalia Luu Kimlasca Lanvaldear, Yona, Adol Christin, Ange, Touta Konoe, Fa Mulan, Sophie, Yuri Lowell, Colette Brunel
  • Enemies: Melkor, Yan
  • He ascended after wanting to change after in order to Atone for the destruction of Akzeriuth. So he cut his hair to signify his change views on life. Along with his friends watching him, he change the world for the better. This is something, because beforehand, his long haired Spoiled Brat mode was extremely irritating. A humbled Luke decided to let one of his nicknames when he's in that phase, 'Ambassador Asshat', to be amongst his official nicknames, signifying that he won't deny that he used to be such an asshat.
  • He doesn't like it if someone decided to make a game about 'failing' to raise him and ending up blowing Akzeriuth up. He admits that has happened and he did that, but it still goes a little too far, even if his title is designed to be the 'personality adjustment button'.
  • He's befriended Yona on accounts of formerly being sheltered Spoiled Brats, being betrayed by someone they held dear which in forced them to change their outlook on life.
  • He is desperately trying to atone for actions. He knows that it takes more than a normal sacrifice and that a simple apology won't instantly make things right.
  • He is befriended Touta and Sophie on the fact that they are all Artificial Humans though Luke himself is specifically a clone and spars with former regularly in order to improve their swordsmanship.
  • He also befriended Mulan who also cut her hair as to signify her desire to change.
  • He very reluctant to kill his enemies though some would call him soft, while others would respect him for that.
  • Various gods want to capture him and experiment on him for two reasons. One is that he's a perfect clone and they hope to find the secret to this so they can do the same. The second reason is witnessing the extreme power of a hyperresonance in action.
  • He has befriended Ben Tennyson and Adrian Fahrenheight Tepes, all while noticing they sound rather similar. At first he thought they were replicas like him or something. He then quickly dissuaded himself after seeing face to face.
  • While this is definitely the 'replica' Luke, it's not known whether this one has merged with the original, Asch the Bloody, then just cut his hair again. Don't ask, we get migraines about deciding which is which.
  • Because of his sheltered lives, he could run his mouth way too freely and get a slap for it. Like that one time he suggested a big-boobed woman wear a 'skimpy cute' outfit because he likes it better... within the earshot of the League of Flat Chests. After a rather severe beating, Luke has been trying to not let his mouth run way too freely.
  • For the record there is nothing going on between him and Tear. However they're fooling no one as Everyone Can See It.


    Alan Grant 
Dr. Alan Grant, The Seriously Scruffy God
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Fossilized Velociraptor Claw or his Straw Hat
  • Theme Song: Welcome to Jurassic Park
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Rugged Appearance accompanied by Serious Demeanor, Being Knowledgeable about Dinosaurs, Blue Is Heroic, Often Geeks out about Dinosaurs, Was the Only Individual Aware about the Dangers of Isla Sorna, given his Experience, Sees the Cloned Dinosaurs as "circus freaks", Shell-Shocked Veteran, Has Respect for Raptors, Cynical towards Children before being Promoted to Papa Wolf
  • Domains: Paleontology, Dinosaurs, Survival, Appearance, Experience, Growth
  • Heralds: Dr. Ellie Sattler, Billy Brennan, Eric Kirby
  • Superior: Steven Spielberg
  • Allies: Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Regina, The Gang of Seven, Dino, Hoppy, Yoshi, Mario, Peppa Pig, The Monster Hunters, Owen Grady, note  Tommy Oliver, Ross Geller
  • Enemies: Indominus Rex, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Gwangi, Sharptooth, Pokémon Hunter J, Damien Thorn
  • Wary Of: Rexie, The Carnotaurs, Glavenus, Deviljho
  • Interested In: Omastar, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Relicanth, Rampardos, the Pteranodon family
  • Respected By: The Childhood and Adolescence House
  • A world-renowned paleontologist specializing in hadrosaurs and maniraptorans, Dr. Alan Grant was one of the few alongside fellow paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler to be invited by InGen CEO John Hammond to visit Isla Nublar for a special attraction. That attraction? A theme pack known as Jurassic Park, housing living, breathing dinosaurs successfully cloned through DNA extracted from amber. Initially caught with wonder and joy, the experience quickly becomes one of danger and survival after an attack from the part's residential Tyrannosaurus rex, which was caused by a deliberate power malfunction from one of the park's computer programmers, Dennis Nedry. Alan was forced to wander the island and avoid danger at every turn, especially the Velociraptors with Hammond's grandchildren, Lex and Tim Murphy alongside overcoming his pessimism towards children. Eventually, he was successful, though the rampage cost numerous lives and Hammond's dreams became shattered.
    • Grant's survival in Isla Nublar and the tyrannosaur rampage in San Diego four years later didn't bode well for him, as interest in paleontology began to dwindle and hence, Grant became more cynical and jaded over time. It didn't help when he was duped into going to Isla Sorna with the Kirby's alongside associate Billy Brennan, who wanted to find their missing son Eric. There, they were attacked by a Spinosaurus who demolished the plane, stranding them. Dealing with a new superpredator and another pack of Velociraptors, Grant was initially separated from the main party until he was found by Eric, who told Alan about his experience with the island. Soon after reuniting with the party, Grant would face off against a Pteranodon horde, the Spinosaurus and the raptors after Billy stole some of their eggs before finally being rescued by the U.S. Navy.
  • Grant's entrance in the Pantheon was actually pretty mundane, or at least for him. He was offered an excavation site from a trusted fund organizer which he decided to take upon as a good opportunity to keep up the work of paleontology, especially since Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna caused a negative effect in the loss of interest regarding digging up fossils. Upon arriving on said dig site, Grant realized that the working place had a rather natural feel to it. He and his team arrived in a barren outskirt in the House of Beasts and Fauna. Luckily enough, they didn't encounter any animal to give them trouble and Grant himself continued on his work.
    • His ascension came about when he was approached by Owen Grady a day later. Grant was surprised to see that there was someone who trained raptors and the two talked to one another for quite some time. Owen also told Grant about the Pantheon and the House of Beast, telling him that he would need to be careful about the surroundings of this new world. Taking his words into account, Grant was able to secure a position in the Pantheon.
  • Grant is arguably the most well-known paleontologist in the Pantheon. However, with the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House not being just bountiful, but also pretty popular, he feels that his work may not light up a decent level of interest. However, he got lucky in the that House of Beast and Nature does have a lot of millennia-old remains to excavate and study, with the House of Science being willing to allow Grant to conduct research there if need be. In his off time, Grant can be seen hanging around fellow paleontologists Ross Geller and Tommy Oliver to discuss their field of work.
  • The Dr. Grant in the Pantheon is generally accepted to be his film counterpart. That said, he is well aware of his original novel source material and finds many parallels between them rather amusing. Not surprisingly, he was appalled by the novel iteration of John Hammond being callous and uncaring about the lives of his workers and visitors, especially his grandchildren and prioritizing the reputation of his park instead. Grant was pleased to see that the Hammond that ascended is not that version.
  • Initially, Grant was not fond of children and even scared one by telling him about how raptors hunted. However, his experiences in Isla Nublar was mostly spent with Hammond's grandchildren Lex and Tim and he mellowed out his feelings to the point of being defensive about their safety. His later travel to Isla Sorna saw him working effectively with Eric Kirby in escaping the island and respected the boy for being resourceful and smart in the face of danger. As a result, he's given approval by the Children Sub-House and will try to attend the place in his spare time.
    • However, one child earns his contempt, Damien Thorn, who not only is literally demonic, but sometimes disguises himself in an adult form similar to Grant.
  • Outside of his work, Grant will act as a curator, setting up public events to talk about dinosaurs, his experiences in Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna and what are the costs and dangers of genetic engineering. Normally, it's tough as he finds it difficult to come to terms with his travel. He is however, respected by opening up to it though. At times he will bring Ian Malcolm to their presentations, as no matter if they had their differences (Grant agrees with an assessment that Malcolm is "high on himself", preachy and loves to talk about chaos), the support of someone who endured similar things always helps.
  • While he was genuinely happy about the existence of the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House, he is also incredibly cautious about the place. He likes the fact that most of the dinosaurs residing there are genuine animals with no traces of genetic engineering to open. He's made quick friends with the Gang of Seven due to Grant's Character Development allowing him to be more open towards kids and similarly gets along with Dino, Hoppy and Rampardos.
  • All things considered, Grant is not fully accepting of the dinosaurs that were cloned for Jurassic Park. Later down his life, he states that they were "circus freaks" and science abridged their physiology to an extent that Grant doesn't consider them true dinosaurs. That's not to say he hates them, but one can't disagree with him given how some of the dinosaurs turned out, especially the Velociraptors.
    • He does however, genuinely respect raptors, given that they were apex predators who could rival the Tyrannosaurus rex in competition. In similar regard, he respects Owen for being able to tame a quartet of raptors into seeing him as a father figure. That said, he is actually hesitant to approach the Raptor Pack, given what he had to deal with beforehand with other Raptors. Owen is however, trying to make some effort in getting Grant to at least approach the Raptors without harm.
      • Likewise, Grant detests Riptor for being more monster than animal and for the fact that she was specifically designed to be a weapon by Ultratech. He condemns the company for thinking they could create a weaponized raptor for their own purposes and it doesn't help that Riptor's personality isn't too different from the Raptors of Isla Nublar, particularly The Big One.
  • Was surprised about prehistoric Pokémon, if mainly because of their ability to be tamed by trainers and be used for battle. Grant was initially skeptical about this until he realized how Pokémon were able to bond with their trainers and have a relation ship that borders of comrades/friends. He finds this rather respectable and has expressed desire to study the prehistoric Pokémon in his spare time. He seems most interested in Tyrantrum for obvious reasons.
  • While he is very wary about Rexie, he doesn't have any sort of contempt against her and acknowledges that she is simply an animal trying to live out her life, though he does express surprise that she lived beyond her natural lifespan, even if it has something to do with genetic engineering. The Spinosaurus, on the other hand, is a different matter. An animal that is unnaturally territorial and aggressive, Grant believes that the animal is more a monster, in a similar vein to the Sharptooth and Gwangi.
  • He expressed some surprise in the success of Jurassic World, but was appalled and disappointed when InGen decided to create the Indominus Rex, thinking that the company didn't really learn from their mistakes. He maintained his frustration when he also learned about the Indoraptor. But now that the cloned dinosaurs are free to roam America, he can't help but side with Dr. Malcolm about why the dinosaurs needed to go extinct. Pretty hard, coming from a paleontologist who really loves dinosaurs.
  • To maintain dinosaurs from causing too much havoc in the Pantheon, Grant has formed a friendship of sorts with Regina. He's allowed her to use his money for operations that would benefit in both of their favors, with Grant teaching Regina about how to handle certain dinosaurs. That said, he has told her to be careful in not killing them, given that not every dinosaur acts the same as they did in Ibis Island and Edward City. Regina has complied since.
  • Gets along well with the Monster Hunters. Given that the hunting organization often search for researchers to study and provide information for the several creatures that they hunt, they've approached Grant if he can provide them with scientific information about some of the monsters, especially Brute Wyverns. It's from here that Grant has learned about the likes of Glavenus and Deviljho. While he is interested to look at them and even find bones for research, hearing stories about them has made Grant pretty uneasy about the kind of animals they really are. Still, he'll remain committed to the Monster Hunters if need be.
"Reverse Darwinism: Survival Of The Most Idiotic."

    Cleopatra VII 
Cleopatra Thea Philopator the Seventh, Goddess of Beautified Historical Figures (Cleo, Assassin, Danganpatra)
An artist' rendering of Cleopatra
Click here for her Servant incarnation
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate as a Servant, Greater Goddess as a Demon)
  • Symbol: A golden asp
  • Theme Song(s): El Helwa Di (Ancient, Medieval, Industrial, and Atomic versions) and Ra Ra Cleopatra
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Allegedly the World's Most Beautiful Woman, Lover To Julius Caeser, God Empress, Nepharious Pharaoh According To Some, May–December Romance, Married To Her Brother As Per Custom, Royally Big, Screwed-Up Family, The Vamp or Heroic Seductress According To Others, Violent Relationship With Siblings, The Last Egyptian Pharaoh, Driven to Suicide
  • Domains: Egypt, Royalty, Riches, Combat, Passion
  • Followers: Marie-Antoinette, Maximilien Robespierre, John Smith, Anne Boleyn
  • Allies: Alexander the Great, Daenerys Targaryen, Margaery Tyrell, Romeo and Juliet, The Egyptian Gods, Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix, Xena, Gabrielle
  • Special relationship with: Her lover, Julius Caesar
  • On good terms with: The House of Persons of Desire
  • Rivals: Ramses, Anarkaris, Yami Yugi, and Marilyn Monroe
  • Enemies: En Sabah Nur, YHVH, Akechi Mitsuhide, Caligula, Fafnir, Dante Alighieri, Apophis
  • Pities: Romeo and Juliet, Azula
  • Opposed: Nanashi
  • Disappointed in: Robb Stark, Rhaegar Targaryen, Nero
  • Cleopatra VII Philopator is the last pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty, and the last pharaoh in over 3000 years of Egyptian history. Born in a time where the Roman power held a grip on Egyptian power. While her father Ptolemy XII was a weak vassal, she was determined to restore the might of the pharaohs and independence. She would go on to shape Roman history and become one of the most influential pharaohs in history, however would fall in battle and kill herself rather than be subject to humiliation.
  • Considered by many through history, and her own time, as the World's Most Beautiful Woman. This isn't exactly true; while not ugly, she wasn't too spectacular. However her intelligence and charm, combined with her famous seduction of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, led her to get a Historical Beauty Upgrade. She competes with many goddesses in her house for who's the most attractive. Notably had a rap battle with Marilyn Monroe.
  • Realizes that she is one of several pharaohs in the Trope Pantheon. Determined to prove herself as the greatest leader Egypt has, she competes with all of them. That rivalry is very strong with Ramses, who's in top billing for the one of the greatest pharaohs ever. She admires his desire to keep Egyptian values though believes he goes too far. Ramses considers her somewhat hypocritical as her family is Greek, yet identifies completely as Egyptian. There's no good will towards Apocalypse however, for obvious reasons.
  • Claims to be the reincarnation of Isis, though Osiris says that's bull. Zia Rashid and a lot other other magicians in the House of Life don't have a high opinion of her since in her universe the fall of Egypt was partly caused by her failed attempt to host Isis. While she keeps Hellenistic customs, she promotes the Egyptian Pantheon. As such, she opposes YHVH like so many others.
  • She was not pleased at all to learn that the Caligula would try to rule as a pharaoh in Egypt. She considers the man a complete disgrace to the lineage of her lover, Julius Caesar. She was rather upset to learn that the last of his line in power was Nero. Not that she dislikes her, she does doesn't think she should be the final link to her beloved.
  • Had a rather turbulent relationship with her family. Granted, the Ptolemies were infamous for familial backstabbing and the more reasonable/compassionate members of the House of Family and Relatives would rather her not visit. She spent a good portion of her life trying to bump off her sister Arsinoe, and spent time co-ruling with her brother-husband while at each other's throats. She can sympathize with Azula over this.
  • Competes with other famed female rules from history. Right now, that includes Elizabeth the First, Artoria Pendragon and Jeanne D'Arc. It's all a Friendly Rivalry, as the four respect each other's achievements. Is a straight up ally with Daenerys Targaryen. The two are products of Royal Inbreeding, and the last of a once glorious line of rulers. She really respects what she's done and her willpower, hoping the Mother of Dragons succeeds where she has failed.
  • Managed to seduce both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, both who fathered her children, which was one of the main reasons Rome considered her such a threat. Allegedly she sent herself to Caesar in a rolled up carpet. Her and Caesar were overjoyed to see each other once again, though they are trying to take a more professional relationship at the moment given everything that's happened. She despises Akechi Mitsuhide for his betrayal, as it reminds her of Brutus'.
  • Seen often in the Persons of Desire sub-house. In terms of consorts and seductresses, she is very impressed by Margaery Tyrell and her rise in power, especially with handling a psychopathic brat and a Puppet King. Sad to see her consumed by wildfire, though hopes her literary counterpart has a lot more success. Contrasting this is her disappointment with Robb Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen; the former for letting his Sex for Solace utterly doom him and the latter for screwing over the realm due to his love for Lyanna Stark.
  • Feels plain old sorry for Romeo and Juliet due to how their love went. Given her own relationship with Mark Antony, it stings to see how they ended up. She found it mildly interesting that like them, she was a subject that the Bard wrote about. Sometimes she joins the Virgin Queen in watching Shakespeare's plays.
  • Very rich, and refuses to let anyone in the pantheon get their hands on her treasures. When she committed suicide by asp or overdose, she managed to make sure the Romans would never get their hands on it. Became really angry when Fafnir managed to steal her gold.
  • May have some demonic influence ties to her. It's said she is a demon queen of lust, and the epitome of Fan Disservice. Cleopatra is vehemently against this incarnation due to the Historical Villain Upgrade and claims it's an imposter, though Dante does not believe this. She's a lot more pleased with her SMT iteration however. She was summoned with specific body parts of 1465 women with the hope of making a world of "peace and salvation". Despite showing a stunning amount of power in her new demonic form, she was ultimately defeated, killing herself rather than dying by the hands of the Hunter sent to defeat her.
  • Recently served as a Servant, existing as an Assassin and spirit of magical and bewitching beauty, and may have been a magical girl. Ironically, the fact that she was one of the Assassin Brotherhood's first enemies has not been overlooked.
    • When Julius Caesar ascended as a Saber-class Servant, she called out to him with a very familiar-sounding "CAESAR!!!", earning her a friendly rivalry with Joseph Joestar; once she learned about his crossdressing caper, she volunteered to help him perfect the craft. Naturally, he refused... but that golden snake hovering around her looked a lot like a Stand, which she denied, as litigation would be too much of a hassle for her.
    • Her time as an Assassin-class Servant also brought her into contact with Michael Jackson, and she's working on picking up the choreography for "Remember the Time".
  • Beerus was confused upon seeing Cleopatra. She looked distinctively like Helles, the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 2, and was wondering what she was doing in the Trope Pantheon when most gods of destruction are busy with the Tournament of Power. He was informed otherwise. She smirked at this, knowing her beauty is comparable to a Cosmic Entity who values beauty.
  • Paid a visit to Xena's temple to personally thank the Warrior Princess for thwarting an assassination attempt on her life. While Xena and Gabrielle were unable to prevent her death, they did managed to keep Egypt independent for a period of time. While many of their followers recall some chemistry, neither would clarify what kind of relationship they had.
  • Has been portrayed by a number of actors, such as Claudette Colbert, Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor. As such she's said to resemble Ellie Andrews, Scarlett O'Hara and Amy March. River Song once impersonated her...132 years after her death.
  • She also totally did not use pharaoh magic empowered with the work of slaves cheered by the Ouendan in order to attain her beauty, otherwise she's a fat slob. What kind of story is that!?
  • Has a good relationship with Asterix and Obelix, who once helped her have a palace built for Caesar to win a bet with him. She is grateful that they prevented her being killed by a poisoned cake sent by one of her subjects. She trusts Asterix so much that she sent her son to him, so that Asterix could protect him from Brutus who was trying to kill him. Both of them are often seen complimenting her beauty and especially her nose.

    Freaky Fred 

Hello new friend, my name is Fred

the words you hear are in my head.

I say, I said my name is Fred,

and I've been... very naaaaauuuuughtyyy.

Fred, Divine Deliverer of Traumatic Haircuts (Freaky Fred, Freaky Barber)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His freaky smile
  • Theme Song: Freaky Fred
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Neutral when feeling...naaaaauuuuughtyyy)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Big Ol' Eyebrows, Naaaaauuuuughtyyy, Cloudcuckoolander, Wouldn't shave a tail, Hair fetish, Inner Monologue, The Mentally Disturbed, Obliviously Evil, Sharp-Dressed Man, Fancy way of speaking
  • Domains: Hair, Naughtiness, Fetish, Creepiness, Cutting
  • Allies: Muriel Bagge (his aunt), Eustace Bagge, Edward Scissorhands, Junkrat, Erma
  • Enemies: Yang Xiao Long, Josuke Higashikata, Yosemite Sam
  • Special Relationship: Courage
  • Banned from: The House of Beasts and Fauna
  • This is Fred, Freaky Fred, described as a "freaky barber" who does "freaky barber things" and speaks in rhyme. And he's been very very naaaaauuuuughtyyy. One day he visited his aunt Muriel's house after being let go on vacation but has a peculiar habit, one that makes him be very naaaaauuuuughtyyy. Fred has an odd urge to cut hair until nothing is left and unfortunately for Courage, he was locked in the bathroom with Fred and he started to be quite naaaaauuuuughtyyy to Courage. Fred was later taken away by the asylum police and sent back to the Home for Freaky Barbers Mental Institution. The traumatic experience still haunts Courage, but unfortunately for him, that was not the last time he would encounter Fred.
  • The court of gods took notice of Fred after he was off-handedly mentioned by his aunt and then after some reviewing, he was accepted into the Pantheon. Considering he has a hard time fighting the urge to cut hair, Fred is still under custody of the Home for Freaky Barbers Mental Institution staff, but he is let free to roam the pantheon every now and then. When Courage found out about this, he made it absolutely sure to never cross paths with Fred ever again.
  • He often visits his aunt Muriel, one of the few deities that treats him nicely and he in return never tries to harm her, so Courage lets him come as much as he want (but he won't dare stay near him, since he fears Fred would shave him again). He is also fond of Eustace, even if the man constantly calls him a freak and would rather lock him in the bathroom again. Guess the Horrible Judge of Character runs in the family when it comes to Eustace.
  • Fred started getting his naaaaauuuuughtyyy habits when he first had a pet hamster. Its fur was precious and pink and the urges from withing Fred caused him to be...naaaaauuuuughtyyy. As a preemptive measures, he was banned from the House of Beasts and Fauna to avoid him shaving more helpless animals and most of the members that aren't gigantic creatures are deeply afraid of him.
  • Given Fred general appearance and being occasionally naaaaauuuuughtyyy, he doesn't make many friends. The only one that he identified with the most was Edward Scissorhands as he became enamored with his backstory and wants to work with him as a fellow barber. Even if he finds Fred unnerving given his Perpetual Smiler look, Edward accepts him as a another good friend and it turns out that outside of his fetish, Fred is a pretty decent guy and one of the few people willing to be friends with him even after all he's been through.
  • Given his habits, it's natural that many people would rather avoid him. However, two of the ones that oppose Fred the most are Yang Xiao Long and Josuke Higashikata. That's because they really value their hair and if they were to get cut, they would pummel Fred so hard he would lose all the teeth in the process. He has tried to contain their urges when in the presence of the two but they still dislike seeing him around. In particular, Fred is reminded of his ex-girlfriend Barbara when he looks at Yang.
  • He tried to open a Barbershop with little success given that he still hasn't succesfully manage to restrain himself for feeling, you know, naaaaauuuuughtyyy. Well, he for a while was able to open a saloon in the House of Jobs and Profession and his first customer was none other than Yosemite Sam, whose moustache reminded Fred of the last customer he had before being sent to the mental institution. Unaware of Fred's reputation, he went there to have a slight shave but half of his moustache was shaved and Sam got mad and started shooting at Fred. Fred's barbershop was closed down immediately and both him and Sam were arrested for causing a commotion. Ever since that incident, Sam has held a grudge towards Fred for shaving his precious stache.
  • Surprisingly enough, Junkrat is a big fan of his. Mostly because he finds Fred to be pretty hilarious and the fact that both look eeriely similar only motivated the Junker to be his friend. Given the two lacking friends of their own, they quickly hit it off, Fred found Jamison to be quite the charmer with his simpleton speech and genius gadgets dedicated for explosions, considering his streak of crimes to be very naaaaauuuuughtyyy of him but then again, Fred is also quite naaaaauuuuughtyyy. Junkrat's partner in crime, Roadhog, doesn't really care about Fred but finds him more tolerable since he doesn't talk as much. But if he attempts to shave his remaining hair he will gut him with his hook.
  • One day, Fred decided to pay his good friend Courage a visit after having an urge to be, well, you know the drill by now. The dog was not thrilled to learn that Fred wanted to visit him and hid wherever he could only to come accross Erma in the process, who went to visit him as well since she wanted to understand why he was scared of most of the monstrous looking deities. Courage was shivering, not because of Erma but because he spotted Fred right behind her. Although this time Fred wasn't really a hostile as he was last time and just barely startled Erma when he glanced at her dark messy hair. In order to help Courage and not harm Fred seeing as he was very nice to her, he allows him to cut her hair from time to time. Seeing as her hair instantly grows, Fred finds Erma hair to be quite the challenge and can be at it for hours until either he gets tired or Erma gets bored and leaves. Since then, Fred appreaciates Erma as a good friend and the one that can at least protect Courage from getting shaved again if Fred is around.
  • "With love, Fred."

    Professor Julius Kelp and Professor Sherman Klump 
Professor Julius E. Kelp and Professor Sherman Klump, Co-Gods of Those with Sexier Alter Egos (The Nutty Professor, Buddy Love [for both]; Mr. Kelp [for Kelp]; Joe College [for Klump])
Professor Julius Kelp (left) and his Buddy Love persona (right)
Professor Sherman Klump (left) and his Buddy Love persona (right)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their respective "Buddy Love" potions
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (for both Kelp and Klump); Chaotic Neutral (for both Buddy Love personas)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Science, Split Personality, Potions, Weight (for Klump)
  • Heralds:
    • Kelp: Stella Purdy (his student turned wife)
    • Klump: Carla Purty, Jason (Klump’s assistant), Denise Gains, The other members of the Klump family
  • Allies: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask, Billy Batson/Shazam, Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi, Chihiro Fujisaki, Dexter, Steve Urkel, Professor Utonium, Jimmy Neutron, Ludwig von Drake, Wii Fit Trainer (for Klump only)
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen, Zonda, Nobuyki Sugou
  • Under watch by: Severus Snape
  • Interested Parties: Oberon, Titania, and Puck, Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardner
  • Nerd. Milquetoast. Klutz. These are just three of the many undesirable words that can be used to describe Julius Kelp, a chemistry professor at Matthews College. His science experiments lead to disaster and he often gets pushed around by other students, particularly those who are football players. One of his students whom he has a crush on, an attractive blonde named Stella Purdy, encouraged him to stand up to them, but this eventually led to him creating a potion that allowed him to transform into a suave, handsome, but rude swinger named Buddy Love. However, it has a side effect in which he can’t control when he reverts back to Kelp. Ultimately, his persona was revealed to be a fake in front of a crowd when the formula wore off. He then learned an important lesson about being yourself and ultimately got the girl by being genuine.
    • Sherman Klump, a brilliant and obese scientist, pretty much follows the same beats as Kelp’s story. However, Klump’s potion was meant to be a solution for weight-loss. When he decided to test it for himself after his date with Carla Purty goes badly, he would transform from a nice, overweight professor to an obnoxiously self-assertive braggart who, like with Kelp’s alter ego, calls himself Buddy Love. What makes his Buddy Love different from Kelp’s one is that he became a completely separate persona who plans to take over Sherman’s life, but ultimately, Sherman got rid of him after disposing of the potion. Years later, Klump would cross paths with Buddy Love again, this time separated from Sherman's body in an experiment involving an attempt to reverse aging, and gaining his own body after a mishap involving a dog. However, removing Love from his DNA ended up deteriorating his brain, but Klump would end up regaining his intelligence after reabsorbing Buddy.
  • Both of their stories have attracted the attention of the Main House, but there were some disagreements on who to ascend first. Some of the members preferred Kelp because he’s the original while others preferred Klump because he’s arguably the first of the two that pops up in their minds. Eventually, they have come to a settlement that they’ll have both of them share the trope of Sexier Alter Ego, as they equally viewed them as perfect examples of that trope. Their arrival in the Pantheon also marks the first time that they actually met, so it took awhile for them to get acquainted with each other. For the most part, Kelp likes Klump fine (though he sometimes gets annoyed with the latter’s fat and fart jokes), and the two make a decent Fat and Skinny duo (at least as their normal selves). And since their alter egos share the same name, let’s refer to them as “Kelp’s Buddy” and “Klump’s Buddy” respectively.
  • Their tales can be seen as comedic takes on the classic Jekyll-and-Hyde story, so it’s inevitable that they would meet up with the good doctor himself. Dr. Jekyll felt sorry for both of them since their unattractive appearances led them to create elixirs that led them to unleash their alter egos, though he also appreciates the fact that they were able to overcome them. They also get along with Stanley Ipkiss aka The Mask who has some empathy towards them, as like them, he also had experience in changing into a more confident, impulsive alter ego partially to impress a girl that he likes (though in Stanley’s case, he uses his mask to transform). And just like Kelp and Klump with their potions, Stanley ultimately didn’t need the mask to win over his love interest.
    • Additionally, the two are curious about Billy Batson and Zonda as they also have sexier alter egos thanks to their respective powers as otherwise they're just kids, wondering how they could obtain them without any scientific means. While they are fine with Billy, they are a little freaked out with Zonda and her aim to Kill All Humans as her case plays a part in people thinking she was dead as the older male form of hers that was "slain" was actually an illusory construct created by her. And then there’s Nobuyuki Suguo, whom they are both disgusted with, as they found his alter ego to be more sadistic than their own.
    • They also found themselves relating with the Yami Yugi and Yugi Muto given that they have a similar situation regarding their alternate personas. While the two Yugis don't really switch with each other through a potion, they do have that dilemma of "the other me is hotter." For some reason, this situation brought the interest of Anzu Mazaki, who is somehow drawn into the two professors’ Buddy Love personas.
  • Both professors serve as science teachers at the Elysium Academy, with Kelp specializing in chemistry and Klump specializing in genetics. Klump even established a new research facility for some students interested in science to take part of. Among such students that take a liking to both teachers, they include Dexter, Jimmy Neutron, Steve Urkel, among many others. They are especially surprised with not only how Dexter and Jimmy's intelligences are pretty much on par with their own, but also how they are capable of performing their own science experiments. Severus Snape has to keep an eye on them, however, in case of a chemical experiment gone wrong or if Klump’s horde of escaped lab hamsters overrun the campus. That, and he would find himself scoffing at a muggle’s attempt to create a potion.
    • Regarding their interactions with other scientists and professors, they do have some respect for Professor Utonium, as they felt that his experiments have shown capability for good (in Utonium’s case, a trio of superpowered girls). In their spare time, they also hang out with Ludwig von Drake, discussing their knowledge on science. Kelp especially finds the duck’s Absent-Minded Professor mindset to be similar to his own.
    • Unfortunately, they (Kelp especially) also found themselves sometimes getting bullied by Biff Tannen. It’s situations like these that made them want to use their potions again so that they can get back at him.
  • Not surprisingly, there are several deities who are interested in obtaining the Buddy Love potions. For instance, Chihiro Fujisaki considered obtaining the potions, but ultimately decided against it just to be better himself, which both professors respected. Even without accounting for the side-effects of the alter ego being a lot less pleasant than the original, using it would just be like running away from being who he is and would rather just work toward what he wants instead.
    • Oberon (not the same one as Nobuyki Sugou), Titania, and Puck also appear to show interest in their Buddy Love potions as they find them similar to the magical flower they gave to the mortals back in their world. One time, the fairy king instructed Puck to obtain some extra bottles of the elixir while they were sleeping. He then proceeded to slip some of the potion into a drink of an innocent quasideity, causing that person to turn into a Buddy Love-type person that tries to flirt with various female deities. Needles to say, the two professors are annoyed upon hearing about this.
  • While Professor Kelp has tried to move on to other experiments, there are times he found himself transformed into Buddy again (likely caused by his wife who fed him one of the two bottles of his formula that she kept). Usually, Kelp’s Buddy can be seen in the House of Music, performing songs like his rendition of “That Old Black Magic.” Other times, he can be seen in the House of Alcohol, insisting bartenders like Moe Szyslak or Tapper to make him an Alaskan Polar Bear Heater drink, prompting other alcoholics in the house to try that drink.
    • Reportedly, Kelp also has a grandson named Harold who rediscovered his recipe for the potion, and unleashed his own alter ego who calls himself Jack. Very rarely does he talk about these incidents, though.
  • In his spare time, Sherman can be seen exercising in the House of Sports in an attempt to stay fit without the need of his Buddy Love potion. He can also be seen participating in several of the Wii Fit Trainers’ exercising programs, much to their surprise and approval. Kelp, on the other hand, felt that training in the gym isn’t right for him, given his previous experience going there.
  • They can also be found in Identity Issues.

    Toko Fukawa 
Toko Fukawa, Goddess of Split Personality Makeovers (Super High School Level Writer, Ultimate Writing Prodigy, Super Duper High School Shut-In, (Toko) Ultimate Murderous Fiend, Friendly Neighborhood Serial Killer, Genocide Jack, Genocider Syo/Sho/Shou, Super Duper High School StabbyMcMurder, (Jill))
Genocide Jill
  • Demigoddess
  • Theme Song: Sho's Fever Time (Jill)
  • Symbol: Toko's books pierced with Jill's scissors
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (Toko), Chaotic Evil (Jill)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Abrasiveness, Writing, Romance, Murder
  • Allies: Byakuya Togami, Komaru Naegi, Makoto Naegi, Kyoko Kirigiri, Aoi Asahina, Sonia Nevermind, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Peko Pekoyama, Princess Anna, HK-47, Raiden, Severus Snape
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his Mastermind, Monaca Towa, Light Yagami, The Joker
  • Friendly Enemies: Harley Quinn (Jill only)
  • The 'main' personality is Toko but she switches over to Jill should she pass out or sneeze. As Toko and not Jill has severe Hemophobia which will her to pass out if she sees blood Jill can take control for longer than Toko prefers at times. Toko has discovered that electrical shocks can bring her out for brief moments as well, and keeps a taser handy, if need be. She views it as a way of her getting some control over Jill.
    • The House of Food was also recently ransacked for pepper to avoid dealing with Jill. Grumbles were heard from Toko saying that some of the people who did it assumed the worst about her and did it as they'd rather deal with a insane serial killer than herself.
  • One of the few similarities between the two is their infatuation with Byakuya Togami. He's annoyed at having to put up with them even here.
  • Toko's romance novels have been subject to much praise, shooting people with similarities to their protagonists to the top of 'Hottest People Alive' charts. Toko has been considering branching out however.
    • Her books are also very popular with Princess Anna even thought Anna finds Toko's continued infatuation with Byakuya questionable.
  • The Investigation Team all oppose Jill to some extent but Chie Satonaka in particular as she is frightened by how similar they sound.
  • They're good friends with Fuyuhiko and Peko noting similarities and differences between them and her and Byakuya.
  • Jill is outraged at a lot of media as portraying those with Dissociative Identity Disorder as crazy serial killers despite being a crazy serial killer with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • Toko has been very stringent on keeping Jill behaved, and Jill's been mostly compliant. This is due to the fact that Byakuya has made it clear that if Jill takes another human life, she'll be cast out of the Future Foundation.
    • Byaukua was also quick to inform Toko that, in her and Jill's case, 'human' had a very wide definition, which included aliens, animals, certain robots, and most other beings in the Pantheon. As of now the only entities that don't fit the criteria are Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • Outraged at Light Yagami only for Byakuya's opinion of him, Jill has begged her 'master' for the kill order, with the added bonus of being able to kill a pretty boy again. Despite Toko's hatred for Light, (partially because she would die with Jill should Light's ideal world come to pass) she's mostly against this, having sworn to keep to her vow of not killing any 'humans'.
    • That said, she's trying to get Byakuya to agree to the idea that Light no longer sees himself as 'human'.
  • Denies having a social justice blog in where she blatantly confessed her secret to Byakuya. She confessed to his face.
  • By all accounts a genuine friendship with HK-47 and Jill has formed with the latter fascinated by his speech of love. Hk-47 is likewise impressed with Jill's technique in her craft citing it as 'excellent... for a meatbag'.
  • She is uncomfortable with visiting the House of Food not because of her personal dislike of Aoi. She refuses to elaborate why.
  • Has a fairly good friendship with Raiden. Jill started breaking out laughing at what a 'depraved sicko' he can be, but stopped herself believing his life was too bad to laugh at even for herself.
  • Is currently attempting to get Komaru Naegi ascended so that she can share the position with her brother. Primarily because both Jill and Toko are Komaru's friend, but also because of the likely truth of what happened to the Naegis' parents. Toko thinks that having a sibling around will help keep either of them from despair.
    • After much effort, Komaru has found a spot in the Pantheon.