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    Chou Chou 
Chou Chou, Goddess of Befriending the Enemy and World Conquest (The Undisputed God, The God of Creation, Undisputed God of the Universe, Chouchers, Chouey, Cream puff)
One of Chou Chou's many forms

Intermediate Gods

Magolor, God of Easily Forgiven Transgressions

Lesser Gods

Ashi, Goddess of Talking Down the Suicidal
  • Lesser Goddess , Intermediate Goddess when using her Aku-given powers
  • Symbol: Ladybug
  • Theme Song: "Everybody Loves Somebody" by Dean Martin The Couple Song she shares with Jack.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Talking Down the Suicidal, Because You Were Nice to Me, Self-Made Orphan, Sole Survivor, Took a Level in Kindness, Tyke Bomb, White Sheep, One-Woman Army, Made of Iron, Dating What Daddy Hates, Cessation of Existence, Heel Realization, Half-Human Hybrid, Lovecraftian Superpower
  • Domains: Friendship, Hope, Changed Ways, Love, Strength
  • Allies: Samurai Jack (her husband), Ryuko Matoi, Laura Kinney, Satsuki Kiryuin, Iroh, Po, Nia, Simon, Shizuo Heiwajima, Superman, Saitama, Zuko, Celty Sturluson
  • Respected By: Mike Schmidt
  • Odd Friendship: Sanji, Rarity, Six
  • Enemies: Aku, Springtrap, Ragyo Kiryuin, basically, if you used your children to make an army or otherwise abused them, your name will go here. Izaya Orihara, Monika
  • Pities: N, The Nohr Royal Siblings
  • Earned this title from not just talking Samurai Jack down from committing seppuku, but also battling the embodiment of death that had talked him into it at the same time. Highly unexpected since this was the opposite of her life goal.
  • Will take on anyone that has put any of her new friends in the Pantheon into a deep bout of depression. After seeing how far down it took Jack, she is not even risking it.
  • Was born into a cult known as The Daughters of Aku. Didn’t learn until it was too late that it was literal in her case. She was trained from birth to actually kill Jack.
  • Changed her ideals while watching Jack himself and seeing all the good he has done for others, not Aku as she had believed. As she herself stated: "The hope you gave me saved my life!!"
    • When she confronted her mother again, she had realized she and her sisters were trained for a mission that would only get them killed. This, and protecting Jack at the time, finally gave her the courage to stand up to her.
  • Ashi would meet Kovu, who had the exact same life she had. They both were raised by an evil cult that worshipped the Big Bad. The leader of the evil cult was their mother and raised their own children to follow in their god's footsteps in trying to kill the Big Good who would destroy their master. For years they trained for the day to eliminate The Hero until they found out everything in their life was a big lie, deceived by the evil that raised them to think they were the good ones. Finally, all they ever wanted now was to be with the ones who truly showed them the love they needed; Jack and Kiara respectively. Ashi and Kovu hugged each other.
  • Glad to have found fellow heroes that have saved people from taking their own lives. Would not mind starting a group against the more manipulative members of the Pantheon that would put people in such a state. She has tried to contact Tim Drake and Monkey D. Luffy about it.
  • She is not a big fan of her stronger powers, considering what happened when she got those powers. She has even been avoiding wearing black clothing. Though she can no longer be forced to use them against her will, she will only use them if she has no other choice.
    • Jack has given her his complete sympathy on this, having to watch as she went through this torment first hand. Also, the last time he wore black she disappeared in his arms.
  • Witnesses state when she first ascended, Jack had jumped over the crowd to reach her first. He hugged her for several minutes causing surprise to those that knew the stoic samurai.
  • She soon got to know Jack's allies in the Pantheon. Po and Iroh grew on her the most; Po for being so cheerful and trying to brighten her day. Iroh became like the parent she wished she had.
  • Iroh has also introduced her to his nephew, Zuko, who had also a similar change of heart. They sit down for tea every now and then to talk since they have such a mutual understanding of each other. Whether Zuko actually drinks his tea is a different matter all together.
    • After finding out Ragyo Kiryuin was one of the heads of the Betrayal House Zuko is in, Ashi has been keeping a stronger watch over him.
  • After learning about Jin Kazama and his very domain, she has started to work on her martial arts skills so she can aid him if there is call for it.
  • Immediately connected with Nia after learning their similar fates. Nia has introduced her to Simon and Nia has met Jack. The two men, however, have not met each other yet.
  • Once she heard the strangely similar and disturbing origins of Ryuko Matoi, Ashi went out of her way to met her at the House of Costumes. Hearing it right from Ryuko seemed to make it worse. From her mother using her as experiment, having said parent brainwash her into attacking her friends, to her then killing herself to still try to win. Ashi needed to be restrained before Ryuko could finish. The only upside to her tale was that her sister, Satsuki Kiryuin, was spared from the darkness. Ryuko found a kindred spirit in her after watching her get just as hot-tempered as she does and hearing Ashi's own background. Though she has amassed a good group of allies; people commonly say if she's not with Jack then check with Ryuko.
    • She and Ryuko were surprised when X-23 herself, Laura Kinney came to them, seeking someone else who had been born to be weapon to lay down her burdens with. Ashi gladly accepted her with a hug and Ryuko jokingly laughed that they were starting a collection. She was met with death glares from both women in response. The three girls get along well now, each having a shoulder to lean on when their past memories start to get the better of them.
  • Tagged along with Jack to the House of Craft when he had some ghi that needed patched up. This was when she met Rarity. She took one look at her current outfit and immediately brought out all the latest fashion clothes she had. Ashi was overwhelmed. Jack spent the rest of the shopping trip hiding his face behind his hat.
  • Gained immediate hatred toward Springtrap after learning of the murdered children and what he did to them afterward. She has volunteered for guard duty over him. Mike Schmidt, however, didn't feel ok with someone so new to the Pantheon being left alone with him. He did admire her bravery, being one of the very few that actually asked for the job.
    • She did ask Jack if he could use his sword to defeat Springtrap. Though he wished he could let them, Mike knew whatever was inside it would only become worse if unleashed.
  • Learned that Izaya Orihara liked to torture those with suicidal thoughts. She has since made an alliance with his worst enemy, Shizuo Heiwajima.
    • Was actually told about Izaya by Celty Sturluson of all people.
  • Telling the story of when she and Jack fought a shape shifting alien in a crashed space ship couldn't help but gain the attention of Ellen Ripley. After hearing her stories in turn, Ashi became very grateful there had been only one.
  • Likes to spend time in the House of Nature. She will wander around just admiring all the beautiful trees and flowers. Jack will sometimes pack a small lunch which they eat together while sitting under a cherry blossom tree.
  • Ashi and Sanji know they share a common trauma in their early childhood and agreed to help the other against their various enemies within the Pantheon. The odd thing is that Sanji has kept his distance and has not hit on her once. It has boiled down to three theories.
    • He actually respects the fact she is already in a relationship and will not intervene.
    • He's worried about what she can do to him.
    • He's worried about what Jack would do to him. The last two theories were suggested by Zoro.
    • Eventually Sanji invited her to eat one of his fine meals with him and the Straw Hats. But he didn't invite just Ashi alone, he invited both her and Jack. During said meal, his honest chivalry became part of the conversation, to which his answer confirmed the first of the three above theories. Then Zoro challenged Jack to a sword fight, which took place in the House of Combat. While cringing at the fight itself happening, she was proud of Jack both for winning and for stopping the fight before it got too bad.
  • Is still trying to get over the fact that so many people in the Pantheon sound like her.
  • She wants to help Six given what the young girl has been through. The problem lies with Six's powers and the things she did in The Maw. It reminds her too much of her own nightmare. It had been the first time she had been nervous around anyone in the Pantheon. Jack and Toriel come along when the girls talk to help keep things at ease.
  • She attacked Monika on sight, knowing what she had done to her other club members. Other Pantheon members had to drag her away due to their fear of Monika.

    Asuka (Senran Kagura
Asuka, Goddess of Bonds Through Combat (The Wakizashi-Wielding Whisperer of Defeat, Jugs, Tits-for-Brains)
Ultimate Asuka 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess as Ultimate Asuka)
  • Symbol: A frog on top of two crossed wakizashi.
  • Theme Music: In The Name of Justice, In My Grandpa's Name, Successor of Hanzo, Duty of Good, Grandma's True Motive. What a Sword and Shield Strive For as Ultimate Asuka
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, with Neutral Good leaning
  • Portfolio: Friendship Through Combat, Tomboyish Ponytail, Dual Wielding, Summoning a Giant Frog, Earth-elemental, For Great Justice, Scarf of Asskicking, Not Afraid to Die, Hot-Blooded, Being The Sword and The Shield, Shinobi
  • Domains: Shinobi, Hair, Frogs, Earth, Friendship
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Homura, Miyabi, Yumi
  • Former Enemies: The members of Crimson Squad and students of Hebijo and Gessen Academy
  • Opposes: Raynare, Orochi, Momoka Sagara
  • A Hot-Blooded shinobi from the Hanzou Academy, Asuka is willing and ready to discard her normal life and even her entire life to accomplish her mission. Originally the Goddess of Tomboyish Ponytails, once the spot of Defeat Means Friendship was opened up, she sought to earn that spot. And for good reason; she outright believes that people can understand eachother through fighting. Just ask Homura, who at first saw as a novice shinobi, and later became her greatest rival and strongest friend through repeated battles. Or Yumi, who eventually became friends with Asuka, would she either win or lose against her.
    • Not only that, but Asuka is a person who would become friends with anyone as long as they want to be. And to her, true power comes to being the sword and the shield; the will to protect those who you hold the dearest. And she wishes to protect everyone for her family legacy's sake, even in the shadows.
    • Due of this mentality, she has mad allies with other deities who have bonded through combat. Though whenever or not they actually fought to earn it is another question.
  • Has made a patch with Greninja to be her summon animal if the situation requires. Though some gods from the Pokémon universe wonder if she would be better off with Seismitoad due of her element.
  • Is in good terms with Kasumi and trains with her when she has the chance. She has also lend her clothes for Kasumi to wear, though with a warning that they aren't made out of best material when it comes to combat.
  • Has the most hatred forwards Orochi than the other Hanzou students, especially since she was the one who had to took the incarnation of it in her own universe down. As you can guess, she was not happy at all when her own world's Orochi pop up in the Pantheon
  • Sometimes confused with the other Asuka(s). Asuka also doesn't have a surname she wants to give out due of her being a shinobi, making things harder to really differentiate the two. They both even know a person named Katsuragi.
    • And then there was this problem of her sounding like Menoly. Made even more ridiculous when Neptune said that she sounds like Marvy... a.k.a. the personification of the company who created her. Got more confusing then Marvy herself ascended.
    • Her attempts at speaking English almost landed her a one-way beating from Hyodo Issei, due of her voice sounding like his ex-girlfriend, Raynare, who killed him in his first date. Fortunately, Asuka dodged Issei's intial attack on her and was able to unintentionally cool him down with her figure to solve the misunderstanding. He now gets along well with her, as with the rest of the Hanzou Academy students.
    • And on that note, she had an encounter with Issei's ex herself and was quick to see why Issei was so pissed off because of her smug attitude. Just as Raynare was about to skewer her with a lance of light, Homura came running in and chased the Fallen Angel away. Homura has since vowed to utterly kill Raynare, not only because she almost defeated Asuka but also because she reminds Homura of the one person who doomed her from becoming a Good Shinobi in the first place.
  • She was understandably cheerful that Homura, her rival and one of her closest friends, managed to ascend. She tried to throw a small party for her, but she refused.
    • She was also happy to see the students of other school ascend.
  • Another enemy she made was Momoka Sagara: at the request of Mamori Tokonome she attempted to reach out to Momoka through a battle with her. Despite losing to Asuka, Momoka just laughed in her face about her naivete: to think that fighting could end in the two understanding each other! The point of fighting is to kill your opponent, and anyone who hesitates in that regard suffers: she proceeded to drive the point home with a knife in Asuka's gut and made a quick escape, promising Asuka that if she ever saw her again, she'd rip her Life off and shove them up her Hometown. Asuka made a full recovery and is planning to try again, though she harbors a flicker of doubt that there's much humanity left in Momoka to connect to. That, to her, is probably the worst part.
    • Needless to say, this made Momoka a few enemies, particularly Katsuragi and Homura: the latter because Momoka nearly killed Asuka, and the former because, well, you don't defile a chest as awesome as Asuka's. You don't even threaten to.

    Bear Hugger 
Bear Hugger, God of Bear Hugs (Canadian Bear Hugger, Champion of Canada)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A giant bottle of Maple Syrup
  • Theme Song: Punch Out theme (Bear Hugger ver.)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Trained by a Bear, Big Eater, Lovable Giant Guy, Canadian, Boisterous Bruiser, Friends with Wild Animals, Gasshole, Loves to Make Fun of His Opponents, Mighty Lumberjack Who Lives in the Mountains, Heavy Sleeper, Strong Fatty
  • Domains: Boxing, Lumberjacks, Animals, Canadian Stereotypes
  • Heralds: A Bear (actually his trainer) and a Squirrel (his "sparring partner"), Mad Clown
  • Allies: James Howlett/Wolverine, Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl, Makoto Nanaya, Teddie, Rexxar, Bashmaster the Unbreakable, Po, Winnie The Pooh, Banjo, Grumpy Bear, Naughty Bear, Snorlax, Chen Stormstout, Ursa, Christian, Edge, Montana, Paul Bunyan
  • Rivals:
  • Opposes: Kotal Khan
  • Spear Counterpart to: Bayley (Currently on bad terms with her)
  • Bear Hugger, a Boxer native of Salmon Arm, Canada, found himself in the Pantheon one day after fellow Boxer Little Mac recommended him for the divine title of God of the Bear Hug. After a lengthy review, Hugger was allowed a spot and since he has been thankful for Mac's hospitality.
  • Occasionally seen in the House of Combat with a bear companion, who also happens to be his trainer (we are not making this up, that bear is really his trainer). People are still trying to figure out how he managed to befriend a bear and even ask it to train him (some attribute this to mysterious Canadian superpowers).
    • He also has a boxing squirrel partner that helps with his training. Whenever Squirrel Girl requires assistance to save the multiverse, Hugger will gladly lends his little partner to aid her every time, being proud to see his squirrel buddy landing right hooks right on the faces of Doctor Doom, Thanos or Galactus.
  • Apparently, he is familiar with fellow Canadian James Howlett, a.k.a Wolverine, having seen him wandering around the Canadian wilderness a few times. While he was initially intimidated by the mutant, Hugger knew he was a good guy due to his peaceful relationship with the local wildlife.
  • Has befriended virtually every bear deity in the Pantheon, ranging from the innocent Pooh to the melancholic Grumpy Bear to even the savage Bashmaster. Rexxar was surprised with Hugger's apparent charisma among ursines, which included even his own pet bear Misha, who is totally cool with the Canadian lumberjack.
    • Grumpy Bear was the toughest one to befriend, but it was nothing that a plate full of pancakes covered in genuine Canadian maple syrup could not solve (Grumpy was complaining about being hungry the whole morning).
    • After witnessing the great teamwork between Banjo and his bird sidekick Kazooie, Hugger has been considering getting his own bird partner, like a woodpecker or something similar, much to his squirrel's protest.
    • Hugger once got into a sleeping competition against the Pantheon's resident Snorlax. The duel took place on none other than Kumbhakarna, the sleeping giant himself, who was also acting as the referee of the contest. The competition took days, and when both Hugger and Snorlax woke up at seemingly the same time, there was no way to know who was asleep for more seconds as Kumbhakarna had overslept the both of them.
  • His friendship with bears has also allowed Hugger to gain new sparring partners in the forms of Po and Chen Stormstout. Hugger hopes that the Kung Fu moves he learned with both pandas will allow him to become a better boxer (the W.V.B.A. certainly didn't have a problem with that Dragon Chan fellow).
    • For the moves that require him to be drunk (taught by Chen), Hugger uses maple syrup, naturally. This is a trick he learned with Soda Popinski.
    • Incidentally, Hugger has also learned to use bear claws and large hammers thanks to Teddie and the aforementioned Bashmaster, but mostly to help with his logging work. Even Hugger doesn't think the W.V.B.A. are insane enough to allow those in the ring (although they probably are).
  • Hugger has found a lumberjack partner in the form of Montana and they often go logging together (they also spar against each other every now and then). While the peacekeeper was initially distrustful of Hugger's coaching bear (thanks to his frequent confrontations with the species), Montana came to respect and even befriend the animal after sharing some maple syrup drinks with it.
  • In the Pantheon, Hugger's main combat rivals (aside from the other W.V.B.A. boxers, of course) tend to be heavyweights like himself such as Rufus, Bob, Potemkin and Iron Tager. His favorite opponents are Edmond Honda and Zangief, as they're also expert grapplers like himself (sometimes, Hugger forgets that he is a boxer). The three of them are also very fun and polite with each other.
  • Whenever Hugger gets too injured after tough "boxing" matches, he seeks Tony Tony Chopper for medical treatment. The Canadian considers Chopper the best reindeer-human hybrid doctor there is, easily flattering Chopper (he tries to dismiss compliments by being insulting while simultaneously performing an obvious Happy Dance). Hugger has taught a few of his own boxing techniques for the reindeer to use in his human form as retribution.
  • Apparently, he is a big fan of fellow Canadian fighters Christian and Edge, having asked them to autograph his boxing gloves, his wool hat and even his squirrel (incidentally, this means the squirrel's name is now "Christian Edge". It doesn't appear to be happy about this).
    • And speaking of Canadian wrestlers, it was through E & C that he learned of Luna Vachon in the House of Vampires and her ex-husband, Gangrel. Gangrel, having gotten really tired of the Cutie Mark Crusaders constantly trying to get him to befriend new gods, honestly had no idea what to think of Bear Hugger. Luna Vachon thinks he's pretty nice and even thinks that a Bewear as a follower is adorable...this made the Cutie Mark Crusaders have Bewear befriend Gangrel. After that, any mention of the "Bewear Incident" causes the vampire wrestler to freeze in terror. Bear Hugger likes the fact that Gangrel can be a softie for the Cutie Mark Crusaders and has decided to train them in boxing (much to his relief).
      • While the vampires are no longer taking care of the fillies (That's the New Day, mind you) Bear Hugger is still willing to have talks from time to time.
  • Known for being friendly and affectionate, he is always willing to give a big, old, Canadian Bear Hug to every deity he meets, including even some of the more villainous ones. The only exception so far is Kotal Khan, who may not be that evil, but certainly has a messy history with hugs.
    • Was surprised to find his female counterpart in Bayley, who wishes to hug everyone in sight. He was even more amazed at her wrestling skills, like her famous 30-minute Iron Woman match and couldn't believe that a hugger like her could be so deadly. Bayley's reaction was just that he has become her new friend, and she hugged him, his squirrel and his friendly bear coach. However, Bayley's descent into villainy has gotten nothing but a shake of disappointment out of him.
    • Another goddess that got Bear Hugger's attention was Fluttershy, but more of how the meek yellow pegasus gave a bear she was fighting a Neck Snap! Even he thinks that's going overboard (Fluttershy had to explain that she was being a chiropractor due to her bear friend having some tension on the shoulder).
  • "I'm a hugger, not a fighter. Take off, eh."

    Colette Brunel 
Colette Brunel, Goddess of Unfortunate Chosen Ones and Well-Intentioned Lies (Collet, The Chosen of Mana/The Chosen of Regeneration, Miss Angel)


SCP-999, Deity of Friendly Tickle Torture (The Tickle Monster)
A depiction of SCP-999 by ProfSnider.
  • Demigod (Object Class: Safe)
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Friendly Tickle Torture, Blob Monster, Being Nice To Literally Everyone, Friend to All Living Things, Sweet Tooth, Loves Hugs, Induced Euphoria With A Touch, Team Pet, Shapeshifting, May Be The Scarlet King's Offspring And Destined To Defeat Him
  • Domains: Tickling, Cuddling, Friendliness, Blobs
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: Baymax, Fred Rogers, Ditto, Zac, Olaf, Papyrus, Cerberus, Krypto the Superdog, Jake the Dog, Pinkie Pie, Stocking Anarchy, Mello, its entire house (mostly), the House of Happiness, The Blorg, Rachel Roth/Raven
  • Enemies: The Dementors and only them. It is that friendly
  • Tolerated by: SCP-682
  • A little upset over: Those who hate friendship, the House of Hatred and Rancor and Khorne, The Joker, Penelope Mouse, Long John Silver, Felix (Red Vs Blue), Hedorah
  • The SCP Foundation contains many strange and dangerous objects and entities. However there is one SCP who may be the most benevolent of them all. That being SCP-999, the Tickle Monster. An orange slime with the consistency of peanut butter and composed of an oil-like substance, touching it induces euphoria. It likes to use its gelatinous mass for friendly tickling by enveloping them, and helping out people who are sad. Unsurprisingly, the Foundation has 999 as a pet.
  • Has become a pet of sorts to its own house, and one of the friendliest deities period, up there with Baymax and Papyrus. How friendly is it? SCP-682 got along with it, though has stated that "That feculent little snot wad can [DATA EXPUNGED] and die". Unfortunately the euphoria 682 released caused a fit of extreme laughter to the personnel, allowing it to escape. The Joker is interested as to how this could be used in conjunction with Joker Venom. 999 merely gave constructive criticism that his sense of humor could be a bit improved.
  • SCP-999 has one, and only one enemy, and that is the Dementors. This is due to the nature of the two being completely antithetical to one another. Dementors spread and feed off misery, SCP-999 spreads happiness and does whatever it does to make people feel better. Amusingly enough, the adorable blob is extremely toxic to Dementors, and may be one of the few things that can kill them. Harry Potter deities are very interested with this. The creature is like a living patronus.
  • A living orange blob, it gets along especially well with other blobs. As such Zac, Ditto and Melona are very close to it. SCP-999 can shapeshift, usually to a large beanbag chair. Ditto can do it much better, leading the blob to ask Ditto for some help on better improved its own shapeshifting abilities. Given Melona, some suspect the creature might have "other" interests in her, but most just say so as a joke.
  • While not strictly a Blob Monster, Reuiniclus is another friend of SCP-999, who was attracted to the Pokemon's huge arms and thinks they'd be great to give hugs. And while a Blob Monster, Hedorah and SCP-999 aren't on the best terms. This is due to Hedorah being an entity of pollution and devastation, while it feels it should be friendlier.
  • In terms of behavior, SCP-999 acts a lot like a playful dog. For this reason, it can be seen playing with actual dogs in the House of Canines. Amusingly Cerberus was found playing with it, which led Hades to investigate. It was thought he'd be angry that something was distracting his guard dog, but seeing them play caused him to burst into laughter and let the blob be. He still needed to recall his own dog, leading to a sad and grumpy Cerberus being pulled away on a leash.
  • Doesn't have a digestive system or any organs to speak of, but instead consumes matter in the same way an amoeba does. Doesn't like meat, much preferring to eat candy like M and Ms and Necco Wafers. Really enjoys sweets, so it's completely unsurprisingly it got along great with Mello and Stocking Anarchy.
  • Usually seen in the House of Happiness, leading to near-fatal levels of cuteness with it interacting with Chiyo and Yotsuba. However it will often move over to the House of Despondency instead to make the people there feel better. Fred Rogers adores SCP-999 for bringing joy and good will to so many people, like himself.
  • Close to the entire Friendship house, however it doesn't approve of traitors to the idea of friendship. As such it is against Penelope Mouse, Long John Silver and Felix, but can't really bring itself to hate them or anything besides maybe the Dementors. Khorne despises something so adorable and loving, with not a mean bone its body, but SCP-999 is completely oblivious to this.
  • The Tickle Monster has gotten more attention from Raven recently. The reasons behind it are kept top secret, but it's likely that she knows the truthnote  behind SCP-999's existence; 999 is not Safe class but Thaumiel, and the offspring of the Scarlet King himself with the Seventh Bride. The Tickle Monster takes after its mother and is destined to defeat his father once he grows up. However he's still a child, so Raven has complied with the Foundation keeping this secret lest the numerous Satan allegories, gods of evil and malicious members of the Hall of Demons target the blob. This is also why 682 tolerates 999; they may be half-siblings, though they're different as night and day.