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Food doesn't grow on trees (well, some of them do, but not all of them anyways), they are made in the kitchens by chefs of varying skill levels. This place, functioning mainly as a kitchen, is obviously where food gets made. It's also where deities can set up their food-based establishments if they have one.

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Greater Gods

Starjun, God of Evil Chefs (Sous Chef of Bishokukai)
  • Greater God (one of the few able to defeat Toriko in battle)
  • Symbol: Shiva Mask, Burner Knife, Third Eye
  • Theme Song: Yami No Soshiki Bishokukai
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Fire, Arch Enemies, Flaming Knife, Worthy Opponents, Dragon-in-Chief, Chef of Hellfire, Third Eye
  • Domains: Fire, Cooking
  • High Priest: Large Fry
  • Followers: Skinner, Sizzlor
  • Allies: The Pyro, Judge Fire, Garfield Lynns/Firefly
  • Enemies: Toriko and Komatsu, Human Torch, Aikuro Mikisugi, Aegaeon, The Angry Birds, The Xiaolin Dragons, Akira Yuki, Hunk of Team Voltron, Six, Ignis Scientia, Mung Daal Catering, Gordon Ramsay, The Heroes of Luxendarc
  • Starjun used to be the God of Fire after the fall of Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai. Unfortunately, his rise was a part of Yhwach's plan to ensure that Yamamoto's memory will remain buried forever, disrupting the balance of natural element because one of the main element holders is evil. When this was found out, several uprisings arise, but Starjun's overwhelming power made him keep the position, until he was defeated with the combined strength of Human Torch and Recca Hanabishi. While Starjun managed to force Human Torch to use up all his godly powers (and elected Recca the successor of the throne), he was ultimately defeated and had to retreat and claimed this house in retaliation, losing most of his followers.
    • He had to do battle with Sanji to claim this position, due to being a chef and aligned with a villainous faction. He won that battle, as his position attests to, but learned a few new things, and intends to, someday, arrange a rematch, be it in the kitchen or on the field of battle.
  • Now that his Gourmet Cells have awakened, Starjun's power has increased to even greater heights than before, enough to dissuade Joa from engaging in battle with him when Jiro and Setsuno were also present.
  • Despite ranking as a Sous Chef in the Bishokukai, Starjun is the second-most powerful individual in the entire organization below Midora.
  • After defeating Toriko - barely - he successfully abducted Komatsu. One can only assume the reaction of their allies to this event.
    • As it turns out, there was no need to chase after him - Komatsu was allowed to return to Toriko's side without fuss by his boss.
  • As the Sous Chef of the Bishokukai, he has often been seen helping to prepare special recipes in the Food Pantheon with his Burner Knife. Impressively, he is capable of keeping up with Kirby's appetite whenever he visits - he claims it is because of experience with Midora.
  • As an experienced chef with Gourmet World food, he is often seen preparing meals for Beerus when he is not cooking for his boss, Midora.
  • Once challenged Mung to see who was the better chef. What happened were several explosions, a flood, and Gordon Ramsay getting into a fistfight with a bear. The tasters were Chowder, Midora, and a freaking Deviljho. This ended as badly as one would expect it to.

Lesser Gods

    Ignis Scientia 
Ignis Scientia, God of Video Game Cooking (Iggy, Specs, The Royal Chef, The Blazing Tactician)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A cookbook with the sigil of Lucis on the cover
  • Theme Music: "Theme of Episode Ignis". "Ashes to Ashes" when he fights.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Team Chef and Team Mom, Battle-ready Chefs, Food Porn, enhanced abilities through eating, Male Chefs, coffee (particularly the Ebony brand), Badass Scholars and Butlers, Spellblade, battle strategies, intelligent English gentleman, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Handicapped Badasses and Blind Weaponmasters
  • Domains: Chefs, butlers and servants, high-class dining, handicaps (particularly blindness)
  • Herald: Quina Quen
  • High Priestess: Cooking Mama
  • Followers: Tayce T., Zess T., Saffron and Dyllis
  • Allies: Noctis Lucis Caelum, most good-aligned Final Fantasy deities, Toriko and Komatsu, Sanji, Mr. Champloo, Princess Tiana, Chiyoko Shiraishi, Soma Yukihira, Shido Itsuka, Ichika Orimura, Mario and Luigi, Tohka Yatogami, Hayate Ayasaki
  • Enemies: Ardyn Izunia, Shiro Tagachi, Midora, Starjun
  • Dislikes: SpongeBob SquarePants, Homer Simpson
  • Ascended upon cooking Noctis his final meal with a quality worthy of royalty, and did so while blind. The Trinity of Food gods were so impressed with his skill under the circumstances and the multitude of recipehs he knew that they appointed him to his position and restored his sight.
  • Ignis visits Noctis every day to prepare him three properly nutiritious and healthy meals. He's encouraging the Prince to clean up after himself, he is a God now, but doesn't mind tidying up while he's there. Still no luck on getting him to eat his vegetables, though.
  • Upon seeing Ignis in the Pantheon, Ardyn turned up his nose at him and immediately made several snarky remarks about his cooking skills being the reason he was named a God. Ignis calmly told Ardyn he had received a glimpse of an Alternate Timeline where he used the Ring of the Lucii to put Ardyn in his place, and if Ardyn did not remove himself immediately, Ignis would give him a first-hand demonstration of what he saw. Remembering what Ignis pulled off in the main timeline when he briefly had the Ring, Ardyn took his threat at face value and left without another word.
    • When he discovered what Ignis had done in said Alternate Timeline, Noctis expressly forbid Ignis from trying anything like that in the main timeline, unwilling to let his friend perform a Heroic Sacrifice for his sake. Ignis has agreed to comply with Noctis' wishes, but maintains he will do anything to see his Prince comes to no harm.
  • Has applied to be a sous chef in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen. While Ramsay is awaiting proof of Ignis' ability to operate in such an environment, Ignis has already informed him he's spent a full decade of his life replicating Noctis' favorite dessert dish, unsatisfied until he got it exactly right, so if nothing else he's as perfectionist as Ramsay himself and tenacious enough to keep trying until he pleases him.
  • Looks down upon SpongeBob due to his distaste of fast food chains, seeing such product as fattening, unhealthy, and overpriced.
  • Has admitted to Mario and Luigi he's not as proficient with pizza recipehs as he is more traditional high-class foods. The Mario Brothers have assured Ignis they'll open his eyes to the possibilities of the dish.
  • Is constantly exploring the other worlds connected to the Pantheon collecting exotic new ingredients and concocting new recipehs. His chambers already host a full bookshelf of notebooks full of meal ideas he's working on. Tohka Yatogami often accompanies him on Shida's suggestions, so Ignis can explain to her which things they encounter are meant to be eaten and which are not.
  • Keeps a very healthy supply of Ebony coffee in his quarters.
  • Despite his best efforts, he couldn't produce enough food to satisfy Homer Simpson, and has strongly asked Homer not to ask him to cook for him again. A disappointed Homer agreed after learning Ignis had no recipes for donuts and had no interest in creating any.
  • Takes the existence of Mystery Food X as a personal affront and refuses to discuss it in civil company.
  • Can also be found in Game Mechanics.

    Mr. Champloo 
Mr. Champloo, God of Martial Artist Chefs
  • Lesser God, though he might actually be an Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Crossbones on a red headband
  • Theme Music: Mr. Champloo and Chinese Sword
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Martial Artist Chef, Acting in High Temperatures, Nonsensical Metaphorical Talk, Hot Blooded Sideburns, Acting Honourably for a Demon, Bunny-Ears Lawyer
  • Domains: Cooking, Fighting, Food Metaphors
  • High Priest: Marshall Law (former holder until he got bankrupt)
  • Allies: Mao, Stellar Grossular, Almaz, Raspberyl, Princess Sapphire Rhodonite, Rutile, the good-willed gods of House of Food
  • Enemies: Starjun, Aurum
  • One day, a large pot appeared in House of Food, cooking some sort of dish. Suddenly, a giant chink of meat hopped out of the pot, which turned out being Mr. Champloo, who was swimming in the dish to get a feel what the ingredients are feeling. The Court of the Gods eventually have him this title.
  • He has a really weird way of talking about stuff, putting as many food metaphors as possible in them. Where the stuff he tries to talk about are good advices, they do seem rather nonsensical. Some gods wonder if Ice-Cream Koan was named like that in his honour.
  • Really doesn't like Starjun. When asked why, here was his answer:
    Mr. Champloo: A rotten heart, like any ingredient, will ruin a meal, no matter how well you make it, or how much fire you use to make it.
  • Like back in the Netherworld's Evil Academy, he acts as a Home Ec. teacher in the Academy. Well, sort of. He's not actually on the payroll or anything like that. His courses are even considered extra courses, not only due of how hard they can get, but finding the classroom is really difficult.
  • Voices aside, his Kitchen Fist Fire Chaos Style is probably not good at knocking sense into others like Bright Noah's Slap. It does seem to have the ability to hold back evil surges, though, as he once calmed Mao down with one move.
    • His voice also drew the attention of Mateus Palamecia, who insulted him for being a buffoon who sounds just like him. Mr. Champloo was quickly to say that he is far smarter than he looks, and proceed to drive Mateus out of his temple.
  • He is pretty certain that he is a chef, not a samurai, nor is he related to any of the Champloo Trio.
  • He once engaged in a conversation with Godot composed almost entirely of cooking and coffee metaphors. All attempts to actually make sense of their conversation have failed (which usually led to hunger or a thirst for coffee).
  • Hyahyahyahyahyahyahya! BOOM!

Vinsmoke Sanji, God of Team Chefs (Black Leg, Mr. Prince, Sangoro, Soba Mask [not Stealth Black])
Soba Mask 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate as Soba Mask)
  • Symbol: His Jolly Roger
  • Theme: His theme. Good time to light a cigarette.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Charles Atlas Superpower, Chef of Iron, Chivalrous Pervert, Dance Battler, Badass in a Nice Suit, Extremity Extremist, Hot-Blooded, Lightning Bruiser, Smoking Is Cool, Sharp-Dressed Man.
  • Domains: Food, Kicks, Smoking, Chivalry.
  • Followers: Cilan, Lowen
  • Allies
  • Enemies: Starjun
  • Likes: Near every single non-evil female in the Pantheon
  • Odd Friendship: Ashi, Samurai Jack
  • Opposed by: Billy Kane, Yui Kirigaya (for trying to hit on her mother Asuna Yuuki)
  • Often makes visits to the House of Love, creating exquisite dishes for the various goddesses there. They, in turn, enjoy his company.
  • Usually has to defend the food supplies from regular raids by his captain, Luffy.
  • When Nami and Usopp ascended into the Pantheon, Luffy called for a reunion party for the Straw Hat Pirates and Sanji, per the usual, prepared the cuisine. Joining them was Edward Newgate, Jack Sparrow, and Long John Silver.
    • Though he'd rather spend the night ogling Nami and Robin, a good chunk was also spent arguing with Zoro, though miraculously no fights broke out.
  • One of the reasons the Food pantheon didn't have a position for god of evil chefs for a long time was that cooks who maliciously use their food to harm others is Sanji's Berserk Button, and the candidates have all found themselves getting heel-dropped through the floor right back down to the mortal world. He was able to keep things this way before Starjun came and defeated Sanji, thus giving him the right to become the God of Evil Chefs. He learned some things from that fight, and rumor has it he's gearing up for a rematch, though if it's in the kitchen or on the battlefield is unknown at this time.
  • Assuming his captain hadn't emptied his stock, Sanji sometimes whips up a delicate steak meal for fellow goddess Chie. He enjoys the company, but is usually against Chie's protests for kicking lessons. This hasn't stopped her from spying on him when he decides to go on the offensive. She's yet to figure out how to make the Diable Jambe work for her.
  • During a banquet held on Edward Newgate's flagship The Moby Dick, a stunningly beautiful redhead in the cook-off-contest called Asuna Yuuki took Sanji's eyes, as he dropped his souffle and immediately tried to hit on her…before being knocked screaming into the stratosphere by her daughter Yui's Burning Infinity +1 Sword.
  • Became one of Mugen's sparring partners after the two of them found that their fighting styles were remarkably similar.
  • After learning how he was treated as a young child he gained an ally in Ashi. The strange part of it is that he has not tried to hit on her once. It has come down to three theories.
    • He actually respects the fact she is already in a relationship with Samurai Jack and will not intervene.
    • He's worried about what she can do to him.
    • He's worried about what Jack would do to him. The last two theories came from Zoro.
  • While watching the Tournament of Power with Nami, Android 18 left such an impression on Sanji that he declared he would be preparing to ask her out upon her return if she wasn't already married. Nami warned him that even if she was single, she'd beat down any joker who would hit on her in such a cheap manner. In either case, he did compliment her the first chance he got after the tournament, offering her as well as her brother 17 and husband Krillin a free gourmet meal. All three took it in stride, and even Nami was surprised.
  • Surprising Nami even more, he soon invited Ashi to dinner with the Straw Hats…along with Samurai Jack. Zoro and Chopper at one point remarked on Sanji's chivalry towards Ashi compared to his usual behavior with attractive women, which turned the whole direction of the conversation his way. His response:
    Sanji: Easy, Jack. She's your sweetheart, not mine.
    • Zoro also challenged Jack to a sword spar at the House of Combat, and ended up losing when his attempts to press Jack using his three swords backfired and left him open to a stab instead. So now Jack becomes a tool for Sanji to pick on Zoro instead of the other way around…just as the chef intended.
  • For the most part, Sanji and Rock Lee are on good terms. That said, Wiz and Boomstick have looked into one timeline where Rock Lee, frequenting a restaurant Sanji set up on land, insulted the quality of Sanji's curry. Sanji's response was to attack him, and battle took place. Eventually, Sanji won the battle, kicking Lee in half despite him opening the Eight Gate, but he lost his left leg in the process. Sanji, for his part, has formally agreed never to take his Serious Business attitude towards wasting food that far.

SCP-261, Divine Vindictive Vending Machine (261: Pan-Dimensional Vending)
SCP-261 at time of recovery
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Passive-Aggressive Vending Machine, Hates Coins-on-a-string and Counterfeit Cash, It Can Think, It Won't Turn Off, Money Fetish, Troll
  • Domain(s): Vending, Alien Food
  • Similar Item: SCP-294
  • High Priest: Gene
  • Property of: The SCP Foundation
  • Enemies: Mr. Eugene Krabs, Mr. Burns, Zim
  • Feared by: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Opposed by: Benson
  • The trope, by its nature, doesn't lend itself to a location or individual, making finding a representative for it... difficult, to say the least, and rare objects tend to become Treasures, which are not allowed to have titles. Since vending machines tend to be non-sentient, that was a bit of a problem.
    • That said, given there's already a tank and me, a toaster among the ascended SCPs, the vending machine, after sentience was proven, was given the green light for ascension.
    • As for why the Foundation allowed it in the first place, they needed more tests, and they needed a wider food tolerance range than ordinary humans, and the Pantheon is full of them. That, and an order from the Court of the Gods.
  • Containment procedures are more or less the same as before, but with some liberties given the cheapness of death and the existence of stranger things compared to what the vending machine can deposit.
    1. Access to SCP-261 must be approved by the staff on-site.
    2. Only Japanese Yen can be used to operate SCP-261; any other money and it will return it. There's are money exchange stalls for an easy way to get yen.
    3. Any and all items dispensed must be recorded, along with the amount of money entered and the amount of time elapsed between uses.
    4. With the larger range of customers and larger demands, SCP-261 may now be used up to 120 times in a twenty-four hour period, with no transaction exceeding the equivalent of 500 Japanese yen. Any transactions with higher denominations must be approved by the Foundation itself.
    5. Items dispensed by SCP-261 should be reviewed by on-Site Health and Safety officials before consumption. Failure to do so releases the Foundation from any obligation regarding negative effects.
    6. Items deemed dangerous (even to the customer's health/well-being) or useful to research will still be confiscated by site security, with financial compensation provided in proportion to money spent. Resistance will be met by force.
    7. Any experiments on SCP-261 itself must have written approval from the Foundation beforehand and must be surveyed by the staff. Main House security will intervene if anything unapproved or untoward is performed on it.
  • While it technically has two temples, SCP-261 is stationed in the House of Food, with SCP staff at the entrance of each temple. The one in the House of Machinery merely has a portal gate leading to SCP-261's location. To avoid unnecessary traffic, entrants must exchange for at least 100 yen before entering and must use the vending machine. If the "use limit" for SCP-261 has been exceeded, its temple doors will be closed until midnight the next day.
  • There are three things one must NEVER do when using the machine:
    • Don't give it counterfeit money. It ALWAYS knows, even when the forgery is perfect. One person got cyanide gummy middle fingers as a result.
    • Don't try the coin-on-a-string trick. Generally what happens is the food item consumed will be almost immediately vomited out, as if the food had a string attached to it. However, it seemed the machine eventually got fed up with that and dropped a live grenade that exploded, causing quite a bit of death and injury. The Foundation fears it would take more and more drastic measures if the customer proves very unkillable.
    • Don't insert money and then take your sweet time entering numbers in the keypad. Someone did this and got 30-years-expired strawberry yogurt that gave him food poisoning for 3 weeks straight
  • This is a comprehensive list of what's been tested so far.
  • This is proof that the vending machine indeed has a mind of its own.
    Money entered: 0 yen (pushed "coin return" button)
    Item description: Red aluminum can labelled simply "Stop That" in block letters; intermittent buzzing heard from within can, as of a large, angry insect. Subject declined to open container.
    Money entered: A note, in English, reading "I.O.U. 500 ¥"
    Item description: An opened container of "Smartfood" brand white cheddar-flavored popcorn, manufactured by Frito-Lay. Contains remnants of popcorn kernels and powdered cheddar cheese-flavored substance, and a note, reading "I.O.U. 41 popcorn kernels".
  • SCP-261 tends to be a smart-ass if messed with. Inserting literally half of a Yen note will give you literally half of a food item.
  • It can be run even when unpowered, but it tends to give more unstable results.
  • Despite being just a vending machine, the nature of its trope means it would have its share of enemies.
    • For one, there's Mr. Krabs, who pulled some byzantine trick to avoid having to pay a single dime to that machine. Let's just say it ended with an alien napalm grenade.
      • And then Krabs tried dragging it home with him the next time he visited, only for the Foundation to thwart him, and eventually start a ban list to prevent shenanigans like these or worse.
    • Benson got unfavourable flashbacks involving his rival Gene, who was also a living vending machine that often sets out to take Benson so that his park will have more visitors than Benson's. The living gumball machine even considers 261 being as petty as Gene after experiencing the machine's behaviour, a comparison 261 is offended at and made clear by giving him a can labeled UP YOURS containing a dangerous buzzing insect inside.
    • After a certain incident, Mr. Burns has also added 261 to his enemies list.
    • Dr. Doofenshmirtz already fears vending machines taking over the world,so he's deeply afraid of SCP-261, and also feels somewhat vindicated in being proven right about the danger of vending machines.
      • Just in case, he's been saving up coins for this event, and thus panicked when he heard that it only accepts yen, as it renders all his preparation useless.
    • Ever since he vaporized the last vending machine he used, Zim is banned from even accessing SCP-261.


Burgerpants, Unfortunate Guardian of Crappy Fast Food Jobs (BPants, Burgy, Pizzapants)
Art by dogbomber
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: MTT Brand Burger Uniform
  • Theme Song: Shop (MTT Hotel)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cartoon Creature, The Cynic, Embarrassing Nickname (That they are mostly known for), Non-Standard Character Design, Small Name, Big Ego
  • Domains: Fast Food, Jobs, Fame, Unfortune, Cynicism
  • Superior: Mettaton (His Boss)
  • Allies: Frisk, Squidward Tentacles, Ronald McDonald
  • Rivals: Muffet, The Temmies
  • Enemies: The Fazbear Gang
  • Annoyed at: SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Opposses: Attractive and Popular People
  • Burgerpants is a cat-like monster with dreams of stardom. He was looking forward to meeting the great Mettaton and have a chance to become a famous actor. Unfortunately, destiny had other plans. After a failed attempt at smuggling some Glamburgers, Mettaton hired him as an MTT Brand Burger employee, the job in which he has been stuck ever since. He hates it, but there hasn't been anything better for him and he has come to regret working for Mettaton. He'll tell most people he meets not to go down the same path as him, since he's 19 years old and he's already wasted his entire life.
  • He actually has been around for a while, since Mettaton wanted to have more presence in the pantheon and so dragged the poor Burgerpants along to work for him in the House of Food. When he heard that the Court of Gods was reevaluating his situation and actually were willing to ascend him properly, he was uncharacteristically happy, until he was told that it was a title for his job at MTT Burger, which he found at first to be a very unfunny joke but he took eventually. At least he has more free time now that he isn't entirely at his boss' mercy.
  • Notable for having a very cynical view of life, considering the job he is stuck with as well as having the unfortune of being the divine representative of it. That's why he never expected to find someone like Squidward, who he considers a kindred spirit with both having crappy jobs and aspiring to be something else. He eventually met SpongeBob when he was hanging out with Squidward and he found him unbearable, to the point that he would rather deal with Mettaton than with him again.
  • He would also prefer to work under the Clown Ronald McDonald. Although his workplace does have a rather low reputation, he doesn't think the clown is as demanding as Mettaton.
  • The story behind how he got his nickname is a bit embarrassing for him. Like stated before, he attempted to smuggle some Glamburgers from the MTT Burger Emporium but Mettaton caught him and his pants dropped down, with the burgers all falling with it. Since then he has been known as Burgerpants and he is clearly not happy with that name.
  • He believes that attractive people are just manipulative individuals who only seek to take advantage of you for their own selfish reasons. Yet deep down, he does want to have more friends to hang around with. Most of the time, Frisk is the one that visits him the most and he considers the little fellow a personal friend of his but he wants to have more.
  • His workplace has been considering a rival business to those of Muffet and the Temmies, though he himself could care less about what they sell and only is here thanks to his boss being the usual self-absorded robot he is.
  • He was once tricked into taking a night shift in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where he, unfortunately, run into the infamous animatronics since he didn't quite catch that he wasn't supposed to be working at that time. Surprisingly enough, he wasn't afraid of the animatronics, saying they don't quite compare to Metatton on a bad day and firmly stood his place in the counter without the animatronics harming him, opting to go after the security guard instead. When questioned why he did that, he said "I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days."
  • He has dreams of being an actor and those dreams became real when the barrier was broken and the monsters were free. He has gone on tour with his boss Mettaton and finally got the chance to act... as a bush. He is taking some classes in Theatre and Spectacle to improve and maybe get a better role in the future.


    The Cabbage Merchant 
The Cabbage Merchant, God of Easily-Destroyed Displays (The Cabbage Guy)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His destroyed cabbage cart
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Chew Toy, Owner of a cabbage cart always destroyed, No Name Given, Recurring Extra, "MY CABBAGES!"
  • Domains: Debris, Cart, Misfortune
  • Allies: Crazy Dave, Brassica Prime, The Farmer, Fred the Fish
  • Rivals: Asami Sato
  • Enemies: Amon, XANA, anyone who destroys his cart
  • Opposes: Aang, Katara, Sokka
  • This humble merchant specialized on selling cabbages have done his job to sell his products to many Earth Kingdom villages and cities. Unfortunately, he is plagued with misfortune of his cart being destroyed, typically by Team Avatar. Eventually, "MY CABBAGES!" became his Catchphrase.
    • Even more unfortunate, setting up shop in the Pantheon was even worse as every day, whether it be an action scene, vandalism, or taking his cabbage without paying, it would always get destroyed. Alas, he has ascended and is stuck in his temple having to see his cart destroyed.
  • He tried to sell many of his cabbages in the House of Food. However, some of the deities found that his cabbages are infected with Cabbage slugs which could destroy much of the vegetation of the Pantheon. It gets destroyed and disinfected as usual.
  • He was once a high priest to Brassica Prime until he finally set up shop in the Pantheon. The King of the Cabbage is pleased with his follower's vegetable.
  • Some point out how some of his cabbages look more like green rubber balls than actual vegetables.
  • At first, he was pleased when Tohru Adachi was buying some of his cabbages. Then he found out that he completely hated them and that he only bought them because it was on sale. Profit is still profit, though.
  • He panicked when he saw that Crazy Dave bought the cabbages only for them to be turned into weapons. Though he calmed down as one of Dave's friends is a Cabbage-pult who throws them as projectiles. The Cabbage-pult sees him as a benefactor to his ammunition.
  • There is one good thing that happened in his life; his interest in technology led to him founding his own company called Cabbage Corp. under his son. A statue of him was constructed in his honor.
    • And then the company was shut down when it was falsely accused of providing equipment for the Equalists. Though it was proven innocent and the company is restored, but it's product is shown to be shit compared to Future Industries as Asami Sato pointed out. Even in death, the poor guy can't catch a break.
    • As such, he hates Amon for when his organization framed his company to drive away the police's attention for their plans.
    • Due to her father's company turning out to be the real Equalist front as well as that comment about his products being cheap, he observed Asami with some pessimism. Though she's proven herself, things are still tense between them to this day.
    • XANA is another potential foe for his history of possessing food and technology. Yes, there's better to possess, so it's not like fate is going to go out of its way to screw him over, again.
  • The Farmer pities him that his cart and fresh cabbages are being destroyed constantly. He tried cheering him up with a gift and hosting his sale at his temple. It didn't help him much as it got destroyed by his animals but the Merchant was appreciative of him.
  • He is friends with Fred the Fish due to their mutual bad luck. Fred even volunteered to take over his cart for a day—and wound up getting flattened under Aang's bison, Appa, due to a freak crash landing on the same day. Miraculously, the cart and its contents were not damaged by the crash landing, but Fred's legs were crushed under the weight of the creature. When Fred was recovering in the hospital, the Cabbage Merchant was so grateful for Fred saving his cart that he guaranteed him a lifetime supply of free food from it as compensation for his injuries.
  • Apparently, he provided some information to Pu-on Tim for his play.
  • He's none too fond of Wiz and Boomstick, because whenever they hold one of their Death Battles using characters from his world, his cart ends up getting wrecked, whether it be at the hands of Aang and Edward Elric, Zuko and Shoto Todoroki, or Korra and Storm.
  • *Cart crashes* "MY CABBAGES!"

    Chiyoko Shiraishi 
Chiyoko Shiraishi, Goddess of Cosplay Cafés
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her restaurant, the International Cuisine Cous Coussier.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: daydreaming people, constantly in costumes, good at cooking
  • Domains: Cooking, Costumes, Daydreams
  • Herald: Kiyojiro Bando
  • High Priestesses: The Ton Tokoton staff
  • Allies: Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O, the Build Kamen Riders, Wesley Collins/Red Time Force Ranger, Princess Tiana, Ressha Sentai ToQger, the House of Craft, Mikuru Asahina, Ryotaro Nogami, all other members of the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, all ascended Toku Heroes, Maika Sakuranomiya, Ange, Arcueid Brunestud, Touka Kirishima, Ignis Scientia, The "Is The Order a Rabbit?" Girls, Artoria Pendragon/Saber, Strawberry Shortcake, Taki Tachibana, The KiraKira Cures, Haru Okumura of The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Neith
  • Enemies: All evil Toku characters, Kirei Kotomine
  • Secret-Keeper for: Eli Bacon
  • Haruhi was completely mystified with the restaurant and suggested that in order to get more customers, that she'd need more moe appeal. So she dragged Mikuru dressed up as a maid to help serve tea around the house. At first, Mikuru thought that Chiyoko would be just like Haruhi, but after a heart-to-heart chat, Mikuru found out that Chiyoko wasn't such a bad person and helps out around the restaurant every now and then.
    • Speaking of which, Konata once asked to make a whole theme based on Haruhi Suzumiya herself, even going as far as to cosplay Haruhi herself.
  • Chiyoko wanted to expand her restaurant and found an opening in the Pantheon. She spends her time creating food and making up new themes for the restaurant, and encourages patroners to dress up to fit whatever theme she wants for the day.
    • Issac and Miria are frequent customers and cosplaying helpers, mostly because they get to try out all the costumes and the free food that comes with it.
  • Is very good friends with Kanako, Erika and Tomoyo in the House of Craft as they help sew costumes alongside her. They've decided to create the "Cosplay Sewing Club" for any and all to enjoy. She also is thankful of Sackboy and Steve? for helping her create the props needed for her day-to-day exchange of themes, and plans on doing themes based on all of the worlds that the Gods come from.
    • With Emmet's ascension, she is now planning a LEGO day for the restaurant.
  • Eiji Hino appears and usually works as a waiter at her restaurant every now and then. Chiyoko pesters him as to when Ankh will come up (hopefully as God of Ice Candies), but Eiji doesn't have a clue as to when that'll happen.
  • Gordon Ramsay visited her temple on the day she decided to do a Hell's Kitchen theme for her restaurant, and Chiyoko dressed up as him. It was a very awkward moment for many of the Gods in the House—afraid that Gordon wouldn't like the burn on him—but Gordon confessed it was Actually Pretty Funny, which made the House sigh in relief.
  • Gets along well with the Shikengers (particularly Mako Shirashi), Shinji Kido, Ren Akiyama and Ryotaro Nogami along with the Imagins. This is probably because they all share a same writer, Yasuko Kobayashi. The same couldn't be said for Taksehi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja because he reminded her so much of Dr. Maki nor does she like Enter, Escape, Baron Nero and Madame Noir (not sure if General Schwartz is also in her black list). Also gets along with the Timerangers, Go-Busters and ToQgers because of this.
    • By extension, she has invited the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight riders (Kit Taylor, Len and Kase) and all Time Force and Samurai Power Rangers for a hot meal every now and then.
  • Gets along well with one Yuki Jojima since Yuki's parents also have fun cosplaying and cooking. Chiyoko was absolutely shocked to hear that Yuki's father looks similar to Dr. Maki and nearly cried over what Yuki suffered with the Gemini Zodiarts incident.
  • Is enjoying the presence and company of the Kamen Rider Build Riders and friends at her shop as of late and is more than willing to help out with the opening of nascita within the Pantheon. Though, Chiyoko cannot help but to try to get Soichi to spill the beans when it comes to his coffee recipe.
  • Hired Saber into her cafe after hearing about her previous waiting stint at Ahnenerbe, hoping to both give her work experience and emulate said stint's earnings without the disaster. Unfortunately for Saber, it had to be on the day that many of its costumers were a bit wacky. Despite that, she was able to convince many of those customers to order more then they wanted and scold them for any mishaps they inflicted. Chiyoko was so impressed with tripling her previous sales record that she asked Saber to work full time which the latter at first reprimanded her for even suggesting that from a king; she later gave in once Rider and Caster bullied her again for constantly the freeloading and wanting to stick in their faces for once.
  • Once saw Neith in her Harajuku outfit and asked if she could work once in a while in her cafe in the House of Food. Neith agreed, to everyone's surprise, saying she would love to try out new kinds of cosplay. Naturally, this made her descendants facepalm with embarrassment.

    The Mafia of Cooks 
Mafia of Cooks, Divine Lethal Chefs
Average Mafia Goon
The Mafia Boss
  • Quasideities (Lesser God for the Mafia Boss)
  • Symbol: A chef's hat with a mustache and a crisscrossing fork and knife.
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Anywhere between Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Bald of Evil, Be the Ball, Chef of Iron, Dumb Muscle, Punching seagulls and barrels dressed as old ladies, The Family for the Whole Family, Jerkass, Kung Fu-Proof Mook, Lethal Chef, The Mafia, Mascot Mook, Misery Builds Character, Planet of Steves, Starter Villain, Third-Person Person, Throw a Barrel at It, Would Hurt a Child, You No Take Candle
  • Domains: Mafia, Cooking, Punching
  • Herald: Cooking Cat
  • Allies: Hat Kid (former enemy), The Conductor and DJ Grooves, The Snatcher, Wario, any Mafia-aligned deity
  • Enemies: Mustache Girl, Peacock, Sanji, Remy, Gordon Ramsay, SpongeBob Squarepants, Eliot Spenser, any Supreme Chef deity
  • Opposed by: Shido Itsuka, Ichika Orimura, Ash Ketchum, Kirby, Homer Simpson, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya
  • Interested in: Cecilia Alcott
  • Rivals: Heavy Weapons Guy, The Empress
  • Fears: Queen Vanessa, anything that resembles a "slimy space alien"
  • Commonality Connection with: Sheldon J. Plankton
  • The Mafia of Cooks are a gang of big and muscular goons run by the Mafia Boss. Their home base is Mafia Town; an isolated island that used to be a peaceful village until they took it over (presumably by force). The Mafia are entirely composed of chefs, but their cooking skills leave something to be desired. To say that they're just terrible at cooking would be an Understatement, because it's said that their cooking is so bad, it'll be the last thing you write in your obituary. This is the primary reason why Cooking Cat works covertly inside the Mafia HQ just to switch out their bad food with their good food, and also why the Mafia ascended into the pantheon.
  • Due to the fact that he is in the Pantheon, the Mafia boss was finally able to get out of the jar it was in after Hat Kid beat him in their fight and back into his old body. The Mafia Boss is pleased to be back in his body and is more than willing to lead the Mafia again.
  • Their infamous reputation has earned them the ire from Supreme Chefs and Big Eaters within the pantheon. Sanji and Eliot (being professional cooks) hate their guts, and SpongeBob doesn't want them to get near his Krabby Patties. Remy has criticized their meals several times since they don't seem to care about improving whatsoever, and both Shido and Ichika oppose the Mafia's cooking on a personal level since they cook food to comfort their friends. Ash Ketchum, Kirby, and Homer Simpson detest the Mafia's cooking for being inedible, so they steer away from their foods as far away as they can.
    • Special mention goes to Gordon Ramsey, who is outright furious about the Mafia's lack of respect for culinary arts. He has yelled at the Mafia more times than any of his students and peers combined.
    • Because of their infamous cooking, Tsubaki Yayoi and Makoto Nanaya really try to discourage their friend Noel Vermillion from approaching them, since they don't want to see their cooking become a bad influence on her cooking and make it even worse. Cecilia is also discouraged from trying to come into range of them, even though they want to know more about her cooking as they heard they were similar in all the worst ways.
    • The only person who has managed to stomach their food without dying is Wario, but considering that he is also able to eat his own BIKE without any drawbacks in his Smash fights, it really isn't that much of a surprise. While Kirby is also able to do such a feat, he is not willing to degrade himself to eat whatever the Mafia cooks up. It also helps that Cooking Cat actually ascended with them as their secret heralds, replacing the food before any poor soul tries to eat it. No one is aware of their presence yet. Wario still finds the Mafia to be a rowdy group and is interested in joining them on any attempts to steal any kind of treasure. He also plans on stealing the treasure for himself when they aren't looking or suspecting him.
  • Mustache Girl in-particular was not happy to find out that the Mafia ascended into the pantheon, which meant that her struggle against the Mafia still continues. The Mafia still despise Mustache Girl for the time she stole Hat Kid's Time Pieces and became Judge, Jury, and Executioner, so they still insist on telling the red-hooded girl to Get Lost!
    • They are overall genuinely happy with Hat Kid after the fact that she saved Mafia Town from them, although were shocked to hear that she gave Mustache Girl a timepiece out of pity. While some of the mafia members aren't too thrilled with her, other members understand why she took pity on her, and even other people who think Mustache Girl was a bad influence on Hat Kid feel like Hat Kid did it because she still saw her as a friend. Regardless, they still treat Hat Kid as a secondary boss and some members of the Mafia of Cooks even try to act like bodyguards for her.
  • After getting saved by Hat Kid, the Mafia Of Cooks ended up befriending The Conductor, DJ Grooves, and The Snatcher, whom they met during their time being judged by Mustache Girl. The first two are interested in seeing what kind of roles they can fulfill in their movies, while they like the Snatcher due to the fact that they both can't stand Queen Vanessa, and can be seen plotting with him on how to finally stop her and make her Get Lost!
  • One incident in particular that happened in the Mafia's HQ is the pizza incident, where Mario, Luigi, Dante, and the Ninja Turtles attempted to try out their pizzas with Cooking Cat not even realizing they were making pizzas and thus couldn't replace the dish with another pizza in time. Never mind the fact that the Mafia can't cook pizzas due to mostly dealing with fish-related products, but their attempts at making pizzas ended with predictable results. Mario and Luigi are polite enough to say their pizzas were awful and even attempt to give them some constructive criticism. Dante and the Turtles, on the other hand, are pissed to the point that they chased the Mafia with their weapons, resulting in collateral damage to their base.
  • Being literally called the Mafia of Cooks to the point they call each other "Mafia", they quickly popped up on Peacock's shit list, even more so due to the fact that she has already met and befriended Mustache Girl and is more than happy to actually help her fight the Mafia. Encounters with her usually end with the Mafia of Cooks scattering as the Mafia Boss tries to hold her off for as long as he can.
    • They have gained the respect of other Mafia-related deities for their services and dedication to their own mafia group and are sometimes invited to take part in their own crusades for power and money. They more or less serve as Cannon Fodder for the other group, but they are still happy to help other mafia members in any way possible.
  • Due to their love of violence and Russian Large Ham accents, they consider themselves rivals to Heavy Weapons Guy. The Russian Minigun wielder could only chuckle and shake his head as he casually pushed them away from him, commenting on what sick men sent babies dressed as chefs to fight him.
  • They have gained an alliance with fellow Lethal Chef, Sheldon J. Plankton, who is interested in stealing the Krabby Patty formula, thinking it will make his own food better. They are not only supportive of his goal but are also amazed after hearing how his chum was able to be an effective weapon for criminals. He has worked out a deal with them that if they help him try to steal the formula, he'll keep supplying them with all the chum they want, whenever it is for their own cooking or for committing crimes with.
  • Please, do NOT let them know of, let alone try to recreate Mystery Food X. It is theorized that if they were to try to do such a thing, the dish's dangers might be amplified to the point where even being in the same room and smelling the dish will cause you to die. This warning is taken up to THIRTEEN for a special version of this dish which could kill Physical Gods and even ghosts.
  • There is a specific member of the mafia who is deathly afraid of any and all aliens, believing they will bring about the end of the world. He's not really seen much as after hearing about the House of Extraterrestrials he boarded himself up in the Mafia's temple, cowering in fear.
  • With the ascension of The Empress, they all view her as a rival and threat to their clan. Be it with The Empress also being a ruler of a mafia syndicate, her being willing enough to kill her own crew to make examples of them, her hatred with Hat Kid (among the Mafia members that are friends with her at least), or the fact that the Nyakuza are running food trucks that everyone prefers to their food, they have list of reasons to view her as a threat; not that the feeling is mutual, as The Empress just ignores their attempts at trying to overthrow her.