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Greater Gods

Genos, Patron saint of Life Debts (Demon Cyborg, Modern Art)

Koro-sensei, The Multitasking God, and God of Color Coded Emotions (Octopus, Stupid Pervert Chicken Octopus, "God of Death"
click at your own riskSPOILER 
  • Greater God
  • Theme song: Koro-sensei drawing song (JP)(ENG)
  • Symbol: His smiling face
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (was True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Combat Tentacles, Super Speed, The Ace, Badass Teacher, Was Once a Man
  • Allies: His Non-ascended students and co-workers in Kunugigaoka Junior High School's Class 3-E, Onizuka-sensei, Negi Springfield, Aladdin the Magi, Issei Hyodo, 17 and 18
  • Odd Friendship with: Lelouch, Krillin
  • Enemies: Domestic Abusers, Morally Corrupt individuals, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, The King Of All Cosmos
  • Opposed by: Most Moon based Gods
  • Admires: all Big Breasted Goddesses
  • He made his ascension after dodging multiple assassination from various bounty hunters such as Lobo in attempt to claim his massive bounty all while giving them meticulous eyebrow trimmings, manicures and shining their weapons in the process.
  • He was once the world's greatest assassin but after the death of his first love he decided to use his power for good.
  • He absolutely despises Ryoma Sengoku as he reminds him of Yanagisawa the Mad Scientist who turned him into his current form.
  • He made an enemy out many gods of the Moon when he reveals that he destroyed most of the moon in his world. It turns out that it was a lie but they don't know that.
  • He has many weakness so are some are relatively normal while others are completely ridiculous. For example he is weaker after regenerating and molting as well as water on one hand but on the hand he can't handle hot food, gossip, he is Tone deaf.
  • He once accepted Jonathan Joestar's invitation to face off many heroes and villains.
  • He can sympathize with 17, 18 and Raiden for being genetically modified against their will.
  • He tends to be mistaken for Krillin whenever he speaks English. It tends to not bother him too much.
  • The King of All Cosmos loathes him, not because he hates his personality or anything, but for not only being a teacher, but also being one that none of his followers, of him for that matter, are able to catch and roll up inside a katamari. He often jumps around at blinding speeds, mocking and teasing him before going off, much to the King's growing annoyance.

    Steven Spielberg 
Steven Allan Spielberg, God of Delivering Emotions From Storytelling and Summer Blockbusters (Steven Gielberg - by AVGN)
  • Theme Song: Any Of His Film's Themes Done By John Williams
  • Greater God
  • Symbols: The Logos Of Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks Productions
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Film Portfolio: His Films Usually Have a Bittersweet Ending, Creator Cameo, Genre Roulette, Gorn, Growing Up Sucks, Heroic Sacrifice, Kid Hero, Military Super Hero, The Oner, Parental Issues, Patriotic Fervor, The Renaissance Age of Animation, Special Effects, Tear Jerker
  • Domains: Filmmaking, Emotional Connections To The Films
  • Deified Underlings Include: Bruce the Shark, Boyd Travers, E.T., Indiana Jones (shared with George Lucas), Rexie
  • Followers: Ridley Scott, John Singleton, Peter Jackson, Paul Thomas Anderson, and David Fincher
  • Allies:
  • Respected by: Mr. Plinkett
  • Rivals: James Cameron (albeit a friendly one), Don Bluth (not-so-friendly)
  • Opposed By: The Boys From South Park
  • Enemies: All Nazi Deities (those who protected the Jews during the Holocaust are the exception)
  • Odd Friendship: with Monty Oum
  • Love him or hate him, no name has ever commanded as much respect from friend and foe alike as Steven Spielberg. And thanks to George Lucas (his fellow filmmaker, collaborator and bestie for many years), Spielberg has finally come to the Pantheon.
  • Turns out that Spielberg is one of the richest filmmaking deities in the Pantheon. His net worth is over $3 billion. George Lucas has him beat by about $2 billion.
  • The Basterds, despite their Ax-Crazy tendencies, are huge fans of Spielberg. Well, admirers would be a more better term, due to Schindler's List. Even the goddamn Bear Jew and Hugo Stiglitz broke down in tears after seeing the movie (who hasnt?). Lieutenant Raine gave a standing order that Oskar Schindler is not to be harmed should he ascend to the Pantheon. The fact that Spielberg refused a director's fee (saying that it was "blood money") also earned brownie points with them.
    • As a Holocaust survivor himself, Erik Lensherr understands the significance of Schindler's List. So much so that he personally visited Spielberg at his temple just to tell his own story, and to shake his hand. "From one Jew to another, I thank you," Magento says. As a Jewish woman, Kitty Pryde also has deep respect towards Spielberg for making the film, as it left her in tears.
  • Found out that his mentor, Alfred Hitchcock was in the Pantheon, and Spielberg's face lit up like a kid at Christmas. Hitchcock was one of the driving forces that led him to filmmaking. It's a safe bet that Steve is hugely successful because of this.
  • Both he and Don Bluth were friends at one time. Then they had a falling out during production of The Land Before Time. Neither Bluth nor Spielberg plan on reconciling anytime soon.
  • The Nazis are not huge fans of Spielberg, due to Medal of Honor, Schindler's List, and Saving Private Ryan. They claim that most of the atrocities said to have been committed by the Nazis were taken out of context and that they were just following orders. Everyone calls them out on their bullshit.
  • Heard that Rexie was in the Pantheon, and decided to pay the T-Rex a visit. It took a moment for Rexie to recognize Spielberg (and not eat him), surprising everyone present. Steve Irwin was actually impressed. Steven Spielberg is one of few humans that Rexie actually protects.
    • The same can be said for Bruce (a.k.a., Jaws), as his exploits had all but invented the summer blockbuster. Like Rexie, Jaws won't try and eat his much as he wants to.
  • The South Park boys absolutely loathe Spielberg alongside George Lucas, due to the special edition films they occasionally put out. For the boys, seeing the special edition is tantamount to seeing their beloved characters getting anally raped. Eric Cartman was no fan of Spielberg from the start. But he loves Schindler's List for the most obvious reasons.
  • Spielberg got a surprise visit from Stanley Kubrick, who had shed his mortal coil whilst directing A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Spielberg himself took over as director to honor his old friend. There's talk that the pair might collaborate on another film.

    Yukiteru Amano 
Yukiteru Amano, God of Not Holding Grudges (Yuki, The First)
  • Greater God (Overdeity when he's a God)
  • Theme Music: Dead END, You are Your Life's Leading Part, so Walk with Confidence
  • Symbol: The Indiscriminate Diary
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, can be Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Non-Action Guy Until He Is Forced To Take Action, Sanity Slippage, Living Emotional Crutch, Extreme Doormat, Supporting Protagonist, Classical Anti-Hero, Seer, Deity of Human Origin, Did Nothing for 10,000 Years Because of Yuno's Death, All-Loving Hero
  • Domains: Future, Forgiveness, Love, Emotions, Godhood
  • Allies: YUNO GASAI, Reisuke Houjou (former enemy), Aru Akise, Katniss Everdeen, Shinji Ikari, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mahiro Yasaka, Almaz von Almandine Adamant, Judai Yuki
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Gleeman Vox, Takeshi Asakura, Redyue
  • A boy with a shy personality and a fractured family, Yukiteru spend most of his life as an outcast. However, things started to change when he was pulled into the Survival Game to determent the successor to the god Deus. During which Yukiteru went through hell, gaining new friends, but a lot of hardships with it.
    • The most impressive things about him is his survivability (even due of cowardice) and seemingly inability to really hold grudges. He forgave Yuno (his love interest) in multiple occasions, forgave the terrorist Minene (Fire-Forged Friends) after she attacked his school, forgave his few school friends who tried to betray him and even forgave his father, who not only tried to (unintentionally) kill him, but who also killed his wife (albeit only after Yuki recovered from Heroic BSoD). The Cynicism Catalyst only hit him when his father was killed off right after Yuki forgave him, but even after that his All-Loving Hero personality didn't go away, as he tried to save 3rd World by protecting it from Yuno.
  • In the Pantheon, he was really concerned about Yuno due of her seemingly reverting back to her crazy self, or even worse version of her past self. The worst part being that he himself couldn't really help her, what started to eat into his own sanity as well. It wasn't until Yuno being set back into her 3rd World persona that the two of them could reunite with each other more calmly to his relief.
  • While he can't really confirm it, he believes that Terumi might have had something to do with Yuno's behaviour. However, all of his attempts to confront him about it has resulted him not telling him anything to his annoyance.
  • Even though Yukiteru is an actual god, he isn't really familiar with his powers as say Yuno would be. Even when he has been a god for 10,000 years, he spend almost all of it mourning. As such, he appears way weaker than he would be, and would rather avoid fights than be in them. That being said, that doesn't mean he can't fight, as shown with him being surprisingly good with darts.
  • He has sympathies to and from Katniss as fellow Deadly Game contestants. He also hate Vox for even trying to turn that into pure entertainment, saying that he's infinitely worse than Deus as at least he had a good reason for doing what he did. He also hate Takeshi for abusing the situation.
  • Yukiteru seems to get along with Shinji Ikari and Shinji Kido due of two of them reminding him of himself. Another Rider he is allies with is Kouta, as he is happy that he was able to reunite with his love after so many years.
  • For reference, the "Indiscriminate Diary" is a flip phone tells future observations of people around himself, but doesn't tell anything about himself. Fortunately he doesn't need to worry of dying if his Future Diary is broken beyond repair.
  • Due of Yuno's new friendship with SLS, Yuki has started befriending Mahiro and Almaz, as all of them know what it means to deal with rather troublesome girlfriends.


Intermediate Gods

YoRHa No.2 Type B, Goddess of Unprohibited Emotions (2B, Battle Class Android, 2Butt, Toobs, Toobie, 2Bae, Toobae, 2Booty, Toobooty, YoRHa No.2 Type E, 2E, Executioner Class Android, Mecha Youmu, Robo Youmu, Hyper Youmu)
  • Theme Song: Weight of the World (shared with 9S)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A katana with her black hairband wrapped around it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, later Chaotic Good
  • Protfolio: Fighting Android, Blindfolded Swordswoman, Consummate Professional, Decoy Protagonist, Unamused Snarkyness, Executes Her Own Kind, Built For War Against Machines, Long And Lean, Magnetic Sword Works, Very Attached to Her Partner, Waif-Fu
  • Domains: Robotics, Androids, Combat
  • Herald: Pod 042
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Raiden (Metal Gear), Samuel Rodrigues, Ivy Valentine
  • Enemies: Cell, Android 20/Dr. Gero, Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Nu-13, Master Control Program, XANA, Sigma, Nightmare, The Infested, Roman Torchwick, the Grand United Alliance of Machines, The Corpus
  • Conflicting Opinion: Bloody Marie (Skullgirls)
  • Special Relationship: A2
  • LOADING – Booting System…Commencing System Check…All Systems Green. Model Unit No.2 Type B was a YoRHa unit designed for combat capabilities against machine lifeforms for the "Glory of Mankind". Being aided by 9S and Pod 042, she quickly discovered the truth about the war between aliens and humans wondering if she was truly unable to be anything other than a blade of quiet will. After the war reached a conclusion, she was given a second "life" thanks to her Pod. However, rather than be placed back on Earth with 9S or A2, she was sent to the pantheon to explore and find a new purpose for herself.
    • In truth, the same has applied for 9S and A2, but their bodies are being kept in "storage" until titles can be found for each of them. The Court plans to reunite them with her when that happens.
    • And reunite with them she did.
  • While Androids 17 and 18 were originally human, the both of them knew what being a "soulless" machine was like thanks to Dr. Gero and knew that 2B wouldn't want to end up as one of his experiments like they were, earning the YoRHa unit's respect.
  • Speaking of Doctor Gero, his final creation dubbed Cell didn't seem all that impressed by 2B, considering her a poor imitation of Android 18 until he got into a fight with her. In the process, Cell had gotten his tail removed by her blade when he tried absorbing her whole. 2B made it very clear she wasn't going to become a "power source" for that abomination while Cell felt more determined to "gobble" up this peach as well.
  • Ruby Rose immediately took a liking to 2B considering her fighting style being reminded of Penny who was also "Combat Ready!".
  • 2B wasn't sure what to think of Raiden; despite looking very much like the other androids from YoRHa, he was still very much human when they fought each other in a training simulation. He noted that her skills with blades was similar to her own, but he wondered if that was because she was made by a company similar to Desperado.
    • Speaking of Desperado, her personal quarters in the Pantheon was recently ambushed by several humanoid androids sent by this group seeking to rip her apart to study and analyze her details for creating new weapons in warfare. A corporation called the Corpus later had her attacked with robots for a similar reason, although even worse, as they wanted to clone her data and use it to further develop their Corpus Proxies.
  • While she has a similar voice to Marie, the android didn't exactly approve of her ability of using the dead for the intention of getting even with others.
  • Mikasa felt pity for the android after hearing about what happened to her during the war against the machines, and noticing that one of 2B's vocal outputs sounded similar to her own voice.
  • Being prone to infection by the Logic Virus, which nearly resulted in the complete destruction of her body and requiring a Mercy Kill from A2, caused 2B to truly loathe malevolent programs like the MCP, XANA, or Sigma. All three deities seek out this android to infect and control for their own ambitions of creating a "mechanical" revolution in the Pantheon. The same goes for The Infested, who tried doing something similar to her mainframe.
  • The YoHRa unit was planning on making a team of androids to come to action in case Nu-13 should reawaken to begin completing her ultimate objective for the safety of the Pantheon. Then she discovered that one had already been formed in response to the threat formed by the various "mechanical revolutionaries" above and the new grand alliance they're a part of. Confronting Epsilon and company, she offered her membership and demonstrated her skills, being approved to join Liberion Arcadia.
  • "Jenny", Labrys, Aigis, and KOS-MOS were quick to get along with the android, finding her "visor" quite strange to look at when speaking with 2B, and yet, they all found it rather adorable. Because of this, 2B was glad to see Labrys among the androids in the group, and conversed with her before they were taken to receive Sigma Virus antibodies. A few newer associates ended up getting them as well, namely Quote, Curly Brace, and ICEY, the latter of whom 2B quickly took to as a friend after Labrys introduced her.
    • ICEY in turn seems to see her in a "mentor" light and hopes to be more proficient in "three-dimensional combat" as she used to be from a 2D space prior to her ascension. There's also the fact that ICEY lacks any form of long-range abilities, instead having an infinite Air Dash to close the distance.
  • Deities like Meliodas attempted to "service" 2B by observing her back compartment when the wind is blowing. She…wasn't thrilled about these moments.
  • Captain Janeway once asked 2B to assist her on a mission to scout out the Pantheon for a possible issue with security. During the assignment, she remarked that the android reminded her of her trustworthy security officer: Tuvok. She also was reminded of the former Borg cyborg Seven of Nine, but the YoHRa unit felt like Janeway semeed to behave like her old Commander, who was also quite strict.
  • When changing clothes, if no cover is available, her Pod automatically pulls out a curtain to conceal her until it's done.
  • While eating is unnecessary for her, she particularly avoids mackerel as it's lethal to her systems.
  • She has been working on getting 9S in the Pantheon for some time after her ascension, helping the Court of the Gods find a title for him. Once he was finally activated as the God of Hacking Foes and Hacking Minigames, she stayed by his side until he woke up, with others helping as well to make sure that the GUAM couldn't capture him. Once he was filled in on the existence of humanity in the Pantheon, they spent some time alone, further enforced by Aigis and Curly Brace. He decided to join her in Liberion Arcadia.
  • With 9S now a part of the group, this meant Corpus assaulting her and her teammates could be better neutralized as he was able to easily hack into their systems; turns out their firewalls weren't particularly strong at least by his standards. A lot of Corpus Proxies were left wide open for 2B to kill thanks to this. It also helped when LA ended up in a skirmish against Talon thanks to Sombra trying to hack into her team's systems; particularly, Sombra tagging her in a vulnerable moment was immediately met by 9S hacking into Sombra's tech, rendering the Mexican rogue helpless until the other Talon agents bailed her out.
  • Eventually 9S's performance started to suffer due to various issues from their own world, to which Labrys made the suggestion to bring him into the TV World; 2B was skeptical of this, though Labrys explained the concept of Shadows and what the TV World was from her own experiences. 2B decided to accompany 9S during his trip to the TV World alongside Labrys, Aigis, and the rest of S.E.E.S., despite the chances of her Shadow showing up, given her own set of issues like living with having to kill 9S several times before.
    • However, upon reaching the final room, they encountered not only Shadow 9S, but Shadow 2B as well. Of course, with everything they've yet to confess to one another, the Shadows spilled every bean there was left to spill, causing a lot of emotional trauma from the YoRHa androids, and the standard phase of denial. Junpei voiced the group's collective dread on in the face of two berserk Shadows, especially those of powerful androids such as 2B and 9S (though some hid it a lot better than most).
    • The battle was a grueling one, thankfully mitigated by Pods 042 and 153 electing to assist thanks to their Programs. Somewhere along the way, though, Shadow 9S hacked Labrys, which only made Shadow Labrys come to the fore to beat the shit out of him. Thankfully, she just ignored the rest of S.E.E.S. as she did so. Despite that, the battle was still very tough. Eventually, the group prevailed and took down the YoRHa androids' Shadows, Shadow Labrys shortly returning control to her other self.
    • Now that every important secret of theirs has been brought to light, with encouragement from Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons, 9S and 2B were able to come to terms with their and each other's actions back in their world. And their rewards for this were (aside from their experiences, combat and otherwise)… a pair of glowing Persona cards and nothing more. Labrys was a little disappointed with that; this meant Persona-acquisition was no longer a guarantee like the TV World 'back home'. Regardless, 2B and 9S have expressed their gratitude for this trip.
    • Is a bit a more frosty than usual with Fairy Leviathan ever since the Siren General joined the team thanks to 9S hacking the Court of the Gods' case files, specifically because Leviathan started bonding with 9S over those very skills. Still, she doesn't object to being called "katana girl"; of all the nicknames Leviathan gave the rest of the team, she thinks it's one of the better ones.
  • After somehow encountering Ivy Valentine despite being from a different time period, the android was quick to engage the "hostile lifeform" in combat seeking out her new mission to destroy Soul Edge in the Pantheon.
  • When A2 was finally awakened in the Pantheon, 2B went to meet her, and was met with the scene of 9S attacking A2. Quickly she stepped in between them to diffuse the situation.
    9S: Why are you protecting her?! She killed you!
    2B: I asked her to kill me!
    9S: [stops and sputters] W-w-what?
    2B: By the time I reached her, I was already infected by the Logic Virus, and was in its advanced stages. It was already too late to save me, even for you, and I didn't want to hurt you or anyone else.
    A2: I just happened to be in the area, and was the only one who can listen to her words. I'm still not sure why I heeded her request, though.
    • Thankfully, after clearing things up, 9S and A2 can now encounter each other without such an incident repeating itself. However, the bitter tension was still there enough that A2 wouldn't full-on join Liberion Arcadia, even though she shared the common goal of defending humanity and freedom and would stand alongside them when faced with common threats.

    Chiffon Fairchild 
Chiffon Fairchild, Goddess of Psychotic Smiles (The Unmatched Smiling Monster, The Monster of West Genetics, Monster, Ms. Monster, Chiffon Aoi, Sister 005)
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess in Nova Form)
  • Symbol: The West Genetics Symbol and the Anti-Nova Trial Version (her Volt Weapon)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, veering to Lawful Neutral. Becomes Chaotic Neutral when pissed off.
  • Portfolio: The Cynic, Student Council Presidents, Nice Girls, Broken Aces, Authority Equals Asskicking, Reasonable Authority Figures, Beware the Nice and Silly Ones, Blood Knights, Don't Mess With Her Friends Or Else... She will Smile Like a Monstrous Psychopath, Eyes Always Shut, Wielding the Anti-Nova Trial Version, Being a clone of Maria Lancelot, Being 43 years old despite of her younger looks.
  • Domains: Combat, Romance, Anti-Heroism, Fanservice, School, Leadership, Cynicism, Smiling, Tragedy.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Satoru Tojo/Kamen Rider Tiger
  • Enemies: Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Flood, Frieza, Boros, SHOCKER.
  • She has somehow manage to ascend into the main pantheon after she sacrificed her own life to protect her precious comrades at the 11th Nova Clash, Chiffon Fairchild, who allegedly hails from Canada, was a student council president at West Genetics who possess a bubbly personality while she is always seen smiling while her eyes closed all the time. Due to her immerse strength, she is the top-ranked-third year student at West Genetics and a top rank among the five strongest third year Pandoras in Genetics worldwide. However, there`s a monstrous side of her beneath her external expression, especially whenever she gets loses her temper too much, she smiles like a monstrous psychopath before she beats her opponents. Since then, she was given the title "The Unmatched Smiling Monster" due to her monstrous nature in her personality and being the most powerful Pandora in West Genetics.
    • It is later revealed that her real name was Chiffon Aoi, one of the five sisters of Lab 13, who was cultivated by Gengo Aoi through Maria Lancelot's DNA, thus making her one of the first Legendary Pandora in her home universe.
  • Upon entering the pantheon, she is reunited with Satellizer, Rana, and Elizabeth, while she still holds a huge respect on them despite of their act of rebellion by siding with the E-Pandoras during the 11th Nova Clash, both three of them also has the same opinions on her too as they started to rekindle their alliance with her ever since.
  • While walking around the House of Weapons, she visits Erza Scarlet due to her huge respect for her since she is one of Erza's followers prior to her ascension. There, she often having a one-on-one training combat with her so that they can improve their fighting experience so they can prepare themselves in their upcoming battles.
  • She quickly befriends Gin Ichimaru and Koko Hekmatyar since both of them shares a common traits of their tendencies with their eyes close while smiling at the same time. However she was more close to Koko as she is wondering that she was similarly sounds to her own.
  • Due to her love for cakes, she also started to visit the cake store Charmant in the House of Food as she quickly became one of Oren's loyal customers, while she hangs out in the said store, she also meets Stocking Anarchy and Kyoko Sakura, the girls were also starting to get along due to their shared love for sweet foods.
  • She also started to associate with Yoko Littner and Nao Midorikawa since they sounds similar when they speak in Japanese, and Asuna Yuuki and Komaru Naegi since they also sounds similar whenever they speak in English.
    • Due to her being associates with Asuna, she became one of Nobuyuki Sugou's hit list. The Pandora doesn't take long to hate him too because of his dishonorable actions towards Asuna.
  • While Chiffon and her brethren Pandora are fighting the Novas primarily, she also became enemies with evil aligned aliens like Frieza, Boros, and the Flood due to their desire to destroy everything in their path. She also seems to gained a disgust towards Ragyo Kiryuin due to the fact that she betrayed humanity and aligned herself with the Life Fibers to achived her evil plans.
  • Since she came from West Genetics academy like the rest of the Pandora in the pantheon, she became alert upon the presence of Monokuma and his Mastermind Junko Enoshima after hearing their plans for their possible "Pantheonic School Life of Mutual Killings" as well as their heinous acts that they committed back in Hope's Peak Academy. Due to this, she also joined forces with other good-aligned deities, who also shared their hate towards Monokuma and Junko, in a attemp to stop their plans.
  • Like Satella, Rana, and Elly before, she was being watched by Ryoma Sengoku as the mad scientist is observing the Pandora's battle data for his research. This doesn't take long that she also starts to hate his guts in the same way as her brethren Pandora does. This does make uneasy for her too when SHOCKER has also started to observe the Pandora's capabilities too as the terrorist organization might create their versions of Pandora for their own evil use.

    Domon Kasshu 
Domon Kasshu, The Hot-Blooded God (King of Hearts)

    Gin Ichimaru and Koko Hekmatyar 
Gin Ichimaru and Koko Hekmatyar, Dual Gods of Always Smiling
  • Theme Song: Snake Tongued Beast (Gin), Her Name Is Koko, She is Loco (Koko).
  • Intermediate God (Gin), Lesser Goddess (Koko)
  • Symbol: His Zanpakuto, Shinso (Gin), The HCLI logo (Koko)
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Both: Smiling constantly, Creepy Blue Eyes, White hair not so white heart, Always Hiding Their True Emotions Behind a Smile
  • Domains: Both: Smiles, Combat
    • Gin: Swords, Trolling, Vengeance
    • Koko: Guns, Arms Dealing
  • Followers: Kamui
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Anyone who harms they're loved ones.
  • Opposes: Shinji Matou (especially Gin)
  • Evil Counterpart to: Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke (Koko)
  • They ascended because Valmet invited Koko and Gin well just because. Gin actually ascended in order to kill Aizen once and for all and to stop Koko from carrying her operation Jormungand and killing 700,000.
  • They are most hard to read Gods due their constant smiling. As such, they are one of the very few gods that cannot be Mind Raped
  • Koko almost immediately setup up shop as a new arms dealer. Naturally this does not sit well with Marcus or Trevor as they both made attempts on the goddess' life.
  • Koko makes gods very wary after finding how about her Jormungand plan which involves disabling air traffic and causing all type of planes and shuttle to crash most likely killing millions.
  • Koko besides hurting her associates trying to pay her in drugs is a bad idea. The last guy who tried. she shot him herself.
  • Gin does spend his times wandering around the pantheon/observing other gods.
  • He is rather pissed off to find that Rangiku was turned into a zombie during his absence and will hunt Yhwach down.
  • They're actually more dangerous when their loved ones are threatened and it will cause the (Shawn Michaels would put it) "lose their smile". When this happens very, bad things will happen: Aizen was nearly ripped apart by Gin and Koko dropped a b-52 bomber on the mortal Hex and his two companions.
  • Gin also is a member of the elite unit, the GUAG spies. It's rumored that The Boss invited Gin from the shadows, increasing his chances to eliminate Aizen.
  • Gin finds it amusing that he and Vega/Balrog sound the same though the same can't be said for Shinji Matou. He finds Shadow the Hedgehog rather annoying beuse of his angst and the fact that they sound the same.
  • On the other hand, Gin finds Shadow the Hedgehog rather annoying because of his angst and the fact that they sound the same.
  • Koko has an interesting friendship with Hinagiku, Bianca, Akeno maybe it's the voice.

Lesser Gods

    Alice (Shin Megami Tensei) 
Alice, Goddess of Ambiguous Innocence
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Two dolls, one red, one black
  • Alignment: Neutral-Dark according to the Demonic Compendium
  • Portfolio: Kids Are Cruel, Sweet Girls Who Aren't What They Seem, Lovable Sorceresses, The Dark Side of Wonderland, Slightly Confused People, Blissful Ignorance of One's Origins, Love For Adoptive Parents, Came Back Wrong, Damaged Souls, Alice Allusions, Creepy Children, Necromancy, Innocence and its Loss
  • Allies: Belial and Nebiros. For a couple of demon lords, they sure love the tyke. More darkly, the Fiends, who she's a member of.
  • Avoided by: Tewi Inaba
  • She scares a lot of the kids in the Pantheon, even though Belial and Nebiros brought her there with the exact purpose of finding her a good friend she could relate to without going Die For Me! with them. However, she gets along very well with Peter Pan, given he is one of the few who could grant her wish of having an eternal playmate. Her two demonic guardians are her only real family and deeply care for her, and she returns that love.
  • She is a parallel or future version of another Alice, and is good friends with her and even taking tea together in Wonderland, though both feel creeped out by each other at times. Given the Alice that lives with Belial and Nebiros is an insanely powerful sorceress capable of summoning dark armies with a command, and the Alice known as the Avatar of the Power of Imagination is capable of transforming her domain , and possibly the Pantheon itself if she was ever self-aware, depending on her current mind state, this is very comprehensible.
  • Both Belial and Nebiros are looking for possible friends for Alice. Given her massive magical potential and inability to comprehend pain or death, least of all her own, they are still reviewing candidates.
    • Some have posited the theory that combat with Nanoha might bear fruit...
    • As of late, Alice has been seen in playdates with Hansel and Gretel in the House of Family. Even top-ranking gods know it's better to avoid them. Or else. She's also successfully made contact with Wednesday Addams and Mandy. The other two girls are somewhat annoyed by her innocence, but tolerate her, since she shares their interests/sensibilities, likes having them as friends, and plays a great game of Massacre. Belial and Nebiros watch from afar for added safety, having reminded Alice that Die For Me! is not a very good way to keep friends. She's very interested in arranging a playdate with Flandre Scarlet as well.
  • When Gentaro Kisaragi heard about Alice's troubles he cried for her loss. Alice, not knowing emotions like this, was shocked. The other gods were afraid, with good reason, of what Alice would do to the poor Kamen Rider and his friends. When Alice asked him, "Could you die for me, please?" Gentaro replied with a hearty yes. Fortunately, Belial and Nebiros stepped in before Alice could cast her spell, but decreed that Gentaro was allowed to have tea parties with her every now and then.
  • Following an incident with the Hare of Inaba that ended with the poor bunny utterly traumatized by Alice's tortures, she's been banned from the House of Beasts. Tewi Inaba feels an unnatural feeling of dread whenever Alice's nearby.
  • Alice, like Hansel and Gretel, isn't feared because she's outright insane. It's because she is at the same time a vicious undead sorceress and an innocent girl without conflating either role in the slightest. Even her friends have had close calls in which Alice is on the verge of killing or eating them on passing whims, or siccing gaggles of undead on them because she was bored. Gentaro once asked Belial and Nebiros about her origins. Neither was willing to speak on that regard, despite their strong debt to him. However, he noticed their voices broke ever so slightly...
    • Speaking of Gentaro, Alice once found him not talking about befriending others and tried to befriend him back...through summoning undead Wonderland guards and trying to eat him. Belial and Nebiros brought her away to reveal that it was an alternate Gentaro that she met up with. One that was part of a dark resurrection who rejected friendship. The real Gentaro soon came to Alice and thanked her for doing her best to befriend him. Alice smiled back.
      • It has recently been revealed that when Gentaro died for Ryusei, she was the one who resurrected him before Kengo even placed the Cosmic Switch in the Fourze Driver. The reason? Because Gentaro was her best friend, and she didn't want to lose him. Thankfully, this brought Kengo into the Pantheon when he heard what happened to his dear friend and he brought Gentaro back to life through the Cosmic Switch. Alice apologized for the mess she made, but both Gentaro and Kengo forgave her. The three now spend time at the Rabbit Hatch or having tea parties with one another.
  • She's found another friend in Jack Skellington and loves seeing his performances for Halloween. Jack has gotten interested in having Alice use her necromancy as part of his performance. Belial and Nebiros are against it; if given free reign of her necromancy with the instruction to create undead, she'd be capable of an endless Night of the Living Mooks. Coupled with her shadow powers, she could eat as much as she wanted until stopped by a light strong enough to destroy her. As neither wants to see Alice at the wrong side of such power, they have vetoed Jack's idea.
  • At times, she fleetingly remembers her true nature as one of the Fiends, something that her Unearthly Form belies. Everyone struggles to keep her distracted so she won't fully remember, lest she decide to embrace her true powers as a goddess of death.

    Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Langley Shikinami 
Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Langley Shikinami, Goddesses of Tsunderes (Second Child, Captain Asuka)
Asuka Langley Shikinami 
  • Lesser Goddesses. Intermediate in Beast mode
  • Symbol: EVA-02 the Nigouki
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Souryu), Chaotic Good (Shikinami)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Asuka Langley Soryu: Chaos, Mechs, Madness, Emotion, Pride, Anger, Violence
    • Asuka Langley Shikinami: War, Mechs, Leadership
  • Allies: Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Misato Katsuragi (legal guardian), Shana, Yui Ikari (legal guardian), Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Tetsuya Tsurugi, Ryoma Nagare, Noriko Takaya, Yuji Sakai, Kallen Stadtfeld / Kallen Kozuki, Laura Bodewig, Rin Tohsaka, Seras Victoria, Alex Mason, Kyoko Sakura, The Vivid Team
  • Rival: Kouji Kabuto
  • Enemies: Arael, Ragyo Kiryuin, Johan Liebert, Zorin Blitz, Red Skull, Aizen, Gendo Ikari, Redyue
  • Opposes: All kinds of mind rapers regardless of alignment. Dolls (Souryu)
  • Odd Friendship: With Nanoha Takamachi, Sakaki.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Gertrud Barkhorn and Kouji Kabuto
  • Asuka was once Shana's High Priest, but she didn't like the idea of sharing her title with her.
    • She spoke to her about the Great Tsundere Alliance and asked her for her approval, rumors say that they are making arrangements to make it happen formally.
  • Asuka once shared the Fiery Redhead domain with Barbara Gordon before she became its sole owner because her hot-headed nature was based on psychological issues. However, after others realized that Shana stopped being a tsundere, Asuka was given the title as she is a deconstruction.
  • Asuka is an oddity for the Pantheon because she is based on two versions of the same character; Asuka Langley Souryu and Asuka Langley Shikinami. While Souryu is a psychological mess of a tsundere who is short-tempered and Hot-Blooded, Shikinami is a bit more well adjusted. She is also a bit nicer compared with Souryu. Or she used to be until Third Impact happened. Now she is more aggressive and embittered than before.
  • Another version of Sohryu tends to act like a childhood friend towards Shinji and shows obvious romantic feelings for him. This version is nicest towards Rei while the other ones act a bit antagonistic.
  • Both Asukas would constantly criticize Shinji and call him an idiot... but they have really affection towards him. They just don't know how to properly express her feelings properly.
  • When she found out that Rei Ayanami -or "that doll" as she called her sometimes- was also in the Pantheon she was initially unhappy, although as of late she seemed to be more accepting of her.
  • Sometimes Shikinami can be seen exiting the House of Food with bandages on her fingers. When questioned about it, she tells people to mind their own business and she not trying to make a box lunch for that 'idiot'.
  • Asuka stays far, FAR away from Johan Liebert, due to his Mind Rape ways. She's still reeling from Arael's initial attack.
  • Became close friends with Kallen Stadtfeld / Kouzuki. Not only are the two hot blooded red heads who pilot red mecha, both have Mommy Issues.
  • Due to Arael's assault, Souryu hates anybody who use Mind Rape in any form. This isn't limited to just evil aligned deities as she would also express hatred to even good deities who use Mind Rape before.
    • When Asuka discovered that Arael had ascended, the sound that she made was described as a mix of screaming in fear, rage and crying.
  • She calmed down a bit when her rival, Kouji Kabuto, introduced a newcomer to the Pantheon: Tetsuya Tsurugi, another orphan with her same issues. Tetsuya reassured her that everything would be okay, and if Arael tried to do anything funny, it would to eat a Rocket Punch and a Drill Pressure Punch. After that talk, Asuka was feeling a bit better.
  • Nonetheless Asuka hates "Separated at birth" jokes about her and Tetsuya, but she agrees that the Great Mazinger pilot would be a better relative than her father or step-mother.
  • After meeting Jun Hono, they decided to create The Great Tsundere Alliance. They are members of the Mecha Chapter together with Sayaka Yumi, Maria Grace Fleed and Fa Yuiry.
  • Souryu ABSOLUTELY HATES dolls due to her horrible childhood in which her crazy mother conversed with a doll thinking it was her daughter and then committing suicide with it. However, she knows better than to insult Ada, or state to Sugintou that she's junk. She also avoids Alice just in case. In contrast, Shikinami has a little doll that she converses with from time to time.
  • As a German, Asuka is naturally enemy to Red Skull, Dr. Hell and Millennium. Especially Millennium, when she found out one of its members, Zorin Blitz, had mind raping abilies. Asuka actually became friends with Seras Victoria since she went through her mind rape and then paid her back for it.
  • Asuka is extremely fond of cats. This causes her to get along surprisingly well with Sakaki, and both of them are regular visitors to the Feline Sub-House. Rumor has it this is what inspired her EVA unit's Code 777 Beast Mode. She also gets along well with Aisha Clan-Clan. When they first met, Aisha went into her were-tiger form and pounced on Asuka. . . then started licking her face! While Aisha thinks Asuka just "has a thing for cats", Asuka wonders if they might have something else in common.
  • Both Asukas did become friends with Laura Bodewig, a fellow German. The two of them noticed that their voices sounded the same. Though, Laura is the only one with a German accent when she speaks English. Also, and despite Asuka's protest, Laura picked up some habits of hers when interacting with Shinji and use it on Ichika, thinking it was the normal way to pick a wife.
  • Hates Ragyo Kyugurin because of her treatment to her daughters reminds her of her own treatment by her father and NERV's manipulations.
  • Asuka met Rin Tohsaka through Shinji Ikari, although they were on the edge at first, they have since become friends apparently, she is taking council from her on dealing with idiots.
    • In anticipation to the possible final battle against Gendo Ikari, she asked for her aid in her training, the magus agreed and went as far as helping her determine her element in case she possed Magic Circuits, to no ones surprise, it was Fire.
    • Also spoke to her about the Great Tsundere Alliance, Rin's response could be paraphrased as "What took you so long?".
  • She was very surprised and impressed at the sheer badassery of some counterparts of hers, but she is appalled by the fact that the prize for more power was getting corrupted by cosmic horrors or dark gods.
  • Although her domain is violence, Asuka is genuinely scared of how far she could go after seeing an alternate dimension where her abuse of Shinji escalated beyond her worst nightmares.
  • Even though Asuka is the daughter of her closest friend, Yui Ikari really didn't like her relationship with her son until she found out what Asuka went through. Afterwards Yui became very sympathetic and she decided to legally adopt Asuka, givng her the much needed motherly affection and hoping to improve her self-image and mental state.
    • Yes, Asuka is now legally Shinji's sister. Their relationship has gotten more Freudian.
    • However she and Shinji distanced themselves from Yui after the events of Rebuild.
  • Became pretty close with Kaito Kumon. They both share the pain of having a broken family with one of their parents committing suicide. This is also why she befriended Kyoko Sakura. Being fellow broken birds.
  • It should be noted that Shikinami's body is chronologically that of a twenty-eight year old. This is because the LCL screwed with her body. Not only that, but it may have left her less human as she is shown to have her eyes glowing and growing fangs.
  • Whenever Asuka wears her eyepatch, some deities call her Captain Asuka as they are reminded of a pirate. Funny enough, she did dress up as Captain Harlock.
  • Asuka still knows that Shinji masturbated over her comatose body. While she is willing to forgive it, if it ever happens again....
  • Asuka has received approval of Khorne for her fighting prowess and her warrior spirit. She was not happy about it in the slightest. Somehow she was even less happy when she found out about an aspect of hers becoming a Khornate Berserker.
  • Asuka has Ryoma's respect. He praises her fighting prowess, hot-bloodness and fierceness, but he realizes the girl is very fragile and unstable deep-down, so he is mentoring her to help her to master her inward rage and grief and turn them into useful tools, and he is teaching her to wield a battleaxe properly.
  • It should be noted that Sohryu can perform a Combination Attack with Shinji Ikari, though it took them some practice to do the last step right.
  • After Arael's Mind Rape, Nanoha Takamachi approached Asuka, insisting on being her friend. As always, Asuka got angry/scared and tried to push the magical girl away, but Nanoha would not take "no" for an answer and she was so damned persistent Asuka finally relented. When Asuka realized Nanoha had noticed how hurt and fragile she really was and wanted sincerely to befriend her despite everything, she broke down in tears. They have been friends since then.
  • They would not admit it out loud, but both Asukas were happy to see their guardian Misato Katsuragi ascend.

    Azai Nagamasa 
Azai Nagamasa, God of Emotional Support (The Never-Faltering Justice)
  • Lesser God (can reach Intermediate-tier fighting power if near Oichi)
  • Symbol: The Azai Clan Crestemblazoned on a fold-out buckler, with a gleaming longsword and a white lily in the foreground.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (with a shade that is halfway between Lawful Stupid and Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Being a Living Emotional Crutch For His Wife, Having Fighting Moves Based On Toku Shows, Never Faltering from Delivering His Brand Of JUSTICE, The Power Of Light, Being Repeartedly Killed In Front Of His Wife, Berating Oichi In One Scene Then Giving Her Flowers In The Next
  • Domains: War, Love, Tragedy
  • Allies: Oichi (his wife), Date Masamune, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Sanada Yukimura, Uesugi Kenshin, Arceus
  • Enemies: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, every single monster and demonic fiend who threatens justice.
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Every single Toku hero (or heroine, for that matters) .
  • Was briefly spotted rather a long time ago in the Pantheon, but remained missing for quite some time, leading to a wide range of wild guesses erupting within the Pantheon.
  • Recently, members of the House of Gaming realized that the game he starred in received a FOURTH installment, with Nagamasa back as a playable. Then they realized that it is no other than his repeated and gruesome death that made Oichi the gloomy Goddess she is today. Upon the pleas of several of Oichi's closest friends, a search party was soon founded by the bravest of members of the said House (with the help from several other Houses, too), and the search commenced.
    • They eventually found him held captive in a dudgeon of the GUAE in order to keep Oichi depressed, thus maintaining a presence of darkness and despair among the non-Evil aligned members of the Pantheon, and allowing it to expand. After a fierce battle with the prison guards, he was successfully rescued.
  • After a surprisingly short discussion session within the Main House, Nagamasa was allowed to ascend as the patron deity of critical emotional supports, much to the pleasure of his saviors. Nagamasa was grateful, but was still kind of down as he wasn't assigned as a representative of "justice"...
  • The first things that welcomed him on his official ascension into his temple were, to his shock, a giant pair of shadowy hands trying to "crush" him. To his relief, however, they belonged to no other than his lonely and lovelorn wife Oichi, with tears running down her pale cheeks, her raven locks flowing, as she rushed all the way to the entrance as fast as her shapely legs can carry her. The result was the warmest hug the deities had ever seen since the foundation of the Pantheon, and let's just say...a LOT of tears were shed.
    • Under the suggestions (and offers to help) of many deities from the House of Craft, Love and Theatre, the couple warmly agreed to re-enact their eventful wedding that originated from their home game as a grand celebration of this reunion. Simply put, the ceremony, hosted by Ieyasu (the god who gave probably the most mental support to Oichi during Nagamasa's absense) was a HUGE hit, and MORE THAN ENOUGH security measures were deployed to ensure that it would not be crashed by a certain clown by the name of Imagawa Yoshimoto, or a certain Demon King Of The Sixth Heaven.
      • Romeo and Juliet were the first to give the reunited couple their greetings, declaring that their Sengoku-era tragic love story surpasses even their own.
  • Takes his job very seriously, as he lectures whoever willing to listen on the topic of never losing hope in the ones they emotionally and psychologically support, since this kind of deeds are all part of the "ultimate justice", according to him.
  • Frequently spars with those non-Evil-aligned, combat/weapon based deities to hone his combat skills, so that whenever his dastardly brother-in-law Nobunaga decides to threaten those he watches over and protect, he shall be the one leading the charge.
  • Was once a young, nameless warlord (or possibly war-lady) who was able to conquer entire region from other warlords, bringing peace to the war-ridden region. And become pals with Arceus himself while doing so.
    • Predating that in the same Koei-name-brand, his other-self calls him out on his jerkass front towards someone like Oichi. Funny enough, it would seem that the Koei-version of Oichi is having none of the Capcom-Nagamasa's insults, which leaves him a bit speechless. He is at least thankful that Nobunaga is not as villainous there, and even Hideyoshi as well.
      • He's also a bit amused and embarrassed towards Toudou Takatora's loyalty to him, and like a few others is worried about his Ronin nature.
  • Is not amused when people point out he has the same voice as Miroku of all people, though his Koei-self has the voice of someone like Trafalgar Law of all people.

    Bright Noa 
Bright Noa, Eternal Repairer of Wrongly Placed Emotions (The Eternal Captain)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Londo Bell logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Bright Slap, Slapping Wangsty Heroes And turning them into MEN OF DESTINY, The Good Captain, Team Dad
  • Domains: War, Leadership, Emotion, Discipline
  • High Priest: Jamil Neate
  • Followers: Holland, Robert Gomez
  • Allies: Yu Narukami, (presumably) Captain Falcon, Kamina, Sei Iori, Reiji, Amuro Ray, Kamille Bidan, Rei Hino, Kira Yamato
  • Enemies: Haman Karn
  • There's a reason why he's unanimously tagged throughout the Pantheon as "The Eternal Captain": his powerful right hand has the ability to slap spineless wimps and turn them into MEN OF DESTINY. A concrete example of this would be the infamous scene where he gave Amuro Ray two slaps in the face for refusing (at that time) to pilot the Gundam. With passage of time (and a few slaps to other wimpy pilots later), both men still see each other in high regard; so much is Bright's respect for his old friend and subordinate that he keeps a picture of him in his office at Londo Bell's flagship Ra Cailum, long after the latter's battle with his longtime nemesis.
    • One mighty swing is enough to make a whole crowd of people get a hold of themselves; even someone with extreme Knight Templar tendencies like Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai (for the time that he was still in the Pantheon) can be forced to stand down with just one slap.
    • His slap was so powerful, that it turned Shinji Ikari into a badass, at least for a short time before Haruhi hit the Reset Button. He had a bit more success when he swung it at Kira Yamato though, but it needed another slap from Shinji of all people to make it permanent.
    • Surprisingly though, the only UC-era Gundam pilot that he did not slap during his tenure as Commander of Londo Bell was Banagher Links. All he did was to remind him that he was probably fated to become a Gundam Pilot when he took the reins of the Unicorn. Nevertheless, the latter sees Bright the same way Amuro sees him: with utmost respect.
    • The only time the Birght Slap failed: when he swung it at a fanboying Sei Iori, when the latter realized that the pilots and characters from the Gundam multiverse were in fact real here.
  • Kamina is often seen visiting out of respect for his Old Master.
  • Bright gets along really well with Yuu Narukami after seeing him calming people down, so they form a duo of calming people down where Yuu would try to calm people down, and if that fails, only then the mighty Bright Slap is coming to people's cheeks. Likewise, Yuu also respects Bright well, and thought Bright reminds him of his mortal 'foster father' Ryotaro Dojima.

    Edmond Dantes, The Count of Monte Cristo 
Edmond Dantes, God of Revenge and Forgiveness (The Count Of Monte Cristo, King of the Cavern, Edmond Dantès, Avenger)
As a Servant 
  • Lesser God (Greater God in Grand Order)
  • Symbol: the isle of Monte Cristo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with good tendencies, Chaotic Evil in the Grand Order
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Best Served Cold, British Teeth, Byronic Hero, The Chessmaster, Cultured Badass, The Determinator, Manipulative Bastard, Psychotic Smirk, Took a Level in Badass
  • Domain: Revenge, Chaos, Knowledge, Redemption
  • High Priestess: Emily Thorne
  • Allies: Every deity that has sought out revenge in his name, Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride, John Wick, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Raiden (Metal Gear Solid), Homer Simpson, Katara, Zuko
  • Rivals: Afro Samurai, Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Enemies: Marge Simpson, Enrico Pucci
  • Opposed by: House of Justice, Steven Armstrong
  • Pities: Sasuke Uchiha
  • A showdown of epic proportions was brewing in the House of Vengeance. Two deities held the title God of Revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo and Dan. And neither of them were willing to share. Things boiled over when Dan's car and Edmond's carriage crashed into each other. Both swore revenge, delivering every prank and dirty trick imaginable over a period of days. In a showdown in the House of Nature, Dan emerged victorious, tossing a batter Count into a river. Thus, Dan laid claim to the title himself.
  • But that would not be the end of the Count. A couple months was all it took for the Count to enact the most sadistic, debilitating and downright cruel plot of revenge the Pantheon had ever seen. The Court of the Gods had no choice but to hand it over to the Count once more. And yet the Count saw to it that Dan was reinstated into the Pantheon, earning the title of forgiveness as well.
  • It's safe to say that many deities in the Pantheon owe it up to the Count to enact their revenge on those who wronged them. From Beatrix's Roaring Rampage of Revenge upon her former teammates to John Wick's path of destruction for the death of his dog to the Punisher's manhunt on criminals, various patrons have called upon him to strike down on their perpetrators.
    • Raiden personally thanked the man for helping him hunt down those responsible for betraying him. Likewise, Armstrong was not pleased with his demise, demanding the Count to bless him in seeking vengeance in the Count, Edmond declined the offer, declaring the deed done. He would have to go to the God of Endless Revenge instead.
  • Such tactics have been condemned by the House of Justice. Those in their ranks would prefer to let the law decide the fate of those under arrest.
  • The five main alliances have all agreed not to interfere with his temple. They are well aware that all are dependent of his blessings to enact revenge on their fellow rivals. The GUAG is least comfortable with that stance, but even they recognize his importance.
  • Bumbling Dad Homer Simpson spoke out about how much of a fan he was of his revenge story when he told it to Lisa. Marge is less than enthusiastic with the man, using his story as a cautionary tale about the consequences of revenge.
  • Saw to it that Katara was given peace for her past, confronting the man who killed her mother and ultimately forgiving Zuko for his initial betrayal. Likewise, Zuko thanked him for allowing Iroh to forgive him for all of his mistakes.
  • Unlike most others who either like or hate him, The Count only feels pity for Sasuke. He helped guide the man to exact his revenge on Itachi, only to look on in dismay as he acted like a complete jerkass afterwards. When Sasuke asked why people didn't approve of his forgiveness, the Count stated that such forgiveness can not be given so easily. There are many who still feel that his half-hearted apology wasn't enough for what he did. For him, time will only tell if he can improve his likeability.
  • Has tried to talk Afro Samurai out of continuing the Cycle of Revenge he put himself in, knowing that it would eventually get him killed, to no avail. To the samurai, one can only accept that revenge breeds more. Only when one embraces that fact that one would find peace. The two debate their conflicting philosophies in the House of Philosophy.
  • He may oversee the revenge of most deities, but has seen many of his followers flock to Enrico Pucci instead, mainly villains. Their followers are the source of constant battles and retaliations to the point that their deities decided to back off, letting their followers decide.
  • While Captain America was grateful for his return (especially focusing more on forgiveness than most other Gods of Vengeance), he still believes revenge isn't the main answer to problems. Not even the brainwashing of Bucky was enough for him to seek out revenge. The two are likely to remain at odds for ages to come. Complicating things further was the announcement of Emily Thorne as high priest, who looks a lot like Sharon Carter, an agent Cap was seeking a romantic relationship with.
  • Despite being in the Pantheon as the god of Forgiveness, he insists that people do not venerate him; as in his own words, "I'm a Count — not a saint".
  • "Wait and hope"

Hazama, God of Learning New Emotions (Captain Hazama, Hipster Person, Honoka, Smooth Criminal, Shadowy Serpent Fang)
  • Lesser God, Intermediate God when activating Azure Grimoire
  • Theme Music: As Hazama, Gluttony Fang and Gluttony Fang II. As the merged Hazama-Terumi persona, Endless Despair and Endless Despair II.
  • Symbol: His crest
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Former Host For Terumi, Being Separated from Terumi For Good, Being His Own Azure Grimoire, Knife Nut, The Ouroboros, Sharp-Dressed Man, Eyes Always Shut, Snake Motifs, Troll, Soft-Spoken Sadist, The Sociopath To Tragic Degree, Feeling Pain For The First Time And Acting Upon That
  • Domains: Emotions, Snakes, Personal Appearance, Trickery
  • Allies: Relius Clover (we think), Kirei Kotomine (more like acquaintances)
  • Enemies: Pretty much everyone else from BlazBlue series, Cats
  • Former Allies: Yuuki Terumi
  • Hazama's presence in the Pantheon started off weird. Originally he was just the body and façade Terumi used after he lost his original body and things were like that for the longest time. However, when people tried to kill Terumi off for real, the only way to do that was to draw Terumi out of Hazama's body and kill him after. As it turns out, the attempt to erase Terumi out of existence failed, and now Terumi and Hazama were separate beings. For a while, Hazama acted out as Terumi's secret agent. And by secret, we mean that not even the Trollkaiger knew of his existence, with Seija Kijin being the only person to know that he even existed at all.
    • Things got weirder when Terumi's newly materialized body started to fail on him, meaning that the two of them needed to fuse back together, which they did. However, at that point Hazama had gained enough independence where he doesn't care about if Terumi was around anymore and just wanted to assimilate Terumi to get his powers. Unfortunately Terumi saw through his deception and since he had new plans for a new body, he severed their connection for good. At which point Terumi had no use for Hazama but he let him go since he was being generous. Also at that point the whole Hazama/Terumi split was uncovered so now Hazama was left on his own merits.
  • His position comes from the fact that on his own, he really can't feel emotions. In particular, he can't feel pain, was it being inflicted onto others or inflicted onto him. However, when he was stabbed by Trinity to separate Terumi from him, it caused him to feel pain for the first time in his life (while also leaving a giant hole in his chest). With nothing else to act upon, he gave Hazama a new meaning to his life: To know everything he can know about pain.
    • There were some questions if he really should inherit the title of God of Trolling from Terumi, since most of his trollish moments came from Hazama persona. He personally decided to leave Terumi with his titles. He also decided to just leave Trollkaiger as it never really interested him. He probably won't get a chance to join the other troll groups.
  • In some sense, Hazama is way nicer than Terumi. On other hand, it is somewhat. While he can act genuinely polite, he still likes messing with people if it interests him and due of his need to know about pain, he will dwell into masochist fits if he needs to. He also does enjoy being hated.
  • Is really allergic to cats. Just having one near him will trigger his allergies. And he really doesn't like that.
  • He still remembers one encounter Terumi had with Hikage, what has caused him to gain newly found interest in her. The main factor of interest comes due of her Frenzy mode, as it contradicts everything else about her character, and he wants to know what really makes it work and what she feels when she is in that mode.
  • He runs his own clinic on the side. He can even birth babies!
  • Has found newly found appreciation to Kirei since he knows what is up with him. Of course difference between Hazama and Kirei is that the former has no real moral qualms about the things he might do. The fact that both of them know how manipulative the other one can be makes their relation interesting, with gods betting who can really play the other one out. He is also one of few people who can eat Kirei's mapo tofu. As in, he appreciates the spiciness, since he can feel it.
  • One time, Ryouna asked him to "play" with her, since he was so interested on studying pain. He accepted the offer but at one point he actually got bored with it due of how much Ryouna was enjoying herself. It was good experience on how others react to pain, sure, but it also sort of robs any enjoyment out of it.
  • While no one can truly die in the Pantheon, he does admit that he has his sights on some immortal deities due the fact that he really wants to push them to their limits.

    Jacuzzi Splot 
Jacuzzi Splot, God of Shy People
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sword tattoo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Shy People cute and kicks ass, Nervous Wreck, apologizing a LOT, Going ballistic when someone is threatened, Heroic Self-Deprecation, Cowardly Lion, crying a lot (especially when he's fighting), having a VERY strange name.
  • Allies: Nice Holystone (his girlfriend, later wife) Shinji Ikari, Hinata Hyuga, Raven, Setsuko Ohara, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fuuka Yamagishi.
  • Scared of: Ladd Russo
  • Commonality Connection: Rishid.
  • Opposed by: The House of Crime (except for Issac and Miria).
  • This position was originally offered to Hinata Hyuuga, who resides in the House of Love as the God of Underrated Love instead. She offers a spot for Jacuzzi after finding out he's much shyer than her.
  • Some villainous Gods have no opinion of him, but some are quite surprised by what he's capable of when his button is pushed... Like that one time when he raided 18 Mafia Speakeasies in a single night. Along with some help, Vito Corleone of the House of Crime is out for his head.
    • The only Gods in the House of Crime that don't want his head are Issac and Miria, because they helped give him courage during the big Flying Pussfoot incident. It's thanks to them that the villains have to deal with the fact that Jacuzzi now has a "gun in his heart".
  • Would be more than happy to care for Courage in Muriel's stead.
  • The reason he cries a lot is because by the time it's time to get serious, he has already used up all his tears. This is when he truly shows what he's made of.
  • Hopes to find his girlfriend, Nice Holystone, in the Pantheon. Mistook Yuko Ichihara and Erza Scarlet for her due to their similar voices.
    • And then he found out that Nice finally made it in the Pantheon. He cried Tears of Joy and leapt into her arms in sheer delight.
  • Nearly pissed his pants when he found out that Ladd had ascended. He's been staying away from mad gangster ever since.
  • Once met with Rishid and, after crying and freaking out over the latter's scars, learned a lot about Rishid's past...particularly as to why Rishid had the tattoos on his face in the first place. Learning that they had similarities for that, they became good friends. Jacuzzi cried buckets when he learned what Rishid's younger brother went through.
    • In fact, gods wonder why someone like him would even choose to have that sword tattoo in the first place. He explained that it was so people didn't gawk at the burns Nice obtained after losing her eye and most of her skin due to a faulty explosive.

    Jean-Luc Picard 
Jean-Luc Picard, God of Exasperation (Locutus of Borg, The Picard, Johnny, Kamin)

    Jeremiah Gottwald 
Jeremiah Gottwald, God of Undying Loyalty (Orange-kun, STORM OF LOYALTY)

    Leonard McCoy 
Leonard McCoy, God of Emotional Responses (Bones)

    Makoto Nanaya 
Makoto Nanaya, Goddess of Trusting Her Instinct
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her tonfas and an acorn, in the center of her emblem which looks like the World Tree
  • Theme Song: Alexandrite
  • Alignment: Neutral Good... on a good day. Chaotic Neutral at worst.
  • Portfolio: Undying Loyalty To Those She's Friends Of, Races Be Damned, Nice Girl, Being really scary when mad, Cute Bruiser, Fun Personified, Hyperactivity, Squirrel Girl, Sexy Outfits
  • Domains: Friendship, Combat, Good.
  • Allies: Noel Vermillion and Tsubaki Yayoi, Squirrel Girl, Commander Shepard, Jeremiah Gottwald, Edward Elric, Monkey D. Luffy, Adell, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Makoto Naegi, Amy Rose, Off the Hook, Teddie (SOOO CUUUTE~!), Ricotta Elmar, Eugene Gallardo, Ika Musume, Jaune Clafoutis, Labrys, Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage, Fiona Mayfield, Ms. Fortune, Nana, Luka, Arche Klein, Ratatoskr (SOOO CUUUTE~!), Elsa la Conti, Lime, Alice, Ajani Goldmane, Neopolitan.
  • Odd Friendship with: Liu Kang, Yosuke Hanamura
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Arael, Relius Clover, Doctor Doom, Vergil, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Jinx
  • Opposes: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • One of the beings in the Pantheon Terumi is said to have difficulty planning around. Relius is a different story, however.
  • She was initially the deity for Interspecies Friendship until the Council of Gods ruled that an in-universe group of friends would better represent the trope. The title for Gods of Interspecies Friendship has since been conferred to Off the Hook. She was initially relegated to High Priestess of the new ascendees, but a second meeting within the Council identified a role Makoto could better represent as an individual. Makoto has no qualms with this transfer.
  • Upon her initial deification, Makoto has made it clear that anyone that tries to harm Noel and Tsubaki will be personally hunted down and destroyed. She does thank Ed for snatching Tsubaki away from the GUAE, meaning she wouldn't have to beat down any of the GUAG members trying to kill her.
  • Best buds with Squirrel Girl, Makoto once joined forces with her in an effort to beat up Doctor Doom, it ends with success and now Doom hates her too. She also idolizes Commander Shepard for befriending and possibly romancing many many non-human teammates. An inspiration, she says. She has also befriended Luka for similar reasons, although, due to Luka's monster-girl-attracting scent, almost every meeting between the two end up with Makoto trying to make love to him, much to Luka's own chagrin.
    • When Luka's wife Alice ascended, Makoto was actually briefly scared she was going to try and eat her. The Monster Lord, while amused and admitting she would be a fine feast, told her not to worry: She only eats the people who really piss her off. Plus, she does understand that Luka's scent makes her act all horny, even teasing her once or twice on whether Makoto really has a crush on him or not.
    • Squirrel Girl was the one who introduced her to Ratatoskr, who both ladies found absolutely adorable. The Sly Messenger has since become a good friend of hers legitimately after finding that he can relate to some of the situations she's been involved in.
  • Gets along well with Monkey D. Luffy, due to their similar personalities. Both are cheerful and energetic, tend to talk with their fists, and, of course, easily make friends with those of other species. Anyone who harms a mutual friend will most likely earn a beatdown that would almost make Asura jealous. Almost.
  • She pays regular visits to the GUAG Robot Division, often because the sight of the mechas 'makes her naughty bits tingle'. At one point, she applied and was summarily rejected, for good reasons.
  • Is the first to openly admit she wouldn't mind Teddie "scoring" with her since she finds him absolutely cute.
  • She once found herself privy to one of Ieyasu and Adell's sparring sessions, and soon joined in. A bit of philosophical debate about promises, bonds, and interracial relations passed, and the three of them are now on good terms. She has recently installed a bunk bed just in case Ieyasu needs shelter from the villainous inhabitants of this House.
  • Has now found another enemy in the form of Vergil because he injured Noel badly and made her cry.
    • When she heard that someone else made Noel cry and cause wanton destruction, namely Jinx, Makoto was about to declare her enemy just like Vergil... but then she took back her words before, claiming that she needs to calm down and not play right into her insults… until Jinx herself personally gave her an insulting question asking if her hands are just as fat as 'Fat Hands' (Vi) since they possesses tons of strength. And that does it, that's how Jinx got into Makoto's shit list.
  • She became friends with Makoto Naegi not only because they have the same first name and have family names that start with "Na-", but because she's impressed enough what with him rousing hopes even if he's no fighter. That and hearing his tales about the "High School of Mutual Killing" just pissed her off and swore that if Monokuma and his Mastermind would put her friends into that kind of school, she will have a ferocious No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on those creepers.
  • Recently has been hanging around with Liu Kang. The Pantheon hasn't publicly commented although some say the former's looking to training with him as her mentor.
    • Terumi was also reported swearing up a storm at this development. That the girls in question share the same voice does nothing good for his elevated blood pressure.
  • Has recently reformed The 3 Stooges of Torifune, a comedy troupe Makoto, Noel and Tsubaki founded during their school days.
  • Is allies with Ricotta, Ika and Jaune because they both look largely human despite being animals.
  • Against her permission, she was being used as a tool of propaganda of a shining example of 'being fanservicey as hell and being genuinely good in her own verse', to the point that she received a lot of people who asked for her guidance. Unfortunately, these people also came with badmouthing Litchi Faye-Ling (whom Makoto still respected), saying that she failed their expectations about 'being good', to the point that Makoto grew completely sick of such shallow praises like that (even if she IS good and fanservicey like hell) and is looking for the one using her as a tool without permission for a cause she never supported.
  • She recently got involved with a large tournament where she fought against and alongside a bunch of new people, so she was happy to make new friends, with being surprised by her new friend of Yosuke Hanamura.

Murakumo, Goddess of Masked Emotions (The Mysterious and Meek Masked Maiden, Murky, Shipmate Murakumoon, OgreMaskShinobi)
Maskless Murakumo 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A white wolf holding her spear and a black wolf wearing her hannya mask and holding her cleaver
  • Theme Music: Masked Princess, I Got It! -Fusion of Sci-Fi and Cooking-, My Vow
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, used to be Templar Good
  • Portfolio: Literally Wearing a Mask to Hide Her True Self, Split Personality (The Stoic masked, Shrinking Violet unmasked), Not Wanting to Be Seen Without Her Mask, Adorkable, Manga Artist, Huge Schoolgirl Shinobi, Blade on a Stick, Big Freakin' Cleaver
  • Domains: Masks, Emotions, Shinobi, Wolves, Manga, Cleavers
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: with The ESP Research Society.
  • Otaku to: Most Sengoku-era gods, Ashirogi Muto, Eiji Niizuma
  • Enemies: Evil-aligned gods who really are evil (especially Pudge and Handsome Jack)
  • Opposed by: Ika Musume
  • Former Enemies: The rest of Hanzou Academy, Crimson Squad and Hebijo Academy
  • One of the elite students of Gessen Girls School for Shinobi, she has been wearing a mask ever since her parents were killed: literally. Her extreme shyness has led her wearing something to cover her "ugly" face. With the mask, she is stoic, if sometimes cold-hearted professional. Knock the mask off and she suddenly turns into a moeblob.
  • Aila Jyrkiäinen used to be the goddess of this, but quickly stepped down from it. When Murakumo ascended, she rapidly thanked her without her mask for allowing her to ascend.
  • She is pretty determined on wearing that mask of hers. For example, Ika Musume once tried to tell about her plans for her (possibly due of one thing), but Murakumo did not really see her as being evil, so she ignored and maybe ridiculed her. Ika then covered her mask in squid ink, causing Murakumo stumble around with the mask on to try to clean it.
  • Gets really well with Yayoi Kise. Not only do do they share the same voice, they are both aspiring manga artists and have rather bad case of shyness. In fact, she is one of few people she is willing to remove her mask to. Good thing to her, as with the mask on, she wants first-hand reference to draw something like a fighting scene. Or a cooking scene. Or a love scene.
  • She and Yayoi have befriended Nagi Sanzen'in because of their mutual desire to be Mangakas (Though Murakumo had to have her mask on when they first met her).
    • All of them were excited to find out that Ashirogi Muto, actual deities of Mangakas had ascended and they are trying to see if they can form a group to make their own mangas to become as famous as theirs.
  • Just because she is Lawful Good does not mean that she isn't willing to attack. Once Pudge tried to meet with her, she was disgusted of his actions and made him taste his own medicine (with help from her wolves). She seems to advice him to stay as a simple butcher if he wishes to avoid further confrontations.
  • One time, Handsome Jack decided to steal her mask away and insult how "ugly" she was, causing her to run away in fear to find a mask. She end up founding a new hannya mask... which just happened to be Kokoro's Hannya Mask of Anger. What resulted was a cleaver massacre from her to Jack so gruesome, it would make Rena Ryuugu's other side look tame in comparison.
    • She would've continued her massacre after being done with Jack if Kokoro hadn't knocked the mask out of her face and then used Murakumo's hannya mask to make her essentially talk to herself. She calmed down from it and they became friends. For reference, Kokoro calls her mask "The Ogre Mask of Confidence".
  • Ever since the ascension of the San Franciso chapter of DedSec, a trend of masks like that of the Expressive Mask worn by one of its members Wrench began to spread. Her friends have been trying to convince her to give one of these a try to allow for her to express herself without showing her face. That said, she likes her hannya mask, so progress has been slow.

    No Face 
No Face, God of Feeding On Emotions (Noh Face)
  • Lesser God/Kami
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Alignment: presumably True Neutral normally, varies depending on his surroundings
  • Portfolio: Japanese spirits, feeding on emotions and being influenced by them, awesome masks, changing shape, eating a lot (only when corrupted by greed), looking sinister without being evil
  • Domain: Spirit, Emotion, Loneliness
  • Allies: Chihiro Ogino, other Studio Ghibli deities, Coraline Jones
  • Enemies: GUAE Trollkaiger
  • No Face experiences the emotions he eats. Positive emotions keep him firmly on the side of Good, but negative emotions can contaminate him and turn him into a powerful destructive force. Since all the Gods in the House of Emotion literally radiate emotions, he could potentially become one of the most dangerous residents of the House if he was allowed to approach the wrong deities. Shortly after his ascension, there was an accident wherein he went on a murderous rampage after being near Kefka Palazzo for too long. Once the Good-aligned Gods managed to calm him down with the combined radiance of their emotions, they resolved to keep gods of Evil away from him by any means necessary.
  • His body is very resistant to damage, and can easily shrug off magical attacks.
  • No Face and Hata no Kokoro should not be placed anywhere near each other. On one hand, due of Kokoro's masks represent different emotions, no one is sure what would happen if No Face started feeding on all of those masks. On other hand, Kokoro gaining No Face's mask would possibly make her able to feed on emotions, and no one is sure to what extent she would go with that.
  • To say he was very happy to hear about Chihiro's ascension would be an understatement. He also got to meet her new friend too.

    Parsee Mizuhashi 
Parsee Mizuhashi, The Green-Eyed Goddess
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Theme Music: Green-Eyed Jealousy
  • Symbol: a green eye glowing under a bridge
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Green-Eyed Monster (Literally) To Everything, Princesses, Aggressive Insanity, Fighting with Clones, Awesome Scarves, Bridge Guardians, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope
  • Domains: Jealousy, Bridges, Emotions, Eyes
  • Followers: No one. Even if she would have followers, they would be jealous enough of Parsee to not really count.
  • Allies: Larfleeze, aka the Orange Lantern.
  • Parsee is jealous of everyone in the Pantheon. Every. Single. One. She's jealous of powerful Gods for being powerful, she's jealous of weak Gods for not having much responsibilities, she's jealous of Butt-Monkey Hong Meiling because some people pity her. And she is more than excited to spread the joy of jealousy around the Pantheon.
    • The scary part about her is how happy she can be when admitting her jealousy to people. When people are around of course, as behind their backs she starts saying "paru paru paru paru".
    • Despite this, she's able to somewhat get along with Larfleeze. Granted, they still both want to kill one another and take everything the other has, but marginally less so than with everyone else out of an unclear mix of kindred spirits and starscreaming.
  • Parsee may be a Minor Goddess, but her influence within the Pantheon is ludicrously high. In the seat of Gods, tensions and jealousies may have devastating consequences. Parsee possesses the ability to shape the balance of power in the Pantheon almost on a whim. As long as there is jealousy, she has almost infinite amount of energy on her hands.
  • She doesn't have a temple of her own. Just a small shrine under a bridge which people can tell what they are jealous upon. As you can guess, she is jealous to all who have proper temples.
  • Has proven being surprisingly savvy about video games, RPGs in particular.
  • Despite sharing the same last name, she is not related with a certain voice actress.
  • Contrary to popular belief, she and Yuugi Hoshiguma aren't really close friends. In fact, Parsee doesn't really like drunkards as alcohol is the best way to get rid off of her influence.

Rem, the Shinigami of Complete Obedience


    Berholt Hoover 
Bertolt Hoover, God of Constant Nervousness (Bertholdt Fubar, The Colossal Titan)
  • Demigod/ Intermediate or maybe even Greater God in his Titan form
  • Symbol: A sweat drop
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/ Actually closer to True Neutral or Neutral Evil, although the exact alignment seems unknown.
  • Portfolio: Being a Nervous Wreck non-stop, lots of sweating, Cowardly Lion, Extreme Doormat, sleeping in awkward positions, emulating Spider-man Becoming the Mask, necessity in doing what he's told
  • Domains: War, Nervousness, Passiveness, Espionage
  • Allies: Annie Leonhardt, Reiner Braun, Marco Bodt, Roboking
  • Enemies: Eren Yeager, Dovahkiin , Trollkaiger
  • Freaked Out By: Doomguy
  • Constantly nervous and seemingly not a single thing can change that. He only gets a little bit relaxed when hanging out with other Titanverse deities, particularly Reiner and Annie. Eren's an obvious exception.
  • His sweating has reached a point that you can fill whole bottles with it.
  • His ascension cemented the reunification of BRA Team as he, Reiner and Annie are sometimes referred to. Trollkaiger immediately found the acronym to be a great base for further trolling.
  • Is probably the only single person capable of turning Dovahkiin into a slobbering wreck due to his absolutely massive Titan Form.
  • His ascension marks the second time Eren Yeager had lost his shit. Bertolt's obviously disturbed by him and avoids him whenever possible.
  • A surefire way to actually piss him off is to threaten or hurt either Annie or Reiner. Since he's the Colossal Titan, it's one of the dumber things to do.
  • Doomguy seems mighty interested in his huge guts. Bertolt avoids him even more than he does Eren.
  • Really wishes people would stop calling him Fubar even if it's partially true.
  • Surprisingly, even if their first meeting consisted of Roboking's nervousness being shown while Hoover accused him of being a titan dressed in clothing, the two actually became decent enough friends afterwards, with Roboking even respecting and understanding the choices Hoover made. As such, deities tend to run for cover should something happen to force Roboking into Danger Mode and Hoover into Titan form.

    Kashuu Kiyomitsu 
Kashuu Kiyomitsu, God of Craving for Affection (The child beneath the river, Cashew)
Kiwame form 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Sword Crest
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Craving for Affection, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Agent Peacock, Scarf Of Asskicking, My Greatest Second Chance, Starter Sword, Jack-of-All-Stats, Samurai Ponytail, Anthropomorphic Personification
  • Domains: Desire, Appearance, Swords
  • Allies: Marona, his fellow Sword Warriors (Sayo Samonji, Kasen Kanesada), Tomoko Kuroki, Flynn, Yomi, Shark, The Fleet Girls
  • Enemies: Anyone who would try to change history for the worse
  • Anguish About: Oita Souji
  • Once there was a sword what was named Kashuu Kiyomitsu, forged by a blacksmith in the slums and was eventually picked up by Okita Souji. Unfortunately, the tip of the blade broke one battle and Okita abandoned the blade in the battlefield. Once the spirit of the sword was brought into existence by "saniwa" to fight, the past experiences left the spirit to crave attention, seeking any way to not be abandoned again.
    • Because of the incident, he has pure resentment forwards "that man", and does not like to hear Souji's name near him. Even after some Servants claim that Souji still uses the Kiyomitsu blade, he thinks that he note  will just abandon him the moment he breaks. Of course, it isn't really hatred as much as it is how he wanted to protect his master to the very end but didn't get the chance to do so.
  • His obsession to look beautiful sterns from an idea that if you are beautiful enough, you will never be alone. This doesn't make him any less dangerous.
    • When he saw Yomi's Shinobi Transformation, he thought that the reason why it looks much fancier than her social standing would imply is because of his ideas. When it might be a chase, Yomi sympathizes with him due of both of them coming from poor background in sense. Same thing with Flynn, as Flynn himself was poor until he became a samurai.
  • Funnily, even though he seeks to be loved, he usually says he is hard to handle. Maybe he doesn't want any pity or that his ideals might drive people away?
    • Also, he does not like to be seen naked. It is sort of a Berserk Button to him, and if anyone tries to see him naked, he swears that they will die.
  • He somehow became friends with Shark. He has no true clue how, though he is guessing it has to with their voice. Though when Shark asked about it, he doesn't believe that the Historical Revisionists are not directly connected to the Sword Warriors.
  • Reika Aoki seems to be concern about him and his obsession with outer beauty and wishes to show him that there is more to beauty than what is just skin-deep.
  • The ascension of Okita himself struck him with mixed feelings. Can he face his old master without hating him? Can he move on properly now that he's here? He tried to face him once, but he didn't get far in terms of communicating with him, as he's afraid of telling him anything. He tried again, this time just hanging around Okita to see if anything would change, during which he realized that what he shouldn't be stuck on the past and instead look forwards a future so that he can be the number one sword of his future master. His feelings forwards Okita might not change, but he can finally move on.

    Kenzo Tenma 
Kenzo Tenma, God of Infinite Goodness (Herr Doktor Tenma)

    Miu Matsuoka 
Miu Matsuoka, Goddess of Mean-spirited Cuties (Micchan)


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