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Intermediate Gods

    Biscuit Krueger 
Biscuit Krueger, Goddess of Issues With Excess Muscle (Bisky, Bisc, Biscuit-chama)
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Lesser Gods

    Aleksandra "Zarya" Zaryanova 
Aleksandra Zaryanova, Goddess of Meaningful Muscles (Zarya, Defender of Russia)
  • Lesser Goddess, borderline Intermediate
  • Symbol: A tattoo with a stylized "512"
  • Theme Song: Her Heroes of the Storm theme.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Strongest Woman in the World, Rejected Fame for Military Duty, Wields A Particle Cannon She Ripped From An Armoured Car, All In The Muscles, Barrier Warrior, Charge Attack, Husky Russkie
  • Domains: Strength, Guns, Military, Russia
  • Allies: The Heavy, Zenia Valov, Sanya V. Litvyak, Zangief, Hibiki, Tashkent, Johanna, Sonya
  • Enemies: Ultron, Kane, Yuri, SkyNet
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Reinhardt Wilhelm
  • Mistrusts: Robots, Cyborgs note 
  • Aleksandra Zaryanova was born in Siberia and grew in the war torn state after the end of the Omnic Crisis. Because of that, she swore that she will help her motherland to recover. She did it by strengthening herself physically, what lead her to be selected by the national athletic program to become a potential star. However, upon the wake of a potential second Omnic War, she rejected her fame and joined the Russian Defense Force to protect her motherland from a second war.
  • Zarya is regarded as the strongest woman in the world. And it shows not just by her bulky appearance, but by her weapon, a Particle Cannon she ripped from an armoured vehicle. Not only can it fire beams and balls of energy, it can eject barriers around herself and allies and shoot out gravity bombs to suck in anything.
  • As sort of a symbol what Russian military stands for, she has respect to those who serve or has served the military in some form like Zenia, Hibiki and Sanya. She is amused how she and Sanya share the same first name, but she is bit confused how she can carry around such a big gun with such a small frame.
    Zarya: I don't know how you Witches do it, but you almost make me feel like my training doesn't mean much.
    • This goes double in regards to Pippi Longstocking, as the young girl serves as a mockery to hard work in her eyes.
    • She has mad respect for Zangief, another national hero of Russia. She does wonder if she really should start wrestling with bears.
    • Most gods waited for her reaction to The Heavy due of some similarities they have. The two of them took off really well, though don't think them as couples.
    • All said and done, she has nothing but disgust for Kane and Yuri, as she view them as enemies of Russia as a whole, even if they are from Russia.
  • She has a big mistrust forwards robots due of what the Omnics did. It isn't quite hatred, but she definitely keeps her eyes out for them. This also applies to cyborgs, or at least those are mostly robotic. This goes for the likes of Genji (indeterminable flesh beneath his mechanical body), Genos (nearly everything of him is machinery) and Robocop (only thing human is his brain and face), but not the likes of Torbjörn (just one robot claw, though she has other reasons to dislike him), Adam Jensen (only his arms are robotic on the outside) and Iji (Nanofield can be excused as a personal barrier).
    • As of late however, after the events of "Searching", her anti-Omnic stance has softened to some degree after she saved her investigative Omnic partner from destruction. Right now, this means she now judges on a case-by-case basis, though old habits die hard. She's also one of few people to know Sombra's real name.
  • She knows of the Russian Reversal jokes, and does seem to enjoy them quite a bit. Don't try to pester her about them, though.
    Zarya: In Mother Russia, this joke is tired of you.
  • She was pulled into the Nexus to the surprise to some. She does enjoy her time there, as she got to meet a lot of strong foes.
    • On occasion, she gets to team up with Tracer and Lúcio during several matches. They work surprisingly well together in the Nexus as much as in their home dimension, although Zarya laments that they still lack two more members from their home dimension for a full team roster, which Tracer and Lúcio can also agree upon.
  • Even though she stopped being a professional athlete, she still visits House of Sports for training.
  • If anyone asks if she's going for the 'Tobelstein', Zarya's response is to let her know if they can fit her into the engine that runs her gun. There's no more reply afterwards.
  • "I am the strongest woman in the world."
    • "Well, my world, at least. This one has some… competition."

    Karen Kohiruimaki/LLENN 
Karen Kohiruimaki, Goddess of Issues With Excess Height (LLENN, LLEN, Kohi, Pink Devil, Chibi-chan, Loli Kirito)
Left: Karen, her IRL appearance, Right: LLENN, her GGO avatar
  • Karen's surprised how approachable she is even in her IRL form, given Japan's social expectations that a girl "should" be short to be considered beautiful. That's because in any other series/genre/country, she has a wonderful figure with supermodel-material beauty, which coupled with her sweet and kind personality, makes her just as cute as her online avatar. She has no interest in the fashion industry, though, which shows in her choice of clothes.
  • LLENN isn't above using her size to her advantage, even once hiding in a suitcase to get the jump on an enemy squadron. Given how many other deities of her size (and smaller) are here, this isn't new for the GUAG's enemies.
  • Her pink outfit might look cutesy and ridiculous, but it's ideal in desert biomes (the color's called desert pink for a reason), and pink smoke can also help camouflage her.
  • Thanks to what she's learned in the Squad Jams, LLENN is proficient in knowing her location and memorizing a map. Unrelated to those, her IRL skills include being able to determine a flare/firework's launch location (by gauging the sound delay from seeing it and hearing it) and swimming (though she's never done that as LLENN since GGO's setting has toxic water).
  • Even if it was only once on-screen, LLENN's lean-back to avoid a bullet has garnered Neo's attention and respect.
  • Like everyone else, she has disdain for Sugou and his infamous crimes.
  • Her achievements as LLENN has also drawn the attention of other speedy shooters such as Tracer and the Scout. While she and the latter only remain as rivals due to his mercenary work and flirtatious attitude (though never when she's as LLENN since she looks like a kid and he's friendly with them despite who he is), she became much friendlier with the former, who has taken a shine to her abilities.
  • Having had to deal with a friend who had such issues, LLENN doesn't like Combat Sadomasochists and Blood Knights, especially those who get a thrill in being so close to death. It may be cheap here, but it's still not without consequences.
  • When it comes to her P90 P-chan, she gets into a rampage when it gets destroyed, often right after using it as an emergency shield, and sometimes she can swear it speaks to her (though most chalk it up to self-motivation purposes).
  • Given Pitohui used one in Squad Jam 2 to wipe out an enemy team, LLENN is wary of Darth Maul, who also wields a red double-ended Laser Bladenote . This animosity also extends to all Sith (though she's not too sure about Darth Vader).
  • Sometimes gets unwanted attention from vampires and other unsavory creatures given in Squad Jam 2, she finished off Pito by biting into her neck.
  • Had an interesting encounter with Gertrude when they incidentally had to work together to get rid of an immediate threat to their lives. Like her, she has an 'unpowered' adult form and a 'powered' child form, though Gertrude is well into adulthood while Karen is just entering 20. Karen pities her for going through several years trapped in Fairyland, and arguably had a worse time there than the victims of Sword Art Online; the VRMMO's dangers were simple mechanics made more dangerous by death being made real, whereas Fairyland had a lot of obnoxious folks who've done everything they can to be unhelpful to Gertrude.
  • She also has a temple under Introvert Flaws.

Montana, the Top Heavy God (UPR Soldier, 50% Neck, Tiny Little Head)

Obelix, God of Fun in Large Packages (Obelix Obelodaliges, Son of Obeliscoidix)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A menhir
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Big Fun, Braids of Barbarism, Fat Id-- (WHO IS FAT?!) um... Dumb Muscle, Fast and Flexible In Spite of Big Frame, Boisterous Bruiser, Big Eater, Bruiser with a Soft Center, Kindhearted Simpleton, Super-Strength, Does Not Know His Own Strength
  • Domains: Strength, Happiness, Naivete, Gluttony, Good
  • Herald: His pet Dogmatix shared with his friend Asterix
  • Followers: Porthos, Fat Albert
  • Allies: Asterix, Cacofonix, Unhygienix, Chief Vitalstatistix (his leader), Cleopatra VII, Lucky Luke, Tintin, Garfield, Po, The Lost Vikings
  • Rivals: Hercules, Shrek
  • Enemies: Marcus Junius Brutus, anyone who abuses dogs
  • Worthy Opponent: Julius Caesar,
  • After Asterix ascended, he heavily campaigned to get his best friend on the Pantheon as well. While analyzing him, the higher-ups were so entertained by him they awarded Obelix for being a Big Fun - specially as the terminology couldn't be misunderstood by Obelix as being called fat.
  • Ever since the duo was reunited, Asterix and Obelix decided to start one of their favorite habits: travelling around the Pantheon, more often than meeting fellow Franco-Belgian deities Tintin and Lucky Luke on the way. Both are thus honorary members of the house of Travel.
  • Given he's permanently imbued with super strength after falling in a cauldron of Getafix's potion, the houses of Science and Magic are trying to reverse-engineer said concoction from Obelix's fluids. However, they have already been warned Obelix is not to take the formula, as the side-effects could be risky - most notably, turning into stone.
  • His heightened appetite made the House of Food not allow Obelix more than once a day in their domains. To compensate, a wild boar rotisserie that never runs out was installed in his temple.
  • Is frequently invited to competitions on both strength and eating. However, he is banned from the Olympics organized from the House of Sports because the magic potion makes him a permanent case of doping.
  • Ever since he's visited the House of Beast to compensate missing Dogmatix, has made friends out of two big-eating animals: Po, with the two occasionally brawling for fun; and Garfield, even if the cat likes abusing dogs.
  • Has an uneasy relationship with Shrek; even if both share many similarities, Shrek is annoyed by Obelix's jolly personality and the Gaul finds the ogre too brash and disgusting.
  • Likes visiting the house of Combat, to enjoy some barehanded fights (even if he doesn't have much skill aside from the ability to throw a Megaton Punch), and the house of Craft, hoping to find new ways to sculpt his menhirs.
  • Is feared by all the Roman-related deities... and also the swines of the Pantheon - specially Pumbaa - who have been warned to avoid him, lest Obelix thinks he can feed on them.
  • Often gets distracted by attractive blonde goddesses, causing damage to whatever stands in his path. Asterix hopes he stops it someday.
  • Has become friends with the Lost Vikings, bonding with Olaf in particular for looking like him and having a similar appetite.
  • "These tropers are crazy!"

    Pippi Longstocking 
Pippi Longstocking, Goddess of Strength Without Muscles (Pippi Långstrump, Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim's Daughter Longstocking, Pippilotta Victualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump, Princess Pippilotta)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her two red braids sticking out and her stockings
  • Theme: Her 1969 TV theme, which also works fine in English. Alternatively, “Pippi Longstocking is Coming Into Your Town” or “What Shall I Do Today.”
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Super-Strong Girl, Bully Hunter, Book Dumb, Cute Bruiser, Cheap Gold Coins, Mismatched Longstockings, Gravity-Defying Pigtails, Youthful Freckles, Living Alone in Her House, Extreme Omnivore, Genki Girl, Cloudcuckoolander, Fiery Redhead
  • Domains: Children, Strength, Humor
  • Allies: Hercules, Toph Beifong, Peter Pan, Steven Universe, The Powerpuff Girls, Guan Yingping, Morgiana, Molly Hayes, Jimmy Hopkins, Madeline, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong, Curious George, Sun Wukong, Popeye
  • Enemies: Agatha Trunchbull, YHVH, Eric Cartman
  • Opposes: Any burglar deities
  • Heralds: Her monkey Mr. Nilsson and her horse; Tommy and Annika Settergren
  • One day, Hercules offered a challenge to fight him in a wrestling match. A redhead girl with two tight pigtails that stuck straight out who goes by the name “Pippi Longstocking” eventually came to the ring, saying that he might be the strongest man in the Pantheon, but she is the strongest girl in the Pantheon. Hercules laughed at how a small girl could defeat him, but went on fighting her. The result? Pippi won the match. Hercules was surprised by this and Pippi was granted godhood.
  • When she first arrived in her temple, which was constructed to look like Ville Villekula, she had a feeling that her two best friends, Tommy and Annika, wouldn’t be around with her anymore. It didn’t last long as the gods, fortunately, allowed them to visit her in the Pantheon.
  • Most adult deities question how she can take care of herself without any parents (her mother being dead when she was just a baby and her father being lost at sea).
  • She prefers hoarding her suitcase full of gold coins in her temple over loaning to the Pantheon Treasury so she can use it to buy candy from the House of Food for all the child deities. She makes sure no burglars enter her temple to rob her treasure lest they want to learn the “schottische.”
  • Speaking of children, she often hangs out with them, usually telling tall tales to them.
    • She gets along with Peter Pan, who approves of her young, high-spirited, and unconquerable spirit.
    • Pippi also befriended another super-strong girl in Molly Hayes, whom she hangs out with most often.
    • For the same reason as above, she also likes to hang out with the Powerpuff Girls.
    • If there’s one child she doesn’t like however, it’s Eric Cartman due to his rude behavior and his hatred towards gingers (Pippi being one of them). Cartman not only mocks her for being another ginger, but also for her silly appearance. Usually, she would respond by carrying him over to a nearby tree and hanging him to a branch.
    • "It's surely best for little children to live an orderly life, especially if they can order it themselves."
  • She also gets along with both Guan Yinping and Morgiana as they happen to be very strong despite their size.
  • She approves of Eliot’s ability to kick butt without the needing of muscles.
  • Is good friends with Jimmy Hopkins, who approves of her anti-bullying stance.
  • Being friends with her pet monkey Mr. Nillson allowed her to forge friendships with other primate deities, including Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong, Curious George, and even the Monkey God himself, Sun Wukong.
  • Every now and then, whenever she wants to, she visits the Academy, which typically results in a riot in the classroom.
    • However, she often found herself under watch from Agatha Trunchbull, whom she hated because she would often assign “pluttification” to her. It doesn’t help that Miss Trunchbull does not tolerate girls with pigtails.
  • Being a girl who disregards authority, it's no surprise that she has a dislike for YHVH, who views her as a nuisance that must be eliminated.
  • Sigmund Freud has a hard time determining Pippi’s character. While she can be seen as an id in terms of her selfish persona and her disregard to authority, her generous spirit and constant declarations of what’s unfair or fair might show traces of superego. And her time to care for her pets and manage her household while also getting what she needs to be happy and healthy show us that there has to be a bit of ego in her.
  • Being a strong small child, Popeye has taken an interest in her, and helps her out when caring for other children deities, even helping her pay for sweets and candy to give to them. It should be a given that harming children in either one of their presence is bad enough; doing it when the BOTH of them are there is just a death wish.
  • Also has a position in the House of Power.

Rufus, God of Fat Pride (Acrobatic Giant, Graceful Heavyweight)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Braided Ponytail
  • Theme Song: I'm Number One
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fat Athletic Fighter, American-Based, Learned His Fighting Skills Through Martial Arts Flicks (But Actually Travels to Hone Them), Eating a Lot, Galatic Tornado, Proud of His Obesity, Deceptively Dangerous, Relentlessly Very, Very Strange Tangents, Relentlessly Searching For Ken Masters, Strong Despite His Fatness
  • Herald: Candy (his girlfriend)
  • Followers: Risley Law, Fat Amy, Chouchou, Fat Larry, Byakuya Togami
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Ken Masters, Bob (friendly), Terry Bogard, Wario
  • Enemies: Juri Han, Balrog, Vega, Dudley
  • Opposes: Eikichi Mishina, Wii Fit Trainer
  • Opposed by: S.E.E.S./the Shadow Operatives, the 02 Digidestined
  • Initially sharing a temple with his rival, Bob, it was determined that the title of Fat and Proud would be more appropriate for him, seeing how his pride for his own obesity has reached the point where he openly looks down on deities that are either slim or muscular.
  • His attitude in regards to his obesity has resulted in him clashing with a number of the more physical fit deities.
    • He absolutely cannot comprehend as to why Eikichi Mishina would ever gloat about no longer being overweight. If anything, Rufus would be completely ashamed of himself if he were to ever lose that much weight. Eikichi, meanwhile, is annoyed that Rufus would criticize the figure that he worked so hard to obtain.
    • While Wii Fit Trainer is impressed by his athleticism, she still insists that Rufus try out some of her exercise programs; a suggestion that he was vehemently opposed to. He has since made it a point to avoid Wii Fit Trainer at all costs.
  • Despite his fierce (and painfully one-sided) rivalry with Ken, he never seems to be able to find him and often winds up challenging the wrong person.
    • Rufus mistook Terry Bogard for his sworn rival, seeing that he was a blond American fighter in red. This misunderstanding would earn Rufus a Buster Wolf to the face.
    • He once challenged Dante to a fight under the basis of him sounding similar to Ken. Needless to say, it didn't end well with Rufus.
    • Not too long after, he would challenge Colossus for similar reasons. Not seeing anything strange about "Ken" suddenly being made of metal, he attacked the mutant, nearly breaking his foot in the process.
    • The Trollkaiger would later encounter Rufus and said they could show him where a Ken was...only to get directed to Ken Amada. Now, while most people would immediately realize that they just got trolled, Ken roundhouse kicked him on sight. When Rufus wouldn't go down easily, he summoned Kala-Nemi to help put this guy down.
      • All this happened because of the sole basis that he shared the same name as Ken. Again, not questioning why his rival was suddenly a child. This has earned him the ire of the rest of S.E.E.S. and the amusement of the Trollkaiger.
    • He would repeat this mistake again when he encountered Ken Kaneki, again, completely ignoring that he looked and acted nothing like Ken Masters. While Kaneki initially tried to ignore the fighter, Rufus would prove to be irritating enough to prompt the ghoul to calmly ask him what 1000 minus seven was. Predictably, a savage beating ensued.
    • And yet again this mistake would occur when he met Ken Ichijouji alongside his fellow Digidestined, once again completely ignoring that he looked and acted nothing like Ken Masters. As Iori commented that this moron made Daisuke look brilliant (which the goggled boy took offense to), Wormmon immediately came between his partner and Rufus, which the latter took as an invitation to fight. One Digivolution to Stingmon later, Rufus was swiftly subdued and left in the dust.
  • Aside from Ken, he considers fellow Acrofatic American fighter Bob to be his greatest rival. While the two share a mutual respect for each other on the basis of their size and fighting styles, they tend to disagree with each other's approach to their training. Bob believes that Rufus needed to get more serious about honing his skills, while Rufus thinks Bob takes his weight management too seriously. It also doesn't help that Rufus initially mistook Bob for Ken (due to the blond hair and red shirt).
  • Seeing how Po utilized his girth in combat, Rufus was eager to challenge him. While he put of a great fight, Po ended up victorious. Rufus now strives to have Po as an additional rival to eventually surpass.
    • On a similar note, he tends to think highly of overweight deities; considering them pinnacles of health like himself. This goes double for those who share his fat pride, such as Garfield and Obelisk.
  • He takes issue with Wario, another boisterous, yellow-clad, Acrofatic fighter; believing that he's aping off of his style; completely ignoring that Wario was around long before Rufus entered the fighting scene.
  • He's also added the likes of Birdie to his ever-growing list of rivals after Rufus's request to become a Kanzuki retainer was rejected in favor of the hooligan.
  • Despite Rufus greatly disagreeing with Zangief as to what the perfect body should look like and Zangief being annoyed by Rufus's brash nature and frequent non-sequiturs, the two were forced to work together during their quest for Pandora's Box. The both of them would much rather pretend that the entire incident never happened, given that the box would wind up making them much slimmer. Even though the effects of the box have long worn off, the event still traumatizes Rufus to this day.
  • Many gods are surprised to learn the story about his herald, and girlfriend, Candy. From what has been learned, Rufus saved her from a dine-and-dash incident and the two have been in love ever since. They don't understand why Candy thinks that Rufus is a "gentleman", but they do agree that that Candy is Rufus's #1 supporter and it shows that Rufus does have a soft side to him.

    Super Macho Man 
Super Macho Man, The Deified Muscle Beach Bum
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His glasses and Speedo
  • Theme Song: Punch-Out Theme (Super Macho Man ver.)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Muscle Beach Bum with Surfer Language, Jerkass Large Ham, Pec Flex, Super Macho Clothesline & Super Macho Spin Punch Signature Moves, The Casanova, Cool Shades, Smug Snake, Adaptational Villainy
  • Domains: Boxing, Muscles, Vanity
  • Allies: Balrog
  • Enemies: Galeem and Dharkon
  • Rivals: All Ascended WVBA Boxers (Little Mac especially), Alex Louis Armstrong, Franky, Johnny Cage
  • Disliked by: Kyu Sugardust, Johnny Bravo, Most of the non-WVBA Boxers
  • Super Macho Man can be easily described as a vain and arrogant boxer who always likes to flaunt his good looks and wealth, which has garnered him quite a reputation as easily one of the most infamous Heels in the WVBA. That doesn't mean he is a pushover, in fact, Super Macho Man used to be the former champion of the World Circuit until his perfect record was beaten by Mr. Sandman. He still remained prideful until he was scheduled to fight Little Mac, thinking he was going to be yet another walk in the park, Mac easily beat Macho Man and went on to become the new World Circuit champion, earning a lot of fame and admiration everywhere he went, and that bothered Super Macho Man a lot.
  • With all of Little Mac's former opponents joining the Pantheon, each of them had a betting pool going on in which of the remaining boxers to ascend would be next. When Super Macho Man came, the current pool was divided between Mac, Bald Bull and Glass Joe, making it one of the only things the Frenchman has ever won at. The reason for his ascension was pretty simple, Super Macho Man whole personality revolves around his dudebro personality and the fact that he embodies the Muscle Beach Bum archetype was an easy way to get him into the Pantheon, though Macho Man still has a score to settle with Mac.
  • After a very disastrous Welcoming Party, many wonder why Macho is the only WVBA boxer to be a major Jerkass from the entire WVBA (Bald Bull and Aran Ryan's jerkassery is more or less chalked to both being batshit Ax-Crazy). Mac said that Macho used to be actually a decent guy until his muscles and ego got the better of him in the latest tournament.
  • Macho claims only he is the only god worthy of musclehood. This causes him to lock horns with both Maj. Armstrong and Franky. Whenever he is the same room with one (or both), it always descends into a contest of muscle flexing with none coming out the winner. Naturally all female deities get out their smartphones and snap pictures at Flash-like speed whenever these occur.
  • One Berserk Button, aside from not being the center of attention, is the quote "Release the BOGUS!". Many trolling deities have been many a victim of a Spinning Clothesline or a Super Spin Punch when using it jokingly around him. Some have instead go around this by sticking it written on a paper and taping it to his back, which makes him even more irate when many laugh at him in the meantime.
  • Believe it or not, he is only 27. He actually had his dyed silver and makes him look much older, though some believe he lies about his age in order to hang out with younger people. No one ever dares to ask him about his age in case he gets mad at them.
  • As stated before, Super Macho Man has a bit of an infamous reputation and a lot of people dislike him, even other boxers find him obnoxious and too full of himself. The only one he somehow gets along is Balrog, only because he is equally disliked but Balrog likes Macho Man because he is able to put up a fight against his tricks.
  • He is not exactly lacking when it comes from attention with the ladies but his total Jerkass attitude has put off several of the female deities. He once contacted Kyu Sugardust in an attempt to improve his reputation but even her could help this wreck of a man, someone she thinks he is way too full of himself to actually achieve some form of relationship with a lady. And he keeps blaming Little Mac for his "fall from grace".
  • Some thought he and Johnny Bravo would get along given their gigantic egos but Super Macho Man found him too much of a loser to hang out with and Johnny found him to be too much of an ass, plus he totally has better muscles than him. Super Macho Man then challenged Bravo to a boxing match, which Johnny accepted without considering who he was against and he lost in a matter of minutes with Super Macho Man barely breaking a sweat. The public still doesn't like him even after the crushing victory.
    Super Macho Man: WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!
  • Super Macho Man was one of the many characters that got caught in Galeem's devastating attack and got turned into a spirit as a result. Once freed, while glad to be alive he is a bit upset Little Mac got chosen as the Punch-Out! representative. Still, at least he is acknowledged as a Legendary spirit so he isn't exactly mad at the organizers of the Smash Tournament.
  • "Are you ready? 'Cuz I'm gonna put on a show!" <Flexes pecs & glutes>

Totoro, God of Tummy Cushions (Keeper of the Forest)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Small Acorns
  • Theme Song: "Tonari no Totoro"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mascot of Studio Ghibli, a Troll, cute, fluffy, and large, Cheshire Cat Grin, Thousand-Yard Stare, Invisible to Adults, Nature Spirit, Green Thumb, speak and roars its name
  • Domains: Mascot, Fluffy, Giant, Nature
  • Heralds: Chibi-Totoro and Chu-Totoro
  • Allies: Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Catbus, The Toys, Vol'jin, Snorlax, Chihiro Ogino, Steven Universe, San, Malfurion, Fluttershy, Captain Planet, The Farmer, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ira Gamagoori, The Mother, Kiki
  • Opposes: Those that harm nature, Hexxus, Viridi, Troll Warlord, GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Totoro used to be a follower of The Mother a.k.a. Tracy Mosby nee McConnell before somebody pointed out his comfortable tummy and he was ascended as a result.
  • Deep in a giant tree lies his temple, where he is always sleeping with his large belly rising into the sky. Many gods, usually the children, would sleep on top of his belly, in which he doesn't clearly mind.
    • When he flies after summoning a magical top, some deities like to hug him when he begin flying.
  • Totoro would give a bunch of acorns to those that give him good favors. Once planted, he and his family would gather around the planted acorns and grow them into sprouts. He also help those that grow a garden or vegetables by doing his daily rituals.
  • There are actually three Totoros: one is the tiniest of the bunch and pure white, the middle is bigger than the tiny Totoro and is blue, but the third and most well-known is large and gray.
  • He doesn't reveal himself to others except to those he wish to see, so usually children can see him. However, there are those who are in touch with nature that allow them to see Totoro, as he is also a nature spirit.
    • Fluttershy always seek comfort by sleeping on top of his belly, in which she sees him like a large, fluffy animal.
    • Despite being the goddess of nature, Totoro does not appreciate what Viridi is doing by trying to destroy humanity. Though lives in a small farming village, Viridi sees him as just unaware of how humans are destroying the earth.
  • What surprises some people is that Totoro is technically a troll considering he is a furry, large, rabbit-cat-like creature. In fact, Totoro's name is based on the Japanese pronunciation of the word troll. Regardless, Vol'jin sees him as a powerful spirit and showed some respect to him.
    • The Troll Warlord practically doesn't care about him, in fact, he doesn't like that the fact that he is even a troll and therefore weak to him.
  • The Toys looked upon Totoro and note that he is much larger than they thought. Regardless, they were friends with the toy version of himself and gave a large grin to his little friends.
  • Totoro noted that the moment when he meets Satsuki and her little sister in the rain by the bus stop was impersonated by many others.
  • He thought that there was a Satsuki in the Pantheon, but turn out to be a different Satsuki. Regardless, he would allow her to sleep on his belly in which she finds rather comfortable.
    • People sometimes compare him to Ira Gamagoori due to their large sizes, which isn't a coincidence.
  • He is happy to see Satsuki and Mei once again in the Pantheon, smiling at the two girls when they visited his temple.

Zamtrios, God of Sudden Inflation (Both: Big Zam, Stupid Boy/Boi; Zamtrios: Frozen Demon, Monster Shark; Tigerstripe Zamtrios: Tiger Shark)
Tigerstripe Zamtrios 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: It's Hunter Guild icons
  • Theme Song: Fangs Lurking under the Surface of Ice
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Combination of a frog and a shark, An Ice Person & Making a Splash, Lightning Bruiser, Rage state creates Ice armor that No Sells most attacks, Ability to inflate itself, Surprisingly agile in this state despite loss of speed
  • Size: 1367.64cm - 3039.20cm (Zamtrios) 1458.82cm - 1899.50cm (Tigerstripe Zamtrios)
  • Domains: Ice, Sharks, Monsters, Amphibians, Inflating
  • Followers: Zamites
  • Allies: Bruce
  • Rivals: Garchomp
  • Enemies: The Corpus, Plesioth, Greninja, Graboids, Asuka
  • Opposed by: The Monster Hunters, those weak to ice or water, those with shark phobias/galeophobes, Cirno
  • Opposes: the Halls of Fire and Heat and Electricity, any wielder of fire or lightning
  • It's no secret that the House of Ice and Cold is pretty dangerous. One moment you're all fine and dandy and in the next you're one big Popsicle, so it's important to prepare. Besides the obvious temperatures, the only other problem you have to worry about exploring the colder-than-hell region is the more malicious ice deities though fortunately the ratio of evil to non-evil deiites is low. Unfortunately, visitors started disappearing left and right within their travels. As the locals investigate they found out a large beast has made its home under the surface of the ice, ambushing those that tread carelessly. After the Monster Hunters drove it out it was properly ascended by the Court of Gods. It still dwells within the House, however, even though its temple was specifically made to be a replication of the Frozen Seaway.
    • Since the Corpus' bases are built within that House, they have been subjected to occasional attacks from the Zamtrios from just waltzing on by and devouring much of the Crewmen present. It doesn't stay long since it's often driven away with the puncture weapons, but the cost from the Monster Shark's attacks are slowly increasing. And they don't want that.
  • Those out to face the Zamtrios should beware: Not only is it capable of inflating itself to crush its foes but it's also capable of encasing itself in icy-armor, shooting intense torrents of water, spiting globs of snow that forms a thick layer of ice over its victims, or simply stabbing you with the ice lance or other spikes formed from its armor. In addition, those hit may find themselves more fatigued and less likely to recover one's strength, further encouraging the need to prepare for such an encounter.
  • Turns out it wasn't the only Zamtrios, as another was sighted within the House of Earth and Rock. Thankfully, it was more preoccupied devouring the local sandworms instead of crushing those travelling by. It's a natural enemy to the Graboids because of this fact. Though it loses the ice abilities like its regular version, it trades that out for paralysis and has much greater control over its ability to blow-up itself. Again, it's more often seen there than here.
  • Is a combination of a shark and a frog. Unusual, yes, but even as a giant water balloon it still can pose a threat. Its origins is probably why it has it out for the Plesioth since the Water Wyvern has a taste for frogs. Ironic, since they too share a similar favorite appetite much to the dismay of Greninja, who didn't need to be chased by the two giant monsters but thankfully Asuka helps the Pokemon out during these times. It being a frog is also why it's a source of annoyance for Cirno since she can't freeze it thus taking away her hobby. She has a better time with the Tigerstripe.
    • Similarly, he shows hostility towards those who showcase abilities that are fire or lightning based. He avoids the House of Fire and Heat and Electricity like the plague.
    • At some point, it briefly exited the frigid environment within the House of Nature. Where? To the House of Beasts and Fauna. Why? To pick a fight with Garchomp, presumably to assert its dominance within its shark brethren. Now despite being one level lower in the Divine Rankings, it still put up one hell of a fight due covering one of Garchomp's weaknesses coupled with Zamtrios' experience with fighting Monster Hunters on a regular basis. No one knows why it was suddenly motivated to challenge the Mach Pokemon but that gets overlooked since the outcome was nothing short of glorious despite it ending on a stalemate. A rematch seems to be expected soon.
    • After that, it decided to normally meet its other kin within the Pantheon. It meet Bruce after helping it chase down some poor sod who made the oh so common mistake of misspelling SCP (Special Containment Procedures) for SPC (Shark Punching Center). They got along quite well all things considered, and this Amphibian can sometimes be seen assisting the Great White in chasing the offender. During visits to Aquatic Life, it can be seen chasing some of the other denizens.
  • In another adventure, the Zamtrios is a potential monster that one can be raised and bonded with. Although not many are up for stealing eggs from it, the idea of bouncing on the back of a Zamtrios is still enticing to some.
  • Think Tank members Klein and Borous decided to mount Frickin' Laser Beams on this thing after hearing of Dr. Evil's ideas with regular sharks. This being the Think Tank we're talking about, it went pretty badly. After the large walls burned by the lasers from the Amphibian's battle with Mobius' ROBOSCORPION ARMY were rebuilt it was unanimously agreed by the House of Science that it was an awesome yet equally bad idea.


    Chihiro Fujisaki 
Chihiro Fujisaki, God of Issues With Muscle Deficiency (Super High-School Level Programmer, Ultimate Programmer, Super Duper High School Totally-A-Chick)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The face of Alter Ego
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Shorter Means Smarter, Teen Genius, Disguised in Drag, Prone to Tears, Nice Guy, Chapter 2's Victim, Accidentally triggering Mondo to kill him, His true gender was discovered after his murder, Found crucified, Leaving behind Alter Ego
  • Domains: Weakness Complexes, Programming, Will
  • Herald: Taichi Fujisaki (his father) and Alter Ego (his creation)
  • Allies: Makoto Naegi, Aoi Asahina, Toko Fukawa, Sayaka Maizono, Komaru Naegi, Byakuya Togami, Chiaki Nanami (Human), Yugi Muto, Yami Yugi, Sakura Oogami, Bridget, Astolfo, Noel Vermillion, Zarya, Alex Louis Armstrong, Pippi Longstocking, Naoto Shirogane, Futaba Sakura, Shou Marufuji, Yuya Sakaki, Emu Kojo, Jimmy Hopkins, Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi
  • Special Relations: Chiaki Nanami (AI), Usami/Monomi (his creations)
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima, Tsumugi Shirogane, SHOCKER, Dollface (2012), Howard and Kreese, Calypso, Sombra, Father Elijah, The Meta, Orgalorg
  • Conflicting Opinion: Celestia Ludenberg
  • Avoids: Eddie Low, Amane Nishiki
  • From a young age Chihiro Fujisaki was bullied for his weakness compared to other boys which as a result contributed to his Muscle Angst and very timid personality. That, in turn, lead to his decision to crossdress as a girl to hide from the standards, although it did anything but help such deep-rooted issues. Since he wasn't in the best of conditions to go outside, he spent his time in front of a screen. Turns out, he was really good at programming, much like his father, and was scouted to attend Hope's Peak Academy. Then he was thrust into a life-or-death situation, the Second Killing Game, which would be the end of him.
    • Regarding the circumstances behind his demise when the secret of his true gender was put at risk he resolved that, while not strong right now, he would at least train to become strong so that he would face his problem head on. It was admirable, but this, unfortunately, would him being killed in the heat of the moment. Chihiro did leave behind Alter Ego, who did help the remaining Ultimates defeat Junko Enoshima and escape. That, in turn, led to them joining up with the Future Foundation where after some much hardship such as the Final Killing Game, hope triumphs over despair.
  • He's glad to be given the opportunity to meet his friends again after consulting with the Court of Gods, although he was quite nervous facing them as he had heard that his trial his true gender is no longer a secret anymore. But ultimately he steeled himself to not run away from his problems anymore. A heartfelt reunion occurred when they told him they accepted him for who he was, not to mention the impact he had after his passing. Usami and both Chiakis were also present in the reunion having helped organize it in the first place, after all Usami and the AI Chiaki are his creations and can also be seen as his family. The AI version of Chiaki owed a lot to Chihiro as the Neo World Program combined with Class 77-B's desires to see the real one again made her what she is today.
    • Komaru recognized Chihiro as Taichi Fujisaki's "daughter" from a photo from his diary. She noticed that the resemblance was pretty uncanny, right down to personalities and their roles of being murdered but ultimately helping out in the long-run despite dying early on. Remembering Taichi's final words, she decided to play a role in allowing him to become his son's Herald.
    • He was still pretty hesitant on confronting Byakuya, however. For the time that he lived in the game, Byakuya was still a Jerkass who didn't value other lives besides his own, so you can understand why he doesn't want to meet him even not even going over the "desecrating his body to make the case more interesting thing". Now imagine the reaction Chihiro had when he found out for himself how kinder Byakuya was.
    • When it comes down to Celestia Ludenberg, he isn't quite sure what to think of her. On one hand, he can understand why anyone would want to get the hell out of the Killing Game, and she surprisingly doesn't hold a grudge to the survivors that beat her. On the other hand, she's still pretty cold-blooded and manipulative and really didn't appreciate her using Alter Ego to pit people against each other like what she did with Taka and Hifumi. Celestia, in turn, doesn't really think much of Chihiro: He broke the rules they established and he paid the price for it. She can't seem to comprehend that he did so in order to change and move past the lies that they made for themselves.
  • By all accounts, he's a Nice Guy. If you want to know how nice he is, he can't kill a mosquito because he pities it being hungry and it could have a familynote . Like, no, really. Of course, even he has limits. Back in the Killing Game, he was quick to call out Byakuya on his views on the situation at hand and he isn't afraid to call out anyone else who trivializes peoples deaths like Howard and Kreese, two former Killseekers of DeathWatch now announcers and Calypso, the host of Twisted Metal. After quickly catching up with the events following his death, he really despises Junko Enoshima for many, many, many reasons. Ending the world and betraying them in the name of despair is just the tip of the iceberg, and he'll oppose any plans she comes up with in the Pantheon, and the same goes for Tsumugi Shirogane and their allies they made within the Pantheon.
    • Notable allies to Junko's cause are SHOCKER and Krista Sparks/Dollface, who is supplied with Monokuma units thanks to her involvement with them. Though things seem more heated between him and the Twisted Metal contestant, considering that Krista and Maizono aren't all that different from each other, something that Junko used to egg on the Ultimate Pop Sensation which Chihiro along with the rest of her friends assured her that they're still very different people in the end.
  • Being a former Hopes Peak student, his talent when it came to technology is genuine. Not only is Chihiro capable of creating AI Programs, one of which is capable of displaying emotions like an actual human, he also contributed to the creation of the Neo World Program in spite of such a young age. As a result, he frequents the House of Machinery and Technology and gets along with other tech-savvy deities like Futaba Sakura for example, likely because he tends to be more comfortable when it comes to his expertise. He also assists in Phineas and Ferb's fun projects whenever he can, awed by how much of a Gadgeteer Geniuses they are at such an age. He can't help but think he sounds a bit like Phineas though. On the other hand he hates the fact that Sombra and Father Elijah use their technological talents for evil, and don't get him started on how the former uses people's secrets to get her way and how the latter's goal of killing off almost everyone is eerily similar to Junko's goals. Chihiro fears the Meta for his collection of any Artificial Intelligences he comes across, and dreads to think of such a fate befalling his creations. AI Fragment Sigma, on the other hand, is planning to kidnap Chihiro and force him to create more programs for the Meta to consume.
  • Being a crossdresser, it didn't take that long for Chihiro to meet others who have done the same in the Pantheon. He had the pleasure of meeting Astolfo and got to admire the endless amount of energy and optimism he had, and relates with Bridget's journey to become stronger despite the latter wanting to keep up dressing up as a girl. He also had the chance to meet with Naoto Shirogane as well, and they both sympathize with the problem of gender roles being pressured on themnote . Of course, he wants nothing to do with Eddie Low, who just might be one of the most depraved people he ever had the displeasure of hearing about considering his interests include crossdressing among every other sick interest under the sun, very disturbed past or not. On that note, Chihiro also avoids Amane Nishiki like the plague due to wanting more young boys like him for his dance troupe.
    • He still puts up a convincing guise despite having revealed his gender to a bunch of people already. Shou Marufuji was certainly fooled before they became friends, Chihiro finding his Vehicroid Deck pretty cool. It was through him that the Ultimate Programmer got to meet with Yugi Moto and Yami Yugi where they often play various games together.
  • While he did muster up the courage to face his friends again, he still has trouble when it comes to his own physical strength. Which is why he can be seen alongside Zarya and Alex Armstrong after they both had offered to help him work out while also giving a pep talk. Pippi Longstocking joined in at some point, which surprised the Ultimate Programmer considering she's strong without muscles, although she told him to feel bad about that fact. Chihiro still also has that meek demeanor alongside the lack of confidence, though this time around he isn't alone when it came to. Noel Vermillion most certainly can relate to that and have befriended each other as a result.
  • One day while walking through the Pantheon after hanging out with the friends he made in the House of Body Images he spotted a penguin. Thinking nothing of it besides the fact that it's pretty cute and not at all harmless, Chihiro tried approaching it. He was quickly pulled away and informed that it was no ordinary penguin, but rather Orgalorg, an Eldritch Abomination sealed in the body of a penguin. A couple of days afterward he had a bit of trust issues with anything outwardly cute, though given he's under the same metaphorical roof of the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, it's understandable.
  • If you haven't guessed already, he's no fan of any bullies in the Pantheon, they pretty much caused his problems that persisted for the rest of his life even as he now resides here. Hearing the trouble he gave to the McFlys he is no friend to Biff Tannen, or rather any version of him for that matter. Considering his mutual distaste for bullies, Jimmy Hopkins befriended Chihiro although he thinks Jimmy gets very extreme when it comes to his methods at times. He doesn't have a problem with Yuya Sakaki's and Emu Hojo's help after they declared to protect his smile after getting to know him and his past. Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi joined in after mistaking him for another Chihiro they knew.
  • "If I don't do something, nothing's ever going to change."
  • Has an additional temple in the sub-house of Introvert Flaws.

    Shōyō Hinata 
Shōyō Hinata, God of Issues With Height Deficiency (The Greatest/Strongest/Ultimate Decoy, Ninja Shōyō)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Crows, black feathers, volleyballs
  • Theme Song: "Piton", "The Battle of Concepts"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Keet, Positive Friend Influence, All-Loving Hero, Book Dumb, Beware the Silly Ones, Fragile Speedster (later a Jack of All Stats), Friendly Rivalry with all his opponents
  • Domains: Volleyball, Sports, Jumping, Underdogs, Height
  • Heralds: From Karasuno High School, Tobio Kageyama, Kei Tsukishima, Daichi Sawamura, Yu Nishinoya, Asahi Azumane, Ryunosuke Tanaka, Tadashi Yamaguchi, Koushi Sugawara, Chikara Ennoshita, Hisashi Kinoshita, Kazuhito Narita. And just about every member of the rival teams as well, especially those who went on to become his teammates.
  • Allies: Captain Tsubasa, Tetsuya Kuroko, Anglerfish Team, Drinky Crow, Heckle and Jeckle, Karas, Hello Kitty, Pikachu, Atsuko Kagari, Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi, Timon and Pumbaa, Coach Oleander, Edward Elric, Karen Kohiruimaki, Thumbelina of the Blood Team, μ's, Aqours
  • Annoyed by: Bakarasu
  • Shōyō Hinata was inspired to take up volleyball after feeling mesmerized watching a player nicknamed the "Little Giant" on TV. Standing at 163 cm, Hinata is far shorter than what is ideal for the sport, but he can compensate for that with his amazing jumping height. Unfortunately, he wound up being the only member of the volleyball club for much of middle school, giving him little chance to properly train. During his third year, the club got enough members to participate in a tournament. While the team only played one game, it was there that Hinata had a fateful encounter with ace setter Tobio Kageyama, who saw unhoned talent in Hinata and demanded to know what he had been doing for three years. Hinata interpreted this as Kageyama taking a dig at his poor showing and swore he would defeat the setter in high school, but by a twist of fate, the two both ended up at Karasuno. As the "Little Giant"'s alma mater, the school's volleyball club was once a force to be reckoned with, but in the years since it had become a pale shadow of its former self. However the raw talents of Hinata, Kageyama and the other newcomers Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, allied with the solid foundations of the older members, would soon put Karasuno back on the map.
  • Coming home late one night, Hinata ran into a boar, which is always a risk in his rural home in the Miyagi Prefecture. Less usual was the small rat-like thing perched on the boar's back. Either way, Hinata screamed, which set the two animals to scream as well and they all started running all over the place until in the middle of that mess someone tripped, causing all three characters to crash and roll together for a considerable distance. Next thing Hinata knew, he's not in Miyagi anymore, but more importantly he and his impromptu animal companions had crashed into some hallowed-feeling place, where the variety of inhabitants begged Hinata's pardon for bringing him into the Pantheon in such a violent manner, as well as that of Timon and Pumbaa (for those were the animals) for getting them involved without their consent. Hinata's puzzlement at these circumstances was quickly dispelled as it was explained to him that the Pantheon was looking to increase its sports representation by having him, a talented volleyball player, ascended. If being in the Pantheon means spreading love for volleyball, Hinata is game for it.
  • Despite screaming in their faces earlier, the ever-amiable Hinata made sure to communicate (through animal language translators, naturally) to Timon and Pumbaa his gratitude for bringing him there and apologize for the inconvenience; Timon commented he was lucky it was them and not some bigger, badder boar that incidentally lived in his very country, but then he and Pumbaa dismissed what happened by saying "The more, the merrier" and of course their trademark "Hakuna matata". When Hinata asked what the latter meant, he learned that it was about not worrying and turning one's back on the past, which made him remark that Timon and Pumbaa would probably like the Inarizaki team, as their own motto/philosophy is "Who needs memories". Timon commented, maybe a little conceitedly, that the Inarizaki kids certainly seem to know what they're talking about.
  • While he's not officially the God of Volleyball, pretty much everyone considers him to be so anyway, sometimes to the point of forgetting what his real title is. Naturally he spends most of his time in the House of Sports training, having/hosting matches or exchanging stories with fellow sports deities. He immediately bonded with Tsubasa Ozora over their passion and talent for their games of choice, plus their similar career paths; both Hinata and Tsubasa started out locking horns with an arrogant prodigy (Kageyama for Hinata, Genzo for Tsubasa) only to become a fearsome combo later down the line; several more of their opponents would go on to become their trusted teammates after going pro. It also stuck out to Hinata and Tsubasa that they both spent a significant portion of their pro career in Brazil (both their sports of election are hugely popular in that country), and coincidentally, they both played in São Paulo teams.
  • Due to his lack of height being less than ideal for volleyball, Hinata can relate to athletes whose characteristics cause them to be underestimated or passed over when it comes to seriously competing in their beloved sport. Tetsuya Kuroko is a particularly dramatic case, since he's not only on the short side, but he lacks any conventional talent required for playing basketball effectively; however even that didn't stop Kuroko and he developed a unique and unorthodox way to be useful on the court, by specializing in passing the ball while using his innate lack of presence to "hide" from the opposing team. Hinata finds this amazing, especially since this makes Kuroko into some sort of ninja on the court. Kuroko would say his role is more akin to a kabuki stagehand, though he's flattered by Hinata's starry-eyed admiration all the same. He also admits to be being a little jealous of Hinata because he has enough talent to go pro, whereas that is extremely unlikely for Kuroko. Hinata strongly feels that Kuroko's unusual talents are amazing enough that he deserves consideration from the higher leagues. That kind of positivity and enthusiasm motivates Kuroko to not give up.
    • In a more fantastical context, Atsuko Kagari was an Inept Mage inspired by the display of her idol Shiny Chariot to attend a wizard academy, while Izuku Midoriya was born without any special power in a world where more than 80% of the population has one, but his heroic spirit got him noticed by the number one hero, All Might, who passed his power on to him, allowing Izuku to pursue his dream of becoming the greatest superhero. As a vertically-challenged volleyball player aspiring to go pro, Hinata can see a lot of himself in those two regardless of their more otherworldly natures, and Atsuko and Izuku return the sentiment.
  • There are many groups of deities who related to the situation of a foundering club like Karasuno being revitalized in a major way thanks to talented and determined new blood. There are stories like that of the Anglerfish team, who represent Ōarai Girls' Academy in the field of Sensha-do and fulfilled the school's desire to regain prestige and attention in that field. There are also idol groups like μ's, which was formed by students in a successful attempt to save their school from shuttering; they would be emulated by Aqours, with its leader and founder Chika Takami feeling inspired by μ's much like Hinata was inspired by The Little Giant, although unlike μ's, Aqours' efforts to save their school actually failed despite their success as idols. The ease with which Hinata makes friends means all these groups were quickly included in his friend group, regardless of the different areas they play in. His similarities to Chika, as well as to Honoka and Miho, make them particularly close.
  • Hinata may be one of the least openly emotional deities when it comes to the topic of his short height, but that doesn't mean it didn't cause him a great deal of angst, especially whenever it seemed like it might actively hinder him from playing his beloved sport once he was past school. So he can easily understand the feelings of someone like Coach Morceau Oleander, whose dreams of being in the military were dashed by his short height and his grief over it is reflected in the fact that his fabricated memories include him as a war hero that's much taller than he actually is. Hinata doesn't seem to mind too much the fact that Oleander became an outright villain, if only because he seems to have turned over a new leaf at this point. Whether it's because Hinata is on the dumb side or because he tends to be everybody's hypeman, he is supportive of Oleander's not-evil activities, which in turn causes Oleander to regard him as a friend and kindred pint-sized spirit.
    • Other vertically-challenged deities that Hinata could bond with include Edward Elric, a soldier/alchemist who used to easily fly into a rage over his height, to the point where he would wildly exaggerate someone's bland comment about it into a colorful insult. At least he's grown out of it, which Hinata is glad about as he doesn't think it very generous of Edward to be so cynical about people's real thoughts about someone's height. Another one is the Thumbelina of the Blood Team, who can be very sensitive about her height, resenting it whenever she's mistaken for the youngest of her three sisters. On the opposite side of the Height Angst spectrum is Karen Kohiruimaki, who hates being as tall as she is due to feeling unfeminine and thus got into a videogame that let her design her avatar to be short and cute. Hinata, of course, thinks Karen has nothing to be ashamed of and has expressed to her how much he wishes he had her height. Karen supposes that's nice of him, but at the same time feels he would never really understand how she feels.
  • The crow is the Karasuno team's unofficial mascot, with Hinata himself having been frequently compared to a determined little hatchling. With that in mind, and upon hearing the Pantheon has quite a collection of deified birds, including corvids, Hinata decided to hit them up and ask if they would please root for Karasuno and serve as official mascots. The results were hit-or-miss; Bakarasu turned out be an anti-mascot who would sooner mock players for their losses than root for them, plus he likes to call out Hinata's foolishness in particular. Drinky Crow is less abrasive, though his alcoholism, bouts of depression and suicidal tendencies are not exactly desirable characteristics for a mascot; despite that, Hinata doesn't give up on Drinky Crow and hopes that watching Karasuno try hard and win games might effect a positive change in attitude in the alcoholic bird. Murkrows are inveterate thieves, so not even worth considering lest audience attendance drop as a result of stolen possessions. Much the same goes for Heckle and Jeckle, though they have occasionally showed up on their own on a whim and given genuine support to Karasuno without causing trouble, which has a way of firing Hinata up even further as he sees that Karasuno can inspire the two corvid thieves to be good on occasion.
    • Hinata was also starry-eyed to learn about Yousuke Otoha, a superhero whose persona is inspired by crows and bears the appropriate name of Karas (therefore sharing his name with Hinata's team, sort of). Karas' duty as a hero means he is only rarely able to positively answer Hinata's proddings for him to root for Karasuno, but he finds the hatchling's enthusiasm to be endearing all the same. The fact that Hinata has never seemed at all intimidated or disturbed by Karas' history and never treats him as an outcast only furthers the dark hero's fondness for the sunny boy.
  • At one point during the Spring High Preliminaries in his first year, Hinata fretted about facing Hyakuzawa, a 2 meter-tall player, and fantasized that by putting certain famous characters like Hello Kitty and Pikachu on his head (they're both about 40 cm tall), he'd be able to match that player. Such a silly thing proved to be unnecessary, as he was able to put up a fight against Hyakuzawa thanks to his jumps. Learning that Hello Kitty and Pikachu were in fact in the Pantheon, Hinata went to meet them and made fast friends with them, as he usually does, then had some fun putting each of the critters on his head at a time, running around and pretending he was gigantic. The two franchise mascots didn't mind this at all, even enjoying themselves whenever Hinata did one of his enormous jumps with them along for the ride. From that point on, Hinata has taken to visiting them whenever he feels he needs some fluffy downtime to destress from the competitive nature of sports; Hello Kitty and Pikachu are always happy to see him.
  • Can also be found in the Hall of Introvert Flaws.


    Captain B.Mc Crea 
Captain B.McCrea, Divine Representative Of High Obesity-Rate Futures (Captain of the Axiom)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A map of the Axiom's internals
  • Theme Song: Define "Dancing"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Brilliant, but Lazy, The Captain And The Only Shipmate Aware Of The Ennui Of The Big, Fat Future, Surprisingly Good Grip For Someone Who Never Exercised, finding Living Is More than Surviving, Big Good, Courage In Spite Of Fear, Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Domains: Captains, The Future, Obesity, Space, Development
  • Interested in: Noah
  • Allies: WALL-E and EVE, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Jaime Reyes, Lillie, Jimmy Livingston, The Doctor (11th incarnation), Captain Olimar and the Pikmin
  • On good terms with: The Deep Space 9 main characters, Snorlax, Cortana, Obelix, Team Lightyear
  • On speaking terms with: Jay Gatsby
  • Enemies: AUTO, The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Hexxus, Charles Montgomery Burns, Ragyo Kiryuin and anyone who wants to ruin the Earth/its environment, Lord Crumb, Black Doom, Senator Steven Armstrong, Prime Minister Honest
  • Opposes: Zapp Brannigan, HAL 9000
  • Fears: The Hall of Flesh Eaters, YHVH and Lucifer, Slaanesh, Planet Remina
  • Distrusts: Buy n Large
  • Annoyed by: Eric Cartman
  • A bit concerned over: The Hall of Businesses and Corporations
  • Captain B McCrea is the latest in a line of captions of the Axiom, a massive space-ship meant to serve as an exodus for humanity for five years while the Earth is cleaned up of its waste and pollution. However the inhospitability of the Earth caused this to be extended over seven hundred years. The lap of luxury and micro-gravity caused mankind to become fat and lazy, and the Captain begun to felt a sense of ennui about it all. He was very interested to learn of Earth upon being shown evidence that life could still grow, and felt it was time to turn back and deal with the Earth despite being "a bit of a fixer-upper". AUTO wasn't fond of that plan at all. Fortunately the Captain was able to assert control and the Axiom could return to Earth.
  • Despite representing the Big, Fat Future trope, it's not something the Captain is all that fond of. Eric Cartman was at awe with the Axiom because it could fulfill all his selfish desires, however the Captain thinks he's an annoying little jerk. Admittedly those are kind words, but he doesn't have the time to get in a feud with the Fat Bastard. Rather, he wants to look for help in rebuilding the Earth of his universe. Captain Planet and the Planeteers were happy to help because they're all about saving the environment, and the condition that forced the Captain's ancestors to leave is the kind of disaster their polluting foes would create. The fact that life could still sprout helped them feel more optimism.
  • Happy to see that WALL-E and Eve were already apart of the Trope Pantheon. Not happy to learn AUTO was, of course. And while he doesn't understand much about Buy n Large he certainly doesn't trust them for their hyper-consumerist role in polluting the Earth. In their defense, they realized that and Procedure A-113 was seen as a necessary evil. The Captain considers Mr Burns to be even worse than Buy n Large since he knows he's a mean SOB and is the kind of person to intentionally ruin the Earth with pollution just so everyone would have to pay to be on his version of the Axiom. As a whole, the Captain of the Axiom is trying to check up on his computer alerts about what's happening in the Hall of Businesses And Corporations in case of how it could affect might.
  • Because of AUTO's Anti-Mutiny, the good Captain isn't fond of the GUAM and their spiel of robot supremacy. AUTO actually agrees with this since it isn't interested in (intentional) machine supremacy and hates the idea of Kill All Humans, but McCrea has pointed out it isn't much better as it disregards consent in helping people. McCrea believes AUTO should be more personal like Cortana. Due to his experience with AUTO, the good Captain isn't fond of HAL 9000, who AUTO was modeled off. Despite their friendship, HAL isn't interested in antagonizing the crew of the Axiom.
  • Captain McCrea was interested to learn about Jaime Reyes, due to how the Reach who he got his scarab from work; after seeding a planet they would come over to give technology, as part of a long game to slowly make the to-be conquered lazy and content and thus easy pickings to conquer. He hopes that the Reach don't try to exploit Buy n Large for that purpose, and can count on the Blue Beetle. He was also interested in Noah, who also piloted a ship to protect mankind from a disaster....though from an oncoming flood due to human wickedness rather than fleeing from the impact of human greed. Some think there's an intentional parallel, but the Captain is still trying to read more of The Bible and other books heavy on the allegory to decide this for himself.
  • There have been theories that the necessary evil has a far darker undercurrent. AUTO has vehemently denied it as a possibility by pointing out they have food regenerators, however the Captain was shaken up enough about the theories to be terrified about the Hall of Flesh Eaters and anything associated with cannibalism. Sapient-eating aliens, however, feel the Axiom's citizens should be food. Black Doom feels they would be easy pickings to farm and feed him and his Black Arms army. Lord Crumb considers the people of the Axiom as a fattening guilty pleasure, and he wasn't happy that the citizens of the Axiom are reintegrating themselves to the Earth.
  • Majorly creeped out by Slaanesh. As the embodiment of excess and lust, he considers him/her emblematic of the problems of the Axiom and what it could've devolved into if given enough time. He's spooked out by YHVH, Lucifer and Planet Remina too. The God of Order's beliefs in absolute obedience and lack of much outside of following Him is a religious extreme to the idea of humanity being enslaved by consumerism and just used to going through the motions, and while Lucifer agrees that with the Captain that he needed to go to Earth so humanity could re-learn struggle, trial and error the Might Makes Right chaos of Lucifer. Remina of course would just eat the Earth or whatever planet they the Axiom tries to settle on, though the Axiom is probably too small for it to consider having "even as a snack".
  • Prime Minister Honest wanted to congratulate him on the state of the Axiom, seeing it as a paradise for himself, only to be disappointed that McCrea "abandoned it". Captain McCrea was disgusted by him as if someone like Honest was piloting the Axiom, he would warp the already overly consummerist ship into a den of debuachery for his own pleasure. Senator Armstrong had the opposite opinion; he was absolutely disgusted by the Big, Fat Future robbing people of strength and making them utterly reliant on consumerism. He's proud that the Captain chose to fight against the system despite growing up in the lap of luxury. While he gets the disgust, the Captain believes Armstrong's alternative is going overboard in the other direction.
  • Holds no respect for Zapp Brannigan due to being an incompetent commander. Zapp tried to point out that the Captain isn't a military captain, however the Captain reminded him that his ineptitude included piloting ships like the attempt at a gravity assist with comets or ramming the Nimbus through tight gates. He's even less fond of Hexxus due to his alliance with the Planeteers and Hexxus outright wanting the Polluted Wasteland that led the Axiom to being built in the first place. The Captain shares most gods' disgust towards Ragyo Kiryuin as well, and among her many crimes she's a business magnate who sold humanity out for a parasitic alien.
  • Likes Obelix as while he's pretty chunky himself, he's got a good amount of muscle underneath it and he's a fun guy to be around with. He likes Snorlax for the same reason, though wishes the Pokemon could be less lazy. Snorlax is fine sticking around for the Axiom cup food, but tends to keep to himself. Because Captain McCrea is the head of a spaceship, he'll sometimes look for advice from the crew of Deep Space 9, or Team Lightyear. Having dealt with a problematic generation ship before, the 11th Doctor visited to give him some advice; he should consider working with Captain Olimar to explore and prepare the Earth for re-habitation.
  • The Captain has also been studying Earth history and culture pre-catastrophe, which eventually led to him reading The Great Gatsby as one of his first physical books. He can sympathize with the main protagonist's feeling of wealth being empty, as he has felt emptiness in his position of captain and the automation on the ship. He's formed a friendship with Lillie and Jimmy Livingston. Having dealt with the ennui of the Axiom, he sympathizes with how the latter must feel with being a bubble boy. As for Lillie, he likes how she grew from being introverted to courageous.
  • "I don't want to survive, I want to LIVE!"

    Lord Farquaad 
Lord Farquaad, The God Who's Compensating for Something
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His head or F.
  • Theme Song: Welcome to Duloc
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Short and Mean, Despises Fairy Tales Creatures, Evil Lord (not King) of Duloc, Wants to marry a princess to be King
  • Domains: Height, Big Complexity,
  • Allies: Prince Charmles, Judge Doom
  • Rivals: Hans Westergard
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Many princesses
  • A man of his "height", he has his temple constructed to be bigger than everyone around him. Many passing deities joke that he is compensating for something, considering his height. The size that Farquaad makes of his own possession is so ridiculous that even Uzu Sanageyama makes fun of him, despite also Compensating for Something.
    • Apparently, he return to flesh when it was thought he died sometime inside of Dragon's stomach and returned as a ghost. Aside from a really large grave mark, he tried to kill Fiona to make her his ghost queen (even though she is now an ogress) but he was stopped by Shrek and Dragon destroyed his ghost with her breathe.
  • He got on Shrek's nerves when he deported all of the fairy tale creatures on his swamp and made him go to a quest of retrieving Princess Fiona to give him his land back. Then it escalated when Shrek fell with the Princess and in the wedding, at sunset, she was transform into an ogre and was disgusted by it that he ordered Shrek killed and Fiona detained until he was eaten by Dragon (Donkey's love and yes, that's her name).
  • He despises fairy tale creatures, even being part of fairy tales as he considered witches the same as the others. With many deities hailing from fairy tales of many origins, they hated him when he considered them monsters for plaguing his "perfect" world.
  • As the lord of Duloc, he is very oppressive and uncaring to his people with the rigid rules and openly admits of sacrificing his knights when he announced of having his champion rescue Fiona from the dragon.
    • This makes it rough when conversing with Hans, who wanted to be king. At least he would help the people if it could help him stay in power while Farquaad doesn't care of their well-being.
  • Since he is not a king (of which he doesn't like to admit), he has to marry a princess in order to facilitate his status. Obviously, many of the princesses were repulsed by him because of his height and ambition.
    • Though he found Charmles to be useless when it comes to power, he might come in handy with their motives are similar.
  • He avoids many of the draconic deities as possible since he was devoured by Dragon. Especially the reddish one as that was the color of the dragon that devoured him.
  • Grimm is amused about Farquaad's hate of fairy tales, though he thinks that him sending them to Shrek's swamp wasn't Grimm enough.
  • He manage to be an ally with Judge Doom due to Farquaad viewing fairy tales the same way as that Doom views toons. Similarly, the two hated them despite being the same race with Farquaad being a half-dwarf who wants to evict fairy tales out of his kingdom and Doom being a toon who wanted to destroy his own race just for profit.
  • He has gained the ire of recently ascended Dreamworks deity, Barry B Benson, due to the bee's friendship with Shrek, and is frustrated that he is literally in the same rank of god as an insect. This only heightens his insecurities about his figure and is a fact that some gods refuse to let him forget.

Orgalorg, the God Sealed in a Teddy Bear (Gunter, The Breaker of Worlds, Bird Woman, The Ice Thing)
Orgalorg's true form 
The Ice Thing 
  • Quasideity (as Gunter), Greater God (as Orgalorg), Lesser God as The Ice Thing, moving to Intermediate in the far future
  • Symbol: His suppressed form, a penguin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (less as Gunter), True Neutral as The Ice Thing, before devolving into Chaotic Insane
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Entity Sealed In An Adorable Form, Petty Evil, Older Than Time, Walking Ooo, Walking Spoiler, Ambiguous Gender, Becoming The Next Ice King, Devolving Into An Almighty Idiot, An Ice Person
  • Domains: Cold, Evil, Otherness, Comedy, Penguins
  • Interested in: The Sleeper
  • Allies:
  • On Speaking Terms with: Jack Frost, Elsa (as Gunter), Amara (as Orgalorg)
  • Unknown Rival to: Cthulhu
  • Enemies: Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Fionna and Cake (less so now), Abraham Lincoln, Lord Vyce, The Orca, Enigma
  • Opposed by: All who come from Mars, Homer Simpson, Sgt Byrd
  • Disappoints: King Ghidorah
  • In times past, Orgalorg was an elder god predating the universe who attempted to dominate the Solar System in order to intercept a "catalyst comet", only to be brought down under decree of the King of Mars. For millennia, he has wandered as the penguin Gunter, vulnerable to mere squirt-squirts. He has regained memory of his identity, though being trapped on Earth's gravity can do little about it.
  • Ice King refers to any of his penguins as Gunter, this is just the one that happens to be an Eldritch Abomination. Gunter is the name of the first person to ever wear the Ice Crown, who unwittingly set it to turn whoever wears it into a twisted parody of Gunter's Jerkass mentor and ice elemental Urgence Evergreen. On a lighter note, Gunter has laid a powerful kitten that he cares for, which makes one wonder about its gender.
  • As Gunter, Orgalorg is the pet of the Ice King, who like almost everyone remains blissfully unaware of what he is. Gunter gets along pretty well regardless, though still tries to sneak mystical artifacts from him. Despite his evil nature, he's genuinely friendly to Elsa and Jack Frost of the Guardians, because they remind him of Ice King. They are trying to help him remain friendly as the Ice Thing.
  • Tends to hang around with other penguins, like the Prinnies and Madagascar Penguins. Etna has heard of his true form, but Gunter doesn't act out around her because he likes being friendly with the Prinnies. Sgt Byrd is too suspicious to do so. Because of his penguin form, the Orca is interested in eating him. Interestingly in spite of being underestimated Lord Vyce refuses to let his guard down around Gunter and is trying to destroy the mode-locked Eldritch Abomination so he has no chance of retaining his true form.
  • Having learned The Lich has his origins in a catalyst comet, Orgalorg is trying to work out a way to assimilate him for power and knowledge. Given his current state is a nigh-harmless penguin, he's biding his time. Amusingly, he remains blissfully unaware that the Lich is himself reduced to a semi-harmless state. He seeks to uncover the secrets of the Sleeper comet as well, so everyone is trying to make sure he doesn't get near the thing. Not for his sake, but everyone else's.
  • Orgalorg sees Cthulhu as a fellow imprisoned cosmic tyrant, and thus a major rival for dominance over the Solar System. Cthulhu, though, has no idea of his existence. Beyond this, he spends much of his time scrounging around the House of Demons, interested in the demonic artifacts. The gods there have tried to steal his soul, but just get slapped by him instead
  • Frustrated at the fact that nobody takes it seriously as a cosmic entity. King Ghidorah mocks the so-called Breaker of Worlds, touting that it can break worlds without the force of gravity weakening him. He has angrily been wenking at Enigma, due to his immense power over gravity. Not something that someone weak to the force likes being reminded of.
  • Gunter enjoys acts of vandalism like breaking bottles, even with phenomenal cosmic power. This got him into trouble when he broke all the bottles in Duff Breweries, resulting in Homer going berserk and beating the living tar out of him. As Orgalorg.
  • Spooky sympathizes with its desire to be feared, and while Orgalorg has cosmic ambitions it does appreciate the little things in life like Spooky wanting to help him out. In his desire to understand and restore his former might, he was curious about Amara since she embodies the darkness before the universe, and Orgalorg predates the universe. He was one of the monsters the Lich mentioned, but rather small compared to most of them.
  • Wondered if Pennywise's origins as the Deadlights and the Macroverse might make him a contemporary of the pre-time existence it came from. Didn't get much answer out of the Monster Clown, so instead walked up to the Crimson King. Surprisingly the Crimson King let Orgalorg go, since he recognizes where he came from as the same type of reality as the Prim he hopes to return to. Orgarlog isn't interested in destroying everything to go back to it, though, and prefers to live for the now.
  • While many were concerned when word got out that Orgalorg got a hold of Ice King's crown, they all breathed a sigh of relief when it simply transformed him into something akin to the Ice King, the "Ice Thing". As of now, the Ice Thing doesn't seem to have any malicious intent and seems to be content spending time with his wife, Turtle Princess. Sadly, 1000 years from now the Ice Thing will have devolved into an insane being, worse than the Ice King's madness.