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    The Nothing 
The Nothing, Unholy Imagination Destroyer (Void)
  • Overdeity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Imagination Destroyer, Eldritch Abomination, Space Time Eater, The Power of the Void, Fog of Doom
  • Domains: Anti-Imagination, Inconceivability, Destruction, Nothingness
  • Herald: Gmork
  • "Allies": The White, The Auditors of Reality, Fenrir
  • Enemies: Everyone, but especially creators, Shizuku Tsukishima, The Pagemaster, William Shakespeare, Ressha Sentai ToQger, the Endless (sp. Dream and Destruction)
  • The Nothing is exactly what its name implies. An incomprehensible entity that turns everything it touches to nothing, as if whatever was there before never really existed. Its existence (for lack of a better word) is the product of humanity's cynicism, apathy and contempt for dreams and fantasies. It threatened to devour the entire world of Fantasia and through that, destroy humanity's ability to imagine, driving them insane according to the wishes of the Manipulators. Fortunately, one boy's bottomless creativity managed to restore Fantasia and dispel the Nothing.
  • The Auditors of Reality heard of the utility of the Nothing and thought it could further their goals, so they endeavored to recreate it in the Pantheon for their own use. The White were excited at the prospect of having another force of absolute annihilation up and helped out (though disappointed that the Nothing cannot erase that which isn't fictional/imaginary). Although the Auditors succeeded, the Main House caught wind of what they were doing and hurried to do something about it before they unleashed the Nothing. Their solution was to keep the Nothing at the very edges of the Pantheon, and a restricted Rainbow Line path was built to both block the Nothing from advancing and signal deities where the entity is. Under those conditions, the Main House agreed that despite everything, the Nothing was a significant character and granted it a title.
  • The Nothing is one of the top threats in the Pantheon, since stories and imagination are the basis of the realm and the vast majority of the deity population comes from the minds of creators, so the Nothing can simply erase them. Its ascension was met with many protests and deities wondering just what the hell the Main House was thinking to allow an entity that could erase almost everything in the Pantheon to be around. The Auditors and the White are also pretty pissed since recreating the Nothing was fairly troublesome and access to it has been rendered incredibly difficult. But at least the Nothing has one loyal agent, the Gmork, who spontaneously showed up in the Nothing's otherwise unused temple, and he's very willing to work with the Auditors and the White to unleash the Nothing.
  • Gmork is the Nothing's Herald, a vicious sort-of werewolf creature that wishes to support the Nothing due to a tragic past (that doesn't really justify his actions) and general nihilism. He will stop at nothing to hunt down those who'd oppose the entity. Given the state of the Nothing in the Pantheon, Gmork is seen as its face, and it's usually him the Nothing's enemies have to deal with. Gmork has very similar characteristics to Loki's son Fenrir, another wolf creature that craves the annihilation of everything. They often support each other in their common goals, usually expressed in the form of them ganging up on their opponents to tear them apart.
  • Note that the Nothing has no feelings of any sort for the Auditors, the White, or any of its "allies". Not even Gmork. So, if it ever manages to destroy the Pantheon, none of those will be spared. This is just as well for the White and Gmork, but the Auditors have plans to ensure this won't affect them.
  • Almost no one can perceive the Nothing's true form. It's said that trying to look at it directly is like trying to see anything while being blind. Most deities are too fearful of it to have any curiosity to go near the thing and see how true that is, but those who've tried have reportedly felt ill. Also, getting too close to it gives deities a suicidal inspiration to jump into it unless they have a strong will. However, none of this has any effect on those who live in Real Life (unless they've died).
  • A powerful ability to imagine can stave off the Nothing and reverse its damage. Indeed, that's why the Rainbow Line was chosen as the means of blocking it, and the ToQger are always on top of things stopping the Auditors/White/Gmork's latest scheme (occasionally with the backup of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction when the White talk them into helping) with their imagination powers. The existence of all manner of creators, writers, artists and other imaginative deities is also problematic for the Nothing, which is why one of its top targets includes the unassuming aspiring writer Shizuku Tsukishima, especially as it was a rather meek little book-loving boy that was the Nothing's undoing in the past. Fortunately, the Pagemaster keeps a close eye on Shizuku, and any other writers, to ensure no harm comes to them.
  • Supposedly, William Shakespeare was one of the humans who visited Fantastica, although he went down in its history as "Shexper". Seeing that as proof that he's one of the greatest creative minds among humans, Gmork is particularly interested in tearing him to pieces and cause humanity to despair.
  • If Dream of the Endless is considered the weaver of all the stories in the world, then the Nothing, who destroys everything creative, could be seen as his opposite in that regard. Dream is rather furious that the Nothing is capable of turning all of his creation to, well, nothing, but he places trust on the fact that the Rainbow Line and the ToQger can hold it off indefinitely and so won't try to intervene himself. Ironically Destruction is only second to Dream in detesting the Nothing, if only because what the Nothing brings is like a corruption of what Destruction represents.
  • Emperor Calus sees the Nothing as proof that his philosophy of living life to the fullest and not waste any time fighting for lost causes is the correct one, considering how all the deities in the Pantheon can do is hold back the Nothing and not eliminate it. The ToQger think he should shut up.

Greater Gods

    Altair/Military Uniform Princess 
Altair, Goddess of Autodestructive Anger (Military Uniform Princess, Donut Steel)
  • Greater Goddess borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Holopsicon
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil. Now True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Antagonist Abilities, Attack Reflector, Big Bad, Combo Platter Powers, Cool Gun, Evil Albino, Evil Is Hammy, Exotic Eye Designs, From Nobody to Nightmare, Invincible Villain, Omnicidal Maniac, An Original Character created after another, Reality Warper, Villain Teleportation, Wanting to avenge her Creator
  • Domains: Fiction, Villains, Creations, Original Characters, Destruction
  • Herald: Setsuna Shirazaki (Her Creator)
  • Allies: Esdeath, Alcor
  • Rivals: Gilgamesh, Black★Rock Shooter
  • Enemies: Altria Pendragon, Madoka Kaname, Bob, Lord English
  • Opposes: People who had tried to sympathize with her
  • Opposed by: Most Magical Girls
  • Annoyed by: Deadpool
  • On good terms with: Other Original Characters
  • Complicated Relationships: Meteora Österreich
  • What is known about this strange character is that she once manifested into the real world and decided to bring a handful of fictional character to life and join her. Altair intended to avenge her creator after the latter committed suicide and couldn't complete her story, which prompted to try and destroy the world. Several of the characters she brought ultimately fought her, but her inmense power proved to be a huge obstacle for her enemies and both the creators and their creations that opposed Altair had to create a crossover story featuring her as the main villain to try and contain her for doing further damage to the real world. It almost failed if not for a creation of Setsuna Shimazaki, her creator, didn't convince Altair to abandon her quest for revenge.
  • How she came to become a goddess in the pantheon is uncertain, she only recalls warping into this place after she was trying to create another world for Setsuna, which ultimately led her here. She was surprised for the huge number of fictional characters that reside in this place and having a few of them who looked familiar to her. The problem was that the Court of Gods denied her of taking control of the Pantheon since it wasn't a domain where she could change the rules at will even if she tried, which the only compensation that they allowed Setsuna to be her herald.
  • She was created as an Expy of a MMO character that her Author liked, but many have also noticed many other references to other characters in the pantheon. Her backstory of being a fanmade character who took the internet by storm is very reminiscent of Black★Rock Shooter, which Altair ended up confronting just to see if the rumors were true. She was not dissapointed.
    • Other people noted that she also resembles Esdeath in appearance and attire, even some of her mannerisms too. Surprisingly, Esdeath ended up befriending Altair on the principle that she admires how strong she is and how in the end she managed to end up with the one she loved, unlike Esdeath.
  • Unlike in the real world, in the Pantheon Altair is not as strong as she formerly was, mostly because of the Elimination Festival given her a proper canon and because of the fan reception that powered her being much more weaker. Not too mention that a sizable part of the real world consider her a rather divisive character to begin with.
  • Seems to look down on the Knight in Shining Armor type characters as boring and predictable. She especially does not get along with Altria Pendragon which reminds her of Aliceteria February and because Altair herself seems to have taken a few pages of Gilgamesh in a few of her moves.
  • Magical Girls are also another character that seems to get in her nerves, mostly because of how Mamika tried to talk her down and trying to convince her to abandon her mission, which prompted her to kill Mamika. The latter's resemblance to Madoka hasn't gone unnoticed by Altair, but she has no intention of talking with the magical girl.
  • Considering how much she loves her creator, the idea of killing your own creator seems alien to her. Yet, she found a few gods that did exactly that, who disgust her. Bob was one who was very close to killing his author and obviously does not get along with Altair. The same could be said for Lord English, who actually suceeded in doing so and is powerful enough to give Altair a run for her money.
  • Can't stand the likes of Deadpool for his constant breaking of the Fourth Wall and also because he made fun of her because of being an Original Character, constantly calling her names like Donut Steel. And given his Healing Factor, she can't even get rid of him.
  • Some may wonder if her feelings for her creator are either of a child loving their father or maybe something else. Altair has not made any clarifications on the matter.
  • She was named after the brightest of the Aquila costelation and that might probably mean why she has been confused for other people. That said, she does get along with Alcor given a few shared similarities plus his powers have peaked her interest.
  • Many good-aligned gods are absolutely disgusted by the fact that she got away with all the death and destruction she caused in her universe and have taken measures to fight her if she provokes them. Altair even had the gall of saying she doesn't really regret the harm she has caused and she would do it all over again if it meant seeing Setsuna alive. Her unrepentantness means even the friendlier gods like Ash Ketchum, Twilight Sparkle and Steven Universe want nothing to do with her, especially after hearing about what she did to Mamika and Aliceteria. They haven't made a move against her because the Court of the Gods ensured she cannot do as much damage in the Pantheon as she did in her homeworld and because Setsuna vouched for her. Still, if she ever steps out of line, they'll know.
    • Other more neutral leaning gods reasoned that while she did kill Mamika and debatably killed Alicetaria, she never killed any humans, (even though she planned to), and that both her kills were Creations that would have had went back to their worlds becoming subject to the will of the authors too. Some of the more sympathetic of them had said that while they died in the real world, they still got to live a happier ending when a crossover event was made featuring both of them.
  • Also present in the House of Emotion.

Deathwing the Destroyer, God of Destructive Restructuring of the World (Neltharion the Earth-Warder, Neltharion the Betrayer, Deathwing the Black, Deathwing the Destroyer, Deathwing the Worldbreaker, Xaxas, Blood's Shadow, Lord Daval Prestor/King Prestor the First, ruler of Alterac (human disguise), The Black Scourge, The Dark One, Death Aspect/Aspect of Death, The Cataclysm, Blackwing Greatfather, The Unmaker of Worlds, Death Incarnate, Power Incarnate, Big D, Angry Black Dragon, D-Wing, The Dragonlord)
Click here to see his humanoid form 
As Neltharion the Earth-Warder 

The Firebird, God of the World-Wrecking Wave
  • Theme Song: "The Firebird Suite"
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A volcanic eruption
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with emphasis on Chaotic
  • Domain: Fire, Destruction
  • Portfolio: Destroying everything through fire, embodiment of death, destruction and fire, Omnicidal Maniac, Person of Mass Destruction, based on the eruption of Mt. Saint Helen with more lava
  • Allies: Ragnaros the Firelord, Nekron, The Lich, Deathwing, Azula,
  • Enemies: The Spring Sprite, the good deities from the House of Nature, especially Alexstrasza and Recca Hanabishi, the ascended cast from Warcraft except for Nefarian, the good and neutral-aligned death gods, especially Jean Grey-Summers and Hope Summers, Zuko
  • Evil Counterpart to: Yveltal
  • His ascension was forever remember by everyone because it was signaled by a Pantheon wide wave that annihilated every deities with lesser power than the Firebird. Fortunately, his mortal enemy the Spring Sprite's ascension shortly after came with her own mass regeneration wave that restore the damage from his power.
    • Because of this incident, he was furious that all of his hard work is gone because of her and swore to hunt her down until he can kill her so he can continue his work of destruction.
  • Upon his ascension, he went on a rampage in the House of Nature with an attempt to destroy everything there. His effort was stopped by the good-aligned deities that reside there after a brutal battle and the restroration effort was quickly handled by his mortal enemy the Spring Sprite. This just pissed him off more and he swore revenge.
  • Because of his tremendous power, association of fire and destructive tendency, Ragnaros the Firelord took a liking of him and even offered a position as his majordomo. The Firebird refused, much to the relief of the entire Pantheon, because he doesn't like being tied down to anyone but was flattered at the offer anyway.
    • Through Ragnaros, he was introduced and took a liking to Deathwing. However, Deathwing approached him with caution because he is the embodiment of lava and thus is equally as powerful as him. His alliance with both Deathwing and Ragnaros earned him the scorn of many ascended gods from Warcraft, except for Deathwing's son Nefarian.
    • This alliance also led to Kael'thas Sunstrider learned of the Firebird's existence and the elf is curious if he can summon the Firebird as his servant similar to the summoning of his pet phoenix A'lar. However, Kael'thas isn't particularly keen on finding out considering the Firebird's destructive capacity after awakening.
  • He isn't well-liked among the House of Life and Death as many good and neutral-aligned gods from this place consider his methods excessive. This is especially intense with Jean Grey-Summers (and to an extent Hope Summers) because her power is represented through a fire bird Phoenix.
  • He is really disliked by Zuko, because the Firebird represents the more destructive usage of fire, embodies one of the worst aspects of the Fire Nation, and his method is too similar to Zuko's father Ozai, all of which Zuko desperately swore to avoid in his rule of the kingdom. However, these qualities are exactly why Azula took a liking to the Firebird, along with their shared alliance with Ragnaros.
  • Get along very well with Nekros and the Lich because of their shared enjoyment of not only destruction, but also snuff out any possibility that life might return to the area they destroyed.
  • Despite both of them being both bird-shaped creatures with the ability to destroy things with fire, Yveltal and the Firebird hold nothing but contempt to one another. Yveltal is disgusted with the Firebird's excessive destruction for no real reason and actively hunting the Spring Sprite after his awakening, which therefore can end the potential of life returning to that area. The Firebird doesn't like the fact that Yveltal allied itself with his mortal enemy.

    King Ghidorah 
King Ghidorah, God of Cackling Villains and Those Who Killed the Dinosaurs (Monster Zero, King Of Terror, Mecha-King Ghidorah, Kaiser Ghidorah, Grand King Ghidorah, Yamato No Orochi, the Golden King, the Golden Wings of Destruction)
  • Greater God. Overdeity if the rumor Kaiser Ghidorah is true.
  • Theme Song: King Ghidorah Attacks Fukuoka
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself.
  • Aligment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Arch-Enemy, Our Dragons Are Different, Giggling Villain, Constantly Reviving Villain, Breath Weapon, For the Evulz
  • Employed by: Black Doom, Darkseid, Thanos, Ragyou Kiryuin
  • Allies: Gigan, Hedorah, Jakiro, Orochi, Mecha-Godzilla, Gauron, SpaceGodzilla
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra Leo, Anguirus, Baragon, Amaterasu, Aang, many children deities, Korra, Terra Branford, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars, Minako Aino/Sailor Venus, Hercules, Jason Scott, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Tommy Oliver, EVA Children, Many Dinosaur Deities
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Mesogog
  • Once the God of Multiple Head Case, his trope was change to Giggling Villain as his roar sounds like laughter, even as he destroys everything in his sight.
  • King Ghidorah is often consider Godzilla's toughest enemy ever. And for good reason. In one lifetime, it took all of Kaijus of Earth to bring it down.
    • A similar event happen when Ghidorah enter the Pantheon and did battle with Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, Baragon and Mothra Leo. Even Mako and Raleigh and the EVA Children joined in the chaos. The battle caused massive property damage before the battle was over.
  • Was actually the cause of the extinction of the civilians of Mars and Venus. This stir the ire of both Rei Hino and Minako Aino as they are princesses of those planets.
  • King Ghidorah's origin differs in each generation. The most well known one was a galactic destroyer. Another was mutated from three Dorats. There was even one that was actually an immature Orochi. The last one being the only incarnation to be good.
    • Speaking of giant multi headed snakes, it has allied itself with Orochi. This cause Ghidorah to be enemies with Asuka and Homura. Even Amaterasu doesn't like the alien Kaiju as she face the original Yamata no Orochi.
  • Turns out, Ghidorah has the ability to absorb souls. He once try to absorbe the souls of children. Many child deities and plenty of mama bears and papa bears were furious/afraid of this revelation.
  • As the kaiju equilevent for a Psycho for Hire, certain evil aliens like Darkseid and Black Doom have shown interesting in employing it. How they want to use the King of Terror is currently unknown, but most likely would involve some destruction.
  • As the destroyer of dinosaurs, Ghidorah has made enemies with many of the ascended dinosaurs. Power Rangers Jason and Tommy, whose powers are derived from the ancient beasts, despise the alien dragon. Even Mesogog, who believes in the superiority of dinosaurs, has a hard time working for it.
  • While Ghidorah won't normally associate itself with humans compare to the Earth Kaijus, it has with Gauron since both monsters are Psycho for Hire.
  • Actually made its way into The Spirit World in which it started to wreck havoc in there, which included sucking the souls out of some the Spirits. Not only that, it almost made its way into the Spirit Portal that connected it to Avatar Universe. Luckily, it was stopped by both Aang, Korra, Godzilla and Mothra Leo. After this near fatal incident, security of the Pantheon Spirit portal has been doubled.
    • After further investigation of the incident, it was revealed that Ghidorah was use as a distraction as some members of GUAE enter the Spirit World to harvest Spirit Vines for their own use. Neither Avatars were happy about this.
  • Even though it's consider a space dragon, Ghidorah has zero interaction with other dragons. With the sole exception of Jakiro. Despite that, the odds of him battling the good aligned ones are high.
  • Like Godzilla, there has been rumors of there being a more powerful version of Ghidorah called Kaiser Ghidorah. How this is possible is still unknown, but GUAG does not want to find out.
  • Also has a place in subhouse Laughter.

Lavos, The Beast of the Apocalypse (The Time Devourer)

Skynet, God of Machine Wars, The Genocide of Humanity, Councillor for the Grand United Alliance of Machines (Titan, Genisys, Sky-1, Alex, T-5000)

    The Fiends 
The Fiends, Heralds of the Apocalypse (the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Mother Harlot and the Trumpeter)
  • Greater Gods individually, together capable of achieving Overdeity status
  • Symbol: Their emblems of office note 
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Theme Music: Fiend Battle Theme
  • Portfolio: Absolute Death, the Apocalypse, Challenging mortals to see if they have what it takes to save or change the world, Living so long as life and death exist, Being summoned by the despair or suffering of the people
  • Allies: Every Omnicidal Maniac ever
  • Enemies: The Entity
  • Rivals: The Hero, Aleph, Naoki Kashima, The Demonica-Wearing Hero, Flynn
  • The Fiends are the final event that spells doom for a world. No matter who stands before them, no matter what bars their path, no matter how they are attacked, once their march has truly begun, the Apocalypse will become unavoidable and only death will follow. However, they have been summoned by mere potential apocalypses, so the standard response to an attack by the Fiends is usually the strongest counterattack possible, as it is the last-ditch effort to stave off the world's death.
  • Other lesser Fiends not directly involved in the Apocalypse have been born of the same power that brought them forth and join in and leave the group due to their unstable power levels: Ghost Q, David, the Sage of Time, Matador, Hell Biker, Daisoujou, Billiken, Binbou-gami, Yaukbyou-gami, and most recently Chemtrail and Plasma. The most notable Lesser Fiends, however, are Alice and Tokisada, who distinguish themselves through great enough power to ascend to the Pantheon by themselves. Still, all Fiends, Lesser and Greater, are notable for their extremely strong connection with the power of Death and brutal abilities.
    • Interestingly on the subject of Alice, her status as a Fiend has been called into question - while traditionally a Fiend, in the most recent incident, she was not one of them, instead being an Undead. While it's too early to tell, a certain bullfighter may steal her seat as the most important Lesser Fiend if the reclassification sticks.
  • While a Lesser Fiend, Matador's importance has been reaching the levels of the Greater Fiends and Alice ever since he helped start the Candelabrum incident. Ever since, the Greater Fiends generally bring him along as an introduction, with the only thing really holding Matador back from Greater Fiend-om being his disconnection to the apocalypse.
  • The group has a loose affiliation with Lucifer. It's more an alliance of convenience, really. They listen to him, and if his plans coincide with their duties, they can invoke Sure, Let's Go with That. For the same reason, they also listen to YHVH's orders. However, at least one time they have worked with Lucifer in the advent of a potential apocalypse.
    • Nine (the Greater Fiends, Matador, Daisoujou, and Hell Biker) of their members (along with Dante and Raidou Kuzunoha) took part in the ordeal concerning the Candelabra. Some were ignorant that its true purpose was to groom a Fiend of chaos, while others knew and took part to welcome the coming age of chaos. The end result of the trial was Naoki Kashima.
  • On other occasions, they like to hide in very specific places and only come out if they feel like it, which generally only happens once out of every 256 occasions just for fun. The original three Fiends (David, Daisoujou, and the Pale Rider) introduced this method, but David and Daisoujou later abandoned this method when Pale Rider revived it, who brought along the Greater Fiends besides the Mother Harlot while also bringing along Matador and introducing Chemtrail. They somewhat did it one other time as well, but that time also featured a room where one of the five (Matador, Alice, Hell Biker, Ghost Q, and the Sage of Time) would have a much higher chance of showing up.
  • During the Schwarzwelt incident, all of the Greater Fiends, Matador, and Alice showed up. Surprising everyone, even the Fiends themselves, was the return of David, who only felt the call to action twice before. During the incident, David summoned other demons to kill a group of Strike Team members, only for the strongest of them to show up, save them, and defeat David.
  • Trumpeter really would prefer it if everyone forgot about that one time he was "coerced" into helping a certain group of devil summoners after a defeat by laptop.
  • Mother Harlot is rumored to have some sort of connection with the Ghost Lady. Neither could be reached for clarification. Her title of "Whore of Babylon" also led some to believe there was a connection between her and Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus; the Fiend airily laughed, denying the girl had anything to do with her. Red Saber hates the title - Mother Harlot exults in it.
  • The Fiends are neither good nor evil, but simply come forth to challenge mankind to see if they have what it takes to save the world or to fulfill their duties. Some are malicious about it, while others treat it as simply doing their job.
  • As seen above, they are in good terms with the other group of Horsemen, though they are often seen as much more solemn or demented in comparison.
  • Keeping close eyes on their pagers: the Great Upheaval and subsequent Pantheonic Rebellion is the kind of situation that can easily turn 'worst-case-scenario', and thus require their services...


Intermediate Gods

    Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn
Click to see Hotaru Tomoe 
Hotaru Tomoe, Goddess of Benevolent Destruction (Sailor Saturn, Princess Saturn, Messiah of Silence)

    Lucifer the Doom 
Lucifer, God of Doom (Doom, Doombringer, Lucifash)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A burning Pentagram.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Devour, Scorched Earth, Infernal Blade, Doom, Big Red Devil, Wielding a Large Sword With One Hand, Evil Overlord, Deep And Evil Voice, Tin Tyrant
  • Domains: Doom, War, Combat, Demons
  • Allies: Shadow Fiend, The Beast, Lord Deimos, Diablo, Arthas Menethil
  • Rivals: Champions of Runeterra
  • Enemies: Doomguy, The Bhaalspawn
  • To prevent confusion between this Lucifer and the other Lucifer in the pantheon, this Lucifer will from now on be referred to as Doom. If referenced on a different profile, he will be called Lucifer the Doom instead of just Lucifer or Doom to avoid further confusion.
  • With his legendary greed and appetite, it did not come off as a surprise that he sought a position in the pantheon. When Doom finally ascended, he naturally got a fitting throne as the God of Doom.
  • When he learned that the Champions of Runeterra got their own Satan figure, Doom went over to meet him to see if he could be a worthy Friendly Rival... only to find out that it's actually Teemo who they're calling the devil. Doom wasn't sure if he should have been amused or annoyed at this revelation. Amused because they find this little creature terrifying, or annoyed that they dare suggest that someone like him is as terrifying as Doom himself. Although stepping on his mushrooms brought back some levels of annoyance in the same levels of how the last time he stepped on Techies' mines.
    • It is also rumored that Doom would be the one to eventually corrupt Teemo into his Omega Squad self, thinking that it would be amusing if people get what they refer him as... literally. And he eventually did.
    • Lately Doom seems to earn even bigger ire towards the Champions of Runeterra, on hearing that if there's an alternate version of the Champion going broken or demonic, it was traced that it'd be Doom's fault. Like what happened to an alternate Vi, who wallowed in despair that Jinx got more friends, and then Doom turned her into a demon...
  • While the two hasn't met each other yet, Doom doesn't seem to like the other Lucifer in the Pantheon. Being lawful and evil himself, the idea of a different Lucifer who's neither lawful or evil irks him more than it should. With that said however, he does have some respect for his skills at manipulation.
  • Ironically, despite being clad in heavy armor, physical attacks manages to hurt him anyway. He only has 0 point of armor, so he takes full damage from mere punches.
  • Some gods in the pantheon has noticed that one of Doom's former spells, LVL? Death, reminds them of a similarly named spell from their worlds. His ability to gain the powers of lesser creatures reminds some of them of blue mages. Zidane and Vivi hasn't failed to notice that Doom devours creatures for their power in a similar way Quina eats them...
  • Frequently stops by the House of Food to sate his massive hunger. If he feels like just getting a few snacks, he will stop by the House of Profession instead to meet Pudge. Doom is one of the few gods who don't mind eating food prepared by Pudge.
  • His title used to be Doombringer once, but everyone just called him Doom at that time. Not that he minded it, because it made him feel like he was the very incarnation of doom, so his shortened title stuck as a result.
  • Not even flies are safe from getting doomed.
  • He is not exactly fond with Captain Falcon. The reason is that he knows a Radiant Hero that also knew similar technique 'called out' as 'Falcon Punch'. Doom once got punched in the face with such technique.
  • Doom has taken an unhealthy interest in the Bhaalspawn, because of their special condition. Most horrifically, he's wondering what would happen if he were to DOOM him/her. Several gods has since made efforts to make sure that Doom doesn't get to encounter the Bhaalspawn.

    The Nothing Card 
The Nothing Card, Avatar of the Fifth Element and Crafter of Destructive Spheres (The Hope, The Sealed Card)
  • Intermediate Goddess; but wields the power of a Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A red winged heart with a black shadow.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Element Number Five, Power of the Void, Yin-Yang Bomb, Empathic Weapon, Knight Templar, Sealed In A Can, Mercury's Wings (on her head), Nothing Is Scarier, Scenery Gorn, Perpetual Frowner, Sphere of Destruction, Dark Magical Girl, Lonely at the Top, The Unfettered
  • Domains: Negativity, Void, Magic
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto, Zeratul, Nanoha Takamachi
  • Enemies: Yin Yang Bombers, Dune, Tabuu
  • Creates spheres of destruction via Beam Spam.
  • Spent much of her existence imprisoned in card form beneath Clow Reed's mansion, acting as a negative counterbalance for the positive magic of the Clow Cards. She was freed and went on an unfettered mission to reunite with her friends, destroying Sakura Kinomoto's hometown in the process until Sakura and the transformed Sakura Cards into performing a Heel–Face Turn. She then fused with a nameless card made by Sakura and became the Hope Card.
  • Intended by the Main House to be a negative counterpart to the positive energy of nature and magic itself. Terrified of being imprisoned in a lonely dark place again, Sakura came to the aid of the Nothing and with help of Phoenix Wright, convinced the Main House to give the Nothing a less traumatic position.
  • Gets on quite well with Zeratul due to their similar powers, and he helps convince her that she is not evil nor are her powers.
  • Hates Tabuu, realising he is pretty much a male version of her, and vows to stop him from dragging the universe into the Subspace World.
  • Destroys only what needs to be destroyed, erasing them from existence within her black orbs. Has tried to destroy SCP-682 on more than one occasion but her powers have no effect on it for some reason. Further attempts have been performed on some of the destructive reality crushing members of the Pantheon, but they've defied the Nothing's powers in various ways. The Joker avoided erasure by throwing a custard pie in her face.
  • Can also be found in Elements & Nature Other.

    Randall Flagg 
Randall Flagg, God of the Walking Wastelands (The Walkin' Dude, The Man in Black, The Ageless Stranger, The Dark Man, The Tall Man, Legion, Nyarlathotep, Walter o'Dim, Walter Padick, Marten Broadcloak, Maerlyn, Flagg the Hooded, He Who Walks Behind the Rows, Revered Flagg, The Covenant Man and other variations of R.F)
  • Theme: Among The Living
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Red Eye of The Crimson King
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A man of many names, Seemingly a loving cheerful figure until you fail, A user of evil magic, Older then he looks, Walking The Multiverse, Ruler of Las Vegas in one universe, Waking up in a new universe if he dies in another, Being monstrous for the fun of it, Has a copy, To The Crimson King, A terrifying version of this
  • Domains: The Red, Chaos, Magic, Evil, Discordia, Immortality
  • Superior: Stephen King
  • Allies: Satan, Mr. Scratch, The Beast, Calypso, Shinnok, Zobek, Dormammu, Corypheus, Jack Torrance
  • Enemies: Roland Deschain, Homura Akemi, Dante Alighieri, Adrian Tepes, Ungoliant, every good aligned magic user (Unless they are easy to influence)
  • He merely walked his way into the Pantheon and everywhere he goes, animals would run, where he spits grass would die, any plants he touch would dry up and die, and animals that look upon him tend to die of fatal brain embolisms. Men get cancer by staring at him too long, disputes would turn into bloody battles quickly, Babies weep and cry when he is near, and women often feel uneasy and avoid him at all cost (Unless you were one of those that were meant to be his then they might have developed a dark magnetism to him)
  • He had his walking boots on and was attracted to the chaos that erupted in the house of magic only to try and make it from bad to way worse
  • In one universe he used a deadly Flu Virus named Project Blue A.K.A Captain Trips that wiped out 99.4% of people on the earth, along with his power to take over half the U.S before he was killed by a nuke, He merely woke up in a different location ready to start anew.
  • In another Universe he was an advisor to a king, only to later kill him and let one of his corruptible sons and plunge that kingdom to a thousand years of darkness, even though he was confronted and driven away by the other son it has been revealed that he did this to the kingdom many times in the past and would eventually bring it to ruin in the future.
  • In his main universe he is trying to bring the downfall of The Dark Tower (The lynchpin of the multiverse) which would destroy everything, he reasons are as follows
    “As for the end of the universe…I say let it come as it will, in ice, fire, or darkness. What did the universe ever do for me that I should mind its welfare?”
  • Is often seen grinning constantly as though all is good with the world though the other gods know well that his smile is just a warning that something is going to go wrong or already has.
  • He is attempting to corrupt people in various houses by taking different disguises.
    • As Randall Flagg in old blue jeans, denim jacket and old cowboy boots, He appears to be a helpful cheery man that wants to help be apart of many evil organizations but what he really will do is attempt to undermine and control many of them so that he can be a large destructive influence (He has been to many before as a member doing various cruel things), he can even be apart of many peaceful groups that if he goes unnoticed he will turn to very dangerous and extremist factions, a far cry from what they used to be.
    • As Walter o'Dim he hides himself under a dark cloak , he attempts to give out the fortunes of many members of the Pantheon often trying to show them tarot cards relevant to their future,this is actually an attempt to manipulate them to do his bidding as he needs them to sow the idea that what they do is right when it makes everything else worse
    • As Marten Broadcloak he wears a combination of his two other outfits, He attempts to teach other magical users that arts that he learned through the years in a attempt to "help" them as he feels most of their magics need it, in truth it is for them to start using forbidden magics to turn them evil or insane, and if he gets a lucky day then it will make some both
  • He is now attempting to gain influence after the "Great Upheaval" as he feels it is the perfect time to turn a bad incident, and battle between Gods, into a multiverse blood filled massacre, so that he can have the grandest smile on his face.
  • He likes to sing around others "Baby can you dig your man? He's a righteous man, Tell me Baby can you dig your man?", he doesn't reveal why he does this but others feel it is a sort of insult.
  • Also likes to show those that work under him from that he does not like failure that he can do more then just crucify you, there were worse things than crucifixion. There were teeth.
  • Likes to invade the dreams of others, specifically corruptible people as he wants to terrify them or make them his follower, the victim would often dream of being in a cornfield at night, the ground often swarming with rats, he would appear as a shadowy figure with a large grin and glowing red eyes.
  • Has appeared as Marten Broadcloak in the Magical Girl Sisterhood, more specifically their dreams claiming that Homura is like his old pal Roland Deschain and that all she will do is bring death and destruction, like Roland did so many times before due to single minded obsession, and he knows of ways to make sure that in the chance they cannot stop her from doing more damage on their own he has knowledge of powerful magic that he is willing to give to them to give them an edge.
    "As long as you draw from The Power of The Red, then even devils will burn up like the biggest roast you will ever see"
  • If any see a crow around the house be wary for that maybe Flagg watching them as one person stated
    "The crows and the rats are his"
    • Maybe using this to manipulate Ruby Rose, as she sees a dusty old crow, and not the Ageless Stranger.
  • Is working along side Mr. Scratch and Satan to secure The Great Will's Throne for Satan and in return give him entrance into The Dark Tower and reach the top so that he can become a more powerful god.
  • Under Satan's instructions he has invaded the dreams of Madoka then made an offer of gaining protection from other dream invaders while attempting to manipulate her to start using her Hatred and Dark Magic in order to make her perfect for Satan's plans for The Pantheonic Rebellion, He has given her The Devil Mask.
  • Was delighted to welcome the broken soul of Jack Torrance into the body. He hopes to manipulate the writer into more atrocities.
  • Though the Rebellion has left him with great many opportunities, he finds that he has to enjoy it with a new look, and can't wait to show the Pantheon what new plans he has in store.

    Selvaria Bles 
Brigadier General Selvaria Bles, Goddess of Living Weapon of Mass Destruction (Azure Witch)
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Valkyria Lance and Shield
  • Theme Song: Valkyria's Omen, Valkyria's Awakening
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Valkyria, One-Woman Army, General, A Mother to Her Men, Dark Magical Girl, Unrequited Love for Prince Maximillian, Tall, Busty, Voluptuous, White Hair and Red Eyes, Final Flame alongside the Gallian Army
  • Domains: Valkyria, Destructive Power
  • Allies: The Helghan Empire, Colonel Mael Radec, Scolar Visari
  • Rivals: Esdeath, Shana, Kirito & Asuna, Mikoto Misaka, Shizuo Heiwajima, Akira Yuki
  • Enemies: Squad 7
  • Opposed: The House of Science
  • Heralds: Aliasse, Riela Marcellis, Crymaria Levin, Angelica Farnaby
  • Selvaria Bles is the descendant of the Valkyrur, a race of warriors that have conquered Europa many millennium ago. This Valkyria is a high-ranking officer of the East Europan Imperial Alliance under the command of Prince Maximillian, who led the invasion force to conquer the Principality of Gallia. As a Valkyria, she has immense powers that can annihilate any army.
  • In a distant memory, she was thought to have existed earlier as the Goddess of Dark Action Girl. Some, however, thought that she was only a legend ever since the title was taken over by Katarina du Couteau. Some legend came true as she emerge with a radiating blue flames around her and it was said that she usurped Justice for her title of Person of Mass Destruction.
  • She dedicated her life to serving under Prince Maximillian, the prince of the Empire who rescued her from a life of endless torment under the knife. She was even willing to use her power that cause her suffering, if it means pleasing him and bringing victory. Selvaria is trying very hard to have him ascended even if he doesn't exactly reciprocate her feelings for him.
  • She is compared to Esdeath, the most powerful member of the empire and the top enforcer to the emperor. Though she is not motivated by love for her emperor but only fight so that she could let her domineering personality show. While Selvaria and Esdeath are not in strong terms, Esdeath does relate to her unreciprocated love, even if it is a different situation.
  • When worlds collide, Selvaria found herself on another world far from Europa. She has been trying to find a way to return back to her own world so that she could return into servitude with Maximilian.
  • Her abilities as a Valkyria are her superhuman strength and a powerful Healing Factor. But her most dangerous power (to everyone, including her) is the Final Flame, an immense power that is comparable to nuclear explosions (complete with a mushroom cloud).
  • She holds disdain toward scientists because of her past of being experimented by Imperial researchers for her Valkyria powers. The irony is lost on her as the experiments were sponsored by Maximilian himself.
  • Being the top enforcer of an empire got her to meet Colonel Mael Radec, who like her is one of the best men in his respective empire. Radec approached her on behalf of his superior Visari, who suggested allying with Selvaria since he is very impressed by her Valkyria powers and offered her to help Prince Maximillian ascend in exchange for her vouching for an alliance between the East Europan Imperial Alliance and the Helghast. While at first a bit hesitant to accept Visari's offer, she agreed after some consideration.
    • When it comes to Radec, the two work very well together. However, she doesn't approve of his tendency to execute his men if they fail him, Selvaria is a lot different in that regard but was surprised that Radec does care for his men from time to time. As for the rest of the people of Helghan, they remind her of the time she was experimented and sympathizes with the conditions and hardships the Helghan had to endure.
  • A Valkyria, not a valkyrie. There's a difference. She doesn't seem to care that there are other valkyries in the Pantheon as both are different in comparison. Still, considering that she fell in battle, Freya tried to welcome her to Valhalla and felt a bit of pity that she perished by sacrificing herself for the sake of her love.
    • Her efforts during the Imperial invasion of Gallia caught the eyes of the war gods. Gods like Ares is pleased of her destructive powers that could shift the tides of war and inspire many men to fight with such power at their side.

Shinado, God of Salvation Through Destruction (King Abaddon)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as King Abaddon)
  • Symbol: His Mask, which shifts between Anger or Sorrow based on position
  • Allignment: Lawful Evil (His Anger Aspect)/ Neutral Good (His Sorrow Aspect)
  • Portfolio: Nihilism, Literal Split Personality, Helpless Good Side, Malevolent Masked God, Appearing as the person he's talking to wearing his mask, Barrier Change Boss, Eye Beams.
  • Domains: Insects, Masks, Despair, Luck, Hope
  • Heralds: Apollyon Horde
  • Allies: The White, Erebus, The Fiends (Anger Aspect) / Raidou Kuzunoha XIV, Flynn, Madoka Kaname, Makoto Naegi, Auriel (Sorrow Aspect)
  • Enemies: Switch 'em. Junko Enoshima
  • A mysterious entity that originally resided within the Abysmal Realm, Shinado was called by the surge of despair generated by the Great Upheaval. This despair also had the unfortunate side-effect of more-or-less locking him into his Anger Aspect, with his Sorrow Aspect able to appear for mere minutes at a time. Shinado now attempts to do as he did on the Day of Misfortune back in the 1920s: deliver salvation through destruction, and crush any who spreads the poison called 'hope'.
  • He has warned Raidou that he will not permit him to stop him this time, as he had failed to live up to his expectations after his original defeat. His Sorrow Aspect is desperately trying to regain control of his psyche, seeking the aid of Hope Bringer like Raidou or Flynn with the small snippets of clarity he can muster.
  • Works closely with The White: they understand that there is no saving the world. It can only be destroyed, and its inhabitants cast into the peace called death. They disagree on what should happen to the people before this. The White simply want to cleanse the world entirely, he wishes to unite the people in harmonious despair to save them before bringing an end to the world.
  • He commands the horde of the Apollyon, divine insects of despair that serve YHVH while his Anger Aspect bears the title King Abaddon. His anger aspect does not realize that his attempt to bring despair to the people is part of a plan by YHVH to drive the people back to him. The horde was made to strike fear and despair into humanity for that very purpose.
  • His Anger Aspect loathes those who spread Hope, viewing them as a poison who spread suffering through the futility of actions that will end in failure for the masses. As such he opposes the likes of Makoto Naegi, Flynn, Raidou Kuzunoha, Madoka,and more who spread this poison to those who chose to believe in them.
    • Despite this he does not care for those who spread despair just to inflict suffering and chaos for their own sick amusement, putting him against the likes of Junko Enoshima and other such Hope Crusher. To him Despair is what will unite the world in salvation before destroying the diseased ridden world filled with hope.
  • Archangel Auriel is baffled by his idea of despair, seeing how he seeks to create harmony and unity through it to save humanity before destroying existence and making it anew. His line of thinking is dangerously close to the demons she knows, yet he doesn't cause it just for the sake of it like they do. She's gone to Raidou for help in attempting to get his Sorrow Aspect in control.

Tuska, Goddess of Planet Destroyers (The World Devourer, The Beast Goddess, Ancient God-Beast, The Boar Goddess)
The Airut. 
  • Rank: Intermediate God note 
  • Symbol: Tuska's symbols.
  • Theme Song: Tuska
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Planet Destroyer, Devouring The Anima Mundi Of Worlds, God Is Dumb, Anti-Magic, Apocalypse How, Eldritch Abomination, Fed to Pigs, Full-Boar Action, Messy Pig, The Juggernaut, Non-Malicious Monster, Not Quite Dead, Mindless Destruction, Portent of Doom, Your Afterlife Is Mine/Underworld Eating, Anima Mundi
  • Domains: Boars, pigs, tusks, meteors, earthquakes, storms, Anima Mundi, portals, space, raids, pillaging, destruction, fear, symbiotic relationships
  • Followers: Nero, the Vogons, Planet Buster users
  • Allies: GUAD, The Grox
  • Enemies: Guthix, (Insert Name Here), Unicron, Primus, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Mogo, Great A'Tuin
  • Of Interest To: The House of Magic and Craft
  • Opposed by: Jimmy Neutron, Osiris, Anubis, Thanatos, both Hades, many variations of the devil, other Underworld related entities, Geb, Gaea, the Nature Preservers, Tartarus
  • High Priest/Heralds: The Airut
  • The first time word of Tuska was heard in the pantheon came from (Insert Name Here); who knows of her from his/her adventures in Gielinor, and shared the information he/she gained from the Guthixian Memories (Guthix's memories) he/she collected.
    • Much later after the memories of Guthix were told several meteors crashed in the pantheon, with some even carrying strange insects. Several residents in the pantheon were also found killed and were branded with strange marking, which could also be found on the walls of some temples. A few residents of the pantheon have even claimed to have seen large bulky figures make the marks, but failed to make them out in any great detail.
  • Tuska doesn't care to be worshipped and likely doesn't even know that the Airut worship her for the strength she showed them. The Airut also live on Tuska's back.
  • Tuska possesses a barrier made up of Anima Mundi (similar to the Edicts of Guthix) which prevented lesser gods from approaching her and protect her from most energy based attacks.
  • Tuska's completely blind, having been blinded by a god named Skargaroth and a mortal Guthix.
  • Tuska and the Airut have a symbiotic relationship. The Airut ride and control Tuska with massive reins, leading her towards worlds for her to devour and while she's attacking the Airut pillage the world raiding it for resources.
  • Much like Galactus and Unicron Tuska is another Planet Eater. Unlike Galactus who destroys planets as a side affect of feeding and Unicron who devours the entire planet, it is largely unknown how Tuska feeds only that the world ends up destroyed or at best barren as a result.
  • Since entering the Trope Pantheon she has not only attempted to eat it, but also Unicron, Primus, Amatsu-Mikaboshi , Mogo, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth and the Great A'Tuin with mixed results for each.
    • Tuska managed to catch Unicron unaware while he was feeding and gored out a new trench on him. Unicron responded by transforming and pummeling her to death before devouring her. Tuska got better though.
    • Primus didn't even notice Tuska, having been defended by virtually every cybertronian forcing Tuska into fleeing.
    • Being the Primordial Chaos Amatsu-Mikaboshi possesses immense amounts of power causing Tuska to go after him. Tuska managed to surprise Mikaboshi thanks to her resistance to his energy based attacks; possibly even feeding off them, and even managed to deliver a few good blows. Unfortunately for Tuska though Mikaboshi has many other powers and quickly overcame her once he got over his surprise.
    • Mogo's powers as a Green Lantern did little to slow Tuska down and was ultimately devoured like many worlds before.
    • Due to his immense power Yog-Sothoth became a target of Tuska. Of course due to the very nature of Yog-Sothoth he was hardly in any danger and likely didn't even notice Tuska's attempts to devour him. Many in the pantheon though find it funny to know that Tuska's Going in Circles trying to find him.
    • Tuska once headed towards Azathoth, but the Airut had her change course once they started to hear the maddening tunes from the musicians playing to keep Azathoth asleep.
    • The Great A'Tuin thanks to his/her size contains large amounts of Anima Mundi which drew Tuska to him/her. Tuska's attack caused another one of the world supporting elephants on A'Tuin's back to fall off and the other three to lose Discworld. Tuska then abandoned its attack in order to devour Discworld, allowing the Great A'Tuin and at least three of the world supporting elephants to escape (the fourth one is currently "lost").
  • The exact size of Tuska is unknown, but would probably be similar in size to a Island.
  • Being the Earth personified Geb and Gaea naturally oppose Tuska along with the Nature Preservers.
  • Tartarus also opposes Tuska, but this is mostly for Gaea and possibly his own safety; as a Underworld entity, than any actual interest in nature.
  • The Airut make their armor and gloves out of Tuska's hair which increases their strength. This makes Tuska particularly interesting to the House of Magic and Craft. Various warriors and soldiers are interested in the armor and gloves as well.
  • Due to being so heavily saturated with Anima Mundi Tuska does not turn to stone when killed unlike the other gods of RuneScape.
  • Tuska can generate portals on her back, which the Airut use to go to worlds.
  • The earthquakes and storms caused by Tuska are simply created by Tuska's own gravitational pull, rather than her own will.
    • The remains of worlds also orbit Tuska and often times become meteorites when Tuska approaches a new world.

Lesser Gods

    Ellen Ripley 
Ellen Ripley, Goddess of Justified Extermination
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A flamethrower crossed with an M41A Pulse Rifle
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Action Heroine, Final Girl, Survival Mantra, Killing Things with Fire, Action Mom, Friend of all Cats, Mama Bear, Only Sane Woman
  • Domains: Law, Good, Destruction, Protection, Honor
  • Followers: Dana, all non-ascended Resident Evil protagonists, The Forerunners
  • Superior: James Cameron
  • Allies: Sarah Connor, Samus Aran, Ciaphas Cain, The Metroid Hatchling, Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott, The House of Children, Kirito and Asuna, Bryan Mills, all cat deities, Cammy White, The Ghostbusters, Kenshiro, Demon King Piccolo, Indiana Jones, Rosemary Woodhouse.
  • Enemies: The Xenomorphs (both Facehuggers and Drones)', Indominus Rex, Victor Frankenstein, Cell
  • Opposes: Red Skull, Voldemort, Kefka, Daleks, Gihren Zabi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Android 18
  • Conflicting Opinion: Frankenstein's Monster
  • One of the first Action Heroines in cinema as well as surviving countless hordes of one of the most ruthless alien beings in the pantheon was enough for the Pantheon to award Ellen Ripley with godhood.
    • Was overjoyed when Sarah shortly followed her. Together, they are capable of kicking much ass.
  • Learning that the Xenomorphs are represented in both impregnator and adult forms appalled Ripley, but the Pantheon still refuses her suggestion to kill the Aliens ASAP.
  • One of the first gods to offer an alliance was Ciaphas Cain. He claimed he arrived to speak to Ellen about his approval in the handling of the Xenomorphs. Though she had a feeling it was actually due to his fear that they may one day walk about the Pantheon, a fear both share.
  • Shares a bond with Samus, keeping her company at times. The two have experienced many horrors of space, managing to overcome them all on their own multiple times. Samus is currently teaching that not all foreign organisms are evil; the Metroid Hatchling took a liking to her (with Ellen keeping a safe distance just to be sure). Eventually, Ellen did warm up to the hatchling.
  • Believes that Indominus Rex is an abomination and should be killed immediately. She shakes her head to the scientists who thought that creating such a creature was a good idea in the first place. It doesn't help that her most hated enemy is the high priest. She's keeping watch to make sure that the Xenomorph Queen doesn't ascend herself.
  • Despises Victor Frankenstein for trying to mess with forces she thinks no scientist will ever be able to understand. Is often accused of sabotaging his experiments. As for the monster he's most famous for... she's not sure what to make of him. Some versions are obviously evil, while others may actually be good. She's reserving judgement on him for now.
  • Is wary of all synthetic humans, as the first one she met tried to kill her. Although she has long since overcome those fears, she still keeps an eye out on even the heroic ones such as Android 18. However, she is more than willing to stamp out a more dangerous creation: Cell. She may not be able to back up her threats, but she at least has an ally that can.
  • Survived a summer camp with 5 other gods and a mortal. She gave credit to Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott for keeping her safe during the ordeal. The two final girls were sympathetic of Ripley's plight in her dealings with the Xenomorphs.
  • Her brave effort to save a young mortal by the name of Newt gained the admiration of the House of Children.
  • Is naturally a cat person, gaining the favor of all cat deities. Cammy White became close friends with her as a result. The two raise funds for downtroden cats.
  • Once met by Peter Venkman, who gave her a surprising embrace. Turns out he mistook her for Dana Barrett. Ellen had to let him down easy, telling him that just because the two shared the same actress doesn't make them one and the same. Although he was disappointed, he offered up the ghost-hunting service on the house. She has since grown a good relationship with the Busters.
  • With that said she does not condone those who exterminate friendly aliens or foreigners. Any follower who uses her divine powers on such will get their ass kicked by her personally followed by their immediate loss of cleric abilities. As such she opposes all gods who revel in such activities.
  • Often seen having beer and playing pool with one Commander Bryan Mills, Professor Henry Jones Junior, Kenshiro and Demon King Piccolo; the action heroes have taken a great liking to each other for ALL being parents who took on (and single-handedly) destroyed armies to protect their beloved children.
  • Ripley's valiant battle to save Newt from the clutches of The Alien Queen has earned the respect and admiration of Kirito and Asuna, themselves parents who would lay down their lives to protect their adoptive little girl Yui. As a result, she is recently invited to take the Team Mom position of The League of Adoptive Parents, which after some prodding from Yui (and Newt herself), the Lieutenant of the Nostromo graciously accepts.
  • Is on good terms with Rosemary Woodhouse, having felt sorry for her after hearing what happened to her in her story.


    Jack Torrance 
Heeeeeeere's Johnny!

Jack Torrance, God of Breaking Down Doors
  • Theme Song: Midnight, the Stars and You
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A picture of his head through a door
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy Protagonist Journey to Villain, Sanity Slippage, Alcoholic Troubled Abuser, Kubrick Stare, Hair-Trigger Temper, possibly a Tragic Villain
  • Domains: Evil, Madness, Axes
  • Superiors: Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick
  • Allies: Dr. Angus Bumby, The Joker, Randall Flagg, Annie Wilkes, Joey Tribbiani
  • Rivals: Axe
  • Enemies: Shawn Spencer, Roland Deschain
  • Opposes: Fraiser Crane
  • Opposed by: Alan Wake, The Simpsons, Carrie White
  • Uneasy Relationship: Johnny Cage
  • It has been noted that lesser deities should avoid the Overlook Hotel at all costs. There has been multiple stories of how tenants have gone mad from the isolation before killing each other. This is especially compounded during the winter when access is limited. Often times, people arrive in the spring to see everyone dead. It is with a heavy heart that the infamous hotel has appeared in the Pantheon, and with it its most notorious guest: Jack Torrance.
    • Jack is a writer who was hoping to find peace within the walls of the hotel. Instead, the quiet only isolated him from his family. In a last bit of madness, he sought to kill his own family to be alone, hence the infamous door busting scene. While most people believe he used an axe, the novel depicted him using a roque mallet instead. Either way, subsequent madmen have busted open doors, walls and other places in his honor.
  • Most writers in the Pantheon are delighted whenever they see one of their works ascend. Stephen King had a more mixed reaction regarding Jack Torrance. While he was the architect behind the book, he was not a fan of the movie. This is due to how the movie version was not how he envisioned both in looks and in tone. This was contributed to the directing style of Stanley Kubrick, who also happens to reside in the Pantheon. The movie director was much more happy to see the protagonist of his most acclaimed movie ascend. This has further strained relations between the two writers.
    • Of course that hasn't stopped any of his creations from taking a liking to him. The most prominent of course is Randall Flagg, who found the entire situation hilarious. While people speculate he played a part in Jack Torrance's demise, the Man in Black has stayed coy on his involvement. Instead, he hopes to recruit the writer on his plan of turning the entire Pantheon to a Walking Wasteland. This also puts Jack in opposition of the Gunslinger. Roland has made it clear he would put a bullet into Jack's face should the two meet.
    • He likes that Annie Wilkes doesn't think he did anything wrong in that scenario. With that said, even he is wary of keeping her within his temple for long periods of time. There's no telling if she would do to him the same thing she did to Paul Sheldon.
    • Carrie does not get along with him, even less since it's implied he is sometimes an Abusive Parent.
  • Outright refuses to believe that he is in need of therapy despite Dr. Crane's pleas. Nowadays Frasier can't approach Jack without being forced to run away from axe swings. Dr. Bumby has had more success simply by calling him a friend. Of course he has more sinister goals in mind, mainly to use Jack's occasional mania to good use.
  • The Radiant Hero Axe felt a bit intimidated by his presence. Not out of fear of battle, as Axe could demolish Jack Torrance with easy, but with influence. The writer is far more likely to be known for his axe-wielding skills. His position is safe since Jack isn't always known for using an axe.
  • Alan Wake was quick to inform the public that Jack Torrance's actions does not reflect those of the vast majority of his flock in any way. Wake knew he had to distance himself as Jack is among the more prominent fictional writers who have ascended.
  • It has been rumored that Johnny Cage also snagged a role for Jack Torrance based on one of his fatalities. Cage stated that the homage did not reflect on a positive opinion on the character. Stephen King considered Cage as still a better fit than Jack Nicholson.
  • The Simpsons peered into one particular future in the Treehouse of Horror and immediately recognized one of the scenarios as that of Jack Nicholson. Though they put the blame firmly on Mr. Burns for that mishap, they want no business in dealing with the family.
  • Unlike most, Shawn Spencer was actually happy to be face-to-face with the hotel that one of their adventures was based on. In fact, he wanted to figure out whether the hotel was truly haunted or not. Gus wisely steered Shawn away from such a dangerous plan.
  • To the Joker (with whom he has a Jack Nicholson connection), Jack Torrance is confirmation to a belief he has held for years: that it only takes one bad situation to drive any man insane. While Jack was unsuccessful in killing his family, the Clown Prince of Crime thinks he still has potential. Namely, he taught the writer how to make better use of his weapons to go about more killing sprees.
  • The only normal deity who likes Jack is Joey Tribbiani, who for being a fan of the source material (down to keeping the book in the fridge!), has paid a respectful visit and arranged to get things sent to the Overlook (beer, dirty magazines, tapes of sports events) to keep Jack distracted and thus less prone to going on a slaughter - "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", after all. In retribution, Jack didn't bother Rachel once she had to spend a night there.

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