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    Majin Buu 
Majin Buu, God of Omnicidal Mania (Djinn Boo, Majin Boo, Super Buu, Kid Buu, Pure Buu, Evil Buu, The Terror of the Universe, The Most Vicious Monster in the Dragon Ball Universe)
Kid Buu
Super Buu 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Majin insignia
  • Theme Songs: Kid Buu Theme (Battle), Evil Buu, Scary Buu, Super Buu, Kid Buu, The Birth of the God of Death…
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Creating Chaos in the Universe for the Hell of It, Mentally Unstable and Unpredictable, Cannot be Controlled by Anyone, Having Zero Consciousness, Black Eyes, Eldritch Abomination, Painfully Obvious Evilness, Real Villains Are Pink (A Trope Codifier), Rubber Man, Turning Anything Into Candy, Omnicidal Maniacs, Absorbing the Ruler of the Universe, Planet Shattering Kabooms, Sealed Evils in Cans, Childishly Evil, Absorbing Anyone Stronger Than Him, Lack of Empathy, Learning New Abilities Instantly, Extreme Monstrosity (or in Kid Buu's case, Extreme Insanity)
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Depravity, Destruction, Madness, Rage, Strength, Tyranny, War
  • Followers: The Void, Jack Noir, Demushu
  • Special Relationship with: Fat Buu (his other self)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Baby
  • Enemies:
  • Feared by: Android 21
  • Opposed by: Master Roshi (would be enemies if he had the power to catch up with Majin Buu)
  • A uncontrollable force of destruction, Majin Buu is near-unstoppable and thus was summoned by the evil wizard Bibidi to help him in his quest to dominate the universe. In this quest, Buu eliminated all but one of its guardian Supreme Kais and it seemed that all hope was lost. However, the Top God of Universe 7, the Grand Supreme Kai willingly let himself get absorbed by Buu to temper his evil impulses, turning him into Fat Buu, a weaker, goofier form. Majin Buu's original form would resurface after a long chain of events that started with the unsealing of Fat Buu by Babidi (Bibidi's son) and destroy the Earth immediately after, seeking more worlds to destroy and strong opponents to fight. It took the combined effort of the Dragon Team and all Earthlings for Goku to produce a Super Spirit Bomb that finally finished off the monster for good.
    • Alas, it was not to be. Melkor, who had recently established his Four Horseman sought a representative for Death, and a majority of death entities were either impartial, unwilling or flocking to Nekron (at that point the GUAD did not exist yet). Then he witnessed Majin Buu's swath of destruction and immediately extracted him from his point of death to assume the illustrious position as the God of Omnicidal Mania. Unlike some others, Majin Buu does not care if he is destroyed in his omnicidal campaign and Melkor saw him as the perfect fit, thus bringing him in as his personal muscle.
  • To be clear, the Buu that has ascended to the Pantheon under this title is Kid Buu, his original and purest form. He has the special ability of absorbing other beings into his own body thus gaining their powers and abilities. Thus, Buu has existed in various different forms in accordance with his absorptions. He shares a special relationship with Good Buu as a result: both can't stand each other and see themselves as the true Buu. By having Fat Buu in his being, Kid Buu becomes the incredibly intelligent and slightly less psychotic Super Buu. Melkor sees this more intelligent form of Majin Buu as an incredibly useful ally and is trying to re-capture Fat Buu for this purpose, but is developing a way of fusing/de-fusing them at will so Super Buu doesn't try to betray/absorb him. He has been slowly giving up, given that he has enough smarties in his inner circle.
    • Evil Buu represents the evil in Good Buu's body and is part of Kid Buu in the Pantheon: their current form holding both the ideals of evil and destruction. An incredibly powerful force could theoretically force them apart but no one's certainly trying that. And because the Pantheon's Kid Buu was extracted from the moment of his death, he has no trace of his good re-incarnation Uub in his being. On the contrary, Buu seeks to find Uub and destroy his inferior for being good in general. Given the continuity troubles, this seems unlikely.
  • Seeks to absorb Sauron once the latter gets The One Ring in order to transform into something powerful enough to take on Haruhi Suzumiya and destroy reality. To aid in this endeavor, he also has his eyes on Light Yagami's tactical prowess, yet to Buu's dismay, Light has already anticipated Buu's attempt on his body and prepared accordingly (and to Light's dismay, Buu is way too crazy to be stopped by one of his plans, so they are kind of stuck in a stalemate).
  • He enjoys destroying everything in sight with Broly. Though he knows that they will try and kill each other, he relishes the fight when it comes.
  • It should be noted that there are no true followers of the God of Omnicidal Mania. They're all plotting the destruction of everything else, so backstabbing will inevitably occur. The exception is when Omnicidal Maniacs decide to pair up in order to annihilate everything.
    • The only reason the Anti-Monitor isn't also the God of Omnicidal Mania is that he couldn't care less for the trope. As he put it: "I do not care what you classify my actions as. It will not change your fate."
  • Flynn has expressed interest in battling the creature as a test of his strength, and because he has a personal loathing for Omnicidal creatures like Buu. He is hoping to use Ancient of Days and Raphael as the centerpieces of his strategy: the Brand from Stigmatic Gleam and Stigmata Strike will (hopefully) slow or even stop Buu's regeneration abilities, allowing him or any teammates to overwhelm the creature's defenses and destroy every last atom.
  • Not even his absurd healing factor stopped Kirby of all people from killing him in a DEATH BATTLE!. Getting hurled into the sun by his own Planet Burst did the trick that time. Naturally, he's a bit wearier around the pink puffball now.
  • With his penchant for wanton destruction and unbridled and bottomless sadism, Buu's depravity is unmatched in the Pantheon; aside from Made of Evil deities like Nyarlathotep and Melkor. The only other deity can compete with him in that department is Griffith. In other words, he's the most depraved deity who isn't Made of Evil, next to Griffith.
  • It has been revealed that, even though Shin assumed that Bibidi made him, the truth is that the one called "Buu" was not actually created by Bibidi, but has existed since time immemorial. He cycled between rampages and long hibernation. During numerous iterations of this cycle, he absorbed the evil elements of mankind, becoming steadily more violent. The evil wizard Bibidi merely knew the means of calling Buu from out of his long slumber. So it can be strongly suggested that Majin Buu can not cease to exist. For as long as the concept of evil continues to exist in mankind or the universe, Majin Buu can continue to grow stronger or more violent. And even if he is somehow killed, he will just be reborn, most likely in the same form. So, as long as there is evil, Majin Buu will exist.
    • This is exactly the reason why Hakumen has placed Majin Buu highest on his shit list outside of Terumi: The very fact that he will come back even after being killed. So far he plans to use a similar method that got Terumi killed: summoning Excalibur to distract Buu with his usual antics (exploiting Buu's already excessively childish personality) and by giving him a large bag of candy from Willy Wonka (exploiting Buu's wanting for candy) so that he can charge his Time Killer technique and use it on Buu to erase him entirely from existence.
  • His omnicidal threat makes him an enemy to the Four Heavenly Kings of the Gourmet Planet because they want there to be people around to enjoy food.
  • "Me Buu, kill you!"

    The Nothing 
The Nothing, Unholy Imagination Destroyer (Void)
  • Overdeity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Imagination Destroyer, Eldritch Abomination, Space Time Eater, Power of the Void, Fog of Doom
  • Domains: Anti-Imagination, Inconceivability, Destruction, Nothingness
  • Herald: Gmork
  • "Allies": The White, The Auditors of Reality, Fenrir
  • Enemies: Everyone, but especially creators, Shizuku Tsukishima, The Pagemaster, William Shakespeare, Ressha Sentai ToQger, ZUN, the Endless (special mention goes to Dream and Destruction)
  • The Nothing is exactly what its name implies. An incomprehensible entity that turns everything it touches to nothing, as if whatever was there before never really existed. Its existence (for lack of a better word) is the product of humanity's cynicism, apathy and contempt for dreams and fantasies. It threatened to devour the entire world of Fantasia and through that, destroy humanity's ability to imagine, driving them insane according to the wishes of the Manipulators. Fortunately, one boy's bottomless creativity managed to restore Fantasia and dispel the Nothing.
  • The Auditors of Reality heard of the utility of the Nothing and thought it could further their goals, so they endeavored to recreate it in the Pantheon for their own use. The White were excited at the prospect of having another force of absolute annihilation up and helped out (though disappointed that the Nothing can't erase that which isn't fictional/imaginary). Although the Auditors succeeded, the Main House caught wind of what they were doing and hurried to do something about it before they unleashed the Nothing. Their solution was to keep the Nothing at the very edges of the Pantheon, and a restricted Rainbow Line path was built to both block the Nothing from advancing and signal deities where the entity is. Under those conditions, the Main House agreed that despite everything, the Nothing was a significant character and granted it a title.
  • The Nothing is one of the top threats in the Pantheon, since stories and imagination are the basis of the realm and the vast majority of the deity population comes from the minds of creators, so the Nothing can simply erase them. Its ascension was met with many protests and deities wondering just what the hell the Main House was thinking to allow an entity that could erase almost everything in the Pantheon to be around. note  The Auditors and the White are also pretty pissed since recreating the Nothing was fairly troublesome and access to it has been rendered incredibly difficult. But at least the Nothing has one loyal agent, the Gmork, who spontaneously showed up in the Nothing's otherwise unused temple, and he's very willing to work with the Auditors and the White to unleash the Nothing.
  • Gmork is the Nothing's Herald, a vicious sort-of werewolf creature that wishes to support the Nothing due to a tragic past (that doesn't really justify his actions) and general nihilism. He will stop at nothing to hunt down those who'd oppose the entity. Given the state of the Nothing in the Pantheon, Gmork is seen as its face, and it's usually him the Nothing's enemies have to deal with. Gmork has very similar characteristics to Loki's son Fenrir, another wolf creature that craves the annihilation of everything. They often support each other in their common goals, usually expressed in the form of them ganging up on their opponents to tear them apart.
  • Note that the Nothing has no feelings of any sort for the Auditors, the White, or any of its "allies". Not even Gmork. So, if it ever manages to destroy the Pantheon, none of those will be spared. This is just as well for the White and Gmork, but the Auditors have plans to ensure this won't affect them.
  • Almost no one can perceive the Nothing's true form. It's said that trying to look at it directly is like trying to see anything while being blind. Most deities are too fearful of it to have any curiosity to go near the thing and see how true that is, but those who've tried have reportedly felt ill. Also, getting too close to it gives deities a suicidal inspiration to jump into it unless they have a strong will. However, none of this has any effect on those who live in Real Life (unless they've died).
  • A powerful ability to imagine can stave off the Nothing and reverse its damage. Indeed, that's why the Rainbow Line was chosen as the means of blocking it, and the ToQger are always on top of things stopping the Auditors/White/Gmork's latest scheme (occasionally with the backup of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction when the White talk them into helping) with their imagination powers. The existence of all manner of creators, writers, artists and other imaginative deities is also problematic for the Nothing, which is why one of its top targets includes the unassuming aspiring writer Shizuku Tsukishima, especially as it was a rather meek little book-loving boy that was the Nothing's undoing in the past. Fortunately, the Pagemaster keeps a close eye on Shizuku, and any other writers, to ensure no harm comes to them.
  • Supposedly, William Shakespeare was one of the humans who visited Fantastica, although he went down in its history as "Shexper". Seeing that as proof that he's one of the greatest creative minds among humans, Gmork is particularly interested in tearing him to pieces and cause humanity to despair.
  • If Dream of the Endless is considered the weaver of all the stories in the world, then the Nothing, who destroys everything creative, could be seen as his opposite in that regard. Dream is rather furious that the Nothing is capable of turning all of his creation to, well, nothing, but he places trust on the fact that the Rainbow Line and the ToQger can hold it off indefinitely and so won't try to intervene himself. Ironically Destruction is only second to Dream in detesting the Nothing, if only because what the Nothing brings is like a corruption of what Destruction represents.
  • Emperor Calus sees the Nothing as proof that his philosophy of living life to the fullest and not waste any time fighting for lost causes is the correct one, considering how all the deities in the Pantheon can do is hold back the Nothing and not eliminate it. The ToQger think he should shut up.

Greater Gods

    The Army of the 12 Monkeys 
The Army of the Twelve Monkeys, The Impious Apocalypse Cult (The Pallid Man: Mr. Shaw | Olivia: The Striking Woman, The Witness.)
The Pallid Man 
Olivia Kirschner 
The Witness 
  • The Organization has the Authority, Influence and Fear Factor of a Greater God. The Witness, by itself, is an Intermediate God. Individual Members range from being Lesser Gods to Demigods
  • Symbol: The 12 Monkeys Logo
  • Theme Song: Time is Cruel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A Shadowy Organization Hellbent on Destroying Time to reach "Paradise", Religion of Evil, Dark Is Evil, Are More Villainous than the Film Adaptation, Endure being Erased from Time and Continue on with their Goals, Nebulous Criminal Conspiracy, Flower Petal Motifs
  • Domains: Time, Death, Rebirth, Destruction, Paradoxes, Apocalypse
  • Allies: None, Really. Their goals are not in favour of any villains and they're naturally opposed by heroes. They do, however, have a working partner under Nox, Randall Ross and The Vex
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash
  • Enemies: The Project Splinter Members, The Pantheonic Time Police, The Dahaka, Zamasu, The Doctor, Lucina, Barry Allen/The Flash, Kronika, Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade, Wesley Collins/Red Time Force Ranger, Caesar, Koba
  • Opposed By: Darkseid, Most Deities in the Pantheon
  • In 2015, a plague known as the Kalavirus is unleashed and spread across the world, killing 98% of the human population and the survivors being defaulted to fending for themselves in the wild and against each other for resources and territories. Amongst all this, reveals a shadowy organization that apparently takes responsibility for the plague; The Army of the 12 Monkeys, led by an enigmatic individual in the future known only as "The Witness". They found immediate opposition under an organization known as Project Splinter, whose chief scientist, Dr. Katarina Jones, created a time machine for the sole purpose of stopping the plague from ever happening and selecting James Cole to personally save the world after his name was namedropped by someone named Cassandra Railly. Cole and two notable members, the Pallid Man and The Striking Woman, would repeatedly clash against one another, with the former being responsible for the death of his father in 2015 and the latter grooming his friend, Jose Ramse in working with him. Later on, as Cole and Cassandra were able to delay the release of the Kalavirus from 2015 to 2018 and convincing Jennifer Goines to start fighting for a good cause, the 12 Monkeys revealed that their goals weren't to simply spread a plague; they wanted to destroy the fabric of time and space to initiate a phenomenon known as the "Red Forest" where time is non-existent and the trapped would be able to live with their loved ones forever. They initially intended to accomplish this by going back in time to kill individuals known as Primaries (beings who can see and have a connection with time itself) by stabbing them with a knife made from their future corpses' breast bone. Their base of operations, a city known as Titan, was itself, a time-machine and they possessed technology more advanced than those developed by Project Splinter, being able to create suits that automatically time travel.
    • Despite initial understandings that Cole and Cassie's future son, Athan, was to be The Witness, it was later revealed that the true identity was actually The Striking Woman, Olivia Kirschner, who herself was a genetically engineered human being who was raised in a boxed, isolated space, and was supposedly exiled from the organization, which she paid back by personally killing The Pallid Man. She also killed Athan when he dared to defy and tell her that she would lose. Olivia then took matters into her own hands, hunting down Project Splinter throughout history until she decided to force her daughter, Emma, to power up Titan's full output in an attempt to completely destroy time and force everyone into the Red Forest. Alas, this would not come to pass; Cole was able to round up everyone he knew, plus deceased allies from the past and invade Titan, with Cassandra kicking Olivia into a splintering beam, bisecting her in half and sending Olivia's top-half of her body to Annapurna in 894 AD where she would freeze to death and her body would become the origin of the Kalavirus. Even then, this would be outdone by Jones and Cole as they find a way to send the latter to a timeline where the 12 Monkeys never existed.
  • The Pantheon was able to keep records of the 12 Monkey's existence in the House of Knowledge, but reported signs of the organization were next-to-none, that is, until a group of mysterious beings showed up with a teleporting suit, seeking to collect something in The Great Treasury. However, a band of heroes were able to drive them away, but this left further questions; just who were these people and what were they talking about regarding the future and a Red Forest? The higher-ups in the House of Knowledge immediately raised concern about the situation, the 12 Monkeys may have made an entrance. Further muddying the situation was when someone reported that Olivia's remains were found and were rejuvenated to life. Things became really dire when the Pantheonic Time Police were called upon to investigate, whereupon Olivia declared that her defeat has only steeled her resolve to destroy time and bring up the Red Forest.
  • The Army of the 12 Monkeys is an incredibly elusive and secretive organization. In fact, they were able to travel around the Pantheon without anyone being aware of them and even then, documents of its existence was only sheltered in the House of Knowledge. Even after their presence have been revealed, the 12 Monkeys instead decides to keep themselves isolated as far away as they should. As a result, little is still known about them. Melkor seems annoyed by this as he feels that they would make an incredible asset to the Grand United Alliance of Evil, but their goals of a supposed paradise counter what the God of Evil really wants. Cosmos, Gaea and YHVH don't really have much to say beyond naturally opposing them and Nekron balls at the idea of the Red Forest; life should be obliterated, full stop.
    • However, the 12 Monkeys were able to get into the good graces of Lucifer, simply stating that their goals are to save humanity and to give them a place where time simply won't interrupt with them anymore. Lucifer himself is conflicted on what Olivia and her organization desire, but decided to go along and give them some resources and support out of goodwill. She wants to make sure what Lucifer has given her is put to good use. Many members of the GUAC are conflicted about this; the fact that they killed 7 billion people totally counters what Olivia tends to preach, but her aid can be proven beneficial in the sense that they can be given tertiary technology to travel back in time in case a plan goes awry.
  • To further their reputation as a shadowy organization, many of its members wear a special suit that utilizes advanced splinter technology. As a result, they are able to instantaneously travel through time via a large blue button on their left chest. In the occasion that they fail a mission and relay future information to a past version through direct contact, they would press a smaller orange button to immolate and vaporize themselves into nothing less, to ensure that their past selves succeed where they failed. These soldiers, the top being known as Acolytes, are incredibly dangerous, but not unbeatable. Through clever planning, they can be defeated by quickly pressing their orange buttons to disintegrate them, given that removing the suit requires outside help and a fast reaction. Olivia and the Pallid Man hope to increase their technology to mitigate their suits' weaknesses.
  • One of the reasons for their elusive nature is the simple fact that their city of operations, Titan, happens to be a time travel itself, so one second later, they may be in a different place and time altogether, much to everyone's dismay. That said, the Pantheonic Time Police has made it certain that they won't be going anywhere and it's members, alongside their close allies have made sure that the 12 Monkeys don't travel too much, in addition to being tracked. That said, Olivia claims to have been to the beginning of the Pantheon and know who won the Forever War in the end and who lived and died throughout, though she's not going to say anything further than that.
  • While Project Splinter was not happy in the slightest to see the 12 Monkeys back in the Pantheon, the Pantheonic Time Police has made the situation more fortunate on their side as the 12 Monkeys seem to find themselves getting hounded and chased around the Pantheon and through time by several different heroes. The organization has sent a series of troops into the past to influence specific events in the Pantheon to their advantage covertly. That said, the members of Project Splinter do occasionally combat against the 12 Monkeys, with Cole and Cassie especially having it out on Olivia as she killed their son, Athan, while Olivia is content with having revenge, in addition to disregarding Cole and Cassie from being sent to the Red Forest.
  • They would naturally be enemies with the Time Force Power Rangers due to just how much damage they've caused to the timestream, but it seems Wes Collins is the only one present. He personally pities Olivia as, like Ransik, there were tragic circumstances behind their motivations as villains, but Olivia simply chooses to go ahead with her goal of destroying time, not caring about consequences, unlike Ransik who managed to find redemption after being humbled. As a result, Wes does whatever he can do to oppose the 12 Monkeys and their goals. Sougo Tokiwa is also someone who likes to let destiny follow it's course, but gets why Project Splinter went to avert the fates of 7 billion people and doesn't seem to like the 12 Monkeys for their callousness. Finally, Tsukasa Kadoya had to deal with a Time Crash before in his mortal life and naturally registers the 12 Monkeys as a grave threat because of it.
  • Eobard Thawne once approached the 12 Monkeys in an effort to solidify a partnership between them. He quickly gained attention to the fact that they were time travellers who were bent on destroying an aspect of reality and that may as well jump in for the fun. Olivia was open to accepting Thawne's aid, but it soon becomes clear that their teamwork is hard at best. While the 12 Monkeys are heavily dangerous and feared, they prefer if things are done smoothly and covertly so as to ensure they influence history without too much notice, whereas Thawne is a sadistic madman who wants to cause mayhem and chaos for the hell of it. Thawne personally sees the 12 Monkeys as a men's to an end as Barry Allen is a notable foe for them. That said, Olivia seems to know Thawne doesn't have any loyalty either, but both are deciding to play along for now, even if it's apparent that no one is really trustworthy of one another.
    • Barry himself is vehemently opposed to what the 12 Monkeys stand for and what their goals are. While he understands the overall goal of wanting to be with their loved ones, Barry still calls out the logic that reality and everyone have to be destroyed for something like that to happen, while Olivia and the Pallid Man just see Barry as naive and childish for trying to speak up to him. He retorted that he did try to do something rather similar, but ended up creating a bigger disaster that he had to fix, whereas the 12 Monkeys seek to learn nothing from their past experiences.
  • There is an interesting Irony to consider when there's an organization known as the 12 Monkeys who were responsible for a plague when in in a particular version of another setting, a virus known as the ALZ-112 ended up killing most humans and dismantling civilization whilst also granting primates, monkeys included, with abnormal intelligence. Caesar does not take the similarity kindly as he sees the 12 Monkeys as a vicious and malevolent organization whose title spells disgrace and embarrassment towards apes in general. Koba also returns the sentiment, but only because of his extreme hate towards humankind than anything else. Oddly enough, the 12 Monkeys themselves see Koba as being too much of a hassle to tolerate and deal with.
  • Another partner was Nox, who only desires to be reunited with his family that died indirectly by his decision to pursue the greatest source of Wakfu and ended up being broken up by the fact that all he was able to do with it was rewind time by 20 minutes. The 12 Monkeys, in an attempt to coddle with Nox's desperation, offered him the chance of reuniting with his family, which Nox decided to comply with. That said, Nox himself is a Wild Card; he doesn't care about the Red Forest nor the 12 Monkeys' ultimate goal. To him, they're just a means to find a way to get back to his family. Though he does pity Olivia for being raised in an isolated household, though at the same times, he chastises her for being neglectful and abusive towards her daughter, Emma.
  • They also found a partner in Randall Ross, who has a similar goal in destroying time. Unlike the 12 Monkeys and Box, Randall is driven by more selfish and petty matters, namely that he lost a volleyball game. Olivia herself thinks the reason is pathetic but goes along with Randall as he does seem to be a capable asset with a lot of power to justify his threat. Still, Randall is only in it for himself and doesn't care about the Red Forest phenomena. There was also The Vex, a group of mechanical aliens who also were practitioners of time and sought to complete The Pattern, which basically meant terraforming the universe in their own image. Because their goals were similar in a sense, the 12 Monkeys had little issue in working with The Vex, in addition to being potentially given more advanced technology to work with. Olivia hopes that this could be enough to either improve their technology involving time travel and/or strike back harder against their foes.
  • Both the Pallid Man and Olivia spend a lot of their time neck-and-neck against one another, given the fact that the latter killed the former out of revenge for the Pallid Man disregarding and throwing Olivia out of the organization. While he still remains associated with the 12 Monkeys, his relationship with the overall organization has since soured considerably and because of his, he's more likely to be making alliances with other individuals if it means furthering his own goals. As for Olivia, she is determined to make sure that the Pallid Man is kept under surveillance.
  • Darkseid thinks the Red Forest is impractical and just a more "flowery" way of saying that you will be trapped in eternity. That, and he personally thinks the 12 Monkeys run on an end goal that seems non-sensical and would accomplish nothing besides just making yourself happy. Olivia and the Pallid Man counteract by stating that Darkseid desires far worse which is why most deities oppose him. The Lord of Tyranny simply snickered and retorted that the 12 Monkeys aren't any better and what they preach doesn't scream good-intentioned towards everyone else, what with travelling around, ruining the lives of many just to bring about an illusionary concept by destroying time. That, and Darkseid is honest about his ultimate goal.
    • Another reason why Darkseid chose not to work with the 12 Monkeys is because he believes time travel is too much of a detriment and only further increases the chances of flaws and weaknesses in one's plan. He bluntly thinks this is a key reason why the 12 Monkeys lost despite their persistence and keeping themselves connected with time. Olivia thinks the God of Apokolips is being an idiot, but Darkseid thinks she's a fool.
  • Zamasu despises the 12 Monkeys in the same way he expresses this feeling towards Project Splinter; both were equally guilty of the "sin" of time travelling and for using their intelligence to further sunder and spoil a world's beauty. On one hand, Zamasu does raise a point in that the 12 Monkeys really did do considerable damage to the timestream, what with their tampering of events and killing Primaries with knives from their corpses' breast bone. One the other hand, Zamasu is the last person to be calling out others, let alone the 12 Monkeys for committing terrible actions via travelling through time, given how a version of him, Goku Black, took it upon himself to travel to a ruined timeline and lay waste and misery in the guise of "justice". Olivia and the Pallid Man think the Fallen Kai is delusional and find it hilarious that Zamasu fails to see how so much of what he says applies just as much to himself, perhaps even more so.
  • Due to their constant abuse of time travel and is responsible for altering history too much for their own ends, the 12 Monkeys would inevitably attract the attention of The Dahaka, in what can be considered their most persistent enemy outside of the Pantheonic Time Police. Given how The Dahaka hounds and targets those who only use time travel for their own gains and not caring about the damage they cause, it's reasons are justified. Project Splinter themselves could be enemies, but ultimately, since they've joined the Pantheon, they've almost stopped, so it has little use in pursuing them. Olivia seems to be unnerved by The Dahaka's nature and does whatever she can to distance herself and the organization away from it as much as she can... by time-travelling less often than they usually did. That doesn't change the fact that she's hell-bent on her goals though and wishes that it kills The Dahaka one it's initiated.
  • In another version of their story, the 12 Monkeys was ultimately nothing more than an anarchist animal rights organization headed by Jeffrey Goines when the virus itself was actually created by a lab assistant completely separate from the group. Upon hearing of this tale, Olivia felt amused to hear that the very organization that she would head was nothing more than a distraction from the actual stem of the virus, though because of how small-time this was compared to the 12 Monkeys that she leads, she doesn't think much of it.

Deathwing the Destroyer, God of Destructive Restructuring of the World (Neltharion the Earth-Warder, Neltharion the Betrayer, Deathwing the Black, Deathwing the Destroyer, Deathwing the Worldbreaker, Xaxas, Blood's Shadow, Lord Daval Prestor/King Prestor the First, ruler of Alterac (human disguise), The Black Scourge, The Dark One, Death Aspect/Aspect of Death, The Cataclysm, Blackwing Greatfather, The Unmaker of Worlds, Death Incarnate, Power Incarnate, Big D, Angry Black Dragon, D-Wing, The Dragonlord, Mad Aspect, The Warrior)
Click here to see his humanoid form 
As Neltharion the Earth-Warder 

The Firebird, God of the World-Wrecking Wave
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A volcanic eruption
  • Theme Song: "The Firebird Suite"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with emphasis on Chaotic
  • Domain: Fire, Destruction
  • Portfolio: Destroying everything through fire, embodiment of death, destruction and fire, Omnicidal Maniac, Person of Mass Destruction, based on the eruption of Mt. Saint Helen with more lava
  • Allies: Ragnaros the Firelord, Nekron, The Lich, Deathwing, Azula
  • Enemies: The Spring Sprite, the good deities from the House of Nature, especially Alexstrasza and Recca Hanabishi, the ascended cast from Warcraft except for Nefarian, the good and neutral-aligned death gods, especially Jean Grey-Summers and Hope Summers, Zuko
  • Evil Counterpart to: Yveltal
  • His ascension was forever remembered by everyone because it was signalled by a Pantheon wide wave that annihilated every deity with lesser power than the Firebird. Fortunately, his mortal enemy, the Spring Sprite's ascension shortly after came with her own mass regeneration wave that restored the damage from his power.
    • Because of this incident, he was furious that all of his hard work is gone because of her and swore to hunt her down until he can kill her so he can continue his work of destruction.
  • Upon his ascension, he went on a rampage in the House of Nature with an attempt to destroy everything there. His effort was stopped by the good-aligned deities that reside there after a brutal battle and the restoration effort was quickly handled by his mortal enemy the Spring Sprite. This just pissed him off more and he swore revenge.
  • Because of his tremendous power, association with fire and destructive tendency, Ragnaros the Firelord took a liking of him and even offered a position as his majordomo. The Firebird refused, much to the relief of the entire Pantheon, because he doesn't like being tied down to anyone but was flattered at the offer anyway.
    • Through Ragnaros, he was introduced and took a liking to Deathwing. However, Deathwing approached him with caution because he is the embodiment of lava and thus is equally as powerful as him. His alliance with both Deathwing and Ragnaros earned him the scorn of many ascended gods from Warcraft, except for Deathwing's son Nefarian.
    • This alliance also led to Kael'thas Sunstrider learned of the Firebird's existence and the elf is curious if he can summon the Firebird as his servant similar to the summoning of his pet phoenix A'lar. However, Kael'thas isn't particularly keen on finding out considering the Firebird's destructive capacity after awakening.
  • He isn't well-liked among the House of Life and Death as many good and neutral-aligned gods from this place consider his methods excessive. This is especially intense with Jean Grey-Summers (and to an extent Hope Summers) because her power is represented through a firebird Phoenix.
  • He is really disliked by Zuko, because the Firebird represents the more destructive usage of fire, embodies one of the worst aspects of the Fire Nation, and his method is too similar to Zuko's father Ozai, all of which Zuko desperately swore to avoid in his rule of the kingdom. However, these qualities are exactly why Azula took a liking to the Firebird, along with their shared alliance with Ragnaros.
  • Get along very well with Nekros and the Lich because of their shared enjoyment of not only destruction but also snuff out any possibility that life might return to the area they destroyed.
  • Despite both of them being both bird-shaped creatures with the ability to destroy things with fire, Yveltal and the Firebird hold nothing but contempt to one another. Yveltal is disgusted with the Firebird's excessive destruction for no real reason and actively hunting the Spring Sprite after his awakening, which therefore can end the potential of life returning to that area. The Firebird doesn't like the fact that Yveltal allied itself with his mortal enemy.

    The Horsemen of the Apocalypse 
War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death, Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Roger, the Red Horseman (War), the Black Horseman (Famine), Dr. Green, the Green Horseman (Pestilence), The Grim Reaper, Big Daddy Reaper, Angel of Death, the Pale Rider, Angel of Death (Death), SCP-1295)
L to R Top to Bottom: War, Famine, Pestilence, Death.
  • Greater Gods (War, Famine, Pestilence, and as a group), Overdeity (Death)
  • Symbol: Their respective vehicles.
  • Theme Song: "O' Death", by Jen Titus
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (War, Famine, and Pestilence), True Neutral (Death)
  • Portfolio: Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Cool Car, Anthropomorphic Personification, Humanoid Abomination, Ring of Power, Punch-Clock Villain, Badasses In Nice Suits, Four Is Death
  • High Priests: The Four Horsepeople
  • Allies: Each Other, The Fiends
  • Enemies: Lucifer, Castiel, Crowley, SMT Lucifer, YHVH, Metatron, Archangel Gabriel, Artix Von Krieger, Flynn, Ridley, Voldemort, SCP-682
  • Pities (Death Only): Captain Jack Harkness
  • Opposes (Death Only): Cthulhu
  • Opposed By (Pestilence and War only): Caesar
  • The day the Horsemen rode into the Pantheon, the Pantheon went into chaos. Deities started quarrelling with each other, giving in to their inhibitions, greed, and lust and became afflicted with numerous diseases. Meanwhile, Death was found not reaping souls, but rather consuming pizza in the House of Food. It took the combined efforts of the Winchesters, Castiel, Crowley, and Bobby Singer to put a stop to all of the chaos and disaster brought upon the Pantheon.
  • While Sam and Dean are still on good terms with Death, he is still rather annoyed at how Dean killed him with his own scythe, even if handing to Dean wasn't the smartest idea. Death also has a good relationship with most other Death-related entities, namely Death of the Endless, who jokingly calls him "Uncle Death" due to his aged appearance. And while Death isn’t necessarily enemies with Castiel and Crowley, the two of them have gotten on his nerves more than once, namely with opening Purgatory and inadvertently releasing the Leviathans.
  • They all have a low opinion of the Lucifer of their universe, considering him to be nothing more than a Spoiled Brat throwing a temper tantrum, and while they think of the other Lucifer of the Pantheon as being leagues better than the Lucifer they've worked with, his overall goals and interest in humanity put him at odds with War, Famine, and Pestilence. Death, on the other hand, has an affable relationship with that Lucifer, although he's a bit baffled by his interest in humanity.
  • That being said, they are also opposed to YHVH, as a result of him being opposed to everything they stand for, at least by War, Famine, and Pestilence's standards. Death, on the other hand, considers him to be a straight-up Jerkass, as opposed to the easygoing and normally friendly Chuck Shurley AKA their universe's God.
  • Ridley, SCP-682, and Voldemort annoy Death, the former two due to being one of the few things in existence even he can't possibly kill, while the latter's disruption of the natural order and usage of Horcruxes to keep himself alive angers Death immensely, to the point where when Voldemort died in his own universe, Death ordered all reapers to not help him reassemble his soul, and leave him in his current state for all eternity.
  • Harry Potter, on the other hand, has earned Death's respect for his acceptance of Death and realizing that there are fates more horrifying than Death, and as such, considers Harry to be worthy enough for the title of "Master of Death". He also pities Captain Jack Harkness, since Jack never asked for his immortality in the first place, and when Death tried to remove it, he failed, since it was given to Jack by an entity of a caliber equal to Death.
  • It should also be mentioned that SCP-682 is the only entity they as a group all collectively fear, due to its omnicidal nature and desires being too much, even by their standards. Just a reminder that War, Famine, and Pestilence are the Anthropomorphic Personifications of their names, existing as a manifestation of humanity's fears and sins, and even they consider SCP-682 to be too much. Death, on the other hand, is shocked at how everything that has been thrown at SCP-682 was unable to kill it, which also annoys him to no end.
  • After Dean Winchester shed Death of his mortal coil with the latter's own scythe, Death has refused to let anyone aside from Death of the Endless and Discworld's Death touch his scythe, the only thing in existence that can kill him. And even then it took them some time to earn Death's trust in regards to his scythe.
  • Pestilence has been shown to have a strange friendship to Nurgle as he finds the treatments to his followers, as well as his gift of disease to others something that they have in common. He has been quoted about their friendship:
    "Disease gets a bad rap, don't you think? For being filthy. Chaotic. Uh, but, really, that just describes people who get sick. Disease itself... Very... Pure... Single-minded. Bacteria have one purpose — divide and conquer. That's why, in the end... It always wins."
  • Pestilence has been found to be fascinated by The Flood, being unlike any disease he's ever seen. There are few things he wouldn't give to study living specimens (since the Pantheon consistently undergoes decontamination periods), but he still sees his own free will as of more priority than control and potential infection.
  • Along with the Croatoan virus, Pestilence is trying to gain control of other viruses and diseases to test out and combine, like many of Umbrella's Viruses (T/G/T-G/Veronica/C/T-Abyss), Captain Trips, The Black Light Virus, Uroboros, Grey Death, Rage Virus, Hinamizawa Syndrome (in his words, "one of his favorites"), and Simian Flu. His desire to gain control of the Simian Flu has put him at odds with Caesar, who has witnessed firsthand what happens to those affected by it. Pestilence, in response to Caesar, mentioned said that he and War are "big fans" of what unfolded in Caesar's reality.
  • Flynn takes... a serious issue with Famine. It began when the Black Rider, Famine's equivalent among the Fiends, decided to start off their battle with FIVE WASTREL BEAMS, reducing Flynn's money by roughly 95%. The Samurai was about as far from 'happy' as one could possibly be=: upon meeting Famine, Flynn threw down his weapons and attempted to beat the Horseman to death with his bare hands. He failed when War and Pestilence intervened: he succeeded in mugging them and held them both off at once before Death stopped the fight entirely, but by that time Famine had escaped in the confusion. Famine makes it a point to be as far away as possible whenever Flynn is in the vicinity. He later had to purchase his ring and wheelchair back from Recette's shop, much to his chagrin and has given up entirely on recovering the cash he lost in the scuffle.
  • Famine often shows that he is capable of reading the soul of a person by touching them and know what state it is in (For example, Dean's soul is empty, which is why his powers don't work on Dean, as there is no way to fill the hole in his soul, regardless of what Dean does). But despite his power, Famine is not unstoppable. His immunity to demonic magic can be bypassed by targeting the souls he swallows; he found this out the hard way when Sam Winchester nuked him from the inside out, and again when Madoka made a Soul Gem he was casually sucking on burn white-hot.
  • Besides his brothers, Famine does not care for anything else, seeing them as a food source and nothing more. And with agricultural improvements, he has weakened considerably. This is why after making people ravenous until they die, he has a group of demons collect their souls so that they can bring it back to him for dinner, which is usually contained in a briefcase.
  • War laughs off others attempts to kill him when they discover his ruse, telling them, "C'mon, kids, you can't beat War". He is wary of the Winchesters and Castiel, however, and even more so of other Gods and deities like the Demi-Fiend, Raidou, or Flynn, who HAVE indeed destroyed his equivalent in the Fiends, the Red Rider (and in the case of Flynn, fought and defeated all four Horsemen AT ONCE.)
  • War likes to hang around Khorne when he is not busy making others kill each other. Sees Khorne as an overexcited brother and a great helper in showing that humans only need little support from Khorne or himself to begin killing each other. He also finds himself being friendly with Sundowner, as he sees that this human was one of the best examples of his views on humanity, and agrees with wanting people to give War a chance. And he admires Millennium, owning a videotape of The Major's War Speech; he views the whole thing as a masterpiece of what War is actually about.
  • War will often disguise himself as a harmless human victim when causing others to fight each other. If someone discovers his true nature, all he has to do is create another illusion, and throw them to the dogs. All while sporting a Psychotic Smirk on his face, which disappears as soon as he starts playing the victim.

    The Icon of Sin 
”The longer the Icon of Sin is on Earth, the stronger it will become.”

The Icon of Sin, Beast of the Apocalypse (The Virtual Icon of Sin)
Its armored form 
The Icon of Sin as seen in Doom II 
The Virtual Icon of Sin 
  • Greater Deity, but will eventually become an Overdeity and tear apart the universe as well as drag it into Hell with its very presence if allowed outside of Hell for too long.
  • Symbol: Its head
  • Theme Songs: The Icon of Sin, Final Sin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Beast of the Apocalypse, Rasputinian Death, The Juggernaut, Meteors, Never Giving Up, Not Being Afraid Of Anything, Eldritch Abomination, Horned Humanoid, Is The Size Of A Skyscraper, It Can Think, Immortality, Mighty Glacier, Monster from Beyond the Veil, Planet Destroyer, Reality Warper, Thinking Up Portals, Walking Wasteland
  • Domains: Demons, Hell, Power, Determination, Destruction
  • Possible Superior: Davoth the Dark Lord
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Darth Nihilus
  • Enemies:
  • Unwitting Pawn to: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Unknown Relationship: The Khan Maykr
  • The Icon of Sin is an extremely massive, powerful and chaotic demon created for only one purpose. To drag the world and eventually the entire universe into Hell. It manifested again through a ritual, taking control of the Betrayer’s son and using him as a host. However, it was unable to accomplish its mission of dragging everything into Hell because of the Doom Slayer’s interference.
  • Arrived to the Pantheon one day when a few deities in the Hall of Demons, lead by Malebolgia, decided to summon the Icon of Sin. However, the Doom Slayer saw this coming and came to intercept them, but the ritual was completed and the Icon of Sin was summoned into the Pantheon, where one of the deities, Malebolgia, decided to fight him. What followed was multiple demons trying to hold the Doom Slayer off from stopping Malebolgia’s plan before it started with The Violator, his superior and the forces of Hell leading the charge against him while the Icon of Sin started to rampage across the Pantheon.
    • Its rampage immediately got the attention of Demon Slayers such as Spawn and Dante Sparda who soon arrived to put a stop to it. However, the Icon of Sin was able to leave through a portal to reach its next destination, attacking them by summoning meteors to prevent them from following. The Icon of Sin appeared in the Hall of Dragons, where a visiting Bowser Junior was nearly killed by it like some of the deities residing there had almost been due to falling debris, fire and energy beams, pissing off his father something fierce. Bowser turned giant and punched the Icon of Sin straight out of the Hall of Dragons before exiting himself to continue fighting against it.
    • The fight got even more heated later when a good punch from Bowser sent the Icon of Sin right into the House of Ambiguity, where Ragna the Bloodedge and Guts decided to help Bowser out in defeating this foe. They were successful in finishing it off, ironically just as the Doom Slayer finished battling Malebolgia, The Violator and the forces of Hell.
    • In the end, many other Demon Slayers such as Sparda, Vergil and Nero were appalled to learn such a thing happened. When asked where they were when its summoning occurred, they replied by saying that HIM and The Beast decided to try their hand at raiding the Treasury...coincidentally 30 minutes before said summoning. Malebolgia snickered at this, proclaiming that this was nothing but a distraction to ensure that the Icon of Sin’s summoning likely wouldn’t be interrupted.
  • The Khan Maykr didn’t know what to think of the Icon of Sin’s ascension. On one hand, the Icon of Sin has plenty of power that could be useful, but on the other, her botched summoning of it due to the Doom Slayer’s interference lead to her being unable to control it. The beast became a major reason why her plans failed because of this. She does plan to have plenty of contingencies in place if she ever wants to summon and try to control it once more so that the ritual would not be interrupted like before.
  • Its ability to drag its surroundings into Hell has it being sought out by the Death Busters with hopes of summoning Pharaoh 90. To do this, they want to use it as a battery and make it so that it drags its surroundings into the Tau Nebula rather than Hell. The Sailor Guardians have been trying to prevent this from ever coming to pass. In a similar vein to the Death Busters, Tabuu also desires to control it. He wants to make it so that it drags its surroundings into Subspace instead of Hell. Of course, he knows he’ll likely have to get his armies to lure it in and defeat the Icon of Sin himself, but this hasn’t deterred him in the slightest.
  • Lucifer considered employing it as a brute for the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, but this idea quickly fell apart when it laid waste to the entirety of an area some of his demons happened to be in hours after he spoke with it, during a battle against the Grand United Alliance of Law no less. Enraged, some of Lucifer’s demons attacked it, only to be swiftly defeated and killed. Lucifer has since decided to abort that plan once he learned that the Icon of Sin’s actions caused YHVH’s forces to win said battle. Unsurprisingly, YHVH sees the Icon of Sin as an enemy for fairly obvious reasons.
    • A few of Lucifer’s demons were later found near the House of Nature by Samus Aran, who came to a disturbing conclusion. They had been infected with Phazon. Finishing the job the Icon of Sin started, she fought back against them when they attacked her to prevent it from spreading, eventually killing the infected Demons. Once they were brought back to life, they revealed that the Icon of Sin had created a portal and punched them through it. They ended up on the Planet Phaaze, where Dark Samus and the Phazon quickly overwhelmed and infected them. They really want revenge on the Icon of Sin for doing this, though none know if it actually intended to get them infected with Phazon.
  • Once got into a fight with Godzilla which nearly destroyed a good chunk of Houses and Halls and deities had to come in and pull them apart before things got worse. People like Hades found it hilarious and didn’t do anything but watch, while the two Kaiju attempted to tear each other apart. Things only got worse when King Ghidorah joined the fight and tried to target Godzilla while he was busy with the Icon of Sin. This forced the Grand United Alliances, Law, Chaos and Evil included (Except for Destruction, who liked the carnage) to step in and end the fight with extreme force.
  • The Lich sometimes watches the Icon of Sin and the destruction it brings, plotting to either possess it to obtain more power in his quest to destroy all life or he might want to forcibly control it into joining the ranks of the GUAD. Neither option is good. Death Phantom is also interested in brainwashing it into serving him as well as the GUAD, which is something particularly worrying as him pulling this off isn’t that farfetched of a possibility.
  • Out of all demons that have faced the Doom Slayer in its universe, the Icon of Sin is one of the only two demons, with Davoth the Dark Lord being the other, that doesn’t fear him. Other Demon Slayers haven’t had any luck in trying to make it fear them, but they only care about destroying and stopping it before it becomes far too powerful to be defeated anyway, lest the Pantheon be dragged into Hell.
  • The Starmen once approached it in Hell with an offer; Help their Master Giygas lay waste to the Pantheon and in turn they’ll allow it to drag the remains into Hell. To the surprise of many, mainly Lucifer, it actually accepted, though by nodding its head as it knows they wouldn’t be able to understand its foreign language. Occasionally, Starmen can be seen in Hell, and this only adds another target for the Doom Slayer to unleash his wrath on, though they aren’t worried due to him not having any real way to threaten their Master.
  • Rachel Roth, Satan Jacob and Sparda aren’t taking any chances with it, as it can not only summon Demons but also absorb their energy. While it can absorb the energy of Demons completely, as it would learn in an encounter with the aforementioned Raven, it can only absorb some of her energy due to her only being Part-Demon rather than a full one, which still leaves her with quite a bit left for her to fight back. At that moment help arrived and worked with her to defeat the Icon of Sin and send it through a portal and back into Hell.

Skynet, God of Machine Wars, The Genocide of Humanity and One of the Councillors for the Grand United Alliance of Machines (Titan, Genisys, Sky-1, Alex, T-5000)


Intermediate Gods

Lobo, God of Those who Fragged Their Entire Species (The Main Man, He Who Devours Your Entrails And Thoroughly Enjoys It)


Octogeddon, Divine Cephalopod of Monument Destruction

  • Intermediate God with Greater God potential
  • Symbol: His head
  • Theme Song: Angry Octopus
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Leans toward Chaotic Evil while enraged)
  • Portfolio: Gigantic Angry Mutant Octopus That Can Have At Least Eight Tentacles, Causing Tons of Destruction In Response To Slight Offenses, Destroying Monuments, Giving Tentacles The DNA of Other Animals To Make Them Stronger, Humanity-Opposing Protagonist
  • Domains: Octopi, Destruction, Rage, Tentacles
  • Heralds: Catfish Carl, Spike the Pufferfish, Wu the Starfish, Volt the Electric Eel, Ursula the Urchin
  • Allies: Crazy Dave, Namor (occasionally leans towards Teeth-Clenched Teamwork), The Orca, The Kraken, The Rampage Wrecking Crew
  • Odd Friendship with: The Angry Birds, Squidward Tentacles, Robbie Rotten
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Octolings, Off the Hook, Aquaman, Beast Boy, Spongebob, Mr. Krabs, The Octonauts, The Diver, Orm, The VUX
  • Under watch by: The Grand United Alliance of Nature
  • Rivals: Godzilla, Duke Fishron, Lagiacrus and Ceadeus
  • Pities: Padak
  • Avoided by: Captain Nemo, Bruce
  • Source of Interest to: Mesogog, Joe, Ika Musume, Davy Jones
  • Opposes: Humans that are dumb enough to offend the octopus, The Annoying Orange, Gigabolt Man-O-War, Ecco, Koro-sensei
  • Opposed by: Octodad, The Bloom & Doom Co. Plants, Lex the Bookworm, Ariel
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, The Enclave, The Broforce, Liberty Prime, MEGAS, The Madagascar Penguins, Dr. Zomboss and his zombies, Saxton Hale, Hedorah, Mr. Burns, Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, and the Hall of Piracy
  • Octogeddon is just your normal giant octopus, lounging about underwater and minding his own businesses, until someone has the gall to mock him or other octopi right in his face. While almost any diver isn't that dumb, many forms of media like to poke fun at octopi in general from time to time. Unfortunately for the humans, Octogeddon has accessible technology underwater for viewing entertainment shows, and the intelligence to use it, as expected from octopi. Unlike other octopi in the Pantheon, Octogeddon's poor composure would let him be easily angered by humanity's distasteful jokes, and did what any giant enraged octopus would: Destroy the humans' own symbols of pride and dignity, which he did, wreaking havoc in both sea and land, using tentacles that could be given the DNA of other animals to create unique tentacles with powers based on the DNA given.
  • There was a new comedy flick made by several members of the Hall of Comedy Genres. Within it was a specific scene featuring a large octopus getting treated like a Butt-Monkey on top of plenty of other jokes at the octopus's expense. It didn't seem like a huge problem, at least until they found out that mortals outside the Pantheon were able to access it, including a certain octopus that would see it all on their laptop. Not long after, a giant orange octopus with tentacles resembling the heads of various animals and an unceasing rage would come out of nowhere and roll over every structure in its way. With the military forces hardly stopping it, the more divine and supernatural heroes were forced to step in and stop the octopus, and even then, it took much more effort than their usual Monster of the Week to do so. Learning about their new foe, the Pantheon learned of Octogeddon's rampage throughout the world, successfully destroying very important man-made monuments of humanity, from the Eiffel Tower to the White House itself, which would cause Octogeddon to be ascended under Monumental Damage.
  • While he was willing to follow by the Pantheon's rules in order to stay, he's difficult to control or handle given his range of powers, and how relentless he can be when enraged, which is something that's just as easily done as said for Octogeddon in particular. However, the Grand United Alliance of Nature had been allowed to watch over Octogeddon, and putting many restrictions and supervisions on the media that Octogeddon could access to prevent Octogeddon from getting mad again. The GUAN has to be extra careful since Octogeddon can see past the more subtle jokes too. He gets along with most of the Gaea's Avengers sub-faction since they also have a bone to pick with some of the problematic parts of humanity as well. As for personal motives to bring in Octogeddon, they're interested with Octogeddon's ability to merge his tentacles with the DNA of other animals, Octogeddon's overall friendliness (at worst, tolerance) to most sea creatures, and to prevent the alternative of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction using Octogeddon to their own advantage.
    • Mr. Burns and other deities that have bad intentions for sea life have been concerned about Octogeddon, considering the fact that even giant mechs, as well as nuclear submarines and planes couldn't stop it. It's exactly what the GUAN were hoping for, having another powerful asset in their hands that can deter those like Mr. Burns should things get ugly.
  • On top of members from the GUAN, both Aquaman and Beast Boy are often able to intervene in Octogeddon's destructive thrashes due to being able to communicate with the giant octopus for the purpose of talking him down. It's not always successful, since a really angry animal is still a really angry animal, but their efforts have stopped Octogeddon diplomatically from time to time. Beast Boy claimed that much of Octogeddon's communication to them when he's attacking cities is mostly Angrish. They'd be probably more successful if it weren't for the VUX, a race of tentacled aliens that also oppose humanity for really petty reasons, encouraging the octopus to destroy as much human civilization as possible. While Octogeddon doesn't reject their support, he's also not afraid to smash apart VUX Intruders that happen to be in its way either, and cares little about the VUX's motives.
  • Octogeddon also found a bit of kinship in Namor, for their mutual Hair-Trigger Temper and wrath against humans for offending them. They overall have different interests, but their teamwork when they're mutually angry at something can be a fearful sight. Even when their anger brings them against each other, they don't hold it against the other for very long.. The monsters of Rampage also find Octogeddon to be a swell partner in city destruction, and hope that Octogeddon can actually go out to cause havoc more often. Should the deities meet in the middle of such an attack, they easily get along and destroy military craft without getting in each other's way too much.
    • Orm the Ocean Master also sees a worthy ally and persecutor of unscrupulous surface-dwellers in Octogeddon. Whenever the octopus is angry, humanity suffers nasty setbacks, which Orm really likes to see. However, on top of the GUAN trying to minimize his anger, Octogeddon doesn't really want to get himself mad, and doesn't listen to Orm unless he's already aggravated by something else the humans did. When that happens, both deities will revel in bringing retribution to humans that they believe deserve to be on the opposing side of their wrath.
  • For underwater explorers, Octogeddon doesn't mind their presence as long as they don't try to harass him. The Diver, while opposed to the octopus' destruction, respects his boundaries, and Octogeddon respects hers in return. Captain Nemo knows better than to hunt something that his ship can't certainly defeat. The Octonauts, who drive an octopus-shaped ship underwater, don't view Octogeddon too well for its malicious nature when angry, but they never antagonize each other, with all of their encounters ending smoothly. Professor Inkling in particular seems to have become some sort of Morality Chain to Octogeddon, since they're always on speaking terms and is also capable of bringing Octogeddon to his senses most of the time when his group runs into Octogeddon while he's destroying other submarines in anger. Coincidentally, many of the deities that would normally try to torment the Octonauts have ceased antagonizing them ever since Octogeddon ascended due to complaints of getting shred apart by giant sawshark cuts.
  • Spongebob saw a potential friend in Octogeddon, thinking that he could be a decent visitor of Bikini Bottom, which is mostly true. Whenever the octopus is brought to the Krusty Krab by Mr. Krabs to get Krabby Patties, it either ends really well or really badly for the place, the latter usually occurring by some Noodle Incident leading to Octogeddon getting mad and destroying the place. Otherwise, he pays big for his orders, so their relationship is still positive overall. Octogeddon has a better tolerance of Squidward Tentacles, given their similar cranky attitudes when not angered, and liking to complain about how annoying their neighbours can be at times.
  • Is banned from the House of Food since the latter doesn't want to ban takoyaki from their menu, or fried tentacles, so all food deliveries are done by the GUAN. Octogeddon does eat fish, being a natural predator, but even Octogeddon found Padak's cruel death at the hands of humans disheartening, which got Octogeddon angry once again, breaking part of his temple's entrance as it swam up to attack humans once again. Strangely enough, Octogeddon gets along with the Angry Birds due to opposition of being considered food (or at least their eggs for the Birds), and their tendency to cause destruction to the structures of their enemies. The Angry Birds are a little weirded out by seeing Octogeddon's Chicken and Rooster tentacles spit out giant eggs though.
  • Octogeddon likes the Octolings and their common activities, as kiddish as he deems to be. As for the Inklings, he doesn't mind their presence much either. While he's also fond of Off the Hook himself, the latter duo is worried that Octogeddon may side with DJ Octavio should he ascend to the Pantheon. Octogeddon rejects their anxieties, not finding the Inklings or their society to be offensive toward Octogeddon. The octopus notes that if the Inklings and Octolings are getting along better, then Octogeddon will simply leave them all be.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar were upset at Octogeddon's ascension, being reminded of one of their own mortal enemies, Dave, another antagonistic octopus, though Octogeddon was much bigger, stronger, and a little dumber. When Octogeddon decided to get on land to begin another attack, the Penguins tried to stop him early. Octogeddon underestimating them let the penguins get an advantage, using their teamwork and other skills to outwit the giant octopus. However, Octogeddon had quickly turned the tide by pulling out one of his modified tentacles, a tentacle with Penguin DNA in particular, which psychologically shocked the penguins before freezing them all solid, before they were swat aside for Octogeddon to continue its work.
  • In a different incident, Octogeddon went to a dense city in the Pantheon to destroy its skyscrapers, given how much its denizens were proud of them. Of all the heroes in giant mechas to oppose Octogeddon, it was MEGAS, piloted by the infamously reckless Coop who decided that he wanted to make a joke out of the octopus. Octogeddon responded to his remark about the octopus by bombarding the mech with eggs and cobra venom, but MEGAS would pull through and defeat Octogeddon with its powerful weaponry, sending Octogeddon back to the ocean. Not that it even mattered anyway, since MEGAS accidentally decimated the skyscrapers that Octogeddon targeted anyway.
  • The developers behind Octogeddon were also responsible for the creation of PopCap games Insaniquarium and Plants Versus Zombies. While Crazy Dave and Octogeddon get along since Crazy Dave reminds Octogeddon of his personal vendor Catfish Carl, the Bloom and Doom Co. Plants don't like Octogeddon due to the fact that Octogeddon has no problem destroying the properties they usually protect. Dr. Zomboss doesn't like Octogeddon either, since Octogeddon crushes every zombie that tries to get in its way. He tried to get Octogeddon on his side, but soon enough Octogeddon learned of some beach zombies in Zomboss's forces, including one that actively throws octopi at enemy plants, which got the giant octopus even angrier at the zombies, so they have no chance of friendship. Lex also opposes Octogeddon since libraries don't get any special treatment from him either.
  • Octogeddon's ability to add DNA of other animals, including ancient creatures like the T-Rex or mythical creatures like dragons of all things has not only gotten the worry of the House of Beasts and Fauna for Octogeddon's potential to use DNA of their members to its advantage, but Mesogog has been intrigued by such abilities, seeing Octogeddon as potentially the ultimate Animalistic Abomination that Mesogog could enhance with his skills, especially if alien DNA works with Octogeddon's tentacles. There's also the fact that Octogeddon can somehow have more than 8 tentacles, as Octogeddon has been seen destroying tanks and planes with 11 tentacles flailing about, and perhaps with the potential for more while in the Pantheon. Thankfully, Octogeddon only revives with 8 tentacles should he fall in battle.
  • In his universe, Japan fell to Octogeddon after they made a movie showing what appeared to be Godzilla dealing a Curb-Stomp Battle to a giant octopus monster, with Octogeddon destroying their Imperial Palace. The deities from there are more surprised that it didn't go for the Tokyo Tower then they are angered by Octogeddon's offenses. As for Godzilla himself, Octogeddon would engage in a fierce battle with the King of the Monsters, throwing out attacks from tentacles imbued with the DNA of some of the most powerful creatures it could have, from Black Mambas to Narwhals to Dragons. Despite the incredibly powerful front, Godzilla still withheld his reputation by repelling the octopus with his own powers, which ended with both monsters heavily injured. Octogeddon decided to simply leave on its own, oddly satiated with what it did, worrying a few scientists of a potential outcome of Octogeddon coming back with tentacles infused with Godzilla's DNA. While the two monsters don't enjoy each other's presence, they do occasionally work together when it involves Hedorah, whom Octogeddon despises since Hedorah would be able to pollute the oceans horribly.
  • When it comes to other aquatic creatures in the Pantheon, it naturally got along with the Kraken, a fellow giant cephalopod, and the Orca, who also has a grudge on humanity for more personal reasons. Bruce would like to rival Octogeddon, but the giant octopus beats it in size, strength, and ferocity, on top of having dealt with bigger mecha-sharks than Bruce, so Bruce keeps a distance from Octogeddon. Duke Fishron is a far more threatening rival in comparison, and Octogeddon only engages in battle with the flying terror if it deems its set-up of tentacles to be sufficient for taking Duke Fishron down. Lagriacrus and Ceadeus may be able to match or even outmatch Octogeddon's size, especially their variants, Octogeddon isn't unfamiliar to combat with much bigger enemies.
    • Has a personal dislike of Ecco due to a bad memory where a dolphin received Best Octopus award over other octopi candidates. He can use Dolphin DNA as a tentacle, but takes form of a dolphin tail, which Ecco may or may not find offensive. Gigabolt Man-O-War reminds Octogeddon of the Electric Jellyfish enemies that he deals with, and simply repels the robot with an Elephant DNA tentacle out of annoyance.
  • Jack Sparrow grimaced at the news of Octogeddon's ascension, since Octogeddon is practically an even worse version of the Kraken that can pull off a greater variety of attacks, including swallowing up his ship with a Pelican tentacle. And unfortunately for Sparrow, Octogeddon ensures him that any encounter will not end well for the pirate. The same goes with Captain Hook, who was even more frightened by the octopus given that a smaller one terrorized Hook in one of his own attempts to eliminate Peter Pan, and though Octogeddon doesn't have a taste for the pirate, the angry octopus would prefer that Hook keep out of his way as much as possible, which he is certainly doing.
    • Also despises the entire hall of Piracy viewing all of them as either nuisances or threats. Being a giant octopus, Octogeddon has little difficulty laying waste to their vessels should Octogeddon get close enough. Octogeddon will hardly hesitate to thrash his tentacles upon both the amoral or evil pirates like Black Manta, and even the more good-aligned pirates out of principle. He'll be likely to let off the latter group if they take care not to disturb him, though.
  • All of Octogeddon's actually threatening enemies from his universe are exclusively machines in some form or manner, so naturally it poses a huge threat to the Grand United Alliance of Machines, and opposed by users of giant mechas, both good and evil, which is too many to count. And as for a warning to Dr. Eggman, he's trounced a mecha-counterpart of himself, so spending a few weeks to make another robotic clone of the octopus would do him no good. While not too concerned with having to deal with superpowered humans that can fight back, there's also Koro-sensei, a deity with an alien body resembling an octopus, and with the speed to even outmatch the Super Speedy Subs and Planes that Octogeddon dreads. As far as Koro-sensei's concerned, not only does he know how to quickly subdue Octogeddon, but he's confident that he can teach Octogeddon to control his own temper, which is something that the giant octopus doesn't appreciate too much.
  • Octodad, obviously being a human citizen, dislikes Octogeddon for trying to ruin him and his family's lifestyle, as is expected from him. Octogeddon doesn't look upon Octodad positively, but leaves Octodad alone to let him go about his business. Octogeddon can easily see through Octodad's disguise, and is actually confused by Octodad considering that he's had to deal with people that have shown hostility to octopi like him personally, yet settles down with a human family regardless, but respects his desires. Ariel similarly opposes Octogeddon since she personally loves the human world that Octogeddon sees as nothing but miserable places to wreck, which the octopus understands and leaves alone. Her nemesis, Ursula, a half-octopus, tried to make Octogeddon attack Atlantica for her own ends, but Octogeddon doesn't have any beef with her father King Triton, nor does he want to cause trouble with him since he does show proper respect toward octopi in general as well.
  • Joe, granted enlightenment by a formula that grants humanity and intelligence to an animal consumer, finds Octogeddon to be a potential game-changer in his agenda to Take Over the World with an army of enlightened sea creatures. That said, it would take far more than what he has available to have the formula give the giant octopus any meaningful effect. When Joe proposed an alliance for the sake of dominating humanity with new enlightenment from being uplifted. While Octogeddon didn't necessarily accept the offer, he does show minor interest in what Joe promises, though he doesn't care too much for ruling humanity with an iron tentacle, deeming management of humans to be a waste of time. That and Octogeddon's satisfied with just watching videos all day, at least until something irks him again.
    • This desire to not have to deal with irritating remarks from humans and to just relax all day was something that Robbie Rotten could empathize with. Though Robbie was intimidated by the octopus at first, and having to deal with going underwater to meet Octogeddon in the first place, their first encounter went off unusually well. Whenever Robbie Rotten isn't working his butt off to motivate others to be lazy, Robbie Rotten may occasionally visit Octogeddon's temple to waste time, and it helps that he knows how to get around Octogeddon's Hair-Trigger Temper. For that, Robbie Rotten has become one of the few humans that Octogeddon genuinely likes, leaving an open chamber of air just for him. Of course, if Octogeddon grows furious again, Robbie Rotten simply stays away knowing that such rage is beyond his control.
  • Of all the places that Octogeddon has attacked, he has special ire from deities from America since he attacked the country twice, destroying the Statue of Liberty and then the White House, and the latter was actually a Weaponized Landmark. Americans of both good and evil morality have a personal grudge on Octogeddon, from the Broforce to the Enclave who all glorify America in their own way. Liberty Prime definitely sees the monster octopus as an anti-American threat, but actually worries about how they would fare against Octogeddon, since Mech Force One, the combat-capable variety of the White House that fought Octogeddon and lost, sounds not only much more formidable than Liberty Prime but ten times more patriotic. As for Saxton Hale of Australia, which Octogeddon attacked to destroy the Sydney Opera House, the CEO of Mann Co. deems Octogeddon a splendid challenge to take on, and one that Octogeddon can't ignore, given Hale's ridiculous strength.
  • Remarks about how easily tied up octopi tentacles can get, or anything implying usage of tentacles for sexually harassing women is bound to get their speaker violently smashed into the ground should they reach Octogeddon's statocysts. (For the record, Octogeddon claims that he holds no romantic let alone sexual interest in any of the deities in the Pantheon.) The Annoying Orange would learn this the hard way, rambling non-stop with both mentions of such tropes toward the giant octopus when it came by. Unfortunately for Orange, the angry octopus saw the giant knife from the sky coming, and rolled out of the way to avoid being part of the Annoying Orange's Running Gag. With no other forms of defense, the Orange's temple was annihilated, to the grievance of very few deities.
  • Ika Musume has considered the advantages of bringing Octogeddon into her plans for world domination, which would actually give her a non-negligible chance of succeeding. But aside from the fact that she's a squid-alien and Octogeddon is a giant mutant octopus, Octogeddon is also far too destructive and merciless when angry to her liking. Davy Jones sees Octogeddon as another potential asset to send out against trespassing pirates, just like the Kraken, given that destroying ships is something Octogeddon is infamous for. Octogeddon doesn't really care for the agendas of either of them, and simply wants to relax in his temple until he finds yet another (petty) reason to attack human civilization again.

    Randall Flagg 
Randall Flagg, God of the Walking Wastelands (The Walkin' Dude, The Man in Black, The Ageless Stranger, The Dark Man, The Tall Man, Legion, Nyarlathotep, Walter o'Dim, Walter Padick, Marten Broadcloak, Maerlyn, Flagg the Hooded, He Who Walks Behind the Rows, Revered Flagg, The Covenant Man and other variations of R.F)
The Man in Black 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Red Eye of The Crimson King
  • Theme: Among The Living, The Stranger
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A man of many names, Seemingly a loving cheerful figure until you fail, A user of evil magic, Older then he looks, Walking The Multiverse, Ruler of Las Vegas in one universe, Waking up in a new universe if he dies in another, Being MONSTROUS for the fun of it, Has a copy, To The Crimson King, A terrifying version of this
  • Domains: The Red, Chaos, Magic, Evil, Discordia, Immortality
  • Superior: Stephen King
  • Allies: Satan, Mr. Scratch, The Beast, Calypso, Shinnok, Zobek, Dormammu, Corypheus, Jack Torrance
  • Rivals: Nyarlathotep (as a possible alter ego)
  • Enemies: Roland Deschain, Homura Akemi, Dante Alighieri, Adrian Tepes, Ungoliant, every good aligned magic user (Unless they are easy to influence)
  • He merely walked his way into the Pantheon and everywhere he goes, animals would run, where he spits grass would die, any plants he touch would dry up and die, and animals that look upon him tend to die of fatal brain embolisms. Men get cancer by staring at him too long, disputes would turn into bloody battles quickly, Babies weep and cry when he is near, and women often feel uneasy and avoid him at all cost (Unless you were one of those that were meant to be his then they might have developed a dark magnetism to him)
  • He had his walking boots on and was attracted to the chaos that erupted in the house of magic only to try and make it from bad to way worse
  • In one universe he used a deadly Flu Virus named Project Blue A.K.A Captain Trips that wiped out 99.4% of people on the earth, along with his power to take over half the U.S before he was killed by a nuke, He merely woke up in a different location ready to start anew.
  • In another Universe he was an advisor to a king, only to later kill him and let one of his corruptible sons and plunge that kingdom to a thousand years of darkness, even though he was confronted and driven away by the other son it has been revealed that he did this to the kingdom many times in the past and would eventually bring it to ruin in the future.
  • In his main universe he is trying to bring the downfall of The Dark Tower (The lynchpin of the multiverse) which would destroy everything, he reasons are as follows
    “As for the end of the universe…I say let it come as it will, in ice, fire, or darkness. What did the universe ever do for me that I should mind its welfare?”
  • Is often seen grinning constantly as though all is good with the world though the other gods know well that his smile is just a warning that something is going to go wrong or already has.
  • He is attempting to corrupt people in various houses by taking different disguises.
    • As Randall Flagg in old blue jeans, denim jacket and old cowboy boots, He appears to be a helpful cheery man that wants to help be apart of many evil organizations but what he really will do is attempt to undermine and control many of them so that he can be a large destructive influence (He has been to many before as a member doing various cruel things), he can even be apart of many peaceful groups that if he goes unnoticed he will turn to very dangerous and extremist factions, a far cry from what they used to be.
    • As Walter o'Dim he hides himself under a dark cloak , he attempts to give out the fortunes of many members of the Pantheon often trying to show them tarot cards relevant to their future,this is actually an attempt to manipulate them to do his bidding as he needs them to sow the idea that what they do is right when it makes everything else worse
    • As Marten Broadcloak he wears a combination of his two other outfits, He attempts to teach other magical users that arts that he learned through the years in a attempt to "help" them as he feels most of their magics need it, in truth it is for them to start using forbidden magics to turn them evil or insane, and if he gets a lucky day then it will make some both
  • He is now attempting to gain influence after the "Great Upheaval" as he feels it is the perfect time to turn a bad incident, and battle between Gods, into a multiverse blood filled massacre, so that he can have the grandest smile on his face.
  • He likes to sing around others "Baby can you dig your man? He's a righteous man, Tell me Baby can you dig your man?", he doesn't reveal why he does this but others feel it is a sort of insult.
  • Also likes to show those that work under him from that he does not like failure that he can do more then just crucify you, there were worse things than crucifixion. There were teeth.
  • Likes to invade the dreams of others, specifically corruptible people as he wants to terrify them or make them his follower, the victim would often dream of being in a cornfield at night, the ground often swarming with rats, he would appear as a shadowy figure with a large grin and glowing red eyes.
  • Has appeared as Marten Broadcloak in the Magical Girl Sisterhood, more specifically their dreams claiming that Homura is like his old pal Roland Deschain and that all she will do is bring death and destruction, like Roland did so many times before due to single minded obsession, and he knows of ways to make sure that in the chance they cannot stop her from doing more damage on their own he has knowledge of powerful magic that he is willing to give to them to give them an edge.
    "As long as you draw from The Power of The Red, then even devils will burn up like the biggest roast you will ever see"
  • If any see a crow around the house be wary for that maybe Flagg watching them as one person stated
    "The crows and the rats are his"
    • Maybe using this to manipulate Ruby Rose, as she sees a dusty old crow, and not the Ageless Stranger.
  • Is working along side Mr. Scratch and Satan to secure The Great Will's Throne for Satan and in return give him entrance into The Dark Tower and reach the top so that he can become a more powerful god.
  • Under Satan's instructions he has invaded the dreams of Madoka then made an offer of gaining protection from other dream invaders while attempting to manipulate her to start using her Hatred and Dark Magic in order to make her perfect for Satan's plans for The Pantheonic Rebellion, He has given her The Devil Mask.
  • Was delighted to welcome the broken soul of Jack Torrance into the body. He hopes to manipulate the writer into more atrocities.
  • Though the Rebellion has left him with great many opportunities, he finds that he has to enjoy it with a new look, and can't wait to show the Pantheon what new plans he has in store.
  • The Agless Stranger continues to show the evils he has in store as he is able repeat an old sin in a new way.

    Selvaria Bles 
Brigadier General Selvaria Bles, Goddess of Living Weapons of Mass Destruction (Azure Witch)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Valkyria Lance and Shield
  • Theme Song: Valkyria's Omen, Valkyria's Awakening
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Valkyria, One-Woman Army, General, A Mother to Her Men, Dark Magical Girl, Unrequited Love for Prince Maximillian, Tall, Busty, Voluptuous, White Hair and Red Eyes, Final Flame alongside the Gallian Army
  • Domains: Valkyria, Destructive Power
  • Heralds: Aliasse, Riela Marcellis, Crymaria Levin, Angelica Farnaby
  • Allies: The Helghan Empire, Colonel Mael Radec, Scolar Visari
  • Rivals: Esdeath, Shana, Kirito & Asuna, Mikoto Misaka, Shizuo Heiwajima, Akira Yuki
  • Enemies: Squad 7
  • Opposes: The House of Science
  • Selvaria Bles is the descendant of the Valkyrur, a race of warriors that have conquered Europa many millennium ago. This Valkyria is a high-ranking officer of the East Europan Imperial Alliance under the command of Prince Maximillian, who led the invasion force to conquer the Principality of Gallia. As a Valkyria, she has immense powers that can annihilate any army.
  • In a distant memory, she was thought to have existed earlier as the Goddess of Dark Action Girl. Some, however, thought that she was only a legend ever since the title was taken over by Katarina du Couteau. Some legend came true as she emerge with a radiating blue flames around her and it was said that she usurped Justice for her title of Person of Mass Destruction.
  • She dedicated her life to serving under Prince Maximillian, the prince of the Empire who rescued her from a life of endless torment under the knife. She was even willing to use her power that cause her suffering, if it means pleasing him and bringing victory. Selvaria is trying very hard to have him ascended even if he doesn't exactly reciprocate her feelings for him.
  • She is compared to Esdeath, the most powerful member of the empire and the top enforcer to the emperor. Though she is not motivated by love for her emperor but only fight so that she could let her domineering personality show. While Selvaria and Esdeath are not in strong terms, Esdeath does relate to her unreciprocated love, even if it is a different situation.
  • When worlds collide, Selvaria found herself on another world far from Europa. She has been trying to find a way to return back to her own world so that she could return into servitude with Maximilian.
  • Her abilities as a Valkyria are her superhuman strength and a powerful Healing Factor. But her most dangerous power (to everyone, including her) is the Final Flame, an immense power that is comparable to nuclear explosions (complete with a mushroom cloud).
  • She holds disdain toward scientists because of her past of being experimented by Imperial researchers for her Valkyria powers. The irony is lost on her as the experiments were sponsored by Maximilian himself.
  • Being the top enforcer of an empire got her to meet Colonel Mael Radec, who like her is one of the best men in his respective empire. Radec approached her on behalf of his superior Visari, who suggested allying with Selvaria since he is very impressed by her Valkyria powers and offered her to help Prince Maximillian ascend in exchange for her vouching for an alliance between the East Europan Imperial Alliance and the Helghast. While at first a bit hesitant to accept Visari's offer, she agreed after some consideration.
    • When it comes to Radec, the two work very well together. However, she doesn't approve of his tendency to execute his men if they fail him, Selvaria is a lot different in that regard but was surprised that Radec does care for his men from time to time. As for the rest of the people of Helghan, they remind her of the time she was experimented and sympathizes with the conditions and hardships the Helghan had to endure.
  • A Valkyria, not a valkyrie. There's a difference. She doesn't seem to care that there are other valkyries in the Pantheon as both are different in comparison. Still, considering that she fell in battle, Freya tried to welcome her to Valhalla and felt a bit of pity that she perished by sacrificing herself for the sake of her love.
    • Her efforts during the Imperial invasion of Gallia caught the eyes of the war gods. Gods like Ares is pleased of her destructive powers that could shift the tides of war and inspire many men to fight with such power at their side.

Tuska, Goddess of Planet Destroyers (The World Devourer, The Beast Goddess, Ancient God-Beast, The Boar Goddess)
  • Intermediate God, Greater Goddess when facing beings reliant on magic or energy based attacks.
  • Symbol: Tuska's symbols.
  • Theme Song: Tuska
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Planet Destroyer, Devouring The Anima Mundi Of Worlds, God Is Dumb, Anti-Magic, Apocalypse How, Eldritch Abomination, Fed to Pigs, Full-Boar Action, Messy Pig, The Juggernaut, Non-Malicious Monster, Not Quite Dead, Mindless Destruction, Portent of Doom, Your Afterlife Is Mine/Underworld Eating, Anima Mundi
  • Domains: Boars, Pigs, Tusks, Meteors, Earthquakes, Storms, Anima Mundi, Portals, Space, Raids, Pillaging, Destruction, Fear, Symbiotic Relationships
  • Followers: Nero, Planet Buster users
  • Heralds: The Airut
  • Allies: GUAD, The Grox
  • Enemies: Guthix, (Insert Name Here), Unicron, Primus, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Mogo, Great A'Tuin
  • Of Interest to: The House of Magic and Craft
  • Opposed by: Jimmy Neutron, Osiris, Anubis, Thanatos, both Hades, many variations of the Devil, other Underworld related entities, Geb, Gaea, the Nature Preservers, Tartarus
  • The first time word of Tuska was heard in the pantheon came from (Insert Name Here); who knows of her from their adventures in RuneScape Gielinor, and shared the information he/she gained from the Guthixian Memories (Guthix's memories) INH collected.
    • Much later, after the memories of Guthix were told, several meteors crashed in the {antheon, with some even carrying strange insects. Several residents in the Pantheon were also found killed and were branded with strange marking, which could also be found on the walls of some temples. A few residents of the pantheon have even claimed to have seen large bulky figures make the marks, but failed to make them out in any great detail.
  • Tuska doesn't care to be worshipped and likely doesn't even know that the Airut worship her for the strength she showed them. The Airut also live on Tuska's back.
  • Tuska possesses a barrier made up of Anima Mundi (similar to the Edicts of Guthix) which prevented lesser gods from approaching her and protect her from most energy based attacks.
  • Tuska's completely blind, having been blinded by a god named Skargaroth and a mortal Guthix.
  • Tuska and the Airut have a symbiotic relationship. The Airut ride and control Tuska with massive reins, leading her towards worlds for her to devour and while she's attacking the Airut pillage the world raiding it for resources.
  • Much like Galactus and Unicron, Tuska is another Planet Eater. Unlike Galactus who destroys planets as a side affect of feeding and Unicron who devours the entire planet, it is largely unknown how Tuska feeds only that the world ends up destroyed or at best barren as a result.
  • Since entering the Pantheon, she has not only attempted to eat it, but also Unicron, Primus, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Mogo, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth and the Great A'Tuin with mixed results for each.
    • Tuska managed to catch Unicron unaware while he was feeding and gored out a new trench on him. Unicron responded by transforming and pummeling her to death before devouring her. Tuska got better though.
    • Primus didn't even notice Tuska, having been defended by virtually every cybertronian forcing Tuska into fleeing.
    • Being the Primordial Chaos Amatsu-Mikaboshi possesses immense amounts of power causing Tuska to go after him. Tuska managed to surprise Mikaboshi thanks to her resistance to his energy based attacks; possibly even feeding off them, and even managed to deliver a few good blows. Unfortunately for Tuska though Mikaboshi has many other powers and quickly overcame her once he got over his surprise.
    • Mogo's powers as a Green Lantern did little to slow Tuska down and was ultimately devoured like many worlds before.
    • Due to his immense power Yog-Sothoth became a target of Tuska. Of course due to the very nature of Yog-Sothoth he was hardly in any danger and likely didn't even notice Tuska's attempts to devour him. Many in the pantheon though find it funny to know that Tuska's Going in Circles trying to find him.
    • Tuska once headed towards Azathoth, but the Airut had her change course once they started to hear the maddening tunes from the musicians playing to keep Azathoth asleep.
    • The Great A'Tuin thanks to his/her size contains large amounts of Anima Mundi which drew Tuska to him/her. Tuska's attack caused another one of the world supporting elephants on A'Tuin's back to fall off and the other three to lose Discworld. Tuska then abandoned its attack in order to devour Discworld, allowing the Great A'Tuin and at least three of the world supporting elephants to escape (the fourth one is "lost").
  • The exact size of Tuska is unknown, but would probably be similar in size to a Island.
  • Being the Earth personified Geb and Gaea naturally oppose Tuska along with the Nature Preservers.
  • Tartarus also opposes Tuska, but this is mostly for Gaea and possibly his own safety; as a Underworld entity, than any actual interest in nature.
  • The Airut make their armor and gloves out of Tuska's hair which increases their strength. This makes Tuska particularly interesting to the House of Magic and Craft. Various warriors and soldiers are interested in the armor and gloves as well.
  • Due to being so heavily saturated with Anima Mundi Tuska does not turn to stone when killed unlike the other gods of RuneScape.
  • Tuska can generate portals on her back, which the Airut use to go to worlds.
  • The earthquakes and storms caused by Tuska are simply created by Tuska's own gravitational pull, rather than her own will.
    • The remains of worlds also orbit Tuska and often times become meteorites when Tuska approaches a new world.

Lesser Gods

    Ellen Ripley 
Ellen Louis Ripley, Goddess of Justified Extermination
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A flamethrower crossed with an M41A Pulse Rifle
  • Theme: Ripley's Rescue
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Action Heroine, Final Girl, Survival Mantra, Killing Things with Fire, Action Mom, Friend of all Cats, Mama Bear, Only Sane Woman
  • Domains: Law, Good, Destruction, Protection, Honor
  • Followers: Dana, all non-ascended Resident Evil protagonists, The Forerunners
  • Superior: James Cameron
  • Allies: Sarah Connor, Dwayne Hicks, Jenette Vazquez, Samus Aran, The Metroid Hatchling, Laurie Strode, Sidney Prescott, The House of Childhood and Adolescence, Kirito and Asuna, Bryan Mills, all Feline deities, Cammy White, The Ghostbusters, Kenshiro, Piccolo, Indiana Jones, Rosemary Woodhouse
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Android 18
  • Enemies: The Xenomorphs (both Facehuggers and Drones), Ash', Indominus Rex, Victor Frankenstein, Cell
  • Opposes: Red Skull, Voldemort, Kefka, Daleks, Gihren Zabi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Frankenstein's Monster
  • One of the first Action Heroines in cinema as well as surviving countless hordes of one of the most ruthless alien beings in the pantheon was enough for the Pantheon to award Ellen Ripley with godhood.
    • Was overjoyed when Sarah Connor shortly followed her. Together, they are capable of kicking much ass.
  • Learning that the Xenomorphs are represented in both impregnator and adult forms appalled Ripley, but the Pantheon still refuses her suggestion to kill the Aliens ASAP. She at least has the solace of having two people with anti-Alien experience in Hicks and Vazquez to count on.
  • Shares a bond with Samus, keeping her company at times. The two have experienced many horrors of space, managing to overcome them all on their own multiple times. Samus is teaching that not all foreign organisms are evil; the Metroid Hatchling took a liking to her (with Ellen keeping a safe distance just to be sure). Eventually, Ellen did warm up to the hatchling.
  • Believes that Indominus Rex is an abomination and should be killed immediately. She shakes her head to the scientists who thought that creating such a creature was a good idea in the first place. It doesn't help that her most hated enemy is the high priest. She's keeping watch to make sure that the Xenomorph Queen doesn't ascend herself.
  • Despises Victor Frankenstein for trying to mess with forces she thinks no scientist will ever be able to understand. Is often accused of sabotaging his experiments. As for the monster he's most famous for... she's not sure what to make of him. Some versions are obviously evil, while others may actually be good. She's reserving judgement on him for now.
  • Is wary of all synthetic humans, as the first one she met tried to kill her. (and seeing Ash ascend was a terrible thing for Ripley, though at least she has the more trustworthy Bishop to help in any case) Although she has long since overcome those fears, she still keeps an eye out on even the heroic ones such as Android 18. However, she is more than willing to stamp out a more dangerous creation: Cell. She may not be able to back up her threats, but she at least has an ally that can.
  • Survived a summer camp with 5 other gods and a mortal. She gave credit to Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott for keeping her safe during the ordeal. The two final girls were sympathetic of Ripley's plight in her dealings with the Xenomorphs.
  • Her brave effort to save a young mortal by the name of Newt gained the admiration of the House of Children.
  • Is naturally a cat person, gaining the favor of all cat deities. Cammy White became close friends with her as a result. The two raise funds for downtroden cats.
  • Once met by Peter Venkman, who gave her a surprising embrace. Turns out he mistook her for Dana Barrett. Ellen had to let him down easy, telling him that just because the two shared the same actress doesn't make them one and the same. Although he was disappointed, he offered up the ghost-hunting service on the house. She has since grown a good relationship with the Busters.
  • With that said she does not condone those who exterminate friendly aliens or foreigners. Any follower who uses her divine powers on such will get their ass kicked by her personally followed by their immediate loss of cleric abilities. As such she opposes all gods who revel in such activities.
  • Often seen having beer and playing pool with one Commander Bryan Mills, Professor Jones, Kenshiro and Piccolo; the action heroes have taken a great liking to each other for ALL being parents who took on (and single-handedly) destroyed armies to protect their beloved children.
  • Ripley's valiant battle to save Newt from the clutches of The Alien Queen has earned the respect and admiration of Kirito and Asuna, themselves parents who would lay down their lives to protect their adoptive little girl Yui. As a result, she is invited to take the Team Mom position of The League of Adoptive Parents, which after some prodding from Yui (and Newt herself), the Lieutenant of the Nostromo graciously accepts.
  • Is on good terms with Rosemary Woodhouse, having felt sorry for her ordeal (along with Ripley once having a daughter for shared motherhood pain, she also thinks the only "forced to gestate evil" worse than a Facehugger is being impregnated by the Devil like Rosemary was).


    Gendo Ikari 
Gendo Ikari, God of World Ending and Finger-Tenting (NERV Commander, né Gendo Rokubungi)
In Evangelion 3.0 
Adam in Gendo's hand 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: NERV Logo
  • Theme Music: NERV
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, devolving to Neutral Evil in Rebuild
  • Portfolio: Finger-Tenting, Dark Messiah, Diabolical Mastermind, A God Am I, Manipulative Bastard, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Technology, Evil, Law, Planning, Love
  • Herald: Deputy Commander Kozo Fuyutsuki (his assistant).
  • Allies(?): David Xanatos, Relius Clover, Ghetsis Harmonia, Ragyo Kiryuin, Charles zi Britannia, Darth Vader, Obito Uchiha, Enrico Pucci
  • Former Allies: Keel Lorenz
  • Enemies: Shinji Ikari (his son), Rei Ayanami, Arael, Asuka Langley, Kaworu Nagisa, Many Abusive Parents in the Pantheon, The Vivid Team, Kamille Bidan, Shiro Kanzaki, Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Interested in: Yui Ikari
  • Opposed by: Haruko Hauhara, Naota Nandaba
  • Ascended after his failed attempt to trigger the Third Impact, then obtaining godhood, and finally reuniting with his wife. Naturally he's still trying to acheive the second goal.
  • The Children were shocked to hear about his ascension into the Pantheon. Shinji felt fear, Kaworu looked nervous, Asuka was beyond pissed, and Rei could not bring herself to face him.
  • Yui Ikari is uncertain about what's going to happen now with him in the Pantheon, but she knew he still loved her.
  • He's come into meeting David Xanatos often discussing all kinds of matters behind closed doors.
  • Gendo was surprised to learn about the many kinds of women interested in him despite his obsession with Yui. As he asked they all responded with the same "It's Gendo!!!"
  • Relius Clover was happy to learn about Gendo's arrival considering him like himself in a few ways. Gendo did not care much about people's opinions on him besides Yui, but he will talk with the fellow god just to keep him off his back. Personally he privately wishes old professor and lieutenant Kozo Fuyutsuki were around, if nothing else to have someone to talk to whose company he can appreciate and who won't be tempted to kill him in the spot. Most importantly, he was/is a good friend of Yui's, and reminiscing about her was a favored pastime of both.
  • Ragyo and Ghetsis both were impressed by the mental torture put on Shinji by his father. They also talk about the creation of a group of parents who do horrible things to their children.
    • However, Gendo has made it clear that he thinks Ghetsis went "a little too far" in his bastardry against N, while he has openly admitted disgust at Ragyou's actions, particularly how, whereas he mistreated Shinji out of what he saw as necessity for his greater goal with no significant malice behind it, Ragyou very obviously takes sadistic joy in making her daughters' lives a living hell.
  • Charles is often compared to Gendo due to both having the same kind of goals. Gendo could not care about that so he's more than okay with Charles' world without lies…but only Gendo can/could become God.
  • Darth Vader was seen with the man once. Not many could figure out what the conversation was about...
    • Gendo had spilled his soul over the actions he's committed and knows he's going to be stuck with many abusive parent gods. He does not truly want to harm his son and also hopes to fight back against the abusive parents of the pantheon in secret. Darth is unsure how to feel about this but he does understand Gendo's reason for this confession.
  • Pucci has allied himself with Gendo after hearing about how he reacted with the loss of his wife. Many fear the emotionless world the two plan to create.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Tics.
  • "There is no one else who can pilot the Evas. As long as they survive, that is what I'll have them do."

    Goblin Slayer 

Goblin Slayer, God of Genocide Against The Evil (Orcbolg, Beard Cutter, The Frontier's Kindest, JonTron)

  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His helmet, stained with goblin blood.
  • Theme Song: Rightfully, Goblin Slayer
  • Alignment: Easily misconstrued as Chaotic Good or True Neutral, but is actually an overzealous brand of Lawful Good
  • Domains: Hatred, Anger, Slaughter, Determination, Goblin-Slaying
  • Portfolio: Justified Goblin Genocide, Only Goes By "Goblin Slayer", Skill Over Strength, Good For Killing Goblins but Otherwise Middling In A Fight, Heroes Prefer Swords, Boring, but Practical, Never Takes His Armor Off, Sociopathic Hero who Becomes More Sociable Over Time, Immune to Fate
  • Heralds: Priestess, Cow Girl
  • Allies: The Doom Slayer, White Mage, Ophilia Clement, Aerith Gainsborough, Shadow the Hedgehog, The Doctor, Hoss Delgado, Celica A. Mercury, Ragna the Bloodedge, Lance (Epic Battle Fantasy), The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Opposes: The Green Goblin, SKYNET, Doctor Boom, Khazrak & Gorthor
  • Opposed By: The House of Prophecy and Fate (sans the Hall of Opposing Fate)
  • Enemies: Skarsnik, Jareth, The Overlords
  • Agrees to Disagree with: Rimuru Tempest
  • Conflicting Opinion On: Eren Yaeger, Goku and Vegeta
  • Avoids: Grimgor Ironhide
  • Pities: Velvet Crowe
  • Interested In: Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Indifferent Towards: Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson
  • One day, a man lost everything to the vile creatures known as goblins, who thrive on horrific acts of murder and rape. As they attacked his village, he was unfortunately the Sole Survivor. Undergoing Training from Hell, he rose up as a new man - one with a burning vengeance targeted at all the goblins in the world. He was christened as the Goblin Slayer, the man who swore to "be like a goblin to the goblins".
  • Goblin Slayer's ascension to the Pantheon was nearly unsuccessful, entirely because he couldn't care less about being the God of anything. After all, he had other, more important things to do elsewhere. He was persuaded to come along, however, after learning of the wide variety of goblins in the Pantheon - a man going by the title of Goblin King, and even a Goblin God. It didn't take him long after that to deem the Pantheon as needing his assistance even more than his home world was, and thus he consented to his ascension.
  • One of his first and most well-known friendships is with the Doom Slayer. Names/titles aside, the two are notorious for being very similar to one another, as both are single-minded slayers of a specific type of monster, which they despise with a passion. The main difference is that Goblin Slayer is much less openly gung-ho about his distaste for goblins compared to Doom Slayer and demons, but even so, the two are quite well-versed in the art of killing. They see each other as allies of sorts, though moreso on Doom Slayer's end than Goblin Slayer's.
  • For similar reasons, he has become good friends with Shadow the Hedgehog and The Doctor, both of whom are also responsible for guiltless genocide of an Always Chaotic Evil race. Similarly, Hoss Delgado is someone he sees himself in, for their "knowledge" that each and every one of their targets is evil, simply for being what they are - though Goblin Slayer is right more often than not, Hoss often tends to target ordinary monsters as well as the evil ones. Goblin Slayer understands this, and says that just like him, Hoss cannot afford to take such chances.
  • He has nothing but the utmost sympathy for Velvet Crowe, someone who went through similar experiences to him, but came out arguably much worse. That the act was carried out by her fellow man makes things all the worse in his eyes. He wishes her all the best for her life moving onwards.
  • His experiences in his home world have caused him to gravitate towards some of the White Mages in the pantheon, as they remind him of his friend, Priestess. This led to him making friends with Aerith Gainsborough, who in turn is reminded of Cloud. Goblin Slayer is a tad surprised by how foul-mouthed she can be, but isn't all that affected by it. Besides, she seems so much more competent than his friend, with no set limit on how many spells she can cast a day. He has also been getting along with Ophilia Clement, an even more powerful White Mage, armed with powerful light magic as well as the usual healing. She finds him to be rather similar to Therion, a comparison that confuses and annoys the latter.
  • While wandering through the Hall of Giants and Smallfolk on his usual hunt for goblins, he came across Celica A. Mercury, who seemed to have no idea where she was. Recognising her as fitting the exact criteria for "easy goblin prey", he took it upon himself to help her back to safety, and even guided her back to where she was trying to go. Since then, the two have managed to establish something of a friendship, with Goblin Slayer helping her on multiple occasions after this. It was through this that he met Ragna the Bloodedge, though these two didn't get along so swimmingly. Goblin Slayer's similarities to Hakumen did not help, though Ragna at least appreciates him helping Celica out.
  • Realising that most of the goblins in the pantheons are so much more powerful and higher-ranked than him, he realises that rushing in recklessly will not be in any way a valid situation. Currently, he is working on an elaborate strategy to eliminate Skarsnik from the Pantheon. Only time will tell if it works, and should it, he will move on to Jareth, cognizant of the fact that despite their titles, Jareth is actually the more powerful of the two, and that Skarsnik is the representative of all goblins in the Pantheon.
    • Skarsnik hates him, too. Throughout his time in the Pantheon, Goblin Slayer has dealt too heavy a blow to his goblin underlings. The two share an intense mutual enmity, and are plotting against one another to remove the other one once and for all.
    • He steers clear of Grimgor Ironhide, though. While Grimgor has goblins working under him, he primarily governs the Orcs, which Goblin Slayer knows from experience that he cannot defeat on his own without some seriously impressive tricks up his sleeve.
  • He does not like the Green Goblin one bit. The idea of a fellow human willingly associating with...them, is quite disgusting to him, as is the fact that he willingly does evil. Norman Osborne, for his part, reciprocates this sentiment, and Goblin Slayer has found that Norman's status as being more or less human means that there's nothing stopping him from just running him through with a sword when he least expects it.
  • "Fear" is by no means the right word, but Goblin Slayer is very worried as to what Doctor Boom is capable of. He is a goblin, yes, but more importantly, he's an intelligent goblin. Knowing that this goblin is a Gadgeteer Genius means he feels he must plan extra carefully as he gathers knowledge on him.
  • He has been keeping a close eye on the goblins of Warcraft for obvious reasons, and what he has found is rather surprising. Those goblins, unlike the vast majority of goblins in the Pantheon, appear to lack any inherent malicious intent. They tended to be more concerned with their science antics. Of course, for reasons already detailed, he views them as highly dangerous, and aims to exterminate them all the same.
  • He does not like Khazrak & Gorthor one bit, because the trope they represent happens to apply to the creatures he loves slaying so much. This has put them on his hit-list, though because they are not actual goblins, defeating them is more of an afterthought than anything.
  • As someone who keeps goblins in his employ, Goblin Slayer has taken a passing interest in Ainz Ooal Gown. He understands the lich is too powerful for him to take on, but he is specifically interested in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. He wants to explore the tomb, as he feels there might be too many goblins inside, and he can't wait to take care of that little problem.
  • He has an ally in Lance, from the Epic Battle Fantasy party. Like him, Lance is an adventurer who is willing to forgo any personal qualms for the sake of doing what needs to be done. Goblin Slayer is particularly interested in Lance's vast repertoire of weaponry, like his BFGs and nukes, feeling that they could be phenomenal anti-goblin weaponry, though if he were to use them, he may have to try and limit the collateral damage as much as possible.
  • He is one of the biggest thorns in the sides of the Overlords, as while he has yet to do anything directly to them, their minions have been decreasing in number rather dramatically ever since he arrived. This is no coincidence, and everyone knows that. Said minions are not goblins exactly, but they are similar enough for Goblin Slayer to decide that they need to go, preferably as quickly as possible. Thus, he has a target painted on his back, but despite this, he still aims to rip and tear until it is done.
  • The God-Emperor of Mankind smiles upon Goblin Slayer, knowing of his deeds and goals. He admires his willingness to take extreme courses of action for the greater good, and even more so his dedication to killing goblins, despite them being rank-and-file Mooks as far as everything else is concerned; the fact that he is taking care of the small fry that everyone else ignores in favour of the more imposing targets like demons is what he likes about him.
  • It is theorised that he runs a YouTube channel on the side, under the alias of JonTron. It has been noted that even in this persona, his seething hatred of goblins shines through, and he has made it known what his stance on the creatures is. Goblin Slayer, for his part, ignores the rumors, too apathetic to confirm or deny them.
  • He fully disapproves of anyone aiming to Kill All Humans, such as SKYNET, who he shares a house with, and while he knows there is not a lot he can do about these schemes, he will give his verbal approval of anyone who can. He is, unfortunately, too busy with his Guilt-Free Extermination War to actually help these people, however.
    • Upon meeting Eren Yaeger and learning of his plans, Goblin Slayer wasn't sure what to make of him. He recognises that Eren's plans are genocidal in nature, but also learned what drove him to be like this. Overall, he pities him, but is well aware that what he is doing is wrong.
  • Goblin Slayer has a rather hardliner stance surrounding goblins; he has gone on record as saying "The only good goblin is a dead goblin!". While anyone who has seen his home world would doubtlessly agree, or at least see where he is coming from, Rimuru Tempest is one who takes umbrage with this viewpoint, as he has had experiences with many good goblins in his world. Upon learning of this, Goblin Slayer told Rimuru his tale, and showed him what his world's goblins were like. Rimuru found them to be so starkly different from the goblins he is used to seeing that he couldn't do much more than Agree to Disagree with him. Overall, he sees where Goblin Slayer is coming from, and has agreed to help Goblin Slayer kill his world's goblins should they ever ascend to the Pantheon, but for everyone's safety, Goblin Slayer has been banned from visiting the Jura Tempest Federation. Given how powerful the slime and Demon Lord is, Goblin Slayer accepts, albeit begrudgingly, that for now, Rimuru can keep "his goblins" in line.
  • As the sole good members of an Always Chaotic Evil race, the likes of Goku and Vegeta are very confusing to him. He doesn't know what did it, but their ability to overcome their base instincts and fight for good is impressive to him. He would monitor them, but they are so much more powerful than him that he's content to just check on them every now and then
  • He is well aware of the existence of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and the influence they have had on his Dungeons & Dragons-inspired world, but overall, he doesn't really care for them. As is frequently acknowledged, he doesn't let anyone roll the dice for him, and the gods and fate have no hold over him. Why should these two be the exception? This has made him a point of contention within the House of Prophecy and Fate, as even the most powerful deities there cannot control or predict his next actions. Conversely, he is considered an honorary member of the Hall of Opposing Fate, who welcome him for being like them.
  • Can also be found in Acts of Hatred.

"I won't save the world. I just kill goblins."

    Hazardous Environment Combat Unit 
*Emergency Broadcast Sign-In Tune* The following message is transmitted at the request of local authorities. At 9:47 AM, Mountain Time, a disaster of unknown type has occurred at the Black Mesa Research Facility causing significant damage and failure to various power and communication systems in the surrounding areas. An immediate evacuation order has been issued for all residents within a 75 mile radius of the facility, and on-site military has been dispatched to provide assistance. Make sure to bring an emergency supply of food, water, clothing, first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, and battery powered radios. Follow local evacuation routes which have been marked by local authorities and only use one vehicle. Do not return to the warning area until the all clear has been given. If you are not in the evacuation zone stay where you are. If you are within the evacuation area and have no transportation locate your nearest police department or military officer. Do not use telephones or cell phones except in the case of emergencies. Stay tuned to local news media outlets for further details and information on this situation. *Emergency Broadcast Sign-Out Tune*

"Attention, this *static* announcement syste---M. NOW. UNDER. MILITARY. COMMAND."

Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, Divine Army of "Containment" (HECU, HECU Marines, Marines, Grunts, Soldiers, The Military)
HD Rendition of various HECU Marines, as depicted in Half-Life, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force. Image courtesy of YukonC14. Original image from his Twitter page.
HECU Marine as depicted in Black Mesa 
HECU Officer as depicted in Black Mesa 
HECU Medic and Engineer as depicted in Operation Black Mesa 
  • Themes:
  • A Unit of Demigods
  • Symbol: The HECU's US Military Beret Flash, or alternatively, their Powered Combat Vests (PCV)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Many of the less sympathetic ones are outright Lawful Evil, while the ones wishing only to fight the Alien Invasion are Lawful Good)
  • Domains: Soldiers, Cover-ups, Top Secret Operations
  • Portfolio: Tasked with covering up the Black Mesa disaster through force, bullets, explosives, gasoline, and artillery fire, Silencing all Black Mesa personnel on sight, with themselves being targeted and silenced later on, Capable of taking on two invading alien factions without flinching, US Marines, Many personnel being left behind during the evacuation of Black Mesa, with others being silenced for knowing about the disaster, Having M1 Abrams tanks, LAV-25s and M2 Bradleys, and F-16s and Harriers , Cavalry Betrayal (both on the giving and receiving ends), Mooks (from the Black Mesa personnels' POV), Redshirt Army (from their own POV), Having Snipers, Combat Medics, and Combat Engineers, Having radio static when they talk (From Gordon Freeman's perspective), Many expressing disgust for killing innocent civilians as well as doing cover-ups for the US Government
  • Notable Members: Cpl. Adrian Shephard
  • Allies: Gunnery Sgt. Hartmann, General Shepherd, Sgt. John Basilone, Col. Miles Quaritch, Sgt. Conlin, Gunnery Sgt. Minoso, Pvt. Gaines, and Corpsman Sullivan, Sgt. Roebuck, Pvt. Miller, and Pvt. Polonsky, The Flag Raisers, Cpt. Martin Walker, Commander Shepard, Master Chief, Cole Phelps, Tadano Hitonari (Both Neutral route versions of him)
  • Enemies: Gordon Freeman (though thanks to the presence of more powerful aliens, they can form an Enemy Mine), The Black Ops (whom they also share an intense Interservice Rivalry with), The Nihilanth, The Headcrabs, The Vortigaunts, ADVENT, Dr. Wallace Breen, The Combine, Harbinger, The Flood, The Decepticons
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Men In Black, The Global Occult Coalition, The SCP Foundation, XCOM, The Autobots
  • Unwitting Pawn of: The G-Man
  • Opposed by: The Green Flu Survivors (The Pennsylvania Survivors) (The Savannah Survivors generally like and trust the military more sans Nick)
  • Based at the Santego Military Base in Arizona, USA, the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit of the United States Marine Corps, or HECU for short, are a branch of the US Marines tasked with operating in hazardous environments. In order to achieve this, they are issued thePowered Combat Vest, or PCV. Similar to the Black Mesa Science Team's Hazardous Environment, or HEV Suit, the PCV protects its users from the effects of toxic waste, radiation, fire, and other hazards. The only thing that the PCV lacks is the Long-Jump Module, but that's mainly due to the vest being designed for use solely on Earth and not on Xen.
  • Depending on the work, the HECU can be either a joint-service unit like SOCOM or exclusively a branch of the United States Marine Corps. The former depiction uses M2 Bradleys from the US Army, and have F-16 Fighting Falcons from the US Air Force, while the latter use the LAV-25 and the AV-8 Harrier. What remains consistent between depictions is that the soldiers are US Marines, armed with either an MP5 Submachine gun or an M4A1 Carbine, both with an underbarrel Grenade Launcher.
  • Aside from regular Marines, their commanding officers, and shotgunners, there are several specialized personnel in their cadre.
    • The first is the Sniper. Armed with the M40A1 Sniper Rifle, their job is to take out enemies from elevated positions. During the Black Mesa Incident, this often included scientists and security guards as well as hostile aliens.
    • The second is the Combat Medic. As their name suggests, their job is to heal other HECU Marines mid-battle. Depending on the work, he is either armed with a 9mm handgun or an MP5 Submachine gun. In addition, he will either heal with a syringe or with medkits he always carries.
    • The third is The Engineer. Armed with a Desert Eagle, his job is to break open locked doors and barriers so that other Marines can progress further.
  • Thanks to the influences of a mysterious middle-aged man in a blue suit, they began training for "something" that would happen at the Black Mesa Research Facility in neighboring New Mexico. Many of the newer members of the unit, including one Cpl. Shephard, were hoping that this would be their first true combat deployment and not another training mission. And indeed, they didn't have to wait long...
  • During the Black Mesa Incident, the "something" in question, following the Resonance Cascade, the HECU were contacted by surviving members of the Black Mesa Science Team in the hopes that they would help fight off the aliens and rescue them. While they did arrive and immediately contained the Xen invasion, they also received orders from the US government to Leave No Witnesses, as it was assumed the Science Team was responsible for this mess, and they would cause a media circus if word of the invasion got out. In essence, it was a classic Cavalry Betrayal. In order to prevent the true nature of the Incident from going out to the world, they burned several alien corpses they captured as well as destroyed parts of the facility with gasoline and explosives.
    • However, they soon began encountering a new problem: a scientist by the name of Gordon Freeman, who effortlessly kept killing Marines like they were punks. Sure enough, the HECU begin a massive manhunt for the elusive scientist, setting up ambushes and even sending in attack helicopters and armored vehicles in an attempt to kill him. Each and every time, however, he ends up escaping or worse, wiping out each unit that he encounters down to the last man. Eventually, they decided to cut their losses and subsequently "Forget About Freeman" when they pull out of Black Mesa.
  • One day into the Incident, despite their initial successful assault and securing of Black Mesa, the Xen aliens began stepping up their invasion of Earth by bringing in more powerful alien units such as the Alien Grunt, Manta Ray, and the Gargantua. Despite sending in additional reinforcements as well as armored fighting vehicles and even attack helicopters, the Marines are beaten back and forced to pull out of Black Mesa. In an attempt to force the aliens to relent, they begin launching massive air and artillery strikes on the facility. Despite these massive barrages, the Xenians continue their relentless assault, cutting off several Marine units and forcing them to fend for themselves. Among them included Cpl. Shephard, who was left behind during a hasty aerial evacuation due to the efforts of the same middle-aged individual he had witnessed during his training.
  • This wasn't the end of their worries, however. In fact, things were going to go From Bad to Worse. Thanks to the Resonance Cascade, other aliens from other worlds began invading Earth. Among these included the hostile Race X, Planet Looters intent on colonizing Earth and terraforming it to suit their needs. These new aliens soon began clashing with the surviving Black Mesa staff, the Xen Aliens, and now, the stranded HECU units trying to escape.
  • In the end, the HECU were successful in preventing Race X from invading Earth, at the cost of their tickets out of Black Mesa and their own lives. Virtually all of the remaining Marines in the facility were killed by the nuclear explosion that leveled the rest of Black Mesa, if they weren't killed prior by the prowling aliens or the Black Ops ambushes along the way.
  • Following their near-destruction at Black Mesa, the HECU are ascended into the Pantheon at full strength, complete with PCVs, assault rifles, machine guns, combat shotguns, tanks, APCs, transports, attack helicopters, and even fighter and strike aircraft. Many deities from the House of War become interested in forming in alliance with the Marines because of this array of supplies and equipment, with General Shepherd being one of the more notable examples.
  • By the time of their ascension into the Pantheon, the HECU are caught once again in a massive Mêlée à Trois between themselves, The Nihilanth, and the Black Ops. Replacing Race X are The Combine, who prove to an even bigger threat than the already lethal Race X.
    • The latter's synths prove to be more than a match for their LAV-25s, Apaches, and M1 Abrams tanks. Though, fortunately for the HECU, they have air superiority in the form of Harriers and F-16s, which they use to prevent The Combine from deploying their airborne synths.
    • During one of these battles, Adrian Shepherd manages to reunite with the rest of his unit, and from then on he begins operating alongside his comrades in their attempts to stop The Nihilanth and The Combine from attempting to invade other houses. It's also through Shephard that they decide to form an Enemy Mine with Freeman, given that there's much bigger problems that they now have to deal with.
    • Despite their Heel–Race Turn, the HECU are still wary of the Vortigaunts, though the Vorts have so far been able to reason with the Marines after a number of them help fight off Combine Hunters during a firefight. It also helps that the Vorts also hate the Nihilanth. As for the Headcrabs, the Marines still consider them as pests and threats, especially after a number of men were turned into Zombies during the Black Mesa Incident.
  • Are utterly disgusted and enraged that former Black Mesa Administrator Dr. Wallace Breen aligned himself with The Combine. Similarly, they hate ADVENT for the same reason, seeing them as justifications for why they performed their "cleanup" operations at Black Mesa. It becomes yet another reason for their truce with Freeman, as the latter is also a thorn on the Administrator's side.
  • The Pennsylvania Survivors are extremely wary of the HECU. This is due to their past experiences with another US Military unit, who had very nearly killed them for being carriers of an incurable disease, not to mention turning out to be pathetic at actually dealing with zombies in the first place. Given the HECU's previous outing and reason for their ascension, this isn't unwarranted. The Savannah Survivors, however, are more trustful of them (mostly Ellis and Coach, with Nick knowing that they're probably bad news), due to the Military helping them escape New Orleans in time, as well as the fact that the units they encountered were actually able to rescue people and delay the spread of the Infection.
  • When not in combat against hostile humans and aliens, several HECU Marines undergo the Advanced Training Course in order to practice their skills, now supervised by Gunnery Sgt. Hartmann. Despite his harsh training regimens, it ultimately pays off, as the Pantheon proves to be much more dangerous than the Black Mesa Research Facility, with far bigger threats and a larger array of environments.
  • Many other US Marines from different time periods also make their acquaintance to the HECU, surprisingly enough, despite the HECU's dark track record. It probably helps that many of these other Marines were also forced to do questionable acts themselves. Cole Phelps, himself a Marine with a dark past, gets along well with many of them.
    • Cpt. Martin Walker, like Phelps, also sympathizes heavily with a lot of the HECU personnel, having had to perform many questionable actions during his tour of duty.
  • Like the Black Ops before them, the HECU begin working alongside other organizations specializing in dealing with paranormal and supernatural threats. Despite their mutual hatred for one another, they form temporary truces with the assassins during situations such as these for fear of losing valuable allies. The MIB and XCOM especially appreciate the Marines' artillery and air cover, with the latter even requesting PCVs for their own personnel. The SCP Foundation, however, dislikes their use of excessive force and their "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality. This almost costs the lives of a number of Marines when they attempt to help the Foundation contain several of the more dangerous SCPs.
  • Like in a certain universe, the HECU actively engage the Decepticons in battle, forming yet another uneasy alliance, this time with the Autobots. Surprisingly, they manage to hold their own against them, thanks in part to their liberal use of explosive weaponry.
  • Are also among the many groups in the Pantheon wanting to get their hands on The Demonica, seeing it as the natural evolution and a massive step up to the already impressive PCV. Unlike some of the more evil deities, however, they're willing to bargain for one. To this end, they have Shephard make contact with certain members of the Schwarzwelt Investigation Team. Ultimately, Shephard ends up communicating and negotiating with the Original Neutral Route and New Neutral Route incarnations of Tadano Hitonari, seeing as he was also a US Marine tasked with saving his world from monsters from another dimension much like the HECU.
  • Stephen King takes a massive interest in them, due to the fact that they resemble the US military personnel seen in an adaptation of one of his works, not to mention their own story being inspired by his. Unlike them though, the HECU had failed to contain their Alien Invasion and were forced into a hasty retreat.
"Government cover-ups were NOT in my job description!"

    The Phantom of the Opera 
Erik, God of Falling Chandeliers (The Phantom of the Opera, The Opera Ghost, The Angel of Music, Erique Claudin, Assassin, Berserker of Shinjuku)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A white-half mask and a rose with a black ribbon
  • Theme Song: "The Phantom of the Opera"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Facial Horror, Dramatic Unmasking, Broken Ace, Compelling Voice, Stalking Is Love, Stalker with a Crush, Murder the Hypotenuse, Alas, Poor Villain, Mad Artist, Torture Cellar, Falling Chandelier of Doom, Musicals, Villain Love Songs, Ominous Pipe Organ, Love Redeems, I Want My Beloved to Be Happy
  • Domains: Music, Pipe Organs, Art, Love, Stalking
  • Allies: The Freaks, Christiane Génessier, V
  • Enemies: Claude Frollo, Gaston
  • Complicated Relations: Edward Scissorhands, Quasimodo, The Elephant Man, Belle and the Beast
  • Conflicting Opinion: Maestro Forte
  • Opposes: The Great Fusilli, James Marcus, Gilles de Rais and Ryuunosuke Uryuu
  • In 1896, in the Palais Garnier in Paris, France, there was an incident where a counterweight of the famous chandelier fell through the ceiling and killed a concierge. Thus began a legend of a phantom hiding away in the depths of the opera house, manipulating everything and everyone from behind the scenes for his own benefit. The Phantom of the Opera, actual name Erik, was a multi-faceted genius accomplished in architecture and music, but he had a horribly deformed face that invited scorn, so he hid away from society in the basement of the opera house. He loved a novice soprano, Christine Daaé, who he took in as a protege and personally trained. Things started to unravel once Christine's childhood friend Raoul came into the scene and the Phantom was possessed by destructive jealousy. As a last resort, he kidnapped Christine and forced her to choose between him and Raoul under threat of death. Christine chose Erik to save Raoul, which ironically proved to be the Phantom's undoing, as he was so deeply moved by this act of selflessness that he let both of them go. His fate afterwards is disputed.
  • Unsurprisingly for such a secretive character, no one in the Pantheon is sure when or how he got in; most deities are just vaguely aware of him being around as long as they can remember. This can be attributed to the fact that he's almost never at his assigned temple, instead preferring to roam a complex series of underground passages that appear to have stops in every House. So, it's hard to meet him unless he wants to be met, and yet he has information sources in every corner of the Pantheon. He is, of course, a large influence in the House of Theater where he keeps practicing his special type of patronage. The House is fine with his presence, even when the artists sometimes have to put up with his derision, so long as he doesn't drop a chandelier or otherwise bother anyone during a show.
  • The Phantom is fairly protective of other deities who have had the same bad luck in life as himself of being disfigured and shunned by society, and is responsible for introducing a few such deities into the Pantheon, namely the Freaks and Christiane Génessier. They are grateful and loyal to the Phantom, though they don't regard him as absolute or infallible, what with his odd quirks and propensity for the over-dramatic. The Phantom's favor also extends to Edward Scissorhands, Quasimodo and John Merrick, even though they don't like him so much due to his evil past. They understand he's suffered as much as them (and he shares with Edward and Quasimodo in particular the fact that they Did Not Get the Girl) and he's more or less reformed but he was still capable of killing a fair few people after all.
  • Being one of the most famous horror villains ever, quite a few others have followed his aesthetic. An example is the Great Fusilli, a theater-owning crocodile wearing an Ominous Opera Cape. Fusilli hoped that the Phantom would be willing to sponsor him once he realized their connections. Unfortunately for the crocodile, Erik termed his penchant for turning his actors into literal marionettes as "quite distasteful" and refused to support the crocodile in any way. After this, the Phantom has been know to occasionally ruin Fusilli's shows and maybe drop a chandelier on him, if available in the venue, to save people from becoming his puppets.
    • Erik proved to get along much better with the anarchist V, a man who was heavily disfigured by forced experimentation and went underground, becoming a sort of vengeful "ghost" and working to bring down the government who allowed it all. Erik thinks of V as an inspiring man who might actually convince him to take on an active role in the greater Pantheonic conflicts. V himself is also appreciative of Erik because of his brilliance on various subjects such as architecture, which could prove useful to V's schemes. Their interest in the arts and similarities between their love interests Christine and Evey have also provided plenty of discussion.
    • On a minor note, Dan once donned a similar outfit in order to force a terrible theater troupe to cease operations. Erik, ever a lover of the arts, approves and probably would have done the same if the theater troupe was as bad as claimed, but after taking a look at Dan he's decided he's not at all interested in being associated with someone so boorish and uncouth. Just as well, as Dan doesn't care one bit about the Phantom.
  • Is a notable player of an Ominous Pipe Organ and his presence tends to be heralded by such music. He was therefore interested to learn that a living pipe organ ascended as god of his preferred instrument. The pipe organ, known as Maestro Forte, turned out to be a man as passionate about music as the Phantom, so the two easily struck up a friendship over their shared interest. The Phantom is one of the few men Forte recognizes as skilled enough to play him. With that said, upon discussing Belle and the Beast they discovered there is a subject they disagree on strongly, which is love, as Forte loathes the concept, while the Phantom considers it that which saved his soul even if he didn't get Christine. He is thus fascinated by the story of Belle and the Beast, as he considers it identical to his relationship with Christine. Belle and the Beast are wary of him, though happy to know he had enough kindness in himself to let Christine go, which they see as proof that he felt true love for her.
  • He hates Frollo and Gaston due to their very unkind opinion of deformed/disfigured people, the former having convinced Quasimodo for a long time that he should be locked up forever, and the latter being convinced that he is a perfect specimen who deserves Belle over someone like the Beast. Erik also despises their entitled behavior toward Esmeralda and Belle, reminding him of how he was with Christine at his worst. Erik is a target of scorn and ridicule for Frollo and Gaston by their turn, especially after hearing of his sympathies towards their arch-nemeses. Therefore, Erik doesn't feel the need to hold back against them. He begrudgingly admits that Frollo's song "Hellfire" is a masterpiece, though.
  • James Marcus is a man who's a huge fan of opera and he enjoys the Phantom's work. While Erik was glad of this at first, he was fairly put off by Marcus' usage of opera to control his deadly leeches, and doesn't like the idea that this ability of Marcus' might taint other deities' perception of opera. Though it does make him wonder if he might be able to train the animals found in his underground passages (like, say, rats) to do the same.
  • His fame is such that he has a spot in the Throne of Heroes and can be summoned as a Servant of either the Assassin or Berserker classes. His Servant self is from a point where he is still extremely obsessed with Christine and has yet to learn his lesson, to the point where his insanity gave him the skill Mental Pollution, where he cannot understand or be understood by those who are not like him. The Phantom really hates this side of himself, to say the least. He's also more than a little annoyed that Servant Phantom is quite pretty and unblemished under the mask, as though the Phantom's Facial Horror doesn't mean anything despite being the reason his life was so awful and why he became the man he is now. To top this all off, the infamous murderer Gilles de Rais is fond of him as he also shares the same level of Mental Pollution. While Servant Phantom gets along well with him, the regular Phantom truly hates the man for the depths of his depravity, and because he and his master Ryuunosuke dare to call the unspeakable tortures they inflict on people 'art'.